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Ultimates: Book 18: The WaterBreathe Finale: (Book 9 In The 2nd Series) {LAST BOOK IN SECOND SERIES}

Ultimates: Book 18: The WaterBreathe Finale: (Book 9 In The 2nd Series) {LAST BOOK IN SECOND SERIES}

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June 4th, 2018

here's all of book 9, its the longest one




Ultimates: The WaterBreathe Finale:

By: The Ultimate Osaid











-----| Prologue |-----



“Wake up, Ichoo.” a voice called out for me.

My eyes opened, and I got onto my feet. I was surrounded by white walls, bright white walls from the reflected light. The light seemed to be coming from everywhere.

I couldn’t see anyone around. I was alone in this white room. I could feel some sort of energy pushing me. I couldn’t tell what it was though.

But then I remembered. Some voice called for me. But there was no one around… I was confused.

“You’ve gotta look correctly.” the voice said.

What? Look correctly? What’s that supposed to mean? I looked around, and then behind me. There was a man with dark green clothing sitting down at a table.

“There you go. Now you can see me, can’t you?” asked the man.

“Uh, yeah.” I replied.

“You’re dreaming, if you have not realized.” the man said, “you are in the Dream World.”

“I noticed.” I said. “So, this dream is different. It feels more real.”

“Yes that is because it is real. You may be sleeping, but your mind is in the Dream World. Unlike the dream you had last night, that was from memory and not in the Dream World.” The man explained.

“Okay, makes somewhat sense.” I said. “So… What do I do here?”

“Anything you wish.” The man said.

“What’s your name?” I asked, “and how did you know my name?”

“I’m in your mind. So…” The man said.

“Okay, but then what is your name?” I asked.

“I do not have a particular name. The people call me different things.” The man explained.

“So what do the people call you then?” I asked.

“Many things.”

“Give me something to call you. Just something, because talking to a nameless person is strange. At least to me.”

“Fine. You can call me Rorikan.” said the man, finally.

“Alright, Rorikan.” I said, “what are you gonna do?”

“Anything you want me to do.” Rorikan replied.

“Oh. That’s helpful.” I said, “could you, uh, make me able to breathe underwater?”

“Yes. Or I could supply you with potions and have everyone else in your army able to breathe underwater. By breathe underwater, I mean hold your breath for up to an hour.” Rorikan said.

“That actually sounds pretty useful. I’ll take it.” I said.

On the table appeared a big jug filled with some blue liquid. “It is like juice.” Rorikan said, “just half a cup will do the job. Don’t drink too much or you’ll suffocate.”

“Oh yikes.” I coughed. “Then could you just put them in a bottle or something. I’m pretty sure some of the others won’t take it seriously.”

“I know who you are talking about. But sure. I can do that.” Rorikan said.

“Great. That solves a lot of problems for us.” I said, “so… when am I gonna leave the Dream World?”

“When you wake up.” Rorikan replied.

“How do I wake up?” I asked.

“You just do. Simple as that.” Rorikan said.

“That’s not very simple, but okay…” I said. “So… what do you do? Appear in people’s minds?”

“Yes. I usually transport throughout the Dream World and into people's dreams. I help people out by supplying them with information or items that they could not have gotten on their own.” Rorikan said, “I’m what you would consider a very powerful Ultimate.”

“Like my dad?” I asked.

“Yes, your father is powerful. I’m like him. But in a different power classification.” Rorikan replied.

“What is your power?” I asked.

“I work in telepathy, obviously since I am in your dream. But I work with many other powers. Wind included. In fact, I know more wind abilities than you do.” Rorikan answered.

“Wow.” I kind of felt hurt. “Do you think you can teach me how to make a stream of wind? Like, it would transport things like a machine or something.”

“Yes that is quite simple actually.” Rorikan said. “You can use the wind right now, but what you do is use it stably. To make a stream of wind, you have to stop using it stably. You need to have it unstable in order for it to move and not stay in one place.”

“Oh. So then…”

“It’s really simple, you would get it first try.” Rorikan said, “you could test it. You could make a stream of wind from one place to another in the water, and travel will be easy. Save your potions in case of an emergency.”

“Emergency… okay got it.” I said, “so can you show me how to do it?”

Rorikan snapped and an empty plate appeared in front of him on the table. Then, a white cylinder shaped thing appeared, but it was only white with particles at the side. The middle was empty. The plate flew up and began to kind of orbit me repeatedly.

“See, simple.” Rorikan said.

“Yeah, I’d have to make it bigger for it to be used as transportation.” I said, “also how do you turn it off?”

“The same way you activate it, just in reverse.” Rorikan said.

“Oh yeah that’s simple enough.” I said, yawning.

“Hey you’re yawning.” Rorikan said, “in the Dream World.”

“Yeah… I feel tired.” I stretched.

“That means it’s time for you to return to the real world.” Rorikan said, “you’ll wake up and the potions will be there.”

“Okay.” I said.



-----| Chapter 1 |-----



I awoke, with ten bottles of potions right in front of me. Rorikan did actually help me. Dream World and reality tie together… I dunno how. It seemed confusing and I didn’t really care since it worked.

I took the potions and set them in the corner of the cave. Until I had an idea to test out. I made a stream of wind right at the top, below the ceiling. The potions went in a loop up there. I watched it for a bit.

“Care to share?”

Next to me I spotted Mehrunes. He had noticed what I did. In fact he must have seen me do it.

“Oh yeah, sure. These are for us.” I answered him.

“Not really what I meant.” Mehrunes said. “Everyone else is asleep and you appear out of thin air with a bunch of bottles and a new ability. I know this. Shenanigans are happening, now spill the beans.”

“Wait, I appeared out of thin air?” I asked.

“Just slightly a lot.” Mehrunes said. “Lemmi guess. Dream World. Ich quick before anyone else wakes up, not that it’s likely. I’ve been up for an hour or two lookin for you.”

“Huh. I thought my mind was in the Dream World and my body was here.” I shrugged, “guess not.”

“Tell me what happened.” Mehrunes said, getting impatient.

“Well I was in the Dream World. There was some guy there called Rorikan who gave me these water breathing potions that let you hold your breath for a hour.” I explained.

Mehrunes looked surprised. “Yeah, I know that guy too. Overly helpful, I knew something was up. Look, the potions will help immensely but it’s a good idea to not tell the others about ‘Rorikan’.”

“Why?” I asked.

“There are many reasons, one of which is if we tell them they might get jealous and by proxy, mad and a pain to handle.” Mehrunes said. “And we have enough of that with ugh. Just, trust me on this one, okay?”

“Sure, okay.” I said.

“Trust Mehrunes on what?” asked a voice. It was Saturo. He had woke up.

“Eh, Saturo can handle it.” I said, “look up.”

Saturo looked up and saw the potions alternating in a loop. “Oh cool.”

“I got those, they are water breathing potions. Got them from this guy in the Dream World.” I said.

“Nice. Those will be useful.” Saturo stretched.

“So, is Lagi asleep?” I asked, looking over at Lagi who was in his corner.

“No, I’m not asleep.” Lagi yawned, “your talking woke me up.”

“The babies are all huddled up in the corner sleeping still.” Saturo pointed.

“Yeah yeah, I know.” Lagi said, looking at them.

“Hey, there’s something next to you Lagi.” Saturo pointed again.

“Hmm? What is it?” Lagi asked, looking to the side.

It was some red armor of some sort. There was also a switch axe on top of it. And a note attached to it reading ‘to Lagi’.

“Huh. Interesting… I’ll have to try it on soon.” Lagi said.

“You could do it right now!” Saturo exclaimed.

“I’m a bit tired from waking up. Maybe after breakfast.” Lagi said, standing up and stretching.

“Oh shoot. Breakfast.” Saturo looked around, “there is no food! AHHHH…!”

“Quiet!” Lagi hissed.

“That’s too bad there’s no food.” Saturo sighed, “I’m hungry.”

“I guess I could go get us some fish or something. One or two of you should come with me though.” Lagi said.

“Bleh, fish for breakfast…? Not my thing…” Saturo said.

“Well, we’re going to need fish anyways. For the babies, you know…” Lagi said.

“Oh, okay thats good.” Saturo said, putting on the spacesuit, “you can lead then. I’ll follow behind.”

“Alright. See you two later. If any of them wake up, just try and play with them to keep them calm.” Lagi said as he walked towards the pond in the middle of the cave.

“Okay sounds good.” I replied.

“Let’s go!” Saturo said, the suit fully on him.

Lagi jumped into the pond and started swimming down. Saturo followed. Mehrunes and I were now alone. I also realized no one else was out here. They were all inside the submarine… they probably slept there.

“So…” I looked over at Mehrunes, “what should we do?”

“No idea.” Mehrunes said. “We’re in a cave. With a bunch of sleeping monsters.”

“Yeah. So, what should we do then?” I asked again.

“Still dunno.” Mehrunes replied. “I guess talk.”

“Okay talk about what?” I asked.

“The war to come.” Mehrunes suggested.

“Oh. Well, I don’t know who exactly we are up against. Maybe we could disarm them and just trap them instead of kill them cuz I have a feeling they aren’t choosing to but are just doing so cuz they were told to.” I said, “like the guy that we saved Lagi and Ivory from. He was just doing it like it was work.”

“It’s essentially a cult based around hating and killing Human Lagiacrus.” Mehrunes said. “I think most of them want to kill us all.”

“Because we were around them for so long…” I said, “they don’t know this location at least. But we don’t know theirs either.”

“That’s like a consolation prize. Yay we’re at a stalemate.” Mehrunes said.

“You know, I wanna try having a battle against you. Cuz I never have.” I said.

“Maybe later okay?” Mehrunes replied.

“Sure.” I said.

Then, Gaberus came in from the water with a bunch of fish. He walked over to the babies and dropped them in front of them. The babies woke up from the sound and began eating.

“…Well then Lagi and Saturo left for no reason.” I said.

“Not really.” Saturo appeared from the water along with Lagi, “we combined both the fish we found. Lagi caught all the ones, cuz I was too slow of a swimmer. And Gaberus is faster than Lagi so he went ahead with all the fish.”

“So, how are you two doing?” Lagi asked.

“Fine.” I replied, “I’m not that hungry so I’ll be fine.”

“Whelp, your loss.” Lagi said as he went over to the babies and started eating with them.

“We should head out.” Gaberus then said, “find their base and take Ivory from them.”

“So, we’re going on a rescue mission right away?” Lagi asked.

“Laro is already out there.” Gaberus said. “And he told me that I should go the way he went with you guys. We’re gonna have the first attack, to tell them we are coming.”

“All three of us?” Lagi asked.

“Yes. The rest should stay to protect. That’s just the first phase of the plan.” Gaberus said.

“Alright. Sounds good.” Lagi said, “where do we start looking?”

“If you haven’t had breakfast do that first.” Gaberus said, looking at Saturo. “Then we’ll go.”

“But where can I have breakfast…?” Saturo asked.

“In the submarine. There’s food.” Gaberus said.

Saturo though, had disappeared instantaneously. As if he teleported. Gaberus looked over at Mehrunes and I.

“Get some breakfast too.” Gaberus said. “We’ll go after breakfast.”

“Okay!” I said.


“Cut that out.” Arada growled.

“Cut what out?” Teleyon asked, piloting the ship right next to Arada.

“The stupid whistling.” Arada growled.

“Nah.” Teleyon smirked and continued whistling.

Arada looked mad. “Cut it out, it’s annoying the heck out of me.”

“Oi, I’m the pilot. Yer too dumb to drive so I have to pilot you on this mission.” Teleyon said, “since I’m the captain of this ship I’m the boss. My rules.”

“Whatever.” Arada crossed her arms and looked out the window.

The spaceship drifted through space. Teleyon continued his whistling, and Arada continued being annoyed.
“If you wanna let that anger out, there’s a punch bag in the back in the cargo.” Teleyon then said.

Arada stood up and walked to the back. Instead of the sound of a punch bag, it was the sound of glass breaking that was heard. Arada returned to her seat with a smirk.

“…” Teleyon was silent, keeping his eyes in front of him. “Did… Did you just break the vase that my mother gave me?”

“Uh huh. Got a problem with that?” Arada laughed.

“Yes I do.” Teleyon replied.

“Stop whistling then.” Arada smirked. “It’s annoying as heck.”

“Fine then.” Teleyon grumbled.

The spaceship moved silently, without the sound of whistling.

“I broke a mug. Not the vase. I’m not that much of a jerk.” Arada then said.

“Phew.” Teleyon sighed. “That’s a relief. Although everyone else still thinks you’re a jerk.”

“I don’t care what they think.” Arada said.

“I know that. And I don’t care that you don’t care what they think.” Teleyon smirked.

“Cut that out or I’ll break the vase this time.” Arada threatened.

“Fine, we’re about to arrive anyway.” The spaceship left light speed. In front of them was the Planet of Darkness, slightly hard to see because of its darkness. Their spaceship descended into the atmosphere. “So, how’s it gonna go. Do you want me to wait at the spaceship or…?”

“I don’t really care. Do whatever.” Arada said.

“Then I’ll just play some video games in my spaceship until you get the job done.” said Teleyon.

“Okay.” Arada said. “Fine with me.”

“Okay then. Take long though. I wanna beat a certain level and it’s hard so take maybe, an hour.” Teleyon said, landing the spaceship at the space station.

The exit then opened. “Go ahead.” said Teleyon. Arada stood up.

“Yo, you haven’t given me the Ultims.” Arada said, “I gotta buy food too ya know.”

“*SIGH* here.” Teleyon searched his pockets and handed Arada a handful or Ultims. “Buy only food. Nothing else.”

“Okay.” Arada shrugged it off and walked out of the spaceship. She looked around. It was the market in the space station, right next to the areas where spaceships are parked. Arada walked towards a food stand, that was empty. “Oi, why you got no customers?”

The man running the stand stroked his mustache and looked at her. “We’re sold out.”

“Sucks, give me food. I want food.” Arada said.

“We have no food, sorry ma’am. Go somewhere else.” The man said.

“I want this, however.” She looked up at the sign that read ‘tacos’, “I want some tacos.”

“We’re sold out. Go away.” The man said.

Arada then jumped into the stall, and the man looked surprised.

“HEY GET AWAY FROM…” Arada pulled open a drawer, and inside was a bunch of Ultims.

“Tough. You’re that wanted thief.” Arada pointed at a sign.

“Grr, shut up little girl.” The man took out a knife.

Arada yanked the knife out of his hand and snapped it in half. “What’s a thief like you, who’s not even an ultimate, doing here huh?”

The thief turned away and just ran, leaving the ultims behind. Arada laughed with a hand on her hip.

“Might as well take some.” she said, looking at the ultims.

“I advise not.”

A voice spoke in front of the stand. Arada’s gaze turned towards a guy with dark clothing on.

“You just stopped a criminal. So don’t be one.” The guy said.

“And who’re you?” Arada asked.

“My name’s Flip. I’m just walking around here. What about you, hmm?” The guy questioned.

“I’m lookin for a guy. An adopted guy.” Arada said.

“He’s here?” Flip asked.

“Probably. Senses tell me its you.” Arada said.

“I’m not adopted. I have parents and…” Flip cut himself off, “oh dang that wasn’t a dream, wasn’t it?”

“Nope. Yer one of us.” Arada said, “so come with us and finish the task we’re put up to.”

“I’d rather not. I’ve made friends with them.” Flip said, “in the Dream World at least.”

“So? It’s just a dream. You haven’t seen the reality of them.” Arada said.

“I don’t need to to know they are innocent.” Flip replied, “it was not their doing, but their ancestors.”

“Not the point. They’re monsters. They need to be put to misery. So they never start killing off other creatures that aren’t as strong as them.” Arada said.

“Hmm.” Flip thought to himself, “so you want to recruit me. I'll go with you.”

“Great. Come on then.” Arada said.

“I gotta do my daily meditation however. So when we arrive take me to a quiet place to do that.” Flip said.

“Arrangeable.” Arada said, jumping over the stall next to Flip, “let’s go then.”

The two of them walked throughout the market. Arada then stopped at a stand that interested her.

“Hello ma’am would you like to buy this bracelet?” The man running the stand asked.

“Yes I do, how much does it cost?” asked Arada.

“Eighty-five Ultims.” The man said.

Arada placed down eighty-five ultims on the stand. The man gave her the bracelet and she put it on and walked away. Even though Teleyon told her to not buy anything other than food.

“Do you always do that?” Flip then asked. “Just buy whatever?”

“Hey this bracelet is a gold one. And it looks nice.” Arada said, “what, do you have a problem with it?”

“I never said that, did I now?” Flip replied.

“Whatever, I gotta find food. Where is the market?” Arada asked.

“There’s a grocery store up ahead. Tell me where your spaceship is so I can go there.” Flip said.

“That one. The blue one.” Arada pointed.

“Okay, see you soon then.” Flip and Arada walked the opposite directions, Arada heading to the market and Flip heading to the spaceship.

The spaceship’s door was open, so Flip went right in, seeing Teleyon playing his video game.

“Hello there.” Flip said, “I’m Flip. Coming along with you for WaterBreathe business.”

Teleyon turned his head away from the screen. “Dang, I thought I told her to take an hour.” He sighed. “I haven’t even got halfway through the level!”

Flip shrugged. “She’s getting groceries. So you still have time.”

“Good.” Teleyon turned back to the screen. Flip watched silently.

“So…” Flip then said, breaking the silence, “you’re WaterBreathe too huh.”

“Yep.” Teleyon replied.

“I don’t know much about our history.” Flip said, “so if you could, teach me.”

“I don’t teach history. History sucks.” Teleyon said, not taking his eyes off the screen. “Ask the leader.”

“Who even is the leader?” Flip asked.

“He’s the only one who was alive back then during the wars. Apparently lots happened. After everyone in the city died because of some lagiacrus army, he destroyed them using some sword. Then he went out to hunt the remaining lagiacrus, recruiting more people to his new army that would finish the task. Apparently there was a war before that, that he wasn’t in.” Teleyon explained, “cuz he was a kid. But the army of the WaterBreathe at that time were at war with the lagiacrus. Something about resources, like the lagiacrus took everything all the food and all that. Then there was this thing that built up hatred, and the two clans hated each other. Then the lagiacrus began attacking us when we went out for food or whatever. Then the war started.”

“Interesting.” Flip said, “so that’s our perspective. I wonder what they have to say about it.”

“Same, but they haven’t even spoke to us.” Teleyon said, “we attacked them once after we knew their location. But they moved. We’ve got one of them back at base.”

“So you attacked them. Huh.”

“I heard they were weak. Like, really weak. They tried to use water against us. Made me laugh, heh.” Teleyon said, “except there were these other people there, not lagiacrus, normal humans. If I see it, one of them is from the Wind Planet. Another probably from the Electric Planet because he used electricity. There was another, but Branko didn’t know who he was. He used some purple bomb thing against Branko. It didn’t do anything to him however.”


“And there was another. That Branko took with him.” Teleyon said, “he let him go though. For some reason. He seemed like he came from the Fire Planet, that’s what Branko assumed. So we’re up against a diverse army. Different powers. They have no one using light, so you’ll be very useful with your darkness.”

“Even if they had light, I know many ways to surpass light with darkness.” Flip said.

“Yeah, I got no clue about those. I’m more of a tech guy, that can also breathe underwater because of my genetics. Ya know. Planets with people living on them and all. Like how the Light People are born with light powers, and the Wind People are born with wind powers.” Teleyon still had his eyes on the screen. “And how we’re born with water powers. Except you went ahead and learned darkness. Thanks to your Ultimate Crystal. Those things are pretty dang useful for learning things you can’t learn normally.”

“So, are you an Ultimate?” Flip asked.

“Nope. I’m just a normal tech guy who can breathe underwater.” Teleyon said, “so you could probably beat me up pretty easily.”

“Not that I would.” Flip said, “what about the girl?”

“Oh, Arada is an Ultimate. She’s pretty powerful too. The leader found her roaming around planets. We found her on Ertin though. She’s a jerk sometimes.” Teleyon said.

“I could tell. I found her stopping a thief but then attempting to be one.” Flip said, “with the war going on, it’s pretty easy to steal if you’re not an ultimate since most ultimates are busy with the war going on.”

“Right, that galactic war. I heard its bad. Lots of ultimates died and their crystals went to the king.” Teleyon said.

“Yeah, the King of Darkness. That guy is… complicated. No one meets with him. No one really knows him. He’s a very mysterious person.” Flip said.

“Rumors are that he isn’t even a person. That he’s something else.” Teleyon said. “A monster or something.”

“Yeah… No one really knows…”

“Oi.” Arada then appeared at the doorstep with four bags filled with groceries, “lets go.”

“Hey you have a bracelet.” Teleyon noticed. “Where’d you get that?”

“I bought it.” Arada stuck her tongue out.

“With my money. I said don’t buy anything but groceries.”

“Nothing you can do about it. So shut up bruh.” Arada set the groceries down and took a seat. Teleyon growled. “Oi, stop playin that game. Drive.”

Teleyon paused the game angrily and started the spaceship, closing the door. The spaceship took off into the atmosphere.



-----| Chapter 2 |-----



And another plate gone. We went into the spaceship for breakfast, and it seemed like Lavender had made pancakes. There was a kitchen in this spaceship… This spaceship was pretty big, it was basically a spaceship that's a house.

“How many are you gonna eat?” I asked him.

“Until I’m full.” Saturo said, stuffing his face with more pancakes.

“How can you eat so many pancakes?” I heard Tango say, before pulling out a piece of fruit. “Pancakes are awful!” I forgot that he was even here because he never left the spaceship.

“Not Lav’s pancakes. You haven’t even tried them.” Saturo said.

