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TriOrathon--Chapter 4

TriOrathon--Chapter 4

Posted February 27th, 2018 by 144896

by JonasTheAuthor
in Pennsylvania

February 27th, 2018

Chapter 4- The path from home.

They were gaining on me and I could feel their vehicles rumbling the Earth beneath me. Brush swept past me as I bolted and breathed hard. 

My lungs hurt. My heart hurt. My brain hurt.

Suddenly I saw a glistening shimmer in the distance beyond. It had to be the water. The ocean.

The blue. The beautiful blue.

I was nearer and nearer.

Stones and rocks began to become more apparent. There was a tan, fine, granular substance. I'd never seen it before but it was warm against my burning shins and feet, probably because of being bathed in the sun for so long. I was close.

Closer. I could practically taste the salt in the air.

I was in full stride now and could see my shadow outstretched 10 feet ahead of me. The headlights.

I looked ahead and then suddenly my heart and stomach sank in sync. 

There was no time to slow down. I was ready for my second big jump over the past 5 hours.

It was a jump I hadn't anticipated. It was almost 100 feet down and who knows if there was rock just below the water that could bend my bones in on themselves. I purposely dove into the ground to stop myself, the sudden confidence to do so suprised even me and found that the headlights were farther off than I had expected. They must have just lost me, but because of how many I guessed it wouldn't be long before they picked up on my trail. 

I crouched.

I walked along the side of the cliff carefully, one wrong move and I was probably a dead man. I pulled out my gun in case of a run in with one. The cars were like a blockade, or atleast they appeared so. I could now clearly see the vehicles. They were humvees with big headlights and were black as the night was pitch.

The cars weren't the only blockade.

The men had formed a long line and were foraging for any evidence of my escape or death. They all saw the cliff and I have no doubt many of them guessed I had jumped. 

Lucky for me.

I got up from crouching and took to a silent run.

A shot. Two shots. 7 shots.

I sprinted and finally decided to jump. Before doing so I wrapped my gun best as possible.

I jumped.


Chapter 5 coming soon...


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Ah! A cliff hanger! So

Ah! A cliff hanger! So suspensefull!

Posted by Cherith on Wed, 02/28/2018 - 13:54
I hoped you'd like it! :)

I hoped you'd like it! :)

Posted by JonasTheAuthor on Wed, 02/28/2018 - 15:25

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