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Ultimates: Book 20: Toxic Cage: (Book 2 in the 3rd Series)

Ultimates: Book 20: Toxic Cage: (Book 2 in the 3rd Series)

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September 13th, 2018

here's all of book 20/book 2



Ultimates: Toxic Cage:

By: The Ultimate Osaid


Prologue: Guy


No! NO! Not again! THIS IS THE TWENTY SEVENTH TIME! THEY CAN’T! THEY WOULDN’T! But I was wrong. We both were. Me and Bob. They keep on doing it. Keep on failing. Keep on killing.

“When will they stop?” I turned to the voice. It was Timothy. The one we call Lil’ Timmy. The one they call subject PO-23.

“Honestly, I don’t know,” I told him. “We might never find out.”

“They have to stop, don’t they? The good guys always win.” Yeah, about that. My father always told me that. But it hasn't happened yet. At this rate, I don’t think something will.

“I don’t know Tim. Honestly, I don’t know.” It keeps on getting worse and worse. There was this one point in time, where we got our hopes up. Back when Broshi escaped, years ago. We all got motivated. We all were inspired by him, although he wasn’t nice to anyone.

When Broshi escaped, we all got our hopes up. Me, Bob, Malum, Sam, Harold, and Syed. We began to develop our own plan to escape. But they were one step ahead of us. We didn’t know it at the time, but they always were. Always will be.

They went and rebooted the security system, seeing as one of us could get past it. So we went and tweaked our plan a bit. Then Sam tried to escape on his own. But he was caught. We still don’t talk about what happened to him to this day.

So then they added more and more to the security system, to the point you probably couldn’t even see the place from the outside. And we don’t even try to escape anymore, let alone form a plan.

Up to this point, they’ve taken 27 different people, and did unspeakable things. Who knows what happened to all 27 of them. They probably aren't alive right now. Then again, they could’ve survived and been taken to a different facility. But that’s doubtful. No way they survived those experiments. Whatever they were.

But now Harold has been taken by them, followed by Syed. Lil’ Timmy, Bob, Malum, and I are all that remain, trapped in our chamber in Hall 17.

“Look, we gotta look up. It’s not gonna be all that bad once we get out. We just gotta keep not dying, you know?” Bob said, trying to cheer us up.

“…” Malum was silent. He’s always silent, but we don’t know why.

“At this point… I don’t think any plan we come up with will work… We’ll just be caught and taken to the torture chamber like everyone else…” I muttered.

“Hey, don’t think like that. Any bad thought might be the thought that kills you, and that’s a bad thought thinking that, am I right?” Bob said, confusing as always.

“Right.” A different voice spoke, and a winged figure was inside our chamber. I scanned his face, and recognized him… It was Folly. Folly came back. “Your escape plans… toss them aside. I got you guys a spaceship escape pod thing. Take it and go.” Behind Folly was a hole in the wall of the chamber.

“Folly!?” I exclaimed.

“I don’t do hugs and stuff. Get outta here.” Folly turned around, flapping his wing and moving forward through the hole. “I’ll slow down the security. I would get caught but… whatever.”

“Thank you, we aren’t in any way not generous, in fact we’ll take up your offer and leave, thanking you once again as well,” Bob said as he jumped through the hole Folly made.

“Thank you, Folly!” Lil’ Timmy thanked Folly and followed Bob. I was about to follow, but I noticed that Malum was just sitting in his same position, leaning against the wall.

“C’mon Malum, we’re going!” I told him.

He looked at me for a second, with the same blank expression that he always had. Then he stood up, and walked through the hole that Folly made with his hands in his pockets.

“Go! It’s just straight ahead!” Folly shouted and pointed down the hallway. On the other side, was the security guards, wielding the weapons that would paralyze us. Folly chucked a bunch of spikes in their direction, slowing them down.

I turned and ran down the hallway, seeing Bob was in the lead. He had made it to the spaceship and entered the pod, and then Lil’ Timmy went in as well. I raced Malum into the pod. He was still walking calmly with his hands in his pockets. (I always wondered why the uniforms we were given had pockets in the first place…)

“Malum! Hurry!” Lil’ Timmy shouted. The security was slowly getting past Folly. Luckily, just when Folly had fallen to their paralyzers, Malum had made it into the spaceship. I shut the door (or whatever it was called) after him.

“Okay… just gimme time to read this…” Bob had a instruction manual in his hands.

“Uh, you should read faster, they’re coming!” I said, seeing through the window in the door that the security was coming close.

“Done!” Bob yelled as he put down the manual and ran to a control panel, pressing buttons and flipping switches. The spaceship left the E.F.A.I. space complex, drifting off into space.

“WOOOO! FREE AT LAST!” Lil’ Timmy screamed in excitement.

“Hey!” Bob yelled as he winced in pain, “not so loud! I have very sensitive hearing!”

“Oh, sorry,” Lil’ Timmy apologized.

“Just try to keep it down a bit, but it’s okay,” Bob said, turning his attention to the controls once again, “wait are they gonna follow us?”

“I think so… can this thing go any faster?” I asked.

“I mean, there’s this lever next to throttle, and it looks pretty low. The manual said to try and conserve fuel, because it’s meant to travel long distances over long times--” Bob was explaining but he was interrupted by Lil’ Timmy, who pulled the lever that Bob was talking about. The ship instantly sped up to five times its original speed, sending everyone flying backwards into seats.

“Ow.” Malum finally said something.

Bob reached forwards and pulled the throttle lever down a lot, slowing us down. “Never, do that again. But at least we’re probably out of reach for now. So… now what?”

“Hmmm…” I thought. “We should go somewhere… somewhere away from the E.F.A.I.”

“But go where?” Lil’ Timmy asked.

“I don’t know.” I shrugged. “But I wondered when I saw Folly… was he able to find Broshi? He always was muttering about getting his revenge on him… He didn’t say anything to us about Broshi. So maybe we can search for him.”

“But where would we find Broshi? There’s a whole flipping galaxy, and we are only a tiny speck of dust upon a five-foot-long sheet of dust, making it pretty hard to know where to look. Although there’s always the fact that we could randomly just crash into wherever he is too,” Bob said.

“That would be very convenient. It also sounds like something that would happen in a story,” I commented.

“Yeah… That would be very convenient.” Lil’ Timmy nodded.

“Let’s just try to go as far as we can with the fuel we have,” I suggested.

“Okay, that works with me,” Bob replied.


Chapter 1: Saturo


“So… where are we going again?” Saturn asked, sitting down in his seat of Teleyon’s spaceship.

“On a mission that Elec assigned us,” Teleyon replied as he drove the spaceship.

“And why do we have to come along?” Saturn asked, referring to himself and his sister Phoenix.

“Because it doesn’t hurt to have backup,” Draco said, also sitting down.

“And because, we’re trying to take Dr. He back, and he, according to what Venom told Saturo, is the original founder of the E.F.A.I., meaning it has a lot to do with you,” Teleyon said.

“Oh. True.” Saturn rested his palm on his right cheek as he stared out of the window. Phoenix sat next to him.

“So how much longer before we arrive?” Draco asked from his seat.

“Uh… the coordinates… are near. We should be here about… now.” The spaceship landed, I didn’t notice us entering the atmosphere of the planet. “We are here.” Teleyon put the spaceship on park and the door opened. “Hopefully jet lag doesn’t hit.”

“Hopefully,” Draco said as he stood up from his seat.

We all got out of the spaceship (except for Teleyon, he stood at the door). I looked around, inspecting the planet. The climate was warm, the perfect temperature. It looked to be a planet like Ertin, since there were normal-looking trees, as we were in a forest.

“This is a planet, practically a whole forest. With some mountains. That’s where you should go to find Dr. He. That way.” Teleyon pointed up ahead at a mountain.

“Got it,” Draco said with a nod before looking towards me.

“Let’s get going then,” I said. The four of us walked towards the direction of the mountain.

“If I need to tell you anything, I’ll contact you! You’ll know how when I do!” Teleyon shouted from his spaceship.

“Got it!” I shouted back, giving him a thumbs up.

“We’ll see you later!” Draco shouted as he waved back at Teleyon.

“Once we get Dr. He, yeah,” Saturn added. Oh yeah. We gave them new clothes, since they were wearing the ones that the E.F.A.I. gave them. Saturn now was wearing light green clothing, and Phoenix wore a red dress. Who wears a dress on a mission that we’d possibly have to fight in? Phoenix does. For some reason.

I also noticed Draco was using his Wrath technique and it’s heightened senses to sense the area around us as we walked.

“Sense anything yet?” I asked him.

“I don’t hear anything nearby or smell anything yet. So we’re still a bit far, but that also means that besides us I can’t sense anyone nearby. Can’t sense anyone else’s energy either,” He replied as he looked around and occasionally sniffed the air. “And I don’t sense any vibrations in the ground besides us walking.”

“You can… smell people?” Phoenix asked.

“This technique gives me heighten senses. I can smell better than almost anything, can see for miles beyond a normal human. And my hearing is so precise I can sense vibrations in the ground,” Draco said before pointing at what seemed like quills coming from his neck, “and these let me sense movement in the air. Just make a note not to touch me with your hands.”

“Pretty much, all wrapped up, he has senses of a Dragon,” I added, “matches with his name.”

“Just don’t touch me while I’m like this or you will charbroil your hands,” Draco said as a warning.

“So Wrath does that? Makes you hotter?” I asked him, “in the temperature way of course.”

“Yeah, it super heats my skin so that now,” Draco said before he set his hand on a tree before suddenly it practically vaporized into ashes. “Now I can cause burns if I hit anyone in this form with kicks or punches, which is useful since in this form I’m much stronger as well.”

“But you’re slower this way,” I said.

“Yeah but I learned a work around. See I’m slower when it comes to running. But I realized that I can use my wings to add more movement when I’m like this,” Draco said.

“Noted,” Saturn said.

We then came to a stop, as the mountain was now right in front of us.

Draco sniffed the air again. “I can definitely smell something that isn’t natural.” He said as he looked around.

“Must be me,” a voice said. We turned to face the voice, and we spotted a guy with dark green hair and a dark green jacket sitting criss crossed on a log.

“And whom might you be?” Draco asked cautiously.

“My name is Timrek,” The guy said. “And you must be a friend of the student of the Master of Electricity. What is your name?”

“Draco Saurashido. Any reason why you're here in particular?” Draco asked.

“Yep. Venom thought that Elec would send you here to take Dr. He back. So, I’m supposed to keep you out for awhile,” Timrek replied.

“Well, we’re gonna have to get past you to complete the mission,” I said.

“So, you’ll have to defeat me.” Timrek stood up, crossing his arms.

“That seems to be the only solution, yes,” Draco said.

“Sounds doable to me,” Saturn rushed towards Timrek and threw a punch. Timrek jumped out of the way, causing Saturn to miss. “Oh phooey.”

“I’d rather not fight myself,” Timrek said, “let’s have my puppets do it for me.” He raised a hand and summoned five puppets around him. They all looked the same, with orange hair covering their bodies. Their eyes were black and they all had a red nose. “After all, I’m aiming to become the puppet master one day.”

“Heh I see what you did there,” Draco said with a slight smirk.

“Oh? What did I do?” Timrek questioned.

“Nevermind doesn’t matter. Let’s get this over with,” Draco said as he absorbed his crystal and his Draco Eye activated.

“Aha, yes.” Timrek smiled slyly. “Even though the puppets themselves can’t get Ultimate Crystals, the power source comes from my Ultimate Crystal, thus, it would be a fair fight.”

“Sounds like it,” Draco said before looking at me, Saturn and Phoenix.

“So I should fight for real?” Saturn asked.

“Yeah,” I replied.

Saturn absorbed his Ultimate Crystal, and Phoenix did the same. Then, Saturn was surrounded by a green aura, and Phoenix burst into flames.

“Let’s do this!” The two of them ran at Timrek at the same time, shooting out blasts of flame and some green substance that seemed to be like Draco’s plasma. The attack destroyed all five puppets that surrounded Timrek.

“Sheesh, double teaming. No fair.” Timrek was standing on the log again.

“Says the guy who summoned puppets,” I retorted.

“Hypocrite.” Draco snickered.

“Yeah, fair point.” Timrek breathed out. “Well then, I’ll use only one puppet. Adios.” He did something and smoke appeared. After it faded, there was one puppet where he used to be. It was short, like, probably only two feet tall.

“Hehe… Elmo is your opponent now!” The puppet said.

“That sounds copyrighted,” Draco commented.

“…” I stared at the small puppet. “It is. That thing is from a little kids show that existed back on my planet.”

“Oh really?” Draco asked.

“Mhm.” I nodded. “So that probably means that Timrek is summoning copyrighted puppets to fight for him.”

“So either he’s from your home planet or his family had a very expensive tv package when he was a kid,” Draco said.

Elmo began to approach us. “Elmo is not copyrighted! Elmo belongs to master Timrek!”

“Oh right we’re supposed to be fighting him I forgot,” Draco said.

“Hah!” Saturn laughed.

“Keep in mind Saturn he’s only like five feet away from you specifically,” Draco added.

“Elmo strikes!” Elmo jumped and smacked Saturn across the face, sending him flying into a tree.

“OW!” Saturn hit the tree but got up immediately afterwards. “Okay, so he may be small, but he can hit hard.”

“Duh,” Phoenix said, finally speaking, “didn’t you hear what Timrek said? The power source is Tim’s Ultimate Crystal.”

“It’s a puppet though,” Saturn said. “So you could burn it easily.”


“Uhh… I change my mind about burning him,” Saturn then said.

“If fire is his power, then that means ice or water would be Elmo’s weakness. Too bad Lav isn’t here…” I muttered.

“Something tells me you would’ve wanted her here regardless,” Draco said with a smirked.

“True. We all need a reason to fight, or someone to fight for.” I nodded.

“Oh good you don’t morph into a tomato when I mention you two together anymore. That bodes well,” Draco said with a smile.

“I mean, I kinda know that she likes me, after I went over to Rosetta’s place.” I said, “and then with the mission where I first fought Venom, also proves it.” I also realized as Draco and I were talking, Saturn and Phoenix were fighting Elmo.

“Should we help them? It seems like they are doing okay so far…” Draco asked as we watched.

“I mean, it’s hard to defeat it because we don’t have it’s weakness,” I said.

ELMO IS NOT AN IT!” Elmo suddenly turned into a mini fire tornado and ran straight into me. I was sent flying into the air but I stopped myself by shooting sparks at the direction I was sent flying to. The sparks let me go the opposite way. I looked down at Elmo, who was still in his mini tornado, and then charged up a punch. I then punched him, regardless of the flames. My electric punch sent him flying into the mountain.

I then realized, after Elmo turned back to normal, that I broke him.

“Oh,” Phoenix said. “So if you punch puppets hard enough, they break.”

“Pretty sure that rule applies to almost everything,” Draco commented as I realized he had deactivated his Draco Eye and unabsorbed his crystal since he didn’t have to do anything.

“True.” Phoenix replied.

“Hey,” said a voice. It was not Timrek’s voice. “You’re not done fighting yet.” Another puppet appeared. This one was much bigger, it was taller than all of us. It was about eight feet tall.

“Oh. More copyrighted stuff.” I looked at it. “Same show even.” It was a big yellow bird.

“He sure isn’t original,” Draco said while rolling his eyes.

“Excuse me? Big Bird is original. I am Big Bird. And I am very original. More original than you for sure,” The puppet said.

“Yes, a giant yellow bird that sometimes looks like it ‘touches’ children, how I aspire to be as original as thee,” Draco said dramatically with a sarcastic voice.

“Touch me. I dare you.” Big Bird’s eyes looked different than it did in the show. It looked… like he was glaring at us.

“Okay.” Saturn went up to Big Bird and poked him. “OW!” Electricity bursted from Big Bird and shocked Saturn.

“Your brother’s not very bright is he?” Draco asked Phoenix, and she giggled.

“BRIGHT!? NOT BRIGHT?! I’LL SHOW YOU BRIGHT!” Saturn’s aura became brighter, and he then ripped off Big Bird’s head, and then blasted the remaining body with his green plasma (I’ll just call it that because I don’t know what it is). He then trapped the remains in a forcefield bubble and shrunk it, crushing Big Bird.

“Good job.” Draco clapped. He then whispered in my ear. “He’s still a bit dim though.”

“Yeah,” I replied, “I think, based on what I’ve seen, that Timrek is Multi-Elemental. He gives his puppets different abilities, like how Elmo was fire and Big Bird was electricity.”

“So now that means he’s probably gonna have a blue one with water or ice powers then, or maybe a green one with flora. Or something else,” Draco said.

“You got that right.” Timrek himself appeared this time. “You guys proved you’re strong. So. I’ll use my strongest puppet.” On top of his head sat a green frog puppet.

“Okay I’m certain you could get heavily sued for that one,” Draco said.

“Pah. How can a planet that exploded sue me?” Timrek asked.

“Please don’t mention that part too much.” Draco asked politely.

“Sure. But you were right before when you made assumptions about me. I am originally from Hindro,” Timrek said.

“Good to know,” Draco said.

“But yes, this is Kermit the Puppet Frog. He is my strongest puppet.” Timrek walked forwards. “It would make sense to either have his power be flora because he’s green, or water because he’s a frog. But no. I said he was my strongest puppet.”

“Then, let’s not waste any time. Let’s double team him, Draco,” I said.

“Right.” Draco reabsorbed his crystal and activated his Draco Eye before his gauntlets appeared.

“Let’s hit him with all we got!” I shouted.

Saturn’s hands glowed, and Kermit floated up in the air.

Draco then activated his Wrath technique causing his Draco eye to be a red flame and his gauntlets to turn black and became bathed it white plasma and his wings also appeared.

I activated the source and focused all my energy into one, strong, powerful punch.

“LET’S GO!” Draco and I then ran right at Kermit, and striked.

But we missed. Instead we hit the mountain instead, making a huge crater in it.

“…okay… so I get why I missed because I’m slower now. But how did YOU miss?” Draco asked as we stood there for a few seconds.

“Uhh…” I turned my head and looked at Saturn, who had held Kermit in place for us. I found that Kermit was with him. He was hugging the puppet.

“HOW COULD YOU DESTROY THIS ADORABLE CREATURE?!” Saturn screeched, tightly hugging Kermit like he was a little kid that was obsessed.

“……” Draco and I just stared at him for a few seconds.

“Saturn… We kinda have to destroy him in order to keep going with the mission…” Draco said. “So…”

“B-BUT HE’S TOO ADORABLE!” Saturn said.

Draco just sighed before looking at me. “You try and convince him.”

I looked at Saturn, and he was still hugging and cuddling the Kermit puppet. Then I looked back at Draco. “Uh… I don’t think anyone can at this point.”

Draco then began walking towards Saturn. “Saturn please.”


“Saturn. Please.”




“GIMME DAT!” Draco grabbed Kermit’s legs and pulled.

“NUUUUU!” Saturn was pulling Kermit’s arms.

“The fricc is going on…” I could hardly hear Kermit mutter.





Then Kermit poofed, disappeared.

“……” Draco and Saturn just stood there for a few moments in silence.

“Goodness.” Timrek had made Kermit disappear. “Okay. I’m just gonna say you defeated Kermit out of love and now you can pass.”

“Good idea,” Draco said.

“You still got more people to fight. So… good luck I guess,” Timrek responded. He then turned around and waved, walking away. “The entrance to the base, find it yourself. I have puppets to buy.”

After a while, he was gone. It was silent for a few moments.

“What the heck got into you?” Phoenix then broke the silence, talking to Saturn.

“Honestly… I don’t really know. It was just… Kermit is amazing. I love him.” Saturn was still sitting on the floor.

“Well that was anticlimactic,” Draco commented as him and I returned to our normal states.

“Yes. Very.” Phoenix said. “Now, where is the… entrance?”

“Let’s take a look around. We’ll find it. For sure.” I said, very sure of myself.

“Well then let’s start looking.” Draco’s wings appeared and a cyan glow appeared around his feet, meaning he had activated his speed technique.

“Yeah.” I nodded and we all began to look for the entrance.


Chapter 2:


“You know your mission,” Nimat said. “I’ll review it for you once more… Find the kid who released Bainex. I have some valuable data for you to help you find him. See that girl over there next to the grave? My crew informed me that she came in contact with the target. Follow her. It will be a good start to finding the target.” He looked to his right, at the guy who was to accomplish the mission that Nimat had assigned him. “I want him brought to me alive. Once you have him, contact me and I’ll send you my location. Then you can get your payment. Got it, Hyybari?”

The guy nodded. “Yes, Nimat. I understand.”

“Good. You can sneak onto their ship or something. It’s all up to you now.” Nimat saluted the guy and then flew away with his jetpack.

The guy watched him go, and looked over at the grave, holding his hands together. He walked over and looked down at it, and snorted. “Poor thing,” he said.

He then saw black mist entering the soil of the grave from the air.

His expression changed and he bent down. He set his palm on it and recoiled. “This is no good.” he stood, and looked over at the ship.

