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Sail (Day 24)

Sail (Day 24)

Posted September 28th, 2018 by EJChang

by Eric
in California

September 28th, 2018

Monday, August 15th, 1892:

          7:37pm: Carl banged on our cell at 7:00am to wake us up. “Breakfast, inmates!” he shouted. Anthony, Justin, and Parker, three other guards handed us our meals after Carl unlocked the door. Again, I don’t want to describe breakfast. Then at 9:00am, the treasurer came bounding up to our cell, overflowing with joy. “The decision has been made!” he cried happily. “You will be executed at 3:00pm today!” “No!” screamed Murray. “Yes!” laughed the treasurer. “See you suckers later! I came myself to tell you personally, by the way.” Everyone was silent after that. Anthony, Justin, and Parker gave out lunch again at noon. And at 2:00pm, thirty minutes before we were supposed to head out to our execution site, Carl performed a final check that everyone was still in the cell. “Good riddance,” he grumbled. “What a hassle you all have been.” Heads hanging low, we marched out of our cell at 2:30pm. But as we were going up the stairs, Henry suddenly jumped away from Parker, who was grabbing him, and knocked him into the wall! Carl, Anthony, and Justin all whirled around, along with the other officers that were also with us. An officer with a name I forgot as soon as I saw it leaped for Henry, but he spun out of the way. More rather, he tried to punch the officer in the face but instead tripped all the way back down the stairs. Carl, who seemed to be the leader of this group, shouted, “Zap him, but don’t kill him! That must be saved for l-” Carl was cut short as William, recognizing the situation, tackled Carl to the ground. In the confusion between the officers, the rest of us started to retaliate as well. Parker, who had recovered from hitting the wall, fired a zapper shot at Henry, which instead hit Marcus, who was trying to dodge out of the way of a zapper shot from Justin. “We’re making a run for it!” ordered Captain Woods. “Let’s get out of here!” But he was slammed into the staircase railing by an officer named Barnes. Captain Woods tripped and hit the floor below. I didn’t see how hard he landed, but the thud I heard wasn’t a very good sign. Barnes was knocked off the same way as Captain Woods by Doug and made the same thudding noise as well. Meanwhile, I noticed Richard had gotten his hands on a gun! Apparently, Jude, an officer, had been zapped accidently by a fellow officer. I was jumping around, trying to avoid Anthony’s zaps when he suddenly fell. Richard had shot him fatally. “Officer down!” shouted Carl, who had zapped William and gotten back up. “Get help! I repeat, get help!” Justin pounded up the stairs and away from the fray. Richard shot after him, but another officer, Wilson, got him from behind with his zapper, and the bullet went wayward and hit the wall. “Sir, are you sure we shouldn’t shoot?” asked Wilson nervously. “He had a gun!” “We must keep our promises and have them executed properly. But then Shawn picked up the gun dropped by Richard and gunned down Wilson. With numbers thinning down, Carl gave the order to shoot. The officer with the name I forgot didn’t hear his boss at first, so he got off one more zapper shot that got Doug. At that moment, Justin returned with many more officers and several doctors for Anthony. Robert, who was at the front of the charge, immediately started firing, causing people to dodge and duck everywhere. Now it was just total chaos. Everyone was firing rapidly with more and more bodies falling to the floor. I could only figure out what was going on very close to me. I got sort of lost in the confusion, and also because it was pretty dark with the dim lights, but the next thing I knew, the lights went out. Everyone froze. I thought this would be a good opportunity to get away, so I crept silently up the stairs. But the lights came back on the next moment, and I found myself inside a circle of officers made up of Justin, Aaron, Rodriguez, and Lewis. I pushed past Rodriguez and dived away when a bullet from Aaron came my way. Carl was down by now, and so was the officer whose name I forgot. Two of the doctors had also been killed. Captain Woods came stumbling up the stairs, still dazed from his fall, but Barnes was right behind him. However, Barnes was just as put out, and his bullet hit the wall. I was running up the stairs a bullet flew my way and grazed my right knee! “Ouch!” I screamed. The shot didn’t really cause much damage, but it pained my knee to the point where I couldn’t really walk. I tripped back down the stairs and away from Darren, who had been shooting me. As I was falling, I fell right into Lewis, who tripped down a few steps and fell on top of Parker. The three of us rolled down the stairs and to the bottom. Suddenly, a gun rolled right to me! Looking up, I gunned down Parker and Lewis, and then turned back to the stairs, where Aaron and Darren were shooting at me! I crawled as fast I could out of the