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Ultimates: Book 10: The Great Possessing: {Book 1 In The 2nd Series}

Ultimates: Book 10: The Great Possessing: {Book 1 In The 2nd Series}

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June 4th, 2018

Here is, basacily, book 10 in one post. 

(IDK how to spell basacily)





Ultimates: The Great Possessing:

By: The Ultimate Osaid



-----| Prologue |-----



Battle A: Light Planet, Bright City. Casualties= 235.


Battle B: Tech PLanet, Projectile Highway. Casualties= 22 Cars, 5 Buses, 123 Humans.


Battle C: Rock Planet, Agate City. Casualties= 214.


Battle D: Fire Planet, Flame City. Casualties= 312.


Battle E: Ertin, Tawner City. Casualties= To Be Determined.


Battle F: Hindro, Hilman. Casualties= To Be Determined.


Plan A Complete For Now: Sending to all Generals…



-----| Chapter 1 |-----



My eyes fluttered open, and I started to recall the dream I had last night. It was more of a flashback… Of when I left the Ultimates Galaxy to come back home. Except when I arrived, things got nightmarish in the dream.

But that wasn’t how it was in real life.

“Ichoo! C’mon you are so slow!” I heard Saturo yell from outside, “wake up already!”

I got up as fast as I can, and I bursted open my closet. I took out a flannel shirt that was brown and yellow, some black pants, and a pair of white socks. I grabbed my backpack and ran downstairs, where I then saw Dad, Mom, and Nushot eating breakfast.

“Oh hey Ich.” Nushot said.

“Why don’t you wake me up!? I’m always late!” I yelled as I put on my green shoes.

“We talked about this Ich,” Mom said, “you have to start being responsible for yourself. You have to wake up on your own, if you are late, that’s your problem.”

“Yeah yeah…” I replied, “bye!”

I walked outside where I spotted Saturo at my door, and his blond hair was brushed again.

“Hey Saturo.” I said.

“Hey,” Saturo replied, “c’mon we’re gonna be late because SOMEONE slept in again.”

Saturo and I sprinted down the road (on the sidewalk of course). It had been a year since we got back from the Light Planet, and now we were in 8th grade, and Saturo and I are 14 years old.

“AND HIS NAME IS JOHN CENO! DEN DEN DEN DEEEEN!!” we heard a familiar loud sound.

We turned around and spotted John with Ron and Don at his side, walking up towards us.

“Oh hey John.” I said.

“Sup Ich. Late to school again?” John asked.

“No, what makes you think that?” I asked back.


“That.” John said, smirking.

“You are late too though!” I yelled as the five of us sprinted to the school.

The doors were gonna close, and we would never make it to school…

“I’ve got an idea!” Saturo yelled.

Saturo then took out a familiar object… His Ultimate Crystal.

“Oh yeah!” John exclaimed.

The five of us, even Ron and Don, took out our Ultimate Crystals, and absorbed them. Then, we sprinted quickly, thanks to our Ultimate Crystals, and we made it inside the school in five seconds. Mom did say though, not to use my Ultimate Crystal at all, unless it’s an emergency… This is sorta an emergency.

“Whew!” Don said.

We were in the hallway, right next to the main office. We started walking through the hallways.

“Well, see ya in homeroom!” John said.

“See ya.” Saturo replied.

John had to go, because his locker was far from ours. Don and Ron were the same. I stopped at my locker, and opened it up. When I had returned from the Light Planet, I forgot my combination which was a problem, but I remember it now.

“Ummm… Ich…” Saturo said.

“What?” I asked while I put my backpack inside.

“That person seems suspicious, and seems to be spying on us,” Saturo said, pointing down the hallway.

I turned and looked at who he was pointing at, but I only saw a glimpse of long dark brown hair. The person had disappeared.

“Hmmm…” I said, “eh… Let’s just get to homeroom.”

“Agreed.” Saturo replied.

We then started our way to homeroom.


Saturo and I were now going to lunch. We always brought our own lunch from home, so we had our lunch boxes in our hands. We walked down the hallway to the cafeteria.

We sat at a table by ourselves, but lately there were some random people who joined us. And just last week, John started sitting with us, as well as Ron and Don.

“So Saturo…” I said as we walked towards our table, “did you pack enough spicy chips for today?”

“Yeah of course!” Saturo replied, “brought two party sized bags in fact.”

“Uh huh.” I said.

We took our seats and took out our food. I had a sandwich, a grilled cheese sandwich. I liked how they tasted, it was delicious. Then, I spotted the broccoli… Mom packed this, definitely. If it were Dad or Nushot, there would be Nutella.

“Oh man, you sure are unlucky,” Saturo said. “But…”

Then I spotted Saturo’s lunch… He, as he said before, had two party sized spicy chips, but he also had… 1 orange, a sandwich, a bag of baby carrots, and a lot of salad.

“... I am even more unlucky,” Saturo said.

“I see. Well we’ve got only 30 minutes of lunch, let’s eat up.” I said.

I took a bite out of my sandwich, and that’s when John sat down in front of us. He was smirking at the same time.

“Finally,” John said, “got rid of my posse. At least for now.”

“‘For now’. Huh. So they’re coming back to you?” Saturo asked.

“Yes. Exactly. That’s the problem. They keep copying me, they started using my intro… Except for Don and Ron. Speaking of them, they just got picked up by their parents. I dunno why.” John replied.

“Probably just an appointment.” I said.


Then John looked to the left, then the right, as if he were a robber looking for any cops who were out to get him. Then he looked back at us.

“Guys…” John said, “I’m going.”

John then got up and began to run away. I soon realized why, once I saw his posse following him.

“When will those guys realize that John doesn’t want them around?” Saturo asked me.

“I don’t know… Maybe never.” I replied, as I finished my sandwich.

“Wait a minute…” Saturo then said, “ummm…”

I looked at where Saturo was looking. It was a girl with long brown hair in a braid. She was wearing a green shirt, and she had a jacket wrapped around her waist. Her table was full (each table has enough seats for ten people, five on each side), and they were all giggling as she was looking at us.

“Ummm…” I said, as I slowly reached for my broccoli for some random reason.

“Ich, she is creeping me out!” Saturo said nervously.

“I know bro, she’s creeping me out too!” I replied, as I slowly put a piece of broccoli in my mouth, for some reason.


The bell had rung, thank goodness. It was time to go to our next class.


Saturo and I were late, because John’s posse slowed us down. But when we arrived at the classroom, when the teacher was saying something, a sight of something, or rather someone, stopped Saturo and I right in our places.

“Oh no…” whispered Saturo.

That girl from before, at lunch, was sitting down at the classroom. I realized she was sitting with the popular girls (which are the people Saturo and I try to stay away from…). She seemed like she didn’t like them too much.

“Oh Ich, Saturo.” The teacher (who was old, I think he should retire) said, “you’re late. Take a seat.”

Embarrassed, Saturo and I made our way to the back of the classroom, as the popular girls giggled at us, which creeped me out. The boys smirked at us, in a way to make fun of us.

I sat down, and so did Saturo, and we looked over at the teacher.

“Alright. Before I call attendance, let me introduce you all to the new student.” The teacher said, looking over at the girl who creeped Saturo and me out, “meet Lavender. She moved in yesterday.”

“Sup Y’all.” The girl (Lavender) said aloud.

“Anyway, let’s call attendance.” The teacher said, before putting on glasses and looking down at the attendance sheet.

He began to call out names before he got to a certain one…


Just like always, good ol’ John is there to make me laugh. A year ago he used to make fun of me and Saturo, but now he’s… My second best friend in the whole school.

John appeared at the door, dancing like a madman. He started to do parkour on the student’s desks, and when he arrived at his desk (which was next to Saturo, he was in the middle between me and John), he did a flip and sat in it.

The boys started to clap and smile while looking at each other. John leaned back and smirked. I looked over at Lavender for some reason, and she looked like she was figuring something out in her head… I wonder what.

“Alright, everyone please give me your attention! I haven’t finished with attendance!” The teacher shouted before coughing.

Poor guy, he’s old and shouldn’t raise his voice, but he has to… thanks to John. The teacher continued with the attendance as Saturo started to draw in his notebook.

I peeked over to see what Saturo was drawing, and it was… a picture of Glitter, or otherwise known as Zap. I remembered him, that tiger bird thing that was ‘shocking’. Glitter went back to Elec, while Draco stayed with Glare, Fireball, Zephyr, Listy, Mehrunes, Uchiho, and Draelin. And Lagi and Ivory stayed with Glare as well.

“Okay class, let us now begin…” The teacher said, after finishing attendance.

He pulled down the world map… Actually the other one, that was blank and only white, at first I thought he pulled down the world map.

“Can someone run the projector for me?” The teacher asked.

“OH!!! Me!” Lavender suddenly yelled.

The teacher nodded to her, and she got up and walked up to the projector, and she snuck a peek at Saturo’s drawing for some reason. The teacher waited silently before she got it running. Then, a slideshow appeared on the screen, and it was titled, ‘Hindro History’.

“Okay class…” The teacher started, “can someone explain to Lavender what we talked about yesterday?”

“I’ll do it.” A random boy said, looking over at Lavender, “we were just talking about how the president helps everyone out. We talked about how he was a very good man and how he is the best president Hindro ever had.”

“Thank you Robert.” The teacher said to that random dude, “today we will watch a short clip.”

The slide changed, and it showed a video. The teacher played the video, as everyone focused on the screen. In the video, there was the president, with his light brown hair, and wearing a suit, standing there behind of his podium.

The camera switched to focusing on a man, who was standing in the crowd.

“You’re a fool, Mr. President!” the man yelled, “Ultimates are real! They are powerful! You can’t hide that they exist!”

I started to pay attention more. What is going on? What about Ultimates?

“Phht!” the President said back, “look at this man! He’s stupid, he has no idea what he is talking about! Such a pity… Listen, dumb one, Ultimates don’t exist. There are no such thing as Ultimates, or Ultimate Crystals that give you power, or anything that has to do with Ultimates! They are just a fake myth!”

Wait… Ultimates are real! And I’m an Ultimate! And so is Saturo and John! And everyone else back in the galaxy! What is going on? Why is the President lying?

In the video, everyone in the crowd started to laugh at the man. The man looked mad.

“YOU LIAR!” the man yelled.

“Guards, take him away.” the President said.

Then, the man started yelling again, as two policemen took him away. Then the teacher paused the video.

“Well…” The teacher said, “we all learned something from this… Ultimates aren’t real, they are fake and are just a Myth. That man was stupid, he believes in a Myth. *CHUCKLE*.”

My jaws dropped, slamming into my desk (although it actually didn’t). Everyone started laughing with the teacher at that man who claims Ultimates are real… Everyone was laughing… Except for…

Me, Saturo, John… And Lavender for some reason.

The bell then rang. Saturo and I left the classroom silently. For the rest of the day I was wondering…

What was going on? What is happening here on Hindro!? What is with the President, telling lies? Ultimates are real, and I am one, and I have my Ultimate Crystal with me!

I wondered for the rest of the day, and I barely paid attention in the rest of my classes. I didn’t even talk with Saturo, and when John did his intro during attendance, I didn’t even notice.

I was too busy, thinking about the President. I wanted to go to him, and show everyone on TV that Ultimates are real. I wanted to show them, I wanted to prove it… But I can’t.

I just can’t. Not alone… I wonder what Glare would say about this, he might have an explanation… If I had asked my parents they wouldn’t tell me, they hide a lot of things from me…

I went home that day also thinking, I finished my homework and went to sleep. I looked forward to the next day, to see what will happen next…



-----| Chapter 2 |-----



I awoke to the sound of the birds chirping the next morning, I stretched my arms as I got out of bed. Right away, I had flashbacks of the day before, about the video we saw at school.

I wore my clothes while thinking… What should I do about it today? I should talk with John and Saturo, like have a secret meeting or something… But Mom said that if anyone finds out any of us are Ultimates, we would be in trouble…

“You have to listen to your mother, Ichoo.” I heard Gemil say. (I didn’t have him absorbed, because Mom said no, she did allow me to have him in my pocket though, and use him for emergencies)

“I know Gemil…” I said, “I will.”


“I just want to… do something about this…”

“It is not your duty though. Your duty is to go to school, and have your normal day.” Gemil said.

“Yeah, yeah, fine.” I replied.

“Also, did you realize? For once you actually woke up by yourself!” Gemil said.

“Oh yeah! Well… That’s good.” I said back.

After grabbing my backpack, I went downstairs. I entered the kitchen, where I saw my Mom cooking at the stove.

“What’s for breakfast?” I asked.

“Eggs.” Mom replied, “with cheese and bread. I’m making you a sandwich.”

“Mom… Can I please take some Nutella with me for lunch?” I begged.

“No.” Mom replied, “you have to take a lot of fruits and vegetables. In fact, that’s all you have for lunch. Fruits and Vegetables.”

“WHAT?!” I exclaimed.

My Mom gave me ‘the stare’, and I went silent.

“Your lunch box is on the table.” Mom said, before she handed me an egg and cheese sandwich, “here is your breakfast. Eat up, you still have five minutes before school starts.”

I took a seat at the dinner table and began to eat my sandwich.

“Mom?” I then said. “Dad’s at work again, isn’t he?”

“Yes.” Mom replied, as she then took a seat at the table too.

“Where’s Nushot?” I asked.

“With your Dad.” Mom replied.

I was silent for awhile.

“What are they doing?” I asked.

“Well… I think it’s about time you know. Or actually, I think you already know… Nushot is an Ultimate as well.” Mom said.

“Well yeah, he taught me some pretty good moves…” I said.

“Well your father is one as well. Nushot and your Father are training, somewhere far so no one sees them. As an Ultimate, you MUST not ever stop training. Same goes to you too, Ich.” Mom said back. “That’s right, that’s why I let you train with your friends at the mountains. Except yesterday you came home straight away instead of going to train. May I ask why?”

“Umm…” I hesitated, “well… At school… The teacher showed us a clip, and then we saw the President of Hindro…”

“Oh.” Mom said. “Yeah… Politics. Don’t worry about them, it’s best to ignore them. We don’t want to get into any trouble… That’s why I told you not to use your Ultimate Crystal in public.”

“I see…” I said before I finished my sandwich.

“Well you should get going to school now.” Mom said.

“Alright bye mom!” I said before I exited the house.

I closed the door behind me, and began to walk to school. Where was Saturo? I didn’t see him anywhere.

I continued walking and walking for a bit until I spotted Saturo run up to me.

“Ich! You got up by yourself!” Saturo shouted.

“Yeah, problem?” I asked.

“No… But I went to your house and knocked and your Mom opened the door… And said you already left! I’m surprised, honestly.” Saturo said with a smile.

“Whatever…” I replied.

The two of us then made it to school. And then I remembered… We had Gym Class today, yesterday we had Art… Well. Great. We are supposed to play basketball at Gym Class today… I’m going to show them my skill. I know how to use wind without my Ultimate Crystal… This was going to be fun.

“Hey Ich…” Saturo then said as we walked into the school, “I just remembered… We have Gym Class today.”

“Yep! So did I!” I replied.

But then Saturo looked back behind me.

“Why… Is… That girl Lavender spying on us!?” Saturo whispered.

I turned around and spotted Lavender, who disappeared immediately down the hall after we looked at her.

“Something is fishy alright…” I said.

“Yeah…” Saturo replied, “we’ll look into it later. Let’s get to class.”


Finally… The time I was waiting for… It was Gym Class! Saturo and I walked through the halls, making our way to the locker room.

“I’m ready to win. Let’s wreck our enemies!” Saturo said, referring to the other team we will be playing in basketball.

“Yeah. Let’s show them what true skill is.” I said back.

We then walked into the locker room, changed into our gym clothes, before heading into the gym. The Gym Teacher was standing with his whistle, waiting for everyone to come in the gym.

Sooner or later, everyone was here. I noticed Ron too, he was in our gym class. He was basically the ONLY other friend we had in gym class.

“So… You guys ready?” Ron asked.

“Yeah… But Ron, I gotta tell you something.” Saturo said.

“What?” Ron asked.

“In private though.” Saturo said.

Saturo then walked over to the corner of the gym, along with me and Ron.

“What is it?” Ron asked.

“Okay… So… Ich and I noticed that that new girl… Lavender was her name… She is spying on us for some reason. Ich and I saw her plenty of times, she is DEFINITELY spying on us.” Saturo whispered.

“Really?” Ron asked, “so what do you want me to do?”

“I don’t know… Just keep an eye out for her.” Saturo said.
“Eh… I’ll try.” Ron replied.


The Gym Teacher blew the whistle, which means for everyone to get in a line in the middle of the gym. We all got in line.

“Okay! I’m going to divide you into two teams!” The Gym Teacher shouted before numbering us off, “One! Two! One! Two! One! Two! One! Two!” and so on and so forth.

Luckily, Saturo, Ron, and I were all on the same team.

“Team one wear the red jerseys! Team two gets the blue!” shouted the Gym Teacher.

We put on the blue jersey, and got in line.

“Alright team! Don’t make us lose! If you do I’ll beat you up.” said one of the popular boys who I dislike a lot. “Brandon! You take that guy! Jeff! You take that guy! The rest I don’t care, you all suck.”

“Bruh.” said a random guy said.


The game started. People were dribbling the ball, passing it back and forth. I decided to go for the ball.

The ball was with the best player in the class, and he was really tall. I ran at him, and jabbed the ball out of his hand with my speed.

People were surprised. I then ran toward the basket. Two big people came towards me to take the ball away.

I jumped into the air, over the two of them (and the people were twice my size, and the basket was three times taller than me). And then, I slammed dunked the ball into the hoop.

The gym exploded. The people on my team came running, cheering. I couldn’t tell what Ron and Saturo were saying because the gym was too loud.


“EVERYONE BACK TO THEIR SIDE!” the gym teacher bursted, “the game will now continue.”

Everyone went back to playing the game again.


“What do you have for lunch this time?” Saturo asked.

Saturo and I were at our lunch table, and I opened up my lunch box to show him what I had.

He looked at what I had… Fruits, fruits, fruits, fruits, vegetables, vegetables, and VEGETABLES! I’m fine with fruits actually, but vegetables…

“Wow, you are really unlucky.” Saturo said.

“Uh huh…” I replied.

Saturo then showed me his lunch… The same thing he had last time.

“You are lucky though. You have less too ‘healthy’ stuff.” I said.

The two of us began eating. I ate all the fruit, but didn’t touch the vegetables. Then, I noticed John coming to our table, he took a seat.

“Hey.” Saturo said.

“Hey.” John replied, “I need to tell you guys something… Important.”

Saturo and I went silent, waiting to hear what John had to say. “What…? We’re listening…”

John looked left, then right, then back and behind us. Then he looked at us.

“The war has been going on for a year… it hasn’t ended…” John started, “I… Well I’m leaving Hindro. I’m going back to the galaxy.”

Saturo and I looked at John in the eyes.

“Wait… You are leaving? To the Ultimates Galaxy?” Saturo asked.

John nodded. “Yeah. I’m sick of being here, I want to help out with the war… At least with some parts, that are fit for me.”

“Well… Are you going alone?” I asked.

“No, I told Ron and Don. They are planning to come with me.” John said, “and now I am telling you because… Do you guys want to come with us too?”