The ship was about to leave. The guy slipped on his fox-ish mask and his skin became covered in a thin white sheet. He dashed over to the ship at a high speed, took out his katanas, and slipped in, just as the door closed, and hid in the back with the crates and boxes.

? Arada ?

We had all gotten back into the spaceship, ready to leave Kinji’s grave. Hematite got the ship up and running, and we left the planet Korrovez. No one stopped us since we were leaving, not entering.

“Well… Ready to go back?” Hematite asked.

“I am,” Sokanon said quietly. Badok and Saio nodded.

“Maybe when we get back you can train a bit, get more used to your powers,” Hematite said.

“Or you could just relax in your rooms. Badok gets one to himself now…” I added.

“Yeah… We could do that,” Saio said.

Suddenly, there was a fast tapping of feet and a blur.

“The fricc?” I looked back where Hematite had his boxes stored and saw faint red eyes hidden behind them. “Did Kinji’s ghost follow us or something?”

“Ghosts are real?” Hematite asked. “I’d never know cuz I can’t see them. YO! KINJI GHOST DUDE! COME SAY HI!”

The eyes flashed and there was another blur, and then there was a guy with white skin and a japanese carnival fox mask holding Hematite by the shirt with katanas pressed against his neck, ready to cut if he so much as moved.

“DANG! IT IS A VIOLENT GHOST! I LIKE IT!” Hematite beamed.

In a quiet voice, the guy said, “Stop the ship. This is a hostage situation, I’m not afraid to kill.”

“Katana’s can’t cut me, and uh, I can’t fight in here. I’d destroy the ship,” Hematite said. “Besides, I’m the only one who knows how to stop the ship.”

He turned the katanas upwards. “These katanas will cut through the hardest rock, I suggest you listen to me and stop the ship, or I’ll dump your cargo and kill everyone here.”

“Okay, uh, let me go so I can stop the ship then,” Hematite said.

The guy hesitated, then slowly drew the swords away. He held them at his sides, readied to attack if need be. Hematite then walked over and took a seat, wearing the seatbelt. He then got out of lightspeed, and the guy went flying into the front window.

“There,” Hematite laughed. “Sorry about that. You didn’t wear the seatbelts.”

He stood up slowly and held his katanas up. “Land on the nearest planet, I need to talk to that one,” still looking at Hematite, the guy pointed at me.

“Can’t you just talk to me as we go back to Ertin?” I questioned.

He looked at me and his eyes blazed with bright red light. “I have the power here, we’re landing or you all die.”

Sokanon was shaking and mist was coming from her eye.

“Alrighty, the nearest planet is pretty far from here,” Hematite said.

“I can wait then.”

“Okay, but, you can chill dude. I wanna fight ya, but, we need a better setting,” Hematite said.

“I don’t want to fight,” the guy said. “That’s not why I’m here.” he was still talking very quietly, but he wasn't hostile. He sounded calm.

“Don’t want to fight? You threaten me and don’t wanna fight?” Hematite asked.

“You heard what I said, I don’t want to fight you.”

“Aww.” Hematite whined. “Oh well. Let’s just go back to Ertin, and then we can talk.”

The guy was holding a sword near my neck again. “Good, it’s best for us all.”

“But it’s not too smart to try anything very suspicious considering an Elemental Master is with us back there. So, technically, it’s better to land on the nearest planet.” Hematite said.

“That’s not very helpful to us,” I snarled at him.

“I’d rather us go to Ertin instead,” the guy said. “It makes my job easier.”

“What’s yer job?” Hematite asked.

“‘Job’ is a figure of speech. I should say my purpose.”

“What’s your name anyway?” Hematite questioned.

“My name is of no concern to you,” his katana lowered slightly and then he raised it again. “All that matters is you keep your life.”

“My life wouldn’t disappear from you, so…” Hematite said. “Yeah. Whatchur name?”

The guy stayed silent and just looked out the ship’s front window.

“Are you Kinji’s ghost or not?” Hematite asked curiously.

“The Stars don’t exist here, so no, I’m not ‘Kinji’s’ ghost,”  the guy replied.

“Stars? I’m presuming not real stars, since we are passing many at the very moment,” Hematite said, looking out the window. “Well, so you’re not Kinji. Then who are you?”

The guy pressed the katana slightly onto Hematite’s throat. “Who I am is none of your concern.”

“BOI, YER ON MY SHIP. I HAVE TOTAL CONCERN.” Hematite responded.

The guy chuckled under his breath. “How long till Ertin?”

“Maybe an hour or so. So you can stop trying to be intimidating and chillax,” Hematite laid back in his seat.

He hesitated, then drew his katanas away and held them at his sides. The guy walked back to an empty seat away from us and sat down.

“There we go,” Hematite said. “So… you’re not gonna tell us your name?”

He didn’t respond.

“Okay, then what am I supposed to call ya?”


“S? Alright, S. I’ll call ya silence since yer not sayin’ your name.” Hematite said.

Silence put on his seatbelt. “Make it lightspeed, we don’t have all day.”

“We’re in lightspeed,” Hematite said as the spaceship entered lightspeed. “Even so, it would take longer than all day to get there normally.”

“Good. When we land I need to talk to her,” Silence pointed at me with a katana.

“Sounds legit. Can I watch?” Hematite asked.

“Watch me talk with her?” Silence asked.

“Yeah.” Hematite nodded. “Or just, join in.”


“Yeet. Then that works! We’ll be there soon.”

? Saturo ?

“Hey! I think I found it!” Saturn shouted.

I looked back at where he was. I walked over and found him standing in front of a metal door.

“Oh, nice job.” I tried to open the door, but it was locked. Of course it was.

“It’s locked.” Phoenix said. “How will we get in then?”

“Step aside, I’ll knock it down.” Draco suggested. We all moved out of the way, and Draco activated his Wrath form and his Draco Eye, and knocked the door clean off.

“Now yer talkin,” Saturn walked on in first. After I walked in behind him, I saw that we were inside of a carved out cave.

“Wonder how long it took them to carve this out without it collapsing,” Draco said as we walked along.

“Yeah,” Saturn said.

“Where are we supposed to go?” Phoenix asked.

“Nowhere,” said a voice. Then a guy appeared. He had messy brown hair. “Yo. I’m Styreix. Glad to meet ya. I heard about you all. Student of Elec, Draco, Saturn, and Phoenix.”

“Oh have you now?” Draco asked.

“Enough.” Styreix said.

“I was just trying to make conversation, no need to be rude,” Draco said with a bit of a sour expression.

“Whatever,” Styreix responded. “I was saying that I’ve heard ‘enough’ about you. Not that I was being rude.”

“You don’t have to mention being rude in order to be rude. Anyway what exactly do you want?” Draco asked.

“Really, not much. Just. A battle seems fun,” Styreix replied.

“Oh okay that’s simple enough,” Draco said.

“You really just have to get past me to complete your mission to recapture Dr. He. But, then you have Venom to deal with,” Styreix said, crossing his arms.

“Okay…” Draco said before he looked at me, “so who’s fighting him first? Do we let the newbies try their luck or should we do it?”

“Nah.” Styreix said, “I don’t do that. I fight whoever.” He threw a punch at Draco.

Draco caught it with one of his hands which was now covered with his gauntlets.

“Good to know,” Draco said as he activated his Wrath form and his Draco Eye once more and punched Styreix square in the face with his open hand, sending him hurtling into a wall and leaving a large crack in it, causing small pieces of rock to tumble to the ground.

“Okay, okay, I underestimated you,” Styreix said, standing back up. “You have some neat tools.”

“Indeed I do,” Draco said.

Styreix then smirked evilly. “My goal of this fight has been decided.”

“Oh he’s planning something real bad ain’t he?” Draco asked us as he saw his opponent’s evil smirk.

“Yes, if he plans to destroy precious Kermit, then it is real bad,” Saturn commented.

“I’m pretty sure he’s referring to my armor. Not your frog puppet,” Draco said. “Which is concerning since nothing has scratched them before.”

“I wish it was mine,” Saturn sighed. “Kermit I mean, not your armor.”

“Nothing has scratched it, eh?” Styreix said, “then I know exactly what to do. Come on, big boy, show me what you got hidden inside you!”

“I know I’m like six foot two inches but I do not feel comfortable with you calling me that,” Draco said as then his bladed boots and bladed wings appeared.

“Oh, great! Alright big boy, I won’t call you big boy!” Styreix said.

“Dude, he just said he doesn’t feel comfortable with you calling him that,” Phoenix said.

“But, since when were battles comfortable?” Styreix responded. “Welcome to the real battles. It’s unfair and uncomfortable.”

Phoenix didn’t reply.

“Exactly. Idot.” Styreix laughed.

“Idot? Excuse me, what?” Phoenix asked.

“Made up word. It means you’re more idiotic than an idiot. You’re an idot.”

“Who made that up?” I asked. “It sounds dumb.”

“Of course it does. You gotta find a dumb word to describe a dumb person,” Styreix replied.

“Seems legit,” Saturn smirked.

“Anyway,” Styreix put his hand in front of his face and dark particles began to appear. “I used to work as a reaper assassin. So, good luck.” Then a creepy mask appeared on his face, and a cloak came flying towards him from behind. It magically came onto him. He left the hood off, and looked at us with his creepy mask on.

“Ooooo spooky,” Draco said with a smirk as his armor then vanished and a cyan aura like a forcefield surrounded his body.

“Force field, eh?” Styreix said. “Will it stop me from touching you?”

“Care to find out?” Draco asked.

Styreix then walked on over with caution and threw a punch at Draco once more. There was simply what sounded like a metallic clang as the punch did no damage at all.

“Ah, it’s a form of defence.” Styreix said, “I would like to test out your armor, however. So, if you could please, bring it on out?”

“And what exactly is oh so important about my armor? What do you recognize it?” Draco asked, staying in his Dragon Scales form rather then expose his armor.

“Oh, nothing,” Styreix said, “I’m just. Interested.”

“Now it definitely sounds like you know what it is or is made of,” Draco said as he leered at his opponent.

“Maybe.” Styreix was probably smirking under his mask.

Draco then after a few moments of silence makes his armor appear but he remains in his Dragon Scales form.

“Very interesting, I should say,” Styreix commented.

“Oh? And what’s so interesting about it?” Draco asked, “it’s just some wings, gauntlets, and boots.”

“Not just any wings, gauntlets, and boots. It was created by the man you’re trying to rescue,” Styreix said.

“It is?” Draco asked, “then what was it doing buried in the snow of the Ice Planet? What, did he drop it?”

“I wouldn’t know. Ask him yourself if you reach him.” Styreix appeared in front of Draco and pointed at his armor. “See, right there? It’s his logo.”

“So that’s what that thing is.” Draco said.

“You never wondered why ‘Dr. He’s Lab’ was written on the armor?” Styreix asked.

“Actually the paint has gotten scratched over the years so I always thought it said ‘Dr. He-something-ab’.” Draco replied.

“Ah, I see. Makes sense.” Styreix backed off a bit. “Well then.” A scythe appeared in his hands. “Let’s get down to business!” The scythe then began to generate some kind of energy. I could sense it, and Draco probably could too.

“That doesn’t feel good,” Draco said, a slight nervousness in his voice.

“Feel? How does it not feel good?” Saturn asked.

“The energy I’m sensing from that scythe feels very… genocidey.” Draco replied.

“Indeed. I have been trained to slaughter dozens in one attack. I use a form of dark energy to power my scythe,” Styreix explained, as his scythe then began to glow slightly. “And it can destroy a lot of things. If I strike hard enough, it will probably destroy your armor.”

“Oh… great…” Draco said.

“Now, what are you waiting for? Come on forth. Fight me,” Styreix demanded, as his scythe now was surrounded with a red aura.

“As you wish…” Draco said before suddenly his feet were surround by a cyan aura and he vanished briefly before reappearing above Styreix. Before Styreix could react, Draco activated Wrath and pinched him in the top of his head knocking him straight into the ground causing a decently sized crater.

“You’ve got a lot of strength.” The dust disappeared, and Styreix was standing in his spot. It looked like he had blocked Draco’s attack at the last moment with his scythe. Because… it was glowing brighter now. “That is good. Punch it again.” He raised his scythe.

“You know… maybe I should’ve gone level two for this,” Draco said, sounding like he knew he had made a mistake.

“Do you want me to lend you some energy?” I asked. “Or… help you out?”

“Either or would be appreciated,” Draco replied.

I charged some energy and made an electric ball. I threw it at Draco, and he caught it, absorbing the energy.

“Thanks,” Draco said as he closed his eyes for a few seconds before both of them opened up and were lit ablaze and Draco’s power rose even more.

“Oh. Oh wow. I did not expect you to have, that much,” Styreix said.

“Is that a problem or are you glad?” Draco asked with a smirk.

“I’m very glad. Now it won’t end that fast.” Styreix replied.

“That’s good, I didn’t want to knock you out too fast, or else it won’t be any fun,” Draco said.


The two of them stood across from one another, ready to fight.

And then they lunged at each other.


Chapter 3: Saturo


Styreix’s scythe flung at Draco at an extreme speed. Draco used his speed technique to dodge it before activated Wrath and kicking him away.

“Hey Saturo, I may be here for a while so maybe you three should go on ahead,”  Draco said to us.

“There is no going on. You have to get past me,” Styreix said, slicing at Draco with his scythe again.

Draco barely dodged it before knocking him into a wall. Styreix used the wall, kicking off of it and slamming right back into Draco.

Draco then grabbed him before he could move, activated Wrath and slammed him into the ground hard, causing a large crater to shatter the ground.

“Oh come on, you broke my mask!” Styreix complained, as his face was now visible.

“Ooooooooh noooooo how terrrrrible nyeeeeh,” Draco said sarcastically.

“You’re right, I could always just make another,” Styreix replied.

“Exactly,” Draco said as he grabbed him by the leg and swung him into the wall breaking off some of it.

“Keep it comin, big boy,” Styreix said from the ceiling. Wait, ceiling? What’s he doing on the ceiling? And there’s also… wait, there are two of him?

“Hmmm… This is a predicament,” Draco said, “gimme a sec.”

Draco then pulled out a phone.

“Okay, you can get a second,” the Styreix on the ground said, standing in his place.

Draco then typed a number and talked to someone on the other line before hanging up. “Okay he should be here in a minute or two.”

“Sounds good.” I also noticed that there was only one Styreix now.

“And… he’ll be here… now,” Draco said as he pointed towards a dark corner of the room.

Out of the shadows a box crawled out, and the box ran into a wall before turning around and moving around aimlessly, whoever was in the box clearly couldn't see.

“What the?” Saturn questioned.

The box then ran into my leg. I looked down at it, annoyed, and vaporized the box with electricity.

“ECH! My disguise has been compromised! EEECH!” Mehrunes was under the box, and was now rolling around on the floor due to no longer being in a box.

“Why are you acting like Rando?” I asked him, as everyone in the room was watching him.

“WHY WOULD YOU BREAK MAH BOX?!” Mehrunes asked, as he rolled into everyone.

Phoenix kicked him. “Don’t roll into me, weirdo.”

Mehrunes stood up, kicked Phoenix back, then rolled over to Draco, stood up, and said: “Okeh! I am here now, what do you want?”

“I want you to help us complete the mission and also help me beat this reaper dude,” Draco said.

“My name is Styreix, not reaper dude,” Styreix called out.


“Aww c'mon Big Boy calm down,” Mehrunes said. “Also nice scythe. I tried that once. Felt too edgy for my taste.”

“Shad ap mediocre magic.” Draco flicked Meh in the side of the head.

“So uhh. Reaper guy. We’re fighting an edgy man with a glowing scythe?” Mehrunes asked.

“Yeah, says it can break my armor. Also don’t hit it directly, that seems to give it more power.” Draco said. “Also I think he may be a masochist cuz he keeps on wanting me to hit him.”

“Typical mad bad and sad evil people I guess.” Mehrunes said. “This seems to have a theme dontcha think? Why’d you call me by the way, there's people over there who could help.”

“I prefer not to help weirdos.” Phoenix grumbled.

“M’LADY I MUST INFORM YOU, I AM IN FACT NOT WEIRD! AND I MAKE THE FOOD AT THE PLACE I LIVE SO MA'AM I WOULD APPRECIATE IT IF YOU SHUT UP!” Mehrunes said. “What about you, the other one, and how about you Saturo? Why aren’t you helping.”

“I’m just following a strategy that Elec taught me.” I replied, “and also, that’s Saturn. It’s ironic how our names are almost identical except for one letter at the end.”

I noticed that Draco had gone back to fighting Styreix before he called out. “What kinda strategy is not helping your friend?!”

I hesitated. “I’m not going to reveal it. Styreix can hear us!” I exclaimed.

“Ah Ahem?” Mehrunes said in my head.

“We can talk telepathically remember?” Draco said in my head as well as he continued to fight Styreix.

“Oh how nice, telepathy,” Styreix said, in my mind as well.

“Oh how are you today?” Draco asked as the two of them continued fighting.

“MEH! No one like secrets anyway we can just skip that part and go to the pa-” Mehrunes got interrupted by Draco.

“That’s rich coming from the guy who watches all of our movements and daily lives.” Draco said with a smirk as he and Styreix kept fighting.

“Creepy.” Saturn commented.

“SHH!” Mehrunes shushed. “SHADAHP! YOU DON’T KNOW THAT!”

“Dude we’ve known each other for three years, I totally know that,” Draco said as he dodged Styreix’s scythe.

“I’m really just here for the sake of being here right now. Seems like you’ve had the fight handled this entire time,” Mehrunes said.

“Kinda,” I commented.

“Yeah, I didn’t do enough stuff seemed like I should have done something. Even if that something is being here for the purpose of talking a lot,” Mehrunes said. “Wait. Why are we fighting scythe edgy dude?”

“We aren’t. Draco is.” Saturn pointed.

“Yeah they have just been over there twiddling their thumbs the whole time rather than helping me.” Draco said as he punched Styreix away.

“NO! I’m watching!” Saturn retorted.

“Saturn you are as intelligent as the planet.” Mehrunes said.

“Just a day ago, I was still a subject. Now that I’m free… I have to observe and learn.” Saturn said, “both of us do.” Phoenix nodded.

“I DOOON’T CAAAAARE!” Mehrunes said.

“That’s mean. I actually had to risk my life doing that mission where I saved them,” I said.

“STILL DOOOOON’T CAAAAAAAAARE!” Mehrunes said, then whispered to me. “Actually I do care but I’m doing this for comedic purposes.”

Meanwhile Draco currently had tackled Styreix and was trying to put him in a choke hold.

“Hey do you feel like this fight of ours kinda got thrown to the wayside in the last five minutes?” Draco asked as he tried to choke him but was having a lot of difficulties.

“You’re not actually fighting,” I said. “You’re not fighting the real enemy.”

“Pretty sure the definition of fighting is to engage in violence or combat so even if this isn’t the real him I’m still technically fighting because we’re being violent.” Draco said. “I am trying to choke who may be his clone or something into unconsciousness at the moment after all.”

“Seems violent to me.” Mehrunes said.

“Not if he can’t be choked,” I said.

“If I slice your throat out, but you can’t be killed by me slicing your throat out, is THAT not violent?” Mehrunes asked. “Your bleeding and you can’t speak and all that good stuff, but you can’t die by it. Maybe it’ll get better. But it’s still violent.”

“Hmm… now that I see it… Yeah this seems like a puppet of some sort.” Draco said as he looked at Styreix whom he had now pinned to the ground so he couldn’t move. At least he figured out that it was a puppet. I knew all along from studying his movements, something Elec taught me. “Well at least Timrek had some original ideas. A bit edgy but whatever.”

“What does any of that sentence mean?” Mehrunes asked.

“You see before you showed up under a veil of cardboard we fought this guy outside named Timrek who made puppets that were copyrighted characters and from the looks of things this is another one. I’ll just have to destroy it.”

“Woah man! Don’t just destroy stuff without being sure!” Mehrunes said. “We should stab it first.”

“Okay,” Draco said as his gauntlet appeared on his left hand and he held it straight like how one makes a karate chop before stabbing it into Styreix’s back. But it missed as Styreix disappeared. He appeared behind Draco, slashing the left gauntlet, shattering it. The pieces of the gauntlet fell to the floor, it was completely broken. Draco’s left hand had no gauntlet on it anymore.

“Ooooooohh that’s bad,” Draco said.

“Ya don’t say,” Styreix said as he jumped out and stood on the wall.

His scythe then started to glow much more, and it started giving off this energy.

“I still don’t quite get why you necessarily need to break my armor. It’s not like it’s covering anything vital,” Draco said. “Well except for my hands I kinda need those at the moment.”

“I don’t need to break it. But it’s either that or your life. I’m sparing you,” Styreix replied.

“Or you could just destroy neither but of course missions can’t be that easy.” Draco said.

“I’m doing this for my own personal reasons. My scythe feeds off of life to get its power. And your armor is living,” Styreix replied.

