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Ultimates: Book 13: The Inescapable Planet: (Book 4 In The Second Series)

Ultimates: Book 13: The Inescapable Planet: (Book 4 In The Second Series)

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June 4th, 2018

Ultimates: The Inescapable Planet:

By: The Ultimate Osaid



-----| Chapter 1 |-----



Corpse had just left awhile ago. Five minutes ago to be precise, with Saturo and Lavender with him. I hope they find something because I’m starting to get hungry and sick of this planet void.

Uchiho and Draelin were inside the tent with Roiber and Listy. Vulgon, Chill, Hamshere, and Paulo were trying to fix the spaceship. Fireball and Zephyr were napping beside the tent.

And I sat there, with Draco, Mehrunes, and Rando. Mehrunes put ‘Banana Duck Tape’ over Rando’s mouth, and now he’s fast asleep.

“Is… is this actually a void?” I asked. “It’s weird… It’s all empty, and there’s no life here or anything at all. And the shield that prevents you from escaping…”

“I guess that explains why I’ve never heard of it, anyone who has gotten onto this planet may never have gotten off to tell anyone.” Draco said.

“Great. So we’re gonna die here.” I said sarcastically.

“Nice enthusiasm.” Draco said.

“Nice sarcasm ignoring.” Mehrunes replied.

“I know he was sarcastic.” Draco said.

“Then don’t mock.” Mehrunes replied.

“Hey you’ve mocked me before!” Draco said to him.

“Touché.” Mehrunes replied, somehow eating popcorn again. “But we probably can get off this rock we just have to try harder… or something.”

“Well it’s definitely gonna be hard, unless we can make a spaceship that doesn’t need electricity to function.” Draco said.

“Which is gonna be hard, since we are kind of doing nothing.” I added. “Maybe after Paulo gets the spaceship running again, we can use it to travel through the planet.”

“Speaking of Paulo, what’s with his English? Does he not know it very well?” Draco asked.

“No, he doesn’t.” Mehrunes replied, still eating popcorn.

“Wait a sec… where did you even get that popcorn anyway?” Draco asked.

“Hmm? Oh right. It’s a spell!” Mehrunes replied. “It’s good.”

“Anyway this place is really starting to give me the creeps. It reminds me of a dream I had once.” Draco said, shuddering a little.

“Maybe you’ll be hunted by a creepy you, that’s bent on killing you with a knife.” Mehrunes teased.

“That’s not funny.” Draco said, punching Mehrunes in the arm with his gauntlet lightly, causing only a little pain.

“Yeah, well if you’re so creeped out about nothing then you may as well tell us why.” Mehrunes said, eating popcorn. “Already got popcorn!”

“I was gonna say, what was your dream?” I asked Draco.

Draco shuddered a little again. “Well it started with me in a place just like this, I started to walk around, and after I awhile I found some of you guys, though not in the way I would hope too…”

“‘Hope too’?” I asked.

“Well first I saw you Ich, only you were…” Draco shuddered again, “you were hanging from a rope, by your neck.”

“Ouch.” I said, I felt a little scared because I knew sometimes dreams can be warnings or they tell the future.

“Remind me to come with you on any trips you have out here.” Mehrunes said to me.

“Well actually next I saw you Mehrunes. And you weren’t in a good situation either.” Draco said.

“Was he also hanging?” I asked.

“Oh no instead I saw him limp on the ground, half of his body gone with a knife stabbed in his forehead.” Draco said, shuddering once again.

“How convenient…” Mehrunes replied.

“That’s worse than mine…” I shuddered, “I don’t want to see that…”

“Should I stop or should I keep going?” Draco asked.

“Ya wimps! Keep going!” Mehrunes exclaimed.

“Yeah, okay, who else was there?” I asked.

“Well next was Saturo.” Draco said. “His was actually very strange…”

“What was his?” I asked.

“Well he looked like he had been electrocuted to death and his head was gone and a weird black substance was leaking out of where it used to be…” Draco explained.

“Oh so your dream was about that thing you saw forever ago in the dream world.” Mehrunes replied.

“No, it wasn’t, also next to Saturo’s body there was something written in the substance.” Draco said.

“No yeah, weird black stuff and a knife, it’s the evil you thingy.” Mehrunes said. “I wouldn't worry about it.”

“No, the black stuff was different. I would know Mehrunes, it was MY dream.” Draco said. “Anyway the message read: ‘3 down, 3 more to go’.”

“When exactly did you have this dream?” I asked.

“A couple of weeks ago actually…” Draco said.

“Who could be this guy killing us in your dreams?” I asked.

“I never found out, but about the message, there was three other people in the dream.” Draco answered.

“It could possibly be someone who hasn’t been discovered yet by us, but is out to get us.” said a voice.

We turned and spotted Vulgon.

“According to what I’ve learned about dreams, this could very likely be the future. But if you dreamed it, that means it’s possible to change it if you figure it all out.” Vulgon said, sitting down with us.

“Well there was one more message, and it’s the one that makes me scared…” Draco said nervously.

“What is it?” Vulgon asked.

“Well it said…” Draco shuddered again. “It said ‘This is all your fault.’.”

“Then… that could be a sign that you did that…” Vulgon said, scratching his chin as he thought.

“B-but I would NEVER do that! WHY on earth would I do that?!” Draco exclaimed in a scared tone.

“Who knows. Maybe you change in the future, and dislike that change, so that message ‘This is all your fault’ is you in the past.” Vulgon shrugged.

“…” Draco looked very scared. “I think I need to lie down a bit.” He then lied down on his back.

“I’d rather think that Draco doesn’t become evil and do that in the future…” I said, “although I doubt he could…”

“Ha…” Mehrunes said. “It’s entirely possible. He’s had one of the worst childhoods, I’m surprised he’s not evil.”

“Well thanks for that.” Draco said bluntly from his position.

“But it could be someone else who did that. And just to make you feel bad, the killer wrote that note. If you dream anything else, let us know, so we can try to put the puzzle together.” Vulgon said.

“Oh yeah I just remembered, I never told you who the three other people were.” Draco said.

“Which, you should right now.” Vulgon replied.

“Well they were Lagi, Uchiho and also Folly, which I thought was weird at first…” Draco said.

“And what happened to them?” I asked.

“Well Lagi was in his Lagiacrus state but all there was his head skewered on a wooden stake, also there was another message next to it.” Draco replied.

“Which said…?” I asked again.

“It said: ‘Looks like I got to him first.’ Which I thought was strange at first.” Draco replied.

“Probably a reference to something we don’t know about yet or at all.” Mehrunes said.

“And Uchiho looked like she had been burned to death.” Draco added.

“Oh no…” I muttered, “t-that’s the first thing that happened…”

“But the burns were much, MUCH worse than what she had experienced in the crash, I could barely recognize her body in the dream.” Draco said.

“Stop procrastinating or… lollygagging and get on with it.” Mehrunes said.

“Okay and Folly had his wings ripped off and a large hole where his heart would have been.” Draco said.

“Alright so question.” Mehrunes said. “To determine cause and time of death, there needs to be further detail, can you do that?”

“Well there were some small details for each of you.” Draco said.

“Since it’s a dream, there wouldn’t actually be ‘death’ unless you see signs in reality.” Vulgon said.

“Shut up Vulgon, I’m trying to prolong our potential death!” Mehrunes said. “Dreams can be detailed, it’s not even your dream.”

“As a matter of fact, it is.” Vulgon said, “I had the same exact dream.”

“Wait you did?!” Draco exclaimed.

“Yes, I had it before I went to the Bounty Canteen to catch a ride, when you guys showed up.” Vulgon replied. “And I’ve come up with some conclusions… Which was based on another dream I had…”

“Do tell us your rational explanation for what we wish are figments of your imagination.” Mehrunes said.

Suddenly Rando sat straight up, ripped the duct tape off his mouth and said, “HAHA MEHRUNES IS SCARED!!!”

“No I’m not!” Mehrunes exclaimed.

“YESH! YA USE BIGGER WORDS WHEN U THINK UR ABOUT TO DIE!” Rando shouted. “HAHAHAHAHA! Cheese snow be yummy but it pains my cat, the flagpole will be avenged washing cow!”

“SHUT UP!” Mehrunes yelled at Rando.

“I had not the dream one. You were all dead like living cheese! Two cats went into a bar and said I went into flagpole!” Rando said before he fell asleep again.

“…Well that just happened.” Draco said, almost completely speechless.

“Yeah. It’s annoying…” I said.

“Okay, another question. Was Rando their and dead?” Mehrunes asked.

“No, Rando was not there.” Vulgon said, then he hesitated, “.....he wouldn’t have the smarts to… listen…”

“Ambiguity… you hesitate.” Mehrunes said. “You lack creativity. Try again to answer the question, will you? Also that doesn’t make sense…”

“I haven’t told you my other dream, which brings the dream Draco and I had… It ties with it, it makes it make sense.” Vulgon said.

“It makes sense already.” Mehrunes replied. “As a side note, way to make this conversation about you.”

“Mehrunes just be quiet and let him talk.” Draco said.

“No! You be quiet! I’m tired of all the nonsense about this planet! The nonsense about dreams and whether or not their real! It’s preposterous! Folly isn’t here, nobody has a knife and quite frankly how could Ich be hanging by his neck on nothing?!”

“Do I have permission to punch him again?” Draco asked, sounding aggravated.

“Yes, and harder this time.” Vulgon replied.

“Okay!” Draco said, making his gauntlet appear and punched Mehrunes ten feet away from them, knocking him out cold. “There, all done. Now please continue.”

“Okay, well…” Vulgon said, “based on the other dream I had, I think I know what’s going on…”

“What is it?” Draco asked.

“There was a familiar voice… It spoke to me, and said, ‘Do you want, more power? Do you feel, weak?’.” Vulgon said. “And then the voice started to laugh.”

“Spooky.” Draco commented.

“And then, I saw Nix. You remember Nix? Yeah, I saw him, and he was walking away.” Vulgon replied.

“And then what?” Draco asked. “What happened next?”

“The voice spoke again, it said ‘You can become something greater’.” Vulgon said.

“Wonder what that could mean.” Draco said, thinking.

“And then after that, I saw one part of Darth’s army.” Vulgon replied.

Rando then sat up, looked over at Mehrunes who is still knocked out, looked at Draco, and stayed eerily quiet.

“There’s more to the dream, but I don’t remember it…” Vulgon replied.

“Wut?” Rando asked. “I missed a lot.”

“It’s okay, anyway I wonder if any more dreams will happen. Because we have very little to go on.” Draco said.

“When he’s waking.” Rando said in a steady voice, “he’ll be mad…”

“So? He’s almost always mad at something!” Draco said.

“I must speak quickly while the option is available.” Rando said. “Evil forces are at play, and warnings have been placed. We know more than we let on, and you may have to force info out. Do not falter when faced with death, and you will prevail. Make no mention of this to him… MEHRUNES.

Then Rando fell asleep.

“......” Draco was quiet.

“Sounds like he isn’t all that random.” I said. “But, I didn’t get it. What does he mean?”

“Heck if I know!” Draco exclaimed.

Mehrunes then woke up, and he was mad.

“Oh hey you're awake.” Draco said.

“YEAH AND-” Mehrunes stopped, and said. “You all look confused… why?”

“Reasons.” Draco replied.

“Yes, reasons.” Vulgon agreed.

“Okay, so apparently you won’t tell me, so I’m going to guess it’s a riddle or something.” Mehrunes said. “Can I help…?”

“I don't know, the riddle has one rule.” Draco said.

“Well, first I should tell you my dream…” Vulgon said, “There was a familiar voice… It spoke to me, and said, ‘Do you want, more power? Do you feel, weak?’ and then it started laughing. Then I saw Nix walking away, with a frown on his face, before seeing Darth’s Army.”

“Well… learning from my mistakes I’m going to say that it’s probably a future vision type thing, collaged into one.” Mehrunes replied.

Suddenly, Rando sat up and said, “RIDDLES ARE COOL! WE SHOULD DO ONE cheese I’m not not not not not not tired.” Then was really quiet.

“Okay…” Mehrunes said. “Anyway it’s a thing that happens, that you see the future in little clips. So! This riddle, what is it?”

“I don't know.” Draco said.

“Well you had it while I was knocked out so it’s at least semi-private. So… maybe do it again?” Mehrunes said, before cringing.

Suddenly, Vulgon’s eyes widened.

“Huh?” Draco said, confused.

“Don’t do this.” Mehrunes said. “I refuse.”

“I remembered the other part of the dream… The voice said something… It said, ‘Evil forces are at play, and warnings have been placed. We know more than we let on, and you may have to force info out. Do not falter when faced with death, and you will prevail.’ Exactly what Rando had repeated…” Vulgon said.

“Well I don’t believe that Rando said that, but I can help with the meaning.” Mehrunes said. “Evil forces at play is obvious, as is the warnings it would go along with the dreams. We know more than we let on, might mean that either someone we know is hiding info, purposefully or subconsciously, forcing info out could enforce both. And do not falter when faced with death could go along with the dreams, the creepy Draco thing and trusting our allies, shoot first questions later mentality.”

“So u?” Rando asked Mehrunes, eating some rock.

“Uhh…” Mehrunes said, hesitating. “I dunno what… you’re talking about.”

“Hmmm...” Draco said, thinking.

“Hmm? No hmm!” Mehrunes exclaims. “Did… did Rando actually say that? The riddle thing?”

“Yes, he must have somehow heard it like I did, in a dream or something…” Vulgon said.

“Well I will admit I know more than I let onto, but tha-” Mehrunes said, before Rando interrupted him.

“IT’S UUUUUUU!” Rando yelled. “Snow yummy.”

“Rando that’s not snow!” Mehrunes exclaimed.

“I found a thing!!!! Yummy snow must move!” Rando shouts, as he dug in the rock like it was made of butter.

“Rando, go back to sleep.” I said, “I still want to discuss this ‘dreams’ thing.”

“THERE’S A THING!” Rando shouts, still digging.

“Eh, he’s not hurting anything.” Mehrunes said. “Anyway… we still have pretty much nothing.”

“Was he serious when he said he found something or no?” Draco asked, pointing at Rando who was still digging.

“I dunno.” Mehrunes replied. “Never can tell.”

“Neither can I.” I added.

“Well, I think we should do something… About the dreams…” Vulgon said.

“Well duh.” Mehrunes said. “I can use a spell to detect evil forces… other than that I dunno what to do.”

“GUYS LOOK!” Rando shouts. “THE THING IS HERE!!!!!”

“What do you mean?” Draco asked.

“He mean’s he found a thing.” Mehrunes replied.

“Do you have to be a smart Aleck about everything?” Draco asked.

“I was answering your question.” Mehrunes replied, walking over to Rando. “What did you find?”

“THE THING!” Rando shouted.

“What is the THING?” Draco asked.

“Why don’t you come look?” Mehrunes said.

We came over and looked at what Rando called ‘the thing’. Apparently it was nothing, just that white powder.

“What is it?” Mehrunes asked.

Rando looked at the hole, and said, “BUT IT WAS THERE!!!!”

“Sure it was.” Draco said.


“I think he's gone crazy. Or at least more crazy.” Draco said.

“Actually it almost makes sense. Black goo, a crashed ship death promise, a knife…” Mehrunes said. “Unsettling at best.”

“Maybe he’s seeing things.” I said.

“Guys! We were told there's an evil presence! That warnings are in place! It want from me not believing to all of you! And frankly… there’s nothing. No other ships no horizon… don’t you think that maybe other people have crashed ever?! AND THERE’S NOTHING! I’m gonna sit down, and scan the planet for a presence of evil if I pass out it’s because there is one and it’s terribly strong.” Mehrunes exclaimed, before he walked a short distance and sat down.

“Cheese i-” Rando started before he’s interrupted by Mehrunes screaming in pain before passing out cold.

We all looked over at him, and were silent.

Rando coughed, and said, “Told ya so.”

“Um… So Mehrunes had sensed an evil presence?” I asked, slightly uncomfortable.

“Much stronger than he mentally prepared for.” Rando replied. “Remember he said he might pass out? Yeah he also screamed in pain which could mean anything really.”

“Okay then.” Draco said.

“So we’re essentially dead.” Rando said. “In theory.”

“What’s all the screaming about?” I heard a voice behind me.

We turned our heads and spotted Listy.

“Why is Mehrunes out?” Listy asked. “And why is there a giant hole?”

“Ah yes, Mehrunes has sensed a great evil and is now unconscious.” Rando explained. “And the hole was me, I was looking for evil.”

“Oh… WAIT WHAT?!” Listy yelled in question.

“He claims he found a spaceship covered with black goo, I think.” I said.

“Yes, this place appears to be evil.” Rando said. “We should get off this barren rock ASAP!”

“Well, I hope that Corpse has found something.” I said.

“Current knowledge would suggest no, but I suppose anything is possible.” Rando replied.

“WHAT IS GOING ON?!” Listy exclaimed.

“Well, Draco and I had a dream, more like a nightmare, and we saw people we know dead.” Vulgon said.

“Uhhhnn.” Mehrunes groaned.

“And Mehrunes?” Listy asked. “I don’t understand what that is about.”

“He was looking for evil with some sort of spell, and he did say if it’s strong evil he’d pass out.” I explained.

“And he screamed and passed out so it’s really strong… got it.” Listy said.

“I can’t… feel… my arms…” Mehrunes groaned.

“You should rest.” I said to Mehrunes, “let’s wait and see if Corpse gets back…”



-----| Chapter 2 |-----



“Give me another bag please.” Corpse said.

I took out another party sized bag of spicy chips and handed it to Corpse. He took it, opened it, and began eating.

“Ugh…” Lavender complained, “we’ve already walked for twenty miles and there’s nothing!”

“Yeah. And what makes it better is that we’re lost.” I said sarcastically.

“Hey, don’t have a negative attitude.” Corpse said, “we’re bound to find something sooner or later.”

“Just accept it, Corpse.” I said, “Mehrunes is right. There’s nothing out here except for more flat white rock!”

“Nah.” Corpse said, “I refuse to believe that.”

“Just accept it, Corpse.” Lavender said back.

“If I do, then we’re stuck. And have nowhere to go. We’ll die here.” Corpse said, “I will do my best to live. I refuse to just die.”

“Wel--” I started, but was interrupted.

“Let’s keep moving.” Corpse said, getting up.

Lavender and I groaned as we got up. Corpse was already five feet ahead, walking.

“What are we even gonna find?” I asked.

Corpse looked forward, like he was looking for something.


“What!?” Lavender and I exclaimed.

I looked forward and Corpse was right… There was another spaceship! We aren’t the only ones who crashed!

Corpse began to sprint towards it, so Lavender and I began sprinting as well. When we got closer, we then spotted a tent… A familiar tent…


“WHAT!? WE’RE BACK WHERE WE STARTED!!!” we suddenly heard Corpse’s voice shout.

We turned and spotted Corpse, with Saturo and Lavender.

“WE WENT IN A FRICKING CIRCLE! DANG IT!” Corpse was obviously mad, he even kicked the wrenchbox that Paulo was using.

“Ah so Mehrunes was right, there's nothing.” Rando said.

“Yeah I guess.” Listy said.

“What happened though?” Vulgon asked Corpse.

“We saw nothing at all. And then we came back where we started.” Corpse said.

“And he’s had twenty party sized bags of spicy chips. He’s gotten addicted to it.” Saturo added.

“So we return now we will tell you out experience and why Mehrunes is out cold.” Rando said.

We then explained everything to them.

“That is weird. But it explains a lot.” Corpse said.

“Yeah, so what are we gonna do?” Saturo asked.


“No.” Mehrunes suddenly said.

“If there’s evil out there, we shouldn’t stay here. The evil will find us and kill us.” Corpse said, “we at least have to keep moving.”

“Corpse…” Mehrunes said. “We must stick together… establish our territory…  the evil will find us either way… best… be… prepared.”

“AHHHH!!!” We suddenly heard Paulo yell.

We all turned, and saw what happened… The spaceship, it was sinking into the ground, disintegrating as it did.

“And there it is.” Rando said.

“SPACESHIP!” Paulo cried, “NO GO! NO GO! NEED YOU!”

“PAULO I’M SORRY!” Rando yelled. “YOU CAN’T SAVE IT!”

Then, the spaceship disappeared entirely. Nothing was left, other than the wrenchbox in Paulo’s hands.

“The entire planet is evil…” Mehrunes muttered.

“If we stay here… eventually we’ll be part of the ground as well…” Corpse said. “WE NEED TO DOUBLE CHECK! DOUBLE-CHECK IF EVERYONE IS STILL HERE!”

“Present.” Listy, Rando, and Mehrunes all said.

“We’re here.” Saturo, Lavender, Vulgon, Draco and I said.

“I’M IN ERE WITH DA TWO GIRLS! UCHIHO AND DRAELIN!” Roiber shouted from the tent, which next to it was Fireball and Zephyr.

“We’re all here.” Rando said. “We never did try to planet-hop!”

“No wait…” Corpse said, “HAMSHERE AND CHILL!”

“ON IT!” Rando yelled, dashing over to where the spaceship was and slicing through the stone like it was nothing, excavating a giant hole within seconds.

But there was nothing there. The spaceship was gone.

“We need to leave.” Mehrunes said.

“WHEEEEE!” Rando exclaimed. “THIS IS FUN!!”

“And Rando is back.” Mehrunes said. “Rando! Stop!”

“Fine…” Rando said walking back over. “Cheese blue quesadilla flagpole pen banana pen pen 22!”

“So we’re all ready to go?” Draco asked.

“Not really.” Listy said.

“We gotta get moving…” Corpse said, “who’s coming with me?”

“Umm…” Saturo said, “all of us. We gotta stick together.”

“Alright, then let’s get moving.” Corpse said, “but we can’t all stick together. A third will come with me, and the other third will go with Roiber, and the last third will go with Paulo.”

“Seems like a bad idea.” Mehrunes replied. “But whatever.”

“It’s a bad idea for us to stay here, and we won’t find anything if we all stick together.” Corpse said. “Okay, so Saturo and Lavender will go with me again… Wait, get Roiber out here, he needs to know we’re leaving. ROIBER!”

“What?” Roiber asked, getting out of the tent.

“Choose two people to be on your search party.” Corpse told him.

“Hmm. I’ll take those two.” Roiber said, pointing at Vulgon and I.

“Paulo!” Corpse said, patting Paulo on the shoulder, “choose someone.”

“Not care.” Paulo said, “anyone with me.”

“Okay… Draco you go with Paulo along with Listy then.” Corpse said.

“Okay.” Draco said with a nod.

“Hmmm… Mehrunes, Rando, you are left. Mehrunes you’ll go with Roiber, Rando you’ll come with me.” Corpse said.

“What about Uchiho, Draelin, Fireball and Zephyr?” Draco asked.

“Well. With me, Saturo, Rando and Lavender. Roiber, Ichoo, Mehrunes and Vulgon. Paulo, Draco and Listy… Draco take your cat and dragon with you. Uchiho and Draelin will… Where are they? Still in the tent? Bring them out.” Corpse said.

“Okay, I’ll get them.” Draco said, walking into the tent, “Draelin! Uchi--”

I looked over Draco’s shoulder, and realized… Draelin and Uchiho were gone!

