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A Simple Prayer! By: Steven Connelly

A Simple Prayer! By: Steven Connelly

Posted February 8th, 2018 by heavenlykid

by Steven
in Florida

February 8th, 2018


   Our story begins, in Dallas, Texas. A family, in particular, lived here which Dallas claimed they were the most peaceful and happiest family around. What made them that way was because the father whose name was Jackson had a job as a bartender at the Iron Cactus, the mother whose name was Ava which was always peachy when it came to life had a job as a member of the Creative Group, and out of both of them put together that made this family truly special was that they had a sweet and respectful son whose name was Jacob who was a straight "A" student and whose dream was to be a writer. Jacob was also stuck with God as tight as crazy glue and had a job at Publix as a bagger. Not only did this family have good careers but they tried to spend time with each other whenever they got the chance. Now with a family this incredible you'd think they would stay like this forever. But unfortunately they didn't, you see one night while Jackson was taking a night shift a few men were having a beer contest to see who could drink the most beer and because Jackson had a strong competitive side he decided to join in. From that time on, Jackson started to drink more and more beer that was sometimes up to a liter or a gallon a day. Then, as weeks went by Jackson and Ava began to argue day and night nonstop.

   Then one night, Jackson decided that he had enough. So he packed up all he had and decided to leave, but before doing so he said these final words to Ava: "I never wanna see you or your little brat again for as long as I live". That's when Jackson slammed the door so hard it felt like there was an earthquake as Ava stood there weeping with sorrow. A few weeks later, both Ava and Jackson were at the courthouse to sign the divorce papers to make the divorce official. But what's even worse is that because of Jackson's drinking and what he said to Ava the judge thought that it was too dangerous for Jacob to visit Jackson and told Ava that he wasn't allowed to visit him. After the judge made the divorce official, Ava's spirit was completely crushed and she felt as though that she didn't have a heart anymore. Jacob however, he was pretty sad himself but still kept his faith and trust in God that things would get better and prayed every night that he would help Jackson to change his ways and repent from them as well. As months went by though, Ava still kept her job at the Creative Group but wasn't as peachy as she used to be and wouldn't even crack a smile.
   Plus, every day Ava felt as though there was no point in living. While Jacob tried everything he could to cheer Ava up and also tried to help her regain her faith and trust in God again. Jacob also kept praying to God and asked him to help change his father. Anyway, one Saturday evening, while Jacob was putting his uniform and shoes away just coming home from work. Jacob saw Ava cooking dinner with her usual gloomy face. "Hey Mom, I'm back from work," said Jacob. "So, what else is new?" said Ava. "Well, my boss gave me a raise today," said Jacob.
   "Good for you," said Ava while making a sigh. "Why thank-you Mom so how was your day today?" asked Jacob. "Eh, pretty lousy as usual," said Ava. "Oh for crying out loud Mom you can't keep spoiling your days like this being so depressed," said Jacob. "Don't you dare talk to me with that tone of voice again young man do you hear me? And don't tell me what to do either" shouted Ava with an angry voice. "Oh your right Mom I'm sorry I didn't mean to snap at you it just pains me to see you every day all miserable like this," said Jacob. "It's okay but you're right I am miserable and there's nothing I can do about it," said Ava. "That's not true Mom," said Jacob. "Oh yeah, why's that?" asked Ava.
   "Because if you turn to God and have more faith and trust in him he can help you with your life so much it's not even funny," said Jacob. "God? Ha, the only thing God has ever done for us was made your dad leave us and turn him into a drunk" said Ava. "Mom, God gives us his commandments and words in the Bible so we can follow them. But he also gave us the choice whether to follow them or not and I know what Dad did was wrong, but if we keep on praying to God and ask him to help change him and repent I'm sure he will" said Jacob. "Whatever Jacob, but I just don't see it," said Ava. "Well, I hope you will someday. Look, since my boss gave me a raise today and now that I have some extra spending money what do you say we go to church in the morning and after that check out the Texas Snake Farm in New Braunfels, Texas?" asked Jacob. "Well ok, but I'm not going to church," said Ava. "Alright then, by the way, what's for dinner?" asked Jacob. "Chicken Alfredo!" said Ava. "Mmmm sounds wonderful," said Jacob as he went to his room continuing putting his stuff away. "Man, sometimes I just don't get that kid," said Ava as she continued cooking dinner.