“You’re right. I just dislike pancakes.” Tango sighed.

“What about you, Lauren?” Saturo asked.

“A pancake is a piece of bread. That is often burnt.” Lauren replied. “What’s to like?”

“Lav’s aren’t burnt, no clue what you’re talkin ‘bout.” Saturo said.

“It’s still just a piece of bread.” Lauren sighed. “Can’t I dislike them?”

“It’s not even bread.” Saturo sighed. “They know nothing.”

“All the pancakes on Sipron were like that.” Tango interjected.

“So how could we know any different?” Lauren finished, as though she read Tango’s mind.

“Well then don’t insult Lav’s pancakes!” Saturo shouted. Heh. He’s taking this pretty personal… and it’s about Lavender.

“Your right.” Lauren apologised. “I shouldn’t just stereotype pancakes.” I saw Tango smirking, slightly.

“Good.” Saturo finished eating and stood up, “anyway if you’ll excuse me, we have a base to find and attack.”

“Why do those people even want to attack you, anyway?” Lauren asked.

“Because I’m around Lagi.” Saturo said, “and they’re at war.”

“But why are they at war?” Lauren asked. “And who’s this Lagi that makes him so important? Why haven’t we met them?”

“He’s outside.” Saturo said, “wanna meet him now?”

“Sure.” Tango answered, before he and Lauren walked out to meet Lagi.

Saturo and I followed. Lagi was with the babies, looking at the pile of fish bones.

“You have a tail.” Lauren told Lagi, surprised.

“Yes, yes I do.” Lagi said, “Is there something wrong with that?”

“There’s nothing wrong with that. I just wondered why you have a tail.” Lauren responded.

“I have a tail because I’m not entirely human.” Lagi said.

“Ok. Why are people trying to kill you?” Lauren asked.

“Family dispute of some sort.” Lagi said.

“That must be some dispute.” Tango pointed out.

“Yeah. Some full out war stuff. So who’re you?” Lagi asked.

“I’m Tango.” Tango told Lagi.

“And I’m Lauren.” Lauren added.

“I’m Lagi.” Lagi said.

“That’s what they said.” Lauren nodded her head back at us. “Glad to see that they were telling the truth.”

“Trust problems?” Lagi asked.

“No.” Lauren replied. “I’m just pointing out that they were telling the truth.”

“After all, we’ve been lied to by a bell.” Tango finished her sentence.

“That uh… that seems interesting.” Lagi said.

“Yeah…” Lauren started, then gestured towards the baby Lagiacrus. “Are those your brothers? And or sisters?”

“No. They’re my kids.” Lagi said.

“Um. But. You. What?” Lauren stammered, confused.

“My children.” Lagi said.

“Why do you have…” Lauren trailed off, counting. “At least 47 kids? Aren’t you about the same age as us?”

“One: not sure how old you are. Two: there are fifty kids. Not in that order.” Lagi answered.

“Err. Okay?” Lauren started. “Two: I’m thirteen and Tango is fourteen. Not necessarily in that order.”

“Fourteen, as well.” Lagi said.

“So, uh. If you’re fourteen then why do you have fifty kids? Or any kids at all?” Lauren looked slightly embarrassed.

“Is there an intergalactic law forbidding children?” Lagi asked.

“Well, no. But… You’re fourteen and you have fifty kids. How is that even possible?” Lauren asked, turning pink.

“How is it not possible?” Lagi asked. “And why are you questioning it so much?”

“There are just so many.” Lauren responded, and I noticed that Tango was just standing back, watching.

“Yeah. That’s the great thing about laying eggs.” Lagi said. “You can get a lot more out of it.”

“You… laid eggs?” Lauren asked, in disbelief.

“I didn’t. Ivory did.” Lagi sighed.

“But…” Lauren stammered, at a loss for words.

“It doesn’t matter. It’s just another thing that sets me apart from everyone else.” Lagi said.

“Well… it… uh..” Lauren continued to stammer.

“It’s actually kind of interesting.” Tango said, joining the conversation to spare Lauren.

“Hmm… finally somebody doesn’t look at it like a bad thing right away…” Lagi muttered.

“All I’d like to know is… why?” Tango asked Lagi.

“That’s the one part about it that I’m not going to answer.” Lagi said.

“Um. Okay?” Tango began, “I assume that means you won’t tell us why you aren’t going to answer, either?”

“I can tell you anything about this topic you want to know. Just not why we have fifty children at this age.” Lagi sighed.

“Well…” Lauren started to recover. “How do you keep them all entertained? I’ve seen parents have trouble with one kid. And they were adults.”

“They keep themselves entertained most of the time. They like strangers as well.” Lagi said. As he said that, one of the lagiacrus walked next to Lagi and started staring at Tango.

“Do they bight?” Lauren asked, giggling. “It’s kinda cute.”

“Only if they don’t like a person.” Lagi said.

“What’s that one’s name?” Lauren pointed down at the lagiacrus staring at Tango.

“Oh. That’s Steve. He’s sorta their leader, seems to be able to read who’s a good person and who’s not.” Lagi said, Steve staring harder and further into Tango.

“What’s it doing?” Tango asked. “Seriously. What is it doing? This is super creepy…”

“I think he’s cute.” Lauren giggled. “Can I hold him, Lagi?”

“If it’s okay with Steve.” Lagi said.

“What? Is? He? Doing?” Tango asked, creeped out by Steve’s stare.

Steve cawed like a bird, and then started running in circles. “I guess you’re alright.” Lagi said.

“Oh. Okay. Good.” Tango replied, shakily.

“Okay. Now that that’s figured out.” Lauren began, “Steve, can I please hold you?” Lauren finished, looking hopefully at Steve, not at all bothered by the fact that he was a lagiacrus baby.

Steve stopped spinning and looked at Lauren. He then ran up to Lauren and head butted her shin.

“How nice.” Saturo then said, finally speaking after a long time of silence.

“Does that mean yes?” Lauren asked, ignoring Saturo.

“I don’t think so.” Lagi said.

“Aww…” Lauren sighed.

“Well, he likes Tango.” Lagi said as Steve started running around Tango’s feet, staring up at Tango the whole time.

“Woah! Slow down a bit!” Tango grabbed Steve. “You have to be a bit faster than that to outrun me.”

Steve cawed as he stared at Tango and slowly opened his mouth.

“Do they only eat meat?” Tango asked Lagi, tickling Steve and setting him back down, “Or do they like fruit, too?”

“Carnivores.” Lagi said. Steve ran over to the rest of the babies and started cawing at them.

“Okay.” Tango sighed. “What’s Steve doing?”

“Talking with the rest of them.” Lagi said.

“Can you understand them?” Lauren asked.

“Somewhat.” Lagi said.

“Cool.” Lauren looked longingly at the lagiacrus, clearly wanting to hold one. “What’re they talking about?”

“How Tango isn’t bad. And how he doesn’t really like you.” Lagi said.

“Oh…” Lauren sighed, sadly.

“Yeah. It’s okay. So Gabe, should we get started with the plan?” Lagi asked.

“Sure. Get everyone who wants to come here.” Gaberus said.

“Well we’re here.” I said, pointing at Saturo and I, “Tango and Lauren wanna join us? Finding their base?”

“Sure.” Tango said. “We can’t breathe underwater, though.”

“Actually.” Lauren said. “I can. And sure, I’ll come.”

“We have water breathing potions too.” I nodded my head upward at the floating potions.

“Oh.” Tango replied. “Why are there potions flying around a cave?”

“Dunno. I made them do that.” I said.

“Okay.” Tango said. “When do we leave?”

“Right now.” Gaberus said, standing up.

I brought two potions down, and handed one to Saturo. I handed another to Tango.

“By the way, where is Mehrunes?” Saturo asked. “Isn’t he coming along?”

“As long as I don’t have to listen to that again.” Mehrunes appeared in the scene.

“Well you won’t because underwater we can’t speak.” I said, “the potions just allow you to hold your breath for a longer time.”

“So you said. Are their other stipulations?” Mehrunes asked, suspiciously.

“I dunno.” I replied, handing Mehrunes a bottle. “Not really since I’m only handing you one bottle.”

“What does that mean?” Mehrunes asked.

“You just can’t drink more than what I give you.” I explained. “Otherwise bad stuff happens.”

“I’m not gonna ask.” Mehrunes said. “I’m gonna go see if anyone else in the ship wants to come.”

“Okay.” I said.

Mehrunes teleported away. He appeared back with Listy and no one else.

“Our candidates are very small.” Mehrunes said. “No one else wanted to come except Listy.”

“Okay.” Saturo said. I handed a potion to Listy.

“Okay you all ready?” Gaberus asked.

“I am.” I said.

“Same here.” Saturo said.

“Sure.” Lauren replied, and Tango nodded.

“Ready.” Lagi said.

“As I’ll ever be.” Listy said.

“I’m only here because Ich needs help with his endeavors, let’s get a move on already.” Mehrunes growled impatiently.

“Alright then let us go.” Gaberus walked towards the exit. “Drink your potions so you can go.”

“If you ask me, I think we should find the area we’ll be at, and I can make a wind tunnel to get there. The potions are supposed to be for emergencies.” I said.

“Alright then.” Gaberus said, “Ich and I will go ahead and then make a path for you guys. Sound good?”

“Yeah.” Lagi said.



-----| Chapter 3 |-----



“Ya wanna wake up yet?” Noran looked at the cage Ivory was asleep in.

But Ivory was still asleep. Noran just shrugged it off.

“Oi, Noran.” Arada then entered the room. “I’m back. We can switch places again.”

“Finally.” Noran left the room.

After she did, Flip entered. “So, I need to have my meditation time.”

“Fine then. This is the quietest room. Do it here.” Arada then left the room as well.

Flip was now alone with Ivory in the cage, asleep. He took a seat in the middle of the cave, and began to meditate.

“Yo Flip, what ya doing?” Ivory asked very loudly.

“I’m meditating.” Flip replied, his eyes closed.

“Oh. Seems cool. Mind letting me out of this cage?” Ivory asked.

“Sure.” Flip replied, still in his meditating position.

“Thanks. Wait, was that ironic or sincere? I can never tell.” Ivory asked.

“Wait until I’m finished.” Flip began floating in the air.

“Okay.” Ivory said.

“It shouldn’t take too long.” Flip said.

“I’ll just be quiet until you’re done.” Ivory said.

It was silent for a couple moments. Then Flip landed his feet onto the ground and opened his eyes. “Finished.”

“Alright.” Ivory said. “You’re gonna open the cage now?”

“It’s already unlocked.” Flip pointed. “You can just step right out.”

“Oh. Okay then.” Ivory said, pushing on the door. The door swung open. “Thanks.” Ivory started walking out of the room the way Flip had come in.

“No, don’t go out. They’ll gang up on you.” Flip shook his head.

“Then could you teleport me out or something?” Ivory asked.

“Where would you go?” Flip replied.

“To Elec’s mansion.” Ivory said.

“I don’t know where that is.” Flip shrugged. “Can’t help you there.”

“Then send me outside of their base.” Ivory said.

“Then you have to wait.” Flip replied.

“Why?” Ivory asked.

“Because they’re watching.” Flip answered.

“So uh, are there people coming down here right now?” Ivory asked. “Or watching outside?”

“This place is filled with people.” Flip said, “and after what I’ve seen you are able to do, I can tell you for sure you are no match for any of them.”

“So, if you could transport me, what would the method be? Teleportation? Invisibility?” Ivory asked.

“Sneaky teleportation. It would be easy for me to do.” Flip said, looking around, “since it’s pretty dark down here.”

“Okay. So you can’t just transport me out of the base? I can swim you know.” Ivory said.

“So can they.” Flip said, “they have people watching outside. They’re prepared for war, I can see.”

“…could you transport me to a different planet?” Ivory asked.

“No. That is too far. I’ve told you before that I have a different method of teleporting. It’s more effective. But it cannot take you to a place you cannot see.” Flip answered.

“Alright. So is there any way that you could get me someplace that they wouldn’t find me, at least for a while, inside the base?” Ivory asked.

“No… because they know every place in the base. And I have not learned every location yet.” Flip answered. “You’ll have to give me time. And in the meantime you’ve got to stay in the cage.”

“Alright. I guess I could last a few more days.” Ivory sighed as she walked back into the cage and closed the door behind her.

“Yeah. I don’t like what they are doing anyway.” Flip said. “I’ll get you out of here when the right moment appears.”

“Alright. Thanks for this. I’ll have to try and repay you someday.” Ivory said.

Flip nodded. “I should go and see every location, in order for the escape plan to work. Other than that, do you have any… others? For instance, where is Lagi?”

“Somewhere on this planet along with the rest of my friends.” Ivory said. “Preparing to attack this place.”

“Do you know their exact location?” Flip asked.

“Somewhere secret.” Ivory said. “I don’t know where they are, but I think they’re close.”

“Hmm, alright. I’ll go search for them.” Flip said, “with the leaders permission since that is apparently required.”

“Okay. If you find them, Lagi should recognize you. If he’s not with them, tell the ones you find that you’re a friend of his.” Ivory said.

“Alright.” Flip then walked out of the room, stopping at the door way, “hey Arada, finished.”

Flip left the doorway and Arada entered the room. She frowned at Ivory.

“You’re awake.” She said. “Did he wake ya up?”

“No.” Ivory said.

“Hmph. Then what woke ya up?” Arada asked.

“Myself.” Ivory said. “Is that bad or something?”

“Hm.” Arada turned away. “Not really. Doesn’t matter. Just stay in that cage.”

“Got it. Wanna play cards?” Ivory asked.

“No.” Arada growled.

“Why not?” Ivory asked. “It’s fun!”

“Not for me.” Arada replied. “Instead I want you to tell me… About your childhood.”

“Why?” Ivory asked.

“I’d like to know more about you.” Arada answered.

“And why is that?” Ivory asked.

“Why, is there something wrong with that?” Arada growled.

“No, but I’m just wondering why you want to know more about the childhood of the person you’re going to kill.” Ivory said.

“Wonder all you want. But tell me.” Arada said.

“Alright. It was pretty much just me and my dad. Didn’t have any friends, any friends I might have had were all dead. And it got a little boring down there sometimes. Story of my life up until he died.” Ivory said.

“So what happened after he died?” Arada asked.

“He used the last of his life to open a portal to the Dream World, which I entered, and found the group of people I know as friends.” Ivory answered. “Started following them around because Lagi was with them, and because I didn’t have anything better to do.”

“Hm.” Arada thought to herself for a moment silently.

“Happy now?” Ivory asked.

“Yes.” Arada replied.

“So, what was your childhood like?” Ivory asked.

“Nothing like yours obviously.” Arada said.

“Yeah, I bet you weren’t almost killed in a massacre.” Ivory muttered under her breath.

“I would have been if I were on this planet.” Arada said, “your people attacked us the same way we did. We only attacked because you attacked first.”

“And once again, I was a baby with nothing to do with that, so why am I still here?” Ivory asked. “You already killed all the people that would have been involved. You’re just taking innocent lives by killing me and Lagi.”

“You are not innocent. The same thing will repeat if you are alive.” Arada said.

“Look. If you all just left us alone, we would forget about you in one or two months! But you’re just holding a grudge for way too long at this point. I don’t want to kill anyone, and don’t want to be involved in this mess, and I really don’t want to be involved with you guys if it’ll lead to nothing but you wanting to kill me.” Ivory said, slouching against the cage wall.

“Sorry sweetheart.” Arada said, “but this is how it will go until the end of the war. When your kind is extinct.”

“And once again, just holding a grudge.” Ivory muttered.

“Grudge or no grudge, we are at war.” Arada said.

“No, I’m not in any war. You are all against a war with them. I’m just a prisoner of war.” Ivory said.

“Either way, you are still a human lagiacrus. We will kill you eventually.” Arada leaned on the cave wall and looked down, “you don’t see it because you’re… you. So you can shut that babbling and just die.”

“I’ll never die while this injustice still stands.” Ivory said. “I’m going to either die protecting my children and family, or die of age peacefully.”

“Only one of them mentions injustice not standing.” Arada pointed out.

“I never said that dying protecting my family meant during this one sided grudge.” Ivory sighed.

“Yeah, well listen to this carefully.” Arada looked Ivory in the eyes, an evil grin appearing on her face. “I’ll find you children, and then slaughter them in the slaughterhouse. One by one.”

“Heh, I’d like to see you try. You’ll never get them, never.” Ivory laughed a little.

“We’ll see about that.” Arada smirked.

“Well, one of us will. The other will be wishing they hadn’t done what they had done.” Ivory said, a grin slowly appearing on her face.

“There’s the attitude I like.” Arada pointed out. “It does suck that you don’t know where your own babies are.”

“It’s good that I don’t. That way, you can’t torture it out of me.” Ivory said.

“I’ve heard who we are up against.” Arada sat down. “Some electric guy and a wind guy. Along with this other guy who’s not any particular one.”

“Only one electric guy? I think you forget what a lagiacrus is.” Ivory sighed.

“You’re lagiacrus, not people of the electric planet.” Arada said, “you’ve not explored the outer worlds enough to realize.”

“None of them are from the Electric Planet.” Ivory said.

“Yes there is one from there.” Arada replied, “he used electricity the same way the electric folks do.”

“He comes from Hindro.” Ivory said. “Not, the Electric Planet.”

“Hindro?” Arada asked, “ya mean the planet that got blown up not too long ago?”

“Yes.” Ivory said.

“Poor guy.” Arada said, “that was all over the news. Well, there still is a wind guy however… Branko told us he was of the wind people.”

“Also Hindro.” Ivory sighed. “You really need better intel.”

“Hmph.” Arada looked over at Ivory. “This guy was not a Hindroian. He’s from the Wind Planet for sure. Branko showed us.”

“Hey, I had to speech this guy out of some sort of a trance after he witnessed Hindro blow up before him. He’s told us about how it’s pretty boring there as well. He’s from Hindro.” Ivory said. “I know more about him than that Branko does, so you had better accept it.”

“Fine then.” Arada said, “then what about the last one?”

“I uh… I know nothing about him.” Ivory said.

“Is that so?” Arada asked.

“I know his name, I know that he can be a jerk, I know he doesn’t really like me or Lagi, and I know his name.” Ivory said. “That’s all I do know about him.”

“Heh, a jerk? Sounds like my type of guy.” Arada smirked. “But you said he can be one. So I'm disappointed.”

“So, you have any paper around here? A pencil either?” Ivory asked.

“If you had told me earlier I could have bought some.” Arada answered.

“So I’m guessing that’s a no.” Ivory sighed.

“What do you need them for?” Arada asked.

“To draw with.” Ivory answered.

“Draw what?” Arada asked.

“I dunno. Whatever’s on my mind.” Ivory said.

“What is on your mind right now?” Arada questioned.

“Lagi.” Ivory answered.

“Do you love this Lagi dearly?”

“Do I have children?” Ivory asked sarcastically.

“Hm.” Arada replied, “you do have children. So, Lagi is your husband?”

“People don’t have to be married to have children you know…” Ivory muttered.

“Having children makes you married.” Arada said.

“No, it doesn’t.” Ivory sighed.

“It's the physical evidence of marriage without law.” Arada said, “having kids without marriage is illegal on every planet I've been to with law.”

“Do you see any supreme government on this planet?” Ivory asked.

“There is none on this part of the planet.” Arada replied, “but the point is you had kids. Thus you are married.”

“No, we’re not. Not married, but when we’re ready we might as well be.” Ivory said.

“Yes, under law. But physically you already are married. I've studied it on Ertin.” Arada replied.

“We… alright I’m not responding to this anymore.” Ivory said.

“Yeah, believe it or not, I haven't spent my life trying to find you and end your life.” Arada said.

“And I ever thought that why?” Ivory asked.

“In fact I never knew about your existence.” Arada said, “the leader knows it, he was the one after you.”

“Cool. So you all are just taking orders from him because he used to have a powerful sword? But you didn’t know that we were even here this whole time…” Ivory muttered.

“Orders are orders. And we follow them with loyalty and pride to our kind.” Arada said, “we all do.”

“So, he doesn’t want me dead yet?” Ivory asked, “do you know why?”

“Nope. But he's after this Lagi guy, not really you. Something about a true enemy.” Arada replied.

“Huh. And I thought Gabe was my brother…” Ivory sighed.

“Oh yeah, and he mentioned some guy named Gaberus that he wanted to find and kill too.” Arada added.

“So killing him once before wasn’t enough… huh?” Ivory asked.

Arada shrugged. “I know nothing about it.”

“Gabe kinda started the whole thing, but it was also your leader. Those two were great friends, or he thought they were. Turns out Gabe was just there to start the war, and it ended with your leader killing every single one of us, two clans, except for Lagi and I, but our fathers were poisoned.” Ivory explained, “Gabe died during the thing, but was later resurrected.”

“Like I said I know nothing.” Arada shrugged.

“Except now you know the short version of what started it.” Ivory pointed out.

“I do know it started way before that. Gaberus was just used to distract us so that your clan could finish us off and win the war.” Arada said.

“I’m just going off of what your leader told me and Lagi.” Ivory said.

“Yeah, and you're saying your brother’s name wrong too by the way.” Arada said, “it's Gaberus, not Gabe.”

“All I’m doing is cutting off three letters, is that such a big deal?” Ivory asked.

“I honestly don't care.” Arada replied.

“Cool. So uh, what do you do for fun?” Ivory asked.

“Killing is pretty fun.” Arada said, “I'm trained for it too, so here I am about to assassinate fifty babies.”

“Alright. One: you aren’t getting anywhere near my kids. Two: killing as in serial murder? Or hunting?” Ivory asked.

