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TV Bots (Chapter 21)

TV Bots (Chapter 21)

Posted January 5th, 2018 by arnavpatnaik27

by Arnav
in Surrey

January 5th, 2018

read on, believe me, it will get more interesting! bye!




Their hands were bare, supplies were limited, and the electricity level of all the Saviours was worrying, but not yet critical. Fortunately, when looting the Bot Cluster, Boomer could not dismantle Jakob’s heart. 


“Can we still get electricity from that?” Goatsy asked Nickel.


“Yes. But Jakob’s heart generated electricity with the tyres’ rotation. The electricity inside can only make our whole army last for a few weeks,” he replied.


Jakob’s heart was big, almost seven times larger than a TV Bot. Since Boomer had stolen all of the BigBots, all the inexperienced Bots would have to carry the only item which could keep them alive. A group of about thirty gathered around it, but with no success.


Suddenly, a small voice was heard. A small TV Bot squeezed through the crowd and faced them. Everyone fell silent.


It was Qwert from Nickelodeon +1. More tiny Bots followed behind him.


These were the ‘mistakes’. Legend had it that they were TV Bots who never formed fully, and were incapable of accomplishing many tasks.


In fact, they were not allowed to participate in any activity within their Bot Cluster. Although Nick opposed this, others had been cruel. Slowly and slowly, these TV Bots somehow slipped into the classification of Mistakes. Nick believed they were simply TV Bots, with an equal right to live and work. Nick gave many speeches about this, even some near the General Stall, in which he said that the ‘Mistakes’ could actually be proper TV Bots, and they could be the ones who were accidentally formed. He also said that the BigBots used their differences to their advantage, so Nick constantly explained how the ‘Mistakes’ could use their size to their advantage. Only a few people agreed, but nothing changed.


Anyway, Qwert and his friends signalled the Bots around the heart to move, and they formed a circle around it, whilst holding hands.


A few sniggers arouse from the crowd as they looked at things five times smaller than them trying to lift this huge object.


Suddenly, the Mistakes began to glow as they continued to hold hands, and they began to merge! After a few moments, a large TV Bot stood next to the heart of Jakob, and lifted it with ease. Qwert and the rest of the Mistakes put down the heart and split apart.


While the crowd was awe-struck, Qwert spoke in a small yet serious voice.


“We know a secret. The Mistakes shall now save the Saviours…”














oh hello down here. Thankyou for reading. it sure is lonely in this place...

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