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Posted April 8th, 2022 by dust

by Dust
in Florida

April 8th, 2022

My homework for ELA class is to make a version of Cinderella, might as well write it here :p.



Once upon a time, a cat had a kitten. They named her Cinders. The mother died shortly after birth, leaving her husband and child. The husband looked for another mate, preferably with kids, for months. In those months, Cinders grew a beautiful calico coat, slim, long legs a elagent face, and a long, lush tail. One day, her father found another mate with two kittens, older than Cinders. When Cinders moved into their ally, her father was taken by animal control, never seen again by Cinders. She quickly learned that her stepmother and stepsisters were horribly cruel and made Cinders do all the work. After a few months, Cinders became even more beautiful, while her stepfamily grew uglier. One day, Cinders heard that there would be a party for mate-finding, with a famous cat there, called Prince. Cinders longed to go to the party, so she asked her step family on the night of the party. While her stepmother glared, she saw her stepsisters give each other a smug grin. They began to claw and bite her, leaving scars. Finally, her stepmother sauntered over, and pinned her down. She raised a claw and... SHHHHHHHLLLUUUUUNKKK!! Cliders tail was severed from her body, leaving her with a nub. She yowled, long and loud as her guardians sauntered off. Suddenly, Cinders heard a rustling behinde her. A cat trotted over to her and scanned her wounds. He sprinted away for a second and came back. Her put a blanket on Cinders and layer naxt to her. They started talking, then laughing, until Cinders bleeding stopped. Cinders asked the othe cat's name. She got an answer: Prince. They heard a hissing, Cinders knew it was her stepfamily. She slowly got up, and stumbled to a broken fence that acted as a ladder out of the ally. Prince followed her. Prince beckoned for Cinders to follow her. The walked and talked on the rooftops, until Prince asked Cinders to be his mate. Cinders was overjoyed, and obviously picked yes. Soon after, they got married and lived happily ever after.


Yayyyyyyyyyyy that was long hehe.




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