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Ultimates: Book 17: The Cause of Demolition: (Book 8 In The 2nd Series)

Ultimates: Book 17: The Cause of Demolition: (Book 8 In The 2nd Series)

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June 4th, 2018

heres all of book 8/17



Ultimates: The Cause of Demolition:

By: The Ultimate Osaid



-----| Chapter 1 |-----



Mehrunes awoke to the sound of humming.

“Five more minutes please.” Mehrunes thought, looking around discreetly.

He found himself in a familiar green room, with a familiar table, where sat was a familiar man dressed in green. Rorikan.

“Great now I’m worried.” Mehrunes sat up.

“I can still read your thoughts.” Rorikan said, “I’m in your head after all.”

“Yeah, I know.” Mehrunes said. “Doesn’t change it.”

“So… Hungry?” Rorikan asked.

“Yeah I guess so.” Mehrunes said.

“What do you want to eat?” Rorikan asked.

“I dunno you choose.” Mehrunes said, sitting down.

“Orange chicken it is.” Rorikan snapped, and two plates of orange chicken appeared in front of them.

“Huh. I almost expected that.” Mehrunes said, starting to eat the orange chicken.

“Indeed.” Rorikan smiled, eating as well.

“Indeed. Indeed.” Mehrunes smirked.

“Well, you should already know, you’re in the Dream World. This also means you’re asleep at the moment.” Rorikan said as he ate.

“Yeah, I know. I also know that’s probably not a good thing.” Mehrunes replied.

“It may be, but it may be not.” Rorikan said.

“Cryptic much?” Mehrunes asked.

“Not. There is no danger of falling asleep.” Rorikan replied.

“Maybe, but I was on a planet with witches so I don’t wanna get comfy.” Mehrunes said.

“That’s true… That planet is dangerous. It’s good that you aren’t there anymore.” Rorikan replied, “your friends left in a hurry. But now they are searching for you.”

“Oh good. I would at least like to know where I am before they get me, but I suppose I’ll have to wait a little while for that.” Mehrunes said. “Do you happen to know who teleported me?”

“No… I do not happen to know what planet you are on either.” Rorikan said, “I don’t know if you even were teleported.”

“Oh good.” Mehrunes said. “Well at least I got orange chicken.” Mehrunes was finished eating.

“Want dessert?” Rorikan asked.

“Yeah.” Mehrunes replied.

“What do you want for dessert?” Rorikan asked.

“Cake.” Mehrunes replied.

“What kind?” Rorikan asked.

“Chocolate.” Mehrunes replied. “Chocolate cake.”

Rorikan snapped, and a whole chocolate cake appeared on the table, as well as two plates, one for Rorikan and one for Mehrunes. The cake was already sliced, and a slice floated onto Mehrunes’s plate, while another floated onto Rorikan’s plate.

“That’s a lot of cake.” Mehrunes said, starting to eat his slice.

“It’s just one.” Rorikan replied.

“It’s an entire cake.” Mehrunes said. “And two of us. So it’s technically a lot of cake.”

“Well, then eat up.” Rorikan replied.

“I am.” Mehrunes replied, still eating.

“Great.” Rorikan had already finished his slice.

“I like cake.” Mehrunes was also finished. “Oddly enough it’s one of the few things I haven’t seen yet.”

“Probably.” Rorikan replied, “well then. You don’t have long before you wake up, so if you want to talk about something or ask something, now’s the time to do it.”

“Any way you know of that I can learn stuff better/faster?” Mehrunes asked. “Especially since my trackers are failing.”

“Find someone to teach you, or just keep on trying to teach yourself using your Ultimate Crystal.” Rorikan replied.

“I guess I don’t have very much…” Mehrunes said.

“Well then… Goodbye for now.” Rorikan said.


Mehrunes awoke, his eyes opened wide as he looked around himself. There was nothing but darkness… It was as if he was stuck in a black room.

“Oh good.” Mehrunes thought, still looking around, summoning his lantern. “This is going to be fun isn’t it?

Unfortunately, the lantern did nothing. It did not allow Mehrunes to see anything other than darkness that is far away.

“Okay…” Mehrunes said aloud. “Deja vu much?”

Suddenly, the darkness all disappeared in a second. Mehrunes found himself in a cage, locked tight with a lock.

“I’m less interested in what’s in the cage and more interested in what’s outside it.” Mehrunes thought, looking out the bars. “Although I guess that’s an insult to me.”

Outside the bars he saw he was in a white room.

“Wow. Boring.” Mehrunes thought, reaching for his katana. “Sentinel, got any insight on my situation?”

But Sentinel did not reply.

“They were smart enough for that at least.” Mehrunes said, grabbing his katana. “Oi anyone wanna tell me why I’m here?”

“Maybe.” A voice replied, coming from a speaker of some sort.

“Maybe goes both ways.” Mehrunes replied. “So do tell.”

“You’re in a trap. Specifically, that I designed, for you.” The voice said. “Since I know you better than others do.”

“Right. Lemmi guess. Edgar wassup. No one else knows me here or anywhere. I keep things to myself, also way to give yourself away immediately.” Mehrunes replied. “Where are we? Planet wise?”

“I told you. A trap specifically made for you.” The voice replied.

“Aww how kind of you.” Mehrunes said. “Why’d you let me keep almost all my stuff then?”

“This whole time I’ve been working on this. Your stuff will be useless when you try to use them.” The voice replied.

“Even teleportation?” Mehrunes smirked. “How ‘bout the new stuff? Ohh wait what about literally all my powers or the fact that this cage is worthless?”

“The cage is nothing. The room has built in features. You won’t be able to escape, teleporting won’t work either.” The voice replied.

“Well then I guess I won’t do anything.” Mehrunes said, smirking.

“Smart. But there’s a time limit for your escape. Then deadly features will be activated.” The voice replied.

“But you said I can’t escape.” Mehrunes replied. “You also said this was a trap, and that you’ve been working on it forever and blah blah blah but you never actually said anything other than teleportation won’t work so what’s with that?”

“I’m not telling you anything.” The voice said, “otherwise you could figure out something.”

“Little too late for that.” Mehrunes said, looking closely at the bars and the roof as well as the floor of the cage, until he kicked one of the bars lightly. “Hey what did you do for my magic?”

“I’m not gonna tell you. I’ve already told you enough.” The voice replied. “I already took everything.”

“Mmmhmmm.” Mehrunes said. “No you didn’t. And also. I don’t even think you did anything about my magic or frankly my intelligence, if you took everything, you would have taken my life so you didn’t take that…”

“I’ve taken everything that could help you escape, as in physical or abilities.” The voice said.

“I still have my katana.” Mehrunes replied. “It’s metal. And sharp. I have my cloths. That’s helpful.”

“They won’t help you escape. Just try.” The voice said.

“I have my memory.” Mehrunes said, ignoring the voice. “I have water. Those are helpful.”

Try.” The voice said.

“Let’s see I have like six daggers, those are helpful. I have a belt, that’s helpful, I have a katana by the way, that’s helpful.” Mehrunes said, still ignoring the voice. “I have my voice I have strength. I have a lot of helpful things.”

“Try using them. Make them helpful.” The voice replied.

“They already are.” Mehrunes said, kicking the bars more, denting them.

The voice didn’t say anything anymore.

Mehrunes had dented the bars enough to slip out, and looked around the white room.

“You’re next move.” The voice said.

“Isn't that supposed to be a question?” Mehrunes asked, walking away from the cage.

The voice did not reply.

“Oh noooooo da guy that captured me isn’t talking, whatever will I doooo.” Mehrunes said sarcastically. “Waaaaait a minute…”

“You only broke out of the cage. That wasn’t even metal. It was plastic.” The voice said, “that was the easy part. The farther you get, the harder it will become.”

“I don’t caaaaaaaare.” Mehrunes thought, trying to cast a spell, silently, that would light a fire.

However, the spell didn’t do anything.

“See? What did I tell ya.” The voice said.

“I’m tired of your jabber.” Mehrunes thought, going back over to the plastic cage and slashing it with his katana in spite.

Suddenly, the katana flew out of his hand and attached itself to the wall.

“Ooo. Magnetic… I have something for metal walls, or walls in general.” Mehrunes said, taking out his gravity boots and stepping on the wall.

“Gravity boots? That’s not gonna help you do much.” The voice said. “Say, wanna make things interesting? Escape, and find me. I’ll give you your stuff back and you can do everything again. Then we can 1v1. Fight face first. Heh.”

“Heh? Sounds like fun.” Mehrunes smirked.

“Alright then. Get out of this room. That’s your first task.” The voice said, “good luck. I’m looking forward to it.”

Mehrunes looked around. He looked over at his katana that was attached to the floor.  He decided he wanted to test it more, and took out his 6 daggers, and threw them at the wall near his katana.

They went right into the wall, causing part of the wall to rip off and fall onto the floor. Mehrunes could see the magnets behind the wall.

“Of course it’s gonna be like that.” Mehrunes thought, looking at the magnets, before he ripped the magnets out.

He had disabled them in the process, since the magnets were connected to a machine that strengthens them. Mehrunes understood their purpose while he was ripping them out.

He then took his katana and daggers back. With the katana he swung it like crazy around the room, until he then cut through a wall. He cut more, cutting out a shape of a rectangle, which he went through into another room.

“Great more rooms.” Mehrunes thought, looking around the room. “Can’t wait to take another five minutes to figure out this puzzle.”

This room was exactly like the one before, except it had no cage.

“Right.” Mehrunes thought, starting to swing his katana at the walls. “Magnets.”

And he was right, because the katana was sucked towards the wall, sticking to it. He repeated the same process with his daggers, and chucked the magnets out of there before taking his weapons again.

“Right, now what’s the catch this time?” Mehrunes asked himself. “We already did the wall… let’s go for ceiling.”

Mehrunes, with his gravity boots, walked up the wall to the ceiling and started to attack it with his katana. He cut a hole and fell through into something else… A chamber, with a test tube. Inside the test tube was Mehrunes… A different one.

“…” Mehrunes stared from the ceiling, but listened intently as to not be snuck up on. “So you are insane…”

Then the Mehrunes in the tube opened its eyes, although it was in a green liquid, it had no trouble seeing with the green liquid in its eyes.

“That can’t be good…” Mehrunes said.

The Mehrunes stared at Mehrunes, who was still standing on the ceiling with his gravity boots. Then, the tube exploded, glass flew everywhere. The Mehrunes stepped out of the broken tube, looking up at Mehrunes.

“And what do you think you need?” Mehrunes asked.

The Mehrunes didn’t reply, it only stared.

“Of course you don’t know how to speak.” Mehrunes sighed. “Can you nod?”

The Mehrunes didn’t reply once more, it only stared creepily.

“Uhh okay.” Mehrunes said. “I don’t understand.”

The Mehrunes then took out a katana from nowhere, still staring at Mehrunes.

“Mimicking much?” Mehrunes asked, raising his katana preparing to fight.

The Mehrunes then finally spoke, “I am Meh-2.0, I will destroy you.” The voice sounded sort of robotic.

“Your Meh nothing.” Mehrunes said. “Typically in this situation you’d be better with a katana but you also just had a bath. Seems like we’re both trapped here and your mistreated but sure we can fight just as soon as I get my powers back, you can wait right?”

“I am Meh-2.0, I will destroy you.” It said the same thing, as if it was the only thing it could say.

“Great, glad to hear you say that EDGAR! GIMME MAH STUFF BACK YOU LUNATIC!” Mehrunes yelled.

“Destroy!” The replica leaped at Mehrunes with its own katana.

Mehrunes sidestepped the leap and swung his katana at the replica’s back. It made a loud sound, but the katana didn’t do much since the replica’s back was made of a hard substance.

“Destroy…!” Both of their katanas clashed as they fought.

“How about WE DO THE OPPOSITE!” Mehrunes yelled, ducking an attack to come back up, knocking the replicas katana out of form, then slashing at the replicas eyes multiple times.

The eyes fell out, along with part of its face. Mehrunes could see metal parts, but also flesh. This was not a complete robot.

“Gotta test and see if my powers work yet.” Mehrunes thought, punching the replicas legs, causing it to lose balance. “OW!”

Mehrunes moved back and tried to use his stars, but they didn’t work.

“Stars, not work.” The replica said in a robotic voice, “must exit field, must exit barrier.” The replica began to walk towards a door at the end of the chamber.

“How nice for you.” Mehrunes said, sweeping the replicas legs out from under it, causing it to fall. “I don wanna go through the door though, thanks.”

The replica stretched out its hand, grabbed Mehrunes, and chucked him across the chamber, away from the door. Mehrunes caught himself using the gravity boots, and was now standing on the wall. He saw the replica itself was heading towards the door. Mehrunes bounced off the wall and charged at the replica, ramming it into the door.

The replica broke the door, knocking it down. Inside was some sort of arena, but to get to it one would have to pass through this pink barrier.

The replica got up and went past the barrier, and then leaped onto the arena. It turned around to face Mehrunes.

“No I’m good over here.” Mehrunes said.

The replica stared silently.

“Glad we can agree on that front.” Mehrunes said sarcastically, as he looks down at his wrist, where there would be a watch. But there was no watch, only his wrist, he was pretending. “Aye, it’s story time tell me, why do you want to destroy me?”

“Destroy…” The replica repeated.

“Yeah, that. You don’t even know me. Hey I can see you have flesh! What’s up with you? It seems like you’re really messed up.” Mehrunes said.

“Destroy Mehrunes…!” The replica said, “I am Meh-2.0, I will destroy you!”

“You’re Mehrunes.” Mehrunes said.

“I am Meh-” The replica started.

“No.” Mehrunes interrupted. “You are Mehrunes, your mission is to destroy Mehrunes.”

“Destroy… Mehrunes…” The replica then summoned these purple things and exploded itself. It’s metal parts and flesh went all over the place.

“Huh. That worked well.” Mehrunes said, walking forward some. “Who was this poor sap?”

Mehrunes tried to see what the replica looked like, but gave up due to how damaged it was from when it exploded. Mehrunes then stepped into the arena, looking for what to do next.
After a couple moments, the voice from before spoke, “okay, Mehrunes. You’ve made it out, so now you have to fight to the death with Meh-2.0!”

“Alriiiiight!” Mehrunes said.

“Wait.” The voice said, “where’s Meh-2.0? It was supposed to follow you.”

“It’s your robot clone thing. How should I know?” Mehrunes asked, playing dumb really well.

“I can’t read it on these sensors, so… Checking in on the cameras… It destroyed itself?” The voice said.

“No, that was me.” Mehrunes said. “So you lied, now tell me how I get out.”

“You’re not done yet.” The voice said. “And you’ve gotta find your own way out.”

“Of course I do.” Mehrunes said. “I feel like I need to know who was in the robot suit.”

“No one was.” The voice replied.

“Then why was there a bunch of flesh?” Mehrunes asked.

“It’s called science, Mehrunes. I’ve learned a lot since I came to this galaxy.” The voice replied, “had to do DNA stuff and create things in the lab.”

“You’ve learned a lot.” Mehrunes said. “I’ve learned more.”

“We both learned stuff. We can go all out and see who learned more. After you find me, that is.” The voice said, “right now… it should be arriving soon.”

“I don’t want to kill you Edgar.” Mehrunes said. “I want to help you, to save you.”

“Save me? I don’t need saving.” The voice replied.

“You’ve actually gone insane.” Mehrunes said. “You tried to create another me. You need help.”

“Heh. Well then.” The voice replied. The wall way past the arena opened, and a rocket machine came out from in, and landed in front of Mehrunes. It opened up and out came another one of those things. “Have fun with Meh-3.0 then.”

“Okay bye, have a great time.” Mehrunes said. “Hey Meh 3.0. You gonna say anything or are you gonna be boring?”

“Each one of us is better than the past one.” The replica replied, with the robotic voice it had.

“Lemme guess, you’re here to ‘Destroy Mehrunes’ aren’t ya?” Mehrunes asked.

“Yes, that is my programing.” The replica replied.

“Right, but if you are Mehrunes, and there’s a bunch of other Mehrunes, what distinguishes the difference between the Mehrunes?” Mehrunes asked.

“I have scanners in my brain, I can tell you are the real Mehrunes.” The replica replied.

“What if I’m not the real Mehrunes?” Mehrunes asked. “How can you be sure?”

“My thermal scanner.” The replica replied. “And there’s only one of you.”

“Well, your Mehrunes too.” Mehrunes replied, three Mehrunes standing next to each other. “And, don’t you give off heat?”

“Classic trick.” The replica said, looking at the three Mehrunes, “you’re all one person. You’re using speed to make it look like there's three of you.” The replica completely ignored the other question.

Then, only one Mehrunes took out a katana. Then another, then the last.

“If I’m one person, when I drop this katana only one should drop, right?” Mehrunes asked.

“Uh, yes?” The replica guessed.

One Mehrunes dropped a katana, then another, then another. There were now three katanas on the ground.

“Wrong.” Mehrunes said.

“Then that gives me an advantage, if there are three of you. That means you are three times weaker than usual.” The replica stated.

Then, Mehrunes suddenly goes back to normal and fires a revolver round into the replicas head, piercing the armour.

“But then…” There were now two other replicas standing next to the original. “I can do whatever you do.” They all took out a revolver and aimed it at Mehrunes.

“With the same repercussions.” Mehrunes said, quick drawing all their revolvers out of there hands by shooting them. “*SIGH* oh well.” Mehrunes threw a massive amount of bombs, all of them landing and blowing up before the replica’s could do anything. After the dust disappeared, the replicas were gone.

“Nice try.” Mehrunes said. “There’s no pieces, and the other one left some. Come back out.”

The three replicas appeared around Mehrunes and all grabbed Mehrunes by the neck and gripped it tightly, choking him. Mehrunes was mad at this point, and simply teleported out of their grip.

“You know. I’m really. REALLY. MAD.” Mehrunes said, having already taken out his katana. “And you won’t like me, when I’m mad.”

“I already don’t like you.” The three replicas all said at the same time.

“Yeah well you’ll like me less.” Mehrunes said, dashing over to one of the replicas, and slashing through its armour around its neck, decapitating it. “Your programming is faulty.” Mehrunes said to the two left.

“You are Mehrunes too. That means your programming is faulty as well.” The two replicas left replied.

“That’s the problem. You think wrong.” Mehrunes replied. “I’m not a robot. I’m not programed. I have a mother and a father. Have you ever seen the sun?”

“No.” The replicas replied, “there are multiple suns though, which are you referring to?”

ANY OF THEM!” Mehrunes exclaimed. “You guys are Mehrunes 3, I just killed 2, making me an actual human. What’s probably gonna happen if you kill me is that Edgar will have no use for you, and just kill you anyway. You have no other reason to be alive.”

“Exactly?” The replicas asked.

“Correct.” Mehrunes said. “You have never seen the outside world, and you probably never will.”

“So?” The replicas asked.

“Don’t you want to see the galaxy? Experience life?” Mehrunes asked. “Instead of your pitiful existence here, to just die.”

“I must destroy you, then I get that life.” The replicas said.

“No. You won’t.” Mehrunes said. “You’ll just be butchered. Like an ANIMAL.”

“How do you know that? You’re just like me, you’re Mehrunes.” The replicas said, as there was now the original standing.

“Because I wasn't MADE by Edgar.” Mehrunes said. “You? You were. You serve his whims. And when then if its done he kills you. He doesn’t need you other than to do his dirty work.”

“I don’t think I’m programmed to understand a single word you say.” The replica said, “cuz none of that made much sense.”

“If you kill me. You die. If you don’t. You die. If you leave. You live.” Mehrunes put simply.

“I must kill you. I can’t do anything else. I don’t know how.” The replica said, taking out a katana.

“Your choice.” Mehrunes replied, to the last one. He sliced once and Mehrunes 3.0’s head falls to the floor.

“That’s not a weakness I have.” The replica said, picking up it’s head and putting it back on. “I’m a robot, not part human unlike the last one.”

Mehrunes smirks, and a ball of plasma appearing between his hands.

“Buh bye.” Mehrunes said, releasing an tiny EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) charge from his hands, completely disabling the replica.

“Impressive.” said a voice behind Mehrunes.

“Why thank you.” Mehrunes said, spinning around to face his next opponent.

It was another replica. “I’m Meh-4.0, and I’m much better than the other ones.”

“Oh good.” Mehrunes replied. “Too bad it’s practically impossible to resist EMP. So. What do you have to say eh?”

“Oh. Edgar made me resistant to that stuff, hehe…” The replica said. “Nothings impossible, he said.”

