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TV Bots (Chapter 28)

TV Bots (Chapter 28)

Posted April 5th, 2018 by arnavpatnaik27

by Arnav
in Surrey

April 5th, 2018

*read the KidBrains i just did!






No one spoke.


No one moved.


These SmallBots, who had been ignored for so many years, and never given anything, had now saved every TV Bot’s life. Thousands of tiny Exaturn Ununoctium balls were scattered across the floor.


Nick went up to the Ultra-Megaphone and began to speak. “SmallBots. Although you cannot hear me, I would like to say sorry for ignoring you. From now on, SmallBots isn’t even an appropriate name for you. You are the Heroes. Mark my word, your sacrifice will be remembered till the extinction of TV Bots.”


The army was silent. The SmallBots had finally proven themselves. They cared about the well-being of the TV Bots, despite everything that had happened to them. Without their existence, this war would have ended already. Boomer would have dominated the entire TV. Every tiny ball of Exaturn Ununoctium was put in the Decomposer and instead of being converted into electricity, the Decomposer shot out a firework made of electricity. It exploded in the sky and spelt out the words ‘Now go and win the war.’ 


That was what the Saviours needed. Motivation.


After weeks of remaining still, the army marched forwards. Boomer was stronger than them, but that wouldn’t stop them. Two million Bots cheered and marched forward, with hundreds of vehicles swiftly moving alongside. Every TV Bot had at least one TV Tool, some had two. Boomer still hadn’t moved, which was slightly concerning, but that did not stop the Saviours.


Meanwhile inside Jakob, Nick decided to stay in the tracking room for the remainder of the march. He went alone, because he wanted some time to himself to prepare for the war. He watched Boomer’s army. They were still motionless, but something seemed to bother Nick. He could not tell what was different but after watching the screen for almost two hours, he realised something astonishing.


A red dot almost twice as large as Jakob was flying towards the Saviours.


Boomer’s army started to move away from them…


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