way, and then got Darren. But my shot meant for Aaron missed and hit Robert, which I was perfectly fine about. Someone else on my team hit Aaron instead. No one noticed me after that, and with our combined efforts, the officers had no chance. When it was all over, everyone regrouped at the bottom of the stairs. We had to hurry, as more officers were surely coming. But then we noticed Theo. He had multiple bullet holes, and he was bleeding like crazy. “No!” Shawn screamed. “What are we going to do?” Chris cried. “Ugh…” Theo groaned. “I don’t feel so good…” “Theo!” Doug screamed. “Take him to the hospital!” shouted Murray. “We can’t! We’ll get arrested!” cried Captain Woods. “Oh, this is hopeless!” wailed Richard, slumping to the floor. “Doug, how well can you patch him up?” asked Captain Woods desperately. “I might be able to lower the extremity a little, but he’ll need to be taken to a full-on hospital to fully recover,” replied Doug nervously. “Don’t take me to a hospital,” said Theo firmly. “I’ll do my best to stay alive.” “Are you sure, son?” asked Captain Woods uncertainly. “I’m sure,” replied Theo. “They’re down there!” shouted a voice from above. “The cops are coming!” whispered Cory loudly. “Not to worry. I’ve found a way out!” exclaimed Captain Woods. All of us scampered after Captain Woods as he led us down a hallway, Doug trying to help Theo as much as he could. “If we can get out of here, we might be able to get him to a hospital somewhere else,” Doug suggested. We followed our captain until we came upon a metal doorway. It was unlocked. Captain Woods was the one to open it. The rest of us peeked inside behind him. It was pitch black. “We have no idea where that leads,” I cried, starting to panic. “They’re this way!” shouted a voice. “Just go!” screamed Captain Woods, pushing us in one by one. I was fourth in line, behind Henry and in front of Murray. Captain Woods, who was last, shut the door behind us, leaving us in complete darkness. Apparently, there were many twists and turns up ahead. Scott, who was in the front, got the full blow of it, constantly bumping into walls and tripping over cracks. The air wasn’t that good to breathe, and it didn’t help that we were underground. After about ten to fifteen minutes of this, Scott shouted, “There’s something up ahead!” Everyone clamored forward, tripping along the way. It was another door, but this one was locked. “Well, that doesn’t make sense,” snorted Cory in disgust. “Leave that one wide open but this one locked?” “Are you sure it’s locked?” asked Captain Woods frantically. Everyone tried pulling and pushing the door open, but it was no use. I looked around in search of something that could help. That’s when I noticed a stick-shaped object attached to a wall in the far dark. As I got closer, I realized it was a lever. “Guys, look at this,” I observed. “Could this open the door?” “Maybe, maybe not,” replied Henry. I pulled the lever down. The metal door slid open, but then snapped shut after one second, which would kill anyone who was unfortunate enough to get crushed by the door. “Alright, one by one!” shouted Captain Woods. I pulled the lever down again, and the door slid open. Scott dived through the opening and just barely missed getting his foot crushed. “I don’t know, this is kind of risky,” mumbled Cory. “What, and risk getting caught down here?” asked Richard incredulously. “This is our golden ticket!” Henry and William managed to get through without any problems. But Chris was having trouble coughing up the courage. “I don’t know,” he groaned. So we saved him for later. Theo protested that he could go through by himself, but everyone else refused. So when I pulled the lever, Doug shoved him through. Theo fell through the opening. Doug went after that, and Richard pushed Chris following Doug. Then Marcus, Shawn, and Richard all got through. Cory pushed Murray through, and then Captain Woods pushed Cory through. Finally, it was just Captain Woods and me. That’s when we realized something. Someone would have to stay behind to push the lever down. “You go on ahead,” sighed Captain Woods. “You’re too young for this.” “But Captain!” I whined. “It’s been a pleasure knowing you, Donald,” said Captain Woods, smiling. “Goodbye.” The door slid open, and I jumped through. Everyone stared at me, bewildered. “Where’s Captain Woods?” asked Henry. “We have to move on from him,” I informed him sadly. “Because someone has to stay behind!” shouted Richard angrily. “Wait, there’s another lever over there!” cried William. We all scampered over far off to the right. William was correct. There was another lever. “Pull it!” Shawn shouted. Doug hoisted it down. The door slid open again, and then shut quickly. I could make out Captain Woods’ surprised face through the opening. The next time the lever was pulled, our captain was ready. He jumped through. “What is this? There’s something that can open it from the outside?” he asked in surprise. “Another lever,” I told him. “Yes, we can see you again!” shouted