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Story sketch

Story sketch

Posted March 2nd, 2022 by dust

by Dust
in Florida

March 2nd, 2022

I fingered the choker around my neck, tracing the lace and bits of magic amber. The amber made me human, as long as it was in direct contact with my skin. A sinking feeling planted in my stomach at it hissedm "Give it to me, spread the message or you all will die." I hate wars. I clicked the choker until it fell into my hands, right above its. I knew I was giving up my last hope of humanity, no more Earth, the wonderful place it is. I dropped it into the waiting class below mine. Familiar fur ran up my body as cracks and pops sounded as my joints rearranged. My shoes and socks faded from existence, as my dew claws grapple onto the steep tree root. My ears grew large and useful, as antennae sprouted from the base. I glared at it, and leaped off the root. I ran across the lily pads and roots, grabbed vines to reach the next tree. My ears swiveled in the direction that lead home. I soon came to a large clearing, and warbled in Kiza "I need the elders." Glowing eyes in a high tree nodded and beckoned me to follow them. A few minutes of swamp travel later, we made it to a large, hollow tree. The elders gave me a glare and I hissed "Get the forces, Flen at mark." All seemed to freeze as the elders whispered to each other. They began ordering ing Kiza: "Load the guns!" "Stock the arrows!" "Prepare unarmed!" All orders followed, all the best the could be. I could only think one thing: This will be a big war... Just as the sound of guns rang.


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