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Ultimates: Book 12: The Depressed Hunter: (Book 3 in the 2nd Series)

Ultimates: Book 12: The Depressed Hunter: (Book 3 in the 2nd Series)

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June 4th, 2018

Here is all of book 3 combined.


Ultimates: The Depressed Hunter:

By: The Ultimate Osaid



-----| Chapter 1 |-----



Well. It all went quite fine. We were able to take off, using the spaceship Shock had stolen. Glitter, fortunately, was able to drive. It was interesting, the way he looked in his griffin form, in the driver’s seat.

“We are halfway there. Half an hour left.” Glitter said to me.

“Glitter says we’re halfway there. Half an hour left.” I said to the others, Lavender, Lagi, and Ivory.

“Good. I hate spaceships. Even though I don’t get space sick anymore.” Lagi said.

“What are we gonna do during that time?” Lavender asked, raising an eyebrow at me for some reason that made me uncomfortable.

“Wonder where everyone else is.” Ivory said.

“Everyone else?” I asked.

“Ich, Draco, some guy whose name starts with an M, Vivofit, Vulgon, you know, them.” Ivory said while rolling her eyes.

“Oh. Right.” I said, “who knows where they are. They could be anywhere.”

“Which is why we wonder where they are.” Ivory said.


We were then silent as the spaceship continued to move in lightspeed. What stopped the silence was the engines of the spaceship, or what seemed to be the gas tank.

“This isn’t good. We don’t have enough fuel to keep going to the Electric Planet.” Glitter said to me.

“Guys, we don’t have enough fuel to get to the Electric Planet!” I translated.

“Then where are we going to land and beg for fuel?” Lagi asked.

“We are going to land on a different planet, to refuel and then take off again.” Glitter said, “Ertin is on the way to the Electric Planet. We’ll stop there.”

“We’re going to land on Ertin to refuel.” I said to the others.

“Refuel? We have more? Or is it solar powered or something?” Ivory asked.

“There are Space Stations!” Lavender said, “they are gas stations, for spaceships.”

“Is it called Space-and-Go?” Lagi asked.

“There is a company called that.” Lavender replied.

“Is that where we’re going?” Lagi asked.

“Apparently, yes.”

Then, the spaceship went out of lightspeed. We spotted Ertin far in the distance. But there was one problem…

We had to pass through a war zone to get to it.

“Well that’s just great, isn’t it?” Ivory asked.

“Yeah, now I’ll have to wait to see the lines of chips all over the place.” Lagi replied with a frown.

Glitter then went right through the war zone. Lasers and dangerous materials were flying EVERYWHERE.

But Glitter went right through like it was nothing.


Guess it wasn’t nothing. There was someone shooting at us. Repeatedly.

“CAW!” Glitter cawed.

The spaceship sped up, but then something big hit us.


A big red light began to flash, and a loud siren sound was heard. Our spaceship was pulled by Ertin’s gravity. We were gonna crash… Great.

“Glitter, are you just Vivofit in a Glitter costume?” Lagi asked.

“Not the best time for jokes!” Ivory said.

“And we were HIT by something, it forces the spaceship to crash… It’s a dangerous weapon and we passed through a warzone!” Lavender said, as we were now in the atmosphere of the planet.

“Are we anywhere near Space-and-Go? There is something I really need to do there! Life or death, even!” Lagi said.

“CAW!” Glitter cawed.

“That means no!” I said to Lagi.

“But I need to get there!” Lagi yelled.

“What for?!” I yelled back, as we were now getting closer to the ground. I could also tell the spaceship was on fire.

“I need to pee.” Lagi said.

“Do that later! Can’t you see we are gonna crash? We need to get out of here so we don’t die!” I yelled.

“I’ll try, but there’s also one more thing.” Lagi said.

“What is it?”

“There’s a tree.”

“CAAW!” Glitter suddenly cawed.

The spaceship was gonna crash right into a tree. And what happened next was so fast. Glitter grabbed all four of us, and suddenly shrank through the walls of the spaceship and then went back to normal size afterwards.


The spaceship crashed. Into the tree. And the tree was on fire.

“I’ll put it out.” Lavender said, making water appear out of thin air and putting the fire out.

As she did that, I looked around. We were in the middle of nowhere, except next to a highway. We seemed to be near farmland too.

“Well…” I then said to Lagi, “you can go pee now, just over there by the tree.”

“Okay!” Lagi said as he ran off to the tree.

The three of us (not counting Glitter, but he waited too as a Griffin) waited for him, silently. After a couple minutes, Lagi returned.

“So… What are we gonna do now?” Lavender asked.

“Find a new ship,” Lagi said.


We heard a car drift behind us. Glitter shrank and leaped into my pocket.

We then saw someone. In a blue expensive looking sports car, we saw a man sitting there alone. He wore expensive looking clothes, and had sunglasses on. The man was obviously rich.

“Hey there kiddos.” the man said, “you seem lost.”

“Yeah…” I said.

“I could give you a ride.” The man said, looking back at our spaceship, “to the spaceport.”

“STRANGER DANGER!!” Lagi yelled as he ran away.

And as he did, his tail was in sight. And the man was looking at it.

“Wait. Does that kid, have a tail?” The man asked.

“Yes, he does. You can see it.” Lavender answered.

The man walked back to his car, thinking to himself about something.

“Lagi! Come back here!” I shouted to Lagi.

“Wait.” the man then said, “did you say… Lagi?”

I look at his direction.

“Yeah…” I said.

“And, this…” the man said looking at Ivory, “this young lady is Ivory?”

“Why do you know my name?” Ivory asked.

The man looked back at Lagi, who was still there, but far.

“Have you heard of… Lagikiller?” The man asked.

“Who?” Ivory asked.

“The hunter who is after the remaining human lagiacrus’s.” The man answered, “that’s the name he goes by.”

“That’s very bad.” Ivory said.

“And what’s worse, is that he offered a lot of money to anyone who finds them.” The man said.

Ivory ran after Lagi yelling, “LAGI! RUN FASTER!”

“Oh for pete’s sake…” the man said, “can’t you see I’m rich? I don’t need any money. But I do… No wait… YOU do, need me.”

I then heard what the man had said. This was worth hearing… Since we have nothing else to do.

Glitter suddenly got out of my pocket, and flew and grabbed Lagi and Ivory and brought them back.


“Here me out, Lagi Acrus!” the man shouted. “And you too, Ivory.”

“Why?” Lagi asked.

The man looked around him. He looked EVERYWHERE around him, before looking back at Lagi and Ivory.

Then suddenly, the man began to change… In form…

And then quickly after that, he grew bigger, and bigger, and bigger, and THEN I recognized what had happened.


Boom. The man had just turned into a Lagiacrus.

“What.” Lagi said.

The Lagiacrus was twice the size of Lagi when HE was a Lagiacrus…

“Is.” Ivory said.

“This?!” Lagi yelled.

The Lagiacrus then changed, and turned back into the man from before.

“You see…” the man explained, “no one knew this. But, you are not the only Human Lagiacrus’s left. I am one of you.”

“Wow…” Lagi said. “I thought we were the only ones left.”

“As did I.” Ivory said.

“I never wanted to stay on the Water Planet. It was boring for me.” The man said, “so I left. And came to Ertin and became rich. Abyss said I was a ‘shame to the Human Lagiacrus kind’ because of my decision.”

“Well, I could see why he would think that.” Lagi said.

“I.” the man then said, “am Laro. Laro Arcus. Abyss was my older brother.”

“So, you’re like, my uncle?” Lagi asked.

“Yes. I am your uncle.” Laro said smiling.

“Wow.” Lagi said.

“Lagikiller never knew about me, because I left long before he wiped out the species. And no one mentioned me because I was apparently ‘a shame’.” Laro explained. “Which is why no one knows about me. Which is why everyone is convinced you two are the only ones left.”

“Are there any more? Or we the last three?” Lagi asked.

“We are the last three.” Laro answered.

“That stinks.” Lagi said.

“Not so fast!” Laro said, eyeing Lagi and Ivory, “the population of the Human Lagiacrus’s is going to be restored. That’s you two’s job.”

“Um…” Ivory said.

“If all goes wrong, then our species will go extinct.” Laro said.

“That… is definitely not applying pressure…” Lagi muttered.

“But we should go now.” Laro said, beginning to walk to his fancy car, “before anyone gets here and finds out you are here. Come with me. To my home.”

“Okay then.” Lagi said as he followed Laro. Ivory soon followed.

“What about us?” I then asked.

Laro looks back and said, “you guys seem to be Lagi’s friends. As long as you don’t tell anyone working with Lagikiller, you can come too.”

They then got into the car. Lavender and I walked toward the car to get in as well. And along the way, Lavender muttered, “to think they were running away from him just a minute ago…”



-----| Chapter 2 |-----



We explained everything to Glare, the details at least, of the parts he didn’t already see through our minds. He was shocked about what we went through… At least what I did, along with Mehrunes and Vivofit (and Vulgon and Tango too, but they’re gone).

Glare said he could tell that Mehrunes, Vivofit, and I were stronger. Stronger by a whole lot than before.

Everyone else, on the other hand, aren’t as strong… Because they never had an Elemental Master boost their power…

In the morning Glare said he would find a way to get us back to Saturo. And now is ‘the morning’. He said overnight he would find out where he is. And he would then tell us where he is. And we had to get to him ourselves.

When I walked out of my room, I see Glare and everyone else are there already.

“Alright. I figured out there location.” Glare said. “They are on the planet Ertin.”

“We’ll need more information than that.” I said.

“I wasn’t finished talking.” he ‘glared’ at me. “They are moving on Highway 27. They are headed straight towards Lishi City.”

“And I’ve got my new spaceship! We can go.” Vivofit said.

“But your driving…” Kehori said to him, “I’m not coming.”

“Fine with me. We’ll just go without you.” Vivofit replied.

“Yeah you suck at spaceships.” Mehrunes added. “Do you even have a valid license?”

“Yes, I do. YOU don’t.” Vivofit replied.

“Yeah actually I do and I’m pretty sure I land better AND on top of that you can’t land AT ALL without crashing.” Mehrunes replied.

“You are too young to have a license.” Vivofit said, “so you’re lying.”

“Actually, I got it from my planet where I was one of the best drivers in the war on my planet.” Mehrunes replied.

“Then that license isn’t valid here.” Vivofit replied.

“Wait wait wait…” Draco butted in, “if Mehrunes is too young… Then aren’t you? You’re the same age!”


Everyone stared at Vivofit.

“Ya got a witty remark for that?” Mehrunes asked.

“Well… I have a license. Not a pilot license, but a…” Vivofit reached for his pocket and pulled out a card with his picture on it, “crash landing license.”

“Yeah that makes sense.” Mehrunes replied. “But then you have no right to leave Kehori here, nor do you have a valid reason to drive instead of someone else.”

“This license allows me to drive too. And I have it for crash landing, because I mastered crash landing, without any casualties. That’s why no one is dead. When I crash, no one dies! Even if we are in Light Speed!” Vivofit exclaimed.

“No one dies when you crash?!” Mehrunes suddenly said. “I sure almost did! No one wants to be in a crashing spaceship! EVER! AT ALL! STOP TRYING TO DEFEND YOUR FAILING CASE!”

“Alright, whoever wants to go to Saturo will come with me. And I drive.” Vivofit said, entering his new spaceship, which looked the exact same as his old one.

“Right.” Mehrunes replied. “I have a spaceship too you know.”

“Actually…” Draco interrupted, “Zephyr took it apart… He broke it and somehow ate part of it.”

“Oh yeah I know. That’s why I hid it this time.” Mehrunes replied.

“No, I mean, he found it and did the same thing. Again.” Draco said.

“Yeah I know he does that a lot.” Mehrunes replied. “Train him to not!”

“Either way, I’m going to find Saturo.” I said, “so I’m going with Vivofit.”

Vivofit smirked after I said that. I entered his spaceship.

“I’ve rode with Vivofit many times. It’s not so bad that he crashes… But we still yell at him.” I said, “we can continue to yell at him, but as long as I get to where I want to be, I’m willing to crash.”

Everyone looked at me, as if I had given some sort of speech.

“I mean…” I said, “Vivo is our friend. We can’t just… Do what Mehrunes did.”

“You’ll have to be more specific, I do a lot of things irrationally.” Mehrunes replied.

“Well, it doesn’t matter, but I’m going with Vivo.” I said, “who else is gonna come with me and Vivo?”

“Ugh… only as long as you don’t push me outta my chair when you crash.” Mehrunes replied.

“You won’t be driving, so I won’t need to push you.” Vivofit said.

Mehrunes disappeared off to somewhere, and appears back with popcorn.

“Okay.” He said walking over to us. “Wouldn't make sense not to.”

“Are you coming too, Draco?” I asked.

“Well of course I am! Why wouldn't I?” Draco replied.

“So if you’re going, then Draelin, Uchiho, Zephyr and Fireball are coming?” I asked, “I don’t think Zephyr fits in the spaceship…”

“Thus the popcorn.” Mehrunes replied. “Look can he fly in space or are we to just leave him here?”

“Well I'm not sure if he can fly in space…” Draco said.

“Wait, Mehrunes, can you fix your spaceship?” I asked, “like… quickly?”

“Yeah.” Mehrunes replied. “Why?”

“We can split up so we have enough room.” I said, “and those who don’t want to ride with Vivofit don’t have to.”

“Yeah okay. Hold my popcorn.” Mehrunes handing me his popcorn and disappearing.

We waited a few minutes, and I ate all the popcorn during those minutes, and then Mehrunes came back. “Okay done.”

“Alright. Whoever doesn’t wanna ride with Vivo go with Mehrunes.” I said.

“You ate my popcorn.” Mehrunes said. “YOU ATE MY POPCORN?!”

“Umm, yeah it was good.” I replied.

“Yeah. I know. That’s the whole reason I’m upset. Whatever let’s move.” Mehrunes replied.

Draco entered Vivo’s spaceship along with Draelin. There were four of us, and then Uchiho came along.

Listy and Kehori along with Fireball and Zephyr went with Mehrunes.

“Alright, fasten your seatbelts.” Vivofit said to us, as we did what he told us to do BEFORE he told us.

Vivofit then started the spaceship, and took off into the sky.


“What’s that?” I asked.

“An incoming message. From another ship.” Vivofit said, “who would contact us though?”

“Maybe you should answer it.” I said.

“.... I guess so.”

He then pressed a button, and answered the message…

“Who’s this?” Vivofit asked.


“OH. Good call. We can keep this on until we arrive.” Vivofit replied. “We are in space now. Where are you?”

“Behind you.”

“Okay. Stay nearby so we don’t lose eachother. And avoid other spaceships and don’t get near any battles.” Vivofit said.

“Right. Also my popcorn… Ich you ate it.”

“I know.” I said, “it was good.”

“It was my popcorn though!”

“But you gave it to me.”

“To hold!”

“It smelled so good. It was tempting.” I said.

“I WOULD’VE EATEN IT TOO!!!” I heard Fireball’s voice say.

“Well of course you would, it's popcorn and you dislike me.”

“Yeah, cause you called me basic!” Fireball said.

“And I’ve apologised a lot.”

“And I haven’t forgiven you yet!”


“Mehrunes, I’m sending you coordinates right now… Go to those coordinates. It’s Ertin.” Vivo said, “and face the same way I am facing before you go into Lightspeed.”

“Got em. Let’s go.”

Then both of our spaceships went into lightspeed.



-----| Chapter 3 |-----



We were now in Laro’s fancy car, driving towards the city. I was riding in the back with Lavender and Ivory, and Lagi sat next to his uncle in the front.

“So where is your home?” Lagi asked.

“In the city.” Laro replied, “it’s big, but it isn’t a mansion.”

“I get that, but where in the city? What city, how long is it going to take to get there, and do you have any snacks?” Lagi asked.

“It’s not very far. And it’s not in the middle of the city… But I’m gonna have to park this car somewhere else, then we’ll ride in a Limo to my home.” Laro replied.

“I’ve never ridden in a Limo before, what’s it like?” Lagi asked.

“You’ll find out soon.” Laro replied.

“Okay.” Lagi said as he looked out the car.

It wasn’t too long before Laro pulled up into a garage of a big house.

“Come on now.” Laro encouraged.

We followed him out of the fancy car, and to the street. There was a Limo and a man in a suit waiting, the door opened for us already.

Laro entered the Limo, with the rest of us following him. The door closed behind us, and I sat there, realizing I was with a rich man.

“So…” Laro gushed, eyeing Lagi and Ivory, “how far has your relationship went?”

“Pretty sure nothing like that has started yet, I think.” Lagi answered.

“I’m also not sure that’s happened yet.” Ivory said.

“I see.” Laro cautioned, “how old are you anyway?”

“How should we know?” Lagi asked. “I’m fourteen.”

“I guess that makes sense…” Laro concluded, “well then. I only have one bedroom with two twin beds though. The other rooms have one queen bed.”

“I call dibs on the twin bed room!” I shouted all of a sudden.

“Why?” Ivory asked.

I hesitated, knowing that Krydret would either say something, or Lavender would.

“Ummm… Because I want to take the bed that fits only one person…” I stammered.

“Okay then, I guess that’s an answer.” Ivory said.

“I guess I’ll share a room with Saturo then.” Lavender said calmly.

“And unfortunately there is only one other room.” Laro smirked.

“Alright. I’m fine with that.” Lagi said.

“And there’s only one bed.” Laro smirked again.

“So?” Lagi asked.

“You’ll have to share a bed, or one of you would sleep on the floor.” Laro answered.

“As I just said, I’m fine with that.” Lagi said.

“But what about Ivory?” Laro asked.

“Why would it matter if we had to share a bed or not?” Ivory asked.

“Just to check in on ya.” Laro replied. “Either you lied about your relationship, or you just don’t know how relationships work.”

“We can share a bed. There’s no big whoop about that.” Lagi said.

“Exactly.” Ivory said.

“If you ask me, it would matter a lot if I had to share a bed with someone.” I remarked.

“I don’t care if I have to share a bed, just as long as the other person doesn't snore.” Lagi said. “Do you snore?”

“No.” Ivory answered.

“Good.” Lagi said.

“Well we arrived.” Laro said, as the suited man opened the door.

He exited the Limo, and we followed him. In front of us was a HUGE house. It was a dream house… One that I wanted when I was young (meaning when I wasn’t an Ultimate yet).

“So, do you have snacks? You never answered that question.” Lagi asked.

“Inside I have a lot.” Laro replied, as we walked down the long cool looking rocks to the front door of the house.

“Where are they?” Lagi asked.

“In both kitchens. There are some in the cabinets of each room too. I requested that the guests can snack when they want to.” Laro answered.

“Okay.” Lagi said.

We then made it to the front door, and when we walked inside… The inside was much cooler. There was a BIG TV on the wall, and big couches and carpets and EVERYTHING that was too expensive to have in my house.

“Wow… this is huge!” Lagi said.

“I told you I was rich.” Laro replied, smirking as he took off his sunglasses and put them away.

“So, where are our rooms?” Ivory asked.

“Being prepared. My maids are preparing them right now.” Laro replied.

“Alright. Show me to the kitchen.” Lagi said.

“Are you hungry, or you just want some snacks?” Laro asked.

“Both.” Lagi said.

“Well.” Laro said, looking at his watch (I hadn’t seen it before), “your rooms are ready. That was faster, guess I’ll pay the maids an extra Ultim today.”

“Okay, I’d like to see my room first.” Lagi said.

“Okay, I’ll lead you to it.” Laro said.

Laro led us all down the hallway… It was a long hallway with many rooms, and at the end of the hallway were stairs. Laro led us all the way to the end of the hallway, and then stopped.

“The one on the right is yours, Lagi. The left is for your friends.” Laro said.

“Okay! Thanks!” Lagi said as he ran into the room to the right. I could hear a cabinet being slammed.

“Did anybody else hear that cabinet?” Ivory asked.

“Yes, I heard it.” Laro replied, walking away, “anyway, I have to get ready for something. One of my friends is coming soon.”

“Okay. I’ll go make sure Lagi doesn't choke.” Ivory said as she walked into the room to the right.

Afterwards I opened my room and looked inside. It was basically like a hotel room, a five star hotel room. There was everything inside that I needed. It also had a bathroom inside.

I then went over to Lagi’s room. His was the same, except that there was only one bed.

“Haro,” Lagi said with his mouth full of white… somethings.

“What are you eating?” I asked.

“Murthmows,” Lagi replied.


Lagi swallowed. “Marshmallows.”

“Oh.” I said, looking around his room, “well…”

“Well what?” Lagi asked as he pulled out three marshmallows from the bag next to him.

“We’re supposed to be going to the Electric Planet. Elec’s waiting for us there.” I said.

“I know.” Lagi said. He was trying to shove all three of them in his mouth.

“So that means…” I said, “we can’t stay here for long.”

“Oh.” Lagi said. He had put all three in his mouth. It was gross.

“I’m sure Laro has a spaceship we could use…” I said.

“We thud osk uftr huz frund cometh ovr.” Lagi said through his marshmallows.

“Gulp the marshmallows. I can’t understand a thing when you talk like that.” I said.

Lagi swallowed again. “We should ask after his friend comes over.”

“Oh. Well. We should find him then.” I said, before realizing, “where’s Ivory?”

“I think she fell asleep in the bathroom.” Lagi said.