   Later that night, before Jacob went off to bed he said a quick prayer to God asking him once again to help change his dad's ways plus his mom's. The next day, after Jacob came home from church he and Ava went off to the snake farm. When Jacob and Ava got there they found themselves with a group of people who were waiting for a tour guide. "You see Mom, this isn't so bad once the tour guide comes will be able to see a whole bunch of cool reptiles," said Jacob. "Yeah right!" responded Ava with a frown. A few minutes later, the tour guide finally arrived. "Well good afternoon everyone, my name is Mrs. Sandy and I'll be your tour guide for today. Now if you'll all follow me I'll take you to our first exhibit "The Russel's Viper" said Mrs. Sandy as she leads the group to the exhibit. As they approached the exhibit Mrs. Sandy started to explain to the group some facts about the Russell's Viper. "Well to start off, Russell's Vipers are very venomous which they can be found in India and there also extremely strong when there biting on their prey," said Mrs. Sandy.
   "Wow, do you think we can hold him?" asked a man. "Oh, I'm afraid not sir because you see when Russel's Vipers are picked up by anyone they tend to get very vicious. But it is about time to feed him so if you all just wait right here I'll be back with some rats and we can see how he eats them" said Mrs. Sandy as she walked off to get some rats. "Wow Mom you gotta admit that snake is pretty cool looking," said Jacob. " Ah huh sure," said Ava with a gloomy voice. Meanwhile, a little boy who was about four years old thought that the Viper was pretty cool too. "Hey Mr. Snake how are you doing?" the boy asked as he was continuously slamming on the glass with his hands. "Honey please don't do that," said the boy's mom. "Sorry, Mommy," said the boy.
   But when the boy was done, he would've wished he hadn't done that because the Viper then started to form a series of loops by raising one-third of his body and made a very loud hiss which gave all the girls and ladies chills including Ava. You see the reason why the Viper was doing this was that it was simply what Vipers did if they were threatened. Anyway, soon after, that slithering serpent then struck the glass with his teeth which nearly broke the whole glass cage. Then the Viper bit off a big chunk of glass from the cage and made an escape. All of the tourists held their breath. As for the boy, he was so scared that he couldn't move a single muscle or bone in his body and didn't have the nerve to scream either. To make matters even worse, the Viper then slithered up to the boy's legs and made his way up to his left arm. That's when Jacob realized it was time to take a piece of the action.
   "What the heck are you doing Jacob?" asked Ava as she tried to stop him. "I gotta help him, Mom," said Jacob. "Are you crazy how?" asked Ava. "Don't worry I have an idea!" said Jacob with a voice of confidence. "Well ok, but be careful Jacob," said Ava as Jacob walked up to the boy very slowly. "Hey kid quick, grab me by my arm maybe the Viper will slither on my arm instead," said Jacob with a calm tone. "What?" asked Ava who was now in a state of confusion. "But what if he doesn't?" asked the boy in fear. "Oh, believe me, he will a snake like this will attack anyone and maybe even eat them as their prey," said Jacob as he grabbed the little boy's arm which caused the Viper to slither onto his arm. But now Jacob was the one in danger as the Viper looked at him dead in the eyes, open his mouth as wide as he could, and then chomp! The Viper bit Jacob right in the forehead. "AAAAAAGH" screamed Jacob in agony. "Jacob!" shouted Ava. When Mrs. Sandy finally came back she couldn't believe her eyes.
   That's when Mrs. Sandy tried to pull the Viper off his head. But, as Mrs. Sandy said before, Russel Vipers were also extremely strong and put on a lot of force when biting down on their prey. Also, Vipers can even hold onto prey for tons of seconds. Since all of this was true, Mrs. Sandy tried to pull as hard as she could, but the Viper just wouldn't budge which also irritated him more. Not only that, but Jacob's head was starting to swell and bleed as blood dripped all over the floor from his head and the inside of his gums. Mrs. Sandy knew she had to work fast so she immediately called for some back-up. "Mayday, mayday, all keepers and employees to the Russel Viper exhibit stat" Mrs. Sandy screamed. While waiting for them to come, the crowd continued to hold their breath as Ava cried for her son. Then, five keepers came just in the nick of time and were trying to see if they could help.
