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Story time with Ava! 3

Story time with Ava! 3

Posted March 8th, 2019 by pheonixa12

by Ava
in Cork

March 8th, 2019

So this ghost story is no figure in the hall but this happened when I was nine last year and I was scared out of my mind.So here it is:

It was around half past eight and it was dark outside.For you to understand this story let me give you a layout of my garden.There is the patio when you step out the door and if you keep going forward you get to the grass but if you turn left...Umm how to explain.So we have a big garage and there is a small passage into a tarmac area where you can get into the garage.That small passage is on the left side.OK so it was dark and I looked out the glass doors onto the patio because I heard my dog barking and wanted to see what she was barking at.I went outside because she was barking at the passage and I couldn't see what she was barking at.I looked at the passage and didn't see anything so I walked into the passage.I didn't see anything and I was confused as to why my dog was barking but then............[heres the scariest part]    I felt something touch my shoulder.Now I have amazing instincts so I was turned around in a split second and there was nothing there.My dog stopped barking after that and I ran straight inside and banged the door behind me.I was utterly terrified the rest of the night

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