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Ultimates: Book 11: Possessed Revenge: {Book 2 In The 2nd Series}

Ultimates: Book 11: Possessed Revenge: {Book 2 In The 2nd Series}

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June 4th, 2018

All of book 11.



Ultimates: Possessed Revenge:

By: The Ultimate Osaid



-----| Chapter 1 |-----



It only has been one day without Saturo, and I already missed him. I guess I’m not lonely, I have Lavender, Draco, Mehrunes, Listy, Lagi, and Ivory as well as Uchiho and Draelin and of course Kehori…

But it feels weird without Saturo… I don’t feel… at home…

I had just awoken, and I left my room (which was outside, disconnected from Glare’s house) and headed over to Glare’s house. I entered it and saw Uchiho, Lavender, Listy, Ivory, and Draelin eating scrambled eggs for breakfast at the kitchen table in between the kitchen and living room.

“Oh good morning Ich.” Lavender said.

“How come all you girls are up so early?” I asked, “the sun isn’t even in sight, but there’s light since this is, oh I dunno, the Light Planet!”

“Well duh.” Draelin answered.

“Are Mehrunes, Draco, and Lagi still asleep?” I asked.

“Yeah, Lagi is asleep.” Ivory replied.

“And so are Draco and Mehrunes.” Kehori added.

“Wait… I wasn’t here when Lagi got a room. Where’s Lagi’s room?” I questioned.

“Oh. Yeah, well, there's a room the same size as yours in the backyard, but it’s bigger on the inside, and it has a huge lake and all… Lagi’s there.” Ivory said.

“No, not anymore.” I then heard Lagi’s voice said.

I then spotted Lagi in front of me, next to the kitchen table.

“Oh okay, well… We should wake Draco and Mehrunes up then.” I said.

“You go do that. I need some breakfast first.” Lagi responded, before taking a seat at the kitchen table.

I walked back outside, and headed over to Draco’s room. Zephyr was right outside, sleeping on a pile of shiny objects, because he’s gotten too big to sleep inside, and because he’s a dragon.

Ignoring him, I knocked on Draco’s door, hearing a voice from inside afterwards.

“Who’s there?” a high pitched voice (which is Draco’s cat Fireball) asked. “I’m trying to sleep!”

“You can sleep, Fireball. Just wake up Draco… I have some things to talk about with everyone.” I replied.

“But it’s so comfy to sleep on him though!” Fireball complained.

“Wake him up or I’ll blow the door down with the wind and drag him out myself.” I threatened.

“Or you could, you know. Say please.” Fireball said. “But fine I’ll wake him up.”

“How do you even wake him up? Cough up a hairball on his face?” I asked, curious.

“What?! NO! That’s messed up, dude!” Fireball exclaimed. “I just lick his face.”

“Oh, well to be honest, that’s just as bad as coughing up a hairball…” I commented.

“All I do is lick his forehead and put my paws on his face.” Fireball replied. “That’s loads less disgusting than me basically puking my hair and half digested food on his face!”

“Well hurry up and do it then.” I said.

“I am! So calm down.” Fireball said.

It was silent for a few moments before I heard another voice from inside the room.

“*YAWN* Is it already morning? How can that be? The sun isn’t even up yet!” the voice said in a sleepy tone.

“Draco, come on. We need to have a meeting. It’s important and won’t get out of my mind.” I said.

“Okay just give me a sec.” Draco said before I heard some strange noises from inside the room before the door opened and Draco walked outside.

“*YAWN* Is everyone else already up?” He asked.

“Everyone except for Mehrunes. We’ll go wake him up before heading back to the others.” I answered.

“Oh. Okay.” Draco said before yawning again.

I then walked over to Mehrunes’s room, with Draco behind me. I knocked on the door, and waited.

“Hmm?” I heard from inside.

“Mehrunes, are you working on something? Cause you seem to be already awake.” I said.

“He’s usually up around this time working on stuff.” Draco said.

“Oh, well Mehrunes we need to have a meeting. It’s important.” I said to Mehrunes.

“Ha! I think I know what this is!” Mehrunes replied suddenly opening his door and walking outside. “Come on then! I just finished that prototype. Let’s go have this important meeting.”

“Wait, ‘Prototype’? What prototype?” Draco asked, confused.

“You’ll see soon enough.” Mehrunes replied.

Then, we walked back into Glare’s house. Lavender greeted us, and handed us our own plate with some toast, a PB&J sandwich, and eggs. We took our seats. Everyone was here.

“Okay. Ich, you said you wanted to have a meeting.” Lavender then said, “let’s start while eating breakfast.”

“Okay.” I said, “so… We all know that Saturo left, right?”

“Yeah.” Draco said.

“Well, he’s going to be trained. We also need to be trained. We need to get masters, all of us.” I continued.

“But how will we do that exactly?” Draco asked.

“Glare knows more about becoming someone's student. Maybe, he can contact some people for us.” I answered. “Besides, we can’t let Saturo get powerful while we stay weak.”

“Yeah that would be weird…” Mehrunes replied. “In that case, I’m glad that what I’ve been working on was a way of communication, you have amazing timing!”

“Communication?” Lagi asked, “how exactly will that let us find masters?”

“It won’t, that’s not my point. What it’s for is, so when we DO have new masters, we can stay in touch better.” Mehrunes replied.

“Well that would be good, especially since the phone companies can’t work anymore.” Draco said. “Because of the war.”

“Yep. And this communication does not require a line or anything, it simply… requires batteries… but it can’t be hacked, or shut down unless they're broken or stolen. They’re also prototypes but that doesn’t really matter as they’ve been… anyway I’m gonna get to the point. You don’t care about most of this.” Mehrunes said. “It’s something that’s cool, it’s a hologram system that… sends… imagery and sound, so we can see and hear each other, and it works in groups. And it works.”

“Well, let’s forget that for now.” I said, “we need to focus on getting masters.”

“That’s not that hard.” Mehrunes said.

“I remember that you can sign up on a sheet, and people see it and they might like, request you as a student… I dunno.” Ivory said.

“Where did you learn that?” Lagi asked.

“On TV.” Ivory replied.

“Ah…” Lagi muttered.

“Also, I saw this morning when I woke up, the Battle in Bright City ended… But Glare hasn’t returned.” Draelin said.

“Should we look for him?” Ivory asked.

“Why don’t you contact him? We all have Ultimate Crystals, don’t we?” Lagi questioned.

“I’ve tried to contact him. It’s not working… Something is wrong. He won’t reply.” Uchiho said.

“Well then, yeah, we should probably try and find him or something.” Lagi said.

“Then we should take a vote.” I spoke up, looking around at everyone, “who wants to go and find Glare?”

“It would be great to finally stretch my legs, so I vote yes.” Lagi said.

“Same.” Ivory said as well.

“I would say yes, we should go find Glare.” Uchiho said.

“And same here.” Lavender added.

“Well, we already have a lot of votes, and whatever the rest say, it won’t change it… Then that’ll be! We’ll go find Glare right after breakfast!” I said.


Elec showed me around. His mansion was amazing… Huge… Gigantic… ‘Shocking’ … To me it would be a maze to get around…

There were also multiple paintings of people in what Elec called, ‘The Great Hall’ which was the main hallway, which was the entrance. The paintings were of Elec, with multiple people… There was one painting with a woman and a man, next to a young Elec… Could that be his parents? My assumption is that those are his parents.

There was another painting, one with a teenage boy. This painting, Elec was older, looked exactly as he did now. Who was that teenage boy?

“I see you are looking at the paintings.” Elec had said to me before.

“Yeah. Are those people your parents?” I had asked.

He had nodded at me. “Yes, and that teenage boy is my student. He is still my student, and you might work with him occasionally.”

“What is his name?” I had questioned.

“His name is Shock.” Elec had replied, “but he is not going to be here for a long time. Besides, he already had taken my training, and is finished. He’s not necessarily my student anymore.”

“Wait. Can I be in a painting with you?” I had asked, getting excited.

“Sure.” he had replied.

I then had spotted another painting, one with a guy who looked similar to Elec. Except his clothes were a lighter shade of blue, and didn’t have any yellow.

“That, is my brother.” Elec had said, “he’s the Master of Water, while I am the Master of Electricity. His name is Aqua.”

“Oh.” I had replied.

He then showed me my room, which was on the fifth floor. I entered, and right away, I felt like a king. My bed was a king size bed, and there was a lot of empty space in my room.

I’m in my room right now… Sitting at my desk. I have my own desk too. Elec said the training would begin in five minutes. It’s been four, and I am still exploring my room…

When I talk, it kind of echo’s, because the room is very empty, except for the side where my bed is.

Then, I heard a knock on the door. Oh boy, it’s time to start… For some reason I’m nervous…

I opened the door, and spotted Elec.

“Come on Saturo. It’s time. I’ll show you the training room.” Elec said.

I smiled, and followed him to the training room. It was even bigger than my room. And Glitter was in there, GIANT. But then he shrank back to his normal size after we entered.

“Now, to begin…” Elec said, “almost all Master’s do it…”

Elec paused for the suspense.

“Come at me.”



-----| Chapter 2 |-----



We were going to now go find Glare, since we had now finished our breakfast. When we went outside to begin to look, we didn’t need to. Because, Glare was right there, standing there.

“Oh there he is.” Lavender said.

“Hey Glare, we were wondering if--” I started, but Glare interrupted me.

“You were wondering if you all could get masters. Well, the answer is you can’t, not now, during the war. Because, unless someone asks for you to be there student, then you’ll have to wait.” Glare said.

“But then Saturo will get much stronger than us! It would be weird!” Lagi complained.

“Not really. I suggest for you, try new things. During missions, don’t repeat the same moves. That’s one way you can learn, you teach yourself.” Glare said.

“Okay…” I said, “that works I guess. But, then that means we have another mission?”

“Actually, you get some free time. Today, you have a whole free day, do whatever you want. Where do you want to go during your free time?” Glare asked.

“Well where exactly can we go?” Draco asked.

“Mostly anywhere. Anywhere that is far from battles and the armies.” Glare replied. “So, where would you like to go?”

“For a break, I would want to go to Ertin!” Kehori said.

“Okay, she spoke first, and that’s what you guys get. Have fun in Ertin! You’ll automatically be teleported here tomorrow, in your sleep.” Glare said before we disappeared.

Suddenly, we were in a total different place. We were in a forest, with a nice stream of water running through it.

“Drat.” Mehrunes said.

“What’s wrong with you?” Lavender asked.

“What kind of a question is that?!” Mehrunes questioned back. “Nevermind that.”

Then, Uchiho and Draelin wandered off in the distance, leaving me with Draco, Mehrunes, Lavender, Lagi, Ivory, and Kehori.

“So what do we do now?” I asked the others.

“Probably anything.” Mehrunes replied.

Then, we heard a voice, coming from behind Mehrunes.

“Yo yo yo, look who I’ve found!” said a voice.

We all turned to look, and we spotted a boy wearing a grey sweatshirt and grey sweatpants. He had brown messy hair, and blue eyes.

“Yes, you technically did find us, but we were not lost.” Mehrunes replied. “And who might you be?”

“I’m a human being.” the boy replied.

“Good. No bots or ghosts, that tends to go badly.” Mehrune replied, keeping up. “May we know your name?”

“I guess. May I know your name?” the boy asked.

“Well I’m Draco. And this is Ich, Lavender, Lagi, Ivory, Kehori and the person who was talking to you a bit ago is called Mehrunes.” Draco explained.

“Okay, I’m Tango.” the boy replied.

“Great to meet you, Tango.” Mehrunes said.

“So what are you guys doing here?” Tango asked.

“At the moment, nothing.” Mehrunes replied.

“Well, I think I’m going to go take a nap.” Lagi said.

“...” Mehrunes was silent. “Uh… okay…”

Lagi went over to a tree, laid down and began to sleep.

“Like I said. Virtually nothing.” Mehrunes said. “What are you doing?”

“I’m trying to get to a town, there’s a weapon shop there and I want to buy a weapon.” Tango responded.

Mehrunes looked at us with a ‘would you do something?!’ look.

“Hmm… well I’m wondering where Draelin and Uchiho went. They seemed to have just disappeared somewhere.” Draco said.

“They walked off somewhere when we got here.” I told him.

“Yeah, I know. I’m wondering where they walked off too.” Draco replied.

“I realized they tend to not hang out with you guys. They rather be away for some reason.” Lavender realized.

“Well Kehori did say that they were planning something. Maybe that’s why they haven’t been around us too much recently.” Draco said, glancing in Kehori’s direction.

“Well, we can forget that for now. Let’s do something, how about tag along with Tango, cause I’m getting bored.” I said.

“Sure.” Mehrunes said.

I turned to look at Tango. “You don’t mind us coming with do you?”

“Sure, you can come. I’m usually lonely, so I would appreciate it if you do.” Tango replied.

“Okay then let’s go!” Draco said.

We then followed Tango through the forest. It was me, Draco, Mehrunes, Lavender, and Kehori who came, the rest stayed behind.


I shot dozens of lightning bolts at Elec. But he just dodged them… He’s really fast!

“Is that all you’ve got?” Elec asked.

“Well, no.” I replied.

“Show me what you can do!” Elec shouted.

I then took out my axe, and shot bolts of lightning all over the place. And I swear, none of them got even close to Elec.

“It’s not fair, you’ll just dodge everything I throw at you.” I said.

Elec smirked.

“Well then, I guess I can start teaching you something.” he said. “Okay, so. What goes with Electricity is speed. You need to be fast.”

“So how do I train to be fast?” I asked.

“Focus and do it. You need to let Electricity flow through you.” Elec said.

“Wait… Let the electricity flow through me!?” I asked.

“Yes. You are a Conductor of Electricity. What you need to do is not conduct it, but create it. Make the electricity.” Elec explained.

That sounded weird to me… How do I make electricity?

“Can you do it right now so I can see?” I asked.

Then, sparks and lightning bolts surrounded Elec. He was the source of the Electricity!

“After you become the source of the electricity, you then will have speed. And power, and a lot of energy.” Elec said, “for today, you will learn how to become the source.”

“How do I become the source?” I asked.

“The first time I learned it, I zapped myself with Electricity. Charge energy, shoot a lightning bolt at the ceiling and have it zap you. It’ll hurt, but then you’ll become the source and have speed and energy.” Elec said.

Wow. That sounded cool.

“I have a question… How fast will I be exactly? When I become the source?” I asked.

“It will depend on where you are.” Elec said, “but when I become the source, I can go up to Mach 5, and higher.”


“Now, charge up your energy. Until your energy level is higher than 100, you then shoot the energy in the ceiling and transform it into a lightning bolt and stay in your spot. It would be scary, and it will hurt… But you’re brave enough to do it.” Elec said, patting me on the shoulder.

“Yeah. And I want to know how it feels, to be the source.” I said.

“Okay, then start charging your energy.” Elec said.

I then began to charge my energy. I made a ball of blue light in between my hands, and it got bigger by every second… Soon it will have enough energy and I’ll shoot it up at the ceiling. The ball then got very big that I couldn’t hold it anymore.

“No,” Elec said, “that’s not enough! It’s not the size, the energy! Charge more energy!”

I listened, and pushed myself. Energy burst from my body and into the ball. I was tired, I had no energy left, I was gonna faint. But I shot the ball in the sky just in time.

Then, it happened so fast. I was struck by lightning, and I felt… Different. Electric shocks were everywhere. I then felt, power, energy. I was hyper! I could literally run around the whole planet right now!

“It worked.” Elec said, smiling, “you’re surrounded by sparks and lightning bolts. And you also look more intimidating.”

I looked at my hands. They were also surrounded by electricity… Sick.

“So I did it?” I asked.

“Don’t you feel hyper? Don’t you feel that your energy is getting higher instead of lower?” Elec questioned.

“Well… yeah.” I said.

“Then you did it.” he replied, “you finished the first task.”

Wait… There's other tasks?

“What’s the next task?” I asked.

“That is for next time. Because now we will have lunch an--” Elec was saying, but then a sound interrupted him.


It sounded like the doorbell.

“Hmm?” Elec said, “there aren’t any registered visitors at this time of day. I wonder who it is…”

Elec motioned to leave the room.

“Can I come see?” I asked.


I followed Elec out of the giant training room, and down a bunch of stairs and through a bunch of hallways. Then, we made it to the great hall, before reaching the front door.

Elec opens the door… and I spotted someone familiar from the painting. It was Aqua, Elec’s brother!

“Aqua! What brings you here?” Elec asked while smiling.

“I came for a visit.” Aqua replied, also smiling. He then spotted me, and in question he then said, “and who is this?”

“This is my new student, Saturo!” Elec said, “he comes from the planet Hindro and is 14 years old, and has a hobby of eating spicy chips.”

Wait. How did he know all that?!

“Nice to meet you, Saturo! You’ll love training under my brother, he’s quite the teacher!” Aqua said. “Speaking of which, I need to get a student as well…”

Then an idea came to me.

“Your power is water, right? I know someone who has their main power as water!” I said.

Aqua looked at me, intrigued.

“Actually, now that I think of it… There’s someone else too, who has their main powers as Electricity and water!” I said.

“You’re talking about Lagi.” Elec said, “yes, Lagi, he may come train with you under me as well if he would like.”

“Except, Saturo, who is the one with their main power only water?” Aqua questioned.

“Oh yeah, her name is Lavender.” I said.

“Well. Elec, I think you should go get them. Bring Lavender, Lagi, and Ivory.” Aqua said.



-----| Chapter 3 |-----



While we were walking behind Tango, suddenly, appearing from nowhere, we spotted a man. It wasn’t any man, it was Elec. Mehrunes, Draco, Tango, Lavender, and I just stared, before Mehrunes spoke up.

“Hello Elec! What brings you to the middle of nowhere where we are?” Mehrunes asked.

“Lavender…” Elec said, before looking at Lavender. “My brother, Aqua, the Master of Water would like to have you as his student. And, you can thank Saturo later.”

Wow. How come they get masters so easily? That’s not fair!

“Also, where are Lagi and Ivory?” Elec asked.

“Back there, somewhere.” Mehrunes replied. “Lagi from what I know is napping.”

“Okay, farewell.” Elec replied before he walked away, with Lavender behind him.

We watched him before he disappeared from our view. Mehrunes, Draco, Tango, and I were left, with Kehori too, who stood quiet the whole time.

“So…” Tango said, “whoever that was… Let’s go to the shop now.”

“But wait… Where did Listy go?” Draco questioned.

“Who?” Tango asked.

“Someone who came with us but disappeared…” I answered.

I hadn’t realized that she was missing. Where could she have gone? Was it her own doing or someone else's?

“I doubt she got lost so something else had to have happened.” Draco said.

“But what happened?” I asked, “any ideas?”

“Hmm… I’m still thinking. Do you have any ideas Mehrunes?” Draco asked Mehrunes.

But before Mehrunes could say anything, Tango spoke up.

“What kind of person, is Listy?” he asked.

“She acts a lot like Mehrunes in some aspects. Which makes it even more suspicious that she suddenly is missing.” Draco replied.

“Well, it doesn’t necessarily seem like a problem. Let’s continue moving towards the shop.” Tango said, walking.

“Well it could be a problem depending on why she’s missing but if you say so.” Draco said as we followed.

We continued walking for quite a long time until we reached somewhere. It was the shop! It was a normal wooden building, with merchandise inside. Mostly it was weapons and armor though.

We entered the shop. There was a man there.

“Hello! Look around, and if you need anything, let me know!” The man said.

I looked around the shop. There were lots of weapons. Swords, bows, all kinds of axes, spears, maces, and shields and blah blah blah stuff. Lot’s of weapons!

I watched Tango take a sword from the shelf, before heading to the check out to buy it. But then I saw Draco, looking at the bows.

“You want a bow, Draco?” I asked.

“Well I’ve been thinking about what weapon I would want, especially since you have a sword and Saturo has an axe so I decided on getting a bow.” Draco replied while he took a cyan and turquoise compound bow off of the rack.

