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Ultimates: Book 14: The Search For The Brother: (Book 5 In The Second Series)

Ultimates: Book 14: The Search For The Brother: (Book 5 In The Second Series)

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June 4th, 2018

Here is the whole book.


Ultimates: The Search For The Brother:

By: The Ultimate Osaid



-----| Chapter 1 |-----



We had all escaped! After a while, after Jasper’s uncle, Citrine, decided that he was going to go meet the Ultimate Council to discuss that matter of the warship inside the planet, everyone else appeared! Saturo, Lavender, Rando, Corpse, Paulo, Draco, Listy, Fireball, and Zephyr had appeared inside the spaceship! Saturo said that Glitter was the one that they escaped with. Lucky for them. They kind of did escape the easy way, in my opinion.

The rest of us made a plan. Well, I was already trying to find Nushot, my brother, and bring him back to dad so we could train. Chill was coming with me, along with Saturo, Lavender, Draco (along with Fireball and Zephyr), Uchiho, and Draelin. Vulgon was going to the Rock Planet along with us, but is leaving us to find Vivofit and do his own thing.

Corpse, along with Roiber, Hamshere, and Paulo were returning to bounty hunting, so we were gonna drop them off at a canteen on any planet, where Roiber and Paulo could buy a new spaceship…

Mehrunes and Listy then decided they were going with me to find Nushot, after I told them that that was my goal.

Jasper was going with his uncle to the council to give them the files that Mehrunes and I found…

And Rando was going back with Hamshere and Corpse to bounty hunt. Yeah, that was the plan. Citrine was going to drop us off, at the Rock Planet, all of us basically. Dropping the Bounty Hunters at the canteen, and the rest of us to continue the search for Nushot. I can still sense that he’s on the Rock Planet, so I know that that is our destination.

Now, we were descending into the atmosphere of the Rock Planet, and the hunt continues.

“Good luck finding your bro.” Vulgon said to me in advance.

“Yeah, good luck finding Vivofit.” I replied.

The spaceship landed in the space station. The bounty hunters said their goodbyes, and off they went. The rest of us said goodbye to Jasper and his uncle before getting off.

Now, Saturo, Lavender, Draco, Uchiho, Mehrunes, Listy, Draelin, Chill, and I were left. When we got off, Citrine was off as well, to go to the Ultimate Council.

Everyone had big plans…

“Okay, so, Ich, where do we head?” Saturo asked.

“Hmmm…” I looked around, trying to sense the direction of which my brother is in. “I think, towards the mountains.”

“Uhh, which mountains?” Lavender asked, “there are many.”

“Yeah, could you be more specific?” Mehrunes asked.

“Well, I sense him more over that way.” I said, pointing at a direction. “But I also sense him slightly the other way.” I pointed to another direction, near the first one.

“So we go that way slightly towards the other way.” Mehrunes said. “This is super exciting.”

“Do you have to be sarcastic about almost everything?” Draco asked.

“No.” Mehrunes replied. “Do you have to criticize me on everything I do?”

“Hey! You criticize me on a lot of things I do!” Draco said back.

“Guys stop it.” Listy said.

“Oh trust me, I wish we could, but I doubt that’s gonna happen for a while.” Draco said before turning away from Mehrunes.

“I’m gonna take that as an insult to my social skills as well as my ability to change and direct it right back at you, then move on like nothing happened.” Mehrunes said casually. “Maybe you should calm down…”

“I’ve been trying too, but it’s been difficult.” Draco muttered spitefully.

“I’ll probably help you with that sometime later.” Mehrunes said. “ANYWAY. We should go find Ich’s brother so we can move on with our lives.”

“Chillin dat chill.” said Chill, “meaning’, y'all chill n’ stop fighting.”

“Yeah whatever.” Mehrunes replied. “We gonna go now?”

“Hopefully.” Fireball said, sitting on top of Zephyr’s head. “Because I’m bored.”

“I don’t think I can help you there.” Mehrunes replied. “Let’s go!”

“Yeah, but, I’m still trying to find the exact location we need to get to.” I said, “we don’t want to get somewhere we don’t want to be, we should get it right the first time.”

“Yeah. But can you do it while walking or do we have to play cards?” Mehrunes asked.

“Oh right, yeah, I can do it while walking. You guys can chat or something, I’ll be sensing and finding where Nushot is.” I said, and we all began to walk away from the Space Station.

“Hey Saturo, why are we finding Nushot again?” Mehrunes asked.

“Because Ich’s dad said to find him before we train.” Saturo answered.

“So you guys are finding people who can train you and I’m just not?” Mehrunes asked. “I’m just unlucky I guess.”

“Well you’ve probably met someone at least.” Draco said. “I definitely haven’t met anyone who could train me. And even if I did they probably wouldn't want to anyway.”

“Don’t beat yourself up about your power.” Mehrunes said. “Your powerful. Stop hating on yourself.”

“I know I’m not as powerful as you three that’s for sure.” Draco replied.

“*COUGH* Forgetin someone.” Chill coughed. “More lak people.”

“Okay you four.” Draco said, correcting himself.

“And everyone else too. Yer forgettin Listy and Lavender. So it’s Mehrunes, Ich, Saturo, Lavender, and me. Yer more powerful than Draelin and Uchiho though.” Chill said.

“Chill your not helping at all.” Mehrunes scolded.

“Imma corrected ‘em dough.” Chill replied.

“IT’S NOT HELPFUL!” Mehrunes shouted. “Trying to make Draco feel better, not worse.”

“Well I doubt there’s anything I can do that you guys can’t.” Draco said.

“The eye thing and the gauntlets we can't do.” Mehrunes replied.

“And how helpful have those things been exactly?” Draco questioned.

“Well you have to actually remember to use them.” Mehrunes replied. “Draco, if you don’t wanna be judged ya gotta make people not judge you by proving them wrong.”

“How is he gonna do that?” Listy asked.

“That’s what Draco has to find out.” Mehrunes replied.

“Ya, ya gotta chill, Draco-Brah.” Chill said.

“*SIGH* I just wish there was something I could do that would be really helpful.” Draco said, looking down.

“What about Uchiho and Draelin? They aren’t doing anything really that is helpful. You’re more helpful than them at least.” Saturo said.

“Harsh.” Mehrunes commented.

“Well Uchiho is the healer so she can be helpful.” Draco said.

“Then Draelin.” Saturo replied.

“Well she’s just my little sister. Heck I don’t know why we didn’t just leave her back at Elec’s mansion.” Draco said.

“You could challenge someone here to a duel.” Mehrunes said. “Someone about your level.”

“Okay and who would that even be?” Draco asked.

“Well you're not gonna fight Uchiho or Draelin, but Listy is barely better than you.” Mehrunes replied.

“Sure.” I said, I stopped walking and the others did as well, “I’m not really sure where to go now, so we can stop, you can duel or whatever while I try and find where Nushot is. He’s not here, in between these mountains where we are.”

“Okay but are you sure about this?” Draco asked uneasily.

“Well… we have a healer…” Listy replied. “So… I don’t know why not…”


“Well that was certainly a flashy way to start.” Draco said, both Listy and him a bit caught off guard by what Saturo just did.

“And probably a bit unnecessary.” Listy added. “We’re not in a stadium, you don’t need to yell at the few people here.”

Saturo just smirked.

“Anyway, time to get started I guess.” Draco said.

“Back off homies.” Chill said, and we all backed off from Listy and Draco, giving them some space, “give dem contestants some room!”

“This is funny.” Mehrunes said. “So much preparation away from official status.”

“And can I make comments in the fight? Like, ‘OH! And it looks like Draco has gotten back up! What will he do now?!’?” Saturo asked.

“I don’t see why not.” Draco replied.

“No reason not too.” Listy added.

“Alright, I will.” Saturo said, as Mehrunes took out some popcorn and Chill took out some nachos, “LET THE GAMES BEGIN!”

“Okay, let’s see how this goes!” Draco said as he and Listy faced each other.

“Probably someone's gonna win.” Listy smiled.


“Oh sorry. I was joking.” Listy smiled back. “Les go Draco!”

“Just hope you can keep up!” Draco said back with a smile as his Draco Eye activated.

Just for show, Listy made a few rocks hurl themselves at Draco with a smile.

“Oh! It looks like Listy is starting off by going easy! Will she have to go all out soon!?” Saturo commented.

“Heh.” Draco smirked as he then blasted the rocks into dust with plasma.

“You still good?” Listy said, as she threw a plethora of medium sized rocks at Draco like she was bored with it.

“I’m good enough to deal with these!” Draco replied before he made his gauntlets appear and he destroyed all of the rocks with only a few punches. “You got any other tricks?”

“Many!” Listy replied, utilizing more rocks in a shotgun fashion, while some ground beneath Draco rose and shook to send him off balance.

“Agh!” Draco exclaimed before he dodged the rocks while trying to stay balanced.

“Oh! It seems that Draco is struggling!” Saturo commented.

“Okay then! Looks like I’ll have to try a new tactic!” Draco said, a smirk on his face as he started to charge energy.


This was interesting… And pretty entertaining. It distracted me from sensing Nushot, but that was fine, we can find Nushot after this.


“*SIGH*” Lycrus sighed.

Lycrus laid on the grassy hill with Lagi, trying to continue thinking, trying to remember his past.

“Do you think Ivory’s doing fine?” Lycrus asked Lagi.

But Lagi didn’t respond.

“Lagi?” Lycrus asked.

But Lagi didn’t respond either. He stayed silent.

“LAGI!? ARE YOU OKAY!?” Lycrus exclaimed.

Lagi didn’t respond. Something was up with him, like, like he had lost control. Like he had lost everything.

“What is going on?!” Lycrus exclaimed.


“Well done Gabe.” The voice said, “you have successfully gotten rid of the shamed one.”

“…” Gabe was silent, as he looked at Ivory’s dead body.

“How do you feel right now as of is?” The voice asked.

“… Something isn’t right. This wasn’t supposed to happen, was it? It was supposed to be a test for me, to see if my love for my own sister was true, to see if I am indeed true blood and a good brother…” Gabe said.

“That was part of it. Since the loss of something valuable… Our valuable item is gone. Therefore, she serves no purpose. She is no longer important. She was abandoned by this item. No one cares for her. Not even you, anymore.” The voice said.

“…” Gabe thought to himself.

“Lagi has also been abandoned, also has no care for him anymore. Now finish the task. Make it that Lagi and Ivory will never lead a new kingdom.” The voice said.

“Yes… I will obey you, since you are the First.” Gabe said.

“It wasn’t my choice. The one who cared for them, it was his. And he abandoned them. HE is asking you to do this. Not I.” said the voice.

“I do not understand.” Gabe replied.

“You do not have to. Many do not understand these things, including myself. But, those do not matter any longer. Finish the task.” The voice said.

Gabe nodded. He put the sword away, and walked over to Ivory’s dead body. A tear ran down his face, as he picked the dead body up.

“I will bring you back…” Gabe muttered, only he can hear himself, “somehow…”

Gabe left the tomb, as a blue figure in the darkness watched him.


“She’s… dead…” Lagi muttered.

“WHAT?” Lycrus asked.

“Ivory’s dead… I felt it… she’s dead…” Lagi said.

“…” Lycrus was silent.

Lagi had passed out, and somehow slowly began to disappear. Lycrus was shocked.

“LAGI! NOT YOU TOO!” Lycrus exclaimed.

But then it was too late. Lagi had disappeared. Lycrus is now alone. He curled into a ball and laid there, thinking to himself. Now that his friends were gone, he didn’t know what to do.


“There.” Gabe said.

Gabe set Ivory’s body inside a coffin. He set a spell on that coffin, before he then turned around, seeing Lagi lying down on the floor.

“Finish the next task. Then, you shall keep that sword.” The voice said.

Gabe walked over to Lagi, who had passed out. He looked back over to the coffin Ivory was in, seeing another coffin next to it, open.

“Sorry Lagi.” Gabe said, before he then stuck his blade into Lagi’s body.

Then, Gabe took Lagi’s lifeless body and put it in the coffin.

“Ahahaha… Yes, finally. The prophecy has finally been revealed!” The voice said.

The blue figure stepped out of the darkness, revealing himself. He was wearing blue clothing, and had a hood on. In his hands was a scroll.

“What is that?” Gabe asked.

“The scroll. This is the new prophecy, presented finally, after you had killed Ivory and Lagi, the new prophecy has been made.” The figure looked down at the scroll.

“Read it aloud.” Gabe commanded.

The figure read it aloud.


When the planet explodes, when the wars are over

A new king shall rise.

A new Queen shall rise.

A new servant, a new warrior, protecting the king and queen shall rise.

The Human Lagiacrus’s shall repopulate.

And are under the order of the King and Queen.


“Hmm.” Gabe said.

“This is interesting. I’ve never seen anything like this.” The figure said.

“Well, that does tell us that Lagi and Ivory will rule.” Gabe said.

“Yes. They shall.” said the figure, “they may not be true bloods, but they are the only ones left. We must repopulate.”

“When can they leave the coffins?” Gabe asked.

“As the prophecy spoke. ‘When the planet explodes, when the wars are over’. It is very clear. After this first Galactic War is over, they shall rise and become King and Queen. The only one I am unsure of is the new servant to them… It may be you, but I am unsure.” The figure said.

“… Maybe. There probably is a way to make them true bloods though.” Gabe said.

“You’ve done it. The Ancient Lagiacrus Sword, cannot kill a Human Lagiacrus. All that you have killed is the part that is not true blood. When they both rise, they will be our friends, and we will help the new Human Lagiacrus nation.” The figure said.

“… Somehow I doubt it. I doubt they’ll be any different when they come back.” said Gabe.

“No, but you have gotten rid of the genes in them that made them the way they are. All their children shall be true bloods.” said the figure. “But as of now, we shall wait.”



-----| Chapter 2 |-----




“Oh SNAP!” Chill said, munching on nachos.

“This is fun.” Listy said, before three blocks of earth appeared, one of them over Listy, and they shuffled themselves extremely fast trying to trick everyone's eyes.

“Hmm… interesting.” Draco said. “But let’s see what you think of this!”

Draco then shot up a ball of the energy he had charged before absorbing it.

For a few moments Draco glowed bright cyan, we could barely see him.


When we could see him again we saw that he had wrapped his scarf around his forehead like a headband and both of his eyes were a turquoise color.

“WOO! What do ya think?” Draco asked.

Suddenly, two slabs of earth flew at Draco from opposite sides and slammed together with him in the middle.

“Is that really all?” Draco asked, effortlessly shoving the two slabs away from him, destroying them in the process.

“Woah! Draco If I knew you could do this I would've fought you.” Mehrunes smiled mockingly.

“Hhaha very funny.” Draco replied.

“Actually I’m serious I just wanted to make fun of you at the same time.” Mehrunes said, while boulders where hurtling at Draco like the tiny rocks were before.

“Are you gonna use anything other than rocks?” Draco asked, destroying the rocks.

“Well that’s her main ability, other than plants.” Mehrunes said, smiling confidently. “So probably not.”

Suddenly, huge chunks of earth flew at Draco, like Listy was mad at him.

“Uh oh looks like I struck a nerve!” Draco said with a snicker, dodging the rocks.

“OH IT SEEMS LISTY IS MAD!” Saturo commented.

Rocks formed letters behind Draco, that said ‘dude. Do something.’

“Okay fine. I’ll do something.” Draco said before he vanished from sight for a few moments.

“Hey Draco where'd ya go?” Mehrunes asked, shoveling popcorn into his face. “You gotta hit one of the rocks bro!”

“Oh I already knew that. I just wanna make sure I hit them all!” Draco said from above us, and he was creating a massive ball of plasma above him.

“Hey man don’t disintegrate people.” Mehrunes said.

“Calm down, it’s cold plasma, it’s only a few thousand degrees celsius!” Draco said in a reassuring voice before he launched the ball of plasma down at the rocks.

Before the plasma could land, the rocks disappeared! In it’s place was a statue of Draco with a ball of Plasma above his head.

“Well that’s just rude.” Draco said as the plasma destroyed the statue. “But it wasn’t my good side anyway!”

Listy appeared a little away from the statue.

“HEY DRACO!” Listy yelled. “I have something to tell you!”

Listy waited for a reaction, but none came.

“I wasn't using my Ultimate Crystal!” Listy said, absorbing it while looking at everyone. “Come get some beating!”

“Uhh… You DO know I haven't absorbed mine yet right?” Draco asked, pointing at his necklace where his Ultimate Crystal was clearly visible. “See?”

“Yeah? Come get some anyway.” Listy said, a bunch of rocks and ground floating around her like a shield. “No one’s winning yet.”


“Okay then, you wanna go? Then we’ll go!” Draco exclaimed, absorbing his crystal as well before he seemed to charge more energy.

“OH INDEED SERIOUS!” Saturo added.

A huge boulder suddenly appeared behind Draco, and before he could hit it it slammed down on top of him.

Then suddenly two bright glowing objects erupted out of Draco’s back, seemingly cutting the boulder in two!


When we looked closely, Draco had a pair of what looked like turquoise wings jutting out of his back, made out of the same material as his gauntlets.

Suddenly, the ground shook and Listy was concentrating. A huge monster erupted from a nearby mountain, with glowing orange eyes made completely of rock! It roared as it sees Draco and charges at him.


The monster finally reached a floating Draco, and grabbed him, slamming him into the ground repeatedly.

“Thanks Saturo!” Listy yelled.

“*TSK* *TSK* It’s very rude to slam people you don’t know into the ground, Rocky. You should know that.” Draco said, wagging his finger, “Now for doing that you shall lose your hands!”

Draco’s wings then sliced the hands of the rock monster into little pieces, like his wings were made out of blades! The rock monster looks at his decapitated hands and does a sort of laugh as it floated back up and reattached itself.

“Draco! You can’t do that! It’s rude to cut off hands of monsters you don’t know!” Listy mocked, throwing huge chunks of rock at Draco while the rock monster is attacking him. “You’re outnumbered.”

“And you're underestimating me.” Draco said with a smirk as he then blasted the rock monster apart with plasma before he disintegrated all of its remains.

“Rude.” Listy said, as the rock monsters dust started to form back… somehow. “I thought this would’ve been even. Oh well. I have almost infinite tricks.”

Suddenly, Listy disappeared, then launched out of the ground and stabbed Draco in the chest with… Mehrunes knife?! And then disappeared back into the ground before Draco could do anything.

“ACK! OH NO! STABBING! MY ONLY WEAKN- All right that’s enough of that.” Draco said, acting all dramatic before taking out the knife and tossing it aside.

Then, the knife came back, stabbed Draco in the back once and then lodges itself back into Draco’s chest.

“OH!” Mehrunes exclaimed. “HA! Nice play Listy!”

“Oh no…” Draco said calmly before he took the knife and vaporized it with plasma.

Then, the knife came back! Somehow! And stabbed Draco twice before going back into his chest.

“DRACO!” Mehrunes yelled. “THE KNIFE IS ENCHANTED! It won’t ever come out until I take it out!”

“Ambush.” Listy said, punching Draco in the face with a mass of rock, before disappearing again. “Eventually I’ll find something.”

“HEY! That was uncalled for!” Draco exclaimed, finally taking the fight seriously.

“Dude you are probably actually better than me I gotta start trying harder.” Listy replied, punching Draco in the back of the head so hard the mass of stone breaks, before disappearing again. “SO, it was TOTALLY called for.”

“Grrr…” Draco growled. “You're not even really hurting me! You're just peeving me off!”

Then, a huge slab of earth flew upwards, and imploded into lava!

“Draco if you want a harder challenge then maybe you need a bigger challenge.” Mehrunes mocked, shoveling popcorn into his face while shielding us from the lava.


“PLACE YOUR GUESSES NOW!” Mehrunes exclaimed. “WHO WILL WIN? DRACO OR LISTY?! Wow this is really fun.”

“I vote Draco-Brah.” Chill said, raising his hand. “Who else vote Draco-Brah?” Uchiho and Draelin, along with Zephyr and Fireball raised their hands.

Draco looked furious as he got out of the way of the lava.

“I’m really, REALLY starting to get sick of this!” Draco said, glowing markings appearing on his wings and gauntlets before he vanished from view again.

“Draco! If you're so bored then maybe you should 1v1 someone else,” Mehrunes mocked both Draco and Listy. “But seriously don’t complain bro.”

But there was no reply, just silence.

“Looks like Draco has been mocked by Mehrunes, causing him to stay silent, and wanting to punch Mehrunes in the face!” Saturo said, “no wait! Both Listy AND Draco are looking at Mehrunes!”

“How do you know that Draco’s looking at Mehrunes? He’s vanished!” Draelin said.

“I have my ways…” Saturo grinned evilly. “ANYWAY back to the battle.”

“So what is this? Did you just accept that you were weak? Or do you just not want to fight people opinions because this has come outta nowhere.” Listy said.

Then we could hear a sound in the distance. And it was getting closer.

“What is that sound?” Fireball asked. “Do you know Zephyr?”

Zephyr shook his head.

“Does anyone know?” Fireball asked the rest of us.

“OI!” we then heard a voice.

They all turned and for some reason they saw Hamshere. “Hey Listy, Mehrunes!” He ran over to Listy and looked at Mehrunes at the same time. “Get up here Mehrunes, real quick.”

“Wait why?” Mehrunes asked, walking up.

“Yeah why?” Listy asked.

Hamshere took out 2,000 ultims. “We forgot to give you your money for accomplishing that one mission.”

“Oh right.” Mehrunes said, taking the ultims. “Thanks.”

“Half is yours, half is Listy’s.” Hamshere said, “anyway, now you got it, and you gotta share… Bye!” Hamshere disappeared past the mountains.

“Okay, so… where were we?” Saturo asked.

“I was losing.” Listy replied.

They then heard the sound from before again only it was even louder.

“And you said Draco was weak.” Listy said, disappearing into a mass of identical stone pillars.

Then from far away we saw a small glimmer of light coming closer and closer to us.

“Doo dee doo dee doo…” Mehrunes idled. “So how are you all?”

“Well, we’re all waiting for Draco to do something…” Saturo muttered.

“Draco better hurry up.” Mehrunes said. “I wanna turn too.”

Then, instead of waiting. Listy made a giant pillar of earth like it was a target.

“THIS IS BORING!” Mehrunes exclaimed. “Ich you find your brother?”

“No. I got distracted, so… I stopped looking.” I answered.

“Fair enough.” Mehrunes replied. “Draco! Hurry up!”

“Fine, fine, fine!” Draco said, who was suddenly behind us and had charged up a lot of energy.

“Go back into the battlefield!” Saturo said, “AND IT LOOKS LIKE THE BATTLE SHALL CONTINUE!”

“I’m losing really hard.” Listy said, suddenly behind Draco floating on a rock. “Looks like we’ll just have to see.”

Then Listy went back down and huge chunks of earth attempt to crush Draco to the ground.

“Yeesh what is it with you and wanting to crush me?” Draco asked as he effortlessly dodged all of the rocks before punching Listy away.

Listy was obviously bleeding from the blow and looked extremely mad.

“That was uncalled for.” Listy said, disappearing then flying up from the ground and punching Draco with a rock so hard a loud crack is heard.

Draco then was sent crashing into the ground, causing a large crater to form.

“Hey! Good job! That one actually hurt!” Draco said in a pleased voice as he rose from the crater.

“Maybe if you don’t fly like a coward I could do more like that!” Listy exclaimed, charging Draco and flying down on a platform of solid rock down on top of his head faster than gravity, crushing him to the ground with a loud crack again. “YOOOOOU ARE GROUNDED MISTER!”