“I said practically.” Mehrunes replied. “Right. What’s your excuse?”

“What’s my excuse?” The replica asked.

“Yep. Why do you want to kill me besides programming?” Mehrunes asked.

“Meh.” The replica shrugged, “I’m not supposed to kill you actually. That was the other two replicas.”

“Oh! Interesting.” Mehrunes replied. “Then what are you supposed to do?”

“Help you get to Edgar.” The replica replied.

“But why?” Mehrunes asked.

“Cuz that’s my programming.” The replica shrugged.

“You know.” Mehrunes said. “At this point I don’t even wanna fight Edgar. I just wanna leave.”

“Well you have to fight him to leave. He’s the only one who can let you leave this place.” The replica shrugged once more.

“Can I take you with me?” Mehrunes asked.

“Maybe. Probably not. Unless I get reprogrammed.” The replica shrugged again.

“I can manage.” Mehrunes replied. “Well let’s go. My friends will be here soon anyway…”

“What are ‘friends’?” The replica asked.

“The opposite of enemies.” Mehrunes replied.

“Oh.” The replica replied, “okay then.”

“Start walking.” Mehrunes replied.

“It’s not a place we walk. Close your eyes.” The replica said.

“Seems like a disadvantage.” Mehrunes replied.

“You have to do it so we can go.” The replica said.

“Fine.” Mehrunes replied, closing his eyes.

“Okay, you can open them now.” The replica said instantly after.

Mehrunes opened his eyes, and he was in a room that looked like a castle. There was red carpet going towards a throne, where sat a white labbed coat guy, Edgar.

“Ah! Welcome to my castle!” Mehrunes said.

“This is Edgar’s castle.” said the replica.

“I’m being ironic.” Mehrunes replied. “HEY EDGAR!”

Edgar sat silently in his throne, resting his cheek on his fist.

“ONCE MORE! EDGAR!” Mehrunes yelled, walking.

Edgar remained silent, in the same position. Mehrunes took out and fired a revolver at Edgars hand. Edgar simply caught the bullet with his fingers.

“Right now that I know I have your attention.” Mehrunes said, walking towards Edgar. “Speak.”

“Why should I?” Edgar asked, finally speaking.

“Because conversation is the best weapon.” Mehrunes replied.

“That’s opinion based.” Edgar said. “But it varies.”

“Whatever. Can I leave now?” Mehrunes asked. “I’m bored, and frankly the only thing I thought was kinda cool was this robot over there, and that one doesn’t fight.”

“Well you can’t leave. Not unless I let you.” Edgar replied.

“Then let me leave.” Mehrunes said.

“Nope.” Edgar said. “I’ve worked hard to bring all this here. You’re not leaving. Not until after our 1v1.”

“But I don’t waaaaanaaaaaa.” Mehrunes said. “My friends will be here in like, I dunno.” Mehrunes looks at his tracker, one that tracks another tracker. “Just lemme go.”

“You can’t get out of here when I’m here.” Edgar said.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Mehrunes asked, absentmindedly looking at the walls.

“You’re not in the real world, you’re in a world I created.” Edgar said. “When I said I learned a lot, I wasn’t joking.”

“No not that I don’t really care.” Mehrunes said. “I wanted to know, does that mean I’ll HAVE to kill you to get out?”

“No. If you kill me, you’d be stuck here forever.” Edgar replied.

“Then how do I get out?” Mehrunes asked.

“I have to let you out. No one can come in, or go out without my approval. It’s part of the system.” Edgar replied.

“Wutever.” Mehrunes said. “Hey can I have a robot me?”

“Why would you want one?” Edgar asked.

“Well… Because their cool.” Mehrunes said. “You did a good job. Except on the first one, he was stupid.”

“I learned along the way. Each one is better than the other.” Edgar replied, “but alright… If you 1v1 me and when I let you go.”

“You say that like you know I’m gonna win.” Mehrunes said, instigating the fight with another revolver shot.

“After what I’ve seen you do, you’re not gonna come even close to winning.” Edgar was holding the bullet between his fingers.

“You’ve seen barley any of what I do.” Mehrunes smiled. “I made sure of that, because I know you as well.” Mehrunes rapidly shot three bullets at Edgars legs, body and head.

“I don’t think you know me as well as you did before.” Edgar opened his hand, showing all the bullets.

“Neither do you.” Mehrunes said.

“Yes, as a matter of fact. I ran a full body scan.” Edgar said, “I know what you are capable of, and what you are not capable of.”

“How is that different from before?” Mehrunes asked. “Cuz I mean… you were the one to train me in the first place soooo…”

“Exactly. But you’ve learned new things here too.” Edgar reached through his pocket, and pulled out a dark green crystal. “Here. I want you to have your full power.” He tossed the crystal towards Mehrunes. Mehrunes caught it absentmindedly. “Now absorb your crystal.”

“Nah I don’t think I wanna.” Mehrunes said. “Yet.”

“Well then, in the meantime show me what you’ve got.” Edgar replied, tossing the bullets in his hands aside.

“Gladly.” Mehrunes said, tossing his gun aside and reaching for his back sheath.

Edgar just watched him and waited. Mehrunes grabbed something that wasn't there previously, it was a blue broadsword that was shockingly normal looking. Mehrunes and Edgar both knew it was the first sword Mehrunes mastered, and beat Edgar with.

“Come on now.” Mehrunes said. “Les go.”



-----| Chapter 2 |-----



“Well that doesn’t help at all.” Saturo said, looking around.

Our spaceship was parked right on the hill. There was no one here, no buildings, no anything. Just hills and emptiness… This is where Listy’s tracker led us. To nowhere. Not to Mehrunes.

“Well. I dunno.” Listy said from next to Saturo. “Mehrunes made them.”

“Well… What do we do now?” Lavender asked, from next to Saturo.

“Umm…. maybe he’s underground?” Listy suggested.

“I doubt it.” I said, “but we can look to make sure. Question is how.”

“We should ask everyone else.” Lavender said, “in the spaceship.”

“Ask everyone what?” Listy asked, not following.

“Draco’s useless, he’s asleep.” said a voice from the spaceship.

“I don’t think we should be calling people useless behind their backs…” Listy said.

“Wait, who even said that?” Saturo asked.

We turned our heads and spotted Draelin. “He’s being useless, I can be more useful than him!” She ran over to us.

“Uhh…” Listy said. “How?”

“I’ll show you. You’re tryna find if somethings underground, right?” Draelin asked.

“Uh… yes.” Listy said.

“Well then I have just the thing!” Draelin took out some sort of device and set it on the ground with a smile.

“…what?” Listy asked.

“Is it working? It should…” Draelin said, looking at the device.

“Where did you get this?” I asked her.

“Uhh… Somewhere.”



She was hiding something, obviously.

“Spill it out, Draelin.” Lavender said.

“Okay, fine… I took it from that other spaceship.” Draelin answered.

“Pixelen’s spaceship?” Saturo asked.

“So you’re the one who broke it?” Saturo asked.

“Uhh… I fiddled with it…”

“Well. Then go bring Pixelen! He’d know how to use this device.”

“Okay!” Draelin sprinted back to the spaceship.

The rest of us waited for a while silently, when suddenly, she returned with Pixel right behind her, and said, “I got ‘im.”

“What about Talsa? Can she help?” Saturo asked Pixel.

“Help with what?” Pixel asked.

“Well right now we’re trying to see what’s underground.” Saturo answered.

“Okay, But how far and how wide?” Pixel asked, “for the area that you want to view.”

“Dunno. We just need to check underground in general, right here. Because its where the tracker took us.” Saturo said.

“Okay, lemme fetch Talsa real quick, she could probably help.” Pixel walked all the way back to the spaceship, and after a few moments he returned with Talsa.

“So, what is it you guys want to do, and why?” Talsa asked.

“The tracker that she had…” Saturo pointed at Listy, “brought us here, and our friend Mehrunes is supposed to be here, according to the tracker. Except he’s not, so we’re assuming maybe it’s underground?”

“Wait, can I get a look at the tracker?” Asked Talsa.

“It’s right there on the floo… Wait, the tracker?” Saturo said, he looked over at Listy, who handed over the tracker to Talsa. Shortly after, Talsa handed it back.

“I think Pixel would do better,” she said.

“But I don’t have the thing to do it.” Pixel said, “It was in my spaceship.”

“Oh. Well… what do we do then?” Saturo asked. “Any other suggestions…?”

“Well…” Listy said. “Don’t we have, like, powers too? If the tracker led us here… we don’t need to necacarraly look, as much as we could just… dig…”

“Yeah, but do you want us to leave, leaving a hole? There are people on this planet yaknow.” Saturo said.

“Well, yeah, and no. We could fill the hole back in…” Listy said.

“What if there isn’t anything? We could be digging for days!” Saturo said. “Wait, wait, wait. Why… Why didn’t we just ask Glitter to go and check?”


“Well… I’ll do it. Makes things easier.” Saturo was silent for a while. “Nope. Nothing there.”

“Then let’s not waste time.” I said, “if we can’t find Mehrunes then we need to find someone who can… Or we find a way to find him… I dunno.”

“I won’t deny that we need to find him… but… you said he got like teleported so… maybe he’s--” Listy started.

“Maybe he’s in the Dream World.” Lavender interrupted.

“… Yeah… That makes sense…” I said, “that would explain why we didn’t find him here.”

Then I spotted Draco coming out of the spaceship, yawning.
“Hey Draco.” Draelin said.

He came over looking sleepy. We realized that everyone had left the spaceship now… But then I noticed something… Just after everyone had gotten off of the spaceship, some dude ran right in! And seconds later the spaceship took off!

“WHAT?!” Saturo and everyone else just realized this. “THAT DUDE STOLE OUR SPACESHIP!”

“Can you get Glitter to get it back before the guy gets away?” Listy asked.

“Uhh… Where is Glitter?” Saturo looked around. “Wasn’t he down here with us earlier…?”

“…” Listy said. “Great.”

“Where did he go?” Lavender asked, as Draco yawned, having no clue to what is going on.

“I dunno!” Saturo said, “he just disappeared or something! Ich! Can you sense him?”

“Uhh…” I focused my mind to sensing. “No… But I can sense something else…”

“What is it?” Saturo asked.

“I don’t know for sure, but it’s coming from that way.” I pointed up ahead behind Saturo, who turned around to look.

“That… can’t be good…” Listy said.

“It’s just some people, I think its a city or something.” I said. “We should start heading there.”

“…” Listy said. “Uhh… please explain why we should…”

“So we can get a ride. Because our spaceship just got stolen and we’re stuck on this planet until we find another spaceship.” I explained. “What I sense may be a space station. I dunno. There’s only one way to find out.”

“It’s a good idea. It’s better than staying here.” Lavender said, beginning to walk towards the direction I had pointed at.

“Yeah.” Saturo nodded and started to walk as well.

Soon we had all started walking towards the direction I had pointed to. We walked in silence while I wondered to myself, who stole the spaceship and why?

“So… do you think we could… conversate… on who took our ship… and stuff…” Listy said.

“Yeah! Who could've done it and why?” Saturo asked.

“Well… what was this planet again?” Listy asked.

“Spiron.” I answered.

“Maybe that guy was a thief…” Listy said.

“Makes sense.” Lavender nodded. “This is a planet of prisons after all.”

“…But… wouldn't that mean that that guy… escaped…?” Listy asked.

“It is a possibility.” Pixel said, joining the conversation.

“We’re on a planet of prisons, that guy stole our ship, and ran away. I think it’s more than a possibility.” Listy said.

“Then… Then that makes the possibility of what I sensed being a prison, not a city!” I said.

“…Yep…” Listy said.

“What if Mehrunes is in the prison?” Draelin asked.

“Why would he be in the prison?” Listy asked back.

Draelin shrugged dramatically.

“I dunno about you guys, but I don’t really wanna go towards a prison…” Listy said.

“Then where do we go?” Saturo asked. “I’m pretty sure that this planet doesn’t have Ultimates on it, at least not a lot. So we’d be fine going there.”

“It just… unsettles me.” Listy said.

“That’s because you’re weak.” Draelin giggled. “Just like Uchiho and me!”

“…” Listy looked sufficentally annoyed.

“Maybe weaker. Whaddaya think, Draco?” Draelin turned to Draco.

“*YAWN* Wha?” Draco still had no clue what was going on.

“Nevermind then.” Draelin turned back to Listy.

“I’m not weaker than you.” Listy said.

“Yeah, cuz you have an Ultimate Crystal. But if I get one, I would get stronger than you for sure!” Draelin said.

Listy looked mad. “No.”

Draelin had an evil smirk on her face. “Yes.”

“Stop it.” Listy said.

“Stop what?” Draelin asked.

“Tormenting me.” Listy replied.

“What does tormenting have to do with this?” Draelin asked.

“Lots.” Listy said.

“Okay?” Draelin was confused.

Listy looked happier.

“I don’t get it.” Draelin said, “but I’ve really got to find my Ultimate Crystal sooner or later. I’m the only one here who doesn’t have one!”

“*YAWN* You’ll find it eventually.” Draco said, still a bit groggy.

Saturo then zapped Draco with a lighting bolt, waking him up and making him less groggy, probably not groggy at all.

“Thanks.” Draco said to him as he fixed his hair so it wasn’t a bunch of brown spikes pointing upwards.

“No problem.” Saturo replied.

“Now I’m not as ‘useless’ right sis?” Draco said, giving Draelin a look.

“Yeah.” Draelin said. “When you’re asleep you’re useless. When you’re awake you’re not.”

“Wow. What a revelation.” Draco said flatly.

“Is it though?” Listy asked.

“Of course not.” Draco replied.

“We’ve been walking for awhile.” Saturo said.

“…so?” Listy asked.

“Where’s the prison or city or wherever?” Saturo asked, “Pixel, got any device that can tell us where we are?”

Pixel shrugged as he took out a device. He did some things with it and then said, “we’re on Sipron… And we’re, according to this, in the Tomorrowland region.” Pixel read off of the device.

“…what?” Listy asked.

“Its one of the eight main regions on this planet.” Pixel read, “Tomorrowland is the only one that actually has real crime in it.”

“…Great…” Listy said.

“Nothing here says anything about Ultimates, though. Meaning that it’s fine for us.” Pixel said, putting the device away and taking out a different device, “according to this device, we crashed right into a prison yard. A giant one. It’s made to be long, I’m assuming, so that the prisoner gets tired of running and then they can catch them. Unfortunately, the prisoner that escaped the main building got away by stealing our spaceship.”

“So we’re in a prison yard.” Listy said.

Pixel nodded casually.

“And someone just escaped…” Listy continued. “…with our spaceship… wouldn't that be a thing we should be worried about?”

“Yes.” Pixel said, “because leaving this planet is strictly forbidden, unless you are a government official. So that prisoner took his chances and stole ours so he could leave. We cannot leave. We are not government officials.”

“Well…” Listy started. “…so then… what do we do?”

“That’s what we should brainstorm.” Pixel said, “stealing from the government is not a hard task since we are mostly Ultimates. But where the government is, is a secret. It’s probably not going to be on any technical database so that is out of question.”

“Great.” Saturo said. “We can’t do anything.”

“Guys.” I said. Up ahead, was a large building… The prison. This was a prison yard after all.


-----| Chapter 3 |-----



“You seriously think you can beat me with that?” Edgar asked, staring at the blue broadsword.

“Yeah.” Mehrunes replied.

“Think again.” Edgar said.

Suddenly, the ground under Mehrunes disappeared, causing Mehrunes to fall into a hole. At the very bottom were spikes, sharp pointy spikes. Mehrunes searched his pockets for anything as he fell, but was too late. He fell into the spikes, and injured his leg. Blood dripped from his leg onto the floor. The rest of his body was fine.

“As I said. Think again.” Edgar peeped down into the hole and smirked.

Mehrunes was about to say something, when suddenly Edgar dropped a knife, which made its way into Mehrunes’s other leg. Blood dripped again.

“And again. Think again.” Edgar said, “you can’t beat me with a simple broadsword. Bring out the real deal.” He looked down and saw what Mehrunes was putting up with. “Would you like a little help?”

Mehrunes grunted due to his legs. “Y-you’re insane.”

“Yes, I am.” Edgar replied, “now. Get up and fight me for real.”

The spikes were on a platform, that began going upward like an elevator. Soon it was all the way up, and the spikes and the knife disappeared, along with all the blood. Mehrunes’s injury had also disappeared.

“Illusions, Mehrunes.” Edgar said, “fake blood, and something that only makes it feel like you’re bleeding. See, again, I’ve learned a lot.” He then looked at the broadsword on the ground. He picked it up and handed it to Mehrunes. “If you insist on using this weapon, then so be it. Don’t expect any of the past.”

“Whatever.” Mehrunes said, absorbing his crystal.

“Ooooh. Now things will get interesting.” Edgar said.

“Yeah. Cause I’ll be fighting you.” Mehrunes said. “Do you happen to know, before we start, how yer clone jerk did the purple bomb thing.” Mehrunes threw a few stars at Edgar to make sure he was prepared.

“Yes.” Edgar deflected the stars.

“Wanna tell me?” Mehrunes asked, a machine gun firing stars at Edgar.

“There’s no need to.” Edgar replied, deflecting the stars one by one.

“Sure there is.” Mehrunes replied, shooting some stars with bombs on them.

“It’s the same method you would use.” Edgar said, trapping the bombs in between his hands as they exploded but did no damage. “But slightly different.”

“Super.” Mehrunes said. “Les go.” Mehrunes summoned a fireball using magic, then threw it at Edgar while at the same time teleporting behind him and punching the back of his head.

“Nice fireball.” Edgar said from his spot, “but your punches don’t hurt. You need to punch harder.” Edgar had caught the fireball with his hands, and turned around.

“OKAY!” Mehrunes said, having cast a spell, making so his punches hit harder, he then punched Edgar causing him to fly backwards, still holding the fireball. “How’s that?”

“Better. But you can do better.” Edgar replied.

“Yeah you’re right.” Mehrunes said, seeing Edgar hold the fireball ‘menacingly.’ “Have some fire.” Mehrunes threw two more fireballs, then ran with them, shockwaving the ground before he reached Edgar so he would lose balance.

“A great combo.” Edgar said, combining the fireballs with the one he was holding, and jumping over Mehrunes before he had made the shockwave. “Supposedly, I can teach you how to do what I’m doing? Touching high temperatures with my bare hands.”

“Every second I fight you, you confuse me more.” Mehrunes said, dousing Edgar and the fireball with water, causing steam to appear before summoning a lightning bolt, shooting it at Edgar.

Edgar posed his arms in front of him, making an ‘x’ shape, absorbing the lightning bolt. Then a ball of electricity appeared in his hands. “Another good combo. But you’ve not reached your full potential.”

“What’s your game right now?” Mehrunes asked, throwing a chunk of the ground at Edgar.

“I’m trying to teach you something.” Edgar said, breaking the chunk of ground with a fist. “You use the power space, and I have an ability to teach you, using it will make you more powerful than your friends, all of them combined. Though, it is not easy, it took me a month to master.”

“What?” Mehrunes asked, throwing a mass of random things, trying to break through.

“It’s a form that changes your body in a way.” Edgar replied, breaking everything that was being thrown at him.

“I don’t… get it.” Mehrunes said, slightly tiring.

“Would you like me to use it and show you?” Edgar asked.

“S-sure.” Mehrunes said.

“Alright then…” Edgar closed his eyes and focused. He then began to be surrounded by dust particles. After a moment he began glowing and changing color. He was colorful, every part of him had a pinch of color, and all were different. You couldn’t see much of him other than that. “There we go. Here it is.” Edgar was giving off a lot of energy and radiation.

“…What?” Mehrunes asked.

“This is the form I was trying to make you use.” Edgar said. “Its powerful and would be very useful for you.”

“O-okay…” Mehrunes said. “I’m confused… about everything… let’s start with how do I do that?”

“That’s the hard part. You have to charge some type of energy, space energy or whatever, and then use that energy to transform it to a different kind of energy, and then let it all out. Then this form is what’s left.” Edgar said.

“W-what does it do?” Mehrunes asked.

“Well. It’s makes you a living star.” Edgar said. “The guy I learned it from called it ‘Star Form’. It’s useful. Maybe attacks don’t work on it because it will absorb most of them.”

“Okay…” Mehrunes said. “So… why are you trying to teach me stuff? And how do I do that?”

“You use space powers, right?” Edgar said, “the magic isn’t what you use. Use the actual power, use the energy. Forget all the things you learned back at home for now.”