“A bow?” I asked.

“Well I don’t need a melee weapon really when I have these.” Draco replied, making his gauntlets appear on his hands.

“True… Except, do you know how to use it?” I questioned.

“Even if he doesn't, there is bound to be someone who can teach him.” Mehrunes said, coming next to us.

“I know how to shoot a compound bow.” Draco said, “well. Kinda…”

We were silent for a moment until Mehrunes spoke up, again.

“Well you can buy it then go find Arrow to train you with it.” Mehrunes said.

“Well that could be hard with the war going on but regardless, I’ll buy it anyway.” Draco said, taking the bow as well as twenty arrows to the store owner.

He payed for it, it costed 100 Ultims. So he had 400 Ultims left.

“So Tango what are you here to get anyway?” Draco asked after putting the bow on his back and the arrows away.

Tango was looking at the swords, with a sword already in his hand.

“Oh I just bought a sword. I’m looking around for another, because I might buy a backup one.” Tango answered.

“Okay.” Draco said, before looking at me and Mehrunes. “I’m gathering you two don’t need anything though.”

“Yeah.” I said, “Neither will Kehori, she’s just outside doing something. I have no idea what though.”

“Yeah but there are three people that we have no idea on where they are.” Draco said.

“Well let’s go then. We’ve got what we came for, haven’t we, Tango?” I said, looking at Tango.

“Yeah. Let’s go.” Tango replied.

We then exited the shop. It was time to find Kehori and plan to do something to keep us from being bored.

“Kehori!” I shouted, “Kehori where are you!?”

No reply.


No reply again.

“Where did she go?”

“I dunno…” Draco said.

First it was Listy, and now Kehori… They just flat out disappeared! Where could they have gone?

“This is getting very suspicious. We may want to be more cautious for now.” Draco said.

“Except you can’t do the impossible!” said a familiar voice.

We turned, spotting Folly in front of us… Was this his doing?

“Uhh… how exactly does ‘not being able to do the impossible’ have to do with being more cautious?” Draco asked, confused.

“You cannot be cautious, Broshi!” Folly said. “You’re too stupid and idiotic to be cautious!”

“Well at least my name, according to the dictionary, doesn’t literally mean idiot.” Draco replied.

“Actually, it does.” Folly said.

“Here look in the dictionary.” Mehrunes said, throwing a dictionary at Folly and handing one at Draco.

Folly looks inside, and smirks. He shows the book to us, and we see…

‘Draco: Noun: A stupid and idiotic person’.

“See?” Folly said, smirking.

“I thought you said his name was Broshi.” Mehrunes said. “Oh and, that’s not a dictionary. It’s a thesaurus.”

“It actually is.” Folly replied, showing us the cover which said, ‘Dictionary’, “and also, look at what Broshi means.”

He shows us the book again.

‘Broshi: Noun: A person having or showing a quick-witted intelligence.’

“You are not an idiot, are you? You are Broshi!” Folly said.

“Technically names versus the actual word are two different things. Names could be said t--” Mehrunes began, but was interrupted.

“Shut up, no one gives a fudge about what you say!” Folly interrupted.

“Mmhmm.” Mehrunes replied. “Suuuure.”

“Fudging leave, it’s time for me to fight Broshi again.” Folly said. “ALONE.”

“Folly you literally fought me less than a day ago.” Draco said.

“But I didn’t get to finish. It’s my time now.” Folly replied, “I should take you to the arena we will fight in.”

“Okay. Can I watch?” Mehrunes asked.

“No, someone else wants you.” Folly replied, “but for now…”

Suddenly, I felt something sharp enter my leg, and I look down to see a needle. Before I could do anything, I felt sleepy and then, I fell asleep…


Elec returns, with Lavender, Lagi and Ivory. They were here! I won’t have to train alone!

“And I’m back.” Elec said once he enters the mansion (we are in the Great Hall). “Welcome, Lavender, Lagi, and Ivory to my home!”

All three of them looked around, amazed.

“Wow… This place is big…” Lagi said.

“Yeah. And yellow and blue.” Ivory said.

“You guys also get your own room.” Elec said to Lagi and Ivory, “except there’s only one available so you’ll have to share.”

“I’m okay with that.” Lagi said.

“I am as well.” Ivory said.

“You’ll get your rooms later. For now, Aqua is waiting in the training room. Your main powers are Electricity and Water, right?” Elec asked, as the four of us followed him through the Great Hall.

“Well, I don’t really use my crystal for electricity, but yes, my main power is water.” Lagi said.

“So both then. Alright, and Lavender is only water?” Elec asked, looking at Lavender.

“Huh? Oh yeah, my power is only water.” Lavender said.

Elec looks over at Ivory, and she knew his question so she answered it right away.

“My main power is fire, I don’t use electricity unless I need to.” Ivory said.

“Lagiacrus’s use electricity as one of their mains. So you will also train under me.” Elec responded.

“Alright, that’s more time with more people who I know more.” Ivory said.

We then headed up the stairs, many stairs, and then through more hallways until we made it to the giant training room. We enter, and spot Aqua standing there.

“Hello there!” Aqua greeted, “I am Aqua, the Master of Water.”

“Hi there.” Lagi said.

“Hello.” Ivory said.

Elec walks over next to Aqua. The four of us were standing there in a line, facing them.

“So, we will have a training session.” Elec said, “before we have lunch. Lagi, Ivory, since we will work with Electricity, you both may turn into a Lagiacrus now.”

“Got it.” Lagi said. He turned into a Lagiacrus, and right after that Ivory turned into a Lagiacrus, but a white one.

I spotted that Lavender had already began working with Aqua, a hundred feet away.

“Now, Lagi, Ivory.” Elec said, “I enchanted this room before you came, you can speak normally as a Lagiacrus, so… Let’s begin. I taught this to Saturo already, but you will become more powerful when you become the ‘source’ of electricity and not just a conductor.”

“Okay, but one thing before we try.” Lagi started. “All Lagiacrus don’t generate or anything, we just store and discharge.”

“But the Ivory Lagiacrus are better at it then the regular.” Ivory pointed out.

“You aren’t any ordinary Lagiacrus, my students. You are Ultimate Lagiacrus.” Elec stated, “you will be able to do it.”

“Oh yeah, I forgot about that! Let’s do it!” Lagi roared.

“That was loud…” Ivory muttered.

I realized that all I was doing right now was watching. So I took a seat near the wall. This could get interesting.

“So. Do you know the benefits of becoming the ‘source’?” Elec asked.

“No.” Lagi said.

“I’m guessing you’ll tell us.” Ivory said.

“Yes. You will be fast, and a high amount of energy that is rapidly increasing every second. It is overpowered and really useful.” Elec explained.

“Okay then. How do we do it?” Lagi asked.

“There are multiple ways, but the easiest way is to shock yourself, but you have to charge all of your energy and then you shock yourself. But you have to be extremely tired before you shoot it.” Elec answered.

“Alright, I’ll try.” Lagi said.

“Let’s do this!” Ivory said as she started charging power.

I just watched.

“You need to put ALL your energy into it! Leave NOTHING there! Or else it will not work.” Elec said.

“I’m getting there!” Ivory roared.

“Lagi, you too.” Elec said.

“Alright, I’ll start.” Lagi said.

I then watched them charge all their energy.

“You’ll know when you are done when you feel tired and like you are about to fall asleep.” Elec said, “but when you get to that point, you shoot your energy in the air, and then turn it into a lightning bolt and zap yourself.”

“Okay, but just saying, it may take a while, we can store electricity through our entire bodies.” Lagi said.

“Do it faster.” Elec ordered.

“Yes sir!” Lagi roared.

“This is hard!” Ivory roared.

“FASTER!” Elec shouted, it scared me that he yelled all of a sudden.

“I AM!” Lagi roared.

“I CAN’T TAKE IT ANY MORE!!!” Ivory roared.

“IT HURTS!” Lagi roared.


“I AM!!!” Lagi roared.


“IF I CAN STILL TALK, THEN YES!!!” Ivory roared.

“IT STILL HURTS!!!” Lagi roared.

THEN USE IT ALL!” Elec shouted.

There was so much yelling that I covered my ears to prevent myself from becoming deaf or having hearing issues.



They didn’t reply. Probably because they didn’t have the energy to. They just shot out a ball of electricity into the air, before falling to the floor. They were then struck by lightning… Then they became the source. They had sparks and electricity around them.

“Good job.” Elec said, “you did it.”

“Can I take a nap now?” Lagi asked.

“Why are you always so sleepy?” Ivory asked.

“Because I can be. I slept a lot when I was young.” Lagi answered.

“Well then your next lesson will be to stay awake for 24 hours.” Elec said. “Starting from… Now. It’s been a second already.”

“Well, that’s a start.” Lagi said.

“So, do you want to train or something? That could help.” Ivory asked.

“Sure. Hit me with your best shot!” Lagi said.

“Not now.” Elec said, “remember, now is time for lunch. Follow me to the dining room! We will also have a couple of guests so be on your best behavior.”



-----| Chapter 4 |-----



My eyes fluttered open. I looked around. I was in a cage. But I was not alone. I spotted Mehrunes there, with Tango as well… We were all in the same cage, and we were all awake as well.

The room was empty. Only a cage was in there, OUR cage that is.

“Where am I?” Tango asked, “why am I here?”

“I don’t know where we are… But we should probably get out of here.” I answered.

“Thank you for stating the obvious.” Mehrunes said.

“Thank you for stating that I stated the obvious.” I replied to him.

“You’re welcome.” Mehrunes replied.

“Well, what are we waiting for? Let’s try to get out of this cage!” I yelled, before punching the cell bars, but nothing happened.

“That won’t get you far.” Mehrunes said.

I looked back at Mehrunes and Tango, and they weren’t doing anything but sitting there.

“Guys, literally. Do something.” I said, getting a little mad.

Tango doesn’t say anything or do anything. He just whispered something into Mehrunes’s ear.

“You used literally wrong.” Mehrunes said.

“I don’t care. I only care about getting out of here, and finding Draco, and the others who disappeared.” I said back.

“But you used literally wrong.” Mehrunes replied. “Try the sentence again.”

“Guys. Do something.” I repeated my sentence out of annoyance.

“We are. We’re sitting here.” Mehrunes replied.


“Useful compared to what?” Mehrunes asked. “A tree? A rock? Draco? A master of breaking out of cages, what?”

“Oh whatever. Fine, we’ll just sit here and do nothing then!” I yelled, taking a seat.

“Nothing is non-existent.” Mehrunes said. “Existent is always something. We are sitting, and breathing, thus we are doing something. You should really learn this stuff!”

Before I could reply, we heard a loud sound.


The cage broke, it cut open in half. And I spotted a familiar spaceship with two familiar figures inside… Vulgon and Vivofit!

“Good job Vivo.” Vulgon said, before they both exited the spaceship.

Since they broke the cage, I exited. I’ve been waiting to escape anyway. Mehrunes and Tango followed me.

“Yes, you crashed that ship perfectly.” Mehrunes said.

“Why thank you.” Vivofit replied.

“Where are we?” Mehrunes asked.

“I don’t know, in some sort of laboratory.” Vulgon replied.

“And how did you know we were here?” Mehrunes asked.

“We didn’t.” Vulgon replied. “We came here on accident.”

“Well we should get out of here.” Mehrunes said.

“Yeah… About that…” Vivofit said, “we kind of can’t. When we crashed into here, an alarm went on and there are shields around this place now.”

“Great going.” Mehrunes said.

“Now we’re wanted. Me and Vivo.” Vulgon replied, “for entering this place without permission.”

“I mean… they kidnapped us anyway so I don’t think they're in any position to complain.” Mehrunes replied.

“‘They?’” Vivofit asked.

“It is probably an organization, or there are multiple people/things who’ve done this.” Mehrunes replied.

“But why?” Vulgon asked.

“Why not?” Mehrunes replied.

“Well, who even is after you guys?” Vulgon asked.

“I dunno.” Mehrunes said.

“Well then find out!” Vulgon yelled.

“That’s not exactly easy!” Mehrunes yelled back.

“But it’s not exactly hard either.” Vulgon replied.

“Now if only someone walked through a door to save us the trouble of finding out who is after us…” Mehrunes said. “Speaking of doors, we need to find one before we can find out who’s after us… most likely.”

“So…?” Vulgon asked.

“FIND A DOOR!!!” Mehrunes yelled.

“Found one!” Tango said from afar.

I saw him next to a metal door.

“Let’s go then.” Mehrunes said, quickly going to Tango.

“Well, it’s locked.” Tango replied, trying to open it, except it didn’t open. “See?”

“Then break the door.” Mehrunes replied.


Mehrunes facepalms.

“It’s a door. An inanimate object! You can’t be doorist or anything! IT’S not alive!” Mehrunes says.

“You’re doorist! You horrible creature!” Tango shouted.

“ARGH!” Mehrunes yelled in frustration.

I then walked towards the door, and tried to open it and it opened. That easily. Everyone looked toward my direction.

“*GASP!* How did you do that!?” Tango yelled in question.

“Umm… It’s not hard, it’s really easy.” I replied, “wait, are you even an Ultimate?”

“No.” he replied, “I think that explains it then…”

“Yes it does.” Mehrunes said.

We were then silent, while all the others stared at me near the door. It was an awkward moment.

“So are we gonna go or not?” Vivofit asked.

“Yeah… of course.” Mehrunes said.

“Well… We’ve got to be sneaky and not be spot then. Cause you are the prisoners and we are intruders.” Vivofit said, “but let’s go!”

We all stepped outside the room, and looked down the hall. It was empty, with doors all over and lights on top.

We walked down the hall quietly, when suddenly, we spotted a figure.

It was a man with red pirate-like clothes and an eye patch… A very familiar person… The possessing guy who has the gem!

“Unexpected…” Mehrunes whispered.

Then, the man turned and spotted us. He then smirked.

“What are you little kids doing in here?” The man asked.

“Absolutely nothing.” Mehrunes replied.

“Nothing is non-existent, Mehrunes.” I said. “Existent is always something. We are standing, and breathing, thus we are doing something. You should really learn this stuff!”

“Oh look at you! Smarty pants over here, fine. We are escaping from being kidnapped.” Mehrunes replied.

“I just quoted you, you know… You’re the smarty pants, or should I say, quoting Draco, ‘Smartbutt’.” I responded.

“Now you’re quoting! More! Wow… You talk to him, I’m done.” Mehrunes said, backing up.

Except Vulgon pushed him back into his spot.

“You are wasting our time.” Vulgon said to him, “and you’ve caught attention to others. Great job, you failed us.”

We then were surrounded by people in white suits with gas masks on. We were completely surrounded…

“Very well done, Mehrunes.” Vivofit said sarcastically, “we are definitely

going to let you do things next time.”

Suddenly, Mehrunes’s hand was glowing purple and he punched the ground, which then shook violently and some of the white suit people fell over.

“Go go go!” Mehrunes said, running past them.

Vulgon and Vivofit took off in the other direction, and Tango stood in his spot.

“C’mon!” I said to him.

He then began to run. I ran with him. We ran down the hallways, and more people with gas masks were in our way.

We knocked them over and kept going. I spotted Mehrunes in the distance, about to enter a giant room.

We then all entered it. It had spaceships inside… This was like a garage for spaceships. There were all kinds of them in there.

“What do we do now?” Tango asked.

“Maybe borrow a spaceship.” Mehrunes replied.

“That’s stealing!” Tango yelled, “not borrowing!”

“They kidnapped us. Are you going to be that picky?” Mehrunes questioned.

“Just because they did something bad, doesn’t mean WE do!” Tango shouted. “Don’t you understand?!”

“Yes, I do understand Tango.” Mehrunes replied.

“It’s also YOUR fault that I got kidnapped! If you hadn’t come with me, I could be home right now!” Tango shouted again.

“Well… you can’t just blame that on me. It wasn't MY decision to come with you, nor was it my decision to allow me to come with you.” Mehrunes replied calmly.

“That’s what I mean! You and Ich! I’m blaming you two! IT’S ALL YOUR FAULT!” Tango yelled.

“Please, try to calm down Tango. We need to think, not throw blames pointlessly. It was everybody's fault. Your’s, mine, those weirdos…” Mehrunes said.

“It kind of is your fault too.” I said to Tango, “cause you said you wanted us to come because you don’t want to be lonely.”

Before Tango could reply, a loud sound was heard. I looked toward the direction of the sound, and saw that the big doors to this spaceship place was opening. I was surprised by what I saw afterwards… There was a pink barrier of energy, and behind it…

Space. I could see the Planet Ertin… We were in a base in space!

A spaceship then entered, passing through the barrier. It landed, while we watched. Then, out came a man. He wore pirate-like clothes, a pirate vest, pirate pants, pirate everything. He even had a pirate bandana but he didn’t have an eye-patch.

This is obviously a Space Pirate… And he looked awfully familiar.

“Shiver me timbers! You’re already here!” The pirate shouted.

We were silent for a bit, just staring.

“Ya don’t remember meh? I’m Billy! Remember? Saved ya once, and I be saving ya again.” The pirate said.

“If I remember correctly, you also demand a ‘tax’ of sorts.” Mehrunes replied.

“It don’t matter, ya have money on ya. Climb aboard!” Billy said.

Mehrunes turned and looked at me, and shrugged.

“We’ll need to get Vulgon and Vivofit first. And Draco, although now that I know where we are, I doubt he’s here.” I said.

Then, I heard Vulgon’s voice from behind.


“But… My spaceship… It cost a thousand Ultims…!” Vivofit said with a sad voice.

“Well you treat it like a slave, keeping on crashing it, so you’re wasting the money yourself! It’s DONE! It’s broken now!” Vulgon yelled, as he dragged Vivofit next to us.

We were silent as we stared at the crying Vivofit.

“Let’s just go. Thanks Mate, for the ride.” Vulgon said to Billy before dragging Vivofit into Billy’s spaceship.

“Now we can go.” I told Mehrunes, “Draco’s very likely not here anyway.”

Mehrunes nodded and entered the spaceship. I looked over at Tango, who still didn’t look happy.

“Come on Tango. We’re escaping now, you did kind of get kidnapped but now we’re free.” I said.

He nodded. “I’m sorry about earlier.”

“It’s fine.”

We then entered the spaceship.



-----| Chapter 5 |-----



“Sorry, I had planned for an arena, but it’s being used for a tournament. We’ll just fight here then, in between these mountains.” Folly said to Draco.

“Okay then but from what I saw yesterday, are you sure you’ll be able to beat me?” Draco asked.

“Beat you? I won’t beat you, I’ll kill you.” Folly replied, with a mischievous smirk on his monstrous face.

“Yeah okay. But we’ll just have to see how strong you are now won’t we?” Draco asked, a smirk on his face as he got into a stance.

“But first, I have information you would want to know. About where your ‘friends’ are.” Folly said.

“What was with the air quotes?” Draco asked, confused. “Anyway tell me what you were gonna say.”

“I am human, but I don’t look like it. That’s because I was modified genetically, I am a monster now. An organization, whose name I will not say, did this to me. And your ‘friends’ are at their base. I promised them more test subjects if they let me fight you.” Folly replied, smiling creepily, “that’s right, Broshi, your friends will end up like me.”

“...” Draco was quiet for awhile before speaking again. “...What about the others? I know you captured Ich, Mehrunes and Tango. But what about everyone else who disappeared?”

“‘Everyone else’? State their names.” Folly said.

“Kehori and Listy. And for all I know, Uchiho and my little sister.” Draco replied.

“No. I haven’t captured them. Although I should next time…” Folly responded with an evil smirk.

“Why you…!” Draco started to say before Folly interrupted him.

“What would you do if I had killed your little sister?” Folly asked.

“...” Draco was silent again, a look of anger on his face, when his Draco Eye suddenly activated, it was glowing brighter and the flame was bigger than usual. “...You wanna know what I would do?”

“Well of course!” Folly replied, still smirking, completely unfazed by Draco.