“I don't kill just anyone, only certain people that should be dead.” Arada said, “fighting I guess you could say is fun.”

“Alright… anything you like to do that could pass the time in here?” Ivory asked.

“Depends.” Arada said.

“On what?” Ivory asked.

“You a fighter? We could spar.” Arada said.

“I’d prefer not to. Any other time I would gladly, but I’m not feeling violent at the moment.” Ivory said.

“Well then there's nothing else to pass time with.” Arada stood up, “I gotta go check some stuff, behave.”

“Whatever you say.” Ivory said.



-----| Chapter 4 |-----



‘That way’ and ‘over there’ and ‘this direction’. Gaberus was just telling me which way to go. None of us were even touching the water, Gaberus sticks his head into the ocean to see. I was floating in my giant wind beam thing, that stretched 7 feet high and 5 feet across.

We were already at least two miles away from the base. Or maybe that’s too big. Half a mile, yeah about half a mile. If I turn around I can still see our base.

“You know, you’ve impressed me.” Gaberus then said, “this whole thing is amazing.”

“This is only one of the things I can do.” I said. “But this is big and takes a lot of energy. It might fail in some spots.”

“We need it for transportation.” Gaberus said, “you can sense too, right?”

“Can you sense anyone?”

“Hmm, no only you and… the… fish and creatures.” Things just got harder. I can sense everything in the ocean, and I can’t tell what is what. At least I can tell who’s energy belongs to who. So I explained that to Gaberus.

“See if you can sense Ivory’s energy.” Gaberus said.

“She barely gives off any.” I said, “but I’ll need to focus to find her…”

“Then do that.” Gaberus said, “so we can head towards an area near their base.”

I focused my mind in sensing that the wind tunnel I made almost disappeared. I then had to focus on two things at once.

“Well? Do you sense her?” Gaberus asked.

I focused some more, squinting my eyes. I could sense something… It wasn’t familiar though… But it was something…

And it was coming our way.

“Something's coming towards us.” I informed Gabe.

“What is it?”

“I don’t know, but I’ve never sensed it before.”

Suddenly, I was pulled out of the wind tunnel. Something was swimming at an incredible speed, pulling me with it. I couldn’t see a thing. It wasn’t too dark, but the water made me blind.

I needed to breath. I then made a sphere of wind, letting me and whatever was pulling me float in mid air. I opened my eyes, I could finally see. I looked at what was pulling me…

It was a robot fish, with an antenna on its head. The fish’s eyes looked at me. I looked at them. It looked like there was a camera in them. I opened up a path back to the tunnel and flew over, closing up everything behind me and giving it to the ocean. Gaberus saw me with the robot fish.

“What is that?” He looked serious.

“It had energy. So I’m… Trying to figure this all out.” I replied.

“It knows our location. Destroy it!” Gaberus shouted. “If that’s the WaterBreathe then they know our location!”

“And how do you suppose we destroy it?” Mehrunes asked.

“Woah, where did you come from?” Gaberus asked him. “I thought you were going to stay behind. Ich and I were going ahead to make a path, find their base, then we could have an assault on them.”

“Well I was trying to make sure you didn’t get ambushed and so I followed behind you just in case.” Mehrunes replied. “Plus I was tired of putting up with Lagi. You gonna catch the fish or not?”

“I already did.” I said, “now we just need to do something about it.”

“We might be able to trace it’s signal back to wherever it being controlled and/or sending video.” Mehrunes said.

“So, how can we do that?” Gaberus asked, “can you do it?”

“I’m willing to bet my A.I. can do it, at least.” Mehrunes replied.

“Okay, try.” I handed the robot fish to Mehrunes. “You wanna do it as we go or do you want to go back and do it there?” I asked him.

But Mehrunes wasn't paying attention, instead he had a plug going from his spacesuit into the fish.

“Okay then. I take it it’s the first choice.” I turned over towards Gaberus. “The fish came from that way.” I pointed to the right of the wind tunnel, “so let’s go that way.”

“Alright then let’s go.” Gaberus nodded.

I continued expanding the wind tunnel. The three of us flew along with it.

“Problem.” Mehrunes said. “The signal is right above us.”

“It is?” I asked, shocked.

“On the surface, yes.” Mehrunes said.

“Then what do we do?!” I asked. “Go up there?”

Mehrunes shrugged. “I’m following you.”

“Well that’s not our focus. You go check it out.” I said, “I need to expand the wind tunnel.”

“Yes sir captain tight pants.” Mehrunes said mockingly, disappearing.

“Captain tight pants?” Gaberus was confused.

“I don’t know.” I shrugged. “Anyway let’s continue.”


The sound of typing on a keyboard. The figure sitting at his desk in his spaceship, with goggles on covering his face, floating right on the surface of the ocean. Mehrunes standing right behind him, holding a robot fish.

“Lose something?” Mehrunes asked.

The figure turned around. “Oh, there it is. I wondered where it went.”

“Yeah. It went into my hands after it attacked my friend.” Mehrunes said. “Who are you.”

“Well it shouldn’t have done that.” The figure said, “here lemme see it.”

“Fine.” Mehrunes said, handing it to the figure.

The figure took a screwdriver and started fiddling with the robot fish.

“So about the who are you thing…” Mehrunes said. “And the why you have a robot fish thing…”

“Yes?” asked the figure.

“Basically who are you and why do you have a robot fish this is important information that I need.” Mehrunes said.

“Makes sense.” The figure nodded.

“Well then, do tell.” Mehrunes said, impatiently.

“The fish is to seek information.” The figure said, “so I can find out what I need to find out. For example, the location of the base.”

“What base?” Mehrunes asked.

“The one you’re looking for.” The figure said, “I know its location.”

“How do you know what I’m looking for?” Mehrunes asked.

“Well, not you as in you, but you as in those two down there.” The figure said, “this fish is useful for spying.”

“So about your name…” Mehrunes said.

“You wanna know?” The figure asked, “how badly do you wanna know?”

“Not that badly. It’s mostly a formality. But I won’t tell you my name until you tell me yours.” Mehrunes replied.

“Oh, I already know your name, Mehrunes.” The figure said, “I was already told before coming.”

“Yeah but what’s my last name?” Mehrunes smirked.

“That I haven’t been told.” The figure said. “And I cannot just see it in you since you’re blocking it.”

“Who are you?” Mehrunes asked.

“My name’s Rafens.” The figure said.

“Yeah and why are you here and who told you my name and-” Mehrunes said.

“My younger brother told me.” Rafens said, “he wanted to help you but couldn’t at the moment, so I came to help for a bit.”

“Why?” Mehrunes asked.

“Because. You need my help anyway.” Rafens replied.

“Do I though?” Mehrunes asked. “Because if I’m being honest I don’t really care about the thing my friends care about, I’m just helping them.”

“I’m just helping too.” Rafens shrugged. “They need my help as well.”

“Alright why.” Mehrunes asked.

“Because they can’t find the base. But I can. And I already have.” Rafens replied.

“Alrighty.” Mehrunes said. “Fix yer fish and we’ll be off.”

“Tell them that they’re headed towards it. Then I’ll be off too since my job is done.” Rafens said.

“Right. See ya.” Mehrunes said.



-----| Chapter 5 |-----



I blew more wind towards the direction we were going, expanding the wind tunnel more. Gaberus, again, was leading in the front since he could see through the water and know which way to go.

“Boo!” A voice yelled from behind me. “I am a spooky ghost here to tell you you’re going the right way.”

“Can you stop with that? You never scared me. I can sense you before you even appear.” I said, turning around to see Mehrunes.

“I’m not trying to scare you I’m trying to annoy you.” Mehrunes replied. “And clearly it’s working.”

“Yeah, well stop annoying me.” I said.

“Maybe later.” Mehrunes smirked. “Yeah but the guy in the ship that owned the fish said it shouldn't have attacked you, and that he’s found the base and we’re going the right way.”

“Oh? Then that’s good.” I said. “Who was the guy?”

“Some guy called Rafens. Said he was filling in for his brother because he couldn't make it.” Mehrunes said. “I found it suspicious and any other time I would have not followed his advice but you told me to check it out so whatever.”

“Okay… Well, can you go get the others because we’re near the base, so we need to bring our attackers.”

“Just did!” Mehrunes said, as everyone attacking was standing in the wind tunnel, rather confused. “What’s next?”

“Woah.” Saturo looked around, “this is cool.”

“Okay so Saturo and Lagi seems good enough. You didn’t bring Tango and Lauren though.” I said.

“Was I supposed to?” Mehrunes asked.

“Dunno. But I don’t think we should bring everyone so we have backup if needed.” I said.

“Done.” Mehrunes said. “Let’s go.”

“Lagi, did you bring that red thing?” Saturo asked, “you should try it out, whatever it is.”

“Uh… I didn’t bring anything with me.” Lagi said.

Mehrunes snapped and the red thing appeared in Lagi’s arms.

“Correction, you brought it.” Mehrunes said. “Anyone else have any qualms about what they did or didn’t bring?”

“My weapon.” Lagi said.

Mehrunes bonked Lagi on the head with the weapon, which was a switch axe, before giving it to him.

“Uh, okay.” Lagi said.

“Any more problems?” Mehrunes asked. “Any of you?”

“Who is guarding my children?” Lagi asked.

“Good question. I dunno. Ich any idea who’s guarding?” Mehrunes asked me.

“The people who didn’t come.” I replied.

“And those are?” Lagi asked.

“John, Tango, Lauren, Listy, Lavender, etc.” I said, counting with my fingers, “Draco too.”

“Alright, I guess that’s okay. Now where are we going?” Lagi asked.

“To their base. Which is the way the tunnel leads to.” I said, “well, I gotta expand it. And then we need to get inside somehow.”

“Just focus on one thing at a time. Getting there first.” Lagi said.

“Right. Anyone that’s not Lagi have a problem?” Mehrunes asked.

“No.” Saturo said, “lets just go already.”

“We’re not currently going?” Lagi asked.

“Well, yeah, the wind is pushing us.” Saturo said, as I expanded the wind tunnel some more. “We don’t even have to move and we’re going.”

“So… pass the time with a game or something?” Lagi asked. “Anyone have cards?”

“We don’t need to pass time.” Gaberus said, “the base is right in front of us.”

“Oh that’s cool.” Lagi said. “So… how do we get in?”

“As I see, it’s a mountain. To get in, there's likely a hidden entrance. So we need to find that.” Gaberus said.

“So… how do we turn invisible to get around there unnoticed?” Lagi asked.

“Mehrunes could just teleport us inside, right? Then they won’t expect us and we could attack them. And take Ivory with us.” Saturo said.

“But we wouldn’t know where Ivory is, and they probably have her heavily guarded.” Lagi said.

“I know where she is. I can sense her, she’s not far.” I said.

“So, give that information to Mehrunes and let's go.” Lagi said.

“Lagi I hate you.” Mehrunes said.

“Why?” Lagi asked.

“Because you clearly don’t know enough to be talking.” Mehrunes growled.

“So… you want me to shut up?” Lagi asked.

“Essentially… yes.” Mehrunes said.

“Got it.” Lagi said.

Lagi was then silent.

“No. Speak up Lagi.” Gaberus then said.

“What do I say?” Lagi asked.

“Whatever you want to say.” Gaberus replied.

“So uh… let’s get in there and save Ivory, and then get out safely.” Lagi said.

“Should we just go straight in the front entrance?” Saturo asked.

“Straight up violence is the option if you want it to be.” Lagi said.

“How many entrances are there?” Saturo asked.

“How would I know?” Lagi asked.

“I dunno. We should get in there and finish the task quickly. Mehrunes, just teleport us inside and then we can try and find Ivory.” Saturo said.

“Yeah let’s just do that. Go do that.” Lagi said.

“As you wish!” Mehrunes smirked, and then we teleported.

We appeared in a cavern, which was empty and a little dark. There were torches on the walls so it lit the room.

“Spoopy.” Lagi whispered.

“Spoopy?” Saturo asked in a whisper voice.

“Sarcastically saying spooky without being spooky.” Lagi whispered back. “So uh, where do we look?”

“I can sense her, but I sense so many others around her.” I said, “so it won’t do us any good to just walk in there.”

“Can you just sense what direction she is? Or like, a map of the place?” Lagi asked.

“Its coming from that way.” I pointed at the wall behind Saturo.

“So… do we blow a wall through it to get to her?” Lagi asked.

“That would attract attention. We were gonna attack so we can blow up a wall after we get her so we can leave.” Saturo replied.

“So uh… we sneak around to get to her.” Lagi said.

“Yeah.” I nodded, noticing Gaberus was gone. “And, uh… I think Gaberus has already took off.”

“Let’s follow him then.” Lagi said. “Which direction did he go?”

“The direction I had pointed to earlier.” I said, “where Ivory is.”

“But… he went through a wall?” Lagi asked.

“No, he went through the exit.” I saw that there was a small exit that lead into a hallway.

Lagi started to walk through the exit. I then quickly pulled him using the wind to the side, along with Saturo and Mehrunes. Then we could hear footsteps.

Lagi was silent and he had a shocked expression on his face. I could sense someone there, not Gaberus or Ivory or anyone I know. I could feel the presence…

The footsteps stopped. But I still sensed someone at the doorway.

Mehrunes was tensed up and was gripping a dagger tightly. Saturo was standing there, looking curious. Lagi still was shocked.

I then sensed… nothing. No footsteps were heard and I couldn’t sense anyone at the doorway anymore. Whoever was there was no longer there.

“They’re gone.” I whispered to the others, so that no one can hear us. “We can move towards Ivory now.”

“Okay.” Lagi whispered as he started to walk towards the doorway again.

“At least look around the corner just in case.” Mehrunes whispered.

“No.” Lagi whispered back.

“Yes.” Mehrunes demanded, in whisper.

“Never.” Lagi whispered as he turned the corner without looking.

“I’m hopin he dies in here.” Mehrunes whispered, going after.

Saturo and I followed silently. We were now in an empty hallway. The hallway led both ways, and there were other rooms with no doors, empty rooms. I wondered what they were for.

“Ivory is that way.” I began walking down the hallway.

“Great.” Mehrunes said. “Don’t get ambushed. Hey you want me to get Tango?”

“No.” Lagi said.

“Not talkin to you.” Mehrunes said.

“No.” I added. “We don’t need Tango here right now. Remember, we need to have some sort of back up. You should stay away from the enemy so you could go back and get the backup.”

“It’s all well and good that you’re thinking strategically and such, and you’ve effectively taken control of what we’re doing, but I don’t really think I’m gonna be doing that.” Mehrunes said.

“I’ve seen many many times, people who made your teleport ability fail. So if you’re with us, you won’t be able to get backup.” I told him.

“I have legs.” Mehrunes said. “I can run. There’s more I can do than teleporting in the weaker people.”

“We don’t know exactly what we’re up against. But I’m pretty sure it’s something we can’t necessarily run from.” I said. “Like the thing I sensed at the doorway. I didn’t sense them walk or teleport away. They just disappeared entirely.”

“Yeah? So?” Mehrunes said. “How do you know they didn’t teleport? Maybe they did. You didn’t see them.”

“I can sense if they teleport.” I said, “that’s why you never scared me. I sensed you as you came.”

“Came not went.” Mehrunes said. “Look their the weaker members of out party anyway it won’t do much as backup.”

“We only saw them fight against Anthony, who was not a fair fight. They could do a thing or two to help against the WaterBreathe people.” I said, “and there’s also Draco, Lavender, and John as backup. Not just Tango and Lauren.”

“Still won’t help as much as taking a member out of the fight in the initial battle will hurt.” Mehrunes said.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Saturo asked.

“It’s supposed to mean that we don’t need backup, if anything it would be more helpful to get to where we are going and then bring in the rest of the party. That way we’ll have everyone there and fighting, instead of about half fighting and then a couple more.” Mehrunes said.

“We probably would need backup. There’s way more of them then there are of us.” I said.

“Why need backup opposed to a bigger starting army?” Mehrunes asked.

“Uh, so we don’t get killed. Why else?” I replied.

“If we have less people we’ll just get killed faster.” Mehrunes said. “Because the people we’re fighting aren’t gonna hold their numbers out of pity.”

“Well, backup still sounds pretty good.” I said. “Just in case we need it.”

“What will backup do for us that a larger army in the first place won’t?” Mehrunes asked.

“It provides us with extra help.” I replied.

“So does a larger army to start out.” Mehrunes countered. “We’ll have more immediate firepower in the fight.”

“But we don’t have a larger army to start out and it’s too late to get one.” I said, “so providing ourselves with backup is a good solution.”

“You’re getting better at this. I don’t have a counter to that.” Mehrunes replied. “Fine. We’ll do you’re backup thing.”

“Alright then we’ll need some sort of signal to let you know we need backup.” I said.

“Do you have a signal? Or do we want to signal by something weird that they won’t expect?” Mehrunes asked.

“That’s what we need to figure out.” I said, “a signal that we could use that they won’t understand.”

“Kazoo?” Mehrunes suggested. “Whistle? Bang on drums? Say ‘Rickit tick tac!’?”

“No… Something else.” I said.

“What?” Mehrunes asked.

“That’s what I’m trying to figure out…” I thought to myself of something that would work.

“Screaming ‘we need backup’?” Mehrunes suggested.

“Obviously not.” I replied.

“Say it in another language.” Mehrunes said.

“What do you think, Lagi?” I asked Lagi.

“What’s happening?” Lagi asked, “sorry I wasn’t paying attention, it seemed boring and pointless.”

“Hmmm…” I continued to think by myself. “Maybe we could… Just… We could just trigger something. Or maybe I could push you with wind, when you’re away from the enemy.”

“Sure.” Mehrunes said. “Or I could read the situation.”

“Either works. When we’re outnumbered or we’re losing, go get backup.” I said.

“Sure.” Mehrunes said.

“Okay then. Wow. We walked through this hallway and talked and no one even noticed we were here.” I said.

“They might have noticed us.” Mehrunes said.

“Maybe. And it could be a trap if they do. So be ready to disappear before they get the chance to do anything.” I said.

“Because I’m never ready for ambushes.” Mehrunes rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, you’re never ready for ambushes.” I said sarcastically.

“So wait why are we helping to find Ivory? I forget, it’s hard to care about people who don’t care.” Mehrunes said.

“Yep.” I replied, “we’re now helping because then she won’t complain all the time about being hunted and not having the ability to live normally.”

“Alright.” Mehrunes said. “Speakin of, and first if all, we close to Ivory?”

“Yes. We’re really close.” I said, “and someone is in there with her. Alone.”

“Great.” Mehrunes said.

“The moment we get in there, then they’ll call for backup and then when we struggle I’ll push you with the wind so you can get backup as well.” I said, “force Draco to come. He’s been like how he is long enough.”

“You can’t force someone through grief.” Mehrunes said coldly.

“I’m not saying to force him through grief. I said to force him to come as backup.” I replied.

“He won’t be of use.” Mehrunes said. “But whatever.”

We then stopped at a doorway and stayed silent. This was where we needed to be.

“So uh… on two and a half?” Lagi whispered.

“Sure.” Saturo whispered back.

“One…” Lagi whispered, “two… thr-” Lagi then ran through the doorway.

“You guys go too, I’ma stay here and watch.” Mehrunes whispered.

Saturo and I followed Lagi into the doorway. I sensed Ivory nearby, and in fact, I spotted her in a cage. And then I spotted another girl nearby with black hair. Lagi, Saturo, and I just stood there. We looked at Ivory and at the girl, who got up and stood in front of us looking intimidating somehow.

Ivory shrugged and pushed on the cage door. It swung open. The girl looked at her, and then at us. She shrugged as well and then ignored us like we weren’t there. Ivory looked at the girl and shrugged.

“If ya wanna leave. No. Get back in the cage.” the girl said to her.

“Never.” Ivory said as she started walking over to us.

The girl shoved Ivory into the cage and closed it, locking it in the process.

“Huh. Okay.” Ivory sighed.

“I never gave you permission to leave.” The girl looked at Ivory, and was completely ignoring our existence.

“Too bad. I’m going to leave in about forty-three seconds.” Ivory said.

“Is that so?” The girl said, “well too bad. You’re not going anywhere without permission from the leader.”

“I’m going wherever I want.” Ivory said.

“With the leaders permission, yes.” The girl said.

“I don’t care about your leader.” Ivory said.

“I don’t care either. More than you do. So shush.” The girl replied.

“No.” Ivory said.

“Okay then.” The girl replied, “I’m too lazy to make you shush. You can say whatever ya want, I don’t care. But you’re not leaving that cage.”

“So uh… can you please be lazy and open the cage? It would take a responsibility off your shoulders.” Ivory suggested.

“Nah, it would give me more responsibility to put you back in the cage if you leave.” The girl replied.

“Not if you don’t care about putting me back in.” Ivory said.

“You in a cage is a wonderful sight. I don’t know why you don’t wanna be in it. It’s a great cage.” The girl said.

“I know. But the cave seems more open.” Ivory said.

“The point is that the cage isn’t open. Ya gotta stay in the cage cuz it’s less open.” The girl said.

“No thank you. The cave has more space. I could fit a couch in there. In here all I could fit would be one of those hard wooden chairs.” Ivory said.

“Which is the point.” The girl said.

“No it’s not.” Ivory said.

“It is.” The girl replied. “You’re not supposed to even have one of those hard wooden chairs in there with you. Only that rock that I ate a while ago.”

“But the chair is the point. Not me being in a cage. All of you need to go and… I dunno… decorate.” Ivory said. “A chair would be a step in the right direction.”

“There is no ‘right’ direction. Not at the moment.” The girl said.

“Yes there is. This place is a bore. There should at least be an occasional painting or something, it’s so bare. At least making a chair somewhere would help with that.” Ivory said.

