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TV Bots (Part 1 - Chapters 1-16)

TV Bots (Part 1 - Chapters 1-16)

Posted December 18th, 2017 by arnavpatnaik27

by Arnav
in Surrey

December 18th, 2017

it has been a long time since I have done this series, Part 1 is done. I hope you like it!


Part 1





  • The Rise of the TV Bots
  • Tension
































The Rise of the TV Bots


Chapter 1


Galaxy TV’s company was collapsing and facing financial problems. With hi-tech plasma screens and HD TV’s being created here and there, they decided to churn up an amazing idea which would become an instant phenomenon. They hired the cleverest, most inventive scientists from around the world with the little money they had left. 


They could just hope that the cogwheels in the scientists’ brains hadn’t aged and slowed down. 


One of these scientists was called Exo MilkyWay, who was a genius when it came to sums, but as dumb as a dumpster when it came to common sense. In fact, dumpsters have more common sense than him. Sorry, dumpsters. You are worthy of being compared to much higher-in-standard things. He didn’t understand people when they talked to him. He just happened to have the brains for other stuff.


Anyway, whilst scribbling down ideas, doing some indecipherable equations and regularly checking some minuscule object - like every other scientist in Galaxy’s secret auditorium - a 21,000,000 voltage light bulb beamed in his head (surprisingly he didn’t turn into one). 


“Eurekaaaaaa!” His shrilly voice echoed of the snow-white walls of the auditorium. Saturn Ringos, the Spanish manager of Galaxy, lit up with happiness. He carelessly skipped down the stairs, six steps at a time, and before you knew it, he was scrambling upon Exo like a ravenous horse wanting hay. Hmm. Let’s say, like a ravenous cheetah hunting its prey. That’s a better description.


“You’ve got it! You’re a genius!” bellowed Saturn.


“I’m a genius!” Exo beamed.


“You’re a pink-haired whale!” Saturn was so excited that he couldn’t find the words.


“Wow. I’m a whale.”


“You’re back and bold!”


“I’m back and bald.”


“You’re as shiny as a fig roll!”


“I’m as whiny as a pig’s mole.”


“You’re… okay that’s enough now, just show me your paper,” Saturn babbled, slightly embarrassed at what other people in the room might have heard. 


“Here is the paper with my sums on it: it contains five hundred and-” Before Exo could finish his sentence, Saturn had snatched the paper and frantically scanned its contents like a futuristic photo copier. 

As he reached the end of the now slightly crumpled paper, his face turned pale-white, as if he’d seen a ghost.


“It’s so obvious…” he breathed. “So, so obvious…”


“But Saturn, let me warn you that adding silver into a TV might go horribly wrong,” Exo said, hesitatingly. 


“But it might, not will…” 










Chapter 2


“Hey, you all!” Saturn yelled to his other scientists. “Pretend that your contracts have ended today, so go home, and live in luxury using the thousands I’ve given you!”


“But sir,” said Uni Vus, one of the so-called smarties. “You’ve never given us our pay checks. So basically we’re not being paid to work.”


“Uni Vus,” Saturn tutted. “I expected more memory from a so-called smarty like you.” 


“What do you mean?”


“Well, in your contract it clearly said, in bold, white print, that you get paid only a hundred years after you retire.”


“But what about our pay checks?”


“It says, in black ink, ‘Workers get paid every month.’”


“Exactly, Saturn,” continued Uni. “It says every month! We’re never paid and we’ve been working for years!”


“However, it also says, in capitalised, bold, Canon-printed white ink, that the pay check’s worth is four take away four pennies per month. Didn’t you read that?”   


“Thank goodness I didn’t. Might’ve been losing my mind,” Uni hissed under his breath. The scientists fled the hall, muttering their annoyance, and Saturn and Exo were the only ones left.


“Let’s get to the Sphinx Room, shall we?” suggested Saturn. 


The pair scurried up the flight of stairs from the auditorium to the Sphinx Room, where Galaxy tested out their new televisions.