“Heheh… okay then, I’ll tell you…” Draco said, a smirk on his face as a dark cyan aura appeared around him. His gauntlets appeared on his hands while he stared Folly straight in the eyes. “Folly. You’d be dead… Right. Where. You. Stand.”

“Hmph. Actually, your sister would be dead where I stand. Along with you.” Folly replied. “Besides. After what I’ve seen, you aren’t very strong. At least not strong enough to beat me in my final form.”

“We’ll just see about that!” Draco exclaimed.

“Hmm… Is there anyone else that you care about?” Folly asked, a mischievous grin on his face.

“Why would I tell you?” Draco asked back.

“So I can torture you using them, duh.” Folly replied.

“And you say I’m the evil person.” Draco commented.

“You are, and I’m doing the same doings that YOU did before. I’m repeating what you’ve done to me in the past.” Folly said, “but I doubt you have any other ‘loved’ ones.”

“I’ve never met you before last year!” Draco yelled.

“Lies. You don’t remember? I can show you, what you did. I’ll tell you what you did, before I kill you tonight, if you would like.” Folly said.

“And why should I believe you in the first place? Ich told me about when you met. You tried to drop him into a frozen lake!” Draco exclaimed.

“Because. It’s what lead me to hate you! The reason why I hate you and wanna kill you is because of what you did!” Folly yelled, “you seem to have forgotten. So I should tell you what happened.”

“Also there’s this. You have never mentioned these crimes I’ve ‘supposedly’ done in front of anyone else besides me. Seems very strange.” Draco said.

“I have mentioned it before.” Folly said back, “except it doesn’t matter now. Listen up. When I was just five years old, before I became a monster, I was in my house. With my parents. I was an only child… And then you came in, the same age as me, a five year old, with a knife. You killed my parents, you murdered them in front of my eyes, and then cut my legs off… I cried for days, before I was then found. The organization found me, and raised me. They told me your name and showed me a picture of you… Broshi.” Folly paused before continuing. “I trained, they trained me. They genetically modified me, and I grew new legs, but I became a monster. I have wings, and all of that… And I kept asking, everyone I met, where Broshi was. And now I’ve found you, and I want revenge…” Folly looked over at Draco, and he began to cry before saying in a very sad voice, not expected from someone like him. “Why did you kill my parents?”

“...I don’t know why. Because I couldn’t have killed them. When I was five I lived with my grandparents.” Draco said in a calm voice. “But I can tell you this much. Whoever killed your parents… Probably wouldn’t be able to get trained to be an Ultimate very easily after doing that. But regardless, you may want to look elsewhere for your revenge. Because your just gonna waste your time trying to find it with me.”

“He speaks the truth.” said the voice of a man.

They both turned, spotting a man, A evil looking man.

“He isn’t Broshi. Nor is he the one who killed your parents.” The man said.

Then, the man moved out of the way… They then saw someone who looks EXACTLY like Draco, except he looked evil.

“Been awhile, hasn’t it, Draco, Folly?” The guy who looked like Draco said, an evil smirk on his face.


Be respectful, polite, and all that. Got it. It’s really simple anyway.

I was now sitting down at the HUGE dinner table, it was it’s own room. For eating, and it had doors that lead to the kitchen behind where Elec was sitting… The table was big though. Big enough to fit fifty people.

I was sitting right next to Elec, who was at the head of the table. The table was rectangular, and I was sitting at the corner, next to Elec. Lagi and Ivory were next to me, while Lavender and Aqua sat across from me.

Elec also introduced me to the butler awhile ago. He was pretty cool, and he also had electric powers. The Butler was supposed to lead the guests here.

Then, they entered. Behind the butler, there was a man, with red clothes that were on fire! His hair was normal though, normal black hair.

The man took a seat next to Aqua, and the butler left.

“Hello Flame, Master of Fire.” Elec said, “before we begin, you might want to meet my new students… Saturo, Lagi, and Ivory.”

Flame smiled at us. “Saturo… And… Lagi and Ivory?”

Flame looks over at Elec.

“Lagi as in, the son of Abyss?” Flame asked.

Elec nodded.

“Well, Lagi. It’s a pleasure to meet you!” Flame said.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you too.” Lagi said.

Flame smiles again. Aqua then spoke up.

“Does Lagi even know?” Aqua asked.

“Know what?” Lagi asked.

“Lagi, you are the Prince of the South-Western Sea on the Water Planet! Your Father was the king!” Aqua exclaimed.

“Um, wow! I never knew my dad was a king! But wait, South-Western Sea? Wouldn’t the entire planet just be one body of water?” Lagi asked.

“But there are Seas and Oceans. They are different, different masses of water in different areas. It’s what separates the seas and oceans from each other.” Aqua said.

“Oh, that makes sense!” Lagi said.

“What about me?” Ivory asked, “is there something special about me?”

“Well, yes, you are the Princess of South-South-Western Sea. The Underwater Kingdom not far from where Abyss ruled.” Aqua said.

“So we lived that close together and never knew anything about each other's existence?” Ivory asked.

“Well. That’s because you're kind was killed off…” Aqua said, “I wasn’t there to prevent it, but a skilled monster hunter came and killed everyone. And there were only four survivors… But now there’s only two remaining, which are you and Lagi.”

“Oh…” Ivory said.

Then, a couple of men with chef hats came in with plates and all that stuff. There was A LOT of food! Almost every single kind of food was placed on the table! Lagi, Ivory, and I were staring at the food.

Elec saw us staring.

“Help yourselves. You’ve trained hard, so you deserve it.” Elec said.

“Thank you!” Ivory said as she put some food on her plate before eating.

“Let’s get started!” Lagi said as he also put food on his plate before eating.

We all then did the same thing. Everyone had already began to eat. It was silent as we ate. I stuffed myself.

“Elec.” Flame then said, “I have an idea, to announce.”


“You know, that book we made, the Book of Elements… How there are three secret copies of them in places… I say, to get students, we should let them after our artifacts. Cause then they prove to be worthy when they get them.” Flame explained.

“Quite an idea. We may use it, but we’ll have to vote on it. When all the Elemental Masters arrive.” Elec replied.

Huh. So all the guests are the Elemental Masters! SWEET!

Then, the butler came back in, with a man who had frosty clothing on… This is the Master of Ice!

“Welcome, Ice! We’ve already begun eating, you may join us.” Elec said.

“Sorry I’m late. I ran into a couple of Ultimate Darth’s army… Had to get past them, froze some of them, but I made it.” The man (Ice) replied.

“Intriguing.” Flame commented.

Ice took a seat next to Flame. I was excited, because the Elemental Masters were coming HERE! And I see them, IN PERSON! That’s not something you can do everyday! And not everyone can do it!

“So, Ice, I had an idea, for getting students.” Flame said.


“We make an announcement to the galaxy, that whoever finds all the shards first gets to be our students.” Flame said.

“Intriguing…” Ice replied.

“Yeah, Wino would probably like it, I think… Because he’s having trouble finding the perfect student.” Flame said.

“Well, I found my student through Saturo.” Aqua said, “his friend became the perfect student for me. It may work with the rest of you.”

“Really?” Flame asked, looking at me, “you got any friends with fire as their main power?”

“Umm, Ivory?” I said, unsure.

“Oh yeah.” Elec said, “Ivory has Electric and Fire powers. Flame, we can share her, but you can find another student too.”

“Do you know anyone with ice?” Ice asked.

“Well. Sorta.” I said, “except he’s off somewhere, and I think he isn’t really necessarily my friend… But his name is Nix.”

“Ah.” Ice said, “well then I’ll probably use Flame’s method with the artifacts.”

Then, someone else walked in with the butler. Someone who had similar clothes to Elec, but it didn’t have lightning bolts. And the clothes he was wearing were faintly glowing cyan, same with his eyes and even his hair… I couldn’t tell which Elemental Master this was.

“Welcome Plasma.” Elec greeted.

Plasma, who I bet is the Master of Plasma, took a seat next to Ice.

“We have started eating, you may join us.” Elec said.

“Thank you, Elec.” Plasma replied.

Plasma began to eat.

“Hey, Plasma. I have an idea for getting students.” Flame then said, “have people search for our artifacts, and when they find them, they become our student. But also, another very good way, ask Saturo, Elec’s student, if he has friends with your main power!”

“It’s how I got my student. Very effective, and I got the perfect one.” Aqua commented.

Plasma smiled, looking at me.

“Well, student of Elec? You have any friends with plasma as their main power?” Plasma questioned.

“Yes actually. His name is Draco.” I said.

“‘Draco’? Huh. Same name as my nephew! That could be a perfect fit! You’re right, Aqua!”


“Also, Elec, I heard from the rest, no one else is coming. We’re the only ones.” Plasma said.

“Alright.” Elec said, before looking at me, Lavender, Lagi, and Ivory, “you four may go have dessert in the smaller dinner room. We have to have a private meeting now.”

We nodded and left, wondering what the meeting was about.



-----| Chapter 6 |-----



Billy’s spaceship was decent. Better than Vivofit’s by a LONG shot. It had bigger seats that were better and they had actual seat belts!

While Billy was driving, Mehrunes, Vulgon, Vivofit, Tango, and I sat in the back. We were in space, getting to somewhere…

“Where are we going?” Mehrunes asked.

“Not to the ship, where ya would need ta pay. This time I be taking ya ta the Dark Planet.” Billy replied.

“Why?” Mehrunes questioned.

“Reasons.” Billy replied.

“There’s a war going on! The army’s base is on the Dark Planet, spread out all over it!” Tango shouted.

Billy was silent.

“That’s reassuring…” Mehrunes said. “No wait it’s not. BILLY WHAT THE FUDGE ARE YOU DOING!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!!!

“Just following orders.” Billy replied.

Mehrunes turned to me.

“We should not find out where this is going…” Mehrunes whispered.

“Why not?” I whispered back.

“Off of Tango, the Dark planet is an army base, Billy’s ‘following orders’ and those two things together will not go well for us.” Mehrunes whispered.

“What does it mean, though?” I asked.

“Probably that he’s part of… a… army,” Mehrunes whispered back. “And either army will not go well for us.”

“So then what do we do?” I questioned.

“We should stop the ship, or stop Billy or both.” Mehrunes replied, whispering still.

“But how do we know that’s true? We aren’t sure what Billy is doing.” I said.

“How badly do you want to find out?” Mehrunes questioned.

“Pretty badly.” I replied.

“Do you have a plan if things go wrong?” Mehrunes asked.

“Yes, Glare said at the end of the day, we would automatically be teleported home. So. We’ve got about 12 hours left until the day is over.” I replied.

“...” Mehrunes was silent. “Fine…”

“What are you guys talking about?” Vulgon asked.

“How many times Vivofit crashed his ship while we were not there to see it.” Mehrunes replied.

“Oh. Well, he’s crashed exactly 272 times.” Vulgon responded.

“That’s quite a few.” Mehrunes replied. “He must spend so much money…”

“Only when it’s really broken. Because for some reason his spaceship was very durable and took over a hundred crashes for it to break.” Vulgon replied.

“At least there’s that.” Mehrunes replied.

“BUT NOW IT’S GONE!” Vivofit cried. “Now I have to buy a new one, but I don’t have enough money…!”

“Well, the spaceship that I’ve been working on is pretty much done…” Mehrunes replied.

“*GASP!* Are you gonna give it to me on my birthday?” Vivofit asked, in excitement. “I was gonna invite you all to my party, anyway!”

“That’s great!” Mehrunes replied.

“My birthday is in two days. I’m turning 14.” Vivofit said.

“That’s better!” Mehrunes replied. “I should have the ship completely done by then.”

“Except I don’t know where the party should be held at…” Vivofit said.

“That’s always one of the hardest parts isn’t it…” Mehrunes said. “I’m sure you’ll figure something out.”


Then, the spaceship was about to land on the Planet of Darkness, when suddenly, a GIANT black warship blocked our way!

“Stop where you are.” a voice said from in front of Billy.

“Curses! I’ve been caught!” Billy shouted.

The warship’s doors sort of opened.

“Proceed.” the voice said, “or you’ll be blown to bits.”

Billy drove the spaceship past the pink barrier, and then landed. I saw out of the window, army men! With black armor and spikes and all!

The spaceship landed, and the doors opened. Three men walked in, one had different armor, more unique, while the other two had the same.

“What brings you here, Space Pirate?” The man with the more unique armor asked.

Billy stood up, and walked over.

“I be going ta the Dark Planet, General.” Billy said, while the rest of us remained in our seats.

“To do what?” The General asked.

Billy hesitated. “T-to do classified information…”

The two army men next to the General took out pistols, pointing them at Billy.

“T-to take these kids to Cap'n!” Billy said.

The General smirked.

“Well that’s too bad. They aren’t going to go there. Haven’t you heard? No one is allowed on the Dark Planet for a long time! Ultimate Darth is busy doing something using the whole planet.” The General said, before looking at us, “kids, get up. You’re coming with me.”

Vulgon and Vivofit automatically got up, their hands in the air.  I got up as well, and so did Mehrunes and Tango.

“Take them.” The General said to the other men, before turning to Billy, “you have been warned. But for now, you may leave… Avast!”

We were taken out of the spaceship, the two army men were guarding us. The place was huge. The guards led us past other men, and then into a hallway, before entering another hallway that was empty.

The guards then stopped us at a closed door.

“Wait here.” one of the guards said.

He then left, that left us guarded by one guard. I took a seat because I was tired, and the guard didn’t say anything. Vulgon, Vivofit, and Tango also took a seat. Mehrunes remained standing.

“This is just great.” Vulgon said sarcastically.

“I know, right?” Vivofit agreed.

We were then silent.

“What do we do?” I then asked. “Any ideas, Mehrunes?”

“Always.” Mehrunes replied. “But as is, it was your idea continue our trip to the Dark Planet, so you go first.”

“What would you have done if we decided to not stay on the trip? Jump off the ship into space and get killed?” I said, “we wouldn’t have been able to do anything!”

“Have you ever heard the expression: Think outside of the box?” Mehrunes asked.

“Yes I have.” I replied.

“Try taking it literally.” Mehrunes replied.

“That makes no sense.” I said.

“Think about it.” Mehrunes said. “Make it make sense. It’s not that hard…”

“You’re getting off topic and wasting time. We need a plan! To get out of this dangerous place!” I yelled, forgetting that there is a guard guarding us (although he didn’t seem to notice, I realized that he was distracted, I spotted he had headphones under his helmet).

“I am actually perfectly on topic.” Mehrunes replied. “Notice, you yelled and the guard didn’t notice. He’s distracted, off guard, now we take that advantage, and use it strategically.”

“There’s millions of other guards all over the place.” Vulgon said, “we can’t run. But I have a plan.”

“Let’s hear it.” I said.

“We find guards who are NOT Ultimates, beat them up and steal their suits, and then try and pretend to be them, and get to a spaceship so we can escape.” Vulgon explained, “how’s that sound?”

“Yaknow we could probably just sneak around invisible.” Mehrunes said. “But it’s as not terrible… as it could be.”

“You think that the best army in the galaxy wouldn’t see us? The Ultimate ones can see invisible people! We have to be visible, but stealthy.” Vulgon said. “And good at acting. Vivofit has a scanner, he can scan the people whose armor we will takes minds, so we know what they are supposed to do, and we do it as we secretly also try to escape. See? Best plan ever.”

“That sounds great! Way better than what Mehrunes said.” I said, “sorry Mehrunes, you’ve got terrib-- Not very good plans.”

“Now, let’s get down to business… After we find non-Ultimate army men…” Vulgon said.

The guard then left, and someone else came. It was another guard, basically, and he told us to follow him. And we did, waiting for the right moment to begin Vulgon’s plan.


Both Draco and Folly were shocked, seeing the man with the person who looked EXACTLY like Draco. They were silent for a bit, just staring.

“So. You must be Broshi then.” Draco said, breaking the silence.

“Yes, I am the REAL Broshi.” Broshi replied.

“What? You saying I was a fake? I never tried to copy you or anything!” Draco said.

“Wait. I am confused. WHAT!?” Folly shouted.

“*SIGH* Folly. That guy over there is the person who killed your parents. And I am an innocent person you’ve been trying to kill since last year.” Draco said.

Folly exchanged looks between Broshi and Draco.

“Then… I’ll kill him!” Folly yelled.

Folly then leaped towards Broshi, and punched him right in the face. Broshi then took out a sword, and kicked Folly all the way back to Draco.

“Draco…” Folly then said, “I apologize… For everything. I was mistaken… I’ve found the real Broshi… We can have revenge on him! Both of us!”

“*SIGH* Very well then...” Draco said as he helped Folly up before he reactivated his gauntlets and his ‘Draco Eye’. “I’ll help you.”

Broshi and the man began to laugh.

“You both are probably wondering, what is going on, how Broshi and Draco look the same and all.” the man said, “well, the answer is, they are twin brothers. I’ll tell you what happened from the very beginning. Draco was born, with his twin brother, who I named Broshi. Except, I needed someone, to use. As my weapon. So, I kidnapped Broshi. That’s why Draco never knew him. Because I took him.”

“Huh. Not surprised Mom and Dad never told me about that.” Draco said.

“Draco. We must show no mercy to Broshi…” Folly said, his fists shaking.

“Hmm… Very well then.” Draco said.

“I’ll go then.” the man said, before looking at Broshi, “Broshi, when I return to retreive you, have these two dead. Got that?”

“Yep.” Broshi replied.

The man then walked away. Folly and Draco were now both in fighting stances, facing Broshi.

“You will PAY for what you did, Broshi! Killing my parents, and for not showing up when I mistakened Draco for you!” Folly shouted.

Broshi just smirked.

“He seems pretty smug about that.” Draco said.

“And you seem like you are both about to die today.” Broshi replied.

“And yet even though he has told me that about five times, I’m still standing.” Draco said while pointing at Folly next to him.

“It was the wrong person! I’ve found the right one! HE will die! YOU will live!” Folly said to Draco.

“Yeah I know anyway let’s get started!” Draco said, stepping a few steps towards Broshi.

“Yeah. BROSHI YOU WILL NOW DIE!” Folly yelled, before he shot out spikes from his wings at Broshi.

But Broshi blocked them, and suddenly, he ran right into Draco, knocking him on the floor. Folly helped Draco up, and when he looked back at Broshi, Broshi had gauntlets and the Draco Eye, just like Draco!

“Huh. And you were talking as if I was the fake!” Draco said.

“What? I unlocked these on my own!” Broshi yelled.

“Yeah. So did I.” Draco said, kicking Broshi into the ground.

Broshi then blasted Draco back with plasma, and he was next to Folly again.

“We need a method…” Folly said, “how about, I fight from the front, and you fight from the back?”

“Sure, let’s see if that works.” Draco said before he jumped behind Broshi.

Broshi turned around to hit Draco, but Draco hit him right in the face, knocking him back. Folly was there, and he shot a hundred spikes into him. Broshi was on the floor, unable to move.

“HA!” Folly laughed, “way too easy! Is that really all you got!?”

“I don’t think you should taunt him while he looks like he's dead. Last time you did that, I got fully healed and got a flaming eye.” Draco said.

“Oh, good point.” Folly replied, before yelling back at Broshi, “you suck!”

“Uh… I guess that’s better… sort’ve.” Draco said to himself.

Suddenly, the spikes exited Broshi, leaving red dots there instead. The dots slowly began to disappear. Broshi smirked.

“I won’t easily be beaten.” Broshi said, “time for a special move!”

“Of course not…” Draco said.

Broshi then began to float, and stuck his hands in the air. A giant cyan ball of plasma began to generate.

“Okay then. Let’s see who’s better at plasma then. Folly you try to distract him!” Draco said before he started to create a similar ball of plasma above him.

Folly nodded, and flew up in front of Broshi.

“Hey Broshi! Yo mama so fat I took a picture of her last year, and it’s still printing!” Folly yelled.

Broshi looked over at Folly with a confused look.

