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The true story of WW11~ From the Concentration Camps to the war....

The true story of WW11~ From the Concentration Camps to the war....

Posted March 10th, 2011 by horselover2

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by MidnightStar
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March 10th, 2011

Rain pured down hard as the soldiers struggled to hold up their weapons. Bombs exploded, leaving the air smothered with smoke. All the armies of the world ran through the feild, the rain leaving long streaks on their faces. It was a sad time, a truly sad time.

Why WW11 happened~ It started in WW1 actually. Thats when the hatred stirred up. Hatred for the Germans. After WW1 the Germans were horribily poor. There whole country was in a huge debt. The armie struggled to gain control and bring less stress to the people. Everyone was terribly worried. And they turned to the wrong person. Adolf Hitler.

Adolf H.~ Hitler was a known army man. He had struggled through the war, and after it was thrown into jail. In prison he wrote a book called,'My life with Jews'. He kept the book hidden. "Someday," He had told himself,"I will be ruler, and people will look up to me. Too bad that that actually happened! After jail he left to run for president of Europe. He lost by a land slide. The other entree one. After that election the winner 'mysteriously dissapeared'. Hitler took the throne.

The good and bad~ People began to follow him. He was good at first, until he turned.

The Jews~ At one of his big speeches, he showed Europe the book. He said that if they didn't get rid of the Jews now, they would be stuck with them forever. People began to turn on the Jewish. They burned down temples. They captured Jews and sent them to labor camps called Concentration Camps. The Jews were also forced to where the star of david on their clothing. They were called Jewish pigs, and abused on the streets. Cops and streetwalkers saw this but did nothing. The world was in agony!

Concentration Camps~ Concentration Camps were places where Jewish people were sent to work, more importantly, die. There were al sorts of ways to die there! But you had to go through some steps first.

1. You were put in a long line of people waiting to have German Natzis prick pins in your arm.

2. You were stood in a row so that the Natzis could see you. Then they divided you into two groups. Group one; the strong men. Group two; The weak children and women. Sometimes weak men. if you were in group two, it meant you were going to die.

3. You were sent off to the place were you sleep. Sleeping areas were mostly a thin blanket on the hard floor. Nothing else.

4. You were sent off to work or die. That meant digging large holes(graves, but you wouldn't know it) walking in long lines for miles without rest, tying yourself to a stake (if this happened, it ussually meant you were going to die) waiting to visit the 'showers' (gas chamber), and many more things. 

Hitler's Army~ Hitler knew that the world was going to go to war because of his actions. He also knew he would need some assistants to get rid of the Jews. So he got himself an armie! They were called the Natzis. The natzis were Hitlers only friends. They fought in war, and took part in killing Jews. Hitler knew that people grew old, so he demanded that there be schools for Natzis-to-be. Children went to these places at the ages of 5-6. They stayed there until they were old enough to fight.

The bombing of Pearl Harbor~ The island of Hawaii had not been expecting a Japenese bomb to come down and ruin there state! Too bad it happened. Thats how America got involved in the war. By this time the other parts of Europe had been fighting. America was not expected  to join.

Helping out~ America's army was helping one thing, while the USA was helping them. Back at home people were rationing foods and growing victory gardens. They were listening to President Theodore Roosevelt as he talked about war and ways to help America. They kept any tin or metal and donated it to the armies. "Every little thing counts!" Said one woman as she planted her victory garden.

The end of War~ The war ended by America dropping a bomb on Japan's peace garden. The war seized, and people began to relax. There was just one thing. Hitler was still around.

Hitler's death~ Hitler killed himself. Even though many people didn't believe this at first, they still relaxed.

The finding of the dead Jews~ Even though everything was over, it didn't mean that everyone was happy. Especially not the families of those who died in Concentration Camps. "I couldn't believe it!" Said one man, as he inquired the thousands of dead bodies piled in a pit. "It was unlike anything! A man would have to be crazy to kill all these innoccent people." It was true. Hitler had commited Mass Murder. The historians walked around and examined the Camps. "Truly dreary places. I felt shivers when I saw the hanging folks, and all the whitened faces and bodies lying on the ground. Esspecially when I saw how bone thin they were!" Said another man.

Wars today~ No war has ever compare to WW11. We hope no war ever will! 

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