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Shining Stars (chapter 1)

Shining Stars (chapter 1)

Posted September 29th, 2020 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

September 29th, 2020

Callie tried to keep herself from freaking out whilst she was in the car. This was no ordinary night.

This was the night of all nights, her audition for the Starlight production floor, a singing company that was hiring young singers for their

next musical. Callie had voted in 3 weeks ago, and now she was heading to the audition floor that the Starlight had in her city to do her

audition. In just a few minutes, they were there, and Callie felt like having a mini heart attack.

As the family walked into the building, a receptionist with long nails and sparkly makeup appeared at the desk.

"Hello! Are you signing up for the Starlight production floor?"

"Yes," her mother said as she signed Callie's name down on the paper, "my daughter is a talented singer and is auditioning for the Starlight."

"Great!" the receptionist said as she put the clipboard to the side and instructed her backstage to where other children were getting ready.

"They're just like me," Callie thought. "With big dreams."

Her mother sat her down in a chair with a star on it, with the name "Callie."

Callie felt a soft tickle on her scalp, she instantly knew that her mother was combing her hair.

10 minutes later, her mother was done, and Callie was ready to put on her stage clothes. However, she didn't need to get on stage in an

instant, the show would actually begin in an hour. She was bored out of her mind.


"Yes, honey?"

"Can I play "Word Scramble" on your phone?"

"Sure, but don't play it too long. You'll need to go on stage later, and I don't want to waste my battery on the game."

Callie excitedly pressed on the app, and saw that her mom was on the 10th level, so she picked up where she left off. 

Six blocks with letters were in a circle, and those blocks would reveal a word. Callie knew the first word, it was "Jumble."

"This will be quite fun," Callie thought. 


After an hour, Callie's mother said, "Honey, I'm going into the audience now, so please be ready."

"Okay, mom," Callie replied with a nervous smile.

Callie searched backstage and found a girl with quite curly hair.

"Uh, hello?"

"Hello! My name's Molly!" Molly introduced.

"Hello, Molly." Callie replied.

"Is it okay if we can be friends?" Molly asked.

"I'd better go ask my mom first."

Callie stepped away from Molly, and after waiting for 10 minutes...


Right then and there, Callie was panicking. "What the heck do I do now?!" she thought. There was no other choice, she'd have to go 

on stage. She entered and left the wings, and with trembling fingers, grasped the microphone that the announcer was holding.

"Hello, Callie! Are you performing for the Starlight?"

"Yes, I am, and I will be singing one of my own songs, Bottle Of Perfume."

"Well, then sing it!"

Without thinking, she let a few words pour out her mouth.

"One day, I walked into a makeup store

Saw a bottle of perfume

Doctor saying, "Take it, that's a cure"

But I was never really sure"

She never realized that her mother was singing along with her, Callie was singing in her own world.

At the end of the song, she bowed down and got off the stage. As the family was leaving, Callie noticed Molly leaving with her own

family and remembered that she promised to tell her parents if she could be friends with Molly, so she tugged her mother's arm and asked.

"Sure, honey! I love seeing my baby girl make friends with other children!"

When she got home, she laid down in her bed and thought about what would have happened if she had messed up her song or declined

Molly's friendship, both of those with a feeling of regret. Callie looked at the clock, and noticed it was 10 pm, so she got ready for bed

and wrapped herself up in her sheets, still thinking.


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