Saturn watched on with a mix of pride and awe whilst Exo twiddled with some wiring, caused some reactions and fired different elements at each other. 


These were new elements. 


Scientists over the world had created many elements, but not this one. 

It was called, Exaturn Ununoctium.


Exo added it to the television. Added something he never should have. He’d combined two things which should have never been combined.


He’d created the TV Bots.


He’d created the start of a historic story.


But no one ever knew. 


And no one ever would.


Because the TV Bots wouldn’t let them know.




Chapter 3


The TV Bots lived in that TV. It was like their universe. And each channel was, for them, like a country.


They were, of course, unseeable. This is because they live just behind the screen. They are tiny, obviously.


When Exo had created them, he’d created millions, but they didn’t all start to exist at once. They slowly increased in number: they were unequally shared between each channel. Exo hadn’t intended to create the TV Bots. What he desired was that the silver molecules would enhance what the viewers were seeing, for silver is Earth’s best conductor of electricity. However, whilst producing the TV, Exo forgot that oxygen would be going inside the TV as well whilst it was being made. Silver and oxygen combined makes energy, and energy with Exaturn Ununoctium made life inside the TV possible. (This is what I understood anyway. I’m not a brainy scientist with no common sense.)


TV Bots relied on electricity to survive. Their bodies were electricity, but coated by oxygen combined with silver molecules and Exaturn Ununoctium. 


TV Bots only ceased to exist when they didn’t have enough electrical current running through their veins, or when they got an overdose of electricity. 


The first of their kind, was born in NickToons. That is where the story of the TV Bots begun…

Chapter 4     


Nick looked down at his hands and body, twisting around to see everything. He was baffled. Completely clueless.


Since he was simply walking around in pitch-black darkness, he decided to curl up into a ball.


Whatever he did hurt his brain. Merely thinking made him wonder about so many things.


Was he wondering?


How could he wonder?


He was just the first of a new species.

How could he know anything?


Nick felt empty. Completely empty. There seemed to be a voice in his head, speaking in some language he could understand even when he wasn’t trying to.


He had a head? Where did that come from?


Nick tentatively moved his finger up to his face. He felt his first emotion. This came from the Exaturn Ununoctium. 


His emotion was fear.


He saw a blue, glowing object going towards him. Nick didn’t know that this was his own finger that he was controlling.


As his finger connected to his face, Nick started a little.




One word came trickling out of his throat. Nick was astounded. 


What had he done?


He did it again.


“Screen. Screen!” Nick suddenly felt a strange feeling and a thought conjured up in his mind. 


‘I’m being. I’m being something. I’m living.


Then, Nick just let his mouth go wild.


“I’m a TV Bot. My name’s Nick. As the first of my kind, I shall be king, king of my channel. NickToons. I live. I live somewhere. I live in some time. I’m starting to live.”


Suddenly, Nick heard a muffled noise behind him.


He twisted around…












Chapter 5


Nick would never forget what he saw that day. Somehow he felt that he had knowledge to understand his surroundings and himself. Unlike humans, who took a few thousand years to learn how to actually develop intellect. They just grunted and hunted, for a while. 


What Nick was seeing was himself: he was seeing his own species, but he didn’t completely know this. He only realised that the new one and himself were the same colour. And size. Nick stood a safe distance away from the other one, watching him groan and moan on the ground. He still hadn’t opened his eyes. 


Whilst witnessing this, Nick remembered what he’d said.


‘I’m a TV Bot.”


Realising that himself and the other… TV Bot were the same, he presumed that that was what they were.


A TV Bot. 


Then Nick thought about the name. TV Bots. TV Bots. 


He knew he was right. He lived in a TV. 


Then Nick thought about what he’d said about himself. Nick. NickToons. King.


It all made sense.


And still the other TV Bot squirmed around.


Nick didn’t feel as empty as he prepared for his species to rise. But then he’d be forgotten. No one would know that he was the first of his kind. As more and more TV Bots began to start living, Nick sobbed softly, and let the immense, unpredictable wave of sleep crash over him…









Chapter 6


‘Nick is worried.