“Where did they go?!” Draco exclaimed.

“Well. That means we gotta go with the group. Adults in the group! I’m counting on you to watch the kids! Don’t let them disappear like four people did already!” Corpse said to Roiber and Paulo.

“Okay.” Roiber said.

“Alright. Let’s all go in different directions. Come on Saturo, Lavender, and Rando.” Corpse said, as he walked, followed by Saturo, Lavender and Rando.

“Come on.” Paulo said to his group.

He then walked the opposite direction, with Draco, Listy, and Zephyr along with Fireball. Roiber was in his very spot, until the others were out of sight.

“So…” Roiber said, “shall we go?”

Vulgon, Mehrunes, and I just stood there.

“Sure.” Mehrunes said. “Where is it we’re going?”

“No idea. We’re just trying to look for something that will help us get off this planet.” Roiber replied.

“This planet eats stuff. There won't be anything.” Mehrunes replied.

“Well, we won’t know for sure unless we search the whole planet and find nothing.” Roiber said.

“Well sure…” Mehrunes said. “So are we supposed to be going?”

“Yes. I just want to check on something before.” Roiber said, as he cautiously looked at the tent.

“Don’t step in quick…stone.” Mehrunes said. “And as a side note, Draco seemed underwhelmed by his sister's disappearance. Just saying.”

“Kiddo, this whole planet’s quickstone!” Roiber said, looking inside the tent, “it probably just starts to suck you in after a while, maybe when you aren’t moving, like what happened to the spaceship. And, Uchiho and Draelin.”

“So then why is the tent still here?” Mehrunes asked.

“That’s what I’m wondering…” Roiber replied. “If my assumption is correct, then this tent should not be here.”

“So it’s a sentient evil planet?” Mehrunes asked. “Took the ship and some people but not the tent.”

“Maybe it has a mind of it’s own.” Roiber said.

“If it does, we could attempt to contact it…” Mehrunes said. “If not, oh well.”

“Try to contact it as we walk.” Roiber said, as he began to walk towards a different direction then the others had walked towards.

Vulgon, Mehrunes and I followed.

“Yeah okay, I could probably manage that.” Mehrunes replied. “Take about three minutes, give or take whether or not it wants to be contacted, or if it’s even possible…”

“Give it a try with your spells.” Vulgon said.

Mehrunes took out a book and started flipping through it.

“Aha! Found it.” Mehrunes said, before he started to say something in another language.

“What did you find? What kind of spell is it?” Roiber asked.

Mehrunes, still casting a spell, showed him the book and pointed at the spell he found, it was a ‘Entity Contact Spell’.

“That sounds about right. Keep up the spell.” Roiber said.

Mehrunes kept on for a bit, before he stopped, probably having finished the spell.

“So… Do you only hear if the ‘entity’ speaks or can we all hear? Cause I don’t hear anything.” I said.

“No, you can’t hear it unless you cast the spell as well.” Mehrunes replied. “Waiting for it to respond if it can or wants to right now.”

“What did you say to it?” Vulgon asked.

“It’s a spell to contact it. If it responds the I can talk to it.” Mehrunes replied. “What do you think I should say to it?”

“How about, ‘FREACKING LET ME OFF OF THIS PLANET!’ Yeah, that sounds about right.” Roiber said.

“We probably shouldn't anger the thing we’re standing on.” Mehrunes replied. “I’ll ask it why it’s trapping us and our ship. Does that sound good?”

“Yeah, sure, not as good, but good enough.” Roiber said.

Mehrunes then was quiet.

“I… uh… asked it.” Mehrunes said.

“So…? What happened?” I asked.

“It hasn't responded. It appears to be taking its time.” Mehrunes replied. “Which is fine…”

“Yeah. And we haven’t found anything yet.” Vulgon said.

“Yeah.” Mehrunes replied.

“I wonder if the others found anything…” I said.

“Once again, probably not.” Mehrunes replied. “But who knows, maybe they did.”


Paulo, Draco, Listy, Fireball and Zephyr walked through the empty white planet. There was nothing, nothing but flat solid white rock.

“How long have we been walking for anyway?” Draco asked.

“Probably about an hour.” Listy replied. “Or 3 minutes.”

“And we’ve found diddly squat either way!” Fireball exclaimed.

“Walked about for 10 Minutes.” Paulo said.

“Really? I guess it would be hard to gauge distance here when everything is all white, flat, and looks exactly the same as everything else.” Draco said.

“You could say it’s a whild open world.” Listy said.

“Pah!” Paulo said.

“At least someone likes my pun.” Listy said.

“Sorry but I’m still too worried about my little sister vanishing into thin air to care.” Draco said.

“Well, if you’re so worried, maybe you should have gone with Mehrunes, he probably could have talked to the planet or something.” Listy said.

“Keep in mind I punched him twice. One of which knocked him out cold, just because he was being annoying. I think it’s best me and him went in different groups.” Draco said.

“Let’s be honest, it probably wasn't the first time he was knocked out for being annoying.” Listy replied, smirking.

“Oh definitely not, lots of people have done that! Heck, the time I just mentioned was my 55th one.” Draco said with a snicker.

“So at that point the anger would just be a formality?” Listy asked.

“Basically, I’m surprised me and Mehrunes didn’t completely annihilate each other in the year Ich and Saturo were gone. Granted, we DID get close to doing that a few times.” Draco said.

“He has enough self control… if not… no, nevermind.” Listy said. “Self control.”

“Can we talk about something else now?” Fireball asked, clearly bored.

“Yeah sure why do you hate Mehrunes so much?” Listy asked.

“Because he’s been rude to me.” Fireball replied.

“How so?” Listy asked.

“He called me basic.” Fireball replied.

“I was told that he called ‘making animals talk’ basic. Not so much that you yourself is basic, course you’re not.” Listy replied.

“No! He called ME basic!” Fireball shouted.

“Uhh… did he?” Listy asked.

“YES! HE DID!” Fireball snapped, some embers drifting from his nostrils.

“Quote what he said, please.” Listy said, holding out a small cup of catnip. “And you get this.”

“Why are you trying to bribe my cat with drugs?” Draco asked.

“It’s a special blend of catnip, Draco. I’m not stupid.” Listy replied.

“Doesn't matter, it’s still catnip.” Draco said, taking the cup.

“Also it’s technically a hologram as well.” Listy replied, the cup and catnip disappearing. “Again. Not stupid.”

“I’M NOT STUPID EITHER!” Fireball shouted in anger. “I CAN SEE THAT THAT’S A HOLOGRAM!”

“Exactly!” Listy replied.

“You know, fine. You two do whatever you're doing, I’ll have no part in it.” Draco said as he and Zephyr walked farther forward.

“Okay first, we should change the subject and second you probably shouldn't walk that far away.” Listy said. “We don’t know what the planet can do.”

“Paulo is still in front of me. When you guys were talking you went much slower.” Draco said.

“True.” Paulo agreed.

“Random question, if catnip is like a drug what do you feed Fireball?” Listy asked.

“Cat food. Duh.” Draco said. “What else would I feed him?”

“Wait what’s the difference?” Listy asked.

“Catnip is a plant that makes cats act strange and Cat Food is Food made for cats.” Draco said. “I thought you said you weren’t stupid.”

“Why would you ever feed Fireball Catnip?” Listy asked. “You know what? Nevermind. We’re getting nowhere.”

“Looks like it. Reality, no.” Paulo said.

“I wonder what Corpse is up to…” Listy said. “Probably finding nothing still.”

“Probably.” Draco agreed.


Corpse, Lavender, Rando and I were walking, and as usual, nothing was different. It was still flat, white, and empty.


“What?” I asked.

“I wanna fly.” Rando replied. “Flagpole yellow cow.”

“What is he saying?” Lavender asked.

“YOU’LL NEVER KNOW!” Rando yelled.

“Umm, okay…” Lavender replied.

“L-O-L.” Rando said. “You know…”

“I know what?” Lavender asked.

“ORANGES ARE YUMMY!” Rando yelled.

“Okay?” Lavender was confused.


“The kid’s random.” Corpse said from the front, “that’s part if his name, except without the ‘M’.”

“Oh.” Lavender replied.

“… Evil? EVIL?! EVIL!!!!!!!” Rando was suddenly was freaking out.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“*PANT* *PANT*” Rando appeared to be having a panic attack, and suddenly starting digging insanely fast. “EVIL!

“What do you mean ‘evil’?” Lavender asked.

“AHH!” Rando yelled, from in his hole. “GOO SHIP! GOO SHIP!”

“There’s nothing there, Rando. I suggest you stop, Corpse is already far ahead and we need to catch up.” I said.

“PIZZA FLOWER WHEEE!” Rando said, popping out of the hole grabbing us then running really fast to where Corpse was. “Happy?”

“Yes.” I replied.

“Blue.” Rando said. “As long as ur happy, im a flagpole blue pie grass lagiacrus.”

“That doesn’t make any sense at all.” Lavender said.

Rando looked left, then right, then behind him, then back at us and said “Really?” And then walked toward where Corpse had once again gone ahead of us.

“It doesn’t seem like there’s anything.” Corpse said, “and it’s getting dark. Who knows what will happen in our first night on this planet…”

“I’m gonna guess something not good.” I said. “We should probably not sleep.”

“ME! CALL ON ME!” Rando yelled, raising his hand.

“Fine.” Corpse said. “What do you want to say, Rando?”

“I can give u energy.” Rando said. “No sleeping.”

“That would be… Unhealthy.” Corpse said.

“Y?” Rando asked. “Is my neon red flies too fat for you?”


“Notalot of enrg, just some.” Rando said. “Whip.”

“Even if we have energy, we’ll fall asleep.” Corpse said.

“Y?” Rando asked.

“Because that’s how it works. Humans fall asleep.” Corpse replied. “So, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to sleep. Rando, since you are not tired, you watch for anything. Wake us up. Got it?”


“As long as you let us sleep.” Corpse replied.

I suddenly yawned. I was tired.

“Okay.” Corpse then lied down, and I did as well.

Before I knew it, I was fast asleep.



-----| Chapter 3 |-----



Lagikiller stood up. He had just finished telling Lagi and Ivory that he will not be satisfied until they are dead.

“Well then, if killing us is the only way to satisfy you, then so be it. Kill us if you need to, if it will make you happy. Just get it over with, I feel bad for you, and I hate feeling bad, and what you feel is worse than bad. So, yeah. Do what you need to.” Lagi said as he stood up.

“VERY WELL THEN.” Lagikiller said, walking forth towards Lagi. “BUT WHAT ABOUT IVORY?”

“Duck.” she said.

“What?” Lagi asked.

“I said duck.” Ivory said back.


“I said duck.” Ivory said again. “So duck.”

“FINE, IF YOU INSIST.” Lagikiller said, before he suddenly struck his sword into the ground. A giant duck appeared, which then grabbed Ivory, preventing her from moving.

“Wow. Never thought this would happen. Dreams are coming true here, everyone! Dreams are coming true.” Ivory yelled.

“So uh, why are you in a giant duck’s grasp?” Lagi asked.

“Because I’m hungry.” Ivory said. She made a fireball over her head and watched as it ran into the duck’s face.

But then it began to rain, and the fire was put out.


“I don’t need you to explain that to me. I was taught basic stuff by my dad.” Ivory said, rolling her eyes.

Lagi started thinking of something.


“Yeah, I know. He’s my dad. Don’t need to explain every detail of my life to me.” Ivory groaned.

Lagi was thinking much harder now. And the rain was falling harder.

“…” Lagikiller was silent, thinking as well.

Lagi started to think even harder.

“NO…. NOT NOW…” Lagikiller suddenly said.

“What is it?” Ivory asked. “What’s wrong?”

Lagi started to pull a few hairs out of his head.

“ANYTIME BUT NOW… NO…” Lagikiller said, and he suddenly was surrounded by a blue light.

“I ask once again, what the heck is wrong with you?” Ivory asked.

Lagi stopped thinking so hard. He snapped his fingers and water appeared in the duck’s face, starting to suffocate it.

Suddenly, the duck’s face exploded! Some sort of black hole was in it’s spot, and it sucked Lagi, Ivory, and Lagikiller into it.

“NOOOOOOOOOOOO…!” Lagikiller shouted.

Then, darkness.

Then, light.

Everything began to appear. Lagi and Ivory found themselves in a big room filled with water, and Lagikiller just up in front of them.


“I think you’re the idiot here.” Ivory said.

“Explain where we are, why we are here, and how we get out.” Lagi demanded.


“Oh good, Gabe’s back. Happy times!” Ivory muttered.

“Like, he is coming back to life? Or just coming back in your dreams?” Lagi asked.


“Bad for you, good for us.” Ivory said.


“Whelp! We’re doomed.” Lagi groaned as he started to hit his head against one of the walls.

“So, how do we get out? Because I would rather all of us live than just you.” Ivory asked.


“N-no… there has to be some way! Maybe, maybe you just have to kill Gabe?” Lagi suggested.

“......” Lagikiller was silent.

“C’mon, there must be a way! You would know if there is a way, this is your nightmare you said, so please! Help us! Help all of us!” Lagi cried.

“........” Lagikiller was still silent.

“Please… I’m begging you… help us live, just do it… please…” Lagi sobbed.

“I CANNOT HELP MYSELF.” Lagikiller said.

“W-what do you mean?” Lagi asked.

“IT COULD BE OVER FOR ME…” Lagikiller replied.

“What are you saying? Explain, please!” Lagi pleaded.

“He’s a loser.” said a voice, “I am the winner.”

The three of them all turned, and they spotted Gabe, floating. Looking exactly how Lagikiller remembered him.

“GABE…” Lagikiller said in disgust.

“Accept it, Carter. You failed. You are the loser.” Gabe said, looking down at Lagi and Ivory, “we are not gone. Your enemy still lives.”

“So, hi Gabe… hey, do you know any way that me and Ivory could get out of here alive?” Lagi asked.

“And possibly kill Carter while you're at it.” Ivory added.

“Heheheh…” Gabe laughed. “Sure thing. I will finish what has been started…”

“But will any of us three be alive after that?” Lagi asked.

“Yeah, because if we aren’t then it would be for nothing, both sides would die…” Ivory muttered.

“No, there’s still one more, remember? We win even if we all die. Or, Gabe wins, I guess.” Lagi explained.


“That is true. I am back.” Gabe said.

“BUT… HOW?” Lagikiller asked.

“Heh. Well. It’s a long long story of what happened, after you left to destroy the other kingdom. Sure, I was dead. I was. But I came back.” Gabe said.

“HOW!?” Lagikiller yelled.

Gabe smirked.

“I was revived by my master’s apprentice.” Gabe said, “you know nothing, do you? About anything?”

Lagikiller was quiet.

“Lagi, would your father send out his army to commit a genocide?” Gabe asked Lagi.

“I, uh… probably not?” Lagi said, starting to frown.

“Exactly.” Gabe said, “Abyss didn’t want this war to even begin in the first place. It was my master who ordered the war to begin.”

“Who is your master?” Lagi asked.

“Aha, there you see, I rather not reveal his identity.” Gabe said, “instead, I’ll do his bidding. Since he is the one who gave me the power I have, and the one who allowed my revival.”

“So, lemme get this straight… you got him to kill my family, and everyone’s family?” Lagi asked, pointing to Lagikiller.

“Well, I guess you can say that. It’s partly correct.” Gabe replied.

“This is confusing…” Lagi muttered.

“Well, I can’t explain it, because I don’t know the whole story. But I do know, that since my master found me and helped me out, I became stronger so I ranked up and became the army commander. But I had to listen to my master, not Abyss.” Gabe explained, “which is when the genocide began, after I had gotten enough power to power up the whole army. It took five years, but I got it.”

“Monster…” Lagikiller said.

“But unfortunately, even with the power that I had, I was surpassed by Carter. Because he got the Legendary Sword of the WaterBreathe.” Gabe said. “He at least came to find some of it’s abilities.”

“No more story time, please. Last time that happened, it ended in attempted genocide.” Lagi moaned.

“That’s what this is. Genocide. One side must end.” Gabe said.

“Can it be his side? With us still living?” Lagi asked.

“Under orders, I must be the only living Human Lagiacrus left. Put together the pieces.” Gabe said.

“Uh, there’s still one out there. You would still fail.” Lagi said.

“Oh is there?” Gabe asked, “no, we are the only ones left. Everyone else is dead.”

“No, there’s still one left. So, what do you do? You don’t kill us, because we’re the only way you could possibly find him, and we’re not talking.” Lagi explained with a smirk.

“Hmm.” Gabe smirked as well. “I know exactly who you’re talking about. Laro Acrus, is it? Yes, I remember him leaving the kingdom and the clan. He is not an Acrus any longer, since he left long before the war started. He is not involved in any way.”

“But he’s still a Human Lagiacrus.” Lagi said.

“He may be, but master did not order him dead.” Gabe replied, “because he is just a man.”

“Oh…” Lagi said. “Well, what is it that everyone here is going to do?”

“I’m going to swim away slowly…” Ivory said as she started swimming away from everyone.

“You won’t go anywhere. There’s a wall, an indestructible wall. We are going nowhere.” Gabe said to her.

“Still getting away from you.” Ivory muttered.

“But Ivory. I’m your older brother.” Gabe said.

“And why should I believe that?” Ivory asked.

“It is true. That’s how I knew where the kingdom was, when I told Carter to go there and destroy it.” Gabe said.

“Anyone could figure that out.” Ivory growled.

“Heh. Well. If you don’t want to believe me, then don’t.” Gabe replied. “Killing you will be hard though, younger sister.”

“Yeah, it may be hard for you to kill me, but it won’t be hard for me to kill you if it comes to it.” Ivory growled.

“Heh. Heh…” Gabe laughed. “HAHAHAHAHAHA!”

Then he stopped laughing.

“Are you serious?” He asked, still slightly laughing.

“Why wouldn’t I be?” Ivory asked.

“How much training have you done? Nothing. You can’t beat me now, for all these past years, while you were being hunted by Carter here, I was getting powerful, while you weren’t even increasing in power by even a little.” Gabe said, “you only started increasing in power when you got your Ultimate Crystal.”

“You know, you said it yourself. Killing me will be hard.” Ivory laughed.

“Yes, but killing Lagi and Carter will not be challenging.” Gabe smirked.

“I like trains.” Lagi said. Ivory face palmed.

“How nice.” Gabe said to Lagi. “I don’t really care about your likes. Only your dislikes.”

“No, I said I like trains.” Lagi said. “But I dislike… Gabe. Oh, and that guy who’s name starts with an M.”

“Good. That means I’ll be there to end your life with your dislikes.” Gabe replied, “that made no sense, but still.”

“I have a glass of water.” Lagi said as he pulled out a glass and filled it with the ocean water around him. He then took a drink of it.

“Neat. Can you kill Gabe with it?” Ivory asked.

“I don’t think so.” Lagi said as he took another drink.

“None of you can kill me.” Gabe said. “Not even if you try your best.”

“But what if we all work together or something?” Lagi suggested.

“That’s something…” Ivory muttered.

“Well that’s too bad… I have no idea where Carter went. You’re on your own.” Gabe said.

“Wait, where did he go?” Lagi asked while looking around.

“He probably died.” Ivory said.

“Heh. I just love this.” Gabe said. “You aren’t trying to help Carter, nor trying to be nice to him. It makes this easier. He’ll kill you, and then I’ll kill him.”

“YOU’RE THE ONLY ONE DYING TOdAY.” Lagikiller’s voice said.

Suddenly, Lagikiller’s giant blade struck through Gabe’s chest. Lagikiller was right behind him.

“Good job!” Lagi yelled.

“Hehehehehe…” Gabe laughed, “the things that killed me before won’t kill me now…”

“Wait, are you made of water?” Lagi asked.

“No, but, I cannot be harmed that easily.” Gabe said, “actually, thank you for the idea.”

Suddenly, all the water in the room came towards Gabe, and Gabe grew bigger while Lagikiller, Lagi, and Ivory fell to the floor. Gabe was now four times the size of them combined.

“Now, just wait a sec…” Gabe said.

Then, Gabe shrunk, and went back to his normal size.

“Thanks for the idea, Lagi.” Gabe said.

“You’ve said that twice now, it makes no sense.” Lagi replied.

“But, we should stop the talking, and start the ending of this genocide.” Gabe said.

“Yeah, you should die, Gabe.” Lagi said.

“Really, all of us should just start killing each other until one of us emerges victorious. That is what’s been going through my mind this whole time.” Ivory muttered.

“Fine, if you want that, sis, then we’ll start.” Gabe said, taking out a sword.

Gabe then started walking towards them, spinning his sword while at it.

“I’m not your sister, but whatever floats your boat.” Ivory said while making a sword appear out of nowhere.

“I don’t need a boat, I am a Human Lagiacrus and can breathe underwater.” Gabe replied while smirking.

Ivory facepalmed.

“Now step out of the way, sis.” Gabe ordered, “I need to finish something.”

“What is it? Because you just said that we would fight to the death. And I was getting excited about it.” Ivory said.

“I won’t kill you. So move out of the way.” Gabe ordered once again.

“You might not kill me, but I would gladly kill you without hesitation.” Ivory said.

“Once again, sis, you cannot kill me.” Gabe replied, “you’re in my realm.”

“I don’t care, I can still try. And stop calling me your sister.” Ivory growled.

“You are my sister, we are blood.” Gabe said, “well, technically Lagi is our blood too. But we are related.”

“Related? As in we are in the same clan? Or related as in we are the same species? Or related as in we are family?” Ivory asked.

“The last one.” Gabe replied.

“Yeah, I’ll believe that when you give me proof. Now, are we going to fight? Or not?” Ivory asked.

“I can’t give you proof right now, but you can ask Dad later in the Dream World.” Gabe replied, “and no, we are not going to fight. Move out of the way.”

“So, are you saying that you don’t want me dead? Or that you want Lagi or Carter to kill me? Or do you just want to save me for last?” Ivory asked.

“You are not going to die at all, sister.” Gabe said.

“What if…” Ivory started, “what if I just killed myself? Take the pleasure away from you?”

“Go ahead and try to kill yourself. You won’t die.” Gabe mocked. “Or don’t because…”

“Because why?” Ivory asked, starting to spin her sword around.

“Because I love you, sis.” Gabe said.

“Not going to work.” Ivory growled. She brought her sword towards her head.

Suddenly, a giant sword struck through her chest… Lagikiller’s sword.


“N-no…!” Lagi started to yell as he hit the floor unconscious.

“Exactly. What Lagi had said.” Gabe looked at Lagikiller. “I said, she will live.”

“Wait, so am I still alive?” Ivory asked. “Because this hurts. A lot.”

Gabe was shaking in his place.


“Well, I hate ‘em. Could you just kill him now and get this over with?” Ivory asked.

“AFTERWARDS…” Lagikiller replied.

“If you kill him now, he gets distracted. I stop not dying, and you get your kill. The end. He is filled with fake depression at my death, and therefore he is very vulnerable.” Ivory explained.


