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Story prompt

Posted April 19th, 2022 by dust

by Dust
in Florida

April 19th, 2022

The roar of a dragon rang through the mountains, the crisp snow being rattled. The trees were trampled with the rush of animals scrambling up, thinking the pine needles were a stable shelter. Loud, strong flaps casted shadows over the landscape, white and gray scales shimmering in the sky. You could hear shouts all around you, weapons clicking together, getting ready to shed the blood of a beast. The noon sun blinded you momentarily as you ran from your home, your village, and everything you knew. Your legs, pushed by fear, skidded, and you ducked under a rock, cradling yourself. A few moments later, you heard sniffing at your rock, the soft thud of talons brushing against the snow. 

The dragon hopped over the rock and faced you, spreading its wings in pride. You took in the beautiful, shimmering off-white scales, with accents of ice-blue all over. You felt it's black eyes resting on you, and finally catching on your hand. It sniffed at the moon-shaped birthmark you had, and nuzzled you. Paralyzed in shock, you only sat there while the dragon sat down and tilted its head, like a dog. You finally got up and reached for the dragons snout, petting it. It made a purr-like noise and lowered its long, powerful neck, beckoning for you to get on. Mounting it like a horse, you took off with the dragon, high into the skies. You felt a sense of freedom while you rode on the dragons back, flying around the mountains.



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But of course, that

But of course, that happiness was not to last.

You glance over your shoulder, and looking at the mountains, you edge closer. It's only until you realize too late that you're too far on the dragon. You gulp. This could be the end. You could be saved. Or maybe not. Just try to chill out, you tell yourself. It's fine. But you see one cloud. It really stands out. You get up.

You're falling.


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Posted by Elizabeth on Tue, 04/19/2022 - 17:10

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