“I WILL NOT BE GROUNDED! YOU'RE NOT MY MOM!” Draco yelled, shoving the platform off of him before flying into the air at super speed.

“Time to wrap this up!”

Draco then charged at Listy and axe kicked her hard into the ground, causing a large crater and covering the area in a thick dust cloud.

“I-I give.” Listy said.

“Hmm…” Draco said, clearing the area of dust by using his wings and saw Listy in the middle of the crater, lying on the ground.

“Uchiho that’s your cue.” Mehrunes said.

“Whew. Finally done.” Draco said, turning back to normal, except the wings remained on his back before he grabbed Listy by the hand and flew her over to the others. “Anyway let’s have you get healed now.”

Uchiho then healed Listy and Draco.

“Is it mah turn?!” Mehrunes exclaimed. “Because Ich doesn’t know where Nushot is and I wanna see if you're actually really good suddenly.”

“Don’t see why not.” Saturo shrugged. “NEXT UP WILL BE MEHRUNES! VERSUS DRACO!”

“Okay then. Guess I’ll figure out how to get rid of these wings later.” Draco said as he looked at his back.

“Ha.” Mehrunes said, standing up and facing Draco. “Let’s go for a second ‘Draco eye’ shall we?”

“Sure. We’ll see.” Draco said, a smirk on his face as his Draco Eye activated as they looked each other in the eyes.

“And I thought that was a good thing for you.” Mehrunes smirked and started to move around. “Yaknow, except for the almost dying part of it.”

“Yeah, a pretty harsh cost.” Draco said, starting to move around as well. “But I doubt it’s a cost I’m gonna pay for a long time!”

“It’s too bad you disturbed the nest.” Mehrunes said, pointing up to a mass of purple stars, not moving agitatedly. “This’ll be good.”


Mehrunes snapped his fingers and all the stars hurtled towards Draco, causing a cloud of dust on impact with him and the ground.

“Well this is definitely more exciting!” Draco said, leaping out of the dust cloud, seemingly unharmed.

“Maybe you should stop talking about how much stronger you got and pay attention.” Mehrunes said, blowing Draco up with the mines Draco just stepped on because he was talking.

“Fine, fine I’ll stop talking.” Draco said spitefully before he took his scarf and wrapped it around his face in a way that covered his mouth.

“I mean you don’t have to completely stop.” Mehrunes said, shooting Draco in the leg with a pistol. “Just pay attention.”

Draco didn’t reply, instead he punched Mehrunes five times before launching him into a nearby hill.

Mehrunes looked mad and he appeared in front of Draco and hit him in the head with the handle of his katana, before stabbing him twice and disappearing from sight.

Draco then took his scarf and wrapped it around where he was shot before looking around.


Mehrunes appeared behind Draco and shot him in the knee with the same pistol.

“THAT’S IT!” Draco said, grabbing Mehrunes before twisting his right arm in an … undesirable direction.

Mehrunes smiled and disappeared, appearing behind Draco and doing the same thing to him.

“GRR!” Draco growled, grabbing Mehrunes again, only this time he started to pummel him, kneeing him in the stomach and punching him in the face repeatedly before slamming him hard into the ground.

“This is a recorded message.” Mehrunes said, before a massive explosion occurred.

Mehrunes appeared nearby with a bowl of popcorn, mocking Draco by not actually being hurt somehow.

“Of course you would do something like that.” Draco said, clearly ticked off.

“You’re much better, I’ll give you that.” Mehrunes said, throwing the bowl of popcorn at Draco.

“Well thanks.” Draco said sarcastically, gently knocking the bowl away before it hit him.

Mehrunes threw one of the purple stars at Draco, and he tried to knock it away but the star dodged and hit Draco anyway.

“Okay now you’re just being annoying.” Draco said.

“You want me to try harder?” Mehrunes asked, shooting Draco in the knee again with his pistol.


“Well first of all, no.” Mehrunes replied, shooting Draco in the foot instead. “And second you haven't answered my question.”

“Fine then, no I don’t really want you to.” Draco said, “There. Happy?”

“Nope!” Mehrunes replied from behind Draco, grabbing his leg out from under him and swinging him around before slamming Draco into the ground indenting him into the rock. “Are you?”

“What do you think, smart guy!?” Draco snapped as he got up, only a little harmed.

“I think you should let me inspect your wings and gauntlets sometime.” Mehrunes replied from above Draco, shooting him in the other foot then crushing Draco’s head into the rock.

“Don’t how that was even related to the question but sure, maybe some other time.” Draco said, getting up again, still only a little hurt.

“Resilient guy aren’t ya?” Mehrunes said from in front of and behind Draco, both of them punching him. “I’ve got new tricks too.”

“Well what can I say? Losing all those times really helped my defence at least.” Draco said before he then unleashed a burst of plasma around him, destroying the two Mehrunes’s.

“Too bad your attack is a little lack luster.” Mehrunes said from above him, throwing him into the same hill as before, then charging at him.

“That’s just because you haven’t given me the opportunity to-” Draco said stop talking for a second before he knocked Mehrunes away with a single punch, “-to hit you.”

“And you still won’t.” Mehrunes said from behind Draco, slicing the back of his leg so it’s harder for Draco to stand.

“Well lets see how you like it.” Draco said, his wings slashing Mehrunes dozens of times.

“This battle is cool amIright?” Mehrunes asked from next to me. “Oop. I’m up.”

Mehrunes ran at Draco, with a purple barrier up in front of him, he jumped into the air and came down like a meteor, slamming into Draco causing an explosion.

“That’s it!” Draco exclaimed.

“What’s it?” Mehrunes asked, apparently invisible.

“Can I joinz da fight? And makes it two versus one?” Chill asked, eating nachos.

“Against who?” Mehrunes asked. “Who’s outnumbered here? What? No?”

“One of ye can chose meh.” Chill said, standing up.

“I’m gonna go for not right now, but I’ll keep it in mind.” Mehrunes replied, throwing Draco into Mehrunes’s popcorn bowl.

“Okay now I’m gonna show you what ‘it’ was.” Draco said before a bright cyan light erupted from him, blowing Mehrunes away before revealing Draco in his glowing cyan form from when he fought Listy.

“OH YES! NOW WE’RE TALKING!” Mehrunes exclaimed, absorbing his ultimate crystal and putting something on the ground. “Will you wait for uhh… three seconds for me?”

“Sure. While you're doing that I’m just gonna do this.” Draco said before he shined some cyan light of his wounds, somehow healing them completely.

Then, something made a loud noise and Mehrunes caught something that came in from space, it looked like a dolphin cyborg.

“Remember this?!” Mehrunes exclaimed. “Space Dolphin Machine Chain-Gun. Used to be useless, now it’ll level a mountain without having to reload. And it’s aimed at you!”

“…You know… I feel like I’m at a disadvantage when it comes to range and I don’t know why.” Draco said.

Mehrunes started firing and Draco tried to dodge but most of the bullets landed before he could react, shredding through his legs somehow missing everything else.

“Why would you aim there?” Mehrunes asked the Dolphin.

“Man good thing I can fly easily now or else not being able to use my legs would be a lot more devastating.” Draco said as he was floating above the ground using his wings.

Mehrunes fired some more while Draco was talking and had sufficiently damaged his entire body.
“Yeah I agree.” Mehrunes smirked, “Do ya wanna quit?”

“I’ll replace em.” Chill said, as we all stared at Draco who was on the ground, damaged.

“Yeah I’ma take that as a win.” Mehrunes said. “Fine, Chill. I don’t expect to win or lose against you, because you’re new.”

Mehrunes’s Dolphin made a dolphin noise then flew away. Chill got up, dragged Draco to Uchiho so she could heal him, and then walked up and faced Mehrunes.

“So…” Chill said, “how ya wantz ta do dis?”

“Without me turning into an ice cube.” Mehrunes replied, with a smirk.

“Okay Homie.” Chill said, turning to Saturo, “yo, mah boi, ya gotta say who’s verusing who.”

“Oh right.” Saturo said, “NEXT IS CHILL VERSUS MEHRUNES! FIGHT!”

“You’re defence will be better than Draco’s defence was, right?” Mehrunes asked, throwing some knives.

“Ya, Meh-Brah.” Chill said, freezing the knifes.

“Oh good. Can you also take more direct hits and have faster reflexes?” Mehrunes asked, shooting Chill in the foot successfully.

“I don’t really needz ta do dat.” Chill said, looking down at his foot, seeing cracked ice, “I don't bleedz.”

“That one’s new.” Mehrunes said, pummeling Chill with stars. “So you're made of ice?”

“Nah, I’m made of everyting dat other humans are made of.” Chill replied, “I just don’ bleed from tings that normal peepz bleed from.”

Then there were two Mehrunes, and one threw some bombs and the other threw some knifes.

“Well that’s really interesting.” One Mehrunes said. “I’ve never seen that.”

“Ya, so bombz an’ knifes wontz do nuthin.” Chill replied, as he let the weapons hit him.

Then there were four Mehrunes’s, moving in different directions, and they all had a sword that looked like it was made of something really hot.

“So I’m at a little bit of a disadvantage.” Mehrunes said, lashing out the sword towards Chill.

This time, Chill actually dodged.

“Oh noes, homie, ya found mah weakness. Fire or anytin hot, it melts ice ya know?”

“I thought so, although I rarely use these abilities so we’ll see how this plays out.” All of the Mehrunes’s swung their swords at Chill at the same time.

Chill leaped into the air, and took out his ipod and headphones as he then played some ‘chill’ music before he landed five feet away from the Mehrunes’s.

“Casually gonna duplicate slowly.” Mehrunes said, there were now ten and half of them had a fiery spear. “And assault you with heat.”

Then all the Mehrunes’s got serious, the ones with swords rushed Chill the the others threw spears at him. Chill casually dodged all the attacks, while whistling to his music.

There were now twenty Mehrunes’s, doing the same strategy still. But when the spears missed they didn’t disappear, they stayed there and Mehrunes just got another one.

“He can’t dodge forever.” Mehrunes said from next to me, eating popcorn. “He’s also not attacking. Here take my popcorn.”

Mehrunes gave me the popcorn and disappeared. There were at least forty Mehrunes now, only some of them were covered in the same stuff that the swords and spears were made of and chasing after Chill aggressively, and he was just dodging all of them casually.

“Stand still and fight!” One Mehrunes exclaimed.

There were too many Mehrunes to count, and they were all trying to attack Chill, while Chill just dodged every single attack somehow, while listening to his music and whistling along. Then, by pure luck a spear cut the headphones off from the phone.

“I’m gonna guess we’re in trouble now.” One Mehrunes commented.

Chill casually threw the broken headphones away, took out speakers, attached it to his ipod, and let the music play out loud.

“BY THE WAY CHILL!” Mehrunes yelled from next to me. “I’M SITTING OVER HERE! FEEL FREE TO FIGHT!”

The other Mehrunes’s kept attacking Chill, there was a ton of them and he was still dodging. Then they all disappeared except for one standing near Chill. He looked at Chill like the whole thing was just a test. He then threw a spear and nailed it almost on Chills foot, just an inch off.

“You wanna actually fight now?” Mehrunes asked over the music.

“I already wuz, Meh-Brah.” Chill replied.

“Not really.” Mehrunes replied. “You were just kinda doging everything.”

Then, Mehrunes appeared right behind Chill and punched him in the back of the head with one of the fiery gauntlets, and then appeared back where he was.

“If ye wanna fight, ye gotta fight den.” Chill said, looking unharmed, “ye keep movin’ around, so I ain’t fightin until ye actually fight.”

“I am fighting.” Mehrunes replied. “I don’t get what your talking about.”

“Ye gotta stop teleportin.” Chill said, “when ye do, I take no damage.”

“What?!” Mehrunes asked, slightly confused. “I don’t get it.”

“You gotta hit me straight on, and stay there, so that the impact takes place. I didn’t feel dat punch before, since ya disappeared afterwardz.” Chill answered.

“That does make any sense.” Mehrunes replied, holding the fiery sword. “But whatever.”

Mehrunes ran at Chill at a surprising speed, and slashed at him. Suddenly, Chill caught the blade of the sword.

“You keep confusing me.” Mehrunes replied, swinging another fiery sword.

Chill caught the other sword as well, with his other hand.“Mah chill hands have become colder den yer fiery swords.”

“Why?” Mehrunes asked, trying to force the swords out of Chills grasp, giving up and letting go, then stabbing Chill with a sword made literally of lava.

But the sword didn’t even enter Chill’s body, it was knocked right off like he was made of hard steel.

“Yer nut good with the element of fire and lava, dats why ya can’t hurt meh wit dem.” Chill said, snapping the sword in two.

“Fine. I’ll use solar instead.” Mehrunes replied, taking out a sword that looked like a solar flare. “Cause that’ll work better.”

Mehrunes then tried to stab Chill with the sword. But Chill froze the sword into solid ice, hard, cold, solid ice.

“Dat stuff is really chill.” Chill said, before he then froze Mehrunes into solid ice, “welp, I win, since Meh-Brah ain’t gud wit fire.”

Mehrunes broke out of the ice, and said. “I guess you do win.”

“Dat wasn’t even the coldest ice I got. If I did use it, ya would have frost bites all over ye, which is why I didn’t. Ya would die of coldness.” Chill said.

“G-G.” Mehrunes replied. “Did ya find your bro, Ich?”

“No, but I can continue to look for him as we continue to walk.” I said.

“Okay. Let’s go then.” Mehrunes said, starting to walk while eating popcorn. “We’ve gotta do it someday.”

Then we all got up and continued to walk.



-----| Chapter 3 |-----



“Well that’s a problem,” Jasper said, “this is Darth’s spaceship, so if we land in the space station, we’d be seen as the enemy.”

“Yes, you’re correct, Jasper.” Citrine replied. “What do you suggest we do then?”

“Are there any space suits on board?” asked Jasper.

“Hmm… Go search the storage room.” Citrine answered.

Jasper went to the storage room, to find a OS-3245 unit space suit. He took it, and dragged it to his uncle. “Do you think this would work?” Jasper questioned.

Citrine analyzed the spacesuit. “It may work. Try it.”

Jasper dragged on the shirt and pants (even though they were big on him.) and paused before the helmet. “You should go out of the room,” Jasper advised his uncle.

“You just gotta leave the spaceship. We’ll stop here.” the spaceship stopped moving, and was floating around in space. “Make sure to use a rope as well.”

Jasper went to the door, and pressed the button next to it. A shield appeared, cutting the room, so that oxygen remains inside. A small door opened to the right of him, with a rope to attached to it. Jasper hooked the rope to his spacesuit, and opened the door. He jumped out.

Jasper raised his hand, and tried to get attract metal. It’s not gonna work, he thought to himself. He pushed himself further from the spaceship. He waited for an asteroid. When he saw one in the distance, he raised his hand and focused. Tons of scrap metal flew towards him.

When this happened, Jasper went to work. He took the metal, and started to change the look of the ship. His idea was that if he changed the look of Darth’s army’s spaceship, they won’t attack them when they land on the Light Planet.

Through the window in the pilot's seat, Citrine gave Jasper a thumbs up. Jasper gave a thumbs up back, before continuing the job.

After Jasper finished, he entered the spaceship and put everything back.

“Great job, Jasper.” Citrine said, “now we land.”

The spaceship then descended into the atmosphere of the Light Planet. Citrine was careful as he steered the spaceship towards Bright City, towards the space station. He landed the spaceship, and he could already see someone in bright clothes walk up to the spaceship.

“Let’s go, Jasper.” Citrine said, getting up. Jasper also did.

Citrine left the spaceship, with Jasper following him. They bumped into a man wearing golden glowing robes.

“Greetings, sir!” said the man.

“Hello.” Citrine replied.

“What brings you here? And your spaceship is… interesting. Why so scrap-metal-ly?” The man questioned.

“We have been through a lot, sir.” Citrine said, “are you associated with the Ultimate Council in any way?”

“Indeed I am. I work under them.” The man replied.

Citrine took out the files he had gotten.

“We have some very important information that will change the tides of the war. The Ultimate Council will have the upper hand with these files.” Citrine said.

The man raised his eyebrows.

“You would like me to take it to them?” The man asked.

“No thanks, we would like to take it to them ourselves.” Citrine said, patting Jasper on the back.

“I see. Many do want to do it themselves.” The man nodded. “Very well. Follow me.”

“Before that, this spaceship we used, belongs to the enemy. We only made it look different so that we don’t get shot when trying to land.” Citrine said, “so please do take it and inspect the weapons, that will also help us.”

The man smiled. “Thank you very much! Now, you may follow me.”

They followed the man throughout the city. Their destination… The giant building in the middle of Bright City, with the big dome attached to it as well. This building was hardly unoticable, since it’s the biggest building in the city. Citrine and Jasper followed the man until they reached the gates.

There was a fountain in front of the building, and stairs that lead to the entrance, where there were two guards guarding the building, both with golden spears.

The man walked up the stairs, followed by Citrine and Jasper. When they made it, the guards let the man in, along with Citrine and Jasper.

“You may walk. Ultimate Owais is here at the moment.” The man told Citrine and Jasper.

Citrine nodded. He walked on the carpet, past jewels and all kinds of rocky goods, until he made it to the chairs, with Jasper behind him.

On one chair, there was a man sitting there, with brown curly hair and wearing white outfit with particle effects.

“I welcome you,” the man (Ultimate Owais) said, “what have you come to present to the Ultimate Council with?”

“We were stranded on a planet. But it’s a false planet, in fact, there was a warship, a giant one, not the normal size ones that Darth’s army has, in the middle of the planet.” Citrine said, waving the files in front of him. “Someone who was stranded with us found these files, and we brought them to you to see, so that the Ultimate Council can end the war.”

“May I?” asked Ultimate Owais.

“Yes. Keep them with you, and inform the other members of the Council of this.” Citrine replied, handing the files to Ultimate Owais, who then examined them.

“This is significant information,” Ultimate Owais said, “I have to reward you for delivering it!”

“No thanks. I do not seek any rewards.” Citrine said, “my nephew may want a thing or two, on the other hand.”

“What does one like you seek to have?”

“Hmm,” Jasper thought, “can I get a shield for my friend? He helped find this data.”

“Of course,” Ultimate Owais said. “Is there anything else you would like with that?”

“Hmm,” Jasper thought some more.

“Yes, that is within my power, but I could only give you a small amount,” said Ultimate Owais, clearly reading Jasper’s mind.

“Alright, that’s fine then.” replied Jasper.

Ultimate Owais then took out a small bottle, filled with this red-ish pink-ish liquid on the inside. He handed it to Jasper, who thanked him.

“And the shield you asked for.” Ultimate Owais handed Jasper a shield.

“There, may we leave now?” Citrine asked.

“Of course.” Ultimate Owais beamed.


“So, wait, Draco…” I said as we all continued to walk throughout the Rock Planet, past mountains, “you bought a bow on Ertin, but you never used it yet.”

“Well… that’s because I kinda lost it…” Draco replied from above me, he’s been flying this whole time.

“Oh, well that sucks…” Saturo said, “anyone seen Draco’s bow?”

“We haven’t.” Fireball said with Zephyr nodding in agreement.

“Wait why are you flying?” Mehrunes asked, avoiding the question.

“Well it’s because it hurts to use my legs. I wonder why…” Draco replied sarcastically while glaring at Mehrunes.

“Well maybe because there’s still bullets in your legs.” Mehrunes replied, smirking. “Anyway the bow thing. What did it look like again?”

“Well it was green and cyan and was you know… A BOW!” Draco exclaimed.

“You mean this bow?” Mehrunes asked, holding up a green and cyan bow.

“...... How long have you had that?” Draco asked.

“I’ve had it forever. I didn’t think it was your bow.” Mehrunes said.

“Why would you not think that?” Draco asked.

“Because you never asked if I had your bow so I assumed you still had it.” Mehrunes smirked.

“You mean for the past nine months that thing has been gone, you never noticed how I didn’t have my bow?!” Draco exclaimed.

“Also I didn’t care, because you don’t use a lot of the things you have I assumed the same for the bow, but I also assumed the bow I had wasn't yours.” Mehrunes smiled. “Vicious cycle, isn't it?”

And people wonder why I hate you so much.” Draco muttered.

“Aye! It’s not my fault!” Mehrunes exclaimed. “You lost it. I found it. And didn’t tell you I did.”

THAT’S THE PROBLEM!!!!” Draco exclaimed.

“Well you never brought it up until now.” Mehrunes said. “So, I never told you. Therefore it’s your fault.”

“Actually, Ich brought up the whole bow thing.” Saturo said.

“Yeah, but Draco never did.” Mehrunes smiled. “No one else did either cause Draco never said he lost it. Therefor still Draco’s fault.”

“What do you mean I told no one?! I TOLD YOU I LOST IT LIKE FIVE MONTHS AGO!” Draco exclaimed.

“You didn't describe it though.” Mehrunes replied.

“Why would I need to?! IT’S A BOW!” Draco exclaimed.

“I have bows too and they look much different than this bow.” Mehrunes replied. “So you need to describe things.”


“Nope. Wanna know why?” Mehrunes asked.

“Why?” Draco asked.

“Because I wasn't paying attention when you got the bow, so when I found it I thought ‘huh free bow’ and when you asked me it slipped my mind.” Mehrunes said, taking out a cool looking cyan and green bow and handing it to Draco. “But you have it now.”

“Well thanks, just would’ve appreciated it if you had remembered earlier!” Draco said, some spite in his voice. “Anyway I’m probably gonna be flying for a long while.”

“Why?” Mehrunes asked.

“Because my legs still hurt remember?” Draco said, glaring at Mehrunes again. “Uchiho stopped it from bleeding, but the bullets are still inside! And she hasn’t learned how to make it stop hurting yet when she heals.”

“I can help with the bullets.” Mehrunes said. “Maybe the pain.”

“How so?” Draco asked.

Then all the bullets that were apparently in Draco’s legs fell out through Draco’s legs, without making any holes.

“I’m not gonna even ask how that works.” Draco said.

“It’s best not to.” Mehrunes replied, looking in his book. “By the way when we get to a place that I can get the spellbook Vulgon mentioned, I probably will.”

Then, Mehrunes said something and blue, basically particle effects, went into Draco’s legs.

“Is it starting to feel better?” Mehrunes asked.

“A little. Still aches a lot though.” Draco replied.

“It’ll get better faster at least though.” Mehrunes replied. “With no side effects as a bonus. ANYWAY anything else ye need?”

“Nope, nothing.” Draco said, “Hey Ich? Are we any closer to your brother?”

“I dunno…” I looked around and saw in the distance a city with skyscrapers and that sort of stuff. “But I have a feeling we should go there and… Well, for instance, eat. Like, real food.”

“Yeah, good idea. I’m starving!” Draco exclaimed.

“Yeah, Mehrunes… Can you use your Ultims that you have to share with Listy to buy us all a meal?” I asked.

“Oh Mehrunes is gonna pay? I don’t have a problem with that.” Draco said, a smile on his face.

“It’s not mine that I have to share, it’s 1000 Listy, 1000 me.” Mehrunes replied. “I’m gonna go with no…”

“But why not?” Draco asked.

“Because I have other things to spend money on.” Mehrunes replied. “Suck up to someone else.”

“Dude, I seriously doubt a meal for each of us is gonna cost all of your Ultims, unless we’re eating somewhere super fancy. And besides. If it were to cost to much we’ll just get something else to eat anyway.” Draco said back.