“That’s not good.” I replied, “my mom told me if you fall asleep in the bathroom, you get nightmares.”

“Well then, that’ll make her wake up. What do you want me to tell her when she gets out?” Lagi asked.

“Tell her that we should talk to Laro.” I said.

“Talk to Laro about what?” Ivory asked.

“You’re awake?” Lagi asked.

“Yes. Also the bathroom is flooded.” Ivory said.

“What did you do…?” I asked.

“I fell asleep while washing my hands.” Ivory answered. “And forgot to turn off the sink. So it’s still flooding.”

“How do you fall asleep just like that?” I asked.

“Do. Not. Ask.” Ivory said.

“I just did.” I replied.

“Well don’t.” Ivory said.

“Why though?” I asked.

“Because… medical conditions or something. That a bad enough excuse for you?” Ivory asked.

“Umm… Okay.” I said. “I don’t think there are any medical conditions that make you fall asleep.”

“There are. It’s called narcolepsy.” Lagi said.

“How do you even get that?” I asked.

“Birth.” Lagi answered.

“Do all Human Lagiacrus’s have it?” I questioned.

“I’m not su-” Lagi started before closing his eyes and laying down on the floor. Or more like falling on the floor.

“I’ll take that as a yes.” I said, “hope that doesn’t happen when you’re in a fight.”

“At least he isn't snoring.” Ivory said.

“Well if this is how an Ultimate Human Lagiacrus is, then how will the non-Ultimate ones be?” I asked.

“It’s probably just him faking.” Ivory said. She put her foot up to Lagi’s nose and Lagi started to laugh.

“Your feet stink!” he laughed.

“Maybe you should shower before we find Laro.” I said to her.

“Okay then.” Ivory said as she walked over to the bathroom. “I just remembered I left the sink on.”

“Why did you even close the drain in the sink?” I asked.

“I don’t think there was a drain.” Ivory answered.

“Oh come on. There’s a drain in EVERY sink!” I said.

“Do you want to check?” Ivory asked, pointing to the door.

“Yes, so I can prove you wrong.” I replied, “to show you that you are wrong, and that you are acting weird for some reason.”

“How am I acting weird?” Ivory asked.

“True. You’re always weird.” I replied.

“So will you open the door?” Ivory asked.


I walked over to the bathroom door and opened it. Inside… Ivory was wrong. The whole bathroom was clean, and the floor wasn’t wet. Instead of seeing what Ivory had described, I saw something else.

There was a guy with blue scaly armor, and a blue scaly sword standing, his back faced to us, looking into the mirror.

“See? Told you.” I said to Ivory.

“Who is that?” Lagi asked.

Then I realized that the guy was there. I was too busy proving Ivory wrong that I forgot he was there.

The guy turned around. He pointed his sword at us and said, “you can’t hide forever…”

“Run.” Lagi said before he shot out of the room.

After he had done that, the guy disappeared, leaving blue particles behind.

“Lagi! It was just some sort of image! You can come back!” Ivory shouted.

“Yes. It was only a hallucination, it wasn’t real…” I said.

“If it was a hallucination, then why could all of us see it?” Ivory asked.

“It was a hallucination for all of us. Since I was with you.” I explained, “or because I opened the door, I was involved with it. If I hadn’t, my assumption would be that I wouldn’t see it.”

“That was confusing. I better find Lagi before he tells Laro. I don’t think he heard me.” Ivory said as she ran out the door.

“Good idea.” I replied.



-----| Chapter 4 |-----



“We’re in a bit of trouble.” Vivofit said to Mehrunes, who was on the other ship, while we were in light speed.

“And why’s that?” Mehrunes asked.

“My scanners say that there are a lot of ships in front of Ertin. Meaning there’s a battle going on.” Vivofit replied.

“Oh good. That’s not good at all.”

“But we can go around, and go to Ertin from around. From the side that there is no battle.” Vivofit replied.

“Then why is it a problem?”

“Because you never know what could happen in a battle. Last time we went through one, we crashed and almost died.” Vivofit replied.

“Pretty sure that was entirely your fault!”

“Shut up, or I’ll leave.” Vivofit replied, “what I mean is, WITHOUT you guys, I crashed with Vulgon because we were hit by a weapon, that damages the engine badly.”

“What’s that weapon called?”

“How am I supposed to know? I’ve never seen that weapon! Only witnessed it being fired.” Vivofit replied.

“How nice for you. ICH YOU ATE MY POPCORN! How dare you, it was my popcorn. Anyway...”

I decided not to reply.

“Change your direction.” Vivofit said, pressing buttons, “go to these new coordinates… I’m sending them to you.”


“But before you change the coordinates, get out of light speed.” Vivofit said, and as he said that, the spaceship went out of lightspeed. We could see we were in the middle of space.

“Yes I know how to drive.”

“Yeah, well. Get out of lightspeed.” Vivofit said, “we can’t sense your ship.”

“I am out!”

“Okay, now did you get my coordinates?” Vivo asked.


“Okay then go back into lightspeed.” Vivo replied, as he went into lightspeed.


“Okay good.” Vivo responded.

“Now what Fleet Leader?”

“Now, in a few seconds, we get out of light speed… I’ll count down to three. When I say three, you get out of light speed. You have to do it, EXACTLY when I say it.” Vivofit said.


“Okay…” Vivo replied, “three… Two… One… NOW!”


I looked and saw we were no longer in space. We were already in Ertin’s atmosphere! We were also in a desert.

“There. Now to land.” Vivofit said.

“You land first.”


Vivofit took the spaceship down towards the ground. We grew closer, and then he landed. Not crashed. LANDED.

“Your turn now, Meh.” Vivofit said.

“Please don’t call me ‘Meh’” Mehrunes said getting closer to the ground.

“Meh.” Vivofit replied.

And then the unexpected happened. Something exploded in Mehrunes’s ship, causing him to crash.

I was speechless. I looked at Vivofit and he was smiling. I had a feeling that he had planned this to happen. He was the one who told Mehrunes what to do. And he gave him the coordinates, and all… Maybe he somehow knew how to make Mehrunes crash.

“Well, what a surprise, Meh!” Vivofit shouted.

Mehrunes appeared next to Vivo, and everyone in his ship appeared outside of it, not in Vivo’s spaceship, but just outside.

“I wasn’t expecting you to crash, Meh!” Vivofit said.

“You know, I'm so mad at you right now, that you obviously did something, I’m not even mad.” Mehrunes replied. “You ever have that?”

“Why are you mad? That you had an engine failure?” Vivofit asked, “don’t know what happened there. But I’m pretty sure that if you’re a good pilot, what happened would’ve not have happened.”

“Oh so that’s what this is about. I could practically hear you smirking.” Mehrunes replied. “Whatever. Let’s just go.”

“Yep. You should go now, so I can go and refuel my ship.” Vivofit said.

And so I went. I exited the spaceship, and saw the others outside. Listy, Kehori, Fireball, and Zephyr were just standing next to the crashed spaceship. I walked over to them.

“Next time I’m riding with Vivo.” Kehori said, looking at the burning spaceship.

“You won’t have a choice now will you?” Listy replied.

“Uh huh.”

I looked around. Draelin had got off the ship, but Draco hasn’t. At least until Vivofit threw him out. I then realized he was sleeping.

After that, Vivofit took off. Leaving us near the highway in the desert.

“Okay so.” I said, “we’re all here, right?”

“Um… yes?” Listy said.

“Okay, making sure no one died in that crash. And making sure no one went off with Vivo.” I replied. “Okay. We have to go to the city. I’m sensing that that is where Saturo is.”

“Wait!” Draelin shouted from next to the sleeping Draco, “where’d Uchiho go?”

“I’m right here.” Uchiho replied from behind Draelin.

“Oh. I thought you were still on Vivo’s ship.”

“ANYWAY…” I sort of shouted, “we need to get to the city.”

“OH! We could split up, boys versus girls, and see who gets there first!” Kehori suggested.

“Why…?” Mehrunes questioned.

“I don’t mind.” I said, thinking of ways for us to win, “as long as Mehrunes is on my side.”

“He would be, he’s a boy.” Kehori said. “So it’s me, Listy, Uchiho, and Draelin versus Ich, Mehrunes, and Draco.”

“Okay, but which city are we going to?” Uchiho asked.

“The capital. You just follow that highway.” Kehori said. “I know because I live there.”

“Okay. Sounds good then.” I said.

“See ya later, losers!” Kehori shouted.

The four girls ran toward the direction Kehori had pointed at. Mehrunes, Draco, and I just stared at them and didn’t move. Well me and Mehrunes did, Draco was still sleeping.

“LET’S DO SOMETHING!” Mehrunes yelled. “Ich do you have a plan?!”

“Yes.” I said, smirking, “you can teleport. That’s why I wanted you on my side.”

“Well then do tell the plan before we lose.” Mehrunes replied.

“Save the plan for later.” said a familiar voice.

We turned and spotted an icy tall figure, with a slightly shorter figure at his side. I knew who the tall one was, it was Nix, but the other guy I didn’t know.

“Nah I think the plan should be now…” Mehrunes replied.

“No no, I insist.” Nix said, “you guys got away last time with the shards. We kind of need them now.”

“Oh yeah those were stolen from us.” Mehrunes replied. “I dunno by who so sorry.”

“So you’re saying you don’t have them on you?” Nix asked.

“Yeah.” Mehrunes replied. “You’re best bet for finding them is technically Glare so good luck with that.”

Nix glared into Mehrunes’s eyes.

“You’re not lying.” he then said. “But I need to know who took it.”

“I have no idea what his name is.” Mehrunes replied. “But he had some affiliation with Elec.”

“He did?” I asked Mehrunes.

“Yeah.” Mehrunes replied.

“Huh. I didn’t know that.” I said.

“Well then.” Nix said, “I’ll be going then.”

Nix then summoned one of those big ice monsters and rode on them toward the distance. However, the other guy didn’t go. He stood in his spot, looking at us.

“So what do you want?” Mehrunes asked.

“Oh, I wanted the shards.” the guy said.

“Well you heard everything I said so we’ll be going.” Mehrunes replied.

“Going where, bro?” the guy asked.

“Uhh to the capital…” Mehrunes replied.

“To do what?” the guy asked again.

“To have more people ask questions.” Mehrunes replied sarcastically.

“Ya have any more room in you party, bro?” The guy asked, looking at the three of us. “And you’re gonna carry the sleeping un-beauty?”

“You are insane.” Mehrunes replied.

“HA! Whaaaaaaat!?” The guy said, “no, I’m Chill.”

“And you’re mental condition is low.” Mehrunes replied.

“No, my name is Chill.” The guy said, “Nix is my cousin.”

“Good fer you.” Mehrunes replied.

“So, you gonna answer my question?” Chill asked.

“What do you two think?” Mehrunes asked us.

“Draco’s still sleeping.” I replied.

“Then what do you think?” Mehrunes questioned.

“Dudes.” Chill said, “take a look arounds! I have nowhere to go.”

“Uhh… Yeah fine.” Mehrunes replied.

“Thanks for the invitation, bros.” Chill said, walking toward the direction that the girls had went in.

“So anyway Ich what's your plan?” Mehrunes asked again.

“Hmm…” I said, “well we gotta get there before the girls, or we’ll look bad…”

“Woah, you dudes having some sort of competition?” Chill shouted.

“Yes.” Mehrunes replied.

“Is it a race? Cool. I'm chill at races.” Chill said back.

“Great.” Mehrunes replied.

“I can carry all of you too. We'll get to the city in no time, dudes!” Chill said, “what are your names? I forgot to ask.”

“I’m Mehrunes this is Ich and the napping one is Draco.” Mehrunes replied.

“Zzzz…” Draco snored.

“Okay bros. None of ya will have to carry the sleeping un-beauty. Because of the way we’ll be moving.” Chill said.

“Cool?” Mehrunes replied.

“Exactly!” Chill replied, “I’m cool in both ways.”

“Whatever just hurry up with it.” Mehrunes replied.

“Alright. You’re gonna need to get up high. Really high in the sky, you’ll need to be touching the clouds.” Chill said, “and then I’ll make the slide out of ice so that we can slide to the city. We’d get there in about, two minutes.”

“Welp.” Mehrunes replied. “Better get freezin.”

“Better get high.” Chill replied. “You can’t go up slides.”

“See ya up.” Mehrunes replied, disappearing.

Chill looked at me.

“I can fly up…” I said.

“If ya can fly, then just fly to the city! I’ll give those who cannot fly a ride.” Chill said.

“O-okay then.”

“Race ya.”



-----| Chapter 5 |-----



At the last second, I decided to go with Ivory to find Lagi. Lavender had come as well, after I told her what happened.

“Let’s get them then!” Lavender said as she ran into the hallway. I followed. It took us a while, but I finally saw Ivory running after Lagi. “LAGI!” I shouted.

“WHAT?” he shouted back.

“Stop running!” I shouted. When he heard me, he stopped, turned around, and started walking back.

“Is the blue guy still in the bathroom? Or did you knock him unconscious?” Lagi asked.

“He dissapeared after you ran, I realized it was a hallucination slash illusion of some sort,” I explained, “you two can go back to your room, eat some more food, and learn to not think you flooded the bathroom.”

“Okay then.” Lagi said. He stopped walking when he was three feet away from me. “Why in the world is this place impossible to navigate? I passed by the same kitchen five times.”

“That’s because it’s big!” said Laro’s voice from behind. “There are five kitchens on the first floor.”

“Wow.” Lagi said.

“Anyway, you seemed to be running before. What’s up?” Laro asked Lagi.

“We thought that Lagikiller guy was in the bathroom, but Saturo told me that it was just an illusion or something.” Lagi explained.

Laro took in what Lagi had said. “Hmmm… It looks like he’s really trying to get to you. If you dream about him, tell me. In the meantime, be cautious.”

“Okay then!” Lagi said as he started walking.

“I’m going to eat.” Ivory said as she followed Lagi.

“Hurry up though. We’re going to be leaving soon. With my friend and his nephews.” Laro said.

“Wait, leaving?” Lagi asked. He had turned around when Laro said leaving.

“Yes. We are going to an public event.” Laro replied. “It's a race. A car race, you know, the sport? My friend is competing, and we’re going to cheer him on.”

“Okay then.” Lagi said. “I’m ready.”

“Alright.” Laro said, looking over at Lavender and I. “You should come to.”

“Sounds good to me.” I said.

“Alrighty then. We should go, my friend and his nephews are waiting outside.” Laro said, walking.

“Come on, let’s go!” Lagi said as he followed Laro.

“Yeah.” Ivory said as she followed Lagi.

I followed them, with Lavender behind me. We walked all the way to the front door. Laro opened the door, and we saw a man wearing a racing suit, with his helmet being held by his side. He was standing next to the limo out in the driveway.

“This is Dokaey Sheheele,”  Laro said, “you might of heard of him. He’s the famous racer here on Ertin.” Laro looked at Dokaey. “This is my Nephew, Lagi, and behind him are his friends.”

“Hello.” Lagi said.

“If you used your mind, you would know that we’re going to watch him race the final race before he wins the championship… Again.” Laro said smiling.

“Okay then.” Lagi said.

“Now let’s not waste any more time. Get to the limo and wait for me there.” Laro said, “I have to do something important before we go.”

“Okay then.” Lagi said as he walked into the limo.

“The rest of you go too.” Laro said to the rest of us.

And we listened.


Chill actually made a slide of ice. A big one. And Mehrunes and Draco riding on it. It looked fun.

I was flying towards the city instead. Which was a bit fast. I could already see the city far ahead. I was almost there.

The city was big, with lots of skyscrapers in one area, and the rest of the city have small buildings. The typical city, not any different.

While I was flying, I realized. Where were we going to meet the girls? I decided to fly over to the ice slide.

“Hey Mehrunes!” I shouted, as he was sliding behind Chill (who was making the slide in front of him) and Draco, who was still sleeping, “where did the girls say we’d meet?”

“The city?!” Mehrunes yelled back.

“Yeah, but where in the city? That kind of is important information.” I replied.

“I don’t recall us setting up a meeting point!” Mehrunes yelled.

“Well. Kehori’s fault. She did say something about her house. But how are we gonna find that?” I asked.

“Well…” Mehrunes replied. “I’m tracking them so that’s pretty helpful… other than that… eh.”

“*YAWN!* Hey guys! What did I miss?” Draco asked, finally waking up.

“Oh hey! The sleeping un-beauty woke up!” Chill shouted from the front.

“Who’s that?” Draco asked.

“Used to be you. Except now you’re awake.” Chill said, “I’m Chill.”

“Well at least you answered my question.” Draco said.

“Only kinda though.” Mehrunes replied. “You also missed the girls racing us to the capital, and what’s-his-ice-Nix wanting the ghost thing.”

“Okay. Doesn’t sound too out of the ordinary.” Draco said nonchalantly.

“That gem that ghost guy has is what I want.” Chill said.

“I dunno why you would. But whatever.” Mehrunes replied.

“Anyway why are we racing the others anyway?” Draco asked.

“The capital.” Mehrunes replied.

“I asked why, not where.” Draco said.

“Yeah I know.” Mehrunes replied. “The point is I-D-K why. For fun I guess.”

“Okay well I’m wondering how long it will be before we get there.” Draco said.

“I’m guessing either long enough for some major event to happen, or 30 seconds.” Mehrunes replied.

“Okay… then?” Draco said, sounding quite confused.

“But this is boring.” Mehrunes said. “It was fun for a little but now it’s just cold.”

“Ha!” Chill shouted.

“What?” Mehrunes asked. “Why do you say ‘Ha’?”

“You’re cold because of me.” Chill replied, “because of the ice slide!”

“WELL DUH!” Mehrunes yelled.

“Just sayin why I said ‘ha’.” Chill replied.

“Doesn’t make it any less of a bad reason.” Mehrunes replied.

“Andz vice versa.” Chill said.

“Touché.” Mehrunes replied.

“So… I think since the girls were walking and or running, we are WAY ahead of them right now.” I said.

“Probably.” Mehrunes replied.

“So… We should go back to them…” I continued.

“But we’re racing them.” Mehrunes replied.

“AND we don’t know where the finish line is!” I yelled.

“Yeah okay…” Mehrunes replied, “To the ground!”

“Alright Meh-brah.” Chill said, before he made the ice slide steeper, and then let’s the gravity do the work.

“Can you not call me that?” Mehrunes asked calmly, sliding down the slide.

“Oh, sorry ‘bout dat, Meh-brah.” Chill replied. “You call yerself yer thing, and I call you mine. Just chillin that chill, ya know?”

“No.” Mehrunes replied. “I don’t.”

As they descended, I flew down with them. Chill stopped making the slide, and soon we were all at the ground.

“Okay.” Mehrunes replied. “If we just stay here they should run into us.”

“And then they’ll realize we won.” I added.

“Probably.” Mehrunes replied.

“Hey guys.” Draco said.

“What?” Mehrunes questioned.

“Where are Fireball and Zephyr?” Draco asked.

“Ummm… I don’t know… They were with us on the ship, and then… They must be still at the ship! We left without them!” I said.

“Well their not IN the crashed ship at least. I know that much.” Mehrunes replied.

“Wait let me check…” Draco said before whistled loudly.

Suddenly, Zephyr appeared, with Fireball riding on top of him.

“CATNIP?!” Fireball yelled.

“No Fireball.” Draco said. “You're too addicted to it.”

“B-BUT I WANT SOME!” Fireball yelled.

“Fine then come over here I'll give you some.” Draco said.

Fireball leaped off of Zephyr towards Draco. He started purring.

“You happy now?” Draco asked as he fed Fireball a little catnip.

“YEEEEEEEEAAAAAAASSSSS!!!” Fireball shouted.

“Who is this loud orange dip?” Chill asked.

“He's my cat. He's addicted to catnip. Also that's my pet dragon over there.” Draco answered.

“Also you called the cat a ‘dip’?” Mehrunes asked.

“He could be one. Ya know? I love nacho’s, he could be the dip, adds flavour, you know what I’m sayin?” Chill asked back.

“Nope!” Mehrunes replied.

“That's cuz you ain’t chill like meh.” Chill answered. “I’m too chill fer you, Meh-brah.”

“Dude.” Mehrunes replied. “Stop.”

“Stop what?” Chill asked.

“You’re right I have no idea.” Mehrunes replied. “OI! THE GIRLS!”

“Hmm?” I said, looking. But there was no one. “They’re not there. I recall passing them before… We’re 5 miles ahead.”

“Hmmm…” Draco said, “then what will be the plan?”

“I like the staying here plan.” Mehrunes replied.

“AND.” Chill added, “I can grab some nachos, put some music on mah old ipod, and we can just venge out for a bit.”

Suddenly, five bean bag chairs appeared and a table with an ipod with speakers appeared. There was also a fireplace for some reason… Chill had a big bowl of nachos in his hand.

“Eh. It’s alright.” Mehrunes said, holding popcorn. “I prefer Popcorn.”

“Erkai, I like nachos better.” Chill said, leaping onto the beanbag next to the ipod. He turned it on and just sat there eating his nachos.

The rest of us took a seat on one of the beanbags. It seemed like we were camping now, right next to the highway. People drove by staring at us, but we didn’t really care.

Suddenly, while Mehrunes was eating popcorn, Fireball leaped and took it from him, and began eating the popcorn!

“Ay.” Mehrunes said, with more popcorn. “That’s mine though!”

