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Ultimates: Book 15: The Presidential Conflict: (Book 6 In The Second Series)

Ultimates: Book 15: The Presidential Conflict: (Book 6 In The Second Series)

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June 4th, 2018

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Ultimates: The Presidential Conflict:

By: The Ultimate Osaid



-----| Chapter 1 |-----



An evil laugh, it was. A very evil laugh. The dark figure floated in mid-air, looking down at Flip, Lagi, and Ivory with his glowing red eyes. The three of them had gotten this far seeking answers, and what lied before them was this very dark figure whose role is unknown to them.

“You have made it this far, children.” The dark figure said, “but this was an easy task. No obstacles were in your way, were they?”

“No, there weren’t any.” Flip responded, still in his very ninja-like pose.

“Aha. Perfect.” The dark figure said, “well, then. Tell me, what are you here to do?” The dark figure looked at the three of them, his arms crossed as he floated in the air.

“Well, we were directed here with the trail of answers.” Lagi said.

“Ah. So you seek answers.” The dark figure said, “very well, you shall get them then…” The dark figure paused, and Lagi was about to say something else but the dark figure interrupted him. “ …When you pass the test.”

“Oh great.” Ivory grunted. “I love tests.”

“What kind of test?” Flip questioned.

“You have only passed the puzzle test. You shall now have a combat test.” The dark figure said, “here are your first directions. At the end of this hallway lies a door. Open the door, and you must head to the other door. If you succeed, I shall give you further instructions at the other door. Clear? Good.” The dark figure then suddenly disappeared.

Flip, Lagi, and Ivory exchanged looks.

“What do you think will be in there?” Ivory asked.

“Hopefully not people.” Lagi said.

“I'm okay with people. Flip? Any ideas?” Ivory asked.

“There’s only one way to find out what’s in there.” Flip replied, as he began to walk down the hallway.

“Well then, whatever happens in there stays in there, agreed?” Ivory asked as she walked towards the door.

“Depends on what happens in there in the first place.” Flip replied.

“I guess.” Ivory sighed as she threw the door open.

In front of them was a giant room, with a ravine. Not a ravine, many ravines. They were scattered around the room, and were deep. Molten lava was dripping from the ceiling everywhere. In the very middle, there was a lava fall.

“I don’t see a door.” Ivory said.

“The door’s behind the lava fall.” Flip said.

“Too bad I don’t work with molten rock. Then we could walk right through it.” Ivory sighed. “Let's get walking around it.”

“Wait, didn’t he say it was a combat test?” Lagi asked.

“Yeah. Flip. Could you analyze the place or whatever?” Ivory asked.

“That’s what I’m doing right now.” Flip replied. “So far, I don’t detect any threats. Only the lava and ravine, if you fall in any of those.”

“Well, get to walking.” Ivory said as she walked towards the lava fall.

“Okay.” Lagi said as he followed Ivory.

“Flip, you coming?” Ivory asked.

“It’s not safe until I have fully analyzed it.” Flip said, still in his spot.

“Okay.” Ivory said as she continued walking towards the lava fall.

She stopped walking when she reached a giant ravine blocking her path. Looking down, she saw that the bottom of the ravine was filled with lava.

“Pleasant.” Ivory sighed. “Lagi. Make some sort of bridge please.”

“Will do.” Lagi said. He stuck his hands out and a bridge of water appeared over the ravine.

The water suddenly began to boil, and evaporated away the second it appeared.

“Looks like you can’t use water.” Flip said, “good to know.”

“How do we get past this?” Ivory asked.

“How should I know? Water dosen’t work.” Lagi said.

“Flip? Help please.” Ivory asked.

“Be patient. There’s something else in here, watching us. I can sense it.” Flip said, looking around.

“Well then, can I kill it?” Ivory asked.

“If you can, and when it appears.” Flip replied.

“So then, when will it appear?” Ivory asked.

“When it wants to.” Lagi said.

“Good answer.” Ivory sighed. “Flip. I’m getting tired of waiting. What do we do?”

“You wait.” Flip replied.

“I hate this.” Ivory sighed as she sat down.

“Hey, at least we’re not dead.” Lagi said.

“At least you’re not being shamed in front of your family.” Ivory growled. “Followed by being stabbed by your brother.”

Lagi was silent as he sat down next to Ivory.

“Being shamed and/or stabbed is not that bad.” Flip said.

“How?” Ivory growled, standing up.

“How in the first place would it be that bad?” Flip asked.

“It happened to me. Just before I woke up.” Ivory growled. “Woke up on that beach.”

“Still, how is that that bad?” Flip asked.

“How is it not bad?” Ivory growled.

“It could be worse. Much worse.” Flip replied.

“I know. But it was still bad.” Ivory growled.

How?” Flip asked. “How is it bad?”

Ivory was silent as she laid down on the floor.

“Exactly. You probably were shamed in front of your family and stabbed by your brother for a reason, that is unknown to me.” Flip said. “Everything happens for a reason.”

Ivory stayed silent.

“Sometimes, she just needs some time.” Lagi explained to Flip. “This, is one of those times.”

“There’s plenty of time until we are attacked.” Flip replied.

“Well then, it should give her time to cool off.” Lagi said.

“Yes, depending on how much time she needs.” Flip said.

“It’s usually not very long.” Lagi said.

“Hopefully…” Flip said, before he sensed something, “hopefully she’s ready now!”

They heard a roar, and out of the giant ravine came a big giant rock monster covered with magma. The rock monster looked down at the three of them and roared.

“Oh. Hi there.” Ivory said.

The rock monster chucked a rock with molten lava right at Ivory. Before it could touch her, the rock was deflected away and hit the rock monster in the face.

“Who did that?” Ivory asked.

“Probably Flip. Now get up. It’s time to fight.” Lagi said as he shot a stream of water towards a patch of molten lava on the monster. Yet again, it evaporated. “I… I can’t do anything.” Lagi stuttered as he took a few steps back.

“Well, that’s not good. Is it?” Ivory sighed as she continued to lay down.

“Relax.” Flip said from behind them, “water doesn’t affect him, but other elements probably do.”

“So, fire would work? Seems like it wouldn’t because we’re in a room full of lava. A little heat wouldn’t do anything to something with a habitat this temperature.” Ivory sighed.

Other elements. It’s obvious fire won’t work.” Flip said.

“Good talk. Now, I hope you can fight this thing yourself. Because I would hate to have to wrestle it this soon.” Ivory sighed.

Lagi was next to Flip, waiting for Ivory to get up. “Ivory, get up! It’ll do something!” Lagi yelled.

“No. I’m tired.” Ivory sighed.

Flip then took out a rope. He then threw it at Ivory, grabbing her leg, before pulling her across the ground and having her land behind Lagi before another rock hit her.

“That works.” Ivory sighed as she closed her eyes.

“Ivory. Don’t try and sleep.” Lagi said, shaking Ivory.

“Fine.” Ivory growled, as she sat up and watched the battle.

The rock monster wasn’t doing anything yet. Only watching them.

“So, do you want to fight? Or do you want to do something else?” Ivory asked the rock monster.

“He doesn’t speak English.” Flip said to Ivory.

“So, what does he speak?” Ivory asked.

“Rock monster. Duh.” Flip replied.

“Do any of us know rock monster?” Ivory growled.

“No. No one other than the Rock People really understand it.” Flip said, “some of the rock people at least.”

“Well then, what do we do?” Ivory growled. “Because I’m sick of waiting.”

“Take some medicine then.” Flip replied, “the medicine of patience that is.”

“I’m done with this.” Ivory growled. She turned into a Lagiacrus, roared, and slapped the rock monster in the face.

Astonished, the rock monster then grabbed Ivory by the neck, and smashed her right into the wall, and then the other wall. Then again the other wall. After that, the rock monster took Ivory with both hands and used it’s knee, kicking Ivory in the back while holding her with it’s hands. Everyone heard a ‘snap’ sound.

“Ouch.” Flip said. “Well, now you have a snapped back.”

The rock monster then threw Ivory into one of the ravines that didn’t have lava in them.

“IVORY!” Lagi yelled.

“She kind of did hurt the monster. What did she expect? Of course it’s gonna fight back!” Flip said, “well actually, she probably expected that, but she didn’t expect that it would go hardcore on her.” He then turned to Lagi. “Ivory’s defeated. Now, do you want to go and try to fight, see if you get defeated, which I’m guessing would happen. Or do you want me to go on and fight it with my strategies?”

“T-this… this is the third time I’ve lost her… I-I can’t do this for much longer…” Lagi muttered. “I can’t do-” Lagi fainted on the spot.

“Welp. That means I’ll have to fight it myself.” Flip said, turning to face the rock monster.

The rock monster roared at him.

“Hmmm… what strategy should I use to defeat it…” Flip thought. “Maybe…” Flip took out a sword. “First I should figure out if ice is effective, since water isn’t.”

Flip shot ice at the rock monster, but it didn’t do anything except melt and evaporate. “Well, something’s gotta be effective! Maybe the same thing it’s made of, rock. Rock can destroy rock. So this sword should be able to cut him.”

Flip jumped at the rock monster, who attempted to grab him. He cut one of it’s fingers, which then fell into a ravine. The rock monster roared as Flip landed next to Lagi.

“Well, that worked.” Flip said.

But suddenly, the rock monster grew it’s finger back!

“Dang it.” Flip said, “this is harder than anticipated.”

The rock monster smirked at him. Flip was thinking of different strategies that could work. Then, he had an idea.

“Ugh…” Lagi then woke up.

“Lagi, I got a strategy. I need your help to do it.” Flip told him.

“What is it?” Lagi asked.

“You haven’t realized it, but when you shoot water at it and it evaporates, gas is made. The rock monster can’t see if there is a lot of fog.” Flip said, “so we need him to follow us, to chase us, and then you blind him so then he falls into a ravine!”

“Got it.” Lagi said. “How do we make it chase us? Just run to the ravine?”

“We could try something… Like, make fun of it. Call it names. Insult it. It might understand us and grow mad. But we have to be out of range so it comes towards us.” Flip said.

“Got it.” Lagi said. Lagi ran towards the nearest ravine, and started yelling at the rock monster. “YOU’RE FAT! YOU ARE USELESS! YOU SUCK!”

The rock monster growled. It reached for a rock to throw at Lagi.

“Okay so it can understand us.” Flip said, “now get out of range. When it comes, blind it and then we have to knock it into a ravine.”

“WHY DO YOU ACT SO USELESS?!” Lagi yelled at the rock monster, and the rock monster chucked the rock at Lagi, but Lagi leaped out of the way in time before running backwards. The rock monster chucked another rock, but it missed. Lagi was out of range.

“Good.” Flip said, appearing next to Lagi, “now keep yellin! I’ll yell too!” Another rock was tossed at them, but it missed.


The rock monster roared, furious. It began taking steps towards them, chucking more rocks. It stepped over a ravine when…

“Now!” Flip yelled.

Lagi then made a giant wave of water and aimed it towards the rock monster. It hit the monster, and evaporated, making a lot of fog above the monster.

Flip then ran at the monster and kicked it in the stomach. The monster roared, and it then fell into the ravine, breaking into different parts in the process. Rock falling was heard for a bit, until it stopped. Flip looked over at Lagi.

“Nicely done!” Flip said to Lagi, putting his hand out for a high-five.

Lagi high fived Flip, and then looked over the edge of the ravine. “That thing’s dead.” Lagi said as he walked over to Flip. “And I just remembered Ivory.”

Lagi ran over to the ravine where Ivory was thrown into. Lagi started to climb down it. When he made it, Lagi crawled over to Ivory, who was laying there as a Lagiacrus.

“No no no no no!” Lagi cried. “I won’t lose you again… I can’t lose you again…” Lagi wrapped himself around Ivory’s neck and started to cry.

“I forgot to ask. How is she this dragon-thing? Her powers? What is it?” Flip asked, appearing next to Lagi.

Lagi was crying too hard to hear Flip.

“Hello? Lagi?” Flip asked.

Lagi still couldn't hear Flip.

“Lagi.” Flip said.

Lagi still couldn't hear Flip. He was sobbing too hard.

“LAGI!” Flip said, shaking Lagi. “I ASKED YOU A QUESTION!”

Lagi pulled himself from Ivory’s neck. “W-what is it?” Lagi sobbed.

“I was asking, this is Ivory? It’s a monster, dragon-like thing. Ivory turned into it before, and I was wondering what it is and how she did it.” Flip explained.

“W-well, we’re not human. Not fully at least,” Lagi explained through sobs, “this is our other half.”

“Oh. Well, what is this creature? I’m interested.” Flip said.

“It's an Ivory Lagiacrus. One of the two subspecies of the Lagiacrus.” Lagi explained.

“What is it classified as?” Flip asked.

“A giant leviathan.” Lagi explained.

“Interesting… what are its abilities? What is its habitat? What does it eat?” Flip asked a bunch of questions.

“It lives most of its life underwater, however it comes onto the shore to sunbathe. It eats anything that comes into its territory. And it can discharge stored electricity.” Lagi explained.

“Hmmm… Wait a minute… I just remembered…” Flip said, “I once read about them in a book. But… it never said they could be human. You must be some lab experiment or something? Or human that can transform using an Ultimate Crystal?”

“I-it’s more of a half-breed thing.” Lagi said. “I think.”

“Hmmm, then you would be classified as something else. I don’t know… I want to learn more about it. Maybe we could after passing this test.” Flip said.

“I don't know. All I know is that I'm trying to mourn her death, okay? If she is dead. I'm not sure.” Lagi sobbed.

“She’s not dead.” Flip said, pointing to Ivory’s chest. “Can’t you see her breathing?”

“No, I can see nothing but the tears in my eyes. But that's good that she's alive.” Lagi said as he wiped the tears from his eyes.

“Well, she gotta turn back into a human. We can’t carry her like this.” Flip said.

“I could drag her, but what good would that do? We have to go up. We have to wait until she wakes up.” Lagi said.

“That’ll do… I’ll go find the door in the meantime.” Flip said, before he disappeared.

After that, Lagi could hear Ivory groan.

“I-Ivory! Y-you're awake!” Lagi cried.

Then Ivory turned back into a human, and laid in her spot.

“Why… does my back hurt?” Ivory asked.

“Well, you got your back snapped by that rock monster. I guess it was fixed when you turned back, but it still hurts I guess.” Lagi explained.

“Did we kill it?” Ivory groaned.

“Yeah. Me and Flip did it.” Lagi said.

“Where is Flip?” Ivory asked, standing up.

“He went to look for the door.” Lagi said.

“Is he back?” Ivory asked.

“No.” Lagi said.

“Okay.” Ivory said.

“If you're ready, we can climb out of here.” Lagi said.

“Okay.” Ivory said as she started to climb.

Lagi followed Ivory up. When they were all the way up and out, they saw Flip standing, facing the lava fall.

“Find the door?” Lagi asked.

“Yes, it’s inside the lava fall.” Flip replied.

“How're we supposed to get in there?” Ivory asked.

“That’s the problem. We can’t. We’d be burned.” Flip answered.

“Well then, what do we do?” Ivory asked. “Water doesn't work, and I can't move lava.”

“We gotta find a way to get past it. Well, I mean I can, I can teleport.” Flip said, “but I don’t want to leave you and go to the next part of the test.”

“So, do any of us have a shield of some sort?” Lagi asked.

“A shield won’t get you through.” Flip said.

“I mean more like a barrier.” Lagi said.

“A shield isn’t a barrier. Besides, to test it to see if it works, is risky.” Flip replied.

“So what do we do?” Ivory asked.

“I don’t know. We gotta think of a way to get you to get to the door.” Flip replied.

“What if… you just teleported all of us?” Ivory suggested.

“I can only teleport myself. It’s a different kind of teleportation that works more effectively, because you cannot be pulled out of teleportation and/or be put to a stop from teleporting.” Flip replied. “It’s confusing.”

“Not really.” Ivory said.

“It’s confusing when the teachers teach it to us.” Flip said. “But we eventually get it.”

“Well, what do we do? Suddenly become op at earth powers?” Ivory laughed.

“I dunno. Maybe.” Flip said, “it won’t happen, so…”

“Do we, learn how to teleport ourselves and then all go through?” Lagi suggested.

“Teleportation isn’t easy to learn.” Flip said. “I’m also not a great teacher, so you wouldn’t be able to learn…” Flip then got an idea. “Maybe, we just have to stop the lava fall from flowing. By throwing rocks in it’s way.”

“That's simple.” Ivory said. “Let's do it.”

“Alright. I can do it pretty easily and fast.” Flip then disappeared, and a loud thump sound was heard. The lava fall stopped flowing, and Flip appeared back next to them, when they spotted the door behind the falling remaining lava. “Should have thought of that before! Sometimes I can be stupid, when I’m overwhelmed with lots of obstacles.”

“Everyone does that at times.” Lagi said, patting Flip on the back.

“But it’s not normal for me, I trained hard to think fast!” Flip sort of yelled, “I would spend hours training in obstacle courses!”

“Well, the door is right there. Let’s just go in.” Lagi said.

Flip took a deep breath. “Something tells me that things will get worse as we go on.”

“That’s just life.” Ivory sighed as she walked towards the door.

“Well, then, we gotta jump to it.” Flip said. “It’s on a platform above.” Flip then disappeared and reappeared right in front of the door.

“Fine then.” Ivory sighed as she jumped to the platform.

Lagi followed her. They landed onto the platform in front of the door. Flip tried to open it, but it was locked.

“Great. We have to find another key.” Flip said sarcastically.

“Do you have the key?” Lagi asked.

“No. That’s why I said what I said before I said this.” Flip answered.

“So, how do we find the key?” Lagi asked.

“I don’t know.” Flip said, “we just gotta look around.” Then Flip had another idea. “If I were the one who made this, I would have put the key INSIDE the rock monster!” He then disappeared. After a bit, he reappeared with a key in his hands. “Found it. It was stuck to a rock that was so close to touching the lava. But I got it before it could fall.”

“Nice. Now put it in.” Lagi said.

Flip then put the key into the keyhole and turned it, unlocking the door. He opened the door, and inside was another hallway, and the dark figure was floating in mid air, staring at them with his glowing red eyes.

“We made it.” Lagi said. “Now what do we have to do?”

“You made it.” The dark figure said as they stepped into the hallway, “good job. Now for your next test… It’s a maze.”

“And?” Lagi asked. “What do we do in said maze?”

“We look for the door hidden in the maze.” Ivory sighed.

“Yes, but not just that. There are multiple doors and multiple keys. Only one door is the exit. The other doors let out vicious monsters.” The dark figure said.

“Where do we get the keys?” Lagi asked.

“You’ll find them somewhere in the maze. They could be in a chest, they could be on the floor, they could be taped to the wall. They could be anywhere.” The dark figure answered.

“So, when do we start?” Ivory asked.

“When you enter the door.” The dark figure moved out of the way and they spotted another door.

“Let’s go.” Ivory said as she walked towards the door.

Flip nodded and he and Lagi followed. They made it to the door, and the dark figure disappeared once Ivory opened it. Inside was exactly what the dark figure said it was… A maze. It had a ceiling, so they couldn’t climb up above.

The door shut behind them and locked itself after they entered the maze.

“Well, let’s go.” Ivory said as she placed her hand against the right wall and started walking.

“W-what are you doing?” Lagi asked.

“Solving the maze.” Ivory said.

“Flip, should we stop her?” Lagi asked.

“I have no idea what she is doing. That won’t help solve mazes…” Flip replied, as he began to walk through the maze.

“It’s the blindness method.” Ivory said, “if you drag your hand along the right wall, then you are guaranteed to find the exit. We might not be looking for an exit, but we would find the doors. We would also need to keep an eye out for keys.”

“Yes… That is true… I have an idea, but it’s horrible.” Flip said, as they then reached… They could either go right, forward, or left.

“Open every door we find?” Ivory asked.

“No, because we would need keys, and we don’t know which key is to which door… My idea was to split up. But I think it’s horrible…” Flip said, looking at the three different paths.

“It is a horrible idea. We would need to stay together. We have no idea what kinds of traps or whatever this place might have.” Ivory said. “Now, I’m going right. Will you follow me?”

“Yes. We should stay together.” Flip replied, following Ivory who went right.

“Oh, good. You two aren’t going to make me decide between who to travel with.” Lagi said as he followed them.

“Yeah. I’m not sure you could have handled the stress.” Ivory laughed.

“I could have decided!” Lagi said.