Chaos is everywhere, and Nick tries to think of a solution. All the TV Bots are sparking and their bodies are shrivelling. Piercing screams of pain torment Nick’s ears. 


Oh dear, he thinks. I let my people down.


Nick can’t bear it anymore. He can’t bear to see his own channel being torn apart. It is true, no one from the Providers Outside family has seen their channel for a while, but this surely can’t mean anything, can it? 


Panic is flooding the channel, gobbling up every petrified citizen. The bluish glow in their bodies is dimming slowly, but to Nick, their electricity is flooding out of them.


The noise is unbearable. It is rattling Nick’s mind, pummelling it from all sides. He suddenly feels guilty for using up more of the electricity from the Providers Outside, but at that time he’d thought it was kingly to have more rights as a king.


But now Nick knows that the TV Bots are united, and need to stick together. But it’s too late now. 


It can’t end like this, Nick thinks. Not after what we’ve been through.


Not one time is he feeling fortunate to be born first, to be king, to not be suffering like everyone else.


He isn’t going to think alone, so he looks for Toons, who has always been Nick’s loyal friend. He was born after him and Nick always shares his troubles with him. 


There’s still a little time before the electricity in NickToons runs out completely, so Nick rushes around, hoping that fate has mercy on him.


He is suddenly seeing Toons in the distance, by the Screen. Nick feels a tiny bit motivated, feels that the TV Bots can work this out eventually. But when Nick gets closer to Toons, his electricity level drops massively.

Toons is fading and sparking, and finally disappears.


Toons’ share of Exaturn Ununoctium lays squirming on the ground, and finally stills.




The dreaming Nick turns, and runs away, out of the deep, dark abyss of his horrible dream…’ 










Chapter 7


Nick jolted and jerked around, still disturbed at the horror of his dream. His eyelids were so heavy that he almost needed to use his fingers to open them. Nick closed his eyes again, but never quite slept soundly. It was like he was in the back seat of a driving car on the motorway, with a few blankets over his head. Voices were muffled. Nick now knew what sleep meant, and hoped that the future didn’t hold such nightmares for him.


Once he finished with his power nap and got back to his senses, he pondered upon what had happened in his dream. Not the part with Toons, though. Then Nick actually realised how many TV Bots were around him. Some were leaning over him.


“He’s the one I saw,” said one.


“What, after you arrived?” said another.




“Can he talk?”


“I dunno. He was still when I first saw him.”


“Alright, but he’s up now, try talking to him.”


The first speaker kneeled down to Nick. He cleared his voice. 


“Uh, well, let’s see, well, you see when you were still we figured that-“ Nick held up his hand to hush the other TV Bot.


“I know,” Nick said plainly. “I know more than you.”


“Cool. But you don't know that once everyone here arrived, we said something without realising.”


“So did I. Well that proves it then,” Nick whispered, shocked.


“Proves what?”


“I’m king.”


Those two words silenced the others, and soon the whole channel fell silent. Nick couldn’t have found a better opportunity to speak up and inform everyone about important things they needed to know.


















Chapter 8


He looked around for something to boost him higher above the ground so that he was visible all around. He couldn’t, so he looked around for the TV Bot who had spoken to him.


“Mind if you give me a little boost?”


“Alright. But if I break then you’ll have to put me back together.”




As the other TV Bot lifted him on his back, Nick realised who it was.


It was Toons.


“Go on. Say something!” someone screamed in the crowd. 


Nick started a little, then began to speak.


“Um, okay. Well, I slept some time ago and-“ Nick stopped as he noticed the confusion on everyone’s faces. “Sleeping is closing your eyes and thinking of something which isn’t true, in your head. Well hopefully not true,” Nick added, suddenly saddened. “So, yes. I slept and, I saw some things about us, and what we need to do to live.” The crowd looked less confused now, and began to listen intently.