Saturo and I were silent, thinking about it. I want to go, honestly, because I want to adventure, and explore new places.

“Umm…” Saturo said, “sure? I have to talk with Mom though, otherwise she’ll be mad.”

“Same here.” I said as well.

John nods.

“Okay, so you talk with your parents tonight, and then tell me tomorrow. Then depending on the answer, we’ll go to the Ultimates Galaxy.” John said.

“Whaaaaaaaat about Ultimates?” asked a voice.

The three of us turned and spotted… Lavender.

“Oh no…” said John.

“Busted!” Lavender replied, “I overheard you guys, and I saw you guys… I know, I figured it out the three of you are Ultimates, which people here believe don’t exist!”

We were silent, and nervous since someone found out our secret.

“What? You’re not gonna speak?” Lavender asked. “Well I have proof that Ich is an Ultimate… At Gym Class, when he jumped three times his height to slam dunk!”

Oh great. I should not have done that… What was I thinking then?!

“Which then leads me to thinking the rest of you are Ultimates too, since none of you are saying anything!” Lavender said, while smirking.

“Well don’t you think Ultimates do not exist?” John asked.

“They exist alright.” Lavender replied, taking a seat at our table.

“How do you know?” John asked.

“Isn’t it not obvious?” Lavender replied once more.

“You still wouldn’t know, unless you are an Ultimate or you know someone who is.” John said. “Or at least seen an Ultimate, otherwise you wouldn’t know if they exist.”

Lavender went silent.

“Exactly!” John said, “so. What is your proof?”

Lavender looked up at him.

“Look in Ich’s pocket.” she then said.

I hesitated. John didn’t listen to her, he stood still in his very spot.

“Okay okay…” John then said, a hand in front of him, “how about, how did you find out about Ultimates?”

Lavender looked him in the eyes.

“Meet me after school, in the place you guys train all the time after school. That place is private since there is a barrier, okay?” Lavender said, before she walked away.

The three of us sat there silently. For the rest of the day, I wondered what will happen after school.



-----| Chapter 3 |-----



The bell rang, and Saturo, John, and I walked up the hill, to get to the spot where we always trained after school. Ron and Don were supposed to come with us, but they had another appointment with the doctor or something.

We then arrived at the spot. There was a mountain right next to us, and many trees and bushes. This was just a wild area, there was no hiking trail or anything like that. So we are safe to train here.

“I don’t really like this…” John said, “I don’t trust her…”

“None of us do… But we need to find out more…” I replied.

“Oh, there you are.” said a familiar voice.

We looked over in front of us, and spotted Lavender.

“Oh hey. There you are.” Saturo said.

Lavender walked up to us.

“Now we can talk. Where no one else can hear us.” Lavender said.

“Okay then, answer my question. How did you find out about Ultimates?” John asked in a serious tone.

Lavender looked him in the eye, and smiled at him.

“I am an Ultimate, just like the three of you.” She said, smiling.

On our faces, appeared, a look of shock. For some reason we backed away a bit, our eyes looking straight at Lavender.

“Yes.” Lavender said, still smiling, “now we’re gonna train, the four of us.”


I was uncomfortable with it… Lavender.

“Bruhhhh.” I heard my Ultimate Crystal (Krydret) say in my mind.

“You be quiet.” I snapped at him, “now isn’t the time for your ‘comments’.”

“But… Dude!” Krydret replied, “I’ve got a really good comment this time! I swear!”

“... No… I know what you are gonna say, so NO.” I replied.

“So how’s it going to work then?” I heard Ichoo ask from next to me, while John was at my other side.

“I don’t know, how do you usually train?” Lavender asked.

“We usually scrimmage, have a battle with each other.” John said to her. “But you shouldn’t do it with us… We’d win.”

Lavender looked at John, disappointed.

“What?” John asked, “I’m not gonna fight you, you’re a girl. Boy’s aren’t supposed to physically fight girls!”

“Well this is different, remember I’m an Ultimate! I can beat you all if I really wanted to.” Lavender said.

“No you can’t…” John replied.

“Yes I can.” Lavender responded.

“No you can’t.” John replied.

“I can! Do you want me to prove it?” Lavender asked.

“You wouldn’t be able to. Cuz’ you can’t see me. And cuz my time is now.” John replied, before he suddenly disappeared.

Lavender looked shocked for only a second.

“Oh you can turn invisible.” Lavender said smiling, “doesn’t mean I can’t find you…”

“Bruh, she be skilled.” Krydret commented in my mind, “oh! And she’s also hot. You should ask her out.”

“WHAT!? SHUT UP!” I snapped at Krydret, before he only replied with laughing silently.

“Saturo… You look mad…” Ichoo said.


I then realized that I was mad on the outside, because of what Krydret had said. Dang it, Krydret.

“Heh heh heh…”

I looked over at Lavender, and she was still looking around for John. Heh. She’s struggling. I don’t think she can actually find him.

“Ha, there you are,” said Lavender, punching an area.

“OUCH!” yelled John, slightly in pain, no longer invisible.

Well, it turns out that I was incorrect.

“Huh. Guess you can. But if we fought, you wouldn’t beat me, cause I’m John Ceno. The Legendary Ultimate John Ceno. And my time is now.” John said, standing tall.

“Well then I guess I’m the Legendary Ultimate Lavender then.” Lavender replied, also standing tall.

“Why are you guys just doing this?” Ichoo asked.

“What?” John asked back.

“You’re basically arguing over who is stronger. We’re wasting time, let’s just start to train, actually fighting.” Ichoo replied, looking at me afterwards, “what do you say, Saturo?”

“Huh?” I asked, “oh, yeah. We’re wasting time.”

The three of them looked over at me.

“Well then…” John said, “let’s start training…”

“I’ll verse Saturo first, so you guys will watch before you fight the winner.” Ichoo said, looking over at me.

John and Lavender took a seat, as Ichoo faced me with a fighting stance.

“Alright…” Ichoo then said, before his sword suddenly was in his hand, “bring it on Saturo!”

I took out my electric axe, as electric sparks began to surround me entirely. Ich ran at me afterwards, he swung his sword at me, but I blocked it with my axe. I didn’t expect that I would be knocked backward though, and I was, because of the wind.

“Oh snaaap. You just got wrecked, son!” Krydret said to me telepathically.

“Shut up.” I replied, as I then absorbed Krydret. (He was in my pocket, so he entered my body)

I then shot a lightning bolt towards Ich, and he dodged out of the way before he then flew up twenty feet above the ground.

I kept shooting lightning bolts at him, but I kept missing.

“I say we make a GIANT lightning bolt that will hit him from up above.” Krydret said.

“Hmm… Well that could attract attention though. But hey… Who cares? Let’s do it!” I replied, before I began charging a ball of electricity in my hands.

After a couple seconds of charging, I threw the electric ball into the sky. It disappeared into the clouds and after that the clouds got darker.

The lightning bolt struck Ich, and I waited to see what was left of him afterwards… The dust faded away, and Ich was there, with a giant shield above him. He used it to block my lightning bolt.

Suddenly, I was lifted up into the air by the wind, and suddenly, Ich was right behind me.

What happened next was fast. I was knocked down right into the ground, right next to John and Lavender.

“Ow.” I said, “well. Ich’s gotten better.”

“No!” Ich said, as he then appeared on the ground with the rest of us, “I just was trying more, last time you won because I wasn’t trying.”

“Suuuure you did.” I said to Ich, getting up.

“Based on what I saw, Saturo sucks.” Lavender said.

“I DO NOT!” I shouted.

“Actually, she’s right. You do suck.” Krydret said.

“NOT HELPING.” I replied.

Then, I took out a party sized spicy bag of chips from my backpack before starting to eat some. The others looked at me, sort of shocked, sort of disappointed.

“Well now it’s your turn Lavender, against Ich.” John said, “careful, he’s capable of summoning tornadoes!”

“Phht.” Lavender replied, getting up and facing Ich, who just stood there with his sword.

Ich just looked at her.

“Umm…” he said, hesitating.

But then he shook his head, and then drew his sword to his side.

“Okay, Lavender, I’m gonna go easy on you since I don’t know what you can do yet…” Ich then said.

Suddenly, a cage made of water surrounded Ich, John and I could see him through the water.

“I don’t think you want to go easy.” Lavender said, smiling, “that is, if you don’t want to drown.”

Ich then broke through the water (it’s water, I wouldn’t expect it to be hard), and then looked at Lavender who stood there.

Ich then blasted a green beam filled with powerful wind at Lavender, and Lavender tried to block it by making a shield of water in front of her, but the wind beam went through it and hit her, causing her to fall back and causing the water to disappear.

“Are you holding back?” Ich asked.

“Sort of. You’re good, and I don’t want to hurt you…” Lavender said.

“Well you wouldn’t be able to.” Ich replied.

“GUYS.” John suddenly said.

All of us paid attention to John, and to what John was looking at. In the mountains, there was a man with sunglasses and a tuxedo, who seemed to be spying on us.

After the man realized we spotted him, he began to run.

“A government spy!” Lavender shouted. “Stop him!”

Suddenly, Ich used the wind, which was used to blow the government spy towards us. Ich set him down right in front of us.

“Monsters!” the spy shouted, “you monsters!”

“What do we do with him?” Ich asked.

“Got to get rid of him.” Lavender said, “he’s gonna get us captured and tortured if we don’t.”

The spy suddenly took out a pistol.


I couldn’t tell where the bullet went. But after that, Ich knocked the gun out of the spy’s hands with his sword.

“Urrghh…” the spy muttered.

The bullet hadn’t hit anyone, it missed… Great, that is just great, since no one got hurt. Suddenly, the spy took out another pistol!


Three bullets were fired, one of them hit Ich right in his leg. Ich fell to the ground. Seeing Ich fall, made me… Mad. Mad in a way I haven’t ever been mad before.

“Let’s get em’ Saturo! Let’s show em’ who’s boss!” Krydret said.

Before I was about to attack the spy, I noticed him on a phone.

“I’ve found four! Send an army!” the spy shouted.

“WHAT!?” Lavender exclaimed in shock, “WE’VE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE!!”

“But what do we do with this guy!?” John shouted, kicking the phone out of the spy’s hands.

Lavender was silent, thinking.

“Trap him underground, in a cave.” Lavender then said.

“WHAT?!” the spy shouted, before John grabbed him forcefully and pulled him across the hill. “STOP IT YOU MONSTER!”

John disappeared from sight, and I bent down to Ich, who was lying on the floor, his leg bleeding.

“I’m fine…” Ich said, “I-I’m trying to get myself to heal… With Gemil’s help…”

“Aye, yo Saturo, maybe Lavender would heal him? Just a thought.” Krydret said.

“Good idea.”

Lavender then walked up next to me.

“Lavender, can you heal? Obviously, Ich needs some medical assistance.” I said to Lavender.

She looked at me, and then at Ich’s injuries.

“I can sorta heal.” she said.

Then she started to heal Ich’s wound. After about thirty seconds it healed entirely. Ich jumped up into the air.

“PERFECT!” he shouted, “I’m feeling just fine. Nicely done, Lavender!”

Lavender smiled. After that we noticed John came back.

“Hey guys, trapped him in a cave with no exit underground. There’s food and light down there though, he’ll survive.” John said.

“Oh good.” I said.

“Yeah…” Ich said as well, “so… What now? I hear there’s an army coming our way…”

“OH SNAP THE ARMY!” I shouted, “I almost forgot about that… What do we do!?”

The four of us stood there, thinking. We thought for awhile.

“There’s only one thing you could do that will keep you safe from the government.” said a mysterious voice.

The four of us turned around, and we saw a guy with black clothes that looked like they were on fire. The guy had brown hair, and was growing a beard, it was still short though.

“Huh? Who’re you?” Lavender asked.

The guy smiled.

“Some of you should know me. I go by the name of Tenker.” the guy said.

“Oh! Tenker!” Ichoo replied, “it’s been awhile, and you… changed. That’s why I couldn’t recognize you.”

“Wait wait, who is this?” Lavender asked.

“This is Tenker, one of our friends/classmate back at Glare’s house…” I said to her.

“Oh. Well, Tenker, why did you come here exactly?” Lavender asked.

Tenker looked down at her.

“I just happened to come, and I saw what happened here… The Military is on there way here, you need to get out of here. You could come with me, and go back to Glare, continue training with all of us…” Tenker explained.

The four of us exchanged looks with each other.

“Huh. Well I did say I was going…” John said, “well… Sure then!”

“Hmph.” Tenker responded, “you’ll need to get permission this time.”

“That would be easy.” I said, “we just have to tell them, that we are getting chased by the military.”

“Well then go tell them then and get back here in less than ten minutes.” Tenker said back.



-----| Chapter 4 |-----



I was running home. Saturo, John, and Lavender went another way, to ask their parents.

“To be honest, I have been waiting for this moment, where we can go back.” Gemil said, “hurry, I can sense the army, not too far away…”

I then ran past someone, who when I looked back was gone… I swear it looked like a spy though…

I ran into my house, and saw my Mom right in the kitchen, cooking dinner.

“Mom! Mom!” I shouted.

“What’s wrong, Ich?” Mom asked.

I took a few breathes before replying.

“There are spies all over… The Military is looking for us… They’ve… seen us…” I said. “But one of our friends from the Ultimates Galaxy came, he can take us and we’ll be safe! So… What do you say? Can I go?”

Mom looked at me, as I could tell many things were going on in her brain.

“*SIGH*” Mom sighed, “I think, you’ve been here for a year… I know you like to explore and adventure… And you’re growing up, becoming more responsible…”

She paused, and I looked at her, waiting for an answer.

“Sure. You can go.” She then said.


I then left my house and ran towards where Tenker was. I then realized something… There were dozens of helicopters up above, circling the town! I sped up, but then a helicopter landed in front of me!

“Ich! Absorb me! And then teleport right to Tenker!” Gemil shouted.

I absorbed Gemil, before I then teleported. I looked around. I was right in front of Tenker, and I realized that Lavender, Saturo, and John were there too.

“Hurry get on!” Tenker shouted.

We all entered the spaceship, and right away, it took off into the sky. I felt I was about to puke. It’s been over a year since I’ve been on a spaceship.

I took a seat at the chairs, and right after that a seat belt wrapped right around me. I looked outside of the window, and we were now in space.

“We made it…” Saturo said, “WE MADE IT!”

“Yeah!” John replied, as he high-fived Saturo.

“Okay well now what?” Lavender asked.

All of us were silent, waiting for Tenker to reply.

“Well. We can always start by going to Glare… Have a reunion.” Tenker replied. “I’d think the others would be happy to see you.”

“Sounds pretty good.” John said, smiling, “it’s been awhile since they’ve heard my intro anyway.”

“Alright then.” Tenker replied, “next stop… The Light Planet!”

Suddenly, the spaceship was hit! An alarm began to sound, as a red light was flashing… The spaceship began to descend!

“Fudge. We’ve come to close to a battle.” Tenker said.

I looked out of the window, and I spotted many spaceships, shooting at each other lasers. I also spotted a giant war ship… It seems we’re in trouble.



“Apparently not… I have no control over the spaceship… We’re lucky though, that we weren’t a target. Just a bypasser…” Tenker replied, “we’re entering a planet’s atmosphere, I have no idea which planet this is…”

Suddenly, the spaceship caught on fire!

“Well, we’re gonna die if we hit the floor.” Saturo said, “there MUST be something we can do to get out of here.”

“I know. But it could be dangerous, especially since there is a war going on.” Tenker said, “we could enter the Dream World. And from there we get to Glare’s house.”

“The Dream World…” Lavender said as well, “it’s worth it, better being in a dangerous place then dying.”

Tenker nods, and then suddenly we all disappeared. I looked around at where I was now…

I was in a forest, a big forest. It was a rainforest, and there was a LOT of water on the ground, covering a lot of plants. Now that I think of it, it’s more like a tropical marsh than a rainforest.

I noticed Saturo, John, Lavender, and Tenker right next to me. We were all together, which was good. If we weren’t, we’d probably get lost.

“Okay… Now. I’ve found a shortcut. It will be fast now.” Tenker said, pointing up ahead at a tree, “we just gotta get past that tree.”

“Okay? Then…” John said, before he ran up past the tree.

He suddenly vanished after that.

“See?” Tenker asked, “now let’s go.”

Then we all followed Tenker, and we passed by the tree. After that we appeared somewhere familiar.

It was Glares house! It was… bigger now. It had three floors and it had a back yard, front yard, a porch with a swing, and still a lot of glowing plants… The whole thing was still glowing, it’s the Light Planet!

Also, our homes, the small rooms outside were still there. Mine and Saturo’s, and the other’s too.

“Ahh, I missed this place.” Saturo said.

“Well this is my first time here. So I don’t miss this place, obviously.” Lavender said.

Tenker then walked to his room, entered it, before closing the door behind him. John looked over at me and Saturo.

“Well. Guys. I’m gonna go… Find Hunter.” John said.

“Alright… Just don’t get hurt or anything, there’s a war going on.” I said to him.

“Well see ya!”

John then walked away, into the glowing forest. Now it was just me, Saturo, and Lavender.

“Where is everyone?” Saturo asks.

Suddenly, we spotted a familiar person walk out of Glare’s house… It was Uchiho. When she saw us, she froze for a second. And then she walked over to us.

“Wait… Ich? Saturo?” She asks.

“Yo! It be yer boi, Saturo.” Saturo said.

“So… who is this?” Lavender asked.

“Oh! This is Uchiho.” I said, “Uchiho, this is Lavender.”

Uchiho froze.

“Well… I gotta let everyone else know you’re here!” Uchiho then said, “GUYS! ICHOO AND SATURO ARE HERE!”

Suddenly, two familiar people came outside. I recognized them… It was Draco and Mehrunes. They then stood in front of me, Saturo, and Lavender, while they were next to Uchiho.

“Hey guys how have you been?” Draco asked, his hand out towards us.

“Pretty good, by the way, this is Lavender!” Saturo answered.

“Hello.” Lavender said, looking at Draco and Mehrunes, “you… are Draco… and you… are Mehrunes.”

“Yep. We first met Ich and Saturo over a year ago.” Draco said to Lavender, before looking over at Mehrunes, “by the way you still haven’t said anything yet Mehrunes. Come on introduce yourself!”

“Well you were busy talking.” Mehrunes replied. “And you already, technically, introduced me.”

“*SIGH* That doesn’t mean you can’t say anything.” Draco said back.

“Okay stop arguing about this now.” Mehrunes replies. “There’s other stuff going on!”

Then everyone was silent. Until Saturo spoke up.

“Well… Where’s Glare?” Saturo asked.

“Oh, he’s inside… I can get him.” Draco said, before turning around and walking to Glare’s house, “Hey Glare! Ichoo and Saturo are here!”

Then, a familiar man exited the house… It was Glare. He hadn’t changed at all, he looked exactly the same. Glare then walked over to us.

“Why hello there. It’s been awhile, and it’s good to see you… But, why did you come here?” Glare asked.

“Actually yeah, you never said why you're here.” Draco added.

They all looked over at me, Saturo, and Lavender.

“Well… we are wanted because we’ve been spotted on our planet.” Saturo said.

“Wanted by what exactly? Your planet’s government? Or is it something else?” Draco asked.