“Nah.” Mehrunes replied.

“Granted I guess it doesn’t help to ask you anyway since you can summon popcorn for yourself at will.” Draco said.

“Also I’m tryna get that spell book.” Mehrunes said.

“Good for you. Anyway looks like we’re almost to that city.” Draco said from above us, pointing in front of him.

“Wait a minute… HEY DRACO WHERE’D YA GET THE WINGS ANYWAY?!” Mehrunes suddenly exclaimed.

“Well actually… They just kinda showed up when I was fighting Listy so… I don’t really know. All I know is that their cool, help me fly really well and they have feathers that are literally blades.” Draco replied while shrugging. “Wasn’t really planning on them to show up, I didn’t even know they existed but hey! I’m not complaining!”

Looking around, we can see so many people doing their own thing. It all seemed so peaceful… I guess the war hasn’t came here, which is a good thing.

“So, Listy…” Saturo then said, “how about you buy us a meal then?”

“Hey guys… Maybe I should start walking. People are starting to stare at me.” Draco said in the background as some people started to stare at him.

“Draco, shut up, I asked Listy a question.” Saturo snapped at Draco.

“Yeesh okay. Calm down.” Draco said, backing away a bit as well as going up higher.

“Now, Listy, answer my question.” Saturo glared at Listy.

“Uhh… Um…” Listy stuttered. “Su-sure?”

“Wise decision.” Saturo smirked, “now let’s choose a restaurant. Who wants to pick? There are many choices.”

“You pick.” Mehrunes replied.

“Hmmm…” Saturo looked around at all the restaurants, “how about that one? It’s fast food.”

“I don’t mind.” Mehrunes replied.

“What kind of fast food?” Listy asked. “Draco what do you think?”

“Hmm… Well it would cost the least.” Draco replied, suddenly walking on the ground.

“Your legs feeling better?” Mehrunes asked, rhetorically.

“Well kinda, I mostly came down because people wouldn’t stop staring at me.” Draco replied, wincing as he walked. “Granted it doesn’t really matter anyway since I don’t know how to get rid of these wings anyway. I sure hope I can learn to make them vanish when I don’t need them.”

“Yeah I guess.” Mehrunes replied. “Probably the same way as all the other things.”

“Maybe. Who knows! Maybe I’ll get more things besides just the wings and these.” Draco said, making his gauntlets and Draco Eye appear. “Annnd the people are staring at me again. *SIGH* Great.”

“Well maybe you should stop being so odd.” Mehrunes smirked.

“Hey it’s not MY fault I have gauntlets, bladed wings and a flaming eyeball!” Draco exclaimed, making his Draco Eye and Gauntlets disappear. “Anyway does anyone vote against going to the fast food place to eat?”

No one raised their hand.

“Okay glad we’ve decided.” Draco said.

“Let’s just order to go then. Listy, go on in and buy something for all of us.” I said, “and then we leave the city and continue looking for Nushot.”

“Uhh, kay.” Listy replied going through the door.

We waited for a while (five minutes to be precise) until Listy walked back out with a bunch of bags.

“That was really cheap.” Listy said, handing everyone a bag of their own, with a smile.

“Alright, that’s good.” I said, “let’s keep moving then.”

We walked throughout the city until we then made it past the whole thing.

“Why did that take as long as it did?” Mehrunes asked.

“What?” I asked, as we then exited the city and were back on the road past many more mountains.

“I dunno. What?” Mehrunes smirked.

“I don’t know either. But it looks like it’s getting dark. We should rest, maybe make a fireplace and sleep and continue searching in the morning.” I said, stopping and collecting nearby wood to make a fireplace with.

“Good idea.” Mehrunes said, somehow having 7 beds and one was for a cat and another for a dragon. He set them down around where I put the wood. “We all agree on that?”

Chill leaped onto one of the beds and closed his eyes, to fall asleep. Saturo and Lavender also did the same, along with Uchiho and Draelin. Fireball was fast asleep, and Zephyr was napping.

“Well.” I said, after I finished making the fireplace, “goodnight.”


Everyone was asleep, except for Listy and Mehrunes.

“Phsst.” Listy whispered. “Mehrunes.”

“What?” Mehrunes whispered, although they were right next to each other conveniently enough.

“I have a question.” Listy whispered.

“Lemmi guess, you're gonna ask if I ‘know’.” Mehrunes whispered back. “And I’m gonna vaguely say yes and we’re gonna do that.”

Listy blinked, confused. “Yeah. How did you know?”

“Because I know,” Mehrunes whispered. “That you like me.”

Listy blushed, but it was relatively dark, although there was a fire.

“And then your gonna ask if I feel the same.” Mehrunes predicted.

“Well… yeah…” Listy blushed more.

“Yes.” Mehrunes said.

Listy blushed so hard and wished she wasn't blushing.

“You're not very talkative tonight.” Mehrunes whispered.

“And you’re awfully insightful for someone I assumed had no idea.” Listy whispered back.

“Neither one of us are very good at this at all.” Mehrunes whispered. “Plus, everyone is asleep. So we’re safe. Therefore I’m safe to say, yes.”

“How did you know I was gonna ask that?” Listy asked.

“Because I’m good at predicting anything other than what happens to this party.” Mehrunes replied. “Their kinda unpredictable.”

“Wait so does that mean we’re officially a thing?” Listy whisperer-asked.

“Yep.” Mehrunes replied. “But no one else needs to know that if you don’t want them too.”

“Okay… I’m not sure yet.” Listy whispered. “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight.” Mehrunes replied.



-----| Chapter 4 |-----



“AHAHEHAEHAEHAHEHAHEA!” a loud noise woke everyone up.

We all got up, seeing Fireball, breakdancing and moving around like crazy while laughing his head off.

“Okay before anyone asks.” Draco said, very sleepy. “No. I did not bring any catnip with me, so I don’t know why he’s like this.”

“Because it grows naturally, and I forgot to screen the area.” Mehrunes replied.

AHEAHEAHEAH!!!” Fireball continued laughing.

“Okay, I’ll deal with it.” Draco said, trying to catch Fireball, but he kept dodging by using his breakdancing.

Suddenly, a purple bubble appeared around Fireball.

“Got him.” Mehrunes said.

Then, Fireball burst the bubble. Somehow.

AHEAHEHAHEHAHE!!!” Fireball laughed louder.

“Hey Mehrunes! Trap him in another bubble! Then I’ll grab him and use the trick on him!” Draco said loudly to Mehrunes since everyone was covering their ears.

Mehrunes nodded and another bubble appeared around Fireball.

Draco then grabbed Fireball and before he could escape, Draco did that thing with his fingers, causing Fireball to immediately fall asleep, ceasing the noise.

“*SIGH* There. Now he’ll won’t be waking up for a few hours.” Draco said in relief as he sat down on the ground, very sleepy.

“Hey your wings are gone.” Mehrunes said.

“Hmm?” Draco asked before he looked at his back. “Oh hey they are! That’s a relief! And my legs are feeling better as well!”

AHGRAGHRAGHRAHGRAHGARARA!!!” Suddenly, Zephyr started doing what Fireball was doing before!

“… Well this is definitely new for Zephyr.” Draco said as we stared at at Zephyr, who was moving with extreme speed.

“I don’t know if catnip works on dragon's.” Mehrunes replied, holding some raw catnip. “But there quite a bit of it around.”

“Well I think the only one who can catch him is Glitter. Mind to help?” Draco said, looking at Saturo.

“Uhh, yeah.” Saturo said, before Glitter came out of his pocket and grew bigger. “Glitter, stop Zephyr.”

AHRGARHGARHGARAHGR!!” Zephyr continued, as Glitter stared at him.

“And preferably quickly.” Mehrunes said.

Glitter then leaped into action. In a second, he had Zephyr’s neck in his beak, having stopped him. He then set him down, and Zephyr fell asleep.

“Just… What were your pets doing when we were asleep?” Saturo asked Draco.

“I-I don’t even know. I thought they were gonna be asleep longer but I guess not.” Draco replied.

“Zephyr and Fireball are both asleep right now. I somehow doubt that they got any sleep in the night.” Lavender said, before glaring over at Mehrunes and Listy, “did you two see them do anything at all when you were awake last night?”

“Yes, and no.” Mehrunes replied. “They weren’t in bed. But I didn’t care to search for a cat and a dragon.”

Lavender looked over at Draco, waiting for an explanation.

“What?! It’s not my fault!” Draco exclaimed.

“You’re their owner. We’re all looking for an explanation.” Lavender replied, speaking for all of us.

“How am I supposed to know?! I don’t know that much about what they are gonna do when I’m asleep!” Draco said.

Lavender glared at him suspiciously.

“Hey. Just because they're my pets doesn’t mean I know everything about them. Heck, they probably know more about me then I do them!” Draco said.

“Well, then I guess we can leave this topic and keep moving.” Lavender replied. “Except, the problem is… Zephyr and Fireball are asleep. Who votes Draco has to carry them?”

Everyone’s hand rose, except for Mehrunes who was trying to make up to Draco and Listy cause she was just nice or something like that.

“Hey, didn’t we lose someone along the way here?” Mehrunes asked, thinking.

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I mean I’ve just remembered. Lagi and Ivory!” Mehrunes exclaimed. “They were captured by a guy with a knife remember?!”

“Oh… How exactly did we forget that?” Draco asked, looking like he thought he was stupid or something.

“We didn’t.” Saturo said, “we just accepted the fact that we can’t do anything about what happened to them. We have no idea where they went, or if they got away from the kidnapper or anything like that.”

“Well now that I think about it, it’s been a while since they were kidnapped hasn’t it?” Draco asked.

“I’m willing to bet their dead.” Mehrunes said, grimly.

“How much ya gonna betz on dat?” Chill asked.

“Not a lot, but at least at some point in time they’ve been dead if somehow they come back.” Mehrunes said, basically avoiding the question. “That I’m more confident in.”

“Well, they’re gone.” Saturo said, “whatever happened to them, we can find out later when we find Ich’s brother, return to Elec’s Mansion, and then we can ask Elec.”

“I suppose,” Listy said. “That we should find him sooner rather than later.”

“Problem is.” I said, focusing on sensing, “he’s not near here at all. I sense him… Across the entire planet!”

“He’s moved while we slept.” Mehrunes said. “He’s probably sleeping as we move.”

“So now he’s on the other side of the planet? That could take a while.” Draco said.

“I don’t think he’s moving…” I said, “he’s in one area, that is across the planet. I just can sense which direction to go to get to him. Which was what I was doing the whole time.”

“Well how long would it take to get to the other side of the planet anyway?” Draco asked.

“Hmmmm, let’s ask Glitter that.” Saturo said, before then replying, “Glitter said a long time, because the Rock Planet is one of the biggest planets in the galaxy!”

“So we problem solve.” Mehrunes said.

“Which is really easy, since we have Glitter.” Saturo added, “he can get us all to the other side of the planet in a second.”

“There we go.” Mehrunes said. “This almost feels like cheating.”

“Hey, we should use our resources!” Saturo said, before Glitter leaped out of his pocket once more and grew so big that he could fit all of us while each of us are a foot spread out.

“Yeah, but our resources are like a million levels ahead of us.” Mehrunes said. “As well as being awfully convenient to almost every circumstance.”

“Yeah.” Saturo said, hopping onto Glitter, “everyone get on.”

All of us jumped onto Glitter, and right away he zoomed through the air. In a second we were somewhere else. In between two other mountains…

“Well, Ich, are we closer?” Saturo asked as everyone except of Mehrunes got off Glitter who returned into Saturo’s pocket.

“Yes… I can sense him nearby! Really close!” I exclaimed.

“Too fast for my taste.” Mehrunes said, as he casually fell off Glitter. “I think I’ll have some popcorn.”

Suddenly Mehrunes had a bowl of popcorn while lying face-down on the ground, and somehow was eating it.

“Hmmm…” Lavender said, looking around.

“Hmmm?” Mehrunes mimicked in question, rolling over onto his back. “No hmmm. There is nothing to hmmm about.”

“Uh, yeah there is.” Lavender said, “I can see someone in the distance.”

“I’m sure it’s just Ich’s brother.” Mehrunes said, rising on a purple platform, still on his back. “But my limbs appear to not want to move.”

Curious, I looked in the distance and as the ‘someone’ in the distance got closer… We could see who it was.

It wasn’t Nushot. It was a girl, a big one, I would say a lady or woman… Except she looked young. She had long brown hair, and wore casual clothing.

She got closer and closer until she was in plain sight, and spotted us.

“What do we do?” Listy asked.

“Umm. I don’t know.” Saturo replied.

“Well as long as nobody knows…” Mehrunes said, apparently on his feet again.

“Well should we introduce ourselves? I mean, she’s already seen us anyway.” Draco said.

“And she’s getting closer. She saw us, and she’s approaching us!” Saturo said. “She’s getting really close.”

“Hey!” The girl then greeted us as she was now right in front of us.

“Oh hello! How are you?” Draco said politely.

“Great!” The girl was beaming.

“So was there something you wanted to talk to us about?” Draco asked.

Lavender giggled for some reason.

“What’s so funny?” Draco asked, looking at Lavender and clearly confused.

“Nothing…” Lavender smiled.

“Uh huh…” Draco said, looking at Lavender suspiciously while turning back to the girl. “Anyway, could you answer my question please?”

“Yes.” The girl replied, smiling.

“So was there something you wanted to talk to us about?” Draco said, asking his previous question again.

“No.” The girl replied, still smiling.

“So then why did you walk over to us?” Draco asked.

Lavender giggled again, while the girl smiled. Everyone other than them was confused on what was going on.

“Okay seriously what are you laughing about? Because I know it’s not nothing.” Draco said, looking at Lavender again.

“Try and take a guess.” Lavender stuck out her tongue in a mocking way.

“Well from what I can tell, I assume you two know each other in some way.” Draco said, pointing at Lavender and the girl.

“Good guess.” Mehrunes said, from a recliner pretending to be watching TV. “My guess is the same.”

“You can probably do better than just that.” Lavender smirked.

“Okay then.” Draco said. “Is she your sister? Mom? Cousin? Aunt? For all I know she may be your niece!”

“Ha ha, very funny. You gotta guess one at a time.” Lavender said.

“But doing all of them saves so much time though!” Draco said with a smile and a snicker.

“Yeeaaaah, but you won’t know what the right answer is.” Lavender rolled her eyes.

“Fine.” Draco said, rolling his eyes as well. “Is she your sister?”

“Bingo, first try.” Lavender said, “this is my older sister, Azalea.”

“Hi!” Azalea greeted all of us cheerfully.

“Hello! Again.” Draco said, a smile on his face.

“So what is the purpose of your magical appearance here today for no apparent reason?” Mehrunes asked.

“There is no reason or purpose! We just ran into her.” Saturo said.

“I think what Mehrunes was trying to ask was ‘why are you out here’?” Draco said.

“Well, people also have their own privacy, so…” Saturo said.

“I know, I didn’t mean that she had to answer the question.” Draco replied.

“Tell that to Mehrunes then!” Saturo said.

“I have before but he’ll ask people questions anyway. It’s a quirk of his I guess.” Draco said.

“Rude.” Lavender commented.

“Indeed.” Mehrunes added, who was still sitting in a recliner.

“There is no purpose for her appearing! We just happened to run into her!” Lavender exclaimed.

Mehrunes looked like he was about to say something smart-alecky, then thought better of it and didn't.

“Okay…” Listy said. “So… I dunno… are we gonna do something?”

“We are doing something.” Mehrunes replied. “Just nothing productive.”

“We should continue looking for my brother.” I said, “let’s go, Azalea can come along if she has nothing better to do.”

“You’re looking for your brother?” Azalea asked me, “well, why don’t you take a break instead and come along with me?”

“Sure, we’d love to!” Lavender said, before elbowing me, “right?”

“Uh, yeah, okay…?” I replied. “I sense him nearby, but maybe he’ll sense me and come to me instead so… Okay.”

“This sounds like a terrible idea.” Mehrunes said. “Back on track we go.”

“We don’t really have a track, so, I guess we can take a break.” I said.

“That sounds fine.” Draco agreed.

“Yeah, see, it’s fine. Dad didn’t say we had a certain amount of time to find my brother and get back to him.” I said, “so we have enough time for anything. Does that sound like a good idea now, Mehrunes?”

“No.” Mehrunes replied. “But it sounds better.”

“You’ll still do it right? Because that’s what matters.” I said.

Before Mehrunes could reply, a loud sound was heard, and a giant rock monster appeared in front of us, and roared at us.

“Yeah I don’t see why not.” Mehrunes replied casually, looking like he was prepared. “Although this is a good reason.”

“Well, get ready to fight, looks like we’ll have to.” Saturo said, as the rock monster began walking towards us.

“Already ahead of you.” Draco said, his Draco Eye, wings and gauntlets already activated.

Suddenly, the rock monster was covered with ice; done by Chill.

“Well that was anticlimactic.” Draco said.

Suddenly, the ice broke and the rock monster roared so loud, that we all got knocked back a bit; except for Uchiho and Draelin… They got knocked over 2 meters away!

“I retract my previous statement.” Draco said, a bit surprised.

“Bruh.” Chill said to the rock monster. “Chill dude.” He blasted ice at the rock monster’s face, seemingly only making the monster more angry. “Dang.”

The monster then swung his arm, and rocks came flying off of them, hitting all of us in the face and leaving a red mark… Man this monster is strong.

“Thy slapped me!” Chill said remarkably, “thy darez ta slap meh!?”

Chill then leaped into the air, and gave the rock monster a big slap after making a giant hand out of ice. The rock monster touched his face with his other hand, while looking at Chill with shock.

The rock monster then said something that sounded deep, and in another language. He was now looking at Chill with rage.

“I see now…” Azalea said, “we came into it’s home!” She pointed in the distance at a cave in the mountain. “We’re near it’s home!”

“Dat explainz a lot.” Chill said, “aye, listen rock dude, we don’t meanz ta come ta yer home.”

The rock monster then smashed Chill with its arms, but Chill blocked it with an ice shield. “Nah, ya ain’t touchin’ meh!”

The rock monster made a face, like it were saying ‘challenge accepted’ before it then stomped the ground with its leg, and the ground shook, causing everyone to fall back, while Chill gets crushed by rocks.

“*GROAN* Dang dis monster iz strong!” Chill yelled from under the rocks, “someone else fight it now.”

“Well who wants to go first?” Draco asked, clearly a bit nervous.

“You mean second.” Saturo said, “Chill went first.”

“Okay fine, who wants to go second?” Draco said.

“You go. You’re wasting our time so, you go.” Saturo said, as the rock monster looked at us. The rock monster suddenly picked up Draco. “See, the rock monster agrees!”

“Oh. Yay.” Draco said in an unenthusiastic voice as he tried to escape.

The rock monster said something; again in a deep voice and not in a understandable language.

“Yeah yeah yeah go fall in a pit.” Mehrunes said.

The rock monster then gave Mehrunes an evil look.

“I don’t think he’s too happy about what you said.” Draco commented from the rock monster’s arms.

“Yeah I noticed.” Mehrunes replied, from a couple feet back. “Although it wasn't very nice either.”

The rock monster’s grip on Draco tightened as it was staring at Mehrunes.

“Nothing likes me here.” Mehrunes said, looking at another Mehrunes that appeared. “It it something I’m wearing?”

The rock monsters grip got tighter.

“Mehrunes… please, for the sake of my spine. Shut up.” Draco said, clearly in pain.

“What does it want?” Listy asked. “Besides to kill Mehrunes or something.”

The rock monster looked at Draco, with an angry face, before looking back at Mehrunes, probably trying to say something, or tell us something.

“Well I think my spine is the least of my worries at the moment.” Draco said, clearly very nervous.

The rock monster’s grip became a little looser, as it still was staring at Mehrunes.

“Do you want an apology?!” Mehrunes exclaimed.

“It is an intelligent creature.” Azalea said, “maybe you gotta apologize, then it might forgive you.”

“And also maybe not crush my backbone hopefully.” Draco said.

“Okay… I’m sorry for telling you to fall in a pit.” Mehrunes said to the monster.

The rock monster then looked a little less angry, and it motioned with it’s other hand for Mehrunes to ‘go on’.

“And I can’t understand much of what you say so I suppose you could have been offering cake, so I’m sorry for assuming you were being mean.” Mehrunes said.

The rock monster looked more pleased, but it then looked over at Draco, who was still in it’s grip.

“…” They just stared at each other for a few moments.

The rock monster then motioned its head at Mehrunes, before looking back at Draco.

“Uhh… is it mad at me now?”Draco asked.

“I’m gonna guess yes.” Mehrunes said, looking in his spell book.

“But I didn’t even do anything to it!” Draco exclaimed.

“Maybe it wants you to explain yourself like Mehrunes did.” Lavender suggested.

“But how exactly do I apologize for doing nothing? Huh. Reminds me of my parents.” Draco said.

“You’re the one who suggested to fight it second and also tried to fight it first.” Mehrunes said.

“No I didn’t! You guys said for me too!” Draco argued.

The rock monster growled, getting impatient.

“Better stop arguing and start apologizing or else you’ll find your spine broken in the morning.” Mehrunes said.

“Okay I’m sorry.” Draco said.

The rock monster growled again, and it’s grip tightened.

“I think it wants more than just ‘I’m sorry’.” Saturo said.

“Okay I’m sorry that we attacked you and didn’t leave you alone!” Draco exclaimed.

The rock monster stared deep into Draco’s eyes. Then it growled. Suddenly, it smashed Draco’s head right into the floor!

“………Ow.” Draco said, his voice muffled.

“Frankly I’m surprised you weren't knocked out.” Mehrunes smirked.

“Probably got a mini concussion though.” Draco replied.

“Yeah sure.” Mehrunes replied. “Maybe we should just leave Draco here since he’s incapable of apologizing.”

The rock monster then smashed Draco’s head onto the floor even harder than before!

“Well if you guys wanna be like that then fine go on ahead. I’ll just keep on getting concussions till my head bursts.” Draco replied.

“Well maybe you should apologise.” Mehrunes said.

“Well it’s a tad difficult when half of you mouth is filled with dirt but I’ll try one more time.” Draco said.

The rock monster growled again.

“Okay I’m sorry I tried to attack you instead of leaving you alone, I know I’m the bad person here and I’m very sorry for that.” Draco said, his face still in the dirt. “I promise it won’t happen again.”

The monster then put Draco down, and then grabbed Chill through the rocks and set him down next to him. It then pointed in a direction, telling us to go away.

“*SPAT* Okay we’ll leave now.” Draco said, standing up and spitting out the dirt in his mouth.

“Yeah, now let’s go.” Saturo said, and we walked the opposite direction of the rock monster.

In a while, we were far away from the rock monster.

“Well, that was pretty intense.” Saturo commented.

“Yeah, good thing only Chill and Draco got hurt. And no one else.” I said, “I’m not saying that that’s a good thing, just that it’s a good thing that no one else got hurt.”

“Well at least my spine is okay.” Draco said.

“Yep.” I said, “a good thing.”

“Could say less about my head though.” Draco said pointing at a few spots on his head that were bleeding.

“At least it didn’t explode.” Saturo commented.

“Feels like it though.” Draco said as he tied his scarf around the bleeding spots like a bandage.

“Well…” I said, “get better. I sense something that’s not my brother nearby.”

“Already done.” Uchiho said as she healed Draco back to perfect health.