“NOT ANYMORE MEH-BRUH!” Fireball yelled before eating all of it.

“Can I have some?” I asked Chill.

“Oh yeah I’ll just share.” Mehrunes replied with a giant bowl of popcorn suddenly. “I don’t know how I’ll manage to do that though.”

“No, I mean Chill’s nachos.” I said, “after you blaming me for eating your popcorn before, I’m not really… Ya know?”

“Yeah sure, hey b-t-w I didn’t actually care…” Mehrunes replied sitting on a log next to a campfire. “More of a gag than anything.”

“Actually, Gagger is more of a gag.” Draco commented.

“Well I didn’t say I was more of a gag.” Mehrunes replied roasting a marshmallow. “The popcorn thing was.”

“Speaking of Gagger… I wonder what he is doing…” I said.

“I dunno.” Mehrunes replied making s’mores. “It’s hard to tell.”

“Who’s this Gagger guy? He chill or not?” Chill asked, stuffing nachos in his mouth.

“He’s an old associate…” Mehrunes replied, eating a s’more. “Kinda a jerk…”

“How so?” Chill questioned.

“Tried to kill us a few times.” Mehrunes replied. “Eh.”

“Stabbed us in the stomach once or twice each.” Draco said

“Doesn’t seem too bad.” Chill said, “how strong is he?”

“Relatively.” Mehrunes replied. “Very.”

“I’m assuming he’s older then.” Chill said.

“Yeah.” Mehrunes replied.

“Cuz you guys are strong.” Chill said, looking at Mehrunes and I, “just Draco-brah is weak compared to us.”

“Well that’s because I wasn’t with them when they got all powered up, instead I was fighting my twin brother. Doesn’t feel good being the weakest out of everyone… reminds me too much of my time on Aerth.” Draco said. “Almost everyone is stronger than me now, you two, Saturo, Lagi, Ivory, etc. And all I can do that’s special is this.”

Draco then made his gauntlets and ‘Draco Eye’ activate before deactivating them again.

“Then stop fighting evil twin brothers with your ex-mortal enemy.” Mehrunes replied sarcastically. “Hey remember what's-his-face hammer dude? Who sucked at training…?”

“What? You mean Legion or whatever his name was?” Draco said. “And on a side note I didn’t really have a choice when it came to if I wanted to fight my brother or not.”

“How many people do we ‘know’ that we haven’t seen in forever?” Mehrunes questioned. “Six?”

“Well…” I said, “there’s Gagger, Tenker… Hmmm… John Ceno, Ron and Don… Also Asolo, Harry, Naro and Lard as well as Arrow, Shot, Ayla and Layla.” I thought some more. “I haven’t seen my brother in a long time too.”

“SO a lot.” Mehrunes replied.

“There’s probably more that I just don’t remember right now.” I said. “Other than Dander, since I remembered him just now.”

“Oooh, so you’ve met Dander?” Chill questioned.

“Sure.” Mehrunes replied.

“That dude is pretty powerful. Have ya heard his daddy’s part of this war? Fighting on the King of Darkness’s side?” Chill asked.

“Sure.” Mehrunes replied. “Oi. Bettin the girls are close.”

“Nah, they have no way of getting here fast.” I said, “no transportation. Probably just running here, thinking they are winning.”

“I could check.” Mehrunes replied. “Maybe they're in a car or something.”

“Where would they get the car?” Draco asked.

“I DUNNO!” Mehrunes replied. “It’s a possibility though.”

“Until they get here, let’s just chill.” I said.

Chill smiled. “Chillin that chill, ya know?”



-----| Chapter 6 |-----



We were all in the limo waiting. Laro was talking to his workers about watching something… I think I overheard him saying ‘beast’. Not sure what to think about that.

But soon he finally came. He greeted us with a smile and away we went onto the highway.

None of us said anything. It was ‘akward silence’.

“Dude, I swear she likes you.” Krydret suddenly said.


“You gotta ask her, dude. Literally, have you seen her when she looks at you? Ask Glitter. He’ll agree with me.”

“I don’t like you right now.”

“Just ask Glitter!”


I looked down at my pocket. Glitter was just laying there, waiting for something to happen so that he can come to the rescue.

“Hey Glitter.” I said telepathically, “ummm… Uhhh…” I hesitated. “Ummmm…” I knew I couldn’t do this.

“Umm Saturo? Why are you blushing?” Lavender asked.

Great. This is getting worse… Thanks a lot Krydret.

“You’re welcome. Heh Heh…”

And it makes things even worse is that she’s sitting next to me.

“Why is who blushing?” Lagi asked.

“Saturo.” Lavender replied.

“But why?” Lagi asked.

“I have no idea.” Lavender answered.

“So Saturo, why are you blushing?” Lagi asked.

“Ummm…” I said, hesitating.

“Yes?” Lagi asked.

“UMMMMM…” I said.

“YES?” Lagi asked.

I wanted to jump out of the limo right now. “N-no reason.”

“Saying no reason is no reason. Answer.” Lagi said.

“I d-did…” I replied, “there’s n-no reason…”

“I said that saying no reason is not an answer.” Lagi said. “Lavender obviously wants to know, so please, speak.”

I stood silent. This was horrible…

“JUST! DO! IT!!!” Lagi yelled.

“No.” I said.

“YES!” Lagi yelled.

“Speak up, boi.”


“Forget it. I’m not speaking.” I then said.

“Okay then. Forgotten.” Lagi said as he turned around.


Then, I looked outside the window, sighing in relief. And for some reason we passed right by some sort of campsite next to the highway. There was a fireplace, beanbags, and… Wait…

I swear I just saw Ich. With Draco and Mehrunes too… And some other guy…

“Guys.” I said, “I think we just passed by…”

“Yes?” Lagi asked. “Lemmie guess, Ich and everyone else.”

“YES!” I yelled, “WE’VE FOUND THEM!”

“I think we found them trying to find us.” Lagi said. “STOP THE CAR!”

But no one heard us. Laro was sitting up front.

“Well, let’s try and find them sometime soon after this. Or maybe try and contact them right now.” Lagi suggested.

“We’ll see…” I said.


“So… The girls are taking forever…” I said, munching on some of Chill’s nachos.

“No kidding. I thought they passed us.” Mehrunes replied sarcastically.


Suddenly, a limo drove right by us. I caught a glimpse of it too.

“Oh hey, look, a limo.” I said, bored.

“Hey limos aren’t exactly… commonplace.” Mehrunes replied. “Who’s in it, could you tell?”

“No, the windows are black. You can only see outside, not inside.” I said, “but I bet it’s some Ertin celebrity.”

“Uh-huh. I’m getting impatient I’m gonna be right back.” Mehrunes replied, teleporting away, therefor disappearing.

The rest of us sat there, listening to Chill’s chill music. I thought about what we’d do when we finally find Saturo for a couple of minutes… Then Mehrunes was back.

“So…?” I asked him.

“Well the girls declined a lift, I’m out of popcorn temporarily and I found some Boom Juice.” Mehrunes replied. “Here’s the question, do ya want me to bring the girls anyway?”

“Hmmm…” I said, “sure. They are far behind anyway.”

“O-kay.” Mehrunes replied, teleporting again.

“Hmm… I wonder where Saturo and the rest are.” Draco said afterwards.

“Yeah, I can sense him… He’s near.” I replied, “he is in the capital city.”

“Huh. He’s closer then I thought.” Draco said.

“Yeah, and we are headed to the capital city.” I said back.

“But we can’t go until Mehrunes gets back with the girls.” Draco said.

“Or can we?” Chill commented.

“Well it wouldn’t be very nice of us if we just leave before they get back.” Draco said.

“Why are these girls important?” Chill asked.

“Well because they’re our friends! That’s why!” Draco said. “Right Ich?”

“Uh, sure.” I replied.

“What do you mean ‘Uh, sure’? Do you not care?” Draco asked.

“Well the goal is to find Saturo. To reunite the, ‘team’.” I explained, “and if the girls join the team, then I guess they’ll be our friends.”

“Since when was there a ‘team’? And since when does that dictate if they’re our friends or not?” Draco asked.

“I don’t really know.” I replied. “I’m just too focused on finding Saturo right now… Sorry for sounding… Selfish.”

“Well it’s good that you're sorry.” Draco said. “Hopefully Mehrunes will be back soon.”

“Hopefully.” I replied.

“I wonder how it’s going for him anyway. Hopefully the girls aren't being TOO stubborn.” Draco commented.

Then, Mehrunes appears with the girls, and a knife in his chest. “Well they're here now.”

“Clearly. Also you're bleeding all over the ground.” Draco said.

“Yes I know.” Mehrunes replied.

“Okay good that means you haven’t lost THAT much blood.” Draco said.

“Uchiho should heal you.” I said.

“Captain obvious one and two.” Mehrunes replied.

“THAT’S SARGENT OBVIOUS ONE AND TWO TO YOU SIR!” Draco exclaimed. “But seriously though have Uchiho heal you. It looks like a quarter of all your blood is on the ground.”

“Yeah, Meh-brah.” Chill said, “you should chill.”

“Hey Uchiho I’m gonna pull the knife out here could you heal me when I do?” Mehrunes said.

“Okay.” Uchiho replied.

“Question: Who stabbed you?” I asked.

“Not important.” Mehrunes replied, suddenly jerking the knife out.

Uchiho then healed the wound.

“It seems kind of important actually.” I said, “seriously who stabbed you?”

“Funny thing, I don’t actually know.” Mehrunes replied. “Might’ve lost a little too much blood to really care.”

“Okay…” I said, eyeing the girls, “the only one who could’ve done it… Listy. She’s the type. Kehori doesn’t know how to fight and where could she have gotten the knife? Draelin is 10 years old and she’s still a child! Uchiho healed you, so it obviously wasn’t her. So that leaves you, Listy.” I looked at Listy, acting like some detective or officer.

“Wow this is also my knife so insult to injury.” Mehrunes replied.

“Sorry.” Listy replied.

“So you admit it?” I asked Listy.

“No I’m just sorry.” Lity replied.

“Meh-brah!” Chill yelled, “you stabbed yerself!?”

“No.” Mehrunes replied. “Why would I do that?”

“Cuz if da girl ain’t do it, then you the last suspect.” Chill said.

“Look just because logic said it was Listy and she denied you’re led to believe it?” Mehrunes replied. “People have the capacity to lie you know.”

“Okay then. Everyone answer honestly.” Draco said, “Who stabbed Mehrunes in the chest with his own knife?”

“You expect that to work?” Mehrunes questions.

“I didn’t.” Listy replied.

“It was worth a shot.” Draco said calmly while shrugging.

“We should get dis guy who can read minds.” Chill said, “he can tell us who the culprit is.”

“Look I really don’t care who stabbed me.” Mehrunes said.

“Well we kinda do.” I said.

“Does it really matter?” Mehrunes asked.

“Yes.” I replied. “It matters because someone caused harm upon you.”

“And with your own knife too! It’s not good when someone can do that and you don’t notice.” Draco added.

“And if it wasn’t any of the girls, then it could be someone out to get you.” I said. “Maybe someone is trying to kill you. Someone you don’t know.”

“If only we had a dramatic stinger. But whatever.” Draco said.

“We should now get back to what we were doing.” I said.

“Yah mate.” Chill replied. “Let’s go to wherever you’re goin.”

“Who is that?” Draelin asked.

“I’m Chill.” Chill replied.

“Okay? And you are…?” Draelin asked.

“I told ya already. Chill.” Chill answered.

“It’s literally his name.” I told her.

“Also he calls Mehrunes Meh-brah. It’s funny!” Draco said with a snicker.

“Yea, Draco-brah.” Chill replied.

“Oh yeah he does that to us as well.” Draco added.

“Not to me.” I said.

“Sure ‘bout dat, Ich-brah?” Chill asked.


Akward silence.

“Anyway we need to decide on how to get everyone to the city efficiently.” Draco said, breaking the silence.

“Yeah.” I said. “Any ideas?”

“Hmm… We could have some people ride Zephyr there.” Draco suggested.

“But we don’t want to attract any attention.” I said, “the people on Ertin aren’t Ultimates, they’re normal people. At least most of them.”

“Except, Ich-brah, you’re forgetting that there’s this swag war goin’ on.” Chill interrupted, “people already know of Ultimates’s existence.”

“Not on Hindro.” I said.


“Nevermind.” I said, “any other ideas?”

“Hmm…” Draco thought.

“The capital is thirty minutes away by car.” Kehori said, “does that help?”

“Well it means that if we go by foot it could take over an hour for some of us.” Draco said.

“How about we walk and think?” Uchiho suggested, “so we don’t waste any time.”

“Soundz gud.” Chill said, packing up all his stuff (beanbags, the ipod, and the bowl of leftover nachos). “Ready to go.”

“Alright, let’s walk and think then.” I said, as we began walking to the capital.



-----| Chapter 7 |-----



“So…” I said, “when will we arrive?”

But Laro didn’t reply. I had a feeling that something was wrong… Laro could hear us clearly from the front, but he wasn’t responding…

“Something's wrong.” I said aloud.

“What?” Lavender asked.

“I’m getting out of this limo.” I said, “join me or not.”

“Why though?” Lagi asked, “what’s wrong?”

“Can you see what’s up front? Who’s driving?” I asked.

“Umm… I’ll go see.”

Lagi looked over to see who’s driving. Then, he gasped.

“What is it?!” Ivory asked.

“The driver’s… Dead!” Lagi said.

“WHAT?!” I shouted. I was more into the idea now. “GET OUT OF THE CAR!”

I ripped the door open, and I grabbed Lavender, I didn’t care what Krydret would say, and jumped out. The landing was hard, but it was fine. While Lavender and I got up, Lagi and Ivory had gotten out.


Suddenly, just after we got out of the limo, it crashed into the other vehicles. I didn’t want to waste any time with the cops, so I ran. And the others ran with me.

I then became the ‘source’ so I could go extremely fast. I grabbed Lavender and ran. After I thought I was far enough, I stopped. I looked back for Lagi and Ivory.

“Well, that happened.” Lagi said as he and Ivory appeared next to me.

“Yeah. And we need to know why that happened.” I said, “possibly could be Lagikiller, trying to kill you.”

“Yes but, wait. Did… did Laro die?” Lagi asked.

“I have no idea…” I answered.

“Well, what do we do?” Lagi asked.

“Good question.” I answered, “we need to come up with the answer.”

“We have no way to get to Elec’s place, no person to watch us, no idea where to go, I just don’t know what we’re going to do!” Lagi yelled as he sat down.

“I know… We need to find your uncle then.” I said, “he was in the limo… I’m pretty sure, but before it crashed he was gone…” Then an idea appeared in my head. “W-what if he was an illusion before? Just like what happened in the bathroom?”

“So you’re saying, that he could be dead, and that we were just seeing some sort of hologram that whole time?” Lagi asked.

“Yeah… He probably is still in his mansion…” I said, “because when he got in the limo, he didn’t say anything… Maybe it was Lagikiller in disguise as your uncle… Or maybe he found out you uncle is also a lagiacrus and killed him already and is now after you…”

I just let all my thoughts out.

“This, this is too much. I-I can’t do this for much longer. I’m going to the city, and I’m going to get a ship. One way or another.” Lagi said as he became the source and was off in a flash.

“Lagi! Wait up!” Ivory yelled after him as she soon followed.

I just stood there. I had a decision to make.

“Let’s go after them.” Lavender said, taking my hand.

I felt my face burning. But I ignored it, became the ‘source’ and sped off with her. When we stopped, we were just in front of the big sign that says welcome.

Lagi was there with Ivory. He then turned and saw us.

“So, where should we start?” Lagi asked.

“Maybe by trying to contact your uncle.” I said.

Before Lagi could reply, I heard multiple familiar voices behind me.


“So… What other ideas do we have?” I asked as we walked near the highway.

“Hmmm… Don’t quite know…” Draco said, still thinking.

“Maybe we can just steal a swag ride.” Chill said.

“How about we see if there are any legal ways we can get there first before we steal a car.” Draco suggested.

“Then we can hop onto a swag ride.” Chill said, “not inside, on top of it, Draco-brah.”

“Well we would either need a lot of small cars or a really really big one.” Draco said.

“How about that truck?” Kehori asked, as a big semi truck was moving towards us, on the road of course.

“That works. Now how will we get everyone up there in time?” Draco asked, “especially without the driver noticing.”

“*COUGH COUGH*” Mehrunes coughed. “Teleportation.”

“Okay but there’s one other problem.” Draco said.

“Which is?” Mehrunes asked.

“Zephyr.” Draco said, pointing at the dragon. “He’s too big!”

“Well Zephyr can fly…” Mehrunes replied.

“Well hopefully the driver doesn’t see him.” Draco said. “Anyway let’s hurry up and do this, the truck is almost here.”

“Your cue, now, Meh-brah.” Chill said.

“Yeah yeah.” Mehrunes replied.

“Come on! Do it already.” Chill said.

We then teleported, appearing on the truck. It was filled with stones, and the top was open.

“Well that worked pretty well.” I said, “good thinking, Chill.”

Chill just smiled.

“Now we need to get off once we reach the capital.” Kehori said.

“Easier said than done.” Mehrunes replied.

“What? Can’t you just teleport us off?” Kehori asked.

“Shh don't worry about it.” Mehrunes replied. “I CAN but like I said, it’s easier said than done.”

“It takes energy to teleport just one person with him. Teleporting a lot of people, drains him.” Chill said.

“Ooooooh.” Kehori then got it.

“So then why don’t you take a nap afterwards?” I asked Mehrunes. “You know, like you did when we first met you? It regains your energy?”

“Remember how we had our power boosted by Cellar or whoever?” Mehrunes replied. “Yeah, that helps a lot.”

“Oh right. That makes sense.” I said.

“How long do you think we’ll be here?” Mehrunes asked. “In the truck I mean.”

“29 minutes.” Kehori said, “that’s how long it takes by car.”

“Oh good.” Mehrunes said, laying down on a pillow he took out. “That’s not a long time at all.”

Then I had an idea.

“Wait.” I said, “we can get there faster.”

“Really?” Draco asked. “How?”

“Zephyr is an electric and plasma dragon. He’s the second fastest species of dragons!” I exclaimed, “we can ride him at full speed, and we’d be going too fast for anyone to see us!”

“Fair enough.” Mehrunes replied.

“Well then why didn't we do that when I suggested it earli- never mind. Let's just go.” Draco said. “Zephyr! Come here boy!”

Zephyr walked over to us, and bent down. We then climbed onto Zephyr’s back, with Draco in the front. Surprisingly, we all fit.

“Okay buddy ready?” Draco asked the dragon, who then promptly nodded. “Is everyone else ready to go?”

“I think so.” I said.

“Yes.” Listy and Mehrunes also said at the same time.

“Okay well hopefully everyone is. Zephyr, let's go.” Draco said before Zephyr leaped out of the back of the semi truck.

Then, Zephyr turned around before he began going faster then a supersonic jet!

“HOOOOOLD ONNNNN TIIIIIIGGGHHHHTTT!!!!!!!!!!” Draco yelled from the front, even he was struggling to hold on.

I held as hard as I could. I’m pretty sure all of us did.


When I turned around, I didn’t see anyone. I thought I heard Ichoo’s voice along with other voices screaming, but I was mistaken. The second I turned back around, that blue armored figure from before was right behind Lagi and Ivory with a knife at their necks. The knife literally stretched so it could do that.

And before I could do slash say anything, the figure disappeared. With Lagi and Ivory.

What was there to do to save them? I’ll tell you what I was able to do…


Nothing at all.


While we were going at an extreme speed, Zephyr suddenly stopped. He said something, or more like growled something to Draco.

“What is it Zephyr?” Draco asked.

Zephyr then growled some more.

“Wait, really?” Draco asked. “Hey Ich!”

“What?” I asked.

“Zephyr just told me that Saturo is somewhere down there.” Draco said, pointing down at the city below us.

“Wait, really?” I asked.

“I guess so. Hey Zephyr, could you fly us down to where Saturo is please?” Draco asked.

Zephyr growled again, and sped off into extreme speed once again. And one second later we came to a complete stop.

“Okay we’re on the ground now. Thanks Zephyr.” Draco said, petting Zephyr before getting off.

And then I looked around for Saturo. And when I looked behind Zephyr, I saw…

Well, I saw Saturo and Lavender, but also Lagi and Ivory, with a blue armored guy with a long knife at their throats. I gulped.

“Well that's definitely not good.” Draco muttered.

I wanted to do something, so I ran towards them. But just when I was about to get there, the blue guy disappeared, along with Lagi and Ivory.

I just froze, just like Saturo did in front of me.

“Well now what?” Draco asked, appearing next to me.

After Draco had spoken out loud, Saturo had heard him. He turned around.

“Oh, hello by the way.” Draco said, waving.

Saturo rubbed his eyes. “Wait. You’re real…”

“Well of course we are. Why wouldn’t we?” Draco asked.

“Wait… I need to make sure…” Saturo said, patting Draco and I on the head, “you are physically real. But, I’ll have to ask you some questions to make sure no one is disguised as you.”

“Ummm… Okay.” I replied.

“What’s nine plus ten?” Saturo asked.

“Are you asking that as an actual math question or as a joke?” Draco asked.

“Well, Ich would know.” Saturo said, “that is if he’s the real one.”

