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TV Bots (Chapter 20)

TV Bots (Chapter 20)

Posted December 30th, 2017 by arnavpatnaik27

by Arnav
in Surrey

December 30th, 2017

Tomorrow, KidBrains - Was the Moon Landing a HOAX? also I am writing more Ryan Pickles, will come soon. Now to TV Bots...





The anger inside all of these TV Bots caused a reaction. They dimmed and lit up again, fizzing and sparking constantly. A few began to glow. Nick suddenly merged with Toons, who merged with Ervo. 


Soon, every single Bot had formed the terrifying beast which now bent over to stay inside the Cube. It was a giant TV Bot. 


Its arm constantly pummelled one wall of the Cube, until the entire structure collapsed. The Bots split apart and fell towards a land they could not recognise. Debris lay everywhere, and no walls could be seen.

Nick realised that it was their own Bot Cluster. 


As they fell, their electricity level dropped dangerously, and a few Bots who Nick didn’t know fizzed out and disappeared, their balls of Exaturn Ununoctium continuing to fall.


Once they got up, Toons noticed that a few Bots were standing around these balls, and they seemed sad. Nick could not help but feel horrible. The war had really begun.


Jakob was nowhere to be seen, and all the BigBots were gone. The walls which divided the channels were now piles of wall magnets. The walls to the Main Room, Chamber and wires were also gone, with all EB’s, Electro and electricity sheets torn from the walls. All of their hard work over the last five years was gone.


The Bots called themselves the Saviours, which was the name of their ‘army’. They were weak. Not a single Bot had an electricity level above 50%.


Nick, Nickel and Nicky came together and knew the journey ahead would be tough…

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