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Success is Great, but Failure can be Better.

Success is Great, but Failure can be Better.

Posted January 7th, 2020 by heavenlykid

by Steven
in Florida

January 9th, 2020

   Who here knows what it's like to taste the bittersweetness of failure? I do and sometimes I do wonder how and why some people are doing better and live a more successful life than I am. Need I say more for any of you out there? On the bright side, I do have two reasons as to why we haven't quite reached the top just yet and two good reasons as to why failure isn't all that bad as people say it is. So, let's begin, shall we? First of all, our everyday choices can have a major impact on our successful futures. Let's say you inherited a 10 million dollar fortune from your late grandfather. You would have the choice of either gambling it all away to win even more money or saving at least half of your cash by putting it into your bank account and save it when you need it for emergencies. A lot of people who get their hands on cash tend to gamble it off right away before even getting the chance of putting their dough to good use. Even I have tried winning money by playing bingo. People rarely win big money through gambling and end up losing all of their inheritance on the first day they receive it.

    However, those who wisely save their inheritance and do their best to invest it end up having more money than they ever had in their entire life. They can even use their cash for things like housing and college. It's not a total loss to those who failed to keep their money wisely because if they work hard and earn a little bit of money at a time they can build a fortune of their very own someday. This is one of the many examples of learning from your mistakes and Proverbs 10:4 which saids: "Lazy hands make a man poor, but diligent hands bring wealth." Secondly, as to why not everyone gets to smell the sweet aroma of success is because we don't always follow the rules of both God and the world. For instance, the 8th of the ten commandments states that we are not to steal. Many law-abiding citizens follow this law not just because of the fear of a jail sentencing but because their reputation with God could be at stake, or even ruined. Unfortunately, some choose to go their own way and disobey the law and the commandment of stealing and end up doing hard time in prison. Again, this isn't a total loss because my pastor once told me that we all have to hit rock bottom for us to look back up to Christ, choose to accept him as our savior, and follow him and his rules again. Think about that the next time you go your own way and fail to follow the rules.
   To make a long story short, these are two of the many reasons why many people have reached the top of the mountain and some still have a lot of climbing to do. If you're tired of the circumstances you're in right now then turn to God and ask him for his wisdom and guidance so you'll know how to live the victorious life he wants you to live, for you will be surprised as to how successful you can be with God on your side. 


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