“Hmm… I forgot, you were kidnapped, you don’t even know your mama… How about…” Folly said.

“Not to mention you also just insulted me as well.” Draco commented from the ground.

“Sorry about that.” Folly said, “hey Broshi! You are so ugly, that when you went to an ugly contest, they said ‘sorry, no professionals’!”

“That insults me as well! We’re twins!” Draco said.

“Oh sorry… Hmmm…” Folly said, “hey Broshi! You are so fat, that when you fell, no one was laughing, but the ground was cracking up!”

“DUDE JUST STOP WITH THE INSULTS! Do something else!” Draco said.

“Okay!” Folly said, before taking a large spike from his wings.

He then went right through the ball of plasma, causing it to disappear.

“NOW DRACO!” Folly shouted as he quickly got out of the way.

“RIGHT!” Draco said before he threw the ball of plasma at Broshi, hitting him right on.

After the plasma disappeared, Broshi was there, but not normal anymore… He looked different. His eyes were glowing red, and his hair changed to be black, and his skin changed to become grey.

“Huh. I hope my plasma didn’t turn him edgy or something. Regardless, looks like we’ll have to try harder than that to defeat him!” Draco said.

“Yep… Let’s see how he’ll do against my second form!” Folly said, as he then changed to be all black and red.

He then ran right into Broshi, knocking him onto the floor. Broshi got back up, and screamed. It wasn’t a human scream… It was a monstrous scream.

“GAH! MY EARS!” Draco exclaimed, clamping his hands over his ears.

Folly looked back. He was not affected by the scream, but Draco was. Folly thought, that since he was in his monster form, he wasn’t affected.

Folly shot out some ice at Broshi’s mouth, causing him to go quiet.

“Better now?” Folly asked Draco.

“Yes, very.” Draco said taking his hands off his ears. “Now then. Let’s continue what we were doing before.”

Draco then ran towards Broshi and punched him, sending him into the ground. But that caused the ice to break, and the scream was heard again.

“GAH! JUST SHUT UP!” Draco yelled, grabbing Broshi’s head and closed his mouth forcefully.

But then, Broshi kicked Draco away, still screaming. Folly knew he was the only one who could fight right now.

He ran at Broshi, punched him, kicked him, and did everything rapidly. But Broshi wouldn’t shut up. But Broshi then went back to normal, and stopped screaming.

“Oh thank fudge he stopped screaming!” Draco said, uncovering his ears.

“I figured it out! That scream!” Folly shouted, “it’s a attack, that causing your opponent to have horrible flashbacks of the past… Nightmares!”

“You got it. I’m surprised, since it came out of you.” Broshi replied. “Sadly it won’t work on you, since you are in that form.”

“Hmm… Hey Folly.” Draco then said.

“Yes?” Folly replied.

“I think I have an idea when it comes to negating his scream attack.” Draco said before he took some earplugs out of his backpack, “now freeze these.”

Folly did the following.

Draco then put them into his ears.

“Whew! It’s a bit chilly but hopefully it should work!” Draco said.

Broshi smirked, before he then changed to the other form and began to scream again.

“... Hey! It doesn’t hurt!” Draco exclaimed.

“It worked! Now let’s end this!” Folly replied.

“Right!” Draco said with a nod.



-----| Chapter 7 |-----



Their little secret meeting ended. Elec and Aqua took us all back upstairs in the training room. Flame had come along, to teach Ivory some cool moves. Right now, Flame, Elec, and Aqua stood in front of Lavender, Ivory, Lagi, and I.

“Lavender and Lagi will have a session with Aqua.” Elec said, “Ivory will learn some things from Flame. And Saturo will work with me. Spread out.”

We spread out. Lagi and Lavender walked off with Aqua, and Ivory went with Flame. I stayed in the same place, with Elec. And Glitter too.

“What am I going to learn this time?” I asked.

Elec smiled. “How to communicate with Glitter. How to understand what he says.”

“Really? Cool!” I said, looking at Glitter.

“Yeah. It’s really easy. You just have to stay with him long enough. Besides, he was in your pocket for a long time, you can probably already talk to him.” Elec said.

I looked over at Glitter.

“Okay… So do I just talk to him?” I asked Elec.

“He already can hear you. I’m going to leave, and I’ll come back, you try to speak with Glitter.” Elec replied, before he began to walk away.

I then looked back at Glitter.

“So… How does this work?” I asked.

“You can speak out loud or telepathically. I can hear you. But when you speak telepathically, you have to be looking at me for me to hear you.” I heard a reply.


“This is not surprising.”

“I know…”

“Maybe I should tell you something.”


“But later. Elec expected you to take a longer time to master the ability to communicate with me. But you did it first try.”

“Is that surprising?”

“No. I was with you for a long time.”

“Oh, right.”

“But… I should mention. I have the abilities to use electricity, changing my size, and also shape shifting into other creatures.”

“Wait… Really? Prove it, shapeshift into a unicorn.”

Suddenly, Glitter’s shape changed, and in front of me was an electric yellow and blue unicorn.


“Not really. My actual form that I fight in is much cooler.”

“Can I see that?”

“No, that form is used in emergencies. It’s too dangerous.”


“Also, have you realized that although it seems like you are speaking out loud, no one other than me can hear you?”

“Really? Interesting.”

“I’ll call Elec back, since you’ve already finished.”


“Elec has something planned, so this might take a bit.”

“Alright I’ll wait.”


We followed the guard. He lead us throughout the warship. Vulgon’s plan might not work… The place is big and we could get lost while trying to escape.

This place was all so well guarded… We may not even be able to get out of here.

The guard took us into a room, and it was a hallway with cells that were closed with lasers.

The guard then shoved us all into a cell, closing it afterwards before he left. Great. We can’t even use Vulgon’s plan when we are stuck in here.

“What do we do now?” I asked the others, hoping one of them had another plan that could work.

“I’m out of ideas… We’re stuck here.” Vulgon said. “And Vivofit rarely has idea’s, Tango I doubt knows what to do… Mehrunes, I hate to say it, but do you have any ideas?”

“I’m thinkin.” Mehrunes replied.

“Okay. You’ve got time.” Vulgon said.

“Well… for ideas, we’ve got to know what we have to work with.” Mehrunes said. “So what do we have?”

“We have bodies.” Vivofit said.

“True.” Mehrunes replied. “And clothes. But I was thinking about other things.”

“Like tools? Gadgets? I’ve got a ton of those on me.” Vivofit responded.

“That would be helpful.” Mehrunes replied.

“Except none of them can break through this shield or through the walls or anything.” Vivofit said.

“We have to work with what we have.” Mehrunes replied. “Whatever we have, we can use in some way or another that’s useful.”

“It is not necessary to try and escape.” said a voice, “you will not succeed. The path you are trying to get to is success, but the path you are on at the moment is nothing but failure.”

We all turned towards the voice. It was a man, in the cell in front of ours. He was lying casually on his bed.

“Ooookay?” Mehrunes replied.

“During this war, boarding this warship… It’s just not possible to escape.” The man said. “Believe me, I have tried to escape. And I failed, I was caught, and was warned that if I tried to escape once more I would be put in the cell worse than this.”

“Okay?” Mehrunes replied.

“How did you get into the warship? Did you get involved in the war?” The man questioned.

“We were essentially kidnapped twice.” Mehrunes replied. “Once by an organization of some sort, then by a space pirate who got caught.”

“Ah, you’re all just ordinary kids who were unlucky to get involved…” the man said.

“Let’s go with that.” Mehrunes replied.

“But my scanning tells me otherwise. You are not ordinary kids. All of you but one are Ultimates.” The man said. “And your main powers are Wind, Space, Tech, and Flora while one of you uses multiple.”

Tango’s eyes widened.

“Wait, I have powers?” he asked.

“Yes, my scanning tells me you’ve got Flora. The ability to control plants.” The man said. “Not really useful in space. No plants are out here.”

Tango fell silent after hearing he’s got powers.

“And, you.” The man said, looking at Mehrunes, “my scanning tells me Space… Stardust, Vortex, Solar, Nebula, they all go in with space.”

Mehrunes was silent.

“My scanning doesn’t lie.” The man said, his hands behind his neck as he remained on his bed.

“Why are you telling us this?” Mehrunes questioned.

“I’ve got nothing else to do. Everyone else in these cells aren’t talkative.” the man replied, “and I’ve grown bored in this place.”

“Eh.” Mehrunes replied. “Nothing interesting?”

“You seem to know nothing about the war. Why there even is a war.” the man said, “if you want to hear some interesting facts, I can tell you about the war.”

“Sure…” Mehrunes replied.

“Well first off, this is the first war ever in history. Only because, Ultimate Darth has the power to start one. Others have tried to start one but failed. They don’t have the power, the army, but Ultimate Darth does.” The man explained, “Ultimate Darth’s army is the strongest in the whole galaxy, but there is one army that is able to fight them and possibly beat them, which is Ultimate Nkay’s Army.” The man paused and looked at us. “But Nkay’s not in the Ultimates Galaxy at the moment. And same with his army. The reason, I do not know.”

“Great.” Mehrunes replied.

“But the problem is why we are in the war. That goes into the history of the Ultimate Council, which I do not know.” The man said, “but Ultimate Darth is using the Planet of Darkness, which is why I was not allowed onto it.”

“What is he doing with the planet?” Vulgon asked.

“Using it to power up. He’s using it as his source of power… Making him overpowered.” The man said. “There are many possibilities of what he will use the power he obtained for… Destroying planets, possibly… Because he can do that.”

“I’ve also been wondering.” Vivofit said, “what caused this war to happen? What happened that made him start the war?”

“Ah, that… Is unknown. He hasn’t told many about it. And those who know do not tell… But it is written down in history, in a book found in the Ultimate Council Temple.” The man answered, “but then, only certain people can access those.”

“But his soldiers know the reason, right?” Vulgon asked.

“Yes. They do.”

“Then can’t we all team up on one and force him to talk?”

“No. That will not work. They are under a spell that cannot be uncasted unless by Ultimate Darth himself. They will not say anything.” The man said.

“That’s a bunch of nonsense.” Mehrunes said.

“I know how to stop them all though. First off, you need power. Training. By the best of the best. I would say, the Elemental Masters.” The man said, “such as myself. The Master of Space.”

“Oh by the way random question but, how did you get yourself caught?” Mehrunes asked.

“Hey, the General, the boss of this warship, he’s powerful. And he’s caught me with his ‘duplication’ ability. So I was caught by him. Or should I say… ‘Hims’ …” The man answered.

“Oh.” Mehrunes replied.

“By the way, I should tell you my name.” the man said, “my name is Galaxy. I work with all kinds of space powers.”

“It’s great to meet you.” Mehrunes replied.

“Mmmhmm.” Galaxy replied. “It’s always great when you meet an Elemental Master. They always have been through a lot of training. Besides, if you don’t know, there's a yearly tournament between people with the same powers to see who gets the title of ‘Elemental Master’. The first place, second place, and third place get the title of Elemental Masters.”

“Oh yeah, I’ve heard of those. Aren’t they towards the end of the year? Or is it the beginning?” Vulgon asked.

“It’s at the beginning. The first day of the year is when it takes place.” Galaxy replied.

“That’s all cool and all.” I said, finally speaking up after all this time of listening, “but you are the Master of Space. You can get out of here, and take us with you, right?”

Galaxy looked over at me. He then got up, and his clothes were seen. It was black with stars on it… Looks like space to me. The only uncovered parts of him that makes him not totally invisible in space is his head and hands. He actually looked cool!

“I would agree. I will contact the nearest Elemental Master… That’s right, we help each other out, in fact we are part of a team, but anyway… We’ll get out of here. And I’ll take you with me, because I’ve enjoyed our little conversation.” Galaxy said.

“Thanks.” Mehrunes said.

“Your welcome. Now let me have some silence, I need to contact the nearest Elemental Master…” Galaxy said.

We were silent for awhile. Galaxy looked like he was talking to someone.

“Okay. Well, we’ve got backup coming.” Galaxy then said, “he’s on his way.”



-----| Chapter 8 |-----



As Folly and Draco were about to attack, Broshi suddenly began to laugh.

“What’s so funny Bro?” Draco asked.

Then, his laugh changed into an evil laugh.

“Huh. He may be evil and killed people but his laugh definitely is more intimidating than that laugh you used that one time we fought. No offense.” Draco said to Folly.

“Hmph.” Folly replied.

“Heh heh heh…” Broshi then said, “my time is running out… Be prepared for your end now…”

“Well which company should we call for the graves and tombstones? Any suggestions?” Draco asked with sarcasm.

“Not ‘graves and tombstones’ … Just a ‘grave or tombstone’.” Folly said, smirking.

“Oh sorry, I thought we needed one for his life as well, because he sure doesn’t have one with him.” Draco replied.

“Shut. Up.” Broshi said.

“*SIGH* Fine we’ll just have the one tombstone and grave then.” Draco said. “Because you're too impatient to wait.”

Broshi suddenly shot a blast of plasma at Draco’s ear plugs, melting them before he started to scream again.

“*SIGH* That was just uncalled for!” Draco said to himself, covering his ears, “seriously can anyone take a joke?!”

Folly then leaped over at Broshi, punching him flat in the face, which actually caused him to shut up. He had a bloody nose from Folly.

“Okay that’s better.” Draco said, uncovering his ears. “now then, how about we wrap this up Folly?”

“Yes…” Folly said.

“Okay then. Let’s do it!” Draco exclaimed as a cyan aura appeared around him and his ‘Draco Eye’ flared up.

Folly grabbed Broshi by the neck, and tossed him right at Draco.

“You lose Bro. See ya!” Draco said before he absorbed his Ultimate Crystal and shot a giant beam of plasma straight at Broshi, hitting him point blank.

Broshi fell back again, only to get hit by Folly flat in the face again. He was then flying towards Draco again.

Draco then grabbed him and slashed him with the claws on his gauntlets before blasting him with another giant beam of plasma, sending him straight into the ground.

Broshi laid there. And smirked.

“He’s smirking. Guess that means he still isn’t dead yet.” Draco said to Folly.

“Then we need to work faster!” Folly shouted.

“Okay then let’s power up some then. Or else we may not stand much of a chance, because while there are two of us, he has a lot more endurance and stamina.” Draco replied.

“Then let’s charge. You go first, so if he attacks you I prevent that. Then we do it vice versa.” Folly said.

“Okay then let’s try that.” Draco replied before he ran at Broshi with Folly flying a few meters behind him.

“Now you charge up.” Folly said, standing in between Broshi and Draco.

“Right!” Draco said with a nod.

He started to glow cyan faintly and small glowing cyan lights started to attract to him like a magnet before getting absorbed. He continued to do this, and Broshi didn’t move from his spot on the ground.

“Heh…” Broshi said.

Draco continued to charge, more and more of the cyan lights were attracted to and absorbed by him every second.

“Heh heh heh…” Broshi laughed silently, but could still be heard.

“Folly what is he laughing for?” Draco asked as he was still charging, “something happening?”

Folly looked back at Draco, then at Broshi.

“He must be planning something…” Folly said, “we need to be more careful… I am suspecting something from him soon…”

“Okay well I’m still charging so give me a few more seconds.” Draco replied.

“It’s been a few more seconds.” Folly said.

“Huh. Since when did you start acting like Mehrunes?” Draco asked. “Anyway I’m done now.”

“I don’t act like him, besides, he’s really boring and not fun. He’s too… Well he’s the definition of an idiot.” Folly said, “but now it’s my turn to charge.”

Folly and Draco swapped places, and Folly began to charge.

“Heh heh heh…” Broshi laughed.

“What’s so funny Bro?” Draco asked.

“Nothing is funny. I’m just laughing because I can.” Broshi replied.

“Suuuure you are.” Draco said sarcastically.

“Heh heh heh…” Broshi laughed again.

“You close to done charging Folly?” Draco asked.

“Yes, I am done.” he replied, “I take less time to charge… Anyway… We should attack now, at the same time, with all our power.”

“Are you sure that would be the best idea? I have a feeling he is gonna do something. And if we do that then our energy will be drained a lot.” Draco said.

“Well do you have any better ideas?” Folly asked.

“You could just put a spike in his head or something.”

“But that’s boring. I want like, an explosion!”

“Then do the spike thing then blow him up.”

“Eh. It’s better if we both attack with all our power at the same time, so then, he takes more damage.”

“*SIGH* I’m not gonna be able to convince you to take the less risky tactic am I?”

“Fine. But if the less risky tactic fails, then we do my tactic.”

“Okay but to be honest it’s possible neither could work anyway.”

Folly then took out a spike, walking towards Broshi, who now got up. Folly then was about to stab him with the spike, but Broshi kicked the spike in the air, caught it, and the stabbed it into Folly’s gut.

“Heh heh heh…” Broshi laughed, while Folly winced in pain.

“Huh. Well at least you know how I felt when you stabbed me in the stomach that one time. Anyway we can try your strategy now.” Draco said.

Broshi then kicked Folly in the face, knocking him back next to Draco. Folly got up, took the spike out of his gut, and threw it on the floor.

“Now, let’s do my strategy.” Folly said, “make the attack big, so Broshi doesn’t dodge.”

“Okay then.” Draco said before he charged up an enormous ball of plasma in between his hands. “I feel like I’m supposed to say something while I’m charging this… but I don’t remember what it was…”

“You’re supposed to say, ‘DIE BROSHI!’” Folly said, as he was charging up a giant ball of some kind of dark element.

“But isn’t that your line?” Draco asked. “You know what? Nevermind! Let’s just finish this.”

Then, both of them had their attacks fully charged.

“On 3…” Folly whispered, “we teleport behind him and then shoot him from behind.”

“Okay.” Draco whispered back.

Broshi just stood there, his arms out and a smirk on his face, almost as if he wanted to be hit.

“Okay on 3…” Folly said quietly, “1… 2…”

3!” Draco yelled before they both suddenly appeared right behind Broshi and fired their attacks, hitting him point blank, causing a giant blast of power and energy and a near blinding light to cover the area for a few seconds.

They then waited, and breathed heavily since they used a lot of energy. They looked, and Broshi was still standing, looking way better than he did before.

“*SIGH* I had a feeling that wasn’t gonna work… if anything it looks like us attacking him actually healed him.” Draco said in between breaths.

“Not just that.” Broshi said, “I got ten times more powerful. I absorbed the attack.”

“Oh… great.” Draco said before looking at Folly. “Now what do we do!?”

“Continue fighting.” Folly replied. “We have power still.”

“Okay but he’s ten times more powerful now and we’ve used a lot of our energy. The odds are definitely not on our side.” Draco said. “Not to mention he also is almost completely healed!”

“Not almost. Completely.” Folly said.

“That doesn’t make it better.” Draco snapped.

“Actually it does… I have a plan. To steal his energy and give it to us.” Folly said, smirking.

“Well then how do we do it?” Draco asked.

“I just have to grab him by the neck, and grip tightly and the energy will drain from him, into me.” Folly answered.

“That… just sounds like choking him.” Draco said.

“Exactly. It sounds like it. But it isn’t.” Folly replied.

“Okay but how do I get any of the energy? From what you said it sounds like only you’ll get it.” Draco said.

“Yeah, that’s where I have to reverse it, when I grab you to give you energy. Except I won’t grab your neck, instead I’ll grab your arm so you don’t choke.” Folly replied.

“Oh… okay. That’s good.” Draco said, sounding relieved. “But if he’s ten times stronger then shouldn’t he be faster now as well? How do you plan to catch him?”

Folly smiled.

“That’s where you come in. You need to be faster than him.” Folly said.

“But how will I do that exactly? I don’t have wings like you or anything.” Draco said.

“He’s not flying. He’s on the ground.” Folly said.

“*SIGH* Okay, not sure how I’ll catch him but I’ll try at the very least.” Draco said.

“Use your powers!” Folly shouted.

“I know that, I’m just saying that I’m not sure how I’ll catch him if I’m not fast enough while using my powers.” Draco replied.

