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Ultimates: Book 16: The Planet of the Witches: (Book 7 In The Second Series)

Ultimates: Book 16: The Planet of the Witches: (Book 7 In The Second Series)

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June 4th, 2018

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Ultimates: The Planet of the Witches:

By: The Ultimate Osaid



-----| Prologue |-----



“No…! Please, have mercy! I beg of you!” Begged the man.

“You may have the pleasures, Talsa.” announced Mother Relatra, handing the weapon to me. It was clear of what she wanted me to do. She wanted me to kill him.

I slowly advanced towards the man, until I was two feet away from him. I raised the weapon, ready to strike as all my fellow sisters were watching closely. I struck, full force, but not at the man. I had struck the floor, leaving a big dent. My sisters gasped.

“Kill him.” Mother Relatra repeated bluntly. I stood there silently, not listening to her.

“You are disrespecting me.” Mother Relatra said, “I said, kill him.” Her voice sounded violent and threatening.

I rested my hand on the weapon, and picked it up. Man, it is heavy, I thought. I got ready to swing yet again, however, this time when I swung, I threw it directly at Mother Relatra. Aimed right at her face.

Everything suddenly stopped. Green particles surrounded Mother Relatra’s angered face, as well as the weapon. “How dare you. Take her away.”

Two of my fellow sisters surrounded me and forcefully grabbed me before pulling me away. I saw afterwards Mother Relatra, heading towards the man herself and beheading him.

I then realized where they were taking me… The dungeons.

After heading down the stairs, we entered the dungeons… There was a cage there, an empty cage, reserved for me.

Violently, my two sisters threw me into the cage before locking it. “We’ll decide what to do with you later.” They then left me alone there in the dark…



-----| Chapter 1 |-----



The spaceship slowly descended to the water. It flew above it, gliding across the surface of the ocean.

“So Meh-Brah…” Chill said impatiently, “where dey beh?”

“Why you askin me?” Mehrunes asked.

“You’ve been ta Lagi-Brah’s home before. So, ya should take us dere.” Chill said, “only problem doh is dat dis spaceship no go under watah!”

“Well, I have my spacesuit that I’ve configured to also go underwater, you guys are in trouble though.” Mehrunes replied.

“Then you go alone and get them.” Listy said. “We can wait here.”

“Yeah fine. I have more but sure.” Mehrunes said. “There goes Lagi’s lack of home. West we go…”

“Okai, babye Meh-Brah fer now. Draco-Brah beh asleep fer sum reason…” Chill said, looking at Draco who was sleeping on his seat. “Bah, just go already Meh-Brah!”

“Well I’m trying to make it float above the water and open the hats to get ou- oh for pete's sake.” Mehrunes said, as the spaceship was stopped. “I dunno if we’re even there.”

“Well… Iz da home in da west ocean?” Chill asked, leaning on Draco’s chair, “coz we be above da west ocean.”

“I don’t know how you can tell.” Mehrunes said, suddenly wearing his space suit as he looked out of the window down into the ocean. “But we went west from Lagi’s home and I can see some ruins so sure.”

“Dat be et, probably.” Chill said, “I’ll be co-pilot ‘till ya get back.”

“Don’t blow anything up.” Mehrunes said.

“I can’t, I be too chill.” Chill replied.

Mehrunes then teleported out of the spaceship, as he was now above the spaceship. He looked down at the ruins, before he then dived into the water and began swimming towards the ruins.

The water suddenly moved, and waves pushed Mehrunes straight to the ruins, specifically towards a hole… Mehrunes then saw a passage underground, surrounded with chunks of stone.

“Good. Weirdness.” Mehrunes thought. “Mystical magical weirdness. This is gonna be fun… magic waves want me here. Fine.”

Mehrunes swam to the hole and swam downward into it. Mehrunes then saw a light in the distance, coming from above.

“Ah crud…” Mehrunes thought.

Mehrunes then made it to a shallow area… His head exited the water, seeing a door in front of him.

“Why.” Mehrunes asked rhetorically. “Here goes nothing.”

Mehrunes tried to open the door. He succeeded, and he saw a hallway in front of him with more doors to the side. At the end of the hallway was a fireplace.

“Uhhh what?!” Mehrunes thought. “WHY?!”

A small fire was lit at the fireplace.

“Cute fire I guess.” Mehrunes said. “Hey Sentinal you wanna help some?”

“Well the fireplace looks suspicious if you ask me.” Sentinal said to Mehrunes telepathically.

“It does but what am I supposed to do, blow it out or find more?” Mehrunes asked.

“Let’s get a closer look…”

Mehrunes walked closer to the fireplace.

“Yeah… There’s a trigger behind that wall. Trigger it and something will happen.”

“Good to know.” Mehrunes said, blowing out the fire.

“It doesn’t seem that that worked. Try making a bigger fire.” said Sentinal.

Mehrunes summoned a few more logs then set them ablaze creating a large fire. Then, that triggered something. The fireplace suddenly dropped, and a deep hole remained where it was.

“Why is it always a hole?” Mehrunes asked, looking into the hole.

“This is hidden, so… The builder of this temple has many secret areas.”

“Great. What’s in the hole?” Mehrunes asked.

“Let’s find out.” Sentinal replied.

“I don’t wanna.” Mehrunes said, jumping into the hole.

When he landed, he spotted a blue hooded figure in front of him.

“You're not… You aren’t the WaterBreathe. Good. Who are you?” The Blue hooded figure asked.

“I could ask the same question robed man.” Mehrunes replied. “Yeah I’m lookin for a uh Lagi and Ivory. Have you seen em?”

“Hm, you’re a friend of theirs?” The blue hooded figure asked.

“I wouldn't really say friend, I barely talked to them but I’m not gonna kill them so sure friends.” Mehrunes said.

“Very well… Lagi, Ivory. You have a visitor.” The blue hooded figure walked over with Mehrunes behind him.

Mehrunes saw in front of him a guy with a tail, with brown hair and a blue monstrous sword on his back. He also saw Lagi and Ivory… The three of them seemed to be collecting these colorful eggs. There were fifty of them.

“Huh. You know, I don’t wanna know.” Mehrunes said, alerting Lagi and Ivory of his presence more.

“O-oh! Hello.” Lagi said.

“Yay. Visitors.” Ivory sighed, “well, at least somebody came.”

“And is that somebody not a good somebody?” Mehrunes asked.

“I wouldn't say that you're a bad somebody. But, who cares. Are any of the others coming?” Ivory asked.

“No. you’re like a mile underwater I’m the only one.” Mehrunes replied. “What have you been up to? I left before I could see you.”

“Uh… stuff.” Lagi said.

“Yeah. Let's just go with stuff.” Ivory said.

“You’re avoiding the question and you have eggs.” Mehrunes slammed his hand into his face. “Why did I agree to any of anything ever to get to this position. You know let’s just go. If Mr. robe man will even let you.”

“Uh… no. We have to safely store them.” Ivory said.

“Isn't that something Mr mysterious can do?” Mehrunes asked, looking at the other guy with the sword. “I came down here to get you, literally didn’t even have to. Also wish I didn’t but that’s another can of beans.”

“Well, we're sorta busy at the moment.” Ivory sighed. “Maybe you could meet Gabe?” Ivory pointed to Gabe.

“According to Listy, ‘Gabe’ stabbed you.” Mehrunes replied.

“Don't bring that up.” Ivory growled.

“I was also told if I had trackers on you bad things would happen. Whatever. I wanna leave as soon as possible so hurry up with your egg nonsense so I don’t have to be in a room with a guy with a robe and a sword and a stabber.” Mehrunes said.

“These eggs are not nonsense! They are very important!” Ivory roared. “They were a pain to get out though…”

“Yeah yeah I don’t need a description. Hurry up.” Mehrunes snapped. “Or I can and will leave you behind.”

“Fine then. If you really want to, leave. Send someone else in about one hour.” Ivory sighed.

“No one else can come down here.” Mehrunes said, calming down. “Alright. I’ll wait, until you are ready. You don’t mind do you?”

“Just as long as you don't become a constant annoyance.” Ivory growled.

“Alright.” Mehrunes replied sitting down. “F-Y-I, you should stop growling. It could hurt your throat. And it’s a little disconcerting and rude.”

“I really don't care.” Ivory said.

Mehrunes didn’t say anything, instead he was sitting silently against a wall.

“You know…” Gabe said, finally speaking, “if you want to go, Lagi, Ivory, you can. Your job is done. I can look after the eggs.”

“Oh. Well, thank you, Gabe. Make sure to alert us immediately when they start to hatch, I want to be there when our race begins to grow.” Ivory said.

“Also, if you get put in danger, or need anything, make sure to come back here.” Gabe added.

“We will. And thanks for everything. I’m sorry if I was a little… rude and disrespectful towards you? I just want to thank you for watching after all of them.” Ivory said, very sincere.

“It’s fine… We’re all good now.” Gabe replied, “you can go now.”

“Yeah, thanks. Well Mehrunes, get ready. We’re ready.” Lagi said.

Ivory stroked a white egg and whispered something to it before handing it to Gabe. “Take great care of this one. I can feel something… amazing about it.” Ivory whispered to Gabe, who nodded. She then walked over to Mehrunes. “Up. Show us to your ship or whatever.” Ivory demanded.

“You’ll soon learn that demanding stuff from me get’s no nowhere.” Mehrunes replied. “Sadly, I was going to do that anyway. Is there an exit to this place or do we have to go out the way I came in?”

“Probably leave the way you came in.” Lagi said. Lagi walked over to the bottom of the hole and snapped his fingers. A platform of water appeared that was big enough for all three of them to stand on. Lagi and Ivory walked onto it and waited for Mehrunes.

“Am I allowed to tell other people about this… egg thing… or will you kill me?” Mehrunes asked with a smirk.

“Depends. What will you tell people about it?” Ivory asked.

“Take a guess.” Mehrunes said.

“That we have fifty eggs that are waiting to hatch.” Ivory guessed.

“Whatever. I’m gonna guess your eggs are non-conversable and move on.” Mehrunes said, walking onto the platform. “By the way, you guys are weird.”

“Thank you for the compliment.” Lagi said. He snapped his fingers again and the platform raised into the air, taking them to the hallway.

“Huh. I thought I burned these doors.” Ivory muttered. “Anyways, tell anyone anything about the egg thing… well, depending on what you say, I might do something bad. Say anything negative about them… terrible things will happen.”

“What will happen?” Mehrunes asked as they walked through the hallway to the door that led back to the sea.

“Depends on what you say.” Ivory sighed.

“Well give me an example then.” Mehrunes said.

“No.” Ivory said. “You’ll have to figure out what happens yourself.” Ivory opened up the door. “Also, after you.”

“No please after you.” Mehrunes replied with a smirk.

“Why do you want me to go first?” Ivory asked.

“Because.” Mehrunes replied. “I dunno. You’re the one who swims better than literally most things ever.”

“Do you want me to do the simming? Because I could carry you if you wanted me to.” Ivory said.

“Just tryna keep up.” Mehrunes replied, backing through the door. “You comin or what?”

“Yeah. Sure.” Ivory said as she pushed Mehrunes into the water and then dived in. Lagi followed them.

Mehrunes silently swam upwards, swiftly, but not compared to Lagi and Ivory. Soon they all reached the surface, and the ship was nearby.

“Finally. Spacecraft.” Ivory sighed.

“Okay. How do we get in?” Lagi asked Mehrunes.

“How do you think mister?” Mehrunes asked. “If the door is shut, and the windows don’t open and I got out, how do you suppose we get in?”

“I dunno. Teleportation?” Lagi asked.

“Bingo.” Mehrunes replied, swimming closer to the ship.

“Why didn’t you do that when we were underwater?” Ivory asked as she followed Mehrunes closer to the ship.

“He probably has to be close or something.” Lagi said as he swam closer as well. “Now, Mehrunes, do your thing.”

Suddenly, the three of them were in the ship.

“I’m back!” Mehrunes exclaimed. “And I brought company, did you make cookies yet?”

“Cookiez were eaten alreadyz.” Chill said.

“And they were delicious!” Draco exclaimed.

“So, the cookies are more important than the two people that’ve been lost for way too long?” Ivory asked.

“Apparently.” Lagi sighed.

“Well I was asleep.” Draco said. “Meh or Chill could’ve just woke me up.”

“What would that have done? I don’t believe you breath underwater.” Lagi said.

“And still, no, ‘hello’ or, ‘you’re back!’ or anything of the sort.” Ivory sighed.

“Cuz et ain’t dat long.” Chill said, “we metz just awhile ago in da realm thing.”

“But that was a realm. Not reality.” Ivory said.

“So? We still saw you. Talked to you.” Draco said.

“Well, a hello still would have been nice.” Ivory muttered. “Now, I need to rest. It’s been a long and hard day.”

“Yeah. I’m just gonna lay down here on this nice seat here and-” Lagi said, as he collapsed on the floor of the ship, instantly falling asleep.

“That happened.” Ivory sighed. “Now, let’s get out of here.”

“What do you think I’ve been doing?” Mehrunes asked. “I’ve been flying this whole time, THIS SHIP IS GREAT!”

“Huh. I thought you were eating more cookies.” Ivory said as she took a seat.

“We never had cookies.” Mehrunes said.

“Chill and Draco just said that they were delicious.” Ivory said.

“It’s called rolling with a joke.” Draco said.

“Oh. I thought you were being serious.” Ivory sighed. “Now, please don’t rock the ship too much. I still get space sick on the occasion.”

Then the ship shook violently a couple of times, and Mehrunes snickered.

“S-stop that!” Ivory yelled, starting to look queasy.

“Well Draco liked it. He’s asleep.” Mehrunes replied. “Whatcha gonna do if I don’t stop?”

“Well, I have quite a few ideas on what I can do if you do it again.” Ivory sighed. “Now shut up and fly this thing.”

“Yeah, you can't bark orders and expect that they follow out.” Mehrunes said. “DRACO! WAKE UP!”

“AGH!” Draco exclaimed as he woke up. “Yeesh, why is there so much jet lag for me? I KEEP FALLING ASLEEP!”

“Because. You seem to have something in common with Lagi.” Ivory said.

“How so?” Draco asked.

“You’re both weak?” Mehrunes asked, with a chuckle.

“You both fall asleep on spaceships.” Ivory laughed, before realizing what Mehrunes had said. “Okay that’s it. We get off this ship I do something horrible to you.”

“Ha ha very funny.” Draco responded with a growl to what Mehrunes said.

“So insulting Lagi and Draco make you wanna do something bad to me?” Mehrunes asked Ivory.

“It’s probably just the Lagi part.” Draco said.

“Have fun.” Listy said. “No murder.”

“Lots of murder.” Ivory growled. “I will paint the mansion red with his blood.”

“Well that escalated quickly.” Draco said.

“Nah. It could get much, MUCH, worse.” Ivory snickered.

“No. I could do worse.” Mehrunes said. “I have this thing whe- oh wait spoilers.”

“I likez spoilerz.” Chill said.

“Nah. No spoilers for you.” Mehrunes replied. “Although I prefer the path of non murder, so Ivory if I beat you, I don't wanna see any murder happen.”

“I’ll kill if I want to kill.” Ivory sighed. “Now please, just get us back.”

“Yeah we’ll be back in like ten seconds this ship appears abnormally fast.” Mehrunes replied.

“Finally.” Ivory sighed. “LAGI! WAKE UP!”

Lagi stretched and yawned as he stood up. “So uh, five seconds?”

“Yeah.” Ivory said.

“Da Elec Planet be in front of us, Meh-Brah ya know where Elec’s Mansion be, right?” Chill asked.

“Yeah. I’ve been there enough times.” Mehrunes replied.

“Okai den, les go.” Chill said, “deres sumthin I wantz ta do after I finds Saturo-Brah.”

“Set a timer for like… ten seconds again and we’ll be at Elecs mansion.” Mehrunes said.

“Careful, don’t crash. Ten secondz is not dat much fer landin.” Chill said, as the spaceship was descending into the Electric Planet.

“I said we’d be there, I.E. able to see it. Not necessarily be landed and out.” Mehrunes replied.

“Could you quiet down, please?” Ivory asked.

“No. Suck it up.” Mehrunes replied.

“No.” Ivory growled.

“Well you can’t order me around anymore than I can order you around.” Mehrunes replied. “I’m sorry but I’m having a conversation and giving you some info about stu- MR. SLITHERS, HOW DID YOU GET HERE?!” A small green snake was suddenly wrapped around Mehrunes’s neck.

“KILL HIM!” Ivory roared.

“NO.” Mehrunes yelled.

Mr. Slithers looked at Ivory and flicked his tongue.

“Hello there snake.” Ivory said. “Could you please squeeze a little harder around his neck?”

Mr. Slithers shook his head.

“Oh. I understand.” Ivory sighed.

“Okay… anyway there’s the mansion.” Mehrunes said.

“I thought you knew.” Chill replied.

“I did. That’s why we’re here.” Mehrunes replied. The spaceship landed in front of Elec’s Mansion, in the front yard. “There, Chill you can do… whatever you were gonna do. Everybody off! Please.” Mehrunes added please when Mr. Slithers hissed at him.

“Finally. Well, I’ll be in a room. Sleeping.” Ivory sighed, “Open the hatch or door or whatever.”

“Yeah I did just now, hey I thought you were gonna paint the mansion with my blood or something.” Mehrunes said, standing up.

“I would. But to be honest, I’m just too tired to right now. I’ll get back to it next time you insult Lagi or the eggs.” Ivory sighed as she walked out of the spaceship and into the mansion.

“What eggz?” Chill asked.

“Oh yeah, they had colored eggs and I think I know why and I didn’t need to know that.” Mehrunes replied. “Cuz they said they were their eggs and I wanted to leave ASAP.”

“Coolz. You gotz eggs!” Chill followed Lagi and Ivory and patted them on the back, “what kindz are dey?”

“Uh… colorful ones.” Lagi said.

“Dragon? Chicken? Wat do dey hatch? Or do dey just normal eggs dat you can eatz?” Chill asked.

“You know,” Mehrunes said, also following with Listy and Draco, having parked the spaceship. “I’m gonna guess Lagiacrus eggs.”

“Uh… good guess. You got it right on the spot. Now, please never mention this again.” Lagi said, starting to sweat.

“Oh, koolz. Lagiacrus eggs.” Chill said, “never heard of dem. Wut are dey?”

“Well… too bad. Lagi and Ivory are half Lagiacrus take a guess SEE YA!” Mehrunes yelled, running away laughing like a maniac.

“Please. Forget you heard anything about those eggs.” Lagi pleaded.

“It’ll be much better for all three of us. Me, you, and Ivory. Much much better.” Lagi then ran towards Ivory as Chill shrugged and walked away towards the mansion.

“Okay. Why did Mehrunes just run away laughing?” Ivory asked.

“We kill him in his sleep. Okay?” Lagi asked.

“Done.” Ivory growled.

“No. You don’t.” Listy growled menacingly from behind them.

“I second that statement.” Mehrunes said, appearing next to Listy.

“It’s two to two. We can do it if we want to anyways. And we have good motive as well.” Ivory growled.

“Except we are just as capable, if not more.” Listy said.

“And what happened Lagi, with the pacifist thing?” Mehrunes asked.

“Pretty sure I never called myself a pacifist. And if I ever did it wouldn’t have been near you.” Lagi growled.

“Bruh. I mean you were nice, and now you have the idea to attempt murder.” Mehrunes said.

“Yes. I might be a bit harsh right now, but hey. You just told a secret that is really, really sensitive. I just need either a promise that you’ll never do it again, or you not being able to tell it again.” Lagi growled.

“It’s not a secret until you don’t allow the flow if it.” Mehrunes said.

“Basically, you never said he couldn't tell anyone.” Listy said.

“See you in the night…” Mehrunes said, disappearing.

“Have a good nap!” Listy said cheerfully, walking away.

“If they stay there, I'm leaving.” Ivory growled.

“Agreed.” Lagi sighed.

“That’s not very nice.” Listy said, only a few steps away. But she stopped walking. “Hmm… but if you like, I can get Mehrunes to forget the egg stuff as well as most of today, sound good?”

“How exactly would you even do that?” Draco asked from above them as he was flying since they got off the ship.

“I have my ways Draco.” Listy said, smiling.

“Of course you do.” Draco said.

“Could nobody ever mention the egg thing? Please?” Ivory asked.

“Yeah. Please. It's embarrassing and I would prefer nobody talk about it.” Lagi said.

Listy had already left, and Draco did too.

“Wow. Of course we're talking to nobody.” Ivory sighed.

