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Posted January 13th, 2018 by Lionrose06

by Lillyrose
in Idaho

January 13th, 2018




One day three days before Christmas I was watching TV.

My sister Meria, never stopped bugging me on what i

got her. She was six years old, she had bright blnd hair

and was wearing purple PJ's. Her hair was a mess because

she just got up. It was only 9am and likes to sleep in. I was

Very anoyed. I turned off the TV and went to the kitchen.

My mom was preparing for the guests tomorrow. She was

pre-making food. I didn't know what the food was though. She

just started baking. She turned around to looked at me. She had bright red

hair, she was wearing a blue dress with pink flowers for the pattern.

She smiled, then lauphed. "Your a mess sweet heart!" I didn't look happy.

Every time she says that I need to take a shower. Before she said anything,

I said, "Ok.. I will go take a shower". She grined. "Thank you". She said. She

went back to cooking. It was the next day at 12am. I was dressed in a black

Suit, I was a little too big. I'm in that age where I'm between junior size

and kids. I am eleven. I'm tall for my age. My sister had curlled hair with

a pink dress and matching pink slip on shoes. I was waiting for my friend

that was coming over for Christmas Eve dinner. I waited and waited which

seemed for hours. But the thing is, it had been hours.it was now 8pm 

they where ment to be here three hours ago. That night they never came.

My mom called the at 8:30pm. At 8:40pm she hung up the phone. Her

face over joyed. "Mom?" I said in confusement. "There having the baby!" 

They have been expecting a baby for a while. So I was not surprised. "I'm so happy for them!" 

I said. The next morning I got up early. At about... 7:00am. I made 

breakfast in the morning, did the chores, fed the cat, got the snow off the porch, and..

Got the close ready. I did this so we could do presents early. Although, to say, I do

this every morning. As everyone got up. I pulled them to the table to eat.

Me and my sister demolished our food. We hurried everyone. "Finally! The presents!" I said.

After presents we really wanted to play but we had to pick. For Christmas I got, a book on dragons,

a toy dragon, a fake potion bottle, a pocket knife, and a few more things.

But it's not the toys I wanted, it was my familly....



Mary Christmas!!!!!!!!!

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