   Thirty-five seconds later, Mrs. Sandy and the keepers finally made success and got the Viper off Jacob's head. While Mrs. Sandy took the Viper away, Ava immediately ran to Jacob to see if he was ok. "Jacob, are you alright?" asked Ava. "Oh yeah, I'm alright, I'm alright," said Jacob. But to tell you the truth, Jacob wasn't fine at all because through his eyes the whole room was spinning as fast as a top, he was melting like a popsicle, and his heart was beating as fast as a drum. A few minutes later, Jacob collapsed. As weeks went by, Jacob was still in the hospital in the state of a coma. Meanwhile, Ava took time off from work to be with his son and sat next to him every day. "It's bad enough my husband takes off and leaves us now my son is in danger what else could go wrong?" Ava asked herself.
   The next morning, however, while Ava was in the lobby getting a cup of coffee Jacob began to wake up. When Ava returned to Jacob's room she couldn't believe her eyes. "Jacob, your ok!" said Ava. "Jacob, who's Jacob?" asked Jacob. "Your Jacob you know that," said Ava. "I am because it's not really ringing a bell madame," said Jacob. Ava gasped, "Oh no, it can't be it just can't be," she said to herself as she ran down the hall to get Jacob's doctor.
   When Ava found the doctor and took him to Jacob he ran some tests on him to see what was wrong with Jacob. In the end, it was just as Ava feared when she heard the news. "Mrs. Ava, your son is going to be just fine, but I regret to tell you that the venom from that Viper has caused Jacob to have a case of amnesia," explained the doctor. "Oh great, what am I suppose to do now?" asked Ava. "Well, there is a chance that Jacob can be cured mame," said the doctor. "Oh yeah, what's that?" asked Ava. "You can try medication, look for a local psychotherapist and watch physicians, and above all behavioral modifications. "Alright fine, if those are my only options," said Ava. "Trust me, Mrs. Ava, I think they might help," said the doctor.
   Later on, after Ava brought Jacob home, the news about Jacob's terrifying attack made front page and spread throughout all of Dallas. Though not everyone took the attack as a big shock because somewhere on the outskirts of Dallas, in a run-down apartment building, Jackson had some horrible plans up his sleeves. "Hmmm, so Jacob has a case of amnesia huh?" Well this may be a good chance to teach my son the business of being a criminal" said Jackson with a devilish smile on his face. Meanwhile, Ava took the doctor's advice and took Jacob to every single psychotherapy, watching physicians, and behavioral modification office in Dallas. Some of them tried every technique they could think of, but it didn't work. Others were just after Ava's money. As for medications, Ava gave Jacob every kind she could think of from CVS to Walgreens but it too had no response.
   Three weeks later, Ava decided to try curing Jacob herself. One night, before she sent Jacob off to bed she showed Jacob his writing journal. "See this Jacob? This is your writing journal you would write all kinds of stories in this" explained Ava. When Jacob looked at it and read some of the stories he said: "Wow, whoever wrote these stories is a genius mame" said Jacob. "But you are that genius Jacob your the author behind all of these stories," said Ava. "Mame, I don't have a clue what you're talking about. Plus. my name isn't Jacob" Jacob replied. "Sigh, alright let's try something else," said Ava as she then gave Jacob his Bible. "What's this?" asked Jacob. "Well, it's called a bible you claimed that it was some kind of guidebook to life," said Ava.
   "A guidebook to life?'' asked Jacob with confusion. "Well yeah, but I never believed it," said Ava. "Why's that mame?" asked Jacob. "Because all it talked about was God and I never believed in him" explained Ava. "God, who's God?" asked Jacob. "To you, God was the savior of the world or something," said Ava. "Let me take a look at this Bible so I can find out for myself," said Jacob as he took the Bible, Ava took him to his room and left Jacob alone so he could have a look at this holy book. An hour later, Ava went back to Jacob's room so she could see how he was doing.
   ("Knock, Knock") "Whos' there?" Jacob asked. "It's me your mom if you remember," said Ava. "Oh ok, come in mame," said Jacob as Ava walked into the room. "So what do you think do you like it?" asked Ava. "I have to admit this God guy is quite extraordinary, but it still doesn't seem to ring a bell as to him being a savior of the world," said Jacob. "It doesn't? (sigh) well ok then will call it a night and start fresh in the morning ok?" asked Ava. "If you say so mame," said Jacob. So that's when Ava taught Jacob how to brush his teeth and how to put on his pajamas on but it still had no response to Jacob. After getting Jacob to bed, Ava got ready for bed herself and started to go to sleep. But for some reason couldn't sleep.