“Well, I'm taking a nap. Let's go.” Ivory sighed as she walked towards the mansion’s front door, followed by Lagi.

The door opened by itself, and a familiar person appeared in front of them.



-----| Chapter 2 |-----



Saturo hasn’t gotten any better since we got back… He locked himself in his room, removing all contact with everyone. Even Glitter. When Glitter appeared in his room he kicked him out. I heard him yelling at Glitter…

I tried to talk to him, but he wouldn’t talk to me. He would find a way to escape from me, which was easy for him since he’s pretty fast… I told Lavender about it too, when she asked. And she felt bad for him. I thought about telling her that Saturo had a crush on her, but I decided not to… Because I didn’t want to anger Saturo… Especially not at this time…

Lavender wanted and did try to talk to Saturo. But he avoided all of us…

I was thinking about what to do as I walked through the hallways of Elec’s Mansion… Elec hasn’t got back yet either… I wondered what he was doing. Because, Dad also left to apparently ‘help Elec out’ when we got back. John Ceno, I have no idea where he went. He kind of just disappeared… He was probably also avoiding me…

“Hey Ich.”

I turned around, hearing a voice behind me. It was Mehrunes.

“Oh hey Mehrunes. Did you succeed in getting Lagi an--” Mehrunes suddenly disappeared.

Where did he go? I continued walking down the hallway, until Mehrunes suddenly appeared next to me.

“Yeah they don’t like me though.” Mehrunes said.

“Who? Lagi and Ivory? Why?” I asked him.

“Sadly by telling you that, I would be doing the thing that wanted to make them kill me so…” Mehrunes replied. “I’ll tell you anyway cuz Lagi and Ivory won’t find out. Okay so we went to the Water Planet and did the stuff and when I got to where Lagi and Ivory were they had a bunch of eggs, now the way they acted with the eggs soon lead me to believe that they were… *AHEM* ‘their eggs’ if you know what I mean.”

“Uh… Okay. Where are they right now? I wanna see them.” I said.

“Offhand? I’m gonna guess sleeping. They were complaining about being tired.” Mehrunes replied. “And Ivory threatened to kill me. She has more bark than bite.”

“I can sense them, they’re outside.” I said, flying through the hallway and getting to the front door.

I unlocked the door, and to my surprise, there they were. Lagi and Ivory, right in front of me.

“Oh. Fair enough.” Mehrunes said from behind me.

“Hello there. I’m just going to guess Mehrunes told you.” Lagi said.

“Yeah,” I replied, “so what?”

“Well, just another reason to get mad.” Lagi muttered. “Why are you out here?”

“To find you.” I replied, “to welcome you back, is something wrong with that?”

“No.” Lagi sighed. “There’s nothing wrong with that, because you’re the only person who’s done it.”

“Saturo would too…” I said, “but… he’s… not.”

“Not what?” Lagi asked.

“While Mehrunes and the others were getting you, we were on our planet fighting the president because he says Ultimates are a myth and don’t exist and all that, and he brainwashed the people.” I explained. “We were supposed to stop him and prove him wrong.”

“And I’m going to assume something horrible happened. He lost his voice? Is he fatally injured?” Lagi asked.

“No. We were all at risk of death.” I said, “because a giant warship appeared in the sky, and we suddenly had to leave the planet. Because, Hindro exploded. Everyone on it, including Saturo’s parents, died.”

“W-wow… that’s brutal. Why would anyone do that?” Lagi asked.

“We don’t know who did it in the first place. Other then that it was Darth’s Army. The war suddenly made its way to Hindro.” I said.

“Well. It happened,” Lagi sighed. “Now all that’s left is to think about what to do next.”

“Wait. Giant warship?” Mehrunes asked. “Like the one disguised as a planet?”

“I’m not going to ask.” Lagi said.

“I didn’t have enough time to take a good look at it.” I said, turning to Mehrunes, “but I did see what exploded the planet. Something black, like a black laser beam or something.”

“Could be dark matter, but probably not because it’s actually invisible… yeah I dunno. But I’m betting it’s probably the massive planet warship.” Mehrunes said. “And Saturo… yeah… I think it would probably be best to leave him be.”

“Well, now that we’ve all had this nice talk, like I said. All that’s left is to think about what to do next.” Lagi said. “So, what next?”

“We wait. There is capability to do nothing, and that’s what I suggest.” Mehrunes replied.

“What do we do while we wait? Because doing nothing, literally nothing, seems bad. Unless you’re hiding from a killer set on destroying you.” Lagi said.

“Speaking of that.” I said, turning to Lagi and Ivory… Ivory wasn’t there. She disappeared somewhere else. I ignored that and talked to Lagi. “I won’t let you touch Mehrunes.”

“Ich it’s fine.” Mehrunes said. “I can take care of that myself.”

“Honestly, I don’t care much about that anymore. It was in the past. I thought about it, and just found it as something a little strange, that’s all. I’m forgetting I ever got mad at you, is that acceptable?” Lagi asked.

“Yeah, because we don’t want a civil war.” I nodded.

“What’s not acceptable is that Ivory disappeared randomly and now we kinda need to find her.” Mehrunes said.

“Oh, no worries. She could just tell that Mehrunes was near the open door, and got away as fast as she could. I know where she is. Or, well, where she’s going.” Lagi said. “Over to those mountains.” Lagi pointed to mountains on the horizon.

“She’s not going anywhere alone.” I said, “I’m gonna go grab her. You can come inside.”

“I don’t think another person is what she needs right now. If anyone would go and follow her, it would be me.” Lagi said. “If I follow her, I can tell her that everything is calm between us and Mehrunes, okay?”

“Yeah, well I don’t care. She got kidnapped once, and I’m not risking it happening again.” I said, “and she needs to learn to trust me then.”

“There’s nobody out there anymore who wants to get us anymore. She’s safe and I trust her. Is that not enough for you?” Lagi asked.

I was gonna respond, but Mehrunes did before me.

“Course it’s not. If you haven’t noticed, the bad guys pop up out of nowhere. Ivory wants to be alone, but she also needs to suck it up sometimes instead of running away.” Mehrunes said. “Ich, you should indeed go find her, just go now before Lagi can object.”

“If you’re going, I’m going with you.” Lagi objected anyway.

“Fine, then.” I said, “you can come with me.”

“It would be more me leading you, not me coming with you.” Lagi pointed out as he started to run towards where he pointed earlier.

“If you didn’t notice, I can sense where she is.” I said, flying past Lagi, away from the mansion.

“Fine then. Try to find her.” Lagi said as he stopped running.

I used the wind and brought Lagi so that he was floating next to me.

“Great. Of course I have no choice.” Lagi muttered.

“I just wanted to show you how cool flying is.” I smirked.

“Flying, yeah. That’s interesting. Flying through space… now that’s a different story. A bad story.” Lagi said.

I nodded. “Alright then.” I looked around, and I sensed Ivory near some mountains. “She’s near some mountains right where you pointed.”

“She’s headed to the top of the tallest one.” Lagi said. “Look for that one. Near the top because trust me, if she wants to, she has ways of getting places.”

“Well you’re right. There she is.” I spotted Ivory near the peak of the tallest mountain. I flew up to it with Lagi behind, and in seconds I landed the both of us on the peak.

Ivory was climbing, and she looked up and spotted us.

“Why are you two here?” Ivory growled. She climbed a little higher, she was almost to the peak.

I then used the wind and brought her onto the peak with Lagi and I. “I’m not letting you go somewhere alone after what happened.”

“Well, too bad. I got here just fine, and would have finished fine if you hadn’t brought me up.” Ivory growled.

“I’m not risking losing friends.” I said, “because friends are valuable…”

“Yeah. Especially the ones that go back on everything you tell them not to go back on.” Ivory muttered. “So, now what are you going to do? Forcefully bring me to the mansion and lock me in?”

“No. That’s no fun.” I replied, “instead I’ll just follow you and make sure no one tries to kidnap you again.”

“One. There is nobody out there that wants to kidnap me anymore. Two. what if I don’t go back there?” Ivory asked. “And three. Last time, I was kidnapped by a magic knife that teleported me. I doubt you would be able to save me from that. Saturo wasn’t. I guess Chill, too.”

“Response to one: I’m not taking any chances. There could be someone out there still wanting to kidnap you. Response to two: Back where?” I responded, “response to three: I have ways to save you that Saturo and Chill cannot do. I can sense an entity before it appears and bring them apart from you if they get close.”

“Good for you. And I was referring to the mansion. What if I don’t want to return there? What if I’m perfectly fine here on this mountain peak?” Ivory asked.

“Then I’ll stay here with you, and I’ll follow your movements. I’ll learn how to make a clone of myself from Chill if I have to do something else at the same time. And I’ll learn how to teleport from Mehrunes if you travel too fast for me.” I replied.

“So, you’re devoting this portion of your life to protecting me? Wow. Seems like a waste.” Ivory said.

“To you. To me, it’s a friend helping a friend in need.” I replied.

“I don’t need anyone to help me right now. I’m perfectly fine.” Ivory growled. “Now please, leave.”

“No. According to my senses, we’re not alone and someone is following you. I am not going to leave you.” I shook my head.

“It’s probably Mehrunes.” Ivory growled. “And when he gets here… the only thing you’d be doing is trying to stop me.”

“Mehrunes teleports. If he came here he would just appear. I sense something else moving. I don’t know what it is. But I have a feeling we’ll find out soon.” I said.

“It’s probably just the natural wildlife of this mountain.” Ivory sighed. “Now I ask you one more time. Please, leave. I’m in no way able to be helped by you, because I’m not in need of help. If you continue to follow me, I will find some way to make sure you won’t find me.”

Then, Mehrunes appeared on the peak.

“What did I say?” Ivory asked.

“Yo sup?” Mehrunes asked as well. “I dunno you tell me.”

“Now Mehrunes. I’m going to ask you stand there. There’s something I want to do.” Ivory growled.

“Okay.” Mehrunes said, then there were six Mehrunes’s. “But which one is real?”

“None of them. People who do this always make copies and then teleport themselves somewhere out of sight while the copies all act as one.” Ivory growled.

“Actually.” Mehrunes said, all of their mouths moving, completely serious. “I did not come here to fight or whatever. I wanted to say sorry.”

“Like I would believe that.” Ivory growled as a fireball appeared in her hand.

“Truly.” Mehrunes replied. “I do not apologize if I don’t mean it. Ever.”

“And what makes you think I would trust that? I don’t trust you anyways.” Ivory growled, fireballs appearing around her.

“I think you’ll believe that, for one simple reason.” Mehrunes replied.

“And what’s that one reason? If it’s good, I might consider putting my toys away.” Ivory growled, raising up her hand and preparing to snap her fingers.

“Because…” Mehrunes said, suddenly being one of him. “I. Trust you.”

“And what does that have to do with any of this?” Ivory asked. She lowered her hand, but the fireballs stayed in their places.

“What it has to do with any of this, is trust is mutual.” Mehrunes said. “Even though what I say can be terrible and I know it, I’m sorry. I am confident that you, as my friend, will not do this.”

“Huh. Well…” Ivory said as all of the fireballs disappeared. “I do do well with the brutal truth. But… there’s just one thing. I don’t like annoyances. And you’re high up on my list.”

“Okay now it’s my turn to be confused. What?” Mehrunes asked. “What does that have to do with this?”

“What does what have to do with what?” Ivory asked.

“Right. Annoyance list with conversation about trust and friendship.” Mehrunes replied. “Cuz I mean, I’m not gonna be around all the time, be all clingy and overprotective or whatever I don’t understand why you have a list also.”

“I don’t have a list. And I was just telling you of what I think of you as.” Ivory said. “But if I did have a list, it would be you at the top, and Ich’s plans for me second.”

“Pardon? Ich? Plans?” Mehrunes asked looking at both of us. “Ich what did you do?”

“You heard me before, back at the mansion.” I said, “I’m not letting her go anywhere alone. I’m not risking her getting kidnapped again or worse than that.”

*AHEM AHEM*” Mehrunes cleared his throat. “ICH THAT IS SUPER WRONG AND TERRIBLE!”

“I’m glad somebody agrees with me.” Ivory muttered.

“ICH! THAT IS SERIOUSLY MESSED UP!” Mehrunes yelled. “You can’t overprotect someone like that, especially if they don’t want it. You have to let people do stuff on their own. You let me run off all the time or you used to, wait… is this about the Hindro thing?” Mehrunes accused me.

“Well… I see your point.” I said, “and the Hindro thing does tie into it somehow. Because of… you know what happened there.”
“So, you are simply wanting to protect all of us because you couldn’t protect your home planet?” Lagi asked.

“I had friends on the planet, yes… and they all just died because I wasn’t there to help them escape with me.” I explained. “And I don’t want to lose any more friends.”

Mehrunes looked a little sad.

“Ich, and Saturo… I get it.” Mehrunes said. “Look I’m pretty sure this overprotective feeling is how you are coping with your massive loss, like how Saturo locked himself away. Calm down. It’s a part of life and you need to stop over protecting.”

“Okay. Mehrunes, I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I think I get it.” Ivory said. “So, your planet blew up? And your friends weren’t on the ship. I understand now why you want to protect us so much. But it’s a bit too much. Losing people who are special to you… it can be difficult. I mean, me and Lagi never knew our mothers, and both of our Dads are dead. We had you guys to help us deal with the loss. You shouldn’t try to keep us locked in to help you, you should do stuff with us to help you. Protecting us isn’t what you should try to do. Maybe just go on an adventure or something. Somebody gets hurt, just help them up. If you get hurt, we’ll be there to help prop you up until you’re good again. You don’t need to help protect us, we should be the ones to help protect you. I mean, you’re kinda distracted with this whole protection thing that I think if someone were to pop up behind you with a knife targeted towards Mehrunes, you would be too distracted to save him. You need to just… roll with what happens. Life is a river, it can change when people put stones in the way of its flow. But water always finds a way. Life can always change. And people always find a way to cope with it, no matter how long it takes to do or how hard it is to do it. We’re here for you, and if you want to protect us like that, it’s like putting in a pile of stones in our river. It’ll change, and sometimes take a bad path. If we all go a different way, you’ll just wear yourself out trying to save us. So please, don’t follow through with your original plan, instead just have fun. It’ll help set your river back to its destination.”

“Woah.” Mehrunes said. “Better than I’ve done recently. Alright guys, we should probably go back to the mansion. Draco’s probably worried because he hasn't been attacked by me for an hour.” Mehrunes slid down the mountain and disappeared abruptly.

“Ich. Think about it. It’ll help you strive through.” Ivory said as she started to climb down the mountain.

“I already have.” I said, “…but don’t ever just go without warning. Otherwise I’d assume something happened to you.”

“Don’t worry. I think I’ll stay for a while. Just until they start to hatch.” Ivory said from a little down the mountain.

“Yeah…” I looked around for what I had sensed before. Seeing as Ivory was climbing down the mountain and Lagi was lying on the ground, I took this moment to look around.

Then, I spotted it… It was what I had sensed… Below the mountain, far away, was a figure… Dressed in white, with a weird mask with some weird circle shapes on it covering the figure’s face.

Mehrunes appeared back again.

“Why must you be slow?” Mehrunes asked.

“There! That’s what I sensed before!” I pointed.

Mehrunes looked at where I was pointing, but by the time he looked, the figure had disappeared.

“Uhh… Ich there’s no one there.” Mehrunes replied. “But as my friend I’m gonna go with: Hey, grab Lagi and Ivory now, so we can teleport back.”

“I swear there was somewhere there. Ivory is wrong. Someone is still out there trying to get her.” I said.

“I know. I believe you. That’s why I said ‘GRAB LAGI AND IVORY NOW’!” Mehrunes yelled, yanking Lagi up from the floor. “SERIOUSLY RIGHT NOW!”

“I’m back. Miss me?” Ivory asked. “I heard you screaming, and decided to take a look.”

“Good for you.” Mehrunes said, as we all appeared in Elec’s mansion, away from that mountain and that figure. “And now we’re safe from whomever that was. And Draco! HI! WE’RE OVER HERE!

We were in a hallway, and Draco was just ahead talking to Chill.

“Oh, hey guys! Where have you been?” Draco asked.

“We were fighting it out on a mountain, you missed it.” Mehrunes said sarcastically. “What you talking about?”

“Well, you guys remember that stone Chill is looking for right? Well he’s getting a bit impatient and he wants us to help him find it.” Draco said as Chill nodded.

“Fine. Everyone get in the ship we’re going in a little detour.” Mehrunes said. “I’m gonna go ask Saturo if he wants to come… just in case.”

“He’s gona have ta come, cuz he knowz da guy wit da stone.” Chill said.

“Can I not come? I want to take my hard earned nap.” Ivory asked.

“Take it in the ship, I promise to not shake it too much, we might need you.” Mehrunes said.

“Nah, we don’ need dem, ya can have yer nap. I knowz wut you been through, and ya need et.” Chill said.

“See. He agrees.” Ivory said.

“I also wish to take the nap.” Lagi said.

“Whatever. Chill its your mission on second thought, you get Saturo.” Mehrunes said. “Draco, Ich. Oh hi, Listy. Everyone in the ship please.”

“We’ll get there.” I nodded. “But… getting Saturo won’t be easy.”

“Don’ worry. I haz wayz. I’ll just force em ta get on da ship before he realizes et.” Chill said, “also, Lagi, Ivory, shoo! Go nap!”

“I’ll be ready to lift off.” Mehrunes said, moving down the hallway to get on the ship with Listy following him.

“Goodbye, good luck.” Ivory said as she walked away.

“Ich. if you ever… You know, need it. Just remember what Ivory said.” Lagi said as he walked away. “Oh, and also. Ivory might just be able to help with Saturo, if she was able to help with you. Should I tell her to try and talk to him? Or will you guys just take him with force?”

“Talk to him… Because then he might get mad.” I said, and Chill shrugged.

“Okay. I’ll tell Ivory. Also, why do you want him mad?” Lagi asked.

“I never said I wanted him mad.” I replied.

“Well, whatever. He’ll probably be out here if all goes well.” Lagi said. Lagi ran towards Ivory and told her something. Ivory nodded and said something.

“Where is Saturo?” she asked.

“Upstairs. The room next to Elec’s. His name is on it, so you would know.” I said.

“Got it.” Ivory said as she ran down the hallway to the stairs.

I turned to Chill and Draco. “Anyway, we should go to the spaceship then…” They nodded. And we were off.


-----| Chapter 3 |-----



Okay… So… I’m not even gonna get started about it. I’m too sad. I’m too lost. I need a break from everything… I want everything around me to just disappear and to leave me alone…

I laid down there on the ground next to my bed. Glitter was lying down next to me. I tried to get him to leave me alone, but he wouldn’t. And I’m not strong enough to force him out. So I let him be, since he was silent most of the time. He said a bunch of stuff to me, that sounded wise and all but I was too busy doing… doing the sit down and cry game.

Glitter then tapped me on the shoulder.

“What.” I said.

“You should get over it.” Glitter said to me telepathically. “Things like this happen all the time.”

“You don’t know how it feels to lose…”
“Yes, I do. I am very old and lived through a lot. I lost many things.”

“Well fine, maybe you do. But still.”

Glitter got up and walked back and forth for some reason.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

Glitter didn’t reply for awhile. But then he did. “It’s been long enough. You can’t stay in your room forever.”

“…well… I have nothing better to do…”

The door then knocked. Instead of shouting for whoever it was to go away, I got up. I’ve already been in here long enough. And Glitter, yeah, he said a bunch of things. He was right, I had to listen to him… Maybe I can avenge my parents against Darth’s Army. Against whoever… exploded Hindro.

I opened the door. I spotted someone who I hadn’t seen in awhile. Ivory. It seems that someone had already gone out and brought them here.

“Hello, Saturo.” Ivory said.

“Hello.” I replied. “If anyone has told you before, I’m over it now… A bit. Enough to leave my room for once. Because, it was getting kind of boring in there anyway. And I’m hungry.”

“Yeah. I know what boring is like. Well, you should get some food. And then go outside, everyone else is waiting for you. They need you to help Chill get that gem from that witch planet.” Ivory said. “I’m not going to go, but yeah. You should get ready.”

“Why not?” I asked, as Glitter shrunk and leaped into my pocket.

“Well, I’m sorta tired. I could use a nap.” Ivory said.

“Alright, fair enough.” I said, stepping out of my room and closing the door, “well then sweet dreams.”

“Okay. I’m glad you decided to go yourself, I mean, I would have been glad to give you a motivational speech or whatever like I did with Ich, but this works too.” Ivory said.

