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The Strange Story of a Child Who, Wanted Nothing for Christmas

The Strange Story of a Child Who, Wanted Nothing for Christmas

Posted December 15th, 2020 by Klynghergh

by King
in Washington

December 15th, 2020

The Strange Story of a Child Who, Wanted Nothing for Christmas



It’s not that I wanted nothing for Christmas, it’s that I didn’t think of it fast enough! But Santa Claus apparently cannot tell the difference! Have you heard ‘The Strange Story of a Child, Who Didn’t Want Anything For Christmas’ Well, if you have, then please read the title of this thing I’m writing again, and ask yourself if you want to hear it again. If you haven’t, then don’t worry, because I’m going to tell it to you now.


“You really think I’d let you write your list yourself? You write so weirdly that Santa couldn’t read it!”, Mom said. My handwriting is fine! I just write in an odd way, so a lot of people can’t read my writing.

“Well, you never know,” I answered.

“No! the answer is No! No!” My mom said angrily.

“Mommy cans [sic] I write my list meself?” my four-years-old sister said.

“Oh, yes you can do that. You’re old enough now.” My mom answered her kindly.

My sister is four, and I am eleven. I don’t get how she can be old enough without me being old enough. Maybe girls get to do it earlier than boys? Yes, that must be it! That’s the only way I can think of.

The next day, December 23rd, I got to start thinking about what to put in my list to Santa Claus. I thought and thought and thought, but I couldn’t think of anything! December 24th came, and I still couldn’t think of anything!

Finally, the evening of Christmas eve, I thought of something. It was right after dinner. I went to my mom to tell her.

“Mom, I thought of something for my Christmas list!”, I told her.

“I already sent the letter. Yesterday,” she answered.

“Yesterday? You said we get two days to choose!”


“Two years ago.”

“Then that was the rule two years ago, not this year”

“Urgh! Why?” I walked away to my bed, and went to sleep.


       The next day, I happened to wake up at six o-clock. I got up and walked out near the green, lighted Christmas tree. The lights made it look like it was glowing because the rest of the house was dark. I heard the thump of my sister, Alice, coming down the stairs. Christmas day is the only day of the year that she gets up early. As an effect, she’s grumpy all day.

       Alice shoved past me on her way to the tree.

       “What was the point of that?” I asked her. All she did was grunt as she stooped down to see what Santa Claus had gotten her.

         After she was done hoarding all her presents, I walked to the Christmas tree. I sat down to see what I had gotten. To my surprise, all I had gotten was a letter! I opened it and started to read it. ‘Dear John, I was surprised at your Christmas list. I genuinely thought that you would think of something. I mean, you have weeks to think of what you want.’ No, I don’t, I thought. I kept reading. ‘Since you had nothing on your Christmas list, all I sent you was this letter. Sincerely, Santa Claus’


My mom had to choose that moment to get up.

“What did you get for Christmas, John?” she said meanly.

“Just a letter,” I answered sadly.

“That’s why you should think of what you want fast enough.” She laughed and laughed a laugh that sounded three-quarters of the way between a cackle and a guffaw. That’s the kind of laugh she laughs when she wants to laugh at someone.

The day inched, no, centimetered, (is that a word?) by. My sister was getting annoying with her showing off her presents. My mom was getting annoying with her making fun of me. Everything was annoying that day.


When I woke up the next day, it was five o-clock. I got up and walked down the stairs. We have a rule in our house that when you wake up, you get up. That’s a problem for me because I have a knack for waking up extremely early.

When I got to the bottom of the stairs, I looked at the Christmas tree. I didn’t notice anything at first, but after about ten seconds of looking at it, (Christmas trees are pretty) I saw presents under it that looked medium sized, and spherical! Is that the thing that I thought of? The wrapping had pictures of Santa Claus riding prancer (the reindeer), and another letter. The letter said, ‘Dear John, I found out later Christmas day, that your parents wrote your letter, that you had only two days to think about it, and that you thought of something, but your parents already sent me the list. It must be super frustrating. I think you’ll like these gifts that I sent you with this letter. Sincerely, Santa Claus’When I opened the presents, the thing that I had wanted was in the presents!


Well, there you have it, the story of ‘The Strange Story of a Child, Who Didn’t Want Anything For Christmas’ Well, if you want to hear the moral of the story, it’s that People (i.e., Santa Claus) can seem bad, but later you find out they’re not.

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