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TV Bots (Chapter 26)

TV Bots (Chapter 26)

Posted March 6th, 2018 by arnavpatnaik27

by Arnav
in Surrey

March 6th, 2018

The time for peacemaking had passed. Boomer had done too much.


The great whizzing sound of all the twelve missiles tormented Nick’s ears, but soon everyone was looking at these missiles flying through the air towards Boomer’s army, and knew that nothing could stop the war now.


Whilst the Saviours awaited the moment of impact on Boomer’s army (which was, remember, only his and Disney’s Bots) all the kings walked past Nick and signalled him to follow them.


They entered Bokaj and walked down a corridor Nick had never seen before. Carnet typed in a code at a door which opened to reveal a room. It contained nothing except a circular table and the main tracking screen. It had see-through walls.


The kings sat around the table, and before Carnet had closed the door completely, Toons bolted through, panting. Nick seemed annoyed, but this was not the time to show this. Toons joined the kings (of which there were around 200) and Andy went up to the screen with Nickel, who was the person in charge of tracking Boomer.


Andy pressed a button and a screen showed up. It was a bird’s eye view of the battlefield, and on the bottom half of the screen, Nick saw the Saviours. Now Nick could appreciate the sheer size of their army.

However, this was not the reason why this meeting was being held. Nickel started talking about the top half of the screen, where Boomer’s army was.


All of the Bots were represented by a blue dot, because that is what TV Bots looked like from above, like planet Earth from a large distance. But something massive caught Nick’s eye.


Beside Boomer’s and Disney’s Bots were some unidentifiable silver dots. There were so many that Nickel had to move the viewpoint to see all of them. All the dots eventually made the entire army look more than double the size of theirs. Alongside these silver dots were massive blocks and shapes, which were definitely vehicles.


Nickel suddenly spotted Jakob, with his unique shape and size. But Nickel had an expression on his face which may have suggested that Jakob did not look the same.


Andy spoke in a blank voice.


“These silver dots are, in fact, robots. Boomer has managed to create an army of working, armed robots in his army. Our biggest worry is that Boomer has placed some kind of rectangular object where our missiles are supposed to land. It could be a shield, we do not know, but it is obvious that we are going to lose this war. I am sorry, but I am not a part of the Saviours any more.” 


Before Nick understood what that meant, Andy dashed out of the room so suddenly that no one could stop him.


Nick saw Andy run towards the Decomposer, which was a machine that converted anything into electricity.


Nick watched on in horror, as Andy turned around and faced the Kings.


He smiled and leant backwards.


“Andy…” Nick whispered.


Andy disappeared into the machine forever…


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