“Glitter kept on bugging me with motivational speeches the whole time. I couldn’t get rid of him, because he could talk to me telepathically.” I said, “and wait, you spoke to Ich?”

“Is that any surprise?” Ivory asked.

“Yeah, cuz Ich… He’s… different. Different than normal kids on Hindro or different than normal kids in general. Most of the time, I can barely tell his emotion…”

“Well, hey. We’re all different than normal kids. I mean hey, who has to repopulate their own race at this ag- wait forget I said anything about that last part.” Ivory said. “But yeah. We’re all different. And some of us are better at some things that others aren’t. I guess I’m able to talk to people, surprisingly.”

“And Draco isn’t.” I snickered, “but… Sorry I couldn’t forget, but… You already repopulated the Human Lagiacrus’s…?”

“Fifty eggs were laid earlier today. That’s all I’ll say.” Ivory sighed, scratching her head.

“Wow… that must have been… weird… How does it… um… feel to lay eggs?” I asked.

“Weird question but, you wouldn’t understand. Because uh, boys don’t lay eggs. But yeah. It was sorta painful… I guess?” Ivory said, unsure.

“Well, last time I checked… girls don’t lay eggs either.” I said, “but then, you’re part Lagiacrus. Hey, at least… you did it the lagiacrus way.”

“Yeah. I guess.” Ivory sighed. “Well, it was nice to talk to you.”

“Yeah, you can go nap or something. And tell Lagi I said hi.” I replied.

“He’s probably asleep in the kitchen or something. You can just say hi to him yourself if you’re getting food.” Ivory laughed.

“Alright then, bye!” I began walking down the hallway.

“Bye!” Ivory said as she walked over to where her room that she shared with Lagi had been. She opened the door and walked inside, closing the door behind her.

I then walked downstairs, down many stairs, and walked to the kitchen. Ivory was right, Lagi was asleep in the kitchen. I opened the cabinets and saw a party sized spicy chip bag. Two of them. One was open.

I took the closed one and put it in my backpack that was lying around the kitchen for some reason, and took the opened one as well. With the opened one, I spelled out ‘Sup Lagi’ on the floor in front of where Lagi was sleeping. That made me somewhat happier.

Then I was off to the front door. I was walking down the stairs, when I then spotted Lavender. When she saw me, she looked surprised.

“Yeah, I’m done with staying in my room.” I said, “I’m headed to the others.”

“Good, and… where are the others?” Lavender replied.

“Outside in the spaceship.” I replied, “apparently we’re finally gonna help Chill find that gem…”

“So we’re going to Tranquish… That planet with those witches…” Lavender didn’t look too happy.

I realized it too… Those witches weren’t nice, and, they caused us some pain last time we were there. But, I was weaker back then. Now, I can probably fight… Although, considering that Elec was helpless against them, it makes me… not that confident.

“Well then… if you’re going, then I’ll come with you.” Lavender said.

“Okay then, uh, let’s go find the others.” I began walking down the hallway to the front door with Lavender next to me.

We reached the door, opened it, and headed out. An electric spaceship was waiting for us right in the front yard. It was… The same spaceship that we had took last time we went to Tranquish.

The spaceship’s doors were open. So Lavender and I headed inside… We spotted Ichoo, Draco, Mehrunes, Listy, and Chill inside, all taking a seat while Mehrunes was in the driver's seat.

“Hey Saturo, Lavender.” Mehrunes said. “You’re just in time. I was gonna leave without you. Mmm no I wasn't.”

“Ya, we needz ya.” Chill said. “So, where beh dat witch planet?”

“Well… Mehrunes you’re gonna want to move. Have Glitter drive. He knows exactly where it is.” I said, as Glitter appeared next to me, as a Griffin and slightly smaller than his usual Griffin so that he could fit in the spaceship.

“SWEET! I DON’T HAVE TO DRIVE!” Mehrunes exclaimed, jumping in a nearby seat.

“You aren’t gonna want to drive. The planet is in the outer rim of the galaxy. Glitter knows a shortcut so it’ll take an hour. Normally, it would take about a day and a half.” Lavender said as Glitter walked into the driver's seat.

“How do you know that? Glitter never told us.” I said.

“You never asked.” Lavender said.

“How was I supposed to if I didn’t know?”

“It doesn’t matter, now you know.”

“Will you stop?” Mehrunes asked. “I was being legit.”

“Sounds good to me.” I said, as the doors closed and the spaceship left the ground, “so, um. What are we gonna do? Last time that one hour trip was boring.”

“Hmm… Should we talk about personal things again?” Draco suggested.

“Uhh, as long as it doesn’t have to do with me. The last thing I need right now is to talk about personal things.” I said, taking a seat next to Ich, who was silent this whole time.

“I didn’t mean that personal.” Draco said, sounding a bit sorry.

“Then what did you mean?” I asked.

“Like short term and long term goals. That stuff.” Draco replied.

“Oh. I have none.” I said, before I then realized… “or actually… I do.”

“Okay, what is it?” Draco asked.

“To find the one responsible for blowing up Hindro.” I said, “and avenge everyone on Hindro who died.”

Ich patted me on the shoulder, and nodded. I could tell he agreed with me.

“Makes sense. Does anyone else have anything?” Draco asked while looking at everyone else.

“I’m with Saturo.” Ich said.

“Sounds like a good idea, if you’ll let me help.” Mehrunes added.

“I don’t see why not.” Ich said.

“I wanna help too.” Draco said.

“You should…” I added.

“I’m not sure we would… ya know, let’s change the topic now.” Ich said. “Like maybe, we can talk about why I sense Uchiho and Draelin in the cargo part of the ship.”

“Wait. What?” Draco said, very confused.

“That’s right, they’re here. They probably snuck on the ship. Except, II sensed them so they didn’t really ‘sneak’.” Ich replied.

“*SIGH* Draelin really needs to stop doing that.” Draco said.

“I’m gonna go get them.” Mehrunes said, getting up. “Don’t want them back there.”

“I just wish Draelin would stop following me everywhere for once, it’s too dangerous.” Draco said.

“How do you expect me to do that?!”

We then see Mehrunes back with Draelin, and Uchiho as well.

“It’s really simple. DON’T FOLLOW ME EVERYWHERE AND STAY WHERE IT’S SAFE.” Draco said to her.

“That’s impossible to do! You’re my brother and I’m getting bored!” Draelin complained.

“Then play with Fireball and Zephyr or something!” Draco exclaimed.

“That got boring fast! I want to explore!” Draelin said, “besides, this Witch Planet sounds cool!”

“Not to mention dangerous and scary and also things on it could kill us.” Mehrunes said. “Did I mention that you can’t fight as well? Because you’re defenceless against the evil stuff there.”

“Meh is right. It’s too dangerous for you to be following me all the time.” Draco said.

“So? You can protect me from harm.” Draelin replied.

“Just because I have an Ultimate Crystal doesn’t instantly mean I am an ultimate defender superhero, I can’t always be around when you're in trouble, Draelin. You can’t always expect me to be around to protect you or if I’m even strong enough to protect you from whatever it is.” Draco said.

“Well… You’re gonna have to. Cuz, it’s too late to go back.” Draelin said.

“I can see that. But when we land on the planet, you can’t just goof around and explore without us around. Got it?” Draco asked.

“She shouldn’t even go and explore. It’s… very not safe.” Lavender said.

“I know. That’s why she’s staying with us.” Draco said.

“Makes sense.” Mehrunes replied, eating popcorn.

“She shouldn’t stay with us… She should stay on the ship, it’s safer.” Lavender said.

“Yeah but we’ll have to lock the door or something so she doesn’t leave when we’re gone.” Draco said.

“Can do. This ship can lock doors right?” Lavender asked, and Glitter nodded. “Yeah, that works then.”

“Okay good.” Draco said.

Draelin looked very frustrated.

“Hey don’t be mad. This is for your own good.” Draco said.

“Although a tad overprotective.” Mehrunes added.

“Hey, she is the only close family member I have that I care about. I think it is justified.” Draco said.

“If it’s justified you could stay in here yourself.” Mehrunes replied.

“And why would I need to do that?” Draco asked. “She’s gonna be locked in a spaceship.”

“But things can break into locked spaceships.” Mehrunes replied, eating popcorn.

“Well that depends on what is living on the planet besides witches and also how tough this ship is in the first place, and if it has anything to make it harder to locate.” Draco said.

“It can turn invisible.” Ich said.

“That’ll help.” Draco said.

“But then we wouldn’t be able to find it.” I said.

“I could just sense Draelin inside the spaceship and we would know.” Ich replied.

“Also I can still teleport to it.” Mehrunes added. “So yeah that’s the best option. Still overprotective though.”

“Well then what should I do? You just want me to let my ten year old sister do whatever she wants on a foreign planet with who knows what on it?” Draco asked.

“No, I think you should let your ten year old sister come with you because we’ll all be there to protect her.” Mehrunes replied. “Course, I’m outnumbered on that claim so whatever.”

“Well what do you all think?” Draco then asked the rest of us.

“Leave er in da spaceship. Den she be safe.” Chill said.

“BUT I DON’T WANNA STAY HERE!” Draelin complained.

“Well too bad. You're just gonna have to deal with it.” Draco said.

“Yeh, otherwise ya’ll die.” Chill said. “Et dangerous.”

“*SIGH* It’s gonna be so boring though!” Draelin groaned.

“Well then you shoulda brought a book then.” Draco replied.

“B-but…” Draelin started to say.

“NO BUTS! You're staying here!” Draco exclaimed.

Now Draelin looked very angry. Furious even.

“Ugh. Not again…” Mehrunes said. “Draco, as much as I agree with the danger of the planet, this is overprotectiveness to the next level, and we had this problem with Ich.”

“Okay?” Draco said.

“Stop forcing her to stay. I like to think the only way you get better at things is by doing them.” Mehrunes said. “Yeah. Great. She’s the last of the family you care about, but you literally can’t lock her up in a bubble, that’s wrong.”

“Well she doesn’t listen to me, which is gonna get her in some serious trouble some day. So what should I do?” Draco asked.

“Maybe she doesn’t listen to you cuz you never actually do anything fun with her!” Mehrunes exclaimed.

“Well that’s because I’m always busy doing other things.” Draco said.

“Yeah?” Mehrunes replied. “Try not going with us sometimes. Cuz that’s totally fine.”

“Fine.” Draco said.

Draelin looked slightly happier.

“Well, there’s still a long way to go.” Ich said, “any suggestions of what we should do now?”

“Well, what do you want to do?” I asked him.

“I want silence so I can think.” Ich replied.

“Uhh… okay then.” I said.

Everyone was silent for the next part of the ride.



-----| Chapter 4 |-----



A spaceship descended into the atmosphere of Tranquish, the planet with those witches. Flying across the dead environment, it landed next to a forest, with trees that were surrounded by corpses. The spaceship’s engines shut off, a guy with blond hair exited it.

Looking around, he shivered. His memories when he crashed onto this planet the first time haunted him; it was like a hole in his heart. He recalled when he was captured by the witches who attempted murder on him, only then he was saved by a younger witch who was against their doings.

He had escaped with that young witch. He learned from her more about the witches; he heard all the complains. He even heard about what they did to her, as punishment.

“It’s okay, Pixelen…” He thought to himself, “you got this…”

Pixel never thought he was going to return to this planet. But after he had been cursed back at his boss’s lab, he knew the cause of it. With the help of his boss, he determined when the time was right for him to take off; specifically to find out how to get to this planet since it was not on any maps.

Walking through the woods, Pixel shivered. He wanted to help his friend… He knew what happened to her, because she had told him when she escaped with him off of Tranquish in the first place. But it was not too long before two of her sisters had set out to find her to bring her back… only to succeed in doing so. Pixel had lost all contact with her…

Until he was cursed. He had a vision about it, about what happened to her. His boss had told him the right time and position to go when he had awoken; according to a powerful wizard. The powerful wizard was correct; Pixel had made it.

Pixel kept walking through the woods, thinking to himself, “what happened to Talsa?”

He then suddenly hid behind a tree. Up ahead was one of them… One of the sisters of Talsa. And of course, she was armed.

Pixel took a peek to see if she was still there, and she was. He had to move smoothly. He searched around in his bag for his Ultimate Crystal and put it in his pocket; keeping it handy and to use it when he needs to. Then, he searched around in his bag for a machine that his friend Cris had helped him make; a machine that makes one invisible.

The way it worked was you put it on your head and it would make a barrier surrounding your body; preventing the eye from seeing it. Pixel put it on and activated it. He then became invisible.

After taking a deep breath, he stepped out. The witch heard the movement, and quickly used her bow and aimed it at where Pixel had made sound. But she didn’t shoot him, since she couldn’t tell he was there.

Pixel then cautiously walked away from the spot, without making any noise. The witches aim didn’t follow him, and he was thankful for that.

He then continued walking until he had passed right by the witch. He then made a run for it into the temple, only then finding himself falling into a deadly trap.


“Nice for you to pay a visit.” said a voice.

The cloaked hooded figure dressed in blue walked around the two gravestones. Clearing his throat, he then spoke.

“It has been awhile. And you seem to have died.” The hooded figure said.

“Yes. The virus had killed me off, eventually.” the voice replied.

“It does seem so. So then. The Legendary Sword of the WaterBreathe. It caused that. I must get it back into my hands then.” The hooded figure said.


“You heard nothing. I just want some information.” The hooded figure said.

“W-what? Don’t you already know all that I do?”

The hooded figure took off his hood along with the blue cloak, tossing it aside. Revealed was a white cloak and a hood, along with a white mask with circles.

“I have not finished the task. Killing off the Human Lagiacrus race.” The figure said, “you seem to know nothing. Then I shall head away back to my people.”

“You’re th--!” Before the voice could reply the figure had teleported away.


Ivory was sleeping on her bed in her room that she shared with Lagi. She was having a good nap when she suddenly felt that she was not alone. Something was tapping her on her shoulder.

“Who is it?” Ivory yawned. “Go away.”

“Nah I wanna bug you!” A high pitched voice replied.

“Nah.” Ivory yawned as she turned over.

She then felt something poking at her nose.

Ivory sat up and growled. “Who is it?”

“It’s me!” She saw an orange kitten on her bed.

“Who?” Ivory asked. “I don't know anyone named me.”

“I’m Fireball! And I realized that I knew you and that you were back!” The orange kitten replied.

“Oh yeah. You're Draco’s annoying pet.” Ivory yawned as she laid back down.

“I don’t say I’m annoying. Only when I’m on catnip.” Fireball said, “which, speaking of that… Wanna help me get some? I need someone to open the front door so I can go get some and come back.”

“No. Take some felvine instead.” Ivory sighed.

“What’s that?” Fireball asked.

“Felines of all kinds can't resist the stuff. It's pretty much catnip, but ten times more effective.” Ivory explained, sitting back up. “And the best part is, I know how to mass-produce it.”

“Oh I’m not trying to get catnip… I’m trying to get something else… It’s catnip, but not catnip.” Fireball said, “besides, I’m not interested in that. And you’re confusing. What is felines?”

“A cat is a feline.” Ivory sighed. “Also, Mehrunes probably broke into my stash of the stuff and gave it to you. Am I on the right track?”

“No. The right track is getting up and helping me get to the shops so I can find that special catnip.” Fireball said.

“Just take some felvine. It'll be better.” Ivory sighed.

“Then give me some!” Fireball said.

“Lemme get to my stash. Stay here.” Ivory muttered as she walked out of the bed. She went into the cabinet full of Lagi’s snacks and pushed a bunch of them away. She then pushed aside the back of the cabinet and there was a safe. Ivory took out the small safe and put it on the floor. “In here, is some of my felvine. This is just a free sample. If you ever want more, it'll cost you a little. Understand?”

“Okay.” Fireball opened the safe. Or at least, attempted to. But it was locked. “OPEN IT!”

Ivory turned the safe away from Fireball and typed in eight digits on the keypad. The safe sprang open and she turned it back to Fireball. Inside was a small pile of yellow leaves. “Go. Wild.” Ivory yawned. “Out of my room. If you don't like it, I'll help you with your plain catnip.”

Fireball covered his nostrils with his paws. “IT SMELLS HORRIBLE! WHAT IS THIS!? WHERE DID YOU GET IT!?”

“Oh yeah. This is the cat repellent. Get out.” Ivory growled as she tossed some of the leaves at Fireball.

“ICK!” Fireball sprung back. “GET THAT STUFF AWAY FROM ME!”

“Shut up!” Ivory hissed. “Now leave. Or I'll give some to Draco when he gets back.”

Fireball then spit fire at the leaves, burning them. “HA!”

“That was my sample. Not the stash.” Ivory sighed. “And anyways, the stuff grows everywhere around home.”

“That stuff grows underwater?” Fireball asked as he leaped onto Ivory’s pillow.

“Sometimes.” Ivory said. “But sometimes… when a cat smells too much of it, it starts growing out of their nose. And then, it slowly spreads across their whole body, until they are suffocated by it. So I suggest you leave before it takes you over.”

“YICK! THAT’S DISGUSTING!” Fireball looked like he was gonna vomit, “*URP* UGGHH, *HACK*” He then coughed a hairball onto Ivory’s pillow.

“Pick that up and get me a new pillow, or I will set a bit of it next to you while you sleep.” Ivory growled.

Fireball coughed some more hairballs before replying. “HOW DO YOU EXPECT ME TO PICK THOSE UP WITH THESE?!” He waved his paws in the air. “CATS CAN’T DO THAT!”

“Get. OUT!” Ivory roared.

“Out where?” Fireball asked, examining his hairballs.

“Out of my room, or I can and will personally see it through that you never climb those stairs again.” Ivory threatened.

“You can’t threaten a cat!” Fireball said, “especially not one that… Okay, fine it’s no longer a secret, I AM A MUTATED CAT, actually I think everyone knows that. Glare modified my DNA!”

“And I wasn't supposed to know that already?” Ivory asked.

“Wait a minute… Since I’m not a normal cat, that cat repellent won’t work on me! IN YO FACE!” Fireball laughed.

“You said it yourself. You hate the smell of it. That means it works.” Ivory snickered.

“It just smells bad. Like Draco’s armpits.” Fireball snickered. “In fact, I thought you had took normal leaves and rubbed it against his armpits.”

“I'm not going to comment on that. Now please, leave before I follow up on my threat. Or straight up eat you.” Ivory sighed. “I'm very tired.”

“And I’m bored. And I’m not edible. AND I’M FIREBALL!” Fireball leaped into the air and was floating in mid air. He suddenly became a legit fireball.

“Cool. Can I control you now?” Ivory asked.

Fireball turned back to a cat. “No. You can’t! Cuz I’M FIREBALL! NOT YOU!

“I don't care. Shut up, leave, and don't come back. Okay?” Ivory asked.

“You haven’t opened the front door for me. That is why I came in the first place!” Fireball said, “you see I can’t reach the handle slash unlock it… And I have paws.”

“How did you get in here then?” Ivory asked.

“The door was open. Duh.” Fireball replied.

“Fine. Only if you promise never to touch my door or step foot slash paw in this room ever again.” Ivory growled as she walked out the door.

“Okay I promise!” Fireball said, “and I have paws so I can’t cross my fingers!”

“You don't even have fingers in the first place!” Ivory said. She walked down the stairs to the ground floor, followed by Fireball. She walked until she reached the front door. She opened it up and stood to the side.

“Thanks, now BYEEEEEE.” Fireball ran out, apparently hopping onto Zephyr who conveniently happened to be there. They both sped off into the distance.

“Finally got rid of that nuisance…” Ivory muttered as she closed the door and walked to the kitchen.

She spotted Lagi on the floor, sleeping. And in front of him were spicy chips spelling out ‘Sup Lagi’.

“Should I bring him to the bed? Or let him see the chips?” Ivory asked herself. “I'm gonna clean the hair balls up…” Ivory walked over to the stairs, went up them, and entered her room. She looked at the multiple hairballs. She snapped her fingers and they all lit on fire, but didn't burn the pillow. When they were all gone, she climbed back into the bed and fell asleep in seconds.

“AHAEHEAHEAHEAHAEHEAHEAHAEAEH!!!” She suddenly heard loud laughing.

“NO!” Ivory roared as she slapped herself in the face hard enough to knock her out. Fireball was in her room, break dancing like a crazed lunatic on top of Zephyr.

“TECHNACLY, AHEHAEHAHE, I’M NOT, AHEHAEHAEH, TOUCHING, AHEAHEHAEH, THE DOOR OR FLOOR, AHEAHEHAHAE!” Fireball tried to speak as he continued laughing. It was not long before Fireball realized that Ivory had knocked herself out.