“Wonder what this something could be anyway.” Draco said, putting his scarf back around his neck.

“Hopefully not another rock monster.” Lavender said.

“If it is then I’m not gonna get involved.” Draco commented.

“Oh, there isn’t gonna be any rock monsters.” said a voice, “only I.”

In front of us, we see a dark shadowy figure wielding a giant sword standing in front of a giant spider.

“Fun.” Mehrunes commented.

A smirk appeared on the dark figure’s shadowy face. “Indeed.”



-----| Chapter 5 |-----



“Hmmm…” the doctor thought.

Cyrus and Cris had taken Pixelen to the doctor at the base. The doctor was trying to figure out what happened to Pixel, seeing he was out cold.

“Well?” Cyrus asked.

“It seems he… this isn’t anything normal. I would say it was magic.” The doctor said.

“Magic?” Cris questioned.

“Yes, possibly dark magic.” said the doctor.

“Is there a cure?” Cris asked.

“I do not know. You must ask someone who is an expert, I’m not an expert on this sort of stuff.” The doctor said.

“Hmmm… Cris go and try to contact Wizord.” Cyrus said to his son.

Cris exited the room, to contact Wizord. As he walked to the next room, he took out his phone. He called Wizord.

As soon as there was an answer, Cris said, “is this Wizord speaking?”

“No, this is Bizord. Who’re you?” The voice on the other side responded.

“I’m Cris Borg, calling because my friend seems to be cursed by dark magic of some sort.” Said Cris.

“Ah, you want my assistance in helping?” Bizord asked from the other side.

“Yeah, pretty much,” Cris said.

“What is your location?” Bizord asked. “Yer dad’s base on Ertin?”

“Yeah,” Cris replied.

“Right behind ya.” Bizord said.

Cris looked behind him and saw a man in red robes, with a staff with a yellow gem at the top. In his other hand was a phone that was up to his ears.

“Woah, that was fast!” Said Cris, stunned at the speed, “well, come over here.”

Bizord followed Cris, and they went into the room where Pixel was.

“Ah, well, looks like Bizord came instead.” Cyrus said once they both walked in, “well Bizord, go ahead. Tell us what’s wrong with him.”

Bizord looked over at Pixel. He then said something in a different language before he pointed his staff at Pixel.

“Huh, he’s been cursed.” Bizord then said. “By witches, that use Dark Magic.”

“Is there a cure?” Cris asked once again.

“Yes. But to get that cure you must find the one who put the curse on him in the first place. Once that one is known, then it’s possible to cure him.” Bizord answered.

“How do we figure that out, and how do we cure him after figuring that out?” Cris questioned.

“What’s with you and all the questions?” Bizord asked.

“You aren’t that clear,” Cris said.

“Duh.” Bizord replied, “well you can’t figure it out, but I can.”

All of a sudden, Pixel got up, and said, “Tranquish,” falling back onto his back immediately after.

“What.” Cyrus said. “What does he mean?”

“Tranquish is a planet. A planet filled with dangerous creatures and witches…” Bizord said.

“Something tells me that that is the place where we will find what we are looking for.” Cris said.

“That something is correct.” Bizord smiled.

“But where on the planet?” Cris asked.

“Where the witches live. Duh.” Bizord looked at Cris like he was dumb.

“And where do they live?” Cris asked him.

“On the planet Tranquish. Duh.” Bizord smirked.

Cris face palmed. “Where on the surface of the planet do they live?”

“In their home. Duh.” Bizord replied.

“Where in the surface of the planet Tranquish is their home?”

“In the Valley of the Dead.” Bizord replied, “not a very good place to visit, I would say.”

Finally the answer I was looking for…” said Cris under his breath.

“Any more questions?” Bizord smirked.

“What are the coordinates of this planet?” Asked Cris.

“Dude.” Bizord said, “check the galaxy map. I don’t memorize planet coordinates.”

Cris face palmed once again, before pulling out his phone, and searching the galaxy map.

“Yeah, the app yer dad made. It should have it. If not then I have no idea.” Bizord said.

“It’s not here,” said Cris.

“Whaddaya mean it’s not here?” Bizord took Cris’s phone and searched it himself, “WHAT!? Yer right! For once…

“FER ONCE!!!!?” Cris yelled at Bizord, “I CAN HEAR YOU KNOW!”

“Uhh, no you can’t. You heard nothing.” said Bizord.

“Actually, I heard it 100%.” Said Cris.

“AFORGETA MAJJIGA!” Bizord zapped Cris with his staff, and made him forget what he had heard.

Cyrus rolled his eyes, smacked his face, and sighed dramatically.

“AFORGETA MAJJIGA!” Bizord zapped Cyrus and the doctor with the same beam.

“So where are the coordinates to planet Tranquish?” Asked Cris, forgetting what Bizord had said earlier.

“How should I know? I don’t keep track of these things like Wizord! He’s a nerd.” Bizord said.

Suddenly, Wizord appeared out of nowhere. “You are quite questionable Bizord,” he said.

“ADISAPEARA MAJJIGA!” Bizord zapped Wizord and attempted to make him disappear.

“Revsio!” Wizord yelled, and the beam went back at Bizord and he disappeared. Then the phone that was with Bizord appeared in his hands.

Cyrus, Cris, and the doctor blinked once, twice, then three times at this.

“The coordinates are beyond my knowledge, however, if you go to Afton City and travel upwards at lightspeed exactly on the first day of winter, you’ll arrive at Tranquish.” Wizord said.

“That is quite a while from now,” Cris said.

“Well, you gotta wait,” Wizord said, “or you could calculate the rotation, and the orbit of Ertin, do some math, and figure out.”

“Simple enough.” Cyrus said, “we could do that if we have to. Instead now, we must go and send the files to the Ultimate Council.”


“WHAT!?” Cyrus suddenly shouted, “WHAT HAPPENED TO THE FILES?!”

“They aren't here!” said Cris.

“Let me check the security footage in my headset…” Cyrus fiddled with the machine on his head. “… A dark creature canceled the download, and removed access with the AI…”

“Why would they do that?!” Cris asked.

“I do not know… We’d have to know who the creature is to find that out.” Cyrus answered. “Obviously they don’t want the Ultimate Council to get this information though.”

“So then what should we do?” Cris asked.

“…We can tell the Ultimate Council one thing, that this information existed. And that there is a planet with a warship in the core.” Cyrus said.

“Okay, then are we going?” Cris asked.

“No. I’ll send someone else. You get back to working on your project.” Cyrus said.


The dark figure looked us in the eye, and all of us backed off slowly.

“So…” The dark figure examined his hand as he moved it, while he was leaning on the giant sword that was stabbed into the ground, as the giant spider in the background watched us creepily.

“So what?” Mehrunes asked, as Draco was shivering, much farther from the dark figure and the spider then we were.

“You five. We need to talk.” The dark figure pointed at Saturo, Draco, Mehrunes, Listy, and I.

“We are. Right now. And I prefer the distance advantage right now.” Mehrunes replied.

“What would you want to t-talk about?” Draco asked, clearly terrified of the giant spider, which was staring at him.

“Ahem.” The dark figure said, before he suddenly knocked Lavender, Azalea, and Chill away, farther than Draco was standing. “Where is he?” His voice was deep and terrifying.

“Who?” Mehrunes asked, rather casually for the situation.

“Your master.” The dark figure said, “where is he?”

“Don’t have one.” Mehrunes said.

“Ditto.” Listy said.

“N-nor do I.” Draco said nervously, as the dark figure stepped closer towards us along with the giant spider.

“Your master Glare! He’s not at home! Where is he!?” The dark figure yelled, approaching us.

“Oh he kicked us out.” Mehrunes said. “He’s not been our master for a few weeks now I think.”

“He didn’t kick us out, we just left because we weren’t becoming powerful in our main power with him.” I corrected Mehrunes.

“Either way, we don’t know.” Mehrunes continued.

“W-what business do you have with him a-anyway?” Draco asked.

“I’m the one asking questions around here.” The dark figure said, “you will answer them.”

“Sure.” Mehrunes replied. “What else, then, do you have to ask?”

“I said I am the one who asks questions.” The dark figure raised his voice a bit.

“But you’re not, so I was continuing the flow of the conversation so we could continue to try to not be killed.” Mehrunes replied. “Questions.”

“You will tell me where Glare is.” The dark figure said, “now. And no saying you don’t know. Or else.”

“I would guess that he’s either in his lab or hiding somewhere.” Mehrunes replied. “Because he could be anywhere and doesn’t tell us anything.”

“I’ve checked his home and lab already. Not there.” The dark figure said, “WHERE IS HE?”

Mehrunes didn’t say anything, instead he was thinking.

“Excuse me, sir.” Listy said. “I’m sorry, but Glare never told us where he went, maybe he went for groceries.”

“No. WHERE IS HE?” the dark figure shouted.

“M-maybe he’s at his buddy’s house… What was his name again?” Draco said, trying to think.

“NO, TELL ME WHERE HE WENT. I’M GROWING IMPATIENT.” The dark figure raised his voice.

Suddenly I realized Mehrunes was gone! Did he really just leave us?

“One of you answer me or I will grow impatient.” The dark figure then picked up Listy and stared at her, “answer me girl!”

“Honestly I have no clue!” Listy exclaimed. “Someone as p-powerful as you could probably read m-minds!”

“Yes, but your mind is empty.” The dark figure said, “the information I seek is deep inside, I only see that you have a crush on Mehrunes.”

“Wait WHAT!?” Saturo looked excited.

“But I don’t physically remember, if I knew in the first place, where Glare is.” Listy apologised.

“Wait a minute though!” Saturo said, “Listy, you really like Mehrunes?!”

“Saturo not now.” Listy said. “We’re kinda being threatened by death.”

“HAHAHA!” Saturo laughed, “MEHRUNES AND LISTY SITTING IN A TREE!” He began dancing around as we all stared at him. “K-I-S-S-I-N-G!”

“None of us know.” Listy said, embarrassed.


“Not. Cool.” Listy said.

“Okay, okay, I’ll stop.” Saturo said. “For now…

“Can you put me down please.” Listy said.

“Not until you tell me where Glare is.” The dark figure replied.

“But there’s no possible way I could know!” Listy exclaimed.

“Yes there is, you were his student.” The dark figure replied.

“He was a very closed off master.” Listy said.

“Probably because of this very reason…” The dark figure muttered.

“Yeah probably.” Listy agreed.

“Well, then since you do not know where he is, I’ll have to search for him myself.” The dark figure said.

“Can you put me down then?” Listy asked.

“Depends.” The dark figure replied.

“Depends on w-what?” Draco asked, still a few meters away from us because of the giant spider.

“Yeah… I wanna know t-too.” Listy said.

“Anyone volunteers to come along with me to find Glare?” The dark figure asked.

“Uhh…” Listy said. “Maybe Mehrunes will come back?”

Suddenly, as if on cue, Mehrunes appeared.

“Anyway…. Why would anyone volunteer?” Listy asked.

“If no one volunteers, I’ll just kidnap one of you and take you with me. You may know a few things about Glare that would give me the upper hand.” The dark figure said.

“I vote Draco.” Mehrunes snickered. “He was one of the original students, aka he’s been there more than me and Listy.”

“He doesn’t seem like the smart type.” The dark figure said, as Draco was shivering, “I don’t think he noticed anything about Glare, so he wouldn’t be very helpful.”

“Normally I would say something but I’m too terrified of that thing to care.” Draco said, still very terrified of the giant spider.

“Nor is Listy, she didn’t care.” Mehrunes said. “It seems your options are dwindled.”

“Yes. I’m wasting time. I should get going.” The dark figure said. “If you see Glare, contact me.”

“I don’t really know how or why or who you are but sure whatever.” Mehrunes replied. “Ya mind putting down Listy?”

“No not at all.” The dark figure dropped Listy before turning around, “I will know if you find Glare and I will be back.”

“Okey dokie.” Mehrunes replied casually. “Bye.”

The dark figure hopped onto the giant spider, which then crawled up the mountains and soon out of our sight.

“Yay he’s gone!” Saturo said, before smirking at Listy and Mehrunes, “now we can continue where we left off! Muahahahaha…”

“I have no idea where you left off.” Mehrunes said. “But something tells me, it’s mocking.”

“Not mocking…” Saturo smirked, “there’s no need to mock two lovers.”

Mehrunes smirked.

“But if you want me to, I’ll do it.” said Saturo.

“No, I’m good.” Mehrunes said. “Anyway… we were doing something.”

“Yes, we were.” Saturo agreed.

“Anyone remember what that was? Something Azalea wanted right?” Mehrunes asked. “Where is she?”

“Uh, I dunno. She disappeared after that dark guy knocked us back.” Lavender said.

“So then we should find her or Ich’s brother thing?” Mehrunes asked again.

“Hmmm…” I thought. “Let’s find her. Because I can’t sense my brother anymore for some reason.”

“Fine.” Mehrunes replied. “But how are we supposed to find her?”

“She couldn’t have gone too far.” I said, “we can just go out and call her name and wait for her to appear.”

“Megaphone?” Mehrunes asked, holding a megaphone.

“Huh, yeah that could work.” I said.

“Yeah. Just a little.” Mehrunes replied, holding the megaphone up. “AZALEA!

We then waited for a bit.

“I think she heard us.” I said, “she’s just not here or something. I don’t know.”

“What even was that sentence?” Mehrunes asked.

“I have no idea. I’ve confused myself.” I said.

“As long as you know you don’t know.” Mehrunes replied. “I don’t think she’s near.”

“Where could she have gone?” Saturo asked.

“Hey Lavender does your sister have ultimate powers?” Mehrunes asked.

“She is an Ultimate so… Yeah.” Lavender replied, “she uses the power flora. I use water, and sometimes flora. She taught me the flora moves.”

“Flora?” Mehrunes said. “So she probably didn’t go very far. Although I-D-K what Flora can do, I’m guessing she’s gotten about as far as she could run in that time.”

“How does that help us?” Listy asked.

“It doesn’t, so I have no idea what to do.” Mehrunes replied.

“Well, we could go and find her husband, she’ll probably be there.” Lavender said, “yeah, my brother in law.”

“Do you know where he lives?” Mehrunes asked.

“No. Because he doesn’t live on this planet. I don’t know why they’re both here on the Rock Planet…” Lavender said.

“Helpful.” Mehrunes replied. “Now I’m wondering who her boyfriend is.”

“It probably doesn’t matter.” Listy said. “We should find someone, whether it’s Nushot or Azaela.”

“Or… *COUGH* Glare.” Saturo said, “I have a feeling we might find him.”

“Uhh… sure.” Mehrunes said. “We should start moving.”

“Yeah… Let’s go to the next city.” Lavender said, “this one I’ve been in before. It’s Andesite City!”

“Seriously? Andesite City?” Mehrunes asked. “As in the rock/mineral Andesite?”

“Yeah, this is the Rock Planet. All the cities and towns are named after rocks/minerals.” Lavender replied.

“Yeah I guess… by the way, Saturo isn’t mocking. This is so against his normal behavior.” Mehrunes said suspiciously. “What are you planning, Saturo?”

“I’ll never tell, muahahahaha…” Saturo laughed evilly.

“Why.” Mehrunes demanded.

“It’ll spoil the fun…” Saturo smirked.

“I can spoil your fun.” Mehrunes said. “Specifically a secret.”

“What?” Saturo asked, “what do you mean?” For some reason I could see him looking a bit scared.

Mehrunes smirked.

“You’re off the hook for now, as I enjoy a good surprise.” Mehrunes said.

“Let’s start walking to Andesite City now…” Saturo said, changing the topic.

“I thought we were.” Mehrunes replied, a few feet away. “You guys are slow.”

“Draco is. He looks still terrified from that spider.” Saturo said, before turning around towards Draco who was very behind, “DRACO CATCH UP!”

“I got it.” Mehrunes said, suddenly appearing next to Draco and dragging him quickly back to us.

He looked like he was numb and was spaced out.

“I think he’s died of an irrational fear.” Mehrunes said. “Speaking of which, what are all of you afraid of?”

“I don’t have any fears.” Saturo said. “Neither does Ich.”

“Everyone has a fear.” Mehrunes replied. “Whether or not they know it or admit it.”

“Ugh…” Draco said, waking up from whatever fear trance he was in.

“Mornin, Sleeping Un-Beauty.” Chill said, finally saying something.

“Don’t call me that.” Draco said as he stood up.

“A-K-A Draco-Brah.” Chill added while smirking.

“Anyway what are we doing now?” Draco asked.

“Going ta Andesite City, homie.” Chill replied.

“Oh okay then.” Draco said.

“Anyone have anything to conversate?” Mehrunes asked.

“Yes. We would all love to hear about your relationship with Listy.” Saturo said to Mehrunes.

“Anything else?” Mehrunes asked, smirking and brushing off Saturo’s suggestion.

“Hmm…” Draco said as he thought to himself.

“No nothing else. Now tell us! Tell us the story of how you began to love Listy!” Saturo said.

“First of all, no.” Mehrunes smirked. “And you’ve got the story order backwards, sherlock.”

“Hmm… Hey Saturo?” Draco asked.

“What?” Saturo asked, pausing on his response to Mehrunes.

“I was wondering, do YOU have a crush on anyone?” Draco asked, very curious.

“No. No I don’t.” Saturo replied. “Why you ask? You’re wondering if I could help you get Uchiho? Sure, I know some pickup lines.” Saturo smirked, as Uchiho in the very back blushed next to Draelin.

“Are you expecting that to faze me? Like at all?” Draco asked, very calm.

“Are you gonna fight right now?” Mehrunes asked. “Cause that will not go well.”

“No that is not what we are gonna do.” Draco replied, still quite calm. “we’re just having a conversation is all.”

“You’re fazed and Saturo is defensive.” Mehrunes replied. “So quit the conversation.”

“Good idea.” Saturo said, turning to Listy, “Mehrunes said you liked him first. Tell us the story about that!”

“No.” Listy replied, looking embarrassed.

“I liked the other conversation better.” Mehrunes muttered.

“Okay, back to Draco.” Saturo turned to Draco, “so Draco, when are you gonna ask Uchiho out?”

“Wait wait wait.” Mehrunes said, preventing Draco from saying anything. “What is this? Teasing hour? We’re like fifty feet from the city and we’re going nowhere fast because we’re in a constant loop of defending ourselves.”

“Shut up Mehrunes, I’m just asking Draco a question, not teasing him.” Saturo said.

“You’re teasing him BY asking the question.” Mehrunes replied.

“No, I was teasing YOU before by doing that. Draco’s calm about this, so I can’t tease him. Therefore I’m just asking him a question.” Saturo replied.

“Touché.” Mehrunes replied.

“Well in all honesty, I haven’t really thought of a specific day yet.” Draco replied to Saturo’s previous question, very calmly. “Granted, with all the movement we’ve been doing recently, it’s definitely been a lot harder to come up with one.”

“Just go up to her right now then and ask her. She’s just behind us blushing.” Saturo said.

“Make your dreamz come true mah boi.” Chill said.

“Yeah, man.” Saturo said to Draco. “Just go and talk to her, say whatever. Don’t be afraid like Mehrunes.”

“Well I don’t see why not considering she’s already heard what we said.” Draco said calmly before he turned around.

“Lavender, move outta the way so Draco can do his thing!” Saturo said to Lavender who was behind them.

She moved out of the way, revealing Uchiho and Draelin who were in the back. Uchiho’s face was bright red.

“So…” Draco started to say. “Would you want to go out sometime?”

It was dead quiet for a few moments.

“…So is that a no?” Draco asked, looking a bit nervous.

Uchiho appeared to just be staring into space.

“She’s too shy.” Draelin said, “cuz everyone is staring at her, waiting for a response.”

“Oh… well sorry guys, guess some of you will have to leave for a bit.” Draco said, turning back around to look at the rest of us.

“Or you can do it another time. We’ve arrived at the city.” Saturo said.

“That works.” Draco said as we walked into the city.

“Why are we going to the city again?” Mehrunes asked.

“Uhhh, I dunno.” I said.

“Yeah. Why did we come here for again Lavender?” Draco asked.

“Uhhhh, I forgot.” Lavender replied.

“It’s a trick! It’s a tricksy trick!” Mehrunes exclaimed, kinda sarcastic. “Seriously no one knows?”

“Nope.” Draco replied.

“No clue.” Draelin added.

“Riiiiiiiiiight.” Mehrunes replied. “Whelp. May as well do something while we’re here then.”

“Like what?” Draco asked.

“I dunno what is there to do in this city?” Mehrunes asked.

“Hmm… let me see…” Draco said somehow reading a brochure about the city.
“OH hey look! A concert!” Lavender said, pointing in the distance. “Let’s go there!”

“I don’t want to unless literally everyone else is.” Mehrunes said.

“Suit yourself, I’m gonna go.” Lavender walked towards the building.

“Hmm… there’s a lot of things in this city actually…” Draco said in surprise as he continued to read the brochure.

“Yeah, but come on! Let’s see the concert!” Lavender said.

“Well okay fine we can do that.” Draco said, closing the brochure.



-----| Chapter 6 |-----



When we entered the concert, it was loud. It hadn’t started yet. And we were allowed in for free, I wonder how come…

We found a seat, so we sat down, while there were others sitting down already, and some taking a seat as well.

“I wonder who the pop star is this time.” Lavender said.

“What?” I asked.

“Last time I came here, there was a pop star singing. This is a musical concert, anyway.” Lavender said.

“Hmm… doesn’t look like there is anything to tell us who it is.” Draco said, looking around.

“Yeah, it's a surprise every time!” Lavender smiled. “You read the brochure! You should know.”

“Well there isn’t a page for this theater in it though.” Draco said, showing Lavender the brochure, “I checked before we arrived just to be sure.”

“Oh well, that means they don’t have it on there. Where did you even get it from?” Lavender asked.

“You know what? I don’t quite know… It just kinda… showed up.” Draco replied.

“Let me see that…” Lavender took the brochure, “this one’s outdated!”

“Well that makes it even more confusing.” Draco said.

“Shh! It’s starting!” Draelin snapped at us.

The audience already began clapping and cheering as the curtains opened up. The stage was dark, but we could already see three figures on there. The audience grew quiet, and we all watched in silence.

Suddenly, the lights opened. On the stage was… A man with a black jacket that’s unzipped, with red goat legs, and a cow head that’s red as well… It was Sir Apple Mooy.

“Wait. What?” Draco said quietly, very confused.

The other two figures wore the same thing, but they had normal legs. They had a mask of Sir Apple Mooy’s cow head on as well.

The crowd looked quite surprised. They began whispering until the music started playing. It was a whistle. It went sorta like… ‘Phoo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo-oo’ or something, changing from high sounds to low sounds as it went. Three times the whistle was heard. Then Sir Apple Mooy began singing.

“I started out in a laaaaab…” he sang, “I still felt right. The experiment was maaaad… But it was alright. It was okaaaaay, in the end of the daaaaay…” He looked up at the crowd. “Cuz now I eat haaaaaay.”

He danced around before continuing to sing. “I wanted more controoool… So I made it. That rock with more poooowwer, at first I was unfit… But now I’m gooood, and I can break woood, and I’ve got this awesome hooood…” He put on his hood, and so did the other two figures. “And I can moo like this.”

MOO!” Sir Apple Mooy mooed, and when he did the music had turned off. After that it turned back on, and the crowd was cheering.

