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the starlight series story 1: the adventure begins

the starlight series story 1: the adventure begins

Posted November 9th, 2017 by pusheen-girl

by Evangeline
in Maine

January 21st, 2018

once there was a hamster named starlight she was a homeless hamster she lived in a little burrow in NYC central park with her mom(fern) her dad(jonny)and her little sister(creme). one day she was outside picking blackberries and suddenly a peguin named chubs popped out of a alternate dimension called chooblee pompadoor. "hello mrs.starlight." said chubs "HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NAME?" exclaimed starlight. "oh yeah i forgot to tell you i will train you here for two days and then you will go to my home in chooblee pompador to take the ultimate warrior test and then if you pass the test then we will build you a home in chooblee pomadoor and if the polar bear lizards attack then you will help fight them okay?" chubs asked. "ummm" starlight said in shock. "yes or no" chubs said "y...yes where exactly is chooblee pompadoor?" asked starlight "its a alnernate dimension" said chubs. "well first things first i have to go to chooblee pompadoor and tell are leader choo~choo that you accepted the invitation" said chubs. "wait how do you know my name" asked starlight again. are leader gave us a list of animals to train and your one of them well anyway see you in about five or six minutes" said chubs as he floated into chooblee pomadoor. starlight went to her burrow with no less that thirty blackberries and told creme about chooblee pompadoor. "whoa WHOA WHOA can i come?" exclaimed creme. "yeah lets see if your on the list i was telling you about" said starlight. "lets go" said creme. "ok creme" said starlight.

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ending starlight series.

ending starlight series. thanks alot for reading the starlight series i love writing them but sadly it is coming to a end but i will make a sequel called the mangle series about a polar bear lizard [read starlight series story 1 and 2] and it will be hilarious and entertaining please read the mangle series. i am making a 3 story for the starlight series. thak you!!!!



Posted by Evangeline on Thu, 02/01/2018 - 18:06

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