Zephyr had a mischievous smile as he walked forward to the knocked out Ivory. He then began charging.

“OH, AEHAEHEAHHEA, THIS IS GONNA, AHEAHEHAEHA, BE SO, AHEHAHEAHE, COOL, AEHAEHAHE!!!!” Fireball said as Zephyr continued charging.

After awhile, Zephyr was done charging. So, he then chomped onto Ivory’s arm, letting electricity and plasma surge through her body, and making her wake up.

“If… this room… was big enough… I would eat you two… alive…” Ivory muttered.

“AHEAHEAHEEHAEAHAHEEA!” Fireball laughed at that like a joke as Zephyr let go of Ivory’s arm, which had teeth marks in them.

Suddenly, the door burst open and Lagi was in the doorway. He was glaring into Fireball’s body as he sent a stream of water at Fireball and Zephyr.

“YOU CAN’T, AHEAHEHAEH, TOUCH THIS!” Zephyr flew up into the air, and the water hit Ivory. Fireball then laughed harder, this was hilarious to him. “AHEAHEHAEHAHA!”

“I'm done with this place.” Ivory growled as she walked out of the room and down the stairs. Lagi nodded as he followed her. They left the mansion when they got to the front door, and started to walk back towards the mountains from before.

“Oh hello there, Lagi, Ivory.” They heard a voice say from behind them.

“Who. Is it?” Ivory growled, clenching her fists.

She and Lagi turned around and spotted someone who they hadn’t seen for a long time… Elec, the Master of Electricity.



-----| Chapter 5 |-----



“Where are you two going?” Elec asked, standing in front of Lagi and Ivory who had been walking towards the mountains.

“Away from this place.” Ivory sighed. Lagi nodded.

“Why would you do that?” Elec asked.

“Three constant annoyances that seem to target us.” Lagi said.

“Hmmm? I don’t recall having any annoyances in my home. Did you complain to the Butler?” Elec asked.

“One. Mehrunes. But he's getting a little better. And then two and three, both of Draco’s pets.” Ivory explained.

“You should have complained to the Butler. He’ll handle all these things smoothly.” Elec said, “his room is on the first floor, near the dining room. You know, the room that says Butler.”

“Somehow, I doubt he would be able to help.” Ivory sighed as she turned back around and continued walking.

“Oh no you don’t. We still have much training to do.” Elec said, snapping his fingers. They suddenly had all appeared in the training room. “Last time you only learned how to become the source. Now you must learn much more strategies and fighting techniques using electricity.”

“Should a mother have to learn all this?” Ivory asked. “Also, you did nothing to try and save us so I don't see how you would want to suddenly help.”

“Pardon?” Elec asked.

“Pardon what?” Ivory asked. “Mehrunes didn't tell you? I thought he blurted to everyone.”

“Mehrunes? I’m sorry, I was not home most of the time. I was busy. You should have spoke with the Butler, he is the one in charge when I’m gone.” Elec said.

“You're not the only one who just got here.” Lagi said.

“But please explain. ‘Save’ you?” Elec asked.

“Did… well, nevermind. I guess you missed the whole period of time where we were both kidnapped.” Ivory sighed.

“Kidnapped? Wait, was it… Is this the whole hunted by Lagikiller thing?” Elec asked.

“That's about half of it.” Ivory sighed.

“Ugh… I feel so bad that I wasn’t there to help you… You see, I was caught up with Darth’s Army and all…” Elec said, sounding sincere and sympathetic.

“Please. Don't mention it. It just led to a bunch of bad stuff. And weird stuff.” Ivory sighed.

“Yeah, I thought you were here the whole time. I assumed you took trips to the mountains a lot since I found you doing that.” Elec said.

“Nope. We were being put into near death situations. In fact, I should have died about three times.” Ivory laughed. “How am I laughing about this?”

“Because you’re alive and breathing.” Elec laughed. “I’ve been in so many near death situations as well. More than you have. Being the Elemental Master of Electricity in the WHOLE galaxy isn’t a very easy task.”

“Have you ever been killed by your brother?” Ivory asked.

“No, because if Aqua did kill me while training, I wouldn’t be here right now. Besides, I’m an elemental master so I’m not killed very easily.” Elec replied.

“Well, neither am I, I guess.” Ivory muttered. “Can we get back to our trip to the mountain?”

“No. Because, you are killed very easily. So, in order for that not to happen, you must train.” Elec said. “Saturo is way ahead of the game, but you two are so far behind.”

“And you expect me to care that you think I'm weaker than Saturo? Even if I may be, has he had his back snapped in half and walked it off?” Ivory asked.

“Just sayin, usually there is competition between peers.” Elec replied.

“I've started to re-think some of my life and future decisions. I sort of just want to live a calm life as queen while watching over my fifty current children.” Ivory sighed. “So please, I'm not into competition.”

“I’m sorry… ‘Current children’?” Elec asked.

“Fifty eggs.” Ivory said. “We have fifty eggs.”

“You’re fourteen years of age! That is not suitable for being a mother.” Elec said. “You have no experience. You won’t be able to raise them.”

“Does anyone have experience with their first children? And hey, it's already done. So stop trying to act like a parent to me and let me go home. Because I'm getting sick of all of this.” Ivory growled.

“What I meant was that you have no experience as in growing up and maturing into an adult.” Elec said, “and, no. I promised both your fathers that I will look after you. I am your current guardian, so, this mansion is your home. That is why your room is labeled with your names.”

“So, you met our fathers, they told you that when they die, you get us no questions asked, and we go along with it happily? I'm not sure they thought it through. I would much rather learn how to grow with one of my own race than with you.” Ivory growled.

“First off, that is EXTREMELY rude and disrespectful.” Elec sounded very disappointed. “And, I think I now understand. You have met them, haven’t you? I can tell. Your parents warned me of them… There’s something about this ‘first’ that is suspicious…”

“Him, my brother, and Lagi are the closest I have to a family. I have a future to fulfill, and I would rather I work towards that than learn how to make a lightning rod out of my body.” Ivory growled.

“Yes, yes, I understand. But, you’ve met this ‘first’ person? How do you know he’s even a Human Lagiacrus? Have you seen his tail?” Elec asked, “I don’t even need to hear your response. The answer is no. Because, he doesn’t even have one.”

“I honestly don't know how you think you have the authority to assume that my family isn't even the same race.” Ivory muttered.

“I DON’T THINK, YOUNG LADY!” Elec shouted, he had lost it. Electricity surged through the room. “I know more than you do about your kind. I have helped your race progress. I worked with your kingdoms.” Electricity was generating around Elec.

“Is now the time to complain to the butler?” Ivory laughed.

Elec looked her in the eye. One would see lightning bolts in them. “Take me seriously, Ivory. I am not the Master of Electricity for no reason. I do not make jokes, I am full on serious. If you do not do the same, I will trap you underground and never let you go.”

“And then do what, explain to everyone else that we just left and went home or something while you trap us underground to starve, completely lying to them? Leaving fifty children without parents? More people would suffer than you seem to let on.” Ivory sighed.

“Ivory. You need to learn respect before speaking again.” Elec said, as he made something appear, closing Ivory’s mouth shut; preventing her from speaking.

He turned to Lagi.

“Hi.” Lagi said.

“Hello Lagi.” Elec replied, and all the electricity disappeared.

“I did the math, and at least fifty-seven people would be extremely to very troubled if we die. Most of them depending on Ivory.” Lagi said.

“That is the reason I’m trying my best to keep you two alive.” Elec replied.

“Ivory seems to think that she's better off with her family then you.” Lagi said.

“Indeed she does. And I do not trust who she calls her family.” Elec said. “Because, one, her brother is dead. And two, the first lagiacrus couldn’t be alive at this time period.”

“Uh, we both got good reasons to counter both of those statements.” Lagi said.

“Then do tell.” Elec said.

“I'm not sure I want to. You're being mean to us.” Lagi said, looking at Ivory, who nodded.

“Yes, this is a bit to my dark side. We all have a dark side.” Elec said. “But, do tell. I need to look more into this, so what are your reasons?”

“I'm not going to talk until you give a truthful and sincere apology to Ivory.” Lagi said.

“Yes, I do apologize for my dark side.” Elec nodded.

Ivory looked at Elec with a look of dissatisfaction. “She wants more than the simple, I'm sorry.” Lagi explained. Ivory nodded.

“Taking it literally, I did not say ‘I’m sorry’ but said ‘I do apologize’.” Elec laughed. “But, I do, deeply, apologize for my dark side. I shouldn’t take out my anger on you, I should save it for the enemy.”

Ivory made a, ‘keep going’, gesture with her hands.

“That is the end to it. I do not wish for you to learn more about me at the moment, it should be taken gradually.” Elec crossed his arms.

Ivory shook her head and pointed to the object over her mouth.

“Ah, yes. When you learn respect.” Elec said.

“Question. How will she learn respect if she can't even respond respectfully or whatever?” Lagi asked.

“Right, when you decide to be respectful. Make an oath to respect those who are older, wiser, and especially the ones more powerful than you; the enemies that is.” Elec said.

Ivory then shot a beam of fire into the floor. She did this many times, until it spelled out a message. ‘I will, once you take this off of my face and apologize about my family.’

Elec removed the object on Ivory’s mouth.

“About time… oh, sorry. Was that kind of language, disrespectful? Like everything else I apparently do? I'm sorry. Now, please, apologize about my family.” Ivory said.

“Your family no longer lives, Ivory.” Elec said.

“I have a brother, once dead but revived. And we both have the first.” Ivory growled. “Now apologize.”

Elec snapped his fingers and they suddenly disappeared. They found themselves in a familiar area, with two graves.

“Ahem.” Elec said.

“Oh, hello Elec. Didn’t see you enter.” A voice spoke.

Lagi and Ivory were silent.

“Greetings, Abyss. I have come to ask for more information.” Elec said, “about the ‘first’ and Gabe.”

“Well. The ‘first’ is no longer the first. He dropped by earlier, but changed into something different… I believe he is the leader of what is called the A.H.L.A. in other words, the Anti Human Lagiacrus Agency of some sort. I have heard of it before in the past, during the wars. Apparently, it was created when the WaterBreathe had gone down in military. They had kept secret and grew in power, achieved Ultimate Crystals, and all while we had no clue. Now they have… Well, the leader came to me. That told me that they have begun the hunt, once more.”

“Interesting… What about ‘Gabe’?” Elec asked.

“I believe he is dead. He was killed by, who I now believe, is the leader of the A.H.L.A. years ago.”

“Interesting.” Elec said, looking over at Lagi and Ivory.

“It was Dakrus… he revived Gabe.” Ivory mumbled. “He's alive… he's my brother…”

“Dakrus? Oh yeah… He escaped my staff.” Elec said, “right. That guy. He was the cause of the genocide and everything. Abyss called me for help so I trapped that guy in my staff. Apparently he somehow escaped it.”

“I… I think I remember.” Lagi muttered. “He was broken out or something and then fused with the Nogarg. I don't know all the details.”

“What? Lagi? My son, when did you get here?”

“He was here the whole time.” Elec said.

“Funny how you don't acknowledge my being here… and you do with him.” Lagi growled under his breath.

“Oh. I didn’t sense you there. And your power is low, and energy is low. Elec’s is high so I sensed it immediately.”

“You expect me to use that as a reason? I'm weak so I'm not worth your attention?” Lagi asked, talking louder now.

“You teleported here. I sensed Elec first because of his energy, and I thought he was alone. If you came alone I would sense you. Elec’s energy is a distraction.”

“And energy is not a term of power. It’s a term of energy.” Elec added.

“I just took a nap, what can I say? And you just threatened to pretty much kill us, what can I say? Of course your ‘energy’ would be higher than ours.” Lagi growled.

“Yeah, growling has become a thing hasn’t it? I should growl like you.” Elec growled.

“It seems better for the half-monster to growl when they're angry, rather than the human threatening their pretty much adopted children, if that's what I'm remembering.” Lagi said.

“Heh, I like how you think I’m a human.” Elec smiled.

“Oh wow, you're about to reveal some amazing secret about yourself. I don't care.” Lagi said.

“I don’t either. Because I’m not going to talk about that. It’s not the topic.” Elec said, “so… the topic was Gabe. He was revived by Dakrus… And Dakrus was using him for his evil schemes. And Gabe, that means, is right now an adult? We should take a visit to him.”

“Great. Change the topic after bringing up a new one. And as you tell people not to change topics. Very respectful.” Lagi sighed.

“Changing topics isn’t a bad thing. It varies though.” Elec said, he then snapped his fingers and they suddenly were somewhere else.

Gabe, was sitting down on the floor with his eyes closed. When they had appeared, his eyes opened.

“Oh, so you have been revived. Hello Gaberus.” Elec said.

Gabe stood up. “Hello. I don’t think we’ve… met. Who are you?”

“I’m Elec. Master of Electricity.” Elec shook hands with Gabe.

“The master? Nice. I’d like to learn some moves from you if that’s possible.” Gabe said.

“It can be arranged.” Elec smiled.

Gabe looked over at Ivory. “Hi, little sis.”

“Help us he’s taking control over our lives.” Ivory said.

“Umm, your lives are being taken control of in the first place, to be honest. You never volunteered to be king and queen. You were put into that.” Gabe said, scratching his head.

“I know. But this is different.” Ivory said. “I think we need your help to um… convince him to let us stay here.” Ivory said.

“Stay here? Honestly, I’ve grown bored. Hey Elec. Can I move into wherever you’re living?” Gabe asked, and Elec nodded. “Nice. Well, looks like I’m moving in.”

“Gabe… what about the eggs?” Ivory asked.

“Well, first off… Elec, are you the same Elec that we were told about?” Gabe asked Elec.

Elec nodded. “Yes, I remember when we met, but you were a child.”

“Great! And you live somewhere secure?”

“Of course.”

“Perfect. Make a spot, a spot where no one can get to but us. We’ll move the eggs there.” Gabe said.

“But where are the eggs right now?” Ivory asked.

“Well, the first went out to spy on the WaterBreathe and, well… He put them somewhere.” Gabe said.

“Oh no…” Elec muttered.

“Y-you… I…” Ivory started. “They're gone.”

“No, I just don’t know where he put them. He said he put them somewhere secure around here.” Gabe said.

“Gabe…” Elec said, “Abyss believes that the first went to him and exposed that he was actually the leader of the WaterBreathe, just undercover.”

“W-what?” Gabe asked.

“The first is dead. He can’t have lived until now! He was alive before Ultimate Crystals were discovered!” Elec exclaimed.

“T-then… T-the eggs!” Gabe panicked.

“All fifty… d-dead… h-how… could you let him take them and murder them?!” Ivory roared.

“H-hey…! I didn’t let him!” Gabe said, “besides, I… kept two of them. Two that reminded me of you two.”

“You still let forty-eight of them die… I trusted you…I TRUSTED YOU! AND THIS HAPPENS!” Ivory roared. She was crying, crying too hard to focus on anything.

“Wait a second, are these the eggs?” Elec asked. Behind him were fifty colorful eggs. “I found them underground.”

“I… I trusted you… I apologized to you… and this… they are gone now…” Ivory muttered, collapsing on the ground. “I-I… t-trusted…”

“Ivory! They are okay! They're all here!” Lagi said, picking Ivory up and carrying her to Elec.

“They were underground. Beneath this very temple.” Elec explained, “I sensed them after awhile, they are almost ready to hatch.”

“A-all… gone…” Ivory cried, “they're all gone…”

“I had put them somewhere safe but the first moved them somewhere else without informing me. I didn’t realize that… He had tricked me.” Gabe said, “but thank you Elec.”

“Wait… if the first had the perfect opportunity, why aren't any of them smashed?” Lagi asked.

“That is a very good question.” Elec said, “I assume he has other plans.”

“All… dead…” Ivory cried, suddenly collapsing on the ground, unconscious.

“Great.” Lagi sighed.

“We… we should move now to your home, Elec. The first won’t know what happened or where they are. If he doesn’t know you.” Gabe said.

“I’m sure he doesn’t. And also, we should stop calling him something that he is not. Let’s go with the leader of the WaterBreathe.” Elec said.

“Sounds good to me. Although I’m pretty sure its Carter.” Gabe said, “why don’t we just go with Lagikiller?”

“That works too. It doesn’t matter.” Elec said, “now where do you want the eggs?”

“Someplace safe. Where no one can access but us.” Gabe said.

“Then I’ll have to make some arrangements. Let me contact the butler real quick…” Elec looked like he was speaking to someone telepathically. “Alright, it’s been made. And only you three can enter.”

Elec then snapped and the four of them disappeared, along with the eggs. They were in a hallway, with only one door, that seemed to have a handscan.

“Very secure technology.” Elec said, “it’s been set that only you three can enter. And, I might add, we are below the mansion. There are many floors. I’ll show you how to get down here later.”

Gabe walked towards the door and scanned his hand. The door opened upwards, and inside was a small room; that could fit two hundred eggs. It had a small pond in it; it was like the habitat of the Lagiacrus.

“Wow. You got this all made in seconds?!” Gabe was surprised. The eggs were also already in there.

“Yes, the butler helped.” Elec nodded. “It’s been a long day… Lagi, you should take Ivory and go to sleep. Make sure to lock the door so no one comes in and annoys you. Gabe, I’ll show you to your room.”

“I think I'll sleep in here, with Ivory.” Lagi said, walking into the room with the eggs with Ivory in his hands.

“Reasonable. And you, Gabe?” Elec asked.

“I’ll do the same.” Gabe said, “tomorrow you can show me my room.”

Elec nodded. “Very well then.” He turned to leave.

“Goodnight.” Lagi called out to Elec.

“Goodnight.” Elec then disappeared. The door closed, and Gabe, Lagi, and Ivory were in the room with the eggs.

“This… has been an exciting day.” Lagi sighed.

“Yeah…” Gabe sighed, “a bit rough. But at least it turned out to be okay in the end… I’m just glad the eggs are fine.”

“Yeah. So am I. But Ivory had a really rough day, I'm surprised she made it this long.” Lagi said.

“I didn’t like how she blamed me, when it was Carter’s fault.” Gabe said, “that… was the worst. Although I am very mad at myself for not seeing that that was Carter all along.”

“Yeah. But she got into some trouble with Elec. I hope it's all better now though…” Lagi said.

“Hopefully.” Gabe said, “I… I admire Elec. And what he’s doing.”

“Yeah, so do I. It's just that… well… he can be scary, and mean. So I'm warning you, don't disrespect him.” Lagi sighed.

“Oh I’ll be fine… When one admires someone, they would respect them… But I would see how he’d get mad… Usually the enemy disrespects, so when a friend does it is hard to control anger…” Gabe said, lying down on his back in the middle of the eggs.

“Well, I'm tired. Goodnight.” Lagi said, gently setting Ivory down and then laying down next to her.

“Yeah… I’m tired too. Goodnight.” Gabe replied.

They all then drifted into sleep.



-----| Chapter 6 |-----



“Well the good news is that we’re almost there. Five more minutes left.” Saturo said, speaking for Glitter.

“Finally.” Lavender said, “it’s been a long trip.”

“Everyone else iz still asleepz.” Chill said, looking at everyone else (Mehrunes, Listy, Draco, Uchiho, Draelin). It was only Saturo, Lavender, Glitter, Chill, and I that were awake. “Shouldz weh wake dem up?”

“Duh.” Saturo replied.

Chill then walked towards the others who were asleep, picked them up with ice arms so that they were upside down, and shook them like crazy. “Wakey, wakey, we’re almostz dere!”

Mehrunes had awoken immediately and teleported out of the ice arm’s grasp. “Rude.” Mehrunes said.

“Nah, et called bein an alarm clockz.” Chill replied, shaking the others.

“STOP SHAKING ME!” Draelin had woken up, and was annoyed.

Chill set her down, and continued to shake the others. Uchiho had awoken so Chill set her down too.

“STOP IT!” Listy yelled, also waking up, and Chill set her down.

“Zzzz…” Draco was still asleep despite the shaking. Chill shook him harder.

“Zzzz…” he was still asleep. Saturo then zapped him with lightning bolts over and over again.

After being shocked Draco was finally awake.

“*YAWN* That was a good nap.” Draco said while rubbing his eyes as Chill set him down.

“We’re now almost dere. We shouldz get prepared.” Chill said. “And Draco, despite yer conversation wit Meh-Brah, ya should keep yer sister in da ship.”

“I never said I wasn’t.” Draco said as he did some stretches.

“I nevah said you nevah said ya was.” Chill replied.

“Nevermind.” Draco said.

“You done with the shaking and the orders?” Mehrunes asked. “Cuz I don’t wanna be on that planet any longer than I have to.”