“You do realize that he’s just keeping me alive. So until you do something to him, I stay alive and he keeps me like that. So just get it over with.” Ivory groaned. “And honestly, someone who wanted to kill me for a little bit, would not be someone that I would want to stay alive. Even if they changed their mind a little bit afterwards.”

“.......” Lagikiller was silent. “How about… no. It is not Gabe who I want to kill right now.”

“Then who is it?” Ivory asked.

“His master.” Lagikiller replied, “the master is responsible for Gabe’s actions. I see it all now.”

“Okay then. But can you take your sword out of me if I’m not going to die?” Ivory asked. “Also, why is your voice not all rusty and terrifying anymore?”

“The Legendary Sword of the WaterBreathe.” Lagikiller said, “I’ve discovered one of it’s secret abilities.”

“And that is… not killing the innocent? Or at least torturing them?” Ivory guessed.

“You aren’t necessarily ‘innocent’, Ivory. You’ve wanted me dead.” Lagikiller replied.

“Only because you wanted me dead.” Ivory explained.

“That still doesn’t change the fact that you are not innocent anymore. You were before, but you are no longer.” Lagikiller pointed at Lagi. “He is the only one who is innocent now.”

“That’s what I’m saying. You aren’t attacking the one who is unconscious.” Ivory explained again.

“In that case, yes.” Lagikiller replied.

“But really, what is this special power that the sword has? And will it stop torturing me?” Ivory asked.

“No, it will not stop. Not until you change your perspective.” Lagikiller replied.

“What perspective am I changing to? First person?” Ivory asked with a laugh.

Lagikiller did not reply.

“So, are you going to answer me? Or am I just gonna hang here?” Ivory asked. “Because it still hurts.”

Lagikiller still did not reply. He was waiting for Ivory to actually take him seriously.

“Oh, here’s a guess. You want me to see that he’s trying to save me, and that he loves me, and that I need to see that.” Ivory said.

“Not just that. Think more.” Lagikiller replied.

“Hmm…” Ivory hummed. She looked down at her sword, and tried to look at Lagikiler’s head. “I think that swords hurt.” She swung her sword into Lagikiller’s side.

But then she felt pain at her own side.

“Another thing. I figured out how to let the opponent take damage when I am attacked.” Lagikiller smirked. “Think even more.”

“I think you still don’t get it. I don’t want to think. I want to get this sword out of my chest.” Ivory growled.

“No. I do not like your attitude.” Lagikiller replied, “watch yourself, or I may kill you. Even while Gabe is trying his best to keep you alive, as he is now.”

“I don’t have to listen to you, even if you do have a sword in my chest right now. He may be my brother, but I don’t care. Honestly, I’m just done with this. If I could get out of this right now, I would. I would just walk out and slam the door behind me.” Ivory growled.

“If you want to live to see anything else, you will do as I say.” Lagikiller said, “I truly will not hesitate to cut your head in two.”

“Like there would be anything to live to see.” Ivory muttered. “Fine. What is it that you want me to do?”

“Forget that I am the enemy.” Lagikiller said, “I am no longer Lagikiller. I am back to Carter.”

“Okay, you’re a guy named Carter stabbing me in the chest, but I don’t care.” Ivory said as she rolled her eyes.

“You do not care that you are in pain?” Carter asked.

“No, because I’ve gotten used to it.” Ivory groaned.

Carter then pulled his sword out of Ivory’s chest. And the hole in her chest healed, and Gabe got back up.

“Finally…” Ivory muttered.

“Phew… That was a lot of work…” Gabe said.

“You couldn’t have added some painkillers to it?” Ivory asked. “Because it hurt more than seeing my dad die.”

“No, I couldn’t. Painkillers aren’t easy to use.” Gabe replied.

“I figured…” Ivory sighed. “So, are you going to kill Lagi? Or are you just going to kill Carter and take me prisoner afterwards? Leaving him here.”

“I’m still deciding.” Gabe replied.

“Well, could you decide before I get another sword through the chest?” Ivory asked. “Because that would probably hurt both of us.”

“My master would be angry though, if I let you all live…” Gabe replied.

“So kill Carter, take me with you, and then decide what to do with Lagi.” Ivory suggested.

“No. I refuse to kill Carter.” Gabe said.

Carter’s eyes widened.

“Why?” Ivory asked.

“……” Gabe was silent for awhile. “Carter is my friend. Not my enemy.”

“Not according to what he told me and Lagi earlier today.” Ivory explained. “He said you were just faking friendship to find a weakness in his clan.”

“Not anymore.” Gabe said. “The past is the past. This is the new future.”

“Huh. Well then, who will you kill, who will you capture, and who will you abandon?” Ivory asked.

“I will abandon you… All of you, before my master sees that I disobeyed him.” Gabe replied.

“So, you leave us here to play go fish while you go and wait for things to die down?” Ivory asked.

“All I’m going to say is, good luck. Master’s already on his way.” Gabe then began to run towards the wall.

“Wait, he’s going to kill us all? Or are you just leaving us and lying to him?” Ivory asked.

“NO IDEA.” Gabe then pressed onto the wall, and part of it opened, before he left the room. He was gone.

“Well then, what should we do?” Ivory asked Carter.

“Probably wake up Lagi.” Carter replied.

But Lagi was already starting to get up by himself. “Ugh… what… what happened?” he moaned.

“KRRRRRRAAAWWW…” a sudden sort of monster-like sound was heard.

“Okay, what was that?” Ivory asked.

“I-ivory? You’re alive? O-oh, good…” Lagi muttered before he collapsed on the floor. “At least you’re not dead…”

KKRRRAAAAAWWWW!!!!The sound from before got louder, and they could hear something crawling towards the room they were in.

“Carter, where’s the door to the fallout shelter? Because I think we need one.” Ivory said.

“I th--” Carter was interrupted by the sound of the ceiling cracking open.

Carter and Ivory looked up, only to see a GIANT black hairy spider looking down at them creepily.

“Well… now would be a good time to get that fallout shelter out.” Ivory muttered as she took a few steps backwards. “If not, I can always just try and set it on fire.”

“I’m awake dad, just lemme get a few more seconds…” Lagi yawned as he stood up. When he saw the spider, he said, “Hello there, mister spider!”

The spider then slowly began to crawl into the room.

“Oh hey, mister spider is getting closer!” Lagi said as he started to jump around.

“Lagi, that spider is going to kill us. Get ready to fight.” Ivory said as she made a fireball in her free hand.

Then, the spider began to change… A dark entity exited the spider, and the spider shrunk and became as small as everyone else.

“Heheh…” The dark entity laughed.

“Hello there.” Lagi said.

“It looks like my apprentice disobeyed me.” The dark entity said, “too bad for him. I’ll find him and show him what happens when he disobeys me.”

“Could you not kill him? Or do anything horribly bad to him, I may not like him that much, but he’s still my brother, so yeah. Don’t do anything really bad to him.” Ivory pleaded.

“Where’s the fun in that?” The dark entity laughed.

“Please, don’t do anything bad! Please!” Ivory begged.

“But that ruins it all. It ruins all the fun.” The dark figure said.

“What will you do to him?” Ivory asked.

“Wait, who’s your brother?” Lagi asked.

“Gabe…” Ivory muttered.

“Oh. Well, that just happened.” Lagi said as he walked over to Carter and Ivory.

“Fine, I won’t do anything too bad to him.” The dark figure was convinced.

“Okay, okay… thank you.” Ivory sighed.

“So, what’s going to happen now?” Lagi asked.

“Well, I will now take what belongs to me.” The dark entity replied.

“What is that?” Ivory asked.

“The Legendary Sword of the WaterBreathe.” The dark entity stared at the giant sword with Carter.

“Okay. You can take it. Sorry if it still has some of my blood on it.” Ivory said.

“But it’s MY sword.” Carter said.

“No. It belongs to me, in the first place.” The dark figure said, “and you should be very mad at me. All of you. Since I’m the cause of this whole ‘genocide’ business.”

“Yeah, I’m mad at you. You got my mom and dad killed.” Ivory growled.

“You did the same to me, so yeah. But I’m not gonna attack you, you seem too dangerous.” Lagi said.

“Yes. And I’m mad at someone as well.” The dark figure said.

“Is it Carter, because he has ‘your’ sword?” Ivory guessed.

“Not exactly. It’s…” The dark figure said, “Elec.”

“Oh yeah… I know him! Why are you mad at him?” Ivory asked.

“Yeah, all he did was curse his apprentice, give us a home, and then get captured!” Lagi said.

“No. He trapped me inside his stupid staff for years.” The dark figure replied, “that is until I was freed by Dander… I gave him a prize for that.”

“Okay. So, are you just going to get the sword from Carter, then leave?” Ivory asked.

“Yes. I have other things to do. An attack to make. If you did not know, I have now become a General in Ultimate Darth’s army.” The dark figure said, “I am General Dakrus.”

“Okay. But, can you just let us out or something? That would be great.” Ivory asked.

“Not until I get my sword.” Dakrus looked at Carter.

“The sword came to me! When I needed it. How would this belong to YOU out of all people?!” Carter exclaimed.

“Ah, well, then do you want a story explaining that?” Dakrus asked.

“Sure.” Carter said.

“Great, more storytime.” Ivory moaned.

“Alright. So, I was born into the WaterBreathe Clan, however, I felt left out. Everyone treated me horribly, so I left as a child, but I was forced to come back. I once tried to steal the Legendary Sword when I was older, and I succeeded, but I was banned from the clan. Forever.” Dakrus explained, “so I was mad. I went to the Lagiacrus’s later, after I had increased my power, and told them that the WaterBreathe was a threat to them.

“They believed me. And they attacked each other every once in awhile. However I was not pleased. I kidnapped a child from one of the Kingdoms, Gabe, and put a spell on him that made him more powerful. I told him that he was to be the leader of the Human Lagiacrus Army.

“Afterwards, I enhanced the army men’s powers. Then, the Genocide. I got my revenge on the WaterBreathe Clan, but Abyss was not pleased with what had happened. He called Elec and told him he needed help. Then, stupid Elec came along with his staff, and cursed me into it. I was stuck there for ages.

“Thankfully, my true apprentice, Dakres, had came to finish the task. He healed Gabe, and redid the spell. Thus, he was back to do my bidding. Dakres trained him, and made him more powerful. And then he had an idea. After knowing that Elec had trapped me in his staff, he knew his power. And he wanted it. Thus, he went looking for the artifacts. One by one, he looked for them, but his childhood friend, Glare, got in the way while he was searching for the first one.

“It was also a sudden, this guy named Gar came into the staff. He was a moron, he wanted revenge on someone named ‘Ich’. He made me laugh. Slightly later, I was freed by Dander, but I had taken Gar’s body to show him true power, and because I had lost my energy when I was cursed.

“After that, I began to search for something to give me power. Most have gone wrong, until… After I had taken the Nogarg’s body, after Dakres and I went to the Dark Planet, we were found by Ultimate Darth himself. He powered us both up, and told us that we were to be General’s in his army. I was happy with that, and then I needed to get the Legendary Sword, so that I can use it’s power.”

Lagi had fallen asleep, and Ivory was nodding off.

“I got some of that. I didn’t understand much though.” Carter said, “so you were part of the WaterBreathe Clan? But you were kicked out for stealing the sword? Sounds right.”

“And now, you will give me the sword.” Dakrus said, “you have no use for it. You are no longer trying to hunt the Human Lagiacrus’s.”

“Fine. I’ll retire.” Carter said, throwing the sword at Dakrus.

Dakrus caught it.

“A wise decision my friend.” Dakrus said, “now I will take you back to the Real World.”

“Hey, we can finally go out for ice cream, like Lagi suggested.” Ivory said.



-----| Chapter 4 |-----



Roiber, Mehrunes, Vulgon, and I were still walking. We were getting nowhere, as usual. And what’s even worse, is that the sun was setting.

“Great.” I said sarcastically, “it’s getting dark. We need sleep, but if we stay still the floor will suck us up.”

“We don’t have to stay still.” Mehrunes replied. “Lucky for you, there are many ways to sleep and move with me around.”

“Sure you do.” Vulgon said.

“What?” Mehrunes asked.

“I said ‘sure you do’.” Vulgon repeated.

“That makes no sense.” Mehrunes said.

“Exactly.” Vulgon replied.

“You’re insane.” Mehrunes said.

“Not as insane as the situation we are in right now.” Vulgon replied.

“I suppose.” Mehrunes replied.

“Exactly!” Vulgon said once again.

“Yes well sleeping problem arose before Vulgon showed he was going insane, let’s go back to that.” Mehrunes replied.

“Yer the insane one, ya know.” Roiber said to Mehrunes.

“Well aware.” Mehrunes replied.

“Good.” Roiber replied. “Now we should probably sleep. I’m getting tired.”

“Which brings us back to the same problem as before. We don’t wanna sleep on the ground, or we’ll be sucked up like everything else.” I said.

“Dude, you have wind powers. Can’t you just sleep while floating?” Vulgon asked.

“Ummm…” I replied, “I guess I could. But only when I’m awake, I’m not sure I can keep up at it while I’m in deep sleep.”

“So that still brings us the same problem.” Vulgon said, “what should we do to solve this problem?”

“I could help with that.” A mysterious, childish voice said.

We turned around, and spotted a boy. He had orange eyes, and brown hair. He looked about 12 in age. And he was wearing a backpack.

“Is it normal that I don’t trust that at all?” Mehrunes asked.

“There is no reason not to trust me,” he said, “that I know of at least.”

“How about you are a random kid on a evil planet that eats people.” Mehrunes replied. “I like that reason.”

“This planet is more important than you realize.” said the boy.

“Yeah. Probably. But I’m pretty sure it’s evil.” Mehrunes replied. “Or controlled by evil, or something like that.”
“You’re right.” the boy replied.

“Yeah, that’s new.” Mehrunes replied. “Thanks for that insight.”

“Do you know how?” the boy questioned.

“Wouldn't it be ‘do you know why?’?” Mehrunes asked.

“No, it wouldn’t.” answered the boy.

“Are you sure?” Mehrunes asked. “Cause I’m pretty sure grammer doesn’t work that way.”

“I am 100 percent sure about it,” he said.

“I would push on but percentages would hate me.” Mehrunes said. “So how am I right… or whatever?”

“The planet is a stronghold for Darth’s army. It has quite a significance to the war, but, I don’t know if it’s the only one.” the boy explained.

“Suuuure it is.” Roiber said, “this place is empty kiddo. No army here.”

“What do you think is underground?” the boy asked.

“Nothing.” Mehrunes replied. “Rando has dug out massive holes into the ground, there's nothing.”

“What do you think happens when you get sucked into the ground?” the boy said, starting to get upset.

“It’s called disintegration.” Mehrunes replied.

“Where’s your evidence? Prove it! Have you been down there?!” He blurted.

“No! You prove it!” Mehrunes replied. “Neither of us can fully justify our point, so we should both stop trying it’ll save us a lot of time.”

“I’ve been down there! You haven’t! It’s something you wouldn’t want to see!” He was clearly upset, “Its violent! Really violent!!!”

“Okay you, shut up.” Mehrunes replied. “There’s nothing here. There never was, there never will be!”

“There may not be anything above ground, but there’s a WHOLE training facility under our very feet!” he said.

“Nope!” Mehrunes replied. “There's not.”

“Okay, you can sleep on the ground, and get sucked up, I’ll help those who want to be helped!” Mehrunes clearly got on this boy's nerves.

“You don’t handle being told you’re wrong very well do you?” Mehrunes asked. “While I don’t necessarily believe you, I also don’t want to be one of those other poor saps who got sucked in, to realize that either of us are right.”

“Okay then, I’ll be one!” The boy yelled, as he extended his hands, and stood still.

“You can’t just be sucked up like that. You have to not move for a long time before it sucks you up.” Roiber said to the boy.

“That is a good thing to keep in mind,” the boy said, “now who doesn’t want to get sucked in?”

“I don’t see why I’d want to be but I also still don’t trust you or anything you’ve done or said.” Mehrunes said. “Call it precaution.”

“Okay then, I’ll keep myself from sinking!” he said enraged, as he turned around.

He then walked away about 30 meters. He raised his hands up, and tons of metal flew into his hands. He then took off his backpack, and unzipped it. He got some nails, and a motor. He then began building something.

“This kid hates me unreasonably. I mean some people have a reason but all I’ve done was argue with him.” Mehrunes said. “That make what… 8 people… no there’s a lot more.”

“Dude, you’re just darn rude ya know.” Vulgon said to him. “That’s why people don’t like you. I mean, well, except for Listy.”

“…” For once Mehrunes was speechless. “Well… at least you told me.”

“That Listy likes you?” Vulgon asked.

“No.” Mehrunes replied. “I knew that.”

“Did you know that she like-likes you?” Vulgon asked.

“WELL DUH!” Mehrunes exclaimed. “Seriously. I know stuff that goes on. Except apparently that I’m super annoying and rude to everyone.”

“To everyone except Listy.” Vulgon winked.

“Yeah.” Mehrunes replied. “You all think I’m so annoying, then what can I do better?”

“Probably listen to your superiors.” Roiber smiled, “such as myself.”

“Or just not be as rude? Really, I don’t care. You choose what you wanna do.” Vulgon said. “Just let me know when stuff starts happening between you and Listy. I’m interested.”

“No.” Mehrunes replied.

“Why not?” Vulgon asked.

“Because then you’d make fun of me you son of a crate!” Mehrunes replied.

“That’s Saturo that does that.” Vulgon said, “not me. I just like hearing these kind of things.”

“Eh we’ll see.” Mehrunes replied. “What is Mr. Metal doing?”

We looked over at the boy. It’s quite stunning what he was doing. His hands ignited in flames, and he bent metal. Soon, he had a small/mini ferris wheel, but there was beds on it.

“Note to self, crazy person crafts things.” Mehrunes said. “Although it looks decent.”

“… I did not expect that.” I said, “it does look like our sleeping problem is solved.”

“I did expect that… sorta…” Mehrunes replied. “And I agree.”

The boy pressed a button, and the mini ferris wheel began to rotate.

“Why?!” Mehrunes exclaimed in question. “That… doesn't really count as moving!”

The boy then switched a lever, and then the contraption started to drive around in circles, at a reasonable speed.

“Nor does that.” Mehrunes replied. “I dunno if it’ll count cause it’s moving in a circle.”

“But it still is moving.” Roiber said, “I dunno ‘bout you but I need some sleep.” He walked over to the boy.

“Aye, mind if I sleep on that thing of yers?” Roiber asked the boy.

“Sure!” The boy answered.

“I see what’s gonna happen.” Mehrunes said. “You’re all gonna go ask him, then I’m gonna ask him and he’s gonna say no.”

“I guess. That sound good to me.” Vulgon walked over to the boy with his hands in his pockets, “I need some sleep too. Same with Ich over there.”

“Feel free to use any bed you’d like.” he said.

I walked over as well, “and me?”

“You’re also allowed.”

I smiled and got onto a bed as it came down. Roiber, Vulgon, and I were already in bed… Mehrunes wasn’t.

Mehrunes sighed and walked over.

“May I sleep on your thing too?” Mehrunes asked.

“No, unless you don’t mind the un-cushioned platform that supports it.” He said.

“No, I do not. I have slept on worse.” Mehrunes replied. “With worse.”

“Okay then, goodnight,” the boy said, as he got up onto the nice cushioned beds.

“What if there’s something that only comes out in the night and comes to haunt us?” Vulgon said.

“You suck.” Mehrunes replied. “No, there's nothing.”

“How do we know? You scanned for evil, Mehrunes, and passed out since it was strong. And we’ve never actually been here for a day. The night comes, maybe there is something out there, specifically ‘evil’ that might come for us.” Vulgon replied.

Mehrunes was flipping through his book furiously.

“Say, uh…” Vulgon was talking to the boy, “whatever your name is, have you been here in the night?”

“My name is Jasper, and I have been here in the night. Quite a lot, actually.” He answered.

“Anything happening in the night, Jasper? Other than the lack of light.” Vulgon said, and it got darker as the sun disappeared past the horizon, “the stars are the only thing giving us light. Can you turn on those lights on this thing?”

“There’s a switch to the right side of everyone’s bed, that will turn on the lights,” he said, and most of us turned on our lights, “and there are occasional monsters, but they aren’t that hard to take care of. I took precautions, so if one were to come, an alarm will sound, and the crib-things will vibrate.”

“What are you? A Professor in Mechanical slash Electrical Engineering?” Vulgon asked, “Vivofit couldn’t even make something like this!”

“I’m a twelve year old boy.” He answered.

Mehrunes then, said something in his weird language and glowed slightly.

“No kidding.” Mehrunes then said.

“You’re two years younger than us. I mean, except for Roiber.” Vulgon said, “but you probably think you’re so bright. Well, you aren’t as bright as you think you are ya know. If we’re being specific on ‘bright’ Mehrunes is the brightest of us all.”

“Is this bright?” He asked, as he jumped down from his bed, and engulfed himself entirely in flames.

“No it’s dark.” Mehrunes replied sarcastically.

“And it’s fire. Plus, I can do that too. I’m a Multi-Elemental person. I use all the elemental powers.” Vulgon added.

“Is sharing time over?” Mehrunes asked. “Cause y'all are fighting bragging with bragging.”

“I guess we should sleep.” Jasper said.

“If someone were to brag, it would be me.” Roiber said, “cuz unlike ya’ll, I’m an adult. I get ta do whatever I want.”

“Yeah yeah.” Mehrunes replied.

“Only thing ya can do ta brag is those crystals of yours. I don’t got one… They show up more for kids then they do for adults, it’s rare for one of us to find one.” Roiber said.

“You keep sayin that.” Mehrunes said.

“This is the first time I said that.” Roiber said back.

“No it’s not.” Mehrunes said. “I think. I don’t really care.”

“It was probably Corpse or Shutter who said that. Well, we once used to work as a team. But then I left dem. For reasons.” Roiber replied.

“Okay.” Mehrunes said.

“Now everyone please be quiet.” Vulgon said, “I’m trying to sleep.”

“You guys do that.” Mehrunes said. “I’ll be here.”

“What are you gonna do?” I asked Mehrunes.

“Maybe you’ll see when you wake up.” Mehrunes replied. “Right now, I’m not tired, so you all go to sleep.”

“Alright, goodnight.” I said, before I shut my eyes closed.



-----| Chapter 5 |-----



Corpse, Saturo, and Lavender were fast asleep on the ground. Rando was not sleeping. He was worried that they will be sucked into the ground.

“No I must save them!!!” Rando exclaimed quietly. “I KNOW! A wagon for them I’ll make! They'll burst with neon purple gems!”

Then, Rando dug up huge chunks of land and made a giant luxury cart.

“No one will question the beautiful neon flagpole that is this!” Rando exclaimed, putting everyone in the wagon. “Hehehehe!”

Then Rando realized they needed to move!

“Oh… pull I will!” Rando exclaimed, grabbing the wagon by it’s handle and pulling it away. “They will be so happy! Mah wires have completed their pineapple pens!”

Rando was pulling the wagon around really fast.

“This is hard to pull. HORSIES!” Rando exclaimed quietly as he dug a big hole and made two stone horses that pulled the wagon as he sat in it. “Ooo. Stone is bad!”