“And how is it living exactly?” Draco asked.

“Ask Dr. He for details.” Styreix shrugged.

“I kinda need to get past you in order to do that,” Draco said as suddenly there were two of him, one of them being behind Styreix.

“I mean, I already got your left glove, so I guess I can let you pass. Unless you wanna fight for real,” Styreix said.

“I’m afraid that if I did that there’s a big chance this cave could collapse so I’d rather not,” Draco said. “Besides it looks like some other parts of my armor are starting to crack due to my left gauntlet being shattered.”

“Oh so that’s wh--” Styreix was saying, but he was then interrupted by a loud sound.


“Oh. They’re here,” Styreix said, “Timrek, go get them.”

“What the heck was that?” Saturn asked.

“No idea.” Draco replied.

“Doesn’t really concern you either way,” Styreix said, “unless you find Dr. He.”

“And why is that? What is his organization back to get him?” Draco asked as he looked around to see if anything had entered the room. The second Draco had also faded away meaning it was a speed clone.

“Yes, actually. They captured him in the first place to get back at him, but we took him back. They would give us a good trade.” A guy I recognized appeared… Venom.

“Oh so you must be the guy Saturo almost died to two hours ago.” Draco said.

“How do you know?” Venom asked him, as I studied him carefully.

“I used Mehs privacy invading surveillance gear. You two had quite the fight, speaking of which where did he teleport off too?” Draco said, as he was also watching Venom carefully.

Venom smirked. I realized that Styreix disappeared as we were talking to him. “Watch more carefully, scums.” We then saw him absorb his Ultimate Crystal.

? Hematite ?

“Okay, Silence. We’re here.” I drove my spaceship down into the atmosphere on Ertin. But instead of going to where Elec was, I landed out in the middle of nowhere in the desert.

Arada opened the doors of the spaceship and walked outside. Silence and the rest (Sokanon, Kinji, Saio) followed her out.

“I see we’ve arrived, wonderful,” Silence said in a quaint voice.

“Mhm,” Arada said, “now, what is it you wanted?”

Silence pointed a katana slightly towards Arada and myself. “I’ve been told that you,” he raised the katana toward Arada, “know the whereabouts of a man that I must find.”

“Whomst?” Arada questioned.

“I can’t tell you his name, but I can say why I’m looking, slightly at least.” Silence said.

“And that is…?”

“I need to lead him to a friend. He needs information about an event that happened.”

“If you’re not specific, I don’t know what I can tell you.” Arada shrugged.

He waited a moment. “His name is Teleyon.”

“OH. TELEYON!” I exclaimed. “The guy that knew shortcuts!”

“Oh. Him.” Arada leaned back on my spaceship. If she scratches it I will be upset. “He went on a mission. So he’s not at home nor with us.”

“Really? That’s too bad,” Silence said.

Arada raised an eyebrow at Silence. “What do you want with him anyway?”

“I just need information from him, it’s quite important.”

“Mmm, alright.” Arada said, “then, you can either go to him or wait till he gets back.”

“Where is he located?” Silence asked.

“I don’t remember what the planet was called. But he’s there. I can give you coordinates.” Arada said, “and Hematite could drive you.”

“How long will he be on his mission?”

“Depends. I’m not too sure.” Arada shrugged.

“I can wait on Ertin until he arrives.” Silence said.

“Sounds good then.”


Chapter 4: Guy


“This thing is so slow…” Lil’ Timmy complained. “We’ve been on it for a long time and we’re not there yet…”

“Well yeah…” I said, “it’s a pod. It doesn’t have light speed.”

“Don’t worry, I think we’re almost to somewhere. Those specks are getting bigger,” Bob said.

“So we should just wait a bit more then…” I addressed.

“Most likely, that is correct,” Bob said as he nodded.

Then, something started beeping.

“Okay, I think somebody is trying to communicate to us. Should I respond with video or just audio?” Bob asked.

“What’s the difference?” Lil’ Timmy asked with a curious voice.

“With video, they would see us. With audio, they would only hear us,” Bob explained.

“Choose audio, they could be from them… they would know it’s us if it were.” I suggested.

Bob flipped a switch, and a voice crackled on.

“Hello?” asked a voice. “Do you copy?”

“No, do you paste?” Bob asked, laughing a little to himself.

“Ha!” said another voice, slightly deeper. “Good one dude!”

“Thanks. Now, who are you?” Bob asked, leaning back in his seat.

“My name’s Vivofit. We saw you, and decided to ask if you need help getting somewhere. You seem to have lost momentum, you’re stuck in the middle of space,” said the first voice.

“But there’s no air resistance in space, it’s a vacuum. What do you mean?” Bob asked.

“Well, it would take you a year to actually get somewhere,” said Vivofit. “Need a lift?”

“Sure, we don’t have much fuel, so we can’t really get to you,” Bob said, “we’re getting a ride guys. Get ready.”

“Alright, that’s good news.” I stood up.

Then there was a clank sound, and the back of our pod opened up. We saw a brown haired guy standing there.

“Yo. My name’s Bob, and this is Lil’ Timmy, Guy, and Malum,” Bob said, pointing to each of us.

“I’m Vulgon. You’re welcome for the ride,” the guy said, letting us in.

“So, where do we sit?” Bob asked.

We reached the pilot room, and saw the pilot, likely Vivofit.

“You’re Vivofit, I assume?” Bob asked.

“Yes!” Vivofit replied, “take a seat! We’re headed somewhere, but you can come along.”

“Alright. Where is the destination? Also uh… do you have any different seats? Like, ones with holes in the back of them?” Bob asked, looking at his scaly tail.

“I mean. No, but… I have been working on a design. It may not suit your tail, but… try it. It’s that one in the back.” Vivofit pointed at a chair, as the rest of us sat down. Bob sat in the chair Vivofit had pointed at.

“It works, but it’s a bit bigger than I would like, thanks though!” Bob said.

“There you go then!” Vivofit exclaimed.

The spaceship then sped up.

“Okay, we’re gonna crash, so hang on.” Vulgon said, sitting next to Vivofit and putting on many seat belts.

“Wait, what the heck?! Are we going into a war zone or something?!” Bob yelled as he pulled on a seatbelt. Lil’ Timmy looked terrified too. Malum looked the same, like he didn’t care.

“No, Vivofit just sucks at landing.” Vulgon grumbled.

“Look, I could do it if you have a manual!” Bob exclaimed, starting to shake in his seat.

“He kinda threw it away after his brother bought him this spaceship,” Vulgon said, as Vivofit was focusing hard on driving.

“Oh crap we’re gonna die…” Bob muttered, “and just after we escaped too…”

“AAHH!” Lil’ Timmy screamed.

“Don’t! Scream! Please!” Bob yelled as he covered his ears.

“Why? Are you sensitive to loud noises?” Vulgon asked.

“Yes, I really am. One of my three flaws,” Bob said.

“Welp… The crashing sound is very loud… so…” Vulgon looked back past us at him. “Good luck.”

“Do you have a propulsion device I could have?” Bob asked.

“It should be somewhere in the back… But… We’re crashing right now.” Vulgon pointed out the front window, at a planet that the spaceship was going down towards.

Bob unbuckled his seat belt and ran back towards where we came in through. I heard a mechanical groan, and wondered what Bob was doing.


I looked back, to see what Bob was gonna do. Malum had gotten out of his seat, grabbed Bob and put him in his seat. Something covered Malum’s hands, and he covered Bob’s ears.

“I just hope this works…” Bob whispered.

I held Lil’ Timmy tightly because he was terrified. And then…


? Saturo ?

When Venom absorbed his Ultimate Crystal, he was surrounded with a dark green aura. He smirked at Draco and I.

“Do you dare to attack me?” Venom mocked.

“I dunno, do we Satu?” Draco asked me.

“No…” To be honest, I was pretty scared considering the last time I fought him he wasn’t even using his Ultimate Crystal.

“Well I guess we aren’t exactly the most confident group at the moment,” Draco said looking back towards Venom. “Besides shouldn’t you be more worried about the other group trying to raid you at the moment?”

“Other group?” Venom questioned.

“You know. That crashing sound like fifteen seconds ago?” Draco said.

“They’re not raiders. They’re co-workers.” Venom replied. “That’s why I let your teleporting friend take a look around. The co-workers have the doctor secured.”

“Eh should’ve figured,” Draco said.

“But if he does get past them, I’m going to stop him. I need the doctor for something,” Venom said.

Both Draco and I remained silent.

“It also seems that the other two ran off. It’s just the three of us now,” Venom said, motioning his hands to point around the room. Saturn and Phoenix were gone. I wondered where they went off to… “Timrek needed to go shopping, and Styreix has an appointment with another reaper. So, it’s just us.”

“How swell.” Draco said coldly.

“What happened to your gauntlets and armor, hmm?” Venom asked Draco.

It was then that I noticed that except for the flying parts of his wings and his right gauntlet, Dracos armor was completely broken with pieces littering the floor.

“Styreix and I had a scuffle,” Draco simply replied.

“Ah. His dark reaper magic and the scythe.” Venom said, scratching his chin as he thought, “good to know.” He looked back at Draco. “So, you use the Tentuar Model 3.5 then, the failed experiment. Or I guess, that would be ‘used’.”

Right after Venom finished speaking, Draco’s right gauntlet fell apart piece by piece and laid on the ground and I saw cracks forming in the flying portion of his wings.

“Well that sucks for you. You were too reliant on the Tentuar that you aren’t as powerful without them,” Venom said. “You need to replace them, perhaps get a better one. Of course, not the best. That one’s mine.”

“Well. That’s gonna be hard when the person that has access to them is the person you won’t let us take,” Draco said coldly.

“Of course not. You can take him after I’m done with him.”

“And when will that be? Because judging from the fact that you’ve gone full power with your crystal means that either it's almost done or it's barely started,” Draco said.

“I just need him to give me what I want first,” Venom replied. “Which is not easy. This dude is a genius and is messing with me.”

“Oh well.” I said. I had to complete the mission somehow. I just didn’t know how…

? Guy ?

The crash was loud. Very loud. But the spaceship was fine, only the outside was damaged, while the inside remained the same. And by the look on Bob’s face, it seemed that Malum’s method worked in blocking sound.

“See? We’re fine.” Vulgon took off his seatbelts and got up.

“I… I don’t ever want to do that again. I feel like I’m gonna hurl…” Bob said, rubbing his stomach.

“Me too…” Lil’ Timmy said, also rubbing his stomach and covering his mouth with a hand.

“Don’t ride with Vivofit then,” Vulgon said, opening the spaceship doors, “let’s go Vivo, we have business to take care of.”

“You guys can go freely now,” Vivofit said to us.

“Okay. Let’s go!” I said to the others, exiting the spaceship. Looking around, we were in a forest.

“Well… now what? We’re free, out in the open, anything could happen. Who knows? I sure don’t, heh.” Bob laughed a little.

Malum sat on the dirt against a tree and laid down.

“I guess we’ll rest a bit,” I said, sitting down as well.

“That sounds nice. I can finally sleep how I feel I was meant to.” Bob jumped onto a tree, and hung himself upside down with his tail.

“Yeah. You can also go take a look around. See if you can find anything.” I suggested, as I also spotted Vulgon and Vivofit walking towards a mountain.

“Yeah, I guess that would work too. I’ll be back if I find anything,” Bob said as he jumped down and ran off, incredibly fast.

? Mehrunes ?


Shut up.

I had left a while ago and was walking down a hallway, I was supposed to be looking for… someone I think.


No, not you either, go away.


Not Draco. Draco has his fancy shmancy techniques and stuff.

I luv pi!

Shut up!

It’s been happening for a little while, and I hate it. These voices will drive me insane, very fast. It’s not hard to deal if it’s one voice, but two is a pain.


No, I’m not going to.

This is a noice way hall.

Both of you shut up!


It makes more sense to not, as they can help.

Can we have seafood souffle?


It’s hard to deal with it, it’s really impossible to think. Sometimes they even take over. I’m going to fix it. It will happen.





At this point I’d been walking for a bit. I then found a door.



I don’t need this in my head, go away.

I tried the door handle, and it opened. I peeked inside to make sure I wasn't gonna get ganked. I spotted the reaper dude, facing the other way, with his hood on.


I quietly closed the door as I wondered the likelihood of him being able to see invisible people.

Go in a box!


I decided he probably could see me if I was invisible, but it’s worth a shot anyway. So I opened the door again. The reaper dude was still facing the other way, standing there. I went invisible and came into the room, closing the door behind me and looking around.

The reaper dude remained still in his very spot.



I looked closely at the reaper dude because of what Draco said about ‘puppets’ or whatever, even though it was probably nothing.


I don’t.

I stopped looking at the reaper dude and looked for another door. I realized that the reaper dude was looking in the direction of another door.


Stiiiiiiill can’t.

I wondered what I was supposed to do, I could make a clone and tap him on the shoulder, then one of us could slip past, but probably not. I could try to move through the wall, but this seems more like a bunker than anything else. I guessed I’d try the clone thing, so I did, I made a clone and he tapped the reaper dude on the shoulder, as I prepared to teleport/maneuver around him.

But nothing happened.



I had no idea what was going on, as my clone disappeared. I wasn't about to try the door with him standing there, but may as well. I moved slowly towards the door, hoping for a reaction.

But there was no reaction.


Fed up, I threw a dagger at the scythe dude. I then realized that it was just the cloak, floating there.

That’s not good.



I went to grab the handle, and it was locked. I look at the robe, before trying to phase through the door. After successfully phasing through the door, I spot two people sitting down at a desk, in front of a cage that had a white robed scientist inside.

Assuming that’s who I need. How does one get there. And what are the odds these people can see me.

I loo-


I looked closer at the people sitting at the desk, and what they were doing.

One of them was watching the other one working on a machine.

There’s no way I can open the cage and get the scientist out with them there. I wish I could do the thing where I could sense their power. Ahem Ahem Sentinel Ahem Ahem.

“What? I’m not supposed to do the work for you, you have to do it yourself.” Sentinel said in my head.

Fine. Can you at least tell me something, or am I on my own?

“Remember, the crystal is a tool, but you have to do it on your own. I’m not allowed to do it for you just like that.”

Right. Okay.

I look at the cage the robed guy is in, to see if I can find a keyhole.

“Yo, are you gonna fix the spaceship anytime soon?” one of the guys asked the other.

Okay they’re having a conversation about a spaceship.


No. I wanna listen. Then… maybe.

“Well, yeah. When I finish this thing Venom needed. Then we can go fix my ship.” The other guy replied.

So there was a crash… and now someone needs to fix a ship…


I’m not going to assume here… but I’m guessing this is important so I should break it…

“As usual. You can never land.” The other guy replied.



But it could be Vivo and Vulgon! Vivo can’t land and does tool stuff and Vulgon does… that. Why would they be here?

“Are you ever gonna pay Rafens back?” The guy asked.

Yep this is Vulgon and Vivo. I’m gonna stay invisible for a little longer though… to make sure definitely not to spy

“If I make money,” Vivo said.

Oh so he’s probably doing this for money. I’m gonna scare em now, sounds fun.

I took a dagger and moved away from the door, and threw it right into the machine, before teleporting to the other end, still invisible.

“…the fricc.” Vulgon looked at the dagger.

“Is Venom messing with us?” Vivofit took out the dagger and inspected it.

I smirked. This was funny. I waited to see if Vivo would recognize my dagger.

“It looks cheap.” Vivofit said. “So it can’t be Venom’s.”

“Maybe it’s Styreix’s. Or Timrek’s.” Vulgon suggested.

I smirked, and threw another dagger in the machine, and then changed my position in the room. I wanted to mess with these two for so long. It felt good.

“Maybe we’re haunted.” Vivofit said, looking at the other dagger.

“As long as it’s not our flat screen TV or console…” Vulgon said.

Long overdue, I went visible next to the desk and said: “It’s about to be if you don’t explain.”

The two of them looked over at me. There was some silence.

“Who’re you?” Vulgon then asked.

“Hmph.” I said. “Whatever.”

I needed the scientist, and if they weren't gonna recognise me I didn’t care.

“I thought Mehrunes grew a beard,” Vivofit said to Vulgon. “At least that’s what I was told.”

“Nope. But I’m takin the scientist and I’ll go through you.” I said.

“Well you haven’t changed, heh,” Vulgon replied. “You’re still pretty ‘meh’.”

“Dude, that joke is so old,” Vivofit told him.

“Yeah, like you’ve had a year or two to think about this and you use that come on man,” I said. “And actually, I run a diner at the place we live and have a pet snake that makes me nice, I’ve changed more than you know. Serious face yaknow?”

“Nice. We’ve been trying to make money.” Vulgon said, “by the way, how’re you and Listy?”

“It’s going we- I forgot to tell her I left.” I said, facepalming. “Other than that it’s going good… you trying to get ultims I assume?”

“Yeah. To either buy a better spaceship or to keep buying spaceships, cuz this chump here STILL can’t land!” Vulgon exclaimed.

“Except for that one time,” I said. “It’s been forever, Vivo I met Rafens awhile ago, there was this whole thing with Lagi or something… it was kinda ridiculous.”

“Oh yeah. We were stuck so we couldn’t help. So I sent him in my place,” Vivofit said.

“So these guys yer working with, typical evil guys or…?” I asked.

“Evil? They’re not evil,” Vulgon said.

“I’m confused,” I said. “I’m here because Satu, Draco and two others were assigned on a mission to get this Scientist dude from these people who don’t like us. And they seem evil or something. I don’t understand to be honest.”

“If you ask me, I’d say you’re evil based on how you act sometimes,” Vivofit said, pointing at me.

I smirked. “My past is more complicated than you could ever know. But just because I’m mean, doesn’t mean I’m evil,” I just kinda smirked.

“Same with them,” Vulgon said, “I mean, except for Styreix. That guy can go pretty evil, since he’s a trained reaper.”

“Fair game I guess,” I said. “But then, why are w-they on a mission to take this guy?”

“They?” Vulgon questioned.

“Remember? Satu, Draco, others…” I said. “A mission from literally Elec, Electricity master… and Windoren…”

“Oh yeah. Uh. I dunno. Venom called us for tech help.” Vulgon said, as Vivofit went back to working with the machine.

“They want this scientist guy to make stuff for em,” I said. “Apparently he made Draco’s armour or something.”

“OH. Who is that anyway?” Vivofit asked, looking at the scientist who looked like he was meditating.

I took out my device and went to where I collect info on things I’ve spied on.

“Uhh… Dr. He I think,” I said, putting it away. “Yo! Dr He!”

“Dr. He?! Woah!” Vivofit jumped out of his seat and helped Dr. He up. “Let’s get out of here!”

“There’s a floating robe outside this locked door,” I said.

“Yeah, that’s Styreix’s… He brings the robe to him when he fights. And he uses it to spy on people,” Vulgon said.

“So he’d know if we left with He?” I asked.

“Yeah. That’s why we’re taking a different route,” Vivofit said.

“We’ll have to apologize to Venom though.” Vulgon said, “we said we’d help. But like, if he has this guy, we can get some good stuff outta him for helping him.”

“Cool. Greed,” I said,  “Wait, no…”


“You’re very loud,” I commented.

“Thank you,” Vulgon thanked.

“Now let’s go,” I said.

“Ye--” Vulgon was then interrupted.

“WOAH! CHECK OUT THIS FLOATING CLOAK!” It was coming from outside the room.

“We should run,” I said. “Before ‘Styreix’ or whatever comes.”

The door then opened, and the other two people that came with Saturo and Draco were standing there. I believe their names were Saturn and Phoenix. Saturn was wearing Styreix’s cloak.

“I just got info from my friends here that, that is a cloak that Styreix uses to fight and spy on people with. Put it back or else,” I said, calmly.


No. Not yet at least.

“I-- I didn’t put it on. It flew on me,” Saturn said.

“For some reason,” Phoenix added.

I closed the door.

“I don’t know what’ll happen, but if you explode I don’t wanna be there,” I said.

“I won’t explo-- I’M GONNA EXPLODE!?” Saturn exclaimed.

“Vivo can we go?” I asked, before telling Saturn. “No. If you get the cloak off you’ll be fine I think.”

“AH OKAY!” Saturn took off the cloak and tossed it aside. “Anyways, let’s go!”


Chapter 5: Saturo


“Hm?” Venom raised an eyebrow.

“What?” Draco asked.

“I sense the doctor escaping,” Venom replied.

“I thought you said he was secured by your coworkers,” Draco commented.

“And you never thought that the drug we gave him would wear off?” Venom responded, “the dude’s a genius. Once he gets back his sensations, he’ll be outta here.”

“And you thought I even knew he had taken a drug.” Draco said. “There’s a lot of assumptions on both sides at the moment.”

“Of course, no one’s gonna tell the enemy the plan.” Venom said, “I expected Dr. He to get his sensations back. Now I can plan my next move. So, adios. You got lucky this time.”

“Okay bye I guess,” Draco replied.

Venom then slowly started evaporating into toxic gas before he disappeared completely. Draco and I stood there for a moment.