“Everybodyz awake an’ ready ta go.” Chill said, “da plan iz ta find dat rock, getz it, and leavez.”

“M-K.” Mehrunes replied. “Hey, promise you won’t run off without us this time okay?”

“Sure. I kindz of needz ya. I haz da feelin’ it ain’t gon’ be easy.” Chill said, turning to Saturo, “ya know da way so you gon’ lead.”

“Okay. Fine with me. Just this time… we have to not get caught by the ‘Mother’ witch. It was painful last time.” Saturo said, while Lavender shivered.

“Who now huh?” Mehrunes asked. “‘Mother witch’?”

“It’s like, the leader of the witches or something. The other witches called her ‘Mother Relatra’ I think that’s her name.” Saturo explained.

“The curse she put on us last time was painful. We barely escaped alive.” Lavender added. “Even Elec, who Shock had possessed, couldn’t do anything and he’s an Elemental Master!”

“Wait if a witch cursed you, wouldn’t you still be cursed?” Mehrunes asked.

“I don’t think it’s that type of curse. It’s like the attack kind of curse.” Saturo said, “because it ended when we were saved.”

“This all is sounding like a worse and worse idea by the second.” Mehrunes said, looking in his spell book. “WHY ARE WE GOING HERE AGAIN?”

“To take back the rock that Shock stole from us so Chill could use it.” Saturo answered. “Last time we discovered that we need to attack them all at the same time to be effective. The regular witches aren’t the ones that use the magic, for some reason. It’s just the mother.”
“So den we just avoid ‘er.” Chill said.

“Probably easier said than done.” Mehrunes said. “So we avoid the ‘mother’ and attack the other witches at the same time, great.”

“Another reason why Draelin an Uchiho shouldz stay behindz.” Chill added.

“Except what if we get caught by the mother, or get jumped ourselves by the other witches, then what?” Mehrunes asked.

“Den weh… Well, I haven’t thought et out dat well, but we gota try ta escape den.” Chill said, “or sumthin lak dat.”

“Yeah I’m good with the whole escape thing.” Mehrunes said. “Should someone stay with the ship, to make sure that Draelin and Uchiho don’t escape and/or don’t get attacked?”

“Glitter will.” Saturo said. “But, I would find him useful if we get in danger… Okay Glitter if we need your help, you come help us, other than that you should stay here.”

There was a short silence before Mehrunes talked again.

“If ‘mother’ is a powerful witch wouldn't she see us coming and/or know that we’re coming?” Mehrunes asked.

“I think you’re pointing out way too many holes that we don’t have fillers for.” Listy said. “Maybe calm down…”

“She doesn’t see us coming unless she was told. Last time she had no idea.” Saturo said. “She doesn’t know that we’re after that rock.”

“There are waaaaay to many holes we can fall through in this plan.” Mehrunes said, looking slightly mad. “It’s like those games where you have to roll a ball to the end without falling off, only we’re gonna fall off at every stop.”

“MEHRUNES, CHILL!” Listy yelled, causing Mehrunes to immediately sit down, still tense. “Now, I have one question. What if we get hurt, what are we gonna do then?”

“Weh try ta not get hurt in da first place.” Chill said.

“Well, right. But if we do, what happens?” Listy replied.

“We retreatz, call fer Glitter ta come and get us.” Chill said.

“Okay. Other than all of Mehrunes problems, I think we’re gonna be fine.” Listy said, smiling.

“Yeah.” Draco said. “It’ll be fine.”

“Hey Saturo, how much longer till we’re there?” Listy asked.

“As you can see, we’re entering its atmosphere.” Saturo pointed at the planet through the window. It didn’t look like a nice place to be… I could swear there were dust particles that made the shape of a skull right on the face of the planet. “We’re about to land.”

“Oh good.” Mehrunes said. “I’m surprised we haven’t already.

The spaceship descended into the planet, and Lavender shivered.

“Are you cold?” Mehrunes asked.

“What?” Saturo asked back. “What do you mean ‘are you cold’ it’s warm in here.”

“I think she’s nervous.” Draco said.

“Oh, you’re talking about Lav. We didn’t go through good things last time. So she was scared to come.” Saturo said, looking at Lavender.

“Your scared of pain?” Mehrunes asked. “Witches?? Magic? This planet in general I don’t get it.”

“I told you already, things on this planet.” Saturo said, “this planet in general is not a good place to be. You’ll see why when we get off.” Glitter drove the spaceship, looking around for something or the place we needed to land in.

Not too long later, the spaceship landed.

“By the way. What does the rock we’re looking for look like again? I’ve forgotten.” Draco asked.

“Dunno. The color changes, I think.” I said. “I know it’s more of a gem than a rock. But then, that’s the same thing. But anyway, let’s go.”

The spaceships doors opened, revealing the outside. Looking outside, I saw that this was not a nice place to be. There were bones and skulls everywhere, corpses and dead bodies of all kinds of creatures; humans included. Everything was covered in dust and was dead. The trees didn’t even look like trees.

Lavender was still shivering as she walked out of the spaceship behind Saturo. I followed them, with Chill, Mehrunes, Draco, and Listy right behind me. Draelin was inside the spaceship lying down, looking bored. Uchiho was the same, except she didn’t look bored.

“Yikes, I’m having flashbacks.” Saturo said, as we looked around.

“Yikes, already got PTSD?” Mehrunes jested. “You’ll be fine, now where is the association of crazy people located?”

“Uhh… I have no idea where we are.” Saturo said, looking around, “we’re lost…”

“We’ve only been on this planet for thirty seconds and we’re already lost?” Draco asked. “That’s quite the record.”

“Wait. Why is that there?” Saturo pointed to the distance. There was a spaceship there, landed, parked.

“Huh. Maybe someone else is here for the stone?” Draco suggested.

“Or maybe people are here for magic services.” Mehrunes replied. “Or they live here or its witches ship or, you know the possibilities are endless.”

“Yeah.” Saturo said, and he walked past the spaceship before he suddenly ran back. “A witch’s there.” He whispered. “We should split up evenly.”

“What should the groups be?” Draco asked in a whisper.

“Meh, Saturo, Lav, Draco. Den Mehrunes, Listy, and Ich. Not evenly, but et works. Now we gotz to destroy dat witch.” Chill said, also whispering. “ICH’S GROUP TAKE OUT DA WITCH.”

“Why are you loud?” Mehrunes asked, climbing a tree silently.

“Meh-Brah you just volunteered to take out da witch. Get em.” Chill said. Looking past the spaceship, I spotted a figure, the witch, she was armed with a bow. She had pale skin, I could tell this was not a human.

“If Meh is killing the witch, we might want to hide.” Listy whispered.

“We already are hidden.” I said, as we all were hiding behind the spaceship. I then called out to Mehrunes with a loud whisper, “hey Mehrunes! Want me to give you a boost?”
“No, thanks.” Mehrunes whispered back, as he was halfway up the tree. “Actually, why don’t you throw me at her with wind.”

I picked up Mehrunes using the wind and chucked him at the witch, who was facing the other direction. Mehrunes had his katana out and before the witch knew it, the katana was through her head. Yikes.

“One down, let’s keep going.” Saturo said, we had exited from our hiding spot behind the spaceship.

“Good idea.” Mehrunes said, cleaning his katana. “But again, where are we going? Also phhst. Draco. Today would be a good time to use your bow.”

“Already ahead of you.” Draco said, his bow out with an arrow ‘loaded’ on the string. I also noticed that Lavender had taken the witches bow and arrows, for her to use. Guess we have two archers.

“Seriously, Saturo and Lavender need to tell us where to go.” Mehrunes said.

“You see that temple in front of us? There.” Saturo said.

“Great. Then what are we waiting for?” Mehrunes asked.

“For a good time to move.” Draco replied.

“Why, there’s not 500 of them, we can move whenever.” Mehrunes said.

“Should we move?” Draco asked Saturo.

“Duh.” Saturo replied.

“You could’ve just said yes.” Draco said as he stood up and began walking towards the temple.

“‘Yes’ doesn’t tell you how obvious is it.” Saturo replied.

“So?” Draco asked.

“So that’s why I said ‘duh’ instead.” Saturo smirked.

“Don’t know why you're smirking.” Draco said. “That’s not exactly a victory.”

“Yeah, I know. But still.” Saturo continued to smirk as we all walked towards the temple, “but now we gotta sneak in. There is a room right after the hallway with creepy statues, that’s where the witches are, at least they were. I think… um… They do sacrifices and stuff like that there, they did that last time, sorta.”

“Sacrifices huh? How fun.” Draco said with a lot of sarcasm as he peeked into the temple, into the empty red-carpeted hallway. “I don’t see anyone…”

“What time of day is it?” Saturo asked. “Do these witches even sleep?”

“Who knows? It’s pretty dark in the hallway so I can only see so far from here.” Draco said.

“We should come up with a plan.” Saturo said, “before heading in there. Maybe there’s an entrance from the roof? Who knows. We could split up.”

“Me and Ich could check the roof.” Draco said.

“Yes, good idea. Do that you two.” Saturo said.

Draco then made his wings appear and we both quietly flew up to the roof of the temple. Looking around, it seemed like any normal roof of temples. Nothing was really on it, other than it came to an end with a mountain… So the temple was part of the mountain.

“Hmm… Doesn’t look likes there’s anything so far… should we keep looking?” Draco asked me.

“Nah, I don’t think there’s anything. Let’s go back.” I replied.

“Okay.” Draco said as the two of us lowered back down to the others.

“So what’s on the roof?” Saturo asked as Draco and I landed.

“Nothing.” I replied, “but we learned that this temple is part of the mountain.”

“Aye, does that mean that Listy can move some stuff outta the way and we can get in?” Mehrunes asked, eating popcorn. “Or does it mean we have to go through the door and test our luck?”

“It means the second one.” Saturo said. “Also, save the popcorn, STOP EATING SO MUCH.”

“I’ll eat the popcorn if I want.” Mehrunes replied, moving the popcorn away from Saturo comically.

“But you’re eating too much! Save it!” Saturo said, “even if you have more, then don’t eat some right now! Your crumbs will give us away!”

Mehrunes scowled as his popcorn disappeared.

“Yeah, better. Now no popcorn crumbs will give us away.” Saturo scanned the floor for popcorn crumbs, and when he saw one he electrocuted it, burning it down to nothingness.

“Oh wait. Random question… since you’re so worried about everything.” Mehrunes said. “Am I allowed to use MY magic?”

“Yeah, I guess so?” Saturo replied, still scanning the floor.

“OH MAH GOSH THERE’S NO POPCORN CRUMBS!” Mehrunes exclaimed. “Let’s go in the evil place, kill the things get the stone and then leave.”

“Okeh, letz go.” Chill said, walking into the temple.

“Hurry up.” Listy said, also going in.

We all walked into the temple cautiously and walked. The hallway was empty, other than the creepy statues, it was empty.

“Why is this scary?” Mehrunes asked.

“Becuz we don’ know wut to expect.” Chill replied.

When Mehrunes had asked the reason this was scary, we all began walking much slower than before.

“Why are we walking slower?” Mehrunes asked, a little quieter.

“Becuz… there’s sumbody dere.” Chill pointed to the end of the hallway into a small room, where there were two witches inside. We walked slowly so that we were hiding behind a statue. Chill peeked at the witches. “We gotz ta get past dem without alertin dem. No killin dem, cuz den da others will see da body and know we be ‘ere.”

“No knocking out either, then?” Mehrunes asked. “Fine. Full stealth it is.”

“Ya.” Chill said, turning to us, “if anyone iz not good at stealth, yer chance to go back to da spaceship is now or nevah.”

“I’m stealthy.” Saturo said.

“Same.” I nodded.

“I’m not.” Listy said, walking away. “See ya later.”

“I’m all good though.” Mehrunes said.

“I’m… not either. See ya.” Lavender went ahead and joined Listy.

All of the rest of us, Saturo, Chill, Mehrunes, and I looked over at Draco.

“What? Why are you all staring at me like that? Stop it! It’s creepy!” Draco said very quietly.

“Are you coming with or leaving, Draco?” Mehrunes asked.

“Why wouldn’t I go?” He asked back.

“Iz you stealthy?” Chill questioned.

“I can be if I try.” Draco replied.

“Okay den try.” said Chill.

“Yes sir!” Draco said before he took his scarf and wrapped it around his face so it covered his mouth and most of his face except his eyes.

“Lel, ninja Draco-Brah, eh?” Chill smiled.

Draco just replied with a nod before he took his black jacket and put on his hood and zipped it up so now his hair and white shirt were no longer visible.

“Nice I guess.” Mehrunes said. “I’ve seen better. And worse.”

Draco just rolled his eyes.

“Okeh, less go.” Chill walked towards the room, with the rest of us following behind. We hid with our backs to the wall, the room entrance only to the side in the middle. Chill peeked at the two witches inside.

“What are they doing?” I hear someone ask in my head.

“What? Who’s this?” I asked in my head. “Arrow? Is this you again?”

“Wow we all are here.” Saturo’s voice was heard in my head.

“All of us canz speak telepathically fer now. Et helpz us stay stealthy.” Chill said.

“Well that’s good.” Draco said.

“Just a lot.” I now recognize Mehrunes say. “Now what are they doing?”

“Talking.” Chill said, “in a language that I cannot understand.”

“Well what should we do?” Draco asked.

“Move past them. Duh.” Mehrunes replied.

“Yeah I know. But how?” Draco asked.

“I dunno about you guys, but I’m gonna walk past them invisible.” Mehrunes replied.

“We gotta know our destination first.” I said.

“I know. But I can still go over there to look.” Mehrunes said.

“Okay, go do dat.” Chill said.

Mehrunes disappeared, turning invisible. I could sense his movement, entering the room.

“How about this better plan.” Saturo said, “I become the source and grab the witches and put them outside far from here before they realize it? Then we can explore the room freely.”

“Done.” Mehrunes said, “I knocked them out, come get them.”

Saturo was suddenly surrounded by electricity, and he zipped into the room with incredible speed. Not too long later, he was out of the room carrying the two witches, and he zipped out of the temple as well. About ten seconds later, he was back.

“Done. I put them very far. There was this monster tryna eat me, but I zipped past it. The witches have to deal with it now.” Saturo said.

“Cool. Now get in here.” Mehrunes said. “These rooms are boring.”

We walked into the room… Mehrunes was standing on a circular drawing on the floor, with all sorts of what seemed to be scribbles on it.

“That’s where they do the sacrifice and stuff.” Saturo said, “where you are standing, Mehrunes.”

“Oh. Nope, still a boring room.” Mehrunes said. “Can I ruin this please? It’s just stupid looking in this room, they should have put it over there.” Mehrunes pointed at another area in the room.

“We’re bein stealthy. So no.” Chill said, “now, we needz ta know where da gem ting iz…”

“Hey Saturo, did you get any further than here?” Mehrunes asked.

“No…” Saturo muttered.

“Then where should we go?” Draco asked.

“Draco, we don’t need to speak telepathically right now.” Saturo said.

“Yeah but it's hard to take the scarf off, I think I tied it on too tight.” Draco replied while fiddling around with his scarf, trying to take it off. It was clear he was having some difficulties.

Mehrunes walked over to him, looked like he was about to punch Draco, then took the scarf completely off.

“There.” Mehrunes said. “It’s off.”

“Anyways, can you answer my question now please?” Draco asked.

“No.” Mehrunes replied, mocking Draco by putting the scarf on and trying to take it off without actually trying.

“I wasn’t asking you.” Draco said with some spite as he grabbed his scarf back from Mehrunes.

“So den who were ya askin?” Chill asked.

“Anyone besides Meh.” Draco replied.

“Then… please repeatz yer question.” Chill said.

“Where should we go since Saturo never went past this room?” Draco said, repeating his question.

“I dunno, pick a door any door.” Mehrunes replied.


“Yep. I know. That’s why I answered it!” Mehrunes replied with a smirk.

“Why are you so smug about it?” Draco asked him.

“CUZ I AM.” Mehrunes said.

“Why?” Draco asked.

“Why not?” Mehrunes asked.

“Because if you don’t have a reason, then it’s just odd.” Draco replied.

“So he be sayin’ ya gotta be even.” Chill said to Mehrunes.

“No I don’t.” Mehrunes said to Draco. “And yer not getting one. Deal with it.” Mehrunes put on sunglasses, that he took out of his pocket, ridiculously.

“No thanks.” Draco said, taking the sunglasses off of Mehrunes’s face and exposing them to some plasma, making them disappear into ashes.

“Yer still not getting any reason.” Mehrunes replied, wearing 6 pairs of the same sunglasses, also from his pocket. “DEAL WITH IT.”

“NO.” Draco said before he grabbed the glasses and launched a blast of plasma that melted all of them.

Mehrunes then took out some glasses and put them on Draco.

“Too bad.” Mehrunes said. “We gotta get movin, let’s go over there.” Mehrunes pointed at a door.

“Hmmm… I can sense bad things through that door.” I said, as Draco used his Draco Eye to vaporize the glasses off of his face.

“How ‘bout that one?” Mehrunes asked, pointing at another door.

“This whole place, I can sense danger everywhere.” I said.

“Aight what door do you sense most danger?” Mehrunes asked.

“They are all danger.” I said, “all equally dangerous.”

“Then which dangerous door do we go through?” Draco asked.

“…Good question. We should just…” I began, but was interrupted by Saturo.

“Shhh! She’s coming!” He said.

I then spotted a tall, powerful looking, pale woman wearing a weird dress enter the room. I assumed it was this ‘Mother Relatra’. When she walked inside, we barely had any time to hide, so I quickly just threw us all up into the ceiling using the wind.

Relatra walked into the room as we all had our backs to the ceiling. She stood in the middle of that circle thing, and looked around.

“I think she heard us…” Saturo muttered telepathically.

“Well ain’t that just peachy.” Draco said telepathically as we watched her from the ceiling.

“‘Ain’t’ is an incorrect word.” Mehrunes said. “We should probably do something other than be on the ceiling.”

“You’ve used ‘ain’t’ many times, Meh, we all heard you.” Saturo said.

“It was a comment. I’m not correcting him.” Mehrunes said. “And no I haven’t.”

“Oh.” Saturo replied, “well, what are we gonna do about… uh, what is happening right now? Relatra knows we’re here… She’s looking for us.”

“‘Except I forgot for a second that I can turn us all invisible.” Mehrunes said. “Unless she can see through that, we’ll be fine.”

“I think she’s looking for us in her head…” Saturo muttered.

“You wanna try leaving the room? Cuz I’m out.” Mehrunes said.

“No, don’t move! We don’tz want ta move, cuz den she gonna sense our movement and know where we iz! Stay in yer spot… If she findz us, we can move.  But until den, less not give away our spot.” Chill said.

“I know you’re in here.” Relatra spoke, her voice was deep and there were deeper voices speaking after her like an echo.

“Oh great.” Draco commented.

“Come out.” Relatra said, she now walked around the room, “you can’t hide from me.”

She was looking for us… I had the feeling that we had to move, and quickly…

Suddenly, lighting was seen in the room, moving around Relatra. After a moment, a teenage guy with electric clothes similar to what Elec wore was seen.

“There you are.” Relatra turned and faced the guy.

“It’s Shock!” Saturo commented, “the guy who can possess people!”

“Da guy who haz da gem?” Chill asked.

“I dunno if he still has it. But why was he hiding from Relatra?” Saturo asked as we all looked down at Relatra and Shock.

“Don’t question the dumb luck.” Mehrunes replied. “We’ll see what happens, that will probably help.”

“Hey there, Mother Relatra.” Shock said.

“Where did you put it?” Relatra asked him.

“Nowhere, I didn’t touch it.” Shock replied.

“It’s not with my other belongings. And you are the only one quick enough to get inside and take it without me noticing while I am practicing my daily spells.” Relatra said.

“I swear I didn’t touch it, so leave me alone.” Shock said. “Look, I can find whoever took it, but it wasn’t me.”

Suddenly, green particle effects surrounded Relatra. She said a few words, in another language that I did not understand, and the green particles made its way to Shock, picking him up.

“You’re telling the truth.” Relatra said, “fine then. Find the thief. Or else.”

“Yes ma’am.” Shock replied, and the green particle effects disappeared, dropping him to the floor.

Relatra then left the room, going through the wall. Yes, through the wall.

“Dang, dat witch. So, what we do now?” Chill asked telepathically.

“How about we keep going, but now we should be extra careful cuz there's someone running around trying to find a thief.” Mehrunes replied.