Then, Rando made the horses and the wagon not made of the stone and instead made of what it should be.

“Hehehehe! Blue purple neon cheese blow will be happy they will be!” Rando exclaimed. “When they finally awake!”

Rando drove the wagon for a bit, before he realized the horses were hungry.

“Food!” Rando exclaims as the horses suddenly weren't hungry somehow. “I almost wish my friends awake. BLUE! Hehehahahahha…”

Rando drove over the planet for awhile. And then some more. And then some more for hours and hours without anything happening.

“Bored.” Rando said. “Neon ducks from space fly flagpoles infinitely.”

Then, Rando thought he saw a creepy spaceship covered with goop!

“AHHHH! GOOP SHIP!!!!!!!” Rando yelled, then immediately realized his mistake. “Shh… don’t wake up please. Neon blue ship… scrap… pie…”

But they didn’t wake up.

“Yaaaaaaay!” Rando said. “They would not believe me anyway… I will make them believe! Before wakey, I make goo ship! IT’S PERFECT!”

Rando drove for a bit until he got tired of driving.

“Oke horsies keep goin fer a bit and tell me if anything happens.” Rando said, going into his deluxe wagon that he made with magic. “Im unna go to the hot tub that I didn’t make. Mah face pains my inner cow.”

Rando walked around for a bit till he got to the bedroom where his friends were sleeping and said, “Hi friends! O ur not awake. Okay bye friends!”

Rando then walked into the kitchen and made some bacon with magic, so it was magic bacon. He ate the magic bacon, then tripped on the plate and hit himself in the face causing him to stumble into a wall, causing him to fall down the flight of stairs that leads to outside.

“Hey!” Rando yelled running to catch up. “Wait horsies!”

Rando finally got back onto the wagon and then made some magic bacon because he forgot he did already. This loop continued for quite awhile.


“It get dark.” Paulo said.

Paulo, Listy, Draco, Zephyr, and Fireball were still walking throughout the planet, when it was getting dark.

“Yeah, that’s a problem isn’t it?” Listy replied with a question.

“Don't worry. We've got it.” Draco said as he made a ball of plasma in his hand and Fireball started to glow brightly, lighting up the area around them.

“We sleep.” Paulo said, “needed.”

“Yeah we do.” Listy said.

“Well how do we do that while still moving?” Draco asked.

“Last time I checked that’s hard to do without something else moving you.” Fireball added.

“Only a lot.” Listy said.

“But at least I can go to sleep.” Fireball said, climbing on top of Draco’s head and falling asleep.

“Well we can’t sit on Draco’s head so we still have a problem.” Listy said.

“Haha very funny.” Draco said.

“It wasn't supposed to be funny…” Listy replied. “You’re too used to Mehrunes…”

“First of all, I was being sarcastic. Second of all, if I was used to Mehrunes I wouldn’t find him so annoying.” Draco said.

“But if you’re sarcastically saying it’s funny it’s still aimed for something that was supposed to be funny but isn’t. It wasn't supposed to be funny.” Listy replied. “Calm down.”

“Calm down? You want me to calm down!?” Draco snapped. “If you haven’t noticed, I’m not in a situation where being calm is easy to accomplish!”

“Uhh…” Listy said. “I know… but if we freak out and do drastic things we’ll just have a harder situation to be calm in Draco! Try and be calm instead of your cat on catnip!”

Draco breathed in and out a few times before responding.

“*SIGH* Sorry, It's just that I’ve been through a lot recently.” Draco said.

“It’s okay.” Listy said. “At least we’re not, like, on a base for an army or something.”

“I don’t know, this planet could be anything and we wouldn’t know.” Draco said.

“Best to not think about it.” Listy replied. “Infinite possibilities lead to infinite reasons to be scared and paranoid.”

“Well either way, I’m still scared regardless.” Draco said. “And that dream I had definitely isn’t helping.”

“With good reason. Rando is freaking out about a goo ship and some guy with a big knife.” Listy replied. “I think he’s insane.”

“I’m not too sure about that. I think he’s smarter than he lets on sometimes.” Draco said.

“Then what do you suppose he’s seeing?” Listy asked. “Cause he is sometimes smarter I guess.”

“Something important that’s for sure.” Draco replied.

“Didn’t… Mehrunes say something about not being worried… or something like that?” Listy asked. “From the ‘Dream World’?”
“Well you can take what both of them say with a grain of salt.” Draco replied. “But I have a feeling that Rando knows something we don’t.”

“Oh no definitely. The thing that he said that matched Vulgon’s dream matches him so much. He’s so… chaotic neutral. Does what he wants when he wants to.” Listy replied. “We’ll be forcing info outta him at this rate.”

“Info. Info inside.” Paulo suddenly said, “obvious. Tu quaeris notitia? Informationem quae intus est, quod quaeris.”

“What did he say?” Listy asked.

Draco raised his eyebrows, after taking in what Paulo had said. “He said: ‘Obvious. You want information? It contains information within the question.’ in Latin.” Draco replied.

“Whaaaaaat?” Listy asked.

“Continet intra notitia orbis quaerimus.” Paulo said.

“That is 'Contained within the information we are seeking.’ In Latin.” Draco said.

“So he’s speaking cryptically?” Listy asked.

“No he’s speaking in another language AND speaking cryptically.” Draco said. “Question Paulo. Do you natively speak Latin?”

“Yes.” Paulo said. “Latin, native. Planeta est responsum!”

“I see. Well what do you think is the answer?” Draco asked.

“Sub terra.” said Paulo. “Et responsum est inventus est sub terra.”

“He said it’s found underground. But where could it be underground?” Draco asked.

“Sucked up. Us.” Paulo said.

“You want it to suck us up?” Draco asked.

“Info. Sucked up.” Paulo said.

“Okay so should we just sit down and wait?” Draco asked.

“I vote no definitely not.” Listy replied. “Even if there is info we should at least wait until we can group us with our friends to do it.”

“Sucked up. Night. We sleep, then get sucked up.” Paulo said.

“Not liking that idea Paulo!” Listy exclaimed.

“No. Paulo means… Look at we. We tired.” Paulo said, “we, soon, will sleep. Not in our control.”

“He’s right. Even Zephyr’s tired and he’s a plasma and electric dragon! Those have a lot of energy!” Draco said, pointing at Zephyr who looked very sleepy.

“I know…” Listy said. “We should at least go for as long as possible though.”

“Fine.” Paulo replied.

They continued walking for a minute, before Zephyr suddenly fell to the ground and was fast asleep!

“Welp that does not bode well for us.” Listy said.

“*YAWN* Man now I’m getting sleepy.” Draco said with a yawn.

“Everyone else is doing better than us.” Listy said.

“Yeah probably because they went to sleep when they wanted too.” Draco said. “Instead of having to keep *YAWN* walking…”

“All of them probably found a way to move and sleep.” Listy replied. “And we’re going to get sucked into a planet.”

“Info.” Paulo added.

“How do you know that anyway?” Listy asked.

“How do you know that the others found a way to sleep and keep moving?” Draco asked.

“…” Listy said. “I… asked.”

“Wait…” Draco said, suddenly looking more awake, “what do you mean you ‘asked’?”

“I mean I asked…” Listy replied. “It’s not a riddle.”

“But how?” Draco said, rephrasing his question.

“Guess.” Listy replied. “You’re not gonna get off easy.”

“Ultimate Crystal, telepathic powers, for all I know it could be anything at this point.” Draco said.

“Got it on the first one.” Listy replied. “Clap clap cheer cheer give the guy a prize.”

“…” Draco just gave Listy a disappointed look before turning away from her.

“I’m too tired to do almost anything but walk at this point.” Listy said. “Sorry.”

“Well even so we haven’t walked far, Zephyr’s still asleep over there and he’s only about twenty feet away.” Draco said pointing at the sleeping dragon.

“Okay so we’re all too tired to function.” Listy said.

“Basically. I vote we all just go to sleep. What do you think Paulo?” Draco asked. “Paulo?”

“Sleep.” Paulo walked back next to Zephyr.

“Yeah that sounds good.” Draco said walking over to Zephyr as well before lying down.

Soon everyone was asleep except for Listy, who was still looking down at the others.

“Ugh… Mehrunes… fine but only because you asked.” Listy talked to herself ominously, walking over to her sleeping friends and sitting down. “The things I do for you. Catch on will you?”

Listy then fell asleep too.


“*YAWN*” I yawned as I awoke.

I looked around and I was still on the cushioned seat of Jasper’s mini ferris wheel. I got out of bed, and I saw Mehrunes was already awake.

He was sitting at a table, with wheels, that was spinning in a circle. And there were five chairs, attached to it. The table had empty plates on it as well.

“What is this?” Vulgon asked, seemingly awake.

“Breakfast.” Mehrunes replied. “Come sit down!”

“*YAWN*” Roiber then awoke, and suddenly fell face first onto the ground.

Vulgon and I watched as he got back up.

“Mornin.” Roiber said, “where’s that kid Jasper?”

“*YAWN*” Jasper yawned as he got down from his bed.

“Oh there he is. Good job kid, you got us past a night without gettin killed.” Roiber told Jasper.

“No prob.” He answered.

“At least I’m not dead.” Mehrunes said. “But really come get some breakfast.”

“What's for breakfast? Cinnamon Rolls?” Vulgon asked, taking a seat at Mehrunes’s table. “The plates are empty.”

“Well you haven’t told them what you want.” Mehrunes replied. “Don’t question what I said. Just tell the plates what you want and it’ll appear.”

“CINNAMON ROLLS!” Vulgon shouted.

And suddenly, a giant cinnamon roll appeared on Vulgon’s plate.

“Yes! Nice magic.” Vulgon said.

“Thanks.” Mehrunes replied.

“How’s it work?” Vulgon asked.

“Magic.” Mehrunes replied with a smirk, as I sat down at the table as well.

“That is what it is. Not how it works.” Vulgon said, “I asked how it works.”

“Okay well the book said it uses something about particle configuration along with teleportation… it messes with a lot of stuff I don’t know how it exactly works.” Mehrunes replied. “But it’s food that appears out of nowhere and is good so I’m not complaining.”

“Okay, I’m just worried about where it came from.” Vulgon said, “it looks good, but… it could have come from somewhere that isn’t… good.”

Mehrunes was looking in his book. “Uhh… it says ‘there will be nothing wrong with the food as it has been created the same way you would make it normally but on a highly sped up process.’ So yeah.”

“Who’s the author?” Vulgon asked.

“It’s a book full of spell and enchantments off of my home planet created by masters I’m pretty sure it’s fine. Look. CINNAMON ROLLS!” Mehrunes said, a large cinnamon roll appearing on his plate, identical to Vulgon’s.

“You should buy that other book. The newer version of Spells and Enchantments, written by one of the greatest wizards in the galaxy!” Vulgon said, “it has simple and complicated ones, all of them. I’ve read a bit, but I’m not that good with magic. You should get it. It might have something in it that may help us off this planet…”

“The question is HOW are we gonna get something like that right now?” I asked Vulgon.

“Guys chill, even though Chill is gone… ANYWAY the agenda is survive on planet, get off of planet.” Mehrunes said, eating his cinnamon roll. “We need to do them in that order. So come and eat food, it’s fine.”

I looked back, and Roiber was on the ground, sleeping. On the other hand, Jasper was taking apart the mini ferris wheel.

“ROIBER!” Mehrunes yelled at Roiber. “WAKE UP!”

But Roiber was snoring, and was fast asleep.

Mehrunes got up, made a bucket of water with ice in it appear in his hands, walked over to Roiber and splashed it all over Roiber.

A weird sound came out of Roiber’s mouth. A sound that I cannot describe. He got up afterwards. “Sheesh, ya didn’t have to do that!”

“Yeah, I did.” Mehrunes replied, walking back over and sitting down at his table. “I’m not patient.”

“Well then learn patience.” Roiber said, “it’ll help you a lot in the real world. Otherwise ya’ll mess up in life.”

“Let me rephrase, I’m not patient enough to deal with unconscious adults on a planet with a military base at the core, while simultaneously knowing that a third of our previously split party are in that military base.” Mehrunes replied. “Also it was really fun to dump water on you.”

“Wait, we’re over a military base!? Sure… Nah, we aren’t.” Vulgon said.

“We are. The ground is literally a shield preventing contact to it.” Mehrunes replied.

“Wait… So you’re saying that Paulo, Draco, and Listy have been sucked into the ground?” I asked.

“If you are, then you can’t contact her because SHE’S DEAD.” Vulgon added.

“I dunno, Jasper says there’s a base or whatever I wasn't really paying attention sorry, logical matter distribution says there’s a base, circumstantial capturing says there’s a base and the only thing that says there’s not a base is guesswork and the inability to trust.” Mehrunes replied. “It’s at least a 87% chance that there’s something down in the planet.”

“Jasper did say that he was down there once, and that he got back up. Possibly, there could be a base down there. But I doubt it’s military.” Vulgon said.

“What leads you to NOT believe me?” Mehrunes asked. “Am I just not a reliable source?”

“Guess so. Yeah.” Vulgon said, smirking.

“Okay why?” Mehrunes asked.

“All the other times that you made assumptions about something that we didn’t/couldn’t figure out ourselves, you were mistaken.” Vulgon replied.

“Not all of them.” Mehrunes said.

“All of the ones that were major.” Vulgon added.

“List ALL OF THEM.” Mehrunes replied.

“Well, first off, the first time we met you didn’t say anything much. But that other time we were on that giant warship, you said something that wasn’t correct.” Vulgon said, “well, more that, you had horrible plans, but still.”

“Not ‘But still’ ‘cause that doesn’t count.” Mehrunes replied, flipping through his book. “Look, have I ever been wrong to a point that you all died horribly?”

“No, because we’re still here and alive.” Vulgon said.

“But once you were mistaken. The time we encountered the ‘leader’ and ‘cause’ of this war.” I added, “you died. But we didn’t.”

“That doesn’t count. You didn’t die. Which was the question.” Mehrunes replied. “Another question. Have I or do you think I will ever send you to your deaths on purpose.”

“Possibly. You never told us your past.” Vulgon said.

“You never asked.” Mehrunes replied.

“True… fine, then, tell us your past.” Vulgon said.

“Fine.” Mehrunes replied. “How much of it?”

“From the beginning. When you were a child, or baby or whatever.” Vulgon said.

“Very well.” Mehrunes replied. “When I was barely old enough to walk, my dad was fighting in a war and my mother was still in a coma. I had to learn how to sustain myself with some help from someone you have met a long time ago, Edgar. By the time I was six I could cook, clean the house, wield a dagger, and cast basic spells, do math and all that, all while never having ever been to school. Everything was fine until I was eight and I had to contribute to the war. I had to fight in a war until I was ten, learning how to wield the katana you see now.”

“Wait, so… a war? On your planet?” Vulgon asked, “against who?”

“An array of monsters.” Mehrunes replied. “Anyway, as I was fighting I was always self conscious about how pointless fighting an infinite war, because neither side had gained or lost any percentage of land. It was still the same, nothing was changing and the only reason it was still going on was no one had the idea to simply walk over and say ‘Yo monsters this is pointless let’s just make friken peace.’ So one day nobody was actually fighting, they were all just sitting as a human eight year old, even if I had brought my katana, the monsters wouldn't have batted an eyelid, they weren’t exactly weak but their not stronger than some things you have here. So I walked straight through their defences and all the monsters seemed confused and didn’t even react until I reached the leader, looked up and said ‘this war is completely pointless.’ It took them an entire week for them to contact me again to say ‘Yeah you’re right let’s just make peace I guess.’ So when I was eight I plunged a planet into peace by saying a sentence. In case you're wondering what the twist is, it’s that after I was nine I had earned the spellbook I have now and everything was peachy for about 33 of your hours. Then Edgar left the planet to gain knowledge on the universe.”

“And so he came to the Ultimates Galaxy and you followed him here?” Vulgon asked.

“Close. It took me two years to realize he wasn't coming back, in those years My mother woke from her coma and my dad was back of course, as well as discovering my powers I have now, including something extremely powerful.” Mehrunes said. “It took me half a year to create the space suit that I arrived in on and a few days to jump through a couple of galaxies, getting my crystal from some creepy fortune teller who told me about you, thus the trust. It wasn't until I nearly got to your galaxy before I lapsed into some sort of dream where I had to overcome… something.”

“Oh, right, the ‘test’. Because when you got it, you weren’t in the galaxy, but when you got there, it activated and took you into the ‘test’.” Vulgon said, “that’s new info right there… Ultimate Crystals can only activate inside the Ultimates Galaxy… Interesting… Anyway, continue.”

“After I had awoken I was in a weird cave with the book I told Ich about so long ago. It took me almost half a year, I was thirteen, to get there find out how to function and eventually crash land next to Ich, Saturo and Draco.” Mehrunes replied. “And Edgar, having gone mad in space, I am still hunting down to bring back to make him not insane.”

“That makes sense.” Vulgon said, “you have such an interesting past.”

“Thanks.” Mehrunes replied.

“What is it?” Roiber asked.

“What is what?” Mehrunes asked.

“This ‘powerful’ ability of yours.” Roiber answered.

“I’m not going to tell you, sorry.” Mehrunes replied.

“You should. It would give us a reason to trust you. Trusting us, will give us the reason to trust you.” Roiber said.

“And then we go to the reason for not telling you.” Mehrunes replied. “Okay… technically I’m not telling you because, shocker this one…I’m scared of telling you, of it, scared for your well being.”

“Ha. Very funny.” Roiber laughed.

Mehrunes didn’t laugh. He just stared with complete seriousness in his eyes.

“And how will us knowing be dangerous?” Roiber asked.

“It doesn't make sense without you knowing it, and once again I’m scared of telling you, it’s paradoxical really.” Mehrunes said.

“Well, then you better tell us. It won’t matter, we’re stuck on this planet anyway.” Roiber said.

“I would have hoped I would have never needed to disclose this…” Mehrunes said. “Fine. I have the power to… resurrect… living things…”

“Phht!” Roiber said, “how is that dangerous?”

“Look, you inconsiderate jerk!” Mehrunes exclaimed. “I’ve almost never told anyone this, because of multiple reasons one being I know habits, I know that people tend to get more reckless when the option is there! The bigger, more powerful, more intelligent the creature I revive, the bigger effect it has on me. Then some will get mad when they find out. Yelling, screaming, crying ‘why didn’t you tell me sooner’ or ‘how could you refuse’. It takes it’s effect quickly, it’s not a good feeling… and messing with the dead is not a good idea, sometimes they’re depressed and cannot function, moping around they didn’t want to be back they died and accepted it, they know they're just back because someone couldn't handle that they were gone. Other times they’ve died by poison or something, and are just suffering more than needed. Best case scenario their happy life, their fulfilled life and are satisfied with their death, but worst case they die suffering and sad, feeling avoidable pain and suffering as they slowly wither away…”

Mehrunes actually looked sad talking about it.

“It’s part of the reason I’ve never told you. Remember when I died before? The guy who revived me, he was unmistakably powerful so I’m fine…” Mehrunes said. “Most of the time it’s more dangerous to me than to others…”

“You know, that ability of yours, of reviving the dead,” Jasper suddenly said, walking over, seemingly has finished taking apart the mini ferris wheel, “it’s probably gone now. I’d be surprised to see you do it.”

“It does still work…” Mehrunes replied. “I can do it on any living thing. Flowers. Listy and I have technically been training it with dead flowers…”

“Reviving plants is different than reviving an intelligent being. When you do it with plants, it’s part of the elemental power ‘Flora’.” Jasper said.

Mehrunes glared at Jasper. “I HAVE SPACE POWERS!” He exclaimed. “DON’T ASSUME!”

“But you also have an Ultimate Crystal, meaning you can use flora as well.” Jasper replied.

Mehrunes picked Jasper up and slammed him onto the ground. “SHUT UP!”

“Honestly, that didn’t hurt.” Jasper said, “now let me continue… Your ‘reviving’ ability doesn’t work with plants, because that is flora. Reviving humans or intelligent creatures is also very hard, and you most likely haven’t done it in a long time, thus meaning you cannot do it anymore.”

“Your logic is half rate and under informed.” Mehrunes said, holding his katana barely restraining himself from attacking Jasper. “Although I do appreciate the effort, you need more information than you have. We’ll stop talking about it and be done, no one will get hurt, we can continue walking to find nothing and everything will be great. Even though I’m pretty sure everything hates me just enough to consistently try and make me wrong about EVERYTHING… it’s fine, so stop. Talking.”

“No, you don’t understand my point.” Jasper said, “I haven’t gotten to the part where it puts you in danger. Not us, not anyone else, but you. And you alone will be in danger, using this power.”

“Look if you're gonna argue about everything I say, ever, at least do it in complete points with the full thing your talking about.” Mehrunes said. “Because you’re not annoying anymore, IT’S HOW YOU’RE ANNOYING THAT’S ANNOYING!”

“Do you know who I am?” Jasper asked.

“No, but it’s probably something that’s plot convenient.” Mehrunes replied. “I dunno who are you mister mystery person.”

“I am Jasper Shiny, and my ancestors are the masters of stone.” Jasper said, “and because of that, all of us are taught the rules of this galaxy.”

“…” Mehrunes waited for more. “Is… that it? Am I supposed to be impressed right now? ‘Cause I’m not.”

“Well, because of that, I have immense power in my blood.” Jasper said. “Meaning, I have the power of elemental masters.”

“…” Mehrunes still looked unimpressed. “Uh huh. So? We having sharing time? Do you just want older people to think your cool? You’re cool there now stop arguing.”

“YOU stop arguing. You know nothing, you have little knowledge over something you don’t understand.” Jasper said.

“Okay, and you have more? You’re telling the guy who came to this galaxy when he was thirteen that he knows little about the galaxy. Guys look sherlock give him a prize he’s SO SMART! Do you think I care what you know? You are some of the few I’ve ever told and you mock me for it. Mockingly mock me. Fine. If Draco was here he would be happy to know that I hate someone more than him now. I’m tired of your conversations.” Mehrunes rented, starting to walk away from everybody. “Hope you all enjoy your day on a death planet.”

We just watched him walk away.

“So…” Roiber then said, “ya know a way out of here kid?”

“Yes, I am sick of this planet.” Vulgon said, “you said you were underground before, then do you know the way out?”

“Yes, but it’s dangerous.” Jasper replied.

“What about Mehrunes though?” I asked.

“He walked away. He doesn’t want to be told he’s wrong. He’s one of those people.” Jasper said, “if he comes back, then, I’ll try to find a way out of here.”

“Well, then, MEHRUNES GET YOUR BUTT BACK HERE!” I shouted.

“No, I’m good.” I head Mehrunes say, from the table. “I’m quite happy with my butt here.”

“Well too bad then. You have to come with us.” I said, facing him.

“Do I have to?” Mehrunes asked.

“Yes you do.” I replied, “we’re not leaving you here to die.”

“Yes I know you don’t want to, but Jasper thinks I dislike being told I’m wrong and didn't even try. I’m told I’m wrong so often, I’ll never get used to it and I’ll just be proven wrong over and over again.” Mehrunes replied. “It’s awfully tiring. Then whenever I try to break away back in I’m pulled to just be more wrong.”