“Really? Then who would you have chosen?” Ivory asked as she smirked.

“I-I…” Lagi stuttered.

“See?” Ivory laughed.

Lagi just walked silently.

“I haven’t asked yet, but… Are you two siblings?” Flip asked as they walked.

“No.” Ivory said abruptly. So abruptly she stopped walking. “We are most definitely not siblings. Why would you think that?”

“Because you both have tails… And Lagi was crying when you were injured. Just a thought.” Flip said.

“Well, we’re not related in any way. So you don’t have to worry about that.” Ivory sighed. She continued walking.

“Wait… If you aren’t related… And Lagi was crying… Are you lovers or something?” Flip asked.

“Why would you want to know?” Ivory asked.

“Because I do.” Flip replied.

“Ask Lagi. I just want to get out of this right now.” Ivory sighed.

“Okay Lagi. You and Ivory lovers or something?” Flip asked Lagi.

“I… uh… why do I have to answer this?” Lagi asked.

“Because, I don’t want to.” Ivory said.

“F-fine then.” Lagi said as he crossed his arms. “Flip. Don’t let her hear. She doesn't need to know the answer.”

“Alright. I’ll put a sound barrier between us and her then for a bit.” Flip said before he made a circle with his hands and pushed it, making a barrier between him and Lagi, and Ivory.

“Okay. Well… I may have some feelings for Ivory.” Lagi said, blushing.

“Some only?” Flip asked.

“M-maybe more than s-some. It might be quite a bit…” Lagi stuttered, blushing brighter.

“On a scale of 1-10, how much?” Flip asked, acting casual.

“M-maybe 8.5…” Lagi said.

“Oh. So not that much.” Flip said, “have you told her yet? I’m guessing not.”

“N-no… not yet.” Lagi muttered.

“You should tell her.” Flip said, “maybe now as we walk through the maze. Cuz it’s boring. You telling her would make it more fun.”

“Why does she need to know now? All she needs to do is get ahold of this.” Lagi said, holding up his journal. “Which no, she is not doing.”

“It’s alright. I have all of this under control. In fact, I already found a key.” Flip said, showing Lagi a blue key.

“How?” Lagi asked. “Where did you find that?”

“Taped onto a wall. I teleported to it and back while you weren’t looking.” Flip answered. “I’m guessing it might fit into a blue door.”

“Well, let’s get back to looking for the exit.” Lagi said, not blushing anymore.

“You should totally tell her. You really should, I can lead the way to a door I found earlier, by teleportation.” Flip said. He then got rid of the barrier. “Your cue, Lagi.”

“Flip found a key and a door.” Lagi said, starting to blush faintly.

“Well then, let’s go.” Ivory sighed.

“L-lead the way, Flip!” Lagi said.

Flip walked over to the front, leading the way. “Also, Ivory. Lagi had something he wanted to tell you.”

“And I did. It was that he found a door and key.” Lagi said.

“I doubt that. But when there’s a chance of escape, I don’t care as much.” Ivory said, following Flip. Lagi followed Ivory.

“Lagi had something to say about his ‘feelings’.” Flip said as he led the way.

“N-no. Nothing.” Lagi said.

“Lagi. If there’s something you want to say, just say it.” Ivory sighed.

“N-no, that’s not necessary.” Lagi said.

“Say it Lagi.” Flip said.

“No.” Lagi said.

“Do it. We need an interesting conversation to keep going.” Flip said, “I need some inspiration to keep going. You need it more than me.”

“No. “No. That's the final answer.” Lagi growled.

“Just say it.” Ivory said.

“Never.” Lagi growled.

“Okay. Flip? Are you okay with that?” Ivory asked.

“No. I will not lead the way until you say it.” Flip stopped walking.

“No.” Lagi said. “Now is not the time.”

“If you're not going to talk. We're not going to move. Just. Do. It.” Ivory growled. “Or do you want me to guess?”

“N-no, please!” Lagi said.

“Then talk.” Ivory growled.

“O-oh fine…” Lagi muttered. “I… I may have feelings for you.”

“Was… was that it? Wow. Underwhelming.” Ivory sighed. “I already knew that. I read your journal.”

“W-what?! When did you do that?!” Lagi shouted.

“When you sleep.” Ivory laughed. “Now please Flip. Continue.”

“Alright.” Flip continued walking.

“To be honest, I always knew. I didn't even need to look at your journal to know you loved me.” Ivory laughed.

Lagi stayed silent.

“What's wrong?” Ivory asked.

“N-nothing.” Lagi muttered.

“Okay.” Ivory sighed. “Flip, how much further is the door?”

“Pretty far.” Flip replied.

“Could you speed it up in any way?” Ivory asked.

“Uh, no. Unless you do.” Flip said, “cuz we could always run.”

“Fine then.” Ivory growled as she started to run.

Flip ran as well. They continued running, following Flip’s every moves until they finally reached… A blue door. Flip looked at the blue key in his hand.

“Do it.” Lagi said.

“…” Flip hesitated, looking at the key, then the door. “I can sense something in there… Probably one of the beasts…”

“Well then, do we risk fighting it? Or do we continue on?” Lagi asked.

“We gotta risk.” Flip said, “be prepared for anything.” He then put the key into the keyhole.

“I’m ready.” Lagi said, raising his fists.

Flip then turned the key… But it didn’t go.

“WHAT!? IT’S THE WRONG KEY!” Flip exclaimed.

“Good job. He never said that the colors had to match.” Ivory sighed.

“True… Then maybe there’s something in the maze, like a pattern, that would tell us which key goes to which door.” Flip said, taking the key out of the keyhole.

“There could be. Or there could be nothing like that.” Ivory said.

“I don’t like that dark figure…” Flip muttered, “who does he think he is!? Testing us in this test for answers!? The answers will probably not be the ones we are seeking!!”

“He probably just has no friends. And has no fun. He must enjoy watching us.” Lagi said. “We shouldn't talk bad about him behind his back.”

“He probably can hear what we’re saying anyway…!” Flip replied.

“Exactly.” Lagi sighed.

“So, where do we go? Because we abandoned the blindness method.” Ivory asked.

Suddenly, they heard a ‘woosh’ sound. Ivory was looking away from the door while Flip and Lagi were looking at the door. Ivory’s eyes caught a blue scaly tail right in the corner before it disappeared.

“We’re not alone.” Ivory said. “Gabe’s here.”

“Gabe? Who the heck is Gabe?” Flip asked.

“My older brother.” Ivory growled.

“Great! More help. We need it. This maze is making me impatient, and I’m supposed to be the patient one!” Flip said.

“He might not be much help. Last time I saw him… well, let’s just say it was him putting the sword through my chest.” Ivory sighed.

“Sounds like a cool guy.” Flip said sarcastically, “let’s go find him then, maybe he has answers.”

“Let’s find him if you want to.” Ivory sighed. Ivory started running towards where she saw the tail.

Flip followed, along with Lagi. Ivory then saw the tail again, before it disappeared into the corner.

“This way.” Ivory said as she ran to the corner with Flip and Lagi behind.

She then saw the tail once more in the corner before it disappeared.

“Lagi. Catch up to him!” Ivory yelled as she became the ‘source’ and sprinted towards the tail.

Lagi became the source and followed Ivory. Flip, just teleported.

The tail disappeared into another corner, and when Ivory and Lagi caught up, it was a dead end… And there was a dark figure with a scaly blue tail standing.

“Well, I’m not going to assume you’re Gabe. And assume you were just a distraction.” Ivory growled.

“Heh…” The tailed figure laughed and turned around. It’s face was… A monster, with a giant mouth and sharp teeth. “YOU MISTOOK ME FOR GABERUS!” The dark figure suddenly grew, turning into a giant black lagiacrus, ten times the size as Lagi and Ivory when they were Lagiacrus’s, causing the walls to break.

“No. Not a distraction.” Flip said, appearing next to them, “a monster, a boss. Something that came out of the doors. This is what I sensed earlier.”

“What the fudge.” Ivory said as she just stared at it.

“Although it’s weird. I sense it, but I don’t see it.” Flip said, as the black Lagiacrus was clearly in front of Ivory.

“Well, good for you. We might need help.” Ivory sighed.

“I’m scared.” Lagi said.

“Whatever you do… Do. Not. Faint.” Ivory growled.

“Done.” Lagi said.

“You can see it?” Flip asked Ivory as the black Lagiacrus growled in front of them.

“Yes. Why would I not be able to?” Ivory asked.

“I do not see it. It must be a hallucination and/or an illusion.” Flip said. He walked forward, and Ivory saw that he went right through the black Lagiacrus. “Am I wrong?”

“But… it broke the walls…” Ivory gasped.

“The walls are fine.” Flip said, looking around.

Ivory walked forward and reached her hand out. Her hand went through the black Lagiacrus.

“Well great.” Ivory sighed. “It’s just an illusion.”

“Now what? Because I still see it.” Lagi said.

“It is an illusion.” Flip said, “it’s not real…”

“I know. I’m just wondering where we go now.” Lagi said.

“We look for more keys.” Ivory said. “Flip. You seem like the one to lead the way, so do that.”

“We should actually use your strategy now.” Flip said, “you lead.”

“It doesn't work unless you start from the beginning. So, you would have to lead us there.” Ivory said.

“It can work, but the start is here…” Flip said.

“Fine. Let’s go.” Ivory said as she placed her hand on the wall and took off running.

Flip and Lagi followed. They continued walking, using Ivory’s strategy, for a while.

“I haven’t seen a door. I think we’re doing something wrong.” Lagi said,

“There’s a door right there.” Ivory said, pointing to a door.

In front of them was a yellow door. Flip went ahead and put the blue key into the keyhole and turned it. However, it was also locked.

“Well, do you have any other keys?” Ivory asked.

“Nope. None other than the one I found before the test that got us to the dark figure.” Flip replied.

“Maybe try that one. It could work.” Ivory said.

Flip put the golden key from before into the keyhole and turned it, but it didn’t open. “Nope, just as I thought.”

“So, we look for more keys?” Ivory asked.

“Yes.” Flip replied.

“Where do we look?” Ivory asked.

Flip facepalmed while sighing. “Really? You’re seriously asking that?”

“No. I’m not.” Ivory said.

“Uhhh… You just did.” Flip replied.

“Too bad. I don’t now.” Ivory said.

“Pardon?” Flip asked. “You’ve confused me.

“I confuse people a lot.” Ivory sighed. “It happens when people don’t understand.”

“You just said something, and then claimed you didn’t. It makes no sense.” Flip said back.

“See?” Ivory said.

“Excuse me, for a bit.” Flip then disappeared.

“He’s confusing, isn’t he?” Ivory asked.

“You seem more confusing.” Lagi sighed.

“What do you mean?” Ivory asked.

“You seem to change so much. You act one way, then you act another way. You say one thing, then you say another. It’s confusing.” Lagi explained. “And I don’t like it.”

“Well, everyone changes. Some people just change faster than others. And some people… some people don’t change at all. Sometimes, life changes. One event can do so much. Say something, someone dies. Say something else, somebody else gets powers. Anything can happen. Everything changes. Sometimes, you just have to adapt to that change.” Ivory said. “And sometimes, the change adapts to you.”

“That… makes no sense. And yet it makes sense at the same time.” Lagi sighed.

“Exactly. Everything changes. Opinions, personalities, everything. And I know that my opinion has changed on quite a few things recently.” Ivory said.

“What are some of those?” Lagi asked.

“Well, one of them is my opinion on you…” Ivory said.

“Y-yeah. When somebody reads your journal, they think differently of you. And you think differently of them…” Lagi muttered.

“T-that’s the thing…” Ivory said. “I… I think I return your feelings…”

Lagi was silent.

“A-are you okay?” Ivory asked.

“Y-yeah… I-I’m okay… j-just surprised.” Lagi said.

“Why?” Ivory asked.

“B-because… I thought you just saw me as some sort of servant. Some sort of pawn. Something to command…” Lagi said, looking down.

“No, never. I just, wanted to make you feel wanted. I wanted you to be a part of what was happening.” Ivory sighed.

“Well, now that we have all of this over with… where do you think Flip went?” Lagi asked.

“Probably to find a key.” Ivory said. “He’ll be back in like, fifteen seconds. Probably.”

Lagi and Ivory waited fifteen seconds. But Flip didn’t come back.

“It’s been fifteen seconds.” Lagi said.

“Okay, I have a feeling he abandoned us.” Ivory said.

“If he did, he had good reason to…” Lagi muttered.

“We should keep going. Look for keys and doors.” Ivory said.

“Or maybe you should. I’m staying here and waiting for Flip.” Lagi said.

“Well, you can do that. I’m going to look for keys.” Ivory said as she started to jog off. “I’ll just backtrack if I find anything.”

“And… I’m alone.” Lagi sighed.

“No you’re not.” he heard Flip’s voice say from next to him.

“Oh. Hi.” Lagi said. “Find any keys? Or doors or whatever?”

“No. But I found Ivory. She’s walking towards a trap.” Flip replied casually.

“Okay.” Lagi said. “Are you going to help her? Because I’m okay leaving her for now.”

“I kind of did help her already.” Flip said before Ivory appeared behind him. “She went in a circle.”

“Well, hello again.” Ivory said.

“Hi there.” Lagi said.

“So, what do we do?” Ivory asked.

“We keep going. Until we find a door.” Flip said, “which will probably take a long time.”

“Okay. Let’s go then.” Ivory said as she started jogging again.

“Hopefully we aren’t going to be stuck here for long.” Flip said before he and Lagi followed.



-----| Chapter 2 |-----



So… The next day has come, and I was thinking about what I had heard Dad say last night… What he said about taking on the President of Hindro… What was that supposed to mean? I had no idea, and I still continue to wonder… Maybe the president had some ability of some sort which put him to power… Or maybe he somehow convinced everyone to be on his side… At this rate, it could be anything.

I wondered some more as I got out of bed. I had a small room, downstairs next to the kitchen, and that one giant dining room. Everyone else except for Saturo had a room down here as well… This was where the guest rooms were. Each room had a bed, a desk, a bookshelf with some books on it, a coffee table, a small TV, and a bathroom of its own… It was pretty much a hotel room, just with walls filled with electricity… There were no outlets, I realized, maybe because electricity already runs through the whole planet. Not maybe, now that I thought of it, most likely.

I felt hungry, I hadn’t ate in a long time… I needed some breakfast. So I opened the door and walked out of my room. And I spotted Listy walking towards the kitchen.

“Morning.” I told her.

“Yeah. Morning.” Listy replied.

“Where you off to? The kitchen? To have breakfast?”

“Yeah sure.” Listy replied.

“Where’s everyone else?” I asked.

“Uhh… I dunno.” Listy replied.

“Okay… Well, I need some breakfast so I’ll come along with you.”

“Okay.” Listy replied, continuing to walk to the kitchen.

We then made it to the kitchen doors, and Listy opened it and walked in. It turned out that it was a small room, not the kitchen. It was next to the kitchen though.

Inside there was a table, and Lavender was there eating pancakes along with Saturo. Apparently, they were alone.

“Sup.” Saturo said, as I walked inside and took a seat. “Aye, Listy, where’s your boyfriend Meh?”

“I don’t know, he’s not in his room.” Listy replied, with a muted blush as she also sat down.

“What could he possibly be doing? Maybe he’s outside picking flowers for you or something.” Saturo said with a slight smirk.

“There are flowers here?” Listy asked, while I put myself some pancakes and began eating.

“Outside, yeah. They’re electric flowers.” Saturo said, making a pun afterwards, “is that shocking?”

“…yes.” Listy replied.

“Ha.” Saturo replied, “well eat some pancakes! Don’t be shy.”

Listy started to eat pancakes without comment when suddenly, Mehrunes bursted into the room.

“Dude, where were you?” Saturo asked him.

“Nonya.” Mehrunes replied.

“What?” Saturo asked.

“I say that ‘cause it’s nonya buisness.” Mehrunes replied, sitting down.

“But you’re in Elec’s Mansion. And I’m his student. Technically, it is my business since you are my guest.” Saturo told him.

“Still not telling ya.” Mehrunes replied, eating pancakes.

“Then I have the right to kick you out of my home.” Saturo said, “I don’t tolerate suspicion!”

“Well you also will literally not care about it at all.” Mehrunes replied.

“Not at the moment, no, but I must know so I can decide if you can be trusted.” Saturo replied.

Mehrunes took off his watch that I didn’t notice he was wearing and said, “I lost my watch after we landed here, so I went to find it.”

“Oh. Okay then. Eat some pancakes.” Saturo replied casually.

“I am.” Mehrunes replied, eating pancakes.

Then, the door opened and in walked Draco. Shortly after him was Draelin. Draco was a mess, his hair, clothes, everything was all messy and he looked exhausted.

“Are you okay?” Saturo asked him.

“*YAWN* I... could be better.” Draco replied, almost falling asleep mid sentence.

“He’s still trying to wake up since Draelin wanted him… *YAWN*…to sit with her at breakfast.” Fireball said, appearing from out of Draco’s messy hair, he looked just as messy and tired as Draco was.

“What happened to you?” Mehrunes asked.

“Things that happen when a cat sleeps, in all honesty this is…*YAWN*…The cleanest I’ve ever been in the morning.” Fireball said as he jumped down from Draco’s head onto the table, almost falling asleep after doing so.

“What’s your excuse Draco?” Mehrunes asked.

“Well…*YAWN*…You see…What happened was…Zzzzz…” Draco started to say before he suddenly fell asleep standing up.

Mehrunes splashed Draco with ice cold water and Draco glared at him or at least he did for like a second before he looked tired again.

“Ugh… What were we… *YAWN*…talking about again?” Draco asked.

“They were asking why you are so sleepy.” Draelin replied as she sat down at the table.

“Oh yeah… *YAWN*…Slipped my mind.” Draco said, looking like he was about to fall asleep standing up again.

“He won’t be like this much longer, we just have to wait till Zeph arrives.” Fireball said.

“Well, Draco get some breakfast.” Saturo said.

Draco then sleepily grabbed a plate of pancakes and sat down.

“Also, wake up.”

Just then, Zephyr walked into the room, he looked very energetic and hyper!

“If it weren’t for the fact that there is a ceiling and walls, he would be zipping all over the place right now.” Fireball said.

“*YAWN*…Oh yay… Zephyr’s here…” Draco said, a smile on his face but he was still super tired.

“Welp, time for the daily routine Zeph.” Fireball said while Zephyr replied with a nod.

“What do you mean by that?” Draelin asked.

“Well you see… Draco has an… odd method for waking up, since he doesn’t like drinking coffee and stuff.” Fireball replied.

“I dunno how I never noticed this.” Mehrunes said.

Then Zephyr walked over to the sleepy Draco and clamped his teeth onto his left arm hard enough to almost break the skin, Draco seemingly not noticing due to how tired he was.

“Uhh…” Mehrunes said. “What?!”

“That’s certainly odd…” Draelin said, very surprised.

“Oh. This is just the beginning part.” Fireball said.

“OH GOOD!” Mehrunes exclaimed, finishing his pancakes. “I don’t think I wanna see this but continue anyway.”

Then Zephyr’s eyes glowed yellow and small bolts of electricity surged all over his body.

“It’s almost done…” Fireball said. “Prepare yourselves…”

Listy prepared by leaving the room, and Mehrunes rolled his eyes at what was going on.

“JUST DO IT ALREADY!” Mehrunes exclaimed.

“Don’t rush Zeph while he’s doing this. It could end very badly if you do.” Fireball warned.

“Good.” Mehrunes joked.

Zephyr then continued to charge electricity, meanwhile Draco was so oblivious to what was happening that he had fallen asleep in his chair.

“This is so cheesy.” Mehrunes said.

“So?” Fireball asked.

“Why is this a thing?” Mehrunes asked.

“Because it’s hard to actually wake Draco up in the morning, he’s like the complete opposite of a morning person.” Fireball explained.

“I’m sure there’s better ways to wake him up.” Mehrunes said.

“You would think but most normal methods don’t work. Like at all.” Fireball said.

“Hurry up I’m tired of this.” Mehrunes said.

“Don’t worry, Zeph’s done charging.” Fireball said before all of a sudden Zephyr shocked Draco with a lot of electricity, causing him to spaz like a cartoon character for around five seconds before he stopped.

Draco was now completely awake and also somehow unharmed despite the voltage, his clothes also somehow were no longer messy, it’s just that now his hair was just a bunch of brown spikes standing upwards, so he looked pretty ridiculous.