“W-what…?” Mehrunes asked, still confused. “S-sentinel do you know what he means…?”

“It’s an energy you already use. You just never realized it.” Sentinel informed Mehrunes.

“Super helpful…” Mehrunes replied, still trying to figure out the energy everyone else seemed to know about.

“Its an energy that stars give off, the suns give off. Radiation goes with it.” Edgar said.

“Oh…” Mehrunes said. “That… right…”

“Yeah. And you need to harness that energy and change it to combine with your inner energy that allows you to walk and stuff. Then you release that and basically become a living star.” Edgar explained.

“Okay…” Mehrunes said, closing his eyes like Edgar did.

“Yea. Now can you feel that energy? That solar energy?” Edgar asked.

“…yes…” Mehrunes replied.

“You’ve got to reach out and harness it. Harness some of it.” said Edgar.

Mehrunes focused, trying to reach the energy.

“Imagine you’re floating in space, in front of the sun. The energy the sun gives off… Harness it.” Edgar said.

Mehrunes did that, and the same particles began to appear.

“Good! That’s it!” Edgar said, “you’ve got it. You can stop the focus now.”

Mehrunes stopped focusing, and the particles stayed where they were.

“Do you feel different?” Edgar asked.

“Yeah…” Mehrunes replied.

“Now if you use any attack, you can put that energy in it and make it stronger.” Edgar said. “Especially the stars.”

Mehrunes summoned the stars, and they were packed with solar energy, and were glowing twice as bright than usual.

“Cool.” Mehrunes said.

“To take it all the way, you’ve got to practice more.” Edgar said.

“What do you mean, all the way?” Mehrunes asked.

“I’m at the actual form. You’ve made it to stage one.” Edgar replied. “Anyway… I’ve taught you what you needed to know. You wanna leave now?”

“I guess so…” Mehrunes replied.

“I’ll take you to your friends’ previous location.” Edgar said, “that good?”

“You mean the witch planet?” Mehrunes asked. “Ahm… I don’t really want to go back to that place…”

“No, I mean… The area they landed at while searching for you. We’re not far from there anyway. That’s why the tracker took them there.” Edgar replied.

“Oh sure.” Mehrunes said, looking at the particles around him, “how do I stop these particles…?”

“Let go of the energy. Like this.” Edgar then released the energy and turned back to normal.

“Oh.” Mehrunes replied, releasing the energy and turning back to normal. “Well… I guess I’ll be going back to my friends. By the way, do I get a robot?”

“No, I have to do some more experimenting with that.” Edgar said. “Maybe next time.”

“Oh good there’s gonna be more. Welp.” Mehrunes said. “Bye.”


“Well. Turns out we are in a prison.” Saturo said, staring at the giant building in front of us.

“That’s bad.” Listy said.

“Thanks Ms. Captain obvious.” Draco said.

“Well that’s not very nice.” Listy said.

“Hey at least you have the title Captain. That’s pretty good.” Draco said with a shrug.

“Then what am I?” Draelin asked.

“Hmmm… you're just a private.” Draco replied with another shrug.

“Heh.” Draelin said.

“Well, uh. We should probably not just stand here.” Saturo said, “maybe, we could try and find a way out of this prison?”

“Well… yeah.” Listy said.

“Maybe we should try to find a gate or something that would take us out? There’s no security here. So no one knows we’re here.” Lavender said.

“Good idea.” Draco said.

“Yeah. Now let’s actually act and do something other than standing.” I said, taking off into the air to get a view.

I looked around. I was about ten feet higher than the building, and the roof of the building was empty with nothing on it. I turned around and looked at the other side… The area we were at… where the spaceship had landed… I spotted a figure there…

Curious, I flew closer towards the figure. When I began flying downward towards the figure I realized who it was… It was Mehrunes.

“Huh. When did he get there?” Draco asked who had followed me using his wings.

“I dunno.” I shrugged as I flew down towards Mehrunes. “Hey Mehrunes!” I shouted over to him, “where were you?!”

“Everywhere…” Mehrunes said. “…and nowhere.”

“What?” I asked.

“Yep.” Mehrunes said. “Now. You doin anything important?”

“Well the tracker brought us here, in the middle of a prison yard on a planet with a lot of prisons on it.” I said. “But when we landed and got out, someone went on in and stole it. So we’re kind of stuck here.”

“Yeah.” Draco landed next to me, since he was slower it took him time to get down here. “So, where were you again?”

“Not tellin.” Mehrunes said. “So quit askin.”

“Why?” Draco asked.

“Because it’s not like you can make me.” Mehrunes said. “It doesn't matter. Lets get offa this rock.”

“It does matter though. We were looking for you, but the tracker we had didn’t lead us to you, so we need to know why!” Draco said.

“No. You don’t.” Mehrunes replied.

“Why not? Explain why we don’t need to know.” Draco said, folding his arms.

Mehrunes looked at Draco.

“No. Don’t have to.” Mehrunes said.

“You're unbearable sometimes.” Draco said, rolling his eyes.

“Says you.” Mehrunes said.

“Oh hey there he is.” said Saturo, appearing behind us with the others. “Where were you?” He asked.

“Doesn’t matter.” Mehrunes replied.

“I guess so.” Saturo shrugged it off. “Well, then, shall we find our way out of here?”

“Yes.” Mehrunes replied.

“Alright then, we need a plan. So, we know we’re in a prison yard, and its pretty long and has fences out far. We need transportation to get out of here quickly.” Saturo said. “I’m thinking before we try to leave the planet, we try and get out of this prison and searching for a spaceship.”

“Not a bad plan, Saturo.” Pixel said, “I do have transportation on me, some speeders. We can quickly make it to the fences.” He paused. “However, it’s not a finished model and has some errors…”

“Does it really matter? If it still moves then we should just use it.” Saturo said.

“Alright then, we can use it.” Pixel took out another device and scanned out of it a big speeder, floating two feet above the ground. “Hop on.”

All of us hopped onto the speeder quietly. Pixel did some things on the machine and it started moving, at a pretty fast speed.

“Can this thing go any faster?” Saturo asked.


“Then make it!” Saturo told Pixel.

“That’s risky. It could go wrong.” Pixel said.

“Well… How so?” Saturo asked.

“I don’t know. I’ll do it if you want. It’s just risky.” Pixel said, “this thing is really, really fast. It can go up to the speed of sound.”

“Oh. Cool.” Saturo didn’t seem to care that much. Everyone else just stood there. “Do it.”

“Okay then…” Pixel hesitantly did something, and the speeder sped up. It went so fast, I could swear someone had fallen off, but I couldn’t tell because I was holding onto a bar at the side.

Then it stopped. I felt a bit dizzy, and I looked around. Saturo was off the speeder, looking around. I decided to see if anyone did fall off, by looking to see who was here and who was not.

I spotted, behind the speeder, Mehrunes, Listy, Uchiho, Draco, and Draelin. They were on the floor looking dizzy as well. Lavender, I spotted next to Saturo. Pixel and Talsa were still on the speeder, Pixel looked like he was turning it off or something.

The speeder then disappeared and I fell to the floor, but landing it. “Good news,” Pixel said, “we’re out of the prison area, out of Tomorrowland.” He was looking at a device again. “We’re also in a different region now, in Midgard.”

“Is there bad news?” Mehrunes asked, getting up.

“Nope.” Pixel said, “other than we’re in private land. We’re basically trespassers.” He pointed at a medium sized house surrounded in vibrant green bushes and other strange looking plants in the distance. “Other than that, there’s no bad news at all.”

“Except that we’re trespassing.” Mehrunes replied.

“Hey, we can knock on the door and tell them someone stole our spaceship and we wanna leave.” Saturo suggested.

“Saturo, you’re forgetting we’re on the planet of prisons.” Lavender shook her head. “People here would be used to criminals. They might think we are criminals that escaped.”

“Well… Only one way to find out. We can think of what to do later after whatever happens.” Saturo walked up to the house and knocked the door, the rest of us staying behind.

It was silent as we watched to see who would open the door. The door swung open.

“Hello.” A boy, who look like he was about 14, asked, “Who are you?”

“I’m Saturo.” Saturo said, “and uh, we kind of need a way out of this place.”

“Oh. That can be a problem sometimes.” The boy said, “by the way, my name’s Tango.”

“No kidding.” Mehrunes replied. “Oi wait don’t we know you?”

“Tango you said?” I said, “as in, that other Tango we met?” Looking at his face, it was a dumb question.

Tango turned slightly pink. “Um. Yeah. About that… It wasn’t me talking.”

“Nonsense.” Mehrunes said. “Who was it then?”

“I was possessed. The words were coming out of my mouth,” Tango admitted, “but I wasn’t the one saying them.”

“Sure.” Mehrunes replied. “Then who possessed you?”

Tango frowned. “I don’t know. They never told me their name. They said, names aren’t important. Just ask Lauren. She was there.”

“Who’s Lauren?” Lavender asked.

“A friend of mine.” Tango definitely turned slightly pink, this time.

“Doesn’t look that way to me.” Saturo smirked. “Looks like she’s your girlfriend or something.”

“I… Uh…” Tango stammered.

“You didn’t decline!” Saturo said, “well, we have some news! But it isn’t… Important right now. Hey Tango. Can you help us get off this planet?”

“Well… I can get access to the government. And they might listen to my request…” Tango looked relieved to not be talking about Lauren, anymore.

“Great!” Saturo said, “well, how long will that take?”

“I don’t know.” Tango admitted, sadly. “They can take quite a while to answer requests to leave sometimes.” Tango hesitated, like there was something he didn’t want to mention.

“Uh huh.” Mehrunes said, skeptically. “Really? You seem nervous.”

“Well… there is another way…” Tango mumbled. “It’s just that. Well. To do it I would need to compete in a rated tournament. And my whole life here I’ve been avoiding that.”

“I already hate this planet.” Mehrunes said.

“A rated tournament?” Pixel asked.

“Yeah. In a rated tournament you can win a rating prize and can request something from the government if you place well.” Tango sighed. “A rating prize that people will raid your house to get at.”

“Interesting. Well. If you ask me, I’ll stay awhile. Until we think of a good plan to use.” Pixel said.

“Good idea.” I agreed. “Can we stay here? With you? Since you already know us…”

“Sure.” Tango opened the door and stepped aside. “Watch out for the vines though. Some of them get unfriendly with strangers.”

“Wait, what is the vines…?” Saturo asked.

“Well…” Tango started “I’ve been experimenting with this trick I learned that lets you create semi-intelligent plants. But I’m not very good at it and the vines tend to get a little too close with people’s necks.”

“Oh, that’s… pleasant.” Saturo said sarcastically. “Well, then, we’ll avoid them.” Saturo and everyone else stood there waiting for when we can actually enter the house.

“Yeah. Other than that you should be fine.” Tango stated, calmly, as though plants trying to strangle you was no big deal.

“Okay then… Let’s go inside then.” Saturo said, walking inside, “do you have any lemonade or something? I’m thirsty. For juice. Not water.”

“Um. Lemme check,” Tango replied as the rest of us entered his house behind Saturo.

“Hey!” Draelin suddenly called out. “Who’s this?” We all looked and saw a photo, with Tango, some other girl near his age, and a much younger girl, she looked very close to Draelin’s age.

“A picture.” Mehrunes replied.

“I know that. But I mean, who is she? Where is she?” Draelin asked, “I wanna meet her!”

Just then, Tango emerged, carrying a pitcher of lemonade.

“Oh thanks!” Saturo smiled, “but I didn’t really mean it, it was more a joke… Thanks anyway!”

“I have too many lemons, anyway,” Tango smiled back.

“Who’s this?” Draelin repeated her question for the millionth time, it was getting a bit annoying. I gave Tango a ‘answer her question’ kind of look.

“Oh. That’s Bella. Lauren’s younger sister.” Tango looked at Draelin for a second, before continuing. “If you’d like I can try to find where she is right now. I think you’d like her.”

“Yeah! I wanna play with someone my age.” Draelin said.

Tango was standing with his eyes closed, deep in concentration. I wondered what he was doing.

“Okay. She should be able to come over tomorrow, if you’d like. Or you could wait and not see her for a few days.” Tango teased Draelin.

“Tomorrow’s fine. We’re staying, right?” She looked at the others, including myself.

“Uh, yeah… Until we know a way out.” I answered.

“Good!” Draelin said. “Oh and by the way, Draco’s asleep on the couch.”

“Wow. How… how… how draco-like.” Saturo said, “he’s fell asleep so many times. Is he not getting enough sleep at night?”

“Dunno. Well, we should all get some rest. Where can we sleep, Tango?” I asked him.

“There are some extra rooms upstairs and downstairs.” Tango replied. “I think there should be enough room for everyone…”

“Oh good. Well then. We’ll plan again tomorrow.” Saturo said.

“Don’t even think about it!” Tango scolded the ceiling above us.

There was a vine, about to grab Saturo’s neck. But when Tango scolded it, it fell back like an ashamed puppy and looked sorry.

We just all laughed.



-----| Chapter 4 |-----



Boom. An explosion… The memories came back all of a sudden. I saw myself floating in space, watching my planet get blown up. I could feel it, Hindro, it felt… Well, dead. Not pleasant.

Next to me, floating in space, I could see Saturo and John. There faces were the same as the day it happened… The tears froze from the coldness of space.

And just as it began, I heard a laugh before it was all over.


I yawned and awoke, looking around me, realizing it was a dream. I almost panicked because I didn’t know where I was, before I remembered I was in Tango’s house. But being here reminded me of my home back on Hindro, because there was an alarm clock next to my head, reading the time.

I didn’t bother looking at the time because it didn’t matter, it was different than the time on any other planet anyway. But, I guess you could say I slept in.

I got out of the bed and opened the door, heading downstairs immediately (I had gotten a room upstairs). I saw Tango at a table, a vine curled up in his arms, with a bowl of fruit in front of him. Next to him was someone I hadn’t met, who I’d assume was Lauren. Lavender was with them, as well as Listy and Mehrunes.

I assumed everyone else, Saturo, Pixel, Talsa, Uchiho, Draco, and Draelin were asleep. But then I changed my assumption when I spotted Draelin outside playing with that other girl, Bella. Uchiho apparently was with them for some reason.

“Morning.” I said. “Where’s Saturo?”

“He’s still asleep.” Lavender said back.

“No I’m not.” I heard Saturo’s voice say from behind me. He sounded much different… He wasn’t talking with his usual happy tone.

“Oh. Hey there.” I said.

Saturo just walked past me and sat down next to Lavender, eating some fruit. Seeing the way he acted, I thought he may have had the same dream I had. I sat down as well and ate some fruit.

We just ate silently, waiting for someone to speak up and start a conversation.

“Hey uh.” But it wasn’t someone at the table who spoke. We looked over and it was Uchiho. I was surprised, because she rarely talks. “Lauren, the girls wanna go to the hills and play there. Is that okay?”

“Yeah. Will you be going with them?” Lauren asked, sounding like it should be fine.

“Yeah I’m going with them.” Uchiho said. “What time do they have to be back?”

“Just by lunch time works.” Lauren replied.

“Okay.” Uchiho left the house and went to the girls, who then left towards the hills, which were covered in healthy looking grass.

The rest of us just sat there, silent again.


Uchiho walked behind Draelin and Bella, as they were headed straight to the green grass. Draelin and Bella looked excited for some reason, they were just happy to be there. Uchiho knew Draelin was happy to find someone her age.

“Wow… This hill is green.” Draelin said, “very green.”

Bella giggled. “That’s because of Tango!” She exclaimed, excitedly.

“He did this?!” Draelin sounded shocked.

“Yeah. Tango asked me if there should be more plants and I told him yes, so he grew all these little berry bushes! It’s so fun to watch! It only takes him, like, ten seconds!” Bella gulped in some air, after saying so much in one breath.

“Really? Where are they?” Draelin asked, “I wanna see them!”

“They’re not on this hill!” Bella laughed. “They’re on that hill!” She said pointing to a hill on the other side of Tango’s house.

“Aww… Well is there anything on this hill worth seeing?” Draelin asked.

“Well…” Bella began. “There is something.” Bella smiled, mischievously. “On the North side of this hill there’s an old mineshaft…”

“Oooh! An old mineshaft! That sounds pretty cool!” Draelin said, but then she saw something in the middle of the hill. It was a pink flower, blooming. “Hey! I thought you said there were no plants on the hill!”

“Well, I didn’t think there were!” Bella said, defensively. “I’m pretty sure he would have let me watch if he grew something. He knows how much I love to see it.”

Draelin walked over to get a closer look. “Wow, its so pretty!”

“Yeah it is.” Uchiho agreed, as the three of them were looking at it closely.

The flower then suddenly began to darken, becoming gray and leaning.

“I disagree.” said a voice. The flower then fell over and turned to dust. The three of them looked back and see a man with dark crystal armor on. “Now it’s pretty. Don’t ya think?”

“W-who are you?” Draelin asked.

“My names Anthony.” said the man. “And you girls look like the perfect target to practice some dangerous moves on.”

“W-what?” Bella asked.

“Ah, it’s nothing. Just, bein a General during a war, I don’t always get the time to experiment. My army’s back at the spaceship, and I’m taking some time off.” Anthony said, “ya know, little girl corpses are a wonderful sight, aren’t they?” He smirked.



-----| Chapter 5 |-----



Down the stairs, and down again and again. “It’s hidden for safety. Has high security.” Gabe had said.

“Oh.” Lycrus followed Gabe.

They then made it to the room where the lagiacrus were at. Gabe scanned his hand and the door opened. Inside were Lagi and Ivory, along with the lagiacrus.

“Well, you…” Lagi started before he saw Lycrus. “Hey there. Haven’t seen you for a while, huh?”

“Yeah! You disappeared. I had no clue where you went.” Lycrus replied.

“I don’t know where I went either. But I’m here now, aren't I?” Lagi said.

“Yep.” Lycrus said, “wow though… look at all of them…” He looked at the lagiacrus.

“Yeah. Fifty.” Lagi said.

“Fifty?! That’s a lot! How can you watch every single one of them?” Lycrus asked.

“Well, there’s one on your back.” Lagi said, pointing to the lagiacrus crawling up Lycrus’s back.

“Oh hello there!” Lycrus greeted it, picking it up in front of him.

The lagiacrus tried to bite his face, so he dropped it slowly on the ground.

“They don’t really know what’s food and what’s friend yet. Just family.” Lagi sighed.

“Yeah, I guess I don’t have a tail.” Lycrus said, “hey how come Ivory’s so silent?”

“Do people usually talk when they’re asl- oh wait. I did that once nevermind.” Lagi laughed quietly. “She’s asleep.”

“Well… Are you spending all your time in here?” Lycrus asked, “how do you not get bored?”

“Children never let you get bored.” Lagi laughed. A lagiacrus then jumped onto Lagi’s head and stood on their hind legs, roaring quietly and cutely while looking proud and powerful.

“So you keep them in here for safety?” Lycrus asked.

“Yes.” Lagi answered.

“What’s dangerous out there that they need to be kept safe for?” Lycrus asked.

“Waterbreathe.” Lagi sighed. The lagiacrus on his head was now on all fours, staring straight at Lycrus.

“Waterbreathe? What is that?” Lycrus asked.

“It’s another clan that neighbored us on the Water Planet. They didn’t like us that much because of our physical state and being. They blame us for a lot of things, and wanted war. They want us extinct.” Gabe explained.

“What he said.” Lagi said. The lagiacrus jumped off of Lagi’s head and was now slowly crawling towards Lycrus.

“If it’s a war, then why don’t we go fight and win?” Lycrus asked. “I’ll help!”

“They have an army. These babies are all the army we have.” Lagi sighed.

“Then… do we have anyone who could also be in our army?” Lycrus asked.

“Not sure people would want to join a small war when the whole galaxy war thing is currently happening.” Lagi sighed.

“On the news it said the war’s about to end.” Lycrus said, “so maybe after…?”

“Who knows. I mean, really all the people that we would get would be Draco, Ich… Saturo… Mehrunes… Listy… anyone else that I forgot…” Lagi said. The lagiacrus was now at Lycrus’s feet and started to climb his legs.

“Oh I see. I don’t know who any of them are though…” Lycrus said.

“Friends.” Lagi explained. “Out on some important mission or whatever. Seems like this is about the… seventh or eighth time now we’ve been separated for a while now.” Lagi sighed. The lagiacrus was now sitting on Lycrus’s shoulder.

“Hello there.” a voice said at the door. They turned and spotted the butler. “I’m just here to inform you, you can do whatever, go wherever you want.”