“Ummm…” I said, “well, kind of… I have no idea what is going on though. I thought maybe you would know, Glare.”

Glare thought for awhile.

“I don’t know for sure, so this answer is not really reliable but… The President may want power, so banning Ultimates would allow him to have power.” Glare said, “but I’m glad you came. You’re safer away from your home… So, welcome back!”

“Yeah, that’s all good, but what will we do?” Saturo asked.

“Hmmm…” Glare thought, “maybe I can send you on a mission, so you get the feeling of mission’s again. How does that sound?”

“Sure, but wait. We haven’t introduced you to Lavender!” Saturo said.

Glare looked at Lavender, and she looked at him, and then there was akward silence for a second.

“Lavender was with us, so she’s also being chased. And she’s also an Ultimate.” I said.

“Yep, nice to meet you, Glare. I’m probably going to be sticking around a bit.” Lavender replied.

Glare nodded. “Alright then. Ich, Lavender, Saturo, Draco, and Mehrunes. You are being assigned a mission. You will go to the Dark Planet… No wait, no… That’s too dangerous…” Glare paused and muttered something under his breath that I couldn’t hear, “okay, you’ll go to the… hmmm… I don’t... this is so hard…”

“Why don’t you just let us go to Ertin or something?” Lavender suggested.

“I guess. It’s not dangerous there.” Glare said, “alright you’ll split into two groups. Saturo and Mehrunes, and Ich, Lavender, and Draco. Okay?”

“Sounds good.” Draco said, “what is our target?”

“A blue shard from a crystal.”

“Okay, but is there any other girls that can come?” Lavender asked, “I dislike having to be the only girl here.”

Glare thought. “Sure. Uchiho isn’t ready though, but Listy is.”

Glare turned around, and then a familiar girl came from behind. It was Listy.

“Alright Listy, you’ll go with Saturo and Mehrunes, to even it out.” Glare said.

“Well great, she’s on the other team… Well, next time, Glare, put me with her. Please.” Lavender said.

Glare smiled, and nodded.

“Anyway, now I’ll teleport you, because space is too dangerous.” Glare then said, “now, both teams must find two blue shards, and then after you find them, your goal is, to find your way back by yourself. That’s your goal. For more information of the mission, ask Mehrunes or Draco, they have a phone I gave them that will tell you everything you need to know. Now. Also this will be competitive, whichever team gets back first will earn a prize. And don’t forget, if you encounter Ultimate Darth’s army, RUN. And now… Mission begin!”



-----| Chapter 5 |-----



And boom. Just like that, we disappeared and reappeared somewhere else. Mehrunes and Listy were my teammates. WE MUST WIN. We need to get the shards, and get back fast so we win… I heard that Glare said there was a prize. I must get it.

I looked around to see where we were. We were in a nice forest, there were many many trees, and there was a small stream too. The sound of the water was peaceful, and I enjoyed it.

“So…” I then said to Mehrunes and Listy, “c’mon! We have to win and get the prize! So… What do we do first?”

“Probably look for the crystal.” Mehrunes replies.

“Ah right, well… Where is the crystal?” I asked.

Mehrunes then took out something… It was a phone. A touch screen one. I watched as he opened an application. Listy and I looked over his shoulder.

“This will show us where to go.” Mehrunes said.

On the phone screen was a map. And it showed a red dot, which I assumed was where we needed to go.

“So we go… North?” I asked.

“Yes. Let’s go.” Mehrunes replied.

He put the phone away and began to walk. Listy and I followed.

“Do you think it’s a bit cheap, already doing that?” Mehrunes asked. “Or do you not care?”

“What?” I asked back.

“Nevermind.” Mehrunes replies. “Ich and Draco and Lavender have probably already done that.”

“What are you talking about?” I asked, I was confused.

“Wow. The phone thing.” Mehrunes replies. “I was refering the past. Keep up.”

“Well, I’ve been gone for a bit, so… Yeah I’m trying to catch up with the rest of you.” I said, as we continued walking.

“It’s been a year. That’s a bit?” Listy replied.

“Well, yeah.” I replied, “what did I miss?”

“All too much yet all too little.” Mehrunes replies.

“So nothing happened?” I asked, smirking, “nothing… interesting?”

“Depends on the meaning of the word.” Mehrunes replied. “In what context do you use ‘interesting’?”

“Heh heh… Tell him. That ‘one’ that you said before.” Krydret said.

“Well…” I said, “did anything happened between Draco and Uchiho?”

“Wasn't paying that much attention to that.” Mehrunes replies. “They're both awkward anyway.”

“Ah, well okay then…” I said.

We then continued walking, and we exited the forest. We were now at the plains, a large empty hill with nothing but green grass.

“Okay, you know what, I’m getting kind of bored.” I then said.

“You’re always bored.” Mehrunes replied.

“Not always.” I said back.

“Most of the time.” Mehrunes replied.

“No, only 25% of the time.” I argued.

“How would you know?” Mehrunes questions. “That’s a lot of math. And it’s incorrect but still.”

“No, it is correct, it’s fact.” I argued again, “because it’s hard for me to get bored, only when there is nothing exciting going on around me, such as now.”

“One variable.” Mehrunes replies. “You’re forgetting that every second makes that different!”

“Saturo… There’s… Someone…” Krydret said in my mind, “someone is nearby…”

I froze. I looked around, but I couldn’t see anyone mysterious… Then, I saw someone… It was a guy wearing dark blue clothing, who had brown hair. The guy was walking right towards us.

“Hello Mehrunes! How long has it been… Like, I don’t know… Two years?!” The guy said to Mehrunes.

“That is very likely.” Mehrunes replies.

“Well, do you remember me?” The guy asked, smirking.

“Vaguely.” Mehrunes replies.

“Well, the last time we met, well, the first time, we were at the tournament, and you won against me… So… I came for a rematch!” The guy exclaimed, “remember me? I’m Con!”

“Yeah… No.” Mehrunes replies. “Sure I remember you but you can come back later, we’re doing something.”

“Umm, no. I want the rematch now.” Con said, “before… ‘Something’ happens and I can’t do it later.”

“What’s going to happen?” Mehrunes asked.

“That’s private business. I can’t tell you that.” Con answered.

“Then it’s not that important. Unless you’re going to die or something I really don’t care.” Mehrunes replied. “Sorry.”

Con was silent, I couldn’t tell what he was feeling.

“... No, it’s important that I have a rematch and beat you.” Con then said.

“Why?” Mehrunes asked. “I would prefer to not unless you have a valid reason.”

Con then smirked.

“Well, you’ll have to get past me in order to get the shard.” he then said, smirking.

“That’s… yeah… that’s just… I don’t even know.” Mehrunes replies. “There are so many questions. The first one is how did you know that? The second is how are ya gonna stop me… there are more but that’ll be good for now.”

Then, Con took something out of his pocket… It was a blue shard, what we were looking for.

“I got it first. I’m also on a mission.” Con then said, smirking.

“Ah yes how nice. Two things, one, YOU TWO ARE BEING USELESS!” Mehrunes shouted at me and Listy. “And two, I don’t even know your power! I completely destroyed you and your illusions, and beat what little you did… DO TELL ME! What are your powers?”

“Heh, I can’t just tell my powers to my enemies, they’ll know my weakness then.” Con said, “so… Are you going to stop me?”

“Maybe.” Listy replies.

“Well.” I said, “Glare said there was a prize, and I want the prize so… Yeah we’re gonna stop you.”

Con smirked, waving the shard in our faces.

“Well then come and get it.” he said, still smirking.


Draco, Lavender, and I were walking. We were in a desert, and it was hot, but not as hot as the Fire Planet, so we were all fine. We walked right passed a cactus.

“So…” Lavender said to Draco, “where is the shard?”

“Well the phone says it’s nearby.” Draco replied, looking at the screen of his phone that he got from Glare.

I was jealous, I wanted a phone like him.

“Well. Which way nearby?” Lavender asked.

“That way.” Draco answered, pointing forward and to the right.

Then we turned and began to walk in that direction. We continued walking for a bit.

“I wonder how the others are doing.” I said as we walked.

“Well hopefully they aren’t in a desert like we are. But I’m sure they are fine.” Draco said back as we walked some more.

“Yeah I guess…” I replied, “well… What happened to you while we were gone? Like… What changed? Any good news? Bad news?”

“Well Draelin, Fireball and Zephyr are doing fine. In fact, Zephyr had a few more growth spurts, now he’s bigger than my room!” Draco explained.

“So… Where is he then?” I asked, shocked about the size of Zephyr.

“Oh he sleeps behind my room, he actually sleeps on a big pile of shiny objects he’s found. Like a little hoard.” Draco replied.

“Let me guess…” Lavender then said to Draco, “Zephyr, is your pet Dragon?”

“Yep and I’m gathering you have the ability to read minds or something, especially since you knew me and Mehrunes names without us saying anything.” Draco said.

“Well, no… You just said he grew really big, and slept on a pile of shiny objects… Sounds like a Dragon to me.” Lavender said back.

“Well yeah but it’s kinda ridiculous when it comes to the things he puts in the pile.” Draco said.

“What does he put in it?” I asked.

“Oh stuff such as forks, spoons, pans and pots, a gigaton of coins, pieces of metal and stuff that Mehrunes used to make stuff or even pieces of the stuff he made such as a robot’s leg or spaceship wing, oh and even the washing machine! And I could keep going if you want.” Draco explained.

“Wow.” Lavender says, “that’s… actually it is ridiculous that he puts spoons and forks… Does he put sporks? And a washing machine?!”

“Yep and also all the different kinds of knives, don’t worry his scales can’t get cut by them. And also spatulas, tongs, grill scrubbers, the grill itself and he also took the stove, oven and microwave once. Mehrunes had a slight meltdown when he learned he couldn’t make popcorn that day.” Draco replied with a snicker at the end.

“Heh.” I laughed, “what about Fireball though? Does he still laugh loudly occasionally because he had too much catnip?”

“Oh not anymore we made it that he can only have a small amount of catnip every two weeks. And even in the off chance that it does happen again, I can just do the trick I used on him the first time he laughed like a lunatic.” Draco replied.

“Ah, okay.” I said.

Then, I noticed something in the distance… It looked like a temple, made of sandstone. The three of us looked over at it.

“So, I’m guessing that’s where the shard is.” Lavender said, looking at it.

“The phone would agree with you on that. So, shall we get going?” Draco questioned.

“Yeah. Let’s go.” I replied.

The three of us then walked towards the temple, and when we arrived, we saw a large gate blocking us. No one was at this temple, it was empty.

“Hmm… how do we get past this gate? Besides just destroying it I mean.” Draco asked.

“Well… It’s made of sandstone, right?” Lavender asks.

“Well it would appear so. Are you planning on just breaking the gate?” Draco asked.

“Yeah, that’s how we’ll get in. We just need to break it, and since it’s made of sandstone it’ll be pretty easy.” Lavender replied.

“Yeah well we have to be careful on what power to use.” Draco said.

“I’ve got an idea…” Lavender then said.

Lavender then blasted out water from her hand like a hose, and when it touched the gate, it sort of melted away, as if the water were lava and it were ice. Soon, the whole gate had become mud, it was out of our way.

“Huh that sandstone was not very solidly formed. But whatever now we can get the shard!” Draco said.

“Actually, it was solidly formed, it’s just the type of water I used.” Lavender said back.

“Okay well let’s just get the shard now.” Draco said, pointing to the inside of the temple.

We walked inside, and it was dark… But there was some light, because of the torches on the walls.

“Hmm… do you guys see anything?” Draco asked as he took a torch off of the wall and held it in front of us so we could see better.

We walked towards one direction, and then I realized… We were in a maze.

“We’re in a maze!” I said aloud.

“*SIGH* Of course it wouldn’t be as easy as destroying a gate. Any ideas on how exactly to get to the other side without getting lost?” Draco asked us.

“I don’t know, we’ll just have to walk.” I said, “or wait! You could use your phone to just track it down!”

“Yeah I could, if it weren’t for the fact that the phone,coincidentally enough, doesn't have a map of the maze. I guess Glare didn’t want it to be too easy.” Draco said.

“New update.” a robot voice suddenly said, “better tracking added, you can now get a visual map of the area you are in.”

“Huh. Convenient.” Draco said as the phone quickly updated the app.

Then a map appeared on the screen. Lavender and I looked over Draco’s shoulder at the map. It was a maze, I was right, and the map showed us exactly where to go. And the shard’s location was shown as a red dot, very use useful!

“Okay so looks like we have to go that way.” Draco said, pointing to a turning point in front of us that led to the right.

“Alright, let’s do this!” I exclaimed.

As soon as we took a turn, we spotted a figure. I sort of scanned the figure, and then I recognized him… It was Folly.

“Ah, Broshi! Long time no see!” Folly said.

“*Groan* I don’t know whether to be annoyed that you're finally back or that it took you over a year to get back. Anyway why are you here?” Draco asked Folly.

“To fight you, obviously.” Folly replied. “I won’t be happy until you are dead!”

“Why do you even want me dead anyway?” Draco asked.

“Because.” Folly answered, “you are Broshi. Broshi must die for what he has done.”

“And what exactly did ‘Broshi’ do?” Draco asked.

“You know what you did!” Folly yelled, “now enough talk! It’s time for me to kill you once and for all!”

“*SIGH* Fine. Ich, take this, you and Lavender go find the shard.” Draco said, handing me the phone.

I thought for awhile. Should I go and get the shard, or stay with Draco?

“No…” I said, deciding, “Folly, if you want to fight Draco, you’ll have to fight Lavender and I as well.”

Folly smirked.

“Fine then.” he said, “I’ll fight you all!”

His wings then appeared behind him, and they looked… Sharper this time. There were spikes all over… I don’t want to be touched by those…

“Prepare to die! All of you!” Folly shouted.

“Yeah like we’re letting that happen!” Draco shouted back as his ‘Draco Eye’ activated.

He leaped over at Folly. The fight had begun.


-----| Chapter 6 |-----



“Well… This is gonna be an interesting fight, isn’t it?” Krydret asks in my mind.

Mehrunes, Listy, and I faced Con. He had the shard that we needed to get back to Glare.

“What are you waiting for?” Con asks, waving the shard in our faces, “are you gonna try and get it or not?”

“Yes.” Listy replied.

“What are you waiting for then?” Con asked.

“I dunno.” Mehrunes replies. “You were just really unimpressive last time we met.”

“That was last time. That doesn’t matter. I’m way better this time.” Con said.

“Really?” Mehrunes asks. “Do show. Lest my opinion of you gets worse.”

“Well then come attack me.” Con said.

Mehrunes suddenly throws some purple bombs at Con. But he dodged them easily, smirking.

“Yeah I should probably actually try this time.” Mehrunes replied. “Would probably help.”

“Yeah.” Con responds, “you’ll have to try hard to beat me.”

“This time…” Mehrunes replies. “Darn. Oh well. It’s not like you know me.”

“Heh. If that’s what you think…” Con replied, before he suddenly vanished from sight.

Mehrunes just stands still, with his arms crossed.

“Umm. You shouldn’t just be standing there, you should look for him.” I said to Mehrunes.

“I probably should. But his game and my game are drastically different. It’s not exactly easy… oh I know.” Mehrunes says.

Then, something appeared on Mehrunes… I recognized it, it was his space suit.

“Okay… CYB 2000… could you track Con?” Mehrunes asked.

“Target detecting…” said a robot voice coming from Mehrunes’s suit, “target found. Target is, One Millimeter away.”

Suddenly, Mehrunes has his katana in hand and spins in a tight circle slicing around him. Listy and I just watched.

“Mehrunes…” I said, “why are you doing that?”

Mehrunes stops and looks at me.

“Why do you think? Do you know what a millimeter is?” Mehrunes asks. “It’s not a lot. Hey here’s a comical idea, why don’t you help?”

“Well, that’s kind of hard, considering I can’t see him, AND I don’t know where he is.” I replied.

“Figure it out. Find a way to see through whatever he’s doing.” Mehrunes replied. “Also Con, you’re kind’ve a coward. Hiding. It’s just cheap. You wanted to fight, so you hide in plain sight cause that makes sense.”

Suddenly, Mehrunes fell to the floor, and I spotted blood on his leg. Con suddenly was in sight again, smirking.

“How’s that?” Con asked, “I wasn’t hiding, I was attacking.”

Mehrunes grunted in pain. His leg was bleeding pretty badly now, I realized that there was a cut that went THROUGH his whole leg.

“Yeah… super cheap. Hold on a sec.” Mehrunes replied, disappearing.

Con smirked.

“Well. Now who’s hiding?” Con said.

Mehrunes reappeared standing up.

“What was that?” Mehrunes asked.

Con looked over at Mehrunes. “Nevermind.” he then said. “So… What is your move this time?”

“Oh can I tag out?” Mehrunes asked, smirking. “I feel like I need to let someone else fight you for a bit.”

“Sure I guess.” Con replied, “but then you’ll have to fight me again later on.”

“Yes of course.” Mehrunes replied.

Mehrunes stepped back.

“Listy will fight, I wanna watch first.” I say.

“Okay.” Listy says, stepping forward. “Ready when you are.”

Con smirked, “you go first.”

Suddenly, spikes made out of rock shoot out of the ground under Con. Con was surprised, as he then dodged suddenly. After he dodged, he was gone.

“Don’t do this you coward.” Listy says. “Fight toe to toe. Face me like a valid opponent.”

Suddenly, Listy fell. I noticed Con, he was behind her and hit her on the back, which caused her to fall forward.

“Who says I’m hiding? I don’t hide, I only attack.” Con said.

“I never said you were hiding. I said you were a coward.” Listy replied. “Too afraid to take a hit. Or even the chance of one. You’re just dodging and then going invisible then dodging rinse and repeat.”

Then, there was a chunk of ground flying at the back of Con’s head, while Listy was still on the ground. Somehow, Con sensed it coming, and he jumped up, and chopped the clunk of ground with his hand, many parts of it going in random directions.

“I’ve changed, Mehrunes. I’m way better than before.” Con said.

“Yeah yeah. You’re fighting right now stop trying to brag.” Mehrunes replied.

“I’m not trying to brag! I’m not like Dander!” Con exclaimed, “and also, Listy, why do you call me a coward? That’s just mean, I’m just here to have a friendly rematch with Mehrunes, I’m not the enemy!”

“Never said you were the enemy. I said you were a coward, because you are using a super cheap strategy.” Listy replied. “Oh, and also I have more than just the ground to throw at you. Come on. We’re having a nice friendly competition.”

“And you were bragging.” Mehrunes adds. “Even if you weren't trying to.”

“Woah woah woah wait!” Con said, “A coward isn’t someone who uses cheap tricks! If it were, then we are ALL cowards! And do you even know what a coward is? ‘a person who lacks the courage to do or endure dangerous or unpleasant things’ that’s what it is! And that’s not me!”

I could tell Con was mad. And while all this was happening, I should add, I’m eating a bag of spicy chips!

“Kinda.” Listy replied. “As you are going invisible, as to avoid our further attacks.”

“I don’t know how to go invisible. I was doing something else to avoid the attack.” Con replies.

“Either way you’re ‘hiding’ from sight to avoid further pressure from our attacks.” Listy replies.

Con looked at her like she was stupid.