“I could have done that to him.” Saturo said.

“Well if that were the case then you would have had to do something in a way that the voltage would go straight into his body, that’s why Zephyr uses his teeth.” Fireball explained.

“Shock waves work.” Saturo said.

“True, but usually the whole ‘straight into the body’ method seems to work the best from what we’ve tested.” Draco said, fixing his hair before he started eating his pancakes.

“If that’s the case, you should probably sleep and wake up in the high voltage part of the Electric Planet.” Lavender said, finally saying something after minutes of staying silent.

“Yeah but there is another plus to having Zephyr wake me up that way.” Draco said. “It helps Zephyr practice generating electricity. Which was something he could barely do at first.”

“Good for him!” Saturo said, “anyway, that’s most of us here… Who is missing?”

“Hmm… Well Chill and Uchiho aren’t here.” Draco said after looking around the room.

“Chill’s just probably chillin somewhere.” I said.

“Most likely, and Uchiho is probably in her room.” Draco said, finishing his pancakes.

“Yeah… So, what do you guys wanna do after this?” Saturo asked.

“Not quite sure. What exactly can we do?” Draco asked as he cleared his plate and silverware.

“Well, I’m going to be training.” I said. “I bet some of you could join me.”

“That would be nice, I definitely need to work on my agility.” Draco said.

“I will come too, just to watch. Maybe I’ll train too…” Saturo said, “with Glitter. Cuz Elec’s not here.”

“Sounds good. What are you gonna do, Meh?” Draco asked.

“Will you not call me ‘Meh’, please.” Mehrunes said, adding please when Mr. Slithers hissed at him. “I’ll probably join you as well.”

“But why not? ‘Meh’ is a nice nickname.” Draco said.

“Because, I don’t like it. How about I call you sleeping un-beauty.” Mehrunes snapped, and Mr. Slithers looked at him disapprovingly.

“Oh come on, have at least some decency, I’m calling you by a shortened version of your name, why can’t you do the same to me? Besides you did say you don’t want us to hate each other anymore, and I think this is a good starting point.” Draco said calmly.

“True it would be, although I don’t like being called ‘Meh.” Mehrunes replied, backing through the door. “See ya later, I gotta do some stuff involving finding people then I’ll meet ya at the training area.”

“Don’t enter any rooms… Other than the ones you’ve already been in.” Saturo said to him.

“Then this shouldn't take long.” Mehrunes replied, walking out the door.

“Well I’m done with breakfast.” I said, “I’ll go see if I can find my dad.”

“Okay. See you later then.” Draco said to me as he gave Zephyr and Fireball their food.

“You gonna join me in the training room?” I asked.

“Of course. I just gotta wait for this gluttonous devourer to finish eating. Oh and Zephyr too.” Draco said, a smirk on his face as he talked.

“HEY!” Fireball exclaimed, clearly mad at Draco’s comment. “I DO NOT EAT AS MUCH AS ZEPHYR DOES!”

Zephyr then made a sound similar to what I would assume a dragon would make when they laugh and Fireball gave him a wicked glare in response.

Fireball then whacked Zephyr on the snout with quite a bit of force, but Zephyr just ignored it and continued eating.

“Anyway, you should probably start looking for your dad now right?” Draco said to me.

“Yeah, in a bit. I’m waiting for you guys to finish breakfast.” I replied. “Or at least waiting for Saturo, cuz he knows the way around here.”

“Good idea. I’ll see you two at the training room then.” Draco said as he then sat down on a chair and waited for Zephyr and Fireball to finish eating.

“I’m still eating pancakes!” Saturo said, “Lav, can you get some more from the kitchen?”

“I think you had enough.” Fireball said, as Lavender left the table to go to the kitchen. “You’ve had three plates now. And each plate has five pancakes!”

“But Lav’s chocolate chip pancakes are amazing! I need more!” Saturo said.

“BUT YOU’VE ALREADY HAD FIFTEEN OF THEM!” Fireball exclaimed loudly.

“So?” Saturo replied. “I can eat more.”

“Just because you can doesn’t mean you should.” Fireball said as he finished his food and jumped up onto the table.

“Well, they’re good… And Lav’s nice and she’s making more for me.” Saturo said.

“Well how many more are you gonna eat?” Draco asked.

“Uh… 15.” Saturo said.

“Do you mean fifteen more pancakes or fifteen more plates?” Draco asked.

“Pancakes.” Saturo said, “after that I’ll be full.”

“Oh okay good. ‘Cause if it were plates then you would have eaten more calories than Zephyr.” Draco said.

“I could probably eat more, but I’m not gonna for the sake of my stomach.” Saturo responded.

“Well that’s good.” Fireball said.

Then Lavender appeared into the room with a plate with 15 pancakes stacked onto each other. She handed it to Saturo, who started eating.

“How long do you think it’s gonna take for him to finish those?” Draco asked me. “Because I’m thinking it’s probably only gonna take like a minute at the most.”

“That seems about right since he’s already eaten a third of them already and it's only been about 15 seconds since he got them.” Fireball said, pointing his paw at the now significantly shorter stack of pancakes.

“Hmm?” Saturo asked, while chewing pancakes.

“And there goes pancake number seven.” Fireball said.

“You shouldn’t count people’s food. It’s rude.” Saturo said.

“Well I don’t really have anything else to do so counting your pancakes helps pass the time.” Fireball said.

“Count again then.” Saturo said, before he finished the pancakes.

“Nah. I don’t want to count anymore.” Fireball said with a smirk as he rested on the table.

“Anyway now that Saturo is done. You can start looking for your dad now.” Draco said as he stood up.

“Yeah, come on Saturo. Let’s go look.” I said, standing up, as Saturo did as well, “are you coming Draco?”

“Hmmm… Eh sure why not?” Draco said with a shrug before facing Zephyr and Fireball. “You two stay out of trouble okay?”

“Oh we will alright.” Fireball said.

Draco then gave Fireball a warning look before walking over to me and Saturo. The three of us walked out of the, well, I’ll call it the breakfast room.

“Hopefully those three don’t do anything bad while we’re gone.” Draco said, looking back at the breakfast room as we walked.

“Those three?” Saturo asked, “who’s the third?” We were walking through the hallway.

“Draelin. She may not look like it but she can be quite the trickster when I’m not around.” Draco said. “Hopefully Zephyr keeps her and Fireball in check.”

“Huh. I didn’t know she could be a trickster…” Saturo said.

“No she can. There was this one time where when I was with Glare getting groceries. While we were gone Draelin did something really, really bad to everyone else.” Draco said.

“What?” I asked.

“She… may or may not have… put super spice on all of the food, stole and burned all of the popcorn, which infuriated Mehrunes to no end by the way. And also poured ice cold water on everyone’s beds. Oh and itching powder. Lot’s and LOT’S of itching powder.” Draco replied.

“Uh… Since when did she do that?” I asked.

“Don’t quite know… but when Me and Glare got back everything was in shambles. Mehrunes was absolutely furious because he couldn’t make popcorn. Fireball and Zephyr couldn't take a nap due to how itchy they were. Uchiho was wearing about five blankets because she had caught a cold due to her bed being soaking wet and Listy was running around breathing fire like she was Ivory or something.” Draco said.

“Wait… So when did this happen?” Saturo asked.

“Only about three days before you guys arrived.” Draco replied. “Glare was able to fix everything. But actually… Only I knew Draelin did it. Until now that is. Because she told me all about what she did.”

“Then what about Lagi and Ivory? They were there when we arrived.” Saturo said.

“Oh yeah I forgot. Draelin played a special prank on them specifically.” Draco said, remembering something.

“Do tell.” Saturo said.

“Well… first of all. She got Ivory mad at Lagi by making it look like he had splashed her with black paint. THEN, she doused them in itching AND sneezing powder. Keep in mind Ivory is still mad at Lagi. And finally she covered both of them in glue and then covered them in pink chicken feathers. Then she took a picture. Here look.” Draco said before he pulled a small picture out of his pocket and showed it to us.

We could see Ivory and Lagi in their human forms, sneezing and scratching themselves wildly and were covered in hot pink feathers.

“See?” Draco said.

“So you keep that photo in your pocket? Why? For laughs?” Saturo laughed.

“Well that’s the second reason. The first one was that I was planning on showing it to the two of them but then they got captured so yeah.” Draco said with a slight snicker before he put the picture away.

“Uh huh… We really need a hint on where they are so we can find them.” Saturo said, “I feel bad…”

“Yeah.” Draco said with a nod. “But first we should hurry up and find Ich’s dad.”

“Yeah.” I said, as we made it to the stairs, “I’m gonna just go to the training room to see if he’s there already.”

“Okay.” Draco said.

We walked up the stairs to the very last floor… That’s where the training room was. It was right in front of Saturo’s room, while Elec’s room was at the end of the hallway.

“Is Nushot gonna train with us?” Saturo asked.

“I dunno. Maybe.” I replied.

“He could definitely help us get better, that’s for sure…” Draco added.

“Yeah, and I want him to teach me that thing he did with Chill.” I added as well.

“Just make sure not to use it on me.” Saturo said, “because I like my oxygen, thank you very much.”

“Or me. Suffocation is not fun.” Draco said.

“Alright.” I smirked.

“Anyway… Let’s check the training room now.” Draco said, pointing at the doors.

Saturo opened the door, and we all walked in, closing the door behind us. Inside was Chill, apparently he had some speakers out and ‘chill’ music was playing. Chill, was dancing. And I gotta say, his dance moves were pretty cool.

“So this is where he was chilling.” Draco said.

“Yeah…” Saturo said.

“He’s got pretty nice dance moves though.” Draco said as we watched him.

“I would rather refer to them as ‘chill’ dance moves.” Saturo said.

“Really? I thought they were more ‘cool’, but chill works nicely.” Draco said with a smirk.

“Yeah.” Saturo smirked as well.

“I wonder how long he’s been doing this for…” Draco said.

“OH WASSUP.” Chill then saw us, “Meh-Brah came in ‘ere just before youz. He left afterwardz.”

“Why is that?” Draco asked.

“How shouldz I know? He be a weirdo dork dude, mah homies.” Chill said.

“Hmm… wonder what happened.” Draco said.

“He wuz lookin fer sumthin in ‘ere, or checkin ta see if anyone wuz in ‘ere. After he saw me dancin, left. Didn’t even say a word.” Chill replied.

“That’s odd.” Draco said.

“But den I saw et in his eyes… He was waiting fer Listy. Probably gona ask her sumthin, I-D-K.” Chill replied, turning off the music.

“Hmm… what do you think he wanted to ask her?” Draco asked me and Saturo.

“Obviously, to go on a date. Duh.” Saturo replied. “What else?”

“Something tells me that isn’t the most likely reason. But it can’t be denied though.” Draco said with a smirk.

“The most likely reason maybe could be a honeymoon.” Saturo smirked. “Maybe a honeymoon to Meh’s home planet.”

“Pfft!” Draco snickered, trying not to laugh. “If that were actually it, that would be hilarious!”

“I can only imaginez.” Chill commented.

“Huh, well ANYWAY…” I said, “Chill, have you seen my dad?”

“Oh? Raght, he told meh to tell you dat you were gona train in thirty minz. You gota warm up ‘ere and now.” Chill said.

“Seems like a good idea.” Draco said.

“Alright… Chill, you gonna join us?” I asked.

“No. I iz your coach! Now… DROP DOWN AND GIVEZ MEH A THOUSAND PUSH-APS!” Chill shouted at us.

Saturo leaped onto the floor and rapidly did pushups, as he was surrounded by lightning bolts. “THE SOURCE FOR THE WIN!” He shouted. He had become the ‘source’, I assumed.


“Yes sir!” Draco exclaimed, doing a salute with his hand on his forehead before he started to glow cyan and did his pushups very quickly, but slower than Saturo.


I started doing some pushups as well, but slower than both Draco and Saturo. Chill started shouting other exercises to do, when the training room doors suddenly opened.

Mehrunes, walked in… But he looked different…

He was covered in bruises and scars, all types of injuries. He also had crutches, possibly because of a broken leg.

“Wat da fudge happened ta you?” Chill asked him as he walked over to us with his crutches.

“Take a guess.” Mehrunes snapped.

“Yer date went wrong?” Chill guessed.

“Wut.” Mehrunes asked.

“You asked Listy ta a date, and et went wrongz or sumthin?” Chill asked back.

“No.” Mehrunes replied. “Although Listy did do it.”

“Wait, what?” Saturo asked, “she gave you those injuries?”

“I made an apparently false claim about how she couldn't beat me in a fight, and this happened.” Mehrunes replied. “In my defence she broke my leg and practically gave me a concussion within three seconds.”

“BOI!” Chill exclaimed, “either you iz weak, or she got stronger!”

“She was like, full on rage mode…” Mehrunes replied. “So probably a little bit of both to be honest.”

“Brah! You should train wit us den!” Chill said, “we warmin up raght now.”

“Yeah about that… I HAVE A BROKEN LEG!” Mehrunes shouted.

“Well… I don’t tink Uchiho could heal broken bones…” Chill thought.

“She might, if I knew where she was I would ask but I don’t so I can’t and/or won’t.” Mehrunes replied.

“Yaw, so dat sucks for you. You could just watch den.” Chill replied.

“That’s the plaaaaan.” Mehrunes replied, sitting on a couch looking in pain. “Hope Uchiho can heal broken bones.”

“I don’t think she can either. I once asked Glare about what he taught her… It’s only basic injuries. So she could only heal your bruises and scars.” said Saturo. “Do you know anything about this, Draco?”

“Well she was able to heal me when I broke my hand pretty bad this one time.” Draco replied. “But she did say it was super hard to do so I’m not sure if she can heal a broken leg yet.”

“Maybe we could find a better healer.” I suggested.

“Either that or we should see if we can find someone who can teach her to heal better.” Draco said.

“Hey…” I said, remembering, “I remember Lav once healed me when I was shot by a gun… She said she wasn’t that good at it though.”

“Wait, then…” Saturo said, “Lav also said that Azalea taught her a lot of things… Then maybe… Maybe Azalea could heal!”

“And we’ve learned that we can connect pieces of information as well.” Draco said.

“Yeah, now that I think of it, we kind of did that. For the FIRST time.” Saturo said, “and WE did that. Not Meh.”

“Yet one more accomplishment to add to the list.” Draco said with a smirk before he stood up, “so should we continue warming up or what should we do?”

“Wait, wait… Where did Meh go?” Saturo asked, looking around as we all realized that Mehrunes was gone.

“Huh… How did he leave so quietly? You’d think we would’ve noticed.” Draco said. “Well actually… he may have teleported so nevermind.”

“Ya, I saw him teleport. I tink he’s now lookin fer Azalea ta ask her ta heal him.” said Chill.

“Oh okay then. So now what?” Draco asked.

“Well, now Winodren’s ‘ere.” Chill said, motioning his hand to point behind us.

I turned my head and spotted my Dad. “Ready to train?”

“Yes. I am prepared to grow more powerful!” I replied.



-----| Chapter 3 |-----



“So… I lost track of how long we were looking.” Flip said as he, Lagi, and Ivory walked through the maze, “at least we found a purple key.”

“Yeah. One more key to test.” Ivory sighed.

“I wonder how many doors there could be. I mean, we have four keys and none of them have worked.” Lagi said.

“Probably too many to comprehend if this guy wants fun.” Ivory said.

“Wait a minute…” An idea suddenly hit Flip in the face like a brick. “Maybe we aren’t alone in this maze, like, SOMEONE else JUST like us is here too! And they found some keys! That’s why we barely are finding any!”

“Probably not.” Ivory said.

“Don’t be such a downer! Flip could be right!” Lagi said.

“I’m very consistant of my theory! Because I sensed other beings, not monsters, but humans in this maze as well!” Flip replied.

“Good. We should try and find them. Maybe team up.” Lagi said. “How many did you sense?”

“Well, I sensed… About one. I think I may have sensed another, but it was barely clear so I’m not sure.” Flip said back.

“Could you try to find that one and lead us to them?” Ivory asked.

“Not really. I lost track of them, because I only sensed them for a bit. Then they disappeared… I can only sense within fifty meters.” Flip replied.

“Okay. Let’s pick up the pace, try to get them within range.” Lagi said.

“Fine.” Ivory sighed as she started to run. Lagi and Flip followed her pace.

“Woah! I sense one!” Flip suddenly said, “that was fast, that means they’re near, but far at the same time!”

“You lead!” Ivory said.

Flip then took the lead. He took many turns, until finally… They spotted someone.

“Hey!” Lagi shouted. “You! Behind you!”

The someone turned around and saw them. This someone was a girl, wearing clothes that would be appropriate to wear in a battle, and she had brown hair with blue eyes. She looked at the three of them.

“Hi!” Lagi said as he started to walk towards the girl.

The girl backed off from him cautiously.

“You don’t need to back off! We’re friendly!” Lagi said calmly.

But the girl didn’t listen. She backed off more, and she looked around for a way she could use to run away.

“Woah, are you scared? Do you not want me to approach?” Lagi asked, not walking anymore.

“…” The girl was silent as she looked at them.

“Who wouldn’t she be scared of you? Random person with a tail saying hello, definitely safe!” Ivory said.

“Wait, what?” The girl finally talked.

“What are you asking?” Ivory asked, walking forwards.

“Okay, so wait…” The girl said, “you’re… You’re not part of the maze? Not a monster, an obstacle…?”

“No.” Flip said, “we are like you. Trying to get out of the maze.” Flip showed the girl the purple key and blue key.

“Why would we be part of the maze?” Ivory asked.

“Monsters take the shape/form of humans.” Flip said, “and try and trick us into thinking someone else is here that might be suitable for teaming up with. Like that dude you mistook as Gabe.”

“Makes sense.” Ivory sighed. “So, what’s your name?”

“Noran.” said the girl.

“Okay.” Ivory said. “I’m Ivory.”

“And I am called Flip, and this is Lagi.” Flip said. “We should team up to get out of this maze.”

“Alright.” Noran said. “But… why is it you have tails?” She looked at Lagi and Ivory’s tails.

“We’re not exactly human. We’re half human. Half something else.” Ivory explained with a sigh.

“…Something about those tails seem familiar…” Noran said.

“What seems familiar about them?” Ivory asked.

“I don’t know… It just… It’s like I’ve seen them before…” Noran said.

“Where are you from, may I ask?” Flip asked.

“I… Honestly, I don’t know… I’m just lost… I woke up here and I don’t remember much about my past…” Noran replied.

“Not the first time I’ve heard that story.” Ivory muttered. “Well, we can help you escape. Have you found any keys?”

“Yes, a yellow one that was just on the ground.” Noran said, showing them a yellow key.

“Okay. That helps.” Ivory said.

“So we have three keys… We might get lucky and find the actual exit. Or we may not.” Flip said.

“Well I’ve been in this maze for a long time and I haven’t found anything.” Noran said, “not even a door. Just dead ends.”

“Well, we have too. Well, not really. We’ve found doors, but the keys never fit.” Ivory explained.

“Yes. I have many theories of which key goes into which door. I especially have a theory that I feel is really gonna work.” Flip said. “I’ll tell you now, because I’ve seemed to have found the door.”

In front of them, a yellow door was seen.

“Didn't we see this door before?” Lagi asked.

“Yes. We have seen a yellow door before.” Ivory said.

Flip walked towards the door and put the purple key in. He turned it, and everyone heard a click noise… The door opened.

“Hooray!” Lagi yelled. “How did you figure it out?”

“I didn’t, but, I just tried it… I never needed to use the… other keys… Wait, what am I saying? Whatever, this is the exit! No monsters! Let’s go.” Flip said, walking through the door to another hallway.

“Go!” Ivory yelled as she ran through the door.

Soon all of them made it into the other room… The dark figure was there floating in mid-air.

“How much more do we have to do to get out of here?!” Ivory growled.

“Hmmm…” The dark figure said, “four of you have made it this far… Alright then. You have passed. You now can get what you seek.”

“Good.” Ivory sighed.

“What is it you seek, hmm?”

“Where are we?” Ivory growled.

“You are in my temple.” The dark figure answered.

“But where are we? Like, what planet?” Ivory growled.

“The planet is not named by outsiders, but the people living on this planet call it the world.” said the dark figure.

“Like that helps me.” Ivory muttered. “Random question, are we in the Dream World?”

“Dream World? Now, what do you mean by that?” The dark figure asked.

“Okay. We’re in the Dream World.” Ivory sighed.

