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Sword of Peace and Strife (Poem)

Sword of Peace and Strife (Poem)

Posted May 18th, 2017 by Codename-X12

by PenSword
in fighting Black Scythe agents

May 18th, 2017



I was born deep within

The heart of the earth

Dormant, sleeping, waiting to form

Waiting to cut and to pierce

I was brought up out of the darkness

Out of the heart of the earth

And they put me on an anvil

In order to test by worth

Fire burned and roared, and through

The flames I passed

Stronger and formed, shining,

Waiting to cut and to pierce


Then came the moment I was born for

The moment to cut and to pierce

I rode into battle held high

Reflecting the light of the sun

I dove and slashed

In skillful hands

Many fell against my edge

I tasted blood and life

I face many another saber

My brothers from beneath the earth

But none were so honed, so sharp

None had gone through flames as hot

And they shattered beneath my swing


As I cut and as I pierced

I suddenly felt the armored glove

That held me release

As another weapon tipped with steel

Except with shaft of wood and tip of feather

Struck deep, deceptive and quick

An arrow, lacking honor

I spun and tipped through the air

As blood sprayed and bodies fell

Plunging into the dirt, holding fast

Closer to the heart of the earth

Standing erect in the clamor of the fight

Waiting for the hand of another

But were there anymore those so worthy?


Time passed and seasons came

Empires fell, but all I knew was the rust

That could not corrupt me

Then came the day when another hand

Felt my hilt and pulled me from the earth

Another hand as worthy

The blade that had taken a thousand lives

Now stood in defense of a new age

Keeping back evil will and deception

Without a single swing

Without needing to pierce or cut

In time of peace, my blade in hand

The innocent my knight defend

And evil would fall

Before my blade


Thanks for reading! This poem continues my short poem series. Here is the first poem in the series:


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wow, I really love this

wow, I really love this poem! the imagery and description is really well done. 

Posted by Elliot on Fri, 05/19/2017 - 15:43

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