“Do you know anything about fighting? That’s the point! It’s a good strategy!” Con exclaims.

Suddenly Con froze, shocked. Something happened. I couldn’t tell what though, I was too busy chomping on delicious healthy chips.

“What is it?” I decided to ask, since I had no idea.

Con put his hands in his pocket, his eyes wide open.

“The shard… It’s gone!” Con exclaimed in shock.

“Oh nooo…” Mehrunes replied not sounding worried at all.

“Heh heh…” we heard laughing.

All four of us turned to look. I saw a guy. I looked closely, and it took me a while… I recognized the person, it was… Dander. And he had the shard.

“Looking for something?” Dander asks, waving the shard in our faces.

“Oh hi Dander.” Mehrunes says. “Been awhile hasn't it?”

“Yep, last time you saw me was when my dad attacked that town because the King of Darkness commanded him to.” Dander replies.

“Yeah I guess… hey we kinda need that shard, can we have it?” Mehrunes asked.

“No! Not them, I need it more!” Con shouted.

“No cause you said if we needed to beat you to get it so obviously not.” Mehrunes says. “Wait hold on… no really why are so many people here? This is so random it’s a shard I don’t get it.”

“Oh so you don’t know what the shard even does?” Dander asked, “heh, well there are seven of them, and when you put them all together, they turn into a crystal, and it’s got the ability to… Well maybe I shouldn’t tell you. But anyway, I’ll be going with the shard now.”

“Ahem… no.” Mehrunes replied. “Sorry but that’s not how this works. If anything this is a section where the bunch of us fight over the shard. Cause that’s how this works, oh by the way why do any of you need the shard?”

“It’s my mission to get it.” Con said.

“Me, I just got it so I can interfere. For fun. Cuz’ I’m bored at home.” Dander added, as he backed away slowly.

“Wait.” I then said, getting up.

Everyone looked at me.

“We all want it, right? I have a solution.” I said, “Dander, give me the shard.”

Dander hesitated. “Why would I do that?”

“So I can settle things!” I replied.

Slowly, Dander walked towards me. He gently set the shard in my hand, obviously showing he doesn’t trust me.

“Now… Duplicate away!” exclaimed Krydret.

Then, I did my part. I duplicated the shard twice, so there were three. I tossed one to Dander, and another to Con. They both caught it.

“There!” I said, “now we all have it!”

Con and Dander were shocked at what I had just done.

“Wha- Um…” Con says, “thanks, I guess?”

“No problem. Now we can all leave, without having to fight.” I said.

Con hesitated before he then walked off into the distance. Dander did the same as well. I smiled at Listy and Mehrunes.

“There, mission complete!” I said to them.

“I guess.” Mehrunes replied. “Now we return to Glare.”

“Yeah, and I remember him saying we have to get back on our own.” I said, “so what is our plan? How will we get back?”

“There are a few ways.” Mehrunes replied. “We should probably avoid space, so we should find more immediate travel.”

“So…? What do we do?” I asked.

“We planet jump.” Mehrunes replied. “Not the one that has more travel time. There’s more ways.”

“Well, we should find a different way to get there, because I don’t think Glare would be too happy with us going through space.” I said.

“Fair enough.” Mehrunes replied. “You have any ideas?”

“How about go search for someone who has a teleporter that can just teleport us back?” I suggested.

“Do you know anyone?” Mehrunes asks.

“No, but it’ll be fun. Just walking around to look.” I said.

“Okay. But we have to get there to win.” Mehrunes replied.

“Yep.” I responded, as I then began to walk. “Let’s go then, what are we waiting for?”

“Who said we were waiting?” Mehrunes asked, walking as well.

“I-D-K, but anyway, we could… Search any town we come across to see if we can find someone who can teleport us.” I replied, as we all walked next to each other.

Suddenly, we heard a loud screeching sound, that sounded like some sort of monster was yelling.

“Uh… What was that?” Mehrunes says as we turned to face the direction the sound came from.

Then, we saw. It was… A giant monster, like a huge golem or something. And it was made of ice crystals.

“Why though?” Mehrunes questions. “Just why?”

The monster roared at us, and a wet liquid hit us… I’m not sure what it was, I hope it’s water, not spit.

“Umm, where did this thing come from?” I asked.

“I don’t know.” Mehrunes replied.

Then, someone appeared sitting criss-cross on top of the monsters flat head… I took a moment to look at the figure… I recognized him. It was Nix.

“And I don’t care anymore.” Mehrunes adds.

Nix hops down from the monster’s head. He looks over at us. And then he stuck his hand out in front of us.

“The shard, please.” he said.

All three of us looked at his hand.

“Give us a moment please.” Mehrunes replied. “We need to discuss among ourselves.”

“Alright, but you’ve got only five minutes.” Nix responds, before he hopped back onto the ice monster’s head.

The three of us then looked at each other.

“Well, all of our past enemies/opponents are after this shard… So what do we do?”  I asked in a whisper voice.

“Well. You can duplicate things, and make them disappear, how far away can you do that?” Mehrunes whispered back.

Then, I just got an idea. A brilliant idea.

“AH! I know… Well, I can make them disappear as long as I can see them. So, I can duplicate this and give it to you, you and Listy run off to get back to Glare, and I’ll make the ones Con, Dander, and Nix have disappear before I catch up to you guys!” I exclaimed, in a low voice.

Mehrunes smiled.

“Sounds good.” Mehrunes said.

“What do you think, Listy?” I asked Listy (she’s so quiet for some reason).

“Seems okay.” Listy replied.

“You sure about this? You’ll be alone against maybe three people.” Krydret says.

“No worries, I can do it.” I replied.

Then, I duplicated the shard once more, and handed it over to Mehrunes. He put it away, and then I turned around to face Nix, with the other shard.

“We’ve decided.” I said, “you can have it.”

Nix looked at me. He could tell something was wrong, or something was up. He slowly walked up to me, and I handed him the shard. He examined it.

“Really? You just… gave it to me?” Nix asks. (Since it’s a duplicate, it’s EXACTLY the same thing. Nothing different about it)

“Yep. We said since… Well we don’t really need it.” I said.

Nix looks into my eyes, before he turned around to walk away.

“Now Mehrunes! You and Listy go!” I shouted in a whisper to Mehrunes.

Mehrunes and Listy ran off right after I finished my sentence.

“Now, Krydret… I’ll follow Nix, but I’ll need to stay hidden.” I said to Krydret.

“Don’t do anything stupid. Like you’ve done before.” He replied, with a snicker.

“Well I’m going to take flight. Krydret! Help me summon a… Hoverboard!” I said, excited.

“It’ll be my pleasure.” Krydret replied.

Then, I focused on thinking about a hoverboard. I tried to imagine exactly how it works, and all that stuff, because I need to in order to summon it.

Then, it worked. I saw on the floor, a hoverboard. I hopped on, and took flight into the air. It was awesome! I was surfing on the air!

“Okay… Now there’s Nix…” I thought, looking down at Nix who was riding his ice monster.

I continued to follow him slowly.

“Hey Krydret, where is Con and Dander?” I asked.

“Two miles away, in a different biome. In a desert.” Krydret replied, “they’re after the second shard!”

“Oh! So then Ich, Lavender, and Draco are there! Alright then, let’s go!” I exclaimed.



-----| Chapter 7 |-----



Draco sent out a punch towards Folly, but Folly punched him as well, their fists clashed into one another causing a small wave of air to rush out from the collision.

“Heh, looks like you’ve been training since we last saw you. But so have I!” Draco exclaimed.

Then, those turquoise armor gloves, called gauntlets, appeared on both of his hands. I guess he learned how to summon a second one since we last saw him, He then punched Folly right in the face with his left hand, causing him to fall back.

“Grr! You’re right though, Broshi, you and I both have been training! I had to train alone though! Cause Joss died!” Folly yelled at Draco.

“Well that’s unfortunate but I hope you’re not expecting any sympathy from me, the person you want to kill for some reason.” Draco said, kicking Folly in the stomach, sending him into the ground.

“Oof!” shouted Folly, “grrr… Broshi… You’ve already done many bad things, you have to die! Or be put in jail, where you belong!”

“Well could you please tell me what all of those bad things are? I unfortunately forgot. So please do tell me.” Draco asked.

“You already know, you don’t forget just like that!” Folly shouted. “You know exactly what you did!”

Folly then flew right into Draco, giving him a cut on his arms. He then shot out many spikes at him, but Draco deflected them all with his gauntlets.

“Draco! Do you need any assistance? We could all team up and defeat him!” Lavender shouted in question.

“Yeah that would help, in fact I have a plan.” Draco replied.

“What’s the plan then?” I asked.

“Okay, I need you two to both move to Folly’s sides and attack him at the same time.” Draco said quietly.

“Well that’s a really simple plan, no offence.” Lavender said. “Are you sure that Folly is that bad at fighting? Bad enough that simple plans work on him?”

“Fine, Ich, you keep Folly held in place using the wind while me and Lavender attack him then you’ll make a tornado and me and Lavender will use our powers to make it stronger then we hit Folly with it.” Draco said.

“Umm, that’s kind of overdoing it, using my tornado… If I use that in this temple, it would break it…” I said back.

“Then shoot a beam of wind instead of the tornado then.” Draco said.

“Okay that works.” I then said.

I turned to face Folly, but he was not there!

“Annnnnnd he’s gone. Great. Now where did he go?” Draco said before looking around.

“Huh.” Lavender says, “he went somewhere while we were distracted.”

“I sure hope he didn’t take the shard or anything.” Draco said. “Wait, I know how we can check! Ich hand me back my phone please.”

“I gave it back already, two minutes ago, before the fight started.” I replied. “It’s in your pocket…”

“Oh. Right, I forgot sorry.” Draco said, rubbing the back of his head while pulling out the phone and looking at the screen.

The three of us all looked at the phone. The red dot that indicates the shard’s location was still pretty far, past the whole maze.

“Okay so if he is after the shard he hasn’t gotten to it yet, so we should get there quick.” Draco said.

“We’ll need to get past this maze.” Lavender responds, “I’ve got an idea.”

Suddenly, water appeared, which somehow lifted us up like it was solid. We were riding on a wave.

“Well we could have used the map of the maze on the phone but this works too.” Draco comments.

Then, the wave moved. We past all the walls of the maze pretty easily.

“Oh, well, I sensed something! There is someone, nearby, someone familiar. Who is very likely after the shard.” Gemil said telepathically to me.

“Oh well, we’re gonna get there first, since we already passed the maze.” I replied.

Then, the wave disappeared, and we had passed the maze. We were now in a hallway, an empty hallway, with doors all over.

“So there are multiple paths,well according to the phone, the path to the shard is through that door.” Draco said, pointing to one of the doors on the left wall.

“Well then let’s go!” Lavender exclaims.

We entered the door Draco had said the shard was in, and after that, it suddenly closed on us, and we heard it lock.

“Oh great.” Draco said as he then looked at the phone screen before a slight scowl appeared on his face. “Guess what?”

“What…?” I asked nervously.

“Not only is the door locked on us but also, the real path to the shard was behind a different door that has a path that goes under this one, that’s why I thought this was the way. Also according to the map the walls of this hallway are starting to close inwards.” Draco replied.

“Well that’s just great.” Lavender comments.

“Well there is one thing we could do to get out of this dead end as well as get on the right path.” Draco said.

“Yeah, but before that…” I said, as I then spotted something.

I spotted what seemed to be a lever. And it was hanging on the wall.

“Ohhh. I wonder what that does.” Lavender said, as the three of us were now all looking at the lever.

“Well do we want to find out? We don’t have the slightest clue about what that lever does. So if we are gonna press it we better be ready to do what I was talking about.” Draco said.

“Well what do you think?” Lavender asks Draco, “should we activate it or not?”

“Well we can but once you do be ready to make a hole through the floor in case something bad happens.” Draco said.

“Well, here we go then.” Lavender says.

She then flicked the lever, and the place began to shake a bit. Then, it suddenly began to shake A LOT. It was like an earthquake!

Draco said something, but the shaking was too loud for me to hear it.

Suddenly, the floor began to fall! Like stones, they all fell down, and we fell along with it. For some reason, none of us even screamed. We didn’t feel like it.

Soon, we then made it. We landed on the floor, and got up right away afterwards. I looked around. We were now in a cave. But there was no light at all, but I had night vision so I could see, but Draco and Lavender can’t.

“Huh. Well that was convenient. That lever solved both problems. Now we’re on the right path.” Draco said. “Since the path that led to the shard was below the one we fell from.”

“Yeah, now you guys need a source of light though so you can see.” I said, “maybe you could use your phone.”

“Well I can see when my Draco Eye is on but I could also do this.” Draco said before he made a small ball of plasma in his hand.

“Well that helps me. Let’s go.” Lavender replies.

We then walked through the cave, and I heard the sound of water dripping.

“Got to admit, if it weren’t for the phone, you probably wouldn't know there was anything in this cave.” Draco said as we walked, “since there are no signs of the people who built the temple doing anything in here.”

“Yeah.” I agreed.

We kept walking, and then we reached a part of the cave. There was light, from the torches on the walls. I looked in front of me, and that’s where I spotted it. The shard.

It was just lying right on the floor, waiting to be picked up.

“Hmm… let me check something.” Draco said, a suspicious look on his face as he picked up a rock off the ground.

“What?” I asked.

“I’m gonna test something.” Draco said before he picked up a few more rocks and tossed them all near the shard.

We all watched to see if something happened, but nothing happened.

“We’re good. There is no traps.” Lavender says.

“Okay well then let’s go pick it up.” Draco said.

I headed toward the shard, and just when I was about to pick it up, it disappeared.

“Ha. I got it first.” said a voice.

The three of us turned, and we spotted a guy our age wearing black clothing. I looked closely and I recognized him… It was Dander.

“*SIGH* I had a feeling something like that would happen.” Draco said.

I watched as Dander looked at the shard.

“That’s two.” Dander said, as he then took out what seemed to be another shard. “And Glare has the other five.”

“And we would appreciate it if you could give us that one.” Draco said.

“Huh, you want it? Well, you’re gonna have to fight for it then.” Dander replies, as he then floated up into the air.

He also was surrounded by huge black skeleton heads with red glowing eyes. They were familiar, I’ve seen him use them before.

“Well, we’re gonna have to fight.” Lavender says, “ so sure. Let’s see what you’ve got!”


Mehrunes and Listy walked through the forest.

“How long have we been walking?” Listy asked.

“Not long.” Mehrunes replied.

“Do you think Saturo can pull off his plan?” Listy asked another question.

“Well, kinda. It’s not the worse thing, but also has a decent chance of failure. About fifty percent.” Mehrunes replied. “As a middle ground.”

They were both silent for a while, just walking.

“This galaxy is being torn apart.” Mehrunes said.

“What do you mean?” Listy asked.

“Well, Hindro is denying that Ultimates exist, there is a massive war going on. A whole lot of planets are getting worse than they already are, and space isn't safe to name a few.” Mehrunes replied. “It’s terrible really. Most of the people in this galaxy seem to know nothing if not very little about war.”

“Yeah…” Listy replied.

“And the war kinda popped up, it was unexpected. Whoever did this did it decently.” Mehrunes said.

“Well I mean they attacked places so some people must have figured it out.” Listy replied.

“That’s kinda the problem. I don’t think this galaxy ever had any wars, at least documented, and so everybody was pretty unprepared. Not really anyone could see the signs.” Mehrunes replies.

“That only kinda makes sense.” Listy replied.

“What does?” Mehrunes asked.

“Most of that.” Listy replied. “How have they not had a war?”

“It’s kinda hard when a whole bunch of people can fight back effectively, and other attempts were snuffed out by other means.” Mehrunes replied.

“Like what? The Ultimate Council?” Listy asked.

“Probably in part.” Mehrunes replied. “Typically wars need to be supported, or else they… One, don’t even start. Or two find a solution quickly. Or the events leading up to war were quieted, and nothing happens with it.”

“So how did someone pull it off this time?” Listy asked.

“I dunno, they probably just kept at it until war started.” Mehrunes replied.

“What do you think they want?” Listy asked.

“Probably war. Maybe something else.” Mehrunes replied. “It’s hard to say. Maybe they wanted to make history.”

“Where are we going?” Listy asked.

“I don’t know.” Mehrunes replied. “We should find a way to get off this planet without space…”

“So teleportation?” Listy asked.

“Probably.” Mehrunes replied.

“Where would we find that?” Listy asked.

“I dunno, where would you?” asked a voice.

Mehrunes and Listy looked around them, trying to find where that voice came from. But they couldn’t see anyone.

“I dunno either.” Mehrunes replied.

“Exactly. Wink, wink.” replied the voice.

“Nudge nudge.” Listy replied.

“Ha! I like you.” the voice said.

“Because I’m not a buzzkill?” Listy asked.

“Yeah basically.” replied the voice, “well, it seems you guys need help, am I right?”

“No exploits!” Mehrunes replied. “Yes kinda. But first who the heck are you?”

“I don’t know, who am I?” asked the voice.

“Do ya know Gagger and Tenker?” Mehrunes asked back.

“Oh right. Those guys… Yeah actually, I do know them.” the voice replied.

“Probably… Dander is really the only person I know that knows them, besides Ich and whomever.” Mehrunes replies. “Although you could be someone else… Maybe you are Gagger or Tenker… Hmmm…”

“Heh, am I messing with your mind? Since I just appeared or something?” the voice asked, sort of in a confused tone.

“No.” Mehrunes replies. “But I was considering the possibilities.”

“Well all of those are wrong. You’ve never met me before… I’m too… mysterious…” the voice said.

“Okay.” Mehrunes replied.

“Heh heh…” the voice laughed.

“Ha ha!” Mehrunes laughs back. “What’s so funny?”

“Nothing.” the voice replied.

“Then why are you laughing?” Mehrunes questioned.

“Because of reasons.” the voice responded.

“What reasons?” Mehrunes asked. “No really that laughter sounds like villainous plotting laughter.”

“Heh heh heh heh… I may or may not be a villain… What do you think?” The voice asks, creepily.

“What do you think that I think?” Mehrunes replied.

“I don’t really know, I can’t read minds.” The voice said back.

“Okay. See ya possibly evil person whose name and appearance we might know but don’t who tried to offer help and is probably not going to be helpful.” Mehrunes replied, walking away.

“Well, do you want some help?” The voice asked.

“Ya know I would if you weren't as likely to be evil.” Mehrunes replied.

“But it’s not like we’ve gotten anywhere ourselves.” Listy says.

“This guy V.S. wandering for a bit to find someone else. Who do you prefer?” Mehrunes questions.

“Neither. But one is right here as opposed to maybe finding someone else.” Listy replied.

“ARGH!” Mehrunes replied. “It still depends. We don’t know this guy at all.”

“Well he’s somewhere. Just ask him to come out or something!” Listy replied.

“HEY!” Mehrunes yelled. “Could you show yourself instead of going all disembodied voice?”

“Well, not really. I’m not able to be seen… You see… I’m a ghost.” the voice replied, “you can only hear me, but not see me… My powers allow me to do multiple things.”

“Well that’s worse than an actual person.” Mehrunes replied. “What’s your name at least?”

