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Traditional Dancing group, chapter 3

Traditional Dancing group, chapter 3

Posted December 16th, 2020 by ElizieAngelina

by Elizabeth
in Texas

December 20th, 2020

Yuri awoke with a yawn. She had practiced her moves the night before, and now on Wednesday, she would actually be doing the moves.

She had seen the video and was ready for action. Later, it was the afternoon. The chairs in the studio were gone. Alex was there, of

course. Ling arrived in the studio as well, and they were prepared. "All right, kids," Ling said. "We will be practicing the moves, so gather

to a wall." Yuri took the spot next to Alex as other dancers gathered to other areas. "Now, space out." Ling instructed. 

The class took 2 steps away from each other. "Perfect," Ling said as she smiled. "Now, we will put on some music." Ling walked to 

where there was a boombox and turned it on. Some slow and peaceful music played. "You should have seen the video I posted

yesterday to better understand what will be explained," Ling said as she walked away from the boombox. Yuri was annoyed by this

time and just wanted to dance already. But she had watched the video, of course. "But I will put on the video so you can practice it."

Ling moved the projector over, and turned on the video. The students followed what was on screen. But there was only one problem

for Yuri: the twirling. The freaking twirling, it was just too hard for her. She was afraid she would trip and fall onto someone. But she

never fell. She was afraid she was going to fall. But she never did. It just made no sense. However, as time progressed, she had gotten

better. She saw some smiles from Ling.


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