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Sail (Day 28)

Sail (Day 28)

Posted September 28th, 2018 by EJChang

by Eric
in California

September 28th, 2018

Friday, August 19th, 1892:

          1:00pm: Well, I’m quite exhausted, but I’m also very proud of myself. After a quick breakfast in which I threw Cory another dollar to hopefully compensate for the lack of spirit in my present yesterday, I went to talk to some people. Okay, I also gave Cory another dollar so he would just stop laughing at me. Every since my penalty episode yesterday, he just won’t stop making fun of me. Some might say that is not worth a dollar, but I’ve got enough money. I hope. Anyways, I managed to recruit Henry, Doug, Theo, and Chris to help me shovel coal. It was 8:00am when we started, but we didn’t stop until noon, when it was lunch. Everyone was exhausted, but the gift was worth it. Captain Woods was so delighted that he gave all of us two dollars. So technically, I didn’t lose anything! Whoop! Lunch just ended, and I’m seriously thinking of completing a few more chores. After all, I have been slacking off lately.

          4:33pm: Yeah, I completed some more chores. I shoveled coal until 3:00pm, and then stayed in the horrible garden room for another hour to water them and watch them, although there’s probably no hope for them surviving anyway. Captain Woods was thrilled again, so we tossed me another couple of bucks. I was walking with Henry across the deck and telling him about the money from Captain Woods, and we were laughing happily. And then Cory and Murray cornered us. “Oh, look who we have here,” Murray sneered, making a nasty face. “What a captain’s pet,” scoffed Cory. “You don’t care for this ship like we do. You’re only doing it for the money, you know that, Donald.” “Hey, shut up,” snapped Henry crossly. “You know that you’re jealous, and you know that you’re a horrible person. You think you could put in the time and effort to complete chores?” Cory crossed his arms. “How did I become the first mate, then, huh?” he chuckled. “Tell me that.” “Cory, you knew Captain Woods way before he knew us. Of course he’s going to nominate you,” I told him. Cory waved me off like what I said wasn’t important. “Oh, stop it.” “Stop it? You coward! You’re just telling him to stop because you’re a big coward-” Henry was stopped as Cory charged forward, knocking him flat on the ground. Murray ran over and knocked the lights out of me, and then ran over to help Cory. Lying on the deck, I could barely see anything. I only knew that Murray had probably broken something, and Henry was getting severely attacked. But then he rose up off the ground, throwing both Cory and Murray backwards, and charged at Murray. Murray tried to punch him in the face, but Henry slid under, and before anyone knew it, he was behind him. Henry scooped Murray off the ground and threw him into the wall of the captain’s quarters. Murray did not get up. I saw Cory running at Henry from behind, holding a chair, no likely to smash my friend on the head. In an attempt to help, I stuck out my leg and tripped Cory. Cory’s head smashed into the deck, and the chair rolled to a stop right next to Henry. He picked it up and ran over to Cory, where he repeatedly hit him with the chair. Murray got up and tried to ambush Henry, but he was spotted before and was knocked backwards with the chair. It’s a good thing Shawn found us, because who knows how far Henry could have gotten with the chair if not. Henry, Cory, and Murray were dragged into the captain’s quarters by Captain Woods, who was steaming mad. Scott stumbled upon me five minutes later, where I was still lying on the ground. All I remember is that I was handed to Doug, who took me down to his cabin, and then everything went black. I figure I slipped unconscious. When I came to, Doug was mending my nose. “That was a powerful hit,” he explained to me. “Murray can really punch, that’s all I’m saying. Your nose is broken, and some spots on your face might be a bit swollen. I’ve done the best I can to fix it, but it will take time. I advise you not to take part in any wild activities for a few weeks.” “That, I can do.” I raised my hand weakly. “Good. Now get out there and show your strength.” I walked out of the cabin with my face, and especially my nose, throbbing. I went straight to my own cabin, lay down on the bed, and wrote in my diary. Really, Murray’s a rude person.