“I am the real one.” I replied, “you’re an only child, your parent’s names are Kyro and Marga Kanshiro, and one time during fifth grade, you peed in your pants.” I then remembered to add. “Oh, and nine plus ten, according to the vine on Hindro, is twenty-one but mathematically it’s nine-teen.”

Saturo wasn’t shocked. “I knew it was you, I just had to make sure… But why did you have to reveal, that, in front of everyone?”

“I don’t know.” I replied.

“I’ve honestly heard of more embarrassing things.” Draco said.

“Good to know.” Saturo replied.

“Anyway we noticed that Lagi and Ivory vanished. Do you know why?” Draco asked.

“No. But I do know they are being hunted, and I believe that they were kidnapped by the hunter.” Saturo said, “his name is Lagikiller.”

“Okay well what are we supposed to do?” Draco asked.

“Good question.” Saturo replied, “I know what I am supposed to do. Get back to Elec’s Mansion.”

“And how exactly do you plan to do that?” Draco asked.

“Find a spaceship, and get back.” Saturo replied.

“You can drive spaceships?” I asked.

“No, but Glitter can.” Saturo replied, “he knows all the functions pretty well.”

“Of course he does.” Mehrunes said, suddenly talking. “So now all you need is a ship eh?”

“Yeah, I’ll need to get back to Elec pretty soon.” Saturo replied, “it’s part of a test.”

“Because of course it is.” Mehrunes said.

“I’ll also have to tell him about what happened.” Saturo said. “To Lagi and Ivory.”

“Well of course.” Mehrunes replied. “These things are awfully obvious…”

“Well… Now the question is what are you guys doing here?” Saturo asked.

“I’m pretty sure we were looking for you.” Mehrunes replied. “Ich’s idea am I right Ich?”

“Yeah.” I replied, “Glare said we don’t need him any more, and he told us we should find you.”

“Well, I guess you guys can come along then.” Saturo replied, before looking back, “ummm… some of you.”

“Oh I’ll be going home, so I won’t be coming.” Kehori said before she walked away. “Bye guys.”

“Bye.” Most of us replied.

After she disappeared, Saturo said, “so… We should get going.”

Then Saturo spotted Chill.

“Hmm? Who are you?” Saturo asked.

“Dem chillin’ that chill.” Chill replied, “a-k-a Chill.”

“Chill? Your name is Chill?”


“Why is he here with you guys?” Saturo asked the rest of us.

“Cause he came with Nix, who wanted the ghost stone, and he tagged along.” Mehrunes replied.

“Oh yeah. Speaking of that, I should tell you what happened with him.” Saturo said.

Chill’s eyes widened. He wanted to hear this, obviously.

“Nah we can do that after, we have lives to save or something.” Mehrunes replied.

“No, tell now. You can’t save that other kid, it’s too late for him.” Chill replied.

“How would you know are you in cahoots?” Mehrunes questioned.

“Nah, but I figured what dey are dealin with.” Chill replied, turning to Saturo, “tell ‘bout dat ghost dude.”

“Alright.” Saturo replied, “well. He came to Elec’s mansion, and then I learned that the ghost dude’s name is Shock, and he used to be Elec’s old student. Crazy, right?”

“Yes.” Mehrunes replied. “No one saw that coming.”

“And what’s more crazy, is that in the past, he was on a mission with Elec to get a powerful stone and keep it safe so it never falls in the wrong hands. Well, it fell into Shock’s hands, and the power controlled him. So Elec cursed him.” Saturo explained, “he made him invisible and powerless. He could only speak. Nothing else.”

“Yeah until he could posses people.” Mehrunes replied.

“Yeah, and the way he learned that is…” Saturo continued, “he went to this planet with witches. They use dark magic. They took him into their clan, and taught him how to possess. But under one condition, which was that he brought them that gem.”

“Wow…” I said.

“And that means that the gem is on a planet protected by witches.” Mehrunes replied. “There ya go Chill, hey why do you even want the gem?”

“It’s more of a secret.” Chill replied, “but I’m willing to take out witches for it.”

“I forgot to mention Shock wanted to get revenge on Elec. Well, the witches were hurting Elec. They also hurt us, and it was painful, but we were saved by this one wizard.” Saturo added.

“A wizard?” Mehrunes questioned.

“Yeah, like an elemental master of magic or something.” Saturo answered.

“You get to do all the cool stuff dontcha?” Mehrunes asked. “Yaknow, besides a few things.”

“Yeah…” Saturo replied, “but if Chill wants to go fight the witches, I’m willing to go with him. I need to learn more about them, and more about Elec and Shock.”

“Oi that sounds like fun can I come?” Mehrunes asked.

“Sure, homie.” Chill replied, “you all can come if ya want.”

“Great.” I said.

“But first let’s get a spaceship and go to Elec’s mansion.” Saturo said.

“Sounds good to me.” Lavender said, finally speaking.

“Now let’s go to the space station.”



-----| Chapter 8 |-----



“Okay, guys.” I said as we walked to the space station. “How many Ultims do we have?”

“I have…” Draco said, starting to count.

“I don’t have mah wallet, but I got ten Ultims so I can buy food.” Chill said. “But I barely use it since I eat nachos all da time.”

“Okay I have about 400!” Draco said, done counting.

“Oh wow.” Chill said, “dude where did you get all that money!?”

“Glare gave it to me and I haven’t spent most of it.” Draco replied.

“This Glare guy must be rich.” Chill commented, “I haven’t got even a 100 Ultims in my wallet. Only 50. I don’t work, so I guess that explains it.”

“Glare is a scientist so…” Ichoo said, “he makes some money. He also has a giant lab in his basement.”

“And he gave each of us that much money.” Draco said pointing at me, Ich and a few others.

“Oh yeah… When did he do that? Before the war started?” Ich asked.

“Don’t you remember from awhile ago? He gave us money before sending us to the place where we met Tango and I bought this?” Draco asked, taking out his bow.

“Oh…” Ich said, digging into his pocket. He then took out his wallet. “Oh hey. 500 Ultims right here.”

“My Ultims are at Elec’s Mansion.” I said, as we approached the space station, “but hey. That should be enough to buy a spaceship.”

“Hopefully it’s one that has enough room for everyone.” Draco said.

“1,000 Ultims is a lot of mulah.” Chill said, “you can buy an entire house with that. Man, Glare must be really rich to give you that much money!”

“I also have 500.” Mehrunes said. “So it just keeps getting better.”

“1,400!” Chill exclaimed, “wow.”

We then walked past other spaceships. Then I realized. What do I do?

“Umm…” I said, “we can’t buy spaceships here. There isn’t a spaceship shop.”

“Oh great. Then what are we gonna do?” Draco asked.

Before I could reply, a man walked over to us. He looked pretty intimidating, and he had a cool shield. He looked at us.

“Hey kiddos.” The man said, “you look like you’re in trouble.”

“How so?” Mehrunes asked.

“You look like ya need a ride.” The man said, “I can give ya one. Fer the right price.”

“Sounds expensive and kidnappy.” Mehrunes replied.

“Nah.” The man replied, “say, how many of ya are there, eh?”

“Umm…” Draco said, counting. “There are eleven of us including the dragon and the cat.”

“Well, I’ll give ya a ride. Ya’ll need a good pilot ta get past that battlefield out there.” The man said, “it’ll cost ya fifty Ultims.”

“*Ahem Ahem* Group *Ahem Ahem*” Mehrunes coughed. “What do you think?”

“Better deal than buying one.” Ich said, “it’s pretty cheap.”

“Wait a sec.” Draco said, turning back to the man. “Is it fifty Ultims in total or fifty Ultims each?”

“In total.” The man replied.

“Okay thanks.” Draco said before coming back to the group.

“Hmm.” I said, “I would say sure, but we need to be cautious.”

“Right.” Draco said.

“Any objections on the decision?” Ich asked.

“No.” Mehrunes replied.

“Not from me.” Draco said.

“ALRIGHT.” The man shouted, “are you ready to go?”

“No.” Mehrunes replied. “We’re still converstating.”

“Alright.” The man said.

“What?” Chill asked, “thought we were already finished talkin, mah homies.”

“How exactly are we going to ‘be cautious’?” Mehrunes asked.

“Well, I dunno.” Chill replied, “I guess ya could ask da dude if he be an Ultimate. If not, pretty easy ta beat in a swag battle.”

“You go do that.” Mehrunes replied. “Other than that I guess we’re done.”

“Aye!” Chill then shouted at the man, “ya got a crystal on ye? Or got one at all, m-eight?”

“Yes and no.” The man replied, “haven’t got one yet. Kinda hard to do. They show up more often for kiddos like you then for adults like me. I make a living by being a bounty hunter.”

“That’s cool.” Mehrunes said before walking over to him and saying something. “Can I have your contact info…?”

“Why would you need that?” The man asked.

“For multiple reasons.” Mehrunes replied.

“Hmph.” The man reacted, “I can give you my phone number if you’d like. But I rarely carry my phone around. So if you ever want to contact me, I’ll be hanging out at the Canteen. Located in downtown. If I’m not there, I’ll be in another canteen. You can ask the people, they’ll know where I am.”

“Thanks.” Mehrunes replied. “Guess we’re ready to go.”

“Alright then, follow me to my spaceship.” The man replied, walking.

“All right.” Mehrunes replied walking too.

We all followed the man through the space station. We walked towards a pretty big and interesting spaceship.

“I like your shield, where’d you get it?” Mehrunes asked the man, looking at the shield he had.

“Oh, I bought it at this one shop at the Tech Planet.” The man replied, “shop owner gave me a discount, since I did a mission for him.”

“Cool, what’s it do?” Mehrunes asked.

“Lots of cool stuff, for example, it deflects attacks.” The man replied.

“Cool…” Mehrunes replied.

“Sounds like you want one Mehrunes.” Draco said.

“Just a lot.” Mehrunes replied.

Then, another man was at the entrance of the spaceship. He greeted the man leading us. They talked afterwards.

“Hey there.” The man leading us with the shield said, “what do you need from me?”

“Nothing really. You promised that you would come on a mission with us. Today. At this time.” The man who was waiting by the spaceship said.

“Oh. Sorry about that. I can’t go. I already have a small mission.” The man with the shield said, “get on the spaceship, kiddos.”

Uchiho, Draco, Lavender, and Draelin entered first (Along with Zephyr and Fireball). Chill, Ich, Mehrunes, Listy, and I waited, watching the conversation between these two strange men.

“No! I do not accept this.” The man said to our leader, “you’ve done this ten times in a row now! You have to come with us. We can’t do the mission without another person.”

“Well, sorry, but I can’t.” The man with the shield replied, “you're on your own. Find someone else.”

“But the prize is 4,000 Ultims! And there’ll be four of us, so that will split into 1,000 ultims each! Thats a lot!” The man said.

“It is.” Mehrunes said, getting himself to be part of the men’s conversation.

The man then saw Mehrunes.

“Hmmmm…” he said, looking at him strangely, “you have an Ultimate Crystal? Your power is pretty high for a kid like you.”

“Indeed I do.” Mehrunes replied. “Why do you ask?”

“First, tell me.” the man said, “how did you obtain this power?”

“Off the top of my head? An arena battle, lotta training, getting my power boosted… there's probably more I dunno anymore.” Mehrunes replied.

The man looked around at the rest of us. “You all have high power.” he said, “except for that girl.” He was talking about Listy. But for some reason, not Chill. “Say…” the man continued, “do any of you want to substitute for this guy here? Go on the mission with us? Get 1,000 ultims?”

“I don’t really need money.” I said.

“Fine then, who doesn’t have any parents here?” The man reworded.

I thought. Not me, not Ich, Draco did, but he’s on his own now… Listy did, cause she said so before… Chill I have no idea… Mehrunes? I have no idea too.

“Why do you need to know that?” Mehrunes questions.

“People who have no parents, have to make their own money, so they can live.” The man said, “if you got no parents, you can come with us on the mission and get 1,000 dollars.”

“Okay one, that doesn’t make very much sense. Two… WHAT IS THE MISSION WE CAN'T DO SOMETHING IF WE DON'T KNOW WHAT IT IS! Three, why do you need one of us anyway?” Mehrunes said.

“Look kiddo.” The man said, “you’re an Ultimate. So you’ll be better than this moron.” The man pointed at the other man with the shield. “And for your second question… We don’t know the mission until we attend it. We are told it and then we do it, it’s how this mission works.”

“Right.” Mehrunes replied. “Sure why not.”

“Alright then. Meet me at the canteen. The team members will all be there.” The man said, turning to the man with the shield, “thanks.”

He then walked away. I turned to Mehrunes.

“So, you’re gonna go bounty hunting?” I asked.

“Uh yes.” Mehrunes replied.

“So now you get to do some cool stuff.” I said, “well. After you finish with that, meet us at Elec’s Mansion. Do you know how to get there?”

“No but I can give you something so I know how you got there.” Mehrunes replied. “Other than that I dunno. I’ll manage…?”

“Alright then, the rest of us, should probably go.” Ich said, before he entered the spaceship, “see ya later, Mehrunes.”

“Bye.” Mehrunes replied.

“Have fun bounty huntin, Meh-brah.” Chill said.

“You have fun in a mansion.” Mehrunes replied. “‘Chi-brah…”

“Ya forgot the L’s. Chill-brah.” Chill said back.

“You forget the ‘runes’.” Mehrunes replied. “So Chill.”

“Meh.” Chill said, shrugging, “make sure to stay alive. And stay chill.”

“Bye Mehrunes.” I said, before I entered the spaceship with Chill.

Then when I entered, the doors closed. And I realized Listy wasn’t on the spaceship. She was with Mehrunes. Eh.

“Alrighty kiddos.” The man with the shield said, “where to?”

“Electric Planet.” I said.

“Alright.” the man said back.

The inside of the spaceship was pretty cool. We were in a living room, and there was a table with a checkerboard on it.

“Take a seat. It’ll be awhile before we arrive.” the man said.



-----| Chapter 9 |-----



“Do you know where the canteen is?” Listy asked, as she and Mehrunes walked through the space station.

“Uhh no…” Mehrunes replied. “I’m guessing the general direction that other guy went.”

“Do you know where he went?” Listy asked.

“Yes.” Mehrunes replied.

“Really?” Listy asked.

“Vaguely.” Mehrunes replied. “Why did you come?”

“Reasons.” Listy replied.

“What reasons?”

“Just reasons.”

“That’s not a valid reason for your reasons.”

“Yes it is.”

“No it’s not.”

“Well if you don’t know the reason…s then you haven’t been paying much attention.”

“I have been paying much attention though.” Mehrunes replied. “It doesn’t take a lot.”

“That’s not very nice.” Listy replied.

“Sure it is.”


“I said ‘sure i-”

“Yes I heard you what do you mean by that though?”

“Take a guess.”


“Why not?”

“Because I don’t want to!”


“Because that would give it away and you’re supposed to find it yourself!”

“Ah okay.” Mehrunes replied. “I’ll keep an eye out. Or an ear out. Or whatever.”

“Seriously?” Listy questioned.

“What?” Mehrunes asked.

“Did you not hear anything before?” Listy asked.

“Before what?” Mehrunes asked back.

“I dunno, now.”

“Yes I have heard things before now.”

“Wait really?”

“Yeah I heard these ants ya know and they were talking about their queen an-”

“NOT THAT!” Listy yelled.

“Oh.” Mehrunes replied. “Are you sure? It’s really interesting.”

“I don’t wanna hear about your ants!” Lity replied.

“They’re not my ants.” Mehrunes replied.

“Then whose ants are they?”

“The queen’s ants I guess.”

“You’re confusing me.”


“Cause you’re talking about ants!”

“That’s not confusing.” Mehrunes replied.

“It’s bugging me.”



“Ants… Bugging…”

“Oh, pun not intended.”

“It should be.”

“Why.” Listy asked.

“Because it’s funny.” Mehrunes replied.

“No it’s not.”

“Draco would like it.”

“Yeah he would.”

“The rest of the group would probably also like to know that I can resurrect people, but we won’t tell them that will we?”

“Wait what?” Listy asked, confused. “I mean, yeah.”

“Probably also like to know that I have a pet but we won’t tell them that either.”

“Wait you have a pet?” Listy asked, confused again.

“Yes. They aren’t exactly detectives.” Mehrunes replied.

“No joke.”

“Draco seemed mildly unhappy about Folly becoming his friend, and killing ‘Broshi’ or whatever.”

“What? When?” Listy asked, again confused.

“Not directly but I could tell that in a way he wasn't fully happy.” Mehrunes replied. “Might not have been because of the Broshi thing.”

“I don’t follow.”

“Me either.”

“What?” Listy asked.

“I dunno I think we’ve confused ourselves.” Mehrunes answered.


“How should I know?”

“You’re the detective!”

“Elementary, dear Watson.”


“Alright where IS the canteen anyway.” Mehrunes asked.

“Why don’t you just ASK someone?” Listy replied.

“No I see the sign I think.” Mehrunes said, looking at a sign in the distance. “No, that’s a bee not an ‘O’.”

“I don’t think it is.” Listy replied.

“You’re right.” Mehrunes said. “It is it I think.”

“Excuse me.” the two of them then heard a voice, “do you know where the Bounty Canteen is?”

They turned and spotted a man, with a rocket launcher hanging on his back.

“Uhh not really.” Mehrunes replied.

“Oh. Well, I gotta get there quick.” The man said, “bye.” He then walked away, leaving Mehrunes and Listy alone again.

“Oh good.” Mehrunes replied afterwards.

“Let’s ask someone!” Listy exclaimed.





“Fine.” Mehrunes said, giving in.

“Yaaaaay.” Lity said sarcastically.

“Why is that yay?”

“It was sarcastic.”

“I know but sti-”

“Excuse me sir.” Listy interrupted to ask a passing man. “Do you know where the canteen is?”

“Canteen? Which one?” the passing man asked.

“One with bounty hunters.” Listy replied.

“You mean the Bounty Canteen? That’s over there.” The man said, “go straight, take a left, and it’ll be on your right.”

“Thanks.” Listy said.

“Well we’ll be there soon.” Mehrunes said.

They started walking toward the direction the man had told them to go.

“Are we there yet? Listy asked.


“Why don’t you teleport?”

“I dunno.”

“Then do.”

“Okay fine.”

Mehrunes then teleported. They then were right in front of the Bounty Canteen. It was crowded, with lots of people.

“Oh hey, there you are!” the man from before said, “what took you so long?”

“I dunno what you’re talking about.” Mehrunes replied.

“Ah, I’m just kidding with ya. You’re on time.” The man said, “come on in. Meet the other team members.”

Mehrunes and Listy followed the man into the canteen. There were a lot of people, some were going crazy, and some were calm. The man lead them to the corner, where there were two other people sitting there already.

“Corpse! About time you showed up!” said one of the guys there.

There were two people sitting there, both guys. The first one had brown hair, with orange armor on, with two pistols. The second one had normal clothes, blue pants and a green shirt, as well as blue hair.

“Yeah, yeah. Let’s get this mission over with so we get the money.” The man (Corpse) replied, “this kid here’s replacing Shutter. He’s also an Ultimate, like the two of you. But he’s got a different level.” Corpse looked over at Mehrunes. “What was your name?”

“Mehrunes.” Mehrunes replied.

“Mehrunes ‘s name.” Corpse said. “Mehrunes, this is Hamshere Ren, and the other one’s Rando Golby.”

“Nice for you to tag along, Mehrunes.” Hamshere said, “hope you’re better than Rando. He’s a big moron. Can’t tell apart shoes with flip flops.”

“He’s not a moron.” Mehrunes replied. “He’s random.”

“What?” Listy asked confused again.

“Exactly, he’s a random moron.” Hamshere said.

“No I mean he’s literally random!” Mehrunes replied. “His power is random, his name implies random and he is in fact pure randomness.”

“AM NOT!” Rando yelled. “OoOoO A SQUIRLLR.”

“He also has a habit of sucking his foot.” Hamshere added, “it’s disgusting.” Hamshere then looked at Mehrunes. “Wait, how do you know this guy’s random when you just met him?”

“I didn’t just meet him.” Mehrunes replied. “We met a long time ago…”

“Oh.” Hamshere said, “well he’s still a moron. I mean… Look at him!”

Rando was now sucking his foot.

“He always did that. One time he claimed it tasted like a bananas underwear…” Mehrunes replied. “I have no clue what that means. It’s his little cling to any form of sanity.”

“Doesn’t change the fact that he’s a moron.” Hamshere said.

“Guys! We have a mission to attend!” Corpse shouted, “come on! Follow me to the spaceship. We also have someone else on our team, who is our pilot.”

“Alright, hope you don’t mind Listy tagging along.” Mehrunes said.

“Sure, your girlfriend can come too.” Hamshere said back, getting up to follow Corpse.


“No you don’t.” Mehrunes replied.

“He always does that. He actually needs the pineapple pen.” Hamshere said, “once on a mission he didn’t bring it, and he messed up everything. We were almost sued. But when he brought the pen, he got the mission done, and we got the money.”

“Well okay.” Mehrunes replied. “Let’s just go.”

“I FOUND IT. I’m gud now.” Rando said. “Its mah penapple pie.”

Rando looked around and everyone was gone, walking behind Corpse.

“WAIT FER ME!” Rando yelled going really fast.

“Gah!” Mehrunes yelled. “Don’t do that!”

“Too bad!!!!” Rando yelled.

“Alright where's your ship?” Mehrunes questioned.

“We aren’t taking my ship. Remember? The other teammate’s ship.” Corpse replied.

