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some spring poetry?

some spring poetry?

Posted May 28th, 2020 by GingerFur

by ness!
in Ireterra

May 28th, 2020

yo- i went inactive for half a year again. wasn't really active in the first place, and the only thing ive really written between then and now was like 2 bad winter poems and a poem about me and my now ex gf (:/). 

ok, so anyway, i wrote some spring/change themed poetry, because i feel that my mental health has been getting a lot better lately and i'm just improving and changing a lot as a person out of getting out of the relationship i mentioned above. so yeah! i hope you enjoy them :)

one more thing- i dont know like any of you who post these days, so feel free to introduce yourself in the comments if you'd like. i go by ness,14, she/her, i like video games and art and stuff. 
(if u wanna check out my art stuff here's my art acc twitter,and insta heh)

ok ill shut up, here's the poetry~



blooming flowers,

sprawling vines,

mellow showers,

a sweet time.

growing plants,

and people, too.

everyone and everything

starting anew. 

can i, too,




can, i, too,


the version 

of me

i want to create?



pink like rosy cheeks,

pink like sunset skies,

pink like fruity bubblegum,

and sweet lullabies.

fluttering through the wind

like butterflies or bees,

dancing in the skies,

like fish among the sea.

cherry blossom petals, 

flying through the breeze

as the spring blooms,

on the dazzling trees.

gazing up

at the stunning sky,

humming to myself

with sparkling eyes.

as times pass,

i start to grow

like flowers come springtime.

as times pass,

i evolve

with my spirits soaring high.



when life gives you lemons,

make lemonade.

that’s how the saying 



a refreshing, fruity


my mouth waters 

at the thought.

well Life, are these my lemons?

my opportunity to change?

my opportunity to grow,

to better myself,

and make some lemonade?

ah yes,

a refreshing, fruity beverage.

i will craft it,

set myself free.




who knew lemonade,

could make you so full?

thank you, Life,

i feel,

it is in reach now.


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