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A Two Last Kidpubbers fanfiction (one or two swears btw)

A Two Last Kidpubbers fanfiction (one or two swears btw)

Posted September 18th, 2023 by ElizieAngelina

by Agent 4
in The Deepsea Metro (jk, it's Texas.)

September 18th, 2023

My (Four's/Elizabeth's) POV

The lantern shining inside of the shack provides a comfortable, spacious, space safe for all of us. We all chatter happily, and before we know it, it's night. Crickets chirp around the village and the papers from outside glow brightly. I laugh and slump against the wall, my hoodie pressing against my skin softly. Even though I love talking with Maria, Quartz, D4ag0n, Connor, and Snow, I suddenly grow bored with the talking, yet I want to stay.

I look to Maria to see that she looks soberly towards a wall as her paw rubs it. "I'll excuse myself now," she says.

"Okay," Connor says. "Maria, you'll be back soon, right?"

Maria nods. "Yeah."

Connor and everyone else-including me, smile. "Okay. See you soon!" Maria walks out of the hut, her tail sweeping the ground. A soft breeze flashes into the shack, and it is so sudden that I have to wrap myself more tightly in my hoodie. 

There is a silence before Quartz begins talking again. This time, the talking and Maria's leaving seem to awaken something new in me. It's a feeling I cannot control, nor a feeling that I am new to. I am filled with the urge to talk to Maria.

"I'll go with Maria too," I say.

I barely see the KidPubbers waving and saying "Goodbye!" as I sneak out of the hut and duck my head. When I rise my head up, a sudden sound reaches my ears-and it's certainly not the ambience of the night. Sitting on the fountain's rim is Maria holding an MP3 player. The song is Gabriel's Oboe, and when she hears the song, her face becomes even more somber. I try to walk towards her, but I accidentally step on a rock and it scatters away.

"Shit," I mutter underneath my breath. Maria doesn't seem to mind, nor does she hear it. She begins to pace around the square, and immediately, I rush towards her and speak up. "Where are you going?"

Maria stops in her tracks. "I really don't know."

"Why are you going in the first place?"

"I don't know either. How come you know I was about to leave?"

"No idea."

We are both silent. I gaze at Maria, and she gazes at me, then sighs deeply. "I love KidPub, but I feel restless, Four." I let her words radiate inside my mind. At the same time of feeling somewhat restless, I can't shake the nagging feeling that she may want to-


Calm down, Elizabeth. She can't retire just yet. 

"I feel like I want to go someplace," Maria continues. As she speaks, I hear a slight noise. A creak. A crack. "Like-"

She stops when I hold a finger to her lips. "Shh, do you hear that?" I whisper.

"What?" Maria asks. She looks around, in shock and in fear.

Suddenly, something leaps onto me and I shriek. Gritting my teeth, I look up to see that it is a pile of purple and black mist. I try to fight against it, desperately attempting to reach for the dualie on my belt, but I cannot.

Everything goes dark.

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Nice! i really like this. I

Nice! i really like this. I love the way you describe your feelings. i've never been any good at that

adding to favorites!



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