“Yeah yeah yeah WHERE IS IT?!” Mehrunes yelled in question.

“Follow me.”

They then walked out of the canteen and back to the space station. They walked toward a spaceship, and entered it.

“Here we are.” Corpse said, “now I’ll load the weapons.”

“I’ll go with you.” Hamshere said.

They both then walked and disappeared from Mehrunes’s view. He was standing next to the pilot’s area, with Listy and Rando.

“Purple.” Rando said.

“No purple.” Listy replied.

“Red?” Rando asked.

“No.” Listy said.

“Fine.” Rando said. “I’ll just be purpling in my head.”

“What all noise come from?” said a voice from the pilot’s seat.

Then a man with an orange beard appeared.

“Who you are?” the man asked the three of them.

“Don’t you mean ‘who are you’?”.” Mehrunes asked.

“Sorry. No English very good.” The man replied, pointing at himself. “speak Latin.”

“O vere?” Mehrunes replied in latin. “Well aye aye captain. We’re replacing your old bounty hunter buddy.”

“*GRUNT*” The man said, looking at Rando, “keep quiet. Haired blue. Ship crash, loud sounds.”

“What?” Mehrunes asked.

“Paulo has, you say like, hearing is sensitive?” The man said.

“Oh.” Mehrunes replied. “Cause you had a ship crash?”

The man (Paulo) nodded. “Good not time.”

“Okay.” Mehrunes replied. “I’ve been in multiple but my hearing isn't damaged. So I’m sorry for your hearing thing.”

“Keep blue silent.” Paulo said, “no noise.”

“Who’s blue?” Mehrunes asked.

Paulo pointed at Rando.

“Oh.” Mehrunes replied taking out some duct tape. “I have an easy fix.”

Mehrunes duct taped Randos mouth shut, and he suddenly fell asleep.

“Better?” Mehrunes asked.

“Much very.” Paulo said, “...... how you say…? Thanks?”

“You’re welcome.” Mehrunes replied.

Paulo smiled. “Still learning, Paulo.”

“You’re learning great, as well as referring to yourself in the third person.” Mehrunes replied.

“Third?” Paulo asked. He put three of his fingers up. “Third… Three?”

“Paulo, what that means is instead of saying I or me, you call yourself Paulo which is your name. The ‘Third person’ meaning it’s what someone else would say, like hey Paulo you have something on your lip.” Mehrunes explained. “You don’t have to get it quite yet.”

“Paulo understood.” Paulo replied. “You not answer Paulo’s question. Who you are? Name.”

“I’m Mehrunes. This is Listy and the sleeping one’s name is Rando…” Mehrunes replied.

“Meet good.” Paulo said. “Conatur dicere delicatus in occursum adventus tui.”

“It’s nice to meet you too.” Mehrunes replied. “So when are the others coming back?”

“Others not come. Others fix gun.” Paulo said, “Paulo good gun.”

“Okay…” Mehrunes replied. “Do you have any seats?”

“Seats in room living.” Paulo replied. “Of ship. No belts. Paulo drive smoothly.”

“Okay…I’ll go in there…” Mehrunes replied, dragging the sleeping Rando.

“Yeah me too.” Listy replied, following Mehrunes.

“Guess we’re waiting to leave now.” Mehrunes said.

“Yeah sure.”

“What do ya mean?”

“I mean sure.”

“That’s not helpful.”

“I know.”

“Do you?”


“Or not?”

“What?” Listy questioned.

“I sai-”


“I mean I know more than you.”

“That’s not nice.”

“Okay how about this: I know more than you know.”

“How is that better?”

“Because I’m saying I’m acting like I know less than I do.”


“Yeah. ‘Oh.’” Mehrunes replied.

Then, the spaceship began to move. The engine had started, and the ship left the ground. After that happened, Hamshere came to the living room.

“Yo wassup.” Hamshere said.

“Rando is sleeping and I’m wondering why I came.” Lity replied.

“Also he sky and probably space.” Mehrunes replied.

“Sounds legit.” Hamshere said, “Corpse and I got the weapons ready. The guy who gave us the mission will tell us what to do when Paulo gets us there.”

“Okay.” Mehrunes replied.

“Have ya ever even went bounty hunting before?” Hamshere asked.

“Not that you know of.” Mehrunes replied.

“No.” Listy replied.

“Why do you ask?” Mehrunes questioned.

“So I know your level.” Hamshere replied. “I’ll have to teach you some things about bounty huntin’.”

“Uh okay…” Mehrunes replied.

“Well, first of all.” Hamshere said, “when we bounty hunt, all ya should care about is getting the money. That’s priority 1.”

“Well duh.” Mehrunes replied.

“Why is that duh?” Listy asked.

“Because it’s obvious.” Mehrunes replied. “What else ya got?”

“Not much.” Hamshere said, “as long as you can follow orders.”

“E-z P-z.” Mehrunes replied.

“I’m sure I can manage.” Listy replied.

“I don’t get why that was necessary, it seems like it’s basic.” Mehrunes replied. “When are we getting there?”

“Soon.” Hamshere said.

“Soon is a relative term.” Mehrunes replied.

“I guess it is.” Hamshere responded.

“You done fixing the blasted gun yet?” Mehrunes asked. “Is that why you’re here?”

“Yeah, we already got the weapons ready. Corpse is double-checking his gear.” Hamshere replied.

“Alright.” Mehrunes replied, taking his kanana out to shine and sharpen it. “Rando is quiet at least.”

“Yep. I like him better this way.” Hamshere said, “how did you get him to shut up anyway? I tried everything and it didn’t work.”

“It’s crazy. Banana scented duct tape over his mouth makes him sleep it’s so weird and oddly consistent for him.” Mehrunes replied with a smirk. “I figured it out when he had duct tape over his mouth and sniffed a banana… don’t ask.”

“Okay…” Hamshere replied.

“Yeah it’s the least random thing in his life I’m pretty sure.” Mehrunes replied. “Question, how did you become a bounty hunter?”

“Well. I used to go to school back on Ertin. Except I was, like, suspended for good. And I don’t like school anyway, the only good thing was… Well you don’t need to know that.” Hamshere explained, “but yeah. Kicked out. And I needed to make money so I can live. My older brother’s a bounty hunter, and he said it pays well. So I decided to become one too, and taking breaks sometimes. Say… I think I recognize you… From somewhere…”

“I dunno why.” Mehrunes replied.

“Yeah, now that I think about it, I do recognize you… Do you know anyone named… Asolo?” Hamshere asked.

“Yes…” Mehrunes replied.

“Aha. Yes, I’ve met you, or at least saw you, before.” Hamshere replied, “you also know Naro, Lard, and Harry?”

“Yes.” Mehrunes replied. “And now that you mention it, weren’t we on a roof or some nonsense?”

“Yes. At Shot and Arrow Base…” Hamshere replied, “yeah, those guys were my classmates, except I got kicked out of the school.”

“Right.” Mehrunes replied. “What were you doing there?”

“Doing where?” Hamshere asked.

“On the roof with your classmates.” Mehrunes replied. “It was fairly apparent that you did not like each other. But why and, what did you do, or they do?”

“It’s a personal matter.” Hamshere said.

“You’ve said that twice now and I’m still not convinced that it’s super secret or important.” Mehrunes replied. “Or a personal matter that you need to keep to yourself, for any excuse you can make.”

“I have my reasons. But it really is complicated.” Hamshere said.

“Including that excuse.” Mehrunes replied.

“And it’s none of your business.” Hamshere responded.

“Arrived! Land!” Paulo shouted from the pilot’s seat.

“That’s more like it. Time to get bounty hunting.” Hamshere said smiling.



-----| Chapter 10 |-----



“Get comfy. It’ll be awhile.” The man with the shield said.

He was in the pilot’s seat, driving the spaceship through space. The rest of us sat in his living room, waiting. I sat next to Ich. It’s been awhile since we’ve seen each other, so this was pretty awesome.

Lavender was sitting with Uchiho and Draelin. Draco was sitting in front of us, with Zephyr and Fireball. And Chill was chilling on a couch by himself.

“Ugh… I just realized I haven’t eaten anything in a long while, I’m hungry…” Draco said, holding his stomach before speaking strangely, “Ita ut esurientem…”

“What?” Ich asked.

“Hmm?” Draco said, confused, turning around to look at us. “Was it something I said?”

“Yeah.” Ich replied.

“What was it that I said?” Draco asked.

“I don’t know, I didn’t understand it.” Ich said back.

“Oh you mean when I went ‘Ita ut esurientem…’? That’s Latin for ‘So, so hungry…’.” Draco said.

“Ah. Well I only speak English. I don’t know Latin.” Ich replied.

“Well I also know spanish but anyway that doesn’t change the fact that I’m hungry.” Draco said.

“Why don’t ya have some nachos, Draco-brah?” Chill offered.

“Sure!” Draco said.

Chill then threw a bowl of nachos to Draco. Draco caught it and started eating.

“You’re welcome, Draco-brah.” Chill said.

“Thank you!” Draco said before he ate more nachos.

“Can I have some too?” I asked Draco. “I haven’t ate in awhile too.”

“Sure, here.” Draco said, handing me the bowl.

“Thanks.” I said, eating some nachos, “by the way… What did you guys go through without me? I told you what happened to me, with Shock and all, but what happened to you?”

“Well I had to fight an evil twin brother I apparently had with me and Folly teaming up and killing him, at least I think we did…” Draco replied.

“Wait, what?” I asked.

“Seriously.” Draco said truthfully.

“You have a twin brother?” I asked.

“Yes, yes I apparently did.” Draco said.

“How did that work?” I asked again.

“Well me and Folly won so I guess it worked out fine.” Draco replied.

“Huh.” I responded, “so Folly’s not your enemy anymore? Or does he still think you are that Broshi dude?”

“No, we’re cool now. And I have to say, it feels nice not having to worry about someone wanting to kill me because of a misunderstanding.” Draco said. “Anyway, Ich how about you tell what you did while Saturo was gone?”

“Oh um.” Ich said, “well Mehrunes and I were captured. We were at one of the war ships, and we escaped with an elemental master of plants. But we had to help by being on a mission, and we got our power boosted. We accomplished the mission, and came back to Glare, before coming to find you.”

“Huh. Cool.” I replied.

“Aye, when are we gonna arrive?” Chill asked.

“In a million years.” The man from before replied.

“Okay, I’ll just chill… Whatchur name, anyway, pilot?” Chill asked.

“My folks call me Shutter.” The man replied, “and I’m a bounty hunter. Giving you kiddos a ride is E-A-S-Y way to get money. We’ll be there in a minute.”

“Sounds legitness.” Chill effused.

“So… Where do ya want to go? Specifically on the Electric Planet.” Shutter asked.

“Well.” I said, thinking. I couldn’t just tell him where Elec’s mansion was. I’d have to have him just stop at a space station, and then we walk to the mansion. “Just stop us at the space station.”

“Any space station?” Shutter questioned.


“Alrighty then.”

I felt as the spaceship descended into the Electric Planet’s atmosphere. Looking out of the window, I see the space station. If I would describe it, then it’s like an airport, and a gas station combined. All of the space stations are like that. On every planet, other than the ones that don’t have spaceships in general.

“Ahem…” Shutter then said, “this is your captain speaking… We are now about to land. As you can see the seatbelt sign has been turned on… Prepare for landing.”

“Yay we’re finally here!” Draco exclaimed.

The spaceship landed, and we all got up, ready to leave.

“Ahem.” Shutter said, as we were about to exit the spaceship, “50 Ultims please.”

“Right, here.” Lavender said, handing Shutter 50 Ultims.

“Alrighty…” Shutter smiled, “have a nice day!”

We then all exited the spaceship. I looked around to make sure everyone was here. Me, Lavender, Ichoo, Draco… Uchiho, Draelin, Chill… Fireball and Zephyr… Check. We’re all here.

Shutter then took off after we got off. He was gone. Huh. I guess that’s how business works.

“So…?” Ich asked, “are you gonna take us to Elec’s mansion now?”

“Yeah. It’s a bit far, but I can get us there fast.” I replied. “And so can Zephyr.”

“Okay well which way is it?” Draco asked.

“That way. But we gotta get out of the space station first.” I said. “Follow me.”

I led us out of the space station. The space station was next to mountains too. You could see lightning bolts inside them, moving around.

“It feels funny being on the Electric Planet.” Draco said, shivering a bit.

“Maybe because it’s ‘shocking’.” Uchiho said with a giggle.

“Nice pun but I mean it feels funny because your hair stands on end because of all the electricity.” Draco said, pointing at his hair which was pointing up like hundreds of small brown spikes.

“Oh yeah. When you’re next to mountains that happens!” I said.

“So are the mountains like giant lightning rods or something?” Draco asked before he was interrupted.

GAHHH! MY FUR IS ALL POOFY!” Fireball screamed in terror. “I’M A FLUFFY MONSTER!”

“To be honest, Zephyr is more of a monster.” Draelin commented.

“Speaking of Zephyr he is definitely… energetic.” Draco said pointing at Zephyr who was flying around so fast we could barely see him.

“Seems so.” Ich agreed.

“Maybe it's because he's part electric and this is the Electric Planet?” Draco suggested.

“Yeah, that explains it. I am more powerful on the Electric Planet since my main power is electricity. I could use the energy in the planet to my advantage.” I said.

“Huh, that's neat.” Draco said, looking at a small amount of plasma he had made in his hands. The plasma had small bolts of electricity surging through it.

“So you also use electricity now?” Ich asked Draco. “Not just plasma?”

“Well… I don’t know, maybe?” Draco replied while shrugging. “I don’t know I’m just a surprised as you. Maybe it’s because of the planet again.”

“I guess.” Ich said. “But anyway, we should get going now. Which direction, Saturo?”

“That way.” I replied, pointing past the mountains, “half of us will ride of Zephyr, and the other half will ride on Glitter.”

Glitter then leaped out of my pocket, and grew big. He was still a Gryffin too.

“Huh. That's an interesting ability.” Draco said as he climbed onto Zephyr’s back.

“Yeah.” Lavender said, “apparently he’s a Chimæra. Shapeshifting animal.”

“Neat. Anyway who's riding on Zephyr?” Draco asked.

“Take Uchiho and Draelin.” I said, “I’ll take Lavender and Ich… wait a second… Where’d Chill go?!”

“You're right he's gone!” Draco said looking around.

“Where did he go?!” Ich questioned, looking around as well.

“Fellas! Imma righta here, homies!” we heard Chill’s voice say.

We turned and looked over at the direction we heard the voice come from, and spotted Chill on a ledge of the mountain, listening to music with earbuds from his ipod.

“I was just like, ‘yo, check dat chill ledge out! So chill! I gotta stand on it!’ So I did, and I was like, ‘this chill ledge needz some chill music!’ So here I iz now, chillin that chill, on a chill ledge, listening to some chill music.” Chill explained.

“Uh huh.” I replied, before turning to ask the others, “does he always do that?”

“Most of the time, no. But I’m gathering he’ll do that often.” Draco answered.

Chill then leaped down to us. He was still listening to ‘chill’ music.

“So shall we go now?” Draco asked.

“Yep.” Chill replied. “Howz we gona get to da mansion, tho?”

“Right, you weren’t listening.” Ich said, “we’re ‘gona’ split up, half of us will ride on Zephyr, and the other half will ride on Glitter. You’ll ride with us on Glitter, since Glitter is bigger than Zephyr.”

“Pretty dope. Let’s go.” Chill replied.

I had already gotten onto Glitter while Ich explained what was going on to Chill. Soon we all had gotten on.

I was on Glitter with Ich, Lavender, and Chill, while Draco was on Zephyr with Uchiho and Draelin.

“Okay now lead the way!” Draco said to me.

“Let’s go Glitter.” I said to Glitter telepathically before I told Draco, “Draco, tell Zephyr to follow Glitter.”

“He already knows to do that, anyway Zephyr let’s go!” Draco said, patting Zephyr on the head.

“Alright then.”

Suddenly, Glitter took off in extreme speed. After five seconds, we stopped. And we were right in front of Elec’s Mansion.

Shortly after, Zephyr came with the others.

“Wow that is a BIG mansion.” Draco said, looking at it.

“What do you expect?” Ich replied, “Elec’s the ‘master’ of electricity!”

“Well still.” Draco said as he made Zephyr land.

“Anyway, let’s go.” I said.

We got off of Glitter and walked to the front door. I rang the doorbell. We waited afterwards.

“Ain’t nobody openin’ da door, y'all.” Chill said.

“Well then what do we do? Bust it down?” Draco asked with a bit of sarcasm.

“Absolutely notz.” Chill said, “we just gotz to chill. Bustin’ down chill doors ain’t chill.”

“I was being sarcast- nevermind.” Draco said.

“Being chill is mah thing.” Chill said back, looking at the door as if he was gonna hug it. “Man I love that door. So chill.”

Before any of could respond, the door opened. We spotted a man in a blue and yellow suit, with a nice black mustache. It was the butler!

“Greetings.” The butler said. His eyes were focused on Chill. “Ah! You’re here! Come on in everyone is waiting!”

“What?” Chill asked.

The butler looked at Chill, observing him.

“Oh my bad. I mistook you for Frost, the Master of Ice. You look just like him. You’re just a little shorter.” The man said, “why have you come?”

I stepped up from behind the others.

“Oh! Saturo. You’ve returned. But you’re early.” The butler said, “Elec said you would be back in two days! You’re really early!”

“What does he mean? Were you supposed to be somewhere else with Lagi and Ivory?” Draco asked me.

“I have no idea.” I replied.

“Anyway, come on in!” The butler said.

We walked into the mansion, and then, someone rang the doorbell. The butler went to open it. After he did, we saw someone who looked just like Chill, but older and bigger.

“Ah! There you are Frost!” The butler said, “come on in! Almost everyone is here!”

“Why is the Elemental Master of Ice here?” Chill asked.

“That’s because my master’s the Elemental Master of Electricity, and they have a Elemental Team, and they have meetings. Now it’s at Elec’s Mansion.” I answered.

“Noice… Who knew that you were special…” Chill replied, “this is so chill, this place I mean.”

“Come on now.” The butler said.

All of us (including the Master of Ice) followed the butler through the mansion. We then reached that one big meeting room. The door opened and Frost walked in.

“Oh wow, now you come, Frost? The meeting is almost over!” a voice from inside said. I recognized the voice from before… The Elemental Master of Fire, Flame.

“Yeah.” I heard Elec’s voice say, “most of us were busy however. Glad you could at least make it to hear the final point.”

The door then closed, as we couldn’t hear anything else.

“You may wait until the meeting is over.” The butler informed us, “then Elec will see himself that you came early.”

The butler then walked off, to do something else. We just stood there.

“When do you suppose they will finish this ‘meeting’?” Uchiho asked.

“I don’t know, may be a couple of minutes or it could be a while.” Draco replied while shrugging.

“They’re just gonna finish the final point, then it will end.” I said. “In the meantime, we’ll wait.”

“Okay.” Draco said, sitting down, “So are all of the Elemental Masters in there?”

“Most of them.” I replied, “except the ones that are too busy, or can’t make it.”

“Okay, sounds neat.” Draco said. “Do you know many of them?”

“Well, yeah, I met some of them last time.” I replied, “like, Flame, Frost, Aqua, and Plasma. They were there last time.”

“Cool.” Draco said.

“There’s others, but they weren’t there last time. I think they might be here this time.” I said.

“Sounds like they’re finishing up.” Draelin said, as we heard the sound of chairs being scraped against the floor.

“Oh good.” Draco said, standing up.

The door then opened, and out came Frost.

“Goodbye.” he said to us, before he walked off.

“Oh howdy.” said Flame as he walked past us.

And then came Plasma, who just stared at us, before smiling, and then walking away.

“Saturo? Lavender?” Aqua said when he came out, “you’re early!”

“Yeah, we came earlier.” Lavender said.

“How come? And where’s Lagi and Ivory?” Aqua asked.

“Oh um.” I said, “they were kidnapped.”

“Kidnapped?” Aqua asked.

“And none of us know where they went.” Draco said.

Aqua thought for awhile. “Well, then… Then this’ll be considered as training… They’ll have to get out by themselves. Anyway… You came, and brought friends along?”

“Yeah. This is Ich, Draco, Uchiho, and Draelin.” I said, introducing Aqua to the others. And then I realized again… Chill was gone. “And the other one that looks like Frost only younger and smaller, is Chill.”
“Chillin’ that chill, mah dudes!” Chill said appearing.

After that Elec came out of the room… And with him was someone else, that I haven’t seen before.

“Thanks for coming, Winodren.” Elec said to the man next to him that wore white and green clothes.

“No problem. I’ll now have to go and check on my…” The man started.

But then he turned to us and froze. I realized he was surprised to see us. The closer I looked, I realized… I knew this person…

“D-dad?!” Ich exclaimed.

It was Ich’s dad.



-----| Chapter 11 |-----




Lagi and Ivory awoke. They had been drugged, and been put into deep sleep for a couple of hours. When they woke up, they looked around them and saw that they were in a cage.

“Weirdest dream ever. I had a knife to my neck then everything went black. Also the city turned into a cage fighting match between us.” Lagi moaned.

“The first part I had too, the second part though… I don’t think that’s what’s happening.” Ivory said.

“Indeed. You are correct.” said a mysterious voice.

“Thank you.” Ivory said as she stood up in the cage.

