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Southern hostility

Southern hostility

Posted May 18th, 2017 by Billy

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by Briana
in New York

May 18th, 2017


This is an assigment i did for my writing class i decided to post it here, this isnt the full story im breaking it into bits so its easier to read so heres the first part i definitley think theres things i wouldve done differently but all  in all i like it alot  





“Southern Hostility”

Early morning arrived faster than he wanted, he remembered sitting up all night thinking over telling his mother he wasn’t doing great at work but he had already told her everything was going perfect several times she never questioned once, him she trusted him whole heartedly which is what stung the most. Sunlight was blasting through his window he brought his hands to eyes doing his best to shield himself from the light. The wave of sleep clung to him as he stood hurrying to his dresser scanning his appearance in the small mirror placed in the center beside a few pens and scraps of paper. His black hair was a mess of knots blue eyes were peeking out from underneath the hair covering his face he looked how he felt; sleep deprived. His eyes darted to the clock on his wall. “Crap, its 9:30,” he sat on his bed with a thump leaning into the soft blankets. “I need to wake up,” he groaned. He hurried down stairs to find his mother crouched on the floor her shoulder length blonde hair tangled, bags under her pale blue eyes, and finally her face red and iridescent from the sunlight. She’s crying he realized rushing to her side putting his hand on her shoulder in panic. She jerked her head up rapidly and leaped into his chest her arms wrapped around his neck, shocked and frozen his eyes widened as he slowly put his arms around her.

 “I’m so proud of you, Steven” she said. A pang of guilt hit him in his chest. “Doing so much work so effortlessly,” Pulling back with a dreamy expression she sighed eyes glazing over from her tears. ”Ah just like your father,” Steven gradually buried his face in her hair. He allowed himself to relax closing his eyes taking in her scent she smelt like citrus and soil wet form the rain, it was nostalgic and calming.  When she pulled away a smile was still on her face. Steven faked a smile and closed his eyes softly still trying to perk up. “Sit,” was all his mother said. Steven obliged and sat at the counter playing with a stray piece of fruit watching her as she made her way to the coffee maker.

Steven watched as she poured milk, measured the sugar and added vanilla, one day she would be a force to be reckoned with for coffee shops he was sure of that. Stirring the last bit of sugar into the coffee she handed him the cup and beamed eager to see what he thought. He hesitantly took the cup smiling at her as he took a sip. It tasted exotic no coffee was ever like this nor would it ever be it was smooth as cream, sweet as honey, and as flavorful as a ripe fruit.

“I don’t even need to tell you what I think, you already know,” he said with a wink. 

She gave him a small grin placing her hand on her jaw thoughtfully.  “Mm… maybe but I still like to hear how good I am at making coffee, how am I supposed to know what my customers will rate the coffee once I make it big and open a café?”

“Then I’ll personally write them an essay on how good it is,” he said taking another sip.

“I’ll hold you to that.  You better hurry I don’t want to keep you here, I know you’ve got lots to do what with the, promotions you’ve been receiving and all but make sure you eat enough and please be careful.”

He nearly choked on the remaining bit of coffee quickly regaining his composure he downed the rest setting the cup beside him giving her a nod.  He headed to the front door and reached for the door’s handle, opened it stepping out on to the porch taking in the morning breeze and sun rays shining down.  He turned when he didn’t hear the door shut.

“Promise me you’ll have a good day?” he saw his mother’s hopeful blue eyes and her still messy blonde hair, she was tired and clumsy as she was every morning, but she was herself.

He noticed her smile and returned it with one of his own “I promise.”

Leaves were coming and going flying past his face here and there he didn’t pay mind to it.   He had been walking for 10 minutes, he still had 5 to go he silently cursed the bus station for being so far.  Carefully watching his shoes scanning for pebbles that may trip him he heard a man’s voice

“Hey isn’t that Clarissa’s boy?” Turning his head up he saw an older man beside a woman a bit shorter than him; presumably his wife. 

