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Traditional Dancing group, chapter 2

Traditional Dancing group, chapter 2

Posted December 11th, 2020 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

December 15th, 2020

The next day, after school, Yuri had gotten ready for the class and was preparing outside of the classroom. Later, a young lady opened

the door and said, "Hello. My name is Ling. I used to live in Japan, but was requested to come to America to teach traditional dancing.

Please, come in." The 7 students entered the classroom along with Yuri. Surprisingly, there were chairs in front of a projector. Yuri

thought to herself, "This doesn't look like a traditional dancing class at all. This looks like a normal classroom." Ling took her seat in

front of the projector and began typing on a laptop. A presentation appeared on the projector, and the class watched. The pages turned

about what traditional dancing was exactly, and how they would be doing it. They wouldn't be doing anything that day, but they would

slowly progress into the dancing the next day. "Even though you will not physically be doing the dances, I will show you some of my

skill," Ling said. Yuri watched on as she saw Ling type on her laptop then get in front of her projector. She began to do dance moves,

and after 5 minutes of dancing and instructing to her laptop, she stopped dancing and she began typing again as before. "I've posted

this on to our website. I will print out the URLs for you kids." She walked out of the studio. Yuri was bored by this time, she decided to

go interact with someone else. Yuri picked the closest person she found, and started to talk with them. She started with a simple,

"Hello," and that person gazed up at Yuri with big, blue eyes and said, "Hello! My name is Alex. Please, tell me your name." Yuri

replied, "My name is Yuri. I hope we can become great friends." Alex half smiled and said, "Me too." A few minutes later, Ling came

back into the room and said, "All right, here are the URLs for you." Ling passed out the paper with the URL printed on it. When it was

Yuri's turn to choose a paper, she took the paper, smiled and tucked it into her pocket. Now she would know where to go instead of

searching up "online traditional dancing sites" and searching through thousands of search results just to find the correct site she was

supposed to go to. Ling went on, "You will only have minor homework today. You will need to practice the dance moves I have

shown you in the video. Just remember there is no homework on Friday." The class nodded, and later it was time to go home. Yuri

heard her mother's car let out a loud HONK as she was exiting the building. She ran to the car but noticed someone else was in there.

Fortunately, she wasn't surprised. It was her older brother waiting for her. Yuri slung off her backpack and settled into the car as she 

head her mother ask, "How was the traditional dancing?" Yuri replied, "Oh, it was all right. We didn't do anything much today." They

drove home, but surprisingly, her brother wasn't happy to hear about the traditional dancing, He thought it just wasn't "fit for Yuri"

and maybe she should participate in something else. However, Yuri wasn't going to let her brother down her. But her weird dream 

from the night before continued. She was in the same room, just a bit tinier. She waited the same amount of time for the person to

appear, and they said something that made Yuri's blood boil. "Well, you believing what your brother said?" Yuri always refused to

believe what her brother said. Traditional dancing was fit for Yuri, and he wouldn't or couldn't take that away from her. In her

dream, she finally was able to speak. She yelled, "No, I refuse to ever believe what he said." The person half smirked and said, 

"Well, he's right. Traditional dancing isn't fit for you. In fact, it's not fit for you at all because you can't grasp the fact that you're not

the right weight, or you're just too ugly." Yuri felt a rage that she had never felt before, and she yelled, "No, I'm not!" She ran 

towards the shadow as if she were to attack it, but then her dream was over. She felt angry, so angry at the fact her dream had

continued. She would never trust that person, but kind of feeling she would be a bit too strong. Pride is a deadly sin...right?

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