“You are welcome.” The voice replied.

“Well, what’re you going to do to us, huh? Kill us, I know that much. Torture us, possibly… but what are you going to do and how long are you going to do it? Because I need my snacks. It’s kinda what I live off of.” Lagi said. He looked around to see where the voice was coming from, but he couldn’t see anyone.

“I’m not supposed to do anything to you…” The voice replied, “just gonna sell you.”

“Huh?” Lagi asked in surprise. “Well then… who are you, why are you selling us, and who are you selling us to?”

“Selling you to Lagikiller, who else would want you?” The voice replied.

“Good point. But I just wanted to make sure.” Lagi said.

“Well, okay.” The voice said.

“So… wanna play cards?” Lagi asked.

“What are you doing? He tells us that we’re going to be sold, then you ask to play cards? Are you crazy?” Ivory questions.

“Yes, yes I am crazy.” Lagi said with a smile. “So, about cards…”

“I was informed by Lagikiller that one of you are mentally ill.” The voice informed them.

“Huh. I wonder who… oh! I know which one of us it is! You!” Lagi said as he started rolling around on the floor of the cage.

“I have no words…” Ivory muttered as she shook her head.

“Actually, it’s you, Lagi.” The voice said.

“Yes, it is you! Glad you agree with me!” Lagi said, laughing now.

“How do I manage…” Ivory muttered.

“I’m glad as well that we agree. It is, you, who is mentally ill!” The voice replied.

“You never answered my question about cards.” Lagi said as he sat down and looked at the bars of the cage.

“I guess you can play cards… As long as you behave.” The voice said.

“No, I was asking if you wanted to gamble.” Lagi said, a deck of cards somehow appearing in one of his hands.

“You gamble?” Ivory asked.

“No.” Lagi said. “But I can make exceptions.”

“You’re crazy…” Ivory muttered.

“Anyways, I win, you let us go. You win, we go along with anything you say. How about that?” Lagi asked.

“That’s crazy! But I think it’s our only chance for now…” Ivory said.

“So, how about it?” Lagi asked.

“No.” the voice replied, “your prize is worthless. The prize money for giving you two to Lagikiller is better.”

“What if I were to throw in a couple hundred thousand Ultims? Then would you play?” Lagi taunted.

“I doubt you have that much.” The voice replied, “look at yourselves. You obviously look poor.”

“Um, I was just drugged. Of course I look terrible. But if you want proof, than ask me. I’ll give you proof.” Lagi said.

“I don’t need proof to know you are poor.” The voice replied, “I already have a good deal.”

“I was going to show you proof of my riches, not proof that I’m poor. That doesn't exist.” Lagi said.

“Fine, show me proof.” The voice demanded.

“Come closer, and I’ll show you.” Lagi said.

“I’m unable to come closer. Show me from there.” Said the voice. “Cuz if you look up, you can see a speaker. I’m not there. I see and hear you through the speaker and camera.”

“Okay then. I’ll show you.” Lagi said as he showed a piece of paper to the floor of the cage. “See this hard proof? You know you want some.”

“What is this piece of paper?” The voice asked.

“My check. You wanted to see it, so here it is! My hard proof that I’m rich.” Lagi said with a grin, still holding the paper to the ground.

“Say. Your last name is Acrus, right?” The voice asked.

“What would it matter to you?” Lagi asked.

“Because if you are, you are related to Laro Acrus, and he’s a rich man. He and I could make a deal.” The voice said.

“Oh, him. I stole his money, it’s all mine now. So, want it? Or do you want Lagikiller to take it all?” Lagi asked.

“Just a second… I’m gonna call Arcus Enterprise.” The voice said.

“Here’s the thing. They don’t know it’s gone. I replaced it with chocolate.” Lagi explained.

“They replied. They have 28,219,183.23 Ultims in their account.” The voice said, “I will tell Laro that if he wants his nephew and his nephew’s girlfriend back, he’ll have to give me 1 million Ultims.”

“What, did you say I was?” Ivory asked.

“Lagi’s girlfriend.” The voice replied, “you are, aren’t you?”

“Don’t call me something I’m not!” Ivory yelled as she threw a fireball at the speaker, melting it.

“Dang.” Lagi said as he stepped back.

Ivory yelled some more as she started throwing fireballs everywhere around the cell, burning holes in the metal.

Suddenly, red lasers appeared around the cell. And a TV opened in front of them, revealing a man with a hockey mask.

“I see.” The man said, “you don’t like each other. How about, I free you Ivory? And leave Lagi to be sold. Since you don’t like him, you should care less about what happens to him.”

“N-no! Don’t do that! In fact, take me! Leave him alone, free him, and take me! Just leave him out of it!” Ivory yelled to the TV.

“Uh. Why are you sacrificing yourself for me?” Lagi asked. “We’re probably both going to die here. Or wherever Lagikiller lives.”

“Because… I don’t know. Reasons, I guess?” Ivory said.

“Except, I was offered more money for Lagi.” The man said. “And I was offered more for the two of you. Also, I have already sent Lagikiller your location. He’s on his way right now.”

“So which of us are you going to let go?” Lagi asked.

“That will be your choice. Decide.” The man said.

Lagi and Ivory talked for about 10 minutes, before one of them stepped up to the TV. “I’ll stay.” Lagi said. “But why are you letting one of us go, if you were offered more money for both of us? Lagikiller would be furious, he wants us to go extinct, and letting one go would mess that up.”

“We all know there must be a male and a female to reproduce. So if of one you goes, your kind will go extinct either way.” The man said.

“Technically, Laro is still alive, and Ivory is female.” Lagi said.

“But Laro has a girlfriend already.” The man said.

“Still one male and female.” Lagi said.

“You’re disgusting Lagi.” Ivory growled.

“And wait… The man said, “is… your uncle a human lagiacrus like you?”

“Forget I said anything.” Lagi said.

“He IS! Man, Lagikiller will be happy that he has more to kill! I gotta tell em.” The man said.

“What do these lasers do?” Lagi asked.

“Burn you if you touch them.” The man replied.

“Okay.” Lagi said. He surrounded some of the lasers in water.

“Now I guess you won’t be burned, but you’re still stuck.” the man said.

“That’s what you think.” Lagi said as he jumped through one of the larger holes in the cage. He used water to protect himself from the lasers.

“Ah, you don’t want to get out… You’ll only die…” The man said, “go back!”

“Nope!” Lagi said as he started walking away.

“If you leave this area, an alarm will sound. And by then… Oh wait. Lagikiller’s here.” The man said.

“Ivory! Get down here!” Lagi yelled as he started walking backwards. Ivory jumped through the hole, where Lagi protected her with water, and they both started running as far away as they could.

And then, the big metal-like garage doors opened. The two of them were going to run through there, but they stopped.

They spotted a guy, with blue scaly armor, and a giant sword in his hand. When he saw Lagi and Ivory, he smirked.

“This, is not good.” Lagi muttered.

“Ah! Finally, after all these years… I have found you!” The guy said, “now, prepare for your doom! Prepare for your death!”



-----| Chapter 12 |-----



“Alrighty… Corpse! Get up here! We’ve arrived!” Hamshere yelled.

“I’LL GET MY RAT MACE!” Rando yelled.

“Get it quick, cuz we’re leaving.” Hamshere said.

“I GOT IT!” Rando yelled.

“Comon let’s go.” Mehrunes said.

“Bye.” Paulo said to them, as they all exited the spaceship.

They were on a platform on top of a mountain. There were other spaceships there too. There was a man there, waiting for them.

“Ah! You made it!” the man greeted them, “just on time!”

“Yep.” Corpse said, holding the missile launcher he brought from the ship in his hands, “so what’s the mission?”

“Well, this planet’s government is corrupt. I need you to steal all the money the government has, and bring it to me in this disc.” The man said, handing Corpse a disc, “the security is pretty high, so watch out.”

“No problem. We know how to get past security.” Hamshere said, before glancing at Rando, “at least some of us do.”

“NooOoOoOo.” Rando said.

“Anyway, that’s basically it.” The man said, “this planet also has many mountains, and is mostly high of elevation. I’ll provide you a speeder to travel faster. Because also on the ground, there are vicious creatures, you don’t wanna be near those. So stay on the mountains.”

“Sounds good.” Corpse said, “where’s the speeder?”

“Over at the dock.” The man said, “one of my old friends is helping me out, he’ll give you the speeder.”

The man then looked at Rando. “On second thought, I’ll send him with you.”

“Understandable.” said Hamshere.

“I wanna banana.” Rando said.

“You can get one later.” Hamshere told him. “Anyway, sir, which dock?”

“That one over there.” The man replied, pointing.

“Let’s go then. We need the money.” Corpse said.

“Also, I forgot to give you.” The man said, handing Corpse a device, “this is the map of the building you need to go to.”

“Banana?” Rando asked.

“No, apple.” Hamshere said.

“Oh.” Rando replied. “I iz sorry.”

“Let’s go now.” Corpse said.

They walked over to the dock, where they see a guy with a black cloak on that had little strips ripped. He had a katana in a sheath hanging on his back casually. He also had black hair.

“Aye, y’all the bounty hunters?” The guy said, “step right onto the speeder.”

The speeder was big, and was like a car without a roof. There were seats, and there was also a seat in front of a laser cannon in the back. It was floating one thousand meters above the ground, that’s how high they were.

Hamshere and Corpse got onto the speeder, and the guy leaped into the driver's seat.

“CAN I SHOOT THE CANNON?!” Rando yelled, questioningly.

“No.” the guy told him, “we don’t need that until later.”

“Fiiiiiiiiiiiiine.” Rando said getting on. “But I call dibs on the juicy ice cream pineapples.”

Mehrunes and Listy climb on too.

“Makes no sense, but okay.” The guy said, “let’s get going. We have a limited amount of time.”

The speeder then took off. They flew past mountains, not changing elevation.


“Can you shut up?” The guy asked him.

“No, he’s physically incapable.” Mehrunes replied.


“He’s frickin’ annoying. Way more annoying than those other kids I was with years ago.” The guy said.


“Shut up or I’ll throw you off the speeder.” The guy threatened.

“Okay.” Rando replied, then fell asleep.

“Good.” The guy said, “anyway. What are your names, bros?”

“Hamshere.” Hamshere answered, “and you should know Corpse, if you go to the Bounty Canteen. He’s trying to be a famous Bounty Hunter, but he has opponents.”

“Oh yeah, like ‘The Sniper’. That dude’s really good aim. Heard he never misses.” The guy said. “But you’re pretty cool, Corpse. What’s your talent?”

“I always get the mission done. I do whatever it takes.” Corpse replied.

“Cool.” The guy said, “and who are the other kids?”

“I’m Mehrunes.” Mehrunes replied. “And the sleeping one is Rando, and the other one is Listy.”

“Not bad names.” The guy said. “Are you good bounty hunters?”

“Probably not as bad as Rando.” Mehrunes replied. “Other than that, we’re new, me and Listy.”

“Alrighty.” The guy said, “as long as you don’t mess up the mission, then you’ll be fine.”

“We’re gonna be fine.” Mehrunes replied.

“*SNORE*.” Rando snored.

“What’s your name though?” Hamshere asked the guy.

“My names Gagger.” the guy replied.

“Oh.” Mehrunes said. “That actually makes a lot of sense…”

“Sense or no sense, no doubt.” Gagger replied. “No idea how it would make sense though.”

“It just does.” Listy replied.

“AGH!” Rando yelled. “GAGGER??!!!??!?! Cool.”

“Shut up.” Gagger said. “You’re annoying.”

“If you have a banana he tends to shut up.” Mehrunes said. “Cause he wants it so bad or something.”

“Well then someone one give him a banana!” Gagger said.

Listy gives Rando a banana and he’s suddenly super quiet with the banana sticking out of his mouth.

“Thank you.” Gagger said.

“When are we gonna get there?” Mehrunes asked.
“In a bit.” Gagger answered, “it’s pretty far. And we’ll have to blend in too.”

“Yeah.” Mehrunes replied.

“Because once we get everything on the disc, ya gotta make a run for it. You’ll be chased.” Gagger said.

“Well duh.” Mehrunes replied.

“Wait, why did you say ‘you’ and not ‘we’?” Hamshere asked.

“I’m not coming with you. I have other things to do.” Gagger said, “when you get there, I’ll leave ya the speeder, and disappear into the Dream World.”

“Okay.” Mehrunes said.

“You’re gonna have to split up. Half of ya will enter one way, and the other half of ya'll need to break in through another.” Gagger said, “which, I will assign. Corpse with…”

“Me. I do NOT want to be with Rando.” Hamshere said.

“Sure, I get it, no one wants the banana kid.” Gagger replied, “you can be with Corpse. Mehrunes will be with Rando, and with Listy.”

“Hmhmhm.” Rando said.

“Whelp.” Mehrunes said. “Thanks alot.”

“You’re welcome.” Hamshere replied, “have fun down there. We’re gonna take the main entrance, since we WON’T attract attention.” Hamshere glared at Rando.

“I can has not atracted attaentionz!” Rando whines.

“Shut up.” Hamshere said to him, “no one likes you when you are being annoying.”

“I…” Rando started. “D-d-d-d-d-d-on’t. Ca…. Care.”

“I don’t either.” Hamshere said.

Gagger then stood up. “I’ll be going now. Corpse, take the wheel. You know the rest of the plan, cuz you’re ‘smart’.” Gagger said, glaring at Rando.

“Hey my brain can work toooOoOoOOOoOoOoOoOOoOoOooOoOO!” Rando said. “The cats just don’t wanna moo their pineapples away.”

“As I said.” Gagger repeated, “welp, if any of ye need anything at all, you’ll find me chilling on planet Reduex, just a bit farther out in the galaxy. There’s aliens there, which I have become friends with, so… Yeah, if ya need anything from me or them, then meet me there.” He then opened the invisible portal to the Dream World. “See ya.”

Gagger then disappeared, and Corpse began to drive the speeder.

“Whelp. I guess we’re breakin in and you’re blending in.” Mehrunes said. “Have fun with that.”


“Shut up, Rando, please.” Hamshere said, “and also, you guys have to break in, but QUIETLY. So no one hears you and comes running with guns. Cuz yeah, for your information, on these missions, the guys shoot to kill. So you could get shot, and die.”

“No kidding, I thought we were going on a picnic in a meadow with bunny rabbits and ants.” Mehrunes said, heavily sarcastic.


“Rando we’re not going on a picnic.” Listy said, handing him something. “Look, an etch a sketch, sketch quietly.”

Rando was then quiet, turning the wheels like a madman.

“Are we close?” Mehrunes asked.

“Almost.” Corpse said, “it’s almost in view.”

“Sketch.” Rando says. “I made a banana hehehehehehehehe.”

After a while, they reached a building. The building was big and it looked like any other government building. You could see guards from up here, with guns in their hands.

“Alright. Now… You three get to the back of the building, and break in.” Corpse said, before he took out some parachutes, “jump and glide there now.”

“Okay.” Mehrunes said, putting on the parachute and gliding down, soon followed by Listy.

Rando didn’t put a parachute on, instead he put his arms out, and jumped.

“What an idiot.” said Hamshere from above.

Mehrunes and Listy saw as Rando fell. But suddenly, he began to glide, just like them.

“What the fudge?!” Mehrunes asked.

“I dunno.” Listy replied.


“What?” Mehrunes asked.


“What?” Mehrunes asked.

“I dunno.” Rando replied

“What?” Mehrunes asked.

“Cheesecake.” Rando replied.

“No, pie.” Listy replied.

“What?!” Mehrunes asked.

“Cheesecake!” Rando exclaims.

“NO! PIE!” Listy yelled.

“STOP IT!” Mehrunes yelled.



STOP!” Mehrunes yelled.

“Okay.” Listy replied.


“42.” Listy replied.

“…”  Rando was quiet.

“Ugh, why can’t we get there faster?” Mehrunes asked.

“I dunno.” Listy replied. “Oh. Well Rando has fallen asleep.”

“But he'll go off track!” Mehrunes exclaimed.

“Meh.” Listy replied.

“Yeah I guess.”

“Oh wait, I just remembered I have a space suit. Huh. That’ll help.” Mehrunes said. “Wonder what my AI’s name was…”

“Yeah I dunno, it’s you’re AI right so you can name it anything you want right?” Listy asked.

“Yeah I guess.”

“Pie or cake?”


“Which do you like more?”

“I dunno.”

“Well you have to choose one!”

“No, I don’t.”

“Well fine.” Listy replied. “How much longer do we have to fall?”

“A while.”


“Yeah I’m sorry.”

“Can’t you just teleport us?”

“Yeah probably.”

“Then do it!” Listy exclaimed.

“Fine!” Mehrunes replied.

Then, Mehrunes teleported himself, along with Listy and Rando.

“Purple!” Rando exclaimed.

Mehrunes stuck some duct tape over Randos mouth.

“Well that’s one problem solved.” Listy said.

Mehrunes then grabbed Rando and Listy, and walked right through the wall.

“And there’s the other.” Mehrunes whispered.

They were in a poorly lit up hallway, and there were guys with guns in there hands, walking around.

“What do we do?” Listy whispered.

“The mission.” Mehrunes replied, taking off a vent cover.

“How'd you do that?” Listy asked.

“Doesn't matter, just get in quietly.” Mehrunes replied, getting in.

Listy and Rando both get in behind Mehrunes.

“How do we know where to go?” Listy asked.

“I copied the map onto my spacesuit, and my AI should be able to give us directions from it.” Mehrunes replied.

“Okay what’s his/her name?” Listy asked.

“Uhh…” Mehrunes replied. “I dunno, don’t think they have one.”

“Well okay then.”

“Phhst, AI.” Mehrunes said. “Can you give us directions, from the map I downloaded, to get to the ‘objective?’”

“Reading map…” said a robotic voice, “success. Directions, keep straight until you reach Vent #23.”

“Okay.” Mehrunes said.

“Recalculating… Ventilation Shaft #23 has been locked. Take a right turn to Vent #35.” The robotic AI said.

“Okay.” Mehrunes said, turning right into vent 23. “Come on.”

“I don’t like vents.” Listy said, following Mehrunes.

“Vents are the fish of the pigs giant pineapple meow.” Rando said.

“Recalculating… Ventilation Shaft #35 has been locked. Take a left back to Vent #12.” The AI robotic voice said.

“Uhh okay.” Mehrunes replied, going left.

“We’re just gonna go in circles!” Listy exclaimed quietly. “They know we’re here!”

“Super security system has been activated. All the Ventilation Shafts have been locked.” said the AI robotic voice.

“Why?” Mehrunes asked.

“Because they activated it.” the AI robotic voice replied, “they’ve detected intruders in the Ventilation Shaft.”

“I knew it.” Listy said. “They’re not stupid.”

“Whelp.” Mehrunes said. “Back to square one.”

“W-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-wait.” Rando said, looking like he was thinking. “J-j-just. Op-open them. Squirrels.”

“Opening the vent is not advised. They have motion detectors right above them. An alarm will sound once opened.” said the AI robotic voice.

“We don’t want that either.” Mehrunes said. “AI, scan the area for hostiles.”

“Scanning…” said the AI robotic voice, “hostiles spotted below the vents. All which are armed.”

“Total hostiles in the building?” Mehrunes whispered in question.

“Scanning weapons…” said the AI robotic voice, “weapons identified. Weapons are Plasma Rifles, they will kill in one shot. Scanning building hostiles… All organisms are found ‘hostile’.”

“Well…” Listy whispered. “Teleport us out.”

“AI, do they have teleport blocks or dampeners?” Mehrunes asked, still whispering.

“Near the vault, yes.” said the AI robotic voice.

“Can they see through invisibility?” Mehrunes asked, very quietly.

“Near the vault, yes.” said the AI robotic voice, “they have Thermal Cameras, they can detect heat.”

“Knew I should have practiced that spell…” Mehrunes whispered to himself angrily, “Any recent communication? Order pizza, have a field trip, anything?”

“Hacking into computers…” said the AI robotic voice, “I’ve found a voicemail. Would you like to hear it?”

“Sure why not.” Mehrunes replied. “But keep it relatively quiet.”

“Here is the voicemail… “Hello, this is Kramos, I called last night but you didn’t answer. Uhhh… If you remember, I was wanting a ‘loan’ from you… Uhhh, it was 50,000 Utlims… Ummm… Yeah, thanks, I’d like to get my Ultims soon. Goodbye.” End of voicemail.”

“How is that helpful?” Listy asked.

“You asked for recent communication. I gave you recent communication.” said the AI robotic voice, “it also gives us information, this place is like a bank.”

“We were told it was corrupt.” Listy whispered.

“This doesn’t prove it is or it isn't. Although slightly on the yes.” Mehrunes whispered back. “Anymore communication?”

“There is a call occurring at the moment. Would you like me to hack into it so you could hear the conversation?” the AI asked.

“Yeah, but don’t be detected.” Mehrunes whispered.

“My programming allows me to hack into anything without being detected. Cyrus Borg’s programs are one of the galaxies best.” said the AI, “you are lucky to have me. Anyway… Hacking into system…”

“Hopefully useful.” Listy whispered.

“Error…” said the AI.

“What?” Mehrunes asked.

“The call has ended.” said the AI.

“Okay…” Mehrunes whispered. “Scan the perimeter for life forms.”

“Why?” Listy whisper-asked.

“Cause we need to pull out.” Mehrunes whispered.