“Oh I believe it is look how much he’s grown,” she added. Steven gave a slight wave and headed off again not in the mood to converse he still had to figure out how to tell his mother the truth. The rest of the way he bounced ideas to himself denying nearly all of them savoring a few for further contemplating.  A sigh of relief slipped out at the sight of the large blue and white letters he was here finally. Boarding the bus he handed the bus driver his slip, and paid the money, his round face lit up as he smiled.

“Thanks a bunch kid, you wouldn’t believe how many kids your age gyp me just because they think I‘m some old guy that can’t do a thing about it.”  His voice was deep and his Southern accent was hard to miss

“I can imagine, it’s no problem Stan,” Steven said and took a seat shuffling through his bag pulling out his phone checking his messages. The drive there he gazed out the window at the scenery before him, trees covered in plain leaves deprived of color the pastel colored sky, mountains of clouds moving slowly, and a handful of signs advertising orchards and local farms. He grew up here, but he felt left out most of his childhood. He was envious he and his family weren’t a warm Southern family as everyone else seemed to be. They just moved here when Steven was born, he had good memories and it was still his home but part of him still felt out of place.

“How’s your mother?” He sat up and looked to the rear view mirror seeing a glimpse of the sandy colored hair above Stan’s face.

“She’s fine,” he replied softly.

“Is she… does she ever mention me anymore?” His face grew red as he finished the sentence.  Steven started to speak

“Uh,” unsure of how to reply he let his words hang.

The bus grew silent for a moment and suddenly Stan spoke up “Sorry, it’s just- He paused again. “I like your mom, we had some good times,” He smiled slightly at the memories.

“She remembers them fondly,” Steven said warmly.

“Good to hear that, have fun today and tell your mom I said hello,” His smile returned as he opened the doors and gestured for Steve to exit.

Hurrying off the bus he began to think of something to do until he could go home.  ‘I guess I could just- drip, drip-  huh?’  He jerked his head up it didn’t look like rain the sky was a baby blue tint and the sun was blaring down. Drip, drip. He heard it again except this time there was foot-steps the sound of something clanging and something was dropped.

“Hello?” he called out cautiously eyeing the stair case placed directly in front of the parks gift shop. He approached it slowly the closer he got the louder the sounds he finally identified what the noise was; sobbing.  His eyes widened at the sight of a girl she looked to be his age or older she was sitting on the steps her hands covering her eyes she was fighting back more sobs but in the end gave in crying hysterically. Not knowing how to approach the situation he grabbed her bag that was laying a few feet away and her phone placing them beside her. Sensing his presence she sat up and rubbed away her tears as fast as possible and as she began to sit up straighter she glared at him. He stood before her awkwardly hand in his pocket unsure of what to say.

“I’m hungry,” He hid his shock dozens of thoughts pooling through his mind the first thing he quickly brushed off was her voice; she didn’t sound southern at all. His mind quickly trailed to reality, he found her crying she looked ready to kill him, now she tells him she’s hungry.  Instead of answering he took in her appearance. She had a vibrant purple eye shadow smudged on her eyelids, her eye lashes were covered in mascara now dripping down her face from her tears, and her chocolate hair framed her face and fell to a bit below her shoulders. “Are you deaf?” she asked in a serious tone.  “Mute?” she said thoughtfully when he didn’t speak.

“No,” he hesitated “Just I hardly know you and you were hysterical crying- .”

“Well,” she paused narrowing her eyes. “It’s not that hard to understand I’m hungry.”  “Just going let a girl starve to death are you?” she asked bitterly. He opened his mouth to speak but she cut him off again. “Right after she had her heart broken too,” looking solemnly to her shoes then meeting his eyes she kept on. “I take it you-“she paused again. “Yeah, that sounds about right you don’t have a place in your heart for compassion,” she spat. He turned his head and pondered her words she didn’t know him, she didn’t know how guilty he felt.  He tossed his thoughts aside and pulled out his wallet scanning for a spare amount he didn’t need, if he couldn’t tell his mother the truth he could at least do something right. He picked $30 he knew the area and cafés well including the prices, it was enough for a sandwich or a salad, a drink possibly a snack should she have a sweet tooth. Money in hand he extended it to her she snatched it quickly counting and pocketing it with a satisfied smile.  He went to turn and walk away when she stood up and followed.

“Food truck.” Baffled he stared at her again before responding.