   The reason why was because Ava was trying to figure out what else she could do to help her son. Until Ava began to remember about that night when she and Jacob had that discussion about God and also what Jacob said. "If you turn to God and have more faith and trust in him he can help you with your life," said Jacob in her mind. Now Ava at the time still didn't believe in that, but realizing that she didn't have anywhere or anyone else to turn to she decided to just give it a shot. That's when Ava sat herself up, grabbed her hands together, bent her head down, shut her eyes and began to pray. "Um, hello God it's me Ava, Jacob's mom, well I need your help. If you can please help my son Jacob who loves you more than anything else in this world by giving him his memory back then thanks for I would appreciate that very much. Amen!" said Ava. When Ava was finished with her prayer Ava started to feel really good about it and it even gave her a small speck of happiness.
   "Man, I'm feeling pretty good all of the sudden," said Ava. Suddenly, however, her joy turned into fright when she heard shattered glass coming from Jacob's room. As Ava dashed into Jacob's room like a shot to see what was going on she couldn't believe her own two eyes what she saw. For what Ava saw in Jacob's bedroom was a broken window and Jacob long gone. When Ava looked out the window she saw Jacob in the passenger seat of a car that was driving away. Ava also saw Jackson behind the wheel. "I've got to follow them before it's too late," said, Ava, as she grabbed her keys and got into the car to follow them. Meanwhile, Jacob was trying to figure out who Jackson was and why he kidnapped him.
   "Who are you sir and why did you take me away from that woman's house?" asked Jacob. "I'm your dad and your my son which I'll teach you how to be a criminal and take you down in history as the greatest criminal ever," said Jackson. "Wait a minute what's a criminal?" asked Jacob. "A criminal is a person who commits the most narliest crimes ever" replied Jackson. "But what about that woman?" asked Jacob. "You don't have to worry about her anymore because she was your enemy this whole time just trying to make you believe that all that nonsense about God is true, but it's not" explained Jackson. "She was? Well ok then, sir if you say so" said Jacob. "I know so, but next time does not call me sir call me dad," said Jackson. "Ok Dad!" said Jacob.
   A moment later, Jacob and Jackson pulled up at a "7-Eleven". "Alright now, lesson number one is on stealing, when you're at a convenience store like this one you take out a gun and point it at everyone and tell them to get on the floor. Then, you tell the clerk (which is the person who's next to the cash register) to give you all the money or else you'll shoot and you get the money and then get the heck out of there, ok?" explained Jackson. "Ok Dad!" said Jacob. That's when Jackson handed Jacob a gun from his pocket and watched the boy to see what he would do. Then suddenly, right before Jacob reached the door Ava grabbed Jacob by the arm with the gun still in his hand and drove him away in her car. "No!" shouted Jackson as he immediately put his car in drive and began to go after them. While Ava's car, Jacob repeatedly beat Ava on her left arm demanding her to let him go. "Jacob stop why are you hitting me?" asked Ava.
   "Because my dad said that you are my enemy and that you lied to me about that God guy," said Jacob with an angry voice. "I'm not the one lying your dad is," said Ava. "Yeah right!" said Jacob. "Look, I'll explain more when we get to an alley," said Ava as she began to call the police to tell them to meet her there. As Ava and Jacob approach the alley, Jackson's anger rose to the roof. "Dad help!" shouted Jacob. "Don't worry kid, I will, once I take care of her" snarled Jackson as he loaded up his spare gun. "Jacob listen to me, your dad is really lying to you," said Ava.
   "Why should I believe you?" asked Jacob. "Because being a criminal isn't a good thing. The only thing that will do is put you in jail and jail isn't a good thing either" said Ava. "Is that true Dad?" asked Jacob. "Well yeah, but that's only if you get caught and if you stick with me you'll never get caught," said Jackson. "That's not true" yelled Ava. "Shut up you big baby before I blow your brains out" shouted Jackson who now had Ava at gunpoint. "No, I want Jackson and I'm not leaving until I get my son back," said Ava.
   Then Jackson had an idea. "Look, Ava, tell you what I'm gonna do besides killing you, why don't we put Jacob in the middle of the alley and let him choose who he wants to go to just to make this less violent?" asked Jackson. Ava thought about it and asked: "You won't pull any fast stuff right?". "Nope, no fast stuff," said Jackson. "Well ok," said Ava and after asking Jacob about it he to agreed to the plan. So that's when Jacob began walking over to the middle of the alley while Ava and Jackson got into position themselves. Then the decision making began. "Please Jacob comes home with me," said Ava. "No son, come home with me I'll make you famous in crime," said Jackson.