“Life forms spotted. In the vents.” said the AI.

“Carp, their marshmallows are wearing the wrong bed.” Rando said. “We mustn't charge the bull, the red cape will surely have us on the flag-pretzel!”

“What?” Listy asked.

“Run.” Rando replied. “The purple ringmaster will vaporize us with his toenails of green moss. We won't make it to the golden goblet of pizza bat, the orange butt will overtake the sheet monster!”

“Yeah we should go.” Mehrunes whispered.

“Life form is 20 feet away.” said the AI.

Suddenly, the three of them could hear thumps, someone was coming towards them.

“No! We're gonna die!” Listy thought to herself.

“I got this, I got this…” Mehrunes thought to himself.

“I wonder how smells taste…” Rando thought to himself.

Then, the thumps got louder before they spotted a man with headphones on, cleaning the vents.

Then he looked forward, and spotted the three of them. “Huh? Intruders!” He reached for his phone.

“Hey hey hey!” Mehrunes said. “No need for that…”

“Uhh… yeah.” Listy said. “Quiet down, we can work this out…”

“Well you’re intruders!” the man said, “what are you doing in the vents if you aren’t?”

“Well what other reasons would people be in vents?” Mehrunes asked. “If we’re not intruders, there's few other and more likely things.”

“Well… You’re intruders! I’m contacting the security!” said the man, dialing numbers on his phone.

Then, Mehrunes stabs the phone with a knife, and smacks the man on the head with it.

“OW!” The man shouted, “DUDE! What was that for?!”

“‘Dude’, you don’t get paid much, and you don’t think for long enough.” Mehrunes said. “So, you let us go, pretend we weren't here, and I can get you a little cash…”

“I need to do my job! Yeah, I look like an adult, but I’m only 15. And my dad works here too, so I have to too.” the guy said, “and I get paid pretty well. 20 Ultims per hour.”

“Okay look bud, I dunno how this galaxy's currency works, as I am from a different galaxy, but if I’ve learned anything, and if it’s anything like my currency you’re being straight ripped off.” Mehrunes said. “In this kind of facility, in this big and hostile of a place you could have been being paid much higher than 20 Ultims.”

“You could rent a hotel with only 10 Ultims here in the Ultimates Galaxy.” the guy said, “and buy a bar of chocolate with 0.25 Ultims. Probably in your galaxy ‘1’ is worth less than it does here.”

“While running the risk of being mistaken for an intruder. As well as constantly cleaning the uncleanable, spending a majority of your day trying to not get in trouble, fall through vents and all so you can rent a hotel that you’ll barely be in and buy some candy.” Mehrunes replied. “Just to come back to your mundane existence of cleaning vents for minimum wage. You crawl up here and probably the most interesting thing that’s happened to you today is us! You are living a lie, thinking you’re well of, what’ll happen when one day you hear something you’re not supposed to, when you’re fired and/or hunted down and killed? You’re time here will get worse and worse as you do the same thing over and over again, slowly dying inside as you clean something that will never be clean. What then? Will you’re twenty Ultims per hour seem worth it then, in a complex that takes you all day to clean, just so you can come back to it unclean tomorrow? Working in a corrupt bank for 20 Ultims per hour, while trying to justify why you’re staying, and trying to convince yourself that it’s worth it.”

Listy was in awe and Rando was speechless. Two things that do not happen often.

“And if you still think, still truly think that you’ve got it made, that you know that you’ve got it good, you are a fool.” Mehrunes said.

“You make no sense…” the guy said, “why are you in the vents? You never answered my question. I just happened to be doing my job when I stumble across you!”

“Oh we’re scouting fer intruders.” Rando said.

“But you ARE the intruders! I was informed that there aren’t supposed to be any people in the vents!” The guy shouted.

“SHHH!” Rando exclaimed. “It’s a secret. Shut up.”

The guy facepalmed. “Wait a minute…” he realized.

“Wut.” Rando asked.

“I gotta go.” he said, as he turned back his way.

“Where ya going?” Mehrunes asked, suddenly blocking his path.

“Somewhere.” the guy said, “get out of my way.”

“I AM still holding a knife you know.” Mehrunes replied.

“So?” The guy said, “threaten me all you want, I still have to go.”

“Where?” Listy asked.

“Out of the vents.” the guy said.

“Tell us specifically.” Listy demanded.

“Ummmm…” the guy hesitated, “that’s really none of your business.”

“Do you want to have one less finger?” Mehrunes asked. “If not, you’ll tell us where you’re going.”

The guy then took out a metal round shaped object out of his pocket. He placed it in front of him, and suddenly, two red lasers exited the object, cutting a hole in the vent shaft.

“G’bye.” the guy said, before he leaped down into the hallway.

“Time for us to leave too.” Mehrunes said, before they suddenly teleported to a mountain overlooking the bank.

“If you could’ve done that before why didn't you?” Listy asked.

“No idea.” said a voice. “Don’t ask me, ask him.”

Suddenly, Rando spun around and punched EVERYTHING behind him.

“D-dude, I’m up here.” said the voice again.

The three of them looked up, and spotted the guy from the vents.

“Aww… the nuggety goodness has strung the flagpole of your fancy pig.” Rando said.

“Why… how… what…?” Listy asked.

“Ahh go away.” Mehrunes said.

“I kind of can’t. Once I was about to leave, I suddenly appeared here. Basically, you teleported me with you.” the guy said.

“Well how inter- I DON’T CARE!” Mehrunes exclaims. “Go away anyway.”

“Why should I go away…” The guy asked, “bounty hunters?”

“Wut.” Rando asked.

“You think I don’t know, but I do.” The guy said, “you’re bounty hunters, and you’re assigned on the same mission as I am.”

“Yeah your nonsense dad and money thing was dumb.” Mehrunes replied.

“It was actually a clever trick. It works on everyone who is actually FROM this galaxy, unlike you, alien.” The guy said.

“How convenient that you have an insult to pull out of nowhere.” Mehrunes replied.

“What? That’s what aliens are! Unknown creatures from other planets and/or galaxies! It’s not necessarily an insult.” the guy said. “Ya just don’t get how things work here, which makes sense since you’re an alien.”

“Well first you’re definition is wrong, and second-”

“If it’s wrong, then what is the definition?” the guy interrupted.

Suddenly, a dictionary appeared in Mehrunes’s hands, and he flips through it.

“Okay the definition of an alien, and I quote ‘belonging to a foreign country or nation.’ and : ‘a foreigner, especially one who is not a naturalized citizen of the country where they are living.’” Mehrunes said.

“Which is what you are! See?” The guy said, “I wasn’t wrong!”

“Actually you are as your definition was an unknown creature from other planets and/or galaxies. So you’re kinda are wrong mate.” Mehrunes replied, ignoring any attempt to be interrupted.

“That’s what modern aliens are, your definition fits you.” The guy said, “my definition fits you as well, except for the unknown creature part.”

“At least we can agree on something.” Mehrunes replied. “Anyway, noobie bounty hunter to however old you are of a bounty hunter. Good ta meet ya hope I never see ya again.”

“Well that’s just nice, isn’t it?” the guy said, “have fun in there then.”

“Alright.” Mehrunes said. “I know the drill. We’ve been both put on a mission for the same thing, and you’re just gonna wait for us to either succeed or fail. I’m not dumb. But here’s the question are we after the same thing?”

“Possibly. Who assigned you your mission?” The guy asked.

“Black cloak, katana, black hair…” Mehrunes replied.

“Oh, the guy who asked that guy to do it for him? Yeah, I know who you’re talking about.” The guy said, “well, if ya don’t want to fail the mission, you better get going!”

“Fine.” Mehrunes replied.



-----| Chapter 13 |-----



“D-dad!?” I exclaimed.

I was surprised. Right in front of me, in fancy cool clothes, was my dad!

“So this is your dad?” Draco asked.


“Well. I guess I’ll have to explain to you, but now is not the time. More importantly, what are YOU doing? You should be at school!” Dad said.

“Yeah, problem.” Saturo joined the conversation, “the government found us, so we had to run away.”
“And Mom said I could!” I said. “I could see she wanted me to in her eyes before I even asked!”

“So that’s why you came back.” Draco said.

“Now, you haven’t answered MY question.” I said, looking my father in the eyes.

“*SIGH* Well, you know how I was always busy when you were a child… I had work, and I wasn’t lying, it was work. Elemental Master work.” Dad said, “I became the Elemental Master of Wind shortly after you were born. And I was busy because of that.”

“That certainly explains a lot… Then why didn’t you tell me?” I asked.

“Well, you were supposed to stay on Hindro. You weren’t supposed to leave.” Dad said. “Or become an Ultimate yet.”

“Except I did… Because Hindro was boring!” I shouted.

“I understand that.” Dad agreed. “But I certainly am glad you left and obtained your Ultimate Crystal. You are now ready, you shall become my student, alongside your brother Nushot.”

“Wait what?”

“Yes, you are now ready to train.” Dad repeated. “And I see that Saturo is already being trained by Elec.” Dad smiled at Elec, who smiled back.

“And I suggest that we allow them to go on missions together.” Elec said, “so they aren’t lonely in this.”

“Yes of course.” Dad replied. “Anyhow… I see you’ve made other friends, son.”

“Yeah, this is Draco, Chill, Lavender, Draelin, and Uchiho.” I introduced my dad to the others. “Problem is… They got nowhere to go.”

“Oh yeah. Forgot about that.” Draco said.

“It’s no problem. They can stay here for awhile.” Elec said.

“What about me though? I wanna stay too.” I said.

“You can stay.” Dad told me, “I’ll just have to train you here.”

“I suggest that we make an area for them to train, which they live in at the same time.” Elec said, “I know exactly where that could be.”

“Very well then!” Dad said, “we’re going to move you somewhere else to live at until you have passed all the training!”

“That doesn’t sound bad.” Saturo commented. “Since we’re together.”

“But you still will be given missions, just like Glare gave you. Missions allow you to experience more than just training. It’s been proven to be the best form of testing. All masters do it.”

“Okay neat.” Draco said.

“However…” Dad said looking at the rest. “Do any of you have any masters?”

“Well no I don’t.” Draco answered.

“Ain’t got any reason fer mahself ta get a master. I’m too Chill.” Chill said, eating Nachos.

“I’m being trained by Aqua. Otherwise, I’ve learned a few things from my older sister.” Lavender said.

“Wait, you have a sister?” Saturo asked.

“Yeah, I do as a matter of fact.” Lavender replied.

“ANYWAY.” Dad said, “those of you who don’t have masters need a plan.”

“Imma just chill with ya homies. I’ll be going once I get what I came for in the first place.” Chill replied, still eating nachos.

“So what should our plan be?” Draco asked.

“That’s your own decision. What do you want to do?” Dad asked Draco.

“Hmmm…” Draco thought. “Gimmie a bit of time to think about that.”

“You’ve got plenty.” Dad said, “in the meantime… We should get started right away.” Dad turned to Elec. “Where is the place you suggested?”

“It’s not on the Electric Planet, it’s located on Ertin, somewhere where people rarely go.” Elec said. “But I’ll have to speak with the owner.”

“Who’s the owner?” Draco asked.

“I do not know yet. I’ll have to meet him.” Elec answered. “I know the landlord, but I do not know who owns the building himself.”

“Oh okay.” Draco said. “When will we leave?”

“‘We’ won’t leave. I will go by myself to check on it. The rest of you will stay here and do something else.” Elec replied.

“Oh, right. Sorry.” Draco said.

Elec then walked away. “I’ll be back soon.”

“Goodbye.” Dad said.

We watched until Elec disappeared from our sight.

“Now, he is gone.” Dad said, “I have a small mission for you.”

“What is it?” Saturo asked.

“You will go and find Nushot, Ich’s brother.” Dad said, “you have no information about where to find him. You’ll have to figure that by yourself.”

“That could be difficult, granted that’s probably the point.” Draco said.

“Yes, but it shouldn’t be too difficult. That should be an easy task.” Dad said. “Now, I’ll be in the training room, training. Do not disturb me UNLESS you have brought Nushot.”

“Okay.” Draco said, sounding a bit scared.

Dad then walked away towards the training room. Obviously, our mission had already begun.

“So what’s the plan exactly?” Draco asked.

“We gotta comez up with one, homies.” Chill said. “What does we think?”

“Maybe we can just look for his energy, and then follow it.” Saturo suggested. “How does that sound?”

“Sounds reasonable. Let’s do that.” Draco said.

“Alright, well.” I said, “we gotta search for his energy… I don’t remember how, but… we could try.”

“Then let’s try!” Draco said enthusiastically.

“Alright.” I said. “Aye, Gemil. I need your help tracing my brother’s energy so we can find him.”

“Alrighty Ich, all ya have to do is close yer eyes and focus. Think about your brother at the same time and then you will slowly know where to go.” Gemil replied.

“Sounds pretty easy.” I said, “okay, guys, I’ll track my brother down. Gemil said it’s easier for me to do it since I know him the best.”

“Sounds chill ta meh.” Chill said, “go ahead and dew it Ich-brah.”

“Okay, it’ll be faster if you’re silent.” I said. And after I did, everyone went silent. I closed my eyes and focused.

I thought of Nushot, I thought of the times we’d spent together when I was younger. I thought of the time he stood up for me when I was being bullied.

And then, boom. I could feel where I needed to go. It was like there was a line leading me to him, just out in front of me.

“Any luck?” Saturo asked.

“Yes! I know where to go!” I exclaimed, “come on follow me!”

Without thinking twice, I ran down the stairs towards the front door, with the others following behind. I walked out of Elec’s mansion, and looked up at the sky above.

“So, he’s in space? Or is he just up in the sky?” Draco asked.

“He’s not on this planet.” I said, “we need a way off of here.”

“Hmm… do we have access to any ship at all?” Draco asked.

“Nope.” Saturo said. “We got nothing.”

“Last time Shock took one of Elec’s spaceships, but that’s far from here, and I don’t remember which way it was.” Lavender said.

“Well then what do we do?” Draco asked.

“We need a spaceship.” I said.

“Well yeah I know but I mean WHERE?” Draco said.

“That’s the problem.” I replied. “That’s what we are trying to solve.”

“Hmm…” Draco thought.

“Any ideas?” Saturo said, as all of us made a circle. It was Saturo, Lavender, Draco, Uchiho, Draelin, Chill, and I, along with Glitter, Zephyr, and Fireball.

“I’m still thinking.” Draco said.

“Well we need ideas quick!” Lavender exclaimed.

“Well do you have any?” Draco asked. “Because I still got nothing.”

“Nope.” Saturo, Lavender, and I all said at the same time.

“Well at least I'm not the only one.” Draco said gloomily as he sat down.

“Howz ‘bout we go and get another bounty hunter from da space station ta give us a ride, homies?” Chill suggested.

“That could work.” Draco said. “Does anyone object to that idea?”

“It actually sounds pretty good. That’s how we got here anyway.” I said. “Then we should get going to the space station.”

“Okay then we’ll ride there on Zephyr and Glitter like before then!” Draco said.

“Good idea. Ride with the same people.” Saturo said, before Glitter leaped out of his pocket.

“Right.” Draco said as he climbed onto Zephyr’s back, along with Uchiho and Draelin.

I climbed on Glitter with Saturo, Chill, and Lavender. “Let’s go.”

Then, with extreme speed, Glitter flew across the planet. We were now back at the space station, the same one we had left in the first place.

“Okay now to find someone who is willing to fly us wherever we need to go!” Draco said, hopping off of Zephyr.

“Exactly.” Saturo said, as we all got off of Glitter, who returned into Saturo’s pocket, “too bad we don’t have Mehrunes here to do all the talking…”

“Eh. We should be fine.” Draco said with a shrug.

“Really? Well then, you will do the talking, Draco.” I said to him.

“You know that’s not what I meant when--” Draco said, before Lavender interrupted him.

“Well we kind of decided already. You’re gonna talk.” Lavender said, as all of the rest of us (including Zephyr and Fireball) nodded in agreement.

“…Why do you guys do this to me?” Draco asked.

“Because we can.” Uchiho replied.


“Well, we kind of did.” Draelin said, “besides, what’s wrong with you doing the talking? I would think my older brother would be fine with it, it’s not a big deal.”

“Well it is when you’ve spent thirteen years on a planet where everyone refuses to talk to you! I don’t know how to convince someone to do something at all!” Draco said.

“Soundz like ya need ta get sum practice, then, Draco-brah.” Chill said, “this seems lak a good time ta practice.”

“Okay and how exactly are we gonna do that?” Draco asked.

“We could go to the bounty canteen here.” Lavender said, “and then you can ask someone to give us a ride, for 50 Ultims.”

“Something tells me this could take some trial and error.” Draco said gloomily.

“Maybe, but it’s to boost your ‘convincing’ skills.” Saturo commented.

“And my confidence as well I guess.” Draco said. “*SIGH* Lets just get this over with.”

“Yeah, now, let’s practice it. Go ask someone where the Bounty Canteen is.” Lavender said, as we began to walk through the space station.

“Okay.” Draco said before he walked over to a middle aged man, “Excuse me sir, could you tell me where the Bounty Canteen is?”

“Ah, it’s right down there, young man.” The man replied, pointing down past dozen’s of spaceship's, “it should be next to the clothes shop.”

“Okay thank you!” Draco said before he walked back over to us.

Lavender clapped. “Good job! That wasn’t bad, you were probably mistaken about yourself.”

“Well don't get too happy, that wasn't exactly ‘convincing’ I was doing there.” Draco said.

“Well, yes, but you still did good.” Lavender said, “anyway, let’s get going to the Bounty Canteen.”

We then began to walk towards the direction that the man had told Draco the Bounty Canteen was.

“Oh boy, here goes.” Draco said as we walked into the canteen.  

We followed him. There were a bunch of people, all with weapons. It was loud, and people were laughing and having fun.

“Okay, who should I ask first?” Draco asked as he cautiously looked around.

“You’re on your own now.” Lavender replied, “the rest of us are gonna stay silent.”

“Oh. Yay…” Draco said.

The rest of us were silent, waiting for Draco to make his move.

Drao then nervously walked over to a small group of people at a table who were talking to each other.

“U-uh excuse me!” Draco said to them.

All of the people at the table turned and looked over at him.

“I-I was wondering if any of you could help us find my friend’s older brother.” Draco said nervously while pointing at me and the others.

“Oh yeah? And what will you do for us if we help you, huh?!” said someone at the table.

“W-we could pay you 50 Ultims if you do.” Draco said.

“Did somebody say 50 Ultims!?” a voice shouted from behind.

Draco turned his head and spotted a man, with a excited look on his face.

“Uhh I did, why do you ask?” Draco asked, a bit nervous.

“What do ya want for 50 Ultims?” The man asked back.

“Well we want to find my friend’s older brother. Who is somewhere in space.” Draco answered.

“Ah, so ya need a ride. Where is da--” the man was saying, but he was interrupted by a loud sound.


We all turned, and spotted a guy, who had just slammed 50 Ultims onto a table. The guy was wearing a black sweatshirt, with his hood on, as well as jeans.

“50 Ultims for anyone who will give me a ride to the Rock Planet.” said the guy.

The man looked over at Draco, and then back at the guy. “Sorry kid, ya didn’t give me enough details on where ta go.”

He then walked away towards the other guy.

“That is a big problem.” Draco said to me.

“Why can’t we just go over to the guy and ask him to take him with us?” Saturo suggested.

“Okay let's do that.” Draco said.

“Lead away, you are gonna ask, Draco.” I said to him.

“Okay.” Draco said before he walked over to the guy. “Excuse me sir, would you mind if we tagged along with you when you fly to the Rock Planet?”

The guy turned around, and took off his hood, revealing his face. We then realised it was someone we knew… It was Vulgon.

“Oh hey.” Vulgon said, “what are you guys doing here?”

“Well we’re trying to find Ich’s brother Nushot, why are you here?” Draco asked.

“To get a ride.” Vulgon replied. “And sure, you can come along if you’d like.”

“Okay thanks! By the way, where’s Vivofit? Usually you two are always together.” Draco said. “At least whenever we see you that is.”

“No idea.” Vulgon replied, “last time I saw him, we were on a mission to take back a base.”

“That's also the last time Mehrunes and I saw you.” I said.

“Wonder what happened to him…” Draco said.

Vulgon then turned to the man who Draco was talking to before.

“Alright, you’re gonna give me a ride to the Rock Planet?” Vulgon said, sliding the 50 Ultims across the table towards the man.

“Yes, it’ll be my pleasure.” The man replied, “follow me.”

The man walked out of the Canteen. Vulgon followed him, and so did we.

“Lucky for you…” The man said as we walked back to where the spaceships were, “my spaceship’s big enough to fit that thing!” He was talking about Zephyr.

Grrr…” Zephyr growled to Draco.

“Zephyr said he doesn’t like being referred to as a ‘thing’.” Draco said, translating what Zephyr had growled.

“Ain’t we all? We all are things!” The man replied.

“He meant that it sounded like you were calling him an object, not an actual living creature.” Draco said.

“So what?” The man replied.

“Nevermind.” Draco said. “Let’s just go.”

We followed the man, until we reached the spaceship.

“So why do you need to go to the Rock Planet anyway?” Draco asked Vulgon.

“Well, I told Vivofit the last time I saw him that we’d meet there.” Vulgon answered.

“Ah. Okay.” Draco said. “How long should it take to get there anyway?”