“In my sleep, I saw… bad things. Bad, bad things. But I’ll have to tell you. You all were stopping to live.”

Toons became so shocked that he almost dropped Nick. Almost. The crowd became completely silent. Too silent for Nick. 


“Don’t worry. I realised that we need to find electricity to live, and we need to share it. Despite being king, I shall always be in the same boat as you. That’s is my promise. We will live!” Nick bellowed the last word, throwing as much motivation into it as possible. A war shout echoed around the channel as the crowd went into a complete frenzy.


“Now go!” Nick yelled, his voice feeling like acid through his throat. “Go find electricity!” Toons forgot that he was holding Nick and ran off with the others, throwing him to the ground. 

“Oof!” Nick got back to his feet, proud of his Bots.      


Suddenly, the ground below him trembled. Blinding lights flashed all around. Something hard smacked into Nick’s head, and his mind said, ‘bye bye’ for the second time in a short span of minutes…













Chapter 9


‘Nick is sitting with Goatsy in the far corner of NickToons by the Screen, where he holds his meetings. 


“Check the Chamber. There should be some Electro’s there if we are lucky,” Nick is saying. “Or look in the Main Room, unless you’ve fished everything out of there.”


“Done and dusted, sir. But the BigBots are all at Boomerang. Boomer wanted some Electro of his own and has captured them to go into the wires when he wishes. So who will get the electricity now, sir?” replies Goatsy. He is a minister Bot, but he doesn’t mind being treated like a messenger. 


Nick hisses. That old Boomer is always after his recruits. “Okay. Um. Well then, go up to Boomer with a few of your big buddies, you know, the ones that work at the Stall. Tell him to get them back.” 


The Stall is a shop in NickToons, one of the few channels that has enough ‘wealth’ to afford one. You are lucky if the Stall holders are feeling generous, and offer you a trade in your favour. But that rarely happens. 


“As you wish, Nicholas.” Nick is surprised. Bots only call him Nicholas when they want to mock him. Maybe Goatsy is just fooling around. After all, even TV Bots need to have a little fun once in a while. 


Nick is waving Goatsy away and goes back to his throne. 


“Whoa. Has been a long day,” Nick says to Ervo, Nick’s friend, who’s already dusting Nick’s throne. 


“Yes, Nicho - I mean, Nick,” replied Ervo. She’s one of the only Bots who calls Nick, Nick. 


“I was just talking to Goatsy. Turns out that Boomer’s at our BigBots again. Only this time he succeeded.”


“What!” Ervo gasped, incredulous.


“No need to worry. Goatsy is getting the Stall Bots to help him get the biggies back.” Ervo still looks somewhat disturbed, but she has reason to. Nick can’t help feeling slightly apprehensive himself, for Boomer can be vicious when he wants something, and Nick is hoping that Goatsy and the Stall Bots will be fine. And Boomer has two Stalls, and could easily sell Nick’s Bots to them for a decent amount of Electro.


Nick realises what might happen when Boomer does, eventually, obtain enough Electro from his slaves - mostly from NickToons. Unless Boomer doesn’t know how to convert Electro into force shields and detonators. This would be bad for NickToons for going through Boomerang is the only way to the General Stall, which is a Stall between every five nearby channels, which makes a Bot Cluster. 


NickToons shares their borders with Boomerang, Disney XD 1 and 2 and the two Nickelodeons. The General Stall has some products which can’t be made from normal electricity from the wires, or electricity from the Providers Outside which is held in the Main Room. Instead it has some things from a part of the TV where no one Nick knows has gone. There’s a very rich channel there, as some messengers say. Apparently, the General Stall holders find loads of the rarest content every now and then in their area. They assume it’s from the RichLand, as Nick’s Bots call it. No one knows for sure, though. If anyone did, then Boomer would probably find out and wreck the area. 