“Find a way!” Folly shouted.

“You don’t have to shout I’m right next to you. But okay let’s see how I do.” Draco said, as he got ready to run at Broshi.

He tried to catch Broshi, but he moved out of the way quickly, and he kicked Draco in the butt, causing him to fall.

“*SIGH* Okay let’s try that again.” Draco said before getting up and facing towards Broshi.

Broshi then kicked him in the butt again.

“Folly why can’t you help by the way?!” Draco asked as he got up again.

Folly didn’t reply.

“Oh. Right. Well then I guess I’ll have to try a technique I’ve been practicing for a while. I just hope it works.” Draco said.

He charged a ball of plasma in his hands.

“Gotta put all my energy into this…” Draco whispered to himself.

Then the ball glowed brightly and Draco looked as if he was about to collapse.

“Okay now it’s time!” Draco said as he shot the ball upwards, when it came back down on him, he absorbed it and started to brightly glow cyan and turquoise.

“Did you just double the amount of power you had?” Broshi asked.

“Well by like two and a half times but whatever.” Draco said as he had a bright cyan aura around him and his eyes were glowing brightly.

“So you doubled your energy two and a half times?” Broshi asked.

“Why should I tell you anyway?” Draco asked.

“What exactly did you do?” Broshi asked back.

“All I did was use a trick I learned when I was training with plasma one day.”

“Whatever you can do, I can do.” Broshi said.

“Okay then go ahead. Try that technique.” Draco challenged.

“Except I need to know what it is to do it.” Broshi replied.

“Okay then, I’ll tell you. All you have to do is charge all of your energy into a ball of plasma then shoot it into the air and then let it fall back down to you and absorb it.” Draco said, sounding very confident for some unknown reason.

“And what happens when you absorb it?” Broshi asked.

“Your power gets multiplied depending on how strong you are.” Draco answered.

“Ah, so it does multiply your power, so now you are two and a half times as strong.” Broshi said.

“Yep now how about you try it? We’ll see if you're good enough to use it.” Draco said, still seeming very confident.

“I’m already ten times as strong as before.” Broshi said, “I don’t need to be twenty times as strong as my normal power.”

“Heh. Very well then. Enjoy your decision.” Draco said before he then did the technique again and absorbed the ball of plasma. “Now I’m 6.25 times as strong as I was before!”

“Cool.” Broshi said.

“And now…” Draco said doing the technique once more, “I’m 15.625 times as strong!”

Draco then seemed to vanish from sight for a moment before Broshi was punched straight into the side of one of the mountains on either side of where they were fighting.

“Of course my speed has been multiplied as well, in fact it’s been multiplied about 9 times!” Draco said.

Broshi then appeared behind Draco.

“Well, I’m still 10 times as fast as I was normally.” Broshi said.

“But. You've forgotten one important thing.” Draco said, a smirk on his face. “I'm not the only one fighting you.”

Suddenly, before Broshi could reply, Folly appeared in front of him and was choking him.

“You’ve forgotten that I had just taken it away.” Folly said, smirking. “Now prepare to die.”



-----| Chapter 9 |-----



Elec taught me some more new things. He taught me a strategy of fighting, how to attack when your opponent is off guard and all that stuff. I kind of already knew all of that…

But anyway, after that it was time to sleep. Right now I’m in my bed. And I’m trying to sleep, but I couldn’t for some reason.

I got up and looked out the window, and I was surprised with what I saw… It was a man, a familiar man, with a familiar gem… Wait…

This was the guy who we fought before. Who was after all the shards… Why is he here?

After seeing this, I couldn’t sleep for real. I exited my room, walked over to Elec’s room, and knocked the door.

Shortly after, Elec opened the door.

“Someone is sneaking around the mansion.” I said.

“It’s fine, I have lots of people doing that. I allow them as long as they don’t cross the gate.”

“The person did cross the gate. He went through a secret place.”

Elec looked at me in question.

“Fine I’ll send some guards to check it out, since this is the reason you are awake. But now, go back to sleep.”

I walked back into my room and got in bed. But I still couldn’t help thinking about the guy…


“Alright, he’s on his way. For now we’ll just sit here until he makes his way to the cell.” Galaxy said. “But in the meantime, I’d like to know more about you all. Where you come from.”

“I’m just an adventurer.” Vulgon said, “along with Vivofit. We get bored at home so we go out and explore.”

“Neat.” Galaxy replied, looking at me, “and you?”

“I’m just a normal kid but I like to adventure. I’m not allowed to though, my parents don’t let me, because of the war. They said I could after the war ends.” I said.

“If it ever does end.” Galaxy added, before looking at Tango. “You?”

“I’m just a normal kid. I was living my life, until these guys came along,” he paused and glared at Mehrunes and I. “And now I’m in a cell. Which I am not happy about.”

Galaxy nodded, before looking at Mehrunes. “Okay, well, now it’s your turn.”

“I came from a distant planet to find someone.” Mehrunes replied. “And something…”

“Hmm? Find who? And what?” Galaxy asked.

“An old friend, and an interesting place… among other things.” Mehrunes replied.

“And what is that place?” Galaxy asked.

“It was nowhere in particular, just a new place.” Mehrunes replied.

“A new place… Hmm…” Galaxy said, looking into Mehrunes’s eyes. “Interesting, but not detailed.”

“I was simply answering your questions…” Mehrunes replied. “Sorry for the lack of details.”

“Mysterious.” Galaxy simply said. “But it did not answer my question specifically. Where are you aiming to go? A new place? If that is so, then you have already achieved this.”

“Yes.” Mehrunes replied.

“It’s really simple.” Galaxy said, “what is your goal? What are you trying to achieve?”

“At the moment, not being in this prison.” Mehrunes replied. “Overall… not a whole lot. I am trying to track down a friend, like I said, who went crazy, and I’m trying to help him cure it. But he’s crazy! So he’s fighting me for whatever reason.”

“I see…” Galaxy replied, “very well then. That’s how you explain things, without the lack of detail.”

“Umm… yes…?” Mehrunes replied.

“Now, stand back a bit.” Galaxy said.

“Okay…” Mehrunes replied taking a step back.

Suddenly, Galaxy’s cell broke, and Galaxy stepped outside. He was free, that easily. If he could have done that the whole time, why didn’t he free himself before?

Galaxy then broke our cell, letting us free.

“Now follow me, and STAY stealthy.” Galaxy ordered.

We followed silently. We walked straight out of the prison, and right away there were guards. But the moment they spotted us, they fell to the floor, and were unable to get up.

“Come on.” Galaxy said.

We continued following him, we walked through more hallways, with a lot more guards, and the same exact thing happened to them… They fell to the floor and couldn’t get up.

We continued walking, and soon we had made it into the large area where the spaceships were.

I then spotted… The General from before. We were also behind some boxes, staying hidden.

“Alright, now… Stay on guard.” Galaxy said. “And don’t do anything stupid. Especially you, Mehrunes.”

“Okay…” Mehrunes replied. “Could you not insult me?”

“It’s not insulting. I’m just pointing you out, and letting you know to not do anything stupid.” Galaxy said, “consider this your test.”

“Okay…” Mehrunes replied.

“Now we will escape. First, let me handle the General.” Galaxy said, “when you see a green spaceship and a guy wearing green clothes, go towards him and enter the spaceship, got it?”

“Yes.” Mehrunes replied.

“And also, Mehrunes, watch the others and make sure they don’t do anything stupid either.” Galaxy said, glaring at the rest of us.

“I can do that.” Mehrunes replied. “Mostly anyway.”

“Alright, then…” Galaxy said, before walking over to the General.

We watched, and all they did was talk, but I couldn’t hear what he was saying.

“So, what do we do?” I then asked.

“Uhh… Wait.” Mehrunes replied. “And not do anything stupid.”

“Isn’t waiting considered stupid?” Vivofit asked.

“Only in certain conditions and/or situations.” Mehrunes replied. “Of which we are not in.”

“To me, this is considered stupid. I should go and start a fight.” Vivofit said.

“No.” Mehrunes replied.

“Why not?” Vivofit asked.

“Because that is stupider than waiting.” Mehrunes replied. “And because you will most likely get killed.”

“But if we just sit here and wait, we might be caught too.” Vivofit said.

“We were told to wait.” Mehrunes replied. “Trust in your superiors.”

“And he’s the Master of Space, so we should listen to him.” I added.

“But I’m bored!” Vivofit shouted.

“Sucks for you! WE’RE WAITING.” Mehrunes replied. “Learn to live with it.”

“But I can’t! I will have to do something, my body just is like that!” Vivofit said.

“Ich could you help here?” Mehrunes said to me, before turning back to Vivofit.

“I don’t know. Maybe tie him up with a rope.” I suggested.

I then looked over at Galaxy, and he was still talking with the General. What are they even talking about?

“Okay I tied him up with a rope, and I put duct tape over his mouth.” Mehrunes said.

I turned and saw Vivofit on the ground, tied up and had duct tape over his mouth.

“Mmmh! MMMHH!” Vivofit tried to talk through the duct tape.

“Sorry Vivo, but we can’t let you go and risk you going off and doing something stupid that will get us killed or caught.” Mehrunes said.

Vivo tried to say something, but it wasn’t heard because of the duct tape.

“Well…” Vulgon said, “I think we should hide closer to Galaxy and the General. Because I’m curious to know what they are talking about that is keeping them from fighting.”

“*SIGH* No Vulgon, we can’t risk doing that.” Mehrunes said. “While being better than randomly starting a fight… it’s still stupid.”

But Vulgon had already vanished, ignoring Mehrunes.

“Great. No one is listening to you at all.” I told Mehrunes.

“Except you, apparently.” Mehrunes replied.

“Hey! Me too!” Tango said.

“Yes, you too.” Mehrunes replied. “So basically Vulgon and Vivo are attracted to stupid ideas.”

Vivofit tried to say something again, but he wasn’t heard, because of the duct tape.

“Hey guys, guess what they are talking about?” Vulgon then asked, appearing back in the spot he had vanished from.

“Okay, they're in cahoots and are planning against us.” Mehrunes guessed.

“No, they are actually talking about their favorite ice cream flavour. And they are arguing about which is the best.” Vulgon said.

“Are you sure?” Mehrunes questioned.

“Well, Galaxy said, ‘cookies and cream is the best’ but the General said, ‘obviously you are mistaken sir, chocolate chip cookie dough is clearly the best’.” Vulgon said.

“I call nonsense, that sounds like the beginning of an argument and they’ve been talking for longer than that.” Mehrunes replied.

“Yeah. I’m just kidding. The General was actually threatening to do some bad stuff to Galaxy’s family if he didn’t go back to his cell.” Vulgon said.

“Uhh… Okay.” Mehrunes replied. “Now let’s just wait.”

“Sure.” Vulgon said, before sitting down and leaning onto the boxes.

But suddenly, the boxes fell back, and a loud ‘clash’ sound was heard. In one of the boxes there was something metal…

Every face looked over at us… We were caught.

“Good job.” Mehrunes whispered. “You failed us.”

“Well. We’ve got to do something and worry about getting failed later.” I said, while we were getting stares by EVERYONE, including Galaxy.

“Well then do something.” Mehrunes replied. “We’ll follow suit, I’ll unbind Vivo…”

Suddenly, right after Mehrunes had said that, a green spaceship, the one that we were waiting for, entered the place by passing the pink barrier. It landed and opened, and we spotted a woman, with green plant-like clothing on.

“What are you dolts waiting for?” The General yelled, “get her!”

Then, the army men all ran towards the woman, but vines appeared and took them out. I just knew what to do, and began to run towards the spaceship.

“Come on, don’t make me drag you two as well!” I heard Mehrunes say from next to me.

I then spotted Tango running, and Mehrunes was… Dragging Vivofit while Vulgon ran from behind.

“Hurry up, we don’t need to drag race.” Mehrunes said.

We then all entered the spaceship, and the woman smiled at us, and after that the doors of the spaceship closed and it suddenly took off, causing us to fall back.

“Ow.” Mehrunes said. “Unexpected.”

“But you’re safe now.” The woman said, in the pilot seat of the spaceship, “and don’t worry about Galaxy, he’ll get out himself. Take a seat and wear the seatbelt so you don’t get hurt again.”

“Okay…” Mehrunes said getting up. “Didn’t catch your name…”

“Yep, cause I didn’t mention my name.” The woman said, while we all took a seat behind her and wore the seat belt.

“Well could you mention that?” Mehrunes questioned.

“When the time is right, I will.” The woman replied.

“Okay…” Mehrunes replied. “Oh, I should probably untie Vivo…”

“Vulgon already did.” Vivofit said.

“Oh okay.” Mehrunes said. “Hey, at least we’re not dead, like we would've been if you had started a random fight.”

Vivofit didn’t reply. The spaceship drifted off in space, and I wondered where we were going.


-----| Chapter 10 |-----



I didn't want to sleep, not with a strange man roaming the outsides of Elec’s mansion.

I got out of bed. I decided what has to be done… I will sneak outside, and go speak with the person myself… I just feel that's the right thing to do, I feel he's planning to do something evil.

Based on what he’s done before, going after what we were after before, the shards and all, I have a feeling he is up to something… It’s kind of obvious, he told us himself that he wants to get revenge… On the person who cursed him apparently and made him invisible and powerless, leaving him only able to do things when he is controlling someone with his abilities.

But who did that to him? There’s quite a lot of people in Elec’s mansion actually, I haven’t met them all because I’m not supposed to. But I don’t really care about that…

But I do care about this.

I opened the door, and it creaked as I opened it slowly. I peeked left, right, and into the forward hallway, all which were empty.


I looked over at Elec’s room. The door was closed, and probably locked.


I exit my room, and I walk through the hallway carefully, trying to make the least amount of sound as possible.

I then made it to the stairs, and I continued to proceed. I went down the stairs, and down more stairs to get to the front door.

It all went according to plan, that is the plan to get to the front door without getting caught.

I smiled as I walked to the front door, and just as I was about to open it…

It opened. And in stepped the guy, with the gem clenched in his hands. And he saw me.

“Heh.” he said, “looks like you’re following me. Are you alone or are your friends here too to try and figure me out?”

“No. I am here alone, besides, I kind of live here now.” I said, “Elec has taken me as his student you see.”

The guy looked me in the eye.

“I’m not following you. You are the one who came here, where I am.” I said, “last time, you said you were out for revenge. And you came here. Who are you trying to get revenge on?”

Before I could get a response, lightning bolts were heard from behind. I turned around, and spotted Elec… Busted. I was found.

“Saturo, what are you doing out of bed?” Elec asked, looking at me and the guy.

“He’s out of bed because of me.” the guy said smirking.

“Whoever you are, can you leave? It’s the middle of the night and we are all trying to sleep.” Elec said.

The guy laughed.

“You don’t recognize me?” The guy asked. “Maybe this’ll help.”

Then, all of a sudden, lightning sparks surrounded the guy, and soon, I spotted someone completely different. He now was wearing the same clothes as Elec, and was no longer old-looking. He was now a teenager.

I recognized who it was… The guy from the painting, Elec’s past student…

“S-shock?” Elec asked.

“Yep. Now you recognize me?” The guy (Shock) replied.

“But I-I… How did you come back?” Elec asked, “and what do you plan to do?”

“Heh heh heh…” Shock replied, smirking, “you see Master, after you cursed me I went after these shards that make a gem that will remove the curse. And that’s exactly what I did to return to my normal form… My powerful form…”

“You keep getting too cocky about your power. And whenever you get your hands on powerful objects, you don’t do the right thing with them.” Elec said, “you haven’t changed. What have you been doing when you were gone?”

“I only planned to get my revenge on you… Ever since that day…”


“Get it, Shock!” Elec shouted.

Shock stood there, in his spot. The orb was right there, in the air, which has just been thrown by the opponent. Everything now depends on Shock…

“I got it!” Shock yelled, jumping for the orb.

While aiming to catch the orb, everything seemed to be in slow motion for Shock. His opponent was trying to catch the orb too.

Shock then grabs it. He did it. He caught the orb.

Suddenly, the orbs power and energy filled within Shock, making him feel very powerful. The opponent punched Shock, but he blocked it and punched the opponent, knocking him miles away.

Shock was surprised by this power.

“Nice job Shock!” Elec said.

Shock looked at the orb in his hand.

“Now c’mon. Give the orb to me, it needs to be taken to the Ultimate Council to be protected.” Elec said, putting his hand out and waiting for Shock to hand him the orb.

Shock looks at the orb, then at Elec’s hand.

“No!” he then said, backing away, “the orb’s mine!”

A look of despair appeared on Elec’s face.

“Shock, no, it’s not something a intermediate rank like you should handle. This is for the Ultimate Council to keep guard of.” Elec said.

“No it’s mine! The power is mine!” Shock yelled.

“I was afraid this would happen…” Elec muttered.

“With the orb’s power, I’m more powerful than you, Master!” Shock yelled, “I don’t need you as my master when I’m more powerful!”

“Shock, the orb's power is consuming you. Don’t let that happen.” Elec said.

“‘Consuming me?’” Shock replied, “give me a break, it’s not consuming me. I’m just using it…”

“You aren’t using it. It’s using you.” Elec replied, “such power the orb has, and it’s fallen into the wrong hands.”

“Hahaha!” Shock laughed, “you make me laugh, Master. Or should I just call you, Elec.”

“I’m afraid you leave me no choice…” Elec said, “I’ll give you one last chance. Give. Me. The. Orb.”

Shock looked into Elecs eyes, and smiled an evil smile.

“Fine.” he then said.

He then punched Elec right in the face with the orb, knocking him backward. Elec zapped Shock with electricity multiple times, but it had no effect.

“What’s wrong, Elec?” Shock asked. “Feeling a little… weak?”

Elec continued to attack with electricity, and it still had no effect.

“Hehehehehehe…” Shock laughed, “you are now the weak one, Elec. I have some things to do now, with this new power. Get out of my way, weakling.”

Elec sighs.

“You leave me no choice.” Ele said, before he took out his staff.

Shock watched what he was doing, too confident with his power.

Elec then pointed the staff into the air, and thunder was heard. Lightning struck the staff, and Elec then shot the lighting at Shock.

Shock was affected this time. He fell back, the orb falling out of his hands.

“No!” Shock yelled, furious, “this can’t be happening!”

Elec walked over to Shock, and picked up the orb next to him.

“What did you do to me?!” Shock yelled.

“I cursed you, for the greater good. You would’ve done horrible things with the orb’s power. You weren’t supposed to even feel the power in the first place.” Elec explained, “the curse has taken all of your power. You are now powerless, and invisible. You are unable to pick anything up. Or do anything at all.”

Shock looked at himself, as he began to disappear.

“Farewell.” Elec then said, before walking away.


“Now, the way I returned was using this gem. It allowed me to become myself again…” Shock said.

“How do you expect to defeat me without the orb? And you were powerless for more than a year. You don’t remember how to use any powers.” Elec said.

“Heh heh heh…” Shock said, “you see, Elec, I wasn’t fully powerless… I learned a new ability that works with my curse… Allow me to demonstrate on you…”

Oh no. I think I know exactly what he’s going to do on Elec.


“So…” I said, “where exactly are we going?”

“Somewhere dangerous.” the woman driving the spaceship replied.

“Greeeat.” Mehrunes said sarcastically.

“You see, I was fighting in a battle before Galaxy activated the Elemental Flare. So I came quickly, leaving my barracks behind, fighting on their own.” The woman explained. “But now I must return to the battle.”

“Okay…” Mehrunes replied. “I mean, not okay… but sure.”

Who exactly are you fighting?” Vulgon asked.

“Isn’t it obvious? Who is this war against?” The woman asked back.

“Oh right.”

“Ultimate Darth began this war, and he dislikes the Ultimate Council. He has a history with them, when he used to be part of them. He left though, after the Council’s… Well it’s rather mysterious why he started this war and why he left the Council. No one really knows.” The woman replied.

