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Southern hostility chapter 2

Southern hostility chapter 2

Posted May 18th, 2017 by Billy

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by Briana
in New York

May 18th, 2017


Note: i wouldnt classify these as chapters its just sections really since its one full story just unsure of what else to call them anyway hope you enjoy and thank you for all the feed back! :D




Rain was hitting the windows falling at an even pace he sat in the kitchen stirring his coffee-  sipping it, savoring the taste, occasionally glancing at the flowering trees swaying gently.   He recalled last night when his mother waited eagerly to hear of his day, he did something incredibly stupid grasping at straws, he didn’t want to lie about going to work again so he settled with  I met a girl her expression changed she squealed in delight hugging him pressing him all night for everything that happened. He ended up telling her she was an old friend he hadn’t seen in forever it felt like he met someone new and they were getting along great.  I stretched the truth it technically wasn’t a lie besides seeing her so happy made it worth it but there were still things that bugged him. For one he had no idea who this girl was he hadn’t even gotten her name and he agreed to go on a date with her… when and where he didn’t know - she said she’d tell him.  And two, he didn’t mention the fact she kissed him - he didn’t even tell her how he found her crying.  He was sure to regret when she was done in the garden and she wanted more details on the situation.  As If right on cue his phone buzzed he saw the number was the one she had given him.  Hesitantly he clicked answer call and brought the phone to his ear.

As he was about to greet her she spoke up. “I guess I should meet your parents so let’s just have dinner tonight at your house.” His eyes widened.  She invited herself over.  He thought it through, it was odd she was so comfortable right away especially meeting his parents but he remembered his mother’s smile and her joy he couldn’t cancel and he did want to get to know her better.

“Okay, sounds good I gave you my address right?”

 “Yeah, I got to go, see you tonight,” click.

He stared at his phone he had hoped to talk more but that seemed to be a pattern with her, he liked it about her but he really wished she wouldn’t lose interest so quick.  He heard a door shut, turning his attention the glass doors that led to the yard he noticed mother in the doorway, soaking wet basket of fruit in hand, her smile was blinding.  

“She’s coming tonight,” he said.  He didn’t think it was possible for her smile to get wider but it did.

 ”Oh! I’m so excited is there anything I can do?” Steven opened his mouth but let her go on. “It’d be nice to cook for her, can I cook for her?”

He thought it over, she was a great cook especially with baking he smiled at the thought Malia and his mother chatting and laughing over coffee and cakes. “I’d love that,” he said.

 The sun was setting the sky painted in hues of orange and yellows the rain was long gone trees were perking up from the drink they received.  

Anxiously Steven glanced at the clock for the hundredth time it was only 10 minutes until she would arrive he watched his mother put the last of the food on the table. “She’s going to love my turkey special, and the chocolate cakes, what girl doesn’t love chocolate?”

Steven chuckled in response thankful she was so optimistic and loving she made him feel better instantly. 

Ding.  Steven jumped as his mother’s eyes lit up and she rushed to the door.

She opened it without a moment to spare. He saw Malia standing there a plain look on her face, she was dressed in a purple hoodie black stripes down the sleeves, a pair of skinny jeans and her dark hair falling down her back and chest her makeup was clean and perfect she looked different from when they met. She was put together and even prettier than before.  His mother was gushing, gesturing for her to come inside.   She squealed, “You must be Malia!”

Malia’s expression hardened she shot a glare at Steven to which he blushed and gave an apologetic look. 

“She doesn’t like her name,” Steven said.  

His mother’s face turned pink.  “I’m sorry, Dear, you’ll have to forgive me. Is there anything you’d prefer to be called?”

She narrowed her eyes and turned her head away, “Forget it, it’s not a big deal,” she said.

Steven extended his hand to Malia and noticed his mother suppress another squeal.  Malia hesitantly took his hand and followed him to the kitchen.

“I’m sorry you won’t get to meet Steven’s dad today,” She took a bite of turkey and continued. “He’s away currently,”

Malia nodded in response taking a seat next to Steven.

“Please, eat up!” His mother said enthusiastically pointing to the dishes before them. Malia started on the turkey herself, as Steven finished his off.  “So, how’d you two meet?” His mother asked eagerly, her blue eyes shining expectantly.

Malia looked to Steven with a puzzled look. “He didn’t tell you?”

His mother shook her head.

“We bumped into each other!” Steven cut in.It wasn’t a complete lie he said to himself.

“You’re old friends aren’t you?  Steven told me how you and him were friends a while ago.”

Malia looked to Steven again confusion still evident on her face.

“What happened when you bumped into each other?” his mother asked, her smile replaced with a serious expression.

“We, talked and we swapped numbers,” Steven said.

“Is that all?” she asked skeptically. “Is there something you aren’t telling me?”

Steven was losing his composure rapidly he hadn’t been prepared for so many questions. “Well, I … we-   

“What does it matter?” Their glances changed from each other to Malia.

“Excuse me?” his mother asked, her tone more serious.

Malia took a forkful of turkey downing water after. “What do you care what happened?”  

Steven’s mother narrowed her eyes her happy go lucky attitude was long gone. “I care because I’m his mother,” she shot back.

 “And I’m his girlfriend,” she said defiantly.

“Well then you should know why I care about my son,” She replied crossing her arms. Steven shrank back in his chair he debated on telling the truth but decided against it. “Steven, I was under the impression you and this girl were good friends before and you met again by chance is this not the truth?”

Steven swallowed his guilt and sat up. “I wouldn’t lie to you, if you don’t like my girlfriend-   He paused looking to Malia a protective look on his face. “I’m sorry you don’t get to pick who I date,” The words were out of his mouth before he could stop himself he silently reprimanded himself.

“Well, if you say it’s true I’ll believe you. “And I don’t have anything against your girlfriend I think I’m just tired, I apologize,” her voice softened she placed her hands on her temples giving an apologetic smile.

“You should sleep then,” Malia sneered.  Steven went to defend his mother but she spoke before him.

I’ll be sure to do that tonight.  Now then, how about dessert?” Silence fell over them as they ate cake and sipped milk Steven was relieved they weren’t fighting anymore he enjoyed his cake in peace.

“How’s the cake?”

“Sweet,” Malia said. 

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