“Well, you can call me Bill.” The voice replied, “Cheesy Bill is fine too. I don’t really care, call me whatever you want, as long as it has Bill part of it. I prefer to be called Ghost Bill though…”

“Okay Ghost Bill, why should we trust you at all?” Mehrunes questions.

“Well, I can’t be killed. I’m a ghost. And I can’t kill either. But I can control people when I enter them… Basically I possess people.” Ghost Bill replied.

“That… didn’t answer my question.” Mehrunes replied.

“Well I don’t know! Trust is a huge issue nowadays, especially since there is a war going on.” Ghost Bill said.

“Eh. Fine. What ‘help’ are you offering?” Mehrunes questioned.

“Well, you need to get back somewhere… I can take you there.” Ghost Bill said.

“How convenient.” Listy says.

“So… Are you ready?” Ghost Bill asks.

“Nope!” Mehrunes replied. “But we’ll say yes to continue.”

Suddenly, Mehrune felt… Weird. The Ghost had entered his body, taking full control of him. Listy looked at Mehrunes, who was no longer really Mehrunes. He looked at her.

“Yes… Now it worked.” The ghost inside Mehrunes said.

“Now how will we get back?” Listy asked.

“We aren’t going to. So long, Listy, I’m off for the shards!” Mehrunes shouted, before taking off into the air.

“Wait what!? MEHRUNES!?”

“I’m not Mehrunes. I’m the ghost, and I have possessed his body. Yes. I’m not helping you. I’m only helping ME! Those shards will be mine! AND I SHALL BE BACK TO NORMAL!”



-----| Chapter 8 |-----



“Hey, Listy and Mehrunes are a good fit.” Krydret said.

I was on my hoverboard, following Nix, who was still riding the ice monster. We were still in the plains, but I could see a desert up ahead.

“What do you mean?” I asked Krydret.

“Maybe they are dating or something. If not, then they should. They sound exactly like each other when they talk, you can hardly tell the difference!” Krydret replied, “they fit perfectly.”

“Yeah… You’re right!” I exclaimed, “maybe, I’ll try to find out if it’s true or not.”

“I’m 99.99% sure it is true.” Krydret said.

“Huh. Then it should be true I guess?”

Then, I realized that Nix and I had already entered the desert. I was still twenty feet above Nix, I’m not going down until it’s safe… Meaning when I arrive and see all the others.

Then, I saw him. I spotted Con, just up ahead. Nix was right behind him, but they were far apart, about twenty, thirty feet maybe?

And I saw the shard, in Con’s hands. That’s when I did it, I made it disappear. I didn’t realize what happened next, but since Nix had the shard, Con thought that Nix took it from him. So now they are fighting.

I also saw Nix’s shard, and did the same to it. Well, mission accomplished for TWO of them. Now I need to find Dander.

“That was really well done, Saturo. Now they are distracted! Let’s get Dander now.” Krydret said.

“Thanks. Now… Dander is where?” I asked.

“You see that temple over there?” Krydret questions.

I looked and spotted a temple made of sandstone.

“Yeah. I see it.” I replied.

“In there. Dander is in there, and same with Ichoo, Draco, and Lavender too!” Krydret said.

Suddenly, I spotted a figure fly right past me. I looked back and recognized him. It was Folly.

What was he doing here? I don’t know, or really care because I’m busy. I continued my way. But I should add, he looked like he got completely wrecked by something or someone.

I landed right in front of the temple, and saw that the gate was already open/destroyed (Mainly destroyed).

“When you enter, dig your way underground. They are underground, all of them.” Krydret said.

“Alright…” I replied.

I entered the temple. I looked around, there were torches on the wall, and a big hallway.

“So I just dig down?” I asked.

“Yes.” Krydret replied.

I summoned myself a shovel, and began to dig. But then I got bored so I just hit the ground hard, and the sand fell. I fell along with it.

I saw where I was now. I was in a cave, with barely any light. I could see light though, far away.

I began to walk towards the light.

“They’re there, at the light.” Krydret said.

“Okay. Let’s do this…” I replied.

I then reached the place. And I saw Dander, floating in mid air with two giant black skeleton skulls on either side of him.

I saw the shard too. Perfect.

Immediately, I made the shard disappear. But the other shard, that Ich, Lavender, and Draco are getting was with him too.

But, I finished my mission. Now I have to get back to Mehrunes and Listy and we go back to Glare and win!

I turned around to escape, but then I bumped into someone. I fell back and looked at who I bumped into… Mehrunes? What was he doing here?

“Mehrunes! Why did you come? I can do it on my own! Don’t you trust me? Don’t you believe in me?” I asked.

Mehrunes looked into my eyes. The way he did… I could tell this was not Mehrunes.

“Wait…” I then realized, “where’s Listy?”

“I left her.” Mehrunes replied.

“Why?” I asked.

“Because. I want to get the other shard.” Mehrunes said.

“But our mission was to only get our shard! Don’t you want to win?” I asked again.

Mehrunes pushed me to the side.

“Get out of my way.” He said.

Then I knew it. This guy wasn’t Mehrunes. But then, if he isn’t… Who is he?

“I scanned him… It’s someone else. The energy level, the power, is not Mehrunes’s. SOmeone took his body.” Krydret said.

“I knew it!” I replied, “well then, I’m gonna stop him.”


The three of us stood in our spots, facing Dander, in our fighting positions. We were waiting for Dander to attack first. That was what Lavender said, that was our tactic, method, strategy, whatever it’s called.

And she also said not to say anything, just be silent and prepared. She said if we do that, Dander would get impatient and will attack. I think that is a good strategy, I’m surprised that I heard it from Lavender though.

“Aren’t you gonna come get the shard?” Dander asks.

We were silent, and smiling.

“Hello?” Dander asked.

We were still silent. This was working!

“If you are just gonna stand there, I’ll just attack you and make my way out.” Dander said.

Well. Duh. That’s what we are trying to get you to do! Then, Dander did attack. One of his skeletons shot laser beams at us from it’s eyes.

We dodged. I spotted Draco leaping up in the air, with his gauntlets already activated. The skeletons shot laser beams at him, but he blocked them, using a plasma shield that somehow activated, I think the gauntlets did that.

Draco then was right in front of Dander now. Draco saw the shard in his hand, and he reached for it. And he got it!

“Thank you!” Draco said.

Dander was about to attack him after that, but Draco kicked him away.

“Guys! Catch!” Draco shouted.

He then threw the shard towards us. Lavender and I both ran to catch it. But…

Someone already caught it before us. I looked closely… It was Mehrunes! What was Mehrunes doing here?!

“Mehrunes?” Draco asks, “what are you doing here?! This is where our shard is! And you have our shard!”

Mehrunes looked at Draco.

“I have no idea what you are talking about.” Mehrunes replied.

“Umm you know, that thing in your hand? Glare sent us to find that one while you as well as Saturo and Listy went to get the other one! In fact… Where are Saturo and Listy anyway?” Draco asked.

“I abandoned them.” Mehrunes replied.

“Wait…” I said, “why?”

“So I can come for the shard.” Mehrunes replied, “SO I CAN BE BROUGHT BACK TO NORMAL!”

“Wait what?” I asked, confused.

But then, I spotted someone else appear out of nowhere… Saturo!
“That’s not Mehrunes, guys! I don’t know who he is, but it’s not Mehrunes!” Saturo shouted.

“Well that explains why he hasn’t made any snarky and/or smartbutt comments.” Draco said. “Maybe something is controlling him?”

“Yes. I think something is controlling him, but who knows. Maybe Mehrunes decided to become our enemy.” Saturo replied, looking at Mehrunes.

“Well either way we’re gonna have to stop him but what will we do about Dander?” Draco asked.

“Hmm… You know, I am after that shard too. So, I’ll team up with you guys for now, until we defeat this guy, then we’ll see.” Dander said.

“Heh, well until then, let’s deal with ‘Mehrunes’.” Draco said before he turned around and looked up at Mehrunes.

Dander came down next to the rest of us. Saturo, Draco, Lavender, and Dander along with me. That should do it! We can win easily.

“Do you guys think you can really beat me?” Mehrunes asks.

“Well, if you have Mehrunes’s powers, yes.” Saturo said.

“Well I don’t. I have my own abilities, and I can use them now that I have a body.” Mehrunes replied, which his words sounded weird.

The five of us then sort of huddled up. To come up with a plan.

“Okay so how exactly are we gonna do this? We don’t want to kill Mehrunes, especially if he’s being controlled. But we also can’t just let him get away with the shard obviously.” Draco said.

“We’ll just have to fight him. Beat him up until he gives up. Then, if I remember correctly, Uchiho is your healer, she can heal him when he’s back to normal.” Dander replied.

“Okay so we just hit him until he gets knocked out or something?” Draco asked.

“We need to beat up Mehrunes’s body until he can’t move. Then, maybe whoever is controlling him would leave it.” Dander responded.

“Okay so we knock him out or we paralyze him.” Draco said before looking at the rest of us. “What do you guys think?”

“Dander’s method is pretty good. Because if we get whoever is in Mehrunes’s body out, Mehrunes would be back to normal and then we can fight whoever was in his body.” Lavender said.

“Okay and do you two agree?” Draco asked, looking directly at me and Saturo.

“Yeah. That works.” Saturo said, as I nodded in agreement.

“Okay well then let’s do this!” Draco exclaimed before we all turned towards Mehrunes.


Listy was running. She was running towards the direction that Mehrunes had gone in. Mehrunes had the shard, and he was no longer Mehrunes.

“Gotta save him! Gotta help! Gotta hurry! Bill is crazy.” Listy thought to herself frantically. “I should be close? Maybe? Please?!”

Listy entered a desert. And she spots a temple made of sandstone in the distance.

“Yeah I’m thinking that’s it.” Listy thought to herself. “I’ve really gotta go quickly.”

Listy got closer to the temple, and sees a hole in the gate, and the ground. She walked into the temple.

“This temple has seen better days.” Listy thought, looking down the hole. “I think I can make that jump…”

Then, Listy heard the sound of fighting.

“Oh no.” Listy thought. “Better go fast.”

Listy jumped into the hole and quickly ran toward the sounds of fighting.

“Sounding worse and worse.” Listy thought. “Should be close… Well…  more like closer…”


“Where are you going, Glare?” Lagi asks as he and Ivory saw Glare with his bags at the front door.

“I’m leaving for about a month.” Glare replied, “Kan or Stare will take care of you when I’m gone.”

“Okay… But are you leaving now?” Ivory asked.

“No, after the students return from their mission I will give them all their prize and then I will leave.” Glare replied.

“Yeah… Speaking of that, can we go to them?” Lagi asked.

“Yeah, and I want to keep on training my Ultimate Crystal.” Ivory said. “If they are taking this long, they might need help.”

“It’s their mission, not yours. Now you two go back to training, you have to master changing forms in a millisecond, or no dinner tonight.” Glare said.

“I want food!” Lagi yelled as he ran outside.

“I guess I should practice too.” Ivory said as she followed Lagi.


-----| Chapter 9 |-----



This should be really easy. Mehrunes is outnumbered! He would lose pretty quickly! That is, if he is his normal self. If the person controlling him has his own powers maybe this would take slightly longer.

“I can do this all on my own. None of you will have to take part in this.” Dander said, while his arms were crossed.

“Yeah well we’re gonna take part anyway.” Draco replied.

“It’ll end fast, that you won’t need to.” Dander responded.

“Wait… Are you going to use that move? That makes you sick? You used that on me before.” Saturo said.

“Actually, Saturo, yes. That is the move I’ll use. This will end quickly. Because I’m going to use it 10 times stronger than when I used it on you. He’ll get sick immediately.” Dander replied.

“Why do you always make it seem like you are better than us in every way?” I asked, annoyed.

Dander smirks at me.

“Because,” he says, “I am better than you. All of you.”

“Stop wasting time! If you’re gonna do something, DO IT ALREADY!” Lavender yelled.

When she yelled, she surprised Dander, and he immediately took off into the air. He was right in front of Mehrunes and then, in a second, Mehrunes had fallen. And he was right in front of us, lying on the ground, helpless. He looked sick, like his skin was beginning to rip apart.

“Heh. Told ya, ya didn’t have to do a thing.” Dander said.

“Yeah sure of course…” Draco said, sounding very annoyed but didn’t care enough to argue.

“I can’t move!” The controlled Mehrunes shouted, “WHY CAN’T I MOVE!?”

“Because, you’re sick, dumbo.” Dander said, looking down at him, “you won’t be able to move unless you recover, which will take a week.”

“A WEEK!? I CAN’T WAIT FOR A WEEK!” The controlled Mehrunes shouted.

“Heh. You’ll have to.” Dander said, taking the shard from his hands.

When he did that, I caught my eyes on it. I needed to get the shard. It’s my mission anyway.

“You know what?” Mehrunes then asked.

“What?” Draco asks back.


Then, something happened for a second, and then… Dander began to laugh for a random reason.


Then I understood what just happened. Whoever was controlling Mehrunes left him. Instead he chose someone stronger, Dander.

“Wait… Now Dander is the enemy!” Saturo shouted, “and he’s got both shards! Our missions were to get the shard, and Dander has the ones we need! That both our groups need! Let’s get hi--!”

“Before that…” Dander interrupted, “call me something other than Dander. Cuz I’m not Dander. Call me… Billder. Yes, Billeder! You will call me Billeder!”

“Fine, Billeder. If you don’t give us the shard, we’ll take it from you forcefully. And we won’t hold back.” Lavender said.

“Well, you’ll have to catch me!” Billeder replied, before he made his escape.

We were about to run after him, but we then spotted Listy. She came too.

“Mehrunes?!” Listy asked in shock.

“Oh. The guy controlling him left him, he’s in Dander, who we now call Billeder for some reason.” I informed Listy, “Mehrunes is back to normal but he’s sick.”

“T-this i-is less than i-ideal.” Mehrunes said from on the ground. “N-not a-again.”

“So… Are we going to go after Billeder or something? And if we do what will we do with Mehrunes?” Draco asked. “He kinda can’t move…”

“One of us will have to stay with him.” Lavender said, “while the rest of us go.”

“Hmm… how about… Listy?” Draco suggested.

“Sure.” Listy replied. “You guys go after Billeder. I’ll stay with Mehrunes.”

“Alright, then.” I said, “the four of us go after him, while Listy and Mehrunes stay behind.”

“Sounds good.” Saturo replied, “let’s go.”


Listy and Mehrunes were alone, the rest had gone after Billeder. Mehrunes, still very sick, laid in his spot, he couldn’t move. The sickness was worse than last time.

“Heh, looks like it came again.” a voice then said.

“Huh?” Mehrunes asks.

He then noticed he was somewhere else, Listy was not there anymore. He looked around himself as he slowly tried to get up. He got up easily. He wasn’t sick.

“Looks like you’re sick again.” the voice said again.

Mehrunes looked in front of him, and saw a man with dark green clothing, who was familiar to him. Mehrunes knew this man by the name of Rorikan.

“Yeah I guess. Somehow… with the ‘help’ of Bill the ghost.” Mehrunes replied. “It’s nice to see you too.”

“You might as well get a shot or something, to make you immune to that sickness… It’s worse this time, you can’t move and your skin is… ripping itself apart.” Rorikan said.

“How pleasant.” Mehrunes replied. “That’s not what you want at all. Do you know of any way to get said ‘immunity shot’?”

“Nope, I don’t know anything about it. You’ll have to figure out the secret to it, the secret to that attack. It’s dangerous, obviously, and it’s unavoidable when you don’t even know what he’s doing… Dander that is. He’s not the only one that uses that move, there's others who have used it before.” Rorikan responded.

“Note to self. Find immunity to the super cheap and deadly move.” Mehrunes said. “Also. Who has used it before?”

“If I remember correctly, it was one of Ultimate Darth’s Army Generals… And he’s Dander’s father, he probably taught that move to his kid.” Rorikan replied.

“Oh great.” Mehrunes replied. “I have another question, would you know how to ‘fight’ a ghost?”

“Hmm. A ghost. Well, it depends. What type of ghost?” Rorikan asked.

“It took control of my body, then Dander’s, and he wants these blue shards for some reason… and that’s about all I know about ‘Bill’.” Mehrunes replied.

“Well, can you see the ghost? Like, sort of see it?” Rorikan asked.

“Uh… no.” Mehrunes replied.

Rorikan frowned. “Are you even sure he is a ghost?”

“No. He said he was a ghost. And he took some blue crystals from us while we were on a mission.” Mehrunes replied.

“Ah yes. The seven shards that can be put together to make one crystal. And that crystal which has some interesting abilities…” Rorikan said. “If I look farther into it, I can see what the abilities are…”

Rorikan looked past Mehrunes at the wall. It seemed like he was looking for something on the wall, Mehrunes was confused on what he was doing.

Mehrunes stayed quiet.

“I can’t seem to see it…” Rorikan said, “it’s hidden pretty well.”

“‘Pretty well’ is not flawlessly.” Mehrunes replied. “Do you know how to fight this particular maybe-or-maybe-not ghost?”

“Well, he seems to be after the shards, because they will turn him back to normal. If you want to defeat him, you’ll either have to figure out what he is, or wait until he is back to normal and then you can attack him.” Rorikan replied.

“Except ‘we’ don’t want him to get the shards.” Mehrunes said. “We’re in a Dream World right? Can you do something to figure out this stuff?”

“I can, but it will take time.” Rorikan replied.

“We currently have time, so go ahead.” Mehrunes replied. “I can wait.”

“Well, in the meantime… Would you like some orange chicken?” Rorikan asked, as a plate of orange chicken appeared on the table in front of him. “It’s my favorite food by the way.”

“Sure.” Mehrunes replied.

“Then take a seat! Don’t be shy.” Rorikan said.

Mehrunes realized he had been standing the whole time and sat down at the table. Rorikan had began to eat.

“Well, Mehrunes… What techniques, powers, abilities do you use?” Rorikan asked.

“Odd question to ask.” Mehrunes replied. “And considering everything, including that I’ve seen in the Dream World, that’s even odder. Why do you ask?”

“I can teach you some useful techniques.” Rorikan responded, “but before that I’ll need to know what you already use.”

“I don’t really have any techniques, and if you have anywhere near the same power as the Evil monster guy with his creepy Dream World you should be able to figure my powers/abilities out. Note to self, Dream Worlds are plentiful.” Mehrunes replied.

“‘Evil Monster Guy’?” Rorikan asked. “Who are you talking about?”

“Another Dream World someone I met. Really all of my friends met him either way he gave me another book on elements, only to get it stolen again. Doesn’t matter.” Mehrunes replied.

“Ah, you mean those that only exist in the Dream World. It depends. In your case, I would think, the other guy you met, you entered his lair. You entered his home, which is enchanted that allows him to know everything about you when you enter. That’s how he can mess with your mind. You wouldn’t want to be in there for too long.” Rorikan responded. “I, on the other hand… This is only a small room, I have no lair. I don’t have those abilities either. I’m just a normal person that is part of your imagination, I cannot hurt you. But he could, when you enter his home.”

“Uh huh… Right… Makes sense.” Mehrunes replied.

“So, what are you abilities? What can you do?” Rorikan asked, “or rather… What do you want to be able to do? Anything in particular? Or you don’t know yet?”

Mehrunes shook his head. “Nothing at the moment.”