“Probably except Darth himself.” Mehrunes replied.


“So… who are you?” Mehrunes asked.

“I’m a Elemental Master. The Master of Flora.” The woman replied.

“Okay… what’s your name?” Mehrunes asked.

“Flora.” The woman replied, “I am named after my powers.”

“Well it’s nice to meet you Flora.” Mehrunes replied.

“Meeting you all was nice too. Let’s hope you are fighters.” Flora replied.

“Let’s go with sure.” Mehrunes replied.

“Do you know what rank you are in?” Flora asked.

“Ima go with no.” Mehrunes replied.

“Well what can you do?” Flora asked.

“That seems like a question that the lot of us should answer individually.” Mehrunes replied. “But I have space powers, if that was your question.”

“What kind?” Flora asked.

“At the moment I’m gonna question what that means.” Mehrunes replied.

“To sum it up, explain your abilities.” Flora said.

“Oh that, I can safely say that I am not good at that… but I can also say I currently use four groups in the space area, and those are Solar, Vortex, Stardust and Nebula.” Mehrunes replied.

“Well, you’ll have to explain exactly what you can do so that you are useful.” Flora said, “if you can’t then I can skip you and move on to someone else.”

“Fine, then skip me.” Mehrunes replied.

“Alright then…” Flora said, “one of you explain your abilities.”

I decided to speak up.

“I have wind powers. I can summon tornados, and use wind for anything.” I explained, “I can shoot wind beams, I can fly using the wind, basically everything with wind.”

“Okay, pretty useful.” Flora replied, “next?”

“Umm. I use technology.” Vivofit said. “I just have lots of devices in my backpack…”

“Okay, next.”

“I use all kinds of stuff.” Vulgon said.

“Not gonna question, next.”

“I have no powers.” Tango said.

“Okay, now back at you, Mehrunes.” Flora said.

“*SIGH*,” Mehrunes sighed.

“You seem to be holding back. You don’t want to have to explain?” Flora asked, “you don’t have to if you don’t want to.”

“That’s only true if you can read minds.” Mehrunes replied.

“Well I cannot.” Flora said, “and we are almost there, we just got out of light speed.”

“Then I’d better tell you my powers quickly.” Mehrunes said before taking a deep breath. “So I can summon minions and other stuff I can teleport and go invisible, create a massive explosion, and phase though material, and use magic I can throw a type of bomb, create a shockwave through the ground place what are basically force fields and I can summon stars that attack my enemies.”

“Very good. I’ll have General Cellar enhance all of your abilities so that you all will be able to fight.” Flora said. “Now hold on, we’re about to land.”



-----| Chapter 11 |-----



Flora’s spaceship doors open, and she steps out, while the rest of us walk out behind her. I look around and see we are on a field of grass, and see a lot of army men, that probably belonged to Flora.

We were then greeted by a man wearing similar clothes to Flora.

“Hello there Commander.” The man said.

“Hello General Cellar.” Flora replied, “sorry I took so long to come. I got weapons and supplies in the bunk of the ship.”

The man (General Cellar) looked over from Flora to us.

“And who are these young gentlemen?” General Cellar asked.

“On the way here, Galaxy flashed the Elemental Flare, and I was the closest one there. I came and picked these kids off of the warship and brought them with me.” Flora explained.

“Well they sure are safer here than there.” General Cellar said, looking at us, “I can sense they are Ultimates. Perfect. They will be useful, probably even lead us to victory in this attack.”

“Right.” Flora replied, “we must take back our base.”

General Cellar looked at each one of us. Like he was scanning us.

“You are all quite weak.” General Cellar then said, before looking at Tango, “and he is the weakest out of you.”

“Hey!” Tango shouted.

“The truth is the truth. No worries young man, soon your power will expand.” General Cellar said, and just as he did I realized Flora has gone away to do something else.

“Wait…” Vulgon then said, “who is the strongest out of us?”

“That young man.” General Cellar said, pointing at Mehrunes.

Mehrunes stayed silent.

“But.” General Cellar then said, “he’s tied with that young man.”

I realized that he was pointing at me. I felt sort of happy because of that, but in reality I didn’t care.

“Now, you guys are all the way at the bottom in terms of power. What I’m about to do will bring you higher. You’ll be in between the bottom and the middle.” General Cellar said, “this’ll take five seconds. Stay in your spots.”

I stood still in my spot, and General Cellar moved his hands which were glowing green. Green light emerged from his hands, and then entered each of our bodies. Suddenly I felt more powerful. Much much more powerful.

I felt as if I was able to destroy a whole mountain with one wind beam.

“Sick.” Vulgon said, “I feel powerful.”

“You don’t say?” Vivofit replied.

“But what about me…?” Tango asked, “I have no abilities…”

“You do now.” General Cellar replied, “I gave you the abilities of Flora. You can participate in this attack now.”

“We’ve grown in Power, Ich.” Gemil said in my mind, “but you aren’t exactly yet ready for this power. You don’t know how to control what you have just gained. It’s like skipping levels in a videogame that are too hard for you.”

“So then what do I do?” I asked.

“I don’t know. Just be careful with your power. Don’t overreact or get overconfident after seeing what you are able to do.” Gemil replied.

Then Flora returned.

“Alright, now follow me. I’ll tell you what you have to do.” Flora said.

We then followed her past General Cellar. We entered a small building where there was a board which written on it was a lot of information.

“Take a seat on the floor.” Flora commanded, “we don’t have a lot of time to do this.”

We all obeyed.

“Now lets begin. So. I saved you guys, and you guys are going to repay me. Am I correct?”

“Yes.” Vulgon said, “I’m willing to help.”

“Does everyone want to help?” Flora asked.

We all nodded. Including Tango.

“Alright. Good.” Flora said, “now, I’ll have to explain the mission. We are going to take over a base. The strategy we are using is to attack the main entrance and sneak in from behind. Since you guys look nothing like my army men, and aren’t dressed the same, I want you to sneak in from the back of the building with General Cellar.”

Flora paused for questions, but we all stayed silent.

“Then…” she said, looking over at Vivofit, “with your tech mind, you will go to the main power system and turn off the power, that will turn off their security system and we can then enter the building.”

“Okay. I can do that.” Vivofit replied.

“Right. Times running out. Do any of you have any questions?” Flora asked.

“I have one.” Vulgon said, “how do we know what to do?”

“General Cellar will tell you all individually what to do before the attack begins.” Flora answered, “any more questions?”

“Yes.” Mehrunes said. “What do we do if we come across an enemy?”

“We have chosen this exact time, because all the enemies except one are not Ultimates. You can beat them easily, especially with your power enhancement.” Flora answered, “and you won’t run into the Ultimate, General Cellar will take care of him. Any more questions?”

“I have one.” Tango said, “I… I never have done anything like this before. I don’t know what to do.”

“Hey, I haven’t done anything like this before either.” I said, “but I’m pretty sure I can handle this.” I turn to Flora, “how important is this mission?”

“Very important to be exact. It determines the fate of our planet.” Flora answered.

“Then why are you trusting us kids with this challenging task?” Vulgon asked.

“There are reinforcements if anything goes wrong. What you are doing is Plan A. There is a Plan B, a Plan C, and a Plan D if anything goes wrong.” Flora answered. “Now we’ve run out of time. The mission will begin shortly, meet General Cellar at the speeder.”



Folly had done it. His spike went right through Broshi’s torso, causing him to bleed.

“Think we finally got him?” Draco asked.

“Indeed. This spike has drained his powers.” Folly said back, “he is powerless now…”

“But he doesn't seem to be dead. Just very weakened…” Draco commented.

Folly then stabbed Broshi dozens of times, and Broshi fell lifeless onto the ground.

“…Nevermind…” Draco said, sounding a tad disturbed by what he saw.

“Finally… After all these years, I finally got what I wanted…” Folly said.

“Okay good for you but… didn't you say something about my friends being taken somewhere earlier?” Draco asked.

“Yes…” Folly said, “and I wasn’t the one who took them…”

“Yeah but you said you told whoever did it was okay to do so.” Draco replied.

“I beg your pardon?” Folly asked, kicking Broshi’s lifeless body away.

“Regardless they were taken to some place and I have a feeling it's not a good place to be!” Draco said.

“Indeed it is not good!” said a voice.

The two of them turned and saw a man, Broshi’s master. In front of him, in chains, were Listy, Uchiho, Draelin, and Kehori.

“What the-?!” Draco exclaimed.

“Muahahhaa…” Broshi’s master laughed, “I had them all along. I took them, so then Broshi could take care of you two!” He looks at the dead Broshi. “But I see he has failed me… Which one of you would like to take his place?”

“And why the heck would we want to do that?!” Draco asked.

Broshi’s master took out a sword, and brought it near Draelin’s throat.

“If you want these girls to live.” he said. “You would do my bidding.”

“...” Draco just glared at him. Draelin looked at Draco in horror of what this man was doing.

“Time is running out.” Broshi’s master said. “What is your decision?”

“...” Draco was still quiet.

“I would rather have those girls die than to serve you.” Folly said.

“What the heck, Folly?!” Draco yelled at him.

“But…” Folly said, “if Draco would like them alive, then I would like them alive. I do, owe him one.”

“Okay good.” Draco said.

“So what is your plan, Draco?” Folly asked.

“… Lets try to destroy the chains first.” Draco replied quietly.

“You do that. I want revenge on the master as well.” Folly said, glaring at Broshi’s master.

“Got it. Leave it to me!” Draco said with a nod before they faced towards Broshi’s master.

“Well?” Broshi’s master asked, “have you decided which one of you will be my new servant?”

“Yes.” Folly said, “I will.”

He then elbowed Draco softly, telling him it was time for the plan to take action.

“Yup but first of all…” Draco said before he suddenly used his gauntlets to destroy the chains one by one.

“I won’t allow you to break the deal. You will leave them alone. And I will be your servant.” Folly said, as he walked to Broshi’s master.

“Yes… Yes… Good…” Broshi’s master said.

But before he could say anything more, Folly stabbed him with a big spike, killing him.

“Huh. That was easier then I thought.” Draco said.

“You’re nothing but filth.” Folly said, kicking the dead guy away. “You heard him? That was easier than he thought!”

But the dead man didn’t reply. He was dead. Folly turns to Draco and the girls.

“We should go. Let’s catch up with Ichoo and Mehrunes.” Folly said, “and Saturo as well.”

“Right.” Draco replied with a nod.

“I have a spaceship nearby. Follow me.” Folly said.

They then all followed Folly to his spaceship.


-----| Chapter 12 |-----



Not good.

Shock was going to possess Elec… He would be able to do many terrible things with the power that Elec possesses. Maybe I could contact the rest of the Elemental Masters somehow, but that is not going to be easy, especially since I have no idea how to do it.

Shock was now laughing, an evil laugh, as he looked deeply into the eyes of Elec. Elec didn’t know what was coming, but I did.

And I had to warn him somehow.

“Too late for that, bro.” Krydret said.

And he was right.

Shock had already disappeared, while laughing, and had already took Elec’s body… I should have said something, but I didn’t…

“Ha ha ha…” Shock said, now as Elec. He then looked over at me. “Farewell. My revenge has not been finished.”

He then flew out of the window.

This is not good.

I had to follow him.

And I have to tell Lagi and Ivory.

After he left, I didn’t wait. Immediately I took off upstairs, and I realized I had just become the ‘source’. So I arrived at their door in seconds.

I knocked on the door.

“Come on in.” Lagi said from inside.

I opened the door and walked inside. Ivory was sleeping, but Lagi was sitting on the floor, doing something.

“Guys we gotta go.” I said.

“What’s the matter?” Lagi asked.

I explained the whole thing. About Shock’s return and his past. “We have to follow him before he hurts Elec.”

“Alright, I’ll wake up Ivory. You figure out where we’ll go.” Lagi said as he walked over to Ivory and shook her.

“Alright meet me at the front door then.” I said, before I left.

I walked, no wait, ran all the way back downstairs. I realized I was very fast, because Shock was still flying away.

“How do I track him down when he is far away, Krydret?” I asked in my mind.

“You gotta just do it!” Krydret replied.

“Can’t you see what is happening? This isn’t a time for jokes!” I said, as Shock was getting out of sight quickly.

“Well, you don’t know how ta do it. You’ll have to be able to sense his power and presence.” Krydret said, “which is going to be hard for you since Elec’s really good at hiding his power and presence.”

“Yeah, but is Shock?” I asked.

“Oh yeah… Nevermind, just focus and you can trace Shock’s energy… He has his energy and Elec’s… And he isn’t hiding it.” Krydret said.

I focused for a bit, and it worked. I somehow knew exactly where to go, as if I were a GPS.

I turned around and saw Lagi and Ivory behind me. “So, where is this Shock guy?” Ivory asked.

“His energy is getting harder to sense by the second. We have to move now.” I said, opening the front door, “you remember how to become the ‘source’ right?”

“I remember the first time it was painful, but yes. It should be easier now.” Lagi said.

“Good, because when we are the source we move much faster. Shock isn’t the ‘source’, probably because he forgot how to become it.” I replied, “so we’ll catch up with him quite easily.”

“Lead the way.” Lagi said.

I then became the source again, since I realized I was no longer for a while.

“You do know how to become the ‘source’ in your human form, right?” I asked.

“Why wouldn’t we?” Ivory asked.

“When you did it for the first time, you were Lagiacrus’s.” I answered. “So I thought you… You get what I’m saying?”

“Yes. I understand,” Lagi said, “we just get a lot stronger as a Lagiacrus than a human. But we can still do it.”

“Okay, do it now! He’s getting far, and harder to sense.” I said.

“Done.” Ivory said.

“Also done.” Lagi said.

“Okay let’s go!” I shouted before the three of us ran out the door.

We were going very fast. The electric mountains were passing by us like trees passed by us while we were in a car. I loved it… Having this speed.

“Go go power rangers!” Krydret started singing.

“Quiet, Krydret.” I said.

I then sensed Shock… And I saw him. He was floating in the sky, looking around for something in the mountains.

“There he is.” I said.

“So, what do we do to make him give Elec back?” Lagi asked.

“I think we’ll have to… *COUGH* Defeat him.” I said.

“Okay then.” Ivory said.

“It sounds crazy though. Because he got the abilities of Elec, and Elec is the strongest man with electric powers… We basically have no chance of winning…” I said.

“Don’t worry, he may be the strongest man, but we have two people who don’t apply to the word man!” Lagi said.

“That’s not gonna help,” I said back.

“Oh.” Ivory said.

“So… let’s do it?” Lagi asked.

“No, we can’t do it… Not easily at least. We need some more help.” I said, and then I realized, “he hasn’t seen us yet. He thinks he’s alone.”

“So why don’t we just call some of our friends?” Lagi suggested.

“Speaking of which…” I said, “dang it. I forgot to bring Lavender along.”

“Well then, why don’t we call someone else?” Ivory asked.

“We can still go back for her.” I said.

“Okay then, I’ll get her.” Ivory said. She turned around and took off the way we came.

I turned to Lagi. “We have to make sure that Shock doesn’t get away.”

“Got it.” Lagi said.

But then, suddenly, we heard a loud sound.

“What in the world was that?” Lagi asked.

Then, the sound repeated itself, this time louder.


“Is that Glitter?” Lagi asked.

I looked closely into the sky, but I didn’t see Glitter. I saw… A lion bird thing, aka called a griffin. And it was an electric griffin.

“It doesn’t look like Glitter.” I said, “but… It feels like him. Elec mentioned once that he could change form.”

“Then you should call for him. Not using voice, so Shock doesn’t know we’re here.” Lagi suggested.

“He seems to have already found us.” I said, as the griffin was flying toward us.

When it got closer, I realized that someone was riding it… Lavender and Ivory. This was Glitter.

“Hey Saturo!” Lavender said, as Glitter landed onto the ground, “did you know that Glitter was a Chimæra?”

“A what?” I asked, as both girls got off of Glitter’s back.

“A Chimæra. It’s a creature that can shapeshift into any animal. It can also, kind of, crossbreed and take a lot of shapes at the same time.” Lavender said.

“Lots of shapes at the same time… that could get weird at some point…” Lagi muttered.

“Yep.” Ivory said.

“So. Ivory told me about what happened.” Lavender said. “Any luck?”

“No.” I said, looking back at where Shock was.

I didn’t see Shock… He was gone…

“Where did he go?!” I asked in ‘shock’ (I made a pun without realizing it.

“There he is!” Lagi shouted.

I looked and saw that he was in a spaceship. And he was about to leave the planet!

“Somebody throw a tracker or something!” Ivory yelled.

“Does it look like any of us have trackers?” I asked.

“Just get on Glitter!” Lavender yelled, “he is the fastest out of us!”

We all got on Glitter, and within a second we were right behind the spaceship.

“How are we gonna get inside?” Lagi asked.

Right after he said that, we suddenly appeared inside the spaceship. And Glitter was smaller.

“Woah how did we-” Lagi said, but was interrupted when the spaceship suddenly took off in an extremely fast speed, which caused us to fall back and hit the fall (It’s called Physics for those who don’t know).

Then we were in space.

We were also in, what seemed like, a storage room. Boxes surrounded us. At least we were hidden from Shock.

“I just want to know HOW Glitter did that.” Lagi said.

“Glitter has the ability to change in size, and he can change those on him’s size.” Lavender said.

“So you’re telling me… That we just became the size of atoms and went right through the walls of this spaceship?” Lagi asked.

“Basically.” Lavender replied with a smile, before looking at me, “what’s the next part of the plan?”

I thought for awhile.

“We go shopping for spicy chips!” Krydret commented.

“No, Krydret.” I said.

“Go to a theme park?”


“We’ll stay on this spaceship and when Shock lands, we’ll follow him again. Until then, we’ll have to stay quiet so he doesn’t hear us.” I said.


“Why are we doing this?” Tango asked, as we all walked to the speeder (which was quite far away), where we would meet General Cellar. “Why are we doing this mission?”

“Take a guess.” Mehrunes replied.

“It’s obvious.” Vulgon said, “Flora saved our lives, and in return she wants our help. Besides, General Cellar gave us power, and in return we need to help him using our power.” He looks at Tango. “What? You too scared?”

“No!” Tango argued, “I’m just… I wasn’t supposed to get into all of this. I was supposed t-”

“That’s a terrible excuse!” Mehrunes exclaimed. “I don’t even need to hear anymore, it’s already terrible you’ve used that same excuse for everything!”

“...” Tango was silent, not knowing what to say in return.

“You’ll just need to deal with it, bro.” Vulgon said, “what could possibly go wrong? We have powers, stronger powers now. And there aren’t any Ultimates in that building except for one! Only a fool would be scared of that.”

“Are you calling me a fool?” Tango asked.

“No, I said ‘only a fool would be scared of that’.” Vulgon said before realizing, “wait… You are scared! You just admitted it!”

“No!” Tango yelled.

“Yes, you admitted it. By asking that question, you just revealed that you are scared.” Vulgon said, before looking at the rest of us. “Who agrees?”

“Yeah pretty much.” Mehrunes said. “You did ask if you were being called a fool, thus saying that you were scared.”

“They have a point, you know.” Vivofit added.

“Fine.” Tango said, “I guess I’m a little scared. I have a lot of things going on in my head right now… Everything that can go wrong…”

“Nothing is going to go wrong.” I said, finally speaking up, “be a little optimistic, will you?”

Tango didn’t reply to that.

“Also, how big is this planet? And what planet even is this?” I asked.

“My calculations, based on my device, says that we are on the… Plant Planet. I think that is what it could be called.” Vivofit said, reading something on the device in his hands, “the place where plants are EVERYWHERE. That’s why there is grass and trees and all that sort of stuff all over the place.”

“Nice.” Vulgon said. “Oh look, there’s General Cellar.”

We then reached the speeder. It was an interesting speeder, that looked like a motorcycle, that also floated above the ground like it was a hoverboard. And it was big enough for all of us to ride on.

