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Sketch: Part 2 Trailer

Sketch: Part 2 Trailer

Posted March 15th, 2017 by CaptainNerd777

by Caroline
in Florida

March 15th, 2017

A/N Hey peeps! Here is a little snippet of what is to come FRIDAY!!! Yes y'all, I finally finished part 2. I am sorry for the delay, but this is actually up sooner than I expected. Yay! Enjoy and be sure to review when part 2 comes out. Your thoughts are more muffins for Karith!

A trip out to the beach reminded me of everything I loved, and for once, I chose not to get all philosophical about it. I just had fun.

“Ingrid! Give it back!”

“Never! Come take it from me, you wheelchair brainiac!”

I pushed down the deck after her while she ran. Light skirt and tank top flowing in the breeze. A lot of people would put this down as a romantic scene. It wasn’t. It was two friends escaping reality.

We chased each other for a while. The poor pedestrians must have thought we were crazy. Our parents tried to clear the way and explained to a few questioning individuals. I didn’t mind for once.

“Hey, there are dolphins!”

“Cool, are they jumping?”

“No, but they keep coming up. And there they go.”

The wind in my face felt so wonderful. The blended colors of the bleached sand and teal water contrasted and yet blended. I couldn’t push myself well in the sand, so I opted for a spot on it near the water. It was glorious.

Never had I wanted this release to end.

Never had I felt so alive.


(This is a segment from Chapter 6. Hope y'all liked it!)

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That was very good :D

That was very good :D

Posted by Sofia on Sat, 03/18/2017 - 15:19

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