“If you are asking if this is reality, then your answer is yes. This is reality.” The dark figure said.

“It may be reality to you. But this could be the Dream World. Meaning it’s not reality.” Ivory explained.

“Just stop asking that question.” Lagi said. “How do we leave this world and return to our own?”

“Hmm… That would depend on your case.” The dark figure said.

“How do we get to the Water Planet from here?” Lagi asked.

“You cannot.” The dark figure said, “you are not in the area where you can travel to the Water Planet in something such as a spaceship.”

“So how do we get to where we can get to the Water Planet?!” Lagi yelled.

“You cannot. I already have answered that question. Based on the one with higher authority, you are stuck here.” The dark figure said.

“So, I can’t get to the Water Planet from this planet?” Lagi growled.

“Nope.” The dark figure replied.

“Can I get anywhere from this planet?” Lagi asked.

“No.” The dark figure answered. “There is nothing in space, nothing but barren, lifeless planets.”

“Ivory. You were right. This is definitely the Dream World.” Lagi sighed.

“Told you.” Ivory sighed.

“So, Flip. Do you have any questions?” Lagi asked.

But Flip was not there. Only Noran.

“Great.” Lagi sighed.

“Noran. Do you have any questions?” Ivory asked.

“Uhh… I don’t know.” Noran said, “I don’t know much of anything…”

“If you would like to meet with a superior, you can. Behind that door lies someone who can answer your questions.” The dark figure motioned towards a door at the end of the hallway.

“Okay.” Lagi said. Lagi started to walk to the door.

“Noran, are you gonna come?” Ivory asked as she walked towards the door.

“Uh, yeah…” Noran hesitated before she followed Lagi and Ivory.

When they reached the door, Ivory opened it. Ivory walked through and Lagi followed her.

Inside was an empty room, with a man… A familiar man… It was the same wise old man as before, sitting in the middle of the room, meditating. Flip, apparently was right next to him, meditating as well.

“Well, hello again.” Ivory sighed.

“Hi there Flip and wise old man!” Lagi said excitedly.

“Greetings.” Flip said, his eyes closed as he meditated.

“So, we were told that there are answers here.” Ivory sighed. “Which of you has them?”

“Shh! I’m meditating, this is how I find answers.” Flip said, “meditate with the wise old man and you will find info!”

“If it gets me out of here…” Ivory muttered as she walked over to the wise old man and started to meditate. Lagi followed her.

Noran just stared.

“Meditating is what this old man is good at. Apparently this is how he learns new things. It is complicated, but he can find something and suck it up in his brain when meditating and thus meaning he is learning. I am trying it, and it is working.” Flip said, his eyes still closed, “Noran, meditate with us.”

“Uh, okay…” Noran took a seat next to Ivory and attempted to meditate, but she looked weird doing it, unlike Flip and the wise old man.

Lagi and Ivory were silent in concentration.

“Okay, that answers that question…” Flip muttered to himself.

“I’m not learning anything.” Noran said.

“Well then focus more.” Flip replied.

“How?” Noran asked.

“By focusing.” Flip answered.


“Just do it. Put distractions aside.”


“First off, stop talking. Then, close your eyes and think about something else other than where we are and the situation we are in at the moment.”

“Okay…” Noran did what Flip told her to do.

“And now just stay silent.”

The room was silent for awhile.

“I haven’t learned anything still.” Noran then said.

“Then shut up.” Flip replied.

“What if I don’t want to?” Noran asked.

“Then leave the room so I can concentrate.” Flip replied.

“What if I don’t want to leave the room?” Noran asked.

“Then you shut up.”

“But what if I don’t wa--”



Flip surrounded Noran with a sound barrier.

“Finally…” Ivory whispered.

“Finally glad that I did that? That she’s now silent?” Flip asked.

“It’s quiet.” Ivory sighed quietly.

“Yes… Now I have the answers I wanted. Thanks, wise old man.” Flip got up and opened his eyes, “I know the way out of this realm.”

“How?” Ivory asked.

“Meditating. Duh. It’s what brought the answers to me. The wise old man taught me how. It’s not normal meditating, it’s a special type.” Flip said. “You haven’t learned it, that’s why you haven’t learned anything.”

“So, will you teach us?” Ivory asked.

“No need. I already know the way out.” Flip said, and he got rid of the sound barrier around Noran, “come on Noran, I know the way out.”

“Lead the way.” Lagi said as he stood up.

“Alright. First we have to get out of this temple thing.” Flip said, “hopefully the Dark Figure guy let’s us out.”

“Okay. Is he still in that hallway?” Lagi asked.

“I’ll check.” Ivory said as she walked to the door and opened it up.

The dark figure was still there, floating in the hallway, this time facing towards them as his red eyes glowed.

“Hey, could you let us out of your temple?” Ivory asked.

“You have passed the test, you certainly may. Have you found the answers you seek?” The dark figure asked.

“I don’t know. But I know that Flip did.” Ivory answered.

“Very well. Then I shall have you leave.” The dark figure said. A platform appeared out of thin air in front of them. “Stand on this and you will make it back to the surface.”

“Alright. Then let’s get out of here.” Flip said.

“After you.” Ivory said.



-----| Chapter 4 |-----



“Alright. We can begin… Ich, you’ll come with me to the other side of the training room. The rest of you will train on your own here.” Ich’s dad said.

Afterwards he and Ich walked away to the other side of the training room.

“So…” I said to Draco and Chill, “how should we do this?”

“Imma be yer coach.” Chill said. “So Imma gona help you get stronger.”

“Sounds great!” Draco said, “how should we start?”

“Maybe, we could… Well, what do you need ta work on, Draco-Brah?” Chill asked. “Yer agilityz thingie-majiggerz?”

“Definitely, but there was also something I was also hoping to work on…” Draco said before he pulled a list out of his pocket.

“Boi, you gotz a list? Readz et out loud.” Chill said.

“Well it says: #1. Improve Speed and Agility. #2. Try to boost armor to a new level and #3. Practice using moves Glare told you about.” Draco said as he read the list. “Oh and #4. Get Fireball off of his catnip addiction but that can wait for another time.”

“Oh alright. Then, we could do that.” I said.

“Which one?” Draco asked. “#1, 2 or 3? Be more specific please.”

“We could work on your speed, cuz I’m good at that I could help.” I replied.

“#1 it is then. Okay, how should we start?” Draco asked me.

“Hmmm… Well, do you know what is keeping your speed low?” I asked.

“Hmm… I know it’s not weight…” Draco said, thinking. “Maybe Plasma just isn’t that fast of a power?”

“Maybe you just gotta learn to run faster or something. Or get better reflexes.” I said, “Chill, do you know what could help?”

“Ya. Dodge dis.” Chill then blasted some ice towards Draco.

“GAH!” Draco exclaimed, barely dodging it. “That was really close… Actually now that I think about it… Plasma must not be that slow since Zephyr is part plasma and he’s the third fastest kind of Dragon! So clearly something is pretty wrong.”

“With you or with your Dragon?” I heard someone ask from nearby.

“Me.” Draco said, pointing at himself. “Definitely me.”

I then saw that Listy had entered the training room.

“Aww… don’t beat yourself up.” Listy said. “May I join your training?”

“Sure. We were thinking of ways to improve my speed and agility.” Draco said.

“That doesn’t sound too hard…” Listy replied. “Whatcha got so far?”

“Uhhh… nothing.” Draco said. “We’ve only been brainstorming for like… a minute.”

“And Ich-Brah’s at da other side of teh room, trainin wit his dad.” Chill added.

“Good to know…” Listy replied. “Where’s Mehrunes? Nevermind… we should do the agility thing.”

“Hmm…” Draco said as he then looked at the list he had earlier. “Oh! This could help!”

“Why do you have paper?” Listy asked.

“It’s a list of some goals I have at the moment. Anyway, turns out one of the moves Glare wanted me to practice can help with speed and agility! It’s called ???????? ??????!

“What the heck is that?” I asked. “What does that mean, what you just said?”

“It’s greek apparently. It means ‘Dragon Speed’ I thought it could help.” Draco replied.

Glare taught that to you? When?” I asked.

“About two weeks before you and Ichoo arrived. There are a few other ones but I think we can figure out what those do a different time.” Draco said.

“Oh well, then, what does it do? How will it exactly help?” I asked.

“Well the description Glare gave me was that ‘When this technique is in effect, your speed and agility will be quadrupled but your defense will decrease by half.’ Seems pretty self explanatory.” Draco said.

“Huh. Cool.” I said.

“But there’s one problem…” Draco said.

“And wat iz dat, Draco-Brah?” Chill asked.

“He didn’t explain how to USE it that well.” Draco said.

“Naw, boi, I’m sure he did. Yer just bad at listenin.” Chill said.

“Well if that’s the case then clearly I don’t understand what ‘Just run in place untill you feel like your colon is buzzing’ means.” Draco said.

“Whatava.” Chill said. “Hurry up and findz a way ta use dat dragon speed thingie-majjigerz of yers.”

“Okay…” Draco said before he started running in place at a decently fast pace.

Soon little cyan balls of light started to appear and started to to drift towards Draco like they were magnetized or something. Then Draco’s legs started to speed up dramatically, soon they were going so fast they were just barely visible blurs.

As this happened more and more small cyan orbs of light were appearing and being attracted to him.

“Cool.” Listy said.

Then Draco’s ‘Draco Eye’ activated all of a sudden and his legs were going so fast we couldn’t even see them anymore and turquoise flame trails started to appear behind where Draco was running.

“Looks like it worked to me. Wanna race?” I smirked.

“Hmm… something doesn’t feel right… Maybe there’s one more thing I have to do?” Draco suggested. “Wait… I got it! ???????? ??????!

Then all of a sudden the flame trails grew three times as big and I swear I heard what sounded like a dragon’s roar in the distance.

“Welp. Looks like my idea worked.” Draco said as he suddenly stopped running in place but now the back of his shoes had turquoise flames emanating off of them. “I’ll take you up on that race now Saturo.”

“Alright.” I then turned into the ‘source’ and was surrounded by lightning bolts. “Ready?”

“Sure! How does ten laps around the training room sound?” Draco asked as he then walked up to be right next to me so it would be as fair as possible.

“Alright. Chill, you count down then.” I said.

“Alrightz. One, twoz, three! GO.” Chill said.

Then both of us took off like rockets. However, I was already done with all the laps in about five seconds, and was back at the start while Draco was still on his second lap.

“Boi.” Chill commented.

“Hey! I never said I was gonna be faster then Saturo!” Draco said with a shrug as he raced past us and onto his third lap. “I’m definitely faster though!”

“You certainly probably are faster than Chill and Listy. Definitely Listy.” I added.

“Most likely.” Draco said as he was now on his sixth lap now.

Soon Draco finished all of his laps.

“Whew! That was exhilarating!” Draco exclaimed.

“And slightly insulting.” Listy said.

“Well hey at least I didn’t insult you as bad as Meh did.” Draco said. “Besides, I wasn’t the only one to say it.”

Then the flames faded from Draco’s shoes and his ‘Draco Eye’ deactivated.

“Huh. Guess I need to keep moving for the technique to remain active. Oh well.” Draco said with a shrug as he had returned to normal.

“That was pretty cool though.” I said.

“Makes me wonder what the other techniques do.” Draco said, looking at the list again.

“Well, I’m interested in what LISTY can do…” I faced Listy. “What did you do to beat Meh up so badly?”

“Yeah! What did you do to him?” Draco said, joining in.

“What do you mean?” Listy asked.

“We saw what you did to him! He told us! You messed him up something REAL bad!” Draco exclaimed. “He had bruises and a broken leg!”

“So he didn’t tell you himself?” Listy asked. “Granted, he was probably half unconscious. Well… I used rock whaddaya think?”

“But WHAT was it? Because rock obviously wouldn’t beat Meh just like that. You have to have a strategy to actually beat him.” I said, “like I did when I was too fast and kept on paralyzing him until he gave up.”

“Well I broke his leg and hammered his head multiple times before he knew what happened.” Listy said. “So the start of the battle had him practically immobilized. So I mean… I guess that helped.”

“You being mad probably helped too.” Draco said.

“Just a little.” Listy replied. “I think everything is still messed up though, maybe we can go see it later.”

“I guess… So Chill, what should we do now?” Draco asked.

“Hmm…” Chill thought. “Well, what do you wantz to do?”

“Well I could see if I can practice another technique or something.” Draco said, looking at the list once again. “There’s quite a couple here.”

“Do something to increase your damage.” Listy said. “It’s lackluster.”

“Okay then ???? ??? ??????, AKA ‘Wrath Of The Dragon’ it is then.” Draco said. “Luckily Glare explained this one a bit better. I just need to focus a lot of energy to my armor pieces while I have my Draco Eye activated.”

Draco then activated his wings and gauntlets as well as activating his Draco Eye before he started to charge up energy.

“Too bad Mehrunes isn’t here.” Listy said. “You might be able to beat him with this stuff. Heh…”

“Hmmm… How are we gonna test this technique anyway? Oh I know! Listy! Could you summon a rock monster or something for me please?” Draco asked, still charging energy.

“I couldz summon an Ice one.” Chill said, and a ice monster made of ice crystals appeared behind him, “dere. But it be pretty powerful, so be carefulz.”

“Thanks.” Draco said before he then started to glow cyan. “Okay now to direct the energy to my armor pieces!”

Then Draco’s wings and gauntlets began to glow very bright, almost blinding. Then in a bright flash Draco’s armor pieces changed color, now they resembled Zephyr’s scales funnily enough, and Draco’s eyes were now glowing red and he looked very, very mad.

RAAAAARRRGGGH!!!!!” Draco roared loudly, like ACTUALLY roared like how a dragon sounds. Draco then faced towards the Ice Monster and proceeded to growl at it.

“Draco! You're not supposed to growl at it you're supposed to kill it.” Listy said.

Draco then made some sort of clearly not happy noise at her.

“Oh stop it.” Listy said. “Fight the thing already.”

Draco then started to walk towards the ice monster, very slowly I might add.

RAAAAARRRRGH!” Draco roared at the monster in a challenging sort of manner. “Rargh graph rahbgrargh!

“Yikes stop insulting him.” Listy said. “I doubt he can understand you.”

“Land a hit, Draco-Brah.” Chill said.

Draco then nodded before he suddenly leaped onto the monster’s face and began to rapidly claw it in the face, throwing pieces of ice all over the place before he blasted it across the room with a point blank plasma blast that contained a lot of power.

“Well, good jobz.” Chill said, “dat ting you learned iz pretty gud.”  

Draco nodded before he suddenly made a red ball of plasma appear in front of his mouth before charging it up to be massive. He then shot out a ginormous beam of red plasma that completely vaporized the ice monster.

“Ya, gud job. Ya beat easy peasy ice monster.” Chill said.

Draco then suddenly turned back to normal, his eyes were no longer glowing red and his armor pieces were now turquoise again.

“Why did you NOW just remember that you could do those? Those moves would have been useful to you before, when you were fighting Meh!” I said.

“Just a little.” Listy added.

“They just slipped my mind okay? At least I remembered them this time.” Draco said. “Anyway should we keep looking at the other techniques or should we do something else?”

“Well you’ve done something to turn into a half-dragon and something to make you less slower than Saturo… so go for something full defence.” Listy replied.

“Okay then that would call for ‘???????? ??? ??????’ or ‘Scales Of The Dragon’.” Draco said while looking at the list.

“Can’t wait for you to fight Meh. Again.” Listy said. “Granted I’m still voting on Mehrunes but still.”

“Anyway… it says here I have to focus all of my energy to the core of my body.” Draco said before he activated his Draco Eye and began to charge up energy again.

“You’re gonna pass out if you're not careful.” Listy said.

“Well then all that shows is that there’s a limit I have to break.” Draco said before he started glowing cyan again.

“I’m not sure that’s a good thing.” Listy said.

“Well we will just have to see.” Draco said as he began to focus his energy to the core of his body, causing the center of his chest to glow brightly.

“This is almost blinding.” Listy said.

“Key word, right dere. Almost.” Chill added.

Then in a bright flash Draco was surrounded by a green force field like aura that hugged very close to his body, almost like they were another set of clothes.

“So do you want us to attack you right now?” Listy asked. “Or are you not done?”

“No, I’m done. Try to attack me.” Draco said.

“I mean I couldn't hurt you in the first place…” Listy replied, as she crushed Draco between massive slabs of rock. “But sure.”

“Well… I can’t feel any of this.” Draco said as he then pushed the slabs of rock away.

“Chill you try.” Listy said.

“Yeah. you try Chill.” Draco said.

“Naw, you’d just freeze.” Chill replied.

“Can you do something offencive that’s not freezing him solid?” Listy asked.

“Yaw, but I don’ feel like et right now.” Chill answered.

“Saturo?” Listy asked me. “You wanna try?”

“Sure I guess.” I punched Draco, barely trying. Draco looked at my hand, and then at me. “Didn’t hurt?” I asked.

“Didn’t even feel you touch me.” Draco replied.

“Well then it works.” I said.

“Hey guys!” Ich suddenly said, appearing next to us with his Dad, “I trained, and now Dad has something for us.”

“What is it?” Draco asked as he deactivated the technique.

“And should Mehrunes be here for it?” Listy asked.

“If he wants, Dad said if anyone wants to come, they could.” Ich said.

“Well what exactly does he want us to do anyway?” Draco asked.

“Well, he’s charging it right now.” Ich said, and his Dad did look like he was focusing on something else, his eyes were closed. “He said something about it being a better way to train.”

“He’s ‘charging it?’” Draco asked a bit confused.

“Yeah.” Ich replied.

“I wonder what it could be?” Draco said.

“Yeah I do too. Where’s Mehrunes? He didn’t get healed yet?” Ich asked.

“I dunno. We haven’t seen him.” Draco said with a shrug.

“*COUGH COUGH*” We heard someone cough, and turned. Mehrunes was there, his scars and cuts were gone, but he was still using the crutches. “Uchiho can’t heal broken bones.”

“You didn’t find Azalea?” I asked.

“No I did not.” Mehrunes replied. “I’ll find an exploit or someway to make it heal faster, but I can’t do anything else.”

“Alright, well, you still want to come with us? We’re going to train somewhere else.” Ich said, “my Dad said it’s a better way to train and you learn faster.”

“Alright.” Mehrunes said, he then whistled and a blue orb came from Draco’s leg and went into Mehrunes’s broken one. “Let’s go.”

“What did you just do?” Draco asked, looking down at his leg where the blue orb had come from.

“It’s the thing I gave you a while ago. It reduces pain.” Mehrunes replied. “It was still in your leg from when we fought and riddled your leg with bullets.”

“Ooh.” Draco said, “well, Ich, is your Dad done charging…?”

“I don’t know. But we need to be quiet so that he can charge it.” Ich replied.

We all were silent. In a couple of seconds, Ich’s Dad opened his eyes. He had two white circles, one floating around his right hand, and one floating around his left. He then opened a portal, it looked like it was ripped right into… Mid air.

“My realm is open.” Ich’s Dad then said, “enter and you can train there. There are dangers in there, so be careful.”

“Is it gonna separate us like a dream world portal?” Mehrunes asked.

“Wait you have a realm?” Listy asked.

“How many questions are you guys gonna ask?” Draco asked them.

“ALL THE QUESTIONS!” Mehrunes exclaimed.

“There is no time for questions, enter the realm before it closes.” Ich’s Dad said.

Ich then was savage and used the wind to push us all into the realm. Chill came as well. We were now in a jungle, with dozens of trees and insects all around. We could hear weird bird sounds too.

“And teh doorz gone.” Chill said.

“Great.” Mehrunes said.

“This place doesn’t seem too bad…” Draco said, looking around.

“Do you read ever?” Mehrunes asked. “You NEVER say stuff like that. EVER!”

“Well it's not my fault I couldn’t check out books at the library on my planet. Everyone hated me!” Draco replied.

“Somehow I don’t care.” Mehrunes said. “Woah… I forgot Mr. Slithers.”

“Yeah… And I forgot Fireball and Zephyr. So what?” Draco asked.

“Remember? He helps me to not be rude?” Mehrunes asked. “So guys, what should we do?”

“Well…” I said, looking around. “Wait a minute, Ich and Chill are gone! They left without us!”

“Course they did. Chill hates it when Meh and Draco talk between themselves.” Listy replied. “And Ich sticks to him.”