“Give me an applause then I'll like you! Give me applauses 'til I’m full and I'll show you, I've got the moos and Apples. I've got the moos and Apples. I’ve got the moo-ooo-ooo-ooo-oo-ooo’s and Apples!” Sir Apple Mooy continued the song.

The crowd was liking this! And to be honest, so was I!

“I don't need to try to feed you! Just look into my eyes and I'll feed you, with my moos and Apples, I've got the moos and Apples, I've got the moo-ooo-ooo-ooo-oo-ooo’s and Apples!” Sir Apple Mooy continued. “Maybe it's hard when you feel like, when you're an experiment failed and nothing feels right. But when you’ve escaped it makes you believe, that you can still be free…”

He paused and then continued.

“Oh, so get off the table, we can escape now, wherever you want, get off it. And you want to sing, but you failed and then. I took it from there here comes the epic and it goes like this.” Sir Apple Mooy sang, “give me an applause then I'll like you! Give me applauses 'til I’m full and I'll show you all the moos like Apple! I've got the moos and Apples! I've got the moos and Apples! I don't need to try to feed you! Look into my eyes and I'll feed you with them moves like Apple I've got the moos and Apples I've got the moo-ooo-ooo-ooo-oo-ooo’s and Apples!”

And then the song ended. The crowd was cheering, and I looked over at the others to see what they think.

“That was amazing.” Saturo said.

“Yeah, never seen anything like it. AWESOME.” Lavender agreed.

“That was great.” Listy agreed as well.

“I think I read too much into it.” Mehrunes said.

“Most likely. Great song though.” Draco commented.

“Speaking of which, we’ve met the singer before. That's what made it cooler. WE KNOW A CELEBRITY!” Saturo exclaimed.

“That is pretty neat.” Draco said in agreement.

“Not really.” Mehrunes replied. “Can we leave now?”

“What are you in such a rush for anyway?” Draco asked.

“The book.” Mehrunes replied.

“What’s ‘the book’ exactly?” Draco asked.

“Tell you later. Can we leave now?” Mehrunes replied.

“I dunno, do you guys wanna leave so soon?” Draco asked the others.

“Sure, after the crowd is done leaving.” Saturo said, looking back at the crowd who were now exiting the area. “We can talk until it’s less crowded and then we can leave.”

“Well what topic should we talk about this time?” Draco asked.

“I dunno.” Mehrunes replied. “How about we talk about what just happened on stage?”

“Yeah, let’s do that then.” I said. “So…?”

“Yeah like I said I was too distracted by what he was saying instead of everyone else, how he was saying it.” Mehrunes said. “It was disturbing, it’s like a musical backstory.”

“Probably is. I was there when he became part cow and goat.” I said.

“Really?” Mehrunes asked. “How did that happen? It seems like it’s a ‘failed’ experiment.”

“It was.” Saturo replied.

“Ouch.” Mehrunes said. “That sucks. Well the crowd is mostly gone.”

“What should we do next?” Listy asked.

“We should find Azalea… Oh look, there she is at the exit waiting for us.” Lavender said, and she was right.

“Check. Now what?” Mehrunes asked.

“Now we…” I started, “… Wait… I sense him!”

“You need to get better at doing that.” Mehrunes replied. “*SIGH* lead the way.”

I got up and walked over to the exit, where Azalea was standing.

“We're on a wild hunt to find someone who probably doesn’t want to be found.” Mehrunes said, appearing next to me.

“Who’re you hunting for?” Azalea asked, as we were all now at the exit.

“Ich’s brother.” Mehrunes replied. “Nushot.”

Azalea’s eyes widened.

“Oh, well, then follow me if you’re looking for him.” Azalea said, walking out of the building.

“Fine.” Mehrunes said, walking out too.

“I wonder what’s gonna happen.” Listy said, walking towards the door with everyone else.

“Yeaaahh… I do too.” Lavender smirked.

“What’s the smirk for?” Mehrunes asked, from outside as everyone else left.

“Yeah, it’s very… suspicious…” Saturo agreed as Lavender continued smirking.

“Watch it be something absurd we couldn't possibly guess it.” Mehrunes said.

“Could be. Only she knows.” Draco said.

“Azalea knows too.” Lavender said as we followed Azalea through the city.

“Well then only you two know.” Draco said, rephrasing his sentence.

“Oh hey guys, look a train station.” Saturo said, as we arrive at a train station that is in front of us.

“Wait, why are we here?” I asked Azalea.

“If you want to get to your brother, the train is the fastest way instead of walking.” Azalea replied, “I’ll get us tickets.”

She walked over to a booth to buy us some tickets, and I looked over at the others behind me.

“Go fish.” Mehrunes said, playing cards with Listy.

“Dang it.” Listy said, taking a card.

“Chill.” Chill said.

“No.” Mehrunes said, matching two cards. “You got those train tickets yet?”

“She’s still dere buyin dem. And deres a line, so it will takez some time, Meh-Brah.” Chill replied.

“There’s nothing wrong with being patient.” Draco said, he was relaxing on the ground and was whistling before he talked.

“I win.” Mehrunes said, somehow already winning, and making a couch appear to sit on it, as well as eating popcorn.

“You guys are weirdos. Normal people sit on these things called ‘benches’.” Saturo said from the bench he was sitting down at with Lavender, Draelin, and Uchiho.

“Yeah but couches are cooler.” Mehrunes smirked.

“And people are all looking at you thinking, ‘what an idiot’ to themselves.” Saturo replied.

“Well I don’t really mind if they stare at me anymore anyway.” Draco said, who was now using his wings to hover above the ground while still relaxing.

“People aren’t looking at you thinking you’re an idiot, Draco. They’re doing that to Mehrunes.” Saturo said, and when he did Listy took a seat at a bench. “See, Listy’s a normal person.”

“Good thing I’m not a normal person then.” Mehrunes said, standing up as the couch grew wings and flew away. “Calm down.”

“I’m not yelling, I’m calm.” Saturo said, “everyone here is calm.”

“Seriously, you are too uptight sometimes.” Draco added.

“No, I’m too uptight all the time, although sometimes it’s worse than others.” Mehrunes replied.

“That doesn’t make it better.” Draco said. “If anything, that’s even worse.”

“So?” Mehrunes asked.

“Listy, do you think uptight people are attractive?” Saturo asked Listy.

“Uhh…” Listy said. “I uh…”

“See Mehrunes? That’s what Draco meant by it makes it worse. You’re losing your girlfriend.” Saturo said to Mehrunes.

Except Mehrunes had disappeared, and left his popcorn bowl on the ground.

“Where did he go?” Listy asked.

“Somewhere. In the meantime…” I said, taking the popcorn and eating it, “I’ll snack.” The popcorn tasted good.

Then Mehrunes appeared again with more popcorn and a small snake.

“Don’t ask.” Mehrunes said.

“Okay, but did you hear what I said before?” Saturo asked.

“I heard half of it, because I didn’t care about the other half.” Mehrunes smirked. “Yeah I heard what you said. Thus the snake.”

“And which half is that?” Draco asked from above Mehrunes.

“The important half.” Mehrunes said. “Like the popcorn?”

“What I said was… I asked Listy if she thought uptight people were attractive, and she couldn’t reply, so I was telling you that that was what Draco meant when he said you are always too uptight all the time, and how that makes it worse.” Saturo explained.

“Yeah. Thus the snake.” Mehrunes said, calmly. “I heard all of it I just said I heard half.”

The snake was slithering around in the popcorn bowl happily.

“Where did you get that snake anyway?” Saturo asked Mehrunes. “It doesn’t act like a normal snake either. Is it your new pet or something?”

“Well it’s not a normal snake, so you're right there.” Mehrunes said. “And also yes it’s my new pet, cuz you’re complaining on how uptight I am, he/ she, I-D-K, is here to help me.”

“Cool. Give it a name.” Saturo said.

“Mr. Slithers!” Listy suddenly blurted.

“Sure.” Mehrunes said. “Mr. Slithers.”

“Boi.” Chill made a movement with his hands.

“What’s wrong with the name ‘Mr. Slithers’?” Draelin asked.

“Boi.” Chill did the same movement towards Draelin.

“I’m not even a boy!” Draelin exclaimed.

“Boi, not boy.” Chill said, “chill, little girl.”

“Could you stop?” Mehrunes said.

“Boi.” Chill replied to Mehrunes doing the hand movement.

“Are you just gonna keep saying that Chill?” Draco asked.

“No.” Chill replied. “Iz you gona keep being a Draco?”

“Umm… I’m not even quite sure what that means.” Draco said, confused.

“Boi.” Chill made the movement at Draco.

“Well I’m sorry that I don’t know what that means.” Draco said. “So I don’t know how to answer that question.”

“I wuz askin if you’re gona stay bein Draco. I iz Chill, I say ‘boi’ cuz I iz Chill.” Chill replied.

Mehrunes face palmed and Mr. Slithers was lying still on Mehrunes’s shoulder.

“Uhh… then yes, I’ll keep being myself.” Draco said.

“Ya boi.” Chill replied.

“I wonder how Fireball and Zephyr will like Mr. Slithers.” Mehrunes commented.

“Wait…” Draco said, looking around worried. “Where are Zephyr and Fireball anyway?”

“Oh yeah we left them sleeping didn’t we?” Mehrunes replied.

“Oh this is not good…” Draco said, looking very worried.

“Why? I destroyed all the catnip nearby them.” Mehrunes said.

“That’s not the problem…” Draco said.

“Dude.” Saturo said, pointing behind him where Zephyr and Fireball were sleeping, “they’re sleeping behind the bench.”

“THIS BENCH IS MAGIC!” Mehrunes exclaimed.

“No, it’s a normal bench.” Saturo said.

“Draco-Brah iz just blind, mah dude.” Chill said.

“Well they’ve been a lot more quiet than usual, that’s why I didn’t notice them.” Draco said.

“I guess.” Mehrunes said. “I guess I won’t question it.”

“Of course they’re quiet, they’re sleeping!” Saturo said.

“How did they get here?” Mehrunes smirked.

“Uchiho put them there.” Saturo said.

“Ya, I saw it cuz I gotz eyes.” Chill said, glaring at Draco. “And can actually see sumthin.”

Mehrunes chuckled.

“Haha.” Draco said as he then flew a few meters away.

“Wait Draco come back! We won’t be able to hear you’re stu-” Mehrunes started, before the snake hissed. “-tuning remarks.”

“SURE THAT’S WHAT YOU MEANT!” Draco yelled from where he was.

“Fine.” Mehrunes said to himself, before he appeared behind Draco, and then appeared back on the ground with Draco.

“Why did the snake hiss? Does it do that when Mehrunes is about to say something mean? I could swear Mehrunes was about to say ‘stupid comments’ or something before the snake hissed.” Saturo said, looking at the snake wrapped around Mehrunes’s neck.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” Mehrunes replied.

“Sure you don’t.” Saturo said back.

“So we gonna get moving or are we still waiting on tickets?” Mehrunes asked.

“She’s halfway down the line. It’s a pretty busy train I assume.” Saturo said, peeping over to look at the line.

“Okay.” Mehrunes said, still holding a floating Draco. “Stahp floating away Draco.”

“Why should I?” Draco asked.

“Why shouldn't you?” Mehrunes asked back.

“Are you really about to start that conversation right now?” Draco asked.

“Uhh… yes?” Mehrunes asked.

“GET DA FRICK DOWN DRACO-BRAH.” Chill sorta shouted, but not really a shout, more like a sentence with a loud voice.

Mehrunes had tied a rope to Draco’s foot like he was a balloon.

“Now you won’t float far enough away, so we can still re-” The snake hissed again. “-alize what you’re saying…”

“Riiiight…” Draco said.

“Seriously! That snake!” Saturo said.

“What? It’s a snake. It hisses.” Mehrunes replied, calmly, as the snake hissed.

“It hisses when you’re about to say something mean!” Saturo said.

“Uhh… no it doe-” Mehrunes was saying before he’s interrupted by a hiss. “-n’t. He just hisses.”

“Nah, Meh-Brah.” Chill said, “it hisses when ya ‘bout ta say sumthin mean, I know dat kind of snake. Question is, how ya get one?”

“I know someone…” Mehrunes said, with kinda a hesitant step back. “It doesn’t matter.”

“Yes et does! TELL MEH EVERYTING!” Chill shouted.

“NO!” Mehrunes yelled back. “I don’t ha- want to tell you anything!!”

“Well too bad, brah, tell meh.” Chill said.

“No, thanks.” Mehrunes gritted his teeth, and the snake didn’t hiss.

“Come on! We wanna know, so tell us!” Saturo said.

“No, thanks.” Mehrunes said again. “I’m not into sharing, right now.” Mehrunes looked mad, but wasn't being as rude as usual.

“Well then get in the mood.” I said, “I wanna know too. Cuz snakes don’t come out of nowhere. Especially ones that hiss when you’re about to say something mean.”

“You can’t make him tell you.” Listy said. “Now you’re being mean.”

“No, we’re not. We’re not forcing anything out of him.” Saturo said to Listy, “we’re just telling him to tell us!”

“Well that’s not nice either.” Listy said. “Especially when he’s said he doesn’t want to multiple times.”

“It’s called annoyance, mah dudette.” Chill said to Listy, “and annoyance iz nice fer yer information.”

“But it’s also kinda mean.” Mehrunes said, calmly. “I don’t want to tell you. so I will not.”

“Yer da definition of mean, mah boi.” Chill replied to Mehrunes.

“Maybe.” Mehrunes shrugged. “Thus Mr. Slithers.”

“Yer not makin any sense either.” Chill said, “which is why you must tell us. I can’t be mean ta you or anythin, cuz I’m Chill, I gota stay chill.”

“I don’t wanna be uptight and mean when I don’t need to be, that’s a new aspect for me as most of you heard where I came from. So, I got this little guy from my friend so he can help me with that.” Mehrunes calmly exclaimed.

“Who’s yer friend?” Chill asked.

“That’s what I’m not telling you.” Mehrunes replied, as Mr. Slithers looked at him. “Sorry… but I won’t for… confidentiality reasons.”

“Fine den.” Chill said, “don’t tell us.”

“Thank you.” Mehrunes sighed. “Now what do we want to talk about?”

“I would like to hear about your plans.” Saturo replied.

“Me?” Mehrunes asked.

“Yeah, I wanna hear about your plans, Mehrunes.” Saturo replied.

“What plans?” Mehrunes asked. “I have a lot most of which do not app- matter to you.”

“Yeah, except I’m your friend and I wanna be your friend for a long time. Therefore, it does matter to me.” Saturo said.

“Well one of them is I need to get stronger than Edgar so I can bring him back so that I can make him not insane.” Mehrunes said. “Do you want more?”

“Yeah.” Saturo replied.

“Well I’m probably gonna try and buy the spell book and this shield I want as well.” Mehrunes said. “And at some point I need to figure out all of my abilities. Oh and I still have hundreds of sciency things to make.”

“And…?” Saturo asked.

“I’ve gotta get a nice spaceship and decorate it while still being functional, I’m gonna have to find a master to train me and there’s a couple of things that need to be done about my homeworld, I’m probably gonna train to get a dimension licence thing I-D-K how.” Mehrunes said.

“AND…?” Saturo asked.

“Those are the important ones that come to mind.” Mehrunes said.


“Important ones that I decided to tell you as well.” Mehrunes said, as the snake hissed at him.

“I was talking about Listy! What plans do you have in the future involving her!” Saturo yelled.

“That’s a spoiler.” Mehrunes smirked.

“Spoilers only apply in books, movies, and tv shows. This is none of those!” Saturo said.

“Technically spoilers can apply to real life if you can time travel or see the future.” Mehrunes replied. “Also, you probably don’t need to know that.”

“Well, still!” Saturo said, “it’s not a spoiler! So tell.”

Mr. Slithers hissed slightly at Saturo and Mehrunes, and Mehrunes looked at Mr. Slithers, then Saturo.

“Come on…!” Saturo grunted.

Mehrunes sighed. “I can’t plan for that, so I don’t have any.”

“True… Cause Listy might change her mind and fall in love with some other dude…” Saturo scratched his chin as he thought. “Though, I would totally understand why if she did that.”

Mr. Slithers hissed at Mehrunes before he even started to say something.

“Yeah, but anyway, I understand why you can’t plan for that.” Saturo said.

“Yeah, so now what?” Mehrunes asked.

“Now, Listy…” Saturo turned to Listy, “what are YOUR plans?”

You didn’t see anything.” Listy said from far away.

“No I didn’t… What were you doing?” Saturo asked suspiciously.

Nothing...” Listy said.

“Okay, well get back here and tell us your plans. All I know was that you ran away from your parents cuz they were busy. I wanna know what you plan to do in the future.” Saturo said.

No I’m good.” Listy replied.


I don’t plan things.” Listy said.

“Oh. So you don’t plan to marry Mehrunes or anything?” Saturo asked.

Listy was back on the bench, and she looked irritated that she was blushing.

“Cuz I was talking to Mehrunes, and he didn’t plan ANYTHING having to do with you in the future. So I got salty, and thought he didn’t care/like/love you.” Saturo said, “and then Mehrunes was salty when I said that I wouldn’t be surprised if you fell in love with some other dude.”

Mehrunes punched Saturo in the arm.  “The only reason you know, is because that guy said so.” Mehrunes said, Mr. Slithers hissed at him and he calmed down.

“Yeah, that guy told us after reading Listy’s mind. But, Listy answer the question.” Saturo said to Mehrunes before facing Listy. But Listy was gone.

“Dang, that shy girl.” Saturo said. “Well, we gotta move on to someone else.” Saturo looked around, before realizing Draco was still floating in the air. “AHA! Draco, what are your plans?”

Listy appeared again.

“Interesting question…” Mehrunes said. “So you’re trying to tease us. I’m gonna play a game.”

“I’m not trying to tease anyone! I just asked Draco a question! AGAIN.” Saturo said.

“Hmm… I don’t really have any plans yet.” Draco said, he was now on the ground.

“So you’re just gonna stick with us?” Saturo asked, “the whole time?”

“I-D-K depends on what happens.” Draco replied.

“Okay. That sounds good.” Saturo said, “what about you, Chill?”

“Just ta get dat rock those witches got. Then I’ll be off.” Chill replied.

“Oh right. Well, you’ll have to deal with Shock too. He can possess people.” Saturo replied, “I don’t really like that guy…”

“So Saturo, then, what are YOUR plans?” Lavender asked.

Saturo looked surprised. Someone asked him that, FINALLY.

“Uhhh…” Saturo said. “Ummm… Well… I plan to get powerful, and then… Uhh… Well…” For some reason his face was getting deep red. He was blushing! This is something new!

“You got your crush too?” Mehrunes smirked, and the snake didn’t hiss.

“No no no!” Saturo defended, waving his hands in front of himself.

“Are ya sure?” Draco asked, a bit of a smile on his face as well.

“Yes! 100%!” Saturo shouted.

“Who’s your crush Saturo?” Mehrunes mocked, and Mr. Slithers looked like he was smiling at what was going on.

“There no need to be so secretive.” Draco added.

“I told you! I have no crush!” Saturo said.

“Really? Cause your cheeks are as red as an apple, and they say otherwise.” Draco said.

“No idea what you’re talking about!” Saturo covered his cheeks with his hands.

“We’re on to him!” Mehrunes exclaimed. “Who is it? Tell us! This is YOUR turn!”

Mr. Slithers was refusing to hiss at Mehrunes for his pressuring.

“Hmm… Maybe he’s being so secretive because his crush is nearby?” Draco suggested with a smirk.

Saturo’s face became even redder, as he blushed and began to sweat.

“He does the thing with Me and Listy, as well as Draco and Uchiho. Who could it be?” Mehrunes smirked, as Mr. Slithers was taking a break and eating some popcorn.

“Well…” I smirked, joining in, “the only girls left are Draelin and Lavender… Hmmm…”

Saturo looked completely terrified.

“Who do we think guys? Draelin or Lavender?” Listy said, also joining.

“Can’t be Draelin, so…” I said.

“Look at that Lavender you’ve got a not-so-secret admirer.” Mehrunes almost laughed. “Good to know we can return the favor.”

“Wait a minute, where is Lavender?” I asked, realizing Lavender wasn’t here the WHOLE time.

“She wentz to check on her sister before you dudes started chatting about Saturo having a crush on her.” Chill said.

“Oh good. She still doesn’t know.” Draco said with a smirk.

“DON’T TELL HER!” Saturo said, getting onto his knees, “I BEG YOU!”

“What’ll you do?” Mehrunes asked,  as Mr. Slithers was near Saturos feet flicking his tongue. “What will you give?”

“I dunno yet! Just don’t tell her!” Saturo begged, “I beg you!”

“Hmm… seems okay to me.” Mehrunes said. “An infinite amount of favors for this secret is good enough for me.”

“As long as you don’t tell her!” Saturo was still on his knees.

“Mmmmmm… okay.” Mehrunes replied. “We won’t. For now.”

Saturo got up and hugged Mehrunes. “THANK YOU.”

Mehrunes looked over awkwardly while hugging back. “Yeah it’s okay.”

Saturo’s face became less ‘red’. “Good, she must not know.”

“How long have you been hiding this?” I asked.

“Ever since we met her at our school…” Saturo replied.

“Oh.” I said, “dude. Wow though.”

Then, Azalea came back with the train tickets.

“Alright, I got the tickets! Everyone take your tickets!” Azalea said, handing everyone a ticket, but handing Draco three.

“Why did you give Dra- oh right, Fireball and Zephyr.” Mehrunes said, picking up Mr. Slithers.

“Hey guys. Get up.” Draco said to the sleeping dragon and cat as well as snapping his fingers.

Zephyr snorted before getting up. Fireball was still asleep on Zephyr’s back, but it was okay since Zephyr could move.

“Alright, now let’s go.” Azalea said.



-----| Chapter 7 |-----



Phew. That was terrible. SO TERRIBLE. I’ve never been embarrassed that much in my ENTIRE LIFE. Not even as embarrassed when John Ceno pulled down my pants in front of the school that one time! THIS WAS WORSE.

I was now sitting next to Ich on the train. Behind me was Uchiho and Draelin, and across from them is Draco, Fireball and Zephyr. Across from us was Mehrunes and Listy, and in front of us sat Lavender with Azalea. Across from them was Chill, sitting next to a stranger who was looking out the window.

The train had already began moving and was heading to the other city.

“Hey Saturo.” Mehrunes said, quite enough so I could barely hear him. “Now I know two.”

“What?” I asked, confused.

“Two secrets.” Mehrunes said really quietly again, no one else commented on it though.

“What other secret?” I leaned over (Ich was on the inside, and Listy was on the inside too).

Mehrunes smirked, and simply said. “Chips.”

“Oh, that’s not really a secret.” I replied. “It was. But not anymore.”

“So Ich knows?” Mehrunes asked.

“Yeah, Corpse kind of said it when he wanted me to come along with him.” I replied.

“Eh.” Mehrunes said. “Hey, who do you think Azalea's boyfriend is?”

“Ah. I don’t really know, some guy I don’t know probably. Lavender does, because it’s her brother in law.” I replied.

“The way her eyes widened when I said it was Nushot, makes me think it’s someone that we don’t although it’s probably not Nushot, that would be silly… No it’s probably someone who knows Nushot well, so still… ye I-D-K.” Mehrunes said, stopping trying to logic. “It’s hard.”

“Yeah…” I agreed. “It is hard.”

“Who do you think Ich likes?” Mehrunes asked. “You’re good at that.”

“Ich…? Umm, I don’t think he has any type of romance or whatever. He doesn’t, or never has, liked a girl.” I replied.