Draco then sniffed the air.


“Don’t smell it!” I said, holding my breath.

Draco then took his scarf and wrapped around his face so it covered his mouth and nose. He then pulled out a sign out of his backpack (he just has it with him all the time, I sometimes forget he does).

“Now where do we go?” was written on the sign.

“Well we have to make sure about Dr. He, if he escapes then we gotta follow him because our mission was to bring him back,” I responded. “So let’s do that first!”

Draco nodded before he started looking around for a way forward.

“Just go backwards the way we came from,” I turned around and walked over to the entrance that we used to get in here.

Draco had put the sign back in his bag and had put his scarf back around his neck since we were out of the room with the gas. We walked out back into the woods again, getting some air.

“Ah… Much better,” Draco said.

“Yep,” I agreed. “Now we gotta find Dr. He.”

“I wonder where they keep him…” Draco said as he thought to himself as he looked back at the mountain and examined it.

“Venom said he escaped, probably,” I said.

“Yeah…” Draco said as he made his wings appear. “Imma check from the air to see if I see anything that may tell us where he may have escaped too.”

“Alright, do that!” I exclaimed.

Draco then flew high into the air and looked around before calling out.

“Hey Satu! I see a crater over there! Like something had crashed!” He yelled down to me while pointing to the right of us. “Looks like whatever it was was moved a while ago though.”

“Alright, let’s go investigate,” I said.

I waited for a response from Draco, but he didn’t respond.

“Draco?” I looked around for him, but he wasn’t where he used to be. Where did he go? I decided to go investigate myself, assuming Draco had went ahead.

? Mehrunes ?

“Gah!” Vivofit fell over, knocked by Dr. He. The doctor surrounded himself with a barrier and disappeared into a wall.

“Welp. He’s gone,” Vulgon said.

“Uh huh. Sure,” I said. “I’m sure it’ll be fine, like we could probably go get him but eh.”

I followed Vulgon and Vivofit until we were outside, back into the forest.

“Are we gonna find Dr. He or…?” Saturn asked, standing next to his sister.

“Well duh,” I said.

“Which way did he go though?” Saturn questioned. “He went through the walls.”
“I dunno. Maybe we should find that out. Can any of you fly?” I asked.

“I can,” Saturn replied.

“M’kay cool. Maybe look around in the air for either He or our friends,” I said.

“Got it.” Saturn flew up into the air to look around.

“So while we’re waiting on that…” I said. “We should do something productive as well. Any ideas?”

“You can do something,” Vivofit said as he and Vulgon walked away. “I gotta fix my ship.”

“Whatever,” I said.



“Soooo…” I said. “I have no idea what to say.”

“Maybe you should apologize for kicking me earlier,” Phoenix said, as she and Saturn (who was flying up above) were the only ones left.

“Hi, I’m Mehrunes,” I said, extending my hand. “I say this because you seem to not know me at all. Wait, that’s right you don’t.”

“Of course I don’t, I literally just met you,” Phoenix said.

“Yeah I know, a few things to know about me, most people see me as a jerk, my girlfriend is gonna destroy me when I get home because I forgot to mention I was going miles away, I run a diner at the complex thing, and it’s pretty hard to make me apologize,” I said. “Besides, you kicked me first.”

“…” Phoenix was silent, staring at me.

“What?” I asked. “I can’t read your mind, and staring at me does you no good.”

“Okay then,” Phoenix replied.

I shrugged. “Ask anyone, this is kinda how I treat people. I recommend getting used to it, cuz it’s probably not changing,” I said, “How long is it gonna take for Saturn to look around for people?”

“Who knows,” she responded.

“I would hope, you or him,” I said, looking up for him. “I don’t know what he’s doing.”

“I don’t think he even knows what he’s doing,” Phoenix said.

“Ugh,” I said. “Whatever, can you just like, yell at him or something to remind him he’s supposed to be looking for people?”





“I dunno about you, but I’m going to go there,” I said, as I started running in that direction.

? Saturo ?

I still had no clue where Draco disappeared off to. But he gave me directions before, so I headed on over to them. Once I got there, I spotted a damaged spaceship, and a guy with goggles repairing it.

I scanned his power, and found he didn’t have much. So I walked on over.

“Yo, look, there’s Saturo!” Another guy jumped from the spaceship, landing in front of me. I recognized him… Vulgon! Then that must mean the guy in the goggles is Vivofit!

“Long time no see, Saturo,” Vivofit said, “Dr. He got back his senses and escaped.”

“Well, I need to get to him.” I said, “Elec told me to bring him back with me.”

“Well, we ourselves don’t know where he went,” Vulgon said as Vivofit did his repairing.

“You speak of my name,” said a voice.

Turning towards it, it was Dr. He, standing on top of Vivofit’s damaged spaceship.

“Hello Doctor, I was assigned a mission by Elec, the Master of Electricity, to return you to him,” I explained to Dr. He.

“Oh is that so?” Dr. He raised an eyebrow. “Then let him know that your mission was a success, as I am now free. However, I have to deal with my kidnappers myself. Not these ones of course, they just took me from the real kidnappers.”

“The E.F.A.I.?” I asked.

“Indeed,” Dr. He replied.

“Your mission was successful enough.” I recognized Elec’s voice as he appeared floating above me. Elec always monitors my missions, and determines if I succeeded or not. “Maybe next time I shall send you alone so other people don’t do the work for you.”

Dr. He looked up at Elec. “Hello, Elemental Master.”

“Hello there, Doctor He.”

“I give you my thanks.” Doctor He said, “but I have to return to my lab.”

“Of course.”

Dr. He said his farewells, and then walked away, and I could hear some machine-like sounds following his leave.

“Welp.” Vulgon said, “mission is done.”

“Though Venom still wants Doctor He,” Vivofit added. “He probably followed him.”

“It does not matter, Doctor He is an intelligent man. Venom is just out for power and fun,” Elec said, “Saturo. Come on back to Ertin. You have a break now for a few days before your next mission.”

“Yes sir,” I replied.

He smiled before he then disappeared.

“Well.” I said to Vulgon and Vivo, “I’m done so I can go back home. Catch ya guys later?”

“WHAT! NO, WE STILL HAVE LOTS TO HEAR FROM YOU!” Vulgon exclaimed, “LIKE… How’s Lavender?”

I stared at him. “Yeah, no, I’ll pass. Cya.”

“Dangit Saturo,” Vulgon said. “I’m interested in your love life! Why won’t you tell me?”

“Because I don’t want to. I’ll pass.”

“Fine, fine.”

Good, now that that’s over, I can search for Draco.

? Draco ?

At first I was looking for Dr. He, and I found a spaceship crashed in the distance (which reminded me of someone). Then, something came at me, and a few seconds later I was surrounded by darkness.

It felt a little familiar for some reason. Also it was hard to see, obviously.

I stood up and made a ball of plasma and began to walk out of what seemed to be a dark cave.

I needed to figure out where Saturo was so we could continue with the mission.

“Who are you?” a voice asked, coming from all around.

“Depends mysterious voice, why do you ask?” I asked back calmly.

“You fit a description I heard of once. I wanted to see if it was you,” the voice asked back.

“Oh so you know who I am. Must mean you’ve must've been involved with me at some point then,” I replied. “Anyway why am I in this… dark area? Did you bring me here?”

“Sure, let’s assume I did. Anyway, I need to make sure you are who I think you are. So tell me, who are you?” The voice demanded.

“Well let’s see… my name is Draco Saurashido, I’m from the planet Aerth, I’m 16 years old and why does this matter?” I asked.

“A bit more info than what would have been needed, but I have one question now. Have you heard of a person named, Broshi?” The voice asked.

“Oh you mean my evil twin brother who Folly got me confused with, yeah I know em.” I replied.

“Well, if you know Folly, then what was your relation with him?” The voice asked.

“Well Folly tried to kill me since he got me confused with Broshi and like a year ago we were gonna fight but then we met the real Broshi and then Folly stabbed him in the head.” I explained.

“Well from what you’ve said, I’m sorry for mixing you up with the wrong person. I just thought I saw him and wanted to investigate.” The voice said. “Oh, are you afraid of bugs or anything of the sort? Just a question.”

“Not necessarily why do you ask?” I replied.

“Just wanted to make sure, there’s quite a few spiders and things around, I mean that wall over there is completely covered.” The voice said.

“Okay good to know that I now know there is a wall over there so I should not walk that way.” I said as I then walked opposite the wall with the ball of plasma allowing me to see.

“So uh, you’re pretty deep into this cave. It took me about ten minutes to get into this chamber, and it goes deeper. Try not to get lost. I’m probably just gonna go back now, unless you want help or something.” The voice offered, seeming to get quieter.

“Ten minutes? You must be pretty slow. Plus I’m pretty sure I’ve been in here for less than ten minutes.” I said.

“Yeah, I wiped a bit of me carrying you here from your memory. But, really. You’re pretty far in. It’s gonna take a while for you to get out.” The voice said again.

“Found it.” I said as I had used my speed technique to find it while he was talking. “Looks like some sort of barrier is stopping me from leaving though. That doesn’t bode well.”

“Uh… yeah so I did that as a small precaution. Also it’s a bit further into this place than it appears, it’s quite the walk. Maybe two full minutes? I dunno how fast you can walk.”

“No this is definitely the exit. Also judging from how you talk I’m not exactly confident in that you even know how to get out.” I said.

“Look I really don’t know and I admit, I didn’t set up a wall or anything I just came into here after finding you. Look, I don’t know how to get out either.”

“Really? You couldn’t find a less dark and dangerously mysterious cave? Lazy bum.” I said coldly.

“Look this was the best I could find in about three seconds. Now do you want to help me get out of here? I’ve got some friends I need to get back to.”

“Well judging from how this barrier seems to be constructed only the person who created it can get rid of it, so get comfy we may be here a while.” I said as I sat down on the ground and took out a granola bar from my backpack and began to eat it. I also noticed that there were a lot of bugs in the cave that disappeared randomly. Eh. No big deal. I’ve seen weirder things. Like that time Meh took a bath in a tub of potatoes. Now that was weird. That was really weird.

“Okay, I’ve eaten, you’re eating. So, is this not working or something? Or can you not see me?” The voice asked. “I just wanna make sure.”

“Well either you’re invisible or you're intentionally avoiding my light beacon so I'm not sure.” I said calmly as I continued eating the granola bar.

“Oh good. Because I’m sitting right in front of you. And no, no invisibility. Too many flaws.”

“Flaws?” I asked. “Like what? Pretty sure you can only see an invisible person via heat detectors, echolocation or if you have very good hearing and can sense energy.”


“That’s not very many. Besides everything usually has at least one flaw. Nothing can be perfect. Heck I’m sure you have some flaws.” I said.

“Yes, everything has flaws, except for me,” said a different voice.

“Oooo another mysterious spooky voice. This one sounds much more intimidating than you, bug muncher.” I commented. “Do I know you mysterious voice numero dos? Or is this our first tropezante?”

“That doesn’t matter, Draco.” The voice replied.

“Oh so you DO know me! Man so many people recognize me today.” I said. “So I assume you are the one who made the barrier?”

“Of course, Bob can’t make one of those. It’s none other than me,” replied the voice.

“Huh, so bug muncher’s name is Bob. That’s one of the first normal names I’ve heard in awhile.” I said. “So should I also assume that you don’t want us to leave your dark area?”

“First off, Bob is not a normal name.” The voice said, “and second, yes. I do not want you to leave at the moment. It’s been awhile since someone has entered my realm again. Like my new pets? I got them from a planet full of spiders.”

“Ooooooh wait! Are you that dark mysterious dude from the Dream World? I knew I heard that spooky voice from somewhere!” I exclaimed.

“I’m not the only one. You might mistaken me for someone else.”

“I guess that’s to be expected when I only ever hear you guy’s voice.” I said with a nod.

“So, I don’t know what I’ve gotten into but can I leave?” Bob asked.

“He just said like thirty seconds ago that he didn’t want us to leave yet, were you even paying attention?” I asked Bob.

“No, I have a short attention span.” Bob answered.

“Course you do. Anyway mysterious dream person do we have to do something before you let us out? Or do we just have to wait here for like a decade or however long you want?” I asked.

“It doesn’t matter since time doesn’t affect this place.” The mysterious dream person replied.

“Oh good so I won’t be late for fish tacos tonight.” I said relieved.

“But wait, can I really just get out and go tell my friends some stuff and then come back?” Bob asked.

“Nah.” The mysterious dream person said. “You didn’t realize when entering that cave that I had a portal placed. So, yeah, you’re in the Dream World now. Good to be back, eh, Draco? Also, Bob, I can do something else for you other than releasing you.”

“And what’s that?” Bob asked.

“WHAT THE?! AHH! I’M SCARED OF THE DARK!” A little kid’s voice suddenly shouted.

“I’ve brought them to you. Hehehehehehe…” said the mysterious dream person.

A person popped out of nowhere right in front of me. He was slowly falling to the floor.

“I’m not… feeling good… help me…” the person in front of me muttered.

“Well now it just sounds like they're trying to reenact a scene from a superhero movie.” I commented.

The person in front of Draco stood up, and brushed off some dirt from their clothes. “I’m Bob, by the way. Now please, don’t let him make any more loud noises.”

“What loud noises? What are you weak to them or somethin?” I asked. “Wait… who am I talking to again? I’m confused.”

“Look, he brought some little kid voices or something and it hurt a lot. So, yeah try and not make any loud or high pitched noises just a heads up.” Bob sighed.

“Oh yeah, he’s sensitive with loud sounds.” Next to Bob appeared a guy… with a bird head? And he had feathers on his arms too and hair on his head going straight up, which was at least two feet tall. “My name’s Guy. The little kid back there is Lil’ Timmy, and the quiet guy is Malum. He rarely speaks.” Guy looked at me. “And you are… you fit the description of Broshi.”

“I’m not Broshi. I’ve already explained this to bug muncher.” I replied.

“His name is Bob!” Lil’ Timmy said.

“Is there anything wrong with having a nickname?” I asked.

“Bug Muncher is not a nickname!” he said.

“Yes it is, I’m calling him a name I came up with that is not his actual name so that makes it a nickname. It may not be a nice nickname, but he kidnapped me so it’s justified.” I replied.

“He kidnapped you because you look like Broshi, who’s an enemy to one of our friends,” Guy explained. “But it’s justified that you’re someone else. What’s your name?”

“Draco. And about Broshi, Folly stabbed him in the head like a year ago.” I replied.

“Huh,” Guy responded.

“Dunno if he’s actually dead though,” I added.

“Right.” Guy nodded.

“Anyway I’m pretty sure all of us are gonna begin receiving nightmares soon so prepare yourselves.” I warned them.

“NIGHTMARES?! AAAH!!” Lil’ Timmy screamed.

“Yes. Nightmares of what could be your most horrid fears that will torture your brain until it loses all of your sanity until you can no longer endure it.” I said menacingly with a smirk. “Or maybe it’ll just be like... some spiders and ghosts and maybe a murderer or two no biggie.”

“Are you challenging me? No biggie, you say?” The mysterious dream person said coldly.

“No I’m just saying that if it were only spiders and ghosts it would be no biggie because it’s a tad uncreative. I dunno what you're actually gonna do,” I replied.


“I’m confused, where are we?” Guy questioned.

“You’re in my realm. And I have full control here.” said the mysterious dream person. “Notice, I said my realm. Not the Dream World.”

“Nice to see you got your own place. Although I do have to ask, why is it here of all places?” I asked.

“It changes every hour.” the mysterious dream person responded.

“Ooooooooh that makes sense. And what exactly do you do in your realm?” I asked.

“You wouldn’t understand. You’re human.” The mysterious dream person replied. “But, what do you think I do?”

“I dunno, capture people, torment them, curse them, watch tv, how am I supposed to know, you're ethereal.” I replied.

“Yes, that’s partly correct. Though, the cable doesn’t reach here.” the mysterious dream person replied.

“Eh this planet is a bit out of the way, plus there’s only like one town on it so that makes sense.” I said with a nod. “What shows do you watch anyway?”

“I don’t know. People enter my realm and I read their minds, and watch whatever they seem to like. Human shows are quite odd.” The mysterious dream person replied.

“What do you find exactly?” I asked.

“Not sure. The concept of love is very confusing to me, as you know, I like to torment and curse people.” The mysterious dream person said.

“Huh. Sounds like you and Mehrunes have something in common.” I said. “Both with the love part and the tormenting part. He doesn’t curse though. Although he did say something bad once.”

“Heh. There’s a LOT you don’t know about him. I can say that since I know practically everything in his mind. You can just say he’s different then humans.” The mysterious dream person said.

“Well that’s because he refuses to say anything because his secrets are just so precious to him. Speaking of which is anyone else I know not exactly ‘human’?” I asked.

“Yes, many aren’t fully human either. Other than the fact that there are different types of humans in this galaxy.” The mysterious dream person responded.

“Hmmmm... What about me?” I then asked, pointing at myself.

“You’re mixed species too, but you can still breed with other humans of any types, female of course. All humans could.” The mysterious dream person said. “You have genetics from a different creature inside you, while you still are a Aerthian human.”

“But… what is it?” I asked. “Or am I not allowed to know that yet?”

“It’s a creature. I’ve seen them before, since they came inside my realm multiple times. Except you’re not that creature, you’re partly that creature.” The mysterious dream person responded. “A lot of these creatures are like humans, and technically, they’re still classified as humans, just slightly different than the others.”

“Huh. Confusing. Though I’m not sure what I was expecting when asking an ethereal being a question.” I said.

“Yep. Although, I still would like to try and understand what love is. Last time I tried to find out, with these two people you know named Lagi and Ivory. I tried to make them do whatever it was I saw on TV, but they failed it. So… I have no clue what love is really.” the mysterious dream person said.

“I feel ya. Most people probably won’t know until they find it for themselves. And even then their will be challenges before and after. I mean… Meh’s girlfriends beats him up if he doesn’t tell her when he leaves the base, and Satu has only just now gotten used to Lav liking him after almost two years of knowing each other. And Lagi and Ivory basically got forced into a relationship cuz their species needed it. And the last time I interacted with it, it led to a grave.” I said sadly.

“Oof.” I heard a different voice I didn’t recognize say.

“Who’s there?” I asked solemnly.

“That’s just Malum. He rarely speaks.” Guy said pointing to Malum who was sitting down at the wall, looking down.

“Huh. It’s a nice voice. He should use it more.” I said calmly. “Sounds a tad older then he looks though.”

“Cuz we’re all mutated and stuff.” Lil’ Timmy said. That reminded me, Bob. Lil’ Timmy screamed multiple times, so Bob was now fainted on the floor.

“Oh yeah, the rest are not even normal types of humans. Their genetics have been altered, they are multiple species in one.” The mysterious dream person said.

“I can see that. By the way I have one more question, and it’s kinda personal.” I said to the mysterious dream person.


“You see… I wanted to become an ultimate so I could protect people from those that were stronger then them and keep them from destroying what they cared about. It was a driving force for me to improve.” I started.

Then slowly both of my eyes were lit ablaze with white fire as I looked at my right hand which had it's fingers positioned in how someone would do a flick. “But now I’ve gotten so strong that now I wonder how I could protect people when I myself have the power to destroy all they have weather on purpose or not.”

“And your question is…?”

“What do I do? Most of my friends don’t know really only Elec and Winodren have noticed so far.” I replied.

“Why protect when you can destroy?” The mysterious dream person asked. “Heros are another thing that I don’t understand. If you ask me, just destroy everything that you don’t like. Can’t control it, then destroy everything anyway or learn to.”

“But that leads to nothing but being alone.” I replied.

“Exactly. I am alone.” The mysterious dream person responded. “Most humans prefer company, little of them like isolation. You can start loving isolation. I can help you learn that.” Then I noticed that everyone else (Bob, Guy, Malum, Lil’ Timmy) disappeared.

“But… That makes me question you. Why do you want to understand love if you like to be alone?” I asked.

“How am I supposed to enjoy watching TV if I can’t understand what the heck is going on?” The mysterious dream person retorted.

“You don’t need to, besides you can try to break me with isolation, but I’ve been alone before. It’ll work eventually but we’ll be here a while.” I replied.

“In my realm, I do whatever I want. You will feel like you’ve been here for years, but in reality you’ve barely been here for seconds.” The mysterious dream person replied.

“I know.” I replied.

“Well then. Enjoy some isolation.”


Chapter 6: Saturo


Where could he be!? Draco literally just disappeared. I was trying to sense his energy, since I’m familiar with how his energy felt. I continued to walk through the forest as I searched.

“Hey Saturo!” Saturn then landed from the sky in front of me.

“Hey Saturn, I’m looking for Draco. Have you seen him?” I asked.

“Nope. I was gonna ask, are we done with the mission? My sister went back over to Teleyon. Vulgon and Vivofit are fixing their ship then they’re leaving. And Mehrunes… no clue. Same with Draco.” Saturn shrugged.