“Not really.” I heard Ich’s voice say. “I’m just up here, getting a better view.” He was flying above is, looking around.

“And Chill is probably chilling somewhere like he usually does.” Draco said.

“Uh huh.” Mehrunes said. “As long as nothing rushes me, I’ll be fine. Let’s go ‘train’ I guess.”

“This place reminds me of the Dream World.” Ich said, still above us, “it probably is. Dad told me it was, and that anything could be in his realm.”

“Cool.” Listy said. “And all of our powers still work fine?”

“Hopefully. I still want to see if there’s anything else the techniques I learned can do!” Draco said.

“Yeah I saw those.” Mehrunes said. “Listy recorded them. Too bad I can’t fight you for a while.”

“Yeah, I could probably beat you with them.” Draco said a slight smirk on his face.

“No probably not.” Mehrunes smirked back. “Nice enthusiasm though.”

“Anyway, we should move to a more cleared out area, it’s too cluttered here with all of the trees and bushes.” Draco said.

“I see a mountain up ahead.” Ich said from above us.

“Okay then let’s go there.” Draco said.

“Alright, I also see a cave… And it has something inside. My instincts tell me we should go there.” Ich said, sitting criss-cross in mid air.

“Well then what are we waiting for?” Draco asked as he flew up next to him with his wings. “Let’s go!”

“We’re waiting for Listy and Meh.” Ich said, “Saturo can meet us there before we even arrive, but those two lovers are gonna slow us down.” I snickered at this.

“*SIGH*…Knowing them it’s gonna take an eternity to get there unless we carry them or something!” Draco said, sitting like Ich was in the air with an impatient tone. “Doesn’t help that Meh’s leg is broken. And I just learned a technique that lets me go faster too…”

“That’s cold.” Mehrunes said.

“Ditto.” Listy added.

“Don’t know what you mean. My power is the stuff that makes up stars so I don’t know how it could be cold.” Draco said with a slight smirk as he got into a relaxed position in the air.

“Not. Cool.” Mehrunes said.

“Don’t. Care.” Draco said back.

“You’re kinda a terrible person.” Mehrunes said.

“You aren’t perfect either buddy.” Draco said calmly.

“How about instead of fighting each other for top jerk, you actually help each other?” Listy said.

“…NAH that’s stupid.” Mehrunes and Draco said simultaneously.

“Yeah? Well suck it up because you’re gonna have to, for now.” Listy said.

“SIGH* Fine…” Both of them grumbled, clearly not pleased.

It was then silent for awhile, everyone just awkwardly staring at another.

“Welp. We’ve got their attention. Can we leave for the cave now?” Draco asked, getting impatient.

“Yeah, Draco you’ll have to carry Meh and Listy.” Ich said before he flew off. “See ya there!”

“Welp come on you two. Let’s go.” Draco said as he grabbed both of them by their shirt collars before flying in the same direction Ich went.

I began to run towards the mountain, and I zipped past all of them, compared to me they were slow. I had already arrived at the mountain before Ich was even halfway there.

“Woah, hey there.” Ich suddenly appeared next to me, somehow.

“W-what? What did you just do?!” I was shocked.

Ich grinned. “I learned a bunch of stuff with my dad earlier. You’d be more surprised.”

Just what has Ich learned? I was curious…

“Draco! Hurry up!” Ich yelled out to Draco, who was at the halfway point carrying Mehrunes and Listy, who did not look very happy. Granted, neither did Draco.

“Well it’s hard to charge enough energy to use that speed technique of mine when these two are glaring at me like I killed their parents or something.” Draco said as he finally got all the way over before lightly dropping Mehrunes and Listy on the floor of the cave.

“I could’ve teleported about anytime ago.” Mehrunes said.

“Then why didn’t you?” Draco asked. “It’s not like I was gonna stop you.”

“Energy purposes.” Mehrunes shrugged.

“Riiiight.” Draco said before he made his wings disappear.

“How about we enter the cave now?” Ich suggested.

“Sounds like a good idea. What are we looking for anyway?” Listy asked.

“Well all we have to go on is that Ich’s instincts told him that something is in here, and unless the cave lights up and the ‘something’ that’s in here in on a big flashy pedestal, we’re probably just gonna have to look around a lot for whatever it could be.” Draco said.

“There is nothing in the cave!” Mehrunes shouted from inside the cave. “It’s a boring cave!”

“How did you even check all of it that fast?” Draco asked.

“I dunno I can’t see hardly anything.” Mehrunes replied from the cave. “I would light it up but I don’t really care.”

“So then how do you know there’s nothing in there?” Draco asked.

“Because nothing's attacked me yet.” Mehrunes replied.

“That doesn’t mean there isn’t something in there.” Draco said.

“It means there isn't something mean in the immediate vicinity of me.” Mehrunes replied.

“Let’s just go to the cave and see for ourselves.” I said, climbing up the mountain and appearing in front of the cave in a second. It was dark, and Mehrunes had come out of it.

“Good idea.” Draco said as he and Ich both showed up next to me a few moments later and Draco had brought Listy up as well.

Draco then took a branch off of a nearby tree and then used plasma to turn it into a makeshift torch before walking into the cave.

“Don’t see much.” Ich said, as we looked around. There was really nothing inside… Mehrunes was right.

“We gotta get in there, further.” I said. “There might be something.”

“Not might, there is. I can sense it.” Ich said, walking past Draco who had the light.

Suddenly, an oval portal appeared in front of us, almost blinding us. A green portal, and its glow and showed that the cave was empty…

“Well we definitely found something.” Draco said.

“Yeah… Let’s go in it.” Ich said, a grin on his face.

“Okay then! Yolo!” Draco exclaimed, a grin on his face as well before he leaped into the portal, disappearing.

“Well, I’m off as well.” Ich followed Draco through the portal.

That left me, Mehrunes, and Listy. I looked at them, waiting for them to do something… More precisely, waiting for them to enter the portal. Because for some reason I wanted to go through last.

“I don’t wanna go in though.” Mehrunes said.

“Why?” I asked, somewhat knowing what the answer was gonna be, “is it because it’s a mysterious portal that suddenly appeared, and we don’t know where it will take us, which could possibly mean danger?”

“Well I do-” Mehrunes said before he was interrupted by Listy forcing him into the portal with her, specifically by grabbing his hand and jumping in, which  left me alone.

“HA! SIKE!” Krydret commented in my head.

“I never told you to talk.” I told him.

“Hey, I’ve been quiet for way too long! I’m sure others would agree, if they could hear me.”

“Yeah, okay, fine. Just don’t… you know… Say ‘that’ kind of stuff.” I told him, before I then jumped through the portal.



-----| Chapter 5 |-----



“Very interesting, isn’t it?” Flip asked.

Lagi, Ivory, Flip, and Noran were no longer in that temple. They were now back on the land above, except they were on the mountain. They could see the sea and the village from the mountain.

“Well we made it out. What now?” Flip asked.

“I don’t know. You’re the one who got answers.” Ivory sighed.

“Oh yeah.” Flip said, “we’re in some sort of realm. It’s connected to the real world, but it’s more like the Dream World. It’s confusing. I don’t quite get it myself.”

“So, show us how to get to the real world from here.” Ivory growled.

“And that’s where the problem is…” Flip muttered.

“Down there you said that you figured out how to leave this realm.” Lagi said. “How is there a problem?”

“I don’t think I can leave. I’m not sure I am real, in the real world. Or, I think I am real, but I can’t leave this realm until, I dunno. I think I am asleep, and this is a dream for me. Very likely, yes, I am sure of it. So I will leave when I wake up.” Flip just said a bunch of things about his thoughts.

“Calm down. Calm down. We know that we are real, so just show us how to leave.” Ivory sighed, shaking her head.

“I kind of already said. When you wake up, you leave.” Flip said.

“Is there any way to speed up the process? Because getting stabbed doesn't seem like a place where you would fall asleep.” Ivory growled.

“I have no idea how you got here, so I dunno. I know for myself, that I have to wake up. Since this is a dream.” Flip said.

“Great. What happens when you get stabbed with a sword? You die. Most of the time you don’t fall over and sleep.” Ivory growled. “How long will I be here?!”

“Woah, woah. Calm down Ivory! Calm down!” Lagi shouted.

“No.” Ivory growled. “Not until I get answers.”

“Yelling is not the way to find answers.” Lagi sighed. “You need to just ask politely.”

“And who do I ask?” Ivory growled.

“Flip, me, Noran, anyone! Ask people rather than yell at them and you might get answers.” Lagi said.

“Flip. What do you recommend I do right now?” Ivory asked.

“Express your feelings to Lagi.” Flip answered, “because you have nothing better to do.”

“I do have better things to do, really.” Ivory sighed.

“And anyways. She already has.” Lagi said.

“Well do it again.” Flip said.

“Why? It would serve no purpose.” Ivory sighed.

“It entertains me, in fact, all of us. Including others who are watching, if there are.” Flip said, “or if they’re nearby and are wanting to see whatever it is you have to say.”

“Well, I won’t. Now’s not the time. And anyways, if it simply entertains you to watch people confess feelings, just get people married.” Ivory muttered.

“Good point. We gotta get you two married.” Flip said, not smirking.

“W-w-what?!” Ivory roared. “I… I don’t even have a response to that!”

“I uh… I think I’m gonna find something to eat…” Lagi whispered as he slowly walked away.

“Actually, Lagi. Here.” Flip tossed Lagi a bag.

“What’s in it?” Lagi asked.

Lagi opened the bag and saw another bag, this time it being chips. It was labeled ‘Choo Choo Chips’ and they were shaped like trains.

“They’re good stuff.” Flip said.

Lagi opened up the bag of chips and dumped them all into his mouth. Ivory, Flip, and Noran all stared at him, each of them with a different facial expression.

“H-how… do you do that!?” Ivory asked in shock.

“When things taste amazing, you gotta eat it like that.” Flip said, “those are amazing chips… I bought them from a store, and the chips were made in a special way… By Ultimate Chefs.”

“I have never, in my life, seen anyone eat like that.” Ivory said, looking at Lagi throw the chip bag into the air.

“No wait! I need that bag!” Flip exclaimed. He disappeared and reappeared with the bag in his hands. “It can be refilled. Like this…” He then shook the bag, and it sealed itself, and refilled itself with chips. “Cool, eh?”

“M-magic…” Lagi quietly said in awe.

“It’s just chips. There was someone, Saturo, I believe who was never without his spicy chips. You shouldn’t be surprised.” Ivory sighed.

“But, they’re trains!” Lagi said.

“Acceptable.” Ivory sighed. “So really, what should we do?”

“We should go back to the village and propose you two getting married.” Flip said, “we can have the wedding happen right now.”

“Uh, no. I don’t think we’re of legal age to do that without our parents’ permission, and we can’t reach them. So, we can’t.” Ivory explained, a drop of sweat walling off of her nose.

“Well you don’t have any parents, do you?” Flip asked, “you said you were stabbed, and that you’re in the dream world or whatever. Then that means you can get married here, and possibly not be married when you get out.”

“Still, no.” Ivory growled.

“Besides, what planet are you from? Because the legal age varies.” Flip said.

“The Water Planet.” Ivory growled.

“Oh, well, there aren’t many people living there, because it’s all water. In which, that means, there are no laws about marriage.” Flip said.

“I’m sure there are rules. Rules from people you don’t know about.” Ivory growled.

“Well, do YOU know the rules?” Flip asked, “I have no idea where you are coming from so I don’t know.”

“I wouldn’t know. The people who would have made the rules all died when I was a baby. Other than one of them. And they were the one who told my brother to stab me, so I’m not really going to ask them a question like that.” Ivory explained.

“Alright, then that means there aren’t any rules made, or at least you do not know them. That means you can get married.” Flip said.

“There are rules. I just don’t know them. And Lagi would probably have completely different rules.” Ivory muttered.

“Probably.” Lagi said.

“Eh, then you wouldn’t be in trouble if there is no one to punish you for breaking the rules, if there are any.” Flip said.

“We’re not getting married. And that’s final.” Ivory growled.

“Yeah… it’s a bit early for something like that.” Lagi said.

“Not really. We have nothing else to do.” Flip said.

“It’s not happening. Neither of us want to do that right now. It’s not that big yet.” Lagi said.

“Alright then, what do you want to do?” Flip asked.

“I dunno.” Lagi said.

“There doesn't seem to be much to do here.” Ivory sighed.

“Other than getting you two married.” Flip said.


Lagi stared at her with wide eyes. “Woah.” He sighed.

“Wow, so you hate Lagi. Hear that Lag?” Flip asked.

“I… I think she was roaring at you.” Lagi said.

“But she’s only roaring at me because she doesn’t want to marry you, thus meaning she either dislikes you or hates you.” Flip said.

“If you had heard what she said before, you wouldn’t be saying that.” Lagi sighed. “She just doesn't feel like it’s the time to take that big of a step.”

“Then it should be little steps. How about you get engaged?” Flip suggested.

“Still too much, too fast.” Lagi sighed. Lagi looked over at Ivory, who was laying down on the ground.

“How about you just date or something?” Flip asked.

“Maybe soon? I don’t know.” Lagi said.

“Yeah. Sure. Soon, I guess.” Ivory sighed. “Maybe when we wake up.”

“Maybe.” Lagi said. “So, Noran! Where do you come from?”

“I-I don’t know.” Noran replied.

“That’s… not good?” Lagi said.

“I don’t know that either…” Noran replied.

“Uh, what?” Lagi asked, confused.

“All she knows how to do is annoy me when I’m trying to meditate.” said Flip, looking at Noran.

“Hey, don’t be mean to her.” Ivory called from on the ground.

“Do you remember a family?” Lagi asked.

“N-no.” Noran replied.

“That’s not good.” Lagi sighed. “Do you remember anything?”


“That’s troubling.” Lagi said.

“Maybe if you meditated like everyone else and stayed quiet, something would have come to your mind and you would remember.” Flip said, looking at her.

“He, does have a point there…” Lagi muttered.

Noran didn’t say anything.

“You can meditate right now. I learned that you can meditate anywhere and then learn.” Flip said.

“I’ll… go do that…” Noran walked away from the group and sat on a big rock, and began to meditate.

“That happened.” Ivory sighed.

“Indeed it did.” Flip said.

“Now what?” Lagi asked.

“I think you should think of a conversation we can have, because I am bored at the moment.” Flip said.

“You’re not the only one who’s bored.” Ivory sighed. “I’m going to take a nap.”

“Have fun.” Lagi said.

“If we’re in the Dream World and you are already asleep… I don’t think you can sleep while you are already asleep.” Flip said.

“I don’t care.” Ivory said.

“Well, good luck. You can’t sleep when you are already asleep.” Flip said.

“Fine.” Ivory growled as she stood up.

“So, we should talk about something.” Flip said, “or do something.”

“Do you have any memory?” Ivory asked.

“Yeah, very much so.” Flip answered.

“Neat.” Ivory sighed.

“I was born and raised on the Planet of Darkness. Which, right now, is not the place to be. Because of the war, and the king of darkness and stuff.” Flip said.

“Yeah…” Lagi muttered. “I understand.”

“What were your parents like?” Ivory asked.

“They were pretty cool. They were like parents, so… I don’t know what else there is. They are both Ultimates and can fight, so… That’s why I’m amazing.” Flip grinned.

Ivory shook her head. “Were they loving? Funny? What were their personalities?” Ivory asked.

“Oh. Well, my dad was tough. My mom is more loving, but they both were loving. My dad was pretty funny at times. My mom doesn’t always like his jokes.” Flip said.

“Must be great having two parents.” Ivory sighed. “For your whole life up to this point, at least. Unless… you know.”

“…? What?” Flip asked. “Unless what?”

“They died. You know. You still have both of them though, so you shouldn’t worry about that.” Ivory explained.

“Yeah, except I don’t know where they are. In the real world, I’m at the Rock Planet, with a friend from school.” Flip said.

“I’m at the Water Planet. What’s your friend’s name?” Ivory asked.

“Warren is his name.” Flip answered.

“Okay.” Ivory said. “Have any questions for me? Or Lagi?”

“Not at the moment, no.” Flip said.

“Huh. Okay. I was expecting you to at least ask some of the things I asked.” Ivory sighed. “So now, what do we do?”

“Well, I sense someone nearby.” Flip said.

“Who?” Lagi asked.

“No clue. But they’re getting near.” Flip replied.

“Okay.” Ivory said.

“Huh, odd. Now they seem to be moving away.” Flip said.

“Okay.” Ivory said. “So, what do we do?”

“I told you already, many, many times. But you won’t slash don’t listen.” Flip said. “So then the other choice is that we can return to the village.”

“Let’s do that then.” Lagi said as he started to walk down the mountain.

Lagi suddenly slipped! He fell face first into a rock, before he stumbled and continued to fall. Flip and Ivory could hear his contact with each rock, and soon it was all over. Lagi was all the way at the bottom of the mountain.

“Oh sorry boutz dat.” said a voice from next to Lagi, who was lying down on the ground below the mountain, while Flip and Ivory were still at the top. “Ya slipped on mah chill ice fragmentz!”

“What?” Lagi asked. “W-who are you? And why does my face hurt?”

“Ye fell on yer face.” Lagi spotted a guy with frosty white hair and frosty white clothing. “Dats why it be hurtin!”

“Why… did I fall?” Lagi asked, rubbing his head.

“I wuz usin mah ice slide, but ice fragmentz fell down onto da mountain, you den stepped on da fragment and slippedz.” The guy said.

“O-okay…” Lagi mumbled. “S-so, who are you?”

“Hm? I tink I have seenz you before… Ya! I remember! You were kidnapped by dis one dude with a knife!” The guy said, “you be dat guy called Lagi dat mah homies talk boutz helpin! I be Chill.”

“Okay… Could you help me get out of this place? And Ivory?” Lagi asked.

“Oh youz want ta leave? I came ere wit a portal, you can exit dis place wit et.” Chill said.

“G-great!” Lagi exclaimed. “Ivory! There’s someone here who came with a portal! They should be able to help us!”

“Oh, great!” Ivory yelled as she started to walk down the mountain.

Suddenly, Ivory then slipped and the same process that happened to Lagi happened to her.
“Sorry boutz dat.” Chill said again.

Ivory just looked up and glared.

“This is Chill. He should be able to take us to the portal.” Lagi said.

“I be chillin dat chill.” Chill said, “dis realm be pretty chill.”

“Could you just show us to the portal? Please?” Ivory asked.

“I-D-K where et went, coz I came on mah chill slide from da other islandz. Da portal closed after entered et, I did. Den maybe I could findz et. Iz I not making sense? Sorry, dats because I haven’t had mah nachos yet.” Chill said.

Ivory was silent, trying hard to keep herself from exploding with rage.

“So, you can’t find the portal because it closed?” Lagi asked.

“Ya.” Chill answered.

“So, how do we get out?” Lagi asked.

“I can get out, I just gotz ta find another portal.” Chill answered.

“Can you take us with you when you do?” Lagi asked.

“Ya can come wit meh right now if ye want.” Chill said.

“Yeah, that would be great!” Lagi said. “Right Ivory?”

“Yeah. Sure. Let’s go.” Ivory sighed.

“Imma gona findz mah homies first, and den we can get out.” Chill said.

“Can we go with you? We haven’t seen them for a very long time.” Lagi said.

“Sure I guess.” Chill replied.

“Lead the way.” Ivory said.

“Okayzz… I can sense dem inside… Waitz a minute, dey somehow got onto dis island!” Chill exclaimed, “probably dey walked into some portalz or sumthin.”

“Okay. Let’s go!” Lagi yelled.

“I still don’t know where dey be exactly.” said Chill. “Butz we cun go anyway and look.”



-----| Chapter 6 |-----



“Where are we?” Saturo asked as he appeared through the portal.

Draco, Mehrunes, Saturo, Listy, and I looked around. We were in a hallway, inside a cave, with torches lighting it up.

“We’re in a cave hallway!” Mehrunes replied. “A dimly lit, one way cave hallway of death! WHAT COULD GO WRONG?!”

“Possibly a lot, but it will be hard to tell with you yelling in my ear.” Draco said, rubbing his left ear which was near where Mehrunes was standing.

“We could just walk right in.” I said, pointing to a door, “looks cool and a place that I want to explore.”

“It also looks like a place that’s gonna make Meh say something every minute.” Draco commented.

“Draco…” Mehrunes said. “That’s every place.”

“That’s the point.” Draco said with a smirk.