“Huh. You gotta find that soon.” Mehrunes smirked. “Is the snake doing it’s job well? I thought I’d ask you, cause you’re one of the people who said I was uptight.”

“Yeah, you’re getting nicer. I would just advise you also be nice to an enemy as well.” I said.

“What?” Mehrunes asked.

“Because you are rude to the enemy. And we don’t want that, because you could anger them and they’d get more powerful, or just beat us up.” I replied.

Mehrunes was about to say something, but Mr. Slithers nudged him.

“I guess you’re right.” Mehrunes said.

“Yeah, the butler at Elec’s mansion told me that. You should treat your enemies like your friends, or something like that. He said it helps your enemy respect you, and possibly not try to kill you if they are trying to do that.” I added.

“I see your point.” Mehrunes said. “Speaking of enemies, we haven’t seen one in a while.”

“Yeah, we haven’t… Except for that one guy and the spider earlier…” I said.

“Yeah and he didn’t really fight us either.” Mehrunes said. “I have a bad feeling about the eerie quietness of our opponents.”

“…” I thought about what Mehrunes said for awhile.

“Yeah… it’s bad.” Mehrunes said. “Somethings gonna happen soon.”

“I did have a feeling about that.” We heard Draco say as he suddenly joined the conversation.

“How did you hear this?” Mehrunes asked. “Oh well, maybe we should include everybody anyway.”

“I don’t think anyone else is really interested.” I said, “Ich’s looking out the window, Azalea’s having a conversation with Lavender, and Chill’s busy. Listy could join.”

“Join… what?” Listy asked. “Your conversation?”

“Yes, about how something bad is probably gonna happen.” Mehrunes said. “Cause nothing has for awhile.”

“Oh wow.” Listy said. “Yeah I guess you're right.”

“Yeah… I wonder what will happen…” I said, turning to face Draco who was seated behind Mehrunes, “what do you think, Draco?”

“Not quite sure, could be anything for all I know.” Draco replied.

“Think someone else is gonna go after you? Cuz I think Folly’s no longer your enemy.” I said.

“Maybe? Who knows what’s gonna happen.” Draco replied.

“Hmmm…” I thought.

“Maybe someone gonna try and get you.” Mehrunes said to me.

“Hmm, maybe. Shock is already on the list.” I replied. “Cuz I kind of replaced him, and stopped his plans…”

“Seems familiar.” Mehrunes said.

“How so?” I asked.

“Less so on the plan part, but Gaggar and Tenker.” Mehrunes said.

“Oooooooh, those guys… I forgot about them…” I replied.

“I got to bounty hunt for one.” Mehrunes said.

“Huh, cool. Which one? And how did they act?” I asked.

“Gaggar I’m pretty sure.” Mehrunes said. “He was mature, acted like an adult.”

“Probably because he is one now.” I replied, “well I met Tenker. He’s the one who took us off Hindro in the first place. He has a beard now.”

“Cool.” Mehrunes said. “I wish something interesting would happen, this is boring.”

“Yeah, I agree. I kind of want some action.” I said, “if someone were to write a book about my life, I would want a lot of action in it.”

“Too bad that thing isn’t happening.” Mehrunes said.

“Yeah.” I replied.

“Why would that be a good thing?” Listy asked.

“Cause this is boring.” Mehrunes replied.

“Yeah this is sorta boring.” I added.

“Why did we go on a train instead of Glitter or Zephyr?” Mehrunes asked.

“Because they don’t know the way to Nushot.” I answered.

“Fair enough.” Mehrunes said. “Oh by the way, remember that book I liked? Yeah I want it back.”

“What book?” I asked.

“The elemental book thing.” Mehrunes replied.

“Wasn’t that destroyed?” I asked. “By that guy, Dakres?”

“Yeah I think so, thus why I want it.” Mehrunes said.

“Well, then it’s destroyed. I don’t think we can get it.” I said.

“I’ve gotten one from a Dream Realm in the Dream World.” Mehrunes replied.

“Oh. You did… Well, I don’t remember you giving it to me… OH WAIT. I KNOW NOW. Yeah, that book… It was used to find the artifacts to summon Elec. I think the book is still with that other guy, Ungu.” I said.

“I’m pretty sure it got destroyed, but I can try that.” Mehrunes said. “This is still boring.”

“Yeah, you’ve said that already.” I replied.

“I know. Because it is.” Mehrunes said. “Any time it’ll happen. I hope.”

“Wait, any time what will happen?” I asked.

“Something interesting.” Mehrunes replied. “I dunno what.”

“Me neither. This is boring.” I said.

“Mr. Slithers is happy though.” Mehrunes said, pointing at him sliding around all over the seat.

“Yeah. And I still wonder who gave him to you.” I replied.

“Do you like snakes or not?” Mehrunes asked.

“I don’t hate them.” I replied.

Mr. Slithers looked at me.

“Yeah but do you like them?” Mehrunes asked.

“Eh. It depends.” I said. “I don’t like the ones that bite and infect you. I don’t like ones that are dangerous, basically.”

“Makes sense.” Mehrunes replied. “So you like Mr. Slithers?”

“Sorta.” I said, looking at the small snake.

Mr. Slithers stared back.

“That’s good.” Mehrunes said.

“I guess.” I replied.

“Why did you suddenly break?” Mehrunes said quieter, so Lavender couldn't hear.

“What?” I asked.

“When asked about your plans.” Mehrunes said, motioning at Lavender.

“Ummm…” I said, “I don’t know.”

“I just thought I should ask.” Mehrunes said. “Hey, have you ever had a pet?”

“No. Not really.” I replied.

“You’re missing out.” Mehrunes said, motioning towards Mr. Slithers. “Their great.”

“I have Glitter.” I smirked.

“But he’s not really a pet.” Mehrunes said.  “He can fend for himself, feed himself. He’s a high sentient creature. There’s an indescribable difference between something you have to care for opposed to something does it itself.”

“If that’s the case then I only have one pet.” Draco said.

“And which one is that?” Mehrunes smirked.

“Fireball. Duh.” Draco said.

“Then what is Zephyr?” I asked Draco.

“He’s more like a friend then a pet, that and he never really needed me to do things for him, he CAN get his own food or water etc.” Draco replied.

“Oh.” I said.

“Yeah, so you’re missing out.” Mehrunes said. “Pets v.s. Friends that aren’t human. It’s an interesting concept.”

“Yeah, I guess.” I replied.

“Wait, did you ask me and, after I said no, Listy to buy dinner because you didn’t bring any money?” Mehrunes asked.

“Yeah, and she bought us.” I replied.

“Yeah, I know. But why didn’t you grab your money?” Mehrunes said. “I’m gonna guess that Draco brought his money, and that’s about it.”

“I’m not used to bringing my wallet with me.” I said, “I always forget, because, well, I forget I even have my own money.”

“Well then why not go back and get it?” Mehrunes asked.

“Well, after we get Nushot, we’re going back.” I replied.

“You are?” Mehrunes asked. “So you’re not gonna train you’re gonna go home?”

“We train AT home so…” I replied.

“Oh.” Mehrunes said. “I guess I meant Hindro.”

“Oh, I don’t think I’m ever going back there.” I said, “it’s boring there, and there’s this president who’s against Ultimates. He keeps saying they’re not real.”

“Seems like a weekend project to me.” Mehrunes smirked.

“Yeah, also, what are you gonna call you and Listy? Mehsty? Listrunes?” I asked, changing the topic.

Mehrunes looked at Listy, who was no longer paying attention, just looking out the window.

“I think it’s gonna be the second one.” Mehrunes said, really quietly again. “Why?”

“I dunno.” I replied, “why not? Aren’t you like, a ‘thing’ now?”

“Were you eavesdropping when we had to sleep on this planet?” Mehrunes asked. “Because you really know more than you should. But I suppose so do I so nevermind.”

Mr. Slithers had looked at him warningly while he was talking.

“No, I was asleep… Wait, you had a conversation in the night?” I asked.

“Indeed.” Mehrunes said. “So what things can Glitter do? He seems really good at everything.”

“He can shrink or grow into any size… And he can shapeshift to any animal… And he uses electricity. That’s all I know he can do.” I replied.

“Uh huh.” Mehrunes said.

“Yeah, he’s an Ancient Creature… I have no idea how old he is, but probably very old.” I added.

“He’s probably as old as the planet he comes from.” Mehrunes said. “Somewhere around there, at least.”

“I think he comes from the Electric Planet, because he has electric powers.” I said, “but how old is the Electric Planet?”

“I dunno.” Mehrunes said, looking in a massive book. “It doesn’t say in the history book…”

“I’ll have to ask Elec… He’s an Elemental Master, so he knows a lot of things that we don’t…” I said.

“Yeah.” Mehrunes said, the book gone. “Do you think we’re allowed to eat on this train?”

“Um, no. It says no food or drink, right above us, right next to where it says no smoking.” I said, pointing at the air conditioner and light switch above us.

“Oh. Wait why is there a light switch?” Mehrunes asked.

“When it night, so people can read and stuff.” I replied, “have you ever been on an airplane? On Hindro we didn’t have spaceships or any of those cool technologies. The closest thing to a spaceship is an airplane, which can’t go past the atmosphere.”

“Yeah I know.” Mehrunes said. “Why did you leave Hindro, again?”

“When? The first time or the second?” I asked.

“Both.” Mehrunes replied.

“The first time was to explore, and because we didn’t really think we’d be gone that long… The second time was to escape the president's army…” I explained.

“Why would you have to escape his army?” Mehrunes asked.

“So we don’t get exposed.” I replied. “We didn’t want to be caught. Because who knows what the president would do to us…”

“But you’re also Ultimates. Dawn a mask and some cloth you’ll never wear again and you’d be able to expose the president instead.” Mehrunes said.

“Yeah, except we didn’t want to get into any trouble. Everyone on Hindro would hate us, and we’d be living on the run.” I said.

“Thus the mask.” Mehrunes replied.

“I dunno…” I replied.

“Me neither. It’s my thought process, I’d do that if I were you, but I’m not so I probably won’t.” Mehrunes said. “It’s fine to not do it, it is a risky move but if you’re never gonna go back, there’s no reason not to.”

“You’ve been through different things than I have. I grew up with a normal life. Leaving Hindro changed everything.” I said.

“Yeah. Did you even know you had powers before you left?” Mehrunes asked.

“I don’t think I even had powers before I found my Ultimate Crystal.” I replied, “yeah, I didn’t… But Ich… Maybe he did, because his dad’s the Master of Wind.”

“What was school like?” Mehrunes asked.

“Boring.” I replied, “and John Ceno used to bully us.”

“How boring? Sitting in a corner doing nothing boring, or mattress salesmen boring?” Mehrunes asked.

“Well, we just learned stuff. Boring stuff. Like Math, English, History, and that stuff.” I replied.

“Probably they taught you that stuff to distract from other planets in their galaxy.” Mehrunes said. “Cause your president is corrupt.”

“It was weird… Because everything was normal before… When the president got elected, everything changed… Because with the astronomy we knew, we knew about the other planets but we didn’t travel because we didn’t have the technology to. Hindro is low on supplies.” I said.

“Uh huh. Where do you think Lavender came from, then. Transfer from a different school or something?” Mehrunes asked.

“I honestly have no idea… She knew about Ultimates though, the other kids didn’t. I guess she came from another planet then.” I answered.

“Do you think at some point we should do something about Lagi and Ivory?” Mehrunes asked. “I feel kinda bad.”

“I don’t know. Whatever happened to them, we can’t do anything.” I said.

“Fair enough.” Mehrunes said. “I’m running out of conversation. Why is this taking so long?”

“Maybe because the city we’re going to is far away.” I replied.

“I thought this was supposed to be faster.” Mehrunes said. “I really wish something interesting would happen.”

“Well, it looks like the train is slowing down… I think we arrived.” I said.

“Finally.” Mehrunes said. “This was an interesting ride.”


“Alright, let’s double check… Is everyone here?” Azalea said.

“Let’s see, there’s Saturo, Lavender, Draco, Chill, Mehrunes, Listy, Draelin, Uchiho, Fireball and Zephyr…” I said, counting, “yeah. Everyones here.”

“Mr. Slithers is here too.” Listy said, pointing at Mehrunes neck where Mr. Slithers was.

“Anyway… now what?” Mehrunes asked.

“Don’t know. What should we do now?” Draco asked.

“Obviously find Nushot. It’s what we came here TO do.” Saturo said.

“I mean which way should we go?” Draco said back.

“We follow Azalea. She’s already walking.” Saturo said, as he walked forth to follow Azalea. “Duh.”

“You didn’t have to say ‘Duh’ you know.” Draco said. As he also started walking.

“Why not?” Saturo smirked, as we all began walking through the city.

“Because it’s unnecessarily rude.” Draco said back.

“How so?” Saturo asked.

“Because it’s implying that you think I’m too dumb to notice something.” Draco said back.

“Well it’s true though, Azalea knows the way, so it’s obvious that we follow her.” Saturo said, “you should have noticed that.”

“And now you're talking like how Mehrunes used to. Great.” Draco said back.

“It is true though.” Mehrunes said, as Mr. Slithers hissed a little.

“Yeah, it is true.” I added.

“Oh well thanks for hammering in the point that I’m stupid even more.” Draco said spitefully.

“No prob, Draco-Brah.” said Chill. “Anytime. Anytime.”

Draco was just quiet now.

“I shaid.” Chill said, elbowing Draco playfully, “anytime. Come on…”

Draco was still quiet, trying to ignore Chill.

“Sheesh, stop ignoring Chill, Draco.” Mehrunes said.

Draco was still quiet, clearly irritated.

“Nudge, nudge.” Chill said, elbowing Draco playfully.

Draco was still quiet but he looked considerably madder then before.

“Double nudge, nudge.” Chill continued elbowing Draco playfully as we walked through the city, following Azalea.

“I think you should stop now.” Fireball said from ontop of Zephyr’s head.

“Nudge, nudge, nudge.” Chill ignored Fireball.

Now Draco looked as if his veins raged with fury, he was so mad, that his Draco Eye had activated because of it! But he was still quiet, somehow…

“Guys! Quit, people are staring.” Mehrunes said.

“Okay, I’ll stop. Nudge nudge nudge nudge.” Chill elbowed Draco.

Mr. Slithers looked at Chill and flicked his tongue.

“Okay, I’ll listen to you Mr. Slithers.” Chill said, before elbowing Draco again, “quadruple nudge, nudge, nudge, nudge, nudge.”

Draco looked so mad that he was gonna explode!

“Yer temperatures raising, careful.” Chill said, before freezing Draco into solid ice.

Only a few seconds later we could hear a ‘Tsssssssss…’ sound come from the frozen Draco. Chill then added another layer of ice, colder ice, to Draco.

“You know. You probably wouldn’t of had to freeze him if you had just stopped nudging him.” Fireball said.

Mehrunes hit Draco’s icy form with a pickaxe multiple times until the pickaxe broke. He then used a flamethrower and after he stopped it revealed Draco, on fire.

But Draco, while very frantic since he was on fire, was still quiet somehow…

“Draco you gotta say stuff.” Mehrunes said.

“Stuff is wanted. Especially stupid comments, from da one an’ only, Draco-Brah.” Chill added, before removing the fire on Draco.

“So you only want him to talk so you can make fun of him. You guys are great friends.” Fireball said.

“Not make fun, cat, it’s what we wanna hear. Dem comments from Draco-Brah.” Chill said, pointing his finger at Fireball.

“So you're saying you're not gonna make fun of something he says? Right....” Fireball said, a suspicious look on his face.

“‘Make fun’ iz da wrong word, cat.” Chill said, “da right word iz ‘react’ ta what he says. Ya know nuthin, cuz yer a cat. Ya never really speak wit others.”

“Well are you gonna react nicely?” Fireball asked.

“All my reactions are chill. Not nicely nor meanly, cat. Why do you tink mah name be Chill? Cuz I be chill.” Chill replied to Fireball.

“I thought it was because your parents named you that.” Fireball said.

“It be both.” Chill replied. “Now, Draco-Brah, you gotta speak up.”

“What if he doesn’t want to talk?” Fireball asked.

“He would eventually.” Chill replied. “We just outta keep bugging him.”

“Why do you want him to talk anyway?” Fireball asked.

“Because he keeps us busy. All we doin’ right now is following dat woman through dis city. Boring.” Chill replied.

“And how exactly does Draco talking mean you won’t be bored?” Fireball asked.

“I-D-K. Ask em.” Chill replied.

“Okay.” Fireball said as he walked down onto Draco shoulder and whispered into his ear.

Draco then whispered back before Fireball turned to Chill.

“He said I-D-K as well.” Fireball replied.

“Exactoly.” Chill said. “So, speak Draco-Brah. Start a conversation.”

Draco then whispered into Fireballs ear.

“He said he doesn’t want to talk.” Fireball said.

“Why-zzz?” Chill asked.

Draco then whispered into Fireballs ear again.

“He said because he wants to be quiet for once.” Fireball said.

“K, Meh-Brah you start sumthin.” Chill said to Mehrunes.

“Why doesn’t Draco suck it up, swallow his grudge and talk.” Mehrunes said, as we passed more buildings.

“He’s afraid.” Saturo said back to Mehrunes.

“It wasn't a question, it was a statement.” Mehrunes said. “Draco, suck it up and talk.”

Draco then pulled out a piece of paper and wrote something on it before showing it to Mehrunes, in big bold red letters it read: ‘NO.

“You will talk or I will make you.” Mehrunes said, rather calm.

“Mr. Slithers didn’t say anything about it… So…” Saturo said, exchanging looks with Mehrunes.

Draco then added a red ‘still’ above the no before showing it.

Mehrunes cracked his knuckles threateningly, and Mr. Slithers gave Draco and Mehrunes a disapproving look.

Draco then added another word to the sign now it read: ‘Still no bruh.’

Mehrunes then flat out punched Draco in the face.

“You’re gonna talk.” Mehrunes said, looking at Mr. Slithers then Draco. “Sound good?”

Draco then flipped the sign and wrote another word. It read: ‘Nah.’ Chill was just smiling as he watched the two of them.

“So we’re gonna do this the hard way?” Mehrunes asked, looking around. “Hmph. Give or take a few minutes to leave the city, it’s on.”

Draco then somehow erased the words on the sign before writing something else.  ‘Never knew there was a soft way but sure, you're on.’

“Hey, Lavender, Azalea. How far are we gonna go?” Saturo asked.

“Not too far, but… I’ll be right back.” Azalea said, before she entered a big apartment complex of some sort.

“Okay, that gives you time to do the ‘hard’ way.” Saturo said to Mehrunes.

“Alrighty.” Mehrunes said. “We gotta go out of city limits. Come on, Draco.”

Draco then wrote more on the other side of the sign. ‘Right.’

“No, we gotta go left to leave.” Mehrunes smirked.

Draco then erased the words before writing something else. ‘Well aren’t you a smart aleck?’

“It’s called a joke.” Mehrunes replied, from a few feet away. “Hurry up or you’ll lose the ability to.”

“Hey, what’s that over there?” I then asked, pointing to big building in front of us.

“Don’t know.” Mehrunes said. “I don’t think I want to either.”

Draco then wrote down some more words. ‘Looks important though. Thats for sure.’

“It looks like a coliseum.” I said, “I wonder what it’s for.”

‘Probably for fighting.’ Draco wrote. ‘I know, big shocker.’

“Et iz.” Chill said, “and according to dat sign dat man just put up, volunteers needed fer da next fight. I say Meh-Brah and Draco-Brah should go.”

“I say I don’t wanna put a personal-type fight in a public area.” Mehrunes replied.

“Too bad.” Chill said, pushing the two of them towards the building, where the man who put the sign looked over at them, “aye yo! Dude! Dese guys wanna join in!”

“I hate you.” Mehrunes said, and Mr. Slithers hisses at him.

Draco then wrote on the sign. ‘I think he’s pretty cool tho.’

Next to the sentence was a stick figure doing the ‘ba dum tss’ sound on drums. Mehrunes grabbed the sign, and broke in in half. Draco then took a half of it and wrote a sad face with tears on it. Mehrunes grabbed the half of the sign and threw it up, so high it was gone.

“What.” The man in front of them said after seeing what they were doing.

“Ya, dey be weird. But dey can fight.” Chill said to the man, “canz we all come in and watch?”

“Yes, you may.” The man replied.

“Cool beans.” Chill said, “Ich, Saturo and I’ll come in ta watch.”

“What about Lavender?” I asked.

“I’m waiting outside for my sister. You can go.” Lavender said. “Uchiho and Draelin will stay with me.”

“Chill, naw, less go.” Chill said.

“Follow me inside.” The man said.

They walked inside the building. Inside, there was a glass wall, and past the glass wall an arena. The man stopped at a door and turned around.

“I’m not happy.” Mehrunes said.

‘Well that stinks for you.’ Draco wrote, somehow having a new sign.

“You will enter from here.” The man pointed at Draco, “are the dragon and cat your weapons or something? You can take them to the fight. It’s not against the rules.”

“Weapons are allowed?” Mehrunes asked.

“Only inside the arena.” The man replied. “Alright, kid! Enter the arena! The other kid’ll enter afterwards, from the other side.” The man was talking to Draco.

‘Okie-dokie!’ Draco wrote before turning to me. ‘Here, hold this for me.’ He handed me the sign before going out the door and into the arena. Zephyr and Fireball followed, probably wanting to be ‘weapons’.

“What, he can’t talk? Does he not have teeth or a tongue?” The man asked the rest of us.

“He’s not talking because he holds a grudge way longer for terrible reasons.” Mehrunes said.

“It better be against you! Go on to the other side, and enter. And, if you want, I can turn on sound if you want the spectators to hear what you’re saying.” The man said to Mehrunes.

“I sure don’t care, ask said spectators.” Mehrunes said, before sprinting at an insane speed to the other side of the arena.

“Okay, you three go take a seat in the bleachers with the other guys.” The man said to us, before he then got onto a chair next to the door Draco was sitting in. The chair rose and went through the glass into the arena. I saw that the chair was then inside a bowl of some sort, and it had lots of levers and buttons. “Go, what are you waiting for?”
Chill began walking towards the bleachers, and took a seat. There were other people, some guy with black robes and two tall guys with tank tops.

Chill casually sat down next to them, and so did Saturo and I.

“Wassup.” One of the tall guys said.

“Dope.” Chill replied. “Dose guys in dere fightin’ aren’t too interestin’. But, I-D-K we gona see.”

“Sounds fine.” The other tall guy said.

“Ladies and Gentlemen!” the man from before said in the microphone as the bowl he was in flew above the arena, “welcome! Today we have a round with these two kiddos down there! I dunno their names, but whatever! That doesn’t matter! Are they ready to fight?!”

“I-D-K.” Chill said.

“ARE YOU READY TO FIGHT?!” The man yelled down at Mehrunes and Draco.

“Sure.” Mehrunes said, and his voice was projected out and we could hear him.

“3…! 2…! 1…! FIGHT.” The man exclaimed.

“They better be something.” one of the tall guys said, “otherwise I’m wasting my time here.”

I looked down at them, and they were just facing each other.

“You’re boring.” Mehrunes said, as he started running at Draco in a zigzag pattern.

Draco then shrugged before he started watching Mehrunes’s movements closely.

“Who’s the short kid with messy brown hair?” One of the tall guys asked.

“Draco. He’s not the best fighter, but can fight.” Saturo answered him.

