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Techno Island

Techno Island

Posted August 30th, 2019 by DemonWriterX

by King Yin
in Hong Kong

August 30th, 2019

Techno Island

Chapter One

The Beginning of All


                       Two weeks ago, an explorer, a biologist and a scientist decided to work together and set sail on the deep, wide ocean, in search for new lands, creatures, plants or even priceless materials. Here is some information about them:


Alvin: An energetic, mischievous, flexible explorer. He was 23 years old and had a slim body.


Jenny: A kind and pessimistic biologist with black hair and blue eyes. She was called ‘A Plant Encyclopaedia’ in her country.


Simon: An insane, but smart scientist. He had grey spiky hair with a unique moustache.


            Aboard the ship, Simon was in charge of the wheel, Jenny was in charge of cooking and cleaning, but Alvin was lazy, and he just rested on a bench and relax. Time went by, and Alvin was getting more fed up day by day. One day, he used his mischievous mind and thought of a prank to make fun of the crazy scientist. When Simon was stirring the wheel, looking for land, Alvin snuck up behind him and screamed, ‘WRAAAAA!’ Simon jumped in shock in response to the jump scare. Simon was hot under the collar and scolded him in rage. Alvin shouted back at him, not giving up the argument. But no one realized that no one was controlling the ship and the ship began to wobble like jelly on the ocean. Luckily, Simon grabbed the stirring wheel tightly with a blink of an eye after a few seconds since the ship was shaking. After that save from the scientist, the two continued arguing. This was the easy challenge yet so far. More difficulties await them…    






Chapter Two

Science Gone Wrong


              After a week of boring sailing on the sea, Alvin became the captain of the ship, did something useful for once in weeks. Simon decided to build a mini-lab on board for testing a variety of combinations with weird objects or liquids. Jenny ’s curiosity was attracted by the lab of different tools. ‘ Hi, Simon. What are you on about?’ asked Jenny. The scientist replied, ‘I’m just working on different combinations with different materials, would you like to join?’ Jenny was over the moon and accepted the offer. After that, Simon commanded Jenny,‘Now, put this metal ingot into that specialized microwave for about… fifteen minutes.’ And he walked away from the lab and left Jenny all by herself. Little did she know, when metal gets hit by electrical waves, it explodes.


            At first, nothing happened, but a few minutes later, the microwave started burning. Jenny was worried and swiftly ran out of the lab, in search for Simon to help her with the microwave. Suddenly, an explosion burst out of the lab and made everyone flew out of the ship and splashed into the water. The trio swam up to the surface and gasped for air. ‘ Simon, did I do something wrong? Why was there an explosion?’ asked Jenny heavily. ‘ No, it’s not your fault. I thought the radioactive waves won’t affect that piece of metal.’ apologised Simon. He quickly threw a silver ball into the air and transformed into a raft. Everyone immediately hopped on the raft and breathed a sigh of relief. They settle down on the raft stared into the wide blue ocean in search for land.












Chapter Three

The Exploration of The Island



            After a few hours stranded on a floating raft, everyone was feeling horrible and lied on the bouncy raft to have a good rest and relax. But when they were about to fall asleep the raft bumped into something hard and solid. Alvin jumped up to his feet instantly as a reaction for the impact. He looked around the place to see what’s up. Suddenly, he exclaimed in excitement, ‘Land! At last, land! Look, guys! An island!’ The others heard the message. They stood there for a while, shocked with the news. Then, the others burst in excitement and quickly tried to make the raft float to the direction of the island. After a while, they finally arrived on the island. On this tiny island, the sand was golden and was reflecting the shimmering light of the hazy sun. An enormous jungle with trees that glow light blue. Jenny, as a plant lover, was amazed by the scene and exclaimed, ‘ What fascinating plants! I will stay here forever!’ ‘No way!’ complained Alvin. ‘ I want to go home right this instant! We had a freaking raft and let’s leave this place!’ Hope was in Alvin’s veins, but things didn’t happen as expected. ‘ Well, the raft had a big hole when we scratched the surface with it… Better get used to it, Alvin,’ sighed Simon. ‘How about this, Alvin. You and Jenny go into the mysterious forest and find some food, ok. Because I know we are all starving.’ ‘Why me?’ asked Alvin. ‘ Well, I’m staying here to mend the raft.’ Responded Simon calmly. Alvin finally gave in and pulled Jenny into the jungle with him.