“Yeah good idea.” I agreed, staring at Shock who was still in the room. “We need Shock to move… Then let’s go through that door.” I pointed to the door, seen from the way we entered it was to the right. It was more like another room, I could see stairs. And, there was no door, but there was an odd shaped door frame.

“I don understand why Shock isn’t moving.” Mehrunes said. “But yeah sure that door… frame…”

“Sounds good. We go there the second Shock leaves the room. I’m sensing, so if he is far enough we can go.” I said.

“Straight up stealth mission.” Mehrunes said. “Wasn't expecting that.”

“Yep.” Saturo said.

We stared at Shock, but he still wasn’t moving. For some reason, he stood in his very place, like he was waiting for something to happen. Lucky for us, he then disappeared, leaving a trail of lightning behind him as he went… Somewhere. It seemed that he went the same way that Relatra went, like he also went through the wall.

“Guys I had this insane idea, let’s try to go through the wall as well.” Mehrunes said.



“How bout because Shock was gonna find the thief, and he went that way.” Mehrunes said. “Whatever, lets just go through the door frame.”

“Better.” Saturo said. “We should move now.”

I then flew us down from the ceiling and through the door frame, without touching the floor.

“We should go in the door now.” Mehrunes said. “Because the doorframe is just close.”

There was a door to our left, well, an open door frame with stairs going down. This place really doesn’t have doors, I wonder why… The only doors there are, I could sense danger in them…

“Down the stairs we go…” Saturo muttered.

“Oh noooo. Stairs.” Mehrunes said sarcastically. “We’ll be fine, the stairs probably won’t hurt us.”

“Duh.” Saturo replied.

“So here we go.” Mehrunes said, picking up Draco and holding him like a shield, walking down the stairs with him. “Draco if you say anything I will hit you.”

Draco then proceeded to elbow Mehrunes off of him and move so he wasn’t in front anymore.

“Fair enough.” Mehrunes replied, grabbing Draco again and nudging him to go down. “Hurry up. Ich and Chill and Saturo.”

“Fine.” Draco said before he activated his defense technique. “I’ll go down first.”

“Draco we’re still invisible.” Mehrunes said. “As an added bonus, I learned I can also cause talking to be muted to other people NOT affected by my invisibility, so that's nice as well.”

“Still leaving it on. Just in case.” Draco said.

“Seems smart.” I said.

Draco then slowly began walking down the stairs, with the rest of us right behind him. It was a twirl kind of stairs, they went in a circle downward.

“This. Is. Boring.” Mehrunes said.

“Being cautious isn’t supposed to be exciting.” Draco said as he continued walking down.

“No not the cautious part, I like sneaking and all that. I mean the stairs suck and seem to go on to infinity.” Mehrunes replied. “I like pretty much every other part of this.”

“We’ve only been walking for a minute.” Draco said.

“Yeah, but does anyone else have a sense of foreboding and or impending doom?” Mehrunes asked.

“I’ve had it since before we got on this planet.” Draco said.

“Didja have it when/since you met me?” Mehrunes asked, uninterested.

“I meant like five minutes before we landed.” Draco said.

“Great.” Mehrunes replied. “I hope these stairs aren’t booby trapped. Because that would suck for Draco, and maybe Chill… no… nevermind we’re good.”

“Okay?” Draco said, confused by Mehrunes’s indecisiveness.

“I have no idea what you guys are saying right now.” Saturo said as we continued going down the stairs.

“I have no idea what I’m saying right now.” Mehrunes replied. “Gonna have to figure that out sometime.”

We then had made it to the end of the stairs, finally. It was a small hallway, with torches. An empty hallway.

“Oh good.” Mehrunes said. “At least they aren’t red torches.”

“Why would it matter if they are red?” Draco asked. “You know what? Nevermind.”

“GO FIRST DRACO!” Mehrunes exclaimed, throwing Draco face first into the hallway.

“Did you have to throw me?” Draco asked as he got off of the ground and looked around him.

“Yes.” Mehrunes replied.

“No you didn't.” Draco said.

“You ask a question to contradict my answer.” Mehrunes said. “Don’t.”

“What?” Draco said, confused once again. “Whatever. Now what should I do?”

“GO DOWN THE HALLWAY!” Mehrunes yelled.

Draco then sighed before he turned away from us and began walking down the hallway. We followed him without saying anything.

“ARE YOU DEAD YET?!” Mehrunes asked.

“Of course I’m not dead!” Draco exclaimed. “Nothing is happening!”

Draco then continued to walk forward.

“ARE YOU DEAD NOW?!” Mehrunes asked.

“NO!” Draco yelled, clearly annoyed.

“Okay. Carry on.” Mehrunes said.

Draco then walked forward for about ten seconds before…


I could practically feel Draco twitching in anger.

“You are literally only ten feet behind me! STOP ASKING ME EVERY TEN SECONDS!” He yelled in rage. “IF THERE IS SOMETHING DANGEROUS EITHER ONE, YOU'LL SEE IT OR I’LL TELL YOU!”

Actually I’m really far away!” Mehrunes said, walking to the stairs, smirking.

Draco then analyzed the ground.

“Okay fine you're thirty feet away. But still. Stop it.” Draco said.

“No.” Mehrunes replied, coming back.

“Please?” Draco asked.

“No.” Mehrunes said again.

“Well fudge you then.” Draco said as he then continued walking.

“ARE YOU DEAD NOW!?” Mehrunes asked, just to make Draco mad. “DRACIE!” Mehrunes pronounced it as ‘Dr-a-see’. It sounded to me like a legitimate girls name.

“ONE, DON’T CALL ME THAT. TWO. SHUT. UP.” Draco said as he kept walking.

Mehrunes was smiling a mile wide grin as we continued walking through the hallway behind Draco.

“Aight Dracie.” Mehrunes replied. “Les go.”

“I SAID DON’T CALL ME THAT!” Draco yelled as he turned around, his Draco Eye glowing bright red and it’s plasma flame being much bigger than usual.

“Am I striking a nerve?” Mehrunes asked. “I’m doing better than Saturo did.”

“Yes. You are. Now stop it.” Draco said as he now blood red Draco Eye flared.

“Hmm…” Mehrunes thought. “Only cuz we have stuff to do.”

“Anyway we reached the other side of the hallway. Now which way do we go?” Draco asked.

“It’s a dead end.” Saturo said, “oh wait, there’s another staircase right there.” To the right of the dead end, there was a staircase going down straight, no circle this time.

“Okay then.” Draco said as he began walking towards the staircase.

“Booo.” Mehrunes said, grabbing Draco and putting him down behind him. “I wanna go first now.”

“Why?” Draco asked.

“Because I want to now hurry up, there’s nothing dangerous.” Mehrunes said, walking down the stairs as the rest of us followed. “You should be happy, you can save your energy.”

“Wasn’t exactly losing any but okay.” Draco said before turning back to his normal form.

“You should stop using those, they probably don’t do anything.” Mehrunes said.

“How would you know? I haven’t gotten to use them when I fight someone yet.” Draco said.

“If we ever get off this rock, maybe we can have ourselves a duel.” Mehrunes said.

“How about I fight someone other then you when we get back. I’ve fought you enough times recently.” Draco said.

“And yet you’ve never beaten me.” Mehrunes replied, with a smirk. “Funny how that is, that you’re so tired of losing you don’t wanna try.”

“Well actually the problem is that unlike the others I can’t immobilize you as easily, unless you count vaporizing someone's legs off as a valid strategy.” Draco said.

“‘Course it’s the problem, but you got new stuff.” Mehrunes said.

“Yeah. New stuff you think is pointless.” Draco said.

“It might be, Dracie.” Mehrunes said. “I dunno, and I will continue to not care until you prove me otherwise.”

“I TOLD YOU TO STOP CALLING ME THAT!” Draco exclaimed, his Draco Eye blood red again.

“L-O-L.” Mehrunes said. “Nah.”

Chill, Saturo, and I were silent. We were before too, completely staying out of it as we went down the stairs.

After a few minutes we finally reached the bottom of the stairs. It was dark… And it was not long before I realized this was a prison… A dungeon…

“Oh sweet.” Mehrunes said. “This place is basically just a castle. Or a temple. Whatever, lets keep moving.”

“…and go where?” Saturo asked.

“Out.” Mehrunes replied. “Maybe we can find a betrayer and get some info outta him.”

“Well we’re in a dungeon. This is probably a good place to start.” Draco said, looking around.

“Okay then let’s look around.” Saturo said.

“Huh. Either these are the quietest prisoners ever or there isn’t anyone here…” Draco said, still looking around.

The dungeon was interesting, because the cages were like animal cages, all spread out through this room. Most of the cages were empty. I walked around, until I then found a cage, that wasn’t empty.

“Just an FYI, we’re all still invisible, so no one in here can see us or hear us.” Mehrunes called from where he was.

“I’m not sure about that.” Saturo said from where he was, “Shock knew we were there, he could see us. I’m doubting we were ever invisible.”

“WELL…” Mehrunes replied. “GREAT! That’s annoying.”

I then examined the cage that was not empty… Pure darkness was inside. I could barely see it, but I could sense it.

“YO ICH WHATSAPP!?” Mehrunes asked, appearing next to me.

“Shh!” I shushed him.

“What?” Mehrunes asked.

“Don’t yell.” I said, “you’ll give us away.”

“No one is here.” Mehrunes said.

“Let’s check that.” Draco said, walking over to us and looking into the cage with his Draco Eye on.

“What is it?” Saturo asked, walking over as well.

“Well there is definitely someone in there.” Draco replied.

“Who? I see nothing.” Saturo said.

Draco then made a small ball of plasma appear inside the cell, lighting it up so we could see inside. It was… blackness. Like a big blob of blackness.

“Yeesh. That darkness is impressive.” Draco said.

“I think you’re insane, Draco.” Mehrunes said, throwing light bulbs of all kind into the cell. “There's nothing there!”

“Where did you get those light bulbs? Why do you have them on you?” Saturo asked him.

“Well there’s this cool thing called pockets, uhh, I have some really nice pockets here they hold stuff…” Mehrunes said, taking a bag with pineapples in them out of his pocket. “I don’t know why I have half of this stuff.”

“I think Rando put them there.” Saturo said, “or you are wearing Rando’s pants.”

“Nah Rando’s pants occasionally phase in and out of reality you’d think I’d notice that.” Mehrunes replied. “DARN YOU RANDO.”

“Hmm… Hey Ich, can’t you see in the dark too?” Draco asked me. “Why don’t you just look?”

“What?” I asked back.

“Exactly.” Mehrunes said. “Let’s move on now.”

“Yeah. I think Chill ditched us. Again.” Saturo said, looking around, and Chill was not with us.

“I know. Thus why we should move.” Mehrunes replied.

“Fine. there is a living thing in there though.” Draco said before he deactivated his Draco Eye and moved away from the cell.

“No there’s not.” Mehrunes said.

“I’m not entirely sure that it’s a person… but there is something in there. It’s like, this blob of blackness.” I said, looking at the cell.

“Yeah, very insightful.” Mehrunes said. “Hey blob, are you alive or holding something alive?”

“Hey, be quiet.” Saturo said, “what happened to being stealthy?”

“I dunno, hey heres an idea, let’s leave this prison already.” Mehrunes replied. “There’s nothing here and we’re bound to be jumped at some point if we stay.”

“Then let’s keep moving.” Saturo began walking through the dungeon and I followed behind.

“What do you think the party on the ship is doing right now?” Mehrunes asked.

“Dunno. They're probably just waiting for us to get back.” Draco replied.

“Most likely.” Saturo said.

We then continued walking in silence for a minute or two. In that amount of time we made it past lots of cages… This dungeon was bigger than I thought. After more walking, we then reached this… Giant… Prison. Attached to the wall. It looked like it had some type of monster inside of it… At least… I could sense some type of monster in it.

“…” Mehrunes didn’t say anything. “What?”

“I wonder whatever is in that cage can do.” Draco said, looking at the cage.

“Probably something bad enough that it needs to be put in a cage.” Mehrunes said.

“Ya don’t say…?” Draco said, giving Mehrunes a glare.

“Probably also big enough to need a big cage.” Mehrunes said. “Its probably also cool looking, but thats just a theory.”

“Anyway. We should keep going.” Draco said, beginning to walk away.

“And be quiet at the same time…” Saturo said, “we don’t want to wake up that thing in the big cage.”

“Yup.” Draco said quietly.

“Oh stop complaining.” Mehrunes said telepathically. “We’ll be fine.”

“How do you know? We don’t know what could be in that cage.” Draco said.

“If it’s still in the cage, it’s not getting out.” Mehrunes said.

“Unless someone lets it out.” Saturo added.

“Why would someone randomly let it out?” Mehrunes asked.

“Not randomly…” Saturo said.

“In general.” Mehrunes replied. “It’s in a cage why would you let it out?”

“Probably to catch intruders. And put them to their misery.” Saturo said.

“But no one knows we’re here.” Mehrunes said.

“I’m not too sure about that anymore… You and Draco were loud before at the stairs…” Saturo said.

“I was not loud! I whispered!” Draco exclaimed.

“No, that was not a whisper. It was a yell. Loud enough for someone to hear.” Saturo said.

“Yeah yeah, yell whisper it was a whisper yell, okay! Now we need to keep moving, probably faster than we are. There might not even be a monster in the cage WHO KNOWS!” Mehrunes said.

“Chill probably figured out where the gem is and is already off to find it.” Saturo said.

“That’s probably why I don’t see him nearby.” Draco said.

“Yeah. Can you sense him, Ich?” Saturo asked.

“No. All I can sense is that thing inside the giant cage.” I replied.

“So it must be pretty powerful then.” Draco said.

“I don’t really care about the cage-thing!” Mehrunes exclaimed, flailing his arms.

“But Glitter did say that this planet is one of the most dangerous planets out there. So whatever is in the cage… Can probably… Do stuff.” Saturo said.

“Whoopty doo!” Mehrunes said. “I wouldn't be here if I knew there would be a labyrinth. I coulda taken the other ship and done my stuff, but I thought this was gonna be fun. Now there’s a giant cage and we’re all freaking out about what’s in it.”

“We’re not freaking out. We’re just wondering.” Saturo said.

“Mmhm.” Mehrunes said.

“If we were freaking out I doubt we would be talking so calmly.” Draco said.

“Whatever.” Mehrunes replied. “Can we hurry up?”

“Yeah, but the fact that we can just walk straight into the cage is bothering me. The thing inside must be big.” Saturo said, looking at the cage.

“No, I bet it’s tiny.” Mehrunes said sarcastically.

“If it were it would have escaped that cage easily.” Saturo pointed out.

“Sarcasm.” Mehrunes replied.

“I know. But I decided to not take it.” Saturo replied.

“Whatever, SERIOUSLY can we hurry up? This has officially reached boring levels of un-fun.” Mehrunes said.

“I agree. It did get quite boring down here.” I nodded. “We need to just find that gem and get outta here.”

“Here’s to hoping Chill already has.” Mehrunes said.

“If ya were hopin dat I found et, bad newz. Found nutin.” We heard Chill say in our heads.

“Are you reading my mind? Oh wait, kinda.” Mehrunes said. “Look, a thief has it, it would be in our best interest to find them before Shock does. And Shock probably doesn’t know where we are.”

“Meh. Imma in a hallway raght now, upstairs. Bein sneaky. I heard ya talkin so I decided ta let ya know. Da witches are all ovah. But, you guys be where?” Chill said.

“Still in this stinking boring dungeon.” Mehrunes replied. “Literally I would prefer a high speed chase right now.”

“Boiz, go look fer dem! Didn’t ya see dat spaceship we ran into on da way ta dis temple? Da dude who ownz et probably iz in da dungeon! Look fer em. Imma continue followin dat mother witch.” Chill replied.

“Do we have to?” Mehrunes asked.

“Well, ya gotz nuthin else ta do. Besidez, I’m wonderin wut dat dude iz ere for.” Chill replied.

“Fine.” Mehrunes said.

“I’ll start searching then.” Saturo walked through the dungeon.

I might just go rogue yet.” I caught Mehrunes mutter under his breath, as he walked another direction into the dungeon.

Suddenly, Mehrunes tripped over something and fell. The sound of him touching the ground was ear shattering… It also caused many cages to fall down.

“…Fudge.” Mehrunes said, rubbing his head.

“Is it just me… Or… Is…” Draco was facing the cage.

We all slowly turned to face the cage… When we stared at it, we saw that it was open.



-----| Chapter 7 |-----



Ivory was awake. She had awoken and saw that she was in this room… with all the eggs. It took her awhile before she realized that the eggs were safe…

She had been thinking for a long time, as well as writing some things down on paper. Not too long later, she had fallen asleep with the paper in her hand…

Not too long later, Gabe and Lagi had awoken.

“*YAWN*” Gabe yawned and he stood up.

“*YAWN*” Lagi yawned as well.

Lagi looked around and spotted Ivory asleep with the paper in her hand. He walked over to touch it when suddenly…

A loud sound was heard, interrupting him.

“WOAH!” Gabe exclaimed.

Lagi slowly turned his head and looked at what Gabe was looking at… an egg… the eggs… they had begun to hatch.


Gabe’s shout had awoken Ivory. While she was in the process of waking up, Lagi stood in his spot, staring at the eggs in disbelief.

“A-amazing!” Lagi exclaimed. “T-they’re hatching!”

“It’s happening… IT’S HAPPENING!!” Ivory yelled in joy.

The eggs cracked open, and out of them came baby lagiacrus. Lagi fainted, falling face-first into the water. The baby lagiacrus were hyper. Dozens of them leaped into the water and surrounded Lagi. Another dozen surrounded Gabe while the other dozen surrounded Ivory.

“I-it’s… perfect…” Ivory whispered as she hugged the ones surrounding her.

The baby lagiacrus then made a growl-cry sound. They wanted something.

“What do you all want?” Ivory asked.

“If you ask me, they’re hungry.” Gabe said, “they want food.”

“Is there a mini fridge anywhere nearby?” Ivory asked.

“Doesn’t seem so… We’ll have to leave this room to find them food.” Gabe replied.

“I’m not leaving them.” Ivory said.

“Alright. I’ll go get some food then.” Gabe got up and walked over to the doors. He knocked on them, trying to get them to open since there were no handles.

“Maybe just try pushing.” Ivory suggested.

Gabe tried pushing it, however, that did not work. He then spotted something in the side. He put his hand towards it, and it scanned it before the doors opened.

“That works.” Ivory said.

“Alright then, see you soon.” Gabe walked out of the room.

“Thank you for the food in advance!” Ivory called out.

The doors then closed behind him. Ivory, Lagi, and the baby lagiacrus were alone in the room.

Ivory planned on staying where she was until Gabe got back. One of the white baby lagiacrus nuzzled Ivory’s face, earning them a pet from Ivory. But then Ivory noticed something on its back. It was this black box.

“Uh, what do you have here?” Ivory asked as she picked up the black box and opened it.

Inside she spotted a button.

“I want to press it, but I’m not going to.” Ivory said as she set the box down and closed it.

The same white baby lagiacrus looked at it, and then at Ivory with a curious look on its face.

“Do you want me to press it?” Ivory asked.

The white baby lagiacrus pushed the box towards Ivory with its head.

“Alright then. If you want me to.” Ivory said as she picked up the box, opened it, and pressed the button.

A giant blue beam exited the box and made its way into the air. A blue figure appeared, it was a hologram. A hologram of that one masked figure. Ivory closed the box, but the hologram did not disappear. Ivory opened the box back up and pressed the button again, which caused the hologram to static a bit.

“*COUGH COUGH*” A voice came from the hologram, “uh, is it on? I’ve never used one of these before. Uhh…”

Ivory was silent. She looked around like nothing was happening.

“Well, if it’s working…” The voice said, “Lagi and Ivory. If you received this message, then, that means I failed.”

Suddenly, Lagi, still fainted, was chucked through the hologram before landing face first onto the floor, followed by the sound of laughter by the baby lagiacrus. Ivory gasped as she ran over to him and picked him up. She looked at the babies in the water and glared. “Don’t throw him around up here. Keep him in the water.” Ivory sighed as she set Lagi back down into the water.

The hologram staticed more, but then continued. “-cks. Well then. That probably means you’ve had enough time to escape. It also means that the babies are safe and I can’t get them. But that also means that the hunt isn’t over. I, and the rest of the WaterBreathe, are still after you.”

Ivory just shook her head and tossed the box into a corner of the room. The baby lagiacrus growled at the hologram. “Go tear it up!” Ivory cheerfully called out to all the baby lagiacrus.

They looked at her with confusion.

“Kill the box!” Ivory cheerfully said.

They still remained looking confused.

