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TV Bots (Chapter 23)

TV Bots (Chapter 23)

Posted February 10th, 2018 by arnavpatnaik27

by Arnav
in Surrey

February 10th, 2018



As the SmallBots carried Jakob’s heart, the Saviours followed. Some of the younger Bots in the middle of the army attempted a Merge, which was the name given to this phenomenal discovery, but only managed to create a slightly bigger TV Bot.


Spirits were high, as the army marched through places between each channel. Nickel created some EBs and made a tracker to follow Boomer. Occasionally, Boomer’s army would stop and continue. Although Boomer’s army had many vehicles and TV Tools, the Saviours constantly acquired more TV Bots from other channels who had been raided by Boomer.


Whilst they were passing through Cartoon Network, which was the Bot Cluster beside Nick’s, he saw a broken cube dangling from somewhere Nick could not see. Carnet, Cartoon Network’s king, told him that her Bots also merged somehow.


Qwert, carried by Ervo and Toons, spread the knowledge of the Merge, and suddenly all the SmallBots who weren’t carrying Jakob’s heart came to the middle of the army and stayed there for the rest of the journey. Gradually, their army grew in size, and eventually, Nick could not see each end of it.


All the kings were near the front of the Saviours, and used Jakob’s heart to create vehicles and TV Tools, and the whole army was now completely ready for the rest of the journey, with their electricity level full!


One of the vehicles was roughly half the size of Jakob, and the heart was put inside. It was called Bokaj, in honour of Jakob. Nick, Goatsy, Toons, Ervo and many other leaders from other channels such as Andy from Animal Planet (Channel 523) stayed here. Nick quickly developed a strong friendship with Andy - so did Toons. He was very clever, generous and had a similar personality to that of Nick.  


Small sections of Bokaj were given to the SmallBots, who developed their Merge skills. They were not seen for weeks of the journey.


The Saviours had now crossed almost a hundred destroyed channels. 


“I just realised something!” Nick exclaimed, whilst in the room where Bokaj’s heart was. 


“What?” Toons questioned.


“Boomer is making a mistake. He is leaving all the TV Bots he captures in the Cube, but we all escaped. He only took his and Disney XD’s Bots. We have an army almost fifty times larger than his! I cannot believe I am the first Bot of our great species. However, I am also worried thinking about all the Electro and technology he is getting. Creating a detonator will be no challenge for him now.”


The leaders spent most of their time in Bokaj’s heart room, and now every single one of the SmallBots hadn’t been seen for almost two months.


More and more vehicles slightly smaller than Bokaj were made, until about half of the Saviours were in one. This was all possible because Jakob’s faithful heart had found a vehicular body again.


It had been three months of their journey, and their army was now indefinable. It contained all TV Bots from Channel 608 to 413 (BT Sport). This was about two million TV Bots. Every time they reached a new channel (which wasn’t hard since all the walls had been crushed) the SmallBots would go to their secret room and never be seen again.

Inside BT Sport, Nickel saw something alarming on his tracker. He sounded the alarm which blared furiously out towards the whole army. 


Boomer’s army had stopped.


The alarm ended in a small tune, which signalled everyone to stop.


A small whistle-like sound was heard, and to his shock, Nick suddenly saw something flying towards them from the distance…


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