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Sail (Day 27)

Sail (Day 27)

Posted September 28th, 2018 by EJChang

by Eric
in California

September 28th, 2018

Thursday, August 18th, 1892:

          2:40pm: Wow. I totally forgot it was Cory’s twentieth birthday. And it seems like everyone else forgot as well. I woke up at 7:00am, talked to some guys in the sitting room, and then went to breakfast at 8:00am. It was toast, eggs, apples, and milk. We had been eating for a minute or so when Cory suddenly stood up. Everyone looked at him. Cory really is pretty tall. I’m pretty sure he’s taller than six feet. “Well?” he snapped, after everyone had been staring at him for ten seconds. “What?” Scott cried. “Do we owe you money or something? Goodness,” grumbled Captain Woods, turning back to his plate to eat. Cory slammed the table with his hands. “It’s my birthday, you idiots!” he shouted. Everyone looked up again. “Oops…” I muttered, dropping my fork to the floor with a clatter. “Yeah, I didn’t know…” laughed Chris. “This is no laughing matter!” screamed Cory. “What kind of people are you? I told you when I first met you, and you’ve already forgotten?” “Come on, man, it’s been almost a year!” cried Murray, throwing his hands in the air. “It’s not like we’re going to remember every date!” “You remembered Chris’ birthday! And Donald’s! And Shawn’s too!” Everyone laughed hysterically, which was only provoked even more by Cory’s cries to stop. Only Richard, Shawn, and Theo weren’t laughing. Whatever their punishment was, they haven’t said, and it seems to be taking a toll on their energy. “Well, happy birthday, I guess,” Theo sighed, getting up and throwing his napkin up behind his head and onto the floor. “Um, hold on. I’m going to run and get you something,” I muttered quickly, getting out of my chair. “Same,” agreed Scott. Several other people followed our lead. I really had no idea what to get Cory, so I just grabbed a dollar from my wallet and stumbled back to the kitchen. When I handed my dollar to Cory, he just stared at me like I had said something insulting. Okay, I know it wasn’t the best present, but the guy’s a jerk anyway. And I didn’t have the worst present! Theo gave him the napkin he had thrown over his head, Scott gave him a piece of paper with a smiley face, and Captain Woods just gave him his leftover eggs. And Marcus ran back from the kitchen and threw a potato in Cory’s face. “Here’s a present for you, fool,” he grumbled. Everyone laughed. Cory did end up getting Marcus back, though. At lunch, while we were eating our food, Marcus suddenly said, “This rice tastes weird.” And then there was some buzzing, and a ton of flies came soaring out of the rice! Cory didn’t come out and say it, but the way he was smiling gave it away. Marcus spent the next hour in the kitchen, trying to spit out anything he swallowed. Yeah, so after breakfast, I walked onto the deck. I was finally ready for some peace and quiet. I didn’t get any. A minute after I left the kitchen, Murray tackled me from behind and shouted, “Football!” “Nope, I hate football,” I groaned. “Well, too bad!” he shouted. “We’re heading down to play!” Football really is a stupid sport. I mean, people are going to get injured all the time, and it’s not even that fun. I didn’t do anything except stand around. I only got passed to once. I caught the ball cleanly, but William slammed into me, jarring the ball loose. I just kept score the whole time, really, and our team lost by about two touchdowns. After that, I read a book until lunch.

          6:36pm: I forgot how nice it is to just watch the scenery pass by. I especially like the sunshine beaming down on the ocean. That just looks nice. I can’t see land from here, but if we were closer and I could see, I bet it would look just as nice. It was a pretty plain afternoon. Cory and Murray tried to get together another football game, but I just wasn’t up for it, even this time. William didn’t want to play either, so I suppose they just played with five players on each team. Captain Woods went down again to watch, but he asked me to watch the steering wheel because the waves ahead were a little stronger than usual. Of course, since I was a crew member, I had been trained for this. It was pretty easy. For the first minute or so, I kept turning left when I was supposed to turn right and vice versa, but eventually I got the hang of it. But once, when I saw some big waves to the right, I turned the wheel. Unfortunately, I turned it the wrong away and sailed right into the big waves. The Brave took a big hit and lurched backwards. I clearly heard William shouting from somewhere on the deck, and I could have sworn I heard everybody else from way down below. Captain Woods came back up at about 4:45pm, and by that time, I was grateful to hand the wheel back over. I went down to the bottom floor to shovel coal, and I came back up at 6:00pm. I’m in the lookout tower now, and this is where I’m filling out my diary. Really, this whole job rotation thing is kind of falling apart. Tomorrow, I’m going to see who wants to help me shovel some more coal, as I figure we’re far behind schedule in terms of that.



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