“Bite the box like it’s food, but don’t eat it.” Ivory said.

The moment Ivory had said that, a blue lagiacrus had gulped down the box.

“NO! Don’t eat it! Spit it out!” Ivory yelled as she ran over to the lagiacrus.

The blue lagiacrus looked confused as it felt something happening in its stomach. It then vomited the black box out onto the floor in front of Ivory.

“Oh yes… thank you.” Ivory sighed as she sat down.

The hologram was now gone.

“I wonder when Gabe is gonna get back…” Ivory muttered to herself as she laid down.


Staring at the cage, we all stood in our very spots, frozen solid as if Chill had actually froze us solid. The cage… Was open. It opened somehow, without making any sounds…

“Well… That’s just great, isn’t it?” Draco said sarcastically.

“SHUT UP DRACO!” Mehrunes exclaimed.

“I would. But I’m too frozen in shock to move any of my other muscles.” Draco replied.

“That happens way too much.” Mehrunes said, staring at the cage while unsteadily creeping away. “I, on the other hand, choose flight over fight and freeze so I will see you all later.”

“Well aren’t you nice.” Draco said, a scowl on his face.

“Guys…” Saturo said, “where is the… thing? Inside the cage?”

“Dunno.” I replied, “but maybe we should leave the ground.”

“Brilliant idea.” Draco said, already high up in the air, using his wings.

I then used the wind and picked Saturo and Mehrunes up into the air next to me, above the ground by ten feet. Mehrunes scanned the area. We were all looking around for whatever had escaped the cage.

“Is it just me… Or whatever was in that cage… Is invisible?” Saturo asked.

“I mean maybe… I can try a spell for that.” Mehrunes said. “It would make noise though.”

“Wait, you could find out if something is invisible with a spell?” Saturo asked.

“Yeah.” Mehrunes replied. “I can do a lot of things with magic, although it would be more if I had the book from this galaxy…”

“Then we should buy one.” Saturo said, “anyway, try the spell. If it doesn’t work then… We’ll have to try something else.”

Mehrunes took out his book and flipped through it, before reciting something in another language, causing a barely noticeable blue glow to pulse out in waves from him. Nothing happened seemingly.

“Yeah… not invisible.” Mehrunes replied. “Didn’t pick up anything.”

“I can sense it.” I said, “it’s… around here.”

“Helpful.” Mehrunes replied. “Maybe, it’s in the ground, like a giant worm. Probably not though.”

“If it was… Thank goodness we’re not touching the ground.” Saturo stared at the ground. “The unknown is terrifying… WE GOTTA FIGURE OUT WHAT THIS IS! WE GOTTA FIGURE OUT WHAT WE ARE DEALING WITH!”

“Ich sense harder.” Mehrunes threw out an idea. “Or hey, how about we get outta here!”

“Good idea. Let’s just leave!” I flew us back towards the direction we came from.

“Yeah but where are we gonna go? If the cage is open someone knows we’re here.” Mehrunes said. “Frankly I wanna leave. I’ve got stuff to do.”

“We all want to leave.” Saturo said as we floated back towards the stairs that were just up ahead.

“I also wanna blow this place to bits so I never have to deal with these witches again.” Mehrunes replied. “HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO STEAL A STUPID ORB?!”

“Apparently more than half an hour.” Draco said, looking at a watch I didn’t know he had.

“I, for one, think Chill doesn’t even need our help.” Mehrunes said.

“Wrung mah dude.” Chill suddenly said, “ya found da beast? Lead et out ere! It can probably sniff out da orb or sumthin.”

“Or at least be a distraction.” Draco said.

“Ye! So et be useful! If et wuz in da cage in da first place, dem witches gona try and put et back, and we can take da orb and go! Best plan evah!” Chill said.

“But whose plan was it. Correct answer no one it just happened.” Mehrunes said. “Look, you find anything useful Chill?”

“I just came up wit dat plan just now.” Chill said, “but anywayz, I found da entrance to dat mother witchez secret vault tingamajig.”

“I don’t know why that’s useful.” Mehrunes replied.

“Becuz da orb ting would be in et.” Chill replied.

“MMM… But someone stole it.” Mehrunes replied.

“Mehbee dey got et back now.” Chill responded, “Imma enter da vault. Get dat beast up ere and we can have et attack dem witches an’ we run fer et.”

“But how do we do that? We don’t know where the beast is.” Draco said.

We then had reached the stairs, only to see it was blocked with a bunch of cages. We could then hear loud growling.

“On second thought…” Draco them muttered, sounding a bit afraid. “I think we found it.”

“It knows we’re here… And… it doesn’t want us to leave.” Saturo looked around the dungeon cautiously. “Ich! Where is it?!”

“Uhh…” I tried to sense the location of the beast. I sensed it… And knew where it was…

I looked over at the left wall. It was there. The beast… It was brown, and had a giant body with claws on its hands and feet… It’s face was interesting. It didn’t have any eyes. Just a large mouth, that’s all there was to its face other than its teeth. It stared at us with it’s eyeless face, as it stuck to the wall like glue.

“Can it see?” Mehrunes asked.

“Well no, it can probably sense us with other senses though, granted… It doesn’t have a nose or ears from what I can tell. Just a mouth with teeth, A lot of teeth.” Draco said, staring at the beasts teeth.

“May I blow up the cages?” Mehrunes asked.

“Why do you always want to explode things?” Draco asked.

“I don’t.” Mehrunes replied.

“You ask something like ‘can I blow insert object here up?’ almost everyday.” Draco said.

“No.” Mehrunes denied it.

“Yes you do.” Draco said.

“At least when we got on this planet, you do.” Saturo said, “but yeah! Do whatever! We should get out of here befor--” Saturo cut himself off for a second. “THE BEAST IS GONE!”

“Oh. Greaaaat.” Draco said.

“YEP. It is. Now hurry up. You’re lucky I’m not leaving without you.” Mehrunes said.

“Well YOU hurry up and do something.” Draco said.“You're the one that wanted to blow up the cages and stuff.”

“And you can’t beat anyone in a fight, what’s your point?” Mehrunes asked, smirking as we stood in front of all the cages blocking the stairs.

“We don’t know that. I’ve only fought you recently.” Draco said.

“And Ich.” Mehrunes replied. “Saturo is too fast for you, Chill could definitely win due to your speed, frankly at this point the only reason Listy COULDN'T win is because she can’t hurt you very much, I could keep going.”

“She was able to hurt you pretty bad though.” Draco said.

“Cuz she had a strat.” Mehrunes replied. “You just kinda don’t have anything…”

“He does have those power up things that Glare taught him.” Saturo added.

“I’m still not convinced those will do jack squat.” Mehrunes replied.

“Sure you aren’t.” Draco said with a scowl.

“I sure am.” Mehrunes replied. “You’ve gotten quite a bit of stuff that didn’t really help, so I don’t see how this is different.”

“I’ve barely used my new things!” Draco exclaimed.

“Alright right now I don’t wanna hear you say anything until we get back to the ship! Maybe even until we’re back on the electric planet!” Mehrunes exclaimed. “Now for everyone else, we gotta get moving while leading the beast up with us.”

Draco looked decently mad and didn’t reply.

“You still have to move the cages out of the wa--” Saturo was saying, and as he was, I used the wind and blew the cages out of our path. “Nevermind. Let’s go.”

Just as we were about to walk out of this dungeon, we spotted the mouth of the beast right at the stairs. It was as if it were about to eat us because it’s mouth was open so wide… that it could fit all four of us inside while we were all an inch away from each other.

“Well.” Draco muttered telepathically. “Gre--”

He stopped. But nothing was happening that would have interrupted him… It was more like… Our telepathetic bond had collapsed. We couldn’t communicate with our minds anymore. Looking at Mehrunes, Saturo, and Draco I could see that they looked almost as surprised as I was…

Was the beast… Doing this?
“Well that was weird.” Draco said very quietly.

The moment he said that, the beast was right behind him as if it teleported. It’s mouth was about to devour Draco’s head.

Draco was now completely still and quiet. The beast was creeping up on him, very quietly. It’s teeth were so sharp and big, and the mouth got closer until the front teeth could be seen by Draco.

Draco was staring at us with a look on his face that said ‘WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! HELP ME PLEASE!’. But Mehrunes, Saturo, and I were all as still and silent as Draco was. We were all afraid to move. I was afraid that if I were to move, the beast would chomp Draco’s head up with it’s menacing teeth… Yikes this was not good.

Everything was quiet and still. It was like we had been frozen in time.

And suddenly, a loud sound was heard, a whistle like sound… It was the sound of a dog whistle. It had came all of a sudden that everyone was startled and fell back.

The beast, was no longer about to munch on Draco’s head. It was on the floor, five feet away, covering its… Well it didn’t have ears. It was just covering the side of its mouth and going crazy.

By the way, Draco had the most relieved face I had ever seen. In the distance, walking towards us was a guy with blond hair and glasses with a whistle in his mouth. Blowing it, he walked towards us as he looked at the beast that looked annoyed.

He then had made it right next to us, and continued blowing the whistle. But then he stopped for a second. The beast remained on the floor in the same position.

“Did you people come into this dungeon prepared?” The guy then asked us.

“Clearly not.” Draco replied.

“What he said.” Saturo said, looking at the beast, who remained on the ground, at the same time. “What is that thing?”

“I believe that the inhabitants of this planet refer to it as ‘The Helisain.’” The guy said.

“Helisain? Why does it… What does it do?” Saturo asked.

“The thing is really toxic, and has some of the the best hearing in the galaxy,” he answered.

“And it has no ears…?” Saturo asked, looking, “but that probably explains why the whistle worked on it.”

“Well it may have ears like a reptile or amphibian. They just have holes in their heads. But regardless, thanks for helping us.” Draco said.

“Why are you even here?” he asked us all, “this is a really dangerous place to be.”

“Well, why are you here?” Saturo asked back.

“I asked first.” He said.

“I asked next.” Saturo replied.

“Personal reasons,” he answered, “now you answer.”

“Chill’s reasons.” Saturo replied, “more specifically, we’re after this gem.”

“Oh, what kind of gem is this?”

“We don’t really know.” Draco said with a shrug.

“Well we do know that it can un-curse some curses. At least it has been done in front of us.” Saturo answered.

The guy’s eyes were wide open. “Un-curse curses?” He asked.

“Mmmhmm.” Saturo nodded. “It’s got power in it. And the witches have it.”

“If anything, we got it first.” I added. “We had the shards of the gem collected, which was not very easy to get by the way, and the shards put together made the gem. But then this guy stole it from us and apparently brought it to these witches.”

“And now we’re here cause our friend Chill needs it for something.” Draco said.

“Okay,” he began, “what are your guys’s names?”

“Oh, I’m Saturo. That’s Draco, Ichoo, and…” Saturo began, “wait where did Mehrunes go?”

“Wait, one of you is missing?” He asked, “oh my God you gotta find him, or it might result in his brutal death, if it hasn’t already happened!”

“Well after the beast had disappeared from the path up the stairs, I saw from the corner of my eye that he went up the stairs. He got bored down here anyway and wanted to leave as soon as possible.” Saturo mentioned.

“That is literally the most stupid thing you could do in a situation like this.” the guy said.

“Meh. I’ve already been thinking about how much smarter I am than him.” I said. “Anyway, what is your name?”

“My name is Pixelen, however I go by Pixel,” he answered, “we should help each other reach our goals on this planet.”

“Sounds good. What is your goal, Pixel?” Saturo asked.

“I think that may be the personal thing he doesn’t want to tell us.” Draco said.

“Well we told you, like, almost everything.” Saturo said, “or, not everything. But I can. How about this… I’m training under an Elemental Master. Ich is as well.  So… Hopefully that impresses you in some way and/or makes you trust us or something.”

“Elemental Master?” He asked, “which ones?”

“They train under Elec and Winodren.” Draco replied.

“Wow,” he said, “that’s impressive. I’m only being trained by Cyrus and Cris Borg, and occasionally Bizord the Wizard.”

“Hey, we know Cyrus!” I said, “and Cris but we haven’t really talked to him… Mehrunes got an AI from Cyrus programmed into his spacesuit.”

“I also want to point out that Ich here is the son of Winodren. So he is a Qeezixyx.” Saturo said pointing.

“Oh, nice,” he said.

“And now that I think about it, Lagi and Ivory know you. I remember from their story that they bumped into you and you took them to Cyrus’s lab, and Lagi got arrested.” I said. “But, I have a question. That other spaceship outside, is it yours?”

“Yeah, it’s mine.”

“Okay. But you still haven’t told us what your goal was.” I said.

“For now, your goal is more important,” he said, “if that gem does what you say it does, then the gem would lead me to my goal.”

“Okay then. Now, which way should we go?” Draco asked. “Do we go up or down?”

“I vote up.” Mehrunes appeared next to us.

“I’m assuming that you are the ‘Mehrunes,’ they speak of,” Pixel said.

“Indeed thy. What was your name again? Pixelen right?” Mehrunes smirked.

“Thy thought thou was incapable of intelligence,” Pixel said, “incapable of speech.”

“I am capable of both.” Mehrunes replied.

“Thou speaks unlike early settlers of some planets,” Pixel said.

“Yup.” Mehrunes replied. “You got a problem with that?”

“I have nothing against the fact that you speak like most people nowadays,” Pixel said.

“Right, great, anyway I’m still tired of this planet of bores.” Mehrunes said.

“If I were you, I would definitely not consider this a planet of bores,” Pixel replied.

“Good fer you, but you’re not me so I can consider it whatever I want.” Mehrunes replied. “Aaaand, I see Draco’s not dead. Shame.”

“Well screw you too.” Draco growled.

“Now now Dracie, we can’t be throwin fightin words without bein prepared fer a fight.” Mehrunes said, in a cowboy accent.

“I SAID FOR YOU TO STOP CALLING ME THAT!!” Draco exclaimed quietly (somehow) in rage.

“Them’s fightin words!” Mehrunes said, still with an accent, raising his fists comically. “Ye got no chance.”

I looked over at the beast, the Helisain, and it was remaining in its spot. Maybe that dog whistle really did something to it…

“Mehrunes. Now is not the time to be provoking me to punch a clone of yourself in the face.” Draco said.

“What are you talking about?” Mehrunes asked really fast. “I’d punch you first!”

Draco then laughed a bit. “Yeah, no.”

Draco then punched Mehrunes, launching him into a wall super quickly, somehow not making a sound when the impact occurred. It still looked like it would hurt a lot though.

Mehrunes appeared back in front of Draco completely unharmed, the other Mehrunes flying to his hand revealing that it was a mannequin.

“Nice.” Mehrunes said.

“I knew it was gonna be fake.” Draco said.

“Not that, the fact you’ve broken the wall.”

“Still means I was right.” Draco said.

“Nope.” Mehrunes said.

“No I was right that you were using a clone of yourself when I punched you.” Draco said.

“You never said that.” Mehrunes said. “And you did, actually, hit me.”

“I did too say that! And what do you mean I hit you? You had a clone right there!” Draco said.

“Just cuz you hit me with enough force to knock me back doesn’t mean it hurt, Draco.” Mehrunes said.

“I never said that it would’ve or thought that it did.” Draco said.

“Yet you claim to know you hit a clone.” Mehrunes said. “Which YOU DID NOT.”

“I did too, know. You almost always switch yourself with a clone of yourself whenever I attack you! So I knew you would just do that again this time.” Draco said. “Anyway enough of this conversation. Let’s just decide on which way we’re supposed to go already.”

“Draco.” Saturo said, “you misunderstand, and you’re slow. Mehrunes didn’t make a clone, he just moved so fast that you see two of him. There’s only one of him.”

“Saturo shhhhhh.” Mehrunes said, smirking.

“Oh sorry.” Saturo smirked and covered his mouth, “it was fun seeing Draco be stupid ha…”

Draco now was giving Saturo and Mehrunes one of the most enraged glares I had ever seen. He looked so mad it was like both of his eyes were about to light up with blue fire.

“Well it’s nice to know how you guys actually see me.” Draco said, clearly angry with Mehrunes and Saturo. “As a slow and stupid person. How nice. Guess my teachers and gym coach on Aerth were right.”

“No, that’s not what I meant.” Saturo said, “you’re not stupid. But you are slow, without that boost thing dragon thing on.”

“Still slower then you. By a lot.” Draco said.

“Does that matter?” Saturo asked.

“I think you people are giving me a really bad impression on you guys,” Pixelen suddenly said.

“Yeah, Mehrunes and Draco always fight.” Saturo said, “me, Ich, and Chill are the chill ones, not as chill as Chill, but chiller than these two.” He also whispered to him that only Pixel and I could hear him since we were the nearest to him, “we’re also stronger than them.”

“What was that?” Mehrunes asked.

“What was what?” Saturo asked back.

“I dunno there was somethin.” Mehrunes replied. “Whatever… either way up and out.”

“How well do you know this place, Pixel?” I asked Pixel.

“Not well at all,” he answered. “If you want someone who knows this place, we gotta find Talsa.”

“Who’s Talsa?” Saturo asked.

“Someone we should find,” Pixel said.

“Okay, where is Talsa then?” Saturo asked.

“I believe she is being held somewhere in the torture chamber of this place,” he sighed.

“What?” Saturo exclaimed, “torture chamber? This place has a torture chamber? Why were you here in the dungeons!?”

“Why not?” Mehrunes asked. “It’s reasonable to think a torture chamber is nearby the dungeons.”

“Okay maybe, but why were you here in the dungeons, Pixel?” Saturo asked.

“I felt that there was something down here that didn’t belong, plus, I want to check every last place for Talsa, cause the witches might know I’m here,” he said.

“Why are you looking for ‘Talsa’ anyway?” Saturo asked.

“She’s a really close friend of mine,” Pixel replied.

“Is she?” Saturo raised his eyebrows.

“Pretty much,” Pixel replied.

“Hmm. Alright.” Saturo said, turning to Mehrunes and Draco, “alright then, folks, we’re headed to the torture chamber.”

“Yes, so I’ve heard.” Mehrunes said. “As much as I don’t want to trust this person much less help, and stay on this planet.”

“Well let’s get going!” Draco said.

Pixel took out some sort of device from his pocket, gave it to Saturo, and said, “duplicate it.”

“Why?” Saturo asked.

“And also how do you know that?” Mehrunes asked, staring at the device.

“Just do it, no questions ‘till later,” he told Saturo.

“Mmmmm, nah. You gotta answer my questions first.” Saturo crossed his arms. “Who is Talsa and what does she have to do with this?”

“Talsa is a young witch, that technically betrayed the other witches,” he began, “so she keeps on trying to escape them, and it’s a never ending cycle. Plus, she knows this place really well.”

“Well what about the device? What’s that for?” Draco asked. “And why do you need two of them?”

“Well, I need 5 of them, but not for me, it’s for you guys, so we can get to places easier. It’s pretty much a cloaking machine, that makes you invisible,” he answered.

“Ohhhhh…” Draco said.

“But I can already turn invisible.” Mehrunes said.

“Show me,” Pixel said.

Mehrunes turned invisible.

“That is definitely not going to help you against the witches, I can clearly both see, and feel that you are there,” Pixel said, “you need the device.”

“Uh huh, and you think this how?” Mehrunes said, from behind Pixel. “I feel like you’re not super right here. Maybe that’s the paranoia talking though.”

“Do you even know what these witches are capable of?” Pixel asked.

“I don’t care.” Mehrunes replied. “Quick question, who made the device?”

“Cyrus Borg, one of the best people with technology in the entire galaxy,” answered Pixel.

“Yeah, I know.” Mehrunes replied.

“I’m not surprised,” Pixel said.

“Good for you.” Mehrunes replied. “And for the record, the only reason I’m going along with this at all, is because I don’t want to.”

“Well,” said Pixel changing the subject, “are you going to duplicate this?” He asked Saturo.

“Sure.” Saturo said, taking the device and duplicating it, making five more of them, “one of me, one for Ich, Draco, Meh, and Chill.” But then he realized, and duplicated one more. “Talsa.”

“Oh. Thanks.” said Pixel, “So now we should get moving.”

“Right.” Saturo handed me a device. I grabbed it and Saturo handed Draco the device, and then stuck his hand out with a device towards Mehrunes.

Mehrunes took it spitefully.

“How do these things even work?” Draco questioned as he looked at the device in his hands.

“Just press the button,” Pixel answered.

“Oh.” Draco said, pushing the button.

“How hard to figure out.” Mehrunes mocked.

“No. It’s not hard to figure out,” said Pixel.

“I was teasing him because it’s not hard.” Mehrunes said with a snicker.