Shawn. “Yes, you sure can,” smiled Captain Woods. It was then that I finally took in our surroundings. We were in a big room with a big glass roof. In the distance, I could see stairs that led outside. Theo spotted it as well. “Come on, let’s go!” he shouted. We ran to the other side of the room, climbed the stairs, and emerged outside in a dark alleyway. It was then that a person approached us. Not a police officer, but a citizen. “You got any money?” he asked. “What?” Captain Woods responded blankly. “You see, my name’s John,” explained the man, extending his arm to shake Captain Woods’ hand. Our captain shook it slowly and awkwardly. “You see, I’ve got a cash problem,” said John. “I really need some money. Can you spare any?” Cory spoke up. “What the heck? We’re not giving any money to the likes of you!” he shouted. John’s eyes narrowed. “No money to the likes of me? Well, we’ll see about that.” And he pulled out a pistol and aimed it at us. That’s when William tried to hook him in the face from the side. But John was ready for it. He backed out of the way and aimed at William’s lunging body, but I knocked him aside, forcing him to drop his gun. Everyone dived for it. Murray got his hands on it, but he fumbled it when Richard bumped into him, and John had the pistol. He fired his first bullet and got Scott in the left shoulder, and then aimed for his head. But this time, William got him from behind. John dropped his pistol, which fell into Captain Woods’ waiting hands. He finished off John with five simple bullets, and then started to run to the dock. “Come on, we’ll take a ship to Charleston!” he shouted. “And I’ll be keeping this,” he added, holding up the pistol for us all to see. We dashed out of the alleyway and into the bustling street, where people gave us strange looks from us running as fast as we could eastward. And already, I could hear some police officers beginning the search. And then I heard the shouts and the bullhorns. Whirling my head around, I saw that a large group of police officers had spotted us about a block away. We had a big head start, but they were on horses. The chase was on! As soon as our group started to run, we ran into some problems. Scott crashed into an elderly lady carrying a box of apples, scattering them all over the street. And I slipped over a banana peel, which is just sad. After my fall, I was far behind everyone else. But thankfully, there was a large cluster of people ahead of me that would help in losing the cops. Unfortunately, I was already huffing and puffing for breath, and with the crowd about thirty yards away, I was starting to question if I would even be able to get there before the officers caught up. Bang! A bullet soared far to my right and hit a building. They were shooting! To kill or wound I didn’t know, but I wasn’t taking any chances. I pushed through with all the stamina I had left. I finally got to the crowd with the officers about ten yards behind. Pushing through the crowd, I was knocked over by some rowdy teenagers, but I got up as quickly as I could and kept running. I could hear the officers close behind. Once I got out of the crowd, I could see my friends about twenty yards ahead. And in the far distance, I could make out the harbor! But by then, I was basically dying. It was too much running… I couldn’t take it anymore. I fell down and just hoped that the police wouldn’t kill me first. But in five seconds worth of time, hands closed around me and lifted me off the ground. I looked up to see Henry picking me up and running! But the police were five yards behind! Luckily, Henry’s incredibly fast. He was the fastest runner in his high school, he says. But the officers were on horses, and horses can be kind of fast. Henry was probably running as fast as some horses can go, but the police had fast ones. And with that, Henry tilted me back and hurtled me forward. I flew through the air and crashed onto the ground, only about ten feet behind everyone else because of Henry’s amazing throw. Henry could run a bit faster by now, but it was awfully close. The bullets were coming down rapidly. I had been about twenty-five yards ahead of Henry when he made the throw, but after fifteen seconds, I was only seven ahead. And after another ten, I was behind him… Henry picked me up again and threw me forward, and then continued running. But I noticed that the officers were starting to slow down. The horses were getting partially tired! But Henry wasn’t going as fast as before, either. No one has unlimited stamina, that’s my philosophy. After ten seconds, all of us were hurtling across the Merrill P. Barber Bridge. Everyone was getting tired. The Riverside Café was the first thing we passed once leaving the bridge, but by then Henry and I were just done. The officers closed in on us, and another group came at us from the other side. With our lane to the harbor cut off, we turned south and dashed to the café. Henry and I charged across a lawn filled with tall trees, and then reached the building. There was a small store