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Sibling Rivalries And Their Effects

Sibling Rivalries And Their Effects

Posted March 5th, 2019 by pheonixa12

by Ava
in Cork

March 5th, 2019

Hello....This story is here to talk abut the effect siblings can have on each other

good or bad

I have kind of hated my brother for the last 4 or 5 years....He's been really mean to me and it has really affected me....Let me give you some backstory....I am a christian [I guess]I was more.....Well,I believed in god more when I was younger.Christians in Ireland [I'm not sure about other countries] Get their first communion in sceond class and it's a REALLY big day for any of us,it's kind of as celebrated as a wedding.You get loads of cards and gifts and girls wear beautiful [and expensive] white dresses.So I have a friend let's say Eliza [That's gonna be this particular friends name from now on] and me and her were in second class.And Eliza has a little brother and older sister.I was at her house one day and we were really exited and talking about the communion [I promise this is all relevant] Then her little brother came up to us [I think he was eavesdropping] and said ''I can't wait for my communion cuz I'm gonna get loads of money'' and then I lectured him about christianity.I still remeber that today,it was two years ago.I wonder where that innocent little version of me went sometimes....Anyway back to sibling!My brother hurt me emotionally and phisically.That relationship with a family member isn't healthy and it reallly changed me.It was January earlier this year and me and my family were going up to Mulingar in WestMeath to celebrate Christmas with my Dad's family.[Alot of my family members up there are in Malta at Christmas visiting my cousin Lisa and her family] So everyone meets some weekend in the new year and in the car ride up I was looking out the car window and I nearly started crying because I was thinking about how my brothers hated me and how I just wanted to have a good relationship with them.

If you're the oldest in your family thenyou need to nurture your little sibling and you need to be kind to them,or your relationship with them will go down in flames.Something happened to my brother about a week ago and it made me realize how much I love him....I just wish he even cared that I exist.....I wish either of them did...Ok I just started crying and I need to get some tissues so I'll wrap this up

It's the bad sibling relationships that causes the younder siblings to feel insecure and bad about themselves...Tell your little brother or sister you love them once in a while ok?You might njot realize the effect you have on them until there is no fixing what you've done.

I hope I didn't make anybody feel bad with this but I feel like older siblings need to realize what younder siblins are going through when this happens 

I hope anybody reading this has a wonderful day [or night] goodbye

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