“It’s supposed to be this way. Deal with it.” The girl replied.

“So… you’re supposed to live in a bare, dank, quiet place? I’d hate to be you.” Ivory said.

“I don’t live here. I work here.” The girl replied.

“Cool.” Ivory said.

Saturo, Lagi, and I just stood there. None of the girls had even noticed us.

“So… are we gonna do something?” Lagi asked Saturo and I.

“Uh.” I replied, “that girl doesn’t even acknowledge us being here.”

“Anybody have a bag?” Lagi asked. “Mehrunes? A bag that I could stuff over her head?”

Mehrunes threw a bag at Lagi and shushed him. Lagi nodded and slowly walked behind the girl. He raised the bag above her head and shoved it down.

“Boi, what you tryna do?” The girl appeared behind him.

“Uh… I’m a statue of art.” Lagi said, freezing where he was.

“Cool.” The girl replied, seemingly uninterested.

“Oh hey. Look. You did something good and added a statue.” Ivory said.

“Okay.” The girl shrugged.

“I no longer hate you as much.” Ivory said. “Consider it an honor.”

“Cool.” The girl was interested. “So, hello statue. Mind going away? I’m tryna do my job.”

“Oh. Okay.” Lagi said as he walked back towards us.

“Good statue.” The girl said.

“No problem.” Lagi said as he looked at me. “What do we do now?”

“Uh…” I had no clue. This girl was weird and different and I didn’t know what to do.

“Mehrunes?” Lagi asked. “Or do you have any plans? I mean, we could just distract her and then have somebody open the cage.”

“Well she seems to be like Ivory and by proxy, me.” Mehrunes said. “So, I dunno.”

“So… wait couldn’t you just teleport into the cage, teleport you and Ivory out, and then teleport all of us out?” Lagi suggested.

“I could also shoot the cage lock to break it, what’s your point?” Mehrunes asked.

“I uh… yeah, do that.” Lagi said.

“Do which?” Mehrunes asked. “Oh yeah neither cuz Ich told me to stay away for backup purposes.”

“Well… Ich, could you let Meh do his idea?” Lagi asked

“Your idea technically.” Mehrunes said. “But whatever.”

“Uh. It seems there’s only one here. I guess we don’t need backup. That girl is ignoring us anyway.” I said.

“So… yeah go do the plan.” Lagi said.

“Which?” Mehrunes asked.

“The second one.” Lagi said.

Mehrunes aimed a revolver at the cage lock and fired it. But nothing had changed in the cage. Only Ivory being startled.

“What did that do?” Ivory asked. “And what was that?”

“I mean I could try something else.” Mehrunes shrugged.

“Just… yeah try something else sure.” Lagi said.

Mehrunes gestured at me. “Still good?”

“Uh, I guess.” I replied.

“Perfect.” Mehrunes appeared next to the cage. “Oi what’s the verdict on getting the tailed one out of the cage?” Mehrunes addressed the girl.

“Leader’s permission.” replied the girl.

“How do you know I don’t have that?” Mehrunes asked.

“Cuz leader doesn’t give permission to the enemy. Duh.” The girl replied.

“Did you just assume my allegiance?” Mehrunes asked. “And also yer really anti-social are ye ever gonna say yer name?”

“Not till someone asks.” The girl replied.

“Do you need an invitation?” Mehrunes asked. “Fine, what’s your name, ma’am-with-no-furniture.”

“Arada.” The girl replied.

“Neat, so did your parents hate you?” Mehrunes asked. “Not that I care, hey fancy cage what’s it made out of?”

“Your mom’s bones.” Arada replied coldly.

“Nah that’s not possible because you don’t even know where I’m from do you?” Mehrunes asked. “It kinda sucks because it wouldn't help you anyway so I mean oh hey you really have no furniture how are you supposed to sit? You’re back must be painful.”

“I don’t need to sit.” Arada replied, “my back is fine.”

“Oh so you float in the air? That doesn’t seem very comfy either I think you were just too lazy to get a couch or something.” Mehrunes said, eating popcorn. “Hey you know, your hairstyle is making me mad.”

“It’s a simple one. And be mad. No one gives a fudge about your emotions.” Arada replied.

Saturo and I were completely silent and were just watching. Mehrunes and Lagi looked at Arada, who looked at us with a hand on her hip, a face of carelessness wielded upon her.

“Do you clean the floor in here with your hair?” Mehrunes asked. “It looks like a mop. At the same time, though the floor in here is definitely dirty, so your hair just looks like a dirty mop all the time?”

“It never stays the same.” Arada replied. “Changes all the time.”

“That’s gotta be expensive considering you live at the bottom of an ocean that’s ridiculously deep, the hair stylist would cost a fortune to come down here so you probably do it yourself anyway.” Mehrunes said.

“It naturally does itself.” Arada replied. “I don’t need to do anything.”

“So you have demonic hair? That’s gotta be a pain, but hey at least they're not snakes. You’d never be able to cut it then.” Mehrunes replied.

“I don’t need to cut it. It grows out and grows in by command.” Arada said, “its useful for many things if I’m too lazy to use my hands.”

“But I mean you have to like, make your hair do it right?” Mehrunes asked. “So you’re not really being any lazier then if you moved your hand.”

“It’s a complicated technique that you won’t be able to learn. You’re too stupid to even understand it.” Arada said.

“Then I’m surprised you did.” Mehrunes replied casually.

“Haha. You’ve got a sense of humor like her, I see.” Arada replied. “But if you really think so, can you even beat me yet alone get her out of the cage? Cuz I don’t think so. I could take you all on by myself and not even try.”

“Wait she has a sense of humor?” Mehrunes asked. “And second I’m not tryna beat you yet.” Mehrunes walked back over. “Catch all that? Good. Now am I getting backup or not?”

“Uh. I dunno. It doesn’t seem so we haven’t done anything but spout useless words out.” I said, “or I mean, you did that the rest of us stayed silent.”

“No, I found useful info. She uses her hair, she’s powerful…” Mehrunes said, waving a key so she couldn't see. “And this.”

“Oh, well at least that happened.” Saturo said, “so we should try to do something else now like maybe free Ivory and take off.”

“Probably. You should also probably do at least half of that.” Mehrunes replied.

“Alright then…” Saturo looked over at Arada.

“If ye wanna free her, ya gotta ask the leader.” Arada said, “if you want to succeed that is. Otherwise you’ll just fail to free her.”

“How about we just ask their leader?” Lagi asked.

“Thanks sherlock now tell me, why would their leader, the one who trapped Ivory, let her go because we asked?” Mehrunes asked. “Are we going to ‘be his best friend’ or give him a cake with a cherry on top?”

“Probably not.” Saturo said, “but its still worth a shot. We could at least try.” He turned towards Arada. “Ask the leader then, that we wanna take Ivory with us.”

“Sure.” Arada replied. “Later though. So be patient.”

“Well then what are we doing in the meantime?” Mehrunes asked.

“We’re baking our bribery.” Lagi said.

“Yes, baking your bribery. I’ll supply you with a kitchen right here so you can do that.” Arada said.

“You know, between Lagi and her I can’t tell if she’s being sarcastic.” Mehrunes said.

“Oh, thanks!” Lagi said, ignoring Mehrunes.

“I’mma just make one appear, give me a sec.” Arada faced towards the wall, and after a few moments a full kitchen appeared. “There ya go.”

“Alright. What’s your leader’s favorite flavor of pie?” Lagi asked. “Pie flavor?”

Mehrunes smooshed a frosted cupcake into Lagi’s face.

“That didn’t help.” Lagi said.

“It helped me feel better.” Mehrunes said, smooshing another cupcake into Lagi’s face. “I feel better, does everyone else?”

“I’m fine all the time.” Arada replied.

“So… what kind of pie does your leader like?” Lagi asked.

“How should I know? Make whatever.” Arada replied.

“Alright… guys what do we make?” Lagi asked us.

“I never said I was gonna make anything. You’re making it!” Saturo said. “I’m just the taste tester.”

“But I don’t know how to bake.” Lagi said.

“Neither do I.” Saturo said, “I just eat.”

“Do any of you know how to bake baked goods?” Lagi asked us. “Except for you Saturo, this isn’t for you anymore.”

“I don’t know how to either.” I said.

“There’s a cookbook in the kitchen, I think. Just go use that.” Arada said, “and follow the instructions.”

“Oh. Okay.” Lagi said as he walked over to the kitchen and picked up a book. “Thanks for this.” He started flipping through the pages. “What are all these terms?” Lagi asked.

Mehrunes shoved an entire cake in Lagi’s face.

“So you’re wanting to make something and you can’t cook?” Mehrunes asked. “You are insufferable.”

“Ahem, I can cook. I can’t bake. All you need to cook is to throw some raw meat over a fire until it’s not raw anymore.” Lagi said. “So… anyone gonna help me? All I really need are the terms and stuff. I mean, how hard could it be?”

“Very.” Mehrunes replied, literally dumping a bucket of cake batter on Lagi.

“Not helpful. Could I have an assistant to help me with terms and what I’m supposed to do and stuff?” Lagi asked.

Saturo pointed at Mehrunes.

“No. Not him.” Lagi said.

“I don’t think anyone else can cook.” Mehrunes said.

“Yeah.” I agreed. “Mehrunes is the only one here who can help, considering all that stuff on your face and on your body is all baked goods.”

Mehrunes smirked before he dumped a bucket of frosting on Lagi as well, and it was white frosting. Mehrunes then shaped the frosting so Lagi looked like a snowman. Mehrunes then put chocolate arms and chocolate eyes and a chocolate smile.

“Fine. Alright. We’re gonna make a fruitcake.” Lagi said. “It sounds good.”

“No…” Mehrunes said. “Fruitcake is not good.” All the stuff Mehrunes put on Lagi disappeared in an instant.

“Then what do we make?” Lagi asked.

“I would guess something conventional.” Mehrunes replied.

“Chocolate?” Lagi asked.

“What kind?” Mehrunes asked, eating a chocolate bar.

“Mint frosting?” Lagi suggested.

“That’s a flavor of chocolate?” Mehrunes smirked.

“No… a chocolate cake with mint filling and frosting and stuff.” Lagi said. “I’ve been told that’s good.”

“Now, you said assistant, so do you REALLY wanna try and make that?” Mehrunes asked.

“Uh… I don’t know? Could you just tell me what to do and I’ll do it?” Lagi asked.

Mehrunes slammed a platter on the kitchen table, and a chocolate cake was on it with frosting. I couldn't see what it said.

“Looked at yer recipe in your book and this is around what it would make.” Mehrunes said. “So you decide if ya like it.”

“Uh, Saturo said he was the taste tester.” Lagi said.

“Well. Then you should serve it to him now shouldn't you?” Mehrunes smirked.

“I guess so.” Lagi said as he took a knife and cut out a small part of the cake and put it on a plate that was nearby. He then handed the plate to Saturo.

Saturo looked at it. “Do I get a fork or something?” He asked.

Mehrunes brought a fork and knife over. “Yeah, Lagi does he get a fork?”

“Yes he does.” Lagi said.

Saturo snatched the frork from Mehrunes and took a bite out of the cake. Next second, the entire cake slice was gone. “Pretty good.”

“Well at least there's that.” Mehrunes said. “But now you’re a leader dude and this cake is to help to release someone you caught and hate, is the cake enough?”

“Hmm… we should make a play.” Lagi said.

Mehrunes put the cake on Lagi’s head, smashed it, rubbed it into his face and hair and then he punched Lagi square in the nose.

“Ya know, you should do that to that girl.” Arada pointed at Ivory, “she’ll smell sweet for once and not stinky.”

Mehrunes appeared next to the cage and threw a similar cake through the bars and into Ivory’s face. “Nah I think she still smells.” Mehrunes appeared back over at us.

“Yep. Still smells.” Arada agreed.

Ivory just sighed.

“So. Are we going to bribe him or anything? Or are we just going to take our chances?” Lagi asked.

“We should get everyone here to help.” Mehrunes said. “And we can make stuff to bribe him.”

“Well apparently I can’t really help.” Lagi sighed.

“You can be bait.” Mehrunes smirked.

“Uh… okay?” Lagi said questioningly.

“I’m mocking you.” Mehrunes replied. “ANYWAY I’ma get all our friends or ‘friends’ and we can do stuff.”

“What kind of ‘stuff’…?” Saturo questioned.

“Who knows?” Mehrunes asked. “Baking, toys, jesting, I DON'T CARE! As long as I’m as little of a part of it as possible.” Mehrunes appeared by Ivory’s cage and filled it with marshmallows, then appearing back.

“So uh… maybe we could write a poem or something. That might work.” Lagi said.

“SURE! JUST WRITE A POEM.” Mehrunes said. “Are you a poet?”

“No.” Lagi said.

“Then are you really gonna write a good poem?” Mehrunes asked, he then appeared back at Ivory’s cage, filled it with liquid chocolate so the marshmallows were cholatty, and then filled it (Or what space was left) with mint before appearing back.

“Maybe we present him with that cage.” Lagi said. “And when he opens it Ivory gets out because he accepted it.”

“Because that will work.” Mehrunes said, throwing sprinkles at Ivory’s face, about a fourth of the marshmallows being gone.

“Yeah okay maybe not then. Maybe you could stop throwing stuff in there.” Lagi said.

“As long as it’s food, I don’t care.” Ivory said, eating what Mehrunes was throwing in at a very fast speed.

“So Lagi, if the Leader captured Ivory, why do you think he hasn't captured you?” Mehrunes asked, placing a cake on the marshmallows, only half were left. “Seems weird to me ya know?” Mehrunes splatted the cake in Ivory’s face when she bent down to try and eat it. “Oh it’s a trap init…” Mehrunes ran back over to us. “I think we should get the heck outta dodge.”

“So let’s just get her out and leave.” Lagi said.

“No we need to leave now.” Mehrunes said quietly. “Else we might not get to leave. Everyone got that? Good now let’s go.”

“You caught it too late.” Arada said. “When you needed to leave was when you first entered this room. You can’t leave it now. Not normally.”

“Try me.” Mehrunes said.

“Nah. You can leave. Just, not them.” Arada nodded her head at Lagi and Ivory.

“Again, try me.” Mehrunes said.

“Alright give me a moment.” Arada stared at Mehrunes straight in the eyes. “Oh. I see. Interesting. You can still leave easily. I can’t stop you.”

“And the catch is?” Mehrunes asked. “There's always a catch. Whatever I don’t care. Buh bye guys. Have fun.” Mehrunes disappeared, and our backup, Listy, appeared, clearly confused.

“What?” Listy asked. “Kitchen… cake… cave… Lagi covered in baking goods… Ivory in cage with marshmallows… WHAT IS GOING ON?!”

“Ask them.” Arada replied.

“Just did miss.” Listy replied.

“Ask again. They didn’t seem to hear you. Demand a response.” Arada said.

“WHAT IS GOING ON?!” Listy yelled. “TELL ME!”

“Did you hear something?” Lagi asked.

“Har har.” Listy said, punching Lagi in the nose so hard he bled.

“Basically,” Saturo began explaining, “we need to ask permission from the leader to free Ivory, otherwise that girl Arada won’t let us take her. So Lagi wants to bribe the leader with cake.”

“Okay well why is it that Mehrunes appeared in the cave and then we all appeared here?” Listy asked. “And I’m guessing that girl is Arada… but who is the leader? AND WHERE IS MEHRUNES?!”

“Too many questions.” Saturo said. “One at a time please.”

“Why is it that Mehrunes appeared in the cave and then we all appeared here?” Listy asked.

“We were already here. You appeared here.” Saturo answered.

“Okay fine then why am I here?” Listy asked.

“Cuz you’re backup. Mehrunes ran away before anyone who could disable his teleport appeared.” I told her. “He’s being sneaky so no one gets the chance to actually disable it.”

“Being sneaky or being a coward?” Listy asked.

“Both.” Arada said.

“Sounds like him.” Listy said. “Why is Ivory in a cage with chocolate covered marshmallows and mint?”

“Mehrunes put that in there. I didn’t care so I let him.” Arada replied.

“Oh.” Listy said. “Well if he left why didn’t he take everyone?” Listy asked.

“Because he can’t.” Arada replied. “Not everyone. There is also no war here. When you leave and the others find ya, the war continues and ya gotta battle.”

“What?” Listy asked.

“I’m not feeling violent right now. The others probably do, and feel like they wanna do some beating. I would be careful if I were you.” Arada said.

“Uhh… okay…” Listy said.

“Doesn’t sound bad though. Not that bad. Tell that dude to bring all the backup right now. Or something.” Arada said.

“So how’s it going?” There was Mehrunes’s voice in my head.

“Arada just said that we’d get beat up by others or something. There’s no war here. It’s out there. That’s what I understood, at least.” I said in my head.

“I don’t know what that means.” Mehrunes replied. “Do you like need something or… what?”

“I dunno. But we’d need backup soon if the others come, by others I mean the rest of the WaterBreathe.” I replied.

“Yep, when the rest of them arrive, you’re all dead meat.” Arada said, “I never told them of your arrival so you’re safe right now. But if they know, you’re dead.”

Suddenly, everyone that was back at the base (Tango, Lavender, Lauren, John… and Draco) besides the lagiacrus babies and Draelin and Bella appeared.

“There ya go.” Mehrunes said. “Tell me if I can help more.”

“Oh thats sad. So many people now.” Arada said, “guess they now know you’re here. A lot of energy is presented in this tiny room.”

“Great.” Listy said.

“Guess I can’t help ya anymore. The war has officially started now. And all of ya are right here. Listen ta my advice, and get your backup out of here. Otherwise you’ll lose really fast.” Arada said.

“Mehrunes, get rid of… everyone. But leave Tango.” I said in my mind.

“So no backup, you just want me to leave you, Saturo, Tango and Listy?” Mehrunes asked.

“And Lagi is here too, but I guess we’re protecting him. Yeah. Us four for now. I can always just contact you like this if we need more.” I replied.

“Till they block it.” Mehrunes said, everyone disappearing except Tango Listy and Saturo. And naturally Lagi and Ivory. “There ya go Mr. plan.”

“Okay lots happened and I’m confused.” Saturo said aloud.

“Of course you are. You don’t see what’s coming.” Arada replied.

“What.” Listy was also confused. “Oh hi Tango.”

“Uh… Hi?” Tango was confused. “What’s going on?”

“I’m certainly quite surprised you have him here.” Arada was looking at Tango, “he’s gonna fight with you? For real?”

“So Tango we’re in a place and we’re doing a thing or not.” Listy said. “I didn’t get a good explanation either.”

“Oh.” Tango still looked confused.

“Seems only the first one is coming.” Arada said. “And he’s here already.”

“Yep.” a guy appeared next to Arada. “So now we’ll begin.”



-----| Chapter 6 |-----



The guy was swinging a dagger around with his fingers, looking bored but with a smile. Arada just stood there. And across from them were Saturo, Listy, Tango, and I. Lagi was still in the kitchen, and Ivory was still in the cage. And Listy looked confused.

“Ich, Saturo, Tango, and Listy, no?” The guy said, looking at us.

“Creepy.” Listy said.

“Yeah, I guess it’s pretty creepy. That name.” The guy said.

“No it’s creepy that you know.” Listy replied.

“Why wouldn’t I know? You’re the enemies. We’re expecting you.” The guy said, “I’m looking for a good battle. Before we win.”

“But I don't wanna fight! I was playing cards and now I’m here and you have knives and stuff.” Listy said.

“Aha! Cards. Then, we battle playing card style. No weapons.” The guy put away his dagger and took out a deck of cards and shuffled them. “These aren’t normal playing cards, by the way.”

“He’s a magician.” Arada commented.

“Oh. Neat.” Listy said.

“Now, we’ll start easy.” The guy said, and then stuck out the cards towards Listy, “pick a card. It will be your battle card. I’ll teach you how to use it.”

“Uhh…” Listy said, taking a card.

“Which card did you get?” The guy asked, “as I see it, it’s just a normal queen of hearts, no?”

“Duh…” Listy said.

“Like most card games, the bigger the card, the stronger. But there are techniques that tie into it too. So you’re starting off with a queen of hearts, which is quite a good start. I’m starting with…” The guy revealed his card, and it was a two of hearts. “A weaker card.”

“Okay… so what does that mean?” Listy asked, barely following.

“The cards are fighting for you.” The guy said, “you wouldn’t need to do anything but fight back, when it’s your turn. But, of course, your card fights. We won’t touch each other. If you order your card to attack the other player, you lose.”

“Okay…” Listy said, Mehrunes suddenly appearing behind her.

“Boo.” Mehrunes said, making Listy jump. “Yo, I heard something about cards and battle and I wanted to- OH MAH GAWSH ARE YE A MAGICIAN?” Mehrunes was looking directly at the guy. “J.K., I know you are. So what we playin?”

“This is a two player game, or four player. Arada doesn’t play. You’re gonna have to wait your turn.” The guy said.

“Aww man! I really wanted to play battle cards, sounds fun, hey do you know where I can get some?” Mehrunes asked.

“I’ll tell you later. We gotta finish this game first.” The guy said, looking over at Listy. “Now play your card on the ground.”

“Right dude see ya later, gotta torment people.” Mehrunes said disappearing as Listy put her card on the ground.

“You gotta imagine what you want your battler to be. In this game, you have a choice.” The guy said, and then he played his card. Out of it came himself, but red. “Imagine your battler, and it will come out of your card.”

“Uhh…” Listy said, still barely following.

“Imagine it. Whatever it is you want to battle with.” The guy said. “Then you have a telepathic connection with it and can fight in its body. Of course you won’t feel any pain or get any injuries. This is a perfectly safe battling game.”

