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Traditional Dancing group, chapter 1

Traditional Dancing group, chapter 1

Posted December 10th, 2020 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

December 10th, 2020

It was an average day for Yuri, or nearly so. Everyone in the class was supposed to be taking a test, but Yuri wasn't. She just wanted

school to end now. "Come on, just take the test," Yuri told herself over and over. When she finally decided she was going to take the

test, the bell rang, and all the students picked up their backpacks. Yuri was about to pick up hers-until she was stopped by her teacher,

Ms. Simon. She gave Yuri a you're-in-trouble-and-you-know-it look to her, and she said, "I expect better from you tommorow, Natsu."

Nobody ever called Yuri by her last name except for her mother when she was angry, and she winced just thinking about it. But she

was out of school now. As she was exiting the building, a huge paper flew into her face. It read:


Ever wanted to traditionally dance? Sick of normal breakdancing and jazz?

Come to the Traditional tryouts starting tomorrow at 4 pm and leave at 5!

See you there!


Photoshopped on it were pictures of young Japanese girls dancing. Yuri wasn't Japanese, (apart from her name) but she had

currently been trying to teach herself the Japanese language. But now she would actually be dancing. Yuri saw her mom's car pull

up and she ran towards it, backpack and poster in hand.

"Mom!" Yuri exclaimed as she placed down what she was holding and hugged her mother.

"Sweetie, how was school?" her mother asked. Always, Yuri's mother asked how school was for her, and to be honest, Yuri was

actually getting a bit sick of it. But she just went on with it, because it wasn't a very friendly talk if Yuri decided to snap at her 

mother. They drove home together and Yuri showed the poster to her mother. She twisted her mouth to the side (as if she was 

thinking) and then said, "Let me talk about this with your father." When it was time for Yuri to go to bed, her mother reminded her

she was signed up for the Traditional tryouts. She felt a rush of relief blow over her. It was an interesting sport, and it was time for

Yuri to take place in it. The dream she had, however, was strange. She was in a white room. She waited. And waited. And waited.

Finally someone entered the room. They sat down in a chair on the other end of the small white room. The person began to talk.

"I know what's going to happen," it said. While Yuri normally would have said something at this, she remained silent. The person

rambled on about how it knew about what would happen at the tryouts, but still, she said nothing. This word, however, sent a chill

down Yuri's spine. It was, "You won't make it into the recital." Yuri thought to herself as the dream ended, "What recital?" Yuri

diidn't think much of it at first, but she then came to realize that this was about the traditional dancing. But she wasn't going to listen

to that person. 


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