“Well. You can wait with your sister. I’m looking for Draco.” I went back to walking.

“I’ll come with you,” Saturn said.


The two of us continued walking for awhile. Then I stopped us.

“What is it?” Saturn questioned.

I felt something odd. Something felt off. I looked around, inspecting the area. I closed my eyes and focused on a method Elec taught me, and then opened my eyes. I spotted some weird barrier in the middle of the forest. It was invisible, but with the method I was using, I could slightly see it.

“Scuse me, Sat. Do you have any clue where Draco is?”

I turn around and spotted Mehrunes.

“Oh there’s Meh.” Saturn pointed.

“I can see that.” I looked over at Meh. “No, we’re looking for him.”

“Cool,” Mehrunes said. “I’ll join you. Cuz going home early is worse.”

“Alright.” I replied.

I then looked back at the weird barrier. I slowly walked into it, followed by Saturn and Mehrunes. It felt different inside.

“W-what’s that feeling?” Saturn asked, shivering.

“I think,” Mehrunes said, looking at me. “Saturo knows more than we do about it, as we’ve walked right into it.”

“It… feels odd. And familiar.” I said. “No wait… it’s slightly familiar. I can’t tell what it is.”

“Greetings,” we heard a voice speak. Then out of nowhere, a man appeared, dressed in dark green clothing.

“Hiiiiiii…” Mehrunes said.

“Who’re you? And did you make this odd barrier?” I questioned the man.

“Yes, indeed I did.” The man responded, walking closer. “But do not be alarmed. We’re not in the real world anymore. That’s all.”

“R-real world? W-what!?” Saturn was confused.

“Yes.” The man smiled. “You’re in the Dream World.”

“Kinda figured,” Mehrunes said.

“Yeah. No wonder it felt familiar.” I nodded. “So… who’re you?” I asked the man.

“I have no given name, but I did find a name that I liked.” The man responded. “So, you may call me Rorikan.”

“Neat, where'd you get that name?” Mehrunes smirked.

“Someone who entered my realm once gave it to me.” Rorikan smirked as well.

“Alright, alright, so what’re you doing here?” I asked Rorikan.

“My realm moved again, and it came to this specific location.” Rorikan answered, as all the trees and forest suddenly disappeared. Saturn was shocked at this. “And so, you entered it through the barrier.”

“Makes sense really,” Mehrunes said.

“Yes, I encounter people randomly every time my realm moves.” Rorikan nodded.

“Okay.” I replied. “I’m uh… looking for a friend. Do you happen to know where he is? Maybe he entered your realm too?”

Rorikan shook his head. “Not mine. Try and locate him.”

I closed my eyes, and I sensed Draco’s energy nearby. “I found him!” Then I felt his energy become much much higher than it normally is, even at his Draco Eye level two. I wondered what was up with that. Maybe he went at his full power again? Was he in danger?!

“Draco is just in a neighboring realm, that happened to spawn here as well.” Rorikan said. “If you want to save him, go on and do so. However, I can slightly help you if you get into trouble. So good luck.”

“Okay, be seeing you, Rorikan,” Mehrunes smirked.

“Indeed.” Rorikan smiled. “Now I’ll transfer you over to his realm.”

Then, all the white became darkness. I found myself in a familiar realm. It wasn’t too scary, like I remembered it.

“HELLO PERSEEN WHO OWNS THIS REALM!” Mehrunes shouted, suddenly holding a purple lamp that put off a decent amount of light. “WE HAVE COME FOR OUR FRIEND!”

“What the…” Saturn commented.

“Welp. So much for the isolation idea.” said a strange yet familiar voice. “It seems that even though I have blocked the entrance, you were forced inside. Must be another Dream World Master.”

“Do I know you? You sound familiar,” Mehrunes said.

“Yep.” replied the voice.

“Are you that guy that gave me the book that one time?” Mehrunes asked.

“Yeeeeep…” the voice replied again.

“So you’re also the guy we basically always run into when we go to the Dream World?” Mehrunes asked.

“Must be destiny.” the voice responded.

“But what destiny?” Mehrunes asked.

“The one that lets us encounter each other every once and awhile.” replied the voice once more.

“Fair game. Can we have Draco?” Mehrunes asked.

“Sure. Since you have another Dream World Master on your side, I would rather not get into conflict with him.” The voice then replied, and Draco suddenly appeared in front of us. He looked like he was out cold.

“Dream World master… noted…” Mehrunes wrote in a handbook.

“Well, you can have him. I was gonna do more with him, make him all evil and stuff. But, guess not. I’ll go back to watching this cool show I found called Game of Thrones. It has a lot of violence, which I like.” The voice said.

“Just remember the number one rule. No spoiling,” Mehrunes smirked. “Now we’ll take our leave, good to know I know at least two Dream World masters. Comon Satu crew, let’s go.”

“Alright I’ll release you.”

Then, the darkness disappeared and we were back in the forest. This time, Draco was with us.

“Lets wake Draco up,” Mehrunes said.

I charged up electricity, and zapped Draco with it. He suddenly got up, eyes wide open.

“WHAT THE?!” Saturn exclaimed.

“It’s one of the only ways to wake him up. Coffee doesn’t work with him.” I told Saturn as Draco got up and rubbed the back of his head.

“Huh. That felt… oddly short.” Draco said with a yawn.

“Thats cuz it was dipstick mcgee,” Mehrunes said. “We saved you before mister Dream World master made you all evil and stuff.”

“Oh okay.” Draco said.

“Well, we can go back now.” I said, “let’s go.” We then started walking back towards Teleyon’s spaceship. It wasn’t too far, so we arrived pretty quick. Once we got in, we spotted Teleyon playing video games in the pilot's seat, and Phoenix sitting down.

“Oh, they’re back.” Phoenix yawned.

Mehrunes splashed water on Phoenix.

“DUDE WHAT THE HECK?!” She bursted. Teleyon stopped his video games and looked back at them. Saturn laughed.

“I… don’t know…” Mehrunes looked confused, holding a bucket.

“What’s happening to you? Is there something that you wanna tell us?” I asked him as we took a seat.

“…Maybe later…” Mehrunes said. “It’s… complicated…”

“When did Mehrunes even come here?” Teleyon asked as he started up his spaceship.

“Draco and me planned some things…” Mehrunes said.

“Oh. Alrighty,” Teleyon replied, driving the spaceship up into space. “Speaking of Draco, did he sleep last night? He’s asleep right now.”

“He was forced into isolation in a Dream World master thats I know realm,” Mehrunes said. “There was a lot of stuff that happened. Potatoe.”

“Oh. Makes sense.” Teleyon responded.

“Hmph.” Phoenix grumbled, still wet.

“Your name is Pheonix, do you not have fire powers at all?” Mehrunes asked.

“Like I’m gonna use that in a spaceship?” Phoenix replied.

“No but like evaporate the water,” Mehrunes said. “Potatoes-- would know that.”

Phoenix looked at him strangely.

“Ignore the potatoe talking, m’kay?” Mehrunes asked.

“I--” Phoenix replied. “O-okay.”

“Good. Don’t worry it’ll make more --potatoe-- sense later,” Mehrunes said, cutting weirdly. “I swear I’m not always splashing water in people and talking about potatoes for no reason all the time.”

“Never would have figured.” Saturn commented.

“Shut up,” Mehrunes said. “I’m taking partial credit for getting He out by the way…”

“Sure,” I told him. I leaned back in my seat and looked out the window as we flew through space.

“When we get home, and I hopefully avoid a beatdown, I haven’t had a fight for a while…” Mehrunes said. “Any of you remotely interested?”

“Yeah, your girlfriend is gonna beat you up. Sounds fun.” Phoenix said.

“It can be avoided. And you didn’t answer the question as far as I’m concerned,” Mehrunes said.

“Are you asking if you wanna have us fight you?” Saturn questioned.

“Kinda, why have you never had a battle for fu-oh… oh yeah… nevermind that question…” Mehrunes said.

“Okay…” Saturn responded.

“And I mean the question I cut off,” Mehrunes said. “Cuz I remembered the whole ‘captured test subject’ thingy so…”

“Yeah.” Saturn replied.

“Not really purposely trying to be wholly insensitive, but yeah, it’s kinda like a battle, only your goal is not to kill the other person, it’s for fun and training and stuff,” Mehrunes said.

“Oooooh. Sounds like something I would do with my sister.” Saturn said, looking over at Phoenix.

“I think part of the point is to give you experience fighting against different elements, fighting styles, and such with your own. So like when Draco wasn't powerful I would pick on him a lot, cuz it was fun, and that wasn't effective training, it was me picking on him cuz I knew I could win,” Mehrunes said. “So it’s kinda a thing you’d do with everyone who was willing.”

“Oh alright!” Saturn beamed.

“It’s actually a thing you can compete with, there’s like tournaments and prizes, and you have have friendly competition to how much you win to lose in your friends, its like an integrated part of society around here,” Mehrunes said. “It’s neat to learn about this galaxy, especially since I’m from a different one. I’m telling you this because I feel bad that I soaked yer sister.”

“Then why don’t you tell her instead?” Saturn questioned.

“Well, I’m not like whispering this to you, she can hear too, and it’s intended to be that way. It’s just that she’s non-engaged and you’re asking questions and holding a conversation,” Mehrunes said.

“Ooooh okay.” Saturn nodded.

“Yeah. So now that you both know all that stuff, and you hopefully understand a little bit, my offer/request still stands,” Mehrunes said.

“I mean, sure.” Saturn shrugged. “Why not?”

“I dunno,” Mehrunes said. “Phoenix?”

“Sure,” she replied.

“Neat,” Mehrunes said. “Now we wait till we’re home, and I’ll get out of being completely destroyed by Listy.”

“Is Listy your girlfriend?” asked Phoenix.

“In a word… yes,” Mehrunes said.

“She’s also his tormentor,” Saturn laughed.

“Our relationship is complicated,” Mehrunes said. “Just like the inner workings of my head.”

“Oh?” Saturn responded.

“I’m not saying I’m crazy smart, I’m saying if my mind was a physical thing it would be a maze with random parts that are ‘locked’ off for no reason and have no key anywhere,” Mehrunes said.

“Is that good?” Phoenix asked.

“Not necessarily, cuz I don’t have the key either, so even I don’t know some stuff about my past, and other info that’s locked,” Mehrunes said.

“Oh.” Phoenix said.

“Yeah,” Mehrunes said.

“So, what exactly are we gonna do when we arrive?” Saturn asked.

“Uhhhh… I’m guessing land, you’re gonna meet people, maybe get a room, and then since you both said sure, head over to the training area thing, unless you’re hungry or something in which we can go over to my diner, and then the arena,” Mehrunes said. “I’m gonna guess something like that.”

“Food sounds nice.” Saturn said.

“M’kay, Phoenix?” Mehrunes asked.

“Yeah, food.” Phoenix replied.

“Seems legit,” Mehrunes said.

“Are we there yet, Tele?” I asked Teleyon.

“Almost.” Teleyon replied. “Just a few more minutes.”

? Hematite ?

We waited for them to come back. It wasn’t too long, I expected them to return after a day or so. As we waited for them, I drove my spaceship along with everyone else (including Silence) back over to the Training Facility. I’m not exactly sure why we let Silence into it but… we did. So we’re all inside now.

I already had parked my spaceship and took everyone out, shrinking it down to pocket size before storing it.

Sokanon was looking at Silence with fear and her eye was slightly misty. Saio was comforting her.

“Teleyon should be here soon.” Arada had her arms crossed, and was looking up above the garage where Teleyon would land his spaceship.

Silence shifted his katanas in his hands. “Good.” he said. “It’s best if this is quick.”

Then, Teleyon’s spaceship appeared and landed in the garage. We waited a few moments, and then Teleyon and Mehrunes walked out of the garage (along with three other people, one that I assumed was the student of Elec, and two others a guy with green clothes and a girl with a red dress).

“There he is,” Arada said.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Mehrunes asked. “Who’s that?”

Arada shrugged. “No clue. He wanted to talk to Teleyon.”

Teleyon glanced over at Silence. “What do you need?”

Silence was looking at one of the new people that Teleyon and Mehrunes had brought back, but quickly looked at Teleyon. “My name is of no importance. I need to speak with you, Teleyon.”

“PFFFFFFFT!” Mehrunes laughed. “OH! THATS RICH! No, no I don’t think I’m going to let an intimidating stranger who doesn’t disclose their name talk to, be alone with, or even get much closer to the person they’re staring at for much longer than I’ve been here, I already hate you, you give off the ‘terrible person’ vibes, and I need you to go fall in a pit, I know what this is, I think, and it’s gonna stay a matter of you wanna talk to Tele, you’re gonna have to do it through me mister katana.” Mehrunes was clearly hostile towards Silence.

Silence lowered his katanas so the tips touched the ground. “You may believe what you want, but there’s much about me you don’t know.” he said. His voice, throughout the whole thing, had remained calm and unwavered. “But I would like to talk with your friend.”

“You can talk all you want. Right now, and here. If you have nothing to hide you won’t have a problem with that,” Mehrunes said.

“What I have to say need be heard only by Teleyon. You have nothing to do with it.” Silence’s voice shifted to a slightly cold tone.

It was interesting how everyone else was quiet and we watched Silence and Mehrunes talking back and forth.

“Get used to it. I don’t trust you, and like Teleyon with all of his blood, so I can do whatever I want. And what I’m going to do is revoke your access pass that you didn’t have, again, if you have nothing to hide, nothing will be wrong, and even if you somehow got Tele alone, there's cameras, lot’s of them. So talk or leave,” Mehrunes tone changed to be even colder, almost like he was a killer.

Silence tightened his grip on the katana’s and they raised toward the group an inch. “If that’s how it will be, then.” he said. Suddenly, he was out of sight, and there were pounding footsteps behind them, then on the side, then all around.

“I told you he was bad news,” Mehrunes said. “Now will you stop giving him who he wants, and help make sure he doesn’t get him? Yes? THAAANKS.”

Right when he finished speaking, a katana sliced through the air by Mehrunes’ face and gave him a cut.

Except Meh was prepared for it, and it instead passed right through his face.

“Dude, I can walk through walls and stuff, I can pass through your katana as well, you’re so overrated. Now kindly face me like a man and not a literal baby,” Mehrunes drew his own katana.

“I’ll fight how I fight,” Silence snarled. He aimed his katana as Mehrunes again but instead of hitting him, he passed by and hit Teleyon’s shoulder. Teleyon winced in pain. After that the footsteps stopped and Silence wasn’t in sight, for now.

“Fine then! I’LL FIGHT MY WAY!” Mehrunes made ten clones, one of them grabbed Teleyon and nine of them disappeared, only one remaining. “I like games, scavenger hunts, have fun.” That Mehrunes then disappeared.

Sokanon was shivering on her knees out of fear. Her eye was clouded in mist, it was everywhere around her. It was like the time she turned into the beast… Maybe she’ll turn into it again?

Then, out of nowhere a red haired girl came running.

“I heard Meh yelling!” the red haired girl said. “What’s going on?! Oh- Sokanon are you okay?”

Sokanon didn’t look at her. She stayed still while Saio rubbed her back.

“Okay I’m confused who’re the new people?” the red haired girl asked, looking at the guy with green clothes and a girl with the red dress.

“Look! It’s Silence!” Badok shouted suddenly. He was pointing across the yard.

“Who?” Listy looked. (I figured out her name because it was written on the back of her shirt)

Silence’s eyes were glowing red and orange like fire. He was holding his katanas at his sides, he looked like he would a attack again.

Then, Mehrunes popped out of thin air and slashed Silence across the back. “Nerd.” He simply said, before winking at Listy and disappearing.

Silence wasn’t fazed. He didn’t even look hurt. “Stop hiding, it’s cowardly.” He said, looking up.

“No. It’s the way I fight, dipstick, if you don’t like it you shoulda taken my offer!” Mehrunes appeared next to Listy. “But now Telyon could be miles away and there’s nothing you can do about it, nerd.” Mehrunes said, shooting a revolver right at Silences chest.

All that happened was Silence stumbled. There was a hole in his hoodie now. He snorted. “Now I’ll have to sew it up. Where will I get the string?” He chuckled slightly.

“Heh,” Mehrunes said. “Nice…” Mehrunes then shot him five more times.

I looked at Silence closely, realizing he wasn’t taking any damage. I then figured out what it was, but didn’t say anything.

Silence flicked his katanas up toward Mehrunes. “Come fight me, stop holding back. I’m not afraid of you.”

“Stop holding back?” Mehrunes asked. “Hmm…” Mehrunes thought for a moment. “Are you sure? I mean I kinda like holding back.”

Listy suddenly tossed a giant boulder at Silence. Silence leapt into the air and dodge it. He landed on it as it hit the ground and zoomed towards Listy and Mehrunes. He passed Mehrunes and tackled Listy, then in a swift motion lifted her and himself up and put his katanas tight against her throat. A small drop of blood trickled from a scratch it made. “Your move,” he said quietly.

“Loud and clear, captain,” Mehrunes had already made his move, having moved so fast no one really saw what happened, but the aftermath was List was gone, Mehrunes was surrounded by an aura and floaty particles, and a meteor esck object came down, soon to be recognized and a… Dolphin? A cyborg Dolphin. “There was a line…” The Dolphin landed in Meh’s hands and loaded itself with the particles, and he immediately open fired, making an abysmal noise of pure destruction as Silence was barraged and coated in a thick smoke.

When the smoke cleared a bit, Silence was on the ground. There was a mask beside him, and his white skin was gone. His katanas were on the ground beside him. He was still awake. “Good move,” he said, raising himself to a kneeling position.

“Indeed it is,” Mehrunes said, he was still surrounded by an aura and had the particles, but the machine gun thing left.

Silence looked up at Mehrunes. He was smiling. It faded soon, though. “You’ve defeated me, it seems. Do what you wish, I won’t stop you.”

“I wish to know your name,” Arada said from next to me.

Silence blinked at her and hesitated. “Syren.” he said quietly. “There’s no point in not saying.”

“Syren. Alright Syren. Why were you after Tele?” Arada questioned him.

“That is one thing I cannot share with you.” he said.

“Oh, alright.” Arada responded. “Well. You might as well quit going after him. As you were only defeated by one of us.”

“I’m the one that’s kinda in the middle low on the ‘who’s the strongest’ spectrum…” Mehrunes commented.

“That’s cuz you don’t train.” Arada told Meh. “Alright then, Syren, what do you wish to do now?”

“It doesn’t matter to me.” Syren responded.

“You don’t seem that bad. Mehrunes may think otherwise, but that’s just cuz he hates on anyone that give a bad first impression. He doesn’t always give chances.” Arada said, looking at Syren and then at Mehrunes. “I’m not saying I trust you. I’m just saying, I’m willing to give you another chance. Of course, we’ll still have to have someone watching over Teleyon.”

“I had fun…” Mehrunes said.

Syren stood up and pulled his hoodie down, showing his white hair with black specks in it. “I did, too.” he held out his scrapped hand to Mehrunes. Mehrunes grabbed it.

“Uh…” The boy with green clothing then said, “when can we eat?”

“Probably now, Saturn,” Mehrunes told the boy. “Syren you hungry?”

Syren’s eyes were glittering and he was smiling. “Yes, quite.”

“Oh good. Diner’s this way, we can eat and all that good stuff,” Mehrunes said, moving in the direction of the diner.

“Can you tell me where Tele is? I need to go to him.” Arada asked Mehrunes.

“I literally put him in the Diner,” Mehrunes smirked back at us.

“Oh. Well then let’s go!”

A lot of people started moving around. I took a moment to try and figure out where everyone was going. The student of Elec had gone somewhere else, probably to his room since I spotted him enter a room. I also spotted Sokanon, Saio, and Badok go to their rooms. Perhaps they need some time to themselves after the death of Kinji. I still wondered when the truth will come out.

Saturn, Syren, Mehrunes… Along with Arada and that girl with the red dress went over to the diner. I went on in with them. I could use a snack too.

“So what do you have?” the girl with the red dress asked. I looked around the diner, scanning it. There were tables, and there was also a kitchen of course. There were a lot of Mehrunes’, clones of him, working.

“Lots of stuff, it evolved over time because there’s a few kinda rules, food for friends is free, so the lot of you can pay jack squat, if it’s not on the menu and you ask about it, in a few days I’ll know how to, and then make it,” Mehrunes said. “So it’s like a thing.”

“Do you have chicken and rice?” the girl in the red dress asked.

Mehrunes took out a piece of paper and looked at it. “Apparently not, but I know how to make rice, and I know how to make chicken… so how hard could it be really?”

“Yeah.” Saturn said, “Phoenix likes rice for some reason.”

Oh, so that’s what her name was. I spotted Teleyon seated down at the table, Arada sat next to him. I went on over and sat across from Teleyon, next to me sat Saturn and Phoenix. Syren sat next to Arada, sitting across Phoenix.

“So Tele, do you want some healing for that wound?” Mehrunes asked. “I could send a clone to get Lav or something.”

