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TriOrathon--Chapter 3

TriOrathon--Chapter 3

Posted February 17th, 2018 by 144896

by JonasTheAuthor
in Pennsylvania

February 17th, 2018

Chapter 3- My story.


Before I knew what was good and what was bad, the Great City was wonderful. It was the place to be. I loved it.

Everyone loved it.

The walls protected us, the guards, the police men, the doctors. They all helped us thrive. Helped us live an incredible life, in fact I had not known one soul who wasn't happy with where he lived and what he did in this City of ours. The Textscrollers ruled over us like a kindly king to his respecting people, and we loved it. However, no one asked about them. No one really knew a whole lot about who they were, how they came to be, why they got to rule over us. Did we even need someone to? In honesty, I was quite the average person working under the Scrolls. I went to work everyday, and every evening came back. Life was good.

Until I ran into a Textscroller.

It was a normal day. When you think of a normal day, think about how you go to work or school everyday. You know one day, ONE day in the future something will go differently, but it passes your mind. And you forget about it. Just a routine in your mind, a MINDSET to the way your life works and goes about living. I had been given an assignment to meet with a fellow employee on a new project I was thinking about. I was ordered to the headquarters of the Truelife company in a rush, as suddenly the assignment was handed over to a bigger authority.

I arrived.

I'd seen this place a million times, but never this close. It looked like a big glass cup studded with windows. So many windows. It was so beautiful, so grandiose. I was told be my boss to go to the highest floor of the building, a very secretive and strict area. After all, this was the tallest building in all of the City.

The tallest.

When I entered, it seemed fishy. With such a large building you expect it to be brimming with people coming and going. There was no one.

No one. 

Except one.

He was thin and gaunt and serious.

Seeing me, me nervously gestured to a door which was secured by a vault. Technically 3, but I only saw this after it opened. It reveled one single elevator, no different than your average one. I stepped inside and pushed the one, single button that said," Floor 203." I zoomed up so fast and so suddenly I dropped my bag. In 3 seconds I was at the top and a hand was offered. I took it and looked up. A man not more than 6 feet tall, right between overweight and thin was looking down at me. He smiled and pointed at the seat near his desk. 

It was so weird being up here, as there was a single window at the far end of the room. 

He merely said 2 words. "Hello," and "Sign here." His voice was low. But a nice low. An even relaxing one. He held up his finger as if to say," Give me a minute." His desk had no name tag. It was his signature that I read that gave it away. It said only his first name. 


This was the first give away something wasn't quite right. I understand there were many things that were questionable, but it was this that triggered it. I had heard this name mentioned from our CEO of our company when she was speaking with her boss.


My project was holographic mapping. I saw no reason why it was so important, just an experiment. I would create drones that would fly up in the air and map the city in the fullest of detail. A little farther up than the Truelife building. But his stamp that he had so aggressively splayed on my documents simply read," Denied." I asked him why. He looked up slowly. He said one. More. Sentence.

"Because I have the power."

I got up, offended and bewildered at what I had just experienced. I began my walk to the end of the room. I wanted to looked out that window.

He got up so quickly and made a beline for me. Out of my anger I told him to get off me and ran for the window.

Why was it so important to look out a window?

I pushed him again.

And then he ran back to his desk and called for "Scrimmers."

I looked out that window that day. I saw what I'll never forget. Not more than several miles to my left I saw green. Green. Green. I saw something off in the distance which was larger than I'd ever seen a body of water. It was a deep, beautiful blue. So rich in its color. But then I realized it.

I wasn't supposed to see this.

I turned so rapidly to see the elevator arrive.

3 men in dark suits and masks began walking my direction. They formed a line to prevent escape. The elevator close and suddenly I realized that even if I managed to elude these men, I'd still have to wait for the elevator, and that's not counting on if the vault will even be open. I turned to my only option. The window. But heres the thing. There was a window cleaning bot below me. It was about 15 feet in both directions and wasn't too far down.

I could make it.

But was I willing to risk it.

Yes. Yes I was.

My bag had my computer and hardcover books in it. It took two full swings to crash to glass. The men charged. Full steam.

I jumped.

My stomach dropped and then rose. It could have been in my brain. My suit flew up in the air and I could have been a bird right then. But just as my feet touched the platform, my knees buckled. I fell flat on my face. I brushed it off and looked for another way down.

A control panel.

It was pretty simple to operate. One press and I was slowly but surely floating down. What happen to those men above me was oblivious to me. I had escaped. That's all the mattered. I was approaching 200 feet when I saw 15 or more cars below me. The PD. I looked for more controls. There were dozens, but 4 were the biggest. Forward, backward, left, right. I hit the the stop button and quicky pressed the left button. I had to hope I'd make it.

I had to.

And I did.

The walls were gigantic, and I just missed them by several feet. They had to have been 80 feet thick. Jeez, I thought. The authorities and who knows had clearly not followed me. Why would they want more people to know anyway? I made it to the other side by nightfall. But to be safe I decided to keep using the platform. I didn't know when it quit or when it went out of range, but that I also didn't want to risk. I was 200 feet in the air and had a better chance of surviving on the ground than up here, right? I didn't want to fall. I pressed down and when I reached the bottom, my watch read," 12:47 am." It was the pitchest of black. I had never seen such black in my life. But then I heard a noise.

Many noises.

They shrieked with roaring power. They had come. How, I thought, did they find me? I would never know, so I ran. I dropped into a bush and waited for them to pass. Instead they stopped. Only 5 men got out of whatever vehicle that was. They were walking my direction, but no sooner a man, probably the boss, called an order to spread out. One was still going towards me. 

He was within a foot.


Then I reached out and tripped him, but stamped his revolver down along side covering his mouth. I took his revolver and smacked him. The noise originating from the trees was loud enough the noise was dulled.

This man was out cold.

I took his revolver and his holster and began to run.

I ran and ran and ran and ran. Now you're caught up with me. Except I hope those other guys don't, because the shrieks are back.


Chapter 4 coming soon.

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Hope you like the new

Hope you like the new chapter! Thanks for the support and reads as well! Much respected :)

Posted by JonasTheAuthor on Sat, 02/17/2018 - 01:04

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