“Hey guys guess what? I can float now.” Mehrunes said, floating uncontrollably. “Let’s go to the door I guess.”

Saturo smacked him in the face. “Stop floating. That’s Ich and Draco’s thing. Not yours.”

“I’m trying.” Mehrunes replied.

Saturo smacked him again. “TRY HARDER!”

Mehrunes smacked him back. “THAT’S NOT HELPING!”

Saturo then smacked him onto the ground.

“I retract my accusation.” Mehrunes said. “Also, ow.”

“No floating! Only Ich and Draco can float! Because it makes sense for them to float! Ich has wind powers, and Draco has wings. You, have nothing.” Saturo snapped at him.

“You can’t make me not do something I can’t control.” Mehrunes said, limping over to the door and trying to open it. “Chill, even though he isn’t here.”

“We already are.” Draco said as he easily opened the door.

“It’s a boring door.” Mehrunes said.

Past the door lied a bunch of stone statues. There was this circle thing in the middle of the room that looked like it could open.

“Cool. A thing.” Saturo said, as we all entered the room, “we could open that thing.”

“But how exactly do we open the ‘thing’?” Draco asked, using air quotes as he spoke.

“Pulling, pushing, lever, blowing it up we have options.” Mehrunes replied.

“Well, let’s not do the fourth one.” Draco said as he walked over to examine the circle.

“Possibly there could be a switch around.” Saturo said, “lets look.”

“Good idea.”

I looked around the place. There were a lot of symbols on the statues… I had no idea what they were for.

“I would love to know what these symbols mean.” Mehrunes said, flipping through a book.

“I don’t think you will find anything.” Saturo said to him.

“Yeah your right. This isn't even my book, THIS PLACE IS CONFUSING!” Mehrunes exclaimed.

“So are your talking patterns.” Draco said as he continued searching.

“Actually, to be honest, Rando’s talking patterns is more confusing. Meh actually makes sense.” Saturo commented as he watched Draco search.

“Anyway I think I found something.” Draco said as he pushed a statue out of the way to reveal something behind it. “But it probably may not be what we’re looking for.”

I looked over his shoulder and saw a lever. “Looks like it may work. Try it.”

“Please don’t.” Mehrunes said. “It also might be a trap.”

“But it also may be what we need to do.” Draco said before pulling the lever, causing the ground to shake and a small object from the ceiling to fall onto his head. “Ow! Did anything happen?” He rubbed his head.

“No. You only seemed to have shaken the place.” Saturo said, looking around.

“Oh. Yay.” Draco said as he rubbed his head some more and looked at the object that fell onto his head. “Huh. That’s odd.”

“What’s odd?” Saturo asked.

“Check out what fell onto my head.” Draco said, showing us the object, it was small, smooth, a dark turquoise color and looked kinda familiar.

“Looks like something for your crystal.” Mehrunes commented. “Again…”

“This is just like that scale thing I found on the Ice Planet a long time ago that gave me my gauntlets and wings! Why is there another one here?” Draco asked as he examined the scale like object.

“It’s unexplainable.” Mehrunes replied. “Also you’re getting cool stuff. Don’t question it.”

“Who says it’s even for me? We never tried if one of you guys can use a thing like this.” Draco said.

“If I were you, I would leave it and keep on going.” I said, “we shouldn’t take something, especially if it’s valuable.”

“Well granted we are in a different realm, so maybe it does nothing.” Draco said.

“True. But I got an idea…” I said. “It’s really obvious too. I could have done it from the start.”

“What is it?” Saturo asked.

I then lifted the circle thing in the middle using the wind and set it aside, revealing a small deep hole.

“Oh, duh.” Saturo laughed.

“Now I feel stupid.” Draco said with a slight smile as he put the scale in his pocket.

“I don’t wanna go in the hole.” Mehrunes said.

“WOAH WOAH WOAH! WAIT A MINUTE!” Saturo shouted, pointing at Draco’s pocket, “ICH SAID NOT TO TAKE THAT!”

“…You didn’t have to shout.” Draco said, looking a little startled by Saturo’s sudden outburst.

“I’m sure it’s fine.” Mehrunes said.

“You know nothing about stealing do you?” Saturo asked, “WE’RE IN A REALM! AND IN A PLACE THAT WE DON’T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT! Draco could be stealing!”

“But it came from the ceiling of the cave. Why would anyone care about me taking that?” Draco asked pointing at the little indent that the scale had fallen out of.

“Besides, you can’t really make him not take it.” Mehrunes said.

“Well actually he probably could, but whatever.” Draco added.

“You can take it if you want, but don’t say I didn’t warn ya…” Saturo said.

“Well for all we know this thing doesn’t even do anything so why would it matter if I took it or not?” Draco asked.

“We don’t know if it does anything or not. So, just in case, I would leave it.” Saturo said.

“*SIGH* Fine.” Draco said as he then shoved the scale back into the indent in the ceiling before using plasma to melt the rock around it, making it harder to take out then before. “There.”

“I dunno why ya did that.” Mehrunes said. “But sure.”

“Well they both say I shouldn’t take it so I won’t take it.” Draco said as he pointed at me and Saturo.

“Eh. Maybe take it anyway.” Mehrunes said. “Not like a monster's gonna want it.”

“For some reason my gut tells me that may be exactly what would happen.” Draco said.

“Whatever, loser.” Mehrunes said.

“Hey, where did Mr. Slithers go? I think he is needed.” Saturo said, glaring at both Draco and Mehrunes.

“I forgot him. Because someone pushed me into a portal.” Mehrunes snapped.

“Okay, I will be Mr. Slithers for you until you get him back.” Saturo said.

“Please don’t.” Mehrunes replied.

“Well, Draco, did you like it when Mehrunes called you a loser?” Saturo asked Draco. “Probably not, and Mr. Slithers isn’t here to stop Meh, so, I’m gonna do it next time.”

“Can we just go now and leave the whole scale thing behind?” Draco asked pointing at the now open hole.

“Yeah, and why has Listy been so quiet this whole time?” Saturo asked.

“Beats me. I just wanna figure out where this hole goes.” Draco said as he used his wings to hover right above the hole. “If there’s one thing for certain though, is that it’s pretty dark.”

“Duh.” Mehrunes said. “And I still don’t wanna go down it.”

“Sucks.” Listy said, finally talking. “It’s the only way to go.”

“Fine.” Mehrunes said, going over to Draco. “You first!”

Mehrunes then picked up Draco, and threw him down the hole before he was ready.

“AAAAGGHHHHHH!!!!!” Draco yelled as he plunged into the darkness.

It wasn’t until a few seconds before we heard a splash.

THAT WAS UNCALLED FOR!” Draco yelled from the hole.

“YES IT WAS!” Mehrunes yelled, throwing Listy down as well. “THAT’S HOW I ROLL!”

“WHY ARE YOU THROWING PEOPLE DOWN A HOLE!?” Listy yelled in question as her voice became harder to hear.

We then heard a big crashing sound from down below.

“I SUGGEST YOU GET OUT OF THE WAY!” Mehrunes yelled.

DRACO GET UP!” Listy yelled.

I WILL ONCE YOU GET THE FUDGE OFF OF MY BACK!” Draco yelled in response.

Mehrunes dropped what looked like a lantern down the hole.

MOVE!” Listy yelled, and a splash was heard where the lantern landed.

IT'S HARD WHEN I’M NOT GIVEN ENOUGH TIME TO MOVE!” Draco yelled in response.

Mehrunes then looked at me with a mischievous grin, and picked me up, throwing me down the hole like I was nothing.

“INCOMING!” Mehrunes yelled.

But I just floated there in the hole, and flew back out. “Bruh.” I told Mehrunes.

“AWW… that’s no fun.” Mehrunes smirked, as he jumped into the hole. “SEE YA!!”

I looked around for Saturo… But he had disappeared. So instead I flew down the hole, where I saw Draco, Listy, and Mehrunes, who were in water.

“Lantern is helping.” Mehrunes said. “The fall is more fun than the destination though.”

“Also I may or may not have knocked Draco out in frustration…” Listy said.

“Eh, I’m just glad I’m not wet.” I smirked.

Mehrunes then splashed me with a water bucket. But I used the wind and blew the water back at him, which splashed onto his head. “Nice try.”

“Ah well. Hey look at the whole lotta nothing that’s down here.” Mehrunes said. “Lantern isn’t doing justice.”

“There’s a door literally right there.” I said, pointing to a golden big door near a shore.

“Can’t you see in the dark or something?” Mehrunes asked.

“Yeah, that’s how I can see it.” I said.

“It’s pitch black hold on.” Mehrunes said, doing something with the lamp before suddenly everything seemed brighter, even for me. “There. Door here we come.”

“Wait, is the water deep?” I asked.

“Yeah, very,” Mehrunes replied. “Or else we would have worse injuries.”

“Yeah, uh… Where did Draco go?” I asked, looking around. Mehrunes and Listy were the only ones staying afloat.

“Oh.” Listy said, as Mehrunes dived down after giving Listy the lantern. “Meh? Where are you going?”

But Mehrunes didn’t respond, as he was underwater. We waited for a few seconds to see what happened… But nothing did.

“ICH! DO SOMETHING!” Listy yelled.

“Uh, I don’t want to get wet though…” I said.


“The WHOLE thing?” I asked.

“Enough so you don’t get wet and Meh… and Draco… can breath.” Listy replied. “At least.”

“Hmm, alright…” I used the wind and moved all the water up. Listy went through it and came out of the bottom, hitting the ground afterwards.

Then I spotted Mehrunes and Draco. There was this giant octopus, with teeth near Draco’s head… It was holding onto Draco and Mehrunes with it’s tentacles.

“Hey Ich.” Listy said. “Now would be a good time to show us some cool stuff you learned from your dad.”

“Alright.” I shrugged. I then summoned a small tornado, and sent it at the octopus. It hit it, and Mehrunes, Draco, and the octopus all went flying in different directions. I used the wind and brought Draco and Mehrunes next to me and Listy, and at the same time the water remained above us. “Cool, eh?”

“I’m gonna say yes because you saved me.” Mehrunes replied. “Multitasking is a good skill… and all that.”

“Can we go through the door now?” Listy asked, “and then wake Draco up, because he’s unconscious.”

“Oh right.” I realized that I was using the wind to make him stand up. “Well…” I was suddenly interrupted by the octopus, who screeched and crawled towards us. “You fight it, Meh. Get some payback.”

“WITH PLEASURE!” Mehrunes exclaimed, walking towards the octopus. “COME GET SOME YOU OVERSIZED CALAMARI!”

Mehrunes then exploded the octopus, and it’s parts were all over the place, ripped shreds of octopus confetti.

“There.” Mehrunes said, satisfied. “Let’s go wake up Dra… hmm… Drake…. I got nothing. Sleeping un-beauty.”

“Let’s get onto the shore so I can return the water.” I said, flying back towards the shore while carrying all three of them with the wind. I then set them down, before setting all the water down back into its place. “Man, that water is heavy…” I muttered.

“And that octopus wanted some Draco for breakfast.” Mehrunes said. “We’ve all got problems around here and water is a major one all around.”

“Uh huh. Well, we should wake Draco up.” I said, still floating. “And probably find Saturo, wherever he went off to.”

“Good idea.” Mehrunes said. “Listy wake him up!”

“Do I have to?” Listy whined.

“Yes.” Mehrunes replied with no sarcasm in his voice; he was full on serious, even his facial expression showed that, not just his voice.

Listy then slapped Draco hard, causing him to wake up with a gasp.

“Hmm, huh, what?!” Draco asked rapidly.

“Nothing, something, I dunno.” Mehrunes replied.

“You sure? I felt something pull my leg last thing I remember.” Draco asked, clearly suspicious.

“It was this.” Mehrunes said, showing him an octopus tentacle.

“Oh. Okay.” Draco said.

“Oh also you can’t actually see because my lantern went out.” Mehrunes replied.

Then the area around Draco’s face lit up as his Draco Eye activated.

“I was joking I put a tentacle over your eye.” Mehrunes smirked.

Draco then proceeded to take the tentacle and slap Mehrunes across the face with it a few times.

“Clone.” Another Mehrunes said, as the one Draco slapped disappeared. “Let’s go through the door now.”

“But what about Saturo? Where did he go?” I asked, still floating.

“He can take care of himself, like Chill can.” Mehrunes replied. “We should keep moving. They’ll catch up.”

“Hmm, alright then.” I flew over to the door and tried to open it. But it was locked. “It looks like it needs a key.”

“Or we could blow it up.” Mehrunes replied. “Also the octopus had a shiny thing so… meh I wanna blow it up.”

“Let’s not.” Draco sighed.

“Wait, go back to the shiny thing… What shiny thing?” I asked Mehrunes.

“I dunno… I was busy being too mad to care.” Mehrunes replied. “Go ask the remains of the octopus, it’s probably still there.”

I looked around at the remains of the octopus… All of them except for the one that Draco had slapped Mehrunes with were in the water. But then I spotted the shiny… It was in the one that Draco had slapped Mehrunes with.

“Oh.” Mehrunes said, apparently following where I was looking. “Now I feel silly.”

I used the wind and took it apart, and then I reached it… The golden key, now floating in mid air in front of us.

“It looks like an RPG Item get.” Mehrunes said, as he grabbed it and held it above his head. “DEN NEH NEH NEEHH!”

Draco, Listy, and I just stared at him.

“You look ridiculous.” Draco said.

“That’s the idea!” Mehrunes replied, putting the key in the lock and turning it, causing the door to unlock. “Why are there so many doors anyway? It seems video game logic applies here.”

“Or you know. There’s just a lot of doors.” Draco commented.

“GUYS THIS ROOM IS SILLY!” Mehrunes exclaimed. “COME LOOK!”

“Can I dry off first?” Draco asked, as he was still soaked.

“Dude, you have Plasma powers, plasma is hot. You should just dry everyone off.” I told Draco.

“Coming from the guy with wind powers.” Draco said back. “You could have just done that also.”

“Silly rooms.” Mehrunes said. “I’m fine being wet it’s normal for me but come look at the room already.”

I then decided to look at the room, so I floated over towards Mehrunes, and looked through the door… It… It was a mirror. One that you would see in those fun house things, that make you look weird.

“Heh. this makes us look like we’re five times as tall but thin as a stick!” Draco said with a snicker as he looked at the mirror.

“I’m gonna guess we need to go through the mirror.” Mehrunes said.

“How exactly?” Draco asked. “Do we just break it or is there some mystical thing we’re supposed to do? Cause I assume it’s the later.”

“‘The later’?” I asked.

“The mystical thing.” Draco explained. “You don’t know what ‘the later’ means?”

“Yeah, you said it… kind of in an odd way. What is ‘the later’?” I asked, still floating.

“It’s something someone might say when talking about two different choices. The second choice is called ‘the later’.” Draco explained.

“Uh, okay that somewhat makes sense.” I said.

“Good, anyway what exactly do we do now?” Draco asked, looking back at the mirror.

“Well, for instance, maybe try to pass this mirror.” I said.

“So, just try to walk through it or something or do we break it?” Draco asked. “You need to elaborate a bit more please.”

“All of the above, pretty much anything we can do to pass the door with a key.” Mehrunes replied. “Although breaking a mirror is bad luck…”

“Since when?” I asked, “because my idea is to break the mirror.”

“It’s a superstition.” Listy said. “Like walking under a ladder brings bad luck, or black cats bring bad luck.”

“But it’s a possibility.” Mehrunes said.

“Maybe we don’t need to break it…” I said, looking at the mirror.

“Then what could we do?” Draco asked as he tapped his finger a few times on the mirror’s surface.

Mehrunes went over to Draco, and threw him into the water.

“You could have just asked me to move.” Draco said with a scowl from the water.

“Nah.” Mehrunes said, as he pushed on the mirror. “That’s not fun.”

“It doesn’t seem that pushing is doing anything.” I said.

“I’m not pushing on it anymore, I’m putting a suction cup with a handle on it on the mirror.” Mehrunes replied, indeed doing that. “So I can pull on it.”

Mehrunes then started pulling on it, which did the same amount of nothing as when he was pushing on it.

“I think we’re gonna need to break it.” I said.

“Wait, I REALLY don’t wanna br-” Mehrunes said before he was interrupted by Listy.


“Sheesh.” Mehrunes said. “Ich you come break it. Or wait…”

Mehrunes then grabbed Draco and smashed him through the mirror.

“SERIOUSLY?!” Draco yelled from the other side of the mirror. “YOU ALMOST GOT BROKEN GLASS IN MY FACE!”

“There now you broke the mirror.” Mehrunes said. “And you’re fine, there’s just a minor amount of glass in you.”

“THAT STILL A BAD THING!” Draco yelled as he walked back to where we were and he was bleeding a lot.

“Well… Would you look at that.” I said, looking at the broken mirror. Behind it, five feet away, was another mirror.

“YAY!” Mehrunes yelled, throwing Draco through the next mirror as well.

“NOPE! NOT THIS TIME” Draco exclaimed as he used his wings to stop himself before he just broke the mirror by punching it with his gauntlets.

“Would you look at that.” Mehrunes said. “CONGRATS! You’re slightly faster than before…! IS THERE ANOTHER MIRROR?!”

“Yeah, there's another mirror.” I said, pointing.

“I’m not getting thrown again.” Draco said as he then broke that mirror with his gauntlets as well.

Mehrunes then grabbed Draco and slammed him into the broken glass he just made.

“CLEAN THAT UP!” Mehrunes yelled.

“ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME?!” Draco yelled back as he got up, bleeding a bit more and looking very, VERY mad.

Mehrunes then said something, and Draco stopped bleeding.

“MAGIC!” Mehrunes exclaimed. “YOU WILL NOT DIE! Because I don’t hate you-- WAIT IS THERE ANOTHER MIRROR?!”

“If there is then you guys deal with it, cause I’ve had enough with these mirrors!” Draco said as he walked to the back of the group.

Mehrunes grabbed him and put him back in front. “Stop whining.”

“Grrrr…” Draco started to growl with anger as his eyes glowed red.

“Wow he really hates mirrors.” Mehrunes said, as he positioned Draco in front of the mirror, which there was one. “PUNCH!”

Draco then changed into a form he was practicing with earlier… I think.

RAAAAAAAAGGHHH!!!” He roared in rage before he then vaporized the mirror with a giant beam of red plasma, filling the room with a flash of light for a few moments.

*SIGH* That’s not a punch, Draco-Dragon. Nice try though.” Mehrunes said. “But the test… is a success.”

“There’s still more mirrors.” I said. Through the door there were over a hundred broken mirrors…

Draco looked absolutely furious, so much so that flares of plasma were coming out of his mouth.

“Hey Draco.” Mehrunes said. “Guess what?”

Draco then gave Mehrunes a look that said he wasn’t in the mood for jokes before making a growl at him.

“Listy made a rock rhino to break mirrors.” Mehrunes said, pointing in front of Draco where there was suddenly a rhino charging through mirrors. “I don’t make ‘guess what’ jokes, they suck.”

“THERE’S SO MANY MIRRORS!” Listy yelled.

“WAIT!” Mehrunes yelled. “Video game logic would dictate this is the wrong way to go and instead there is a trap door or something.”

“Possibly…” I said, looking around the cave. “What if it’s underwater? I wasn’t paying attention before when I was saving you…”

“I was, and there is something. I dunno what though because I was busy being saved, thanks by the way.” Mehrunes replied. “Hey Draco keep killing those mirrors until we come back to get ya.”

Before Draco could growl, Mehrunes put him on the stone rhino (which had come back for some reason), and the rhino ran away to break mirrors.

“Alright Ich and Listy let’s go to the water.” Mehrunes said. “Raise the water please Ich!”

I then used the wind and lifted the water up. As the water floated above, Mehrunes looked around.

“Here I go!” Mehrunes said, as he jumped down. “I think I see something LISTY GIVE ME MAH LANTERN!”

Listy threw Mehrunes his lantern and he caught it.

“You guys should come down here.” Mehrunes said. “I can’t tell if that’s a thing or not.”

I flew down next to Mehrunes. In front of us, there was a trapdoor.

“Why must it be dark.” Mehrunes asked, as he also saw it brightening the area. “Listy get Draco.”

“He’s right here and he’s also calmed down.” Listy replied from above, as Draco fell down due to her pushing him down, and Listy also came down.

“Now what?” Draco asked, clearly still not in the best mood.

“Open the trap door Draco.” Mehrunes replied.

“No.” He said.