“Yes please.” Teleyon nodded.

Mehrunes motioned at one of the clone, and it walked out of the diner.

“So if you need a clone for something, just kinda yell at them,” Mehrunes said. “HEY! CLONE! COME SERVE US PLEASE!” Mehrunes yelled as an example, as a clone came running. “See? Works like a treat.”

“Nice.” Saturn smiled.

“You know, the clone is here. Can I just order now?” Syren asked Mehrunes, the real one.

“Yes. That is the point,” Mehrunes said. “Why would I call him? I knew at least one person would know what they want.”

“You could have called him to waste his time.” Syren said sarcastically. “Mehrunes-clone, I would like… I don’t know if you have it in this ti- galaxy. It’s called ‘Venison’ and it’s absolutely delicious. And ya know if not, just anything from your menu.” Syren shrugged.

“Okay,” The clone said.

“I would like… the pi pie?” Saturn asked, looking at the menu.

“Okie-Dokie,” The clone said.

“I want chicken and rice.” Phoenix said.

“Kay’,” The clone said.

“And I’ll take…” I said, looking at the menu. “Ooouuu, I’ll take some TNT Juice.” TNT Juice is very useful to me.

“Okay.” The clone said.

“Me and Teleyon will take the usual.” Arada told the clone. “One plate.”

“Kay,” The clone said.

“That’s all.” Arada gave all the menus to the clone.

“Okay,” The clone said, leaving to give the order to the other clones.

“After this we can battle, Meh!” Saturn told the real Mehrunes.

“Indeed,” Mehrunes said.

“I’d like to join as well.” I smiled.

“You always wanna join!” Mehrunes smirked.

“Of course.” I smirked back.

“Mmm but no, thanks,” Mehrunes said.

“I really want to fight Elec though. Whenever he comes back.” I said.

“Good luck with that,” Mehrunes said.

“I’d probably need it,” I replied.

? Guy ?

“What do we do now?” Lil’ Timmy asked.

All four of us were now back in the forest. We were just this weird place that had an odd voice speaking, but now we’re back here.

Malum was sitting down calmly behind a tree, as usual, silent. Bob had finally woken up (he fainted due to the sound of Lil’ Timmy’s screaming).

“We’re free… But we don’t have a spaceship. What do we do?” I questioned myself and the others.

“I say, we find a shelter outside a city, and during the day we can find food and stuff and at night we can hide in free shelter.” Bob suggested.

“Is there even a city around here?” Lil’ Timmy asked.

“Good question, I don’t have an answer to that one. So I guess… I don’t know, we just walk in a general direction until we either find a city or find people who know where we even are.” Bob said.

“I think we should help.” Vulgon then appeared, beside him was Vivofit, and behind both of them was their spaceship, all fixed and ready to go. “We could take you with us, give you shelter, food, and all that.”

“Woah, really?” Bob asked.

“Sure! We have plenty of everything!” Vivofit exclaimed. “Cuz we don’t live alone. I’m sure Mom’ll allow you guys to stay.”

“Thanks! If there’s ever a way to repay you, just tell us. You’ve helped so much, I just can’t express my thanks enough!” Bob exclaimed, shaking Vivofit’s hand.

“Hehe, you’re welcome!” Vivofit replied as Bob, Lil’ Timmy, and I were all smiling in joy. “Now, let’s go in!”

Our smiles stayed for awhile, as we all got into the spaceship and took out seats, Bob sitting in the back on the chair with the hole in it. Vivo and Vulgon got into their seats and we immediately flew up into space.

“Yo, just gimme a heads up when we’re gonna crash and stuff.” Bob said as he started to relax in his chair.

“Oh no worries, dude,” Vulgon said. “We’re going to Vivo’s home, so he’s not even allowed to crash.”

“Thanks, I’ll just take a little nap over here, shake me if we’re getting close.” Bob said as he yawned a little bit.

Lil’ Timmy also yawned, and I felt a little tired too.

“We should all sleep, it’s been awhile since we’ve last slept.” I said, yawning.

“Sounds good,” Vulgon said. “We’ll wake you when we’re there!”


Chapter 7: Hematite


“Okay, so how’s this gonna go?” Saturn asked.

We had finished eating at the diner and went over to the training room/arena or whatever it was. It was just this big room that looked like a gym, but it wasn’t. It was made out of some weird material, the walls I mean. The ground was normal dirt. But under it was probably the same material.

“It’s pretty hard to tell how it’ll go,” Mehrunes replied, eating popcorn.
“Kinda depends, but if you mean like, what are the rules or something, then mention that.”

“None of us have ever been in a battle for fun. So explain how we do it!” Saturn said, as his sister Phoenix stood next to him. Syren and I were just watching from the side.

“Uh, well, It’s kinda like a normal battle, only your life isn't on the line, and losing means less I guess,” Mehrunes said. “I dunno, I can’t really explain it.”

“Oh! Okay, so… who goes first?” Saturn questioned.

“What? It’s not a turn based strategy game, no one ‘goes first’,” Mehrunes said. “Are you both fighting me at the same time right now?”

“I don’t know. Are we?” Saturn shrugged.

“You’re the only people that know that,” Mehrunes said, eating popcorn.

“Then we go one at a time! So I can prove I’m better!” Saturn said.

“Pfft,” Mehrunes almost laughed. “Okay then, let’s go then, Saturn.”

“Alright! Time to experiment more with what I can do,” Saturn surrounded himself with a green aura.

“Fun,” Mehrunes whispered to himself.

Saturn then shot a blast of green energy at Mehrunes. Mehrunes dodged with ease, returning fire with a few purple stars. Saturn flew up, avoiding the purple stars.

Saturn then raised his hand and made a disc of some sort, chucking it at Mehrunes. Mehrunes unsheathed his katana and destroyed it, before sheathing again. He then barraged Saturn with stars.

Saturn surrounded himself with a barrier, deflecting the stars.

“Neat,” Mehrunes said. “Although I will admit I do not appreciate the barrier.”

“I figured I can increase the size or decrease the size of the barrier. I could trap someone in it and shrink it down to an inch,” Saturn said. “Crushing them… So I rather not do that.”

“Makes sense,” Mehrunes said, throwing handfuls of purple orbs at Saturn.

Saturn surrounded the purple orbs in a barrier and crushed them. Except they were a distraction, as Mehrunes punched Saturn in the face, launching him backwards.

“Ow.” Saturn caught himself in mid air. “Didn’t see that coming.”

“Yeah… although if you’d paid attention to my approach, the purple bombs would’ve exploded. It’s a lose lose situation,” Mehrunes smirked.

“I guess.” Saturn shrugged.

Mehrunes threw several daggers at Saturn.

“Ack! Sharp!” Saturn screeched, barely dodging the daggers.

“If they were blunt, they’d be useless. Do you not like sharp things?” Mehrunes asked, throwing a bowl of popcorn at Saturn.

“I mean… I hate needles and I always would be terrified whenever they would inject me with stuff…” Saturn said, getting hit by the popcorn, and then getting hit by a ton more popcorn.

“Makes sense,” Mehrunes said, thinking. “It’s been forever since I’ve had a fight I have to think, wait no…” Mehrunes made a clone, then the clone threw him at the popcorn covered Saturn, and then the clone disappeared.

“You literally just fought Syren awhile ago,” Saturn said, destroying the popcorn with green energy. Just in time to get punched in the face by Mehrunes.

“I mean only kind of though, it was more of a ‘I was being annoying then he threatened my girlfriend and I obliterated him’ than a fight,” Mehrunes shot a look at Syren. “I used like two of my most powerful moves in tandem, so…”

Syren smirked at Mehrunes. “Call it what you will, lover boy. I coulda killed her if I wanted!”

“Be careful with your words there,” Mehrunes said. “And also seriously? Lover boy? Nothing more creative I mean come on dude!” Mehrunes grabbed Saturn and threw him at a nearby wall. “So uncreative.”

“Oh hush up! What are you gonna do, kill me?” Syren shouted.

“You sound really casual about dying,” Mehrunes said suspiciously, “what’s with that?”

“Death doesn’t scare me,” Syren said smoothly.

“Doesn’t scare me either nimrod, doesn’t mean I’m okay with it,” Mehrunes replied, still fending off Saturn. “Therefore, you are hiding something.”

“Oh quiet you. It’s not like dying hurts a lot, don’t you think? Just pain then blackness?”

Mehrunes just smirked, and then put his focus back on Saturn.

“You say dying doesn’t hurt…” Saturn mumbled. “You don’t know then…”

“You don’t either. Ironically enough I was killed once and brought back. So both of you shut up,” Mehrunes said, punching Saturn.

Saturn blocked the punch with his hand. “Not what I meant. I haven’t died. But I’ve seen people be tortured to death. It hurts. A LOT!” Saturn then punched Mehrunes straight in the face, knocking him back across the room. Mehrunes bounced off one wall and launched himself back at Saturn, ramming his chest.

“Well yes, of course torture hurts. But it’s not like it’s… Scary or… I don’t know, like, yeah.” Syren shook his head. “I’ll shut my trap now.”

“Good, enough arguing about something we know nothing about,” Mehrunes said, as Saturn was on the ground from his latest attack. Mehrunes dropped a bomb on Saturn's chest and it stuck there.

Saturn stared at the bomb. “…” He then surrounded it with a barrier. Mehrunes punched him in the face, and put a bomb on one of his legs.

“How many barriers do you have?” Mehrunes smirked.

“I just make them,” Saturn replied, surrounding the other bomb with a barrier. Mehrunes held up a bomb, and then all three exploded into a cloud of dust. The ones in barriers didn’t go anywhere, it remained inside the barrier. Saturn suddenly came flying out of the dust to hit Syren.

Syren made yelping sounds and hit the ground. “Ow! Watch, man! I’m still sore from my last fight.” he groaned. “Get offa me!”

“Sorry, not my fault.” Saturn stood up and dusted himself off.

“I mean I was spinning around to throw you that time, so I’m taking no blame,” Mehrunes cleared the dust with a big fan. “Hey Saturn, look behind you.”

“Hm?” Saturn looked behind him. And then a purple dragon appeared where he wasn't looking, it was where he was looking before he looked behind him.

“I only see Syre--” He then looked back in front of him, spotting the dragon. “What the…”

The purple dragon roared at Saturn, before swatting him into a wall like a fly. Syren had to duck out of the way of it’s massive claws to avoid getting hit again.

“Ow.” Saturn said. “That thing is gonna cause me trouble.” He then surrounded the dragon with a big barrier, and then shrunk it down to an inch, crushing the dragon.

“Oof, too bad it’s this type of dragon, from my galaxy,” Mehrunes said, as the dragon teleported out, then grew back to it’s normal size, harmed, but not dead.

“Oh phooey.” Saturn rubbed the back of his head. “I don’t even know how to go to full power. How am I supposed to defeat it?”

“We’re having fun, so I’ll make it easier,” Mehrunes said, as the dragon shrunk down to about the size of a big dog. “There, less powerful and smaller.” The dragon charged Saturn at an impressive speed.

Saturn shot blasts of green energy at it. It made itself a purple barrier in front of it, and approached considerably slower, you could tell the energy hurt.

“Take this!” Saturn charged a big blast of green energy, and launched it at the dragon. It broke the barrier and the dragon made a roll out of the way, and Mehrunes blocked the rest with his katana.

“Nice,” Mehrunes said.

“I’m starting to get used to my powers,” Saturn said, looking at his hands which were glowing green.

“That is a good thing, look out!” Mehrunes said, as the dragon jumped at Saturn. Saturn glared at the dragon, then trapped it in a barrier before he appeared behind it, removing the barrier, and then blasting it with more green energy. The dragon roared madly before it clawed Saturn’s leg, gashing it.

“OW!” Saturn yelled. He then glared at the dragon again, his aura becoming brighter. Then he grabbed it, blasting green energy inside its mouth. The dragon disappeared.

“Nice.” Mehrunes said.

Saturn looked at himself, realizing his aura. “Oh, this happens when I get mad? I get stronger?”

“Happens to some people, but usually it also comes with being reckless as well,” Mehrunes said, as he unsheathed his katana. “Learned how to make a sword with your powers yet?”

“Sword? I don’t know, I never used weapons before,” Saturn replied.

“I think what it was, was you concentrate your energy into a form of a sword or something,” Mehrunes said.

“Uhh…” Saturn tried to do something, and he blasted energy at Mehrunes, and it took the form of a sword.

“…” Mehrunes looked confused.

“I concentrated my energy into a form of a sword as you said!” Saturn exclaimed.

“But you were supposed to hold it…” Mehrunes said, grabbing the sword and tossing it at Saturn.

“How do you hold energy?” Saturn asked. “It burns.”

“It does burn. How does Draco hold plasma? It burns! It’s a thing you know? How this how that, you get used to your level of power and what effects is has on you with training,” Mehrunes said.

“I never trained before. I was just trapped in a cell all day,” Saturn said. “Sometimes we’d be let out. But rarely.”

“This is training, but it’s also fun. That’s why Hem wants to fight everyone even if they’re stronger than him. We’re training right now, but it’s in a fun way, so, do stuff you know?” Mehrunes smirked, throwing a dagger at Saturn.

“But when will it end?” Saturn asked, as the dagger reached Saturn but melted from his aura.

“When one of us loses,” Mehrunes smirked, “Now come on, sword fight me.”

“Okay,” Saturn tried to make a sword again. He then made a sword not out of energy, but out of the stuff his barrier’s were made out of. “Got it!” He grabbed it by the handle.

“Neat,” Mehrunes said.

“So… how do I exactly do this?” Saturn asked, looking at the sword.

“Good question, depends on a lot of variables. So, can’t tell you,” Mehrunes said. “So uhh, yeah.” Mehrunes charged Saturn with his katana.

Saturn tried to block it with his sword. Mehrunes was clearly going easy, as he struck Saturn's sword.

“I don’t know how to sword fight,” Saturn said.

“The same way that you do other fighting, swing your sword and block with it,” Mehrunes smirked. “You don’t HAVE to use a sword if you don’t want to…”

Saturn tried to swing his sword at Mehrunes. Mehrunes just kinda moved a little, and he missed.

“Yeah, I don’t know how.” Saturn made the sword disappear. “I want to try and bring my full power out.”

“Go right ahead, but I’m not gonna make it easy,” Mehrunes said, swinging his katana.

“But I don’t know how!” Saturn exclaimed, dodging.

“I dunno man,” Mehrunes said, throwing Saturn into a wall and pinning him there.

“Maybe if you make me angry enough it’ll come out,” Saturn suggested.

“Easy peasy,” Mehrunes said, slashing Saturn’s chest and smashing him into the ground chest first, before throwing him into a different wall, teleporting with momentum, slamming his feet into Saturn, right on the gash his katana made, crushing Saturn into a wall.

Then some sort of explosion happened around Saturn as he was surrounded by a green aura again, this time it was brighter. His eyes were glowing green, and his hair had also changed from brown to green.

“Looks like that worked,” Saturn said, looking at himself.

“Yeah, no kidding,” Mehrunes still wasn't recovered from the explosion.

“So uh, did I win?” Saturn asked.

“Not quite,” Mehrunes stood up. “But that’s pretty impressive.”

“Yeah.” Saturn said, “I think this is my full power.”

“Yo Phoenix, what do you think?” Mehrunes smirked.

“I don’t know,” Phoenix shrugged. “But when we were tested, if we were brought to any harm that could kill us, the power is dragged out. So probably.”

“I have no idea what that means but sure,” Mehrunes said, a katana appearing and him throwing it so it was aligned up and down with blade to hilt.

“It means that when we’re near death, our full power is brought out so we can protect ourselves,” Phoenix explained. “But anyway, it’s my turn now, right?”

“I mean, I don’t care,” Mehrunes said. “You two can do whatever. It can be your turn if you want and Saturn’s okay with it.”

“Okay.” Phoenix said. “Hey Saturn, come fight me.”

“No.” Saturn refused, “I don’t want to.”

“Why not?” Phoenix asked.

“Because. I just got finished fighting Mehrunes,” Saturn replied, landing his feet on the ground.

“Stupid, in the real world you may still have to fight after any fight.” Phoenix insulted. “Get your butt over here and fight me.”

Mehrunes, Syren, and I just watched.

“Fight Mehrunes!” Saturn pointed at Mehrunes.

“No, I’d rather fight you.” Phoenix said, “to prove I’m stronger than you.”

“Well I don’t want to!” Saturn yelled.

Phoenix ran up to him and tackled him to the ground, her hair turning into flames.

“OW! OKAY! I’LL FIGHT YOU!” Saturn screamed.

Saturn then stood up, pushing Phoenix back with his powers. He then put himself in a barrier.

“I have to fight you anyway, defeat you, and then I’m free to do what I want,” Saturn glared at his sister.

“You dumb shiz,” Phoenix blasted fire at Saturn, but the barrier repelled it.

Saturn stayed silent, glaring at his sister. “You always do that.”

Phoenix surrounded the entire barrier with fire, leaving Saturn out of sight entirely. Only flames were visible.

“You can’t defeat me!” Phoenix growled. “I’m the stronger one!”

I was actually interested to see who was stronger. This would be a pretty interesting fight.

Phoenix continued shooting fire at Saturn, and he remained inside his barrier. “Pathetic as usual, Saturn. You’re terrible at fighting.”

“Horrible!?” Saturn’s barrier exploded open, and he blasted the fire out of the way. “I almost pretty much defeated Mehrunes, and you say I’m horrible!?”

“Yeah, you’re the worst at fighting. You suck, you dumb fricc.” Phoenix insulted again.

“I’m not dumb.” Saturn said, “you are.”

“What did you say?” Phoenix growled.

“I said you’re dumb. Dumb fricc.” Saturn stuck out his tongue.

Phoenix bursted with flames, and leaped over at Saturn. He watched closely and then dodged.

“Ha, my fight with Mehrunes has taught me stuff. While you know what? Nothing.” Saturn laughed.

“Shut the fricc up!” Phoenix yelled. She shot fire all over the ground so Saturn couldn’t dodge.

Saturn just flew up in the air and stuck his tongue out. Phoenix then bursted with more flames, her entire body turning into flames. She appeared behind Saturn, and thrusted a punch.

Saturn went flying after getting punched, ramming into a wall. He almost fell on Syren again, but Syren dodged it. “Oh my, Saturn! Watch it! I swear, I’ll knock your lights out.”

“Do it.” Phoenix said, as Saturn got up and rubbed his head, “knock his lights out.”

Syren winked at her and quickly pulled out a mask, put it on, and his skin turned white. He aimed a punch at the back of Saturn’s head and hit the center. “Let’s see if that knocked em.”

“…” Saturn looked back at Syren, a barrier standing in between the two of them. “Don’t.”

Syren chuckled. “You beat me to it,” he said, and backed off.

“Why do you have to be so mean to me?” Saturn asked Phoenix. “Telling people to hurt me, isn’t what you do enough?”

“I think that’s what a sibling is supposed to do, trust me on that,” Syren said.

“Hmph.” Saturn mumbled something to himself, that I couldn’t quite hear.

“Don’t be such a grouch,” Syren said. He was walking around, trying to find a way through Saturn’s barrier. “If you don’t like it then punch her back once in a while - or are you scared?” Syren teased.

Saturn glared at Syren. “Whenever I fight back, I end up beaten up badly. But my fight with Mehrunes taught me some more skills, so I’m lasting.” Saturn looked over at Mehrunes who was across the room. “Thanks Meh!” He then looked back at Syren. “She always does this. I hate it.”

“Haha, I bet so. I used to be with a girl who had… Oh gosh, how many siblings? A whole lot. Anyway, they were like my siblings. We used to try and kill each other before I dated the girl. One of em still hated my guts for a while. Those things always fought and they were so annoying.” Syren rambled. “I wonder if they’re dead now…” he added in a murmur.

“So it’s not just me?” Saturn said, “alright. PHOENIX! WHAT’S WRONG?! CAN’T GET TO ME!?”

Phoenix looked extremely ticked off. She appeared in front of Saturn, who was still in the barrier, covered all in flames. “I will burn you.” She shot flames back at Saturn.

“Dang, I wish I’ve discovered how to use the barriers long ago. Your fire can’t reach me.” Saturn smirked. “Idiot. Or should I say… Idot.”

“Shut the fricc up you bench.” Phoenix shot more flames at Saturn.

“Give it up, sis. You can’t win against me. I’m stronger.” Saturn said.

“No. I will find out how to get past your barrier.” Phoenix said.

“Later though. M’kay, can I end this now?” Saturn asked.

“With me winning, yes.” Phoenix said. “You mother friccin idiot, can’t do anything right and you always complain, you whiney shiz.”

Saturn looked down. “Say that one more time.” He glared at Phoenix with his green eyes, his hair green and with a bright green aura. “I dare you.”

“Jeez, you two are as bad as Zara.” Syren said. “You really need to calm down.”

“After I finish with him!” Phoenix growled.

“And after I finish with her!” Saturn added.