right next to the café. Henry rammed into the window and broke the glass. The cashier looked up at us in surprise. And then the police jumped through the window. These ones were on horses, but I could hear the ones who were outside, waiting for us. Glass and stands shattered all over the store. The cashier ducked behind the counter, pulling a blanket over himself. I got snagged on a fishing line and tripped, knocking over another stand that knocked an officer out. Henry broke the glass to the west side, and everyone jumped through. We cut through the trees and broke the glass to the café, and then jumped inside. Coffee and snacks were falling over everywhere, and customers were screaming. A security guard came at us with a zapper, but Henry knocked him aside and into the counter. Then we jumped through the window again and ran into a dock. There were plenty of boats here, but there were no open lanes to the ocean. We would have to cut through the land to get to our ship. “Henry!” I shouted. “We need to turn around!” “Why?” Henry called back. “We’ll take a boat!” But before I could say anything, the police came crashing out of the café, guns at the ready. “Put your hands up!” ordered one of the officers, whose name was Kevin. “They are up,” I replied. “Oh.” Henry elbowed me in the side. “What are you doing? We still have a chance!” he whispered loudly. “Alright, fine. Sneak escape!” I called out, and I charged forward, hoping to get by the officers and onto the tiny bridge, which would lead back to the main road. “Get back here!” shouted an officer named Oliver. I tried to cut off the officers on my way to the bridge, but Paul and Clayton tackled me. “Tackled at the forty!” shouted Kevin enthusiastically. “Not happening!” Henry cried, and he ran forward himself, tackling Kevin. Paul and Clayton jumped off of me, and while they were distracted, I ran for the bridge. Blake noticed me and fired a pistol, but it hit the water. Henry shook off a bunch of officers and followed after me, but the security guard, whose name was Ryan, suddenly jumped out of the window and gunned down Henry with a zapper shot. “Yeah!” screamed Ryan. “Um, good job, sir,” Clayton complimented. “Hey! There’s still the other guy!” shouted Oliver. But I was already running back, and I scooped Henry off the ground. “Get him!” an officer screamed, but I was already on my way. Ryan fired a zapper shot, but it went a little above my head. Halfway across the bridge, a bullet made contact with Henry, but it only took off the tip of his shoe. Back on the main road, the officers had cleared out. I dashed forward, only thinking of rushing as many yards forward as I could. And it seemed like I might actually get there! By the time I was at Ocean Drive, I was a block away, and no officer had noticed me so far. However, I was about to collapse. But I willed myself forward for just one more block. “Come on, Donald! Come on! Your friends are counting on you!” I huffed to myself. And then I crossed forward, and I was at the harbor! And I could see the Buck, which apparently was the police ship my friends had hijacked, circling around, waiting for me! But bullet shots were firing at them from everywhere! “Huh?” I mumbled, as two officers named Charles and Lamar tackled me. “A tackle!” shouted Charles. “He’s down at the thirty!” cried Lamar. “Seems like these guys are really into football,” I muttered, as Charles and Lamar hauled Henry and I off the ground. “You thought you were going to get away, son?” asked Lamar. “Um, I think I’m older than you, sir. Aren’t I supposed to be calling you son?” I asked. It was true. Lamar was obviously a year or two younger than me. Lamar made a sour face, like he was chewing something bitter. “I’m eighteen, and I’m proud of it, mister,” he snarled. “And I’m twenty-five, so I’m older than you!” shouted Charles. “You’re coming with us!” And then a rifle shot rang out, and Charles slumped to the street. “Huh?” cried Lamar, as another shot came, missing Lamar by inches. The next two shots both missed, as Lamar was dancing around like a professional, but the shot after nailed him. I ran forward after that while other officers came for me from behind, ordering me to stop. The Buck came forward and stopped right in front of the shore. I dumped Henry on, and then swooped over the railing and onto the deck. Bullets came from all directions, jarring wooden planks loose all around me. But with the Buck, our replacement ship, we managed to get away. Richard got to me first, swooping over and tackled me to the deck, which was the third time I had gotten tackled in ten minutes. “My goodness, are you alright?” he cried. “Man did a good job,” I heard Chris call in the background. I didn’t move, I just lay there and grinned happily. Henry regained consciousness at around 5:00pm following that. Yeah, so Captain Woods is hustling the Buck forward in order to get to Charleston and finally get out of here and get the heck to New York City.


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