“Alright then…” Rorikan replied.


“Dang it. We lost him.” Saturo said.

The four of us looked around. There were cactuses everywhere, and we don’t know where Billeder had gone.

“He could be hiding behind the cactus or something.” Draco said. “But even if he was hiding behind one, there’s hundreds of cactuses here that are big enough to hide him. So he could be anywhere.”

“Yeah, that is right.” Lavender agrees, “let’s look around for him.”

But before we could start to look, we spotted black particles up ahead, like dust, or smoke.

“He’s probably there.” Saturo said, “guys, there’s no reason to hold back. We need to fight with all our power so that we can win this fight and finish this quickly.”

“Is that so?” I asked, “fine then.”

“Tornado time!” Gemil said, “f5 tornado!”

“So if we’re going to go all out, then I’ll try to summon an F5 Tornado for the first time.” I said.

“Wait what?! You’ll just make a sandstorm! Dude! That will kill us all!” Lavender exclaimed.

“We can make it more dangerous than that you know.” Draco said. “Right Ich?”

“Yeah… Besides we’re far away from the cities. No one is here. And we want to get the shards as fast as we can.” I said, “we just make a F5 Tornado which turns into a sandstorm… Billeder won’t be able to handle it.”

“At the same time I should also make a thunderstorm.” Saturo said.

“NO! That’s too much!! We can only do a little at a time! Not too many dangerous attacks at once! We could die!” Lavender yelled.

“Keep in mind you said we could but that doesn’t mean we will.” Draco commented.

“Fine. We will die!” Lavender shouted. “If we’re going to go all out, only one of us at a time can! Or else… We will all die from it!”

“Fine I guess we’ll have to do the tornado last then.” Draco said, sounding disappointed.

“No, I mean we can make the tornado first. But ONLY the tornado, nothing else.” Lavender replied.

“Fine we’ll do that.” Draco said before sitting down on the ground.

“Get up! No sitting down while fighting! You never know when we see him! Take the chances and attack when able to!” Lavender yelled at him.

“Fine, fine, fine!” Draco yelled back, standing back up.

“Okay, now Ich. Start the tornado.” Lavender said.


I then focused all my strength and energy into making a tornado.

“In the meantime, guys find him and lead him right to me, and I’ll summon it right in his face.” I said to the others.

“Got it.” Draco said before he started checking the cactuses.

“Let’s do this, Gemil… Summoning a F5 tornado for the first time…” I thought.


Draco, Lavender, and I were seperated, looking all over the place for Billeder. Ichoo was working on summoning the tornado, and since this is the first time he’s making an F5 tornado, it’ll take awhile.

While Draco and Lavender were looking somewhere else, I saw smoke in the distance, which I thought he would be there.

“Yep, I sense his presence right in the middle of the smoke, totally. He’s there alright.” Krydret said.

“Perfect… I’ll sneak up on him…” I thought.

I walked towards the smoke, slowly. I then saw through the smoke, Dander’s face. I found him.

I then unsheathed my electric axe, not letting my eyes escape him. Then, quickly I leaped inside the smoke, and shot out a shockwave right at his face.

“ARGH!” he yelled, I got him, he was there.

I smirked as the smoke disappeared slowly, before I noticed… It was a dummy! Suddenly, I felt a tap behind me, I turned around. No one was there.

“Waa….. WAHHHHHHH KAPOW!” I heard a yell before I suddenly was launched afar.

“Hashtag rekted.” Krydret comments.

“Not helping!” I replied.

I turned around and saw Billeder standing there. Lavender and Draco made there way to me since I found him. Now we needed to get him near Ich.

“Okay so what exactly should we do?” Draco whispered to Lavender and I.

“Such unnecessary questions. Attack him obviously!” Lavender snapped at him.

“You didn’t have to be rude about it you know.” Draco said, his gauntlets already equipped.

“Lavender.” I said, “make a wave of water to distract him. I have an idea.”


Lavender then made a wave of water and shot it towards Billeder. I ran towards it, out of Billeder’s sight. Then, I jumped through the water, and spotted Billeder’s ‘shocked’ face.

I shot lightning bolts all over, shocking him like crazy before I then kicked him back through the wave of water.

The water disappeared and I saw Draco hit Billeder right towards Ich. That worked perfectly.

“SUMMON NOW!” Ich shouted.

Then, it was like an explosion. All of us were knocked back. After I got back up, fighting the wind from blowing me over, I saw the tornado. It was HUGE. VERY HUGE. Gigantic.

I could see Billeder in the middle of it, struggling. Ich was there too, with his sword, and he was attacking him.

I boosted myself, fighting against the wind to get to it. But the wind was too strong! I can’t move any closer!

“I can boost us to get closer, but then it might blow us back.” Krydret said.

“It’s worth the risk, let’s just do it.” I replied.

Then, there was a boost behind me, and it brought me inside the tornado. Somehow, I was able to stay still and not be blown away. I then saw Billeder and Ich just ten feet away, fighting.

“Saturo! Help me out! Hit him or something!” Ich yelled, shouting over the sound of the tornado.

“Okay!” I shouted back.

I made my way right next to Ich. He and I were facing Billeder, who started to laugh.


Suddenly, like an explosion happened. I fell to the floor, unable to see. I opened my eyes and saw that the tornado was gone! Instead, there was a huge ball of darkness, and Billeder was there holding it up like he was lifting weights.

“H-how!? How did he make it disappear!?” Ich shouted in shock.

I saw that all four of us were next to each other again. We all looked up at Billeder.

“Okay, I changed my mind.” Lavender said, “we’re making a tornado, tsunami, and a thunderstorm. That will defeat him for sure.”

“Wait, what do I do?” Draco asked.

“I don’t know! Anything! Make a giant ball of plasma and throw at at him or something! We need to go all out, now that I’ve seen his power!” Lavender yelled back.

“Okay then… I’ll do that.” Draco said quietly.

“Also there’s a giant ball of darkness about to be thrown at us, we should probably do something.” Ich said.

“Right but we may not have enough time to charge it all the way up.” Draco said.

“We’ll have to think of something to do in the meantime then… Like, for example… Maybe dodge that one ball of darkness?!” I exclaimed.

“You all don’t have to yell at me…” Draco muttered.

“I’m not yelling at you!” I yelled. “I’m yelling at ALL of us!”

“Whatever let’s just move!” Draco shouted back.

“No need.” we heard Billeder then said.

We then saw the ball of darkness was gone. And he just stood in front of us, smiling. Like he had planned something evil.

Suddenly, Billeder threw the shards to Ich, and he caught them. Then, something happened…

“Okay, guys…” Ich said, “I’m going to go check on Listy and Mehrunes for a bit.”

Then, Ich flew away. I looked back at Billeder…
“Wait, where did the shard-- Wait… How did I get here?” Billeder asks.

Then, like lightning striking, I realized… The person controlling Dander was no longer controlling him… He’s taken over Ich. Cripes.

“Wait… Is… Oh no.” Lavender said, “THE GUY IS CONTROLLING ICH!”

“Yeah!” I exclaimed, “that’s not a good thing.”

“And I figured Glare has the rest of the shards to make the crystal, according to Dander. So then, as Ich… He can sneak in and get them! Glare won’t be able to know unless we… Tell him…” Lavender said.

“And how are we going to do that?” I asked.

“I have an idea! It’s a magical invention called… A phone!” Draco said dramatically, showing both of us the phone Glare gave him.

“Oh. I feel dumb now.” I said hysterically, “call him!”

“Already am.” Draco said, the phone next to his ear.

“No wait, put it on speaker. So we all can talk and hear.” Lavender said.

“Okay.” Draco replied before he took the phone away from his ear and pressed a button on it.

After a couple of seconds of hearing the ringback tone, he finally answered.

“Ah, hello there Draco. What do you need?” We heard Glare’s voice say from the phone.

“Hi Glare, we’re here, and yes, I am Saturo, why am I with this team? It’s a long story, but save it for later.” I began, “we encountered a guy who controls people, he is controlling Ich and he has both shards and is coming to steal the other five back at your house!”
We then waited, before we realized…

“Unfortunately, your call has come to an end. There was a problem with receiving the call, please call again later… *BEEP* Ultimate Darth is dangerous, he’s the cause of this malfunction. We apologize for the inconvenience.” A robot voice said before a normal human voice spoke after the beep.

“...... ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!?” Draco shouted in rage.

“Dang! That took so much work to explain! I can never actually do that!” I said. “Welp. We’re doomed.”

“Not yet. Try calling him again.” Lavender said to Draco.

“Okay.” Draco said, calling Glare.

We waited for some more, hearing the ringback tone again.

“Your call has been delayed. Because of the war, the calling system is not working, we apologize for the inconvenience. *BEEP* Ultimate Darth is dangerous, he’s the reason why this call has been canceled. You cannot call. We apologise. *BEEP*.” The robot voice said before the human voice spoke again.

“It won’t do you any good.” Dander then said.

I freaked out for a moment. I totally forgot that Dander was there!

“Yeah, I’ve figured everything out. I know what happened.” Dander said, “we’ll need to just hope Glare would figure it out, or… Someone who is there, like Lagi or Ivory would realize that it is NOT Ich and is a ghost.”

“Wait… The guy’s a ghost?” Lavender asks.

“Yes. I figured it out because he was controlling me. He is very likely a ghost.” Dander said.

“Yeah but now we have to find a way to get back to Glare.” Draco said.

“Do you know anyone on Ertin that can help us?” Dander asked.

“Hmm… there may be some people. But, they could be anywhere on Ertin.” Draco said.

“That is true.” I said, “we could try and find Arrow. He has a teleporter and can teleport us back there.”

“Maybe.” Lavender said, “whoever this Arrow dude is…”

“Perhaps we won’t need Arrow… It seems someone has come.” Dander said, looking past us.

Lavender, Draco, and I turned to look and spotted someone. It was a girl who had short brown hair, green eyes, and wore black glasses. She was about our height, and she wore a green jacket, a light blue shirt, and some light brown pants as well as black shoes.

When I looked at her closely, I recognized her… I’ve seen her before… When we took a trip to Cyrus for Mehrunes to get his suit upgraded last year… I tried to remember her name… Keh-something… Ah! Yes! Kehori!

“It’s Kehori!” I said.

“Yep! Glad you remember me!” Kehori replied, smiling.

“Well, hopefully you can help us… Cause we need it pretty badly.” I said.

“No worries, Saturo! I’ve got you all covered!” Kehori replied. “I’ve brought a teleporter, except I don’t know how to work it… Hopefully one of you do though!”

Kehori took out a remote-like device and handed it to me.

“Oh, yeah I don’t know how this one works.” I said, “in fact, I don’t know how any of them work.”

“I do.” Dander said, “give it to me and I’ll make the portal that will lead us to the Light Planet, to Glare’s house.”

I looked Dander in the eyes. Can I trust him? He’s trying to help, I can tell, but… He was our enemy before… Is he now going to be our friend?

“O-okay…” I said, handing it over.

He then pressed some buttons, before a oval-shaped portal appeared in the ground.

“There, now let’s go!” Dander then said.



-----| Chapter 10 |-----



The ghost, who had Ich’s body walked right into Glare’s house. He had snuck past Lagi and Ivory who were training outside. He looked around.

“Hmmm…” The controlled Ich thought to himself, “where would the shards be?”

The controlled Ich then began to search the whole place. He began by searching the living room. But he couldn’t find it.

He then entered the kitchen, and started to look there. He looked all over, and was enraged because he couldn’t find it.

“WHERE ARE THE FRICKIN SHARDS?!” He shouted in his mind, throwing a pan across the room.


The pan broke a glowing vase with a glowing flower in it before falling to the floor.

“Hey! What’s all this noise!?” Lagi’s voice said from afar.

Then, before the controlled Ich could disappear, Lagi and Ivory entered the kitchen and spotted him.

“Oh, hey Ich! Why is there a broken vase with a glowing flower spilled all across the floor?” Lagi asked.

The controlled Ich stood in his spot, and was silent.

“Did you throw it?” Ivory asked.

“It’s okay if you did, you’ll just have to apologise to Glare.” Lagi said. “Also, where’s everyone else?”

The controlled Ich was still silent.

“Ich? Are you okay?” Lagi asked.

“Y-yes I’m fine…” The controlled Ich said, finally finding his voice.

“Really, because you don’t seem okay…” Lagi said.

“No, no, no! I’m fine!” The controlled Ich said back.

“Okay then, but you still haven’t answered our other question. Where is everyone else?” Ivory asked.

“Umm, they are still on the mission.” The controlled Ich lied, “I finished first and came first.”

“But Glare said that you would all finish together, what’s the problem?” Ivory asked.

“Draco called Glare and he said that since there were various of other people after the shards, since our mission was to get them, he let us split up.” The controlled Ich lied again.

“So, you somehow finished by yourself, got back here alone, and then threw something. I think I sense some lies.” Lagi said.

“No, I’m not lying. I got back here pretty easily. Found Arrow, got him to teleport me, and then I’m here. I’m looking for Glare, where is he?” The controlled Ich asked.

“I’m still wondering, if there were lots of people going after two shards, you got yours alone, everyone else is still getting their one… Then you definitely don’t have your shard. That, or you aren’t really here to see Glare.” Ivory said.

“No, what actually happened is that there was Dander and Con, they were after the shard but I defeated them by summoning an F5 tornado, and then while everyone else is after the other shard, I came back with the one I was after.” The controlled Ich said. “And I’m looking for Glare so I can give it to him so he can then give me the prize.”

“Yeah… Who are you? I know that Ich would never ditch everyone else. Who or what are you?!” Lagi asked.

“I am Ich! I just ditched the others, well… I lost them while chasing down Dander. So I don’t know where they are.” The controlled Ich said, “and I only ditched them on accident.”

“Why would you chase down Dander if you were going after the shard? And anyways, why would you leave without your teammates? I know you’re not Ich, so just give up.”

“Look Lagi… It’s been a year, I’ve changed. I went after Dander because HE had the shard. And I left without the rest cause Glare said we could! He even said we should since we were already separated!” The controlled Ich yelled.

“How would you know if he would let you come back alone if you just said you were already separated when he told you that?” Lagi asked.

“Umm… Well, I used my Ultimate Crystal to contact him.” The controlled Ich said, “but enough of this already! Where’s Glare? I need to give him the shard I found!”

He took out the shard and showed it to them. Lagi hesitated for a bit before he got an idea.

Hey, could you contact Draco, Lystal? I need to ask him something.” Lagi asked his Ultimate Crystal (Lystal).

“Sure thing… Okay, I contacted your minds. You can speak to him telepathically.” Lystal replied.

Draco, hi. This is Lagi. So, I have Ich here, or he claims to be… He’s acting all weird and says he got separated from you but still got the shard. What should I do with him?” Lagi asked.

“You don’t have to do anything.” Draco replied, out loud, “cause we’re right here.”

Lagi turned and spotted Draco, with Lavender, Saturo, and Dander.

“So. He claims that we got separated from him huh?” Draco asked, glaring at the controlled Ich who looked terrified since he’s been caught. “Heh. Well that’s as much of a lie as saying Saturo hates spicy chips!”

“Yeah!” Saturo agrees.

“Well, I’m doomed.” The controlled Ich thought, “now I have to run.”

Then, the controlled Ich shot them all back with the wind. They hit the wall, and he began to run away.

“Dang it! C’mon! We can’t let him get away!” Draco exclaimed as he got up and ran after the controlled Ich.

The controlled Ich continued running through the hallway, but then he bumped into someone and fell back.

“OW!” cried a voice.

Everyone stopped running, and they saw that Kehori was right in front of the controlled Ich (both of them were on the floor).

“WATCH WHERE YOU’RE GOING!” Kehori shouted at him.

“Well he’s not gonna be going anywhere too soon.” Draco said.

The controlled Ich got up and looked at all the others. He was surrounded. It was 7-1. He couldn’t go anywhere.

“Shoot.” he thought, “looks like I’ll need to take a new body again.”

Then, the controlled Ich threw the shards at Draco and soon was no longer controlled. The guy controlling him instead entered Draco, who then suddenly sped past Ich and Kehori, into Glare’s room with the shards.

“Wait… That’s him now! GET HIM!” Saturo shouted.


I suddenly was turned back to normal. I looked up, and saw I was in Glare’s house… I also saw Kehori, who I recognized, and I saw Draco, Dander, Lavender, Lagi, Saturo, and Ivory.

I had no idea what had just happened, and for some reason Draco sped past me and Kehori.

“Wait… That’s him now! GET HIM!” Saturo shouted.

“No wait. First, we have to explain what happened to Ich.” Lavender said, “actually… Saturo! You and Lagi and Ivory go after him! Dander you go too! Kehori and I will stay, and we’ll… No Dander we need you actually. Cause we have to go get Mehrunes and Listy! Saturo, you go with Lagi and Ivory! Hurry!”

“Okay!” Saturo replied.

Saturo, Lagi, and Ivory then sped past me and after Draco. What was going on!? I was still confused.

“Okay, Ich.” Lavender then said.

She then explained everything to me. How the being,which may possibly be a ghost, exited Dander and entered me. And how he then came here somehow to get the rest of the shards. She also explained how he then took Draco’s body after they had stopped the controlled me and that was the reason they were chasing him.

“Okay…” I said, “I understand now!”

“Yeah, now Kehori!” Lavender said.

“Huh? Oh, yes?” Kehori replied from behind me.

“The teleporter! Hand it to Dander!” Lavender said to Kehori before Kehori listened.

Dander then opened a portal.

“Now the four of us will get Mehrunes and Listy! Let’s go!” Lavender then said, hopping into the portal.

The rest of us followed.


“All the other kids with the pumped up kicks, you better run, better run. Outrun my gun. All the other kids with the pumped up kicks, You better run, better run. faster than my bullet.” Krydret sang a song as Lagi, Ivory, and I ran after Draco.

“Shut up, this is not the time.” I said.

Then Draco was trapped inside of Glare’s bedroom, with nowhere to go.

“Ha! You’re trapped!” Lagi yelled, “give up, you’ve got nowhere to go!”

Then, Draco backed off into the closet. I quickly remembered… The closet was the secret entrance to the lab… Dangit, it takes time to get back up!

The closet disappeared underground when Draco entered it, we were left looking down at where it disappeared from.

“Wait… What just happened?” Ivory asked.

“He took a secret entrance to Glare’s secret lab.” I explained.

“Glare has a secret lab!?” Lagi shouted, “I never knew!”

“Yeah, and what sucks is we have to wait for the closet to return, but that gives the ghost plenty of time to find what he is looking for, which is the other five shards.” I explained.

“Oh. Yeah that does suck…” Lagi said. “How long does it take to get back up here?”

“I’m not sure…” I said, “maybe a minute.”


Lavender, Kehori, Dander, and I had made it to the temple in the desert again. I looked around and spotted Mehrunes and Listy. Mehrunes was still sick, and he looked terrible… Listy was beside him, just sitting there.

Listy then turned and saw us.

“Oh. You’re back.” Listy said. “Not much has happened.”

“Well, we’re here to get you two back.” Lavender said, “c’mon!”

“Okay.” Listy replied.

“Do you need help carrying Mehrunes? Wait, is he still sick?” I asked Listy.