“Well, I’d rather stay here with Ivory and the kids.” Lagi said. “But thanks.”

The butler then disappeared out the door.

The lagiacrus was staring into Lycrus’s brain. Into his soul.

“What is this baby doing?” Lycrus asked.

“Looking into you.” Lagi said.

“Why?” Lycrus questioned.

“Why not look into someone random that just walked into your home?” Lagi asked. The lagiacrus was staring deeper into Lycrus now.

“I guess so…” Lycrus replied, “well, I should probably go now then?”

“If you want to. Otherwise you could stay for a while.” Lagi said.

“Have you eaten anything? I could bring some food.” Lycrus replied.

“Well, I haven’t. They have though.” Lagi said. “That would be great!”

“Alright! What do you wanna eat?” Lycrus asked. “Ice cream? Tacos? Brownies?”

“Hm… tacos sound good.” Lagi said. “Thanks again.”


“So…” The table was silent. I tried to start a conversation.

“You all are remarkably quiet.” Mehrunes commented. “Which is unusual. Which makes me think something happened.”

“Something probably did happen. We’re all tired.” Saturo said, yawning.

“Yeah, Meh.” Listy said, tiredly.

“I don’t feel tired at all.” I said, “well, Tango, we should plan for what we’ll do to escape.”

“Okay.” Tango replied.

“I’m gonna go outside.” I said, getting up, “anyone want to come along?”

“I would like to keep my neck, yes.” Mehrunes said, standing up.

“I’ll come too.” Lavender said.

“I’ll join then.” Saturo added.

We exited the house silently. This part of the planet didn’t look like a prison. Saturo yawned and stretched.

“I’m awake now.” He said, his eyes all the way open.

“So then what should we do?” Lavender asked.

“Well for one we could get Listy to stop spying and join us.” Mehrunes said.

“Good idea.” I said, “Listy, come out.”

“How did you know?” Listy asked, clearly confused.

“Because you’re wearing boots.” Mehrunes replied, as Listy walked up to us. “Now what I think we should do is make sure the other group of girls are okay, as this is the planet of prisons.”

“Well, I’m pretty sure they’re okay.” I said, “I don’t sense any possible threat near us.”

“Better safe than sorry.” Listy said.

“I guess we can double check. We’re not doing anything important at the moment.” I shrugged. “Where did they go?” I then pointed towards a hill. “There.”

“Well then let’s go!” said Saturo.

We all walked over to the hills. When we arrived we spotted the girls, but they weren’t alone. There was a man with them, armored with dark crystal armor. Familiar armor.

“Who’s that?” Mehrunes asked.

“No clue.” Saturo shrugged. We walked closer.

“I’m gonna guess, now it’s a guess, this guy is bad.” Mehrunes said.

We were then close enough, and we could see that the girls looked terrified. The man turned around, facing us. For some reason he looked familiar.

“Oh, why hello there.” said the man.

“Good morning to you too.” Mehrunes said.

“Would you like to join us?” The man asked, “there’s always more room for extra corpses.”

“Oh good you’re one of those people.” Mehrunes said. “No I think I’ll pass, but I would prefer to take the small terrified ones.”

“Nonsense. You all will stay. Ultimate or not.” The man replied.

“Who are you?” Saturo asked.

“I am Anthony.” said the man, “a general.” Anthony was now looking at Saturo and I. “Say, you’re from Hindro, am I correct?”

“H-how did you know?” Saturo asked, as I was shocked as well.

Anthony smirked. “Simple. It’s gone, am I correct? Blown up. I blew it up. It was a worthless planet. Filled with cowards.”

Saturo looked mad. I could feel rage building up in me as well… This guy, blew up Hindro? Was it true?

“You two. Calm.” Mehrunes said. “Rage won’t do you anything.”

“Rage does everything for you.” said Anthony. “It solves all problems.”

We all just stared at him.

“Should I repeat my name?” Anthony asked. “I am General Anthony Ceno, from Hindro. My pathetic wife and son I had destroyed along with the planet. It’s a shame you two weren’t there to get destroyed along with it.”

I was getting mad, I could not stay calm. But, ANTHONY CENO!? THIS WAS JOHN CENO’S DAD!? I knew that John told me once that his parents divorced and that he lived with his mother… But I never knew that… that his dad was a general.

“But, John isn’t dead…” Saturo whispered.

“Yeah.” Mehrunes whispered back.

Then Draco suddenly appeared behind us.

“So this is where you guys went.” Draco said, while looking at the general, “You guys always find the most interesting and deadly looking people.”

“…” Saturo was silent as he looked at Anthony.

“This guy did something really bad didn’t he?” Draco asked.

“He’s the one who blew up Hindro. He’s also John Ceno’s dad.” I answered, glaring at Anthony who just stood there with a smile.

“Ahh… That explains it.” Draco said.

“Also he wants to kill your sister among other people.” Mehrunes added. “Basically he’s being mean.”

“I assumed so.” Draco said, oddly calm despite the situation.

“Nonsense. I’m not killing anyone.” Anthony said. “I’m killing everyone. Especially you Ultimates. You’re crystals will be mine.”

“But they’d be useless to you!” Lavender said. “Why would you want our crystals? You have one!”

“Once an Ultimate dies, depending on how it dies, the crystal becomes a normal crystal. And the crystal is the hardest material in the universe, we call it Ultaniam. And, because of its density, it is very valuable, no?” Anthony said.

“Nope.” Mehrunes said.

“It can be sold for quadrillions of ultims. Many are after them. However I’m getting them for a different reason.” Anthony said, “now shall we begin?”

“Nope!” Mehrunes replied, disappearing but then suddenly appearing again.

“You can’t run. You’ll have to fight.” Anthony said. “Heh. Show me what you’ve got. Don’t disappoint me.”

“Listy.” Mehrunes said.

Suddenly, two stone jaws came up from the ground and snapped over Anthony, the went back down underground.

“Hey you actually did it this time.” Mehrunes smirked, as Listy punches his arm.

“Yes, congrats.” Anthony said from behind them, clapping.

“It’s a real shame, I forgot my ultimate crystal.” Mehrunes said. “It’s also a shame no one else is doing anything at all.” Mehrunes snaps and stars rain down on Anthony as Mehrunes looks at us expectantly. “DO. STUFF.”

“Yes I advise that as well.” Anthony said from behind Saturo. “The more of you fighting, the greater advantage you have.”

“Is your son John Ceno? Because he’s still alive.” Mehrunes said.

“Sure he is.” Anthony replied.

“He’s okay. Was a little sad and mad watching Hindro explode I assume.” Mehrunes said. “Always screams his name. It’s annoying.”

Anthony just shrugged. Suddenly, electricity appeared behind him, hitting him, but it seemed it didn’t have any effect.

“Try that again.” Mehrunes said, leaning in to whisper. “But maybe use ‘The Source’ because that did nothing.”

“Rage needs to be built, I see.” Anthony said. “Let’s build some.” He stuck his hand out, and an explosion suddenly happened.

I followed my ears to see that… Tango’s house just blew up.

“T-they’re still in there!” Lavender shouted. “Everyone else!”

“No.” Pixel suddenly appeared, next to him was Talsa, Tango, and Lauren. They were safe. Tango also had some vines wrapped in his arms. “Talsa got us out just in time.”

“Interesting.” Anthony said. “Now, we have some more Ultimates here.”

“You talk too much.” Mehrunes said.

“Because I don’t want this to end just yet. Talking is what I shall do.” Anthony said.

Tango looked mad. Very, very mad. He looked around and realized who had blown up his house.

“Shame they got out in time. Tsk tsk.” Anthony shook his head, looking at Talsa, as Tango fumed. “But then that gives me the opportunity to experiment some more.”

“Not good.” Pixel said, “we should get out of here. Problem is we can’t.”

“No one is making it out alive.” Anthony said.

“Especially you.” Tango snarled.

“Ah, I’m starting to like this kid.” Anthony smiled. “See, if you’re like him you could possibly make it out alive.”

“I…” Saturo said from next to me, “will end you where you stand.”

“Perfect. Now you just have to do it.” Anthony said. “Now, do you wanna go all out? Cuz you can. I’m not gonna.”

We all just stood there. Anthony looked at us.

“Come on. I want some action.” Anthony said.

We all remained in our places. Anthony then suddenly lifted his hand, and Lauren’s little sister Bella floated up in the air, looking scared.

“Do something or she explodes.” Anthony threatened.

Suddenly, a giant full blast of electricity made its way straight at Anthony. But he blocked it with a hand, but set Bella down in the process.

“Good.” Anthony said, “now do more than just that.”

Saturo then activated his ‘source’ thing, and was surrounded by electricity. Whatever happened next was so fast, I couldn’t tell what was going on. But I knew they were fighting.

Saturo then appeared next to me, panting, still looking angry. But then, he suddenly collapsed onto the floor.

“Saturo!” I shouted. He was out cold.

“Come on, who’s next?” Anthony picked up Bella again from where he was. “This time, not explode, but daggers everywhere.”

“NOBODY MESSES WITH MY SISTER!” Lauren shouted, before shooting a beam of light at Anthony’s face and causing water to shoot from the ground under him, trying to drown him.

“Good, good.” Anthony floated slowly until his head was out of the water. “Now do something there.” Daggers suddenly appeared all around Bella.

“You will pay for what you did.” Tango glared at Anthony, causing vines to shoot up and grab the daggers by their handles.

“Not a bad move.” Anthony said, “but what can you do to protect her from this…?” A giant hammer made of some weird material appeared above Bella.

“No squishing my sister, either!” Lauren shouted, shooting a beam of water full of sand at the hammer, trying to dissolve it. The hammer disappeared.

“Well done!” Anthony replied, “now what next?” He looked at us. “No?”

“How about you fix my house?” Tango asked, smiling at Anthony. “Or let us go?”

“Neither.” Anthony said. “Your house will stay destroyed. And you’re not going anywhere.”

“Why does my house need to stay destroyed?” Tango asked, calmly.

Anthony shrugged. “No particular reason. Just because I said so.”

“Oh. That’s an interesting reason.” Tango replied. “But if you think it makes me mad you’re wrong.”

“There’s no need to be mad. We’re having fun, aren’t we?” Anthony smirked. “Now, come on, let’s keep going.”

“Fun? Sure. But I’d still like my house back.” Tango wasn’t at all frustrated.

“No house for you. Walk the streets and be homeless.” Anthony said, “now bring it on, you guys are all boring.”

“Actually. I wouldn’t be homeless. It wouldn’t be too hard to rebuild that myself.” Tango replied, calmly. “But it would be easier with some help. And I noticed you said that I would walk the streets. Makes me think you think we will make it out of this fine.”

“Please stop talking.” Mehrunes said.

Anthony then picked up Bella again. “Talking or death. You choose.”

“Not you.” Mehrunes said. “I barely know who that is. And, I’m still not mad.”

“I don’t need you to be mad. I just need to you attack me. With all your power.” Anthony said, motioning his finger towards Saturo who was out cold. “Like he did.”

“So you need us?” Tango asked, giving Mehrunes a ‘we’ll talk later’ look.

“Somewhat.” Anthony replied.

“Aww. Lookit that. The big bad general needs a couple kids.” Tango smirked.

“A couple of kids who are Ultimates, who possess some of the hardest and most dense mineral in the galaxy.” Anthony smirked. “Now, hurry up.” Bella floated over next to Anthony, who had an evil smirk on his face.

“These pretzels suck.” Mehrunes commented, eating out of a bowl of pretzels, clearly not paying attention.

“Good.” Lauren was fuming now. “You deserve it.” She finished, shooting water into Mehrunes bowl of pretzels. Mehrunes took a bite anyway.

“Hey their better now.” Mehrunes said, putting the bowl of soggy pretzels on Laurens head. “Also wet.”

“I hate you.” Lauren growled, dumping the pretzels everywhere.

“Perfect. A civil war.” Anthony said, finally speaking, “now, then. Does anyone care about this little girl?”

Mehrunes threw a bowl of popcorn in Anthony's face. Anthony didn’t even blink.

“Yeah. We care.” Lauren was fuming. “She’s not even an ultimate! Leave her alone!”

“Good and bad point.” Mehrunes facepalmed.

“Well? Someone come and take her then.” Anthony said, “or things will get bloody.”

“For you?” Tango asked, hopefully.

“For everyone.” Anthony replied.

“Including you?” Tango mocked Anthony.

“Yes. I said everyone.” Anthony replied, smirking.

“So you would get hurt or die too?” Tango continued mocking Anthony.

“Not die, but hurt, yes.” Anthony replied, smirking again.

“Great.” Tango smirked, flicking his wrist upward and signaling a half dozen vines to lunge from the ground, towards Anthony’s neck and wrists.

They grabbed on, and tightened. But Anthony didn’t budge. A second later, Bella was in his place, getting choked by the vine! Tango flicked his wrist again and the vines pulled away, taking Bella with them.

Suddenly, Bella was taken back into the air, slowly pulling away from Tango’s vines. Tango struggled, pulling Bella towards him with the vines, until he successfully did it. It was me, helping him using the wind. Bella flew into Tango’s arms. I then gave Tango a thumbs up.

“Thanks.” Tango shot an appreciative at me.

“I see someone decided to do something now.” Anthony reappeared.

I charged a ball of wind in my hand, disappeared and reappeared above Anthony and threw it at him. He just caught it like a baseball. But that wasn’t it.

I then reappeared again in front of him, and threw a lot of punches and kicks, and disappeared rapidly all around him doing that.

Then I charged up a beam of wind, disappeared all over the place and then shot it straight at him from all directions, above, bottom, everywhere. It then actually hit him, but after the dust wore off, Anthony appeared looking untouched.

“Very good! Better then what everyone else did!” Anthony clapped.

Then I summoned mini tornadoes and they went straight at him. And at the same time I repeated the same combo I used before. And I was charging a giant beam of wind at the same time I was doing this combo, and when it was done, I launched it at him, just when I was a millimeter away.

Anthony went flying into the air. He stopped himself and looked down at me, ten feet from above. “You actually landed a hit on me. Wow.” He then floated back down. “And that kinda hurt.” He then just pushed me back, and I slid all the way next to the knocked out Saturo. “I don’t even wanna hurt you. I’ll save you for last. We’ll go weakest to strongest.”

He then looked over at the back, towards Pixel and Talsa. “Though, I am interested to see your abilities first.” He then looked Talsa in the eye. “Can’t speak eh? You’re under a spell.” Wait what? She’s under a spell that doesn’t let her speak…? That does explain why she was silent.

Suddenly, Talsa moved her hands, until words were formed in the sky. They read, “SAVE ME FOR LAST. I DON’T FIGHT UNTIL EVERYONE HAS FALLEN.”

Anthony smirked. He then picked up Draelin from afar and began choking her without even touching her. “We’ll start with a weak one then.”

Talsa lifted her hand up, pointing to where Draelin was, and with the flick of her wrist, Draelin was back on the floor, stopped from being choked.

“How about this then?” Anthony then picked up everyone, except for Talsa, and choked them. I even struggled for breathe. He was obviously testing Talsa.

“DO NOT TRY AND ANGER ME.” The sky now read. Three seconds later, we all were back on the floor, safe from being choked.

“Fair enough. This got boring. Let’s create some drama.” He then reached  out, brought Uchiho towards him and stabbed her point blank in the chest. Blood dripped, as he tossed her aside.



-----| Chapter 6 |-----



“Uchiho!” Draelin cried and ran up to her.

I silently looked over at Draco, who had been watching from the back this whole time. I could see that his eyes were watering, his rage building up inside.

So much rage in fact, that his attack boosting form activated only a second later, and he didn’t even have his Draco Eye activated yet until it showed up!

“Yo.” Mehrunes said, also walking up. “You go get em.”

“Come on. More deaths will follow up.” Anthony said.

“She’s really… dead?” I asked Draelin.

Draelin didn’t even look back. She just sobbed.

“She’s dead. I stabbed right through her heart. Tsk tsk.” Anthony said. “That should teach ya, ta not just stand there.”

Draco then ran at Anthony, attacking him. But Anthony slapped him, knocking him all the way over next to Uchiho…

“Pathetic.” Anthony said. “Give me a real fight.”

Before I did anything, I flew over towards Draco and Uchiho. Uchiho’s wound looked painful… There was… Argh. I couldn’t look. But… she’s dead… She really is dead… And I didn’t even know her that well since she barely talked…

“AND HIS NAME IS…” I heard it… But it stopped. I knew who it was. I turned, and there, behind Anthony, was him. The son.

“John Ceno…” It said that in a dark deep voice. And there was John Ceno… Staring daggers into his father's eyes. The two of them looked at each other, not saying a word.

Then John Ceno raised his hand, and pointed at Anthony before he motioned his hand like he was slitting his own throat. His eyes… They bothered me. They weren’t blue like normal… They were dark red. Blood red.

The two of them stared at each other. I stood where I was, next to Draco and Uchiho, with Draelin crying over Uchiho. Lavender was with Saturo too.

“Dad.” John spoke, sounding much different than usual.

“What’d I tell you?” Mehrunes asked, smirking.

“Is it true…” John said, “what you said to them?” He looked over at us, his red eyes reflecting light.

“Yes.” Anthony responded. “Everything is true. And I don’t care for you or your mother. I left you because of that.”

“You killed mom on purpose?”

“Of course I did!”
“I see. What a shame.” John suddenly appeared right in front of Anthony. “Then I shall avenge them all.”

John suddenly disappeared, appearing with his elbow right at Anthony’s stomach. We heard a loud cracking sound… A piece of Anthony’s armor fell off.

“Oh sweet.” Mehrunes said.

“My armor.” Anthony looked down, “you broke part of my armor. This is hard material. Very hard.” He looked at John with uncertainty. But when he did, he just got a big punch to the face.

“I wanna help but I don’t wanna get in Johns way.” Mehrunes said.

“That’s probably a good idea.” Listy commented from next to him.

John then kept on the punches, all towards different parts of Anthony’s body. Each area he punched, more of the armor broke off. Wow, he was stronger than he showed he was…

But then, Anthony spread out his hands, knocking John back and away from him. John did a perfect backflip and landed, not taking his eyes off of his dad, not even for a millisecond.

“Woot woot. Go John.” Mehrunes said, chowing down on popcorn.

“How could you eat popcorn?!” Listy exclaimed.

“…” Mehrunes looked almost confused. “What?”

Listy rolled her eyes. John smirked.

He then was surrounded with a red aura. He leaped into the air, and a red fist exploded out of the ground and hit Anthony up, and John slammed him to the ground before he appeared on the floor and kicked him in the back, breaking more of the armor. But then they both were flung a mile up in the sky. After a few moments, while we just stared up, Mehrunes said something.

“These pretzels still suck.” Mehrunes said, bowls of popcorn surrounding him as he was eating pretzels from a bowl.

“Then don’t eat them!” Listy said.

Mehrunes puts the bowl of pretzels on Listy’s head.

“Why do I put up with you?” Listy asked.

“Because I did it first.” Mehrunes replied.

“I can’t believe you. Someone died and you’re all just like, acting like nothing happened.” Lavender said to Mehrunes.

Mehrunes shrugged.

“She’s dead. Nothing we can do about it.” Mehrunes said. “It’s best to move on.”

“B-but still.” Lavender said.

“But nothing.” Mehrunes replied. “Remember what you knew about her fondly. That’s the best we can do.”

“……” Draco was just quiet as he sat on the ground, facing away from the rest of us, tears in his eyes.

“Even then. You all are taking this better than Draco.” Mehrunes said. “And frankly, I know you all think I’m kinda mean… but… pretty sure poor Draco had a thing, and so he’s probably gonna need comforting or something.” Mehrunes threw his popcorn at me, I caught it, and he walked over to Draco, giving him a little pat on the shoulder.

“……” Draco was still quiet as he sat there.

“…” Mehrunes said. “I’m sorry, Draco.”

“……” Draco still didn’t say anything.

Mehrunes just sat down next to Draco and didn’t say anything else. Then, suddenly, the two Ceno’s came crashing down. Anthony had his hand placed on John’s face, and they crashed into the ground. Anthony got up, and John was stuck where he was, trying to get up. But he couldn’t. It was like his energy was drained.

Anthony dusted himself off. “Hmph.”

“Well fudge.” Listy said.

“I guess you were right. My son’s still here.” He looked over at John. “I don’t want him dead, however. You guys, I’m not done with.” He cracked his fists.

“So wait… you’re making us attack you why again?” Listy asked.

Anthony didn’t say anything, but he put his hands together like he was charging something.

“What.” Listy looked confused.