“Depends.” Vulgon said, before turning to the man, who was doing something to the spaceship, “hey! How long will it take to get to the Rock Planet?”

“Not too long. This baby’s pretty fast.” The man replied, and I then realized he was cleaning the outside of it.

“Oh that’s good.” Draco said. “How much longer till we leave?”

“In a bit.” the man replied. “In the meantime, ya’ll can take a seat inside.”

Vulgon nodded, and entered the spaceship. We followed, and what we saw was the exact same thing as we saw in the past spaceship, that belonged to Shutter. They had the same kind.

Vulgon took a seat, and we all sat as well.

“Now hold on tight!” The man shouted, as he entered the spaceship.



-----| Chapter 14 |-----



The guy with blue scaly armor and a giant blue sword stared deeply into Lagi and Ivory’s eyes, showing pure hatred. His sword was giant, as big as a Lagiacrus’s tail.

“At last… I have found you, filthy animals.” He said in disgust, as he gripped his sword’s handle tight.

“Well, I never thought it would end like this.” Lagi said as he slowly backed up.

“Neither did I.” Ivory said, also backing up.

“Yes, yes, now you see!” He said, “it is now YOU filthy animals who are running away from me now! For I am the Lagiacrus Killer!” Then he added with quieter voice. “Or Lagikiller for short.”

“Wait, so you were once running away from us?” Lagi asked.

“Yes, it was 14 years ago.” Lagikiller replied.

“Why were you running from us?” Lagi asked.

“You’re monsters! You’re deadly and are predators! And I was the prey! But then I reversed it, by meeting the others.” Lagikiller replied.

“What others?” Lagi asked.

“The other Monster Hunters.” Lagikiller answered, “we hunt monsters and put their lives to an end. We each have a goal, to kill certain monsters, and I will claim the title, the Legendary Monster Hunter, for putting an entire race of monsters to an end! To make them extinct!”

“So, your life goal is to commit mass genocide? Really? That’s sad.” Lagi said as he shook his head.

“Not as sad as your life, running from me all the time.” Lagikiller replied, “your kind are monsters, filthy animals, and must die.”

“I’m pretty sure you’re wrong about the first thing. I only figured out you live less than a year ago. In fact, really just about one month ago. Wait, no. You only came into my life like, two days ago.” Lagi explained.

“You won’t even have a life, in about an hour.” Lagikiller said.

“Why not one minute? Why spend one hour?” Lagi asked.

“Well. Because of reasons.” Lagikiller replied.

“What are those reasons?” Lagi asked.

Lagikiller tilted his head towards his sword. He didn’t say anything.

Lagi looked over to his right, where Ivory was slowly sneaking away behind Lagikiller.

“So uh… have you thought about that reason yet?” Lagi asked, looking straight at Lagikiller. “Because I’m thinking about just getting back in the cage I’m so bored.”

Lagikiller then took his sword, and spun around quickly, hitting Ivory far away like a golf ball.

Lagi fell down on the ground.

“What’s the matter?” Lagikiller asked.

Lagi was silent.

“Is something wrong?” Lagikiller asked.

Lagi was still silent.

“Do you just wanna die and get this over with?” Lagikiller asked.

“You…” Lagi muttered.

Lagikiller stayed silent, waiting for Lagi to finish what he was saying.

“You…” Lagi muttered again. “You… will…”

“I will what?” Lagikiller mocked.

Lagi stood up. “You… will… die for your doings.”

“Oh please. Your whole kind couldn’t touch me, even when they all attacked me! Do you really think that YOU alone will be able to kill me?” Lagikiller rasped.

“I… have something they didn’t.” Lagi started to explain. “I have rage. I have a father, mother, and friend dead because of you. I, have a reason to hold nothing back. I, have an Ultimate Crystal.” Lagi held up his hand, and an orb of water appeared above it. He suddenly thrust his hand forward, and the water grew as it shot forwards toward Lagikiller’s head.

“Seriously? I have an Ultimate Crystal too, which is how I got the power to destroy your home.” Lagikiller replied, “I went underwater to do that! Water is uneffective against me.”

“I know many people who have dived deeper than any living person, just to kill something. They had no Ultimate Crystal, and they succeeded. Your crystal has nothing to do with it.” Lagi explained.

“But to kill an entire race alone? That has to do with the crystal.” Lagikiller replied.

“I don’t care if you killed an entire planet underwater, you still killed the ones who matter most. The innocent ones. For that, you should die.” Lagi said.

“Heh heh…” a smile appeared on Lagikiller’s face, he then began laughing.

“Why laugh? Does it please you to be told you killed an entire race? That you may have put an entire ecosystem at risk? Is that the kind of stuff that pleases a monster like you?” Lagi asked.

“Apparently, yes. It’s called revenge as well.” Lagikiller replied, “I was once told, ‘Treat a monster like a monster’, which is what I am doing.”

“Only a person like you would listen to that. I can tell, you must have had a horrible childhood or something, and you just take out your rage on someone, or something. And when you hear that, you think, ‘something I can get revenge on!’!” Lagi yelled at Lagikiller.

“Yes, yes, revenge on your kind.” Lagikiller agreed.

“So, have you thought of why you want to spare me for one hour yet?” Lagi asked.

“I already knew from the very beginning.” Lagikiller said.

“So why?” Lagi asked.

“Because.” Lagikiller took out a piece of paper and a pen, “first sign this.”

“Uh, why?” Lagi asked. “And what is it?”

“You are the last one, so before I kill you, sign it so I can show off to the other Monster Hunters. It’s evidence that I did wipe out a whole species.” Lagikiller explained.

“No, I can’t. There’s still one living. And it’s not me.” Lagi explained.

“But they’ll die eventually, so it still counts.” Lagikiller said, holding out the paper and pen to Lagi, “now sign it.”

“Why? I wouldn’t be the last one.” Lagi said. “So my signature would be invalid.”

“It’s better than taking your head to them.” Lagikiller said, “everyone else is dead.”

“But there’s still one more, besides me. So you need theirs too.” Lagi explained.

“Ivory is dead, I already killed her before when she was trying to sneak away. You are the last.” Lagikiller said.

“No, there’s still one more.” Lagi said, starting to grin.

“What do you mean? I remember every single one of your kind. I know all their names, and they’re all dead.” Lagikiller replied.

“Well then, you remembered wrong. There’s still one left, and I know them. And they’re alive.” Lagi explained.

“AHA!” said a voice.

They both turn and see the TV screen, with the man from before on it.

“Laro Acrus! Lagi’s uncle! He’s the other one!” The man said on the TV.

“What.” Lagikiller said, “there is no Laro Acrus!”

“Yeah there is. He owns Acrus Inc. and he left Lagi’s kingdom before you showed up to kill them all.” The man said. “Oh and by the way, you owe me some Ultims.”

“You will get your Ultims later.” Lagikiller said, before turning to Lagi, “now, Lagi, as I said before, sign this.”

“But it would still be invalid. I’m not the last one.” Lagi explained again.

“Do you think I care?” Lagikiller asked, “I don’t, I’m getting kind of sick of this hunting, I don’t want to have to go look for the last. Pretend you’re the last, and sign the dang paper!”

“But Lagi refused.” Lagi narrated.

Lagikiller sighed.

“Why am I doing this. Why do I even care about a signature. I almost forgot about REVENGE!” Lagikiller shouted, holding his giant sword above his head.

“Finally, the dialogue ends. That was a long conversation.” Lagi sighed.

“Now how do you expect to live? If I swing my sword at you, you’ll die, my sword cuts through your skin like a knife would cut through cheese.” Lagikiller replied.

Lagi thought for a second. “I think that I’ll just leave now.” Lagi said as he took a few steps to the side.

Lagikiller then stabbed his sword into the ground, shaking it. A blue barrier appeared, and grew bigger and bigger until it covered the whole building.

“You can’t escape now.” Lagikiller said.

“Too bad.” Lagi said.

“TOO BAD YOUR FACE!” Lagikiller shouted, swinging his sword, and cutting part of Lagi’s cheek, causing it to bleed.

“Well, I never thought I would be tortured by a psychopath with a giant sword. I can scratch that off of the bucket list.” Lagi laughed as he covered his wound.

“But wait. We still have… 55 more minutes until your death. So… be patient.” Lagikiller said.

“Don't worry, I'll be patient. After all, there isn't much left to do.” Lagi said. “Or anyone that can help me, because you'd just kill them, too. Monster.”

“Heh.” Lagikiller said back, “it’s funny how you call me a monster.”

“Well, I'm just stating the obvious. You are a monster, and you know it.” Lagi growled.

“Not necessarily. I think it’s time to tell you the truth.” Lagikiller replied.

“What do you mean?” Lagi asked.

“I-I’m not the real Lagikiller.” Lagikiller said.

“W-what?! What do you mean, you're not the real Lagikiller?” Lagi asked in shock.

“That's why I said you’ll wait for an hour. Because in an hour, that's when the real Lagikiller comes.” Lagikiller replied, “I’m just, lets just say the truth, the guy who captured you to get paid.”

“I… then how are you doing all of that? The barrier, the weapon… how?!” Lagi demanded.

“Well, you’re in my building. It’s all digital effect, to keep you from escaping. Ivory isn’t dead, the digital effect just showed that. She’s just in another cage.” The guy pretending to be Lagikiller said.

“I… I'll… I'll still kill you to get out of here.” Lagi growled.

“How about, instead, we make a deal?” The guy asked.

“I thought you weren't into deals?” Lagi asked.

“That was before I knew how you ‘felt’ about Lagikiller.” The guy said, “now that I’ve heard what you said, I have different thoughts of my actions.”

“So, what is the deal?” Lagi asked.

“If you stop escaping, when Lagikiller gets here…” the guy started, “I’ll try to trick him. I’ll use the digital effects to make a fake version of you and Ivory while you escape. Therefor I get the money, and you live, and Lagikiller gets ripped off.”

“But why? Why do you want to help us?” Lagi asked. “Why risk his anger?”

“Well, obviously, what he is doing is wrong. You aren’t monsters, you’re human beings too. And you have rights, and you can think for yourself.” The guy said, “just because you’re ‘different’ doesn’t mean that you aren’t treated the same.”

“Dang, you should go to some sort of anti racism thing someday.” Lagi said. “Anyways, yeah. I'll stop escaping.”

“Good. Anyway, you probably are wondering what my real name is?” The guy asked.

“Sure, I'd like to know.” Lagi said.

“Devon.” the guy replied. “My names Devon.”

“Okay, I'm not sure why I would want to know that or anything, but, neat name?” Lagi said.

Then, the fake Lagikiller image disappeared, and the barrier disappeared as well. Ivory appeared on the ground.

“She’s just asleep.” Devon said, from the TV screen.

“She does that a lot.” Lagi said. “We all do.”

“Well, I drugged her, so she’ll be asleep until Lagikiller comes.” Devon said, “if you want, I could drug you and have you fall asleep as well, and I’ll wake you up three minutes before he arrives.”

“Sure, that would work.” Lagi said.

“Alright, then. Goodnight.”



-----| Chapter 15 |-----



“What’s your Identification Number?” asked a man.

Corpse turned and looked at Hamshere, who looked at him. Then, Corpse took out an ID he stole.

The man looked at it.

“You’re good to go. Make sure you clean those hallways good. Don’t forget to put the caution signs, unlike LAST TIME.” The man said, his voice thick with sarcasm, “I slipped that time and hit my head! Oh how fun that was!”

Corpse and Hamshere entered the building. They had dressed up as janitors, and had mops with them to clean the hallways.

“Okay, now we have to get to the vault. When we get there, we’ll break in, get everything on this disc, and then get out. I already told Paulo to pick us up behind the building.” Corpse whispered.

“Sounds good, Captain.” Hamshere replied.

“You should check on Rando.” Corpse said, “while I enter the vault.”

“Do I have to?” Hamshere whined.

“If you want your money, yes.” Corpse replied.

“Ugh.” Hamshere growled. “Fine, I’ll go check on him.”

“He should have made it inside, but the sensors say he isn’t. He’s on the way to the back building.” Corpse said.

“Alright… And then?” Hamshere asked.

“Come to the vault with him, and then we’ll do the job, and Paulo will pick us up.” Corpse answered, “and then we give the disc, and get our money.”
“That sounds good. I’ll be going then.” Hamshere said, as he then walked through the hallway away from Corpse.


Mehrunes teleported himself along with Listy and Rando back behind the building. They were gonna try again.

“Okay, maybe not the vents this time.” Mehrunes said.

“Yeah, that was kinda a bad idea.” Listy replied.

“Turtle.” Rando said.

“Hey remember Lagi?” Mehrunes asked.

“Yeah…” Listy said.

“We should make a distraction wif turtles.” Rando said.

“No.” Mehrunes replied.

“To lata!” Rando replied.

“What?” Listy asked.

“Der are tudles in teh place now.” Rando replied.

“No, there’s not.” Mehrunes said.

“Y?” Rando asked.

“Because we’re in the place, hiding behind some convenient cover.” Mehrunes whispered back.

“Wait what?” Listy whispered. “How are we not being seen?”

“We’re invisible.” Mehrunes replied.

“Wut.” Rando said.

“Let’s just go.” Mehrunes whispered.

Mehrunes, Listy, and Rando stood up and headed for a nearby hallway.

“Can they hear us talk?” Listy asked.

“No, we can just hear each other.” Mehrunes replied.

“How convenient.” Listy said.

“I know right? I forgot I had magic for awhile, I could have done a lot more if I hadn't.” Mehrunes said.

“WAIT SO I CAN YELL?!” Rando yelled.

“Yeah, but just in case, don’t.” Mehrunes replied.

“Nuuuuuuuuuuu.” Rando said. “Mah purple orange flagpole 22?”

“No.” Listy replied.

“O gud!” Rando said.

Mehrunes Listy and Rando were already walking down the hallway.

“Where's the vault?” Listy asked.

“I-D-K.” Rando said. “Indiana doughnuts from Kansas.”

“Wouldn’t that be I-D-F-K?” Listy asked.

“Actually probably not as abbreviations like that typically leave out words like that.” Mehrunes replied.

“Wut?” Rando asked.

“Nevermind.” Mehrunes said.

“Wait can’t they see invisible people when they're near the vault?” Listy asked.

“AI, can you short out the detection systems near the vault, and make it seem like it was just a fatal error?” Mehrunes asked.

“The Vault Detection Systems are advanced, it will take a long time for me to hack through the system.” The AI replied, “speaking of which, I won’t be able to do it, unless you connect me to the security system.”

“And where would I do that?” Mehrunes asked.

“It appears that the system has already been shut down.” The AI replied.

“Okay.” Mehrunes replied.

“So what do we do?” Listy asked.

“We go to the vault and assist the other two.” Mehrunes replied.

“What if their plotting against us?” Listy asked.

“Well, then we’ll double-cross them back.” Mehrunes replied.

“Is that the vault?” Listy asked.

“No, that’s- What?! No! That’s a janitor!” Mehrunes exclaimed.

“Ohh.” Listy replied.

“AAAAnd he’s coming this way, we just need to dodge him.” Mehrunes said.

“RANDO!” The janitor shouted, running towards them.

“WAT?!” Rando shouted back.

“Wait, can the janitor see and hear him right now?” Listy asked.

“Yeah, but not us.” Mehrunes replied.

“Why?” Listy asked.

“Because eavesdropping and its a random janitor and this could be important and what-not.” Mehrunes replied.

The janitor then got close enough, and they could see it was Hamshere.

“Rando!” Hamshere shouted, “where are the other two? You were supposed to stick together!”

“O.” Rando said. “Uhh. Mah purpose is telling me to stay red nuget!”

“Uhh it’s Hamshere.” Listy said.

“Yes, I can see that. I have eyes.” Mehrunes replied. “My argument still stands, we probably can’t trust him anyways he’s a pro, he could probably con or kill us and steal our cut.”

“IS ET A problem?!” Rando asked.

Hamshere face palmed. “Dude. We gotta get to the vault. We apparently have opponents who want the same thing we do! Come quick so we get the money!”

“OKEY!” Rando yelled, following Hamshere.

“Whelp he didn’t even try.” Mehrunes said running after. “Hurry up.”

“Okay…” Listy said following. “Can we uncloak?”

“Already have.” Mehrunes replied. “YO HAM! WAIT UP!”

Hamshere turned his head and spotted Mehrunes and Listy. “Oh there you are. Come on, we have no time to lose. Someone else is after the same thing we are. It’s turned to a competition, whoever gets it first gets the money.”

“Yeah I’ve met the guy, not too nice, claimed he was cleaning the vents, was kinda hard to believe.” Mehrunes replied.

“Yes, now we need to hurry.” Hamshere said, taking out a pistol, “it’s time to take action. If we sound the alarm, and turn invisible, our opponent will be in trouble.”

“Easy peasy!” Mehrunes said. “I can do both.”

“Wat.” Rando said.

“AI! Sound the alarm!” Mehrunes said.

“We have other ways to do that though, funner ways.” Hamshere said.

As they walked down the hallways, they spotted two guards. Hamshere shot one of them with his pistol, which shot a red laser.

“Sound the alarm!” The other one shouted.

“YEAH! YOU GO DO THAT!” Hamshere yelled.

A second later, a siren was heard as red lights filled the hallways. Hamshere turned to Mehrunes.

“Turn us invisible now, Mehrunes. And then we get to the vault!” Hamshere said.

“We already are invisible so let’s go.” Mehrunes replied.

“Alright.” Hamshere said, before running through the hallways.

“So…” Listy said, as she, Rando, and Mehrunes ran along with Hamshere. “It’s not that I hate running, but can we just teleport to the vault?”

“Why do you always want to teleport?!” Mehrunes complained.

“We can’t teleport if we haven’t been there before.” Hamshere said, “so we have to get there manually.”

“Dang it.” Listy said.

“Do you know what the defences on the vault are?” Mehrunes asked.

“No, but Corpse is inside already, he disabled the defences.” Hamshere replied.

“Okay.” Mehrunes replied.

“It feels like this area is lasting forever!” Listy said.

“We’re relatively slow going right now, there’s a lot going on.” Mehrunes replied. “We’ll be done here soonish.”

“If someone were to write a story about this, they should just skip to the part where we get to the vault, so it doesn’t get boring.” Hamshere commented.

“Too bad we’re too boring and lead such a normal life, or else we would probably be narrating and doing something more interesting.” Rando said. “Whew. Cheese purple no 4th ball no moar WHEEEEEE!”

“Are we there yet?” Listy asked.

“Yes.” Rando said.

“Really?” Mehrunes asked.

“No. It’s still like, three more turns.” Hamshere said.

“SKIP!” Rando yells. “SKIIIIIIIIIIP. Stupid purple powers nevah not not working dang.”

Suddenly, they were in front of the vault, which was locked tight.

“YAY!” Rando yelled. “I found a pineapple peeeeeeeen.”

“Welp, now what?” Mehrunes asked.

“Don’t you have a thing that you can do where you walk through things?” Listy asked.

“Uhh, yes…” Mehrunes replied.

“Dis ez boring.” Rando said.

“Indeed.” Listy said.

“No really, open the stinking vault before we lose.” Mehrunes said.

“Wait, we need to wait for a bit.” Hamshere said.

“Y?” Rando asked.

“Because, Corpse will open it, but he needs to do it in a way that the security won’t active again.” Hamshere replied.

“But we’re under an alarm already!” Mehrunes exclaimed.

“But they’re not after us. Our opponent is being chased by them.” Hamshere said, “and we’re invisible so…”

“Ugh.” Mehrunes replied. “Fine.”

“Can you hurry up?” Listy asked.

“Tell that to Corpse.” Hamshere said.

“CORPSE! HURRY UP!” Listy yelled.

“I don’t think he can hear you. The walls are soundproof.” Hamshere informed Listy.

“And also we’re muffled from everyone else anyway.” Mehrunes added.

“Potato.” Rando said.

“DO IT FASTER!!!” Listy yelled again.

“He won’t hear you, Listy.” Hamshere said.

DO IT FASTER!!!!” Listy screamed.

“LISTY STOP!” Rando and Mehrunes both yelled.

“Yeah, just STOP.” Hamshere agreed.

“It’ll happen when it happens.” Mehrunes said.

“Waiting is boring.” Rano says. “SKIP IT!”

“I wish!” Mehrunes said. “Time travel is technically illegal without a permit, of which we do not have.”

“Wait really?” Listy asked.

“Yes.” Mehrunes and Rando replied, obviously annoyed.

“Why? Is there a larger problem with time travel, I mean unless you’re going back in time the worst thing you can do is live forever, so wouldn't there be a rule where you can’t go back in time, because when you time travel you leave the time you’re in so if you go forward you have just literally skipped some time!” Listy exclaimed.

“Uh…” Mehrunes said, slightly confused. “I guess you’re right…”

“Wat.” Rando said.

“Can you not?” Mehrunes asked.

“I dun feel gud…” Rando said.

“Sucks.” Mehrunes replied.

“O-M-G I’m so bored.” Listy said.


Suddenly, the vault exploded! The door was half gone, and the walls were no longer there.

“Well that takes care of that.” Mehrunes said.

“Well let’s get this over with.” Listy said.

“Wa-er is Corpse?” Rando asked.

“Ugh.” Mehrunes said, walking up to the vault door. “I dunno.”

“Wat?!” Rando exclaimed, walking up too.

“NO way!” Listy said running up.