Mehrunes then picked Draco up and slammed his head on the trap door, lightly but still enough so it would hurt.

“Open it.” Mehrunes said, still holding Draco upside down.

“Why can’t you open it?” Draco asked.

“Because I’m making you do it.” Mehrunes replied, throwing Draco against a wall, then picking him up again and putting him next to the trapdoor.

“Something tells me you just want me to get hurt by whatever may be down there.” Draco said to him while pointing at the trap door.

“Actually technically I think I’m going a little insane.” Mehrunes replied. “But hey maybe the thing down there will eat you and I can leave this place because it opens a portal because it choked and died on you.”

“..... I hate you.” Draco said to him after a long pause.

“I’m glad that we can make up sometime… NOW, open the fudging can of snakes that is this trapdoor or I’ll force you to break through it forcefully.” Mehrunes replied, a little like a lunatic.

Mehrunes then grabbed Draco’s hand and put it onto the trapdoor handle.

“There.” Draco said as he then opened the trap door before shaking off Mehrunes’s hand.

Inside was a ladder…

“Now go down the ladder.” Mehrunes commanded.

“You first.” Draco said to him.

“I’ll go.” I said, annoyed.

I went down the ladder, floating using the wind. I suddenly felt something… The gravity had changed… I can’t go down this ladder, I have to go UP.

“Well, guys,” I said, “the gravity is reversed.”

“That doesn’t sound too bad.” Draco said.

“No, it’s gonna be hard. Because you’ll be upside down when trying to climb up the ladder.” I said.

“So we climb down the ladder so when it reverses we’ll be fine.” Mehrunes replied.

“No, when it reverses, you would fall out head first because the gravity reversed! I didn’t cuz I’m flying.” I said.

“So we do it like this?” Draco asked as he then climbed down the ladder only his hands were first and he feet were in the back.

“Yeah, and then you climb down, but then climb up.” I told him, as I flew out of the hole with the ladder.

“Seems simple enough.” Draco said as he then did what I had explained.

He then was climbing up the ladder, but to us it seemed that he was climbing down the ladder head first.

“Your turn, Listrunes.” I said to Mehrunes and Listy.

“I don’t know if I want to.” Mehrunes replied.

“Do it.” I told him.

“Bu-” Mehrunes was gonna say until Listy forced him to do it.

“Now start climbing down.” I told him, as he was in an awkward position.

Mehrunes did as I told him to.

“Your turn Listy.” I said to Listy, as I was floating five feet from the ground.

“I already am.” Listy replied, doing the same as everyone else.

When there was enough room for me to fit, I flew down the hole, and flipped since the gravity reversed. “Who’s up for a ride?” I asked.

“I’m good.” Draco said as he was flying upwards with his wings.

“Listrunes! You guys are slow.” I said. “So…”

I blew the air upward, like a fan, causing Mehrunes and Listy to fly up and run into Draco, who then was affected by the air and went higher and faster then before.

“So this is what one of those wingsuit tunnels feels like. Neat.” Draco said as he was now much higher up.

Then Draco, Mehrunes, and Listy popped out of a hole, and I came out as well. We were in another room, this time it was red carpeted and had a hallway leading to a door. And there was also this dark figure sitting in mid air, his eyes closed.

“Well he looks mysterious.” Draco said.

“Sure he does.” I replied, and the trap door that we had exited from closed behind us.

“Ohh its spoopy.” Mehrunes said.

“What?” I asked. “What is ‘spoopy’?”

“It’s basically the word spooky only it's more comical and not meant to be taken very seriously.” Draco explained.

“Uh, okay.” I replied.

“Hey Draco go talk to the guy.” Mehrunes said. “If you do I’ll be right behind you.”

“What is that supposed to mean?” Draco asked.

“Basically I’m gonna go up with you but you’re gonna talk to him.” Mehrunes replied.

“Oh yeah have the guy who is terrible at having conversations with strangers go and talk to the mysterious floating dark figure. Thats a great idea!” Draco said with a lot of sarcasm.

“Do it or I keel you!” Mehrunes exclaimed.

“Threatening me just seems unnecessary.” Draco said to him.

“JUST! DO IT!” Mehrunes yelled. “Or I will…!”

“Go ahead. Go talk to him.” Draco said.

“…make you.” Mehrunes continued his sentence.

“No.” Draco said before suddenly the back of his shoes had cyan flames emanating off of them.

Mehrunes then grabbed Draco and put him in front of the dark scary guy, who was still floating in mid air and staying silent.

“I said no.” Draco said before he suddenly whizzed back over to where he was before at super speed.

“And you’re not nearly as fast as Saturo.” Mehrunes replied, appearing behind Draco picking him up and putting him there again. “Congrats.”

“Faster than you though.” Draco said as he then pushed Mehrunes forwards.

“NO you’re not.” Mehrunes said, appearing next to me.

“Teleporting is not the same thing.” Draco said.

“I got away didn’t I?” Mehrunes asked.

“Stop it. JUST STOP IT!” Listy yelled. “Mehrunes go talk to the guy and Draco deactivate your things.”

“Okay.” Draco said as he returned to normal.

“Fine.” Mehrunes said, walking up to the guy. “Hello?”

The dark figure was silent.

“Helloooooo?” Mehrunes asked, again. “Who are you?”

And again, the dark figure was silent.

“Might you be so kind as to communicate?” Mehrunes asked.

Once more, the dark figure was silent.

“Hey wake up.” Mehrunes said. “You've got company that wants stuff.”

And again, the dark figure was silent.

“So no figgy pudding for me?” Mehrunes asked. “SIR WAKE UP!”

And once again, no reply at all whatsoever.

“Are you listening? Can you even speak?” Mehrunes asked. “Or are you? I’m confused now.”

The dark figure still did not reply and remained silent.

“Guys I think he’s ignoring us.” Mehrunes said.

“I think otherwise.” I said. “Weren’t you supposed to be the smart one, Meh? You haven’t tested anything at all. Here, let me do it.” I flew over next to the dark figure, and stuck my head right into his face, it went through it. “Its some type of illusion or hologram, something.”

“I didn’t want to talk to it in the first place.” Mehrunes replied. “So I didn’t care.”

“What would you have done then?” I asked.

“What?” Mehrunes asked.

“We would have have to have done something, and we chose to speak to it. If you had not spoken to it, then what would you have done?” I rephrased my question, “it seems to me that I have become the smart one.”

“Not talk to him and search the hallway.” Mehrunes replied.

“Fair enough.” I said.

I then flew through the hallway towards the other door. I tried to open the door, and it worked, it was not locked. Inside the room was another dark figure… Standing on the ground. He had red glowing eyes, staring at me.

Mehrunes, Draco, and Listy were right next to me.

“Oh good.” Mehrunes said.

“Why hello there.” The dark figure spoke, “what brings you down here into my precious temple?”

“Quite frankly, a portal.” Mehrunes replied.

“Aha, and you have made it all the way down here? You succeeded in passing the obstacles and finding the way, was it not challenging?” The dark figure asked.

“Ahh it was challenging.” Mehrunes said. “And slightly annoying.”

“What is it you seek?” The dark figure asked.

“How about knowledge.” Mehrunes replied.

“Ah, knowledge.” The dark figure said, “I see.”

“You say that like you’ve already gotten that a thousand times.” Mehrunes said.

“Maybe they have.” Draco commented. “You don’t know.”

“The bushy haired kid speaks the truth.” The dark figure said.

“Call me Draco please.” Draco said. “I was planning on getting a haircut soon anyway so you guys would stop calling me that.”

“Your hair seems nice, a haircut is not necessary.” the dark figure said.

“Sleeping un-beauty.” Mehrunes whispered with a snicker as he looked at Draco.

“Don’t call me that.” Draco said, giving Mehrunes a wicked glare.

“What is wrong with being called ‘sleeping un-beauty’? It certainly sounds much better and more interesting than ‘Draco’.” The dark figure said.

“Well I don’t think it does.” Draco said. “So please just call me Draco.”

“Very well.” The dark figure said, crossing his arms behind his back as he floated in midair while looking at Mehrunes. “Now… you seek knowledge…? What is it you want to know?”

“Bluntly, where my friend Edgar is.” Mehrunes replied.

“Aha, well to find the answer you must pass the test. In fact, you must pass the test to get out of here.” The dark figure said.

“What is the test?” Mehrunes asked.

“The pathway to the exit.” The dark figure replied.

“So the test is to find the exit?” Mehrunes asked, walking backwards. “Great. I’m gonna guess this is gonna be terrible, so I’m gonna look in some more rooms.”

“The other rooms are not rooms… The door behind me is the door that takes you to the first chamber. You must pass through all the doors to find the exit. If you defeat the obstacles… Then you got to find the next door, and then the next, and then the next… You get it?” The dark figure said.

“Yeah. Capesh.” Mehrunes replied.

“Alright then good luck.” The dark figure said before he disappeared into the ground.

I exchanged looks with Draco, Listy, and Mehrunes, then looked at the door.

“I’m going now.” I said, walking towards it.



-----| Chapter 7 |-----



“Okai, I don’ know where dey went, but I sense dem bein inside da mountain!” Chill said, sitting in front of Lagi and Ivory as he ate some nachos.

“Great. They’re in the temple.” Ivory sighed.

“Do we enter the temple?” Lagi asked. “Or do we wait for them?”

“I say we wait. I’m too tired to do anything else right now.” Ivory sighed.

“I sayz we go into da temple and get dem out!” Chill said.

“You go do that. I’m gonna lay here until it starts raining.” Ivory said.

“I’m gonna go find them. You should go up and see what Flip and Noran are doing.” Lagi said as he stood up.

“No. Tell them to come down here.” Ivory said.

“Ain’t no one stayin ere,” Chill said, making his nachos disappear, “everybody iz comin wit meh.” A ice crystal monster appeared behind him and he hopped onto it.

“Come on, Ivory.” Lagi said as he jumped onto the ice monster.

“Never.” Ivory growled.

“Come on.” Lagi said.

“I will not willingly leave this spot.” Ivory growled.

“Chill. Make our ride pick her up.” Lagi said.

The crystal ice monster picked up Ivory.

“Meh. It’s a free ride.” Ivory sighed.

“Chill, do you know where to go?” Lagi asked.

“Ya I knows where ta go alwayz, homie.” Chill answered, as the ice monster leaped into the air, jumping up the whole mountain.

“I never knew that ice monsters could simulate amusement parks.” Ivory laughed.

“Wow. That was fun!” Lagi said. “But I think we went… a little too fast. My head hurts.”

“Den chill an’ yer head’ll stop hurtin.” Chill said, getting off of the ice monster.

“Oh. Okay.” Lagi said as he jumped off as well.

“I. Am not moving. I’m getting lazy. And I also don’t want to go back in there.” Ivory said.

“Mah homie icy will carry youz.” Chill said to Ivory, who was still being carried by the ice monster.

“Thank you.” Ivory sighed.

“Onwards?” Lagi asked.

“To find the people we haven’t seen for too long.” Ivory said.

As they walked around the top of the mountain, they spotted Noran on the same rock. However, Flip was nowhere in sight.

“I’ll be right back.” Lagi said as he carefully walked down to where Noran was. When he reached the bottom, he saw that Noran was still meditating. “Noran. Did Flip leave you?” Lagi asked.

Noran didn’t reply.

“Noran.” Lagi said. “Respond.”

Noran still didn’t reply. Lagi took a step closer, realizing she was very still and not moving.

“N-Noran?” Lagi stuttered, reaching out a hand.

Still no response.

Lagi rushed forwards and started shaking Noran. Nothing happened, in fact, Lagi had picked up Noran, who was still in a criss-cross position. She was light, very light.

“Brah, wut you doin wit dat statue?” Chill asked, appearing next to Lagi.

“I-I… is she dead or something?” Lagi asked.

“Nah, boi, chill. She ain’t a she anyway, she be an it. An’ dat be a statue made of wood, as well as painted mah boi.” Chill answered.

“Well, then where did Noran go?” Lagi asked. “And why is this here?”

“I-D-K brah.” Chill replied. “I thought dat dat wuz alwayz a statue.”

“Well, let’s just find the others. We need a happy reunion.” Lagi said.

“Alright, den we gota find a way ta get inside dis mountain.” Chill said.

“Can we blow a hole into it?” Lagi asked. “Or drill into it?”

“Didn’t ya say ya were in dere before?” Chill asked back.

“Yeah.” Lagi said.

“Den you got up ere somehow!” Chill walked and spotted a circular platform floating a foot off the ground. “Dis?”

“I uh… I entered through a crack that appeared in the base of the mountain. It closed up after I entered with Ivory.” Lagi explained.

“But how did you exitz?” asked Chill. “How youz exit da mountain?”

“I think this dark guy teleported us out or something.” Lagi said.

“Icy sayz dat not true. Icy sayz dat you took dis platform.” Chill said as the Ice Monster who was holding Ivory was looking at Lagi.

“Okay. So, do we stand on it and we go back down?” Lagi asked.

“Dats what Icy iz sayin.” Chill said, patting the ice monster on the shoulder.

“Then let’s go.” Lagi said as he stepped onto the platform.

But nothing happened.

“Icy sayz dat etz bein blocked.” Chill said.

“By what?” Lagi asked.

“The dude probably closed it, hoping we would never come back.” Ivory suggested.

“Wut dude?” Chill asked.

“Inside of the mountain is this guy’s temple. We were in there seeking answers as to where we are and we had to go through a bunch of trials. Then at the end he made the platform and we stepped on it and we ended up here.” Ivory explained.

“Okayz. So den who iz he?” Chill asked.

“We don't know.” Ivory answered.

“Cool. So den less go.” Chill said.

“Go where? There’s nowhere to go.” Ivory said.

“Yes dere iz. DOWN INSIDE DA MOUNTAINZ!” Chill exclaimed.

“But how do we get down there?” Ivory asked.


“But it closed.” Ivory said calmly. “I have no idea where we would get into the mountain.”

Chill facepalmed.

“Do you expect that to do anything?” Ivory laughed.

“Oh good idea!” Chill exclaimed. He then began facepalming some more.

Ivory facepalmed.

“Ya! Help out! Lagi start facepalming too!” Chill said while facepalming.

“Everybody do the facepalm!” Lagi yelled as he facepalmed.

Icy the ice monster began facepalming as well.

“YASS!!! I CAN ALREADY FEELZ DA POWAH!!!” Chill exclaimed, as he then was surrounded by a silver aura.


“NO!” Ivory yelled as she flopped onto the ground.

Icy picked her back up and held her tight. He growled at her, telling her ‘Facepalm. NOW’.

“Ffffffffffffffffine.” Ivory groaned as she facepalmed.

“YAS!” Lagi yelled.

“There. Now, it dosen’t seem to be doing anything. Does it?” Ivory asked.

“I CAN FEELS DA POWAZ!” Lagi roared as he turned into a Lagiacrus and facepalmed even harder.


Lagi turned back into a human and started dancing.

“Finally…” Ivory mumbled.

Then, Chill’s aura began to expand. It expanded rapidly, devouring everything. After it disappeared, they were inside a cave with little light source. The only source of light was a candle nearby.

“HA! So, ya, Ivoryz, I expected dat to do sumthin.” Chill then said to Ivory.

“I… I don’t believe it. It worked?!” Ivory gasped.

“The power of facepalms.” Lagi yelled.

“Well, now what?” Ivory asked.

“Naw we findz dat one dude who owns dis temple and ask him fer da real exit from dis realm.” Chill said.

“So, let’s get looking!” Lagi yelled. “Ivory, make dis room really lit!”

“Fine.” Ivory said as she made a large ball of fire and tossed it into the air. The fire spread across the ceiling of the cave, lighting up the room.

“So not chill.” Chill commented.

The cave was big, and there was a large body of water in front of them. The saw raw octopus tentacles in front of them, spread out.

“Wut dah.” Chill said, “why iz dere octopus partz ere?”

“Somebody was mad that they didn’t get their calamari.” Ivory laughed.

“Huh. Well, does you want to eatz et?” Chill asked, grabbing a tentacle and bringing it close to Ivory’s face, who was still being carried by Icy the ice monster.

“Sure. I haven’t had anything to eat for way too long.” Ivory said as she jumped out of Icy’s grasp and grabbed the tentacle.

“I advize you cook et first.” said Chill.

“We don’t have fire underwater.” Ivory said as she took a bite out of the tentacle. “I’ll be fine.”

“You haz fire powahz! Cook ets!” Chill said.

“I lived off of this for most of my life. I eat raw seafood.” Ivory said as she ate more of the tentacle.

“Blah. Dat lookz disgustin. I’m too chill ta eat raw foodz. I eatz mah nachos.” Chill stuck his tounge out in disgust.

“This stuff tastes great!” Lagi yelled. He was sitting on the ground, eating a tentacle.

“See!?” Ivory said.

“I disagree.” Chill said. “Dat stuff would make meh blarf.”

“Well, sucks to be you.” Ivory said.

“In reality, et suckz ta be you.” Chill said back.

“And why does it suck to be me?” Ivory asked.

“You should know. Et be obvious. Ya got kidnapped, and shtuff happened to you. Now you stuck in ere.” Chill replied.

“Well, if you’re talking about that, then yes. It does suck to be me. But hey, at least I have real food.” Ivory said.

“Dem nachos iz real food.” Chill said.

“Not real enough to serve at any good restaurant.” Ivory smirked.

“Uhh, ya et iz. I dun’t tink ya ever been ta any restaurant. Probably never ta dem best ones in da galaxy!” Chill exclaimed.

“No, I haven’t. But if there ever were nachos on a menu, it would be as a family appetiser.” Ivory growled.

“Nah, et be a meal, at dem restaurant I wentz to.” Chill said, “dem Ultimate Chefz be good.”

“You know what? Forget I ever said anything. I don’t like to talk about food when I’m trying to eat.” Ivory growled as she continued to eat her tentacle.

“Okayz.” Chill replied. “Chillin dat chill ere den.”

Ivory was silent as she ate the last of her tentacle.

“So, now what?” Lagi asked. He had finished his tentacle, and was rubbing his stomach.

“I-D-K. Wut ya wantz ta do?” Chill asked.

“Escape.” Lagi said. “And find everyone else.”

“An’ how you gona do datz?” Chill asked.

“I… I’m not sure.” Lagi mumbled.

“Seriouslyz?” Chill said.

“Yes.” Lagi said.

“Well den we shouldz get through dat door.” Chill pointed at the door in front of them. “ICY! DO YER TING!”

Icy the ice monster walked towards the door. He then made a key made of ice, and put it into the keyhole, before turning it. The door unlocked, and Icy opened it.

“Let’s go.” Ivory said as she walked towards the door.

But she saw a mirror where the door was.

“Why is there a mirror?” Ivory asked.

“I-D-K.” Chill replied.

“If there’s a mirror where the door is, then maybe that’s not the right door?” Lagi asked.

“There ain’t be no other door ere!” Chill said.

“Water.” Lagi said as he dove into the water.

“Oh right, dere be water.” Chill looked at the body of water.

“I’m not going to attack that mirror. I have the feeling it’s gone through enough pain. And inflicted pain at the same time.” Ivory said as she ran towards the water and dove in.

“Dah, datz wut most mirrorz do.” Chill said. “Naw you two, getz out of da water.”

But Lagi and Ivory couldn’t hear Chill. Lagi was at the middle of the water and Ivory was next to him. They started to swim down.

“GET OUT OF DA WATER! OR YA’LL FREEZE TA DEATH!” Chill shouted from the shore.

Lagi and Ivory couldn’t hear Chill. They were at the bottom of the water, and they saw a trapdoor. Chill, still at the shore, took out a microphone and a speaker.

GET OUT OF DA WATER!” Chill screeched.

Lagi and Ivory covered their ears, but didn’t go out of the water. When the noise stopped, Ivory opened the trapdoor.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn ya.” Chill said from the shore.

He then, with the help of Icy, froze the whole body of water into solid ice, freezing Lagi and Ivory in the process.

“Les go!” Chill then said. Icy’s hands transformed into drills, and Icy began drilling through the ice from shore.

In a straight line, Icy kept drilling, getting lower as he left the shore. Chill followed silently, until Icy drilled past the frozen Lagi and Ivory in front of the trapdoor.

“Oh dere dey are.” Chill commented, “free dem Icy.”

Icy then drilled around Lagi and Ivory, and pulled out the giant chunk of ice they were in. He picked it up, and smashed it onto the floor, destroying the ice and freeing the two of them.

