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Ty-bir, The Warrior Princess

Ty-bir, The Warrior Princess

Posted October 22nd, 2011 by alvinapinkglasses

by Alvina
in South Carolina

October 22nd, 2011

                                           Alvina Emran

May 23rd, 2011


     A long time ago in the kingdom of Delhi in India, there was a queen who was devoted to the Hindu god Shiva. One day, when she was praying, she heard Shiva’s voice, saying, “For your devotion, you will have a child who is blessed by me”. On the night of the full moon, the queen had a tiny baby girl, who was brown skinned, with big violet eyes, and thick black hair. She named her beautiful daughter Karina. Next morning, when she was alone with her daughter, the queen suddenly gasped, for Karina’s eyes turned to orange with a black streak down the middle, and it seemed like she was listening intently, as her ears became little peaks in the back. When her mother let her go in fright, Karina flew up to the ceiling of the room, as her arms became graceful wings with feathers striped black and orange. Her leg muscles rippled under her baby skin, and her hair braided up into a tiny braid with an orange stripe in the middle. When she came down, she looked like a normal happy baby again. Her mother looked lovingly at her and thought, “You are indeed blessed with the strength of a tiger and the soaring power of a bird. You are Ty-bir, blessed by Shiva, even though your mortal name is Karina.” Her daughter, who was looking intently at her with her violet eyes, said, “Yes, Ma.” Her mother looked at her in amazement and said, “You can talk and read my mind! I pray you will put your powers to good use.”


     Karina was a very mischievous child as she was growing up. She sensed that she should keep her powers a secret, and only revealed them to her mother. If her mother disciplined her she would fly away to the top of a tree and wouldn’t come down. She would try to ride on the back of any animal she came across, even the irate rhinoceros, but they could not hurt her because she was so agile and strong. She had a special bonding with the tigers and roamed around with them, often bringing back tiger cubs to play with, much to the dismay of her servants. Her father, the king, absolutely adored her, and found the best scholars in the kingdom to teach her. The scholars were amazed at the depth of her knowledge. Little did they know that she could read their minds and answer correctly.


     Karina turned into a beautiful woman. She was unusually tall and slender with long, tapering fingers. She loved to wear shimmering and colorful shalwar kameezes and black and orange striped saris. Understandably, she had many suitors, but she did not notice any of them. Like her mother, she was very devoted to Shiva, and realized that she had a greater destiny.


     During these ancient times, the Hindu gods were always fighting against the demons, who wanted to take over the universe. It was a constant battle between good and evil. The demons were always trying to take over kingdoms to increase their strength. Soon the kingdom of Delhi came under attack. Karina’s father left at the head of his great army to fight against Raag, a ferocious demon. Karina and her mother prayed night and day that the king would be safe and could fight them off, but one night, the soldiers came back in disarray without the king, who had been captured by Raag. Karina came out onto the palace balcony and faced them. She knew that it was time to act. The soldiers, who were absolutely terrified of the ferocity of Raag wanted to run away with their wives and children, but Karina shouted out to them, “We must stop the evil demons!” The soldiers shouted back, “But we have no leader! Our king has been taken!” Karina replied with vigor, “I will lead you!” When they stared at the beautiful, slim woman in disbelief, she spread out her arms, and jumped off the balcony. The soldiers cowered in fear at the sight of the beautiful orange and black striped wings, and the tawny tiger eyes, flashing like fire. They shouted out, “Is she a demon too?” Then the queen stepped onto the balcony, and said in a commanding voice, “Listen to her. She is indeed Ty-bir, blessed by Shiva, to battle against evil.” In front of their amazed eyes, Ty-bir flew to the top of a tree, and with one swipe of her powerful arm, felled down the tree next to it. “Behold the power of Shiva,” she said. “Our other advantage is that I can read the demon, Raag’s thoughts. But our biggest strength is that we are fighting on the side of the good and the righteous.” Ty-bir hovered in the air in front of them, “Are you with me?” she asked. The soldiers looked from her to the queen, and then shouted out in inspiration, “Yes!”


     With Karina in the front, the soldiers marched to go back to the battlefield. Before long, they could hear the guttural shouts of triumph of the demons, marching towards the city. Karina’s eyes focused intently, and then she said, “I have read Raag’s thoughts. He does not know that we are prepared to fight. He thinks you all have run away. We have the advantage of surprise.” She divided the soldiers into four groups. She would hold the front with the first group, two groups would attack the flanks, and one group would secretly go off on the side to attack from the rear. First of all, they bowed their heads and prayed to Shiva to give them strength, and then quietly took up their positions.


      Raag, at the head of his rejoicing demon army, was taken aback to see an orderly line of soldiers attacking them with bloodthirsty war cries. Before he could collect his wits, there were more war cries from either flank. The terrified demon army then saw a glowing, majestic, orange and black apparition above them, flashing fire through tawny tiger eyes. In fear, the demon army tried to run away, but was attacked by soldiers in the rear. There was no escape, and as they looked up in terror, they saw the three spear symbol of Shiva projecting like light rays from Tybir’s forehead. With mighty swipes of her hand, Tybir was massacring demons right and left. Raag tried to rally them, but it was of no use. Suddenly he knew he had another weapon. He dragged out the imprisoned king and shouted, “Lay down your weapons or I will kill your king!”


     At the sight of her bruised and bleeding father, Karina cried, “Father!” and the shock transformed her into her human form. The king realized that this was his daughter, who was special and could save his people. “Never surrender to evil!” he cried out to his daughter and to his soldiers. Enraged at the king, Raag stabbed him with his spear. In despair and anger, Karina transformed back into Ty-bir and with one bloodcurdling shriek, she smashed Raag’s head off his body. At the death of their leader, the demons dropped their weapons and cowered on the ground. The king’s soldiers surrounded them.


     Karina cradled her father’s head in her arms, sobbing, “Don’t leave me Father!” The king opened his eyes with difficulty, and said, “My beloved daughter, I realize that you are special, and I can leave my people in good hands. Do not grieve, for we have conquered evil. I know you will rule wisely. Look after your mother for me.” He closed his eyes, and with a deep sigh, surrendered to death.


     That day, good had triumphed over evil and the gods rejoiced. Karina was a great ruler. She used her powers wisely and surfaced as Ty-bir only when needed. The tales of her abilities spread throughout the world, so the demons did not dare to attack her kingdom again. She served Shiva throughout her life and gained immortal happiness.




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WOW!!! I love it!!!

WOW!!! I love it!!!

Posted by CamiBeth on Sat, 10/22/2011 - 14:03

This was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO awesome, I loved it!!!!!!!





I'm so mean, I'm nice~myself

Posted by Kat on Tue, 10/25/2011 - 19:12
Thak you sooooo much for

Thak you sooooo much for your comments. It inspires me to write more!smiley

Posted by Alvina on Tue, 12/06/2011 - 20:30

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