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Star's Wish

Star's Wish

Posted January 9th, 2017 by melanberry

by Lila Violet;)
in Wonderland

January 9th, 2017

Once upon a time, there was an average-looking princess in an unfortunate land, or so she believed. This princess, Star, had never looked at her reflection in her entire life and had never seeen the unfortunate land of which her family ruled. In fact, she didn't even know she was a princess- it was merely something she told herself to make her feel better about herself. She was locked in a tower. Every day, a girl her age would come. They soon became friends and her friend soon learned how to save her from her tower. Star was recued from her Rapunzel tower-like tower and escaped that lonesome life with her friend. Her friend introduced Star to some of her friends. The more Star hung outside the palace, the more she got to learn about her friends and their daily lives. They were all of noble blood, so they saw each other quite often. Allegra, who had saved Star from the tower, was the ultimate fangirl. Becky was the prettiest maiden in all of the land. Kayla was really funny. Cho was perfection itself. Cho was definitely the smartest, prettiest, and most skilled in all of the land. Only thing was, which intrigued Star quite a bit, that there was a young lord that Cho was in love with that didn't love her back. It didn't seem logical to Star that one could not love Cho. She thought it would be a compliment and an honor to be loved by someone like Cho. After a while, Star found out that this lord was named Maverick.

One day, Star and Kayla were walking around in the marketplace. They bumped into someone unexpectedly, literally. 

"Oh, I'm sorry!" Kayla bursted out. The person they had bumped into turned around and Kayla gasped. "Oh! Um, this is my brother. Mav, this is my friend, Star."

Star, not quite sure of what to do, curtised. "It's very nice to meet you, sir."

Mav smiled. "It's a pleasure to meet you, too." Star found his smile quite charming. 

Kayla told Star and Mav that she'd have to return home late. "I've got quite a few errands to run. I'll catch you guys later. Star, will you be okay walking to Cho's by yourself?"

"I'll walk her to Cho's." Mav volunteers. 

Surprised, Kayla nods. "Okay. Bye!"

They wave goodbye and Mav and Star are set on their way. Right away, Mav handed his basket to Star. "Can you carry this?"

"Um, okay," Star said as she was handed the basket. "What do you have in here?"

"Oh, muffins, cookies, cakes-"

"Sweets? Are you gonna take them to your Granny in your little red hood?"

"Yeah, I just gotta go home to retrieve my hood first." Mav's remark caused Star to giggle.

After a few seconds of awkward silence, Mav asked Star a question. "Hey, so, how do you know Kayla?"

"Well," Star tried to think of an explanation, "A friend of mine introduced me to her."

"Oh. Who?"

"I doubt you know who she is."

"I still wanna know."

"Do you know Lady Allegra? Daughter of Lady Euterpe?"

"Ah- yes. I used to see her a lot when we were young."

"Not anymore?"

"No, all the noble children knew and played with each other when they were little. I try to avoid all those girls, though."

Star giggled. Then she stopped to ask a question, "So you know Cho too?"

Mav looked like he wants to groan. "Yeah, I know her. She wants to marry me. Our parents are considering it."

"You don't want to marry her?" Star asked, shocked. "I thought only one lord didn't like her. So you know who Maverick is then, right?"

He sighed, then smiled. "I am Maverick."

Star blushed, feeling very foolish. Then, they came to Cho's house. Star handed the basket back to Mav, who smiled as he took it back "Bye, Mav."

"Bye. Wait, what's your name again?"

Star giggled. "It's Star!" she yelled, as she walked up to Cho's front door, smiling. Star didn't know how to stop smiling. Her mouth forgot how to form a frown until Cho started talking about Mav and her hopes of marrying him. 

The next day, Kayla and Star went to the marketplace and bumped into Mav again. He walked her over to Allegra's home. Star couldn't stop giggling or smiling, though she noticed that Mav seemed to be bored and annoyed by having to walk with Star. The day after, Star was in the marketplace by herself. She had finished her shopping when she saw Mav walking through the streets in front of her. The back of his head was comforting to look at for some reason. She could stare at him even to the point of memorizing this moment and Mav would never know. Mav turned around his head, and Star looked elsewhere. When she finished shopping, Mav was still on the road in front of her, but she returned to Cho's home alone, afraid that asking to return with Mav would be too much. 

Star longed to see Mav. She heard tales around the marketplace of his intelligience and skill. Folks around the marketplace remarked that if the king and queen had a princess (they had no kids that anyone knew of), Mav could easily be king. Star smiled whenever Mav's name was mentioned among their talk. Soon, Cho stopped loving Mav for some unknown reason and Star's heart smiled. 

Star longed for the happily ever after she could never find and never predict. She hoped that her happily ever after included Mav, for then it would truly mean happily ever after. 

(Not) The End

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