“Oh my- No!” Syren shouted. He aimed a fist at Phoenix. In half a second he hit her in the head. He glanced at Saturn, who was still in his barrier. Phoenix was on the ground, not moving.

“D-did you knock her out?” Saturn asked.

“Um…” he bent down and put two fingers on her neck. “She’s still alive, so… Yes?” Syren said.

“Thank you! Now I don’t have to deal with her!” Saturn’s barrier disappeared and his hair turned back to normal. As soon as that happened Syren punched him, too.

“Ow.” Saturn however was not knocked out. “WAIT! I WASN’T KNOCKED OUT BUT PHOENIX WAS!”

Syren took off the mask and he was normal. “Crap. I thought that would work.” his face was slightly red.

“It just means I’m stronger.” Saturn smirked. “Thanks again, Meh!”

“Well, I didn’t actually punch that hard.”

“Oh. Then thanks!” Saturn said. He walked over to Phoenix who was lying on the floor. “Uh… do we have a room yet? Cuz…”

“Uh.” I stood up. “Let’s go ask.”

“Yeah!” Saturn said.


Chapter 8: Saturo


I was sitting down on my couch, waiting. Waiting for what, you may ask? Waiting for someone. Who else other than Lavender? I wanted to spend some of this time with her. Because I didn’t have a mission, and won’t for awhile. Elec will contact me when I need to.

Then I heard a knock on the door. Possibly Lavender? I got up and opened it. I spotted Hematite carrying Phoenix, and next to him were Syren and Saturn.

“Uh.” I stared at them blankly. “What happened to her?”

“She got knocked out in a fight,” Saturn said. “Do we get a room? We gotta put her somewhere until she wakes up.”

“Oh, oh yeah. Yeah, there’s a free room next to Sokanon’s and Saio’s. You can have it.” I told him.

“Okay, thanks Saturo!” Saturn said.

“It’s on the other side.” I pointed across them to the other apartments.

“Oh.” Saturn then flew over, knowing which room was his. I walked on down the stairs and over to his room so I could help out. Of course, Hematite came along since he was carrying Phoenix. Syren came along as well.

“I’d have to get the keys,” I said, seeing the door was locked.

“Okay, we’ll wait,” Hematite said.

I went down over to Teleyon’s office. Going inside, I spotted Teleyon was present and was playing video games.

“Tele, can I uh, use the keys for the room next to Sokanon’s?” I asked.

“Oh, sure.” Teleyon threw me the keys.

“By the way, your wound. Is it good now?” I asked.

“Yeah.” Teleyon nodded, his eyes focused on his video game. “Lavender came over and healed it for me.”

What? If Lavender was here, why didn’t she come talk to me? Or say anything to me at all?

“Okay,” I just walked back over to the others. When I arrived, I opened the door with the keys. “There you go.”

“Okay, here,” Hematite tried to hand Phoenix to Saturn.

“Wha, no. You put her in.” Saturn said.

“She’s your sister. It’d be weird for me to do that.” Hematite said.

“Here, give her to me.” Syren said. “I can bring her in.”

Hematite handed Phoenix over to Syren, and all of them entered except for Hematite.

Syren set Phoenix down on a bed. “Man she’s heavy.” he joked. “Oh, um… What’s your name?” Syren looked at me.

“Oh! I’m Saturo,” I said, “Saturo Kanshiro.”

“Yeah, Saturo. Do I just sleep outside or what?” He said sarcastically.

“Oh. Right.” I thought. “Yeah, cuz the rooms were taken… I don’t know, ask Badok since he’s alone.” I pointed at Badok’s room.

Syren glanced at the door. “I think outside is fine. I don’t have to bunk with anyone, or bunk at all. Besides, the ground isn’t bad.” he looked at his feet. “Without fluff I guess it is though.”

“Yeah,” I replied. “Well. You guys can rest.”

“I don’t want to though,” Hematite said, “can you like, call Elec over or something? I wanna fight em.”

I widened my eyes. “You… want to fight Elec?”


“Are you crazy or something?”

“No. Just want to fight someone powerful.”

“Okay… I’ll call him then.” He really was gonna fight Elec? I wanted to watch that… I think everybody would want to.

“Thanks!” Hematite beamed.

I then walked down the stairs of the balcony to enter the apartments, and went back over to my room. Hematite was following me, while Saturn and Phoenix were in their rooms.

I opened my room door, and walked in. “You can come, Hematite.”

He walked in and I closed the door.

“Nice place you got,” Hematite said, seeing the lightning paint on the wall.

“Thanks.” I walked over to the kitchen counter. I then froze.

“What is it?” Hematite looked over my shoulder.

It was a piece of paper. I cautiously picked it up.


I have Lavender captured. If you want her back, come get her. Come alone. If you tell your Master about this, I will kill her. You have to fight me 1v1, with me at my full power. Good luck - Venom


I looked up from my paper. That’s why Lavender didn’t talk to me… Cuz Venom kidnapped her! I was angry.

“Uh.” Hematite said. “Who’s Lavender? Your girlfriend?”

“I guess you could say that,” I replied. Since I figured she also liked me… Why didn’t we just get together?

“How strong is Venom?” Hematite then asked.

“Oh. Very strong. He beat me when without using his Ultimate Crystal. But I got back at him with my full power… But he didn’t use his Ultimate Crystal at all.”

“I’ll come with you. I’m not Elec, so…” Hematite smirked.

“Thanks.” Knowing he wanted to fight Elec, he probably was strong. I could use him. “But… he never said where he was. And where he’s keeping Lav.”

Hematite took the paper from me and turned it around. There was a backside.


We’re located on the Toxic Planet. It’s in the Elemental System, so not too far away from Ertin. Come alone. I will have someone guide you to me once you’re on the planet. If you’re not alone, I will kill Lavender. Choose wisely.


“It’s never good to go alone. He could kill you both,” Hematite said.

I wanted to rip the paper apart. I was mad. Just wait, Venom… When I get to you… I will…

“Take me with you. I’ll be your pilot, since you have nothing… He should understand that you can’t fly a spaceship,” Hematite suggested.

“Good point.” Maybe with Hematite I could do this. “Well. Let’s not waste anymore time.”

“Yeah, let’s go.”

? Guy ?

I yawned, getting up. When I opened my eyes, I found myself on a bed in a dark room. I recalled what happened before… Vulgon and Vivofit said they were gonna get us a place to stay at.

It looks like I’m at that place now. But where was everyone else? I looked around the room. I was at the bottom of one out of two bunk beds. Lil’ Timmy was above me, I realized, when I got up. On the other bunk was Bob, and Malum on top.

“Yo, you woke up,” Vulgon came into the room.

“Yeah.” I looked around some more. The room was practically empty except for the beds.

“Yeah, this room used to be empty, it was just for storage really, although we never used it.” Vulgon shrugged. “We just had to bring in the bunk beds last second.”

“Huh. Where’s Vivo?” I asked.

“With Mom. When we brought you in she questioned who and what you are. Since you don’t look human.” Vulgon said, “she kinda got worried about the safety of the house. But I told her it would be fiiine. Because. We’re not gonna stay here for long. We have stuff to do.”

“Like what?” asked a voice. It was Malum.

“Well. Venom asked for our help again. Not sure what.” Vulgon said. “But we’re gonna go to him. We could use you, and you can repay us for letting you live here for awhile by coming along and helping.”

“But Bob and Lil’ Timmy are still asleep.” I pointed.

“We’re taking you and Malum then,” Vulgon said. He opened the door. “Let’s go.” Malum hopped out of his bed, his hands in his pocket. The two of us followed Vulgon out of the room and into the hallway.

“No worries, Mom!” we heard Vivofit say. “We have everything already in the spaceship! We’ll be fine!” We had reached the kitchen, and Vivofit was talking to a woman, his mother.

“You’re going to a planet filled with poison!” His Mom said.

“Yeah, but we have suits and stuff. We’ll be fine,” Vivofit replied.

“Okay, but be careful! Don’t crash into any acid lakes, okay hon?” Vivofit’s Mom said.

“Yes, okay Mom.” Vivofit rolled his eyes.

“Ah, and you too Vulgon! Watch out for your brother!” Vivofit’s Mom told Vulgon.

“Got it.” He gave her a thumbs up.

“Alright, you guys can go.” She went back to doing whatever she was doing. It looked like cooking, from what I remember cooking was. Then we followed Vivofit and Vulgon to the garage and hopped into the spaceship.

“You guys are brothers?” I asked as we took our seats.

“Well, yeah.” Vulgon said. “But I’m adopted.”


Vivofit then started the engine and the garage doors opened, and we flew off.

? Saturo ?

I was silent, sitting next the Hematite, the pilot taking me to the Toxic Planet. I looked down at my lap, where the note Venom left for me lied.

“Almost there,” Hematite then said. “You ready?”

“I have to be. I need to save Lavender,” I growled.

“Heh.” Hematite laughed a little. “If you’re not together, then you should be. Maybe after this.” I could see the Toxic Planet, with green gas covering it. Was I ready?

“Yo.” I then heard a different voice. I turned around. There was a robed hooded figure with a scythe. Styreix. “Oh, good.” he said. “You came alone.” But then he stared at Hematite.

“Hey, I can’t drive a spaceship. Someone needed to drive me.” I shrugged.

“Well. If you did bring anyone else, we’d have to deal with them while you fight Venom.” Styreix glared at Hematite.

“I’d love to.” Hematite smirked.

Styreix looked unsure. His scythe then began glowing red. “You got any idea what this scythe can do?”

“Not really. But I’d like to find out,” Hematite replied. The spaceship then landed.

“Hmph.” Styreix then took out something. A pill. He handed it to me. I stared at it. “It’s not gonna kill you. Venom wants to fight you. That pill will just make you immune to the toxic gas on the planet.”

“But won’t it also make him immune when he fights Venom?” Hematite asked, putting the spaceship on park.

“That’s the point. Venom want’s a challenge,” Styreix said.

“Then let me fight him,” Hematite said.

“He wants the Student of Elec.” Styreix said. “Not you. Who’re you anyway?”

“Hematite Shiny,” Hematite replied.

“You from the Rock Planet then?” Styreix asked.

“Mhm.” Hematite nodded.

Styreix looked back at me, ignoring Hematite. “Take the pill. We gotta go.”

I took the pill, and drank a cup of water with it (Hematite had a gallon of water laying around). Then I looked at Styreix. “I’m ready.”

“If anything goes wrong, I’ll come to save ya,” Hematite said.

I didn't reply. I didn’t want to be saved. I wanted to win. I could finally become strong. At least I wanted to be stronger than Venom. Styreix then grabbed my shoulder, and a black vortex surrounded us. Then we were somewhere else.

“Alright, that’s done. Bye.” Styreix then disappeared, using the same black vortex.

I then looked in front of me. It was a big room, kinda like a palace. Why did Venom have this?

“Finally, you’re here, Student of Elec.” Venom appeared in front of me, ten feet away.

“Where’s Lavender?” I asked. Of course that would be the first thing for me to ask.

“She’s fine. I just used her to bring you here,” Venom said. “So I can fight you again.”

“Why do you want to fight me?” I asked.

“You’re the Student of Elec. You should be strong,” Venom replied, looking me in the eyes.

I chose to not train all the time… I chose to have breaks. Elec also let me take that choice. He said some people need to rest as part of their training. I think I could train all day, but I would get bored and probably tired.

I activated my source, becoming surrounded by electricity. Venom smirked.

“That’s not even your full power,” Venom said. “Can you even use your full power?”

I ran at him, at extreme speed, sending in a punch. But he blocked it with his left hand. “Your attacks don’t do much to me.”

I then charged up all my energy into one punch, and threw it right at Venom’s face. It actually hit this time, and he went flying backwards. But he kicked off the wall, and came flying back. He then charged up a punch, and with toxic green gas taking the shape of a snake head surrounding his fist, he punched me back.

I went flying, and I landed roughly on the ground. Ow.

“Not bad, not bad,” Venom frowned. “But not good either. I still haven’t used my Ultimate Crystal.”

I got up onto my knees. Come on, Saturo… remember your training. Remember what Elec taught you… I could do this. I just had to focus on the fight. Focus on defeating him, to save Lavender.

“Save your girlfriend,” Krydret then said in my head.

“Venom… You better watch out.” I glared at Venom, but he didn’t seem to care as he was still smirking.

“Come at me then.” He looked at me, his hand surrounded by toxic green gas.

I then charged up lighting bolts and zapped them at him. Then I jumped into the air, and and threw a big, fully charged lightning bolt right at him. It zapped him, it actually did something to him.

“Nice attack,” Venom was surrounded by a toxic green aura as the same sword from before appeared in his hands. “You made me use my crystal.”

He has a weapon. Elec told me not to use weapons because then I would become to reliant on them, and if they broke then I would lose a lot of power. But if he’s using it… I might as well use my Electric Axe. The one that I got from the Haunted Mansion guy.

I then summoned my axe in my hands (it was pretty small, more like a hatchet), and it was giving off sparks like crazy. Venom watched and said, “woah. Looks like you have a weapon too.”

I then slashed the axe at the ground in front of him, and a shockwave was made. Venom avoided it, but I then slashed at him, sending another shockwave.

“You suddenly got better,” Venom said, trying to avoid the shock waves, but failing as they all hit him.

“And you’re not doing your best,” I said.

“Of course I’m not, if I did this would end too soon,” Venom replied. Venom then stabbed me with the sword. “Or do you want me to end this faster?”

“No.” I responded. “Not you ending it. I end it.”

Venom smirked. “I doubt you could bring me down to a position where I’m helpless, but you never know.” He then surrounded me with toxic gas.

But I was fine. Because I took that pill Styreix gave me.

“Good. So you have the advantage since my poison won’t affect you,” Venom said. “But. Physical damage still is a thing.” He then slashed with his sword at my arm, and blood appeared. The serrated edge of the sword didn’t help by adding to the pain.

Then he continued slashing all over, and I fell over due to all the cuts.

“I didn’t even steal your energy this time.” Venom said, standing above me. “You still lost anyway. So… how about it now? I kill Lav in front of you and then kill you? Or put you both in a dungeon?”

I clenched my fists.

“Sounds good? Okay we can do that.”


Chapter 9: Hematite


Man, this atmosphere is really toxic. The people of this planet could survive it, but me? No, I’m just from the Rock Planet. I can’t breathe toxic gas, I can only breathe normal oxygen.

But staying here in my spaceship is boring. I wanted to leave it. Well. Shrink it and put it back in my pocket. Then I’d go over to wherever Saturo was. I didn’t know where the reaper took him, so I’d have to find him. Toxic gas… Will stand in my way but I could handle it. I’ve been here before. It’s not too bad if you get used to it.

So I exited my spaceship and shrunk it back down, putting it in my pocket afterwards. Then I looked around at the ecosystem. There were lots of different types of plants, and toxic gas was all over. Not surprised, this is the Toxic Planet afterall.

I walked around for awhile, just taking a look. It was just the same all over. Well. I did reach an acid lake, so that was pretty cool. I had to figure out where Saturo was though. So I could go over there and save him, cuz he’s not strong enough to fight this Venom guy, based on what I heard. I mean, unless he was hiding his power. Lots of people these days hide their powers.

Maybe I could sense Saturo’s energy and find him, if he’s giving enough of it off. I haven’t mastered tracing the small amounts of energy yet, and I’m not sure I will since I’m not really into tracking people. I’m more into physical fights where people find me and I fight them to get away.

Pfft, enough talk about me, I gotta find Saturo. I focused my mind on sensing. Some people close their eyes when they do that, but like, what’s the point? I can sense with my eyes open. Doesn’t really affect much. I mean, except some people when they close their eyes it helps them focus on it. So nevermind about that.

I then sensed something. It was probably Saturo! I’m not entirely sure since I haven’t actually sensed Saturo’s energy that much. This must be it then.

I leaped across the toxic jungle, pretty much letting me fly for a while. I was going in the direction of the energy. Then I felt it coming closer. I stopped, landing somewhere on the ground that wasn’t gonna burn me.

Then I realized. I was still in the jungle. Saturo was nowhere in sight. Then who’s energy was it?

I looked over, and spotted who it was. That hooded reaper guy from before. What was he doing? He was surrounded by those black particles that he had on him when he teleported earlier. Then they disappeared.

“Oh hi there, Styreix.” A girl’s voice spoke. Not the reaper guy himself, I assumed his name was Styreix.

Then another person appeared from hiding in the jungle. I wasn’t surprised to see them wearing a robe and a hood. They then took it off, and it was a brown haired girl.

“Sup Grims,” Styreix replied. Grims? Is that her name? What an odd name. “Being a lil’ reaper again?”

“Not little, I’m older than you.” Grims crossed her arms.

“Then why are you called Grims Lil’ Reaper?” Styreix questioned.

“That’s just the name they called me at school,” Grims responded.

“Sounds stupid.”

“Why do you think I hate it?” She snorted. “Now, Venom lives here?”

“This is his planet. You’ve never been on the Toxic Planet?” Styreix asked.

“Nope. It seems rather dangerous if you ask me.”

“No duh it’s dangerous. But I have a pill that keeps me immune for awhile.”  

“Good for you. I’m dying here.”

I was literally just sitting down nearby and they haven’t noticed me. Grims said she was dying, that means the toxins were getting in her system. I was fine however.

“Hey there,” I then said. I could just do that. Since I’m not afraid of anything really. The two of them looked back at me.

“Who’re you?” Grims asked.

“He’s the guy that drove the student of Elec here,” Styreix said, looking at me. “Why’re you here?”

“Dunno. I got kinda bored alone. Wanna battle?”

They stared blankly at me like my question was weird. What’s so weird about battling? It increases your abilities, makes you stronger and better than before.

“Uh.” Grims looked at me strangely. “Not on this planet, or at least, not in this weather.”

“Oh c’mon. It’s not that hard to resist it,” I said. I could breathe just finely. Well, sorta. I was fighting the toxins.

“We have no reason to fight you,” Styreix said.

“What if I went and interfered with Venom and Saturo’s battle?” I asked.

Styreix stared at me. “Then, yeah, I’d have to stop you.”

“Yo wassup,” I hear a voice.

“Who’re you?” Grims asked, every one of us looked over at where the voice came from.

“Tis I! Mehrunes!” A boy (Mehrunes) came through some bushes, he had green hair and was wearing jungle camo. I knew him a little, and he wore a lot of green, and was not very tall, being probably 5’6, and smirking up a storm in his shoes that made him quiet, he had a katana on his back at all times. “How you doin on this blasted planet?”

“It’s bearable,” I responded to him.

“I have no idea what you just said,” Mehrunes said. “why are you all here?”

“I’m here cuz I drove Saturo here. Then I got bored.” I replied.

Something appeared to glitch on Mehrunes, and a suit appeared. “Well, guess I have to fix that, I’m testing toxic resistance on my suit, for obvious reasons.”

“I see.” Styreix stood further away with his arms crossed. Grims was right next to him.

“Yo Sty, who’s yer girlfriend?” Mehrunes asked.

“Wh--” Grims exclaimed. “I’m not his girlfriend!”

“What? You’re not? You look the type of ‘Edgy reaper’ type,” Mehrunes said.

“He’s younger than me!” Grims shouted.

“Well I can see that, but it can’t be much younger, what you’re like, fifty? So he’s probably like forty-five right?” Mehrunes continues to antagonize.

“Nah.” Styreix said. “She’s like, six-teen. I’m only fourteen.”

“Seems counteractive, like, you both fit the ‘edgy teenager’ thing now, which means that you’d definitely be an item, but you’d deny it, and secretly make out at the middle of the night and yell at your parents when you’re caught, you realize that right?” Mehrunes asked. “You’re so cliche. Like you’re totally boyfriend-girlfriend there’s no way.”

“Ha. That would be interesting.” Styreix said. “But I’m not into girls.”

“If you’re not into girls, what are you into weirdo?” Mehrunes asked.

“No one. I’m alone. Always have been, always will be.” Styreix replied.

“You’re a sad person,” Mehrunes said. “Go home and cry in a corner for an hour why don’tcha. And you, whatever your name is, who are you? And why are you offended so easily?” He looked over at Grims.

“Uh.” Grims replied, “I’m called Grims.”

“And I don’t cry. Crying is for the weak,” Styreix said.

“Oh you’re one of THOSE people,” Mehrunes rolled his eyes. “Ugh, you’re so gross.”

“How’s he gross?” I asked. “His clothes look fine and clean. Somehow they didn’t get dirty on this planet.”

“And it’s true. Crying will only make me weaker. I live with what I have. Being alone is fine with me. I don’t need a ‘lover’. They’re useless,” Styreix said.

“I hate you so much,” Mehrunes said. “Although I hate everyone, so that doesn’t mean much. Okay, three things, you’re toxic, not literally, don’t even say that. Two, crying is fine, I will not be swayed, don’t try, three, love is pretty cool, this is coming from someone who had to learn it, so don’t try and argue that.” Mehrunes started messing with a watch.