“Well, tell em to do something, he’s just standing there.” The tall guy said, “the other guy’s right. This ‘Draco’ is boring.”

“The audience wants you to do something, black jacket kid!” The man in the bowl said as it flew around.

Draco nodded before he made his gauntlets appear. He appeared behind Mehrunes and kicked him.

“PHHHT!” Mehrunes said in surprise, as he jumped into the air and exploding into purple stars.

“Sick.” said the tall guy.

Mehrunes landed onto the ground as the stars blew up on Draco behind him. As the dust cleared everyone could see that Draco had blocked the explosion using his wings as gauntlets.

“This would be more interesting if you actually talked.” Mehrunes said, “nobody likes silent.”

“Agreed, actually.” The tall guy said.

“The muted one looks cooler, but the other one fights cooler.” The other tall guy added.

Mehrunes cloned himself, as there were now two of him. One Mehrunes charged Draco while the other started throwing bombs, both were smirking.

Draco looked very calm before looking at Zephyr and Fireball, who had been watching so far from the wall of the arena before gesturing them to go up.

“So now you’re using your cat and dragon to do your job?” One Mehrunes said, looking disappointed.

“Maybe you should be quiet more.” Fireball said from above them as Draco then quickly hit both Mehrunes’s, knocking them into the ground. They both disappeared and another appeared a few feet away, unharmed.

“Maybe you should not tell me what to do.” Mehrunes said, cloning himself so there were three of him. “Cause that’s not cool.”

“Okay, but don’t say I didn’t warn ya.” Fireball said before suddenly two of the Mehrunes were stabbed in the chest by what looked like giant bladed feathers. “B-T-W Draco learned how to launch the feathers on his wings.”

“Cool.” All three Mehrunes said, the two that were stabbed simply pulling them out, before they all took out identical katanas and charging with lack of pattern.

Draco then smirked before he took two more feathers of his wings of but instead of launching them, he held them in his hands and he faced the Mehrunes’s.

“Sword fight huh?” Mehrunes asked, two of him disappearing as another katana appeared in his hand. “Bring it.”

Then, Mehrunes started to glow with a green aura surrounding him. Draco smirked as a similar turquoise aura surrounded him.

Mehrunes did a front flip into Draco, kicking him into the ground. He then slashed Draco in an X form on his chest, causing him to bleed profusely. He then flipped backwards and showed off by throwing a katana in the middle of the X.

“Wow, this guy is pretty good actually.” One of the tall guys said.

Draco was still calm however as he then simply pulled the katana out before stabbing it deep into the ground.

“Honestly, the other guy is pretty lame.” the tall guy said.

“Draco you’re doing nothing cool.” Mehrunes said, as he slashed Draco multiple times all over, moving at an insanely fast speed.

Then all of a sudden, Draco caught Mehrunes’s swords with his gauntlets, stopping his movement.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s cool Meh. It matters if it’s effective.” Fireball said from above.

Draco then stabbed him multiple times with his wings, causing him to bleed profusely as well. Mehrunes coughed, as he ripped his swords out of Draco’s grasp before he took the handles of the katanas and attached them together, making them double bladed. After that, Mehrunes jumped over Draco’s head and slashed him twice.

But Draco used his wings to block the attacks. This caused a force that knocked both of them away from each other.

“Yaknow. You’re boring me. And your cat and Dragon aren’t doing anything.” Mehrunes said to Draco who was across the area.

“Don’t know what you mean.” Fireball then said, showing that during the battle Zephyr had been charging up a big blast of plasma and electricity. “We were just biding our time.”

Then Zephyr shot the blast at Draco who then absorbed its energy, causing him to glow bright cyan and become more powerful.

“Still the same… He looks cool, but is lame.” The tall guy commented.

Mehrunes smirked, then snapped his fingers. A gold and blue dragon appeared next to him, roughly the size of Zephyr.

Zephyr growled at the dragon like as if they were mortal enemies. The dragon growled back in a similar fashion, looking angrily at Zephyr.

“Now it’s slightly more even.” Mehrunes said. “Like it wasn't in the first place…”

“Well you’ve definitely made Zeph mad, thats for sure. What kind of Dragon is that anyway?” Fireball asked.

“Yaknow I’m not entirely sure.” Mehrunes said, cloning himself twice, neither of them had an aura. “Slipped my mind.”

Zephyr and the other dragon were still growling at each other.

“Well looks like whatever kind of dragon it is, it’s one Zeph really doesn’t like.” Fireball said as Zephyr looked much more ferocious and deadly than usual.

“Still not three on three so…” Mehrunes cut off.

Mehrunes snapped his fingers and a creature that looked like a cat appeared.

“Shall we?” Mehrunes asked, as both of him walked forward.

Draco smirked a he cracked his knuckles and his Draco Eye activated.

“We shall.” Fireball said as the two groups faced each other.



-----| Chapter 8 |-----



The sound of the waves echoed. Lagi and Ivory were lying down next to the beach, asleep. An old man with a white beard and a bald head walked towards them. He poked their feet with his staff, waking them up.

“What?” Lagi yawned.

The man said nothing, he only poked Ivory with his staff.

“I’m awake.” Ivory yawned. “Who was poking me?”

The old man looked at them both.

Ivory saw the old man and stood up. “Why did you wake me up?” Ivory growled. “And why am I not…”

“Wait… I thought I was on a hill.” Lagi muttered.

“Mm, indeed.” the old man said, clenching his staff.

“So, why am I on a beach?” Lagi asked.

“That is a very interesting question, child.” The old man answered, “you must find the answer yourself.”

“Then why are you here?” Lagi asked.

“That is yet another question you shall answer yourself.” The old man answered.

“Cryptic. I don’t do that well.” Lagi sighed.

“Wait. Really. Why am I not dead? And why are you with me?” Ivory asked.

“I think we need to find the answers.” Lagi said.

Ivory just sighed. “You really trust this random man that comes out of nowhere, don’t you?”

“Yep.” Lagi said. “Now, where should we look to find the answers Mr. old man?”

The old man tapped his chest with his hand. “Within.” He said.

“That makes no sense. We’re supposed to look inside of us to figure out why we’re on a beach?” Ivory asked.

“Knowledge is power.” The old man said. “Power is knowledge.”

“So. You aren’t going to be much help I see.” Ivory sighed. “Honestly, I only see one solution. This is some sort of dream. I was never killed, and Lagi is somehow here as well.”

“But I felt you die. And anyways, we should try looking inside now. And in books, because books give you knowledge and knowledge is power.” Lagi said.

“Don’t care. I just need to find a way to wake up.” Ivory growled as she started to pace.

The old man walked the opposite direction, towards a boat at the shore.

“Are you gonna take us somewhere on your boat?” Lagi asked.

“No.” the old man smiled, “but if you would like to come along with me to the other island, you may.”

“Sure.” Lagi said. “Come on Ivory!”

“Fine.” Ivory sighed as she followed Lagi to the boat.

The old man began pushing the boat towards the water, but the boat didn’t move. The old man pushed, trying to get the boat moving, however, it didn’t move.

“Here, let me help.” Lagi said. He turned into a Lagiacrus and pushed the boat with his head.

The boat made it into the water, and the old man jumped onto it. Lagi turned back and jumped into the boat. Ivory sighed as she got in as well.

The old man put the sail on, and took his paddle and began paddling. The boat moved away from the shore, and was heading farther into the sea.

“Hmmm…” The old man said as he paddled. “You’re the ungrateful one.”

“What did you say?” Ivory asked.

“Ungrateful.” The old man repeated.

“How so?” Ivory growled.

“Look at yourself.” The old man said.

“How do I look ungrateful?” Ivory growled.

“Ask yourself.” The old man said, “look on the inside.”

“Great. A dream that is trying to recreate what just happened to me.” Ivory sighed.

“And what just happened to you?” Lagi asked.

“Too long of a story to tell.” Ivory said.

“Oh…” Lagi sighed.

“What makes the difference of a dream, and the real world?” The old man asked as he paddled.

“Well, if this were the real world, I would be dead. This is something I don’t want to think about. I just want to wake up.” Ivory growled.

“Vision without execution is hallucination.” said the old man.

“I’m done with this.” Ivory sighed as she dove out of the boat and went underwater.

“Education. Learning. You must learn to understand how things work. Otherwise you cannot live, you cannot survive in this galaxy.” said the old man to Lagi, “your friend is ungrateful of what she has. You can see how she is always sighing, growling. Never grateful.”

“I understand.” Lagi said.

“Yes. No matter what may happen, there is always hope. Always.” said the old man.

“Always.” Lagi repeated.

“Indeed. Your friend needs help. Are you close to her?” The old man asked.

“Somewhat.” Lagi said. “I’m not sure.”

“If you are willing to, you should help her. Or she’ll perish.” The old man said, “she’ll be lost and not knowing what to do.”

“I’ll do whatever it takes to keep her alive. She is the last female of our race…” Lagi said.

“Living alone isn’t enough. You must appreciate what you have. Be grateful. Otherwise you’re living in sadness. No one wants to live a sad life.” The old man said.

“Trust me, she can change. I’ll help her. She won’t live a sad life. I’ll try and help anyone who is.” Lagi said.

“Very well. Now, what is it you seek?” The old man asked.

Lagi thought for a little bit. “I’m wondering where we are? Like, the real world, or the dream world, or some sort of afterlife, or something like that.” Lagi asked.

“Aha.” The old man replied, “we are somewhere, somewhere real. If it feels real, then it is.”

“Then, we’re in the real world? Because this place feels plenty real.” Lagi said.

“We are in reality. Reality for I. It may not be reality for you.” The old man replied.

“Well, wherever we may be, I’m sure there will be a way back to my friends. If they remember us… we haven’t seen them for so long.” Lagi sighed as he looked down.

“True friends remember.” The old man said, “if whoever are your friends are truly your friends, they will remember you.”

“Well then, they should remember me.” Lagi said.

“If you are certain they are your friends.” said the old man.

“And I am.” Lagi said.

“Very well then… if that is so, then they may remember you. What is it that you also seek?” The old man asked.

Lagi thought a bit more. “Well… do you have a home anywhere around here? I get the feeling I might be here for a while.” Lagi asked.

“This whole place is my home, young one.” The old man said, “I travel all over this place!”

“Oh. Well then, could I travel with you?” Lagi asked.

“Yes, you may.” The old man replied.

“Okay!” Lagi exclaimed.

“What about your friend? You should bring her back up here. She does not want to face the sea monster's down there.” The old man said.

“I should. Even though she is a sea monster herself.” Lagi said. He dove into the water. Lagi swam around until he found Ivory swimming under the boat. “Ivory. You should come up. There are sea monsters down here.” Lagi said.

“Yeah. I know. I saw a few.” Ivory sighed. “But no. I'm not going anywhere with someone who speaks in life lessons.”

“Then why are you following him?” Lagi asked.

“I'm just following you.” Ivory said.

“Oh. Well, still. Come up.” Lagi said.

“Maybe. I'll think about it.” Ivory said.

“Oh… well, come up if you're ready. Also, if you need help with anything, I'll be here.” Lagi said as he swam up into the boat.

He saw the old man, still paddling. “We are almost there.”

“Okay. She said she'll come up soon.” Lagi said.

“Mmmm… I didn't quite catch your name, young one.” The old man said.

“Oh! Sorry. My name is Lagi.” Lagi explained.

“And what of the ungrateful girl?” The old man asked.

“Her name is Ivory.” Lagi explained.

“I see.” The old man said. “I am known around here as the wise old man.”

“It suits you.” Lagi said. “In a very literal way.”

“Indeed it does.” The wise old man smiled. In the distance they spotted an island, with a large mountain in the middle of it. “We are near.”

“Woah. That place looks cool.” Lagi said as he stared in awe.

“That is a safe island. The other islands are dangerous, such as Skull Island.” The wise old man said, “this island has no name. If you would like you may give it one.”

“Maybe I’ll think of one when we get there.” Lagi said. “I’ll think about it…”

The wise old man paddled and soon the boat had made it to the shore. The old man got off the boat and set foot onto the sandy beach.

“I like sand. It feels strange.” Lagi said.

Then, a big wave came out from the water. Ivory was standing on it. When the wave washed up on the shore, Ivory was standing on the sand. “Well, we’re here I guess. What’s this place’s purpose?” Ivory asked.

“What are the purposes of islands?” The wise old man asked back.

“How should I know?” Ivory asked.

“This place’s purpose is the same purpose as any other island.” The wise old man said.

“And what is that?” Ivory asked, tapping her foot against the sand.

“To separate from the sea. It is land after all.” The wise old man answered, “it is there for those who cannot live underwater.”

“Okay. And why are you here?” Ivory asked.

“To nap.” The wise old man said, “you have seen how weak I am… I’m growing older, and I need my rest.”

“Well then, nap.” Ivory sighed.

“Once we get to the village, I shall.” The wise old man began walking further into the island.

“Woah, a village? That’s cool!” Lagi said as he followed the wise old man.

“Why do you follow him?” Ivory muttered as she followed Lagi.

“Because. He’s experienced and wise and probably knows more than us. Duh.” Lagi said.

“True… true…” Ivory muttered. “I just hope that we can get out of this place soon.”

Then in the distance they could see a small village.

“We’re almost there!” Lagi shouted in excitement.

“Yay.” Ivory sighed.

But then they saw a horse. A white horse, walking over to them, blocking their path to the village.

“Hello horse!” Lagi said. Lagi walked towards the horse.

“You might not want to touch a wild animal.” Ivory said.

“I know what I’m doing.” Lagi said as he held his hand out.

The wise old man watched. The horse looked at Lagi, but didn’t do anything.

“He likes you.” The wise old man said, “may as well introduce him. This is Geoff, he’s a horse from the village.”

“Hello Geoff. My name is Lagi.” Lagi said as he stroked the horse.

“Why horses…?” Ivory asked herself.

Geoff turned around and neighed.

“He is offering us a ride to the village.” The old wise man said, “I politely reject. But you?”

“Sure!” Lagi said as he jumped onto Geoff’s back. “Come on Ivory!”

“Fine.” Ivory growled as she walked over to Geoff and mounted it.

“Away!” Lagi yelled as he pointed towards the village.

Geoff neighed and was off towards the village.

“This is amazing!” Lagi yelled.

They then reached the village, and there was a wall surrounding it. Geoff made it to the gate, where there was a guard.

“Hello there.” Lagi said to the guard.

“Hello.” The guard said back, “you’ve befriended Geoff?”

“Yes.” Lagi said.

“You would like to enter the village?” The guard asked.

“Yes.” Lagi said.

The gates then opened, revealing buildings and people inside.

Lagi looked around as Geoff entered the village. “Wow. This place is cool.” Lagi said.

“No. It’s tropical.” Ivory sighed.

“So?” Lagi asked. “It can still be cool.”

“Whatever.” Ivory growled.

“What should we do?” Lagi asked.

“Maybe find a place to sleep.” Ivory suggested.

“Hey Geoff, do you know anywhere where we can sleep?” Lagi asked.

The horse shook his head. He then neighed, and walked over to a barn where there are other horses in the fences.

“Oh, you live here?” Lagi asked.

The horse nodded.

“Okay then.” Lagi said. Lagi slid off of Geoff and Ivory did the same. “Thanks for the ride.” Geoff wandered into the barn.

“Talking to horses. Great job.” Ivory laughed.

“What’s wrong with that?” Lagi asked.

“Nothing. It’s just that we don’t know where the hotel is.” Ivory sighed.

“Well, we ask people. Duh.” Lagi said.

“So, who will you ask?” Ivory asked.

Then, Geoff returned with a man wearing a hat. “Hello, you must be Lagi and Ivory!” The man greeted.

“Yes. How did you know our names?” Lagi asked.

“Geoff told me.” The man patted Geoff on the back.

“That makes sense.” Lagi said. “Do you think you could show us to a hotel or inn or something of the sort?”

“Yes, I could. But, do you have any money on you? If not then you cannot stay at the inn.” The man said stroking his black very short bearded chin, “you can stay at my house though, if you’d like.”

“I don’t think we have any money. We’d be happy to stay at your house!” Lagi said.

“Thank you.” Ivory added.

“Alright then when it gets dark, come back here to the barn. My house is right behind the barn!” The man said, turning around, “you have a couple hours to do whatever! Explore, check out the village, whatever you want!” The man smiled and entered the barn with Geoff.

“Thank you!” Lagi said as he looked around. “So, what should we do?”

“I don’t know. Eat?” Ivory suggested.

“No money.” Lagi said.

“We find food then. We hunt like the predators we are.” Ivory said.

“No hunting. But maybe foraging.” Lagi said.

“Fine. Still hunting. Just not for animals.” Ivory muttered.

“Excuse me.” they then heard a voice say from behind them.

They turned around, and spotted a boy. Not just any boy… This boy had brown hair and wore a gray shirt with brown pants. He had a red scarf on as well… It was Lycrus.

“Yes?” Lagi asked. “Oh man… Lycrus?!”

“Hello again.” Ivory said.

“What?” Lycrus asked. “‘Again’? This is our first meeting.”

“Lycrus. It’s us. Lagi and Ivory.” Lagi said.

“We met in that dream world place.” Ivory said.

“Odd, you do know my name… But I have not met you before this!” said Lycrus.

“Well, we’re friends. I don’t know why your memory got wiped again, but we know each other. Trust me.” Lagi said.

“Uhhh, no. Never heard of you, never met you before. My memory is fine.” replied Lycrus. “You said your names were… Lagi and Izory?”

“Ivory.” Ivory growled.

“Oh, I apologize.” Lycrus said, “Ivory. Gotcha.”

“Don’t forget.” Ivory growled.

“I don’t forget things. I have good memory.” Lycrus said. “In fact, I remember what I had for breakfast last month!”

“Well, I don’t know what’s happening in this place. But I just want to find a way out.” Ivory sighed.

“Maybe Lycrus can help.” Lagi said.

“Can you?” Ivory asked.

“It’s easy. You walk to the gate, and walk out. Duh.” Lycrus said.

“Not out of this village. Out of this world! Out of wherever this place is! Because something isn’t right!” Ivory roared.

“Well, it’s impossible to leave the world… I have no idea what you are talking about, it’s confusing. ‘This place’?” Lycrus replied.

“He’s no help.” Ivory sighed.

“Hey, you’re just being confusing.” Lagi said. “Well, we woke up on a different island, and an old man took us here. We have no idea where we are, and it feels like this place might not be our world. Our dimension or whatever. This place feels alien in a strange way.”

“And I was being confusing?” Ivory muttered.

“What he said made sense. I don’t know much about where you came from, but I do know a place that might have answers.” Lycrus said.

“Could you take us there?” Lagi asked.

“Yes…” Lycrus answered.

“Thank you.” Lagi said. “Now, where is it?”

“It’s not in the village. It’s out in the wild… If you want, we can go tonight…” Lycrus said.

“Okay.” Lagi said.

“First, I have to get some stuff. You can too if you want, follow me.” Lycrus said, turning around and walking.

“Okay.” Lagi said as he followed Lycrus. Ivory followed them without saying anything.

They made it to a blacksmith, where Lycrus entered, followed by Lagi and Ivory. Inside were a bunch of weapons.

“We’re gonna need these.” Lycrus said, taking a sword and a shield.

“Swords and shields together are somewhat offensive to our race.” Ivory said.

“Race?” Lycrus asked.

“Nevermind.” Ivory sighed. “Well, we have our own weapons.” Ivory snapped her fingers and a sword appeared in her hand.

“Oh. Alright, well, then we should go.” Lycrus said.

“Okay.” Ivory said.

“I’m ready.” Lagi said. Lagi had a frying pan in his hand.

“What is that?” Ivory asked.

“A frying pan.” Lagi said. “I found it on the ground.”

“I thought you… why don’t you just make a giant axe or something like you did last time?” Ivory asked.

“Oh. Right.” Lagi said. “Still keeping the pan.” Lagi put the frying pan down with the swords and walked out of the armory. “I’ll be back for you.” he said to the frying pan.

“So, where to?” Ivory asked.

“Follow me.” Lycrus walked out of the blacksmith.

Lagi and Ivory followed. They walked through the city, past countless of buildings until they made it to the gate. They exited the village, the guards said nothing.

“So, is it a person? A talking tree? What are we looking for?” Ivory asked.

“I don’t know. All I know is that we need to get to a cave.” Lycrus answered as they walked.

“I like caves.” Lagi said.

“Good.” Ivory said. “Maybe it would be in that huge mountain?” Ivory pointed to the mountain.

“Or maybe it’s right there.” Lagi said as he pointed to a frog.

“That’s… a frog.” Ivory sighed as she facepalmed.

“Lycrus, is that the cave?” Lagi asked.

“It’s where Ivory said it would be.” Lycrus said.

“Oh. Then let’s go to the mountain.” Lagi said.

They then had made it towards the mountain. It was steep.

“Do you have climbing gear?” Lagi asked. “Or can you still fly?”

“What?” Lycrus asked, confused.

“When we first met, you were able to fly.” Lagi said. “But maybe you’re just some sort of parallel universe Lycrus, who we never met. And that can’t fly.”

“Yeah… you’ve got an imagination…” Lycrus said.

“Whatever. Do you have climbing gear? Because that looks steep.” Lagi asked.

“We don’t need climbing gear.” Lycrus answered.

“Why?” Lagi asked.

Lycrus knocked onto the wall with his knuckle, and the ground shook. A small passage opened in the middle of the mountain.

“That’s convenient.” Ivory said.

“Lead the way!” Lagi said to Lycrus.

“Actually, this is where I’m going to stop. You can go on ahead alone.” Lycrus said.

“Okay. Thanks for the help.” Lagi said as he ran into the passage.

“Goodbye.” Ivory said as she followed Lagi.

“Bye.” Lycrus said.

After they entered, the passage closed itself. It wasn’t dark. There were torches hanged up onto the walls of the passage.

“Ominous.” Ivory said.

“This place is lit.” Lagi said.

“What do you think we’ll find?” Ivory asked.

“Answers.” Lagi said.

“Well, let’s find them fast.” Ivory said as she started to sprint down the passage, with Lagi trying to catch up.

They then reached a staircase, going downward.

“Let’s go.” Lagi said as he started jumping down the stairs. Ivory followed him.

Soon they reached a door.

“I’LL OPEN IT!” Lagi yelled as he threw the door off of its hinges.

Ivory stared at him. “That… was unnecessary.”

“Too bad. I did it anyways.” Lagi said. Lagi ran past the empty door frame, with Ivory chasing after him.

They made it into a room, with stone structures inside.

“Statues.” Lagi said. “Statues everywhere.”

“Is this the answer place?” Ivory asked.

“Probably not. There’s probably more.” Lagi said.

“Then let’s find it.” Ivory said as she walked through the room.

She continued walking but then stopped. In front of her was a brown-haired boy with dark robes. He had a wooden staff/stick in his hands as well.

“Hello there.” Ivory said. Lagi walked up behind her.

“Who are you?” Lagi asked.

“Who are you?” The boy asked back.

“I asked first.” Lagi said. “You answer first.”

“No thanks.” The boy replied, “I don’t trust strangers.”

“Oh. That’s acceptable.” Lagi said. “My name’s Lagi.”

“Where’d you come from, and why are you here? You answer, then I will.” The boy said, “that way I know you are trustworthy.”

“Well, I appeared on an island near here and was taken to this island by a nice old man, and I’m here because Lycrus told us that we could get answers here.” Lagi said.

“What about her?” The boy asked, looking at Ivory.

