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Sail (Day 25)

Sail (Day 25)

Posted September 28th, 2018 by EJChang

by Eric
in California

September 28th, 2018

Tuesday, August 16th, 1892:

          1:32pm: I mean, being on the Buck is nowhere near the same as being on the Brave, but it sure beats staying in Vero Beach. That is such an annoying city… I really don’t know why people would live there, especially after I read in an article this morning that Vero Beach house prices are skyrocketed compared to many other cities in the country. Breakfast and lunch isn’t as good as before, but since Marcus and William are quite competent cooks, they made pretty good use of what they had. After digging around in the kitchen, they found enough to prepare some eggs and apples. There’s no milk, so we settled for water. And for lunch, we had more water along with some beef and more eggs. The beef tastes kind of old, but it’s not too bad. And Cory and Murray are still just as annoying as ever. At 9:00am, Captain Woods ordered Chris and Murray to go down to the bottom of the ship and search for anything worth keeping. Theo hasn’t really been utilized for activity, as he’s still being held in a room with Doug treating him. A few minutes later, Chris and Murray came up to the deck, dragging huge sacks of food, cash, and gold. “This is victory!” screamed Chris triumphantly, throwing his hands in the air. “We’re rich!” cried Murray, just as he tripped over a sack and went falling into the ocean. “Whoa!” I shouted. “Get a rope! Haul him up!” ordered Captain Woods. But no one could seem to find any ropes. “Where are these darn ropes?!” Captain Woods shouted angrily. I eventually found one in the kitchen. Handing it off to Henry, who was a faster runner, he rushed out of the kitchen and out to the edge of the ship, where he threw the rope down. Murray was finally hauled back up a minute later, soaking wet and gasping for air. “So cold,” he whined. “Just be grateful you’re still alive,” snorted Richard. Yeah, that was probably the most noteworthy happening today.

          11:56pm: I can’t sleep… I’m just too excited to get to our ship and get out of here! Captain Woods said we might be there by tomorrow morning, so I’m really hoping right here!

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