“He’s charging something. We better not get hit by whatever it is.” Pixel said.

“Well… yeah…” Listy agreed.

Anthony then had a giant ball of… some material. It looked rather hot. And it was huge. “Well then, this should end you all.” Anthony said, “then I’ll collect your crystals after you are dead.”

“We’re not done.” Mehrunes said, particles floating around him, and he was standing up, looking at Anthony. “Time for a show, wouldn't you agree Draco?”

Draco just nodded as he stood up next to Mehrunes and activated his armor and his rage technique.

Mehrunes raised his hand, and stars appeared around Anthony and exploded within a second. The dust wore off, and Anthony was fine, standing there with the large ball right above him.

Draco then fired a large beam of red plasma, hitting Anthony directly in the head, causing a big cloud of dust once more. Mehrunes pitched in immediately after, basically raining a few hundred stars down on Anthony, but they looked different, they were glowing twice as bright…

“I don’t think stars and plasma will do much. I mean, look at that ball. It is stars and plasma. It’s only giving him more energy.” Pixel said, pointing when the ball suddenly got bigger.

Mehrunes just looked mad, and punched his hands together then into the ground, causing a purple beam to shockwave out towards Anthony, and I noticed Listy drop a boulder on Anthony too.

Anthony flew up higher, and all the attacks that went at him disappeared and the ball got even bigger.

“*Ahem.*” Mehrunes cleared his throat. “We gonna do something?” I noticed the particles were gone.

“I’m just waiting for it.” I said. “I know he’s not gonna throw it at us. Because I can easily dodge. And he’s smart enough to know what to do.”

“What is he gonna do?” Mehrunes asked, annoyed.

I shrugged. “I don’t know. But he’s flying up high. Maybe he’s gonna destroy something big.”

“Like what?” Mehrunes asked.

“How should I know?” I replied. “Because I don’t.”

Mehrunes shrugged.

“He’s not charging an attack.” Pixel then said, “he’s charging to get energy. Like when you attacked him, he only absorbed it and gave himself more energy. That giant ball is a ball of energy. He’s probably going to use it on himself and give all the energy in order for him to use more dangerous attacks.”

Then Anthony appeared back where he was earlier, with the giant ball above his head. He then absorbed it, just like Pixel had said.

“He’s sparing us.” Pixel said, “that’s why we’re not dead. He only killed one of us.”

“Well…” Mehrunes said. “That’s good right? Don’t make that a bad thing.”

“It is a good thing.” Pixel replied, “but the question is why is he still here if he’s not going to kill us? Besides, if he wanted to he could have us all dead in a microsecond.”

“Then why aren’t we dead?” Listy asked.

“Because he doesn’t want us to die.” Pixel shrugged.

“You’re right.” Anthony said. “I don’t want you to die. I can’t kill any more people anyways.”

“You ‘can’t’?” I asked.

“It’s all over. The war has ended just a second ago.” Anthony said, “meaning I must return. Bye.” He then just disappeared. He was gone. I couldn’t sense him nearby.

“The galactic war ends I guess.” Saturo said.

“Wait, wha-” I just realized Saturo had awoken from when he got knocked out cold. I also looked around for John, but didn’t spot him anywhere.

“He was strong…” Saturo said, “and he killed Uchiho… That’s… terrible.”

Saturo walked up towards Uchiho. Then he looked back.

“Mehrunes. You said you could revive people back on that weird planet.” Saturo said, “prove it. Now.”

Mehrunes didn’t move.

“Do it.” Saturo said, “bring her back.”

Mehrunes just stared at Uchiho, then glanced around. “Can’t.” Mehrunes simply put.

“Well then. What do we do with her body?” Saturo asked. “Bury her? Should we have a funeral?” He turned to Draco. “What do you want to do?”

Draco just looked at me. A nasty look was on his face.

“Draco?” Mehrunes asked. “You good?”

Draco still had the nasty look as he looked at Mehrunes.

“I don’t know. What do you think?” Draco said, holding back a sob.

“I think,” Mehrunes said. “That you’re grieving.”

“Wow. How perceptive of you.” Draco said, still trying not to burst out in tears.

Mehrunes was flipping through a book. “Yes I know right.” Mehrunes said. “I thought so. But hey you appear mad slightly.”

“Glad you noticed.” Draco growled, taking a few steps towards Mehrunes. His sadness slowly became anger.

“I didn’t.” Mehrunes said, still looking at his book, leafing through quickly. “You know?”

Draco looked madder now. All the rest of us, including Tango and Lauren, just watched the two of them. Tango was eating a piece of fruit and glaring at Mehrunes. Draco just sat down on the ground and crossed his legs, his veins flourishing with rage.

“Oh good.” Mehrunes slammed his book shut.

“No, seriously. What do we do with her body?” Saturo asked. “Should we bury her? And where? And also, where did Draelin go?”

“We’ll bury her.” Draco replied.

“Where? Just right here?” Saturo asked.

“Unless you know where an actual graveyard is then yes. Right here.” Draco replied.

“Okay, well…” Saturo said.

I then used the wind and dug out a hole. “There. Who wants to be the one to bury her?” Everyone just looked at Draco for some reason, who looked as depressed as ever.

“Bruh.” said a voice. We turned and spotted John, who probably got back up just now. “It’s easy.” He picked up Uchiho and put her in the grave and buried her. “See? Now, we need a gravestone. LISTY. Do that.”

“Buh-what?” Listy asked.

“What?” John was confused. “Just, make a gravestone.”

“Uhh…” Listy said, as a stone arch rose from the ground. “O-okay…”

“Now anyone have something we can write with?” John asked. “Or no one wanna write on the gravestone?”

“Dunno. Ask Draco. He should write a message on the gravestone.” Saturo pointed at Draco.

“Look let’s do it later.” Mehrunes said. “Draco be grieving and I want off this planet.”

“We do it first. Then we can all leave.” John said.

“It’s done. There’s a grave.” Mehrunes said, coldly.

“Still.” John said. “Just a stone isn’t enough… Or maybe it is. Doesn’t really matter anyway. Anyone have anything else to say?”

“We could leave now. I guess.” Saturo said.

“Alright. Follow me to the spaceship.” John replied, he began walking but then stopped and looked over at Tango and Lauren. “You should come with us. Since your house is gone.”

“Okay…” Tango looked sad about his house. “What about you, Lauren?”

“I guess I’ll come.” Lauren sighed. “Can Bella come, too?”

“Yes. She has nowhere else to go. Draelin would probably like her tagging along. Since she lost her other friend.” John said. “Yeah, lucky for you all that I showed up.”

“Sure. Lucky.” Mehrunes said. “Whatever floats your boat.”

“It’s not a boat, it’s a spaceship. It doesn’t float either. It flies.” John said. “Anyway. Come on.”



-----| Chapter 7 |-----



Well. Uchiho’s dead. It was weird though… I was knocked out, and the moment I regained my consciousness, I see Uchiho get stabbed to her death. Not a pleasant sight to see just when you wake up.

And before that… With the general guy. I wasn’t happy with the outcome, and income. This was not… what I wanted. But more about that later. I’m just happy no one else died. That guy could have killed us all. But he let us live, but killed Uchiho. Question is, why? I wasn’t awake, so… I had no clue. When I asked someone, they told me he was messing with those who can’t fight to get us to attack him. Well… Why does he want us to attack him?

Lots of questions went through my mind as I was seated. We all were seated right there in the spaceship. John wasn’t driving it. The other guy that usually was with him, I think his name was Hunter, he was driving.

I also wondered where Glitter was. He disappeared when our spaceship was stolen. Did he go after it…? Maybe he did. I don’t know for sure.

“So. To the Electric Planet?” John then asked.

“Yeah.” Ichoo replied, looking like he was thinking about something. “The Electric Planet.”

We also found Draelin before we had went away. Ich had to force her to come with us. She was pretty depressed by Uchiho’s death. I looked over at Ich. He did not look his normal state. He looked bothered. Maybe because of the death too…? Mehrunes looked normal though. He probably could just get over it quickly. Uchiho didn’t speak that often anyway. She was with us, but she avoided us. All the time. Maybe that’s why, cuz she wasn’t dear to him at all. Like, if Listy died it would have been different. That’s my assumption.

“You guys look grim.” Mehrunes said.

“What do you expect?” I asked. “They haven’t been through this.” Then something hit me straight in the face. Ich wasn’t even that… troubled when Hindro blew up. Yet he looked troubled now. Not because of Uchiho’s death. It was something else. I could tell.

“Draco.” Mehrunes said. “You still mad?”

Draco didn’t seem like he had even heard Mehrunes. He was just staring at the wall.

“DRACO!” Mehrunes yelled.

Draco still was staring at the wall. There was a bit of a glazed look in his eyes.

“I think we should leave him.” I said to Mehrunes.

“Haha.” Mehrunes said. “No I’m good. Draco!”

Draco was still staring at the wall.

“Yeah…” Mehrunes said. “He is seriously depressed.”

“Uh huh.” I nodded.

“Meh.” Mehrunes said.

“So uh, somethings bothering Ich.” I whispered to Mehrunes. “Not the death. Something else.”

Mehrunes glanced over at Ich and turned back. “I think you’re right.” he whispered back.

“I’m wondering what’s wrong.” I whispered.

“Yeah…” Mehrunes whispered. “It might be something he doesn’t want to be addressed about, though.”

“I dunno… But I’m curious.” I said.

“You can go ask.” Mehrunes replied. “It won’t hurt.”

“Okay…” I looked over at Ich, “hey Ich, what’s troubling you?”

He looked back at me. “You really want to know?” I nodded. “Then, in the other room. John, is that alright?”

“Yeah, go ahead.” John replied, not turning around.

Ich got up. “You come too Mehrunes.”

“Alright.” Mehrunes said, standing up.

We followed Ich to the other room. It was a slightly smaller room with a table attached to the wall. It was like the dining room. Ich sat down, and Mehrunes and I did the same.

“Okay.” He addressed. “So, you don’t know about it, Saturo. You were in your room. It was Mehrunes and I who were out there. With Lagi and Ivory. On the mountain.”

“Okay?” I asked.

“Yeah so you won’t understand much. You can join in the conversation whenever you’d like to.” Ich said. “But anyway. Mehrunes, remember that circle masked guy?”

“Yeah.” Mehrunes replied. “Right after Ivory threatened to throw fireballs at my face.”

“Yeah. That guy. He was there.” Ich said. “I sensed him when we got onto John’s spaceship. I even turned around to check. He was near Uchiho’s grave. He was waiting for us to take off. When we did, he was right at the grave.”

“I think that’s called stalking.” Mehrunes replied.

“Who in their right mind would stalk a dead person?” I asked.

“He wasn't stalking. Maybe he was, until she died.” Ich said, “but that’s not what I’m getting at. He was after Lagi and Ivory. But then he was there with Uchiho. So then. Uchiho rarely speaks to us. What exactly is Uchiho? If that guy’s there…”

“She doesn’t speak to us ever. Maybe she was hiding something.” I started thinking. “But if that guys after Lagi and Ivory… And he was with Uchiho… Nah, Uchiho doesn’t have a tail. She’s not one of them.”

“I mean… how much research have you done on human-lagiacrus creatures?” Mehrunes asked. “Frankly we can have no idea what she is, anymore, without experimentation or research.”

“So we can’t find that out. She’s dead.” Ich face palmed. “Why did we agree on burying the body there…”

“I mean…” Mehrunes said. “I could try and get it back…”

“I don’t know if we could, I mean, how would we explain it to the others?” I asked.

“I guess, if we did it correctly, we wouldn't have to.” Mehrunes suggested.

“I dunno… What would we tell Draco?” I asked.

“He wouldn't have to know.” Mehrunes said. “It’s sneaky, and might feel wrong. But they, probably, wouldn't approve.”

“So… This is dangerous in a way. It’s Lagi and Ivory’s enemy. I think they called him Lagikiller.” Ich said, “he’s who they are up against. And since they are against him, I am as well.”

“See, now I’m a little bothered.” Mehrunes said. “I don’t think that’s Lagikiller. He may be, but we shouldn't jump to conclusions, better safe than sorry but he could be anyone.”

“Lagikiller is who they said was their enemy. He never was killed or anything. But I’m sure that circle masked guy is after them.” Ichoo said. “He may not be Lagikiller, but he’s after them. That, I know, as a fact.”

“Fair enough.” Mehrunes replied. “But I will comment we’re kinda being meddling meddlers.”

“Kinda. But it’s a total different thing.” Ichoo said. “We are part of this.”

“Right. Do you have a plan?” Mehrunes asked.

“Somewhat.” Ichoo said, “I don’t know what Lagi and Ivory are planning. In fact, if you ask me, I doubt they plan anything. They can’t protect themselves, not from what’s coming up. They need us. We can fight.”

“Yeah. No joke.” Mehrunes replied. “We get back we can see what happens when Listy fights the two of them. Spoiler alert she’s gonna win.”

“Wait, why is she even gonna fight them?” I asked.

“She’s not. I was agreeing with you in my own way.” Mehrunes replied. “So let’s hear your plan.”

“Well. I need to go to them. The enemy.” Ichoo said, “I need to know exactly what we’re up against…”

“Right and how do you plan on getting to them?” Mehrunes asked.

“Ya know. Ivory’s brother. If we find him.” Ichoo said, “he knows the enemy. I’m pretty sure. He can take us to them.”

“But… Aren’t they underwater?” I asked. “We can’t breathe underwater!”

“We’re Ultimates. We can learn.” Ichoo said. “Ivory’s brother could probably teach us.”

“A lot of this is based around Lagi and Ivory co-operating…” Mehrunes smirked.

“Then we need them to cooperate.” Ichoo sighed. “They probably won’t. They’re selfish in a way. They don’t care about a lot of other things.”

“Then we’ll make them co-operate MY way.” Mehrunes replied. “We’ll give them the option first, then if they don’t…” Mehrunes punched his palm to emphasise.

“Okay then… I guess you could do that. But it isn’t dangering them, but us too. So, they must cooperate. Otherwise they’re killing us off.” Ichoo said.

“How do you… Know all that?” I asked.

“Well. I saw it all for about a second… When I looked at the masked figure, from the spaceship. A vision or something…” Ichoo explained.

“A vision…?”

“Yes… I guess you could say I foresaw the future. But, we can prevent it. If, Lagi and Ivory cooperate.” Ichoo said. “Elec’s Mansion is safe for the babies. But, they got something new with them, and Elec, the Butler, everyone strong in the mansion will be distracted. They could kill them all off in an instant, and then come after us. We need to move everything, we need to change our location.”

“To where? Where are we going to go?” Mehrunes asked.

“I don’t know. Somewhere where they wouldn’t expect us to go.” Ichoo said, “to the Water Planet. Right where we picked them up last time.”

“So technically we’ll be right next to the enemy?” I asked.

“We need to know who we’re up against so I can plan further. But… Other than that we’re good.” Ichoo said.

“That’s good.” Mehrunes replied.

“Maybe we should head to the Water Planet without them first.” I suggested. “I still do remember slightly where it is.”

“I could sense them and know their location, probably.” Ichoo said.

“I feel like the sooner we get to Lagi and Ivory to help them not die, the better.” Mehrunes said.

“We should split up. Maybe?” Ichoo suggested. “Not sure if its a good plan… Maybe, we should prevent it from happening first. How about that?”

“Sounds good to me. We should go to the enemy with someone who knows… Like Ivory’s brother.” I said.

“And who’s gonna go to Lagi and Ivory?” Mehrunes asked.

“I can do it.” Ichoo said, “because they don’t like you, Mehrunes. You can come if you want. Because you’re protecting them. I’d probably need you too. You can fight well. Saturo, you should come too.” Ichoo then closed his eyes. “Well. That’s not good. Time is running out. After that circle masked dude leaves the planet, the vision tells me it happens in about… An hour from now!” Ichoo then got onto his feet. “NO! THAT’S NOT GOOD! WE’RE IN SPACE! TIME IS DIFFERENT! MEHRUNES! TELEPORT US THERE! RIGHT NOW!”

Mehrunes did a small action, and then grabbed us.

“One teleport comin right up.” He then focused. “Dang it. I need way more energy since we’re far.”

I then activated the source, making energy rapidly. I set my hand on Mehrunes’s shoulder, transmitting the energy into him. “Now?”

“Yeah.” Mehrunes replied.

Then we disappeared, teleporting from across the galaxy. We then found ourselves in a small room with a bunch of baby lagiacrus everywhere. There was also a big dude with a tail, I assume is Ivory’s brother, and a guy with a red scarf that looked like Ivory’s brother. Then there was Lagi and Ivory themselves. Ivory was asleep.

“How did you get here?” Lagi asked.

“At the… expense of my energy…” Mehrunes replied slowly.

“Doesn’t explain a thing.” Lagi sighed.

“Teleportation. Ich explain.” Mehrunes said, slowly still.

“You’re in danger, so we came as fast as we could.” Ich said.

“What kind of danger?” Lagi asked.

“The kind where you and everyone in here get DEAD.” Mehrunes replied. I used the source that I had on to restore Mehrunes’s energy.

“Sounds serious. Would you like to hold for a few minutes while we hook up with a danger helper?” Lagi asked.

“Nice.” Mehrunes replied. “Look we have to leave. You don’t have any choice as long as… no you really don’t have any choice.”

“Great. Another situation where I have no choice but to leave someplace and do something. Against my will at that.” Lagi muttered.

“It’s your own fault you’re both weaklings.” Mehrunes replied.

“Is it my fault that for the past… I don’t even know, I’ve been on the run from too many people?” Lagi asked.

Ivory’s brother walked up to us. “Tell about this danger.”

“Dunno, Lagikiller?” Ich asked.

“WaterBreathe.” Ivory’s brother said. “What about them?”

“Yeah. So, we’re in a time crunch and frankly I don wanna deal with any of this. There was a guy on the mountain stalking these two,” Mehrunes gestured at Lagi and Ivory. “And now was next to Uchiho’s GRAVE and so we don’t know who they are but they suck and are everywhere and Ich had a vision about how they kill all of you so, you happy? No? Don’t care.” Mehrunes finished madly.

“I’m staying here.” Lagi said.

“There’s an easy way and a hard way. At this rate you’re taking the hard way.” Mehrunes said, cracking his knuckles.

“Yes. You are taking the hard way.” Ivory’s brother said, “so what he had a vision? How do we know thats true? He’s not a WaterBreathe nor a Human Lagiacrus. You aren’t involved.”

“Finally somebody agrees…” Lagi muttered under his breath.

“And you’re not even in a position to argue. YOU COME. AND LIVE. STAY AND DIE.” Mehrunes said. “I don’t care which. Choose one.”

“Did you know that there are fifty little ankle biters in this room?” Lagi asked. All of the lagiacrus were glaring at Mehrunes, some were growling.

“If you don’t believe us then you’ll see in a bit.” Ichoo said. “Because. They’re here.”

“Okay then. So why don’t you all go skedaddle to the kitchen.” Lagi said. Suddenly, a dagger swung right by Lagi’s face and smashed into the wall. In the middle of the room, appeared a figure, wearing armor and a blue headband.

“WaterBreathe.” Ivory’s brother said.

“Huh. I thought that was Draco.” Lagi said.

“Heh.” The figure spoke and grinned, “long time no see, Gaberus. And, Lagi and Ivory are here too. And the babies. Good.”

So that was Ivory’s brothers name… Gaberus.

“Okay, should I know you?” Lagi asked.

“Nope. But from here on out, you should.” said the figure, “besides, I’m going to be the one to kill you all, here and now.”

“Uh huh. Fun fact, if I remember correctly, the human body is about 80% water. And you’re up against somebody who can manipulate water to their will.” Lagi said.

“Idiot! They’re WaterBreathe! They can do the same!” Gaberus shouted.

“Huh. Okay. So should I be tearing them apart already?” Lagi asked.

“After this, yes.” The figure then was right next to Ivory, who was still asleep on the ground. A dagger was right above her head. “So, let us continue the genocide, shall we?”



-----| Chapter 8 |-----



See, I knew it. I knew it was gonna happen. Here it is happening in front of me this very second. The enemy was right next to Ivory, with a dagger about to strike. I was here to protect. So, that’s what I did.

I used wind and brought the dagger from the enemies hand and into mine.

“Heh. I guess this won’t be as easy as I thought.” the enemy said, stomping his foot on Ivory’s face and pressing hard.

“Ivory’s gotta wake up after that, right?” Mehrunes asked. “And lemme tell ya she gets pretty mad… nevermind she’s just always mad.”