   "Jacob please don't do it it's a trick," said Ava. "No, it's not she's lying" yelled Jackson. As Jacob heard them both he still couldn't figure out who to choose. When suddenly, Jacob started to get a major headache, then he began to get extremely dizzy, and finally "Thump!". Jacob collapsed right onto the concrete with an incredible thud. "Jacob!" said Ava running towards him. As for Jackson, he was both surprised and shocked at the same time. When Ava approached Jacob, she continuously shook him trying to see if he was ok. "Jacob, come on wake up please wake up," said Ava in a frantic state of mind.
   After a few minutes of shaking, Jacob awoke. But when Jacob spoke he said the most beautiful word Ava had ever heard. "Mom?" asked Jacob. "Jacob, you remember my name, you remember my name," said Ava with tears of joy. "You got to be kidding me, Jacob got his memory back?" yelled Jackson. "Well at least I'll have two heads for the price of one," said Jackson as he pointed his gun at the both of them to kill them. "No!" said Jacob as he got up trying to defend his mother. Suddenly, out of the blue a bright light shined right under Jackson. It was a police helicopter showing the cops below where they all were. Two police cars then approached the alley. "Freeze!" shouted policeman number one. "Drop the gun you're under arrest," said policeman number two.
   Realizing he had no choice, Jackson decided to give up. So the policemen grabbed Jackson and took him away. "You haven't seen the last of me you bunch of losers I'll be back just you wait," said Jackson as he was being taken away in the police car. "Oh, Jacob, I'm so glad you're back," said Ava. "Uh, thank-you but what exactly happened?" asked Jacob. "While you were trying to save that boy's life from that snake you became injured from the snake's venom and had amnesia for the last few weeks," said Ava. "Oh ok, how'd we get all the way out here though?" asked Jacob. "Well, your dad kidnapped you and nearly got you arrested for stealing" explained Ava. "What, where is Dad now?" asked Jacob. "The police took your dad away son," said Ava. "Well, hopefully, the Lord will forgive Dad for what he did if he asks for it.
   By the way, what did you do that helped me get my memory back?" asked Jacob. "At first I tried doctors, psychotherapy, and even medicine, but none of that stuff worked so when I had nothing or no one else to turn to I decided to pray to God about it," said Ava. "You did? Oh, Mom, that's stupendous I'm so proud of you. See, I told you that if you turn to God and have more faith and trust in him he'll make things turn out right" said Jacob as he winked at Ava. "Thank-you, and you're right Jacob you were right the whole time. I'm just sorry it took me this long to realize it" said Ava. "It's ok Mom I knew God would turn you around sooner or later. Now come on, let's go home" said Jacob. "Good idea!" said Ava as she and Jacob walked to the car.
   Over the years, Jacob and Ava's love, trust, and faith in God increased so much that it became the size of a mountain. When Jacob reached the age of thirty-seven, he became both a Christian writer, a pastor, and even kept his bagging job at Publix. Ava still kept her job at the Creative Group until she got to the age of fifty-five which later on decided to be a nurse for the nursery at Jacob's church and would do a Bible study at home with Jacob or alone as much as possible. Also, Ava even accepted Jesus as her savior. After years of praying, Jackson finally came to his senses and realized the error of his ways and asked God for forgiveness and accepted Jesus as his savior as well. With a little help from prison ministry. 
  As a reward for good behavior, the police even let Jackson out early to see Jacob and Ava with permission given by the judge. When Jackson returned home, he begged for Jacob and Ava's forgiveness and asked them if he could live next door to them as neighbors. The result, Jacob, and Ava forgave Jackson and agreed. Well, let's just say that Dallas' happiest family became happy once again only this time they planned to stay happy with God on their side.
                                                   THE END!
"In the morning, as they went along they saw the fig tree withered from its roots. Peter remembered this and said to Jesus "Rabbi look the fig tree you cursed has withered." "Have faith in God" Jesus answered. "I tell you the truth if anyone says to this mountain, "Go throw yourself into the sea", and doesn't have any doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him". Therefore, I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours".
- Mark 11:20-24!                             

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