Out of Listy’s card came a boulder.

“Interesting.” The guy said, “and now, have you connected your mind to it? If so you have full control over it now.”

“I uh… I think so…” Listy said.

“Then it’s like any other battle. Until your battler or my battler falls.” The guy said, “and we both have the same technique since we both have a heart card. So none of us have the advantage over that. You have the advantage since your card is higher. This is for you to learn, so, I’m going easy on you.”

“Oh… thanks.” Listy said. Listy’s boulder rolled towards the other guy’s ‘him’. “Hey… uhh… what’s your name?”

“Karta.” The guy replied, and his battler jumped over the boulder.

Listy’s boulder came around like a bull and charged even faster this time at Karta’s fighter. Karta’s fighter was hit and was down.

“Yay!” Listy was kinda happy, but she knew Karta was going easy on her. “That’s fun.”

“I disagree.” Arada grunted. “Stupid game.”

“It’s only stupid cuz you always lose.” Karta said to her.

“So now what happens?” Listy asked.

“You won that round. There’s no prize because there’s no competition… Wanna go again?” Karta asked.

“Can I go now? Mehrunes startled Listy again.

“Sure.” Karta replied, as Listy’s boulder went back into her card, and the card flew back into the deck. Karta shuffled it and then stuck it out towards Mehrunes. “Pick a card.”

Mehrunes grabbed a card with a smirk.

“Looked fun.” Mehrunes said, and then glared at Arada. “It’s too bad some people don’t like it.”

“The card you got is a seven of clovers.” Karta said, “and lets see… I get a two of spades. You have a higher advantage.”

“Okay Karta so numbers and symbols have advantages, why is my seven clovers better than your two spades besides the numbers, if it is.” Mehrunes questioned.

“The sign has no advantages. It only gives your battler different techniques.” Karta said.

“Okay, interesting.” Mehrunes said. “How are they different?”

“I don’t know exactly, it could be anything. During the battle you could discover it.” Karta said.

“Cool. So are we always only allowed one fighter?” Mehrunes asked. “It’s not that important I just wanna know.”

“You only have one card. We’re doing an independent battle. So, only one fighter.” Karta said, “more than one is very hard to control since you have full control over two battlers and you have one head, you know? Its challenging. Pro’s can do it.”

“Yeah that makes sense.” Mehrunes said, putting his card on the ground. “I need to get this.” Out of Mehrunes’s card came, who would’ve thought, a glowy star.

Karta played down his card, and out of it came himself again. The star wasted no time in spinning toward Karta’s fighter, and instead of going in a straight line it zipped zig-zag style while still charging at a moderate speed. Karta’s fighter threw a spade at it, causing it to go off track. It then landed on the ground near Karta’s fighter and rammed into it. Karta’s fighter fell.

“You win.” Karta said, “see, it’s pretty easy and fun. I like the game.”

“Yeah.” Mehrunes said. “I think I only won cuz I had a better card though. So you gonna tell me where to get this game?”

“Yeah, the higher the number, the more defence and attack it has.” Karta said, “and it was given to me as a gift so I have no clue where to get it.”

“Aww man.” Mehrunes said. “Well was fun meeting ya, I gotta poke fun at people. See ya, maybe when this is over we can be friends too.” Mehrunes disappeared.

“Uhh… okay?” Listy asked.

“We gotta do our thing now and stop playing stupid games.” Arada said.

“It’s not stupid.” Listy said. “I thought it was fun.”

“Whatever, it’s still stupid.” Arada said, “now Karta, you gonna actually do your thing now?”

“I guess.” Karta shrugged and put away his card deck. “Am I supposed to fight these people?”

“Yes, otherwise get your butt outta here and bring in someone else.” Arada said, “stick to the plan, remember.”

“Alright, I’m not in the mood for violence. Just replace me while I go warm up.” Karta then leaped into the ceiling and disappeared, yes, he went into the ceiling.

Arada looked over at us. “So, Karta’s not gonna fight you yet. Ya still gonna bake that cake or whatever? Cuz it seems to me Lagi is gone.”

I looked over, and the kitchen and Lagi were both gone.

“Karta probably took em. For questions.” Arada said. “Now, ya wanna free this smelly girl? You’re gonna have to do it by violence now. So…”

A table on wheels rolls in front of Listy, covered in a table cloth and a bunch of cakes pies and other foods with a note that read: For the Leader.

“Why are you all looking at me? I’m not the leader.” Arada said.

“You’re right.” Listy said.

“Take it to the leader. He’s probably busy but you could barge in the door and give him these pastries. Then ask politely for the smelly Ivory.” Arada said.

“I don’t wanna do that.” Listy said.

“Doesn’t seem troubling to me.” Arada walked over and ate one of the cupcakes, “I’ll just have them.” She ate some more. “Say, though, we’re gonna have to know the location of the babies. Mind telling me?”

“Uh yes I do mind. So I won’t tell you.” Listy said.

“I see. Torturing you wouldn’t be fun, you’re a nice girl.” Arada said, “and I’m not much of a torturer. We’ll get the information out of someone though, we’ll just have to decide.”


“Alrighty so.” Karta was in a different room with Lagi. “How ya been?”

“Do uh, do I know you?” Lagi asked.

“No you do not, I am new.” Karta replied. “And I’m kinda a beginner to this.”

“So, okay then.” Lagi said, “Yeah I’m doing good I guess.”

“Well if you don’t answer the questions you won’t be doing good anymore.” Karta said.

“Alright.” Lagi said.

“So, we’re gonna need the location of the babies.” said Karta. “Where are they?”

“Somewhere in this galaxy.” Lagi said.

“Where in the galaxy?” Karta asked.

“On a planet.” Lagi said.

“Which planet?” Karta asked.

“Dunno.” Lagi said.

“Hey remember, you gotta answer. I don’t want to have to do this the hard way.” Karta said.

“I did answer.” Lagi said.

“It’s not on the Electric Planet, we have discovered that. Which planet is it on?” Karta asked.

“They took them somewhere and dropped us off here.” Lagi said.

“Is that so? Smart of them…” Karta said.

“I know.” Lagi said.

“Well if you don’t know anything then there’s no point for this anymore.” Karta replied, “so instead we’ll…”

“Interrogate them?” Lagi asked.

“Probably. If they don’t listen then it would go bad.” Karta said, “I’m too nice to do it, we have someone else who’s cold hearted that would do it.”

“Okay.” Lagi said.

“So then now, you can go talk to the leader. He’ll keep ya busy for sure.” Karta replied. “Sound good?”

“I’ve come to him instead.” a cloaked figure with the mask with circles on them entered the room. “Leave us, Karta.”

“Okay sir.” Karta then left the room, closing the door behind him.

“Yo.” Lagi said.

“Hello there, Lagi. You’ve changed a lot.” the figure said. “You’ve grown a lot as well, I see.”

“Have I?” Lagi asked.

“Yes you have. And I see that…” The figure saw the red item with Lagi. “Oh my, this is going to be very interesting.”

“What?” Lagi asked.

“It will be interesting. We’ll see how much you’ve learned since last time we encountered.” The figure said.

“Wait what?” Lagi asked. “What are you talking about? I’m confused.”

“Of course you are. You’re supposed to be confused.” The figure replied.

“Oh good.” Lagi said.

“Yes, very good.” The figure replied.

“Sure.” Lagi said.

“I’ve already come up with how we’d settle this all. Not all by warfare.” The figure replied, “but by how you would do it.”

“By talking out our differences?” Lagi asked.

“No, not you specifically. Your kind.” the figure replied.

“Uh, okay?” Lagi said, confused.

“I’m looking forward to see how you do.” the figure replied.

“Okay?” Lagi said, even more confused.

“Do know that it’s a life or death situation.” the figure said.

“What isn’t these days?” Lagi asked jokingly.

“Anything without warfare or murder.” The figure replied.

“And what doesn’t involve either of those?” Lagi asked. “Murder could be anywhere.”

“There are many. Just for us, we must end it now with one side winning and the other losing.” The figure replied.

“Okay.” Lagi said.

“Tell me Lagi, are you scared of me?” The figure asked.

“Should I be?” Lagi asked.

“No, you shouldn't be.” The figure replied.

“Cool.” Lagi said.

“But you’ll have to fight back, you do know that, right?” The figure said.

“Sure.” Lagi said.

“Always be doing what you think is right. When you work hard you can achieve many things.”

“Cool. I’ll remember that.”

“Up to this point, things are serious. This isn’t a game or something.” The figure said.

“Got it.” Lagi said.

“Now, if I look closely at you. I could find out what I need to know.” The figure said, looking at Lagi.

“Okay.” Lagi said.

“I thank you for your cooperation. It’ll all be over soon.” The figure said.

“Okay.” Lagi said.

The figure patted Lagi on the head and smiled under his mask, before he then turned around to walk away.



-----| Chapter 7 |-----



“*YAWN* I’m bored.” John sat down in his spinny chair looking drowsy.

“Then find something to do.” Lavender told him.

“Nah, I’ll just stay bored.” John said, but then he had an idea, “or… nah. Nevermind that.” He was looking over at Draco, who still didn’t look very well, and by that he looked a little queasy.

“Oi, bushy haired kid, you okay yet?” John asked him.

Draco gave him something that resembled a nod, maybe… it was hard to tell.

“Well we might need ya if we get attacked.” John said, “which I’m thinking would happen at some point.”

Draco then gave another half nod before he held onto his stomach for a few seconds.

“Is he gonna hurl?” John looked over at Lavender for a second, who shrugged. “Draco let it out, bro.” He handed him an empty bag.

Then for the next few seconds they heard a very… gross… sound.

“Ugh… okay… I’m good now…” Draco said.

“Disgusting, but okay.” John said. “At least you’re good now.”

“Yeah…” Draco said.

“So how ya doing? Still in tears over the death of your crush?” asked John.

“Well I’m still upset yeah, but the feeling isn’t super concentrated anymore. It just hurts now. That’s all.” Draco replied.

“That’s good.” John said, “we kinda grew tired of ya doing that, we wanna hear your… comments?”

“Well I don’t have anything to really comment on.” Draco said with a shrug.

“Oh well. You hungry?” John asked, “there’s some leftover pancakes that Lavender made.”

“No, actually Saturo ate them all.” Lavender said.

“Oh. Well. Sorry dude.” John said to Draco.

“Course he did. Besides even if he didnt I should probably wait awhile before I eat something.” Draco said.

“Seems legit. What do you wanna do now then?” asked John.

“Not sure. What all can we do at the moment besides talk?” Draco asked.

“We could go out and guard the babies. Last I checked, Lauren is out there alone guarding them.” John replied.

“Sure. Let’s do that.” Draco said.

John stood up and stretched. “Alright let’s go then.” He and Draco walked over to the exit of the spaceship submarine, and then exited. The baby lagiacrus were all huddled in a corner playing with each other. And Lauren was no longer there.

“Huh. I never really got the chance to look at them for a long time. Their pretty cute. For little sea serpent monsters.” Draco said.

“Yep, for little sea serpent monsters.” John nodded in agreement.

“What about little serpent monsters sea?”

John and Draco then spotted Mehrunes appear out of nowhere.

“I don’t think that description works very well. It’s just a jumbled version of what I said.” Draco replied.

“Yeah yeah whatever captain mopey.” Mehrunes said. “At least you didn’t walk head-first into a cake. Although if you want to it can be arranged.”

“And why would I want that?” Draco asked.

“Because it’s cake.” Mehrunes replied. “Why would you not want that?”

“Because I puked not even two minutes ago.” Draco replied coldly. “I really don’t want anything to do with food for a while.”

“I’m gonna do an impression of Ivory.” Mehrunes said. “I don’t care.”

“That’s a great impression. But you gotta sound weaker than that.” John said.

“Ah you’re right.” Mehrunes said. “I don’t care.” Mehrunes said again in a shaky voice. “Ah! I’m too frail to even stand! Ooohh.” Mehrunes fell over sideways.

John clapped. “Better.”

“Thanks.” Mehrunes said. “So anyway, how’s cave life going?”

“Not too bad. We’re just waiting for the action to come to us.” John replied.

“It’s been very boring.” Draco said.

“Yeah it’s been pretty boring too.” John agreed.

“Hey, at least you didn’t walk face first into a trap.” Mehrunes said. “That was stupid on so many levels, and we weren't on an elevator.”

“Oh so the others are in a trap? They seem to be doing fine.” John said.

“That happens every other mission.” Draco said.

“Yeah, they’re doing fine. I don’t like what the dude said to Lagi though.” John said, “I’m thinking we’re in for a real fight.”
“Do share.” Mehrunes said.

“Something about how human lagiacrus settle things. And the dude looking forward to fighting or something.” John explained.

“To be honest Human Lagiacrus don’t look like they would negotiate their way out of something. So that makes sense.” Draco commented.

“Yeah. Lagi’s just some kid, he doesn’t know his kinds culture. Seems though that the leader guy dude does. And he’s the enemy.” John said.

“That’s sad. You're enemy knows more about your culture than you do. And you're specifically that culture.” Draco commented again.

“It’s better than your enemy knowing more about you than you in general.” Mehrunes added.

“Oh dang, that’s really sad now. Poor Lagi. He’s struggling and he doesn’t know how to help himself.” John said, “and we gotta be the ones to protect him and his children.”

“Which in all honesty, he is not even close to mature enough to handle the responsibility of said children. Let alone fifty of them.” Draco said.

“True.” John said, “none of us are even mature enough to handle even one child! We’re still teenagers.”

“Indeed.” Draco said with a nod.

“What would we even do after all this is over?” John asked.

“How would they even support all of these little guys?” Draco asked.

“They wouldn’t be able to. But I remember that Ivory’s brother is mature and he could take care of them. Lagi and Ivory, nope. They don’t know even a little about parenting.” John said.

“Doesn’t help that they can’t ask their parents for parenting help/advice with traveling to a very specific spot on the Water Planet.” Draco added.

“Yeah both of them are orphans.” John said, and then growled, “I would say like me, but I do still have a dad. Just a jerk dad.” He looked angry for awhile.

“I still have my parents. But clearly I don’t give two hoots about them. Especially since they didn’t give two hoots about me.” Draco said.

“Yep. And Saturo’s an orphan now, Ich still has both his parents… I have no clue about Lavender or Listy. Mehrunes just left his planet so his parents are alive.” John said. “Speaking of Mehrunes, he probably teleported somewhere cuz he’s not here anymore.”


“Yeah so… after all this is over, what are Lagi and Ivory gonna do?” John asked.

“What are any of us gonna do? There’s still a lot of stuff we have to do before we grow up.” Draco said.

“Yeah I’m just gonna go back to doing my thing. Ich would probably go train with his bro and dad and get all more powerful than all of us, same goes to Saturo.” John said.

“I’m probably gonna train too. But eventually I’m gonna have to find someone to teach me.” Draco said.

“You could be like me and teach yourself.” John said, “or encounter people and learn from them.”

“Yeah but the main thing is that if anything I’m gonna have to research all that plasma itself does. Then I would have a better idea of what I myself can do.” Draco said.

“Heh. Spend time in libraries. Most of those great techniques are in books and not the internet. That makes them more special.” John said.

“I have read a few things though. Turns out plasma Ultimates have the ability to disable machines. Because plasma emits electromagnetic waves or something.” Draco said. “That’s why we need an atmosphere. Or else the Sun would fry us with radiation.”

“Interesting stuff. Did you read that in a book in Glare’s library?” John asked.

“Yeah, didn’t get to far into it though. Was too busy doing things with the others.” Draco replied with a nod. “I’ll probably start reading more books though once this whole mess is over. I need to catch up to the others anyway, not fun being left in the dust. Both literally and figuratively.”

“Yep. At least you’re ahead of some people, *COUGH COUGH*” John fake coughed.

“Well that’s mostly because they either have barely trained or haven’t trained in months.” Draco said.

“Yeah they suck so much at fighting. And protecting. And basically everything but being rude and disrespectful.” John said, “if you wonder how I know, remember my ability.” John tapped his head.

“Yeah I remember. Anyway I’m also gonna have to start training to use some new techniques I came up with. They could be pretty useful on missions. Especially to the others.” Draco said.

“Yeah I’m looking forward to seeing what you could do.” John said.

“Well thanks.” Draco said with a slight smirk.

“I don’t know if you saw me when I fought my dad… but my eyes were like deep red. That’s an ability I learned.” John said.

“Oh neat. I was wondering when someone else would learn something that had to do with their eyes changing.” Draco said as his Draco Eye flicked on for a few seconds before he turned it back off.

“Yeah there are a lot of transformations that deal with the eye.” John said. “Like, what does yours do?”

“Well it doubles my speed, improves my attack and defense and it allows me to teleport short distances.” Draco replied. “However it adds that to my base stats.  if I really want to improve I have to train without using it, that way I improve my base form. So then I get the bonus added to that.”

“Neat. Pretty useful.” John said.

“Most people probably wouldn’t say that. It isn’t enough to help me win most fights I’m in.” Draco said.

“That’s probably cuz you barely use it in most fights your in until you’re already losing.” Mehrunes said, appearing again. “And you only even fight me.”

“Actually Meh, I mostly activate at the starts of fights. And you only say I use it only when I’m losing because regardless of when I use it, you win anyway.” Draco snapped.

“Wow you beat me to my own snarky comment.” Mehrunes said, eating a doughnut. “At least you’re getting better at that. Look Draco if you actually like, used yer techniques in a fight instead of just burning your eyeball you might do batter, except you refuse to fight me anymore and so you CAN’T use them to see if their good, so you’re losing all around.” Mehrunes kept eating his donut with a smirk.

“That’s because the others all almost always doing something else so I never get the chance to fight them which means not only am I not getting to use them in a fight but I also don’t get to train to be adapted against different opponents. THAT’S WHY I DON’T FIGHT YOU ANYMORE!” Draco snapped again.

“So you don’t fight me because you lose.” Mehrunes said. “And… because you can’t fight… anyone else? I think there’s a word for that… giving up and hrmm… no one wanting to fight you.” Mehrunes said, finishing off his donut. “Just because I’m good at not being predictable, at least against you, doesn’t mean you’re not good at fighting. Try adapting your strategy mid-fight, if you ever have one.” Mehrunes smirked.

“Also it doesn’t help when some people smirk when they are trying to tell me things to help me. Doesn’t communicate as good of a message.” Draco said.

“Sure it does. Think of it as a smirk of knowledge instead of a symbol of smugness.” Mehrunes replied.

“If it was of knowledge it would be a smile. A smirk is what you call a smug grin. That’s all it is.” Draco said.

“And how many times do you see me smile?” Mehrunes asked.

“Almost never.” Draco said. “You smirk a lot though.”

“Oh so you do have eyeballs.” Mehrunes said. “So my point is relatively valid.”

“That you're smug a lot of the time?” Draco asked.

“Was that my point?” Mehrunes asked. “Cuz I thought it was you should take the smirk as a good thing but I guess you can think whatever you want.”

“Well quite often when you smirk you follow it up with not the most kind of messages.” Draco said. “Sometimes their a bit rude.”

“This time it’s nice, okay?” Mehrunes said.

“Okay.” Draco said.

“Great, now that that’s cleared up, anyone wanna guess about whether or not we’re being attacked?” Mehrunes asked.

“I guess… yes.” Draco said. “No bets though.”

“Alright cool. Doesn’t look like it A.T.M. though.” Mehrunes replied.

“Good.” Draco said.

“Draco can you do a headcount on the babies?” Mehrunes asked.

“Sure. Lets see…” Draco said as he turned to face the pile of playing baby lagiacrus.

After a minute he was almost done.

“Forty-seven, forty-eight, forty-nine…” Draco counted but he didn’t finish.

“Where’s the last one?”

“Well that can’t be good…” Mehrunes said.

“Of course it isn’t. I’ll go look for it. Meh you stay here and keep watch with John.” Draco said before he walked away and started looking around.

“While you do that go ask Lavender and anyone else, maybe they’ll know.” Mehrunes yelled.

“Alright.” Draco said as he continued looking.

“At least the ridiculous pile is self-entertaining.” Mehrunes grumbled.

One of the lagiacrus ran up to Mehrunes and headbutted his shin. It then returned to the group and rolled around.

“Jokes on him, I’m wearing shin pads.” Mehrunes smirked.

The lagiacrus ran back up to Mehrunes and bit his foot. Another Mehrunes walked up to the lagiacrus and takes him off the first Mehrunes foot, Mehrunes then takes the styrofoam Mehrunes and threw it behind him, before he put the lagiacrus back down and pushed it away. The lagiacrus ran over to the other lagiacrus and stared cawing. They all looked at Mehrunes and started cawing at him.

“Oh good.” Mehrunes said.

They all started to charge towards Mehrunes, opening their mouths. A purple barrier appeared, pushing them all back slightly and keeping them there. They all looked stunned and confused.

“Ahem…” Mehrunes said.

They all stopped cawing. They went to a corner of the cave and started playing with each other, ignoring Mehrunes.

“Well that was pointless.” Mehrunes said, the barrier disappearing. “Hey Draco did you find the fiftieth one?”

“Yep. He sure wasn’t excited about being found though.” Draco said he returned with the fiftieth baby. There were small scratches on his face and his hair was a mess. Speaking of his hair, the baby was currently latched onto it, like it was a nest.

Mehrunes casually took the baby off Draco’s hair by rapidly snatching it’s claws out from Draco’s hair then picking it up before it could do anything. Mehrunes then rolled it back into the pile.

“*SIGH* Well at least now they are all accounted for.” Draco said as he fixed his hair and cracked his scratches to see if they drew blood. Luckily they didn’t.