“Doesn’t seem she woke up.” said the enemy. “So, no.”

“So uh, could you take your foot off?” Lagi asked.

“Sure I guess. Since that did nothing.” The enemy took his foot off of her face.

“So, want a taco?” Lagi asked, holding two tacos in his hands. “Maybe just talk this over and reach a peaceful compromise?”

“Heh, that’s not how it works. No peace. This is war.” The enemy said, taking out another dagger.

“Why does it have to be that way? Why can’t we just talk this out?” Lagi asked.

“Because we’re enemies, and because you’re monsters and all that.” said the enemy, grabbing a baby lagiacrus and putting the dagger near its neck. “This is war.”

“NO!” Lagi roared, throwing out his hand and shooting a huge stream of water at the enemy.

The water hit, passing through and after the water disappeared the enemy remained in his spot.

“Didn’t Gaberus tell you? I’m WaterBreathe. Water won’t effect me.” said the enemy, smirking.

“Oh so you think you’re smart?” Lagi asked, walking towards them.

“Get back Lagi.” Saturo appeared in front of him, “water isn’t effective. But, electricity is.”

“This isn’t some game on the internet, this is reality. If you think about it electricity would make the water more dangerous.” Lagi said.

“Exactly! So electric water would hurt him, but not the baby lagiacrus since they are naturally electric! See what I’m saying?” Saturo whispered so that only we would hear him and not the enemy.

“Yeah. Sure. On two and a half, we both go.” Lagi whispered back.

Saturo nodded. “And Ich’ll get the baby out of there if he tries to dodge or anything. Then we can continue the attack.”

Lagi nodded as well, looking straight at the enemy. Saturo was probably waiting for Lagi to count to two and a half.

“Uh, one.” Lagi said, “Two… th- GO!”

Saturo and Lagi ran at the enemy, Saturo generated electricity in his hands, appeared behind the enemy and zapped him. Lagi made a large ball of water and held it in his hands, and then electrocuted it and threw it. The enemy was paralyzed, while the baby lagiacrus was unharmed. I then used the wind and brought the baby lagiacrus over to the others, and then took all of them into the air and made a barrier around them.

The enemy was on the ground, sparks of electricity around him.

“You never should have put a fork in that toaster. Or had a toaster in general.” Lagi said.

The enemy put his hands together, said something, and then got up like he was unharmed. “Lagiacrus have electricity. They are our enemy. Of course we’ll have something to fight electricity with.”

“Oh that’s cool. But do you like rocks?” Lagi asked.

“Sure, rocks are cool. They’re very useful for crushing babies.” The enemy said. “And having blood splatter everywhere.”

“Yer really weird.” Mehrunes said, his arms crossed impatiently.

“And who’re you? Oh wait. Nevermind. I see who you are.” said the enemy.

“No ya don’t.” Mehrunes replied.  “You see as much as everyone else does.”

“You are Mehrunes.” said the enemy.

“Or so you’ve seen.” Mehrunes replied. “It is not hard to find names, as you were spying.”

“No, I haven’t been spying.” said the enemy, “we know you all since you are enemies too. Our leader is the one who informed us with all the information.”

“You only know what you’ve been told, you’ve been told lots. It’s awfully bold.” Mehrunes rhymed.

Lagi suddenly picked up a nearby pebble and threw it at the enemy. The enemy laughed at him.

“That guys pathetic.” said the enemy. “I don’t even wanna kill him!”

“He is pathetic, I will not lie.” Mehrunes said. “But currently, he’s my ally.” Mehrunes was still rhyming, and I noticed he was shaking.

“So uh… can you leave now? Also Ich could you bound them in wind or whatever?” Lagi asked.

“What kind of question is that?” I said, “they are the enemy. They will not leave until we are dead.”

“So… do we kill them or mind control them or what?” Lagi asked.

“This is war! Either I kill you, or you kill me!” shouted the enemy.

“What he said then.” I nodded my head at the enemy.

“So… how are we gonna do this? Use their own dagger on them? Suffocation? What?” Lagi asked.

“Stop asking questions.” Mehrunes said.

“This isn’t a battlefield, but you can consider it the beginning.” Gaberus said, “focus on protecting, Lagi. I’ll focus on attacking.”

“Uh, Ich just… just put them in a solid barrier of wind and then throw the knife.” Lagi said.

“Still, I know this guy. He can do stuff. Stay with the babies.” Gaberus said.

“Well first off lemme test something.” The enemy took out a dagger and threw it at my barrier. It just stopped when touching the barrier, sticking like it was taped to it. “Oh I see…”

“Yeah. Okay I’ll protect. Now Ich how bout you make that knife hit them instead of float there?” Lagi asked.

“What?” I asked back.

“My thought exactly.” Mehrunes replied. “Also how many daggers do you have?”

“He’s not gonna answer that.” Gaberus said, looking over at the enemy.

“Meh. Ya never know.” Mehrunes said, suddenly throwing a dagger at the enemy. “Daggers are commonplace for me.”

The enemy caught it.

“So I guess I’ll just sit here then.” Lagi said, sitting down.

“Whatever.” Mehrunes said. “Yo weirdo enemy. We done talkin yet? Cuz I’m bored.” Mehrunes bowled purple bombs at the enemy's feet.

“Actually.” The enemy said, as water surrounded the bombs. “This was not the plan. I came ready to fight Gaberus, not three other people. I am outmatched here. So, I’m going to retreat empty handed.”

“Good. Get out of here.” I said.

The enemy waved goodbye. “Then see ya later.” He then ran through the wall, and disappeared.

“I need one of those buttons you can press that says ‘That was easy’.” Mehrunes commented.

“Yeah, ha! Just our being here made him run! After he saw we could fight.” Saturo laughed.

“He’s probably gonna come back with reinforcements.” Mehrunes said. “But yeah. Lagi you need to get stronger.”

“Not just that,” I added, “but we need to move away from Elec’s Mansion, since they know our location.”

“I. Am. Not. Leaving.” said Lagi, “I just want to settle down for once and stay for a while.”

“We need to leave. Otherwise it’s suicide.” Gaberus agreed. “Saying you want to settle down is just like saying let the babies die, let everyone else die.”

“Fine. Lets leave. Let’s go somewhere where we’ll be isolated from society forever.” Lagi sighed.

“Then we need to find a place like that.” Gaberus said, “it would be a good decision to do that. But at the same time not.”

“So where do we go?” Lagi asked.

“Somewhere safe. I thought maybe somewhere where they wouldn’t expect us to go. Like… The Water Planet, back to where your home was.” I said. “So then we can also spy on them and know their attacks before it happens.”

“I’m not going there.” Lagi said.

“Can I please hit him?” Mehrunes asked. “Please? This is so annoying.”

“There is a way to… hide carefully. But since this is war… We need to end this. And to end it we need to do it by war.” Gaberus said, “we should attack them. At their base. They won’t expect it since we were always on the run and hiding. And, I’m done running and hiding. It’s useless and pathetic. Human Lagiacrus aren’t supposed to be weak. We’re warriors and are strong. But that’s disappeared in this new generation… But I’ll bring it back.”

“Actually, and I know I’m not being helpful, the fact that that’s gone is all the more reason to run.” Mehrunes said. “That guy was prepared, if we weren’t here you’d be losing I’ll bet.”

“They would be dead.” I said, “but we interfered. We’re their enemy too.”

“Yet I’d prefer to be on a different end of the stick.” Mehrunes said. “The side that’s not in the middle of war.”

“Except they have no one to fight for them.” Saturo said, “we can fight. We can help end this all and Lagi and Ivory can be free and do whatever without having to move around or worry about dying and getting caught!”

“Except if you haven’t noticed we’re not exactly friends here.” Mehrunes said, madly. “I’m only cooperating because I’m friends with you. I wouldn't care otherwise.”

“So where are we going? I didn’t really understand much of that.” Lagi sighed.

“Wait Lagi. Are you friends with Ich and I?” Saturo asked Lagi.

“If you think I am.” Lagi sighed.

“…” Saturo was silent.

“I think I’ll just take a nap. And then probably wake up in a different galaxy at this point.” Lagi sighed.

“Fine then. Go take your stupid nap.” Saturo said.

“Okay then.” Lagi said as he walked into the lake and laid down at the bottom.

“Why are we helping him again?” Saturo growled at me. “He doesn’t appreciate it! He doesn’t even care! He doesn’t even acknowledge us as his friends!”

I stayed silent.

“Lagi’s sleepin.” Mehrunes said. “Go wake up Ivory and see if she feels the same ‘bout our ‘help’.”

“I’d rather not. She’s probably gonna do the exact same thing. They are careless! They don’t even… everything!” Saturo was obviously mad.

“While I agree, you need to chill.” Mehrunes said. “Remember, I think they suck too.” Mehrunes grabbed Ivory by the hair and yanked her to her feet.

“Well isn’t that kind?” Ivory growled tiredly, waking up

“We just saved you and your babies from certain death.” Mehrunes said to her.

“Well then where’s Lagi?” Ivory asked.

“He was ungrateful and went to sleep in the pond cuz we have to move because you are being hunted.” Mehrunes replied flatly.

“So… we’re moving. Again.” Ivory sighed, “Great. Why can’t we just stay in one general place for a week or so anymore?”

“After we win the war, we can.” Gaberus said, “which is what we’re planning to do. Win.”

“Why don’t we just go somewhere where they can’t find us or get to us?” Ivory asked.

“We already did that. But they still found us.” Gaberus said. “Somehow.”

“Probably stowed away with one of them.” Ivory said, pointing to Mehrunes.

“Hey, uh, I just realized.” Saturo then said, “when we came here there was this other dude with a red scarf. Now he’s gone.”

“…” Ivory was silent for a little. “Lycrus was one of them?”

“Well he was in here, if that was his name.” Saturo said.

“Absolute and total isolation it is.” Ivory sighed.

“Hah. No.” Mehrunes said. “You and Lagi both apparently have different opinions on how we keep you alive than we do. So instead of trying to help when it’s clearly not wanted. I’m going to ask you a question. Do you want to live?”

“Sure.” Ivory said. “Why not?”

Mehrunes walked over to the pond and practically threw Lagi out of it, banging him on the floor in front of Ivory, waking him up.

“Lagi.” Mehrunes addressed him. “Do you want to live?”

“Do I?” Lagi asked.

“That is indeed the question.” Mehrunes replied.

“Cool.” Lagi sighed.

Saturo growled. This was irritating him.

“I’m going to take that as yes.” Mehrunes replied. “Now that you both want to live, we’re going to help with those wants. Ich. Saturo. Gaberus. Your turn. Talk.”

“No. First off, why are you three involved? I think Gabe is enough to help us. Second off, I think I know somebody who needs to respects naps, they’re important.” Lagi growled as he dove into the lake.

“He doesn’t know that they’re after you too, huh?” Gaberus said.

Mehrunes did the same thing as before and brought Lagi back out of the lake. “We’re involved, because Ich decided you shouldn't die. Us being anywhere near you has made us a part of this. Like it or not,  you’re gonna have to follow what we instruct because we can fight. You can’t, and would be dead without us. Sometimes what you want and what you get are different things, and what you get is what you NEED. You need protection, and help. And in fact if you’re looking for respect-” Mehrunes rolled his eyes. “-it goes both way. I will respect your decisions, as long as you respect the authority we wield. We will leave. I don’t care how but I will get you out the door and on a ship. One way or another, we’ll win the stupid ‘war’, THEN you can do whatever you decide you want and nobody will care. But first you have to follow our instructions. IS. THAT. CLEAR.” Mehrunes looked mad and more irritated than Saturo.

“No. Could you repeat all of that except… a little less… I dunno, complex?” Lagi asked. “Also the answer is still no. I’m either staying here or leaving to go somewhere isolated.”

“Isolated as in what?” Gaberus asked, “as in there isn’t anybody there? Or…?”

“Isolated as in, where nobody can find you because you’re somewhere that’s pretty much nowhere.” Lagi sighed.

“It would be a good idea. Problem is, that’s impossible to do.” Gaberus said.

“Why is it impossible to do?” Lagi asked.

“You’re never alone no matter where you go. Unless you’re in a void or in empty space out there.” Gaberus answered.

“What do you mean never alone? By nobody I mean you, Ivory, and all of the babies.” Lagi said.

“Someone will find you. The hunt goes on until we end it.” Gaberus said, “this place is safe, yet they made it in. They have something that helps them, I don’t know what, but I’m gonna spy and find out. But, yeah. You can’t be alone. You can’t keep on running away, because whatever you run away from will keep on chasing you. And since it’s the WaterBreathe, they will chase you forever.”

“We’ve gotten this far on running. And what, you expect us to become an indestructible army all of a sudden and destroy them completely?” Lagi asked.

“Ho yes. We’ve got these guys on our side.” Gaberus looked over at us, “and they have more friends on there way, probably. We’ll have an army, I tell ya.”

“An army of what? Us and then two or three other people? Against trained killers?” Lagi asked.

“Yep. It’s enough.” Gaberus replied.

“How do you have hope in a group of teens? We’re just… young compared to the ones who have spent their entire life trying to kill us?” Lagi asked.

“No. You.” Mehrunes replied. “They have stuff to defend against water and lagiacrus. They haven’t trained against anything else. We therefore have the advantage as we have a small army of people who don’t use water or electricity.”

“I use electricity.” Saturo laughed silently.

“So you’re saying… that me and Gabe have no role in this because we do those things?” Lagi asked.

“Yeah. Wait no. Saturo and Lavender probably won’t be as useful either, but you’re still helpful.” Mehrunes replied.

“So you want me to come along for moral support?” Lagi asked.

“Probably also to distract the enemy by asking them, ‘why don’t we just talk this out’ and stuff.” Saturo added.

“You want to use me as bait, probably killing me in the process, to distract the people trying to kill me?” Lagi asked, “what could be better?”

“Heck no, I didn’t say that!” Saturo replied, “we don’t need bait! We don’t know what we need even, not until we go over there and see them.”

“So… we’re just gonna launch a blind assault against them? And hope it works?” Lagi asked.

Saturo looked over at Mehrunes. “He hasn’t been paying much attention.” He looked back at Lagi. “No, we’re gonna first spy on them and when we have enough information we’ll then attack them.”

“Just tell me what to do and I’ll try to show some resistance to it.” Lagi sighed.

“Oh hey! Look that red scarf guy is back.” Saturo pointed behind Lagi at a guy who looked like Gaberus, with a red scarf.

“Hi.” Lagi said.

The red scarf guy was breathing heavily. “You said… WaterBreathe… and all that stuff you said…”

“Well actually that’s your imagination we were completely silent this whole time.” Mehrunes said.

“Well, the guy kidnapped me.” The red scarf guy said, ignoring what Mehrunes had said, “but he let me go for some reason, seeing I was not important. I went to Laro and told him what happened. He said he’s in.”

“Okay. One, you’re probably lying about this whole thing. How could you get to a different planet, tell somebody something, get back here, hear and know everything we had said, and then realize this is a secret room? Two, Laro said he wanted nothing to do with this if what Gabe said was true.” Lagi said. “Three, I think you’re the person who just attacked us.”

“He’s not lying.” A man appeared next to the red scarf guy. “I have changed my mind after hearing this plan. This plan needs to be done. So we can finally finish this once and for all.”

“Okay. How did you get in here. Also how did you know where this place was and why to come here?” Lagi asked.

“He was on this planet the whole time.” The red scarf guy said, as the man nodded, “and he knows some guy or something that let him in.”

“Well that’s just dandy, isn’t it? So… you want us to go forwards with this plan that I think of as stupid, unneeded, and possibly suicidal?” Lagi asked.

“Oh, I’m going to modify it.” The man said, “but you, Lagi, are going to be fighting in this with all of us.”

“Mmmhmm… did you not hear any of the parts where I was being looked at like the weakest being in all of existence?” Lagi asked.

“Hehe… thats why I brought a gift for you. I’ll give it to you later. But for now you need to cheer up! Be confident that we can win this!” The man patted Lagi on the head like a father would do.

“Mmm… no thanks. I would rather take a nap.” Lagi said.

“Yeah, that’s not smart because when someone is asleep is the perfect time for assassination. Sorry, but for your safety and as your uncle, I can’t let that happen.” The man said, “maybe on the way to our base you can nap. Just not right now.”

Oh, so this guy is Lagi’s uncle… I don’t remember that… I never met him anyways…

“Alright then I guess there’s no resisting. Any more resistance and it’ll be those three knocking me out, throwing me in a bag and then letting me out in the middle of the battle.” Lagi sighed. “So let’s just get it over with already.”

“Alright, from here on out I’m in charge.” said the man, “any objections?”

“Yes.” Ivory said. “Every part of this.”

“What do you want, Ivory?” The man asked her.

“I would like, while all of you, except for maybe Lagi, go and fight some battle you don’t have to fight, we just get dropped off somewhere and don’t get caught or killed or involved in this.” Ivory said.

“That would be nice to have.” The man nodded. “But I’m gonna need Lagi since he’s the only one capable of what we’re about to do. You, if you want to join us, can. Or you can stay with the babies.”

“I’m staying here. That’s final. Goodbye and good luck.” Ivory sighed as she walked to a corner and sat down.

Mehrunes was about to say something but the man stopped him. “Let her. We’re going to take the babies and all go. She wants to stay. So let her.”

Mehrunes listened.

“So, where are we gonna go then?” I asked.

“Well. Somewhere special. In a way. But not really. It’s on the Water Planet.” The man said.

“Great. Let’s go then.” Lagi said.

“Oh, and Lagi. What weapon do you prefer?” The man asked.

“You didn’t give me any options.” Lagi said.

“Any option is valid. Whatever you want.” The man replied.

“I would like a planet buster.” Lagi said.

“Ha! No I mean a melee weapon.” The man replied.

“Uh… I dunno. I’ve never really been into weapons.” Lagi said.

“Well then, how about a simple sword?” The man asked.

“How about a… I dunno… something a bit more special than that.” Lagi said. “Maybe like some sword that can be used as something else offensively?”

“Anything specific?” asked the man.

“An explosive axe. The other way around though.” Lagi said. “I want to wield a switch axe.”

“Alright then, a switch axe. I’ll get that ready for you.” The man said, “now, Ivory, you sure you want to stay here where they will return with reinforcements and very likely put your life to an end?”

“This corner needs to be sat in.” Ivory said.

“Okay then. Goodbye! And good luck staying alive!” The man then opened the room’s door. And we were off.



-----| Chapter 9 |-----



“Uh, hey guys.” Draelin said, coming into the main room where everyone was in.

“Yes?” Listy asked.

“Where did they go?” Draelin asked, “Mehrunes, Ich, and Saturo! They were in that room but when I went to check they weren’t there!”

“Great.” Listy said, face palming.

“Where did they go!?” Draelin questioned. The only people who were talking were Draelin and Listy, while Lavender, Draco, Pixelen, Talsa, Hunter, John, Tango, Lauren, and Bella were silent.

“I mean I could check the tracking device…” Listy suggested.

“Yeah, do that.” Lavender said.

Listy looked down at the tracking device that had been taken out of her pocket and into her hands, and then looked mad.

“What?” Lavender asked. “What is it?”

“They’re back at the mansion!” Listy exclaimed.

The sound of John spitting soda was heard. “WHAT?! THEY JUST TELEPORTED THERE WHILE WE’RE NOT EVEN HALFWAY THERE!?”

“I didn’t even know Meh could do that.” Listy said.

“He probably used Saturo’s source energy to get enough energy to teleport that far!” John exclaimed. “DANG IT, IF THEY WANTED TO DO THAT THEY SHOULD HAVE TAKEN ALL OF US!”

“But then that requires even more energy.” Lavender said.

“And then your ship would probably be left too.” Listy added.

“Hey, I never said Hunter had to come along.” John peeked over at Hunter, who didn’t look bothered at all.

“Well why would they just take off like that?” Listy asked.

“I don’t know! I’m too far away to stalk them.” John said, “I don’t have enough energy either to transport myself across the galaxy!”

“Transport?” Draelin asked, “you can teleport?”

“Not teleport. It’s different. Its something I do that allows me to see from other people's perspective, literally and figuratively.” John explained.

“Creepy.” Listy said.

“Sometimes I can read thoughts.” John looked over at Listy, “like, Listy right now is mad at Mehrunes. She wants to give him a slap when we arrive.”

“No, I want to slap him, silly. There’s a difference.” Listy replied.

“Ha ha.” John replied.

Draco was still looking at the wall. Everyone looked over at him. Draelin suddenly slapped him. But it didn’t do anything. He was still looking at the wall like nothing happened.

