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Sail (Day 23)

Sail (Day 23)

Posted September 28th, 2018 by EJChang

by Eric
in California

September 28th, 2018

Sunday, August 14th, 1892:

          1:21pm: Well, we’re still in a cell, except now it’s in the old police station back in Vero Beach. The ships pulled into the city at about 8:00am. As quick as they could, the officers unlocked our cell and hustled us into Vero Beach. We were marched all the way to the police station without a single break or drink of water. And it’s super hot. This is not a fun way to spend my two-week anniversary of writing in this book. Once we got to the police station, a few of the officers berated and laughed at us from outside the cell bars, although no one really paid any attention to what they were saying. We haven’t even been given lunch, which I think is just plain rude. And I haven’t had breakfast! We’ve had one visitor so far. The treasurer of Vero Beach stopped by, accompanied by some officers. “You’ve really screwed things up for this city!” he shouted as soon as he saw us. “The mayor nearly got impeached!” “Good,” Richard whispered under his breath. Thankfully, the treasurer didn’t seem to hear him. “Do you know how bad a mass breakout is?” he shrieked. “Our prison is known to the world, and especially our citizens, that our prison is the best of the best! That was the first breakout in history!” The treasurer took a moment to catch his breath, and then continued to rumble on. “It’s going to cost an incredible amount of money to rebuild the prison, and an even bigger amount to change up the door system! Right now, our only prisoners are the ones we cost from that breakout, and we’ve only arrested four more since then, and they’ve most certainly been notified! We’ve placed actual officers inside the prison to ensure no one escapes, and we’re increasing the training intensity of our guards, and now our guards are demanding a pay raise because of their room, which smells like sewers from the flood, which also cost a ton of money!” The treasurer was completely out of breath after this, so he took a long break. When he finally spoke again, it was in a much quieter tone. “You just wait. You just wait. It’s a hassle of a business, but we’re signing all the documents and papers we can, and we’ve discussed this with everyone. You’re going to be executed very soon, I’ll tell you that. And you better be ashamed of yourself with how much money you’re costing us. And I, as the treasurer, am right in the middle of it! Also, guess what? We’re being sued as well! Several homes were destroyed during the flood. I don’t know if you’re aware of this, but funds are a huge part of a city! We won’t able to operate without money!” Theo raised his hand like a little kid in class. “Um, you do realize that you’re putting a ton of people in prison for no reason, right?” he said. The treasurer whirled around. “What did you say?” “I mean, I guess it’s your decision who you want to arrest, but more prisoners equal more meals and services, which also costs more money.” The treasurer shook his head, trying to ignore Theo. “Look, I don’t make those decisions,” he informed. “Really, look at you, boy. You’re what, fifteen, sixteen? Teenage boys don’t get to talk like that! In fact, what’s your name?” “Theo.” “Well, Theo, I’ll tell you that you’re out of place.” “Come on, what did I do? I just pointed out a fact!” cried Theo. “What’s your name, anyway?” “You’re in no place to be asking questions!” shouted the treasurer. “He asked you what your name was,” grumbled Scott. “Is that such a hard question?” “Shut up, all of you!” screamed the treasurer, who was fuming by now. “This is as real piece of news! I’ll put in my input to make sure your execution is long and painful! How dare you insult the treasurer like this? And especially you, out of all people! You’re the ones who ruined our prison and destroyed two houses! You’re the ones who’ve been causing trouble for our guards all this time! You’re the ones I’m wasting time with! I’m out of here!” And with that, the treasurer was gone. “Well, that was short,” I murmured. “Short? Felt way too long to me,” snorted Theo in disgust. Carl, one of the officers, spoke to us a few minutes later. “You will receive your dinner at precisely 6:00pm,” he informed us. “We will unlock your cell tomorrow when the decision has been made.” Yeah, this is no fun.

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