“You gonna be okay with your minor scratches?” Mehrunes asked. “Nevermind I don’t really need your confirmation I already know you’ll be fine.”

“What’s going on?” A voice asked.

Mehrunes and Draco turned their heads and spotted Lauren.

“A lot actually we lost a baby, they decided they were mad at me for three seconds and that’s just about it.” Mehrunes said.

“Interesting. Anything else?” Lauren asked.

“Yeah the fiftieth attacked Draco’s face.” Mehrunes said. “So yeah.”

“Cool. Then they’re all here? No one has kidnapped them yet?” Lauren asked.

“At the very least, not as of ten seconds ago.” Mehrunes replied.

“Very good.” Lauren replied. “Then, what is the plan now?”

“We had a plan in the first place?” Mehrunes smirked. “I dunno, what is the plan?”

“I don’t know, you never told me the plan.” Lauren replied.

“Cuz we never had a plan.” Mehrunes said. “Basically we had a beginning to a plan, find the base, protect the babies, try not to let anyone die and that’s about it. They found the base, so we should protect the babies.”

“Hmm, alright then.” Lauren replied, “the babies seem safe to me. They don’t need protection at the moment.”

“Okay so?” Mehrunes asked.

“So… we don’t need to protect them.” Lauren replied, “we could just have someone sit near them and yell if the enemy comes.”

“That’s what we’re doing.” Mehrunes said. “Question, ya still mad at me for the thing at Tango’s house and yer like… sister?”

“Yes.” Lauren glared at Mehrunes.

“Alright cool.” Mehrunes said. “Just needed to make sure.”

“Good for you.” Lauren replied, “you guys can go. I’ll watch the babies.”

“Nah, I’m good.” Mehrunes said.

“Alright then, whatever you want.” Lauren shrugged. “I’m gonna go get a drink of water.” She walked into the spaceship.

“Well she seemed a bit odd.” Draco said.

“Wasn’t she always?” John asked, appearing back again.

“True. Though she sure didn’t seem to care about much of anything except the babies. And the destroyed house.” Draco said.

“Oh well.” John shrugged. “I’m pretty sure an attack is coming. We should be prepared.”

“How prepared? Just being on our toes but don’t have any abilities activated or actually ready to fight at full power at this very moment?” Draco asked.

“Just prepared for what’s coming. We may have to use full power. Depends.” John replied. “Depends on who we’re up against.”

“And that’s me.” a hooded figure appeared in front of them, armed with weapons on a belt.

“Well that was fast.” Draco said.

“Yep. Well, get ready for a fight.” John said, looking at the figure.

“A fight that you will lose.” the figure replied.

“Oh, hey Draco this is a girl we’re talkin to. We’re up against a female. Don’t let that distract you though.” John said to Draco. “Cuz this is still a war.”

“Yes, a war that will end with the extinction of the human lagiacrus.” The figure said, wielding a dagger, “starting with the babies. And then with the rest of them.”

“Well your gonna have to wait some more.” Draco said as his gauntlets and Draco Eye activated.

“Fine with me. We’ve got all day.” The figure said.

“So do we.” Draco said.

“That’s what I just said, we’ve got all day. As in, referring to us here.” The figure replied.

“I know.” Draco said. “I just like trying to confuse people sometimes.”

“I see. Well you’re not confusing anyone here.” The figure said, “now let’s see here…” The figure looked at the babies. John watched the figure carefully. When the figure leaped towards one of the babies, John had appeared in front of them, causing the figure to back off.

Mehrunes was eating popcorn. John went over to him and smacked him in the face, spilling the popcorn on the floor. “Focus yourself, mate.” He growled at him. “No popcorn.”

“I am focused.”

“No popcorn.” John repeated. “It’s distracting. And it’s distracting us, not the enemy.”

Mehrunes walked to his bowl and picked it up, somehow pulling his Katana out of the bowl.

“I wanted to do a sight gag.” Mehrunes said. “Geez, apparently that’s too much to ask.”

“Now is no time for gags.” Draco said.

“Yeah.” John said, and then he appeared back in front of the figure, blocking them from reaching the babies. “This is apparently war, so treat it like war. We need to scare them off.”

“Scare me off? Good luck with that.” said the figure. “Sure, you have made a good first impression. But it doesn’t scare me.”

“Doesn’t have to.” John replied. “As long as you fail to do whatever you’re supposed to do. And that’s why I’m here.”

“LAUREN! GET OVER HERE ASAP!” Mehrunes yelled.

“She’s not here.” the figure said, “I took her.”

“I knew it.” Mehrunes said. “Although can you give her back? It’s all well and good that you’re kidnapping and trying to murder mortal enemies but it’s kinda rude to be taking people relatively involved by force.”

“There’s a lot you don’t know. And you shouldn’t know anyway.” The figure replied.

“I know.” Mehrunes said. “Except if I know things I shouldn't know, I can help with things I shouldn't know how to help in the first place.”

“Alright then.” The figure said.

“Indeed.” Mehrunes said. “And I hope you know, I don’t actually like Lagi Ivory or any of those babies, I’m just here because my friend cares. Either way…” Mehrunes shrugged. “...I don’t care.” Mehrunes threw a dagger at the figure.

The figure caught it. “If you don’t like them, switch sides. Join us then. Don’t be fighting for someone you don’t like. It’s pointless.”

“It is, but I’m not fighting for someone I don’t like, I’m fighting for someone who’s fighting for the someone I don’t like.” Mehrunes said.

“And who is this someone?” asked the figure. “Are they back at our base?”

“Probably.” Mehrunes replied. “I don’t keep track.”

“If they changed sides, would you?” asked the figure.

“Also probably.” Mehrunes replied. “Essentially when it boils down to it I’m just here because the someone I like asked me to help protect the someone’s… I don’t like.”

“Have fun doing that then.” The figure replied.

“Don’t worry, I won’t.” Mehrunes replied.

“Good.” The figure said, “then now, I’m wasting time.” The figure jumped up and stuck them self to the ceiling. They then used a rope and grabbed one of the babies by the neck, and leaped down and swung it, knocking the baby into John and causing John to fall back. The figure was now swinging the rope, choking the baby as it swung around.

Mehrunes casually cut the rope causing the baby to fly into a purple slide that dumped it back with the others.

“Not bad.” The figure said, “except we’re gonna need one to take back with us to get Lagi and Ivory speaking. You’d enjoy watching that, no?”

“I would, on the offhand casual baby murder/torture its kinda terrible, especially since they did nothing wrong other than be babies and terrible ones at that.” Mehrunes said.

“Mmmhm.” said the figure. “I’m going to be taking one anyway.”

“Uh huh. Sure.” Mehrunes said, appearing in front of the babies. “Can’t believe I’m doing this still.” Mehrunes grumbled.

“Which is why you should change sides now.” The figure said, “then you don’t have to do any of the main battles. If you don’t want to fight your friend.” The figure paused for a moment. “Don’t be doing what you don’t want to, don’t be fighting for those who don’t treat you well.”

“You’re locked onto the fact that I don’t like Lagi and Ivory.” Mehrunes said. “And you’re right, but once more, I’m not fighting to help them. I’m fighting to help my friend, and by proxy get rid of them. I’ll tell you now, if Ich suddenly decides that Lagi and Ivory suck and doesn’t want to help them anymore, I’m not about to continue helping and I will gladly assist you. But at the moment that I know of, Ich wants to help Lagi and Ivory and I want to help him.” Mehrunes tensed. “On the off hand… there is fifty…”

“In total it’s… lets see…” the figure counted in their head, “fifty-four, about that. No wait, fifty-five. Yes, fifty-five.”

“Lagi, Ivory, The fifty babies, Gaberus, and two more? That’s news.” Mehrunes said.

“Oh wait I miscounted. Fifty four. The other one is Lagi’s uncle.” The figure replied.

“Something something, doesn’t want to help, left life behind, something…” Mehrunes said. “I dunno, didn’t really care.”

“Alright well, I really gotta get going.” The figure said, looking at Draco, John, and Mehrunes, “I’ll have to see you later, back at our base, sound like a plan?”

“Sounds like a trap, but sure.” Mehrunes replied.

“Alright see ya there.” The figure then leaped off into the water and disappeared. John looked over at Mehrunes.

“Well played, dude. Distracted them.” John said. “Although there is still some bad news, the good news is that she ran away.”

“What’s the bad news?” Draco asked, his gauntlets and Draco Eye turning off.

“That there is only forty-nine here.” John pointed at the pile of lagiacrus. “One is missing.”

“So?” Mehrunes asked. “She took one. Big whoop!”

“We’ll have to stay here and let the others at the base get it back. We can’t let any more get taken.” John said.

“Except I’m pretty sure she said ‘back at the base’ so I mean you Draco and Lavender can stay I’m gonna go eat something or something and very possible other stuff.” Mehrunes said.

“Alright then that works.” John said, “we gotta be extra careful now. I have a feeling something big is gonna happen soon.”



-----| Chapter 8 |-----



“Okay it’s done bring them in.” Teleyon said.

Branko nodded and left the room, returning with Lagi. He sat Lagi down on a chair. Teleyon looked at him.

“We’re gonna need ya… to… wait what was it?” Teleyon asked.

“We have don’t have to get info out of him of the location, we already know that.” Branko said, “instead we’re gonna just do this to test it out. Does that sound good, Lagi?”

“Uh… what?” Lagi was confused.

“As usual.” Branko said. “When is she gonna arrive? We gotta test this thing out.”

Then a hooded figure entered the room, carrying a small white lagiacrus baby.

“There you are.” Branko said to the figure. “Take that hood off for once, we all already know your identity.”

“No, that John guy can see through Lagi, and if Lagi sees then I would be exposed.” The figure said, “but anyway, Lagi you wanna tell your kid anything before we start?”

“U-uh… w-what?” Lagi asked.

“Yes? No?” asked the figure. “C’mon we gotta get this over with, we have still forty-nine others to use this machine on.”

“It’s still the first prototype so I mean, it won’t be the best.” Teleyon said.

“That’s why we gotta try it.” The figure walked up to the machine, which was a chamber surrounded with glass. The figure dropped the baby in it, and closed it. “How do you turn it on? Do it.”

“Alright.” Teleyon pressed a button on a remote.

Then, inside the chamber, the baby started screeching in pain.

“Oh hey, it works.” Branko said, as the baby continued crying.

“This is only the first level and its already in severe pain.” Teleyon looked at the remote, “should I increase it to another level?”

“NO!” Lagi yelled. “STOP!”

“Aye, there’s the big boy.” Branko said, “yeah go ahead and stop. We know it works now.”

“Okay.” Teleyon shrugged and pressed the button again, stopping the machine. The baby inside looked exhausted.

“Don’t hurt them.” Lagi begged. “Please.”

“Sure, we won’t hurt them for now.” Branko said, “we still have to get past all those friends of yours back at your base. Getting them all would take some time.”

“So what do you want from me?” Lagi growled.

“We already know the location… so… not much really.” Branko said, “we just were testing out the machine.”

“Alright. You tested it. So please put him back.” Lagi said.

“He’ll be safe and sound here in our cages.” The figure said, “and then we’ll just have to wait for the leader’s next instructions.”

“Please don’t hurt him… please…” Lagi said.

“We’re gonna have to wait and see.” The figure took the baby out of the chamber and exited the room.

“Now what?” Lagi muttered.

“We wait for the leaders next instructions.” Branko said.

“Okay…” Lagi muttered.


“Mmm…” Arada munched on some more cupcakes, “oi Ivory, smelly girl, you want some or you had enough marshmallows?”

“No more food.” Ivory sighed.

“Alright then works with me.” Arada replied.

“So… uh… about the torture thing.” Saturo said. “Who did you decide to torture?”

“Dunno. I have to go check with the others.” Arada replied, “which I gotta go do now. Be right back.” She then walked out of the room, leaving us alone.

“So… this has been going pretty good I guess.” Ivory sighed. “None of us are dead yet.”

I then used the wind and unlocked the cage, and then completely destroyed it with some mini-twisters. “And now you’re free.”

Ivory walked out and stretched. “Any of you got a couch?”

“No.” Saturo replied, “not here, back at base yeah.”

“Oh.” Ivory said. “So, could you bring one over here?”

“It’s not mine, so no.” Saturo replied.

“And we can’t really get back to base and then bring you a couch very effectively.” Listy said.

“Well… at least I can lay down easier.” Ivory sighed.

“Yer gonna all wanna get energetic.” Arada returned, “something new was announced by the leader.”

“Okay what?” Listy asked.

“A tournament, the way the human lagiacrus did. Except with a few changes.” Arada replied. “You also get to choose sides apparently that was added. So, we’ll see how this goes.”

“Wait, what?” Ivory asked, confused.

“Yeah you’re gonna fight in it too.” Arada said, “I dunno, the leader’ll explain the rules.”

“Ich we’ve got problems, one of the baby's have been taken and the one that took it, well I’m meeting her in their base for something. You need to find Lagi, they said something about him and torturing the baby.” Mehrunes said in my head. “Any news from your position?”

“I think there is this tournament thing. That’s what you’re gonna meet up here to do.” I replied, through my head, “and we’ve got Ivory freed, and Arada doesn’t care about that anymore so… Yeah I have no clue what is going on, I think we’re gonna do this tournament thing.”

“Anyway it’s gonna start at some point. Get everyone so we can start.” Arada said. “And also follow me to the arena.”

“Okay.” I said, nodding at the others, “let’s go.” I wanted to see what was going to happen.

Arada turned around to leave, and the rest of us, Saturo, Ivory, Listy, and I followed behind. We walked through the hallways, and it seemed to me that there was no war for a moment. Until we entered a giant room, we could tell now there was war.

Inside was a giant arena, not so giant, it was about, I would assume, about 50 by 50 square feet. In the arena stood that guy, with the circle mask, who was the leader. There were bleachers on both sides of the arena. This was more like a game than a war.

“To make things easier, the leader decided to settle all this with a little game.” Arada said aloud, “or actually, if I recall, Gaberus convinced him to do it this way. It’s risky, it gives you guys a chance at winning. But he was convinced so we’re doing it.”

“Huh.” Saturo said. “Are there prizes or something…?”

“The leader will explain. We gotta wait for everyone to get here first.” Arada said, pointing at the bleachers on the right side, and there were people seated there. “Go sit at your side like we are. And then once everyone is here, the leader will explain.” On our side, Gaberus was already sitting.

“Okay.” The four of us walked over and sat down at the bleachers next to Gaberus.

“This way it makes everything easier.” Gaberus said, “doing it our way. We’ll have more of a chance to win.”

“What even is it?” Saturo asked.

“Like gladiator. Two people go up in the arena and fight. If one dies, the other wins. If one gives up, the other wins. Every win gives you a point. The more points a side has, then they win. And at the same time, even if we do lose, we would have made their army tired and then we would be able to fight them. But we would be tired as well. That's where it becomes a gamble.” Gaberus explained.

“But… we’re also dead…” Listy said.

“That’s if we die. We may not.” Gaberus replied, “there would have to be a ref to make sure of all the things… You could also just give up if you don’t want to die. So. Be smart about it.”

“What if someone gets knocked out of the arena?” asked Saturo.

“They won’t. It’d be enchanted. You enter and can’t leave until someone wins.” Gaberus said.

“So wait.” I said, “is the leader gonna fight in it?”

Gaberus shrugged. “If we beat all his men.”

“This might be hard…” Saturo muttered. “A lot of those guys on the other side seem strong…”

“I wouldn’t worry about it.” I said. And then in my mind, “hey Mehrunes, this thing we’re doing will give us a chance to win. Bring everyone fighting.”

“What, huh?” Mehrunes replied. “Oh yeah, ahem everyone else is protecting the babies so uhh I dunno what to do for you.”

“Ichoo.” The leader spoke out loud to me, “the babies are surrounded. There is no point in protecting anymore. Tell your fighters to come here.”

I hesitated. “Yeah, there’s no point in protecting… The leader has the babies surrounded. Our chance at winning is winning this little game…”

“Wait what huh?” Mehrunes asked again, I could practically hear him smirk. “Yeah I hadn't noticed the baby thing. I just really don’t care about yer arena battle thing, but sure.”

“Yeah, thanks.” I replied.

“Also, your leaders will have to give you a speech of some sort.” The leader on the other team, the circle mask guy said, standing on a tall tower in front of his bleachers (there was a throne there too for him to sit on…).

The leader stuck his hands out from the tower, and snapped. On the tower on our side, with two thrones, appeared Lagi and Ivory. And I also just realized that Mehrunes had appeared at our bleachers, with Draco, John, and Lavender.

“Give your speeches.” The leader said to Lagi and Ivory, “get your fighters to enlighten and able to win.”

“Alrighty then.” Lagi said. He coughed a little and turned to face down at us. “So. We can do this, because I believe in all of us. You all have supported us through all of this, and now this is the last hurdle. I want you to know that even if we lose, I’ll still be proud of you for helping this far. Now go, use what you learned in the past! And uh, win? Yeah, that… uh… that works, right?”

“Works.” Gaberus nodded. “Ivory, got anything to add?”

“That wasn’t the best speech I must say, but to be honest I don’t have anything better right now.” Ivory sighed. “So no.”

“At least they get a luxury seat.” John commented.

“Yes, yes we do.” Ivory said. “And you don’t. But I haven’t gotten a chair for too long.”

“Anyway.” The leader spoke out loudly, “if you do not know how this works already, I will explain. One person from each team will go up and fight. Whoever kills the other wins, or whoever makes the other give up wins. Killing would make things interesting. But it is not required. You may use any weapons or anything you have in mind during the battle. You cannot exit the arena after you enter. Those are the basic rules. Any questions?”

It was silent in the room.

“Very well then. Give me some time to list who will fight who.” The leader then looked at us like he was counting us, and then began writing down on a paper.

The sound of someone eating popcorn was heard, and Mehrunes was seen sitting, eating popcorn.

“See, now it’s an appropriate time for popcorn.” John said to Mehrunes.

“Yeah, I don’t understand why we have assigned people to fight.” Mehrunes replied. “And also who enchanted the fricken barrier, cuz it’s not done badly.”

“Yep. I wonder who did it.” John nodded. “I think that it’s assigned people for… maybe this would be unfair that way. He could assign someone strong against a weaker one of us.”

“Yeah but maybe he’s doing that.” Mehrunes said. “Maybe the leaders of each group could just tell their fighters to go in.”

“I don’t think Lagi and Ivory are good for that. I would honestly rather the leader choose.” John said.

“I really don’t want to fight.” Mehrunes said. “Even with the speech or whatever I still don’t like Lagi and Ivory.”

“Well we’re all gonna have to fight. Let’s see… There’s Ich, Saturo, Mehrunes, John… Lavender, Gaberus, Listy… Woah is that all the fighters we got? Are we missing someone?” John asked, looking around.

“As of right now? Seems like Draco, Tango and Lauren are missing.” Mehrunes said.

“Oh there’s Draco. He’s just sitting up there.” John said, looking back up at Draco. “But yeah, Tango and Lauren. Wherever they are. But then that makes… 8 fighters for us. How many do they have?”

“Welcome to guess the common theme, let’s see we’re missing two people for no reason, I say kidnapped.” Mehrunes said. “I dunno how many they have they have a lot.”

“Yep.” John replied, “this is gonna be a good time for me to test some things out though.”

“Mmmhmm.” Mehrunes said. “Can the Leader be done doing whatever he’s doing?”

“Seems he’s still writing.” John said, “this might take awhile, the whole battle tournament thing. Some rounds need to end fast so we can get to the final one and see who wins this whole war.”

“As long as I can not care I’m good.” Mehrunes smirked. “Cuz there’s at least a fifty percent chance people are going to die.”

“I heard that most of them out there are pretty good, as in, I mean, not cold hearted. One of them is though. He might be the one that would kill…” John said.

“And who’s that?” Mehrunes asked.

“I don’t know for sure. I only know he exists.” John replied.

“Oh good.” Mehrunes said. “Geez this is taking forever.”

“I wonder who’s gonna go first.” John said.

“Yeah.” Mehrunes said, spilling his popcorn on accident. “Gosh darn it.”

“By the way.” The leader spoke out loud, “if you want to switch sides at any given moment, feel free to.”

“Uh huh.” Mehrunes said. “Good to know.”

“Where is Laro though?” Saturo then asked, “you know, Lagi’s uncle. He was at the base not too long ago, but now he’s gone.”

“Yo plot twist, maybe he’s on their team.” Mehrunes smirked.

“I doubt it.” Saturo said, “but it could be possible. I still doubt it.”

“Oh wait do you see the robed figure?” Mehrunes asked, scanning through the other team’s fighters. “Cuz yeah I want to.”

“What do you mean?” Saturo asked.

“You weren’t at the base when they came and took a baby.” Mehrunes said. “So you wouldn’t know what I’m talking about.”

“You want to know their identity?” John asked. “Cuz yeah, I looked through minds but that’s being hidden.”

“Well cause they said ‘see you at the base’ and I don't see them.” Mehrunes said.

“They’re probably… at where Tango and Lauren are at.” John assumed.

“Well I feel ripped off.” Mehrunes said. “Maybe I’ll just leave. Be on no one’s team.”

“Key word. Maybe.” Saturo said.

“Why’s that a keyword?” Mehrunes asked.

“We’re already here and doing this. We gotta finish this up. Then Lagi and Ivory can be free and not worry about being hunted, and then we can all move on with our lives.” Saturo said.

“I don’t have to do anything.” Mehrunes said, spilling a second bowl of popcorn. “I stopped wanting to be here about the second we slept in a cave.”

“I’m here to test some stuff out. And to help.” John said.