“No, and yes.” Listy replied, before picking up Mehrunes (I was surprised she could do it). “He is still sick.”

Listy paused when she saw Dander.

“Hey, you made him sick.” Listy said to Dander. “Can you help cure that?”

Dander was surprised by the question Listy had asked.

“Well… I, can cure it…” Dander said.

“Then you should do it.” Listy replied. “Let me rephrase, please do that.”

“But there’s a problem… I need something to cure it…” Dander said nervously.

“And what might that be?” Listy questioned.

“I have a weapon, a very good weapon… I used to use it, to give the sickness to my enemies, but I could also take away the sickness with it… I- well… It was stolen from me and that’s when I learned how to give the sickness without it, but I can’t take it away.” Dander explained.

“That is… stupid.” Listy replied. “It’s like when in a story book, some absurd problem comes up just to provide conflict.”

“Well if you instead provide me with better comments, or suggestions, I may be able to cure it! But are you helping? No…….. You are not.” Dander said, making a thumbs down with his hand.

“Here’s an idea. Do anything that’s at all plausible. Really you could summon an exact copy of it! Or if you have a Ultimate Crystal you could ask that, it’s not that hard Dander!” Listy replied, loudly.

“I’m not skilled in summoning exact copies of objects… Besides, the weapon was enchanted. It isn’t possible for someone like me to make a copy of it. Only highly skilled Ultimates can do that. I’m not highly skilled, but I am more skilled than all of you here.” Dander said.

“Then how are we supposed to help?!” Listy asked, obviously mad. “Look we should get Mehrunes someplace safer, and then we can figure this out.”

“Yeah, that’s why we came here! To get you guys to come back! Besides, the ghost has Draco’s body and is about to steal the other shards!” Lavender shouted, before she jumped into the portal, “come on!”



-----| Chapter 11 |-----



The closet had finally came back. Lagi, Ivory, and I were inside of it. It was bigger than last year, which explains why we could all fit. Glare probably upgraded it.

We then came to a stop, and we got out. We made it, I could see the doors to Glare’s lab.

“Let’s go.” I said as I ran in while Lagi and Ivory followed.

We entered the lab, and I remembered it. All the metal, machines, the tubes all over the place, everything. And it was even bigger this time… Glare must have improved some things.

“Wow… This place is impressive.” Lagi said as he looked around.

“I wonder how much work it would have taken to dig all the dirt and rock out and put this in.” Ivory said.

“Yeah… Now we need to find Draco, wherever he is…” I said.

We began to walk around past many machines. The ceiling was really high, and there were so many machines, like, I was surprised by how many there were. This place was like a maze!

“Where is he?” I asked as we walked, looking all over.

“I’m not sure, why don’t we try and do something with our crystals to find him?” Lagi asked.

“Like what? Trying to make a map of this lab?” Ivory asked.

“We’re making a map of the galaxy, a map of some basement wouldn’t be hard. Why don’t I just try and send a wave leading towards us from all the different paths there are?” Lagi suggested.

“That could work…” Ivory muttered.

“Saturo, should I try it?” Lagi asked.

“If you want… Yeah go ahead.” I said.

Lagi then seemed to do something, and we all heard water running everywhere. A small wave appeared out of one path.

“Now we wait for something to come out.” Lagi said.

“I literally have no idea what you just did. But it seems that the water has all disappeared.” I said, right after seeing the water disappear.

Instead, we spotted Draco, with a ball of plasma in his right hand, while he had a gauntlet on his left hand.

“Well, at least we found him…” Ivory said.

“Or maybe he found us…” Lagi muttered.

“Yep, I found you.” Draco (who I’m just gonna call, ‘The Ghost’) said, smirking.

“So, can you just leave all of us alone and give us Draco?” Lagi asked. “Please?”

“That’s not how it works. Besides, I’m still looking for them, wherever they are!” The Ghost shouted.

“Well, I’m not going to let you steal from Glare, so just give up.” Lagi said.

“I don’t need to give up, because everything will go my way. No one can get in my way.” The Ghost said.

“Except us.” Ivory said.

“No, if I wanted I could possess all of you… Actually! I should do that!” The Ghost replied.

“Wait… You can? How?” I asked.

“Well, I just got to leave Draco’s body, clone myself five times, and then I take over all of you.” The Ghost said.

“You can clone yourself?” Lagi asked.

“And why five times, there’s only three of us.” Ivory asked.

“Who knows. Someone might appear.” The Ghost replied, “the other 4 or 5 I don’t know how many there are, but they can get here. If I control all of you, then you won’t be able to stop me.”

“Why not just clone yourself billions of times and possess everyone in the galaxy?” Ivory asked.

The Ghost shook his head. “No one can do that! You need energy! Besides, my power divides every time I clone myself… You guys need a lesson about this technique.”

That sounded cool! Cloning, I wanted to learn that! I’ll have to ask someone to teach me though… Later.

“Is there any way to repel a ghost? One that anyone could do?” Lagi asked.

“When there’s something strange… In the neighborhood… Who you gonna call? GHOSTBUSTERS™!!!” Krydret exclaimed.

“That was unnecessary…” I said.

But then, suddenly, The Ghost disappeared. Vanished. Krydret, why did you have to distract me? See what happens when you distract me? They get away!

“Actually you are just slow, and besides even if you weren’t distracted he would have gotten away.” Krydret said.

I decided not to reply.

“Where did he go?” Lagi asked.

“I don’t know! We’ve got to find him! Let’s split up and look for him!” I said.

“Well then, I’m going. Good luck finding him. And just contact each other with your Ultimate Crystal when you find him.” Ivory said as she walked off.

“Alright, Lagi, then you go that way…” I said to Lagi.

“Got it. Good luck!” Lagi said as he walked off.

I was on my own now… Great. And I’m not being sarcastic. When I’m near Lagi and Ivory I don’t do as well as I do when I’m alone.

I began to walk through the lab, looking around. I came up with a different plan… Not to find Draco, but to find the shards… I need to find the shards.

My walking suddenly turned into a jog. I passed by more machines… This lab was big! Like a city underground (More like a town)! Like… No wonder I don’t see Glare a lot! He’s down here making things!

My jog then became a run for some reason. I decided to leap onto a machine. The wires and everything made this like an obstacle course… Time for some fun!

“Fun? No, Saturo! No fun! Because, the shards are like, just a meter away.” Krydret said. “Actually not a meter, but it’s close.”

“Oh is that so?” I said, accidently saying it aloud.

I leaped back down onto the floor. I… felt power… Nearby… Like… It’s hard to explain, but I felt energy, something with power… That must be the shards…

I spotted the big computer. It was off though.

But then, I spotted a book. Immediately, I looked at it, and I opened it and looked at the first page.


My name is Glare Relnitron. I’m not very famous, but I am known for my discoveries. I’ve written many books, about


That’s all it said… What was this? I’m not sure, it wasn’t complete. I decided to forget about it. I needed to focus on getting the shards… Because the shards are obviously important.

“Saturo?” a sudden voice then said.

I turned around and spotted Glare.

“Glare!” I then shouted.

I didn’t let him reply. I explained everything to him. About the ghost, and all that. I explained to him how he had took Draco’s body, and how he was looking for the shards now.

“I see…” Glare said, “very well then… Found him.”

Glare then disappeared from his spot and reappeared with Draco, who was now on the floor.

“What!?” Draco exclaimed, “dangit!”

“Now… Do you have the shards on you?” Glare asked.

“No I haven’t found them yet! Where are they?” Draco asked.

“First of all…” Glare said.

Then the two shards that Draco had appeared in Glare’s hands. Glare clenched his fist, so that no one could take it from him.

“Thank you very much.” Glare then said.

But then, Draco smirked. He then began to laugh. Uh oh. I forgot to mention to Glare that he had took Ich’s body and gave the shards to Draco before stealing Draco’s body.

“Huh? W-where am I? How did I get here?” Draco suddenly says.

Dangit. I didn’t have time to warn Glare… Draco is normal, the ghost possessed Glare!

I helped Draco up and slowly had us back off from Glare. Glare stood there, clenching his fists harder. He was shaking rapidly…

But then he stopped. He looked down at the ground.

“No use.” he then said, “I already have something in me that can’t control me anymore… You cannot possess me. I surpassed you.”

“Dang it!” said the voice of the ghost. “I shoul--”

But suddenly the ghost stopped talking. He began to laugh.

“What’s so funny?” Draco asked (He realized what had happened already).

“I’ve found out where it is.” the ghost’s voice said, “I’ve got the other five shards! So long!”



-----| Chapter 12 |-----



We had set Mehrunes on his bed in his room which was separate from Glare’s house. Lavender had went to help the others stop the ghost from getting the other shards.

Listy and Dander were having a conversation about curing Mehrunes, and I was just listening. Kehori was outside in the living room in Glare’s house, doing something.

“How did your sword get stolen anyway?” Listy questioned. “And why could you only use that to take away the sickness, that seems like it should be different.”

“It’s not a sword. It’s a dagger.” Dander replied.

“Okay…” Listy replied. “So how did the dagger get stolen?”

“My opponent stole it from me, while I was off guard.” Dander said, “and that opponent is actually good at fighting. He is challenging.”

“Yeah yeah, insults aside who was this ‘opponent that is actually good at fighting and is challenging’?” Listy questioned.

“His name… Was Quartz.” Dander said, “his main power is rock, and he’s… Too good using them. But I can still beat him if I wanted.”

“Why don’t you get the dagger back if you can beat him?” Listy questioned.

“Well, it’s not as easy. Because he’s not alone all the time. His brothers or sisters are usually with him. I can’t fight them all, because some of them are even better than Quartz.” Dander said.

“Then ask for it.” Listy replied.

“Well. Yes, I could do that…” Dander said, “well we’ll have to get to him to do that.”

“Well yeah.” Listy replied. “I mean, we could just use the teleporter again.”

“Oh yes. We can.” Dander said, “then you can go get it from Kehori.”

“Okay…” Listy replied, leaving the house.

After a minute, she returned with the teleporter.

“So, you want me to go and get it back?” Dander asked.

“Yes.” Listy replied.

“Alone?” Dander asked.

“If you want.” Listy replied. “Why? Scared?”

“No, I’m not scared.” Dander responded.

“Then why did you ask?” Listy questioned. “Did you want help?”

“No, I’m just seeing. If you wanted to go or not.” Dander said.

“At least there's that.” Listy replied. “Go get your dagger.”

“Alright. I may or may not return.” Dander said, before he disappeared with the teleporter.

“Wait…” I said, “‘may or may not’?”

“Yeah… he had better return.” Listy replied.

“But… why did he make it sound like a suicide mission or something?” I asked.

“I think it’s best to NOT question that…” Listy replied.


“I’ve found it…” Rorikan said.

“Took you long enough!” Mehrunes exclaimed.

“I’ve figured out how to fight a ghost. Well, an attack. It’s an attack, that banishes the ghost back to where it’s supposed to be… Usually the Ghostlands, I think… Or Land of the Ghosts, or whatever it’s called.” Rorikan explained.

“That would be very useful, if I wasn't dying…” Mehrunes replied. “Ahh I’m sure my friends are working on that. Could you teach me that attack?”

“Yes. You’ve got to focus your energy… Well you’ve got to tell yourself you’re doing that attack first. If you did it right, you’d be surrounded by a green aura. After that, you say something, I don’t think you need to, but you need to hit the ghost, punch, kick, whatever.” Rorikan explained, “and then they will banish.”

“Okay… what if the ghost is possessing someone?” Mehrunes asked.

“Then you punch the possessed someone, and the ghost will disappear and the possessed person would return to normal.” Rorikan answered.

“Okay… that’s all well and good, but how would I prevent the ghost from possessing me?” Mehrunes asked.

“If you’re surrounded by the aura, it shouldn’t be able to come close. Cause if they touch you, they would vanish because their weakness is that energy you’ve created.” Rorikan answered.

“Okay.” Mehrunes replied. “So do I have to punch it, or could I put the energy into another attack?”

“As long as you have the energy, you’re good.” Rorikan answered.

“Okay, that’s good.” Mehrunes replied. “Did you find what the crystals do?”

“Crystals? You mean the shards?” Rorikan asked.

“Their practically the same thing, but yeah, those.” Mehrunes replied.

“When the shards are brought together and are turned into the crystal, it has the power to make a ghost turn back into a human, or back to how they originally were.” Rorikan said.

“That makes so much sense!” Mehrunes exclaimed. “And at the same time less sense.”

“Yeah, I guess.” Rorikan said back. “Any other questions?”

“Yeah, why would a ghost want to go ‘back to normal’?” Mehrunes asked.

“Why wouldn’t they? Being a ghost isn’t fun, because you can’t do anything. And if you were normal but you were turned into a ghost, your power can decrease a lot, so the ghost would want to have it’s power and turn back to normal.” Rorikan said.

“Then how come there aren’t a whole lot of ghosts going after it?” Mehrunes questioned.

“Not a whole lot of ghosts know about it. Besides, there are more than one, based on what I’ve seen.” Rorikan answered.

“Interesting.” Mehrunes replied.

“Yep. So… You might want to practice the attack here. In the Dream World, you can still train and you will know it in the Real World, most of the time.” Rorikan said.

“Okay.” Mehrunes replied.


Dander appears right next to a giant mountain. He looked around. He began to walk around, before he froze.

What he saw in front of him, was a town. And the town was getting destroyed… Wrecked… It was being attacked by one of Ultimate Darth’s armies. This army was big. It had more than 500 men.

“Oh fudge…” Dander says, “I’ll need to get out of here…”

Dander slowly backs away. He spotted a rock nearby, and to hide, he turned into its shadow.

“I regret coming here.” Dander thought to himself. “The dagger isn’t really important… Mehrunes doesn’t need to be healed…”

Dander then began to run away, after he was no longer a shadow.


I stood there, with Glare and Draco. The ghost had just said that he got all the shards… But did he really?

Very likely yes…

“Don’t worry.” Glare said, “he won’t get away. You two go back upstairs.”

“Okay.” I replied.


“So…” I said to Listy, “when do you think Mehrunes will wake up?”

“I have no clue.” Listy responded.

“Why don’t we just contact Stare somehow and get him to heal Mehrunes again like last time?” I asked, before I realized, “oh wait you weren’t there last time…”

“Yeah, I wasn't.” Listy replied. “So if you can do that, go ahead.”

“I can’t though, cause I don’t know how to contact Stare.” I said. “Glare probably would be able to, though.”

“Okay.” Listy replied.

“Maybe… We should…” I started, but then I stopped.

A familiar person walked into the room… It was Uchiho!

“Wait… Mehrunes? You guys are back already? Wait… Is Mehrunes sick?” Uchiho asked. “What happened to him?”

“A ghost possessed him and Dander made him sick… again apparently.” Listy replied.

“Oh. Well, I’ve been practicing healing very often… I’m getting good at it, maybe I can heal him?” Uchiho suggested.

“You probably can’t. This time it’s ten times worse than last time.” I said.

But Uchiho ignored me, and she walked up to Mehrunes, and her hands suddenly were surrounded by a pink aura.

Mehrunes suddenly began to cough. Uchiho looked like she was struggling for some reason, and before I could say anything…

“There! It worked!” Uchiho said, looking tired, “he’s healed.”

Suddenly, while the three of us were sitting around Mehrunes’s bed, Mehrunes’s eyes opened. He sat up, and he wasn’t dark anymore… He looked completely fine!

“Is he actually healed? Are you okay Mehrunes?” I asked.

Mehrunes examined himself before replying.

“I mean I’ve been better…” Mehrunes said. “But yeah, I’m okay.”

“Oh well… That means Uchiho did it!” I said, “good job Uchiho!”

Before Uchiho could reply, Lagi came at the door.

“Guys! The ghost! He’s got the shards and is just outside!” Lagi shouted, “come on! We gotta stop him!”

All of us, including Mehrunes, got up and ran outside the room, and then out to the front door. Saturo, Draco, and Ivory were already there, and we could see floating shards! The ghost has them!

“Okay… How do we fight a ghost!?” Saturo shouted in question, looking back at the rest of us.

“You distract him, I’ll attempt to banish him…” Mehrunes said quietly. “Don’t ask, just do it…”

Saturo realized that Mehrunes had gotten up, and probably wondered how he was healed. He then looked at Draco.

“Draco you do something to distract him.” Saturo told him.

“I’ll see what I can do.” Draco replied.

Draco then shot a blast of plasma at the ground nearby the ghost, causing a large glowing dust cloud to cover almost everything around us.

“Alright now let’s see…” Draco said before I heard a whistle.

AHEAHEAHEAHEAHEAHEAHAHAEHAEH!!” a loud familiar sound was heard.

Then, we spotted Fireball riding on Zephyr with catnip in his mouth.

“What in the--” the ghost started to say.

Then, Fireball began to dance on Zephyr while still laughing.

“Now… If you’re gonna do something, Mehrunes, now’s the time…” Saturo said to Mehrunes.

Mehrunes, who has a green aura now, smirks a little before a decently big blast of green energy comes from his hand, covering up the shards.

We watched to see if anything happened.

“What was that even supposed to do?” The ghost then asked.

“It’s apparently supposed to banish ghosts.” Mehrunes replied. “To wherever they came from. It was worth a shot even if it didn’t work.”

The ghost then began to laugh.

“Are you trying to have a laugh-off with Fireball?” Mehrunes questioned. “Because you won’t win.”

“I’m pretty sure that’s not what he’s doing.” Draco said.

But then suddenly, the shards began to glow! And then, they fused together, becoming one gem. All of us watched in awe. The gem was floating and glowing, making it hard to see.

It suddenly got so bright, we had to look away. After a while, the glowing stopped. We looked and saw…

It was a man with an eye patch, wearing a pirate-like red shirt and brown pants. He had light skin, and a brown eye, and he was holding the gem in his hands.

“Hey if you give us the gem, all's well that ends well.” Mehrunes says. “In a way.”

“It’s not yours, so I wouldn’t give it to you.” The man said.

“In a moral sense, yes you are correct, in this situation we were sent to retrieve two of the little shards and so it was our end goal, thus making it less of is it mine and more of abiding our superior.” Mehrunes replied.

“Well sorry, but, I’m going to take it.” The man said, smirking.

“Why?” Mehrunes asked. “Are your ghost buddies waiting?”

The man laughed. “That’s the funny part. I’m not a ghost, I never was!”

“Well I pretty much knew that you weren't a ghost, it wasn't hard to tell… after the attack failed… my point is why do you need the gem?” Mehrunes replied.

“I was cursed. And I will be cursed again, while I’m getting my revenge… With the gem I will be able to get my revenge.” The man said.

“Right…” Mehrunes replied. “No… wait no that’s not good at all.”

“Besides, you can’t stop me. Not now, since I’ve turned back to normal.” The man said, while smirking. “My power has gone back to normal… I can get my revenge!”

“But who do you want revenge on anyway?” Draco asked.

“On the person who cursed me!” The man shouted.

“And what is their name?” Draco asked.

“Details aren’t needed.” The man said, before he turned around and began to walk away, “I should get going, I’m wasting my time.”

“Whatever.” Mehrunes replied. “You go and do that. Or don’t.”

Then, the man disappeared from our sight.

“So now what do we do?” Draco asked.

“I don’t know…” I said.