Draelin then took out a bowl of wet pretzels and set it on Draco’s head.

Listy stood up and walked over and looked for a second, before slowly pushing the bowl over Draco’s face so he couldn't see out the window. Draelin giggled.

But still. No reaction.

Listy turned Draco around and took the bowl of pretzels off his face, before she put it on his head and stuck a kazoo in Draco’s mouth. Draelin giggled a bit more.

But still nothing.

“Professional Kazoo player.” Listy commented. “I wonder if wet pretzels are good for your hair…”

Draelin giggled some more.

However, Draco didn’t seem to have a glazed look on his eyes anymore.

“Yeah, guys, you should leave him alone.” Lavender said.

“Fiiiiine.” Draelin rolled her eyes and sat down, “for now.”


It’s been an hour, and we had finally got everything packed into the spaceship we were ‘borrowing’ from Elec. It was a big one. We needed a big one to fit all the babies in.

We were now in the spaceship, moving through space. We all were seated, waiting for us to arrive. Lagi’s uncle, Laro, was driving. Gaberus was next to him, looking at the controls like it was insane. Heh. He probably hasn’t seen a spaceship before.

I was seated next to Ich and Mehrunes. Lagi had a seat to himself, since he was now taking his nap. I remembered when I was mad at him. But now thats gone… Because he’s finally somewhat appreciating us. Or maybe it was Laro… Meh, it doesn’t really matter!

Though part of me was worried for Ivory. The other part of me was all like, ‘HOW DUMB COULD YOU GET?’ and ‘ARE YOU STUPID!?’ because staying back at a situation like this… It’s self explanatory.

Though back there, when I was mad… Well I was mad at them for their actions. I mean, sure they are being hunted and all, and have no parents, but that doesn’t mean you have to be a jerk-face to everyone, especially your friends who are trying to help you! I mean, sure, Hindro blew up, and I became an orphan, but I’m taking all this WAY better than them. Because I have my friends and all that.

So yeah, we’re on our way to the Water Planet. To the ‘special place’ of Laro’s where we’d put the babies at. I think we’d need someone to stay with the babies… Maybe Lavender and Listy… When they get here.

I looked over at the napping Lagi and he was drooling all over the seat.

“She’s an idiot.” Ichoo said from next to me, “I’m sorry to say it, but I just had to. She’s a flat out idiot.”

“We were all thinking it.” Mehrunes said.

“I was surprised Laro didn’t do anything about it.” Ichoo said. “Sometimes you have to suck it up and do what you’re told.”

“Ha, we know that because we grew up with that. *COUGH COUGH* School *COUGH COUGH*.” I replied.

“School.” Mehrunes said. “What kind of school.”

“It’s BORING.” I said, “you do math, history, science, and all that, at least on Hindro. Oh wait. There is no more school like that. Hindro’s gone.”

“About time you figured.” Ichoo replied. “We’ll have to see what other schools are like. I’m thinking of going to one.”

“Yeah, after all this is over…”

“If it’s boring why would you go to one?” Mehrunes asked.

“We’re forced to by the government, that is no longer there.” I answered.

“Well then. If it’s not there, why.” Mehrunes asked.

“Why?” I asked.

“Yeah. If it’s boring, and the thing that made you go is gone, why go?” Mehrunes asked.

“We aren’t going anymore.” I said.

“Yeah but why go to a school at all?” Mehrunes asked. “If it’s horrible and all.”

“Because we have to learn stuff and it’s the law.” I said.

“Yeah. On your planet that’s gone.” Mehrunes said.

“Yep…” I replied. “I don’t want anything else to disappear like it did…”


Ivory sat in the corner, all alone. She sat there doing nothing, waiting for something to happen. But nothing did. She didn't care. She would sit there until the end of time. Or until she got really hungry.

It was very silent. Ivory was happy to finally have some peace. No yelling about how she was going to die or anything of the sort.

She was relaxing when she saw a red scarf left on the ground. She looked at it for a while before looking at the ceiling. There was nothing unusual about the ceiling, so she looked at the floor in front of her instead.

The floor looked boring. Ivory decided to close her eyes and pass the time by imagining all the ways their plan would fail.

“Hmph.” she heard a voice. Then the same guy from before landed onto the ground, with two other figures right next to him. The three of them looked at Ivory.
“This one stayed behind, huh?”

“Seems so.” One of the figures was a girl with long black hair, who was also wearing a headband like the rest. “If this one stayed behind, then they’ve all gone. Something's up, hmm?”

“Yeah. They all left me here.” Ivory said, “glad you came to keep me company.”

“Where did they go?” The girl asked.

“I dunno. Some other planet I was asleep the whole time.” Ivory said.

“Lies.” The girl said, “you’re a distraction trying to mislead us. The moment we get off guard or we stop watching you, you’ll try something.”

“Nah. I’m just gonna sit here in this corner. They really abandoned me though.” Ivory sighed.

“More lies.” The girl shook her head and looked at her comrades, “what do we do with this liar? They won’t speak.”

“Hey, if you tell me what you want to know about I’ll try my best to stay on your good side or whatever.” Ivory said.

“Good side?” The girl laughed. She laughed hysterically and her comrades just stared.

“Good to know.” Ivory said. “Now what is it that you want out of me?”

“The location of the babies and the others.” The girl said.

“I know their general location.” Ivory said. “Nothing exact.”

“What is it then, hm?” asked the girl.

“This galaxy.” Ivory answered.

“Oh ha.” The girl laughed sarcastically, “what a great sense of humor.”

“Yeah, I know.” Ivory fake laughed. “Okay what else do you wanna know. If you want a real answer you’re gonna have to bribe me with food or something.”

“Nah, we don’t need anymore answers.” The girl said, “we’re just gonna wait ‘till ya try and escape us.”

“I like this corner. I’m not gonna leave.” Ivory said.

“Fer sure?” asked the girl.

“There are only three ways I would leave this corner. One, hunger. Two, thirst. Three, being dragged out by force.” Ivory said.

The girl looked over at her comrades and laughed. “Wow, I overestimated these monsters. Haha!”

“So uh, mind grabbing me something from the fridge upstairs?” Ivory asked.

“Nah, sweetheart. You coming with us back to base. You can eat there if the leader allows.” said the girl.

“Alrighty then. I’ll come willingly on one condition, that I get a seat that isn’t hard or stiff or anything like that.” Ivory said, standing up.

“Seat?” the girl asked, “pumpkin, we aren’t taking a spaceship.”

“Oh good. I hate those anyways.” Ivory sighed.

“What's your name anyway, sweety?” asked the girl.

“Not sweety.” Ivory sighed. “It’s Ivory.”

“Ah, well he already knew that.” the girl pointed towards the guy who had came earlier. “Let’s go then. Do your thing, dude.”

“Everyone get in the circle.” The guy from before said, as a big circle with more circles appeared on the ground.

“Which one?” Ivory asked.

“Any of them.” replied the guy.

“Okay then.” Ivory said, walking into the closest circle.

The big circle expanded upward, covering and creating a dome over the four of them. When it disappeared they were in a small cavern attached to many other rooms.

“This place seems nice.” Ivory said.

“Nice? This is the last place you’d call nice.” said the girl.

“No, it seems pretty cool.” Ivory said.

“Heh heh.” The girl laughed, patting Ivory on the back, “I like this girl, she’s got a good sense of humor! Makes killing her a harder task to do, but then again I might not be the one to do it.”

“It’d be a shame to have you not do it. I’ve gotten to know nothing about you.” Ivory sighed.

“Aye, you guys go. She can’t do stuff so I can take her myself.” The girl said to her comrades, “shoo!”

Her comrades then left the small cavern without saying a word, leaving Ivory alone with this girl.

“Well, now what?” Ivory asked. “Gonna torture the information that you want out of me or something? Because I don’t have anything.”

“Yeah, yeah, I believe ya now. You know nothing.” said the girl.

“So do I get food?” Ivory asked.

“Sure, what do you monsters eat anyway?” The girl questioned, “other than humans. Because that’s not happening.”

“Seafood, meat, pretty much anything a regular person would eat.” Ivory said.

“Oh then I’ll bring ya some seafood or something out there.” the girl said, walking out of the cavern and leaving Ivory alone. Ivory just stood there, not wanting to cause trouble.

It was silent for about a minute until the girl returned. “Here ya go.” She dropped a giant fish on the ground in front of Ivory. Ivory picked it up and started taking bites out of it.

“Oh yeah, forgot you monsters eat them raw.” The girl said.

“Yeah. Got a problem with raw seafood? We don’t have fire.” Ivory said, almost done eating the fish.

“Nah, just that we would get food poisoning from that. Not you though, cuz you’re part monster.” said the girl.

“We don’t have fire. Our bodies are made for raw food.” Ivory said, throwing the bones of the fish aside. “So now what?”

“I would advise you brush your teeth.” The girl waved a hand in front of her face in disgust, “your breath stinks from that fish.”

“Got it. Got anywhere I could do that?” Ivory asked.

“Nope. And I have no breath mints on me either.” The girl said.

“A source of water would probably give me enough to clean it out.” Ivory said. “Have any of those?”

The girl pointed behind Ivory at a small puddle.

“That uh… that might not be big enough but who cares?” Ivory asked herself as she went over to the puddle and stared at it. “Yeah this isn’t big enough.”

“Sucks, because it’s the only water here.” The girl said, “you’ll have to use it.”

“I guess you’ll have to endure fish until you tell me where to get a mint.” Ivory said, smirking.

The girl sighed. She walked over to the puddle and poured water into it that came out of nowhere.

The puddle filled up, and the water even dug into the rock and made what looked like a normal puddle, but was really a deep puddle about ten feet long.

“Huh. Well, I’ll only accept mints at this point.” Ivory sighed.

“We don’t have mints down here.” The girl said, “they’re not even around on this planet. So sucks for you. Go wash your mouth.”

“Why should I?” Ivory asked.

“Because I said so.” the girl replied. “Now go do it.”

“Fine.” Ivory sighed. She walked over to the new puddle and dove in, she swam around for a few seconds before coming out. “Happy?” Ivory growled.

“Better.” said the girl.

“Good.” Ivory sighed as she began to warm herself up with fire.

“See, you could have cooked that fish.” The girl face palmed. “So you are still a liar, huh?”

“I could have cooked the fish, but I prefer it raw because that’s all we ever had underwater.” Ivory explained.

“Next time you cook it.” The girl said, “or no fish for you.”

“Fine. Next time I’ll cook it.” Ivory said.

“Good.” The girl replied, crossing her arms.

“So now what do we do?” Ivory asked.

“The leader probably wants to see you.” The girl still had her arms crossed. “So I’ll take ya to him.”

“Sounds good.” Ivory said. “Lead the way.”

The girl turned around and walked out of the cavern. She looked back at Ivory to see if she was following, and then continued. Ivory started following her. They walked through, passing by many other cave rooms until they reached a door.

“After you.” Ivory said, gesturing towards the door.

The girl leaned over and pulled the door open. Inside was a medium sized room. There was a throne, and sitting on it was a white figure with a mask that had many circles on it. The figure was resting his chin on his fist.

“How do you do?” Ivory asked while bowing.

The girl closed the door behind them.

“Thank you, Arada.” the figure said to the girl.

“No problem.” The girl (Arada) replied.

“So, hi there.” Ivory said, standing up straight now.

“Hello.” said the figure. “You’re just how I remember you, huh?”

“I guess so.” Ivory said.

“You look like you’ve grown a bit though, don’t ya think?” The figure asked. “I dunno, seems like you’ve grown a few millimeters.”

“I don’t measure myself.” Ivory said.

“I thought so.” The figure replied.

“So, this place seems nice.” Ivory said, looking around.

“Not a bad place. Serves its duty quite well.” The figure said.

“It must if it’s here.” Ivory said.

“Hmmm?” The figure looked at Ivory.

“Hmmm?” Ivory looked at the figure.

“There is something on you.” The figure took some sort of machine off of Ivory. “A tracker, eh?” He then crushed it in his fist. “So this was a set up. But that doesn’t matter anymore. Didn’t matter anyway.”

“I didn’t know about that, I didn’t know about the tracker. Have somebody read my mind or something but I never knew anything about the tracker.” Ivory said. “So uh… what are you gonna do now?”

“Well we aren’t gonna kill you just yet.” The figure said. “So hang on tight.”



-----| Chapter 10 |-----



“What’s wrong?” Saturo looked over at Mehrunes.

Mehrunes looked a bit disappointed for some reason, as his gaze came to face Saturo instead of the sleeping Lagi.

“Well.” Mehrunes said. “They broke my tracker before I caught the location.”

“Wait what.” Saturo said, “did you put a tracker on that guy?”

“No. I put it on Ivory.” Mehrunes replied.

“Oh, and they took her to their base instead of killing her?” Saturo said.

“Yep.” Mehrunes replied.

“Well. I guess we’ll just have to try and find it ourselves from whatever place we’re headed to.” said Saturo.

“Speaking of which where are we headed?” Mehrunes asked.

“Somewhere special, is what Laro said.” Saturo replied, “maybe its a place where they lived that was abandoned.”

“Wait what are the others gonna do?” Mehrunes asked. “You know. The ones we abandoned.”

“What? We abandoned who?” Saturo asked.

“Listy, Lavender, Hunter, John, Draco, Draelin, am I missing someone? Oh yeah we lost Glitter somewhere too if I recall.” Mehrunes replied.

“Oh right.” Saturo said, “well then we’ll have to find them. They’re headed to the Electric Planet so…”

“Continue your sentence.” Mehrunes said.

“Yeah, someone will have to get them.” Saturo said, “and tell them all this stuff… So who’s gonna go tell them?”

“How about we let Lagi decide.” I said, “because he hasn’t been able to decide things.”

“Okay then.” Saturo shook Lagi. “Hey Lagi, wake up.”

“Moo.” Lagi yawned.

“Hey Lagi, what do you think we should do?” Saturo asked him.

“About what? The cow invasion?” Lagi asked.

“The others that we left are on their way to the Electric Planet. We need to get them somehow to come here with us. What do you think we should do?” Saturo asked.

“Woah woah woah, what?” Lagi asked.

“How should we get them?” Saturo asked.

“Send them our coordinates or something.” Lagi said.

“That sounds good. Hey Mehrunes, can you send them our coordinates?” asked Saturo, looking at Mehrunes.

“Okay.” Mehrunes nodded.

“Then they’ll just have to change direction.” Saturo said, “if you remember though, Lagi, Hunter has a spaceship that can turn into a submarine. So they can find us pretty easily.”

“Okay seems good. So where are we going?” Lagi asked.

“Somewhere underwater, in a temple or something.” Saturo said, “Laro said that at least.”

“Okay. So what do we do to pass the time?” Lagi aaked.

“Well. We can worry about Ivory.” Saturo sat back down.

“Okay.” Lagi said.

“I don’t think she’s dead. They probably took her hostage. Because of the tracker we know.” Saturo said.

“Yeah. So they’re probably gonna use her as a bait or something to lure me in.” Lagi said. “Probably some other reason if not that.”

“Yeah, we need to know where their base is located in order for us to actually do stuff.” Saturo said, “other than just protect.”

“Yeah. How far is your, sensing people range Ich?” Lagi asked.

“Uh. I’m not sure. Maybe a few miles.” I replied, “it could increase if I train it. I’m not really doing that right now though.”

“Well, if you have a few miles, we might be able to fly just above the water level and you might be able to sense the WaterBreathe and maybe even Ivory.” Lagi said.

“Yeah…” I nodded. “We should try that.”

“Part of me says it won’t work.” Saturo said, “they might have something that throws off Ich’s sensing.”

“But then again, they may leave their base. When we lure them out.” I said, “we could also follow them to their base. Many ways work.”

“Or you know. We could maybe just have Mehrunes teleport once we find them and follow them so we can have surprise… or something like that? I don’t know what I’m saying now.” Lagi sighed, holding his head.

“You’re on the right track… That’s what we’re trying to do. A surprise attack or something.” I said, “we could outnumber them or destroy their base of something. Until the give up and maybe then you could go on with your life.”

“You know… maybe if we kill their leader… killing leaders usually ends wars.” Lagi said.

“That too… That other guy didn’t seem to have any hatred towards you, it seemed like he was only following orders.” I said.

“Well, who knows? For all we know once we land they’ll find us and invite us to a peace party of some sort.” Lagi sighed.

“If that happens then we can just relax and forget about the war.” I said.

“Yeah. So, what do we do to pass the time until we land?” Lagi asked.

“I think we’re about to land soon.” I said, “we’re almost there.”

“Maybe. We could double check and see if all the babies are still there.” Saturo said, “there’s 40 of them, right?”

“Fifty.” Lagi sighed.

“Oh, fifty. Okay let’s see.” Saturo left his seat and went to the back of the spaceship, followed by Lagi. I could hear their voices counting them. Until they reached fifty, they returned. “They’re all there. We’re good.”

“So, who anyone have a deck of cards for any reason?” Lagi asked.

“Nope. Not with me.” I said.

“Oh…” Lagi sighed. “Okay then…”

“Why do you want cards?” Mehrunes asked Lagi.

“I dunno. To pass the time?” Lagi said.

“There’s other ways to pass the time.” Mehrunes said.

“Okay.” Lagi said.

“This spaceship is slower than the other electric one we used before.” Saturo said, “the one that got stolen.”

“Well, yeah, because it’s bigger.” I said.

“Hey do you feel that?” Saturo then asked.

“Feel what?” Lagi asked.

“We’re descending.” Saturo said, “we have arrived that means.”

“Oh good.” Lagi sighed in relief.

“There aren’t any windows so we can’t see… Sucks…” Saturo said. But then we felt as if the spaceship landed on water, which probably is the case. “Oh hey we landed.”

“So are we going to descend? Or swim down there?” Lagi asked.

“This spaceship can’t go underwater.” Laro came into the room. “We’re gonna take everything and go down manually by swimming. Then I’ll come back up and hide the spaceship.”

“So, uh. I can’t breathe underwater.” Saturo said, “what’s the solution to that?”

“Uh… Ich once used wind to push away water from you, didn’t he? Also I could just move the water away from you, and replace it with oxygen from the surface.” Lagi said.

“Problem is, when we do that, we can’t see. Unless our head is in the water, things will be all ya know. Blurry and stuff. So that’s another problem with doing that.” I said.

“Problems problems.” Mehrunes commented idly. “We have so many at the moment.”

“Doesn’t Mehrunes have spacesuits designed for underwater stuff or whatever?” Lagi asked.

“It’s designed for space. But he does.” Saturo looked over at Mehrunes. “We could use it for underwater stuff, can’t we?”

“It’s functional underwater, yes.” Mehrunes replied. “But it doesn’t do any favors for swimming.”

“Just grab onto me or Laro.” Lagi said.

“Yeah we could do that. Or I can boost myself with my wind powers.” I said, “and I guess I could boost Saturo too.”

“Also, Laro just went up that ladder, I think we’re supposed to follow him.” Saturo pointed at a ladder in between the back of the spaceship where the babies were and the room we were in.

“Okay then let’s follow him.” I got up and climbed the ladder. I was on top of the spaceship. The spaceship was floating on the water… I could see no land at all, and I’ve heard there was no land on the Water Planet. Just ocean.

“Hey, Ich, now use the wind and bring the babies out one by one.” Laro turned to me. I didn’t recall telling him my name though…

I just nodded and did what he said. I brought one of the babies up. “What now?”

“Toss them down to Gaberus.” Laro pointed down into the water where a lagiacrus was that I hadn’t seen before.

“Okay.” I tossed the baby to Gaberus who caught them.

“Now keep going till we get them all.” said Laro.

I nodded and brought another one up and did the same. Then I did the same thing again. And again. I thought if I could take two at the same time, but that wouldn’t work because the opening is too small, only one could fit. So I continued doing it one by one.

“Well there’s forty more.” said Saturo from inside the spaceship.

I continued bringing them out and dropping them to Gaberus.

“So uh, how do I help out with this?” Lagi asked.

“Maybe you should come out here.” Laro said, “Ich pause for a second and let Lagi up.”

I stood where I was and stopped bringing the babies up one by one. Lagi then climbed out and stood next to me. “Now what?” Lagi asked.

“You can help Gaberus down there.” Laro said, “make sure they don’t swim away.”

“Okay.” Lagi said as he dove down into the water.

“Boo.” a voice said in my ear.

“Oh hi Mehrunes.” I spotted Mehrunes right next to me. “What are you doing…?”