“Well, then just say you’re making ‘assumptions’ and don’t be too sure that you are correct! So then you won’t be wrong.” I said.

“That’s called giving up.” Mehrunes replied.

“No, it’s called percentages. So you are 50% sure of something, but then you are agreeing with the other point. I can’t explain it well, but that’s it. You just have to agree with both points.” I responded.

“Okay, give me an example with the argument Jasper and I were having a minute ago.” Mehrunes said. “It may or my not actually have been exactly a minute I don't know nor care.”

“So it could be that reviving plants is like reviving in general, and it also could be using the power flora, thus making it both.” I said.

“Was it Flora or Fauna that was a secondary?” Mehrunes asked. “I never can remember. Anyway. Whatever, sure it’s both or it’s neither, it could be said to be both because you don’t even know for sure I do it, whatever. Great.”

“Good, now come. We’re moving again.” I said, as Jasper, Vulgon, and Roiber already began walking.

“I thought we were leaving the planet.” Mehrunes replied, getting up and walking. “Now we’re walking and an hour ago none of you had any kind of food. And before that there were literally no monsters.”

“The only way out, is going in.” Vulgon said, “and the only way in, is the only way out.”

“So the way out is inside the outsides in?” Mehrunes asked. “Seems counter-productive. But I suppose the shield prohibits stuff getting out of it so fair enough.”

“It’s up ahead.” Jasper said.

I looked up forward, but there was nothing.

“There’s nothing here.” I said, looking at the white nothingness.

“It’s probably hidden.” Mehrunes replied. “Why else would we be here?”

“VRRRRRRRRRR…!” we suddenly heard a loud sound, a sound that sounded like a giant fan.

The ground in front of us fell down, and a big circle was seen on the planet… Looking down, I saw that there was a fan. A giant one.

“That’s it.” Jasper said, “the exit and the entrance. It only opens at this time. It closes afterwards.”

“It’s a fan?” Mehrunes asked. “I hate this planet so much.”

“Why is there a fan, out of all things?” Vulgon asked. “I mean, what use would a fan be? Maybe it is the cause of that barrier that prevents us from escaping.”

“Possibly.” Roiber said, “but this is where we need to go. We gotta come up with a way to get through. And without getting caught… Obviously there is something down there that we do not want to alert.”

“No duh.” said Vulgon. “Now let’s vote who goes first.”

“No need, we just have to jump all at the same time. But if we mess anything up, we will be cut into pieces…” Jasper said.

“Then how are we supposed to get down there?” I asked, “can’t we just get sucked up by the planet instead?”

“I’m gonna guess that directly leads to capture.” Mehrunes replied.

“Correct.” Jasper said, “when I got sucked in, I was in some sort of prison cell. It was empty, no one else was there. At least not alive.”

“Bruh.” Vulgon commented.

“But you can escape, there’s really no one guarding you. But after you get past the prison doors, then there is security.” Jasper said, “and I found out that it was a training facility, underground.”

“And it’s kept secret? That’s why we can’t escape. Because if we do, we can get the word out there of this planet’s existence.” said Roiber.

“So how are we supposed to get in?” Mehrunes asked. “And how did you even get here in the first place Jasper?!”

“I…” Jasper said, “crashed.”

“Were you driving the ship? Who was with you?” Mehrunes pushed.

“When I was younger, my parents died. So I lived with my uncle, Citrine. We were on our way to get home, but this planet’s gravity somehow got stronger and brought us in. We crashed, and tried to get out of here… But we got sucked into the ground, and I haven’t seen my uncle yet. I think he’s dead.” Jasper said, looking down at the fan.

“Okay…” Mehrunes said. “So getting through the fan…”

“…I can turn into rock and try to see if I can stop the fan from spinning for a bit, so the rest of you can get through.” Jasper suggested.

“That sounds good to me, now go.” Vulgon said, pushing Jasper down towards the fan.

Jasper then changed color, and became solid… Something, a crystal or gem of some kind. He fell onto the fan and…

A loud sound was heard. The sound of Jasper stopping the fan.

“Come on, I can’t hold it for too long!” Jasper said.

The rest of us jumped down.



-----| Chapter 6 |-----



At first it was dark. But then it became bright enough for the eye to see. Lagi and Ivory find themselves in an empty room. With nothing inside of it. Just walls, white walls, and nothing else.

“Hey, I think I’ve been here before.” Lagi said.

“Really?” Ivory asked.

“Yeah, in a dream. But, there were trains falling from the sky.” Lagi said.

Ivory just looked at him.

“Really, there were.” Lagi said.

Ivory sighed. “Well, did you ever escape?” she asked.

“No.” Lagi said. “But I did manage to blow the room up by setting off a volcano.”

“There are no volcanoes in here, so how do we escape?” Ivory asked again.

“We send a train through the walls.” Lagi said.

“There are no trains.” Ivory said.

“Then we make a train!” Lagi shouted.

“There is no way we can make a train in here.” Ivory growled.

“Then we make a way!” Lagi yelled as he started to run in circles.

“Why bother?” said a strange voice.

“Who is it?” Lagi asked, pulling out a stick.

“I dunno. Who is it?” The voice asked.

“Who are you?” Lagi asked, taking out another stick with his other hand.

“Really, I don’t know that either.” said the voice. “Who am I?”

“I don’t know, but how do you not know who you are?” Lagi asked, pulling out a third stick.

“I don’t know that either. How do I not know how I don’t know who I am?” The voice asked.

“This sentence is false!” Lagi yelled.

“So is the reason you are here.” The voice replied, “which I forgot.”

“I just randomly appeared here after Dakrus teleported me here.” Lagi said.

“Oh yeah! I remember now!” The voice said, “but I forgot the reason.”

“I think there’s something wrong with you.” Lagi said as he pulled out a seventeenth stick.

“I agree… There is something wrong with me.” the voice said, “but there is also something wrong with you too… What’s with all these sticks?!”

“There’s nothing wrong with me!” Lagi yelled as he pulled out his thirtieth stick. “There’s something wrong with you!”

“Wait, how are you holding thirty sticks in two hands? And the sticks are huge!” Ivory yelled.

“I don’t have any sticks in my hands.” The voice said.

“I was talking about Lagi.” Ivory explained.

“Why do you two think there’s something wrong with me?” Lagi asked as he pulled out thirty more sticks.

“I don’t know. It just doesn’t seem normal.” The voice answered.

“TELL ME WHY I’M NOT NORMAL!!” Lagi demanded. He pulled out sixty more sticks.

“Because you are a stick collector. And you have a lot of sticks, which doesn’t seem normal…” the voice said.

“Why?” Lagi asked. He then pulled out two hundred sticks.

“Because… I have no idea. You just seem odd.” The voice said, “who even are you?”

“My name is Jeff.” Lagi said.

“My name is Ivory.” Ivory said.

“Jeff and Ivory… Hmmm…” The voice said, “well… I could use a little help. I don’t have very good memory as you can see…”

“Okay…” Lagi said.

“Umm, I’m kind of stuck.” the voice said, “can you help me?”

“Where are you?” Lagi asked.

“Ummm, behind you I think. I’m tied up to a wall.” The voice said, “well, not tied up, but stuck to.”

“Okay. How do I get out of the room and find you?” Lagi asked.

“I don’t know. But I hear your voice in front of me, so I think I am behind the wall behind you.” The voice said.

“Should I try to water the wall down? Or burn it?” Lagi asked.

“You can’t burn a wall.” Ivory said.

“But you can.” Lagi said.

“I don’t know.” said the voice. “Try something Jeff…”

“Okay!” Lagi yelled as he made a giant axe made of water, and then somehow froze it. He swung the axe into the wall behind him.

And it broke through the wall, like the wall was made of paper. Behind it was a figure covered with black goo, stuck to the wall.

“I, I think you did it. I can’t see though.” said the figure.

“I see you.” Lagi said. “You’re covered in black goo.”

“Can you help me down?” The voice asked.

“Okay!” Lagi yelled as he tried to pick the goo away with his axe.

Then, the figure fell face first onto the ground with a loud SPLAT sound.

Lagi helped the figure up and shook his hand. “My name is Lagi, nice to meet you!” he said.

“I thought your name was Jeff.” said the figure, still covered with black goo. “And also, ow.”

“Sorry about the fall. Also, sometimes I call myself Jeff when my name is really Lagi.” Lagi explained.

“He does.” Ivory explained.

“Oh.” The figure said, “umm... can you, like, spray me with water and get this goo off of me?”

“Sure.” Lagi said as he snapped his fingers. A small waterfall appeared over the figure’s head, washing the goo off.

After the water disappeared, the figure was seen… it was Gabe.

“Whew, air. Thanks Jeff.” said the figure.

“Sorry, but my name is Lagi.” Lagi explained.

“But you said you call yourself Jeff. Why can’t I call you Jeff?”

“Because my name is Lagi. I just call myself Jeff because it seems funny. And I’ve never called myself Jeff before though. Just this time.” Lagi explained.

Ivory walked out of the white room. She saw Gabe. “Oh, it’s you.” she muttered.

“What?” Gabe asked Ivory. “What do you mean?”

“You know what I mean.” Ivory growled.

“Um, no I don’t.” Gabe replied.

“Did you lose your memory or something?” Ivory asked.

“I would say I did, but I don’t remember if I did or did not.” Gabe replied, “which brings me to the topic, where am I?”

“Well, at least he might not know about that… well, we don't know where we are.” Ivory explained.

“Dang it… well, then we’ll have to try and find out.” Gabe said.

“Or just escape.” Ivory sighed.

“That sounds good, but how?” Gabe asked.

“We start walking in a direction until we find our way out.” Ivory sighed.

“And how do we… walk?” Gabe asked, still on the floor.

“I swear…” Ivory growled as she picked Gabe up and started walking away. Lagi followed her.

“Oh that works. I don’t remember how to walk.” Gabe said.

“Just shut up until we find a way to restore your memory.” Ivory growled.

“How do I do that? ‘Shut’ ‘up’? You can’t ‘shut’ ‘up’.” Gabe said. “Does that mean, like, closing up? I’m confused.”

“Just stop talking!” Ivory roared. “Or I will not hesitate to drop you and leave!”

“That doesn’t sound very nice…” Gabe said.

Ivory started yelling gibberish as she dropped Gabe and stormed off.

“Sorry.” Lagi said to Gabe as he ran off towards Ivory.

“That girl is mean.” Gabe said, “at least you’re not, Jef-- I mean Lagi.”

“I’m not coming back for you!” Lagi shouted as he started to run to catch up with Ivory.

“Oh… well, thanks though, for freeing me.” Gabe said.

“No problem! And good luck!” Lagi shouted back.

“H-hey…! I can stand!” Gabe suddenly said.

“Cool!” Lagi shouted.

“I think my arms started working again.” Gabe said as he slowly began to walk, before he stumbled and fell.

Lagi couldn’t hear Gabe anymore. He and Ivory reached a wall.

“Lagi, try and axe through this wall!” Ivory ordered.

“Yes ma’am!” Lagi yelled as he swung his axe.

But this wall didn’t break. The axe just bounced right off of it.

“Well, at least it didn’t shatter…” Lagi muttered.

“So, have any other ideas?” Ivory asked.

“What do you mean, other ideas?” Lagi asked.

“Nothing. Just, do you have any ideas?” Ivory asked.

“None at all.” Lagi said.

“Great…” Ivory muttered.

Then, Ivory came up with an idea. She started to spew fire onto the wall, trying to get it to slowly melt.

“WOOHOO!” they then suddenly heard Gabe’s voice shout.

They turned back, and saw that Gabe was floating, flying, towards them slowly.

“Guess I don’t need to ‘walk’.” Gabe said.

“How are you flying?” Lagi asked. “Because last I checked, you didn’t even know how to walk.”

“Yeah, walk. Flying is easier.” Gabe replied, as he was now floating next to them.

“But, how are you flying?” Lagi asked.

“I don’t know.” Gabe replied.

“I wonder…” Lagi muttered. “Does he have an Ultimate Crystal…?”

“What’s that?” Gabe asked.

“Okay, just think to something that is in your mind, ‘hi there!’” Lagi instructed.

“Um, okay.” Gabe said. “Is something supposed to talk to me?”

“Yes. It should.” Lagi said.

“Nothing did.” Gabe replied.

“Well, that's strange. How else could you fly?” Lagi wondered to himself.

Ivory had given up on trying to burn the wall, and looked at Gabe. “How? How are you… no. Just no.” Ivory groaned.

“No to what?” Gabe asked.

“No to you.” Ivory said.

“How’s that work?” Gabe asked.

“Are you taking everything literally?” Ivory asked.

“I don’t know. Am I?” Gabe asked back.

“Can I kill him?” Ivory asked Lagi.

“I don't think you should. Because he's, you know, family to you.” Lagi explained.

“I know, but I just wanna kill him so badly right now.” Ivory growled.

“That is a huge error, killing is a crime. You would go to jail.” Gabe said. “You do, though, sound like a criminal.”

“I'm gonna kill him.” Ivory growled as her sword appeared in her hand.

“Ivory, don't!” Lagi yelled as he made a wall of water.

“Take that wall down.” Ivory demanded.

“No. I won't let you kill Gabe, no matter how annoying he is.” Lagi said as he bent the wall to surround Ivory.

Ivory tried to walk through the wall, but she was pushed back. She tried to burn the wall, but nothing happened. Ivory eventually just sat down.

“Good, now she can't kill you.” Lagi said.

“Until we get his memory back, I'm gonna try and kill him. I'm also going to need you to help restrain me.” Ivory said.

“Will do.” Lagi said. “So Gabe, what should we do?”

“She may look beautiful on the outside, but she’s ugly on the inside.” Gabe said.

“She just hates annoying things. And trust me, she can get a lot worse than this.” Lagi explained.

“I can still hear you. I just can't touch you.” Ivory growled.

“I know that.” Lagi said.

“Maybe it would be better off if you couldn’t hear us either.” Gabe said to Ivory.

“Good idea.” Lagi said. He then added a top to the wall, blocking off the sound of Ivory’s complaining.

“Why is she like this? Doesn’t she know if she murders someone, she’ll be imprisoned?” Gabe asked.

“Yeah, probably. But, I don't know why she's like this. It might be because you lost your memory, and because she just discovered she had a brother not too long ago, so it may just be stress or surprise or something like that.” Lagi explained.

“She discovered that you were her brother?” Gabe asked.

“No.” Lagi sighed as he face palmed. “It's you.”

“What!? No way. That thing is NOT my sister.” Gabe shook his head.

“You're reacting just like how she did…” Lagi sighed.

“Just because the reaction is the same doesn’t make it true!” Gabe said.

“Doesn't make what true?” Lagi asked.

“That she’s my sister!” Gabe said.

“But she is.” Lagi said.

“What kind of sister tries to kill her own brother?!” Gabe exclaimed.

“Well, she was not willing to believe that you were her brother, and was fine with killing you before this, and now I think she is still fine with killing you. But, once you get your memory and common sense back, she should be fine.” Lagi explained.

“Well she’s mean. I don’t like her. How could anyone like her?” Gabe said.

“Well, you liked her enough to keep her alive when she got stabbed with a giant sword.” Lagi explained.

“That never happened!” Gabe replied.

“Yes, it did. You’ve just lost your memory. Now, we need to get it back. I would like it more if the two of you didn't hate each other.” Lagi sighed.

“Well do you hate her?” Gabe asked.

“Hate? No, definitely not. Dislike at some times? Sometimes.” Lagi said.

“Well, why are you two here together?” Gabe asked.

“We were teleported here. All three of us.” Lagi explained.

Why?” Gabe asked.

“Because… you let all three of us live. Me, Ivory, and Carter.” Lagi said.

“I don’t recall any of that happening.” Gabe said.

“Because you lost your memory!” Lagi sighed.

“Well, yeah, that explains why I can’t remember, but what you said happened doesn’t sound like me.” Gabe said.

“It's a long story, and I would rather you remember it rather than tell it all to you.” Lagi said.

“I have no memory of that. It probably didn’t happen.” Gabe said.

“I'm done for now.” Lagi groaned. “I'm going to sleep.” Lagi then laid down and closed his eyes. The roof of Ivory’s cage fell onto her.

“Well, Lagi’s asleep, isn't he?” Ivory asked.

Gabe looked at her.

“Yes, he is.” he said.

“So, what should I do?” Ivory asked herself.

NOT try and kill me.” Gabe replied.

“If you stop being a Mehrunes.” Ivory laughed.

“What?” Gabe asked, “I don’t get it.”

“Oh right. You don't know him.” Ivory sighed. “He's really annoying, and last I checked, everyone hated him.”

“Sounds like someone I know.” Gabe said. “Oh wait, nevermind. Close though.”

“Are you talking about me? Or him?” Ivory asked, pointing at Lagi.

“I’m not gonna tell you.” Gabe replied.

“You don't need to. I already know you're talking about me.” Ivory said.

“If you say so.” Gabe said.

Ivory tossed a fireball over the wall towards Gabe. It was about to hit him, when it suddenly hit a shield surrounding Gabe.

“Oh hey. Thats nice. You can’t hit me!” Gabe said.

“Why do you get protection? I just wanted a little fun…” Ivory said.

“I don’t know, this shield just happened to be there. At least now you can’t kill me.” Gabe said.

“And that ruins the fun.” Ivory said. “Now, how about you… let me out of this cage?”

“Can’t. Lagi made it.” Gabe said, “and you’re better off in there.”

“But it’s cramped, there's no room to do anything. So, could you just wake him up and have him let me out?” Ivory asked.

“Nah, you should stay in there.” Gabe said.

“You know, that's just kinda cruel to me. Keeping me stuck in here.” Ivory said.

“You should get used to it. Cuz after you kill me, you’ll be in a place just like it, but worse.” Gabe said, smirking.

“So is that what you want me to do? You want me to kill you? Because you're seeming pretty confident that I'm going to kill you.” Ivory said. “And hey, who said  I still want to kill you?”

“You did. But either way, you should stay in there.” Gabe said.

“The only thing I want to kill right now is this cage, and that wall.” Ivory growled. “Do you see your name anywhere on that list?”

“Nope. Because I don’t know my name.” Gabe replied.

“Your name is Nobody.” Ivory said.

“No, it’s nothing yet.” Gabe replied, “I haven’t named myself. I’m thinking on what to name myself…”

“Okay, I lied when I told you your name is Nobody. It's just a funny joke I heard somewhere before. But, your name is Gabe.” Ivory said.

“No. My name is not Gabe either. I’m going to choose my own name, thank you very much.” Gabe replied.

“But that's the name that our parents gave you.” Ivory said. “You can't really change it with a snap of your fingers and expect everyone to accept it.”

“‘Our’ parents didn’t name me Gabe, so I will choose… its gotta be a cool name… hmmm…” Gabe thought.

“Yes, they did. So stop thinking that they didn't.” Ivory said.

“They didn’t! I don’t recall them ever naming me that. In fact, I don’t recall them naming me anything, or them at all!” Gabe said, “so, I will choose a name…”

“They named you Gabe, and for the last time! The reason you don't recall, is because you lost your memory! So stop acting like they don't exist, and like they never did!” Ivory roared.

“I know! My name will be Pixelen! That sounds pretty cool.” Gabe said.

“That does sound cool, but it’s not your name. I had better not hear you throwing that name around.” Ivory growled.

“Good point. I’m gonna go with Lycrus, cuz it sounds cooler.” said Gabe.

“Not as cool, but still. Stop.” Ivory growled.

“Yes, it will be my name from now on! Lycrus!” Gabe (Lycrus) said.

“No.” Ivory said.

“Well too bad. You have to call me that or I won’t reply.” Lycrus said.

“Too bad Gabe. It’s never happening.” Ivory said.

“I don’t know who this ‘Gabe’ person is.” Lycrus said, “but I do know that it is not me. I am Lycrus.”

“No. You are Gabe.” Ivory said.

“No! I may have been Gabe once, in the past, but now I am something new. I am Lycrus.” Lycrus said.

“Honestly, I would have preferred Gabe over you.” Ivory growled.

“Well, since ‘Gabe’ was your brother, if I am now Lycrus, we are not related! WOOHOO!” Lycrus flew around in circles.

“That logic is very flawed. Changing a name can’t do that.” Ivory sighed.

“Dang…” Lycrus sighed as well. “Well I guess I’ll have to deal with you being my sister then.”

“I still would have preferred Gabe.” Ivory said.

“Wait, is that a tail? Do you have a tail!?” Lycrus suddenly said, seeing Ivory’s tail.

“We both do. Lagi too.” Ivory said.

Lycrus looked back to see if he had a tail. But he didn’t.

“I don’t have one!” Lycrus shouted, excited. “Does that mean we aren’t related like Lagi had said?!”

“No, what, why… but… Carter’s story, you… even when we saw you before… WHAT IS THIS?!” Ivory roared.

“I don’t know, I’m just glad we aren’t related! … Half glad.” Lycrus said.

“Why only half?” Ivory asked, somehow holding onto her sanity.

“Because then maybe if we’re not related, you’ll go back to trying to kill me.” Lycrus answered.

“Hey, maybe if… you might not even be Gabe!” Ivory realized.

“Yeah, maybe I just look like him.” Lycrus replied, “but we should still be friends, because I don’t want to be killed by you out of all people.”

“If you’re not Gabe, then I don’t have a reason to kill you.” Ivory sighed.

“YES!” Lycrus exclaimed. “We can be besties! You, me, and Lagi!”

“No. Not that. That’s a bit too much too fast. I’m not the best one for friends, but we could still be friends. Just not besties.” Ivory said.

“Well, maybe besties. Cuz we’re stuck here.” Lycrus said, “anyway, we should wake Lagi up and tell him the news! And then you can be freed from your cage!”

“You need to wake him up. I can’t from in here. And anyways, we can always escape.” Ivory said.

“LAGI! WAKE UP!” Lycrus shook Lagi rapidly.

“*YAWN*! Dad, I can still count three trains!” Lagi yawned.

“Guess who I am?” Lycrus said to Lagi.

“G-gabe?” Lagi asked. “Is that you?”

“No! I’m Lycrus! See, I don’t have a tail, meaning I’m not Gabe!” Lycrus exclaimed.

“W-what? That’s crazy. Anyways, hi Lycrus!” Lagi said.

“Hello. We’re gonna be friends.” Lycrus said.

“Besties?” Lagi asked.

“Yesh.” Lycrus replied.

“YE!” Lagi yelled. “So, why did you wake me up?”

“Get Ivory out of the cage.” Lycrus said.

“But, doesn't she want to kill you?” Lagi asked.

“No, she wanted to kill ‘Gabe’ not me.” Lycrus answered.

“I do. It’s okay now.” Ivory yelled from the cage.

“Okay.” Lagi said as he made the cage disappear.

“Thank you.” Ivory said as she turned into a Lagiacrus.

“Why are you doing that?” Lagi asked.

“Woah, cool!” Lycrus exclaimed.

*ROAR*! Ivory roared as she charged the wall.

She hit the wall roared when she saw the second wall behind it. She charged the second wall, and broke through that one too. She saw the third wall. Ivory roared even louder as she charged that wall as well. She continued to charge through the walls that continued to appear behind one before it. After twenty walls, Ivory gave up. She turned back and walked over to the two.