          10:52pm: Okay, I’m really getting sick of this. I fell asleep sometime after my diary entry and was woken up by Shawn, who told me it was dinnertime. After roast chicken, potatoes, spinach, and water, Captain Woods told us to hang around a bit before bed. I went down to the coal room and shoveled for thirty more minutes, and then decided this was good enough. I kind of wanted to visit the map room and take a look, but Shawn would be there, and I didn’t really want to talk to anyone. I got up to the cabin floor when I spotted Cory and Murray across the room, chatting and laughing. They looked no better than me, but their spirits seemed unusually high. I frowned. Were they plotting revenge? I ducked down instinctively. These were the last people in the world I wanted to talk to, especially not now. No such luck. Murray spotted me and pointed to where I was. “Look! It’s Mr. Weakling!” He and Cory burst out laughing. “I mean, seriously, you take just one little punch, and your nose is broken?” Murray laughed. “You couldn’t bother to help your friend? That guy sucks too, but at least he can take some hits.” “That was a powerful punch,” I protested from behind the railing. “And you got destroyed too. Don’t fake it.” “Oh, you want to know what it feels like to be destroyed?” asked Cory, as he and Murray started to sprint towards me. But suddenly, Henry and Richard dashed out of their rooms. Henry tackled Cory, and Richard threw Murray into the railing. “Leave him alone,” Richard snarled. “Fool!” cried Murray, who seemed shaken up from his collision with the railing. Plus, he had hit his head. “I will destroy you!” “Yeah, right,” snorted Richard, and he kicked Murray in the stomach. Meanwhile, Cory tried to get up and run away, but Henry kicked his head back down and laughed, “We’re not done with you yet!” But then Captain Woods came down and gaped at the sight of us. “What is going on here?” he shrieked. “You have to cause more problems? You think I didn’t get enough stress earlier?” “They tackled us!” cried Cory, pointing at Henry and Richard. “But they were trying to attack Donald!” whined Henry. Captain Woods spoke in a soft and dangerous voice, “Why don’t we all just go back to our rooms for the night?” Theo suddenly came down, a hot dog in a napkin in hand. He tossed the napkin to the ground, first of all. Okay, he just litters way too much. “Aha! Fools!” he laughed, and he threw his hot dog at Henry. Henry stepped out of the way. “What the heck?” Theo laughed hysterically. “Happy Halloween!” he screamed. “No! Do not tell me you are drunk once again!” roared Captain Woods. Theo seemed unfazed. “Ahem. The stars are in the city, the cats are in the clouds, and the dogs are in the big house, and the birds are with the bars…” he sang. Captain Woods ran up and grabbed his hand. “You’re coming with me. We’ve got to have a little chat about your alcohol,” he grumbled. Henry let go of Cory, and he slumped to the floor, exhausted. Murray tried to get up, but he tripped and hit his head again. Shawn suddenly came up from below. “Wow! You should have seen the maps-” “Is that all you care about? Maps?” asked Richard. Shawn seemed offended. “Well, excuse me, but I’m a navigator. I’m supposed to care about maps.” “Yeah, but do you not have time for anything else?” shouted Richard. “I mean, you would sacrifice yourself for a map of a cabin!” “I would not!” cried Shawn. Richard laughed. “Oh, yes you would. I know you.” And then Chris came up as well, his head buried in a book. Richard exploded. “Good gracious, why are people so obsessed with things?!” he screamed. Chris looked up in surprise, tripping and dropping his book. Shawn seemed angry. “Why do you criticize everyone?” he asked quietly. “I don’t,” muttered Richard. “I’m just pointing out your obvious flaws that you are not bound to fix!” “Richard, you actually do criticize people,” I put in. “There’s no need to blame them.” Richard gaped at me. “Are you kidding me? I just saved your life, and you’re criticizing me? Some friend,” he snorted, walking back to his cabin and slamming the door. Shawn waved his hand. “What an idiot. The guy doesn’t know one thing from another.” “Don’t blame him,” said Henry. “His parents are divorced. He’s used to things like criticizing and blaming. “Well, that doesn’t mean he needs to take it out on us!” cried Chris angrily. “It’s not like there’s nothing wrong with him either!” “Yeah, like he blames everyone and he never tells the truth, and he always stretches the facts, and he cares about money too much, and he-” Henry cut Shawn short. “Let’s just go to bed.” “Good idea. I think my head’s about to explode,” yawned Cory. “Oh, shut up,” grumbled Shawn. I sighed. It was a bit sad to see everyone so angry and annoyed, but who knows? Everyone went to their cabins after that except for Cory and Murray. I didn’t really know what to do with them, so I just dragged them both to their cabins, both of them asleep by then.


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