“Greetings Soldiers.” General Cellar said once we reached him, “we have to act fast before any more Ultimates get to the base. Accurate timing is our weapon.” He got onto the speeder. “Get on. The base is far, we’ll have to go now.”

We got on behind him and immediately took off. We passed by these vines that had sharp edges, that didn’t look safe at all.

“I’ll tell you your duties now.” General Cellar said, “while I distract the Ultimate, you,” he pointed at Vivofit, “will deactivate the defence system, on the fifth floor. While you do that make sure not to mess with the Main Reactor Core.”

“Got it.” Vivofit said.

“And one of you will go with him and make sure he isn’t hurt while at it.” General Cellar said, “is anyone else here good at technology?”

I looked over at Mehrunes, knowing that he could do some interesting things with technology.

“Me.” Mehrunes said.

“You are able to hack into the system?” General Cellar asked.

“Probably.” Mehrunes replied.

“Probably is not good enough.” General Cellar said, “can you or can you not?”

“Yes, I can.” Mehrunes replied.

“Good. You will have to outsmart the non-ultimate programmers. With your Ultimate Crystal you’ll have the ability to see through their codes.” General Cellar said, “you will take a different route, and disable all types of transportation.”

“And what about the rest of us?” Vulgon asked.

“You will need to defeat the enemy soldiers inside. Make sure to not let them sound the alarm if you are seen, and don’t let them report anything to their General.” General Cellar said. “We have arrived.”

I could see the giant building made of metal in front of me. It was almost like a skyscraper, it looked like it had over twenty floors.

The speeder sped, and went toward the back of the building. We stopped in the forest. I could see two guards in black suits at the door.

“Alright. You and you.” General Cellar said, pointing at Vivofit and Tango, “will go to the fifth floor to disable the defence system. You will go through the vents to avoid being seen. After your task is finished, meet me on the tenth floor.”

“Understood.” Vivofit said.

“Someone take out the guards so they can go.” General Cellar said.

Just as General Cellar has said that, I noticed Mehrunes was gone. I turned and looked over at the guards, and saw one of them was on the ground and the other was confused, then fell over.

Then Mehrunes was there, next to them.

“Good work.” General Cellar said, before looking at Vivofit and Tango, “now go.”

Vivofit walked out of the forest with Tango behind him. There was a vent shaft right above the door.

Vivofit took out a screwdriver, opened the vent, and then went in while Tango followed.

We had gotten out of the forest now, and we're right at the door.

“Now, you.” General Cellar said, looking at Vulgon, “you will come with me to face the Ultimate.” He looked over at me and Mehrunes. “You two will enter however you like. Disabling the vehicles can be done from the Console, which is located right at the first floor. But there is also one on the roof. Disable all of those, and then you will meet me at the tenth floor. Got it?”

“Yes.” Mehrunes replied.

“You may go now.” General Cellar said, before he then opened the main door and walked in with Vulgon.

The door closed behind them afterwards.

“Okay, so…” I said, “let’s get to the Console and finish the task.”

“Indeed, which console? First floor or roof?” Mehrunes asked.

“Let’s do the first floor, since we are there.” I said.

“Okay.” Mehrunes replied, pointing at a door nearby. “Should we just go into this door?”

“Well, we need to go unseen. Otherwise we’ll have to wipe them out.” I said, “let's just follow Vivofit’s way and go through the vents.”

“Okay.” Mehrunes replied, walking to a vent. “This vent maybe?”

“How are we going to get it open? We have no screwdriver like Vivofit did.” I said.

“This one isn’t screwed in. Someone got lazy.” Mehrunes replied, pulling the cover off.

“Oh that makes things easier. Let’s go.” I said, climbing into the vent.

We then crawled through the vents, until we reached…

“Right or left?” I asked.

“Um… left.” Mehrunes replied.


We went left, and continued crawling. I stopped once I reached an exit below us.

“Go down here or continue?” I asked.

“Well look through the vent, and tell me what you see.” Mehrunes replied.

I looked through.

“I see an empty hallway.” I said.

“I don’t think we should risk going down, do you?” Mehrunes asked. “We still need to be stealthy.”

“Well I’m getting sick of this vent. It’s cramped up in here, and it… Did you fart?” I asked.

“We’re in an air vent anyone in the entire building could have farted and have it end up here.” Mehrunes replied. “Yeah we can go down. Only if you do though.”

“Well I’m going down. It’s disgusting up here.” I said, closing my nose shut with one hand while opening the vent cover with the other.

I then jumped down into the hallway. Looking all over, and seeing no one.

“All clear.” I whispered to Mehrunes.

Mehrunes drops down and whispered, “be ready to knock guards out, now let’s move.”

I nodded. We then walked through the hallway.

“Does General Cellar expect us to know where the Console is?” I asked.

“Uh. Yes.” Mehrunes replied. “We went over the entire building’s layout!”

“Oh. I wasn’t listening…” I said.

“Lucky for you I was listening too closely and made a map.” Mehrunes said, handing me a piece of paper.

“Oh good!” I said, looking at the paper, “so we go left, straight, and then left and we make it to the Console.”

“Okay.” Mehrunes said.

We then continued walking, and suddenly, out of the corner, two guards appeared, both wielding guns!

“Uh oh…” I muttered.

The guards saw us, and then shouted, “intruders! Sound th-”

Before he could finish and say ‘alarm’, Mehrunes had already punched him in the face, then kicking the other in the leg and hitting him in the head with his Katana.

“Huh. Well.” I said, looking at the two guards who were out cold, “what will we do with them? If other guards see them knocked out, they would sound the alarm.”

“True.” Mehrunes replied. “Lets just stick them in that trash can.”

“Well, they are sure unlucky.” I said, “help me lift them up and put them in there.”

“Okay.” Mehrunes replied, helping with the guard.

After we studded them into the trash can, I suddenly heard a fart, coming from inside the trash can.

“Um…” I said.

“Just keep walking.” Mehrunes replied.

I continued walking. We made it all the way to the console, it was now at our left. But inside, there were two guards.

There was also another door that lead down to the spaceships and speeders and all.

“Let’s do this fast and then go to the roof.” I said.

“Okay, you take that guard, I’ll take the other.” Mehrunes said.

Immediately, we took action.

Once we got inside, I used a gun nearby and threw it right into one of the guards skull, knocking him out.

Mehrunes had taken care of the other one as well.

“Okay now disable them.” I told Mehrunes.

Mehrunes nods and walks over to the console, apparently having had absorbed his Ultimate Crystal already.

“Shouldn’t be to hard.” he said looking at the console a bit, before typing.

A few seconds later, the hovercrafts fall to the ground and Mehrunes says “Let’s go now…”

We exited the console, and began our way to get upstairs.

“Hey!” a sudden voice said from behind.

We turned around and spotted three guards, all wielding weapons.

Mehrunes hands me something, and it appears to be a silenced gun, while he charges one of the guards into a wall.

“Someone sound the alarm!” one of the guards yelled, while the other shot at Mehrunes.

Mehrunes threw one guard into the one shooting at him, then hit the other guard on the head and threw him onto the ‘pile’, before turning to me.

“First off, we should run, second why didn't you shoot the tranquilizer?” Mehrunes asked.

“Well. Why did you hand me this in the first place?” I asked.

“Because I thought you would help.” Mehrunes replied. “Whatever, let's go and fast. We pretty much failed.”

“How exactly?” I asked, dropping the gun next to the ‘pile’, “we got rid of the escape vehicles.”

“Yeah but someone would have heard his yell.” Mehrunes replied. “Seriously, we need to be someplace. If no one heard the yell good for us. We still have to meet Cellar.”

“After getting to the roof and getting rid of the spaceships.” I added. “Cellar said to do that before meeting with him.”

“Yes, I know.” Mehrunes said. “We need to do stuff so let’s go do that stuff.”



-----| Chapter 13 |-----



“There it is.” Folly said to Draco, pointing at his fairly small spaceship parked between some trees.

“Oh good, we can leave this planet now.” Listy said suddenly.

“And go home.” Kehori added.

Folly turned towards Draco.

“Where would you like to go?” Folly asked.

“Hmm…” Draco started to think. “I'm not quite sure…”

“Maybe I can drop you off back at the Light Planet.” Folly said.

“True…” Draco replied.

“That’s kinda the only choice you got. Because we don’t know where your friends are.” Folly said.

“Right. Then let's do that.” Draco said.

“Alright, everyone get in the ship!”

Folly’s spaceship was a little different, the front glass opened up instead of a door from the back or the side to get in. Everyone got inside.

“Alright, next stop, the Light Planet.” Folly said.


It’s been quite awhile now. We’ve been in this spaceship for an hour now. And we were going in lightspeed too (which for those who don’t know, is when the spaceship is going at the speed of light!).

The four of us, including Glitter were just sitting in the storage room of the spaceship. We had no idea where we were going, more like where Shock was going.

I had the feeling Shock was going somewhere where he can get revenge…

“How long are we gonna wait before we land?” Lagi asked.

“I dunno.” Ivory said.

“How are we even supposed to know? Glitter said to me a while ago that we were in lightspeed this whole time! We are very far from the Electric Planet!!” I said.

“That… Is not good…” Lagi said.

“Yeah…” Lavender said, “we don’t know if we’ll make it back…”

“Well then… We just hope we can find someone to help us when we get to wherever we’re going.” Ivory said.

“We are headed to a dangerous planet.” Glitter said.

“We are?” I said, “guys! Glitter said we’re headed to a dangerous planet!”

“I’m not sure that’s a good thing…” Lagi said.

“Well of course not, it’s a dangerous planet!” Ivory said.

“It’s the planet Tranquish.” Glitter said, “according to the legends, I was told that there are dangerous creatures that can kill even Ultimates.”

“Glitter just said that the planet is called Tranquish. And that there are creatures that can kill even Ultimates there!” I said to the others.

“Well then, we try to figure out how to turn invisible or something.” Lagi said.

“Like that’ll do anything. There are probably creatures there that can just sniff us out.” Lavender said, as Glitter nodded in agreement.

“Well then… I have no idea what we do. Other than confront Shock now and get the ship turned around.” Lagi suggested.

“We can’t do that.” Lavender said, “he’s too strong with Elec in his control. He could explode the spaceship!”

“But that would send all of us into the void of space, even him. He wouldn’t do that.” Ivory pointed out.

“But with Elec’s power he could probably do anything to get himself to safety.” Lavender said.

“Well then, what should we do?” Lagi asked.

“We be patient.” Lavender replied.

“But that’s boring! And sleep inducing!” Lagi whined.

“Well, we’ll just have to wait. We have nothing else to do.” Lavender said back.

Lagi groaned.

“It’s okay. You can just do something with your fingers or something to distract you.” Ivory said.

Lagi started staring at his fingers. “It’s working.” he said.

“Wow.” Ivory muttered.

“Unbelievable.” I commented.

Suddenly, I felt as the spaceship went slower. We had gotten out of light speed.

“Great. One step closer to possible death. Just perfect.” Ivory said.

“No said anything about dying.” Lavender said, “only creatures that CAN kill.”

“That’s what I mean.” Ivory said.

Then, I felt as the spaceship began to slow down more, and then, I felt as it landed. We landed on a planet.

The door behind us opened, and Shock suddenly came into the room. All of us hid behind the boxes, and Shock passed us. He exited the spaceship, and I caught a glimpse of the outside.

Shock then got far enough.

“Let’s go!” I said to the others.

We walked outside, and the landscape was… Well… This is the best I can describe it…

Dust was everywhere, ash, smoke, whatever it was. It was dark, and spooky… The trees and plants were all dead… And there were a few… UGH… Skeletons and dead bodies lying around…

“This place… it’s horrible!” Lagi exclaimed.

“Agreed…” Lavender added.

“Why is there dust everywhere?” Ivory asked.

“Do I look like I know?” I asked back, “cause I don’t.”

“So… What do we do here?” Lagi asked. “Other than admire the skeletons littering the ground?”

“We have to follow Shock and save Elec.” I said, looking at Shock who was walking through the woods. “We need to be quiet while we follow him.”

“Got it, yell as loud as we can when we get into the woods to get Shock’s attention.” Lagi said.

“Not a good idea.” Lavender said, “those Ultimate-Killer creatures could hear you too.”

“I was just joking around.” Lagi said.

“Shocks getting far, let’s move.” I said.

We walked silently through the woods. Shock was walking toward, what seemed, like an old temple. It looked deserted, and had cracks in it’s walls.

“Should we go in? Or wait outside the door?” Ivory asked.

“We follow Shock!” I whispered a little loudly.

“So we go in?” Ivory asked.

“Only if Shock goes in.” I replied.

Shock continued walking, but then, he stopped. I peeked past the tree, and saw that there was… A weird looking woman, who was really pale. She didn’t look human at all…

The woman had a sword in her hand, and was pointing it at Shock.

“Who dares approach us…” The woman said in a creepy voice.

“It is I. Shock. I have stolen my old master’s body. I came back home to seek revenge.” Shock said, “I have the crystal that you asked for. I gathered the shards to get it, and I have it now.”

The woman put away her sword.

“Come, brother.” The woman said, “Mother Relatra will be happy that you have returned.”

Shock went inside the temple with the woman. I looked back at the others.

“Okay then, what the heck just happened?” Lagi asked.

“We learned information, that’s what.” Lavender said.

“But what did we learn?” Lagi asked.

“That Shock came here after he was cursed, and they took him in. High chance that they taught him how to possess too.” Lavender replied.

“Okay then. Do we follow? Or steal the ship and return home with no adult?” Lagi asked.

“We follow. We need to save Elec or we’ll have no home.” I replied.

“Besides.” Lavender added, “we don’t know which way to go, and we’re very far from home.”

“I know. I just like having people make stupid of which one we should do things sometimes.” Lagi said.

“Well you need to learn when the time is right for that.” Lavender said, “let’s follow them now.”

We then slowly walked into the temple. There were weird statues next to the walls in the hallway. The eyes of the statues were glowing red, and some green.

We continued, and Shock and the woman walking into a room, and that’s when I realized that Glitter wasn’t with us.

Shivering, we followed. I opened the door, and peeked through. The coast was clear, a bit. We walked in, and hid behind a rock. I peeked and saw a lot of women surrounding Shock.

Shock then left Elec’s body. And a taller woman wearing weirder clothes than the rest came up to Elec.

“Huh?” Elec said, “where am I?”

He looked around, and looked at the grinning Shock.

“Welcome to my new home, Elec.” Shock said.

The tall woman’s hands became surrounded with green dust particles. Elec began floating, as he was then surrounded by the same particles.

“Wah--” Elec said, as all the women began saying weird words in a different language. It also sounded like there was this deep creepy voice in the background.

Suddenly, the green particles entered Elec!

“AAAAAARRRRRRGHHHHHH!” Elec shouted in pain, unable to move.

I turned my head to the others. I couldn’t look right now.

“We need to do something!” I whispered to the others.

“Like what?” Lagi asked.

“Like, attack them now!” I shouted.

I ran up to them, instead of behind the rock. I sent a large shockwave toward them, and all of the women except for the tall one fell back. I inhaled fast while they all looked at me.

“Saturo!” Lavender yelled from behind, grabbing my arm.

Lagi and Ivory were behind us now too. Everyone including Shock looked at us.

The tall woman looked at Shock.

“Nope. Not my friends.” Shock said, looking at us.

The tall woman looked over at us while the other women took out weapons.

“Kill them.” The tall woman said.

“This… Was not a well thought out plan.” Lagi said.



-----| Chapter 14 |-----



Mehrunes and I were doing something now. Something cool. Something that is in movies a lot.

We were climbing up the elevator shaft. All the way to the roof. I told Mehrunes before that it was, one, cool, and two, the best way to get up since no guards will see us.

“Climbing takes more energy than I thought.” I said as we climbed.

“Yeah…” Mehrunes said.

“But flying using wind takes more.” I said.

But then I remembered that I had a power boost.

“Wait. But Cellar increased my power… Maybe I can…”

I let go of the wall, and suddenly, I fell!

“AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!” I yelled as I fell, and it was a long distance to the bottom.

Suddenly, a rope wrapped around my chest and I stopped falling, instead I was floating in my spot.

“Thanks, Mehrunes, but no thanks.” I said, “I got it… It’s just I haven’t flown in a while…”

“Call it a safety precaution, then.” Mehrunes said. “Just makin sure you don’t die.”

I then unwrapped the rope, and flew up next to Mehrunes.

“See? Got it all under control.” I said to him. “Just needed some time.”

“Okay then.” Mehrunes said, shooting the rope up. “See you at our destination.”

“Race ya!” I yelled.

I flew up at a fast speed, faster than I can run. Mehrunes was getting smaller. I looked up, and then saw the elevator. And it was coming down!

I quickly flew back down, and when I knew Mehrunes would be able to hear me, I shouted, “elevator! Coming down!”

“Okay!” Mehrunes yelled back. “What do we do about that?!”

“Climb down! Or jump! I’ll stop you from landing using the wind!” I yelled, as I flew to be next to Mehrunes.

Mehrunes got his rope back and started to fall. The elevator was getting closer… It got very close, and was just at the floor above!

And then… It stopped. At that floor. We were lucky.

“Phew!” I said, “it stopped.”

“Phew indeed.” Mehrunes said, next to me again. “Welp… through the elevator we go I guess.”

“We’ll need to get into it somehow… Or it’ll cause problems for us again.” I said.

“Thats a great idea! Any other clues sherlock?” Mehrunes replied. “How would we do that? I mean, I can just go straight through it, the problem is you.”

“You can go through it? How?” I asked.

“Multiple ways.” Mehrunes replied. “I can slice a hole, I and tele into it, I can go straight through the material it’s really not hard to get in an elevator.”

“Just teleport the two of us past it then!” I said.

“Okay.” Mehrunes replied, grabbing me.

We then teleported past the elevator, and just as we did that, the elevator began going up.

I sat down on it.

“Might as well rest.” I said.

“Not re- sure why not.” Mehrunes replied, doing the same.

The elevator continued going up, and soon I could see the ceiling. There was a small shaft there, we could crawl through it to get onto the roof.

“Let’s go. Through there.” I said, “my instincts tell me that that is the way to the roof.”

“Okay then.” Mehrunes replied.

The elevator then got high enough, and I jumped inside the shaft. I climbed upward, and then I saw a vent lid. I looked through it, and saw spaceships. We made it to the roof.

“We’re here. Just need to open this…” I said, before I pushed the lid open, and climbed out.

The roof was big, and there were many spaceships.

“Okay… do you see any guards?” Mehrunes asked.

I looked around. There were a couple of guards just standing around. There were some who were dazed out, being lazy. They must have been on this duty for too long. And they don’t know that they are under attack.

“Yeah there are some guards.” I said, as we hid behind another one of the shafts that was also an elevator. “But they are being lazy.”

“Oh good.” Mehrunes replied.

“So, the console is there, past those spaceships.” I said, pointing at the console, “but there are guards inside and around. My idea is that you just teleport there and get it done.”

“Okay… don’t get caught in the meantime then.” Mehrunes replied, disappearing.

“Like I would get caught.” I muttered under my breath.

I then looked over at the console, and saw that the guards were already out cold. Mehrunes was turning off the spaceships.

After awhile, he appeared next to me.

“To the tenth floor.” Mehrunes said.

“Yes. Which way should we take this time?” I asked him.

“Let’s go the teleporting way…” Mehrunes said.  “Or down the elevator shaft… or- yaknow I really don’t care.”

“Alright well then let’s just take the stairs.” I said, pointing at the stairs nearby, “and if we see guards, we teleport past them.”

“Yeah sure.” Mehrunes replied.

We then walked over to the stairs, being stealthy along the way. Soon we made it to the stairs. I didn’t take them though, I jumped all the way down, and then stopped when I reached the tenth floor. I waited for Mehrunes after landing in front of the door.

“So are we going or not?” Mehrunes asked from behind me.

“There you are. Let’s go!” I said.