“Love only destroyed me. I’m better off without it.” Styreix replied calmly. “And crying is a sign of weakness.”

“So is having personality, feelings period, friends, allies, truces,” Mehrunes listed. “What’s your point, speech is useless, I could go on.”

“None of those have harmed me. Love has. Crying has.” Styreix remained calm.

“How have they harmed you?” Mehrunes smirked. “If it’s anything like I think it is, this’ll be rich!”

“No. I’m good.” Styreix replied, still calm.

“Kay,” Mehrunes replied. “Hey Hem, were you doing something I interrupted by chance? Like fighting edgy Mcgee and Miss what's her face?”

“I was gonna. But I lost interest now.” I shrugged.

“Cool man, are you gonna look for Saturo?” Mehrunes asked.

“Yeah. Except I don’t have any clue where he is.” I said, then looking at Styreix. “But he does.”

“How convenient,” Mehrunes said.

“By the way,” Grims said, “I have a boyfriend!”

Styreix looked over at her, staying silent.

“I wouldn't think so, you’re not very attractive,” Mehrunes said.

“It’s really just a matter of opinion. Her boyfriend probably thinks she’s attractive,” I pointed out.

“And edgy, can we move on? Cuz I’m getting tired of the edginess in the air, I swear I’m gonna get cut any moment,” Mehrunes said.

Styreix then grabbed all of us including Grims, and the black particles appeared, and we teleported. After he finished, and backed off, we were still in the jungle.

“More edginess for you.” Styreix laughed, pointing at an acid waterfall. It was a cliff.

Mehrunes acted like he was punched in the gut. “Come on man, you couldn't have at least teleported us to Venom?” Mehrunes looked at the acid waterfall, “Wow you’re soooo cooool with your waterfall.”

“Not mine.” Styreix said. “And it leads to a palace if you follow it. Ahem. That’s where Venom is.”

“Cool,” Mehrunes said.

“Kay, I’m gonna go home now.” Styreix said, as he began to be surrounded by black particles. “Bye.” He then disappeared.

Grims however was still here.

“Yo,” Mehrunes said. “You were left behind.”

“I never intended to go with him.” Grims said back.

“Cool, I’m gonna go see Venom and Saturo,” Mehrunes said. “Let’s go Hem, Satu’s def gonna a fight with venie.”

“What was that sentence?” I asked.

“I don’t know…” Mehrunes said. “I think it was supposed to be let’s go save Saturo from Venom, but it didn’t work out that way…”

“Ohhhh, well okay, let’s go then.” I jumped down the waterfall, fell for a few moments, before landing on the ground next to the acid river. Mehrunes simply appeared next to me. Probably teleported.

I then began walking next to the acid river. This place was more desert-like. No trees, just gray-ish sand and the acid river. It would be boring so I decided to start a conversation.

“So… Mehrunes,” I started, “how’s life?”

“Cruel and difficult,” Mehrunes replied.

“That’s unfortunate,” I said, “can’t say I don’t agree.”

“Yep,” Mehrunes said.

“But… how’s it cruel and difficult for you?” I asked.

Mehrunes sighed. “Relationships are confusing, and I haven’t achieved my goal of coming here, among other things.”

“Huh. I’m assuming you’d rather not go into details?” I asked.

“Are you going to tell people if I do?” Mehrunes asked.

“Not if you don’t want me to. I have no reason to tell anyone.” I shrugged.

“Good, I don’t want you to if I tell you,” Mehrunes said. “I came to this galaxy following a close friend, and my goal was to bring him back to help his insanity, and I’ve encountered him once and he taught me something, I don’t remember, were you around when I fought Syren?”

“Yeah,” I answered. “I was watching. Did you do something that he taught you?”

“Yeah it was the aura and the particles, he taught me how to get it started, I’ve been learning more of it progressively, at first stage, just the particles, I couldn't move. I could only really speak and teleport, the one I used, Half Star, makes me more powerful. I’m still trying to get better with it,” Mehrunes said. “You now know pretty much more than anyone else about why I came here, sept you don’t know that I crashed down from space to the rock planet immediately meeting Ich, Saturo and Draco, and that I got my crystal from a creepy lady in a disappearing booth thing.”

“Niceeee, so if you trained more you could master the Half Star thing.” I said. “Maybe achieve the Full Star?”

“Yeah, sept my problem is I’m unreasonably closed about everything that I do, part of my past that I’d rather not tell you, and so I have trouble trusting people and NOT keeping secrets, some that shouldn't even be secrets, like Half Star,” Mehrunes said. “I’ve read it’s good to open up to people, so…”

“Yeah, I guess. It really depends. You’d never know.” I shrugged. “So the most sensitive information should be kept until the time is right.”

“Yeah…” Mehrunes said. “I know that part…”

“Some people are more trustworthy. I can tell my friends things, but not my enemies.”

“Yeah, that’s a given,” Mehrunes said. “The sad thing is the only other Shiny I’ve met was Jasper, and I hated him.”

“Jasper? Why’d you hate him?” I asked.

“I hate everyone till proven otherwise, Jasper proved annoying to me, so I rejected the notion of us being friends,” Mehrunes said.

“Well he is pretty young.” I said, “so he could be pretty annoying.”

“Yeah, I guess,” Mehrunes said. “Fair game man.”

“He usually just keeps himself busy doing his own things.” I said, “we sometimes team up to try and find someone strong to fight. Last time, we found Bainex.”

“Did you beat him?” Mehrunes asked.

“I knocked him out with my head. Then another one of his kind, except he was electric, came and took him away,” I replied.

“Neat,” Mehrunes said.

“Yeah. A Chimæra. They’re these creatures that can take any shape or form; they’re legendary pretty much. Very old too, probably as old as the galaxy,” I explained.

Mehrunes was about to say something like ‘neat’ again or ‘cool’ or something boring. But then. Something crashed in the distance. It was a spaceship. It was pretty far away though, like, a few miles. So I jumped over to it, so I could check it out. (Yes, I can defy gravity; I only do it for awhile so that I can come back down quick without having to do anything else. It’s faster this way)

“What a landing.” I heard a voice say. “What’s this, a desert?”

Four people came out of the spaceship. One of them was wearing goggles on his head, and a pilot jacket. The other guy just had a leather jacket. The other two dressed in these weird white suits. One of them had feathered arms and a head of a bird. Oh, and also some cool afro-thing.

“Oh hi,” the pilot jacket guy said. “Tis I, Vivofit. You a friend of Venom?”

“Nope, except, heading over to meet em slash fight em.” I replied.

“Tis I! Vulgon! You a friend of Venom?” The guy wearing a leather jacket said, doing the same thing Vivofit did.

“Nope, except, heading over to meet em slash fight em.” I did the same thing they did. The other two people didn’t however.

“I’m Guy,” the bird head guy said, “and that’s Malum.”

“I’m Hematite,” I replied.

“And that’s Mehrunes,” Vulgon pointed next to me, where Mehrunes had probably teleported to. “Hi Meh.” Vulgon waved at him.

“Why must you be everywhere I am?” Mehrunes asked. “I may as well have went with you guys, but whatever, your friends Guy and Malum seem… whatever.”

“They’re helping us out, since we gave them a place to live.” Vivofit explained.

“And also, you are everywhere we are! Not us being everywhere you are. It’s the other way around!” Vulgon exclaimed.

“Does it even matter?” I asked, “anyway. Are these two strong?” I looked over at Malum and Guy.

“Uh. I dunno.” Vulgon shrugged. “Never seen them fight.”

“Guy gives off a familiar energy. And Malum seems to be hiding a lot.” I said.

“He barely talks anyway.” Guy pointed out.

“Why?” I looked over at Malum. He just had his hands in his pocket and stayed silent.

“I don’t know.” Guy shrugged.

“Well. Do you guys know where Venom is?” I asked.

“Uh… not really.” Vivofit muttered, rubbing the back of his head. “He didn’t give us exact coordinates.”

“Well. We gotta find Saturo too,” I said.

“Mmmm…” Malum mumbled something and he began walking towards the acid river. He was sniffing the air, even though it was toxic. He then pointed across the river.

“Are we sure he’s not a dog?” Mehrunes asked.

“He might have some of their genetics.” Guy said, as he followed Malum.

“How many gene spliced people are there?! This is kinda ridiculous!” Mehrunes commented. “And how am I just hearing about these things recently? Lik come on!”

“There’s two. Guy and Malum. But then I also figured out, not that my brother told me or anything, but those other two Saturn and Phoenix are too. Bob and Lil’ Timmy are, Folly is, and so is Broshi.” Vivofit said. I had no clue who half the people he mentioned were. Except for Saturn and Phoenix, though, how did he know about them?

“I know four of those people,” Mehrunes said. “Where are you going? This planet is toxic so unless you have toxic genes I wouldn't go far.”

“We don’t know what they put in us so we have no clue.” Guy said.

“You could actually die, where are you even going?!” Mehrunes yelled after them.

“I’m just following Malum,” Guy replied.

“Hmph,” Mehrunes said, turning to me. “Your move.”

“He might have good senses. Might as well test it.” I began to follow them too.

“If he passes out I’m not carrying him,” Mehrunes followed.

“We’ll catch up… when we get this thing repaired,” Vivofit said.

“I’m counting on it,” Mehrunes replied.

When we reached the side of the acid river we stopped. The river was flowing at a decent pace. Since it was a river and not a ravine, then the rock here must be pretty hard.

“Neat,” Mehrunes said out of nowhere. “Wait no, edgy and bad.”

“What’s edgy and bad?” Guy asked.

“Rivers of acid, duh,” Mehrunes replied.

“Bad I can see. But edgy? Not really.” Guy said, “poison isn’t really that edgy.”

“Sure it is,” Mehrunes said.

“Ehhh kinda I guess.” Guy looked at the river. It was about like, twenty meters wide. Pretty big. “We gotta get across.”

“Yeah, no kidding,” Mehrunes said. “Do you wanna have an idea?”

Malum then stretched out his hand, it turned into some weird black arm. He grabbed the other side and jumped, pulling himself to it.

“Fair game man,” Mehrunes said.

I just jumped over it. I could jump pretty far, considering it’s how I get around planets.

“Your turn, Guy,” I could still hear Mehrunes.

“Not sure how I would do this…” Guy said.

“You have wings! Well, kinda. You can’t use them to fly?” I asked.

Guy shrugged and then ran and jumped. He fell for a second, but when he started to move his arms as if he were flapping them, he began to fly. He flew over. “Guess so!” He landed next to me and Malum.

“Boo,” Mehrunes was already on our side of the river.

“You teleported,” I said.

“Uh, duh,” Mehrunes said. “Got a problem with that?”

“No, teleporting is pretty convenient and useful,” I replied.

“Yes, now we were following Malum yes?” Mehrunes asked.

Malum was already walking again, as we were talking. We caught up to him and followed. He kept going, and we were still in a desert.

“It’s probably gonna be awhile of walking. I can’t see anything past the horizon.” Guy pointed at the horizon.

“Greeeeat, where are we even going?” Mehrunes asked.

“Somewhere you shouldn’t be going,” Styreix’s voice was heard, and he appeared in front of us. “The right way is following the river.”

“For some reason I’m not inclined to believe you,” Mehrunes smirked.

“If you keep going this way, I’ll have to stop you,” Styreix said.

“Mal what did you walk us into?” Mehrunes asked.

Malum didn’t reply.

“Mal. What. Did. You. DO.” Mehrunes repeated himself, in an angry tone.

Malum still didn’t reply.

“He doesn’t talk,” Guy said.

“Well he’s better share what he’s found or else he can fight Styreix himself, cuz I’m gonna go right back to that river thing and follow it despite Styreix and you all,” Mehrunes said.

Styreix had his scythe out, and it was glowing red with an aura. Malum just stared at him with his hands in his pockets.

“Go back.” Styreix said to Malum.

Malum shook his head and pointed past Styreix at something. It was far away still, so we couldn’t even see it.

“Can you like… write it on a sign or something…?” Mehrunes asked.

“None of us know how to write,” Guy answered for Malum.

“Sign language?” Mehrunes asked. “Shape it with your hands?”

Malum nodded and then some type of dark rock came out of his hands and made the shape of some old, broken down palace.

“Okay so it’s an old palace, I think, and you think we need to go there because you smelled something, right?” Mehrunes asked.

Malum shook his head. His hands went back to normal, and he pointed at me. Then he pointed at his eyes and then back past Styreix. He made the palace with his hands again, and then made a little statue of Saturo. I thought about what he did, trying to put it together to understand what he’s trying to say.

“Saturo is in the palace that’s over there?” Mehrunes asked.

Malum nodded. Then he pointed at Styreix.

“Oh, so that’s why Styreix told us to go the other way? And why he’s stopping us right here.” I realized.

“Yeah that would make sense,” Mehrunes said.

Styreix then stuck the ground with his scythe and a big barrier appeared, blocking us from going to the palace. He then took out a card and it disappeared into black particles and into the barrier.

“Why have you done this?” Mehrunes asked. “You’ve made the card turn into ashes!” Mehrunes was messing with a deck of cards.

Styreix ignored him, and stood there. “You’re not passing through here.”

I walked over to the barrier and touched it. It wasn’t hot, like, it didn’t give any heat. In fact it was cold. And hard.

“Don’t bother,” Mehrunes said. “It’s not disintegration.”

“Hmmm…” I thought as I inspected the barrier.

“I’m not like other people like in the shows and books and stuff. I don’t tell the enemy exactly what I’m doing or explain to them stuff. That’s dumb.” Styreix crossed his arms on the other side of the barrier.

“I have no idea where that came from but sure,” Mehrunes said.

“So we have to figure this out ourselves,” I said. “Never seen this barrier before. I’ll have to experiment.”

“Good luck. You’re not getting past.” Styreix sat down on the ground.


Chapter 10: Saturo


I felt defeated. I got stabbed and sliced; lots of damage was done on my body. Poison; from Venom’s sword. I took the pill so it didn’t do as much as it would. But… all the cuts… they hurt. A lot.

I was helpless and on the floor. Venom smirked.

“Let’s bring her here to die in front of you, shall we?” Venom smirked evilly.

Then behind him; Lavender appeared. She was in chains, trapped, unable to escape. Venom pointed his sword at her.

“No…” I muttered. I got up, struggling, and stood in between Venom and Lavender, breathing heavily.

“Why do you risk so much just for her?” Venom asked. “You’d both end up dead. Because you’re too weak.”

I didn’t respond to him, I just stood there. He just kept smirking.

“So then, what if I do this?” Venom appeared behind me, slashed my back, and then appeared behind Lavender with his sword at her neck.

“Then…” I could barely speak, “I’d do this.” I activated the source and ran right through, hitting Venom afterwards. He was knocked back a bit, but not that much. “I saw you do a move.”

“Hm?” Venom replied.

“That punch with that snake,” I said, and then smirked. “I think I figured out what you did there.”

Venom smirked again, and charged up a punch. Behind his fist you could see the head and fangs of a snake with toxic green gas. “You mean this?”

“Yep.” I smirked. “I got something better than that too.”


I then charged up a punch. Not my normal punches. A more powerful one. Behind my fist was the shape of a Electric Griffin. Glitter; except as a griffin. Just like how Venom’s was toxic gas, mine was just electricity.

“Hm,” Venom smiled.

Then, I jumped at him and punched him in the face. He went flying, breaking through the ceiling and roof of the palace. A lot of things began to fall after that, and I made a shockwave and disintegrated the ones that fell on top of me me.

Venom then came crashing back in with that snake punch of his fully charged. I saw him coming so I jumped past him, and then came around and kicked the back of his neck. He fell to the floor, and I zapped him with a lightning bolt.

He then got up to his feet. “You’ve gotten better all of a sudden. Or are you fighting for real now?”

The actual powerful things that Elec taught me I wasn’t allowed to use yet since I haven’t mastered it.

“So, should I end you now or should I wait a few moments? See what else you can do?” Venom asked.

“Whatever.” I then focused ALL of my energy into my speed. Venom now was slowed down. I wouldn’t be able to do much damage since I’m focusing on speed, but I had my axe.

I was in front of Venom in seconds, and I got back at him and gave him cuts with my axe. And he still wasn’t moving. The speed technique I was using is one that Elec uses himself. Wait… since I was faster than him, I could just pick up Lav and get the heck outta here.

It was worth a shot. So I ran over to Lavender, picked her up, and sped off out of the palace. Then I realized it was a mistake. Lavender didn’t have a pill, she would be in danger. So I returned back in. I was only able to get out freely. Lavender needed a pill first.

“What the…” Venom then realized he was covered in cuts. He then saw me with Lavender in my arms. “Hey. We’re not finished here.” He then ran at me and flew with his sword pointed at me like a bullet. I tried to block it, but he came too fast (my speed had worn off, I couldn’t waste too much energy or I’d faint). I took the hit, moving Lavender out of the way. Now Venom’s sword was deep in my chest. “Pathetic.” He then sliced it to the side, cutting through my body. I fell. I was done.

? Hematite ?

Okay, I had no clue what the barrier was or what it was supposed to be. It was cold though, not a laser barrier that would burn you if you’d touch it. But I could probably break it if I got a speedy head start and punched it hard. Problem was, I couldn’t get a speedy head start.

“Give it up and go home,” Styreix said, “you’re not getting through.”

“Why are you doing this?” I asked.

“Friends help each other. Venom needed my help. So I help him.” Styriex had his arms crossed.

“Exactly. Friends help each other. Saturo needs our help. That’s why we need to get through,” I replied.

“Hmph. Well you’re not getting through.” Styreix said.

I shrugged. I had an idea. It would probably work, since, this barrier wasn’t indestructible.

“I have an idea, guys,” I told Mehrunes, Malum, and Guy. “Wait here for a moment. When I break the barrier, then we can all go in.”

Once they agreed to trying out the idea, I jumped back over to Vivofit and Vulgon. They were still fixing the spaceship.

“Hey guys,” I said, landing.

“Yo Hematite. What the heck is that red cube?” Vulgon asked.

“A barrier, we gotta get past it to get to Saturo. I would be able to break it if I focused all my energy in it. But I need speed.” I said, “I have a crazy idea for it. It might hurt me a bit. But it would work.”

“What is it?” Vivofit asked.

“So, you put me in front of the spaceship and you fly in light speed at the barrier.” I explained, “and then I’d punch it, and we’d break through.”

“OOF.” Vulgon commented. “Sounds dangerous.”

“It is.” I shrugged. “It’s all I got. And it’s worth a try.”

“If you say so.” Vivofit got into his spaceship, followed by Vulgon. I stood on top of the spaceship, in the front. I focused some energy on my feet to stick to the spaceship so I don’t go flying.

“Okay,” I let the rest of my energy flow through to my fist. “When I punch, hit light speed. You have to time it exact. Otherwise I could break a bone or two.” I looked back at them through the glass, “ready?”

Vivofit looked focused on the light speed switch. “Yes.”

“Okay!” I then focused some energy into my legs and the rest into my fist. Then I punched.

Next thing I know, I was flying at a very fast speed. I looked back for a second, and the barrier was far away. I had made it through! My idea worked!

Now it was time to save Saturo. I was flying right towards the palace. I released some of my energy, ready for a battle.

? Saturo ?

“Well. It’s been a nice battle.” Venom raised his sword, “farewell now, Student of Elec.”

Right before he struck me, something came barging in through the roof. Venom then went crashing through the wall, and it was Hematite. He saved me! And Lavender technically.

I dragged myself over to the hole in the palace that Hematite had made. I saw a red wall, that suddenly broke. Then I saw Hematite with Venom flying right back towards the palace, and then there was a giant shockwave. The palace shook violently and everything started to fall and break.

I dragged myself over to Lavender and made myself her human shield. Her face was nice; she was asleep this whole time. I was just too focused on trying to save her to notice.

Then her eyes opened. “Saturo? What happened to you?”

I was too tired and injured to talk. She already had started healing me. I was then able to sit up next to her.

“Venom kidnapped you. I came to save you.” I said. Suddenly a big chunk of the roof fell, almost hitting Lavender. “Hematite’s wrecking the place, let’s get out of here.” I was trying to act casual. I picked Lavender up.

“Your injuries! They’re not healed yet!” Lavender said. She was still in chains. I used the little energy I had left for speed and then jumped out of the palace. I landed on the ground, and fell over. I could see the palace. It was all falling down.

“Let… me free you.” I then concentrated a little more energy into my hands and I snapped the chains, freeing Lavender. Then I fell over again.

Lavender looked sad as she healed my injuries. Hematite then came flying over and landed in front of me, his fist still on Venom’s face.

“Hematite, thanks for saving me,” I said from the ground. Hematite smiled and let go of Venom. Venom got up, looking very injured.

“Sorry about that,” Hematite told Venom. “I was going at light speed for awhile, it’s hard to slow down. You took a lot of the force.”

“It hurt a lot.” Venom growled. “Next time things will be different, Saturo.” Then Styreix appeared on the sight and teleported Venom away with him. I stayed laying on the ground.