“Excuse me?

“F-o-o-d- -t-r-u-c-k” she replied drawing each letter out. They stared each other down for a few minutes more until he gave in.  Somehow he ended up taking her to a nearby food truck handing the cashier the money and ordering just what she asked for.  He didn’t really mind, he had nothing to do for the rest of his day other than wander aimlessly like a lost dog.  Seated on a bench about 15 minutes away from the gift shop’s stairs where he found her, he watched her stuff her face chewing noisily and guzzling her drink eyeing him when she caught him staring.

“Are you okay?” Steven asked softly.  

She stopped drinking and looked at him an annoyed expression visible.  “What the hell is that supposed to mean?” she snapped.

“About your broken heart, you were crying earlier,” he countered raising his hands in an ‘I surrender’ motion.

“Some jerk dumped me,” She said sourly.

“Oh, was it-” Steven stopped contemplating how to ask. “Did you love him?”

“Not at all that guy was way too sensitive for my taste,” She said holding back a laugh.

“Can I ask you something?”

“I guess so but say something stupid and you’re getting my drink in your face,” she threatened.

“How old are you?”

Her expression changed “17,” she replied simply.  He gave her a friendly smile hoping she’d take it as a nice gesture. “My turn,” she declared quickly. He raised an eyebrow. “How old are you?”

“Oh, same as you,” he replied.

“What’s your name?” she asked.

“Steven, what about yours?”

“It’s dumb,” she said dryly.

Steven sighed he looked at her and speculated what It could be; Robin? Nah, Sarah? Mm no this was harder than he thought.

“Malia,” she said interrupting his thoughts.

“Malia,” he repeated slowly. 

“Don’t say it!” she hissed.

“It’s your name though.”

She put her face in her hands sighing heavily.

“Doesn’t mean you can say it, it’s dumb enough my parents named me that,” she mumbled

“It’s not dumb,” he replied softly.

She lifted her head to face him her eyes widened in curiosity.

“It is,” she stated turning away again.

Silence fell over them again, she finished eating her sandwich getting up to toss the wrapper in a waste bin. They continued sitting there neither speaking Steven sat up stiffly and stared at her he wanted to ask more questions he gave her a glance silently asking for permission. She spun her head to meet his eyes and scoffed.

“Why don’t you have an accent?”

“Why don’t you?” she shot back

“I moved here when I was young,” Steven said

“I moved here a few months ago.”

Steven’s eyes sparked at her words he hadn’t met many people like him. 

“Don’t act like it’s so rare, I know plenty of people who didn’t grow up here,” she snapped.

Steven fell silent and looked to her silently asking permission to speak.

Her eyes were serious and she sat up straight.  “If you’ve got something to say, SAY it,” 

“Why were you crying?” She gave a hesitant look.

“What do you think of me?” she asked suddenly, her voice softer. Steven was about to ask what she meant when she put her pointer finger to his lips. “Am I … attractive to you?” she said not turning her head or shifting her gaze.

He was taken aback she was so forward he was liking that about her I hardly know this girl he thought skeptically she never answered my question he added mentally.  Her curious look was plastered on her face still as his mind trailed back to her question, her hair was a dark brown her eyes were lighter brown and her face was dusted with makeup Steven never really had a preference of girls he just liked who he liked but she wasn’t unattractive he reasoned to himself, not to mention she was more interesting than other girls he met. 

“Look, I know you’re upset about your heart being broken… he paused praying he didn’t say the wrong thing. “And… so, you aren’t thinking clearly, it’s best if we don’t get into that right n-,” Her eyes widened and she smiled leaning closer than she did something he wasn’t expecting; she kissed him.  He didn’t make an effort to deepen the kiss but he didn’t push her away.  He looked at her dumbfounded too shocked to move.  


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This is soooo cool! I realy

This is soooo cool! I realy love it. Keep writing more!

Posted by Brooke on Thu, 05/18/2017 - 13:21
Yui + Hinata=

Yui + Hinata= happiness

Thank you so much glad you do its a finished story so I'll upload the next pieces soon! :)

Posted by Briana on Thu, 05/18/2017 - 18:06

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