He opened the door, and we walked in. There was a hallway, and there were guards! But, they were wrapped up with vines, unable to move or speak.

“Looks like we’re a little late.” Mehrunes said, walking past them. “Let’s keep going.”

We kept walking, and soon we spotted Vulgon. But he didn’t see us.

“Ahem…” Mehrunes said. “Vulgon?”

He then turned and saw us. “Oh there you are. You’re right on time.”

“Where’s Cellar?” I asked.

“He’s in the enemy general’s office. Fighting or something. Told me to wait out here.” Vulgon replied.

“Okay then.” Mehrunes said.

“Have you came across Tango and Vivo on the way?” Vulgon asked.

“No.” Mehrunes replied.

“I see.” Vulgon said, “too bad. I wanted to hear how Tango was doing.”

“Yeah… that sounds comical.” Mehrunes said.

“Sure does.” Vulgon replied.

Then suddenly, the doors of the office opened! A man wearing black armor ran out, and General Cellar was behind him, chasing him.

“Don’t let him get away!” General Cellar shouted.

Mehrunes shot his rope at the man which tied around his legs, tripping him. The man somehow cut the rope with his arm like it was a sword, but by the time he did, Cellar tackled him to the ground.

“Get off of me!” The enemy shouted.

General Cellar made vines out of the ground that picked the enemy up, and wrapped every part of his body except for his arms. Cellar then handcuffed him with a unique kind of handcuffs.

The vines disappeared, and the enemy was on the floor. He got up, looked at the handcuffs, and he tried to take them off. And when he did that, green electric sparks shot through his body!

“AAAAAH!” He shouted, as he fell to the floor.

Cellar picked him back up, and pushed him in front of him.

“You are under arrest.” General Cellar said to him.

“What do we do now, General?” Vulgon asked.

Cellar looked over at us. “Your job is done.” he said, “check on those other two. See if they did there part.”

Cellar then walked away with the prisoner.

“I would expect them to be in trouble.” Vulgon said, “but the whole base isn’t on lockdown so they must have done well.”

“Or they have gotten caught and they were just like these people obviously on tour.” Mehrunes replied sarcastically.

“Well, I don’t remember where they should be at right now. But let’s just try and find them.” Vulgon said.


“I don’t like this…” Tango said.

“This is your fault anyway. You yelled loud, and now they are after us.” Vivofit replied.

The two of them were hiding inside a garbage can, while guards were outside looking for them.

“At least you managed to turn of the defence system.” Tango said.

“I didn’t turn it off fully! You yelled before I could finish, and now I have to restart.” Vivofit said back.

“Why don’t you just get out of here and do it then?” Tango asked.

“I can. But you would be stuck here.”

“No, I can manage.”

“It smells like banana peels.”

“Still can manage.”

“It smells like used toilet paper.”

“Ew. Where is it?”



“Let’s just get out. Both of us.”


The garbage can lid opened, and they jumped out. Guards looked at there direction, but Vivofit ran at them, took one of their blasters, and used it against them.

Vivofit then ran to the control room. He began typing in the advanced computer.

Tango was behind him, looking back for any guards.

“Hi Tango.”

“AAAAAAAAAH!” Tango suddenly shouted, falling back on Vivofit and messing him up.

“Tango! Now I have to restart again! Why did y-” Vivofit shouted, and looked behind him and Tango, “oh hi Mehrunes.”

“Hello.” Mehrunes said, smiling. “I was supposed to find you with Ich and Vulgon. Well I found you at least…”

“Well, I still haven’t disabled the defence system.” Vivofit said, restarting from the beginning, “but when we do we have to get out of this place. My idea is to ‘borrow’ a spaceship and get out, because they are going to attack the building, since I disabled the shields.”

“Well we can’t borrow a ship from here, they’re all disabled.” Mehrunes replied. “And it’s not likely to… ahem ‘borrow’ one from the army.”

“But then we can pass through the battlefield and not get hit!” Vivofit said, “besides, you can just turn them on again.”

“Yeah no.” Mehrunes replied. “I’m not gonna do that unless it’s a 90% chance to have this plan work.”

“Well, suit yourself. I’m gonna take a spaceship. I’ll hack into the console and turn one of them on, then me and Vulgon will be off this planet in a second.” Vivofit said.

“Dude, you still can’t land.” Mehrunes replied. “Whatever, we all have to leave anyway, so talk it over with the rest of the group.”

“Done! The defence system is down!” Vivofit yelled.

Suddenly, what seemed like a missile hit the building, and it shook like an earthquake. Tango fell to the floor.

“I’m gonna go with Vivofit!” Tango said, “before this place collapses!”

“Yep seems like a good idea we’re on the 5th floor though, so let's teleport yes?”

“Yes.” Vivofit and Tango said at the same time.


I don’t know what happened, but something hit the building. I was alone, no Vulgon or Mehrunes with me.

My instincts told me to go to the roof and take a spaceship to get off this place before it implodes on itself!

I was already in the stairway, flying up. When I made it, I opened the door and saw Mehrunes, Tango, and Vivofit suddenly appear out of thin air in front of me.

Mehrunes was looking around and he saw me and waved.

“We gotta get out of here.” I said.

“What do you think we’re doing?” Mehrunes questioned.

“Let’s go!” Vivofit said.

The four of us ran to a spaceship, but then Vivofit ran to the console.

“I’ll activate that one! Get inside!” he said.

Mehrunes was already inside, and said “Yes please, hurry up.”

Tango and I got inside. The spaceship looked different. Like it was designed for war. It had different controls, and a lot of weaponry. There were four seats though, other than the pilot.

The three of us sat down, and moments later, Vivofit came back.

“It’s activated!” Vivofit shouted, hopping in the driver's seat.

“But can you actually drive it?” Mehrunes questioned.

“I’ll try. It’s more complicated than I thought, but most other buttons are weapons.” Vivofit said, and the spaceship turned on and began floating upward, “other than that it’s just a more expensive model.”

“Oh good. Try not to explode.” Mehrunes replied. “So where are we going?”

“Off this planet.” Vivofit said, “also when I crash, I can activate the shields and the spaceship won’t get damaged. Remember, it’s designed for war, so it won’t explode easily.”

“Somehow I doubt that.” Mehrunes replied.

“Sure you do.” Vivofit replied.

The spaceship then took off into the atmosphere. Soon we made it to space, before Tango asked, “where’s Vulgon?”

“Good question.” Mehrunes replied. “I dunno.”

“We left him…” Vivofit said, “well, he can manage. Where to, fellas?”

“Well we should probably meet with our friends… but which friends?” Mehrunes replied in question.

“We don’t know where any of them are though.” I said.

“I know where ONE of them are.” Mehrunes replied. “So… yeah…”

“Where is the ‘one of them’?” I asked Mehrunes.

“Well, Draco is nearby… buuuut let’s just go somewhere else…”

“Where to?” Vivofit asked, as we were now in space.

“I dunno I’ll just use a random planet selector.” Mehrunes said, taking out a box with a button.

“I have an idea of where to go.” Tango said.

“Oh good. This was just a button anyway- tell us your idea.” Mehrunes said.

“How about, you take me HOME?” Tango asked, slightly in a negative attitude.

“How about we ask the group, who want’s to go to Tangos home that’s not Tango?” Mehrunes asked everyone.

“Not me.” Vivofit said. “But I’m fine dropping him off.”

“Yeah just drop me off.” Tango said, “I’m done with these dangerous adventures.”

“Okay. Ertin, right?” Vivofit asked.

“Yeah…” Tango replied.

“Alright, it should be easy. There’s a battle we’ll need to just pass by.” Vivofit said, “my idea is to use light speed. They won’t see us since we’ll be too fast.”

“That’s dangerous. What if we hit the planet?” I said, “the spaceship would explode even if the shields are on!”

“No problem. I’ll activate it and then unactivate it.” Vivofit said.

Before I could stop him, lightspeed activated before he unactivated it. Luckily, we were just in the atmosphere of the planet. And we were above a desert.

“OH good.” Mehrunes said. “A desert.”

“Hopefully you know the way home from here.” Vivofit said, looking at Tango.

“No. I don’t. But I can find my way home. You wouldn’t want to be seen using this spaceship, they might think you’re the enemy and would shoot you down. Just drop me off and I’ll get going.” Tango said.



-----| Chapter 15 |-----



“Good news.” Vivofit said, “it seems that you don’t have to walk in the desert, Tango. I found the exact spot where you bought that sword of yours.”

“Really? Good.” Tango said, “drop me off.”

The spaceship descended into the forest, and it landed.

“Well, it was a nice adventure.” Tango said sarcastically, “thank you for everything.”

He then left the spaceship. And when the back doors opened, I spotted a different spaceship behind. And I recognized the people inside.

It was Draco, Folly, Listy, Uchiho, Draelin, and Kehori.

“Wait, Mehrunes.” I said, pointing at the spaceship. “Look!”

“Isn't that… Folly’s ship right?” Mehrunes replied.

“I don’t know, but look who’s inside.” I said back.

“Yeah I saw that. Told you they were nearby.” Mehrunes replied.

I exited the spaceship and walked up to the other one. When they saw me, the front glass opened up.

“Hey guys! What's up?” Draco asked when he walked out.

“We’ve been taken to this place, and we escaped with an elemental master, but then we had to take part in a mission, but this other elemental master increased our power, and then we finished the mission, stole one of the enemies ships, and came here to drop Tango off and we luckily found you.” I explained quickly to Draco.

“Huh. Neat. Well me and Folly had to fight an evil twin of mine and we killed him and his master who had Uchiho and the rest captured, then we took Folly’s ship and flew here.” Draco said.

“So wait.” I said, “Folly’s no longer your enemy?”

“No not really. We killed my thing Broshi and his master so we’re pretty cool now in terms of wanting to kill each other.” Draco replied.

“I mistook him for Broshi, when Broshi was his twin brother.” Folly said from next to Draco, “and I have to repay my debt now, and help Draco when he needs it.”

“Okay. Guess that makes us friends.” I said, “well, anyway, if you don’t mind, we’re gonna have to take Draco and the others with us.”

“Go ahead. My ship doesn’t have enough room anyway.” Folly replied.

“Alright, then come on Draco.” I said, turning around.

Draco and the rest of the girls followed me to the spaceship we stole. We entered.

“Hey Mehrunes, I brought them.” I said to Mehrunes.

“Good for them.” Mehrunes said. “We don’t really have any more seats though.”

“Maybe there's a cool function that adds more seats.” Vivofit said, pressing random buttons.

Suddenly, two missiles shot out, hit some trees, causing them to turn to dust!

“Actually it would be a switch, not a button that says ‘fire’.” Mehrunes said.

“Yeah that sounds good.” Draco said, still looking at where the trees used to be.

“Maybe this one?” Vivofit asked, pulling a switch.

Suddenly a red laser beam shot out, cutting ten trees in half!

“Maybe we shouldn't have you touch any more switches or buttons.” Draco said.

Mehrunes then flipped the switch off, and the laser beam turned off. He also flipped some other switches, and suddenly, five seats came out of the ground behind us.

“Oh.” Vivofit said, “it was those switches.”

“No kidding.” Mehrunes replied.

“I don’t feel safe with Vivofit driving.” Kehori said, taking a seat. “Can someone else drive?”

“Yeah I could drive.” Mehrunes replied.

“Then please do.” Kehori said.

Mehrunes sat in the driver’s seat, as Vivofit got out, with a frown on his face.

“So where do you all want to go?” Mehrunes asked.

“That’s a hard question. Where DO we go?” I asked.

“I don’t know.” Listy said.

“Hmm…” Draco thought.

“Hmm indeed.” Mehrunes replied, starting the ship.

“I have an idea.” I then said, “we go back to Glare and ask him if he can get us to Saturo somehow. So we can then have a reunion.”

“Okay.” Mehrunes said.

“So to the Light Planet we go.” Draco said, “let’s go.”


“DON’T TELL ME HOW TO DRIVE!” Mehrunes yelled back, going into lightspeed and getting off the planet and into space.

“But you need to know how to drive! And I happen to be the expert!” Vivofit replied.

“Put a marshmallow in your mouth and keep it there for the duration of this ride.” Mehrunes replied.

“Besides.” Draco said to Vivofit, “you’re the expert of crashing, not driving.”

“And it’s technically flying not driving.” Mehrunes commented.

“Yeah.” Vivofit said, “it doesn’t matter… Let’s just get to the Light Planet so I can buy a new spaceship.”


Well. This plan seemed to go perfect. We were now surrounded by masked pale women with dangerous weapons. What more could you wish for?

“New plan.” I said to Lavender, Lagi, and Ivory, “try to stay alive.”

“I’m a natural at that.” Lavender replied.

The women got closer to us, their blades shimmering, even though there was barely any light.

“So. Does anybody have some way to blind people?” Lagi asked.

“No.” I replied, “but I have something that can fight them.”

“What is it?” Ivory asked as the women got closer. “And why have you not unleashed it yet?”

“Waiting for the right moment.” I replied, “and after I do it, Lagi, you and Ivory turn into Lagiacrus’s and become the ‘source’. We can fight through this that way.”

“Okay then, but when will we know when the right moment is?” Lagi asked.

“Well it’ll be easy…” I said, as a woman swung her sword at me. I unleashed my axe, blocked the attack, and then made a large shockwave. “Now!”

Lagi and Ivory roared as they turned into Lagiacrus’s and became the source. When they did that, they took a massive amount of space, and Lavender and I were suddenly on top of them.

“ARRRRRRGH.” Elec was still in pain. The tall woman was still hurting him.

“Lagi! Shockwave! The two of us! At the same time! At her!” I shouted.

“*ROAR*,” Lagi roared in agreement.

Then, the two of us made a large shockwave right at the tall woman. It hit her, and knocked her back. Elec was unaffected.

“How dare you.” the woman barked.

She lifted her hands, and green dust began to surround us. Suddenly, Lagi and Ivory turned back to humans, and the four of us floated in mid air.

Then, I felt pain in my heart… Like, it was being stabbed a billion of times per second.

All four of us yelled in pain, along with Elec.

“S-stop…!!” I yelled, in pain, “p-please…!”

“You should have thought twice before coming here. Now you will suffer just like Elec.” The tall woman said.

“I don’t think so.” said a voice.

I didn’t quite see what happened then, but the woman fell back, and all five of us fell onto the floor.

I got up afterwards, and looked at the tall woman. In front of her was a man wearing maroon robes. He also had a staff with a purple crystal on the top.

“You better skedaddle.” the man said, “before I cast a big curse on you that even you cannot do.”

“You’ll pay for speaking to me like that!” the woman yelled, before she suddenly disappeared, leaving green ashes behind.

All the other women disappeared afterwards, along with Shock. We stood there, looking at the man.

“Who are you?” Lagi asked.

“Your hero.” The man replied.

“Not what I asked.” Lagi said.

“Yes. I am supposed to be known by everyone… At least that’s what I want…” the man said, “but, I am Wizord. And I’m one of the greatest wizards in the galaxy.”

“Hello Wizord, and thank you for saving us.” Ivory said.

“Your welcome.” Wizord replied, “now. I have to go. You should get out of here, those witches aren’t nice. Unlike the ones I’m familiar with. These ones like to do evil things.”

“Those were witches?” Lavender asked.


“No wonder they were ugly.”

Wizord walked up to Elec, who was lying on the floor. He poked him with his staff, which was glowing pink.

“*COUGH!*” Elec suddenly coughed, and he opened his eyes.

He then saw Wizord. And he got up.

“Wizord.” he said, looking around.


“Hmm… I see now. I remember.” Elec said, “my student, taken the wrong path. Wanted revenge.”


“I thank you for saving me.” Elec said, “it was embarrassing being tortured that easily.”

“You haven’t come in contact with these witches. You are fine.” Wizord replied, “besides. I wasn’t the one who saved you necessarily.”

Wizord cocked his head at our direction. Elec turned his head and saw us.

“Hi.” Lagi said.

“We followed Shock.” Ivory said.

“And we tried to save you, but we had trouble and Wizord helped us.” I said.

Wizord then somehow disappeared. And Elec walked over to us.

“I have to admit.” Elec said, “I’m proud of you. You did what would be the right thing to do.” He paused as we smiled. “But. You need to learn that only some things are worth taking risks. This wasn’t worth it. We are on the outskirts of the galaxy. Far away from home.”


“You take the spaceship back home. I will go through space.” Elec said, “this is a lesson. A test. Find your way back home.”

Elec then disappeared.

“Well, let’s get to it then!” Ivory said as she walked away.

“Hopefully Glitter knows how to fly a spaceship…” I muttered as I followed.



-----| Chapter 16 |-----



“So… You do know where Glare’s house is, right?” I asked Mehrunes, as we descended into the Light Planet’s atmosphere.

We got past a battlefield easily because of our stolen spaceship. We made it here faster than we would have in Vivofit’s old spaceship.

“Yes.” Mehrunes replied “Let’s go with yes.”

“It’s near Bright City. And Bright City is the biggest city so just get there and then… Wait… No that’s not good…” Vivofit said, “we’ll be attacked! Because of our spaceship!”

“Wonder if we have cloaking…” Mehrunes said to himself looking at the controls. “Don’t think we do…”

“Yeah, how about we ditch the ship?” Vivofit suggested.

“What’s the verdict on that everyone?” Mehrunes questions.

Before any of us could reply, Vivofit shoved Mehrunes out of his seat, and turned on lightspeed while we were facing down towards the planet! And suddenly…


Less than a second later we crashed. Mehrunes was all the way in the back. He was the only one without a seatbelt on because Vivofit took his seat.

He looked injured… His face was… Messed up.

“This looks like a job for…” Uchiho said, getting out of her seat.

“Uchiho the useless!” Vivofit shouted.

She glared at him. She then walked over to him, and slapped him in the face.

“OW!” Vivofit shouted.

She then turned away and walked to Mehrunes and healed him.

“VIVO!!!!!!” Mehrunes yelled.

Vivofit was startled, and he fell back.

“Oh-ho-ho you are in for a WORLD of pain!” Mehrunes said furiously walking towards Vivofit.

“Hey, we needed to get down to the planet undetected! Lightspeed was my best idea!” Vivofit said, defending himself as he backed away from the furious Mehrunes.


“No! If we landed we would have been spotted and shot down!” Vivofit argued, running away from Mehrunes.

“INSTEAD NOW WE’VE MADE A HUGE AMOUNT OF NOISE AND HAVE BEEN DETECTED ANYWAY!!!!!” Mehrunes yelled, teleporting in front of Vivofit and throwing him to the floor.

“Guys! Chillax! We’re on the same side!” I said, pushing Mehrunes away from Vivofit using the wind.

“Sure.” Mehrunes said, still mad.

“Let’s get out of this spaceship. And see where we are.” I said.

Mehrunes suddenly blew a hole in one of the spaceship walls. And then we spotted someone. It was rather a particular cat riding on a particular dragon.

“Oh hey! They’re back! And I thought this was an intruder!” said the cat, who we should all remember, Fireball.

“Fireball!” Draco shouted, running out of the spaceship as the rest of us followed, “where’s Glare? We need to talk to him.”

“Oh he’s here alright. He heard the crash. Nice landing by the way! Who did it?” Fireball asked.

None of us replied, but we pointed at Vivo.

“Cool! The ship teleported into the ground somehow!” Fireball said.

“Actually it was lightspeed, Fireball.” Draco said.

We then saw who we were looking for… Glare. He was standing there.

“Nice of you to drop in. I see that the teleportation device didn’t work. I’m glad you still made it back.” Glare said.

It had been so long since I’ve heard his voice.

“A lot has happened, Glare.” I said, “and we want to find Saturo.”

Glare looked me in the eye.

“I understand…”


“I looked into your mind. You have been through a lot… I saw a glimpse in your future… You don’t need me anymore.” Glare said, “none of you do.” He paused. “Very well. I will find Saturo’s location. You will go to him in the morning. In the meantime take some rest. You’ve been through a lot.”


To Be Continued!

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