“I think it’s about time we go, find Talsa and the gem, and leave this planet.” Saturo said, as Draco looked unhappy.

“GREAT IDEA!” Mehrunes said.

“Let’s go then.” Pixel said.

We then walked through the doorway and back up the stairs we had taken to come down here in the first place. That creature, the Helisain, had disappeared. But we didn’t really care, and kept on going.

We’ve been on this planet for longer than we need to. It’s time to get out of here, with Talsa and that gem.



-----| Chapter 8 |-----



“Aaaand I’m back.” Gabe said as he entered the room.

The baby lagiacrus all looked over at him. Behind him was a giant wagon filled with steak.

“Eat up!” Gabe said, and the baby lagiacrus quickly came and began eating, making a huge mess.

Gabe then looked over at Lagi, who was on the ground, out cold.

“What happened to him?” He asked Ivory, who was standing nearby.

“They threw him. Don’t ask, please.” Ivory sighed.

“Oh.” Gabe looked over at the baby lagiacrus as they ate. “Well I’m going to leave the planet. I’m headed to Ertin. Gonna find Lagi’s uncle. Ask him for assistance.” And then he whispered. “And maybe some money.”

“That would be a good idea to look for him. And while you’re at it, could you maybe get him to talk to Elec? He’s made himself our guardian. I would prefer Laro, to be honest…” Ivory said. “He was a bit rude about our family. In a way. Made me feel like I was being forced into his hand with no choice in life.”

“Just like we did…” Gabe muttered.

“Not in that sort of a way. It’s… just know that I would rather be with Laro then him. He’s okay as a trainer, but being a bit too… I’m not sure if there’s a word for it, but forcing us to do everything he wants us to do.” Ivory said, “you were just strongly enforcing your decisions. Rather than forcing us to do things.”

“Well, he knows more than us. A lot more. So maybe that could be part of the reason.” Gabe said, “but yeah… I’ll be going. Do you want to come?”

“Nah, I think I should stay here with them.” Ivory said, nodding her head towards the baby lagiacrus.

“They’re safe here though.” Gabe said, “they’re gonna learn a lot while we’re gone, and by the time we’re back they would be completely fine. But I guess it’s wiser to stay.” He then spotted a destroyed black box with vomit all over it. “What’s that…?”

“Dunno. Somehow ended up with one of them. Had a recorded message or something on it. One of them ate it and it came back up.” Ivory explained.

“A message? From who?” Gabe asked.

“Didn’t care enough to check. I just know it wasn’t important.” Ivory answered. “But based on what they said I think it was Lagikiller.”

“That is important, if it was with one of them… Then that means he let us take them on purpose. This, this is a war strategy…” Gabe said, “I need you to tell me exactly what he said, or at least close.”

“Alright, I’ll try.” Ivory sighed as she took a deep breath, “he said, ‘uh, is it on? I’ve never used one of these before. Uhh… Well if it’s working, Lagi and Ivory. If you received this message, then, that means I failed.’ I was distracted by Lagi fainting then, and it staticed a bunch. He continued with ‘well then. That probably means you’ve had enough time to escape. It also means that the babies are safe and I can’t get them. But that also means that the hunt isn’t over. I, and the rest of the WaterBreathe, are still after you.’ That’s it.”

Gabe thought for awhile. “Then they’re safe here. We just gotta stay on the lookout. Never stay alone. I’m gonna ask Laro for assistance. And you guys learn how to protect yourselves. Okay?”

“Got it.” Ivory said as she gave Gabe a thumbs up.

“Alright. Then see ya later.” Gabe walked out of the room.

“Bye!” Ivory called.

The door closed behind him. Ivory turned around to see Lagi standing up. “Good to see you’re awake.” Ivory said.

“Yeah. I’m awake. So, where’s Gabe going?” Lagi asked.

“To find Laro.” Ivory answered. “We’re supposed to not be alone.”

“Got it.” Lagi said.

Then, a crying sound was heard. Lagi and Ivory both turned to see that one of the baby lagiacrus had turned into a human!

“Well, this happened.” Ivory said.

Then, one by one, each baby lagiacrus turned into a human and were crying.

“This is great. I would have much rather had fifty lagiacrus than humans, because they take much less work to take care of in most ways!” Ivory sighed as she walked over to them.

One of the babies fell into the water, and sunk down. It couldn’t swim. Ivory ran over to them and picked them up out of the water.

“You guys can’t swim like this, stay out of the water.” Ivory sighed to them all. She set the one down next to the rest of them.

Then one of the babies turned back into a lagiacrus, and soon they all returned to their lagiacrus state.

“This’ll be easier…” Ivory sighed to herself.

“So, how are you?” Lagi asked.

“I’m a bit tired, to be honest.” Ivory answered.

“You’re always tired.” Lagi said.

“But at least I don’t fall asleep in the kitchen!” Ivory laughed. Lagi just nodded as the two of them watched over the babies.


“So, uh, where exactly is the gem and Talsa?” Saturo questioned in a whisper voice as he, Mehrunes, Draco, Pixel and I walked stealthily through the hallways.

We had left the dungeon and were now in a hallway similar to the ones we were in when going to the dungeon.

“What isssss thissss I hear?” we suddenly heard, “ssssounds like tresspassers.”

We all turned around, to find a witch… Similar to that Relatra person, except not that tall and armored with metal and armed with weapons.

“Oh great. We’ve been caught.” Draco said sarcastically.

Mehrunes suddenly said something in a different language and we all disappeared, having turned invisible.

“Heh. What a pathetic spell.” The witch laughed. “I can clearly see you pathetic creatures.”

“Pathetic? Did you just call us pathetic?” Saturo laughed as well. “If anything, it’s Mehrunes, cuz he made that spell, not us.”

Then, I assumed the spell either wore off or Mehrunes stopped it because I could now see everyone else.

“I didn’t ‘make’ the spell, I cast it. Just because she is a batter magic user does not automatically mean that I’m bad.” Mehrunes said.

“Meh.” Saturo shrugged, making a pun at the same time.

“Incorrect. He is bad.” The witch said spitefully, “the worst I’ve ever come across.” She looked Mehrunes in the eyes. “Magic is not his strong-suit… In fact it is just his weak point.”

“Glad I could get an experts opinion.” Mehrunes just replied like it was nothing.

“As for that…” The witch said, “you remain intruders. In which we exterminate.” She raised a hand.

“So you’re gonna kill us?” I asked.

“Yes.” The witch nodded.

Before the witch did anything, something happened, very fast that I could not tell what. The witch had disappeared, with a laugh… Nothing seemed to have happened. I looked around at Pixel, Saturo, Draco and…

Mehrunes. Where did Mehrunes go? He just disappeared, out of sight. Something had happened to him…

“Wait, where did Mehrunes go?” Draco had just noticed as well. I could also swear I heard him mutter ‘I’m not complaining’ under his breath.

“He’s gone. Where did he go? Ich, can you sense him?” Saturo asked.

“Uhhh…” I replied, “I, I can’t sense anyone in here other than us. Not even the witches. No one!”

“That’s the power of the witches.” Pixel said, “I don’t know what happened there, with that witch and Mehrunes disappearing… But I don’t like it. We need to get out of here.”


“Hey, watch where yer goin!” shouted a voice.

“Sorry… sorry…” Gabe walked past the armored man with caution. Looking around, he saw many buildings and spaceships. He needed to find a spaceship, or someone who would take him to Ertin, so he could talk with Laro.

“Uh, excuse me.” he walked up to a random person, “where can I, uh, get a ride?”

“A ride?” The person was much shorter than Gabe, wore red clothes with a red scarf around his neck, and had a very similar face to Gabe.

“Hey, wait, you look just like me!” Gabe realized that his face and this person’s face were almost exactly the same!

“You look like me as well!” The person also realized this, “I’m Lycrus! You?”

“I’m Gaberus. Gabe for short.” Gabe replied.

“Nice to meet you!” Lycrus said. “So, you’re looking for a ride? Do you have any money?”

“No… I forgot to bring some.” Gabe growled, thinking to himself, “I should have asked Elec for some…”

“No problem then! I got you covered, bro!” Lycrus replied, “where ya headed?”

“Ertin.” Gabe replied.

“No way! I’m headed there too!” Lycrus beamed, “well then come on with me! We’ll just take the space bus!”

“Space bus? I never knew there was such thing as a space bus!” Gabe laughed.

“Considering your question, I would have assumed so.” Lycrus replied as he began walking.

Gabe followed silently, as they walked through the Space Station on the Electric Planet. Lycrus lead him to a spaceship with a line waiting to enter. The spaceship was shaped like a normal bus, it had seats like one.

The doors opened the minute they got in line. People entered, dropping money in a box as they did. Soon Lycrus and Gabe got on, and Lycrus paid for himself and Gabe. They sat in the very back, and as soon as they did, the spaceship took off into space.

Everyone on the bus was busy doing their own thing. Lycrus and Gabe sat their awkwardly silent.

“So, seems like Ertin is the first stop.” Lycrus said, “that’s pretty lucky for us. I’m assuming it’s because of the war.”

“Yeah…” Gabe just nodded.

“So, why are you headed to Ertin?” Lycrus asked.

“It’s, um, personal matters.” Gabe replied.

“Ah, gotcha. Well. I’m pretty fine telling about where I’m headed.” Lycrus said, “just to home…”

“Where is you home?” Gabe asked, because Lycrus didn’t care about telling his personal matters.

“Heh. I’m a very lucky orphan.” Lycrus smiled, “after I was abandoned by two friends that had helped me out, I explored Ertin and then came across him… A rich man. His name was Laro Acrus, and he knew about me for some reason. He took me in as his adopted son.”

Gabe looked at Lycrus with very wide eyes. He couldn’t believe what he had just heard.

“He well, guided me on helping me get back my memory, cuz you see, before I met him I didn’t remember my past or anything like that. He helped me do that.” Lycrus said. “He’s a pretty cool guy.”

“H-huh… W-well I’m actually looking for him. I need to speak with him.” Gabe said.

“Really? Well then you should come with me back home then.” Lycrus said, “lucky for us, there it is.”

Lycrus pointed out the window at the Planet Ertin. He pointed at a specific area on the planet. “Right there. I memorized it. That’s where he lives.”

“Wow.” Gabe replied as the space bus made its way towards the planet.

The spaceship then made its way into Ertin’s atmosphere, headed towards the space station. It soon landed and the doors opened. A couple of people exited the space bus, including Lycrus and Gabe.

“Okay, so take me to your home.” Gabe said.

“Alright then follow me.” Lycrus said, “we’ll take another bus.”

“Uhh, okay.”

Lycrus lead Gabe to a bus stop, where there was already a bus that people were entering. Lycrus and Gabe entered along with the people and sat in the back once again.

It wasn’t too long before the bus stopped and Lycrus got out, with Gabe right behind him. They were in front of the gate to Laro’s house. Lycrus rang a bell next to the metal gate and it opened. The two of them walked into the driveway of the house, and soon were at the front door.

Lycrus knocked the door, and it immediately was opened by a maid, who welcomed them and let them inside. The maid went to do her job after that, and Gabe looked around the house. He was impressed.

“So, Lycrus, where’s Laro right now?” Gabe asked Lycrus.

“I dunno. He may or may not be home.” Lycrus replied. “He’s a businessman after all.”

“Okay…” Gabe thought to himself.

After no more than a minute, a man in a suit walked into the room, a man named Laro.

“Hey, hey, welcome home Lycrus! Who is this you brought with you?” Laro patted Lycrus on the shoulder.

“Gabe.” Lycrus replied, “he wanted to see you.”

Laro turned to face Gabe. He then looked at Lycrus. “Leave us, please.”

Lycrus then left the room, heading to his room. Laro stared at Gabe.

“If this is about the whole hunting thing and war and stuff, I don’t want part of it.” Laro said.

“But we’re all in danger! They’re still out there, a lot of them! And they’ll kill us all! Including you!” Gabe said.

“No, they aren’t after me. I’ve made a deal with them. I’m not gonna be part of that un-urbanized kingdom of the Lagiacrus, both the Acrus and the Stone clans.” Laro said.

“But… Lagi and Ivory… the children… We’ve already started the new kingdom…” Gabe said.

“Sure, you have. But I’m not part of that kingdom.”

“Okay, so, you don’t want to help because you made a deal with Lagikiller?” Gabe asked.

“He never was after me. I’m not loyal to the kingdom. I already have a new life here. I don’t want to be part of your trouble.” Laro said.

“Well, can you at least help? Help us?” Gabe asked.

Laro looked at Gabe’s forehead. “You don’t need my help.”

Gabe was silent.

“Where are the eggs?” Laro then asked.

“In Elec’s mansion… Somewhere safe…” Gabe replied.

“See? You don’t need me. Elec is powerful. He helped our kind before, and is willing to help them now. Me, I do not. I’m not willing to help. I have other things to do.” Laro replied, “my life isn’t over. If I join you, I could die.”

“Oh… Well, Lagi and Ivory wanted me to ask if they could stay here with you…” Gabe said.

“Nah. They’re better off with Elec. Abyss wanted them to stay with Elec when it came to this. So.” Laro said, “I can still somewhat help, don’t take me wrong on what I said.”

“How would you help then?” Gabe asked.

“When you’re in danger…” Laro said, “he’ll help protect you.”

Lycrus was now back in the room.

“He’s powerful, once he discovered it.” Laro said, “Lycrus, go on with Gabe back home. You’ll see your other two friends again. You can always come back and visit.” Laro looked at Gabe. “You can too. Just don’t bring the danger here.”

Gabe nodded.



-----| Chapter 9 |-----



“So, which way? Where do we go to find the gem and Talsa?” Saturo asked as we continued walking through the hallway.

“I… have no clue.” Pixel replied.

“Yeah well we need to know so that we could find them and get out of this place!” Saturo said, “and maybe try and find Mehrunes! But I think he just got sick of this place and ditched us. Probably teleported away from the witch since he wanted to live or something.”

“Maybe…” I nodded.

As we were walking, we could hear shouting and running. In front of us, we spotted Chill, with a blue gem in his hands, running towards us at full speed.

“RUNN HOMIES!” He shouted. Behind him, were, at least a hundred witches, all armed.

“That’s not good.” Draco said the obvious as Chill zipped right past us. “RUN!”

Soon we all began running. Saturo was way up ahead with Chill, and when Draco suddenly tripped, he came back and took Draco up front as well. Pixel used a machine, or boots or whatever, to speed up and get up front with everyone. I looked back, and saw that the witches were five feet away from me. I tried to run faster, but I couldn’t. I wasn’t as fast as the others.

One of the witches’ sword was only two inches away from the back of my neck. But then something happened… All the witches fell back, like they were retreating… They were after a different target.

The others had realized that the witches were heading back, and they came back next to me.

“It’s Talsa they’re after! Let’s follow them!” Pixel said.

“Okai!” Chill and Pixel ran after the witches.

“Let’s go!” Saturo and Draco did as well, and I followed.

As we were running, I thought to myself… How did Chill get the gem all by himself? What did he do? Where was it? I just wondered and wondered until the witches in front of us were all knocked out cold.

We saw in front of us… A guy wearing electric clothing, and he was holding a younger witch. It was Shock, and he was holding who I assumed was Talsa.

“Pixel! Quick!” Shock shouted, as Pixel took Talsa from his hands. “Go! Before Relatra finds out!”

Pixel nodded, turned to us and said, “let’s get out of here.”

Saturo was ‘shocked’ to see Shock. He was looking at him in the eyes.

“Go!” Shock shouted at him.

Saturo took a step back, a look of curiosity on his face. He then finally turned around and began to run after Pixel. I also realized I was falling behind, since everyone was up ahead. I quickly ran and caught up with them.

“I knowz a shortcut!” Chill then said, “up dose stairz and den a left and we be at da front entrance!”

Pixel nodded, and we did exactly what Chill told us to do. We then, did, make it to the entrance! We ran out of the door. Thanks to Shock, no one was following us. I wonder why he even helped us…

“What? My spaceship!” Pixel then spotted his spaceship, all broken up and destroyed.

“It’s fine! Come with us! Ours is faster anyway!” Saturo told him.

We then ran through the woods until we reached our spaceship. Lavender was sitting on top of it, keeping the lookout.

“They’re back!” Lavender yelled.

“Lav! Tell Glitter to open the doors! We don’t have much time before Relatra finds out we’ve escaped!” Saturo shouted.

Lavender nodded, but it was as if Glitter already knew we had arrived and opened the door before Lavender told him. Lavender leaped down from the top of the spaceship and entered, with us following her.

The moment we all entered, the spaceship took off into space.


“YOU FOOL! YOU LET THEM GET AWAY!?” Relatra shouted, extremely frustrated.

“I’m sorry, Mother Relatra…” Shock apologized, “but Talsa put a spell on me and I couldn’t move…”

“Well!?” Relatra shouted.

They were outside, and were watching the electric spaceship take off into space. Relatra was frowning.

“We’ll just send out two sisters to find her. Again…” Relatra said. “Go tell them that!”

“Yes, ma’am.” Shock then sped off into the temple with a smirk.



We had all made it back in… And left the planet safely… Glitter was piloting the spaceship, leading us back home. I looked around at everyone seated in the spaceship to make sure they were all here…

Saturo, Chill, Pixel, Talsa… check. Draco, Draelin, Uchiho, check. Lavender and Listy, check… And then I remembered… Mehrunes. He wasn’t here. He had disappeared… If, if he wasn’t here… That means he didn’t just ditch us and come back to the spaceship… Something happened to him.

“So… where’s Meh?” Listy asked.

“Uhh…” Saturo said, “well, you see, there was this witch, a powerful one. She was about to do something, and Meh just disappeared. I thought he ditched us and came here…”

“Hmm lets see now… no I don’t see Mehrunes so, hey. Here’s an idea: FIND HIM.” Listy said.

“That’s a very good idea. Problem is, I can’t sense him, and I don’t know where he is. Just like the time when Lagi and Ivory were kidnapped.” I said, and after I said that I realized that Draco had fell asleep, as usual (He falls asleep all the time on spaceships).

“Great.” Listy said sarcastically. “So how do you propose we find him.”

“Well… Did he have any trackers on himself? Does his spacesuits have trackers?” I asked.

“Yeah he carries a bunch of trackers and all of his space suits he can find with a device like this.” Listy said, holding up what looked like a box on a stick, all of which was made of metal, there were a bunch of buttons and a screen on it. “Oh yeah, I see what you mean.”

“That machine. It should lead us to him then.” I said. “Hey, Saturo, can you tell Glitter to use the machine and take us to wherever Mehrunes is?”

“Sure.” Saturo said, before he was silent, “he said sure. He also said that Chill told him a while ago tha-”

“Meh-Brah beh at da same place. Same place where imma head to!” Chill said, looking at the gem in his hand, “da same place where I need to use dis…”

“Well. We’re lucky that happened.” Saturo said. “Glitter’s taking us to where Chill wants to go, and where Mehrunes is at the same time. How lucky are we?”

“I dunno. Where exactly is Mehrunes?” Listy asked. “I can’t make sense of any of this.”

“Lemme ask Glitter.” Saturo said, and he was silent for awhile, “well, Glitter says he’s on the same planet that Chill wants to go to… A planet called Sipron. He said some call it the Planet of the prisons… He also said we’re stopping there for gas.”

“Haha. Very funny.” Listy said.

“Yep…” Saturo nodded. He looked out the window… There was a planet right in front of us…

“There it is? Sipron?” I asked.

“Yah.” Chill nodded. “Datz our destination.”

“We should come up with a plan. Of who goes with Chill and who goes with Listy.” Saturo said. “Should we do that now? Before we land?”

“I don’ really need nobody ta come wit meh.” Chill said, “but, Imma be gon fer awhile. So goodbye.”

The spaceship landed on the planet Sipron. The doors opened and Chill stepped out with the gem, “bai homiez.”

“Oh. You’re leaving?” I asked.

He nodded from outside the spaceship. “I got wut I wanted.” He looked at the gem in his hands. “So, bai.”

“Bye.” The doors closed and the spaceship took off into the air.

“Well then.” Saturo said, “I guess we’re all gonna find Mehrunes.”

“Yep.” I replied.

“Well… Pixel? Talsa? Will you help us?” Saturo asked.

Looking at Pixel, and next to him Talsa… They were silent. Talsa especially, she was silent for… She was always silent. I wondered what she was thinking… What her plan was…

“Sure…” Pixel replied.

“Oookay then…” Saturo said, “well. Then it’s settled.” The spaceship flew through the atmosphere. “We land, and find Mehrunes!”


To Be Continued!




next chap comin sooner or later

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