“Any luck?” Lycrus asked.

“I hate walls.” Ivory groaned as she collapsed on the ground.

“That’s not good.” Lagi said. “So, do we just look around the wall until we find a place to escape? Or do we wait until Ivory gets better and smash through more walls?”

“Maybe we should all sleep. And have fresh energy in the morning, and then try to escape.” Lycrus suggested, lying down as well.

“You know, that seems like a good idea.” Lagi said as he laid down as well. “Goodnight.”

“Night night.” Lycrus then closed his eyes.


“*YAWN!*” Lycrus woke up, and looked around. They were still in the same place as before, and Lagi and Ivory were still asleep. “Guys, wake up!”

“Captain Long Taco, reporting for duty!” Lagi yelled as he stood up.

“Why does my face… feel purple?” Ivory asked.

“I have no idea.” Lycrus said.

“All I remember is thirty hard swords through the chest but in my head.” Ivory groaned.

“We should keep trying to get out of here.” Lycrus said.

“I know.” Ivory groaned.

“So, do we try and smash more walls? Or find a way through?” Lagi asked.

“Not, smashing more walls.” Ivory said.

“So then what is the plan?” Lycrus asked.

“I… have no idea.” Lagi said.

“We should try and find some sort of opening. Wherever, in the ceiling, the floor, or the wall.” Ivory said.

“Good plan.” Lagi said. “Where should we start looking first?”

“I dunno.” Ivory sighed.

“Not the way we first came, we should go a different way.” Lagi said.

“Maybe we can try to go down?” Lycrus said, looking at the floor. “Like, dig a hole or something.”

“That would work too.” Lagi said. “Have a shovel?”

“You could make one.” Ivory said to Lagi.

“Oh, yeah.” Lagi said as he made himself an ice shovel.

He started to attack the ground with the shovel. He made a hole that was getting deeper by the second.

“Think it’s gonna take us anywhere?” Lycrus asked as Lagi dug.


“Sure.” Ivory said.

“If you want.” Lycrus said, pulling out a stick.

“OKAY! I’LL START! ALSO, THAT’S MY STICK LYCRUS!” Lagi yelled as he started to dig sideways.

“Why did you take Lagi’s stick?” Ivory asked.

“I dunno.” Lycrus said, taking out three more sticks, “he said this was normal. I’m just being normal.”

“No, it’s normal for him to do it, but not for anyone else.” Ivory sighed.

“Well then why didn’t you say anything before?” Lycrus asked, pulling out ten more sticks.

“Because you weren’t doing it before.” Ivory said.

“Well, it’s too late to change that. I lost mah memory, and Lagi spoke a lot to me, so I took a lot of him into me.” Lycrus said, pulling out fifteen more sticks.

“So, are you trying to replace him or something?” Ivory asked.

“No, I’m just myself, inspired by him, mah buddy.” Lycrus said, patting Lagi on the back.

“When did you get up here Lagi?” Ivory asked.

“Two minutes ago, after I yelled, ‘I FOUND SOMETHING!’ nobody replied and so I came back up here!” Lagi explained.

“That works.” Ivory sighed. “So, what did you find?”

“I found…” Lagi started. “A train.”

“Oh a train! Les go, we have a ride!” Lycrus said, jumping into the hole, followed by sticks.

“I get to drive it!” Lagi yelled as he jumped into the hole.

“Why trains?” Ivory muttered as she followed Lagi into the hole.

Suddenly, there were sparks flying everywhere near the hole. A blue portal opened up, and out walked a boy. He had blonde hair, and blue eyes. He was wearing a blue jacket.

“Hey! There isn’t a train down here!” Lycrus yelled from the hole.

“Yes there is. It’s right there.” Lagi said as he pointed at the end of the hole, which was out of sight.

“How did you dig that far without any signs of dirt that was shoveled out anywhere?” Ivory asked.

“Well, first I became the source, then I burned the scrap dirt with water.” Lagi explained.

“Okay. That makes sense.” Ivory sighed.

“We should go back up.” Lycrus said. “And try digging somewhere else.”

“But, the train!” Lagi said. “We can escape with it!”

“We missed it. It left without us.” Lycrus said.

“How do you know? I found it all the way down there, and you aren’t there yet!” Lagi said. “I’m getting on, are you coming?”

“I might as well.” Ivory muttered.

“Lycrus?” Lagi asked. “Are you going onto the train?”

“I have a feeling it’s not the way to go… I sense something… over there…” Lycrus said, backing away, “no, we shouldn’t go…”

“BUT IT’S A TRAIN!” Lagi yelled.

“Wait, there’s no tracks. It can’t move.” Ivory said.

“Oh, yeah… well, let’s go up the hole then.” Lagi said as he sulked towards the hole entrance. He jumped out of the hole and stared at the person standing there. “Hi there!” Lagi said to him.

Ivory quickly jumped out of the hole and looked at the person. “Hello, who are you?” she asked.

“Well, who are you?” said the guy.

“My name is Lagi.” Lagi said.

“I go by the name of Pixelen.” he said.

“That’s the first name you thought you would call yourself…” Ivory said to Lycrus.

“What exactly is going on here?” Pixelen questioned them.

“So, Lycrus didn’t have a name before, and so he said he would call himself Pixelen, but then he decided he would call himself Lycrus.” Ivory explained.

“I don’t get it.” Lagi said.

“That’s because you were asleep.” Ivory sighed.

“Oh.” Lagi said.

“You should've stuck with the name Pixelen, it’s a nice name.” Pixelen said to Lycrus.

“But then it would be pretty confusing.” Ivory sighed.

“It wouldn’t, I normally go by Pixel.” Pixel said.

“Oh, that would work.” Ivory said.

“Lycrus sounds cool, now, HAVE YOU COME TO FREE US!?” Lycrus exclaimed.

“Well, if you want to get out of here, then yes.” Pixel said.

“Yes! Please free us!” Lagi pleaded.

“That would be good.” Ivory said.

“Then we just gotta go through this blue portal,” he said, “Just follow me!”

“Okay!” Lagi said as he jumped into the portal before Pixel.

“He broke the rules.” Ivory said.

Pixel then walked through the portal, and turned to say, “Come on,” with an impatient tone of voice.

Ivory walked into the portal, followed by Lycrus. They were in a large underground facility of some kind.

“I have a bad feeling about this place.” Lagi said as he walked back through the portal.

“Why?” questioned Pixel, “It’s Cyrus’s lab! Nothing to fear.”

“I dunno…” Lagi said. He walked back into the lab. “Wait, I just remembered. I have had bad experiences with this place and portals, I’ll see you later.” Lagi said as he ran off through the lab.

“I don’t get it. What happened to him here that was so bad, with portals?” Ivory asked.

“Woah! Pixelen, you’re back fast!” A voice said.

Turning, Pixel, Lycrus, and Ivory see a guy wearing a black suit.

“Hi Cris.” said Pixel.

“Did you find what you were looking for?” Cris asked Pixel.

“No.” he said, suddenly becoming sad. “No lead of any kind.”

“Can I just go see what Lagi’s doing?” Ivory asked.

“Feel free, just make sure he isn’t pressing any buttons,” Cris said.

“If he does press buttons, can I kick him out?” Lycrus asked Cris.

“I’M PRESSING BUTTONS!!!” Lagi yelled from far away.

Everyone heard the sounds of buttons being smashed with Lagi’s fingers. The whole lab started shaking, and rumbling. “By any  chance, did you press the big re-”

“BUTTONS!!” Lagi interrupted, smashing the buttons harder.

“Cris, arrest that boy.” Lycrus said. “He broke the rules.”

“OOH! A BIG RED ONE! IMA PRESS IT!” Lagi yelled as he slammed his fist on the big red button.

“NOOOOOO!!!” Lycrus shouted.

“Initiating ‘Self destruct.’ 2 minutes until explosion.” said a robot voice in the intercom.

“Help me Cris.” Lycrus said, “get me outta here. Leave Lagi because he is the one who caused all this.”

“Follow me!” he said, leading the way.

Lycrus, Ivory, followed him, until they reached a door. “You guys go through there for safety.” Cris said.

Self destruct inactive. Safety switch on.”

Lagi then appeared, running toward them. He saw more buttons, and pressed 5 of them.

“So, do we press more buttons?” Lagi asked, pressing the buttons seven more times.

“Stop immediately. I do not tolerate this kind of nonsense.” said a voice.

They all turned and spotted a man, with a giant machine on his head and wires going through his body. He also had laser handcuffs, which he then put on Lagi.

“You are under arrest.” The man said to Lagi.

“Hey dad.” Cris said to the man.

The man (Cyrus) then handcuffed Lagi’s feet too. Lagi was now laying on the floor, unable to move.

Cyrus then looked at the others, Cris, Lycrus, Ivory, and Pixel.

“Welcome to my lab.” Cyrus said to Lycrus and Ivory, “thank you for coming along with Pixel, but your friend here was troubling. He will not be allowed EVER again in here, not without supervision. Which one of you will supervise this ‘troubling’ person?”

“I will.” Ivory said, stepping forwards.

“But, trains…” Lagi muttered.

“Too bad. You got yourself into this trouble. And I’m going to make sure you don’t get into more.” Ivory growled. “Now, we’re leaving.” Ivory picked Lagi up and walked towards the exit.

“GOODBYE BUTTONS!” Lagi yelled as Ivory slammed the door behind her.

“Wait for me!” Lycrus said, before turning to the others “Bai!”

He then followed Lagi and Ivory, who were at the elevator that takes them up to the top.

“Why are you following us?” Ivory asked.

“Because you’re my buddies!” Lycrus said, as they entered the elevator and pressed the button to take them to the top.

“Did you steal the keys to the handcuffs?” Ivory asked.

“Nope. I don’t think there are keys.” Lycrus replied.

“Great. Now you’ll have to endure a helicopter made of fire until I figure out a way to get the handcuffs off.” Ivory groaned.

“Just melt them.” Lagi said.

“Oh.” Ivory said.

Ivory set her hand on fire and grabbed the handcuff.

“Doesn’t seem to be flammable.” Lycrus said, after seeing the handcuffs were unaffected by the fire.

“Get the keys from him then.” Ivory groaned as she took her hand off of the handcuffs.

“I said, there aren’t any keys. Do you see key holes?” Lycrus asked, pointing at the handcuffs.

The elevator had come to a stop. The doors opened, and they were in a building on a hill, with lots of grass.

They stepped out of the elevator, and walked down the hallway before exiting the building.

“So…” Lycrus said.

“Get to the chopper!” Ivory yelled as she pointed towards some grass. Suddenly, a helicopter made of fire appeared. Ivory ran towards it.

Ivory got into the helicopter and rose her hand. The helicopter rose into the air and flew off.

“She left us.” Lycrus said to Lagi who was next to him. “What are we gonna do, Lagi?”

Lagi laid on the floor, with the handcuffs still on his hands and legs. “I dunno. I thought she would take me… but I guess she didn’t.” he moaned. “Could you carry me to Cyrus and get these things off of me? Or wait… I could just make us some sort of a platform and chase after Ivory!”

“Hey Lagi,” a person said, “These might come in handy.” It was Pixel, and he was dangling the keys.

“Could you help me? Because you know, my hands and feet are bound…” Lagi said.

Pixel unlocked the handcuffs on Lagi’s feet, but left the ones on Lagi’s hands. “You should apologize to Cyrus.” Pixel advised him.

“Let me guess, you won’t unlock my hands until I apologize?” Lagi asked.

“Wrong.” said Pixel, “I don’t have the keys for the handcuffs on your hands, I tried to find them, but failed. They are hidden somewhere.”

“Great.” Lagi sighed as he walked over to the elevator, “So, who’s going to escort me? Because I need to be ‘supervised’.”

“I’m going to.” Pixel informed.

“Got it.” Lagi said as he opened up the elevator door. He waited for Pixel to go in, then Lagi followed him while Lycrus stayed outside.

Pixelen pressed a button with the number ‘124’ on it, but held the ‘stay open’ button, and asked Lycrus, “Are you going to come?”

“No. I will wait outside.” Lycrus replied.

“Okay then,” He said releasing the button. The door closed.

“So, do you think that he’ll unlock these when I apologize?” Lagi asked.

“If you’re sincere about it, he’ll probably forgive you, but there will probably be a catch of some kind.” Pixel told him, “Maybe like, ‘you have to figure out how to remove the handcuffs yourself’ kind of thing,”

“If that’s what I have to do, then I think I may be in trouble. I don’t have good common sense all the time.” Lagi sighed.

“There is a chance it will be something else.” said Pixel.

“Hopefully…” Lagi muttered. “So, why were you there where we were, and where was that place?”

“We were in the dream world. I was there because,” he sighed of sadness, “I don’t think I am comfortable sharing.”

“That’s okay.” Lagi sighed. “So, how much longer till we get there?”

The elevator doors opened. “That’s your cue!” Pixel said nudging Lagi forward.

Lagi walked forwards until he was behind Cyrus. He coughed a little to get his attention. Cyrus looked up from the papers in his hand.

“H-hey… I uh, I was just coming back to apologize for what I did with the buttons and stuff… and was hoping you could take off the handcuffs on my wrists.” Lagi said. “And to thank you for not doing anything worse than this to me.”

“I will take them off under one condition.” said Cyrus. “That you never return here again.”

“I’ll follow that condition as long as I don’t just appear here with an incident involving a dream world portal.” Lagi agreed. “Because that’s happened to me twice now.”

“If you happen to come here, then you must promise to NEVER touch anything again.” Cyrus said. “And I don’t have to bring a witch to cast a curse on you so you don’t break your promise do I?”

“I won’t break that promise, because I’m promising.” Lagi promised. “Also, I don’t like curses. Too many people have them.”

Suddenly, a red laser shot out of the machine on Cyrus’s head, cutting the handcuffs in two. “You may now leave.”

“Okay, goodbye!” Lagi said as he ran into the elevator.



-----| Chapter 7 |-----



“*YAWN*” I yawned as I awoke.

I look around, and see that I am on the surface the planet. Next to me is Lavender, Corpse, and Rando. Rando was awake, but Lavender and Corpse were still asleep.

I realized that… that… we didn’t get sucked in!

“HAI!” Rando yelled.

“Uhhh hello Rando.” I said.

“YOU’RE WELCOME FOR THE CHEESY GREEN BLUE!” Rando exclaimed. “MEHRUNES TOLD ME TO REMOVE TEH WAGON!!!! So I did and you are not dead also the bob is behind you.”

“Ummm…” I was confused. Which was normal now around Rando, the guy who is random.


“Uhhhh…” I was still confused. He was too random.

“I’ma be frank. Cheese and Frank. And pie and all dat.” Rando said. “MOOOOOOVE!”

“I still don’t understand you. You’re a bit too random.” I said.

“Draco Mehrunes Less Random poof poof KO cryptic blah purple.” Rando said.

“I don’t follow.” I said.

Rando looked like he was trying really hard to not be random.

“D-d-d-d-d-drac-c-co… Knock-Out… Meh… CRYPT. SPEAK. HINTS.” Rando then said. “*PANT PANT* BLUE NEON CHEEEEEEEEEESE!!!!!”

“I don’t understand. You have to be less random.” I said.

Rando looked like he was going to explode.

“DRACO. KNOCKS. OUT. MEHRUNES. I. CAN. HELP. WITHOUT. RANDOMNESS. GAAAA!” Rando said, sort of exploding. “Wut. Egabuduff. Neon. RED!”

“Mehrunes and Draco are not here. Meaning you should not be random, right?” I asked.

“Book.” Rando said, giving me a book and a pencil, the book's title was ‘Rando’s book in case no one can understand him’ and the pencil looked more like a pen with nothing on it. It was just a pointed cylinder. “OPEN!”

“Uhh okay.” I opened the book.

The book was empty except for one line that read ‘use the pencil, write what he says.’

“Draco Mehrunes Less Random poof poof KO cryptic blah purple.” Rando said.

I casually wrote down the words he said. Then I waited to see what happens.

The words change from what I wrote rather quickly, and now the line read ‘When Draco knocks Mehrunes out, like he did, then I am allowed a brief period of rational thought without having to hurt myself immensely. In the brief period I am allowed to give one cryptic hint about the past, present, or future. Either by my choice, or your asking. I don’t know why, don’t bother asking.’

“Umm, okay, so, but Draco and Mehrunes still aren’t here.” I said.


I wrote that down so that it could be translated. The line changed and it now read ‘Doesn’t work that way. It’s why I’m still random. Whatever curse this is doesn’t care, it just likes seeing Draco knock Mehrunes out or something. It is kinda funny, so I can see why.’

“See?!” Rando exclaimed. “Don’t tell plz. Book! purple hfekFGEWGEFUGefkygeuyfgeihF EFEwfgeuyfgLuefhgeugF. Mechanical neon couch. SHWEEE!”

“I can’t write down what you said after ‘purple’…” I said.

“No tell others. Giv book b-back.” Rando said. “I’m tired. Mah purple wagon of horsie blue was to cold to be cooled bark.”

I handed the book and pen back to Rando.

“3secs plz kk.” Rando said before falling asleep and snoring really fast for 3 seconds, then waking back up. “Wut? Food? MOMMY?! ELIMINATE EXTERRRRRRMINATE! I need heeling.”

“Let’s wake up Lavender and Corpse. We gotta keep moving.” I then said.

And just after I said that, Lavender and Corpse woke up.

“*YAWN* H-hey we are alive.” Corpse said, “sweet. Let’s keep moving then.”

“YESH!” Rando exclaimed. “SHWEEEEEEEEEEEEE!”

Rando then ran around us really fast until he grabbed us and brought us ten feet away from where we were.


“Let’s just start walking again.” Lavender said.

“Yes, we will find something today, I am sure of it.” Corpse said, and we began to walk again.


“VRRRRRRRR…!” The fan started running again.

We were under it. Jasper, Vulgon, Mehrunes, Roiber and I. And apparently there were more fans under us. About five, and we were on a metal platform, just a foot away from the other fan.

“Well we got past one fan.” Vulgon commented.

“Now which fan should we dive through?” Mehrunes asked. “And no, splitting up is not a good idea.”

“We don’t need to.” Jasper said, pointing at the end of the platform attached to the wall, in which there was a door. “We have a different way to go.”

“Seem’s like a trap to me.” Mehrunes replied. “Actually the whole thing seems like a trap to me. So I think we’re not good going anywhere at all.”

“Yeah, this whole planet is a trap so yeah.” Jasper said.

“Whatever. Open the door.” Mehrunes said, walking over to the door. “I have stuff I need to do.”

“We all got stuff to do.” Roiber said, “which is first, gettin’ off this dang planet.”

Mehrunes pulled on the door handle and it opened. We saw a dark, empty tunnel.

“Looks dark and empty.” Mehrunes commented. “Although looks can be deceiving.”

Mehrunes tossed a coin into the hallway, and it rolled for a bit then stopped, although it made no noise at all.

“Uh-huh. Who want’s to go first into the hallway of death?” Mehrunes asked. “‘Cause it seems like a bad idea to me.”

“I’ll go first.” Jasper volunteered.

He then walked into the hallway, with one hand in flames, basically like a torch. We followed him, with Mehrunes in the very back.

“Great. Nothing. I like nothing better than something.” Mehrunes whispered. “Hope we can find those other people.”

“What was that, Meh?” Vulgon asked (Since he was in front of Roiber, who was in front of me, I was behind Mehrunes so I heard his whisper).

“Listy, Draco, Paulo, those people. Hope we can find them.” Mehrunes replied.

“Oh, right, them… Maybe they’re dead. If they got sucked into the ground, that means they probably have been… disintegrated.” Vulgon replied.

“Probably not.” Mehrunes countered. “We’ll just have to see.”

“Well the spaceship got disintegrated. So they probably did too.” Vulgon said, thinking to himself.

Jasper was silent, still walking through the dark tunnel with his torch-hand.

“Whatever, I’m not gonna argue about density and disintegration.” Mehrunes replied. “Still have a bad feeling about this.”

“Same…” Roiber said. “I have a real bad feeling about this.”

“…” Mehrunes was quiet. “I think, we’re being watched.”

“Maybe we are… that thought is disturbing…” I said, shivering a bit.

“Just a lot.” Mehrunes replied. “I’m guessing we should be prepared.”

“Yes, we should.” Jasper finally said something.

“It’s also high time to escape this endless hallway.” Mehrunes said, holding one of his star things. “Because we’ve just been walking to nowhere.”

“We’re almost to the drain. Where that white chemical stuff is drained down to the core.” said Jasper.

“Seems like a bad idea.” Mehrunes said. “Why would we go there?”

“It’s the only way down.” Jasper replied. “Also, the only way up. There are many drains though, this is just one of them. That white thing is drained down towards the core of the planet, so, we kind of don’t want to touch that.”

“Just a lot.” Mehrunes said. “Like 100% a lot.”

“What do you mean?” Vulgon asked.

“I’m agreeing.” Mehrunes replied. “Have I never done that?”

“Yes, but what you said was confusing.” Vulgon said, “or it sounded confusing from up here.”

“Okay…” Mehrunes replied. “are we going down or up?”

“We’re still going in a straight line.” Vulgon said.

“When we get to the drain, Vulgon.” Mehrunes replied.

“Isn’t it obvious? It goes down. To the core of the planet.” Vulgon answered.

“But that’s also where they dump the stuff…” Mehrunes said. “Sheesh, you don’t have to be like that, mate.”

“Maybe they dump the dead bodies there too.” Roiber said. “Of our friends that got sucked up.”

“Will you stop theorizing that people are dead?” Mehrunes asked. “It’s not something to joke about.”

“I’m not joking.” Roiber said.

“Then don’t talk about it, please.” Mehrunes said.

“Why not?” Vulgon asked.

“Because I asked.” Mehrunes replied. “I would prefer to think that over a third of our overall party are simply captured. Besides, Jasper said it leads to capture, awhile ago.”

“Even so, we don’t know what we’d have to go through to free them.” Roiber said.

“I’ll tell you when I have contact with Listy again. Sources say there's still a communication barrier.” Mehrunes said.

“What are your sources?” I decided to ask.

“Well my spacesuit AI and my Ultimate Crystal say there's a barrier, I can’t contact Rando and I know he’s not been sucked down. And Jasper said there was a base thing. So those are my sources.” Mehrunes replied. “Still just an educated guess though…”

“We’re here.” Jasper then said.

“Oh sweet!” Mehrunes exclaimed sarcastically. “I’m so glad we can go from one hallway of terribleness to a drainpipe of terribleness!”

“I know right?” Vulgon replied with deep sarcasm. “What fun!”

“What a great time!” Mehrunes said, his words practically dripping with sarcasm. “OH WELL! I GUESS IT’S TIME TO GO SAVE SOME PEOPLE IN THIS LOVELY ENVIRONMENT!”

“And practically almost get killed in the process!” Vulgon added sarcastically.

“BEST. DAY. EVER.” Mehrunes said, with years worth of sarcasm. “FUN. LET’S GO GET KILLED!”

“Okay, guys, seriously stop.” Jasper said. “Come on out from the tunnel.”