Anyway, as Nick nestles down in his throne comfortably, he sees Goatsy  charging up to him, his electricity level is very low indeed. He is in such a bad condition that he might have to trade in a few dozen EB’s (Electricity Bits) just for a bottle of Botlex, which is a very good medicine to up your electricity level. But Goatsy will probably eat up the EB first. But he doesn’t seem bothered now, and just looks as if his life depends on telling Nick the news.


“He’s d-d-done it,” Goatsy gasps. “Boomer. He’s d-done it…”


“Done what!” Nick bellows. Goatsy’s electricity level is now so low that the ball of Exaturn Ununoctium at the bottom of his body is revealing. Goatsy is almost gone. Even a massive swig of EB wouldn’t heal him much at all.


“Come on, Goatsy! You can do it! Tell me! Come on, fight.” Nick is whispering the last sentence, hoping that Goatsy will live long enough to tell Nick what Boomer’s done. 


“Boomer…” Goatsy falls to his knees, roughly an inch of electricity left in his body. He pants hard, fizzing out and sparking.


“Goatsy. Not Goatsy,” Nick whispers.


Goatsy manages one, single word.




Goatsy disappears.’




Chapter 10


Nick couldn't help it any more, for he couldn't concentrate knowing that he had a faint idea of what would happen in the future. Nick didn’t want to think about it any more, didn’t want to live in the horror of sleep ever again. But he knew it would come. 


But whilst Nick was recovering, he realised a difference in his channel. Every TV Bot was by the so-called Screen, staring up at it. A voice echoed around the channel, and a green plasma was floating around everywhere, looking like DNA. All of it seemed to be going certain part of the channel. 


No way, thought Nick. Could that be the…


His thoughts were cut off by a massive roar. Nick joined the crowd and noticed a massive figure moving about in the Screen. It was a yellow, square-shaped thing, and was saying something to a pink, pointy object. The screen gave a glow to the channel, which Nick realised was completely bare. That was, everything apart from the green plasma which floated around in the air. In his sleep, Nick had seen much more… stuff everywhere. He turned his attention back to the Screen, until finally a few Bots got tired of seeing two creatures behaving utterly uncharacteristically, and just wandered around; they did anything but go back to the Screen. 


Before Nick even thought about it, he dashed towards the area of the channel where the green plasma was going to. A dark hole in the wall of the channel had opened up, and the plasma floated into it. Nick stooped down to his knees and peered through the gap. He tentatively waved his hand inside, groping for an object, but nothing was there. A chill ran up his spine, as it was absolutely freezing inside the… Main Room. 


It has to be, thought Nick. This is what I saw in my sleep. Or is it the Chamber?


Hesitantly, Nick put one of his legs through the gap, then the other leg, then ducked his head down before his entire body was submerged in darkness. Before Nick could get out of the room, the last plasma floated in, and then the hole shut.

Just like that…





















Chapter 11


Nick’s mind raced. His legs trembled. What did fate have in store for him? Nick burst for the wall of the Main Room, having the intention that he could break through. But instead, he just rebounded off. 


A sharp stab of pain served through Nick’s body, and suddenly he felt light-headed. Nick looked down. The blue light of his body had lowered to his waist. 


No way, thought Nick. It can’t be. 


Nick barely had the energy to walk, let alone look around the Main Room for any cure. All the plasma had floated to the ceiling of the Room, and the floor was completely bare. 


However, the game wasn’t over yet. A blood-cell looking, green object lay on the ground. Nick had seen enough in his sleep to know what this was.


It was a huge Botlex pill. 


It was about ten yards (Bot yards) away from him. Nick went to get it and immediately sucked on the outer edges of the pill, relief flooding through him as he did so. Nick didn’t care that he’d might have to live in the Main Room for quite a while, and completely devoured the pill before he knew it. Nick knew he would probably salvage something later when he needed to, but he had a few hours, maybe days, left in his body. But that was a presumption, and presumptions could have been very costly for Nick for his species were just gaining knowledge.


After sitting down for a while, Nick decided he’d find some electricity to eat later, just to be on the safe side. But he made sure to keep a note of which way he was going from the Main Room entrance, just in case it reopened. 