“W-why… why did you do that?” Ivory asked.

“So we can access dis trapdoor easily.” Chill answered.

“I-I could have just raised the water…” Lagi said.

“Nah, dis way iz more chill.” Chill replied.

“L-let’s g-go.” Ivory stuttered as she looked at the trapdoor, which was still frozen in ice.

“Icy.” Chill said, and Icy drilled out the area where the trapdoor was.

The four of them looked down the trapdoor. They saw a ladder.

“I-I’ll go first.” Ivory said as she started to climb down the ladder.

She suddenly fell upwards, and was back next to the others.

“W-what happened?” Ivory gasped.

“You fell upwards. That means it’s time to pick yourself down.” Lagi said.

“Now is not the time for jokes.” Ivory growled as she started to climb back down the ladder, except she was climbing upside down.

“Ya, da gravity be inversed.” Chill said.

“Let’s go then.” Lagi said as he followed Ivory.

“Mmmmm, goodbye fer now, Icy. Ya can’t fit in dere.” Chill said, before he made Icy disappear. After that, he followed Lagi and Ivory.

“How much further do you think it’ll be?” Ivory asked.

“Lookz ta me dat itz fifty meterz tall or sumthin.” Chill answered, climbing up the ladder behind Lagi.

Ivory was silent.

“Well, let’s keep going!” Lagi said.

“I can’t seez where we goin. Ivory be blockin mah view.” Chill said.

“Too bad. I can see and that’s okay.” Ivory said. “I don’t think it’s that much further!”

Then, Ivory sees that the ladder had come to an end. However, the hole they were in had not ended. It was still much much farther.

“The ladder is gone. And there’s still more hole.” Ivory said.

“Let’s try to get Chill up front. He could probably make an ice ladder or something.” Lagi said.

“Ya, I couldz do dat.” Chill nodded.

Lagi slowly switched places on the ladder with Chill, and then Ivory did the same.

“Do your thing.” Ivory commanded.

Chill then shot a bunch of beams of ice all over the place for a minute. After that, an ice ladder was seen.

“Good job. Now climb.” Ivory growled.

“I already iz.” Chill replied, climbing. Ivory and Lagi followed him, climbing the ice ladder.

Then Chill spotted something up ahead… Black goo spilled and dripped down towards them…

“Oh noez.” Chill said.

“What is it?” Lagi asked.

“Black stuff comin down!” Chillisaid. “It’s disintagratin da ladder!”

“THEN MAKE MORE LADDER!” Ivory roared.

“Nah, I’m stayin away from dat stuff. It’s toxic. It’ll get you sick.” Chill said. He climbed downwards. “MOVE ET DAT STUFF IS DANGEROUS!”

“Fine.” Ivory growled as she let go of the ladder, knocking Lagi down with her.

“See you soon!” Lagi yelled to Chill.

After a couple of seconds, all of them had made it back out of the trapdoor and were surrounded by the ice chunks from before.

“Well, that went well.” Lagi said.

“Now we needz ta find a different way.” Chill agreed.

“How?” Ivory asked.

“DA CHILL WAY.” Chill answered. “How else?”

“And what’s the ‘chill way’?” Ivory asked. “Hopefully not facepalming.”

“How do we do it?” Lagi asked.

“Ya can’t do it. Only I canz, because I iz chill, ya two ain’t chill not one bit.” Chill shook his head in disappointment.

“O-okay…” Lagi said as he lowered his head.

“Figures…” Ivory muttered.

“See? Mah point exactly, ya should chill.” Chill said.

“Okay. I’ll tell you if the black stuff comes back.” Ivory said as she sat down.

“We ain’t stayin ere, we movin back ta da mirrorz.” Chill said.

“And what do we do with the mirrors?” Lagi asked.

“Try and go through dem.” Chill answered.

“How?” Lagi asked.

“By walkin into et, et be obvious!” Chill said, “iz you dumb? Et really iz obvious.”

“Okay.” Lagi said as he walked out of the ice. Lagi opened the door and walked into a mirror.

He then saw himself in a very different place… A room filled with dead bodies lying on the ground, while a strangely positioned skeleton was sitting on a throne.

“Yikes, Lagi-Brah.” Chill and Ivory appeared next to Lagi.

“I uh… what is this?” Lagi asked.

“Dead dudes.” Chill replied, “so not chill.”

“Seems like they were having a fun time.” Ivory sighed.

“Maybe dere sleepin.” Chill said.

“Dead. Trust me.” Ivory said.

“What are we doing here again?” Lagi asked.

“We’re here because it’s the, ‘Chill’ way out.” Ivory sighed.

“So, is this where you scheduled the reunion to be?” Lagi asked Chill.

“I never scheduled any reunion.” Chill said, “I’m just finding the exit.”

“Which is where…?” Ivory asked.

“Datz wat I iz lookin for.” Chill replied.

“So let’s look.” Ivory said as she walked over to the throne.

The skeleton was still, sitting on the throne silently. It’s jaws were open, and just frozen there the whole time. Ivory picked the skeleton up and threw it off of the throne. She then sat on the throne.

“…” Chill stared at her silently. “Dat wuz very stupid. VERY stupid.”

“How so? This feels great.” Ivory said as she sat taller.

“Wait for it…” Chill pointed at the skeleton on the floor.

“It’s not gonna wake up and try to kill me for taking its throne.” Ivory sighed.

“Ya et will… Wait for it…” Chill said, as the skeleton remained on the ground.

“I could get used to this.” Ivory said as she turned and laid down on the throne.

Chill was still waiting for the skeleton to get up, but it didn’t. “Wait for et…”

“This feels natural.” Ivory yawned as she closed her eyes.

“Ya not carin about da skele?” Chill asked.

“Because. It was sitting in my chair. And it’s dead. It doesn't matter much.” Ivory sighed.

“Ivory? You seem to be obsessed with that throne.” Lagi said.

“Maybe if I sit in it long enough it’ll open up a passage.” Ivory said.

“I don’t think that’ll happen.” Lagi said.

“Then what will happen?” Ivory asked.

“I dunno.” Lagi said.

“Chill? What do you think will happen if I continue to love this throne?” Ivory asked.

“Yer gona die.” Chill said, pointing all around, “dey are all gone.”

Chill was right. The skeleton and all the dead bodies had disappeared.

“Oh. Well, that could end badly.” Lagi said. “Ivory, stop laying around!”

“No.” Ivory said as she sat up in the throne and opened her eyes.

“Get ready for a fight.” Lagi said. “Because you got yourself into this. I’ll help if it gets bad.”

“Oh wow. Thanks.” Ivory said.

They waited for a couple seconds, but nothing happened.

“Where dey b--” Chill was about to say, but he was interrupted by a loud roar.

Turning around, all three of them spotted a giant skeleton of a monster. Not just any monster, it was the skeleton of a Lagiacrus. And that same skeleton that was sitting on the throne was riding on it.

“Who DARES take my throne… You deserve demise, and I will give you demise… Prepare, for your life to end MISERABLY.” The skeleton spoke.

“Of course…” Ivory muttered, as the dead bodies from before appeared behind the skeleton Lagiacrus.




-----| Chapter 8 |-----



Cautiously, I reached for the handle of the door. Turning it, I expected it to open. However it did not… For some reason, most likely because it was locked. The dark figure… Told us this was the way to a test to seek knowledge, yeah it was something like that. But then why is locked? I questioned myself as I turned to face Draco, Mehrunes, and Listy.

“It’s locked.” I sighed.

“Cool.” Mehrunes said, walking over. “Can I blow it up?”

“I don’t think Draco would want that.” I said, looking over at Draco.

“Yeeeup.” Draco said with a nod.

“What? Why wouldn't Draco want that?” Mehrunes asked.

“I’m literally standing right next to you. You can just ask me.” Draco said.

“I was.” Mehrunes asked. “I’m not facing you because I don’t wanna, I wanna inspect the door.”

“There are probably better ways of moving the door then blowing it up.” Draco said.

“How bout this one?” Mehrunes asked, sticking his hand right through the door for a second. “Yeah? Does that work?!”

“You don’t have to have a tone.” Draco said. “Also yes, that does work.”

“Hey Ich. Listy. Look like a good solution?” Mehrunes said, still with a ‘tone’.

“Uhhhhhh sure.” Listy replied.

“Hey Hey Hey Ich.” Mehrunes said, motioning to the door. “Do ya think that works?”

“It obviously does for you. Your hand went right through it, for some reason. But not for me.” I tried to stick my hand through the door but it didn’t work.

“That’s cause… I dunno why maybe it's mah ability to go through stuff maybe it just works for me I dunno anymore.” Mehrunes said. “Would love to walk through the door to unlock it but there might be a squid monster or something.”

“Well I just hope I get to participate if there IS one.” Draco said, looking around.

“On which side?” Mehrunes asked, looking through the door, as his head was on the other side while the rest of his body was on the opposite side.

“What do you think?” Draco asked with a slight glare.

“My side.” Mehrunes muffled voice said. “Because the squid would kill you.”

“It would try.” Draco said.

“Let’s see…. There try it now.” Mehrunes said, taking his head out from the door.

I tried to stick my hand through the door, but no luck. It didn’t work.

“Nope. I think only you can. Because you said you were searching for knowledge, while the rest of us didn’t say anything.” I said.

“Oh right. Dang it I forgot!” Draco exclaimed.

“Makes sense.” Mehrunes said. “Maybe go ask fer something.”

“But he’s gone.” I said. “And yelling and shouting probably wouldn’t do anything.”

“Which means we have to deal with what Mehrunes picked.” Draco said.

“And how would you do that?” Mehrunes asked. “None of you can go through the door, and there’s no way to choose anymore. So you basically are being forced to stay here.”

“Well what is the door even made of?” Draco asked. “That could help us figure out what to do.”

“I don’t think it’s a door at all.” Mehrunes said. “Maybe try asking the door.”

“Well whatever it could be, sure looks like a door if it wasn’t already a door.” Draco said, not doing what Mehrunes suggested.

“It isn’t a door.” Mehrunes said. “It’s more of a wall than a door. How about you try the thing?!”

“So you literally want me to talk to a wall?” Draco asked.

“May as well try it.” Mehrunes replied. “I don’t wanna leave you behind, but I will if I have to.”

“Well how exactly should I ask the door? For all I know it may need to be asked in a specific manner.” Draco said.

“Just. Ask. The. Door/wall.” Mehrunes said.

“Fine.” Draco said as he then looked at the wall/door. “Could you move or disappear please?”

“That’s what you wanted?” Mehrunes asked. “Really?”

“I thought we were trying to get past the door.” Draco said with a shrug.

“We are, but it’s also an area where you can get something you ‘seek’.” Mehrunes replied. “And you ask for that.”

“I wasn’t ‘seeking’ for the wall/door to move, I wanted it to move. Honestly have you never used a dictionary?” Draco asked with his arms crossed.

Mehrunes then smacks Draco in the face with a dictionary that he summoned or something like that.

“That was just rude.” Draco said, unfazed by the strike.

“Hey Ich and/or Listy do better than Draco, why don’t you?” Mehrunes asked.

“No thanks. I’m just gonna go another way.” I said, backing away from the door before I turned around and began walking away.

“Alright! See ya’ll later.” Mehrunes said.

“Hey wait up!” Listy said to me.

“I’m coming too!” Draco said as well.

The two of them caught up with me. We were now back to where the trapdoor used to be… And for some reason, we saw black ink of some sort right where the trapdoor used to be.

“Huh. That’s weird.” Draco said as he examined the ink. “How did this get here?”

“I wonder the same thing.” I said.

“Hmm…” Draco said as he then picked up a small rock off of the ground. “Wonder what this stuff does. If it does anything.”

He then dropped the rock into the ink to see if anything would happen. The rock just disintegrated.

“Okay, definitely don’t want to touch that.” Draco said after he saw the rock get destroyed. “Now where should we go?”

“I don’t know.” Listy replied.

“Wait a minute…” I said. I just sensed something… Familiar…

“Something up?” Draco asked me, noticing that I had sensed something.

“Uhh is it Saturo?” Listy asked.

“No… It’s Nushot. He’s in the realm now with us.” I said.

“Huh. Did you sense him down there or what direction was it?” Draco asked.

“I don’t know, I just sensed that he entered the realm.” I replied.

“Good to know?” Listy asked.

“Still doesn’t answer the question of which way we’re supposed to go since we can’t go with Meh.” Draco said, looking around some more.

“Yeah, but what I’m wondering is why Nushot is here.” I said, “I think he’s coming to find us to tell us to go back or something.”

“Possibly. I mean, We did decide to go through a random portal we found in a cave of a mountain that was inside another realm to begin with. So maybe we aren’t supposed to be here.” Draco said.

“Yeah… Now that I think of it, I remember. When we entered my Dad’s realm, I could sense that it was his. But after we went through that portal in that cave, I couldn’t sense it anymore… So maybe Dad sent Nushot to get us out of this realm and back into Dad’s realm.” I explained my thoughts to Draco and Listy.

“Makes sense.” Listy said. “Hey wait… I wanna know where Meh went now. I can’t communicate with him anymore.”

“Well that’s reassuring.” Draco said with a dose of sarcasm as he did another look around the room. “There’s gotta be some other way to get out of here.”

“Yeah… Something tells me though, that Nushot is on his way here to, well you know. Free us from here.” I said.

“Well yeah, but clearly we shouldn’t just sit and wait. Who knows what could happen in this place? I mean, there was no death ink in that spot and we were only there like five minutes ago!” Draco said, pointing where the trap door was.

“I don’t think we’ll have to wait for long… I can sense Nushot getting closer and closer by every second!” I exclaimed. “Seems to me he’s pretty fast.”

“Well yeah. He’s like the strongest person out of us besides Elec and your Dad.” Draco said.

“Well that’s because they all trained more than us. And Elec and my Dad are elemental masters so obviously they are stronger.” I said.

“You didn’t have to tell me.” Draco said.

“Guys we can’t leave without Chill and Saturo, so waiting is only sort of helping us.” Listy said.

“Chill is probably fine, he wasn’t even with us when we went into that cave portal.” Draco said. “He’s probably just chilling somewhere like he usually does.”

“So wait. We need to find everyone before we leave?” I asked.

“According to Listy, Yes. We do. I guess.” Draco said, a bit confused.

“Then we can’t leave without Mehrunes, besides, if we could leave right now we wouldn’t be able to get Mehrunes and leave too.” I said.

“Well I suppose he abandoned us first…” Listy replied. “And Chill is fully capable to get out by himself, but we might want Saturo…”

“Of course unlike Meh, Saturo just left without us knowing where. Doesn’t help also that the room where he left is down where the now death ink filled trapdoor was an exit from another room before it.” Draco said.

“What if… What if Saturo didn’t leave? What if something took him?” I suggested, slightly getting a bit worried.

“It’s possible, this place is just covered in ‘be on your guard’ spots. Heck, for all we know maybe whatever took Saturo may have taken Meh as well when we left him.” Draco said. “If something did take possibly both of them then it’s trying to slowly whittle down our numbers so it’s easier to take us out one by one.”

“Wow. Nicely said.” I clapped. “I doubt Meh could do better than that!”

“Why thank you.” Draco said with a smirk.

“I’m preeety sure Meh is fine.” Listy replied.

“I beg to differ, if there was something in this place that was taking people, then it’s probably pretty good at catching people, let's also mention that Meh is helpless if he can’t move easily, like when Saturo paralyzed him or when you broke his leg. Who says that the mysterious ‘thing’ can’t do the same?” Draco said.

“Because he’s paranoid.” Listy smiled. “Of everyone and every place. At all times. That’s his thing. I’m gonna guess a random monster won’t get the jump on him.”

“Don’t be so confident. We don’t know what this thing could be. If it’s even something we would be able to see anyway.” Draco said. “I mean, it was able to get Saturo and he’s the fastest and most nimble out of the five of us. Plus we were still relatively on guard when he disappeared. You're telling me that something that was able to catch him wouldn’t be able to catch Meh? I doubt it.”

“We should not come to conclusions… Maybe Saturo did leave us… Maybe there isn’t something out there getting us.” I said.

“Hopefully not. It is a possibility though, just wonder why Saturo would leave the group in the first place.” Draco said.

“We have no way of knowing.” Listy said. “For all that we know, we’re the ones that could have been captured. I guess we should lay low and wait for Nushot.”

“Yeah…” Draco said with a nod.

“Listy’s right… We should wait.” I nodded as well. “Let’s wait then…”



The skeleton riding the skeleton Lagiacrus commanded the attack on Ivory. The dead bodies from before began walking towards her.

“NOT CHILL!” Chill commented.

And suddenly, before any of the bodies got close to Chill, Lagi, and Ivory, electricity surged through the whole room, paralyzing all of the monsters and destroying the skeletons entirely.

“Ha, take that you monsters.” said a voice.

In front of them, Chill, Lagi, and Ivory spotted Saturo.

“Oh hey Saturo-Brah.” Chill said.

“Oh there you are Chill, where did you go? And is that…” Saturo replied. His eyes were focusing on Lagi and Ivory. “L-lagi? Ivory?”

“Yes. Hello there and thank you for helping out with that little army there.” Ivory said.

“Oh man, I can't believe it's really you!” Lagi yelled as he ran over to Saturo and hugged him.

“I, I need an explanation… What happened to you!? You got kidnapped, we couldn’t do anything to help, and… Now I can help you! So, who was that who kidnapped you? Why did they kidnap you? What is happening to you?!” Saturo just bursted out with questions.

“Okay. Long story short, we got kidnapped, we met my once dead older brother, we escaped, I visited my dead family, I'm pretty sure I got killed by my brother, and then we woke up here.” Ivory explained.

“Okay, that was WAY too fast… Go back to the kidnapped. Who kidnapped you? And why?” Saturo asked. “I need to know every detail.”

“Somebody named… I can’t remember. He was gonna sell us to Lagikiller, but eventually he changed his mind, and let us go. He didn’t let us go in time, and then Lagikiller chased us. Eventually we got sent into some weird realm and we met my once dead brother, Gabe. I got stabbed by Lagikiller, and Gabe kept me alive. Lagi fainted, and eventually Lagikiller figures out some stuff and he’s not mad at us anymore. Then Gabe’s master comes out and it’s this giant dark spider or whatever named Dakrus. The-”

“Dakrus? I know that guy, he came to us searching for Glare… But wait, what was the reason Lagikiller was trying to kill you for again?” Saturo interrupted.

“Because he was trying to commit genocide on our race because Gabe committed genocide on his clan. Anyways, we convinced him to let us go, and then we get sent to the dream world where we meet this guy named Lycrus. We eventually get saved by this guy named Pixelen. He sends us to Cyrus Borg’s lab, Lagi pressed some buttons.” -Lagi whispered something about buttons- “He got banned from the lab unless he gets sent there by a dream world portal, then we went and got ice cream with Lycrus. Afterwards I left them to go see if I could talk to my family like Lagi did with his, and got killed by Gabe. Next thing I know I wake up on a beach on an island next to this one. Also, Lagi is next to me. We travel to this island and yeah. We met Chill and now we’re here.” Ivory explained.

“Huh… Okay then… Well for me a lot of things happened too… We found out that Ich’s dad was the Master of Wind.” Saturo said.

“Interesting.” Ivory said.

“And we entered the Master of Wind’s realm to train… Yeah, apparently he has a realm… and then we travelled from his realm to this one, which you happened to be in.” Saturo said. “Anyway, now that I found you… We gotta stick together. We can’t let you guys get lost alone in all sorts of dangers.”

“Soundz gud ta meh, Saturo-Brah. Welcome to da squad, new homies.” Chill crossed his arms while smiling at Lagi and Ivory.

“I think we were already in the squad, but okay!” Lagi said.

“Oh den, welcome back to da squad, homies.” Chill rephrased.

“Better!” Lagi exclaimed.

“Yeah, now… Let’s find Ich, Draco, Mehrunes, and Listy. And then we can get out of here.” Saturo said.

“Problem is, we think they went through the trapdoor in the other room. And it’s clogged with some sort of acid goo.” Lagi said.

“Huh, well then… Too bad Glitter didn’t come along…” Saturo muttered, “we’ll have to find another way.”

“But where? I’m not sure there’s another door in this room. And I don’t want to sit on that throne anymore.” Ivory said.

“Well… We can try and get rid of the black acid goo.” Saturo said.

“How did you know it was black?” Ivory asked.