“I have the same story.” Ivory said.

“Okay. So that means we’re on the same page.” The boy said. “My name’s Flip.”

“Hi Flip.” Lagi said. “I’m Lagi. That’s Ivory.”

“Good to meet you. My top priority is leaving, sorry if that offends you in any way. I’m just here because he dragged me along.” Ivory said.

“No, you came yourself. You just wanted answers to leave the planet.” Lagi said.

“Oh right.” Ivory said. “Anyways, how do we leave this place?”

“I don’t know. I’m on the same page as you. I woke up here, and I wanted to leave. An old man gave me a ride, took me to the village, where someone told me that I would find answers here.” Flip said.

“Oh. Well, maybe Lycrus was lying.” Lagi said. “Maybe this is all just a trap and we’re trapped here.”

“I don’t think so. Someone else told me the same thing. If he were lying then that means everyone in the village is lying.” Flip replied.

“Well, maybe they don’t want us to leave. Or maybe this is a prison. Maybe they don’t like us.” Lagi said.

“Finally. A good idea.” Ivory sighed.

“Yeah! See!” Lagi said as he started dancing.

“So, what do we do with our current situation?” Ivory asked.

“Considering all the different possibilities, we should look around.” Flip said. “We might find some answers.”

“You take that side of the room, I’ll take this side. Check the statues first.” Ivory said, running off to one side of the room and inspecting the statues.

Lagi was still dancing.

“Lagi, stop dancing and start searching.” Flip said before he went off to search.

“Okay!” Lagi said as he started looking around at the ground. Lagi’s eyes immediately caught something… It was a button. “I found it!” Lagi yelled as he stepped on the button.

“Good job.” Ivory said.

Suddenly, the ground shook. Lagi apparently was standing on a circular plate, which began to twist and move, revealing a hole. Lagi had gotten off of the plate so he wouldn’t fall into the hole.

“I don’t see the bottom.” Lagi said.

“Probably because you’re looking at me.” Ivory sighed.

“Oh. Yeah.” Lagi said as he looked down at the hole. “I don’t see it.”

Ivory snapped her fingers and a line of fire fell down the hole, lighting it up. They still couldn’t see the bottom.

“It’s obviously deep. And dangerous if someone falls.” Flip looked up at Lagi and Ivory, “who wants to go first?”

“Where did Lagi go?” Ivory asked.

“WHEEEEEEEE!!!” Lagi yelled from the hole.


“I’M FALLING!” Lagi yelled as he was falling further down the hole.

“Now what?” Ivory asked.

“Well. We wait, and if he dies, then we climb down the wall cautiously. If he lives, we jump.” Flip said.

“How would we know if he dies?” Ivory asked.

“Dunno. That’s the part I’m trying to figure out.” Flip replied.

“Well, I’m sitting down.” Ivory sighed as she sat down.

“Good idea.” Flip sat down as well before yelling into the hole, “HELLO LAGI!? CAN YOU HEAR ME!?”

“I’M IN SOME WATER! IT’S OKAY!” Lagi yelled from the bottom of the hole.

“Ah. Well, I don’t feel like getting wet today.” Flip said, “IS IT DEEP!?”

“JUST A SECOND!” Lagi yelled as he dove underwater. Lagi came back up. “No. Only about five feet.”

“I’m going down.” Ivory said as she jumped down the hole.

She fell before she suddenly splashed into the water. She then got her head out of the water. It was dark down there, except for the giant door on the land, which had two torches next to it.

“Oh, hi Ivory! So glad you could join me down here!” Lagi said.

“Flip! Come down here! There’s a door!” Ivory yelled.

“Done.” They spotted Flip in front of the door.

“How?” Lagi asked.

“Open it.” Ivory said as she walked out of the water and towards the door.

Flip analyzed the door. “Doesn’t seem to open normally. We need a key of some sort.”

“Done.” Lagi said as he rose his hand. An orb or water flew towards the keyhole and went in. Then it turned. But nothing happened.

“Water won’t open it.” Flip said, “you guys fell down the hole too fast. I levitated down, so I caught glimpse of a key.” Flip took out a gold key.

“Good job!” Lagi said. The water poured out of the keyhole. “Open it up!”

Flip put the key inside the keyhole and twisted it. The door unlocked, and Flip cautiously opened the door. Inside was a hallway, with a dark figure sitting down in the middle, like he was meditating.

“Scary.” Lagi whispered.

“I’ll go first. You can stay behind me.” Flip said.

“Got it.” Ivory whispered as she slowly followed Flip.

Flip slowly walked into the hallway. Lagi and Ivory followed. The dark figure was sitting there, looking at the ground. Flip looked at the figure, analyzing him.

“What is it with you and analyzing things?” Ivory whispered.

“I’m determining if he’s dangerous or not. Determining all the possibilities that might happen when I approach him. Determining all my plans and backup plans if all goes wrong.” Flip whispered back.

“Okay.” Ivory whispered. “You make the first move.”

“Still analyzing.” Flip whispered back.

“Got it.” Ivory whispered.

“…” Flip continued analyzing. “Alright, I got a plan.”

Flip suddenly threw the staff in his hand right at the dark figure. It went right through the dark figure’s head.

“Was that the plan?!” Ivory whisper-shouted.

Flip didn’t reply. He sprinted at the dark figure, and punched him. However, he went right through him.

“Hrmm?” The dark figure made a sound.

Flip then did a big backflip back towards Lagi and Ivory, landing it like a ninja. The dark figure had opened its eyes, glowing red, and floated up in the air as he stared down at them.

“Ahahahaha.” The dark figure said, “greetings. I did not see you enter.”

Flip stood silent, staying in his very position as he stared deeply into the dark figure’s glowing red eyes.

“Probably because your eyes were closed.” Lagi said.

“Hmph.” A smile appeared on the dark figure’s face.

“Was I right?” Lagi asked.

“As a matter of fact, no. I was busy deep in thought.” The dark figure said.

“OH.” Lagi replied.

“And it seems you have appeared. I must pause my deep thought. It’s now time for your doom.” The dark figure said.



-----| Chapter 9 |-----



Mehrunes stared at Draco. Draco stared at Mehrunes. Zephyr growled as he stared at the other dragon, rip-off of him. And the other dragon did the same. Fireball stared at the cat-like black thing that Mehrunes summoned. And the rip-off of Fireball did the same.

“What.” One of the tall guys simply said.

“So this is how it’s gonna work huh?” Fireball asked. “A 3v3?”

“Indeed.” The cat like thing said. “It seems we are being forced to duel 1v1 to 1v1 to 1v1.”

“Oh so you can talk to?” Fireball asked as he climbed down from Zephyr and onto the ground, “How nice.”

“Not really.” The cat thing said.

“I know.” Fireball said, before some small flames burst out of his mouth. “Now are we gonna fight or what!?”

“I guess.” The cat like thing said, frost emanating off him freezing the ground.

“Okay good, cause we were getting bored.” Fireball said as he then climbed on top of Zephyr’s head and they both glared at their new counterparts.

Mehrunes’s dragon roared and moved forward, while Mehrunes and the cat thing also advanced.

Draco smirked as the three of them did the same.

Zephyr and Fireball growled viciously. Plasma and flames exiting the corners of their mouths. The other dragon and cat thing were mimicking, only the cat had frost and the dragon wasn’t breathing anything special.

The air was around them was thick with tension.

“Well? Are we gonna get this show on the road or what?” Fireball asked before he started pointing at the crowd with his paw. “Clearly the spectators came for a show, and we’re clearly not delivering. I mean look at how bored some of them are!”

“Exactly!” One of the tall guys said.

Mehrunes put something on the ground, but he hid it from everyone. The second it touched the ground is seemingly disappeared.

“We’re doing it.” Mehrunes said. “You're just slow.”

Then, Mehrunes’s dragon roared and charged forward, ramming Zephyr with its armored head, knocking Fireball off although Zephyr looked fine, other than being surprised. The cat like thing had also ran up, and now faced a grounded Fireball. Mehrunes on the other hand, was throwing a huge mass of stars at Draco, planning something.

Draco watched the stars carefully, dodging any that tried to hit him.

“Someday you’re going to be a great fighter.” Mehrunes commented, as Draco was slightly sweating. “But you gotta work on your speed…”

Then, stars started to hit Draco, they were moving faster than before to prevent Draco from dodging or blocking.

Meanwhile, odd glowing cyan symbols appeared on Zephyr’s black scales as he then stood up on his back legs, towering over his dragon opponent menacingly. The other Dragon backed off a little bit, before launching a massive boulder from the ground with its paws.

Zephyr then easily caught the boulder and crushed it in between his claws, to show his strength before roaring at the other dragon.

Meanwhile (again) the cat and Fireball were circling around each other like they were in a standoff.

“So… It’s gonna be a battle between fire and ice huh?” Fireball asked.

“Yes I suppose.” The cat said, looking at both Draco then Zephyr. “It seems that we all appear to be having a power struggle. Let us start battle yes?”

“Indeed.” Fireball replied before he spat out a orb of flames at his opponent.

The other cat shot a stream of ice, and a hissing is heard as the orbs are gone, but there’s still a small about of frost on the ground.

“Huh. That ice of yours is pretty chilly isn’t it?” Fireball asked.

“Cool, right?” The cat smiled. “Your fire is pretty hot, though.”

“Yeah.” Fireball said as he smiled back, “Better be careful or else you're toast!”

“I would high paw you if we weren't enemies at the moment.” The cat smiled, as he shot orbs of Frost.

“Same here bruh.” Fireball replied as he canceled out the orbs of ice with his flame breath.

Meanwhile (Lotta meanwhile) Mehrunes and Draco hadn't done a whole lot, but Draco was looking rather hurt, and Mehrunes was not much better.

“Please say stuff. The crowd is bored without your quips.” Mehrunes said. “I never realized. Huh. I’m bored too.”

“Huh. And I thought you would be happy that I had shut up for a bit.” Draco said, finally talking.

“No… I like your chatter and I’m almost not sure why we hate eachother anymore.” Mehrunes said. “There’s not a lot else I have as an enemy I guess.”

“True, but don’t expect me to keep talking for long, I’ve learned some stuff from my other fights. Specifically not to talk as much, if at all. It helps me keep focused.” Draco replied.

“In a duel, I can see that.” Mehrunes said. “But this is an arena fight, we’re here to keep the crowd entertained, more or less.”

Suddenly Mehrunes smirked.

Draco was then quiet again and focused hard, sensing around him.

“Nothin to sense.” Mehrunes said, backflipping backwards, and looking to the roof. “You already know. One more minute.”

Draco then looked up at the roof.

Meanwhile with the Dragons… they were wrestling?

“TIME IS RUNNING OUT! YOU HAVE 30 SECONDS TO WIN!” The man in the bowl shouted into the microphone.

Mehrunes and Draco, wait. Mehrunes had his Dolfin cyborg thingy again!

“Not that thing again!” Fireball exclaimed.

“Then it’s time to wrap this up!” Draco said as he then absorbed his Ultimate Crystal and turned into his glowing plasma energy form.

As he did that Zephyr grabbed the other dragon and slammed him hard into the wall, knocking him out. While Fireball and the cat like creature were seemingly even until the cat like creature froze him solid!

“Looks like the score is even.” Draco said as he and Mehrunes stared at each other, waiting for the other to make a move.

“It’s not.” Mehrunes smirked, as the Dolphin made a happy noise.

Draco was quiet as he watched Mehrunes. Then, Mehrunes shot him, lots of times.

But Draco was still standing, somehow. Then, Draco became frozen in ice, I looked over and so was Zephyr somehow.

But then, Draco broke out of the ice, just in time to get hit by a mass of meteors crush him causing a mass of dust to appear.

“Draco you still standing or do I win now?” Mehrunes called into the smoke.

“*COUGH*” Draco coughed as the dust revealed him to still be standing but a bit more damaged.

“Yeah I think I win.” Mehrunes said, as he pushed Draco over.

“How perceptive of you.” Draco said, turning back to normal before he landed onto the ground. The two creatures Mehrunes had summoned had disappeared.

“I hope your cat and Dragon are okay, though.” Mehrunes said. “It’s about time we go.”

“Yeah.” Draco said as he got up using his wings to hover above the ground before he got Zephyr and Fireball out of the ice.

“Great. We lost.” Fireball said, clearly upset. While Zephyr looked ashamed of himself more than anything else.

“Oh what’s that?” The man in the bowl said, “there’s a winner! Well then, come on out winner and loser, from the same way you entered!”

The sound then had been turned off by the man.

“Dat wuz sorta cool.” said Chill, “but still boring.”

“The two people fighting sucked, that’s why.” One of the tall guys said, “at least it’s over now. We should get going.”

The two tall guys waved goodbye and left. The only other person still sitting with us was that guy in dark robes. He looked like he was in deep thought or something, like he was spazzed out.

“Wassup, dude. What did you think of da battle?” Chill said to the guy.

The guy didn’t reply.

“Ello?” Chill asked, waving his hand in front of the guys face.

“Hmmm?” The guy then saw us, turning to face us. “Oh, hello.”

“What did ya think of da battle?” Chill asked.

“Both fighters sucked. They need more training and strategy.” The guy said.

“Ya, dude, totally agreed. Dey really need to learn some more stuff.” Chill smirked and nodded. “I don’t though.”

“You look as that you need more training too.” The guy said to Chill.

“Nah. Chillin that chill like my chill self.” Chill smirked. “It’s also a coincidence that mah name be Chill!”

“Hello again.” I heard Mehrunes from nearby. “I didn’t think we were that bad.”

“You were definitely better than me, that’s a fact.” Draco said, from next to him. “Especially since this is the 23rd time I’ve lost to you this year!”

“You’ve gotten better, you just can’t block everything, but you try anyway.” Mehrunes replied.

“Well that’s because I’m too slow most of the time to dodge it! Same thing when it comes to attacking.” Draco said. “If anything I’ve gotten better by like 0.3%. Almost nothing.”

“Face it, you both aren’t that good.” said the guy to them, standing up from the bleachers. “Who’s training you two?”

“No one at the moment.” Draco answered.

“No one at all.” Mehrunes agreed. “Probably why we suck in your eyes.”

“We haven’t trained in a while, that’s probably why were so rusty.” Draco said.

“I mean unless you count feud fueled battle as training.” Mehrunes said.

“I don’t.” Draco said back.

“The fact that no one is training you is the reason that you aren’t doing that well in terms of fighting.” said the guy.

“Yeah. We know.” Draco said.

“So you admit it, not that you can’t.” The guy said.

“Uhh… yes?” Mehrunes asked. “We’re not good at fighting compared to you. Great. Thanks for the insult.”

Mr. Slithers hissed at Mehrunes.

“It’s not a insult. It’s simply called a helpful statement from someone else’s perspective.” The guy replied.

“It wasn't really helpful because we already knew.” Mehrunes replied carefully, as Mr Slithers looked at him. “But good to know other people think that way.”

“Anyway, we should probably go soon.” Draco said.

“Yeah.” Saturo agreed.

“Let’s go then.” I said, turning around.

“Oh by the way I’m gonna hunt down where Lagi and Ivory went soonish.” Mehrunes said as we all began walking towards the exit.

“Good luck with that.” Saturo replied.

“Probably wanna get healed first though.” Fireball said.

“Nah I’m fine, I’m not going yet and Draco’s hurt more, also he didn’t really hurt me bad enough to need immediate medical attention.” Mehrunes replied. “Draco your Dragon is sad.”

“I know, also… what do you mean I didn’t hurt you that much? You're stomach is bleeding like a fountain!” Draco said pointing at Mehrunes stomach which was bleeding a lot.

Mehrunes suddenly disappeared then appeared back with no wounds within a few seconds.

“Did you really have to disappear in order to do that?” Draco asked.

“What do you mean?” Mehrunes asked. “To heal? Yeah, I did.”

“Shat ap dudes.” Chill said, “yer conversation is borin me out.”

“Maybe you should chill.” Mehrunes smirked. “Our conversation doesn’t include you, so you don’t need to listen.”

Chill walked faster, leaving Draco and Mehrunes behind. Saturo joined him, and I decided to as well to get out of the building faster.

“Hey Draco meet ya outside the building.” Mehrunes said, before I saw him speed past us and slam out the doors.

We then had all made it outside. The building that Azalea had went in before, was in front of us. Lavender, Uchiho, and Draelin were not outside. They were gone.

“We missed em.” Mehrunes said. “I guess they're in the building.”

“If that’s the case then I think I’ll wait outside.” Draco said.

“We should all wait outside.” I said.

“What if their waiting for us to go in?” Mehrunes asked.

“They’re probably not. If we go in we wouldn’t know where to go so we should wait outside.” I replied.

“Fair enough.” Mehrunes said, sitting on a bench. “Draco you should find a way to cheer up you’re poor Dragon.”

“Well most of the ways that you can cheer Zephyr up probably wouldn’t be a good idea to do in a city.” Draco said, as he pet Zephyr on the head.

“Then ask him what he want’s, if it’s not city appropriate then take him out of it and do it.” Mehrunes replied.

“Okay then, Zephyr what do you want buddy?” Draco asked.

Zephyr then replied in some growls.

“Really? That’s what you want to do?” Draco asked.

Zephyr nodded before growling some more.

“Oh that too? Okay.” Draco said before he looked at Mehrunes. “He want’s three things. And they all involve you.”

*SIGH* What is it?” Mehrunes asked.

“One, He wants you to apologize for freezing him, he doesn’t like the cold.” Draco said.

“I didn’t freeze him that was this guy.” Mehrunes said, pointing at the cat like thing that suddenly appeared and was sitting on the ground next to the bench.

“Then you make him apologize, it’s your cat thing.” Draco said.

The cat thing walked over to Zephyr and said, “I am truly sorry for freezing you. It was only because we were fighting. Please forgive me.”

“What else?” Mehrunes asked.

“He also wants you to bring that dragon from before back, he wants to fight it some more.” Draco replied.

“And the last thing?” Mehrunes asked, as the Dragon appeared.

“He wanted to do this to you for some reason, I-D-K why.” Draco said before Zephyr walked over to Mehrunes and lightly whacked him in the face with his tail.

“Uhh…” Mehrunes said. “What?”

“Apparently that was practice.” Draco said before Zephyr smacked Mehrunes hard enough to knock him ten feet away from the bench.

“OW!” Mehrunes yelled from ten feet away. “THAT WASN’T NICE WHY’D HE DO THAT?!”

Mehrunes appeared back on the bench seemingly unharmed, but it was clear it hurt as his nose started to bleed.

“I-D-K. He just wanted to.” Draco said with a shrug.

“THEN ASK HIM WHY!” Mehrunes yelled. “An I thought there were no hard feelings…”

“Wait.” Draco said before he talked to Zephyr, “Apparently he did that because he never got a chance to hit you during the fight earlier.”

“So neither of your pets like me?” Mehrunes asked.

“Well Zephyr I’m surprised about, but not Fireball.”

“I’m still trying to find a way to make up to him.” Mehrunes replied. “Although I don’t think he wants to.”


“Nothing at all ever in the entire universe?” Mehrunes asked.

“NOPE! NOTHING!” Fireball exclaimed.

“Why?” Mehrunes asked. “Nothing ever? Not help, secrets, food, nothing?”

“Unless it’s catnip which he knows he’s not supposed to have, there probably isn’t anything you can give him.” Draco said.

“He won’t lothe me if I give him catnip? Seriously?” Mehrunes asked.

“DON’T JUDGE MY ADDICTION!” Fireball yelled.

“Don’t worry I’m not!” Mehrunes exclaimed. “I’m just kinda bummed you hate me and I can’t do anything about it.”

“What is… catnip?” The cat thing asked.

“......” Fireball was just silent as he and the cat thing stared at each other. “…YOU DON’T KNOW WHAT CATNIP IS!?!?!?!?” Fireball yelled loudly at the cat thing, which was startled by his outburst.

“No.” The cat thing said. “I don’t…”

YOU HAVE NOT LIVED THEN SIR!!!” Fireball said before he somehow got some catnip off of… Mehrunes? Before shoving it in the cat things face.

“Wait where’d you get that catnip?” Mehrunes asked. “AND WHY ARE YOU FORCE FEEDING IT T-” Mehrunes was then interrupted by the cat thing sliding on a ice slide that he made as he slid far away, screaming, “WHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

“Gooood.” Mehrunes said. “That’s not gonna go badly.”

“I know right?” Fireball asked before he then ate the rest of the catnip and he and the cat thing started to zoom all over the place.

“Why did you have have catnip in your pocket?” Draco asked Mehrunes.

“I don’t.” Mehrunes replied. “That’s why I’m confused.”

“Boi.” Chill made that same movement with his hands that he did before. “This iz weird. All of us except for Draco-Brah and Meh-Brah are silent. We are watching Meh-Brah and Draco-Brah talk and fight or whatever dey be doin!”

“Good point. Let’s have a conversation dealing with the rest of us.” I said, glaring at Mehrunes and Draco.

“Oh so you guys do hate it when I talk.” Draco said, “ I knew it!”

“No. I never said that.” I said, “what I’m trying to say is that you’re just talking to Mehrunes! Talk to all of us! You too Mehrunes!”

“Yeah sure bring up some conversation then.” Mehrunes replied.

“AHEAHEHAHEAHEAHEAHEA!!” Fireball suddenly started laughing and dancing like a maniac, again.

“Yep, he ate catnip so…” Saturo said.

AHEAHEHAHAEHAHAHHAEA!!!” Fireball continued.

“Well at least the cat thing is doing better.” Draco said.

“What cat thing?” Saturo asked,

AHEAHEAHAEHAEHAH!!!” Fireball laughed, break dancing like crazy, crushing the cat thing until the cat thing disintegrated.

“Welp that’s nice.” Mehrunes said. “We should contain Fireball.”

WE SHOULD CONTAIN YOUR FACE!!” Fireball shouted at Mehrunes before continuing laughing like a crazed lunatic.

“I don’t think that makes sense.” Mehrunes said. “Anyone have an idea on how to contain Fireball?”



“OKAY GOOD IDEA!” Saturo yelled over Fireball’s voice.

Mehrunes then grabbed Fireball and disappeared. The silence was so nice… Shortly after a moment of silence, Mehrunes appeared back looking like his ears were hurt.

“Phew…” Saturo said, as people walked by and stared.

“That’s so much better.” Mehrunes said. “My ears were gonna start bleeding.”

“What the heck was that noise?!” said a familiar voice.

Then, in front of us, was him. The guy I was looking for. My brother Nushot. And next to him were Azalea, Lavender, Uchiho and Draelin.

“Draco’s annoying cat on catnip.” Mehrunes replied.

“Oh.” Nushot said, “well, it’s no longer here, thankfully… Anyway, sup little bro? What’s brings you here to find me?”

“Well, first off… WHAT THE HECK ARE YOU EVEN DOING!?” I yelled. “Where do you go!? What do you do!? After I left Hindro, what were you doing?!”

“Uhhh… That’s private business…” Nushot replied.

“Okay first off, his dad sent him to find you… I guess.” Mehrunes said. “And second I’m gonna guess that it has something to do with Azalea as she knew where he was. So more conversation, I’m gonna step back outta this.”

After Mehrunes had said that, I stared my brother in the eyes.

“Well, fine I’ll just say it.” Nushot said, “I trained with dad, and I also got married to my lovely wife, Azalea.”

Wait… WHAT?!

Lavender smirked. “That means you’re my brother in law!”

“…” This was very awkward for me.