We exited the tunnel, and looked down… This was like a dam, and that white stuff, was liquid. It was running down to the drain, which was VERY deep down… This was about 50 miles long! And it looked a little fun, cuz you could slide down it, but we don’t want to touch the white stuff so… There were two platforms, the one we were on, and one below us.

“This is a way down.” Jasper said.

“Question, how badly do we not wanna touch the white quicksand stone?” Mehrunes asked.

“Well, this one is liquid. It will disintegrate anything it touches, until it cools down and becomes a solid, it isn’t as dangerous. I tested this with a rock.” Jasper said.

Mehrunes took a rock and threw it at some of the liquid, just to see. The rock disintegrated, and we could see smoke where the rock was thrown.

“Yeah, we DON’T want to touch that.” Vulgon said after seeing the rock disintegrate.

“Now I wonder if we can freeze it.” Mehrunes said. “Uhh… Vulgon and Jasper, you two said you use like all the elements right?”

“No, only I did.” Vulgon said, “but alright, lets see.”

Vulgon charged up some ice between his hands and shot it at the white liquid. Somehow, the ice disintegrated as well.

“Nope, you can’t freeze it.” Vulgon said.

“Worth a shot. Seems like it’s invincible and dangerous so no slides here. How are we gonna do this?” Mehrunes asked.

“Well.” Jasper said, jumping down from the platform attached to the tunnel, towards the platform underneath it. “We gotta brainstorm.”

“Well, how did YOU get up?” Vulgon asked, as the rest of us jumped towards the same platform.
“I jumped, and climbed on the ceiling.” Jasper said, “going up is way easier than going down.”

“If only Saturo or Draco were here… We could use Glitter or Zephyr to get down.” I sighed.

“Yeah because no one else has creatures who can help.” Mehrunes said sarcastically.

“And Zephyr and Glitter can fly very fast, so we would be down there in a minute.” I added.

“Yeah… It took me the WHOLE day getting up here. I thought it would be worth it, but, well I wasted time, because now I’m going back down.” Jasper said.

“Yeah because this is the worst thing ever and no one here is useful in this aspect.” Mehrunes said, still sarcastic.

“Yep… It’s a shame… I should have taken some gear from Corpse’s ship from the very beginning.” Roiber said. “There were jetpacks.”

While Roiber was talking Mehrunes had fastened a rope to the platform that was leading into the pipe below.

“That’s not gonna work, is it? Fudge.” Mehrunes said, as a hissing was heard. “Jetpacks eh? Not bad. It’s too bad you’re with us… I’m getting tired of sarcasting, that’s how bad you are at picking it up.”

“Wait a minute…” I said, getting an idea, “can’t I just use the wind and fly down there?”

“That’s not helpful for the rest of us, Ich.” Mehrunes replied. “Theoretically yes. You could.”

“Maybe there is a switch or something that could deactivate this liquid from moving, so then maybe it will dry, and we can walk on it.” I said, “my theory is that when the liquid is moving, it stays a liquid, but when it stops, it becomes a solid.”

“Then couldn't you just force it to stop moving?” Mehrunes asked.

“I can’t do that for a while 50 miles long slide filled with that white liquid.” I said. “I’m not trained enough for that.”

“Well then where are you gonna find a lever to stop it?” Mehrunes asked, now suddenly wearing his spacesuit. “Because I don’t see one.”

“Maybe it’s hidden.” I said, “I’ll just have to look.”

“Do ya want me to ask my AI?” Mehrunes asked. “Or are you just gonna search?”

“Well, first off, I’ll fly all the way down to the end of this slide. Then, if I find something or if I don’t, I’ll come back up for you.” I said.

“No, don’t come back. If you don’t find anything, FIND something useful for yourself. You get off this planet.” Roiber said, and I nodded while rolling my eyes in response.

I wasn’t gonna leave my friends.

“Hey Ich can I come with you?” Mehrunes asked.

“How are you going to though?” I asked back.

“Space suit.” Mehrunes replied. “Even if I can’t fly I can glide with it. I’m pretty good at gliding too.”

“Alright, then you can come along.” I said, getting ready to fly down, “ready?”

“Yep. Let’s go.” Mehrunes responded.

I flew off of the ground and began to fly down. “We’ll come back for the rest of you!”
“Good luck.” Vulgon said.

Mehrunes was flying right behind me, and he yelled something back at Vulgon but I wasn't paying attention because I was focusing on flying.

Soon the others were no longer in our view.

“So…” I said, “what do you think we’ll find when we get down?”

“Probably nothing.” Mehrunes replied. “I hope we’ll find something to help us get off this planet, and possibly help our friends down too.”

“I hope we find the others who got sucked up…” I said.

“Yeah that would be nice.” Mehrunes replied. “If a little, awkward.”

“How so?” I asked.

“I dunno I guess.” Mehrunes replied.

“I don’t think it would be awkward, unless…” I said, “yeah it wouldn’t be awkward.”

“Fair enough.” Mehrunes replied. “Is this pipe long or what?”

“We aren’t in a pipe, I think there are pipes later.” I said.

“Fine, drain.” Mehrunes replied.

“I prefer calling it a slide, because it’s like a slide, but we can’t slide on it because of the white liquid.” I said.

“Slide it is.” Mehrunes replied. “But when will it end?”

“I have no idea. But also, what is this white liquid even called?” I asked.

“Let’s call it acid for now.” Mehrunes replied. “Because that’s the best I’ve got.”

“White acid. Got it.” I said, “that sounds cooler than white liquid.”

“It does.” Mehrunes said.

“Yeah.” I agreed.

We continued flying, and I doubted we were even halfway there.

“I’m getting a bit tired.” I said.

“Are you gonna be okay?” Mehrunes asked.

“I dunno. Is there a platform we can stop at so I can regain my energy?” I asked.

“I don’t think so.” Mehrunes replied. “AI is there a nearby platform in this drain slide thing?”

“I don’t see any at all.” I said, “maybe I’ll just have to push myself.”

“Okay but if you need some help, just tell me.” Mehrunes said. “I don’t want you to burn up in white acid.”

“Alright. I’m fine for now.” I said.

“Stay that way.” Mehrunes said.

We then continued to fly/glide down the drain slide, and nothing looked different. After a couple of minutes, I spotted something… A door, just there on the side.

I flew towards the door and opened it, walking inside. I didn’t bother to look at what was behind the door, I turned around and shouted, “Mehrunes, glide towards here!”

Mehrunes landed right in front of me right after I said this.

“Ooh. What did you find?” Mehrunes asked.

I turned around, and looked around. The room was filled with computers and machines, but it was empty. The chairs were empty, and the floor, walls, and ceiling were white tiled.

“I DON’T TRUST THE ROOM.” Mehrunes exclaimed, throwing a rock into it. “White is bad on this planet.”

“…” I quietly looked around. There weren’t any cameras, meaning there was no security… Or wait, maybe there are hidden cameras… Hmm…

“What you thinking?” Mehrunes asked.

“There could be cameras in there, so if we were to go inside… We might be spotted.” I said.

“AI, scan the room for cameras.” Mehrunes says. “And if there is any, disable them.”

“Room clear of cameras.” A robot voice said from Mehrunes’s suit.

“Are there any other forms of security?” Mehrunes asked.

“Room clear of all types of security.” said the robot voice.

“Okay we’re good, I guess.” Mehrunes said, walking towards the second door, which was open. “I guess we should go in…”


I walked inside the room. I looked around, but there wasn’t anything special, or anything that caught my eyes.

“What about the computers?” Mehrunes asked, like he read my mind. “There has to be something there.”

“But maybe if we turn it on, it might trigger something, which would mean bad luck for us.” I said.

“We need to help our friends though.” Mehrunes said. “AI, is there some sort of security connected to the computers?”

“I cannot read the computer, it is turned off.” said the AI.

“Let’s not risk it…” I said.

“Since when are you the voice of reason?” Mehrunes asked, smirking. “You almost fainted coming down here, and I know you're not going to leave your friends. So what are you gonna do?”

Then, something across the room caught my eye… A red lever, switch. Mehrunes looked over at what I was looking at.

“It’s probably a trap.” Mehrunes said.

“Maybe it’s labeled. Let’s take a closer look.” I said, walking towards the switch.

“Labels are traps too.” Mehrunes replied, walking with me. “I don’t trust anything on this planet.”

“Yeah, fine, this doesn’t have a label anyway.” I said, looking around the room for anything else.

“Let’s pull it anyway.” Mehrunes said.

“Alright.” I said, “I’ll do it.”

I then flicked the switch, and the lights turned off. I felt dumb, this was a light switch. Mehrunes flipped it back on and said, “would you look at that nothing happened.”

“I feel dumb now. It was just a light switch.” I said.

“Yes yes it was.” Mehrunes said. “Computers or other door?”

“‘Other door’?” I asked, and then I spotted another door to the side of us. It was white and tiled, so I didn’t see it. “Ooooooh… well, it does make me curious…”

“Yes or no?” Mehrunes asked.

“Yes.” I said.

I walked over to the door, and pulled the knob. Inside was an office… And there was a man in a suit sitting there, asleep over a newspaper, while snoring.

I quietly exchange looks with Mehrunes, as he crept over my shoulder to see what was inside.

“Right…” Mehrunes whispered. “Now what?”

“Let’s, umm…” I thought, looking at the sleeping man, “Gemil, check if this guy is an Ultimate.”

“Alrighty!” Gemil replied. “Nope, not an Ultimate.”

“He’s not an Ultimate.” I whispered to Mehrunes, “we can interrogate him, and get some information from him about this planet.”

“Alright, do you think we should do it in this room?” Mehrunes asked. “Cause I do.”

“Yes. Let’s lock the door.” I smirked, spotting some keys on the man’s desk.

Using the wind, I brought it to me. Mehrunes and I got into the room, and I locked the door.

“Now we gotta wake him up.” I smirked.

“Easy.” Mehrunes replied, creeping over while taking out his katana. Mehrunes poked the dude until he woke up and said. “Sup?”

He then threw the guy towards me by sliding him on the ground.

“GAHH!” the man shouted.

Mehrunes and I watched as he slowly got up.

“Hey, what are you doing in here?!” The man shouted in question.

“We’re interrogating you, you dipstick!” Mehrunes exclaimed, threatening the man. “And you’re gonna play along.”

“HA! You can’t.” The man said.

“Why not?” I asked.

“Because, Ultimate Darth casted a spell on EVERYONE that works with him. You won’t be getting any information from us.” The man smirked.

Aha. That proves one point right. This base inside this planet possibly could be a military base! Because of the war.

“Alright, ten-fingers.” Mehrunes said. “If I can’t get info, then you’re no use! Maybe you’ll just have to die.”

“No matter what, even if we try to tell anyone, the info won’t come out.” The man said. “It’s a war strategy.”

“Lucky for you… no wait you’re not lucky at all.” Mehrunes said, chopping right next to the man just barely missing him, and motioned to me to do something. “We’ve got stuff to do.”

“Maybe, if he can’t tell us, there could be something around here that has information. Like, say, a file.” I said, thinking real hard.

A look of despair appeared on the man’s face, proving my idea correct.

“Uh huh.” Mehrunes replied, slamming the man’s head into the handle of his katana, not hard enough to knock him out. “Fancy spell isn’t it?”

“Let’s take a look.” I said, going towards his desk.

“N-noo! Not there. Nothing is there.” said the man.

“Suuuurreee…” I replied.

I looked through the papers on his desk. I looked at one of them, and it showed… That white acid. It showed how the dam worked, and that stuff. It also showed that the acid was called, Liquid Malicon, meaning the solid is normal Malicon… Never heard of it. Mehrunes had knocked out the guy so he could look at the papers too.

“Woah. AI. What is Malicon?” Mehrunes said.

“I have no data on this substance.” said the AI.

“Dang, maybe it’s an artificial substance then, made by Darth’s Army or something as a weapon.” I said, looking at the paper, “it says here also that radio waves, micro waves, or any kind of waves can’t travel through it.”

“That’s why I can’t contact anyone at all.” Mehrunes said.

“Let’s look for anything that shows the planet.” I said.

I looked through the papers, until I then spotted something that caught my eye. I looked at it. It showed a… a… warship in the middle of the planet, where the core should be. My jaws dropped.

“Mehrunes, take a look at this.” I said, as Mehrunes looked over my shoulder at the paper.

“Oh. My. Gosh.” Mehrunes said. “AI! All of this needs to be downloaded.”

“Downloading…” the AI said.

“It also says that they have this thing that makes gravity, which makes others believe it is a planet. And the shield around it is to prevent escape.” I said.

“Thought so.” Mehrunes said.

“I never thought that… that… that the core is a warship! This is a military base!” I exclaimed.

“Based on data on the other Warships owned by Darth, this one on this file is much bigger. It is as big as one of the Rock Planet’s largest moons.” The AI said.

“This information is worth a fortune!” Mehrunes exclaimed. “We could seriously help the war! This is all unbelievable!!!!”

“Yes, YES! But then we have to get off this planet! Let’s look for something in these files that might help.” I said, looking through more files.

“AI you got anything on that?” Mehrunes asked.

“I have downloaded all the data into my memory banks.” said the AI.

“Wait a minute…” I said, “didn’t Cyrus give you that AI? And he designed it?”

“Yeah.” Mehrunes replied. “Why?”

“Then, then does that mean that Cyrus has that data? And he’s not on this planet!” I exclaimed.

“You’re probably right!” Mehrunes exclaimed. “AI is that true?!”

“Yes, all the data I have downloaded is able to be viewed by my creator.” said the AI.

“Then do this, try and make Cyrus see this immediately so he can assist with it.” Mehrunes said. “This is great, this is so gonna be amazing.”

“Very well. I will do that now.” said the AI.



-----| Chapter 8 |-----



Pixel and Cris were walking through the hallways in Cyrus’s underground lab. They were on there way to have lunch.


Suddenly, in the room next to them, the computer beeped.

“INCOMING MESSAGE! From V.2.7 A.I. unit.” The computer stated after beeping a few times.

Cris and Pixel walked into the room, and Pixel pressed the ‘accept,’ key.

“Greetings, I have vital data downloaded in my system, contact Cyrus immediately.” said a robot voice.

Cris took out his phone and called his dad.

“Yes?” Cyrus said, answering the phone.

“Computer unit 23 has an incoming message, claimed to be vital. Your presence is requested,” Cris said through the phone.

“Alright, I’m on my way.” Cyrus replied, hanging up.

Cris put down the phone, and looked at the computer. He pressed, ‘download,’ and information started rushing in.

“I’m here, what is it?” Cyrus then said, walking into the room.

“This data claims that there is a warship, disguised as a planet of some sort. The planet has lots of weapons.” Cris informed him.

“Wait, who sent it? It could be a prank of some sort.” Pixel said.

“Hmmm,” said Cris, scrolling down through the data, “Ohh! Mehrunes is the owner of the A.I, and commanded the transfer.”

“Interesting… It appears that the location of the AI is also on this planet… This is very valuable information! It must be seen by the Ultimate Council!” Cyrus exclaimed.

“Should I transfer it to the council?” Cris asked.

“I do not think they are available, but yes, do transfer it. Put all this data into a flash drive, and immediately head to the Ultimate Council Headquarters.” Cyrus said, “do not transfer it by email, we could be hacked by Darth’s army that way.”

“The data is still downloading.” Pixel said.

“How long will it take?” Cyrus asked.

“An hour or so.” Pixel answered.

“Alright the-” Cyrus was saying, but was interuppted.

GAAAH!” Pixel suddenly shouted, and fell onto the floor, shaking rapidly as his eyes were no longer normal, but were dark green. He was engulfed with a dark essence of some sort.

Cris and his dad looked at him.

“What’s going on?” Cris asked.

“He’s… having some sort of… seizure or something…” said Cyrus, “let’s take him to the doctor immediately.”

“Right.” Cris nodded.

The two of them picked Pixel up, taking him out of the room. As they did that, they left the computer still downloading…


A figure appeared out of thin air. The figure looked at the data being downloaded, and smirked. He/She then canceled the download, and cut off contact with Mehrunes’s AI.

“Hehehehe…” the figure laughed as he then disappeared.


“Error: I have not sent all of this data to my creator. Something is blocking the connection.” said Mehrunes’s AI.

“What is it? The shield around this planet?” I asked.

“Since the data is in my hardrive, it does not need to be sent through any of the shields. It can be sent right away through the special communication system in all of my creator’s AI models. This is something different…” said the AI.

“So someone is manually blocking us.” Mehrunes said. “Well there goes that idea, let’s find a way to help our friends and get off this planet.”

“Yeah. Do you have a bag or something to keep these files in? We should take it with us for evidence.” I said, picking up the files.

“Yeah, I have a bag.” Mehrunes replied, holding out a sack that said ‘potatoes’ on it. “Best I’ve got.”

“It’ll do.” I said, putting all the files into a folder and putting it in the bag.

“Now we should find something to help our friends, and I really want to use the computer's.” Mehrunes said. “But, you decide what we do next.”

“We should… Probably go back to our friends, and give them the files to keep safe. And then we go back down… into the warship…” I said.


“Let’s go then.” I said, unlocking the door.

We walked out, and back to the door that takes back to the drain. I looked at Mehrunes afterwards.

“This could be a problem.” I said, “you glided down here… You won’t be able to get back up.”

“Tryina get my boosters to work.” Mehrunes replied. “You can go ahead, I’ll be fine. I’m more worried about you.”

“Alright, I’ll go. Stay here until I get back.” I said.

I took the bag and off I went, flying back up to where Vulgon, Jasper, and Roiber were. It was taking awhile to get there, just like it took awhile to get down in the first place.

I continued to fly. I started wondering… This was a planet, a fake planet, made out of this Malicon substance, the white stuff. Inside the planet is a warship. That was unexpected… I never thought about it until I saw the files…

And apparently, the evil that Mehrunes had felt before is now known… Darth’s army, down in the warship. There is probably more to it, to why this planet is here, or why the warship is inside of it. I wonder what the war strategy is behind this… Hiding a giant warship inside of a planet, that makes others believe it is a planet because of the size…

As I thought, it made the process of going up faster, somehow.

I spotted Jasper, Vulgon, and Roiber laying down on the platform, looking quite bored.

“GUYS!” I shouted as I approached them.

“Oh hey, Ich’s back. Finally.” Vulgon said.

“He wasn’t gone for too long.” Jasper said.

“Yes he was. It felt like ages.” Vulgon said.

“Well don’t get too happy. I’ll be going again.” I said, “Mehrunes is still down there. I brought some files we found in an office, take a look at them and keep them safe. Bye!”

I then flew back down.


“Ughh…” Lavender groaned.

“We’ve been walking for hours, and we haven’t found anything…” I groaned as well.

Corpse, Rando, Lavender, and I were walking again, on the white empty planet. We found nothing at all… I had a feeling that the others were doing better than us.

“OTHERS! BETTER!” Rando exclaimed. “WE SUCK AT ‘SPLORIN!”

“Uh huh.” Corpse said.

“Uh NOTHIN!” Rando yelled. “UNNNNNNDER!!!! PLANET!!!!!!!”

“What do you mean? Well, yeah, our spaceship is underground.” Corpse said.

“STUFF!” Rando yelled. “LOT’S OF STUFF…. BIG…. stuff… THERES SOMTINS! NEON. PURPLE. EVIL. Bluewut… uh.”

“Rando, give me your book again, so that we can understand you.” I said to Rando.

“Wut?” Rando asked.

“Fine then, don’t. Leave us not knowing.” I said.

“Nofing will sence make anywah.” Rando replied. “NO BELI! HOLES IN FANY JFIE!”

“He gives me a headache.” Lavender commented.

“Swoy.” Rando said. “Cheese pizza!”

Then Rando was eating some cheese pizza.

“Where’d you get that?” Lavender asked him.

“Mah infinite backpack-sack!” Rando exclaimed, pointing at the backpack no one realized he was wearing.

“*SIGH*” Corpse facepalmed.

“Wut?” Rando asked.

“We’re getting nowhere. This planet… We’re stuck here.” Corpse said.

Rando looked mad. “NO! THERE’S STUFF! LOTS THINGS! CHEese! WAR! FLAGPoLE!”

Corpse sighed again.

“Ur face. Onamonapias have rooting music.” Rando said, looking mad.

Corpse facepalmed again.

“STHAP!!!!” Rando exclaimed.

“What?” Corpse asked.

“NO FACE HANDED CHEESE!” Rando exclaimed, obviously mad.

“No one can understand you.” Corpse said. “Ever thought of that?”

“Yesh.” Rando said, looking directly at me. “Buhts Mehrunes shaid ‘nononononononononononononononononononononononononononononono’ show I NO CHEESE!”

“Yeah, well, we better find something soon.” Corpse said.

“Has the thought ever occurred to you, Saturo…” Lavender said to me, “to use Glitter’s help?”


“NOW you say it?! We’ve been searching for hours and NOW you mention Glitter!?” I shouted.

“Calm down, Saturo.” Glitter said telepathically as he exited my pocket and grew.

“Wholey two percent no fat milk.” Corpse said, when seeing Glitter (In Griffin form).

“Mega SITAKI MUSHROOMS OF MINEES DOOM!!!” Rando exclaimed. “I wanna pet em.”

“You can’t pet Glitter. He’s not a pet, he’s a friend.” I said.


“But then, Glitter is more powerful than you, and if you touch him he would electrify you.” I said.

“So?” Rando asked. “Shocky spoofy yummy!”

“Keep in mind, he’s an ancient rare creature.” I added.

“I tout he was a grifen.” Rando said.

“He’s a Chimæra. A shape shifting creature.” I informed Rando. “He can turn to anything, right now he’s a Griffin.”

“O.” Rando said. “Well I wanna pet teh Chimæra!!”

“No.” I said, “but you can ride it along with the rest of us. It’s faster to travel that way.”

“Riding is petting but fifteen!” Rando exclaimed. “Times. Minus time divided by space is 1!”

“Whatever you say.” I said, hopping onto Glitter, followed by Lavender.

“MOUNT THE CUTEST THINGY!” Rando exclaimed, appearing on Glitter as well. “WHEE I’M ALREADY CHEESEE!”

“*SIGH*” Corpse sighed as he got on as well.

“WANNA PIE?!?!” Rando asked Corpse, grinning like a madman.

Corpse didn’t respond.

“I have found the location.” Glitter said telepathically, “I know where the others are, and I have as well found something else.”

“Great, take us away!” I exclaimed telepathically.

And then, Glitter was on the move. But it didn’t take long at all, after five seconds, we stopped. Glitter shrunk in size, causing us all to fall off, but landing on our feet, before Glitter returned to his normal Griffin size.

“Mmmm…” Corpse was impressed with Glitter. “Looks like we have something here!”

I looked over at what Corpse was looking at… It was a giant fan. Just there, inside the ground, blowing air upwards.

“LET’S GO!” Rando yelled, running towards the fan. “CHEESE FLAGPOLE! 1110001000101000100101!!!!”

“Wait, we’ve got to get through without getting killed.” Corpse said.

“Easy, get on Glitter. He can shrink.” Lavender said, getting onto Glitter.