           After a while, they were lost in the gigantic jungle. Alvin jumped with all his might, hoping to cling on a tree so he could climb up the tree to look for directions. But instead, he went straight through the tree and crashed to the solid ground. He was confused and murmured, ‘ What happened? And what actually is this place?’ With confusion and anger. He tried to kick the roots of the tree to release his hatred. This time, he hit something hard, mysterious object and suddenly the tree disappear. The explorer realized something straight away, all the trees were holograms! He looked around for Jenny, to share his discovery. But Jenny was nowhere to be seen… Alvin was nervous and started speeding through the forest looking for the biologist. Without warning, a figure dashed in front of him. A monster, like a storm, with lightning blue eyes, was in Alvin’s way. The two stared at each other for a few minutes and the lightning figure made his first move. Its body began to transform and turned into a chainsaw, it rushed towards Alvin at turbo speed. As a reaction, the explorer zoomed away at the speed of light and never looked back. He ran with horror until he was out of breath. He tried to take a peek behind him to see if the freaky monster was gone. Luckily, the monster was not in sight. Alvin was safe for now…
































Chapter Four

The Prison


             Alvin lied down on the ground, trying to relax, but couldn’t. He looked around for the lightning figure to make sure he was safe. When he was looking at the opposite direction, someone or something smacked him on the head and made him fainted and fell to the ground. When he was conscious, he found himself in a cell, a prison, with bars of electricity, next to him, was Jenny, who was still unconscious. He tried to grab the electrical bars and break out. Instead, he was electrocuted and was paralysed for a short while. He felt a soft object shaking him, a familiar voice calling his name, light shining through his eyes… Alvin woke up with a start, he saw Jenny staring at him with worrying eyes. ‘How long had I been down on the floor, Jenny?’ asked Alvin. ‘I don’t know. When I woke up, I just see you there laying there. But I do know, we need to get out of here.’

             The two were confused and lost. After an hour of thinking, they still had empty minds. With frustration, Alvin punched into the wall, but the punch activated something, a button. Instantly, a stone door slid open in front of them, leading them to a secret passageway to somewhere. The two followed the passage and found words inscribed on the stone wall. It said, ‘ Dear trapped people, I’ve been trapped here for a few years by now… But I don’t want anyone to suffer so I made this passage… To inform you that… Don’t trust …’ And a drawing next to the sentence: A man with spiky hair and a weird mustache. The drawing was familiar to them, making them think of someone, but who? They continued their way through the passageway. It led them to the jungle they were in with the hologram trees. But questions were stuck in their brains: Who wrote the message? Who was the person in the picture? They continued the journey on escaping while thinking about these intriguing questions…








Chapter Five

The Challenge


               When they were thinking about the questions in their minds, another r mysterious shadow appeared. ‘ Be careful! It might be the lightning monster I saw earlier!’ exclaimed Alvin with caution. Not expectedly a voice came out of the figure, ‘No, I’m not that stupid thing, I’m a prisoner of the lightning monster, but escaped. You should thank me if you escaped by the passageway I made.’ The shadow moved slowly towards Jenny and Alvin. An old man with a long beard immersed from the darkness. ‘Who are you?’ questioned Jenny. ‘I’m Philip. I can help you leave this island. But you must complete my challenge: find me a REAL plant. The tree is the same from the other hologram trees and there is only ONE on this island. Can you do it?’

              The two thought for a while and exclaimed in union, ‘Yes, we accept the challenge!’ They search in the whole jungle, hitting every tree, hoping one of them is solid. After 3 hours, they were exhausted and laid down. Alvin sat down and bumped his head into something, a pole… no… A TREE! ‘Nice job! Now, here is your prize… A map !’


















Chapter Six

Poison is Good?


               On the map, there were three main areas: Hologram Jungle, Electro Battlegrounds and Magnetic Castle. As they were looking at the map, Philip whispered, ‘ Don’t talk right now. The beast is coming. It feeds on fear, so don’t scream!’ Suddenly, lightning struck the land and the beast appeared. The eyes of the figure stared into their souls. The three immediately ran as fast as they can as they entered a new area, Electro Battlegrounds. They saw something terrible, horrifying to them, a thousand light figures. It’s only a matter of time when the beasts knew someone was in their territory. The herd of lightning beasts rushed towards the trio like dogs chasing cats. The three tried to escaped the land as fast as they can. Suddenly, the beasts started whimpering and ran away. ‘Yeah, you better run!’ shouted Alvin and they continued their journey. After a moment, they arrived the Magnetic Castle. ‘Oh no…’ said Philip worriedly. ‘We are here, where the Great Magnet, the Mad Scientist lives!’

               At the words of ‘Mad Scientist’, the ground trembled and Simon appeared. ‘Hi friends, welcome to my kingdom and you will perish here, especially you, Philip, you poison freak!’ laughed Simon arrogantly. A huge magnet appeared and zapped them making the three paralyzed. ‘ But… You forgot … One thing, Simon.’ murmured Philip weakly. ‘ The poison I gave you before I fainted 12 years ago should kill you… now!’ The Mad Scientist instantly fell to the ground and died. Alvin , Jenny and Philip were free! As Simon died, the island turned into thin air and everyone fell into a vortex of some sort. And it teleported everyone back to their cozy home.

               They lived happily ever after!
















The End

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