The Main Room was much larger than Nick had presumed, and after minutes of pacy walking, there seemed to be no sign of an end. Nick gave up. If he kept on walking like this, his electricity level would go down more frequently. Instead of accidentally going to sleep, Nick decided to purposefully get some rest whatever his dreams had in store for him. Nick lied down on the floor, and closed his eyes. But they kept fluttering open. 


Oh, well, Nick sighed. That’s that. 


He heaved himself up, thought for a while, and finally decided he had to go on. Instead of trekking on through the middle, Nick decided to search on the verge of the Main Room. 


Once he got there, his hopes faded away, for there was just the net-like wall going on for ages. Nick was desperate now. He could pretty much eat the walls. The walls…






Chapter 12


Nick immediately, grabbed the walls in his hands and tugged with all his might. A piece of the outskirt of the Main Room tore off, leaving a plain, blue sheet of electricity underneath. Nick took a bit of that as well, disappointed to find there was nothing else behind it. For Nick now knew that he could always get electricity when he wanted to eat, he made himself back to the entrance of the Main Room, using a bit of the wall food to help him get there. Nick saved the sheet for later. It seemed quite delectable to him. 


The entrance hadn’t opened, and Nick was worried he had gone in the wrong direction. But he wasn’t going to doubt his memory; that was basically his GPS in the TV. Nick slumped down right by the entrance wall and lay his food on either side of him. Nick looked at the sheet and wondered if he could resist the urge to absolutely lick the thing clean. He couldn’t. Nick tenderly lifted the sheet like a mother lifting her baby, and took the tiniest bite out of the side.


A glorious, scrumptious bit of the sheet slithered down Nick’s throat, and flavours burst inside his mouth. He was so obsessed in devouring the sheet that he didn't notice all the plasma from the ceiling floating down to the wall food. Only when the sheet was no more, Nick's attention turned to the green cloud of electricity around the chunk of the wall. 


“Whoa,” Nick stammered.


He hadn’t found food.


He’d found a Wall Magnet…



















Chapter 13


Nick leaned towards the magnet and blew in some of the plasma cloud around it. Divine. It soothed Nick’s body and he felt like he was in a trance, swaying in the rains of the Amazon, fine rays of sunlight dappling against the emerald-green leaves, the sweet song of the nightingale penetrating his senses, a tender breeze trickling past his body. 


Whilst Nick regained his senses, he took in what he had just experienced. Before anything actually flowed into his brain, a grinding sound of metal to his left got his attention. The hole. Without thinking, he flew through, and came back into the channel. 


As soon as he looked up, he noticed changes in the channel. Everything was much more organised and flowing. A group by the Screen were having a meeting led by Toons, and another group - including Goatsy - were talking about roles and each other. A bunch of bigger Bots were being told what they needed to by Ervo. Suddenly, a Bot spotted Nick appearing and bellowed, “Look, it’s our king!” 


Everyone immediately surrounded Nick and smiled. Toons shoved his way through the bustling crowd and his eyes lit up as he saw Nick. 




“Toons! What did I miss?”

“Only the fact that everyone single subject here has been assigned a job. You see, almost all of us had dreams and we learnt a lot from them.”


“That’s… amazing. But what will I do.”


“Help keep the boat steady. It won’t go the right direction if there isn’t someone steering at the back.” Toons smiled. Nick smiled. Everyone in the crowd smiled as well.


Of course, thought Nick. Who will steer if I don’t?


“Oh, and also. Don’t go back into the Main Room. Leave that to us,” Toons added.


Nick was elated. Who knew what there species would rise to one day…






















Chapter 14


5 years later…


The BigBots ran up to Nick, who was just adding up this week’s losses. 


“It horrible Nicholas. The Chamber bare. We barely find any Electro. Stall holders have not enough products to sell. We losing lot of electricity. Especially when we owe Disney and his Bots. What we do, Nicholas?” one said. Nick sighed. If only he didn’t have to get emergency EB bottles from Disney. He was a nice leader, Disney, but when cheated became very mad. Nick had told him he would repay him in a week, but it had been a month now.


