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Taiyo's mom's story

Taiyo's mom's story

Posted September 11th, 2020 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

September 11th, 2020

Mayonaka was bored of not having someone to keep. It was banished in the underworld, the supernatural forbid it. One day, however, 

something strange happened. Yami, the ruler of the supernatural, said, "Mayonaka, we understand that you are bored. We will give you a

human body, but you must be careful with it." Mayonaka thought about this, and accepted it. "I understand, but what will my new name be?"

Yami thought for a minute and said, "Your daughter's name is Taiyo, so your new name is Nikko. Enjoy your new body while you can."

Nikko felt a force dragging her up, and suddenly she woke up in a hospital next to a handsome man. It took a while for Nikko to understand

what was going on, the handsome man was her new husband and she had just given birth to Taiyo. To keep her powers sealed, Nikko kept

them in the attic. Taiyo knew nothing about magic, and Nikko feared Taiyo would live in fear of her if she revealed her powers. One day,

Nikko lied about going shopping to Taiyo, watching her if she went into the attic. However, Taiyo decided to do what Nikko forbid her to do:

go into the attic. Nikko was so angry, she had warned her daughter over and over again, yet Taiyo's foolishness got the better of her and

forced her to go into the attic. So she decided to teach Taiyo a lesson. She'd locked the door on Taiyo while invisible, and launched her to

the back of the room, livid. Taiyo was as mad as Nikko, and offered a chance to fight back. Nikko revealed her true form once again, and

revealed the truth about her before launching Taiyo out the attic window. Later, Taiyo's unconcious body was found by her neighbor, and

a trip to the hospital took place. Taiyo would be knocked out for a year, the doctor said. Nikko could not sleep that night, and when she woke

up she was back at the underworld. Yami, with a livid face, yelled "You have tampered with your body and done wrong with your daughter.

You are no longer a wife and a mother, and your name will change back to Mayonaka." Mayonaka, desperate to have Taiyo again, yelled:

"Oh please, let me have Taiyo once more. I will be a good mother this time." Yami's glare deepened and he yelled, "No, you have sinned.

You will never have Taiyo again." Mayonaka went to a deep corner of the room she was in and thought about what she had done, throwing

Taiyo out the window like that. "No..." she thought. "I will have Taiyo again, even if it kills me."

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