Before anyone else could say anything, Glare appeared. We all looked over at him. We were all quiet for a couple of seconds before Mehrunes spoke up.

“The ghost turned into a guy and took the gem.” Mehrunes said.

“It doesn’t matter as much anymore. You did you mission. It’s time for your prizes.” Glare said, smiling.

“Oh yeah! I forgot about that we would get prizes.” Draco said.

“But it’s given to who got here first! Ich was controlled so it doesn’t count! I came before Draco and Lavender, so Mehrunes, Listy, and I get the prizes!” Saturo shouted.

“But Ich had both shards…” Draco said.

“But Ich was controlled so it doesn’t count! And, I was closer to him so… Yeah! We should get the prize! Right Listy? Mehrunes?” Saturo said before looking over at Listy and Mehrunes.

“Well it’s not bad logic behind it.” Mehrunes replied. “And it is true that the only reason Ich got here was the ghost… and technically we got our shard first timewise so… sure.”

“Yeah.” Listy said.

“See?” Saturo then said with a smirk while looking at Draco, Lavender and I.

“It’s not good to be so smug about things you know.” Draco commented. “But whatever you guys win I guess.”

“No! We can’t just give up, Draco!” Lavender yelled, “we were behind Saturo when we came to find Ich! Actually we were next to him! We should win!”

“Well the rule was that the first team to get back wins so I guess you’re right.” Draco said.

“Yeah. Team, not single person.” Mehrunes replied. “So if anything at all, we all were here about the same time… so there is not a good way to tell who won as the opposite team will argue anyway.”

“Well to be granted you were unconscio--...” Draco was saying but he was interrupted.

“So…” Glare spoke, loudly, interrupting Draco, “to solve this problem, all of you will get the prize. Now, down in the lab I have a car. Get in, we’re going to Bright City to get your prize.”

Mehrunes, Saturo, Listy, Draco, Lavender and I followed Glare back inside. Lagi, Ivory, and Uchiho looked somewhat sad because they don’t get a prize. They weren’t on the mission anyway, so it's fair. I wonder what the prize is!



-----| Chapter 13 |-----



All of us were in Glare’s car. It was actually a cool car, the doors open upwards, and it was golden… And glowing, of course. It was one of those fancy cool cars, it made Glare seem rich!

His car was pretty big too. It fit all six of us in the back. We were driving on the road, not the highway, since Bright City was nearby.

Soon, we could see the city up ahead. There was this GIANT building in the middle of it… I wonder what that building is for…

“What is our prize gonna be?” Saturo questioned.

“You’ll find out soon.” Glare replied from the front.

“ARGH! Why do you have to keep me in suspense!?” Saturo exclaimed in question and rage.

Glare laughed. We then parked in front of a big building, with big letters written in the front that read, ‘BANK’.

“Come on, now, and stay behind me and don’t run off.” Glare said, as he exited his car.

All of us followed silently. We’re entering a bank! I think, that means, Glare’s going to give us money! But wait… What even is the currency on the Light Planet? I wonder…

We entered the building, and there were a lot of people inside, wearing glowing clothes. Glare led us to a counter, where an old man sat.

“Hello there.” Glare greeted the man, “I’ve come to take 3,000 Ultims from my checking account.”

The old man looked up at Glare. He smiled. “Sure thing.”

He then told the man behind him something, before the man walked off into another room.

“Ultims?” Saturo whispered.

“That’s the currency used in the Ultimates Galaxy.” Lavender whispered, “10 bucks on Hindro is one Ultim.”

“So wait… Our prize is getting money? How much?” Draco asked in a whisper voice.

“You see, take 3,000 and divide it by 6. You get 500. We each get 500 Ultims.” Listy whispered.

“Okay, but maybe he is just getting money to buy something. But we’ll just have to see.” Draco commented in a whisper voice.

“But wow. That means I might get 5000 dollars in Hindro’s currency.” Saturo whispered.

Then, the man from before came back with an envelope. He handed it to Glare, who smiled and said, “thank you. Have a good day.”

Glare then turned to us.

“Let’s go.” he said.

We then followed Glare back outside, and into his car.

“Now. Your prize is, you each get 500 Ultims. And with it you can do whatever you want. It’s your money.” Glare said, before he handed us each glowing wallets, “I’ve bought you wallets. In there you have your money, and a picture of you.”

I looked inside my wallet, and I spotted the picture of me. It was me shooting a beam of wind! Pretty cool.

“Thanks!” Saturo said.

“No problem, now we’ll go back home and eat dinner. It’s been a long and hard day for all of us.” Glare said, before starting the car and beginning to drive home.

“I just remembered.” Draco then spoke up, “I’m gonna have to deal with Zephyr and Fireball when we get back.”

“Yep…” Lavender replied.

“Good luck with that.” Mehrunes said.

“Actually it’s not that hard for me to calm them down.” Draco replied.

“What if, when we get there, we see that Gagger kicked them into space again?” I question with a smile.

“That’s not very funny for me you know.” Draco said.

“Well we haven’t seen Gagger yet. Where even is he? Somewhere training with Tenker?” Saturo wondered in question.

“Most likely.” Draco said.

“Glare? Do you know?” Saturo asked.

“Yes, they’re adventuring… And trying to not die.” Glare replied, “they are testing themselves. And also, Saturo, you need to call me Master Glare when you are talking to me from now on. Especially around others.”

“O-okay…” Saturo replied. “I’ll do that, Master Glare.”

“I’ve also been thinking… I might open an Ultimates School. It’ll have many students. But a small school, with only one class. Because, lots of people sent letters and spoke to the Ultimates Council about opening a public school, and they said they would when the population of Ultimates increase… Meaning it will one day, but we don’t know when.” Glare said, “but anyway, I might open a school.”

“Okay but Mehrunes doesn’t look happy for some reason.” Draco said.

Glare looked back, and saw that Mehrunes was looking back through the back window.

“Oh… No…” Glare then said.

I looked through the back window… We were still in Bright City, and there was an army of… A lot of men… It was Ultimate Darths army! They’re here!

“Oh. We’ve got trouble. BIG trouble.” Lavender said.

Suddenly, we could hear screaming and shouting, and Glare’s car suddenly flew into the sky doing flips while we were in it! It crashed into a building, catching on fire. We all made it out somehow though, and we weren’t injured. In front of us was the army, and they were attacking a lot of people, while they were screaming and shouting as well as running away in terror.

“We can’t run.” Glare said, “then we’ll have to fight…”

“What!? Fight!?” Lavender exclaimed in shock, “THIS IS THE STRONGEST ARMY IN THE GALAXY WE’RE TALKING ABOUT!”

“Hush.” Glare said back, “we’re not alone. The Ultimate Council is in this city. We’ll be fine.”

I was eager to try and fight… The strongest army! I wanted to see how I would do, and hopefully not die… Wait… What am I thinking!? This is the strongest army! I’ll die! Last time I encountered them, I almost did die! Heck, Mehrunes did die!

“We can’t fight them. They’re too strong… And we’re weak…” Saturo said.

“Yeah, we’re not gonna be able to do much, if anything at all.” Draco added.

“You think you’re alone on that? To them, I’m weak as well. I’m stronger than you but I am still weaker than them.” Glare said.

“But… I don’t want to be weak… I hate being weak…” Saturo said, “I want to get more and more powerful.”

“Me too, I almost have PTSD when it comes to that word.” Draco said.

“Basically none of us want to be weak.” I said, turning to Glare, “but how do we get power?”

“I’ve said this before. If you want to become really powerful, you’ll need to train under someone who has the same main power as you. If your main power was Light, you could become powerful training under me. But in that case, none of you have that main power.” Glare replied.

“I think we should run… The army is distracted with someone else.” Lavender said.

All of us then began to run. We made it far, we were no longer in the city. We were now in a forest.

“So now what do we do?” Draco asked.

“You guys run… Get back home, and enable the shields.” Glare commanded. “There’s not much time. The army knows where we are. Go. NOW!”

All six of us ran. We didn’t know where Glare’s house would be. After running for a long time without stopping, we spotted a tree, with the number ‘100’ printed onto it.

“Woah! Guys! I remember this! This is where Draco, Ich, and I were tested right when we were gonna be Glare’s students! There’s a hole back here that takes us down!” Saturo suddenly shouted.

The six of us surrounded the tree. We spotted the hole, that was deep.

“GET IN THE HOLE!” Mehrunes yelled, jumping in.

“Wow, he had to yell.” Lavender commented, “but he’s right, let’s go.”

We all jumped into the hole. After we had made it down, when we suddenly levitated to the ground slowly, we spotted three tunnels. They were labeled with numbers. 7, 56, and 20.

“Yep, I remember this.” I said, “which path do we…”

I stopped talking. I spotted a creature in front of me… A familiar one… It was blue and yellow, had a body of a tiger and a head of a bird… It was Glitter. Also known as Zap, but Glitter is what I’m going to call him instead.

“Glitter!” Saturo shouted. “It’s been so long!”

All of us paid attention to the creature. It couldn’t talk to us, not without a translator, and it was silent. For about a minute.

Mehrunes then spoke up. “So is there a specific reason we’re all doing nothing? Or are we just taking a break or do we just like this cavern or what? What is it, are you waiting for a translator? I don’t know, somebody tell me!” Mehrunes said. “Is it a reunion…?”

“Actually. Why is Glitter here?” I asked, taking part in Mehrunes’s silence-breaking.

“We should ask.” Mehrunes replied.

“We kinda need a translator for that.” Draco said.

“You mean this one?” Mehrunes asked, holding up the translator.

“What other translator would we be talking about!?” Draco exclaimed, somewhat in rage (I could tell by his face).

“Yeah I know! I was trying to use a cliche, Draco! You should know that, if not then learn it!” Mehrunes replied, handing the translator to Saturo. “Here, Saturo you ask.”

Saturo looked over at Glitter.

“Glitter, why are you here?” Saturo questioned.

“CAW! ……… Elec’s here.” Glitter said through the translator.

“Elec? You mean the Master of Electricity?” Lavender asked.

Glitter nodded.

“Why is the person who is the BEST with using the power of electricity here?” Lavender asked.

“Because…” a voice said.

We turned and spotted, Elec himself… With his electric blue and yellow clothes and everything…

“I’ll explain.” Elec said, “Glare contacted me, and asked me to take one of his students as my student instead. And, I, myself, have interest in Saturo… You all know, the war is starting, and I heard you all hated being weak. And you need masters with the same main power as you.”

Elec looked over at Saturo.

“Saturo, you will be my student from now on. Glare and I already have signed the form and everything.” Elec said.

“Okay… Do you want me to call you Master Elec then from now on?” Saturo asked.

“No, Elec is fine.” Elec replied.

“But then, if I go with you, only I will be getting stronger. What about everyone else?” Saturo asked.

“Glare will talk with your friends. But, now, Saturo. Say your goodbyes. We’re going to the Electric Planet, to my mansion.” Elec said.

“Oh well. I can still see them again, right?” Saturo asked.

“Yeah. In fact, whoever their masters will be, I’ll speak with them and have them have send all of you on the same missions. Sound good?” Elec asked.

“Yeah… Well…” Saturo said, before turning to face the rest of us, “bye guys!”

All of us said goodbye, and Elec disappeared through the hallway with Glitter and Saturo. The rest of us were there, silent. Saturo just left… My best friend is gone, and I bet for a pretty long time…

Then, Mehrunes broke the sad silence by speaking up.

“Tearful goodbyes aside, we are still running from an army… besides we’ll see him soon.” Mehrunes said.


“It’s fine… But then, what do we do now?” I asked.

“Well you’ve been here before, how did you get past then?” Mehrunes asked.

“I don’t know, last time we went in path 20 and there was just a small lab area. That’s all there was, we were teleported away after that.” I answered.

“Was there a riddle? Because the tree said 100, these paths have numbers and whatever else may have a number.” Mehrunes questioned.

“There was no riddle, but there was a bunch of numbers on a paper. Last time we went through 20. My curiosity wants me to go through the other paths.” I said.

“Are we going to Glares house or exploring?” Listy asked. “It’s one or the other, really.”

“We are in Glare’s house already. We’re in his underground lab, so… We’re here. We can explore.” I said.

“You go first, then.” Mehrunes said. “Choose a path.”

“I say… Path 56!” I exclaimed.

“Okay. Going down path 56…” Mehrunes said. “Start walkin.”

I began walking down path 56, and it was just empty. Glowing as well. The five of us walked and walked, until we reached a door. I stood in front of it, and looked back at the rest, waiting for them to tell me to do something.

“We walked down here, open the door or it was for nothing.” Mehrunes said.

I opened the door, and to my surprise, I spotted what seemed to be a portal. And it was just there, and it wasn’t activated. I looked back at the others again.

“Same logic. We’ve come down here and opened the door, but do we really want to activate the portal?” Mehrunes asked.

“I don’t know… But we still have to do something that Glare asked us to do… Activate the shields, he said… How do we do that?” I asked.

“I dunno.” Mehrunes replied. “Probably a button or lever.”

“Activate the portal!” Listy suddenly said. “There. Problem solved. Not really but whatever it’s good enough.”

“But that's the portal! We’re trying to find out how to activate the shields. Not portal. Shields!” Draco said to Listy, finally speaking after a long time of silence.

“If you don’t know where you're going, any road will get you there.” Mehrunes replied.

“Actually that’s wrong. No road will ever get you there.” Draco said. “That’s just plain normal logic.”

“Incorrect. If you have no destination, in any sense, any road will get you to your non-existent destination, as it does not exist, thus making your destination wherever you end up!” Mehrunes replied. “We don’t know where to activate the shields, and so we cannot choose the correct path to that specific destination, thus making it wherever we go correct and incorrect simultaneously! We will end up where we need to be eventually, since we know a general area to look in. And if we want to use logic to our advantage, we would know that Glare is a scientist, and that he does in fact have shields for his house, dictating it’s there, and since it’s useful enough, it would be in a convenient location easily accessible, so there would probably be multiple activation areas around the house.”

While Mehrunes was talking, Lavender, Draco, and I were already walking down the hallway to get to the other path instead.

“Where did they go?” I heard Listy question back in the other room.

“We left over a minute ago!” Draco shouted back to them. “We’re on our way to find the room.”

Then, Mehrunes and Listy caught up with us, and we were on our way back to the separate paths.

“Before we decide on doing anything, let’s check out every place.” I said.

“That seems like a good plan.” Mehrunes said.

“Yep…” Draco agreed.

We then made it to the other hallway, path 7. It looked exactly the same. We began to walk through the hallway. After awhile, we spotted a familiar figure… Kehori!

“Oh hello!” Draco said.

“Huh? Oh hi! You guys are back!” Kehori said. “I was cha-- No actually, no wait… I was, no, wait… Nevermind!”

“That’s not suspicious or anything.” Mehrunes replied.

“I was definitely not planning anything with Uchiho and Draelin.” Kehori said.

“That makes me think you were.” Mehrunes said. “And at the same time, the opposite. But moreso one than the other.”

“Oh gosh, I’m a terrible liar…” Kehori said, face palming.

“So you were planning something with Uchiho and my sister?” Draco asked.

“No… They are planning something, I’m not part of it…” Kehori answered. “I just came here, and I’m exploring. I somehow managed to get down here, wherever/whatever this is…”

“So wait, how did you get down here?” I asked.

“There was an elevator I accidently found. I used it to get down here.” Kehori replied, “and there was a lever next to the elevator that had a sign above it saying, ‘Activate Shields’ …”

“And do you happen to remember where that elevator is?” Draco asked.

“Sadly… I forgot…” Kehori said, sounding ashamed.

“Darn it!” Draco said quietly.

“I’m kidding! It’s right down this hallway!” Kehori replied with a smile.

“Oh good.” Draco said in relief.

“Kehori, you are SO useful, always are there to help us. We need to keep you around.” I said, before I sprinted down the hallway.

The rest of them followed, and we made it to the elevator, and Kehori was right, next to it was a lever with a sign saying ‘Activate Shields’.

I didn’t even stop to look at the rest this time, I just immediately pulled the lever. Then we heard some cool sounds that would be in Sci-Fi movies.

“So we probably should go into the actual house portion…” Mehrunes suggested.

“Yeah, that’s what the elevator takes you to.” Kehori said.

“Really?!” Mehrunes questioned sarcastically. “I didn’t know that! Even though you mentioned it.”

“Very funny, guys.” Lavender commented before pressing the button for the elevator. “Let’s go.”



-----| Chapter 14 |-----



At first, I was sad. But then, I was not. It was all good, all fine. There was a purpose, to gain power, to gain abilities, to gain protection. I care about my friends, but I also care about those too.

So I said yes. I agreed to go. I was interested, in Elec, what he could do, how he even lives… He’s the Master of Electricity! THE MASTER! And I’m getting trained by him! HOW SICK IS THAT!? THAT IS PROBABLY RARE! I CAN GET FAMOUS!

And now I can hang out with Glitter again. While Elec and I were walking towards the HUGE AWESOME mansion, and Elec heard me call him Glitter. I heard his real name was Zap, but Elec said he’s changed it to Glitter cause Glitter liked that name more!

“There’s the mansion. Pretty sick, isn’t it?” Elec asked while we got closer.

“So wait… I get my OWN HUGE room?” I asked, eager for an answer.

“Yep. Right next to mine.” Elec replied, “also, Glitter’s got his own room too by the way. It’s the biggest room, because, he can change his size, it’s one of his powers.”

“Yeah, I realized…” I said, “wait, I have a question. When I first met Glitter, he was summoned and Dakres was after him… Any idea why?”

Elec looked down at me.

“I don’t know, but, I do know, Dakres was trying to gain my energy. I have very high amounts of energy… And so does Glitter, and so will you after you get trained.” Elec said.

“Oh yeah, I forgot.”

We continued walking, and we got closer. The mansion was HUGE. It was between two electric mountains, and it had everything! It looked like a temple too, for some reason…

“Sweet.” I said, “can I have a spicy chips pool?”

Elec paused, looked over at me like I was crazy.

“Why in the--- Nevermind, if you want, make it on your own.” Elec said, “your room is big enough for that.”

“Ha, I was only joking.” I said.

“HOW DARE YOU!!!! YOU MUST MAKE A SPICY CHIPS POOL!! OR ELSE!!!!Krydret shouted in my mind.

“Actually, I wasn’t joking.” I then said real quick, before saying to Krydret, “just shut up, Krydret.”

“Well… I was interested in you, because, I saw that Glitter was attached to you. He likes you…” Elec said.

I looked over at Glitter, who grinned and raised his eyebrows up and down at me, which sort of creeped me out, and sort of made me smile.

“Yeah… I could tell, he stuck with me in my pocket a lot.” I said, “how does he not get bored in there though? I don’t know.”

Elec laughed. We had made it to the entrance of his mansion now.

“Come on in! I’ll show you around, and then tomorrow, we will start training.” Elec said.

I smiled, following Elec inside. I was excited. To train. I wonder what Elec can do, and what he can teach me…

But wait… Out of all my friends, I’m the only one who has a true master… Will they get masters soon? I sure hope so. Otherwise I’ll be much stronger than them that I would just make them look weak.

I’m excited to see how this will go… I guess it’s time to power up!


To Be Continued…




Pretty good. The next book is being worked on.



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