But for some reason, the Providers Outside weren’t watching their show as often as before. Probably on vacation.


Nick replied, “Well… try looking further inside the wires. I know it’s dangerous, but remember that Disney’s channel has a detonator. Grade D, yes, but he has one, whatever the Electro he used may be like.” The BigBots nodded and left.


Nick searched his bag and saw what he had: two EB bottles, a tiny Main Room sheet and a Grade B TV Tool. TV Tools were shields everyone had in emergencies to protect themselves. They were easily sold, and usually a bargain at NickToons’ Stall. 


Nick made his way to the Stall. He would’ve gone to the General Store for there were better deals there, but it wouldn’t be open for another two Bot hours. 


As he reached the Stall, his smile turned upside down. There was barely anything at all on the tables. Only enough for two days. “What can I get for this?” Nick queried, holding up the EB bottles. 


“Only a Wall Magnet, I’m afraid this won’t be of much use to you will it, Nicholas?” Nick shrugged. He guessed he could sell it to the BigBots. 


“I’ll take it.”


As Nick walked back, he tried to take his mind off owing Disney.


For a bit anyway…


















Chapter 15


Nick walked back and told himself to make sure that he made it to the General Store before any other channel got to it first. Nick looked around.


Many Bots were worrying and trying to sell as much as they could. Since the BigBots were gone, there was no one to fetch more ingredients from the Chamber, Main Room or wires, so the only way Nick’s Stall was moving on was by swapping. This wasn’t useful because eventually, all the unwanted objects were left on the table and no one bothered about it anymore. The situation wasn’t critical, but it was nerve-racking. 


Anything could happen.


And happen it did.


Such an event after this occurred that even the ones who didn’t witness it were informed about it, till the darkest corners of the TV, till RichLand…
















Chapter 16


The sudden booming noise echoed of the walls of the channel and tormented Nick’s ears. It was Boomer’s voice.


‘Attention citizens of Bot cluster 604-608. You may be wondering why you have such little electricity left in your channels, and guess what. EVERY channel in this cluster has been raided by yours truly. BigBots, eh? Well guess who’s got them now. As you puny little Botlings starve in your barren wastelands, I’ll be becoming the strongest leader of the whole Bot Universe. Now, if you'll excuse me, I’m heading off to raid every channel in the TV, and then see who’s the strong one. Have a splendid last few days.’


Nick shivered. Silence swept over the channel. Tension was rising. Boomer was becoming stronger and stronger by the minute. Nick looked back at his channel. 


Tired bodies roamed around, some lying on the floor.


No, thought Nick. This can’t be the end.


In the blink of an eye, a terrible grinding sound of metal against metal was heard, and the East wall of the channel came down. Large chunks of debris flew off in all directions, causing panic in the channel and Bots screamed in terror. Nick looked back to see what had appeared.


A huge tractor-like vehicle emerged from the broken wall, followed by hundreds of Bots with other smaller vehicles. Nick realised that it was just Nickel and his Bots from Nickelodeon. Nickel emerged from the vehicle and walked up to Nick. He was now face to face with him, a serious look on his face. Nickel began talking.


“If Boomer thinks were puny, then if we stand together, we’ll be much stronger.” Nickel smiled softly. Nick smiled. They knew what they were thinking, and what needed to be done.


“Listen up Bots,” Nick began. “We’re not letting Boomer get away with his selfish acts. It’s time we fought the injustice and dealt with it once and for all!” A roar went up in the crowd.


Whilst the uproar continued, Nickel whispered to Nick, “Don’t worry. My genius Bots made a electricity creator which we’ve attached to Jakob, our vehicle over there.” Nick was impressed. His channel didn’t have anything unique in it, like old Jakob. The electricity-sapped channel could use a little boost.


To no one in particular, Nick said three words which would be the start of a historical event.


“Let’s do this.”


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