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Similes I've used in my books

Similes I've used in my books

Posted February 4th, 2019 by chicken123

by Ava
in Michigan

February 4th, 2019

1. Her hair was like a waterfall, cascading down to her shoulders

2. Her eyes shone like fireflies

3. When you are in a jam I'll bring you peanut butter. I used this in my book, "The Accident," and I haven't revealed yet  what it means. I'll reveal it in the end of the book, but since I'm not posting it, this is what it means: PB+J are one of the most common sandwiches in the world. Put together they are simple and taste good. The book is saying that when she is upset or in trouble, her mom will be there for her to make the other half of the sandwich, making it better.

4. My mom’s mug could be glued back together. Unlike my heart

5. The sound was unbearable, like a giant vacuum cleaner next to you ears.

6. I felt warm inside, like a big blanket had wrapped itself around me

7. I saw the light in the world slowly turn off, like someone was flicking a giant light switch.

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