“Good idea.” Corpse got on Glitter, as did I.

“JOLMUND!” Rando shouted. “NEVAH!!!!”

Glitter leaped into action, grabbing Rando with his beak, and boom. He shrunk and went through the fan. When he grew back into normal size, we saw we were in some sort of…

Drain, there is this white liquid going down some sort of slide, and there were two platforms.

“Huh.” I said. “Now what?”

“PIE!” Rando exclaimed, then he dropped a pie and it fell towards the slide. “NO MY PIE!!!”

“Let’s split up.” Corpse said, glaring at Rando. “Who’s gonna come with me?”

“Me.” Lavender and I both say.

“Alright, Rando you’re on your own. Find something useful and get yourself somewhere.” Corpse said to Rando.

“But…” Rando said. “I wanna stay wif you! Your cool!”

“You slow us down, and we just got somewhere.” Corpse said, “you can stay, but you aren’t allowed to speak, got it?”

Rando saluted at Corpse.

“Good. If I hear a peep outta you, we’re splitting up.” Corpse said, looking down at the slide with the white liquid running on it. “Now how are we gonna get past this?”

“Um, get back on Glitter and have him transport us. Duh.” I said, getting on Glitter, “we might as well just stay on Glitter the whole time.”

“Sounds good to me.” Corpse said, as we all were now on Glitter.

Glitter then flew down at an extreme speed, and I don’t know what else he did. He was too fast.

When he stopped, we looked around… We were inside a big room, a giant room actually. It was so big, that… anything could practically fit in here, well, no but it’s really big.

“CAW!” Glitter cawed, and then I saw the reason why.

Looking around, there were… soldiers. All with weapons, and dark crystal-like armor. They had us surrounded.

“Well, well, well! We have company! SHOW EM WHAT WE LEARNED!” shouted a voice.

Then, the soldiers ran at us, probably gonna kill us.



-----| Chapter 9 |-----



“You’re back!” Lycrus greeted.

Lagi had just came out of the elevator and building, having removed the handcuffs.

“Yeah, I am.” Lagi sighed. “Has Ivory come back yet?”

“Nope.” Lycrus said, “she actually left us.”

“I hope she changes her mind.” Lagi said.

“Ye--” Lycrus said, but then stopped.

Lycrus looked up at the roof of the building, where he saw a dark figure covered with smoke.

“Uhhh, Lagi…” Lycrus said as he looked at the figure.

“What the heck is that?!” Lagi asked.

“No idea. But, seems suspicious.” Lycrus said.

“I’m gonna touch it.” Lagi said, making a platform of water under his feet.

He raised the platform to take him to the top of the building. He stepped off of the platform and onto the building. The water collapsed and fell onto Lycrus’s head.

“Heheheh…” the dark figure laughed, before he suddenly disappeared.

“But I didn’t get to touch it…” Lagi muttered as he made a waterslide down to the ground.

“Yeah, so much for that idea.” Lycrus said. “What should we do now?”

“I dunno. Maybe search for Ivory or something?” Lagi suggested.

“Yeah, but… that’s kind of hard when we don’t know where she went.” Lycrus said. “Maybe she’ll come back for us.”

“Hopefully.” Lagi said. “But until then, what should we do?”

“I dunno… I don’t remember anything. That’s why I’m sticking with you.” Lycrus said.

“That makes sense.” Lagi said. “Wait… what’s that orange dot in the horizon?”

“It’s… Ivory! She came back!” Lycrus exclaimed.

“Good! Now we can all travel together!” Lagi said as he jumped into the air.

The orange dot got bigger, getting closer to Lagi and Lycrus. Then, they could see Ivory in her flame helicopter. She landed it in front of them and it disappeared as she stepped out.

“Sorry I dropped you. You must have slipped or something.” Ivory sighed. “But I see you can walk and stuff now.”

“You didn’t drop us through. You never gave us a chance to get on.” Lycrus said.

“She dropped me. She was carrying me, you know?” Lagi explained.

“Ooh, right, but you never gave me the chance to get on.” Lycrus said.

“Yeah. Sorry about that. I was excited about having a choice to leave this place.” Ivory said.

“Well, now, what are we gonna do?” Lycrus asked.

“I don’t know. Get ice cream?” Lagi suggested.

“Yes! I don’t remember how ice cream tastes, so let’s do it!” Lycrus exclaimed.

“Okay then. Let’s go!” Lagi yelled as he made a train out of water and jumped into the front.

“Why trains?” Ivory growled as she found a chair on the train.

“That’s not normal, we gotta travel like normal people here. It’s Planet Ertin, people here use basic tech, and we gotta use normal tech too, and not use powers.” Lycrus said, “I… don’t know how I remembered that. It just popped up in my head.”

“That happens to all of us.” Ivory said as she walked off of the train, which flew up into the air.

“Why is this happening?!” Lagi yelled as he jumped off of the train.

“I don’t know.” Lycrus said, “let’s get a taxi and go to the ice cream shop.”

“How do we find a taxi? And, what is a taxi? And how do you know what a taxi is?” Lagi asked.

“It just popped up in my head. I think soon, I’ll remember everything again.” Lycrus said.

“That will be good.” Ivory said. “Anyways, a taxi is a type of car where you pay somebody to drive you someplace.”

“Oh. That makes sense.” Lagi said. “What’s a car?”

“A metal box like thing with wheels that moves fast. Like the limo Laro had us ride in. And his personal car.” Ivory explained.

“Oh. That makes sense.” Lagi said. “So, where do we find a taxi?”

“In the city.” Lycrus said, looking across the horizon, where there was a city that was nearby, “right there, on the streets. We’re on a hill right now.”

“But how do we get all the way over there?” Lagi asked.

“Walking.” Lycrus said, “it’s only a mile away. We can get there fast. Now come on.”

Lycrus walked down the hill, followed by Lagi and Ivory.

“Wait. We have to pay for a taxi, right?” Lagi asked.

“Uhhh… Yeah…” Lycrus said, searching in his memory.

“We don’t have any money.” Lagi said. “Nothing but this chocolate coin.”

“Eh, well, we’ll find something.” Lycrus replied. “Besides, if we got no money, then we can’t get ice cream.”

Lagi stopped walking. “NO ICE CREAM?!” he yelled.

“No ice cream.” Ivory sighed. “Unless we rob a bank.”

“Well, we aren’t gonna rob anything, or get ice cream.” Lycrus said, stopping as well, “so what’s the new plan?”

“I don’t know.” Lagi sighed.

“We can beg for money on the streets.” Lycrus suggested.

“I’m not doing that.” Ivory growled.

“Then what would you do?” Lycrus asked Ivory.

“Get a loan.” Ivory said.

“From who?” Lycrus asked.

“A bank.” Ivory sighed.

“You don’t have a bank account.” Lycrus said, “you’re too young.”

“Are you assuming my age?” Ivory asked.

“And gender as well.” Lycrus smirked.

“I-I… what?!” Ivory growled.

“I don’t know, it’s just that… things are popping up in my head… I’m remembering things…” Lycrus sighed.

“One thing that you should remember is to not say everything that pops into your head!” Ivory growled.

“Okay, I won’t say everything that pops up in my head.” Lycrus said.

“Good…” Ivory said. “And I know from that tone on the won’t that you’re going to.”

“I didn’t, something else just popped into my head, and I didn’t say it.” Lycrus said.

“Good. You’re making good decisions and learning to not potentially offend anyone.” Ivory sighed.

“Well, we’re in the city now…” Lycrus said, before pointing to the street where Lagi stood on his knees, “and Lagi’s over there begging for money.”

Ivory looked at Lagi and facepalmed. “Good luck to him…” she muttered.

Then, Lycrus and Ivory see a man hand Lagi 10 bucks. Ivory stared at Lagi who was walking over to them with a smile.

“Guys! Look!” Lagi said as he waved the money around.

“Ten bucks! That’s enough to buy us ice cream!” Lycrus exclaimed. “Good job, Lagi!”

“I should become a professional beggar some day…” Lagi said to himself.

“Good luck with that. Now, how are we going to find the ice cream shop?” Ivory asked.

“There’s one right there across the street.” Lycrus said pointing. “It’s ‘Creams Delite’!”

“That problem is solved.” Ivory sighed as she started to walk towards the shop.

“It also says that… Three dollars for two scoops on a cone! We can each get one with the 10 bucks.” Lycrus said as the three of them crossed the street.

Ivory pushed the door open and held it open for Lycrus and Lagi. They walked in, and it wasn’t very busy. Only three customers were inside.

“Hello! Welcome to Creams Delite! What would you like today?” asked the worker as the three of them walked over to see the ice cream choices.

“Could I have train flavored ice cream?” Lagi asked.

“Sorry, we don’t have that.” The worker said.

“I would like two scoops on a cone. One scoop being… vanilla, and the other… I’ll take cookies and cream.” Lycrus ordered, as the worker began making his cone.

“Alright, and for you young lady?” The worker asked Ivory.

“Everyone here assumes everything…” Ivory muttered under her breath. “I’ll also have the two scoops on a cone. One being vanilla. The other will be mint, please.”

The worker finished making Lycrus’s, handed it to him, and began making Ivory’s. “And for you, conductor sir?” the worker chuckled.

“I’ll take… one scoop watermelon, the other chocolate!” Lagi exclaimed.

“Alrighty!” the worker finished making Ivory’s, handed it to her, and began making Lagi’s. “That would be 10 bucks total.”

Lagi handed the worker the money he had acquired on the street, and took his ice cream.

“Enjoy!” the worker said.

“We will!” Lagi said back.

The three of them walked away, and Lycrus asked, “should we eat inside or outside?”

“Inside.” Ivory said.

“Okay.” Lycrus sat down at a table with three chairs by the window, licking his ice cream.

Lagi sat down at the table as well, and started licking his as well. Ivory sat down and stared out the window.

“Oh man, ice cream is awesome.” Lycrus said, obviously enjoying his ice cream.

“I know, right?” Lagi said.

“Uh huh!” Lycrus replied, “Ivory, you gonna eat yours? Or you just gonna look out the window as it melts?”

Ivory started to eat her ice cream, but was silent. She seemed distracted.

“Are you okay?” Lagi asked.

Ivory just sighed. She quickly finished her ice cream.

“How did you not get a brain fre-” Lagi started. He held his head with one hand and closed his eyes in pain. “AH, BRAIN FREEZE!”

“Fire.” Ivory answered with a sigh. “Also, water freezes.”

“I didn’t have a brain freeze either.” Lycrus said, as he finished his ice cream quickly as well.

“Like I said, water freezes. Fire melts.” Ivory sighed.

Lagi had recovered from his brain freeze, and at the rest of his ice cream slowly. Ivory looked back out the window.

“So what should we do after this?” Lycrus asked.

“I don’t know. I really have no clue.” Lagi sighed.

“Well… Ivory, why don’t you tell us what’s wrong?” Lycrus asked, “because it’s obvious something is up with you.”

Ivory sighed as she stopped blinking.

“Why aren’t you blinking?” Lagi asked.

Ivory didn’t even sigh. Just looked out the window harder with more focus.

“Maybe it’s her brother ‘Gabe’ who you mistakened to be me earlier.” Lycrus said.

“It could be. But I think she’s over him. She’s never acted like this before… I’m worried.” Lagi said. He waved his hand in front of Ivory’s face, getting no response. Ivory hadn’t blinked for over two minutes.

“Ivory! Talk to us!” Lycrus said.

Ivory didn’t do anything.

“Why are you not doing anything?!” Lagi asked loudly.

“Ivory!” Lycrus shouted.

“Too loud, we might get thrown out!” Lagi hissed.

“Oh.” Lycrus whisper-shouted. “Ivory!”

Lagi grabbed Ivory’s shoulders and shook her back and forth, getting no reaction. Her eyes stared out at the window, not blinking in deep thought.

“What is going on?” Lycrus asked.

“I don’t know!” Lagi whisper-shouted.

“Well we gotta do something!” Lycrus whisper-shouted.

Ivory suddenly started to blink as she took her eyes off of the window. She sighed when she saw Lagi and Lycrus looking at her. “I need to go somewhere. I need answers.” she said as she walked out of the ice cream shop.

“Well then take us with you!” Lycrus said as he and Lagi followed.

“I’m not sure you would be able to, but I know that Lagi can.” Ivory sighed as she started to walk towards where they all came into the city.

“I can keep up. I’ve started to remember things.” Lycrus said, following Lagi and Ivory.

“It’s not you, it’s just… it doesn't involve you…” Ivory sighed as she left the city.

“I can help!” Lycrus said.

“Can you travel through space? Can you breath underwater?” Ivory asked.

“…” Lycrus was silent as he followed them, thinking.

“Where are you going?” Lagi asked Ivory.

“Home.” Ivory sighed.

“Why? There’s nothing there.” Lagi said.

“You don’t know that. You were never there. And anyways, I feel like I should go there.” Ivory explained.

“Well, I’m just assuming…” Lagi muttered.

“Why does everyone assume everything?!” Ivory roared.

“Because it’s how life works.” Lagi answered.

“Whatever. Are you coming? Or are you staying here with Mr. Silent?” Ivory asked.

“I’ll stay here if he can’t come. Otherwise, I’ll come.” Lagi said.

“…I can’t travel through space, nor breathe underwater.” Lycrus said.

“So I guess you’re staying here with Lagi.” Ivory said.

They were all back at Cyrus’s lab. “Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ll be off.” Ivory said as she rose into the air in a bubble of fire.

Lycrus was silent, watching Ivory rise into space, and waiting for Lagi to say something, start a conversation.

“Well, that just happened.” Lagi said.

“Yeah…” Lycrus replied.

“So, what now…?” Lagi asked.

Lycrus was silent, thinking.

“Maybe… maybe we could… go to a movie or something?” Lagi suggested.

“M-mother…” Lycrus muttered.

“What?” Lagi asked.

“I remember… my… mother…” Lycrus said.

“Woah. That’s cool!” Lagi said.

Lycrus mumbled something, but Lagi couldn’t hear it.

“What did you say?” Lagi asked.

“My mother… she’s…” Lycrus said.

“Yeah?” Lagi asked.

“She’s somewhere… I don’t know where, but… she’s…” Lycrus thought hard.

“Just get it out…” Lagi said.

“I can’t remember…” Lycrus said.

“Oh. Well, that’s okay. I don’t remember my mother. All I know is that she’s dead…” Lagi said, slowing down at the end.

“How did she die?” Lycrus asked.

“She was killed during an attempted genocide on my race.” Lagi sighed. “Me and my dad were the only survivors of our half of the population. Ivory and her dad were the only survivors for her half.”

“Genocide?” Lycrus asked.

“Killing an entire species.” Lagi explained.

“You’re not human? Is that why you have a tail?” Lycrus asked.

“Pretty much…” Lagi sighed.

“And Ivory too?” Lycrus asked.

“Yep.” Lagi said.

“Then why do you look like a human?” Lycrus asked.

“Because, we’re human too. Just not normal humans, because we can turn into Lagiacrus’s.” Lagi replied.

“Oh…” Lycrus said, “well, I hope Ivory’s finding what she’s looking for…”



-----| Chapter 10 |-----



“Woah.” Vulgon exclaimed.

Jasper had opened the bag, and was now looking at the files. Roiber and Vulgon were looking at them as well.

“This… this is… The planet is a warship!” Jasper exclaimed.

“AWESOME!” Vulgon exclaimed.

“No! That’s bad!” Jasper said, “that means that Darth’s army is… here… and… probably looking for the survivors that didn’t get sucked up…”

“Relax. We could find something useful around ‘ere, spaceships probably.” Roiber said.

“But what about the shield?” Vulgon asked.

“Since this is Darth’s army, their spaceships are probably designed to be able to pass through that shield surrounding the planet. So if we can get one of those… we can escape.” Jasper said.

“YES!” Vulgon exclaimed, “and then I can finally go to the Rock Planet.”

“Right, you paid me to get you there.” Roiber said, “except, well, I didn’t get you there.”

“It’s fine.” Vulgon said, “it wasn’t your fault. You still get your money.”

Roiber smiled.

“Now we just gotta get down with the others.” Jasper said.

“And how are we gonna do that?” Vulgon asked.

“Well, this file says that the white acid thing is called Malicon. And it’s dangerous in liquid form, but safe in solid. We just gotta make it into solid.” Jasper said.

“Hey, this file…” Vulgon said, looking at another file, “it says here that you can heat it up in liquid form, and it’ll turn into gas! But the gas isn’t dangerous!”

“Perfect.” Jasper said.

Jasper then took out his backpack, and began to build something.

“Whatcha buildin’, kid?” Roiber asked.

“Basically, a metal surfboard. I’ll light the bottom with flames, and then we can stand on the top. We can slide down the whole slide, but you gotta be good at balancing.” Jasper explained, as he was building it.

“No worries, I’m good at balancing.” said Vulgon.

“Same here.” added Roiber.

“Good.” Jasper had finished making the board.

He lit the bottom with flames.

“Get ready to jump, you must land perfectly on the board.” Jasper said.

“Can do.” Vulgon replied.

Jasper then threw the board under on the liquid Malicon, and it suddenly began to turn into gas! Jasper hopped onto the board, followed by Vulgon and Roiber who succeeded.

The board sped down the slide.

“WOOHOO!” Vulgon shouted, “THIS IS AWESOME!”

“ARGH! My ears!” shouted Roiber, “keep it down, will ya!?”

“Sorry bro.”

They continued sliding down, and the Malicon turning to gas behind them made it look cool.

“We’re gonna have to be very careful when we stop.” Jasper said.

“Can do.” Vulgon replied while smirking.


I made it back. Back to the room where Mehrunes was waiting. I landed at the door, and entered, seeing Mehrunes there, reading that book of spells and enchantments of his.

“Hey Mehrunes.” I said.

“Hey. Just reviewing some spells.” Mehrunes replied, “while you were gone. Good to go.” He then made the book disappear.

“Okay, let’s keep making our way down.” I said.

“You didn’t take anyone else down?” Mehrunes asked, looking behind me. “*SIGH* Oh well. Let’s go.”

“Yeah, I can’t carry all of them.” I said, as I left the ground. “Let’s go.”

I began flying downward, and Mehrunes next to me, gliding.

“I don’t think we’re even close to the very bottom.” I said.

“No, we’re not.” Mehrunes replied. “I doubt we’re even half way.”

“Maybe we can stop at the next door we find.” I said, “and we might find something that tells us how far we are.”

“Well of course we’re gonna stop, probably partially because of the gaming type instinct to explore everything possible. And we will probably find something either way.” Mehrunes said. “I just hope it’s the jail cell Jasper talked about.”

“Yeah, where hopefully, Draco, Paulo, and Listy will be in.” I added.

“As well as Fireball and Zephyr.” Mehrunes replied.

“And then, maybe, if possible, Jasper’s uncle.” I added.

“Don’t tell Jasper, but I doubt it. In fact I doubt Jasper could have survived here with no food or water.” Mehrunes replied. “I have my suspicions about everything and everyone.”

“Am I suspicious?” I asked.

“Like I said. I have some about everyone. I have less for you than I do Jasper, while still having one or two.” Mehrunes replied. “So don’t worry about it. Although, how do you, Saturo, and Draco know each other?”

“Well Saturo was my friend since pre-school. We met Draco when we found Lime on our planet, Draco was picked up by Lime, to get more power, when Saturo and I just came because we thought it might be fun.” I said, “we didn’t realize what we had stepped into by making that decision.”

“No joke.” Mehrunes replied. “By the way, anything new happen while I was away bounty hunting?”

“Oh right, yeah. I found out that my dad is the Master of Wind.” I said.

“So then why was your brother training you instead of your dad?” Mehrunes asked.

“I don’t really know, maybe because he didn’t think I was ready. He told me I was ready now though.” I replied.

“Phht. I could have told him that!” Mehrunes kinda chuckled. “People like to underestimate other people, you were good awile ago.”

“Well, I’m not as good as him. He’s the best at using wind!” I exclaimed.

“Yeah I know. So compared to him you were bad.” Mehrunes said. “We’ve not found a door yet. I’m starting to wonder why there are doors in a drain.”

“Hmm…” I said, “maybe because he’s my dad, would my genes allow me to become very powerful?”

“I don’t think genes have anything to do with it.” Mehrunes replied. “Although it might. I’ll find that out later.”

“Ah well.” I said, “it was weird though, that my dad was the Master of Wind all along. It made sense why he was never home though, I don’t know about my mom…”

“I don’t know what your talking about.” Mehrunes said.

“Well, my parents were barely home when I was a kid. Nushot basically, raised me.” I explained.

“At least you had someone.” Mehrunes growled. “No really why is there still nothing? I’m getting impatient.”


Suddenly, what seemed like three people on a surfboard, zipped right past us, well, under us. I looked forward and realized…

“Hey, was that… That was the others!” I exclaimed.

“So… they weren’t on surfboards?” Mehrunes asked. “Must be… Glitter right?”

“No, it was Vulgon, Jasper, and Roiber. They’re on a board with fire on the bottom. They’re now ahead of us.” I said.

“GREAT.” Mehrunes replied. “Then go faster.”

“But you can’t, you’re gliding!” I said. “I’m flying slow so you can keep up!”

“I have a rope, if you grab it you could probably drag me along with you.” Mehrunes replied. “ALSO IF THEY'RE ON A BOARD, WHY IS IT NOT BEING DESTROYED?!”

“No idea. Let’s ask them when we catch up. Give me the rope.” I said.

Mehrunes threw the rope at me and I caught it.

“There.” Mehrunes replied. “I’m ready when you are.”

“Okay, I’m gonna fly real fast.” I then began to fly faster.

Slowly, my speed was increasing. My hair was going crazy because of the speed, and so was Mehrunes’s hair. I haven’t flown this fast before, good thing I could do it first try.

“I THINK I SEE THEM!” I shouted, because at the speed we were moving in, Mehrunes wouldn’t hear me if I speak normally.

“GOOD!” Mehrunes shouted back, although I could barely hear him. “THAT’S GREAT ALTHOUGH I CAN’T HEAR YOU VERY WELL!!!”


Mehrunes somehow threw another rope so it goes ahead of me. But it missed, and the tip of the rope fell onto the liquid malecon, and disintegrated. Mehrunes let go of the rope, and let the rest of the rope disintegrate.

“DIDN’T WORK!” I shouted.

“I HAVE MORE IF YOU WANT!” Mehrunes shouted back.

“LET ME THROW IT!” I yelled.

Mehrunes threw another rope to me, and I caught it. I then yelled, at Roiber, who was obviously in the back because he was bigger, “ROIBER! CATCH THE ROPE!”

His head turned around, and put out one arm to catch the rope. I threw it at him, and luckily, he caught it. I gripped the rope tight and stopped flying so fast. Now I was being dragged, the same way Mehrunes had been before.

YAAA BOI!!!” Vulgon yelled.

“THIS IS NOT COMFORTING!” Mehrunes yelled.



Vulgon said something back, but it wasn’t heard, because he didn’t yell it this time. For some reason, I felt that our speed was increasing.





“AHHH! THE GAS IS IN MY EYES!” I yelled, because I sort of started to climb the rope to get closer, and the gas hit my face.