“Well that’s good for you.” Mehrunes said, throwing a third bowl of popcorn on the ground, right next to the other two. “But I could have got stuff done by now, and instead I’m sitting in a stadium with people who want to kill the people I don’t like and yet am protecting.”

“If you don’t wanna be here, what’s making you?” John asked. “Just go if you don’t want to be here.”

Mehrunes threw a bowl of popcorn into John’s face.

“Take a guess.” Mehrunes said, sitting back down and eating popcorn.

“Cuz Ich is here?” John asked.

“Good job.” Mehrunes growled.

“Well then what if Ich lets you go?” John asked, elbowing me, “then would you leave?”

“No.” Mehrunes said. “Wanna guess why?”

“No. Because it’s stupid and we don’t really need you if you don’t wanna fight.” John said.

“I wanna fight. Just not for Lagi and Ivory.” Mehrunes said.

“Then switch sides right now! I don’t mind.” John said.

“Ahem ahem.” Mehrunes said.

“Whatever. If it’s your turn to fight but you don’t, I’ll go up for you.” John said. “Other than that, we’re all good. The rest of us can fight so we’re good.”


“So…” the figure spoke. The figure looked over at them, Tango and Lauren. The figure kept her hood down. “I’m just going to ask your allegiance.”

“What?” Tango asked, confused.

“Who’s side are you on and fighting for?” The figure asked.

“Uhhh…” Tango began, “why would I be on your side? Isn’t that a pointless question?”

“Exactly.” Lauren agreed.

“You belong on our side since you are just like us.” The figure said.

“How are we just like you?” Lauren scowled. “We don’t go around kidnapping kids.”

“I mean in genetics.” The figure replied. “You’ve got the same blood as we do. You’re WaterBreathe. Just like all of us.”

“So?” Tango responded, “we’re distantly related? Why would we join you?”

“Will you or will you not, is the question.” The figure replied.

“But why would we?” Lauren asked.

“We have no reason to join you other than being distantly related.” Tango added to Lauren’s comment.

“Then I’ll give you a reason, is that what you want?” asked the figure.

“If it’s a good one.” Lauren told the figure.

“And by good, it would have to be worth betraying the people who brought us here.” Tango said.

“Well for one, your brother was hoping you would join us so he wouldn’t have to fight you.” the figure said.

“I… you… what?” Tango was clearly flustered. “My brother is with you…?”

“Yep. We’ve got a Perks here with us.” The figure nodded.

“No. That’s impossible.” Tango told her.

“You wouldn’t recognize him, since he was never there when you were born.” The figure replied, “he wouldn’t even… no you wouldn’t even like it if he’s your brother. Because of the way he acts.”

“No.” Tango growled.

“And why would that make Tango want to join you?” Lauren asked the figure.

“Dunno. I know what would make you join, however.” The figure replied to Lauren.

“And what’s that?” Lauren glared at the figure. “Why would I ever join you?”

“You see that chamber, back there?” asked the figure, pointing to a machine in the back of the room.

“Yeah? What about it?” Lauren stared at the machine.

The figure got up and began walking around it. “I disguised myself as you not too long ago. And as you, I kidnapped your little sister.” The figure then snapped, and Lauren’s little sister Bella appeared in the machine. “And, this, by the way, is a torture machine created by Teleyon. We’ve tested it, and know it works very well.”

“No…” Lauren fearfully looked at the machine. “Don’t do that. What do I have to do?”

“Join us. I just told you.” The figure said.

“I… fine…” Lauren said, sounding defeated.

“And you, Tango?” asked the figure.

“Don’t hurt Bella.” Tango sighed, clearly agreeing.

“There now, with you two this will be interesting.” the figure said.

“Please don’t make us hurt anyone…” Lauren begged.

“You don’t have to kill, I don’t think so at least.” The figure said, “but this is a war and we gotta win.”

“But… we’re not even that strong…” Tango told the figure. “Why would you need us? Can’t you manage fine without us?”

“True, but then without you on their side, the numbers are smaller and we would win faster.” The figure said.

“So you would be okay if we just didn’t help them?” Lauren asked, hopeful.

“We’re gonna task you with something, we’ll just have to ask the leader first.” The figure said.

“But we wouldn’t have to fight?” Lauren asked.

“If you’re weak, there’s no point.” The figure said, “we have a different task for you now.”

“And what is that?” Tango asked.

“Go back to their base and bring the remaining babies. There is still ten, we didn’t have enough arms to bring them all.” The figure said.

“No!” Lauren cried. “Please not that…”

“Hey, you gotta do something to contribute.” The figure said, “so you two will go back and bring the rest here, or else Bella here’s gonna be in pain.”

“Whatever it takes…” Tango mumbled.

“And to make it harder, or funner…” The figure said, “you’re gonna have a time limit. Fifteen minutes.”

“Why?” Tango asked. “That seems pointless. Why make things harder for yourself?”

“And what happens if it takes longer?” Lauren asked.

“If it takes longer, then someone is gonna be in pain.” The figure said, “the tournament thing is gonna start in fifteen minutes. So, we need them here by fifteen minutes.”

“You’re going to make babies fight?” Lauren asked, incredulous.

“Nah, that would be interesting though.” The figure said.

“Can we just get it over with then?” Tango sighed.

“Yes, your timer starts now.” The figure said. “Find yer way to get there and back as quickly as possible.”

“How?” Tango began, “Are we supposed to get there?”

“Find your way, your clock is ticking.” The figure said.

“Can you at least let us out of this base?” Lauren asked.

“The exit is just down the hall, hurry up.” The figure said.

“Let’s go…” Tango began to walk down the hallway.

“So… how do we get there?” Lauren asked, when they reached the exit.

“Well… shouldn’t we be able to breathe water?” Tango asked, “and can’t you make a current, or something?”

“I think so…” Lauren said, jumping into the water and opening her mouth… to breathe water. Her eyes shot wide, and she called to Tango… “C’mon!”

“What about the wind tunnel… thing?” Tango asked, looking at the wind tunnel in front of him, “and how did I forget it?”

“Breathing water is so much more fun, though!” Lauren exclaimed, her voice slightly muffled since she was in the water.

“Fine.” Tango jumped into the water, then asked, as Lauren created a water current. “So… we just follow the wind tunnel?”

“Yeah.” Lauren replied.



-----| Chapter 9 |-----



They had made it, in front of them was the base, the wind tunnel going right into it.

“Well, let’s get this over with.” Tango looked at the base entrance, as Lauren directed their water current into it. When they finally drifted in, and got out of the water, they spotted the remaining ten baby lagiacrus huddled up in a corner.

“I-I don’t know if I can do it…” Lauren shuddered.

“Remember Bella.” Tango frowned, with a look of grim determination.

“Yes I do, and what about her?” Tango and Lauren heard a voice, and turned around to face… Mehrunes. “Interesting trick ya pulled there, mind explaining?”

“I…” Lauren began, “I uh… I can control water. You know. With my ultimate crystal.”

“And you can both breathe it and like to look determined at baby lagiacrus?” Mehrunes asked. “I’m not stupid. Spill.”

“Please…” Lauren asked Mehrunes, “don’t try to stop us. They’re going to hurt Bella!”

“You must have forgotten who you’re talking to. Let me remind you.” Mehrunes pulled his katana out. “I don’t care, I’ve made up my mind, you won’t get past for as long as I can keep you off. Do something about it.”

“Fine.” Lauren said, her appearance shimmering, slightly.

Mehrunes punched the ground and a purple tidal wave ran over Lauren and Tango, knocking Tango down before he had a chance to move. Lauren just shimmered slightly.

“Tisk tisk.” Mehrunes said, threatening them both. “Light’s no fun, but you can’t see me either.” Mehrunes disappeared. “So I suppose it’s fair game.”

“Maybe we can’t see you.” Tango said, causing grass to grow on the stone floor. “But we can know where you are.”

Mehrunes simply stabbed Tango through the back. “Destructive power, life creator.” Mehrunes stabbed Tango multiple more times in different places. “You’re a betrayer, even if it’s for someone else.” Mehrunes disappeared again, before reappearing in four different places. “I like hide and seek. Do you?”

“No.” Tango grimaced, in pain.

“Then let’s have your girlfriend stop playing it.” Mehrunes looked at the babies, all ten were still there due to a purple barrier. “So why are you doing this again?” Mehrunes threw a dagger into Tango’s chest. Tango groaned.

“Bella. Torture.” Tango gasped, looking at the wound in his chest, as water filled the Mehrunes mouths, choking them. “But… you’re not the only one with destructive power. Over time, plants can break down entire buildings with ease. And water… well.”

“Wrong Mehrunes.” One Mehrunes said, through water. Another dagger appeared in Tango’s stomach. “Try again.” All the Mehrunes’s disappeared, and fire sprouted from all of them, burning the plants.

“This… isn’t fair…” Tango groaned, slipping into the water.

Mehrunes ripped him from the water and slammed him into a wall. Tango flopped onto the floor, badly injured.

“Then I suggest, you get Lauren to stop hiding.” Mehrunes said.

“Stop.” Lauren growled, from somewhere in the cave, causing light to blast into Mehrunes’s eyes.

“I’ve had worse.” Mehrunes said, from across the room. “Although you haven’t come out, so neither will I. Keep guessing.” Another Mehrunes punctured Tango’s stomach with another dagger.

“No.” Lauren snarled, before all the light in the room vanished, and a light splash was heard in the water.

“GRRAGH!” Mehrunes yelled, causing a massive surge of purple to light up the room.

“Huh. That didn’t go as planned.” Lauren sighed. “But hey. Tango’s out.”

Mehrunes disappeared and reappeared with Tango’s neck in his grasp.

“Girl you just keep wanting to hide and hide and save Tango, I get it. I’ll stop killing him. But he’s not leaving the cave.” Mehrunes propped Tango against the wall so he was sitting, and no longer bleeding. “So, how about we stop playing mind games?”

“How can I trust you to stop?” Lauren asked.

“For the same reason I can trust that you’re trying to save Bella.” Mehrunes growled. “And not just doing this maliciously. Tell me when you think of a reason.”

“Yeah, no.” Lauren replied, after a moment of thinking, “I can’t think of any.”

“Exactly.” Mehrunes said. “You swapped teams, making us enemies. Now I can sit here all day and defend the babies from your hiding self, but do you have all day?”

“No.” Lauren sighed, as a scraping sound was heard. “I used to have fifteen minutes, though.”

“That’s too bad.” Mehrunes listened, figuring out where Lauren was by the sounds she was making. “Lemmi guess, your sister is gonna die?”

“Not if I can help it.” Lauren said, her projections fading, revealing that she was in the purple shield… with a hole in the floor. And the Lagiacrus in the barrier that Mehrunes had made were no longer there. Mehrunes noticed that Tango had disappeared, as well.

Mehrunes smirked, before he appeared in front of Lauren, but he hadn't done anything.

“And what makes you think you can get away with that?” Mehrunes asked.

“The fact that by now most of them will be secured.” Lauren stated, “back at the waterbreathe base. You know… water travels quickly.”

“Yeah, I know.” Mehrunes replied, in front of a bouncing and unhappy looking lagiacrus baby. “Although it’s such a shame, you’ve forgotten one.”

“No…” Lauren said, her face turning pale, with the realization that Bella wasn’t safe, yet.

“Yes.” Mehrunes said, punching Lauren square in the nose. Lauren fell to the floor, apparently having given up. “Not much you can do now. It’s a shame for you, although fun as this was.”

“Actually.” Tango reappeared and groaned from the wall, “there is something we can do.”

“Nope.” Mehrunes said, picking up the lagiacrus baby and disappearing with it.

“Yep.” The baby lagiacrus reappeared in someone else’s hands.

Mehrunes appeared and looked mad. “Not. Cool.”

“Oi, you’re the one who was hating on my brother.” The guy spoke, “not. Cool.”

“Who are ye talkin bout?” Mehrunes asked. “The uhh… guy with the robot fish? That found the base?”

“No idea who that is.” The guy said.

“Okay, nevermind then.” Mehrunes said. “Tango? Is it Tango? Because I’m just gonna say I’m literally protecting the babies from the group of people who want to kill them, so hey. Less of hating, more of being a better friend to my friend then my acquaintance.”

“And I don’t care.” The guy said, “I’m taking them.”

Mehrunes mumbled something to himself, incoherently, and then said. “Fine. But only because it bit me that one time.”

“Exactly. These aren’t nice creatures, heh.” The guy smirked, “anyway I’ll be taking my leave, now.”

“You gonna take injured and hide-and-seek with you?” Mehrunes motioned at Tango and Lauren. “Cuz I’m gonna admit even without you I wasn't gonna win that capture the flag esc game.”

The guy then disappeared without replying, taking Tango and Lauren with him.

“Heh. I’m not just about to not watch what happens to the babies.” Mehrunes smirked.


“We will then start in five minutes.” The leader spoke out loud again.

“The dude is taking awhile.” John commented from next to me, “but he’s doing it much faster than any other tournaments. Cuz ya know, it takes days to get prepared.”

“I guess so.” Listy said. “I wonder if Mehrunes is doing okay…”

“Who cares about the dude? He left.” John said, “I mean, sure you may care, but I don’t. In fact it’s better with him gone, then I can go fight for him.”

“But what if you lose?” Listy asked.

“What if? I won’t lose. I have many techniques and I’m prepared for anything. Literally.” John replied.

“Really?” Listy asked.

“Mmhmm.” John nodded.

“When will five minutes pass?” Saturo asked. “I’m kinda nervous but not at the same time.”

“If Lagi and/or Ivory have to fight out there, it would end faster than you could blink.” John said. “They’re lucky they have us fighting for them. Otherwise they would be extinct by now.”

“Something tells me this tournament is gonna end pretty fast. The other team doesn't look like they are gonna hold back at all.” Saturo said.

“If so then we could lose fast.” John said, “and by we I mean, everyone else except for me because I know their abilities.”

“Then you should tell us before we fight them!” Saturo said.

“I never said I won’t.” John replied, “I’ve got some hope that you and Ich could win, and a bit for Draco and Lavender. It all depends on who you’re fighting.”

“Oh. Well then. We’ll just have to wait and see.”


“I’m soooooo bored…” Draelin laid upside down inside the spaceship, “everyone just disappeared…”

Hunter was in there, but was ignoring Draelin and doing his own thing.

“I feel like I’m missing out on something important.” Draelin told herself.


“Alright we have it ready.” The leader stood up. “Let us get this over with. Are you prepared?” He looked at us like he expected an answer. But he didn’t get any answer. “Very well then. Let us begin. The first to battle from our side, Ramesh. On your side, Gaberus.”

Gaberus stood up and entered the arena without a word. From the other side, a guy shorter than Gaberus by at least a foot entered, with no emotion on his face at all whatsoever. The two glared at each other.

“Gaberus. I’m going to be the one to kill you here and now.” The guy, who I assume is named Ramesh said.

Gaberus didn’t even respond. He unleashed a sword that looked like it had a lagiacrus head as the handle. Ramesh smirked, but not like Mehrunes smirks. His smirk was much more vivid and evil.

“Now lets see. How do you wanna die?” Ramesh asked Gaberus. “Stabbed, burned, or poisoned?”

Gaberus was silent again. He was in a steady position.

“We’re gonna fight then?” Ramesh asked, “I only agreed to be a part of all this because I was told killing was involved. I love killing, murder is very entertaining.”

“Shut your stupid mouth.” Gaberus rasped, finally speaking.

“It’s vice versa. You should stay silent.” Ramesh smirked.

Gaberus ran at him and struck his sword using both his hands. Ramesh appeared with a dagger and had blocked it, with one hand.

“Have you gotten weaker than last time?” Ramesh asked with a slim evil grin, “or have I gotten stronger? Oh wait. You were dead for awhile. I forgot about that. How about you go back into the dead world, eh?”

Gaberus growled. He could have turned into a Lagiacrus to battle, but the problem is that the arena is only 50 by 50 square feet. It wouldn’t work out.

“I could kill you right now but I’m enjoying this. We’ll take it slowly. First I’ll kill you. Then, I’ll kill one of the babies for fun.” Ramesh looked up at the leader, “you didn’t announce it, leader. You should.”

“Way to spoil the surprise.” someone called from the other side.

“Yes, every loss from your side, ends with a baby dead. Every win, ends with a baby freed and safe that we will not touch.” The leader nodded from his tower.

“Can I be the one to kill it?” Ramesh asked.

The leader didn’t respond, and just gave him a look through his mask. I couldn’t tell what kind of look.

“You’re the one that is going to die, you know.” Gaberus then said.

“Oh nooooo, I’m so scared.” Ramesh mocked, faking fright before laughing, “bring it, if you say you can, then prove it.”

Gaberus growled again and swung his sword. Ramesh just appeared behind him.

“Someone’s slow.” Ramesh said with a smile. He then stabbed a dagger into Gaberus’s back, causing blood to drip. “Oops, sorry. Didn't mean to do that.” He then stabbed two more daggers into his back. “Oops, sorry again. I meant to do this.” Ramesh then kicked Gaberus in the face, knocking him across the arena. Gaberus laid on the floor.

No one said a word. We were all just watching the battle silently. It was obvious Gaberus was struggling to get up. But then he suddenly did something, growing and changing form for a second. He was turning into a lagiacrus. But then he stopped. He then appeared with no daggers in his back, and his injuries completely gone.

“Woah. New thing developed right there.” Ramesh looked only slightly surprised, as Gaberus stood up.

“It’s not new. It’s something we all can do.” Gaberus replied, finally standing up.

“Then you just gave me some information that will be useful.” Ramesh said, throwing a dagger at Gaberus.

Gaberus dodged it easily.

“Nope, behind you.” Ramesh said. Then the dagger came back and stabbed Gaberus in the back. “Told ya.”

Gaberus looked over at Ramesh and then suddenly began growing again. As a literal half human and half lagiacrus, he clawed Ramesh to the side before returning to a normal human. Again, the injuries were all gone. Ramesh was left with a big claw mark on his chest.

“Ow.” he struggled to stand. “Not fun.” His blood was dripping onto the ground. Gaberus walked towards him with his sword.

“As I said, you’re going to be the one that dies.” Gaberus said.

“I could really use some of Uc-- I mean, I could really use some healing right now.” Ramesh said, cutting himself off midway.

Gaberus swung his sword at him from above. Ramesh dodged and stabbed a dagger into Gaberus’s stomach. He then stabbed another into Gaberus’s hand, making him drop the sword. And with the sword, Ramesh stabbed Gaberus all the way through from the front of his abdomen through the back.

“Heh. Now you can’t use your technique or you’ll lose your sword. It’ll be stuck inside of you.” Ramesh laughed.

Gaberus rasped. “I really should have gotten some training before this.”

“Indeed you should have.” Ramesh said. “Now I wanna kill ya in style and not just with weapons. Maybe, an explosion… Nah that’s too much. Then there wouldn’t be a corpse…”

Gaberus used his tail to trip Ramesh. Ramesh fell onto his back, and Gaberus backed off far, taking out his sword and using the same method to heal himself. Ramesh looked jealous.

“I really need healing.” he said, “you can heal yourself easily and I can’t.”

Gaberus threw all the daggers on the floor next to him at Ramesh. Ramesh jumped and caught each one of them, throwing them right back in the process. Gaberus knocked them down onto the ground with his sword, one by one. The two of them looked at each other.

“Killing you is fun.” Ramesh then said, “has anyone ever told you that?”

“No.” Gaberus replied.

“Exactly.” Ramesh responded, “now lets see here, how did I say I was gonna kill you?”

“You aren’t going to. I’m going to be the one killing you.” Gaberus growled.

“Nope, even though you’ve got that rapid healing technique, long weapons that stick all the way through your body is your weakness.” Ramesh said.

“You’ve got no long weapons on you.” Gaberus said.

“Says who?” Ramesh took out some daggers. He then appeared behind Gaberus and stabbed them all into his back, and they somehow grew and exited out from his front, almost covering his whole torso. “Ha. Easy win. And no I’m not gonna risk it this time.”

Ramesh blasted Gaberus with something that I didn’t see, and Gaberus flew across the arena, hitting an invisible wall and falling down. Ramesh looked up at the leader.

“Does that count as a win?” Ramesh asked.

“Is he dead?” The leader questioned.

Ramesh walked over to Gaberus. Blood was dripping everywhere.

“If he can be knocked out of the arena, then he’s dead. If not, he’s still alive.” The leader said.

Ramesh kicked Gaberus like a soccer ball, but Gaberus didn’t go out. Ramesh then smirked. “Still alive.” He stabbed more daggers into him, almost everywhere in his body. He then tried to kick him out again. But he still somehow didn’t exit.

“What do you expect? He’s a warrior. He’s durable.” The leader said.

“Then how do I kill this thing?” Ramesh asked. “Like this?” He then charged something else and zapped Gaberus with it. Some sort of smoke seemed to be coming off of Gaberus.

Ramesh then tried to kick Gaberus out again, but Gaberus still bounced back in. Ramesh groaned.

“This thing is too durable.” Ramesh said. He then put his fists on fire, and blasted Gaberus with flames.

The flames then disappeared, and Gaberus looked burned. Ramesh tried to kick him out. And, again, he bounced back in.

“*SIGH*” Ramesh sighed. He then took out another dagger, and it grew to be as long as a sword. “Guess Imma just have to do it this way.” I saw that Ramesh was looking at Gaberus’s neck. Was he gonna cut his head off?

Ramesh swung the oversized dagger.



-----| Chapter 10 |-----



“Well done.” The figure clapped as the guy holding the last baby lagiacrus appeared along with Tango and Lauren. “You brought nine on your own. For the last one you may have needed help, but Bella will still be safe.”

Lauren sighed in relief, and Tango looked up, sharply. “You… I’ve heard your voice before.”

