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Tell Me - CC appriciated- Part of the BrokeNESS series

Tell Me - CC appriciated- Part of the BrokeNESS series

Posted August 10th, 2017 by waverunner

by Haruka
in a March to The Sea

August 10th, 2017

Tell Me by Sally Killingsworth


I was stuck in the same old rut,

I was ready to simply give up,

But then you came along,

With a different beat to a different song.

I was down, you were down, our worlds were down,

So we stuck together.

Do you remember?

But then one day you came my way,

But you didn’t stop,

 you walked away,

Because you no longer needed help,

You were finally okay.

I am happy for you,

Don’t get me wrong.

But now I don’t have a light,

I have lost my song.

Your mind is now beautiful,

But mine is still treacherous,

You are beginning to feel wonderful,

While I’m starting to feel feverous.

I needed you,

More than you needed me.

But come on,


Just tell me.

I know I am young, I can see,

And I know that you don’t want to hurt me,

But if you don’t want me,

Just tell me,


 just tell me,

“Go away,”

“Just go away”

“Please, little girl”

“I once was down”

“But I’ve turned around”

“So please…just go…”


Yes, I may let a tear fall,

And yes, I may whimper in pain.

Yes, I may run like a child.

And yes, I may complain,

But no, it is worth it.

It is worth the pain.

So please,

Just please,

Tell me….

Just tell me..

To go….








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