“Watching the chaos.” Mehrunes replied, rolling his eyes. “The spaceship was getting to a point where between the possibility of Saturo doing Saturo stuff and weird ankle biters fallin down I didn’t wanna be in it anymore.”

“I can hear you you know!” Lagi yelled from in the water.

“I know, cause I said it.” Mehrunes replied. “And I don’t care.”

“Well you had better care.” Lagi growled as he went underwater again.

“Hah.” Mehrunes said. “Whatever. Hey Ich what do you think about these babies?”

“Uh…” I said as I continued to use the wind to bring them out, “they don’t look friendly.”

“Probably because their part monster.” Mehrunes said.

“Probably.” I nodded, doing my task.

“Too bad you can’t do this faster.” Mehrunes said. “Like make a stream of wind, causing suction to allow you to pull them out in a line instead of one by one.”

“I… don’t know how to do that.” I sighed. “I need to train more after all this is over.”

“Yes you do.” Mehrunes said. “So how many babies are here again?”

“Fifty.” I replied.

“How many have you flew out?” Mehrunes asked.

“Uhh… I lost count.” I said, “hey Saturo how many are left?”

“Ten.” Saturo called from inside.

“Hey do you happen to know why Lagi and Ivory think threatening anyone will do anything?” Mehrunes asked, quietly enough so Lagi couldn't hear it.

“Well. If you ask me. It won’t do anything.” I said. “And I have no clue why. If I threatened you, it would do something. Since I can take the air out of your lungs. Heh… I’d never do that, don’t worry.”

“Don’t be making promises yet.” Mehrunes said, ominously. “Hey what you should learn to do is make a stream of air…” Mehrunes cut off, smirking.

“Yeah, I’ll learn that sooner or later.” I said, getting the last baby lagiacrus out of the spaceship and down to Gaberus and Lagi. “I’ll ask my dad to teach me it.”

“You’re lucky, with your dad that can teach you that stuff.” Mehrunes said. “I bet you don’t even remember trying to figure this stuff out on your own.”

“Yeah ha. My brother taught me stuff too.” I said.

“Yep I basically knew that.” Mehrunes said. “You and Saturo are pretty much the only ones who have professionals that want to train you. Everyone else has to work it out themselves, although you won’t catch me doing it. Unless you’re Lagi and Ivory and then you just suck regardless.”

“Huh…” I saw that Saturo came up the ladder.

“Hey, what were you guys talking about?” Saturo asked.

“The fact that you two are being trained by professionals, everyone else has to figure it out themselves, and how Lagi and Ivory neglect everything they have.” Mehrunes summarized.

“Huh.” Saturo said, “you have a point though.”

“Come on now.” Laro said, “we’re going underwater.”

“Yeah, give us those suits, Mehrunes.” said Saturo.

Mehrunes smirked as spacesuits appeared, and landed on the spaceship just in front of us, Mehrunes already had one on.

“Okay, how do you put this on again?” Saturo asked, looking at the spacesuits.

Mehrunes snapped and the spacesuits were on us, somehow. “Like that.”

“Okay then. That was easy.” Saturo said, “what about the helmet or what goes on the head to keep stuff out?”

“Oh yeah that’s invisible.” Mehrunes said. “Actually the whole thing can be invisible because reasons, but the helmet is invisible, and also allows you to see through water, and stuff.”

“That’s exactly what we need.” I said, “alright, oh look they already went. Let’s catch up.”

“Good plan.” Mehrunes said, motioning to the water. “You first.”

“Okay.” Saturo jumped into the water, leaving a splash. I followed. Entering the water, I could breathe normally, and it seemed like I had goggles on since I could see everything. The ocean was deep. When I say deep, I mean deep. I couldn’t even see the ocean floor. Then I saw Mehrunes pass me and look back with a smirk.

I gave the three of us a push using the wind. We descended down deeper. Lagi, Laro, and Gaberus were just below us, all of them Lagiacrus, swimming down with the babies.

Saturo, Mehrunes, and I were slow at swimming. So, the wind was pushing us faster to stay with the lagiacrus under us.

We kept on moving, until we finally reached the ocean floor. There was what seemed to be a temple of some sort down here. I thought we were gonna go there, but apparently not because the lagiacrus just swam right past it.

So we followed silently.

“You have one new message.” A robot voice then spoke, coming from the spacesuit I was wearing. I looked over at Mehrunes since it was his suit. “You doing okay?”

“What?” I asked, although I’m pretty sure he couldn’t hear me.

“You have one new message from Mehrunes. Are you feeling okay still?” The robot voice spoke.

“Um. Yes of course.” I replied.

“You have one new message from Saturo. I like spicy chips.” said the robot voice. I rolled my eyes over at Saturo who was laughing in his spacesuit.

“You have one new message from Mehrunes. I ask because I’m not entirely sure how well my suits will hold up at the depth we’re getting to, as I’ve never tested it and such.” said the robotic voice.

“Oh, it’s fine. I’m all good. If anything goes wrong I could make myself air… Although I won’t be able to see.” I said.

“You have one new message from Mehrunes. Air isn’t really the problem… I asked the AI, the thing we’re communicating through, and it estimated we’re around 11,000 meters deep. These suits are made for space and at this low some seriously bad things can happen. So you NEED to mention if anything happens.”

“Oh. I see… So then what would we do if there is?” I asked.

“You have one new message from Mehrunes. Well… I’m not an expert on underwater stuff… but I would say if you feel squeezing we should at least ascend, but slowly to avoid ‘bends’. If there’s a leak try to plug it or something, so your suit doesn’t immediately fill up with water and like, crush everything. And if you’re having trouble breathing I don’t know.”

“Meh, I wouldn’t worry about the spacesuit filling with water. And we can ascend slowly with no problem.” I said.

“You have one new message from Mehrunes. Either way, tell me.”

“Alright then.” I replied.

In front of us, and in front of the lagiacrus, was an underwater mountain. There was a big cave in it, that was hidden really well. One could not even notice it was there. The lagiacrus swam into the cave, and the rest of us followed silently. They swam upwards in the cave, and we followed again. My head then came out of the water. It was a cave.

The lagiacrus, well Laro, Gaberus and Lagi turned back into humans, the babies stayed the same. They were scattered around the cave.

“Whew.” Saturo said, shaking around to let some water drip off, “we made it.”

“Lucky us.” Mehrunes said.

“What do we do now?” Lagi then asked.

“This is the spot we settle the babies at.” Laro answered, “what was the weapon you wanted again, Lagi?”

“A switch axe.” Lagi answered.

“Okay then. I’ll have that ready for you when we attack.” said Laro. “For now go ahead and nap. In the morning you’ll be a different person. Literally. Because of what I will have for you.”

“Mmmmm cool.” Lagi went over to a corner and laid down, to take a nap.

“Really. He’s just not caring about anything at all.” Saturo said, looking at the napping Lagi.

“We’re not doing this for him anymore then. Just for… for the babies then.” I said, trying to think of an excuse. Part of me was thinking of that. The other part still wanted to help Lagi.

“Good excuse.” Mehrunes rolled his eyes.

“So, Mehrunes, maybe you should send the others this location so they can find us.” I said to Mehrunes.

“Yeah sure I’ll just text Listy this location.” Mehrunes rolled his eyes. “Listy still has my tracker, they’ll be able to find us regardless.”

“Good. Because I don’t want to deal with Lagi by myself if he wakes up again and acts the way he is.” I said, “although John might take it differently.”

“Differentially or worse?” Mehrunes smirked, then suddenly looked worried. “I just realized Listy might not be all too happy about our, or more specifically my, disappearance.”

“Yeah, haha!” Saturo laughed. “Best to remember for next time to not leave her without notice.”

“Yeah… why do I have a bad feeling about when they get back?” Mehrunes asked.

“Maybe because she’ll be mad. She might beat you up and break your legs again.” Saturo snickered.

“Break your own legs.” Mehrunes snapped.

“That’s not easy to do.” Saturo said.

“Whatever.” Mehrunes said.



-----| Chapter 11 |-----



“I wonder why we are even headed to the Water Planet.” John said, leaning in his seat that could spin around, with his feet on a table next to him instead of on the controls. “At least Hunter’s ship here can go underwater. Thats a relief.”

“I dunno why we’re going to the water planet but go there faster.” Listy said.

“We’re already going at light speed, ma’am.” said John. “This ship doesn’t go any faster.”

“Well then how soon will we get there?” Listy asked.

“Mmmm, Hunter how soon.” John looked over at the pilot.

“Only a couple minutes to the Elemental Solar System.” Hunter replied.

“Hey Draelin is Draco still being a downer?” Listy asked.

“Yes. He is.” Draelin answered from next to Draco.

“Is he still bad at the kazoo?” Listy asked.

“I dunno.” Draelin shrugged.

“Guess we have to wait.” Listy said.

Draco then spat the kazoo out of his mouth, clearly annoyed that it was there in the first place.

“See that’s not how you play the kazoo.” Listy said.

Draco then picked it back up, put it in his mouth and played one note before placing it back on the ground. There was a look of spite on his face the whole time.

“Yeah that’s better.” Listy said.

Draco just sat in his seat in silence.

“Leave the lad alone.” John said, “bushy haired kid is busy gettin over his girlfriend's death so leave em alone.”

“I am.” Listy said.

“Good. We’re in the Elemental System now, we’re headed towards the Water Planet.” John said, “any idea where to go on the Water Planet?”

“No because I can’t understand Mehrunes’s ridiculous tracker any further than the text that says ‘Elemental system: Water Planet’.” Listy replied. “Seriously this is terrible!”

“Here lemme see.” John reached over.

Listy handed it to him. He looked at it.

“Aye, I know where they are.” John said, handing the tracker to Hunter, “go to them.”

“How did you read that?” Listy asked, confused.

“I used my eyes and looked at it, then read it. How else?” John asked back.

“But there’s random letters and like ten sets of numbers!” Listy said.

“Yeah I know.” John replied. “You just have to translate it.”

“I’m gonna stop asking about it.” Listy said.

“Good idea.” John looked out the window at a planet with ocean all over it, no land is seen. The spaceship went closer to it, “here we go, time to go underwater.”

“Wait how deep can the ship go?” Listy asked.

“As deep as needed.” Hunter replied.

“Okay good.” Listy said.

The spaceship then entered the Water Planet’s atmosphere and descended towards the ocean, going underwater. Hunter pressed some buttons, and then parts of the spaceship shifted, until it became a submarine. It then descended down through the ocean.

Hunter, knowing where to go, steered the submarine.


“Looks like they’re here.” said Saturo, looking at the submarine that appeared in the same spot where we had entered this cave from.

The top of it opened, and everyone came on out. There was John, Lavender, Pixelen, Talsa. They landed onto the ground of the cave with us. Draco, Draelin, Tango, Lauren, Bella and everyone else were probably still inside.

“Aye, you seeked our assistance?” John said.

“Yeah, we’re gonna help keep these safe.” Saturo answered, motioning towards the babies. “Where’s everyone else?”

“Still inside.” John replied, “bushy haired kid be actin not cool still.”

Then Listy came out of the ship, and was glaring at us. Not us, Mehrunes specifically.

“This is gonna go bad.” Mehrunes whispered. “What do you advise I do?”

“Explain.” Saturo smirked.

“Welp here goes nothing.” Mehrunes whispered, walking up to Listy. He was about to say something before Listy slapped him so hard he slammed against the cave wall and fell down. Everyone just stared.

“Okay maybe I deserve that one.” Mehrunes said, getting up.

“This just got interesting, ha.” John said. “The wife is mad at the husband for abandoning her.”

Listy glared at John before slapping Mehrunes ridiculously fast, you could barely tell if Mehrunes wasn't being knocked around silly like a ragdoll. Mehrunes got knocked back and looked mad, taking out his katana and slicing at Listy, Listy blocked it with a stone fist, then punched Mehrunes in the nose with it.

“This is really harder than it has to be.” Mehrunes mumbled. “And I’m not gonna lose again, if you’ll let me explain.”

Listy didn’t seem to notice Mehrunes was talking, and kicked him in the crotch.

“Oh snap.” John said, “poor guy.”

“You… done?” Mehrunes asked, clearly in pain. His nose was bleeding and he was practically fallen over, but was still somehow standing. “Because… we teleported away… to save Lagi and Ivory and… the baby things…”

“What?” Listy grunted madly, obviously still mad.

“Ich… had a vision thing… and Lagi and others… were gonna die… I wasn't intentionally… leaving everyone…” Mehrunes said.

Listy slapped Mehrunes again.

“OW!” Mehrunes yelped.

“That’s for not telling me sooner.” Listy said.

“Oh… okay…?” Mehrunes said, clearly having been beat up so much as he couldn't follow, as he fell on the ground as well.

“He should rest.” Gaberus then said, “we all should. In the morning we’ll head over to their base.”

“What base?” John asked.

“We’ll explain everything tomorrow. For now just rest.” Gaberus said. “Laro will be back, he’s just getting rid of the spaceship up there.”

“Sounds good.” I said, “we’ll be ready tomorrow then.”

“I don’t wanna sleep right now. It’s not even night.” John said.

“True so we can just rest here for a bit.” Saturo said.

“I’m tired anyway. I’ll go to sleep.” I said, laying down. “Wake me up in the morning.”


“You can stay in there.” Arada pointed at a cage.

“Oh. Thanks I guess.” Ivory sighed.

“Get in.” Arada ordered.

“Okay.” Ivory sighed as she walked into the cage and shut the door.

“Now end your misery.” Arada ordered.

“What?” Ivory asked.

“End your misery.” Arada said. “Do it now and it’ll just be over for you.”

“But you gave me this luxurious five star cage and everything, why end it?” Ivory asked.

“Because I said so.” Arada grunted.

“But you went through the trouble of giving me this place, I should stay a while.” Ivory said.

“That wasn’t troubling to get that. It was here in the first place when I came.” Arada growled.

“Oh. Well, thanks for bringing me here I guess. Have any pillows?” Ivory asked.

“Yes and they’re mine.” Arada answered, “you get a rock.” She set a rock in the cage. A tiny rock.

“O-oh… well… is it a magic rock?” Ivory asked.

“No. It’s an insulting rock. It will throw insults at your face.” Arada replied.

“Oh will it?” Ivory asked.

“Exactly.” Arada replied. “Now take a nap.”

“Okay.” Ivory said as she sat down and stared at the rock.

“Now wake back up and slap yourself.” Arada said.

“Never.” Ivory said as she picked up the rock.

“Gimme the rock.” Arada ordered.

Ivory threw the rock at Arada’s head. Arada caught it and took a bite out of it. “Tastes good. Wanna try?”

“No. I’d rather have you in this cage.” Ivory said.

“Sucks. You’re the monster who needs to stay in the cage, girl.” Arada said, “I’m supposed to watch you.”

“Cool. So, wanna have a talk or something?” Ivory asked.

“Sure. We’re having one right now.” Arada replied.

“Oh are we?” Ivory asked.

“Oh, we are?” Arada asked back.

“No, I was talking to the painting.” Ivory said, pointing behind Arada.

“Oh, the invisible painting? The one of the dude eating a human lagiacrus?” Arada asked.

“U-uh…” Ivory stuttered, “no, the one floating behind your head.”

“That one is me eating you. You don’t look good though. Maybe if I roast you.” Arada said.

“Or maybe I’ll toast you first.” Ivory said.

“Sucks. You’re in the cage. I’m the superior.” said Arada.

“No, you’re the one outside the cage. I’m safe and you’re exposed.” Ivory said, smirking.

“And I’m exposed, and you’re in danger.” Arada replied.

“Only in danger of you. And I can tell you’re too soft to do anything to me.” Ivory said.

“You’re right. I’m too soft. And you have too good of a sense of humor.” said Arada.

“I’m the one with a sense of humor? Aren’t you the one laughing about rocks?” Ivory asked.

“Ha! See, humor. You’d be a good comedian.” said Arada.

“Why thank you.” Ivory said.

“More of a comedian than a meal.” Arada said, “maybe you could be a good meal to the thing.”

“What thing? You leader’s dull humor?” Ivory asked. “I’d be glad to feed that.”

“Or we could sell you in the Black Market.” Arada said. “People probably would buy your scales.”

“So, it’s either stay here… joke around with your leader… or be sold for profit…” Ivory said. “A hard decision, I’ll be honest.”

“Yep.” Arada replied.

“So which should I do?” Ivory asked.

“Just die right there in that cage.” Arada said, “makes my job easier.”

“That wasn’t one of the options.” Ivory said.

“It is now.” Arada replied.

“Okay then. Which should I do other than suicide?” Ivory asked.

“Dunno. I don’t care do whatever.” Arada replied. “Take an actual nap or something.”

“Only if you stay quiet.” Ivory said as she curled up on her side.

“That’s the point of it all.” Arada replied, “now goodnight.”

But Ivory was already asleep. Arada sat down near the wall silently. She gripped her dagger next to her, and carved into a rock. Then she looked at the dagger and tossed it aside.

“Really.” said a voice.

At the cave entrance was the guy with the headband from before, who had attacked first at the Electric Planet.

“Don’t treat my daggers like that.” he growled and picked up the dagger.

“Never liked daggers anyway.” Arada replied. “I’d rather much beat things up with my fists.”

“Ha ha.” the guy said, “well I have something to tell ya.”


“There’s these folks out there. WaterBreathe like us. They’re nearby, on the planet.” The guy said.

“Oh, so we’re still doing the recruiting thing?” Arada asked.

“Well… yeah. We recruited you. And we still are recruiting any other WaterBreathes out there. Because a lot of them left the planet when the war just started.” The guy said.

“Hmph. Go recruit by yourself. I’m not much of a recruiter. I’d rather torture them if they don’t wanna join us.” Arada replied.

“Ha ha. You’re very nice.” the guy said sarcastically.

“Of course I am.” Arada responded. “Now shoo. Go recruit or whatever.”

The guy glanced at his dagger, and then at Ivory who was in the cage.

“How’s she doin?” he then asked, looking at Arada.

“I don’t know, and I don’t care. She’s just another monster. Nothing different than I’ve seen.” Arada replied.

“The leader hasn’t told us to kill her yet. So I wonder what he’s planning.” The guy said.

“Dunno.” Arada said, “those things just caused us a lot of trouble. I’m only doing this because of that. Find the babies and kill them. Then kill the kiddos.” Arada looked over at Ivory. “She’s different than most people. A comedian. A lot like me in most ways.”
“Nah, you’re scarier.” The guy said.

“Duh.” Arada replied. “Anyway I told you to shoo. So shoo. Go recruit.”

“Okay. I’ll go do that. You gonna keep an eye on her?” The guy asked.

“Nah. She’s weak. She’s not getting out of that cage either. And if she does, so what. She can’t do anything. It’s an easy kill if you ask me. Heh. Or if you ask anyone.” Arada replied.

“Okay, ha, I’ll go now.” The guy then left the cave.

Not too long after, someone else came into the room. Another girl.

“Oh. Hey there Noran.” said Arada.

“We’re switching places.” Noran said, “I’ll watch her. The leader wants you to do something else.”

“Do what?” Arada asked.

“I have no clue. Go ask him.” Noran replied.

“Okay.” Arada shrugged and left the room.

Noran was now alone in the room with Ivory. Arada walked down the hallway. She then spotted the cloaked man with the circle mask standing there.

“Hey there leader.” Arada said, “what is it you want me to do?”

The leader looked at her with an expressionless face through the mask. His hands were crossed right behind his back. “With your abilities, I would like you to find this person.”

“Who?” asked Arada.

“He’s powerful in darkness. He was orphaned during the war, killed by the lagiacrus. His uncle took him to the Planet of Darkness. His uncle died and he had no one to raise him. But then he was adopted.” The leader said, “go find him on the Planet of Darkness. That is your mission. Understood?”

“Sure.” Arada said, “anything else?”

“While you’re at it buy some trackers. And some more food. Take my spaceship. I’ll have Teleyon pilot you.” The leader said.

“Sounds good to me.” Arada replied.

“That is all. You may go now.” The leader replied. “We will win this war no matter what. We will do whatever to achieve this.”

“Yes, whatever. Including killing a loved one.” Arada said, “whatever is necessary.”

“Good. Now let us finish what was started by those monsters.”


To Be Continued!




To be continued in the next book. 

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WOW that's a long book. I

WOW that's a long book. I wish I could see the cover! Unfortunately I haven't read the rest of the books so I haven't the slightest idea what is going on, but I hope you keep writing!

Posted by a zombie now (*... on Thu, 02/22/2018 - 09:09

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