“Of course you have. I’ve spoken to you many times.” The figure said.

“Then who are you?” Tango asked, “I can’t seem to remember.”

“I’m supposed to be mysterious, why do you think I’m hiding my face?” The figure asked.

“If we tell anyone, you’d hurt Bella.” Tango glared at the figure.

“Hey, I’m not going to let her hurt my future sister-in-law.” The guy holding the baby lagiacrus said, glaring at the figure as well, as Lauren turned slightly pink.

“You wouldn’t have power over me to do so.” The figure replied.

“That’s what you think.” The guy replied.

“Remember whose side you're on.” The figure growled. “And Tango, you look injured.” The figure’s gaze shifted to Tango’s injury.

“Uh… yeah.” Tango cringed. “There was this guy there…”

“Yes, I know.” The figure bent down and touched the injury, and in seconds it was healed.

“You’re a healer.” Tango commented, trying to remember something. “Why can’t I remember your name?”

“I never did tell you my name.” The figure said.

“Of course.” Tango sighed, as Lauren kept looking down at the floor, apparently disturbed by what she had been made to do.

“Anyway, you go put the baby with the others.” The figure told the guy.

“Sure.” The guy then left the room.

And of course, Mehrunes appeared in the room. Tango tensed, ready to fight.

“Calm yourself.” Mehrunes said. “I’m not pursuing you.”

“Okay?” Tango asked, “Surely you don’t want to join the Waterbreathe?”

“Clearly you don’t understand.” Mehrunes smirked. “While regrettably I did beat you up, sorry, it was an experiment, per say. I didn’t care heads or tails whether you failed or not, as both ways cause pain to a party. Minus your party who was getting pain anyway, again sorry, I had planned diffrentally. I wasn't protecting the babies, I was seeing who I should side with. And enough evidence was shone for me to be here now.” Mehrunes said. “So yes, I am intending to ‘join you’ for just long enough to get the stupid babies and Lagi and Ivory out of my hair.”

“So you’ve decided to join us?” asked the figure, not moving from their spot. “Who will you be fighting for in the tournament?”

“Who can I fight for so I’m fighting Draco?” Mehrunes smirked.

“Uh…” Tango’s voice trailed off, confused. “So you want to join them… and fight Draco in some… tournament?”

“And according to Listy, for every loss Ivory and Lagi get, a baby die.” Mehrunes said. “Kinda harsh ‘init, mysterious figure…”

Tango looked at Mehrunes, a memory clearly coming back to him. “Don’t you know who they are, though?”

“Maybe. Maybe not.” Mehrunes said. “Although, if they don’t want to disclose their own identity, I’m going to go along with it, as I’m on their team.”

“Can you let Bella go?” Lauren asked the figure, worried. “Or at least let us talk to her?”

“Talk to her? Sure. Let her go? No.” The figure said.

“Okay…” Lauren sighed, “can we talk to her now?”

“If you want.” The figure replied, looking back at the chamber behind them.

“Can we…” Lauren frowned, “Talk to her somewhere alone? It’s weird having everyone listening. And I don’t want to get in that machine.”

“You talk to her here, in the machine.” The figure said, as Tango and Lauren started walking back toward the machine.


And of course, what did I expect? That Gaberus would come back up and win? No, that’s not how it works. He died right there, his head got detached from his body. And then he was kicked out of the arena. Cruel. Very cruel. I don’t want to fight this guy if this is what he does… But then… I could just give up… And not die…

“Looks like we’ve got a winner.” The leader spoke loud again and jumped down into the arena. And in his arms… Was a baby lagiacrus.

My hands shook, and for some reason I was getting hot. Ramesh had taken out a dagger and attached it to the babies neck. I couldn’t even watch. I looked away, and instead of looking at that I saw Lavender’s prett-- I mean her normal face. She looked like she was feeling the same way as I was, I mean, about this all. Nothing else. At all. Don’t get any ideas. I’m looking at you, Krydret.

“Dang…” John muttered aloud. I wondered what Lagi and Ivory thought of this…

“Then the next battle shall occur.” The leader jumped back onto his tower, and I could almost swear he was smirking under that mask. Also I cannot lie, I wanna see the dude’s face. I wanna take that mask off of him. “Next up will be… Branko from this side, and Saturo from the other!”

Oh. It was my turn now. I carefully stood up, for some reason. Then I jumped into the arena, it felt weird. Because now I couldn’t get out until I had won or if I died… or hopefully if I just gave up. The other guy, Branko, came on in. He looked at me, and smirked. What’s with people and smirking these days? No. Do not reply, Krydret. I don’t want you to.

“Alrighty so. You ready to lose?” Branko said.

“Nope.” I just replied normally. This guy didn’t scare me, although he did have that one method to get rid of paralyzation… I was still prepared.

Prepared. Just then, Branko lunged at me. Prepared. Don’t forget I was prepared, Krydret. And again, no replying. I don’t want you to. You’ve done that too much when I’m talking.

Branko swung a bunch of daggers at me, but I just dodged them. Thing is, what I have that Branko doesn’t have is speed. Elec said speed was the key to battle once.

Branko threw a bunch more daggers towards me, and I just dodged them again. What’s with these guys and daggers? They all use them. Are they addicted to them, or something? Maybe it’s their main weapon.

“Hey, if you want to think, think out loud.” Branko said, “you’re being too quiet. Quiet is boring.”

“Okay then, I’ll ‘think’ out loud.” I said, “oh my, what the heck? Why do you have so many daggers? Oh look there is the barrier. Oh, you know what, I’m craving some spicy chips.”

“Okay, nevermind, shut up.” Branko said.

I smirked. “Alright, let’s get serious then.” I brought out my Electric Axe. I haven’t used it in awhile.

Branko smirked as well and then threw more daggers at me, and I swung my axe at them, completely surrounded with lightning bolts. And I chopped each dagger in half. Branko looked somewhat surprised.

“Did not expect this.” Branko looked me in the eye. Literally, he looked at one of my eyes, not both, but one. Why? Nope. Don’t tell me, Krydret. I don’t wanna know anymore.

“We should end this quickly. I wanna snack on some chips. I haven’t in a long time. People have been probably thinking something was wrong with me because I haven’t had them for so long.” I looked over at the others and winked. Because. My humor is needed since it was gone for a long time, too. I don’t even know why it decided to pop back up now… But it did. So. Deal with it, Krydret.

“Alright then.” Branko then took out these nunchuck looking things, except they had daggers attached to the end… Again. What is with these daggers? Branko charged at me with the strange weapon. I just chopped them in half like the daggers using my axe. Then Branko looked dumbfounded.

“I just want you to give up. I don’t wanna kill anyone.” I said. “So, give up?”

“Never.” Branko replied. “I still have a few things I can do.” He then took out another dagger. But, it wasn’t a normal one. It was one made out of… water?

“A dagger made of water?” I questioned.

“Mmmhmm.” He swung it at me, and my axe didn’t even chop it this time. It went right through it. Then the dagger hit me in the arm, and somehow did the same damage that a normal dagger would do. My blood dripped and I backed off.

“Then now, try and get me.” I activated the source, and was now surrounded by electricity.

I then ran around the arena in extreme speed, that to me it seemed Branko didn’t move at all. This guy wasn’t that hard to fight. Since I was much faster than him. I charged toward him, I was planning on injuring his legs so he couldn’t stand. But just as I was about to do that… He disappeared.

I stopped where I was, looking around for him. I couldn’t see him anywhere.

“Another weapon I’m obsessed with.” I heard his voice, but I couldn’t see him. “It’s needles.”

Needles suddenly came from every single direction. I had to think fast on what to do. I jumped out of the way upward, and let the needles hit the floor. But then needles were coming from every single direction all over the arena! I ran all around, dodging every needle in the process.

But then I couldn’t dodge them all. I tripped and then many needles hit me. They hurt… Like bee stings, but worse since the pain wouldn’t go away. I stayed there, struggling to get up.

“You may be fast, but I’ve got a lot of needles.” Branko appeared in front of me, many needles floating around him like they were a shield protecting him.

I still couldn’t get up. Something was keeping me down. Branko looked down at me and smirked. He lifted his hand and more needles hit me. Ow.

“What’s the matter? Can’t you get up?” Branko questioned.

I couldn’t even get myself to speak, let alone stand up. The needles hurt, a lot. No matter how hard I tried, I still couldn’t do anything but lay there.

“I guess it’s over.” Branko said.

But then I released a shockwave, and with the electricity I knocked out the needles somehow. I gained control of my body and stood up. Branko stood where he smiled.

“Yep.” I replied.

“So then… one of us has gotta win.” Branko said, “who would it be?”

“Well I can’t let you win. You’re not going to kill another innocent baby.” I replied. “Not as long as I can do something about it.”

“So then you gotta win.” Branko looked at his fist. “But how are you gonna do that?”

“Well…” I was about to say.

“Hold that thought.” Branko then said, “I have no real reason to do this. We could make a deal, and have you win.”

“What’s the deal then…?” I asked.

“Shhh.” He took a finger and pressed it against his lips. “Not here when they all can hear.”

“Then where?”

Branko lifted his hands and we were suddenly surrounded with a shield of needles. “Now, they can’t hear us. So, we can now negotiate.”

“Okay so… What’s it gonna be?” I asked.

“You just gotta win, and I’ll let you win.” Branko said, “but it’s gotta look realistic. Very realistic that everyone else would be convinced.” He paused for a moment and then said, “so what do you got in mind that would work?”

“Well uh… a shockwave… and maybe… I don’t know.” I replied.

“Shockwave. You gotta make a strong one.” Branko said. “Lots of volts. You know, you’re the electric guy.”

“Okay. So then maybe, I could break this cage out, with some more needles in me to make it realistic. And then I could launch you to the ground, with a large lightning bolt, and you could just say you give up?” I suggested, thinking.

Branko gave me a thumbs up. “Good plan. Let’s do it.”

I nodded, and charged up some electricity. Then I released a shockwave, breaking through the shield. Branko gave me a look saying ‘continue’. I then launched him in the air, and charged a lightning bolt. Then I zapped him with it, and added a few more lightning bolts. Branko was on the ground, and he made it look like he struggled to get up.

“Me out.” Branko said, his hands in the air. “I give up.”

The leader looked at him with some disapproval. But then he threw a baby lagiacrus to Branko, who then handed it to me.

“One saved.” The leader said aloud.

I looked up at Lagi and Ivory, and then threw the baby to them and gave them a thumbs up. I didn’t see their reaction, because the leader then spoke.

“Then we shall start the next battle.” He said.

I exited the arena and sat back down. John gave me a thumbs up. No one else said a word to question me. We waited to see who was going to fight who next.

“Next is…” the leader announced. “Listy against Arada.”

“Wa-buh…” Listy said confusedly.

“You’re up.” John told her. “Good luck.”

“Wait but I can barely fight what am I supposed to do?” Listy asked.

“I dunno, do something to try to win and not die.” John said, “or you could back out of it and just have one of the babies die in your place.”

“…” Listy was silent.

“You gotta choose fast. Your opponent is waiting.” John motioned his head towards Arada who was already in the arena, waiting.

“Fine…” Listy said, eventually jumping into the arena.

Everyone was silent and watched. Arada seemed to just be standing there. Listy hadn't moved either. They both stayed in their spots.

“You gonna do anything?” Arada then asked.

“I am. I’m thinking about what I’m gonna do.” Listy replied.

“Hm, well you’re gonna need to think faster.” Arada said.

“Uhh, why?” Listy asked.

“We don’t have much time.” Arada answered.

“Alright fine.” Listy said.

“Either way I would probably just avoid whatever it is.” Arada replied, “but at least it would be doing something.”

Listy threw a lot of rocks in the general direction of Arada. And just as Arada said, she avoided them. She just moved out of the way casually, walking with her hands in her pockets. Basically, she made Listy look pretty bad. Listy didn't look happy. And neither did Arada. Except for Arada it was more of a bored expression. And for Listy it was a look of concentration. Rocks then proceeded to protrude from the ground to enclose Arada.

And Arada didn’t move from her spot, she just stood there and waited for the rocks to get closer. The rocks did, and then they closed up and crushed down like a death trap.

“I wouldn’t say you’re that bad.” Arada appeared behind Listy. “But I wouldn’t say you’re that good either.”

“Because that’s new and useful for me, thank you.” Listy said.

“You’d just need a teacher. Or you need to learn from somewhere. Read books. Watch videos. Train. You know. That stuff.” Arada replied.

“Yeah.” Listy said.

“Literally everyone nags people who are weak about training more.” Arada said. “But not everyone can train that well. Especially alone.”

“Yep, I know.” Listy said.

“Have you been to school? Like, not the normal schools but the ones that include being able to fight as a subject.” Arada said.

“No.” Listy replied.

“Explains a lot.” Arada replied. “Most people who go to them actually learn a bunch of things that are useful.”

“Oh. Cool.” Listy said.

“Anyway, what else you got?” Arada asked.

Listy sank into the ground, launched into the air elsewhere, slammed into the ground causing the ground to randomly spike up all over.

“Oh that reminds me.” Arada said, appearing behind Listy again, “of a technique someone I met before used. It had to do with sand.”

“What?” Listy asked.

“It’s a defensive move, where you’d be surrounded with sand that blocks all the attacks for you.” Arada said, “you should learn it.”

“Probably.” Listy said.

“Heck, that’s a better thing to do right now than kill each other, since that would end too quickly.” Arada said.

“Uhhhh…” Listy said. “…what…”

“Oi, leader, this is gonna take some time but it’ll be worth it.” Arada shouted up to the leader. The leader showed no reaction. Arada turned towards Listy. “We have time then I guess.”

“… won’t people get suspicious?” Listy asked.

“I mean, they can already hear us talking.” Arada shrugged. “Besides I don’t wanna kill ya.”

“Yep I’m confused.” Listy said.

“Is it nice?” Arada asked, “being confused?”

“What kind of a question is that?” Listy asked.

“Does it matter?” Arada asked back.

“…” Listy was just more confused.

“Confusion could get your opponent a higher advantage.” Arada then said.

“I hadn't noticed.” Listy said.

“What are you even confused about?” Arada asked.

“I dunno. So I guess I’m confused about why I’m confused. I should stop that.” Listy said.

“Mmhmm.” Arada nodded in agreement.

“So uhh, what were we doing again?” Listy asked.

“Standing in an arena that none of us can exit until the other is dead or the other gives up.” Arada answered.

“Oh right.” Listy said.

“Yep and I don’t wanna kill ya so I’m thinkin of what I should do instead.” Arada replied.

“Uhh…” Listy said. “You could like… let me win…”

“Yea I could just give up and not fight.” Arada replied.

“Uhh…” Listy said. “Is that sarcasm?”

“Maybe. Lots of people don’t know if I’m being sarcastic or not.” Arada replied.

“Ahm. Okay.” Listy said.

“Yeah so you wanna learn that sand defense system?” Arada asked. “Or do you wanna do something else?”

“I uh… sure…” Listy said.

“Alright then, do it.” Arada said.

“Seems legit.” Listy said. “But how.”

“Well first you need sand.” Arada replied.

“Well yeah…” Listy said, thinking. “Hmm… let’s try…” Suddenly all the spikes that were still there crushed together into tiny bits and were reduced to tiny rocks. “That’s close enough right?”

“Most likely.” Arada replied.

“Okay now what?” Listy asked.

“I’m pretty sure you gotta like, control the sand to float around you and stuff.” Arada replied.

“Okay cool.” Listy said, the rocks floating around her. “Woohoo.”

“Then you’re gonna need a lot of sand in order to actually block all the attacks.” Arada said.

“Yeah I guess so.” Listy said. “Are you saying I don’t have enough sand? I think you are.” Listy made more of the rocks and they all started floating around her, although they were all closer together.

“Yep, now are you controlling the sand?” Arada asked.

“Yes or else it probably wouldn't be floating.” Listy said.

“Then now it just needs to protect you.” Arada replied.

“I mean it might protect me sometimes a little…” Listy said.

“I’ve heard the more sand the better. Depending on who you’re fighting.” Arada said.

“Cool.” Listy said.

“You could do a lot more with it too.” Arada said. “Some deadly things and useful attacks.”

“It is sand.” Listy said. “Sand tends to be that way.”

“Yep. I don’t use it often though. I should use it more.” Arada said. “Cuz I remember this one attack that causes the opponent to kinda explode. It ends in an instant. Heh.”

Listy didn’t say anything.

“You could learn that too. You should learn a lot of this stuff.” Arada said, “then you’d be stronger. Much stronger.”

“Noted.” Listy said.

“So, do you wanna give up or should I?” Arada asked.

“Uhh… can you do it?” Listy asked.

“I don’t really care. You wanna save or kill a baby lagiacrus?” Arada asked.

“Well… save.” Listy said.

“Well. Leader allows us to choose. I choose to give up then.” Arada said, turning to the leader, “now let me get the heck out of this stupid arena.”

“You can, you said you gave up. Therefor you both can leave now.” The leader replied, before throwing down a baby lagiacrus to Listy. “Two saved, and one dead.”

Arada took the baby from Listy and tossed it up to Lagi and Ivory. “Right, now I’m out of this heckhole. Bye.” She then walked out of the arena, leaving Listy alone.

“Okay…” Listy said, also leaving.

The leader then looked down at a paper. And then he looked down at the arena, and probably opened his mouth, under his mask, to speak.

“There’s been a change in teams.” The leader said.

“There has?” Ichoo questioned, finally speaking after a long time of watching with silence, that lasted ever since Gabe died… That wasn’t a pleasant sight, although I didn’t even look since I don’t like looking at blood or injuries. I’m not alone.

“You have a new team member from our side that has switched sides.” The leader said, “he decided to fight for Lagi and Ivory instead.”

“Okay.” Lagi said.

“Cool. Who is it?” Ivory asked.

“Flip, I believe.” The leader said, “shame, we lost a powerful fighter.”

“F-flip? Huh. Never thought we would meet again.” Ivory said.

“Wait what.” I was confused. Who was this Flip guy? And when did he meet Ivory? “When did you meet him?” I asked, looking up at Ivory.

“Long story I would rather not tell right now.” Ivory said.

“Okay then…” I replied.

“So then who’s going next?” John asked.

“I’ll announce it now. The next fighters shall be…” The leader started. “From your side, Flip against, the one already in the arena.”

In the arena, sat some hooded dude wearing some weird kinda robe, similar to what the leader was wearing. Then another guy entered, who I would assume is Flip.

“And… you can start the battle. This one will be interesting.” The leader said.



-----| Chapter 11 |-----



Tango and Lauren were alone in the room, standing in front of the chamber that held Bella captive. The figure had left to run some errands, and took Mehrunes with her. That gave Lauren the chance to talk to Bella alone.

“Are…” Lauren looked at Bella, “are you okay?”

“Yeah.” Bella glared at the cage walls. “I’ve been stuck in here forever, though!”

“Sorry,” Lauren began, “we can’t make them let you out. But we’re doing everything we can.”

“Like what?” Bella asked, suspicious.

“Uh… we… well…” Lauren stuttered.

“What did you do?” Bella asked, worried.

“We… may have,” Lauren began, “uh… Kidnapped ten Lagiacrus babies.”

“Phhhft.” a voice said.

“Nevermind.” Lauren sighed, as Bella opened her mouth, horrified. “Nine.”

“This kid though.” the voice said, as a guy with blood on his shirt appeared next to them, “kidnapping ain’t scary at all, kiddo. It’s the torture part that happens to the kidnapped that is scary, for them of course. Not for me, for me it’s fun heh.”

“Why would you kidnap babies?” Bella looked at Tango and Lauren, completely ignoring the guy with blood on his shirt. “How could you?”

“They were going to hurt you.” Lauren told bella. “We couldn’t let them.”

“I don’t like being ignored. Makes me wanna turn this machine on. Or take out my whip.” The guy with blood on his shirt said.

“Don’t listen to them.” Bella whimpered. “It’s not worth it.”

“Saving your little sister ain’t worth it?” asked the guy with blood on his shirt.

“No.” Bella addressed the guy. “Not when it hurts so many other people.”

“People. Ha!” the guy laughed.

Bella rolled her eyes, then corrected herself. “Other intelligent beings.”

“Intelligent beings. Ha!” the guy laughed again.

“Yep.” Bella said, “I’ve been in here for a long time. It’s tiring.” Bella layed down and fell asleep.

“Maybe we’ll take ya out, at some point.” The guy said, “in fact maybe right now.”

Bella didn’t move, clearly asleep. The guy smirked. “Seems it does work.” He looked around. “Where’d Teleyon put the remote?”

“What? No!” Lauren gasped, “we’ve done everything we were supposed to do!”

“Not everything yet.” The guy said, taking out a baby lagiacrus. “I won’t torture her, if you kill this thing. Right now.” And then he added. “His name’s Steve too, I heard.”

“No… please…” Lauren looked sadly at Steve.

“Either you kill him and Bella becomes safe, or I kill him and torture Bella.” The guy said, smirking an evil smirk, “you choose.”

Lauren shuddered, mumbled something, and nodded her head. Tango just looked sick.


“The leader has set you up against someone.” The hooded figure said as she and Mehrunes walked down the hallway of the WaterBreathe base. “Someone who you wanted to fight before, I believe his name was Draco.”

“Pffffffttt.” Mehrunes said. “That’s great!”

“Whether you win or not, it really doesn’t matter. If you want, you can kill him in battle. If you don’t want, you just gotta make him give up.” The figure said.

“Yeah I got the rules.” Mehrunes said. “Random question, do you know anything about Draco? I’m always interested because it’s Draco and his life is messed up.”

“Not really. The dudes comp